Our latest buddy dump

About an hour before I picked Wendy up from work she phoned me to tell me she was dying for a poo & she wasn't the only one! We decided to hold it untill we got home but by the time I picked Wendy up I was getting desperate. She was about to do it in her knickers & by the time we got home we only had seconds to spare. We ran up to the bathroom, undoing our clothes as we went. Wendy sat at the back of the toilet with her legs open so I could sit myself in front & she was already emptying her bowels. I was starting to go as well but couldn't get seated quickly enough to avoid pooing in Wendys lap. She didn't mind & seamed to enjoy it. I couldn't stop going & in my rush to get seated I sat on Wendys leg. I pood all over her & tried to get up but Wendy grabbed me round the waist & pulled me back down. I managed to stop pooing by now but I was sitting in my own poo. I peed most of the mess off her legs before sitting properly between them to finish my poo. When we were done we wiped each other clean & took a shower together before retiring to bed early. We got very little sleep last night if you can guess what I mean!

I once held my poo for a whole week when I was 14. I had a big bowl of bran flakes with some prunes for breakfast & went to school. Nothing happened for most of the day untill afternoon lessons when I felt a very strong urge to go. I didn't want to use the toilets at school as it would probably block it so I held it untill after school. I sat with my anus clenched tightly for the last hour & as soon as the bell went I made my way out of school & off to the woods to relieve my urgent need. I just about made it in time & lifted my skirt up & lowered my panties. I knew this was going to be a big one so I took them right off in case I got any poo on them. I squatted & relaxed my anus & immediately began to pee while I pushed out a long soft turd. It was about a foot long before it broke off & light tan in colour. It was a big relief but there was a lot more to come. The second turd was about 8 inches long & darker in colour. When it broke off I felt a little better but I still had more to come. I pushed again & the 3rd piece was bigger at about 11 inches long. This one was multi coloured & lumpy. I still wasn't done & I had to push hard to get this one out. It was lumpy like the 3rd piece & much longer at 10 inches. It hurt a little but it felt so good to get out of my system. The smell was amazing & so was the relief I felt. I knew my bum would be clean as the last turd was hard & dry so I just pulled up my panties & let my skirt fall down neatly around my waist. I left a huge pile behind me when I went home & felt very proud of my creation.

I was driving home from work last night when I felt a cramp in my stomach. I hadn't pood for 3 days & I'd eaten a pasty that was out of date by one day. I thought it would be ok but the packet was open exposing it to the air which didn't help. My stomach was churning & I really had to go so badly. I had to clench hard to keep this huge poo in but it was a struggle as I hadn't been for 3 days. Having an accident in my car was not an option but my bowels had other ideas. The pressure behind my anus was so great now & I was tired from all that clenching. I was sweating from the effort & the urge to let go was overwhelming. I couldn't let that happen. Not in my car anyway. The journey home seamed endless & it was hard to focus on my driving. I pulled out on a lorry at a junction & narrowly avoided a collision. It was getting dangerous to drive in my condition & I don't know how I made it home alive.I screeched into my driveway, parked at an angle & ran from my car holiding my bum with both hands. As soon as I got to the front door I realised my keys were still in my bag which was in the car. I had to go back for them & as I leant into the car to grab my bag I felt a sudden cramp hit me hard. I clamped my anus tighter than ever before but the pressure inside me was unbearable & I nearly lost it. I rushed back to the front door with seconds to spare. I was now beyond being desperate & as I fumbled with my key I felt another cramp. I don't know how I held it but I got the front door open & ran upstairs to the bathroom holding my bum with both hands & clenching as hard as I could. I finaly made it & pulled my jeans & knickers down in one go before thumping my bum down onto the toilet. I relaxed & let my bowels push a huge column of soft poo destroying the toilet in a few seconds. The relief was a divine experience. Better than anything you could imagine. It felt like a dam had opened up & the pain simply went completely. I felt so much better afterwards even though I still had some more to come out. I gave a push & the rest shot out adding to the pile in the toilet. That was also a big relief & the empty feeling felt great. I wiped a few times & flushed before washing my hands. I still don't know how I managed to make it to the toilet without having an accident because I was more desperate than I'd ever been in my life & I had to hold it for over an hour in this state. I was on the edge doing it in my knickers the whole time & nothing short of miracle stopped me from totally filling my knickers.



Today I farted really loudly in class. It was very silent because we were writing an essay, and when I was finished with mine I started to doze off. I was trying to stay awake when I felt air in my stomach moving lower and lower, and I thought I would just let it slip out, it felt silent anyway. It might have been because I was half asleep, but it wasn't silent! It ripped like a mixture of a trumpet and a car skidding to a stop, lasted for about 5 seconds, and the pitch got higher as it went on! I was completely woken up after that as the whole class looked up at me, and the teacher was the first to start laughing. The girls mostly said ew and the guys laughed. My girlfriend was two seats behind me and was waving her hand around her face, I even embarrassed her! AHHH!!!

Dear Jen,

Please do not feel bad about wetting yourself after your ultrasound while the doctor was giving you the pelvic exam. I am sure they do these ultrasounds hundreds of times and know that they ask patients to have a full bladder for them. You did nothing wrong. You let them know several times that you needed to use the bathroom and they were the stupid ones who would not allow you to use the bathroom. After the ultrasound was over there was NO REASON why they should not have let you use the bathroom after that. I have had ultrasounds three times when I was pregnant and I was never asked to have a full bladder. Other times I have known of the techs letting the person empty out some of their urine if the person says they need to pee badly.

