Lauren's Huge Outdoor Dump (And Mine as Well)

Before I get to my story, I might as well answer some more questions from Dan.

First off, my poops are probably about an inch to two inches thick for the most part. It takes some effort to get them out, but only a slight push most of the time. I mostly strain and grunt when constipated. As for daily toilet routine, I'll say that I pee about three to even five times a day, and I'll poop either once or twice a day. As for farting, I do it often but mostly before I have to poop. Finally, for comfort of others watching me use the bathroom, I'm open about it to friends, but mostly closer friends when it comes to pooping.

Got another story from last summer, this one involves Lauren again. We decided since we both had a few days off from our summer jobs that we would get away from things and camp out by a fairly secluded lake for two days. Pretty much, we parked my car, hiked in a few miles to our spot, and made camp in the afternoon. Now keep in mind that since this was pure outdoors camping that there were no toilets around, so we had to use nature as our bathroom for peeing and pooping. When we got to our spot, after setting camp, we both had to pee, so we walked a couple of feet back and found a spot to squat. Fortunately, this was months after that first time I saw Lauren shitting, so we were definitely comfortable with seeing each other relieve ourselves. We pulled down our shorts and undies and squatted facing each other. I shot out a yellow stream of pee, and then Lauren followed suit by shooting out a strong but quick torrent of pee. After shaking the drops off, we pulled up our pants and got to making a dinner of beans, rice and corn. We both gorged ourselves full, and when it started getting dark afterwards, we retreated back to our tent and hit the hay early.

The next morning, we woke up and had ourselves a breakfast of cereal bars. After that, since we were both secluded, we would both wash off naked by skinny dipping in the lake (which we were both okay with too). We played around and got soaked all until Lauren started to get a stomach cramp. She farted in the water and it bubbled up, which lead her to say, "I gotta take a big dump. We'd better go in the woods." We didn't bother to get dressed or even dry off, seeing how her ass would be bare nonetheless. We just slipped on our sandals to protect our feet and trekked back to our bathroom spot. It was there that Lauren took her spot and half-squatted over the ground to begin an unforgettable moment for both of us. She spread her ass apart with her hands to reveal me her tight pink asshole that was about to get some action. A loud, long and rank fart vibrated out first, and then things started to open up for her. She then said "I haven't been in four days." right before she started to poop out her first turd. It slithered out of her ass at a slow pace, almost as if she wanted to take her time with this shit. It was dark brown and pretty hard. It amazed me how long it grew out of her; at about two feet, it broke off and flumped on the ground beneath her. It was about two inches thick, but it sure wasn't it. Lauren resumed her pooping by then letting out a turd that was a foot long and an inch and a half wide. The color was getting a bit lighter, and afterwards, another turd like that came out, this one speckled with corn. I don't think the corn we ate the night before went through that fast, so I just had to ask her after dropping that one "You're already pooping out corn?" She blushed and told me "I ate some the night before as well." Then things started to get a bit softer, as she pooped out skinnier, softer shit that was still fairly firm and speckled with traces of corn and beans. It was obvious that Lauren chose that night's dinner because she really needed that dump. Then the finale was on, as a thicker, yet still soft, corn log carried out of her dirty asshole and plopped right next to the other turds, as she repositioned her ass when she let it out. She told me that she felt way better since she got all that gunk out of her gut, but I had to head back to the tent since it was time for her to wipe. I grabbed the roll of tp and a small trash bag to throw the dirty tp in, and when I got back, she faced her ass towards me and ordered me to wipe. She's so funny even at private situations. A few strokes of tp took care of it. I didn't have to poop yet, but by the time we were walking back, flies were starting to gather on Lauren's pile. Disgusting!

We headed back to the lake to do some more naughty swimming, have some sandwiches we prepared for lunch, and did some nude sunbathing. It was around the mid afternoon that things were working their way to get out of my gut, so I told Lauren that I had to take a shit now. She came with me to keep me company as we walked into the potty patch of woods. I squatted a couple of feet from Lauren's poop, assumed a squatting position (we were still both naked throughout the day), and pushed a bit to open things up. A thick turd about 2 inches wide and a couple inches over a foot long came out of me, medium brown in color and ripe in stench. Then came a few five inchers that, like Lauren's, were also speckled with bits of corn and even a few beans. That fiber must have worked wonders, even if I wasn't constipated. After those couple of turds, I was done and told Lauren to grab the tp and trash bag and wipe me now. I stuck my butt out in her direction, and when she came back, she wiped me spotless with a few strokes. We carried on to our activities, had a late dinner of soup on the stove, and then headed back into our tent but not before another peeing session for both of us, this time away from our usual spot (we were even guilty of doing it in the lake, tsk tsk).

