Poo earlyer today and story from ages ago

Hi everyone, had some free time tonight so thought I would post again. Today I felt the urge for a poo growing during my afternoon lessons but knew I'd be able to wait until I got home to use the toilet. My sister had been invited round a friends house so I knew I'd be on my own which is really great. I don't mind school or public toilets too much if I need a poo as normally there are quite a few cubicles and people are always coming and going, but I can get quite embarased going to the loo at home if my sister has some of her friends over. Some days I get home and I'm bursting for a poo so the first thing I need to do is to go and sit on the toilet, but when I get upstairs I see my sister and her friends hanging round in her room with the door open and I know they'll see me go in to the bathroom and know how long I'm in there for, luckily most of the time there talking and giggling far too much for them to hear me which is just as well, but I still hold it in until they've gone if I can wait that long.
Fortunately I didn't have to worry about any of that today, as I was walking home I got more and more desperate for a poo until I could feel the head of a huge turd starting to force open my bumhole by the time I was unlocking the door. I dropped my bag and went straight up to my room to change out of my school uniform. I also like to use the toilet wearing just my underwear if no-one else is home, so I quickly took off my blouse, skirt and tights and went to the bathroom wearing just my white bra and purple and yellow spotty knickers. Once in the bathroom I dropped my knickers, sat on the loo and relaxed, I could feel a large log start to slide out and I also started to wee a bit. AS the log got wider I started to push to keep it moving, I was so chilled out though I didn't have to push as hard as normal before that first log dropped with a hugh plop and then I felt the second one move into position straight away. I pushed out three or four more turds and then finally felt empty, so I took some loo paper, wiped my bum and then pulled up my pants before going back to my room to put on some jeans and a tee-shirt.
My last post when I was talking about using the loo at primary school reminded me of a story from when I was in the summer of Year 6 (aged 11) which I haven't mentioned yet. One day after school I and a few other girls got invited round my friend Charlotte's house who I've talked about before and who I visited in the February half term, as she's now moved away. For some reason I hadn't been for my usual lunchtime poo at school so by the time I got to her house I had a bit of a bellyache and realised I wanted a poo quite badly, I seem to remember being a bit constipated around that time too. I felt a bit embarased about the thought of having a poo round Charlotte's house that was likely to take me a while so I decided to do my best to put it off until I got home later on. Anyway, we were all in Charlottes garden on her trampoline and doing cartwheels and gymnastics and stuff, none of us had thought to bring a change of clothes so we were all wearing our school dresses and so were flashing our pants a lot (this becomes relavent later on). All the exercise was making my poo start to push out into my pants, after a few minutes of sucking it back up I realised I couldn't wait much longer so reluctently I told Charlotte I needed the loo and went upstairs to the bathroom. I remember pulling down my white knickers and being horrified that the poo had slid out further than I had thought, my knickers were really badly stained and I realised I'd have to get rid of them- easier said than done in a dress with no pockets! I had the added shame of spending so long on the toilet pushing out my poo that Charlotte came in to the house to check I was OK so I had no choice but to explain what I was doing and said I'd be out soon. I finished my poo shortly after but still had to deal with the underwear situation. I realised my school bag was in the hallway, so I left my dirty knickers in the toilet then crept downstairs (the others were still out in the garden), picked up my bag and then went back to the loo as quietly as possible. I screwed up my dirty pants and stuffed them in my bag, then went to Charlotte's room, I was hoping I could find some knickers which I could borrow that were plain white just like the ones I'd been wearing, I was worried about someone noticing if I wore a different colour as I knew I was going to go straight back outside and probably end up flashing them again on the trampoline! I quickly searched through Charlottes drawers until I found her underwear, luckily she had about four or five pairs of plain white pants so I breathed a sigh of releaf as I put some on under my dress. I went back to join the others and fortunately I don't think anyone realised what had happened. Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon. Bye for now!!

Confused: Girls do all those things and more. We smoke, fix our hair, "compare" ourselves-if you know what I mean. We pee, make #2, compare our panties, bras, underwear, etc. I am not bothered being seen with my clothes, half-off. I have done it at home, school, work, church, movies, other people's houses, camp, park, libraries, doctors' offices, etc. Let's tell him, girls

Jacob: I am your age. I would love to hear your stories. You are a healthy boy, if you are shitting that big. I read in hygiene and nutrition that you should going 1-3 times a day. I go once a day, either in the morning before I leave home, or at about 10-11AM, or 2:30PM at school or after when I get home or at my mother's office. I have female cousins that I spy on when we visit with each other. Do you go at school on weekdays? What is your schedule? Do you have any bathroom friends? Do you where briefs or boxers? Do you sit on the toilet with your pants at your thighs, knees or ankles? Do you hold down your penis or not? Do you get an erection with a full bladder or when you have a huge thick bowel movement? When you pee standing up, do you use your pants zipper or you undo your pants and let them down?