I can't understand why someone who is supposed to be so smart (the doctor) would do something so stupid. I don't know what else the doctor could have expected to happen when trying to perform a pelvic exam on someone with a full bladder. Then the dummy said he can't believe you urinated all over the place! Well duhhhh, dum dum! What did he think was going to come out? Balloons? Gumballs? Why did he have to further humiliate you by saying anything? It was his own fault!

I'm sorry, but I can't stand people like that doctor. If I were you I would make a formal complaint somehow. I have heard this story happening to women too many times and doctors won't change their ways if people suffer in silence. You were humiliated for no reason, and that is unacceptable. That's a doctor's visit I would not be paying for!

Friday, March 18, 2011


embarassing day

This happened at my first gyne visit. I was 19 yrs old and I also needed an ultrasound to check some things. They told me I needed a full bladder for it. As they're doing the ultrasound I tell the tech how much I need to pee. They said when it was done I could use the bathroom. Well, then the male Dr came in. He finished the ultrasound and begins to do the exam inside. I tell him I really have to pee. He said to hold it, he'll be fast. I'm about dying while laying down and he's now putting his fingers in. As he pushes on my abdomen, I quickly grab by my crotch and tell him I can't hold it. He says he's almost done. Now he has me put my legs in the stir ups and I feel a little urine coming out. He tells me to just stop the flow if I feel it coming. I'm almost in tears that I'm about to urinate all over the place. And in the room, there's the Dr, nurse, the tech, and a male student. As he puts the speculum in and goes with his fingers and then presses down on my stomach, I just couldn't hold it. I start screaming, No! Please don't let me go to the bathroom in front of everyone. But the urine just keeps coming, all over the Dr's hands, the floor, etc. He says he can't believe I urinated all over the place. I had never been so embarrassed in my whole life!


Movie Poopie

Ok Again.I posted this a few weeks ago and never saw it on here.But I do it again.In the year of ninteen eighty eight.I was eight years old I saw the Goonies on TV the first time.We taped it off of TV,Me and my brother laughed so hard when that guy was on the exploding toilet.And a few minutes later when one of the boy's set off the booby trap and those big rocks falling.I thought that it was his turds.
And a few weeks later when I was at school,my younger brother got out of school early and said he whatched a movie where a policeman was in an port a potty and was taking to a ballgame.That movie was Police academy four.When school let out it came back on and we whathed it over and over.We always called that scene,THAT POOPIE.And when it is almost to that scene me or my brother would say LET'S DON'T MISS THAT POOPIE.
A year and a half later I was nine and a half a young boy that is a friend,he was about four or five at the time.We whatched part of the goonies and after the exploding toilet,I told him that was that guy's Poopie.A few minutes later he went downstairs laughing and wispered somthing in his dad's ear.And his dad says POOPIE?
And when Three Ninjas came out at theaters.I laughed till I cried on that laxative scene.


my girlfriend's unfortunate experience

Ever since I could remember my girlfriend always gets diarrhea whenever she gets nervous or very anxious... that normally isn't an issue... until really really recently.

About a week ago we were going shopping and stuff... but suddenly before she knew it, she suddenly had to go... unfortunately at that time we were stuck in traffic as we were heading home. The more time had passed the more desperate she had gotten.... We managed to get back home... but at that point she was at the point of losing control. She slowly made her way up to the washroom in our apartment.... but then suddenly she let's out this very loud fart and that's when it happened... she started crying while she just stood there holding her stomach. I then asked her what's wrong, and she said that she couldn't hold it in anymore... she just stood there crying and started to surrender to the huge urge and started to completely mess up her panties... she was wearing a panties and skirt at the time, so it didn't take long before some of it started to plop out o her panties and onto the floor.... After 10 minutes had passed she started to squat down and out came this even louder fart and I could literally hear her having wet runny diarrhea.

Throughout the entire time I was trying to comfort her while she was having violent diarrhea all over the panties and floor... after she was finished, I carried her to the shower and helped her washed up.... and lets just say that after that night, she started to love me even more after being so thoughtful and stuff.

~The end and I hoped you all enjoyed my story~

When I was 7 I visted my grandparents and needed to take a bus home-about a 5 hour ride home.I was told there were no toilets on the bus but they would stop every 1 1/2 hours for rest stops. About 1 hour after I got on bus they took their first rest stop. I was told that I should stay on the bus unless I needed a toilet, which I didn't when they first was about a 15 to 20 minute but just about the time everyone got back on the bus I had my first urge to go poop.I was only 7 and figured the bus might leave me if I got off to go. And I really did not have to go very badly yet anyway plus I figured that the bus would probably be stopping at another town soon anyway. Bad mistate!!!!The bus kept going and going and not stopping and my urge to go poop became stonger and stonger. I probably should have asked the bus driver to stop but I was only 7 and thought I could hold it. But I couldn't and pretty soom I could feel it oozing out. It pretty well filled my pants but fortunately it was not runny so it just stayed there all soft and messy. I could feel it and smell it as well. We were atleast 30 minutes or more from our nest stop so I just sat there,Maybe the fear of going to the bathroom in my pants coupled with the shame of actually doing it got the best of me and I threw up just as we were arriving at the bus stop. I hurried off the bus for the rest room to try and clean my self up and after working on that for a bit the bus driver knocked on the door to see it I was O.K as I think he saw me throw up. When we reached my hometown about 2 hours later the bus driver told my mother I had been sick on the bus.(I don't know if he knew I had had an accident.) So my Mother wanted to know what had made me sick and I told her that I had gone poop in my pants...that I had held it for the longest time and could not hold it any longer. We went home I took a bath and it was never mentioned again.