We woke up, got dressed, packed out and hiked back to my car. On the way back, we made a pit stop for gas and some junk food, and by then, Lauren had to pee and poop again. We used their sole bathroom, as I also had to pee. Lauren was first, as she pulled down her shorts and underwear and started to let out a good piss. She then farted and pooped out two good 8 inchers, her typical size poop. They also had a few, but not as many, traces of corn as well. After she wiped her butt, she flushed, redressed, and let me sit down for a good half-minute pee.

My apologies if this was a long post, but I couldn't resist but get every juicy detail out of this adventure. I will continue to post more eventually.

Car Mom
new guy: as I've said before I'm not a big fan of poop. I'm just now starting to get used to kids occasionally pooping in my car and even now it won't ever be something I allow on a regular basis. So as far as I myself doing it, it probably won't happen.

Anonymous poster: the only thing I ever clean up after is poop. I'm not bothered by the pee, so I don't worry about trying to clean it up. It would be impossible anyway, since the pee actually absorbs its way into the cushion and there's really no way to get it out. I used to wash the surface of the seat a little, when Kaylee was younger, but it got to be too much of a hassle so I just stopped doing it. It doesn't bother me. Although the seats in my car are gray and its a pretty light gray, so its funny how the front part of the seat is still gray but the back part is all stained golden yellow, and its actually really noticeable. But as I said before, it doesn't bother me, so I don't care!

Yesterday (Saturday) Laura called me and told me that she had started talking to a friend at work (named Melissa) about peeing, and eventually the subject came up about peeing in other places besides the toilet. And so Laura mentioned that she's peed in her friend's car and in her friend's couch. She also told me that Melissa seemed like she was interested in the conversation and she seemed intrigued by the idea of doing something like that. So eventually Laura asked her if it would be something that she would ever be interested in trying. Melissa then smiled and said "yeah." And so Laura called me yesterday and asked me if it would be ok if she and Melissa came over and peed in my couch, or at least in my car. I just said "sure, either place is fine." And so later this week they both going to come over and pee, probably in the couch. Melissa is 23 by the way, and as I said she works at the same office as Laura. I'm not sure what day they'll be over, it will depend on how busy we all are. But it should be this week sometime. I will definitely keep you all posted. It's actually been a while since Laura has peed with me, so I will be looking forward to it.

Bye for now!
Car Mom :)

Desperate to poop

Desperate poop out shopping

Oh I got caught a little short today. I was out shopping and had been out the night before for a curry. Part way through shopping I felt a pretty bad need to let go a hot runny poop. It seemed the curry was telling me hunny better find a potty.

As I was near a dept I decided to go in there. The main toilets were out of order but luckily there was a separate ladys toilets. so I had to use these ones. Unfortunately there were just 2 cucibles and a Queue which I suppose wasn't surprising considering the main toilets were out of order. There were 3 ladies waiting one of whom seemed to be one of the dept staff judging by the uniform. I was getting quite desperate and it looked like one of the other ladies was waiting to poop too as she was holding her ???? slightly.

After a few minutes a lady came out of the 1st toilet and the 1st lady went in. She was in her 30's and was very attractive. You could see her high heels under the stall and her knickers as she dropped them to the ground. She pissed furiously. In the 2nd stall a lady was having a dump as you could hear ploopping frequently.

Shortly after that the lady in the 1st stall came out and was replaced with a young twenty year old. The 2nd stall lady was still pooping and I was getting more and more desperate and clenching my butt cheeks quite a lot. The twenty year old had a long piss, followed by a parp and then she started pooping. It seemed it was the after lunch pooping session.

By now 3 more people had joined behind me and the dept store lady in front was rubbing her ???? so It looked like she needed to go. I made some small talk commenting I hoped a toilet would be free soon. To which she replied oh yes I gotta go quite bad and rubbed her ???? again.

I had now been waiting 8 minutes and the 2nd stall was having a very good clearout. The twenty year old was also pooping but after a few minutes she was finished and flushed. The dept store lady whispered she try and be as quick as she could. I said don't worry don't rush. I hate people rushing even if I was very desperate now.