I will answer: I just gave you my schedule. After a very large meal, my bowels will activate, especially after Sunday dinner. I have a friend at school, Adrian. I wear briefs. I hate boxers. I lower my pants to any position. If I am in a stall without a door or God forbid a stalless toilet, I keep my pants up to my thighs with my thighs together. I hold down my penis a lot of times because it gets erect and I do not want my pee to splash. I do get erections with a full bladder or when I push out a bowel movement. When I pee, I open my zipper and belt and let my pants and my briefs down to my thighs, for some reason. That is how I was taught when I was being toilet-trained.

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female fart and poop scenes in

Here is a list of all the female farting , pooping peeing scenes in movies, tv shows, books and magazines that I know of most will be ones that have been posted here already and I will put a brief description of the scene if I can remember.


1. Harold and Kumar go to white castle: 2 girls with diarrhea in a bathroom.

2. Not Another Teen Movie: girl having diarrhea in a school bathroom.

3. Sex Pot: short clip of a girl with diarrhea on a toilet in an appartment.

4. Detroit Rock City: girl peeing and farting in school bathroom not sure if shes pooping or just farting.

5. Operation Condor: desperate woman peeing in toilet in her house.

6. Scary Movie 2: (I think) girl poops in cat litter box

7. Scary Movie 4: blind girl has diarrhea in a churh or some kind of building but she thinks shes at home.

8. Kalate Jungs: or somthing like that old lady has explosive diarrhea in her bathroom at home.

9. Tart: girl poops in a ice bucket.

10. Spun: girl farts and poops in toilet.

11. Senseless: girl farting and pooping in bathroom.

12. Big Mamas House: old lady having explosive diarrhea in her bathroom.

13. Nutty Professor 2: woman farts alot after eatting a burrito.

14. Ninja Cheerleaders: girl farts.

15. Illegal Aliens: I think thats the name of it a girl is heard farting, pooping and peeing.


1. Vaccum Diagrams: alien girl poops.
2. Rage For Revenge: a poem about woman peeing.
3. Alice somthing or somthing Alice I cant remember the name girl has diarrhea
4. With My Enemies: woman talks about having a loose bowel movement.
5. Me and Vodka or something like that by Chelcie Handler a girl poops in a toilet.
6. Half Asleep In Frog Pajammas: woman pees in toilet
7. Even Cowgirls Get The Blues: woman pees outside.
8. Woman Trapped In A womans Body: woman poops in her bathroom after an enema.


1. MAD MAGAZINE: a cartoon about Amy Winehouse pooping in a dressing room.


1. Flavor Of Love: woman poops on the floor.
2. Bad Girls Guide: girl poops in bathroom after eatting prunes.
3. Nip/Tuck: girl has diarrhea in hot tub.
4. one of the Big Brothers: girl has diarrhea in hot tub.
5. Hype: Brittney spears look alike having diarrhea in a bathroom.

Well thats all the ones I can remember right now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

To: Q I cant remeber if I respoded to your post so great story about hearing those girls talk about there poop maybe they might be open with you seeing as you were not grossed out by it and please anymore stories like that thanks.

on Jay Leno at 12:05 am Carol Burnette was telling a story about talking to Marlon Brando on when she had to pee and she thought about taking the phone in the bathroom but instead she said had a call on the other line and thats the end of her story.


Magnesium Citrate

I had a colonoscopy in September and I too had to take this. It is extremely powerful. I drank the bottle at 7 PM as directed, followed by some fluid. Nothing happened for about three hours, and I became concerned that my colon would not be empty for the procedure the next day, and it would have to be rescheduled. I had already spent the past two days on a liquid diet.

Eventually, things started to move. It started with a few loose bowel movements, then there was cramping and completely liquid shits for the next several hours. My fears of not being clean were obviously unfounded. I was on the toilet for hours, expelling nothing but light brown liquid. I know now why they tell you to drink plenty of fluids, because this stuff literally draws all the fluid into the colon.

I went to bed around midnight, hoping that I would get a good night's sleep, but this was not to be. I woke at around 3 and let out some gas which was accompanied by some more liquid. I shit the bed. What a mess.

Anyway, I took another bottle at around 7 AM as directed and spent the morning passing clear liquid. The colonoscopy was at 2:00 PM, and needless to say, my colon was very clean. As the doctor inserted the scope into my rectum, he asked if I had followed the instructions. I said yes, to the letter. I soon was drifting into a pleasant sleep as the anesthesia took effect. I woke about a half hour later and the doctor told me that everything was absolutely fine--no polyps, no issues, nothing to worry about. What an ordeal, but it surely beats bowel cancer, which is very deadly if untreated.

I would not recommend this product as a treatment for routine constipation. It is very strong, and I'm sure it is not good for you. If you are severely constipated with impacted stool, I would think that this would clean you out completely, and it might be indicated for such situations. But make sure that you drink plenty of fluids, because if you don't, you risk severe dehydration.


Holly: That sounds just right for a college girl.

Tell everyone about your poop today:

a) Where home
b) Date/Time 11:30AM
c) What you read if anything nothing None
d) How long you took 10 minutes.
e) Were you shameful No.
f) Did it smell Yes
g) Did you enjoy it? It was not one of the better ones.
h) How far you pull down your pants and underwear when you poop today? below knees.
i) Any other interesting comments/share your bathroom story? It was brown and muddy and thick.