Firecracker Girl

Concert Incident

Last week Firecracker Guy and I went four hours away to a country concert by an act that rarely tours. Then we stayed overnight in a hotel because neither of us likes to drive that late at night, especially when there could be snow or ice.

We arrived in the city late in the afternoon, went out to a nice dinner and I had a couple more drinks than I usually do. The problem was the restaurant was very crowded with concert-goers and they had us wait in the lounge for an hour until we could be seated. By the time we arrived at the arena, after a six block walk from where we had to park, I had to piss pretty bad. I don't think it was just the walk or liquor, but being out in the cold also contributed to it. When we arrived at the arena, Firecrack Guy and I went to find our seats and I immediately excused myself to go to the bathroom. I remember checking my phone and seeing it was 7 p.m. on the dot. I quickly walked down the aisle and had to navigate several steps until I got outside the arena where the concessions and restrooms are. There must have been more than 20,000 people there and they were really packing in. My concern was to piss ASAP. I found the ladies room sign and made a run for it, despite a lot of crowding in the hallway.

As soon as I pushed the door open, accidentally bumping a little girl who with her mother was coming out (I apologized, but they didn't say anything--only gave me a dirty look). I saw a long row of about 25 toilets. I could see the doors closed and legs in most of them, but as I hustled down the row, I quickly noticed two doors open toward the far end of the row. I walked into the first, halfway closed the door, before I noticed there was no toilet paper in the container. That's the deal-breaker for me. I line the seat with toilet paper before I seat myself. Sorry, but that's the way I was taught and that's what I've always done. I turned, left the stall and went next door where there was at least a half container of toilet paper available. I quickly closed the door, tore off three sheets of the toilet paper, placed them over the seat, and gingerly sat my butt down on them. Usually, my piss was start immediately, but that was not the case. I sat for about 10 seconds and there was a slam that jarred my stall as a lady went into a quickly latched the door on the other stall. I heard slacks being yanked down and could see her underwear at her ankle level as there was an immediate gas blast that probably emptied her bowels in a half second. Then I heard her say under her breath, "@@@@, that feels good." She obviously cleaned herself out pretty fast cause she immediately swore when she grabbed for the toilet paper and found none.

Not hearing any noise from me, she tapped onto the partition separating us (but not from the tremendous odor her crap was giving off) and asked nicely for toilet paper. I told her I would give her quite a bit because it seemed like she would need it but she surprised me with some sarcasm that I was "brilliant" and another word or two that I didn't catch. However, she thanked me as I passed it to her under the partition. She called it a five-day shit. She must have worked five or six minutes wiping, although she smartly flushed first before wiping so that there wouldn't be a clog.

Meanwhile, I was still sitting in pain waiting for my piss to start. That lady left the stall and almost immediately the next user came in. I could tell from the dirty tennis shoes and small jeans plus that the back of the shoes were off the floor as she seated herself, that it was a much younger girl. Finally, my piss started slowly and gained in momentum and I was finally thoroughly relieved after about 90 seconds. As I was sitting I got to thinking about whether the liquor caused my difficulty. It's just so unusual for me to have to wait that long. I heard three or four moderately-loud splashes into the bowl of the other toilet, so I knew the girl was pooping. Her phone rang and she was explaining her poop to her mom and she got agitated with her mom and said she would remember to do better with the wiping. I heard her use the word "skidmark" several times and heard her convince her mom that she would apparently take more time in wiping. She told her mom that she would be back up to their seats in a moment. She hung up and I guess when she got off the stool, turned her body toward the toilet paper container, she found that she should have checked first. She pulled up her clothing and left the stall, I assume for another stall to go in and clean herself. Almost immediately, I got up off the toilet, and while I was flicking my toilet paper covers into the bowl, I heard another lady close the door next door, and in a couple of seconds, another butt hit the seat This one was a pisser and it was pretty impressive that she got her stream started immediately. I put up my foot and flushed and exited the stall. The lines were getting longer as I walked around the wall to the sinks.

When I got back to our seats, Firecracker Guy was a little suspicious of what had taken me so long. I guess I had been gone for about 35 or 40 minutes. He asked if I had bumped into some friends. I told him my theory about what the liquor does to my urinary system. He just laughed. Then the opening band started its warm-up. Luckily for him, he didn't have to go to the bathroom all night. I've always known he has a much larger bladder than me. Damn him!

Hey, It's been a really long time since I've posted and i tried once but the moderator took mine out so anyways im a boy whose 13 and athletic build and kinda muscular and i usually pee like twice a day and poop evry other day. My shits are usually a foot long and an inch and a half wide and i have a bunch of pooping and peeing stories so let me know if anyone wants to hear them and i love listening, watching, or hearing about girls peeing and pooping

Story Teller
Just a bit of background info before this post. I mentioned I have 2 aunts, simply put one was more open about her bathroom habits, and the other was more secretive, though I still saw her a couple of times, but those are stories for a different time.

When we were in the mall bathroom one time, we could hear this girl in the other stall having what must've been a massive dump. She was grunting and straining and even moaned once or twice. Judging by how her feet were moving I'd say she was rocking back and forth.She took her time, there's no telling how long she was in there before we got there, but she kept it up the whole 10 minutes we were there. When we were washing our hands something interesting finally happened. We heard her go "ow ow ow!" and then SPLOOCH! I swear it sounded just like someone throwing a boulder into a lake.It must've splashed some cold water up cause she did a little yelp too. There were two more splashes and then she started tearing off some toilet paper. She didn't even flush before she came out, then again, I'm pretty sure it would have been a waste to try. Didn't actually get to see how she looked, we were already walking out when we heard the stall door open. Whats slightly funny is that later when we went back before we left is that there was a crudely drawn out of order sign taped to the stall door.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Shelly great story about you and Laurens outdoor dump it sounds like you both took pretty good sized dumps especialy Lauren and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another great peeing story and a question have thought about putting your first name if you havent already and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop great story about you and all those other ladies having to poop at same time especialy that employee I bet she was glad you let her go first even though you were desperate at least you made it and didnt have an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmin K great story about hearing that other girl go to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Laurel another great story it sounds like that one girl almost didnt make it and I think those girls should have done a buddy dump that way the one wouldnt have been so desperate and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Blueboy as always another story about seeing your aunt pooping and dose your aunt know about this site maybe you can tell her about it and maybe she might want to post some stories because it sounds like she might have a few good one and im sure she will welcome with open arms to this site and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lucy great story about pooping your pants please contiue to post more stories thanks.

To: rb great story about your friend Jesica peeing her pants and please share any other stories you may have thanks.

To: Wendy and Kirsty Wendy great story about seeing that girl I bet your right she must have been really desperate and as always I look forward to yours guys next posts thanks.

To: China Girl first welcome back and great pooping stories and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Brittney great story about peeing at the beach and seeing that woman poop please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly new guy

I had been constipated for several days..only went poop once and I had to push really, really hard and only had several very hard pieces come out. So I decided I could use a laxative to ease my problem, I looked all over the house and finally found a mostly used up small bottle of cod liver oil. So I said, What the hell, and finished off the bottle. Then I went about my business around the house. About 2 hours later I got a good urge to take a dump. It was a good one without pushing hardly at all my poop come out in soft tubular form so much better than the hard stuff I had experienced recently. I sat there a little longer and realized I was not done. After a fart I felt the pressure building up but this time it was very runny and I had a small exp lotion I had watery diriaa big time. I wondered if I had taken too much of the cod liver oil But I did not have to wonder very long because in the next several hours I had watery explosive dirria every 10 to 15 minutes. I had to stay very close to the toilet if not on it as I got almost no warning that it was about to come After It had run its course I wanted for more than 30 or 40 minutes to be sure I was done and decided then to walk out to the mail box and pick up the mail. This I did with no problem When I got back in the house I decided to take the mail up to my office. I was about half way up the stairs when I felt a rumble in my lower ???? and know that I was about to have more diarra. I figured I would do it my bathroom in the master bedroom I dropped the mail off at my office and started down the hall to the master bedroom. It then I got this terrible feeling that the diarria was coming right then and that there was no way I was going to reach the master bed room toilet in time. I was, however, very close to the guest bathroom and fortunately I had been loosening my pants as I came out my office. I dropped my pants and lunged towards the guest bathroom toilet. Just as my buns hit the toilet seat I had an incredidable explosion. I haad no idea that after all I had done earlier that so much could build up and come out with such force. I thanked my lucky stars that I had just made it because if I had not there would have been poop all over the bathroom and I mean all over! After sitting there a while and not going any more I took a couple of spoons of PetoBizmo and did not have any more problems. I will never use cod liver oil again.

petite pooper
@ car mom.. isn't peeing in your car a little unsanitary? I mean germs or oders could get trapped and mildew causing mold...human waste being in the cushions from soo many ppl is a little germy isn't it?