Do you mind taking a dump in your partners house? No

Do you mind your partner knowing that you need a poo? No

Would you tell your partner if you need a poo? Yes

Do you know if your partners cares about the whole toilet situations? No

Do you fart infront of them? Yes

Another Sunday, about 10AM, I was in Sunday School and I felt farts coming on. I thought that I could pass them easily with an unoticeable buzz. I felt that I was going to mess in my pants. So, I went down the hall to the ladies room. I was wearing a grey jumper, navy panty hose and a pink and orange JCP panty to my ankles which I pulled down with my hose and raised my jumper when I entered the stall. I wiped the seat which I sat. I squeezed out 5 soft dark brown logs. Then, there was was this loud buzzing fart from my 12 year old behind. I sat for 10 minutes. Then, I reached for toilet paper and wiped from between my legs, dropped the paper, pulled up my undies, let down my jumper and flushed, washed my hands and returned to class.

One Sunday last March, I arrived at church and I had to pee badly. We have installed new toilets which are large w/c accessible closets with an escape lock and sinks with hot! water. I took one, closed and locked the door, hung my coat on the hook, lifted my black wool skirt, pulled down my black bikini panty with a red trim, with my black panty hose to my knees, sat on the bowl and squirted a moderate amount of pee. I sat until there was truly no more. I strained my bladder muscles to the last drop. I took paper, opened my legs and wiped through the front. I pulled up my underclothes, let down my skirt and flushed the bowl. I always wash my hands with good hot water and soap. Later, I was pressed for time in the afternoon for a pee. I returned to the same closet, closed the door, pulled down my undies to my ankles and lifted my skirt and squatted over a lifted toilet seat and squirted again. Standing up while holding my skirt, I reached for paper and wiped my cat, dropped the paper in the bowl and flushed. I took advantage of the privacy with some paper towel dampened with hot water and cleaned between my legs, dried off with a dry piece of paper, fixed my clothes and dropped the paper in the toilet. I use either toilet when available.

I just brought home a girl, Jonelle that I met in college. I had to fix my hair in the bathroom. She said that she had to do "kaka." She is Puerto Rican. She lifted her woolen gray skirt. It is cold here in the east. Then, she pulled down her black panty hose and black panty to below her knees and sat on the bowl. I heard a long deep crackling sound with a smell. The sound trailed off with a plop, followed by two more delayed crackles and plops, then a buzzing loud fart." She sat for a long time and was in no hurry. She said, "This is good. It wanted to come out of me.She reached for the paper and opened her legs to wipe. She stood up to pull up her undies and let down her dress. There was this long rope of #2 about 10" long plus two short pieces broken. she said that she was proud of what she made. She flushed and washed her hands. Then, it was my turn. I undid my maroon slacks and belt, pulled down my navy panty hose and Jockey navy panty to my ankles. I only had to pee. I opened my legs and let my pee go. I watched it squirt out three short times, then it flowed on a bent downward angle in to the bowl. I sat there for a good min. I did not think that I had so much in me. When i was finished, I wiped myself bet. my legs, stood up, pulled up my clothes and flushed.

I was 15 and I went on a church outing in a state forest. The church elders and deaconesses did the cooking. They know how to cook. I overdid it when it came to eating. In the afternoon, I had a belly. So, I found a nearby womens toilet. I was dressed in this short yellow and blue skirt(the colors of Barbados with the flag where my family is from), with a white Hanes full-cut panty. The panty leg openings and the waistband were exposed in the skirt waistband and hem. I learned: short skirt, bikini panty or shorter, like a rib-band panty. Longer skirt, panty brief. I took a stall. The doors and the stalls were short so either the top of my body or the better of my legs would show. I loosed the velcro strip waist fastener, slid down the skirt and panty to below my knees. First, I put paper on the seat. I cannot describe how my bowels released. But, it was loud and riveting. It felt like my insides were freed by a plumber. I had eaten lots of fruits-plums that morning. As I sat and turned my head, I saw all these brown, red, black, purple and green chunks. I did not want to flush the bowl sitting and splash that mess on my backside. As I sat, I felt another wave brewing, then another wave of chunks. Another girl from the church came in and took the stall on my right and recognized me. She said, "I have to pee bad." She wore the same thin short cotton skirt, like mine, lifted it up and pulled down a white VS bikini panty, hovered over the bowl and gushed out her pee, wiped her cat with a small amount of paper, pulled up her clothes, flushed and left. She asked me if I was doing 'bump-bump," a West Indian term for bowel movement. I said yes and to tell my mom and dad where I was. At which point, another wave of chunks released. Then a Spanish girl 19 took the stall on my left, let down her short tartan red and black cotton skirt and her Hanes pink/white striped bikini to her knees. She looked over me and said, "You got a real belly, mommy." I said that it was not over. She said, "Well, you're have company. I have to make a kaka." She sat on the bowl and "bop, bop, bop, thhhhuuuuzzzzz!" She dropped three explosive logs and a fart. She said, "you alright in there?" I said yes. I had some deep moose fart gas, then a last splatter. She said, "I heard that. I see you let down your skirt." I said, "sometimes." She was telling me how she went to Catholic school and she did not like her uniform skirt to get wrinkled or dirty, so she would lower it like pants. I told her that I was in public school that required us to wear skirts or pants in cold weather.. We sat and talked awhile about our "cats," if you know what I mean and how we cared for them. A few minutes later, she said, "here comes a pee-pee." She sounded like a faucet wide open, which ended in a trickle. I was glad that my episode was over. The girl next to me got up first. She wiped herself standing up, first her behind, then her cat. Then, she bent way over and pulled up her skirt and panty in one motion and flushed. She looked over on me and saw my scrawny backside not covering the bowl. The bowls and seats were very wide. The seats were made of expoxy. I then started to clean up. I cleaned myself between the front of my legs. I opened my legs wide, then did it from the back. I used 3 wads and scrubbed myself good. She said that she did not like skid marks in her panties. I agreed with her. I stood up bent way over, pulled up my clothes and flushed. When I came out of the stall, looked at myself and tried to fix my skirt and underwear. I adjusted the waistband and pulled it up. It still was exposed and I fixed my leg openings. Then I just let my skirt and underwear be. I since wear a bikini with my short cotton skirts.