Ladies Room at Work with Corporate Visitors

We had corporate visitors for 3 days at our location again this week. One of the visitors was Janice, who I've posted about before. She's in her early 50s and is an attractive woman, one of our corporate executives. Also in town was a lady named Paula, who has been a fast-tracker in the company. Paula is only 30 years old, but has risen to a general manager position quickly. I understand she got her Master's degree before she was 23 years old, hired onto our company and has done extremely well. She's an aggressive and respected businesswoman in our company and is very personable. She's also quite a pretty lady. She is about 5'4" tall and I'd say she weighs maybe 110 pounds with brown hair. One day this week she had on some tight fitting dark red slacks, and her backside was drawing attention from the guys in the office. She was the guys' "water cooler" topic of discussion this week. They were calling her hot. I was by a file cabinet near a few men who were talking (they didn't know I was there) and I overheard one man say, "Have you checked out that Paula girl's ass? It's right up there with Leigh's." Guys! It seems the ones in our office are always leering at the ladies. They continually make comments about Leigh's butt. Now they were talking about Paula's. The visitors were in a meeting with our local management, including Leigh and Ann, who I've posted about several times previously. Around 10:30 a.m. on this day, I had the need to do #2, and 10 a.m. is the "rush hour" in our ladies' room. I was glad my need was past the time for the usual full restroom since I'm poo shy. I made my way into the hallway leading to the ladies' room when I saw Leigh, Ann, Janice, and Paula coming out of their meeting heading toward the restroom, obviously on a break. The last time Janice visited, I also needed to use the restroom at the same time as their break. I thought to myself that my timing sure seems to be right with their break schedules. The 4 of them went in just ahead of me. I overheard Paula quietly tell Janice that her stomach was aching. The last stall was already taken (we have 6) and Ann went into stall 1, Leigh stall 2, Paula stall 3 Janice stall 5, skipping the 4th which I had to take between Janice and Paula. Stall 6 flushed and someone came out and left the restroom. We all got settled and immediately Leigh, in her usual way goes, "UHHH", her customary grunt, farted and started pooing. Janice softly farted and I heard a crackle and a plop and she quietly said, "MMMMM." I recalled the last time Janice visited she did the same thing, a low "MMMMM" each time she passed poo. I pushed slightly and felt poo coming so I pushed a little harder and let a soft embarrassing fart and a hard poo started out. It crackled and fell out of me, plopping noisily into the water. I heard a flush and someone leaving. It was Ann. Apparently she only peed. I thought Paula might be bashful. So far she was just sitting there next to me in stall 3, but obviously she had to hear Leigh going at it next to her in stall 2, and she had to hear my gas and plop. But I'd heard nothing from Paula although she'd complained about her stomach aching. Just as I was thinking she was poo shy like me and waiting for everyone to leave, she let out a very loud fart and quietly whispered, "Ohhhh." She breathed heavily and then stopped like she was straining. Then she started farting loudly again, and poo began to splatter out of her. It sounded like she was having a diarrhea attack. She was passing gas noisily and spraying loose poo simultaneously. After a good 10 seconds of loud pooing, she sighed then said, "Sorry, ladies. I've got a stomach ache this morning." Janice said, "You mentioned that. Not good. Have you been sick?" Paula said, "No, I had the smoked salmon for dinner last night. I think it's torn up my system and giving me stomach cramps this morning. I thought I was going to have to leave the meeting about a half hour ago." I thought quietly, if you'd come a half hour ago at 10 o'clock, you'd have plenty of poo company in here. Every stall is full of pooing women at 10 and 2 every day. Janice said, "Well, maybe you'll feel better after you use the restroom." Paula said, "I hope so. It's just embarrassing." Leigh said, "Don't worry about it, Paula. It sounds like we're all doing the same thing." Halfway through Leigh's last sentence she began talking in a very tight straining type voice. Just as she finished her sentence she goes, "UHHHH" and passed another fart followed by plopping poo. Janice did a PFFFFTTTTT quiet fart and several plops started from her, with a "MMMM" after each splash. I pushed out more poo, quietly except for the crackle and plop. Paula then said, "Oh, I'm getting another cramp. Excuse me please." Janice said, "Just go. Don't worry about it." About 10 seconds later, Paula started splattering more loose watery diarrhea with plenty of loud gas. I felt badly for her. She must have really had a bad stomach from all the noise and poo she was doing. It was really loud. Not to mention the smell. It was very strong. Leigh flushed, I heard Janice wiping. I was done and wiped. As I finished wiping and was pulling up my panties, I heard Paula start wiping. It sounded like she used a half roll of toilet paper. She must have made quite a mess. I flushed and went out where Leigh and Janice were at the sinks. Paula flushed and I noticed the toilet didn't sound right. She said, "Oh, my God. I've clogged the toilet!" Leigh said it was OK, she'd call maintenance. Paula said, "Leigh, I am so sorry and SO embarrassed." Leigh said don't worry about it, that it'd happened many times before. I haven't seen any clogged toilets at our office, so Leigh was probably trying to make her feel better about it. Paula came out and went to the sink to wash her hands. I smiled at her and said hello. She looked very embarrassed, smiled and said hi. Just then another lady from our office came in. She went down to stall 5 where Paula had been and went in, then backed out with a sneer on her face and she moved to stall 6. Paula must have left a really messy toilet. A little while later, I went to lunch and saw the maintenance man had the ladies' room closed off for "repairs". I bet he was wondering who made that mess.


Wrecking a Work Toilet

Aside from school, I manage to do some part-time credit work at a receptionist's desk in a medical building. This means that whenever I have to use the bathroom, I have to make sure that when I go that everybody needs to know that I'm taking a break. Most of the time, I can get somebody to cover my position, but there's an instance where it's later in the day and there's the need for only one person, which means that I'll have to uncomfortably hold it until I can place the phone on hold, or even worse, wait until closing. Luckily, it'll just be a good relieving piss most of the time, but not too long ago, I had an instance where I made quite a mess in the toilet.

It was closing hours, and after a nice lunch of Asian style noodles and vegetables from a place a block down from the office, I could feel the need for a big shit. I had an hour left, which meant a lot of squirming around in the office chair to hold it in. Nobody could cover me, neither could I have done the rude thing and put somebody on hold for the time I'd need to let this thing out, so I had to wait it out. At about 15 minutes until closing, I was just about to lose it. I was tempted to make people think we were closing early, but it was more of a risk to get in a work related situation then an accident. Then, as the clock reached 7, I set the phone to the "we are closed" message, got everything put away, and made a dash to the toilet.

My cheeks were clenched by now, and when I walked into the bathroom (a single toilet and sink), I ripped my pants and thong down and finally let this urge give in. After a good pee, I opened my anus to let off a soft fart. Not long after that, a thick, butt-stretching turd was making its way out of my rectum. After eight inches, it broke off and made a splash. Another eight incher followed, and then I pooped out some smaller pieces to top it all off. The smell was strong and my butthole was a mess, so I tore off a good amount of toilet paper, wiped a couple of times before the paper was free of brown streaks, and stood up to look after pulling my clothes up. Two eight inch logs and a couple of smaller pieces. Glad that was out of me after all that time. I flushed but not without leaving streaks and specks of poop in the bowl. I washed up, returned to my desk to make sure everything was okay, and then locked up the place until whoever came in the following day would unlock it.


Experiences at a party

Hi All! Back again!

Hope you are all OK.Love all your posts.

I often wonder if I am running out of stories to tell, then I keep on remembering more and more experiences from the past...

A long time ago, certain of my relatives had their 18th birthday party.This was a small gathering and two boy friends and two girl friends visited.I and my parents took refuge from the action in an upstairs bedroom only emerging at the end at midnight when it was largely over.