Another outing, I was 16. I had to make #2 before we left the church. It was 7:30AM and the buses had not arrived. I went into the womens toilet. I was the first in. I took the stall nearest to the door, lifted my short cotton blue/black plaid skirt, pulled down my pink VS bikini panty to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I pushed out 6 hot dogs, plop after plop. Two other grammar school girls came in when I squealed out a fart. They giggled and took other stalls, peed and left. I sat there watching the time which I had plenty of. I felt like a load was laid down. I did not want to travel with it in me a great distance. I pushed out a small pee, sat for awhile with my legs and knees slightly apart. Then another girl Sharon,about 35 came in and recognized me by my pink and orange sneakers. "I'm doing a #2," I told her. She said, "I have to do bump-bump." She pulled down her blue short-shorts and her pink GAP hipster brief to her ankles. When she sat, she breathed and her bowels exploded. She farted, peed and then a thick splatter. She said, "I do this every mornng at work." I told her that I go at home. Anyway, when I was finished, I wiped my cat and my behind separately through the front bet. my legs. I arched up my tip-toes to get in good. I wiped hard with three wads until I was clean. We sat and talked about going to the movies that night when we returned. I stood up, pulled up my panty, let down my skirt but did not flush the bowl. I opened the door and stood outside and continued to talk to Sharon. Her black butt was pasted to that white seat, with her legs together, she clutching a wad of toilet paper. As she talked, she let out a loud fart and she slightly opened her legs exposing her cat. Having enough, she wiped herself from the back. First she cleaned off any #2, then she wiped her cat. She was meticulous. When she stood up, her #2 was dark brown, almost black in broken chunks. She flushed the bowl with her pants at her ankles, then pulled up her pants and came out of the stall. She saw my #2 and said, "You must feel better." As she adjusted her belt on her shorts, I bent way over to fix my skirt and panty. I consciously slipped off my skirt by opening the velcro waistband strap exposing my panty to adjust the waistband and the leg openings. Then, I reached to flush. We went outside and the buses were coming down the street.

College Dude: Use a real toilet, not a trash can.

My female cousins and I would use the toilet at the same time at my house, their house or another relative's house. See my earliest posts. It drew us closer. The older girls would show things, if you know what I mean to the younger girls. Clothes, underwear, etc. We taught each other.

JIim: I used to use that stuff for constipation and general detoxification, but I learned that it does more harm than good in the long run. If you are constipated, make a tea with a tiny amount of cayenne pepper. Your troubles will be over. That stuff is good before getting a scope job.

1) Would a five-minute no-questions asked pass daily help? No child should be denied the use of a toilet, not unless they are making an annoying habit.

2) What if hourly custodial cleanings of bathrooms were done and posted such as in hotel and business bathrooms? Not needed.

3) Would cameras outside the entrance to the bathroom pointed only on the entryway, who's entering and the times deter vandalism and misuse? Yes, they are used in dep't. stores.

4) Should faculty be forced to use the student bathrooms? I went to school and female teachers used the same girls toilets. When I taught, I did the same.

5) Would the tissue-protectors for the toilet seats be a solution to students not wanting to use school bathrooms? Yes. That is how I got started in HS when I saw paper on the seat.

Maggie and Shelly: See my posts. I was in the same "position" as you guys. I used to wait till I got home. Walking home was torture sometimes. I would have to stop to take a few deep breaths. When I got home, watch out! I truly had to evacuate my bowels. When I was in 7th grade, I decided that this was it. I had to move my bowels and I was glad that I did. I was in that girls room by myself until another girl came in and took her piss in the next toilet. we both had our jumpers, white slips bunched around our waists, our green panty hose and panties at our knees.That bowel movement was painful and silent. I pushed out 3 large pieces, which sank to the bottom. It was a tough shit but I had to take it. I did one year in a public junior school which I hated. In fact, I did not last the year. My parents put me in a parochial school. The public school, we had to pass from one class to the next. I had no problem using the bathroom when I had to pee.I just could not take a shit in that school. It was a bad school, full of bad kids. In the parochial school, I could leave anytime I wanted. Plus, I had a choice of a single toilet or a multi-stall. I was happy in there. As for you, Maggie: If that were me, I would have left that classroom when that urge became strong.