The two girl visitors were Anya (names changed) and Tasha.Anya was a small blonde and looked just like the blonde girl in American Beauty. When Anya came she wore a short pleated grey skirt and pink blouse and trainers.Tasha, who from what I can remember looked a lot like Natalie Portman, wore a short denim skirt, denim jacket and white blouse, with light brown leather boots.

We kept the door open and generally engaged in quiet card games, something of a contrast to the racket of "Firestarter" by Prodigy being repeatedly played at high volume off and on during the evening.I now have this tune going round in my head, but I digress..

This put me within very close earshot of our single toilet.The guys only peed, but the two visiting girls were very different.

At about 6pm, Anya came racing up the stairs like an F-18 on reheat during one of the quiet spells and shut the toilet door. I heard her pull her pants down and the swish as she adjusted her dress.There was a muffled clang as she sat down, immediately followed by a loud raspy BRRRRAAAAP! as she farted on the toilet the instant she sat down.There was a lengthy noisy torrent of pee, followed by another raspy BRRRRRAAAAPP!

There was a quiet spell followed a noisy BRRUUUUUUMPKERSPLONNNK!! as she did a bassy fart instantly followed by a very large heavy sounding poo coming out.I heard her wipe and pull her pants up and she left the toilet and bounded downstairs to get back to the action.

At 615pm Tasha walked upstairs and I heard a little PUFF_PUFF_PUFF as she did three quiet farts as she neared the top of the stairs.She locked the door and I heard her hitch up her denim skirt and pull her pants down and the clang as she sat down.

There was a lengthy whistling tinkle as she peed for ages.There was then a gentle PUFF-PUFF-PUUTTT-FLOOOOMP as she farted quietly twice then more noisily before a small soft poo fell out.

There was a quiet spell of ten seconds followed by another PUFF_PUFF_PUUTT_FLOOOP.There was a quiet spell for another ten seconds before a PUUUTT-FLOOMPFLOOMPFFLOOMP as she farted and three little soft poos came out quickly after each other.She then wiped and left the toilet and headed downstairs.

At 830, Anya came bounding up the stairs and shut the door.I heard her adjust her dress and pants and the second her bottom hit the toilet there was a noisy BRAAAPPKERSLPUUNK! It sounded as though she only just made the toilet in time. She then wiped and left.

Five minutes later I heard the gentle PUFF_PUFF_PUFF of Tasha's farts as she walked upstairs and saw her go into the toilet.After sitting down there was a brief pee, followed by a PUFF_PUTT_FLOOOMP folowed quickly by another PUFF_PUTT_FLOOMP.She finished and headed downstairs.

Around midnight things came to an end.However Before I could give Tasha and Anya a lift home.Anya who was somewhat drunk by then said she "needed a good poo to sort her ???? out".

Tasha said she needed a poo too, but let Anya go first.I sat at the bottom of the stairs as they both walked up.Tasha stood outside the shut toilet door and talked to Anya as she pooped.

I heard Anya sit down and fart noisily, followed by a rapid BRAAAPPKERSLUUNKPLOP-PLOP-PLOP-SPLATTER-CRACKLE-SPLUUUUUUUT_SPLATTER.

"You sounded desparate" said Tasha."I haven't finished yet" said Anya as she did a violent wet fart and a lengthy mushy sloppy sounding poo. There was a period of quiet for thirty seconds and
another violent wet fart and another lengthy mushy sloppy poo.

I then heard Anya say "that's better I really needed that, because when I eat too much my ???? plays up really badly" and she wiped and adjusted her dress and pants before coming out of the toilet.

Tasha then went in.I heard her sit down and she peed for ages.There was then the noisiest farting I have ever heard anyone do on the toilet. It started with a gentle PUFF_PUFF-PUFF rising to a PUTT-PUTT-PUTT then a full bore staccato SPLUTT-SPLUTT-SPLUTT.For some reason a Harley-Davidson motorbike pulling away springs to mind.Tasha had monumentally bad wind on the toilet, apparently not helped by having drunk too much gassy beer, or so I heard from her when driving her back.

This was followed a FLOOMP_FLOOMP_FLoOMP.THere was a loud SPLUUUUT followed by a large soft poo which made a loud SPLASH.There was another SPLASH and a SPLUTSPLASH as she farted and pooed at the same time.

"Haven't you better hurry up with this dumping business Tasha" asked Anya."I still need a bit more...SPLUTSPLASH...time" Tasha replied breaking off mid sentence to fart and poo.

There was another SPLUTSPLASH and another SPLUTSPLASH as Tasha continued to do soft gassy poos.Finally there one last SPLUTSPLASH and Tasha pulled her pants up without wiping and left the toilet.

As she got ino the car, Anya clambered over the lowered passenger seat to get in the back, and she did whiff somewhat, but Tanya who sat next to me was worse.I had to drive with the windows open, not that they noticed as they were by now tired, drunk and both discussing their recent poos in graphic detail with each other...I dropped them both off safely - although they both rather sweetly gave me a kiss on the cheek for my trouble -and headed for home.

Bye for now take care

Hermes xx


Desperate lady at work

I had to pee today while I was working. Luckily, we weren't nearly as busy today and I could take a bathroom break. I went to the nearest toilets. I had just closed the stall door and was lowering my pants when I heard the main bathroom door open and a lady walked very quickly over to a stall. I could hear her high heels clacking as she walked and she seemed like she really had to go, saying like Oh Oh Oh Ohh. I started to pee as she closed and locked the stall door. She wasted no time in plopping herself down on the toilet and started peeing in spurts. I heard a splip and some pee spurts then a floomp. I was done peeing then, so I wiped myself and I heard another floomp just before I flushed. I heard her also start to wipe while I was washing, so I took my time washing up. She wiped a few times, then she flushed. I was drying my hands with paper towels as she came out of the stall and began washing her hands as well. I didn't recognize the lady and she was probably just a customer who really had to go bad.

Amanda V

Another bigger accident

Hi it's me again. I thought I'd finish this story up since I already pretty much wrote it. This one happened when I was 12. Back then I often used to go for 2 or 3 or more days without pooping just because it was inconvenient and like I said I'm confident in my holding abilities. So I would just hold off the urge for a few minutes and it would go away. I never really kept track of how long I held it because it never caused a problem.

One day I was at school on a Friday and I was spending that night at a friend's house (different friend than last story). I hadn't gone in at least 2 or 3 days, maybe longer, and early in the school day I could feel a pretty heavy weight in my stomach wanting to get out. I could feel it was big but it wasn't pushing too hard so I kept holding it. At the end of the day my stomach was cramping up really bad just from being so full and it was getting really hard to hold it, and by now I had to pee too so that just made it a little harder. When her mom picked us up from school I actually wanted to run back into the school and go but I didn't say anything. I was actually hoping to go home and do it but I already told my friend I had everything I needed and I didn't really care at that point, I just wanted to get to any bathroom. Sure enough her mom had to run all over town before actually going to her house. After a while my butt was getting really tired of being clamped shut and I was getting kind of worried. Just then another one of those brilliant ideas popped into my head out of nowhere. I knew the poop was going to be a big solid one like it always is if I hold it for a long time, so I thought I could let it out a little and it would just push against the seat and not move. Then I would just wait for the cramp to go away and maybe I could get it to go back in. I could also focus more on holding my pee which was getting pretty bad by then. The idea of just letting it out a little was still pretty embarrassing and I really didn't want to do it but when the next big cramp came it hurt enough that I finally relaxed my butt and let the poo have it's way. Once again it didn't take long to regret my decision. It slowly forced it's way out and stopped when it hit the seat. So it did work except it was so big it actually hurt my butt to just sit there. My stomach instinctively pushed as hard as it could to get rid of the pain but I kept my butt planted in the seat. With my stomach cramping up really bad and my butt being stretched out it was pretty hard to act normal. My friend asked if I was okay and I tried my best to say "yeah" without grunting. I thought the cramping would eventually let up but it only kept getting worse. I somehow managed to make it the rest of the trip to her house but now I was really nervous because I had to get up and I knew what would happen if I did. As they were getting out of the van I tried to buy some time by looking through my bag like I lost something but it was no use. I had to get to the bathroom so all I could do was just pray as I got up from my seat. As soon as I was out of the van I felt my stomach tightening and the poop starting to move. I just froze and stared down at myself in shock. It was moving slow but I still knew what was going to happen and there was nothing I could do about it. I stood there frozen and helpless when my friend asked what was wrong. I remember saying "I kinda have to go to the bathroom," Then I think she said, "you have to go that bad?" I wasn't really paying attention because I felt another cramp coming on and in a last ditch effort I squatted down hoping my jeans were tight enough to hold it back in that position, but it only slowed it down. It stopped for a couple seconds but when the cramp really hit I couldn't stop my stomach from pushing and a massive log started forcing it's way out with a loud crackling sound. I wasn't even trying to push at all. My stomach took control of my whole body and I couldn't stop it. So I squatted there like a little kid, with my friend looking down at me, taking the biggest dump I've ever had, in my pants. It was pretty humiliating. I couldn't stop going either. Once the first huge log was out it kept coming and spreading all over my butt. I even had to stand back up to let more out. I didn't even realize I'd started peeing until I stood up because it started going down my legs. When I was finally done my pants felt so full and I was just numb with humiliation. I just stared at the ground too terrified to say or do anything and my friend was just staring at me in shock. I don't know how long we stood there until she finally asked if I was okay. I can barely remember after that. I just remember being in the bathroom and getting my pants down very carefully. The mountain of crap in my panties was so massive I was afraid to dump it in the toilet because I knew it wouldn't go down. Luckily I was able to dump some out and barely get the rest with the second flush. Then I didn't want them to find my underwear in the garbage or walk out carrying them so I just put them back on. They weren't in too bad of shape because of the big solid poop but I still cringed when I pulled them back on. After that they drove me home in the longest car ride ever. I think it was more uncomfortable than when I had a giant load of poo trying to push out of me. When I got home I showered, then lay in bed and cried for a while. I was so embarrassed and I actually had nightmares of that feeling where I knew I was about to poop my pants in front of my friend. At least it wasn't at school or anything and she was weirded out for a while but she got over it and we still good friends after that.

That was one of my more shameful accidents just because I probably could've held on if it wasn't for that stupid idea of letting it out against the seat, and it was a HUGE accident. Also just the way I acted, saying I kind of had to go to the bathroom a second before taking a massive dump in my pants. I can look back and laugh now but I can't believe some of the ideas that went through my head.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Young Guys Pooping

To Greg,

Thank you so much for your amazing 2-part story of you and your friend Mike. I thought I was alone for the longest time in enjoying seeing attractive young guys let loose on the toilet and hearing great stories of the same. It's even better when they are really desperate to shit and they have to hold it until it's almost unbearable. It sounds like your buddy Mike took a really awesome shit and just about broke the toilet from the massive pounding he gave it. Congratulations on being in the right place at the right time to see and hear him take the shit. Your descriptive language was really cool too like calling Mike's shit load "an angry massive chocolate python" thereby giving his crap a life and a personality of it's own. You made it really sound like Mike's shit was actually attacking him, which of course is exactly how it feels when you have to shit in the worst possible way.