High School Girl: Your friend has a big problem. Help her. Tell her that you have no shame in using the school toilet.

No child should be afraid or ashamed to use the toilet at school.

Just Jerika

Answers for Kalee's questions

1. Would a five minute no questions asked pass each day help? Yes, because it's hard to get into an open stall between classes and before school. But, sometimes people looking in on me make me nervous and it takes me much longer. But, also, I'm very short for my age 13 (only 3'5")and it's not as easy for me to get up on the seat and be comfortable. Sometimes, if the seat is loose, my weight shifts, and I fear the seat coming off and me having an accident.

2 What if hourly custodial cleanings of bthrooms were done and posted such as in hotel and business bathrooms? Anything would help. The toilets and complete rooms do get gross; often as early as 3rd hour.

3. Would cameras outside the entrance to the bathroom pointed only at the entryway that show who's entering and when deter vandalism and misuse? They could be tried. Friends have told me that the high school I'll be going to will have them.

4. Should faculty be forced to use the student bathrooms? I don't know. Some already do. Some are friendly, although some are mean and when they look in the stalls and see you sitting on the toilet, they seem to think you're just messing around or trying to avoid something. It's too bad that some students take advantage of the situation and give everyone else a bad name.

5. Would the tissue protectors for the toilet seats be a solution to students not wanting to use the school bathrooms? Only a few of the students at my middle school would probably use them. Right now we don't have the tissues. The students put toilet paper over the seat before sitting on it. I don't believe in doing it. My best friend, however, does. I just see it as toilet paper causing more mess and litter, I guess.

Just Jerika


Confidences and Silence

I love reading and devouring every issue of the posts. But I particularly loved a small phrase, almost unnoticed, in Abbie's latest post. She is describing a time when she used the quieter 'science' block ladies. There were only two cubicles and she went in one at the same time as another girl. The phrase I am referring to is where she says, 'We both started to wee, and then after we were done it all went quiet.'

I work for a group of solicitors, nothing special I am a stenographer, but I always like to go to the ladies when other girls are there too. I have always loved to listen to others on the toilet, the sounds are so sexy and they seem to help me when I have to go and am a little constipated. But the phrase 'it all went quiet' made me shiver inside. I guess apart from work I will go to the ladies in the shopping mall, in the local pubs, anywhere where there are more likely to be more girls on the lavatory. It is so rare to find a girl who chats as she is peeing, and even more unlikely when they have to poop, but occasionally, wonderfully, you find some women who are not at all self-conscious. I want to report one of those times when after, initially, there was silence, and then one girl broke the silence and soon all four of us were chatting. It was a lunchtime on a Friday, most solicitors like to finish early to make a quick getaway for the weekend. I had been wanting to poop for about an hour, my ???? was churning badly, reluctantly I got up to head for the ladies and then Ruth D. another stenographer, sitting across from me, picked up her shoulder bag and also a toilet roll. I should explain that our offices are in a large tower block and because often there was no toilet paper, we had clubbed together and we bought paper which we kept in the office. I picked up my bag and a roll of paper and followed Ruth down the corridor. As I got to the door of the ladies, Ruth was in already, two girls from an opticians on the same floor almost met me at the door of the ladies. I knew them from working in the same building, Wendy L. and Daphne L. I went in behind them. There are six cubicles and I could see that Ruth was in the first one, nearest the door, I could hear her unzipping her slacks. Wendy and Daphne went into cubicles one away from Ruth, I smiled to myself, despite my urgent need to poop, because I could go into the cubicle between Ruth and Wendy. There was the usual. lovely sounds as we all took down our slacks or lifted our skirts, almost together, although Ruth was already spurting pee into the pan. I heard a sort of muffled 'oh, dear' and I could see from the position of her feet that Ruth wasn't sitting on the pan, I guessed she had peed over the seat in her urgency to go, that or she had already wet her panties a bit. I lifted my skirt and crouching over the seat, slid my panties to my knees as I squatted and sat on the pan. The feel of the cold toilet seat on my thighs was lovely. We were all squirting pee together, squirting, hissing, then as each of us started to finish we dribbled, Daphne I guessed finished peeing first, I knew Wendy and Ruth and myself were still going, Ruth finished, then Wendy and myself together. Then as usual, just as Abbie says in her post, 'all went quiet.' It is so sexually exciting when it happens, there were shufflings as we made ourselves more comfortable on the toilet seats, some scuffling of feet on the tiled floor, even a little, 'ahem' of a cough from Wendy. Then it was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. Four ladies, panties down on the toilet, and all needing to poop, that thought made me feel great. I was by this time wanting to poop desperately, so badly that I knew if one of the others didn't break the ice soon I would not be able to hold on any longer. I bent lower pressing my open palms to my ????, almost feeling the movements under the skin. I pushed my panties to my ankles and bent right over trying to hold myself, I could see Ruth's panties at her ankles and Wendy's slacks and white panties right down. It was no good, I started to poop, holding my breath as much as I could, my poop exploded with a loud splattering into the pan, "Oooo'hhhhhh," I gasped with the release, I was breathing heavy and still my ???? ached, but then Ruth gasped and plopped plopped into the pan. I heard her strain loud and push her toes to the tiled floor, her heels high as she pushed, with a 'uggh, ugghhhhhh, then more plop plops, Wendy pooped and Daphne at the same time I think Daphne really had the runs because her poop sounds barely carried to me.

"Ohhh, god, I needed that, Gilly," Ruth spoke to me.

I was dumbfounded, it was the first time she had ever spoken to me in the ladies. Amazingly Wendy and Daphne muttered 'yeahhhh, me too.'

I asked if Ruth was alright, when I had got my voice back to normal. It was incredible all four of us were talking, of course we knew each other from working in the same building, but never chatted like we were. Daphne said to us that her period had started and she was always loose then, they all giggled a little when I told them I had held my poop, I lied and said it was because of work, but then Wendy said she loved to 'buddy' dump. I am not sure how long we were on the toilet before Ruth started to wipe and then Wendy. Daphne and I were silent as they washed up and left the toilets. About a minute later Daphne wiped and after washing her hands left. I was alone now but nowhere near finished. Every time I pushed a little I pooped again, the bursts were smaller now and I could feel that wonderful feeling when I am empty after a good turnout. I ripped some toilet paper from my roll and was wiping my bum, still sitting on the toilet when the outer door opened and somebody came dashing in. I saw black patent shoes, black lace stockings as she slammed the door in the cubicle that Wendy had used. Hearing her, feet dancing a little, as she scrabbled to lift her skirt. As she did so her voice, deep, helpless sounding, carried so clearly to me.

"Ohhhhhh dear god, nooooooo."

I heard a phffftttt, splatttt , poooooooolooop, ssspplllatttterrrr. She was pooping as she got her panties down, and as she squatted over the toilet her poop missed and I could see the yellowy. almost watery poop splatter to the floor. All the time I was concentrating on her sounds. I recognized her voice, it was Mrs.???? , one of the senior solicitors in the group. I wanted to call out, to offer help, but I was scared to do it. She was one of my bosses and I certainly didn't want to lose my job. I wiped my bum twice more, once standing, then hiked my panties up, smoothed my skirt down and flushed the toilet. Leaving my cubicle I could not resist glancing and my eyes widened as I saw her, unable to move, in a half crouch, one hand holding her skirt out of the way. Our eyes met and I found my voice, asking if she needed any help.

It surprised me when she said 'ohh yes please,' I got some paper towels and soaked them in the washbasin then went inside and in a voice that surprised me, I asked her to bend lower. With the towel I wiped her thighs and then her anus carefully, I then wiped the toilet seat, or the side of it, where she had pooped over it. Then I held her from the side as I helped her to sit and at the same time keeping her skirt out of the way. Her panties were full, good only to be binned. Kneeling, I carefully eased them down to her ankles. I slipped off her shoes and then slid the soiled panties off and dumped them in the sanitary towel bin. Mrs ???? is in her late fifties, yet she is still a very lovely woman and, as a boss, very decent to all the staff. Helping her in the toilet was not without its rewards because there was a vacancy to be her secretary, and I applied and got the job,so my salary increased significantly. Also and perhaps more of a bonus, is that Ruth and Wendy and Daphne and me regularly 'buddy' dump, nobody has messed their panties yet, but I am waiting and hoping for that to happen, to be able to offer my help to them.

Amanda M
On Sunday I was out with my friend. We were walking home when she told me she had to pee. We still had a while to walk before we were at her house and she had to go badly. She was like I have to pee so bad I'm about to go right here. I laughed not thinking she was serious. Well a few minutes later we walked my this small side street and she goes over between these two parkes cars. She squatted down and was like I got to. Then I heard the sound of pee hitting the ground. After a few seconds she was done. I was like I can't believe you did that joking around. We laughed. I thought it was funny. I would never be able to do that. haha


There Go the Stalls

In my previous post, I mentioned that the locker room in middle school (and the bathrooms in general) all had horribly kept up stalls. Well, it just so happened to be that a year after the story I last wrote, some girl just had to somehow punch a hole in the stall wall in one of the locker bathrooms. Instead of patching it up, they made us try to learn a lesson by tearing down the stalls and leaving only three open toilets. There was virtually no privacy, and the toilet paper holder was nailed to the bathroom walls by each toilet. This went like this for one year, which meant that girls made sure not to use the locker room toilet before or after gym class.