Your story reminded me of a situation with a suite mates brother a couple years back during my junior year of college. I went to school in western North Dakota and it was early February, so as you might expect, it was ridiculously freaking cold outside. I figure it was at least minus 12 degrees, but probably even colder. Nobody in their right minds should have been on the roads. But still, one of my suite mates James had a really hot younger brother John who was 19 and taking a year off before starting as a Freshman in the fall. John is about 6'3, 210 pounds, lean and muscular, and very good looking. All the girls really really like him (along with a few of us guys!). James decided to come visit James and us and play some hockey with us as well as party that weekend. Well along the way, John started getting the urge to shit and since the town we were in is kind of remote, his bathroom options were few and far between. If anyone reading has ever been to North Dakota you know that it's really flat and open so there's nowhere secluded to hide if you need to stop the car by the side of the road and take care of business there, so John just held his shit as best he could until he got to campus. So by the time John got to the frat house, he was really desperate to shit in the worst possible way.

So when John rushed in to the frat house, he was like a tornado in his desperation to drop his pants and shit. I was in and could hear him clomping down the hallway in his heavy work shoes before busting through the door of the suite and pushing the door to the bathroom open to check it for availability before charging into James' room. Hearing John come in, I walked over and heard James greet him.

"Don't ANYONE use the bathroom before me!!" John admonished us as he frantically stripped off his jacket and multiple layers of clothing he had on due to the cold. "I have to take the biggest F---ing shit and I'll shit my pants if anyone takes the bathroom!!"

Getting down to a long t-shirt, John exclaimed "Oh f---, I really have to shit!! and dashed into the bathroom slamming the door hard against the wall as he made the urgent dash for the crapper. Next thing I hear is John in the bathroom moaning really loud as he unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down to sit on the toilet. Next thing I know, John is moaning and groaning really loud as a whole bunch of shit comes rushing out of his ass. John was farting really loud too which meant there were pockets of gas mixed in with his shit. I knew John would look really hot sitting on the toilet letting loose like that but I was afraid to take a look even though I really wanted too. I finally decided I just had to see John with his pants down taking a dump, so I made up some lame excuse to walk in on him. But just as i was about to, James comes out of the bedroom with a big grin on his face holding a video camera and motioning me to stay quiet!!! Awesome!!

A moment later, we caught John in the middle of a big push and groan as we walked in on him with the tape rolling!!

"You little b---h!!" John exclaimed with a bit of a grin on his face indicating he really didn't mind. "I can't believe you're actually videotaping your brother taking a shit!!" John looked so cool sitting there on that toilet and I could hear a big turd still crackling it's way out of his butt. John had pulled his pants almost all the way down to his ankles, but his striped boxer briefs hung higher up with the band stretched around his calf muscles. John had his shirt stretched in front of him to cover his dick with his hands folded in front of him between his knees which were spread in a nice moderately wide masculine stance.

"You're the little b---h, stinking up my bathroom with your big raunchy shit!! James retorted.

Anyway, I'm happy to say that James was relentless and didn't let John off the hook until he started wiping. John was taking a really massive shit and was far from done when we started recording and we had plenty of time on the disc so we got to hear plenty of crackling turds, farts and some serious ploppage as John's shit hit the water. What was really cool though was that John had to push to get the rest of his shit out of his butt and you could see the blood vessels bulging in his neck as he bore down to get his crap out. That was really hot seeing him strain and struggle like that and then hear his shit crackle out. Then when the shit was out, his body would go limp, and his head would bow as he would let out a sigh of relief. "Ohhhhh."

After his final round of pushing and straining, John indicated he was finally empty and needed to compete the paperwork.

"OK perverts! You've had your fun! Will you at least turn the camera off so I can wipe my ass???"

"OK! Tell you what, I will at least turn the camera off so you can wipe your bum." James replied indicating that it didn't necessarily mean we were going to leave!!

"????!" John muttered shaking his head as he reached for the first round of paper. John proceeded to put a whole lot of shit on the paper his first couple of wipes, but eventually produced a nice clean wipe after several attempts.

John eventually flushed and pulled his pants back up while James hid the video disc. We eventually went out and played some hockey and spent time together that weekend just hanging out. James later played the video back for me and John's crapping and farting sounds were still plain as day on the recording. John eventually got ahold of the disc later that summer and either destroyed it or put it where nobody would ever find it. Too bad because it really was just an incredible dump and John looked soooo hot taking it. Still, it was fun recalling that episode. I would have subsequent opportunities to see John on the toilet, but that time was far and away the very best!


Holding it and releasing

To Wendy,
I haven't had a major pants pooping incident, but have had some minor accidents while holding it. A while back I had to go really bad while driving in the car. I was sure I wasn't going to make it to a toilet, so I pulled over next to a field and ran into the field, pulled my pants down fast, and started releasing a huge poo. At first I was humiliated and embarrassed, but as the wonderful feeling of relief began to come over me, I began to have this giddy kind of euphoric feeling! Wow, what an experience! And to add to the excitement, I may have been able to have been seen by people passing by on the road.
I've thought about trying to have that happen again.
You're lucky to have someone to buddy dump with. That sounds very exciting, Wendy. I would like to have my gf dump on top of my poo.....that would be hot!

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