Well, I wasn't so lucky after class one time. A huge load was trying to poke out of my butt, and I just HAD to poop. I had to do the unthinkable and actually use those toilets, and when I walked to that corner, a girl asked me "Are you really going to use those?" I said "Yep, gotta go when you gotta go." I took the furthest toilet, pulled down my gym shorts and underwear, and sat my ass down in plain view for those who also needed to go back there. After a quick pee, I let off a soft fart so I couldn't make myself heard. Then I opened up my anus to start off the pooping session. I let off a 10 incher first, thick and gave off a ripe smell. I was having my doubts that anyone would want to poop or pee right next to me after that lethal log, but that was only the start. I next started to let out a longer, yet less thick log at about 16 inches. It seemed to never end, and I bent forward to get this snake out of my body. It broke off, and right when I was about to let some more out, I froze when my newer (at the time) friend Caitlin went back here and was shocked to see my butt on the toilet. She said "I'm sorry but I have to do this." She yanked down her pants (she recently redressed) and underwear and took a seat next to me. Her butt really stuck out, and seeing it unclothed would have really made all the boys go crazy. That butt of hers let off some loud farts, so I continued pooping, My turds were coming out much smaller, just in small chunks that were a few inches long. As I plopped away, Caitlin bent over far enough so that I could peak st her tight anus pushing out cable. Out cam a long, thick, hard and dark colored log that made her red all over. She grunted hard and asked me " gonna be big...uurrrmmppphhh...rub.... my stomach...." I couldn't believe it, she seemed shy about it, but then I realized that my help would only make it easier for her.I touched her stomach and rubbed it, while she was still bent over and still struggling to get this monster out of her gut. I looked back at it and it was about 6 inches out so far. The thing was embedded with a few corn kernels, stretched her anus to max capacity and was pungent. Cait told me she didn't go in the past few days to these unprotected toilets and she never had the urge to go, and she also told me that she hasn't been for three days. While rubbing her stomach, she pushed and let some more of this vile thing out. She kept straining and grunting for 5 more minutes until the gigantic turd plopped into the toilet. She said "Thank you, I think that's it." We both wiped our dirty asses and stood up and compared our output. Mine may have been pretty good, with a 10 inch thicky, a 16 inch snake and some chunks to compliment it, but Cait's was unbelievable. Two and a half feet of shit that was about 2 1/2 inches wide was stuck in that toilet, and there would be no way that thing would flush. We got redressed and carried on with the rest of our school day, feeling lighter (especially Cait haha!).

While these toilets may not have been likable, for those that had to give them a chance, it does open up new doors when it regards to bowel health. Ever since then, I could easily go in front of anybody, since we all poop and pee, but it's much more comfortable going in front of people you can at least trust to some extent.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Heather great story about you and your friends all going to the bathroom at the same and all of them peeing in the tub and te sink your one friend pooped in the toilet and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy great story about you desperate poop it sounds like you just made it and as always I look forward to your guys stories thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story it sounds like you and that other where having stand off to see who would poop first even if didnt realize it but once you both realized you were there for the same reason you both just gave in and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Holly great pooping story and I hope you have more of them to share thanks.

To: Marian first welcome to the site and great pooping story and please share anymore you may have thanks.

To: Stephanie great story that sonded pretty bad but at least your room mate offered to help and didnt make fun of you and please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Freshman Freddy

The Kalee questions

These are my answers to Kalee's questions which I think are really good.
1. Would offering a student a 5-minute pass each day with no questions asked help? Yes. It's a problem especially early in the year because us 9th graders and any any other new students that have moved in are surprised by the size and conditions of the bathrooms. The best time to go to the bathroom is during class. There are too many hassles when we're on class breaks and during lunch. For example, a group of senior guys have been hassling me for over six months about the small size of my c**k. And this is after I've switched from the urinals which are gross to the stalls.
2. What if hourly custodial cleanings of bathrooms were done and posted such as in hotel and business bathrooms? That would be very nice. But I know there are janitors who joke about fixing lockers and hallway door handles because they don't want to clean the bathrooms which are so badly abused.
3. Would cameras outside the entrance to the bathroom and pointed only on the entryway that show who's entering and the times deter vandalism and misuse. That would be great, but they would cost money. And it would require more work from the principals. And like my Dad says, if they don't watch the film of cars being broken into in the parking lot, there's not much hope for things getting better.
4. Should faculty be force to use the student bathrooms? A very interesting question. It would cut down some of the bullying and probably the deliberate vandalism. I've seen quite a few of the custodians crapping in the student bathrooms. That surprises me.
5. Would the tissue protectors for the toilet seats be a solution to students not wanting to use the school bathrooms? They would help because often the seats are cold and there's quite a bit of pee splashed on the seats. When I put toilet paper over the seat, I sometimes have had the older guys peek in on me and tell me that I'm using up their toilet paper. I may just give up on the covering like Stac has suggested and wait for a stall to open. That way I'm at least guaranteed a warm seat. My Dad even thinks that's a good idea.

Here's story about my dump today. So I have been constipated for a little while, I'm not completely Shute why. Yesterday I was able to let about a couple rabbit pellets, but that wasn't much relief. Today I was at a football game and could really feel the pressure building. I have shy bowels, so when I excused myselfto the bathroom, even though it was a single use lock door bathroom, I just couldn't go. So I painfully held it until I got it home. After about five minutes of being home I felt a large movement in my belly and excused myself to the bathroom. I could tell why I was constipated, because after a few airy farts, my body began to push on it's own, an I could feel the pain of the movement pushing against my bowels. It was oddly shaped which made it really hard to push out. Once I was done it was only about 3/4 inch wide and 3 to 4 inches long. I figured I was done, so I began to move, but I was wrong. Onde I stood up I felt more pressure in my bowels so o sat back down. I let out a long, sustained fart followed by a difficult poo. I pushed hard for a few minute to get the top out hen the rest slid of quite easily. It was 1.5 inches wide and about a ft and a Half long. I whipped and washed.

Piggy poop

Pooping in weird spaces

To Amylee:
I am a woman in her 30s. I do'nt agree with you. You told a story about a woman, who pooped on paper towels in a restroom. You felt embarressed, and you wrote that you would rather pee or poo in your panties, than did your business before another person or in a quite open space. I would never mess my panties, if there was another option. I was many times up a tree, but I could manage these situations till now.

I love to poo and pee in water. Naturally not in pools (somtimes a little pee only...) but in rivers, sea, and especially in lakes. I will go some meters away from others (if there are others), and pull down my bikini bottom. Then I push quietly. It is an amazing feeling when the turds slide out of my asshole into the water. Usually nobody notice anything. Somtimes the big turds come up to the surface but I will walk away innocently.

My most bizarre story happened in an excursion abroad. I was in a town in Poland, and I had to go to toilet very desperately. I searched for a suitable place for nearly an hour, but I didn't find any. No restaurant, no public toilet, no park, even no secluded place, i.e. doorway or something. Finally, I spotted a public toilet near a church. I rushed there - but it was closed! I couldn't control myself. First I thought that I did my business behind the toilet building but I was disturbed by some passerby. I went to the church door, and luckily it was open. I went in, and the church was almost completly desolate and dark. I had to do my business so much, that I hadn't another choice: I did it right there, whether it is appropriate or not, or I pee myself. I sat down in a bank, in a quite dark and secluded corner, and pulled down my jeans and undies. Then I kneeled down, and push apart my legs, and started to pee deliberately. I seemed that it sounded very loud, but nobody noticed it. I peed more than a minutes, when I realized, that I had to poo very much too. I didn't poo for three days. Fortunately I had some newspaper with me, and I put it under my bum. I felt very ashamed myself, but I must go very badly. I had a look around but I see only 2-3 peoples, and they didn't seem to notice me. I tried to relax, then pressed hard. I farted, and eventually pushed out a thick 10 inches turd, then two smaller ones. Fortunately the incense scent suppressed the smell of the shit. When I finished, I wrapped the turds into the paper. I put a bigger sum into the collecting box, and I left. I put the packet into the nearest dustbin. I felt a bit ashamed the event ever since, but I had no other choice: either made a mess in my pants, or do my business nastyly in the church.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Diarrhea: A Love Story

Has anybody ever pooped their pants with a girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse?

Last week, my girlfriend and I were driving home from a weekend with friends. We're both 28. She's a cute, sort of mousey-looking brunette, 5'2" with glasses. I'm a fairly average looking guy, somewhat long brown hair and 5'4". It was a long drive, and after about an hour, I noticed she looked nervous and was fidgeting a lot. I asked her what was wrong, but she said she was fine. I doubted it, but I let it go and focused on the road. About 10 minutes later, my girlfriend mumbled, "Oh, no" and let out a squeaky fart. I looked over and she covered her mouth and her face was deep red. Again I asked her if she was okay. She said, "No, I need to use the bathroom." I told her I'd find some place to stop, but we were on a fairly deserted stretch of highway. Not long after, my own urge began, but I figured I'd be okay. Five to ten minutes after her embarrassing little fart, my girlfriend grabbed her stomach and doubled over. "Hurry," she said. It started to smell in the car, so she must've farted again. We passed a sign for a rest area 5 miles away, and I asked her if she could wait. "I don't know," she said, "just hurry." By now my own urge grew stronger. I think watching her desperation didn't help. I let out a fart of my own -- much louder. My face got red.

As we pulled into the rest area, my girlfriend was clenching her teeth and tears started to fall down her cheeks. I felt so bad for her -- and myself, as I started to realise I might not make it either. As I pulled into a parking space, she unbuckled her seatbelt, not even waiting for me to stop. When I did she quickly opened the door and jumped out, but suddenly she was bent over again in pain and she had her hand on her butt. A huge wet fart exploded from her, and then I heard the unmistakable sounds of her filling her pants. She was wearing khakis and a brown stain formed on her butt and down her legs. She turned to me, totally shocked, tears fogging her glasses and said, "I'm so sorry." I told her to come here. She did, and I gave her a big hug and told her it was okay. The smell from her was awful, but I tried to ignore it. My own urge to poop was reaching the point of no return, as well, and suddenly I thought of something. I told her I knew how to make her feel better. She seemed confused. "Watch," I said. With a loud gas blast, I began loading my underwear. I felt so disgusted and embarrassed, but I could see my girlfriend felt better about her own messy situation, and that made it worth it. She kissed me and told me I was sweet. Of course, I didn't feel too sweet with my pants full of crap like a 2 year old.

It was a half hour drive home from there. Naturally, we drove with the windows down. We kept silent the whole time. When we got into our house, we went to the bathroom together and removed our soiled clothes. They were ruined. After helping each other clean up, we promised not to ever speak of it.

It was the strangest experience of my life, but I think it definitely made us a lot closer. :)

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