She went in quickly and hurriedly got her trousers down before a loud parp and a rush of diarreoh came out. She groaned involuntarily. Hearing her go was making me really desperate now and I was clenching for my life. There were also now 7 people waiting behind and the queue was out the door. Finally after a further 3-4 mins the other lady finally finished and came out. The toilet was very smelly and perfumey, but the warm seat and a toilet was a relief! There were skid marks on the bowl but the were soon replaced with some hot curry induced poop from myself. Oh the relief was immense. After a few mins the the dept lady finished and exited. 2 or 3 ladies then came in and peed. I was still going quite strong and my ???? kept turning over.

After the 3 ladies another lady rushed in and started having diarreoh. She was splattering noisely all over the back of the pan. I was finally feeling finished. I wiped up my messy behind and wipped my moist front and then pulled my knickers up and left very relieved

Happy Pooping

End Stall Em

Encouragement for Frantic Francine

It totally sucks that you and Sasha got detentions for being in the stall together. I agree with Sasha's mother--school policies suck and probably lead to quite a few urinary track infections. However, FF, you sure need to congratulate yourself in coming as far as you have in better adjusting to the realities of school bathrooms. The fact that you've gotten over having to wipe the seat down first or cover it with toilet paper before sitting down in great. If I were to worry about that in my high school, I would be late to two or three classes a day, be getting regular detention time and probably carrying extra underwear in my purse. Again, sorry to hear about what happened to you and Sasha.

To car mom: I just want to say how much I enjoy your stories. You and golden girl are my all time favorite posters! Have you ever thought about sitting on your couch but peeing on the floor?

Jasmin K

School Toilets

Hi Its been quite some time since Ive posted,not had much to say recently.Ive been constipated a couple of times but nothing as bad as in my last post.

Amylee - I know what you mean about school toilets - thats why I started to and still only poo at home. I have not had anyone look at me over the stall but I was put off using school toilets by the fact that there were always groups of girls hanging out in there being noisy and I couldnt poo when they were there. When one of their group was using the toilet they would hang around that cubical the door open and carry on talking / teasing their friend especially if she was doing or trying to do a poo.I was very humiliating if you already were in an ajoining cubical. I think I became more self concious about taking a poo as I got older especially if I had to strain alot to get it out, I suppose I was used to my Mum or my older sister seeing me or being around when I was on the toilet but not others.
When I was In Middle/Junior school,Ie pre 11 yrs Old, I had to try to poo at home every morning.If I hadnt done it or I was constipated or had ???? ache I would go to the toilets in school before registration and sit there straining for about 10 minutes and although I could hear other girls using the toilets,the sound of pee and poo splashing and also the sounds of others straining to poo there were not groups of other girls hanging about so I was not put off by it.I would go back and try at break and lunch if I hadnt done it.
There was 1 Girl in my class who I noticed went in to the toilet every morning at school and even on the mornings I didnt go to poo I was always curious if she was doing a poo. A few mornings I went into the cubical next to hers and just had a pee and listend and yes she would always strain and pant for a few minutes and then a poo would splash in the water. There were some occasions she didnt do it whilst I was there and on those mornings she was often late in class.I can only imagine in hindsite that she chose to stay on the toilet untill she did it rather than be uncomfy in class.

Jas K


Yesterday in the park--2nd Part

As I rode up the sidewalk up to the park bathroom, I could hear the cars and students getting out of the school, which was located about a block behind the brook and trees. The bathroom building was about 50 to 75 years old, some of the bricks had fallen off the side and white painted aluminum had been installed in their place. One doorway lead to a privacy wall that separated the mens on the left from the womens on the right side. There was a continuous splashing of water from the mens side which was probably a toilet tank that was stuck or a urinal in a similar situation. I parked my bike, put the kick-stand down, and around the privacy wall and into the bathroom that included four stalls. There was no door on any of the stalls, only partitions made of full-size concrete blocks which had been painted tan. On the other side of the room there were three sinks, which like their companion toilets looked really old, and a mirror, that was cracked down the middle probably from the weather, which in our part of the country ranges from 10 below to 110 degrees.

I went into the third stall because it looked clean and I was intent on taking my dump and getting back to our apartment as soon as possible since my boyfriend, who would now be out of bed, was expecting me back and we had plans to go out to dinner. I noticed there was about a half roll of toilet paper and I pulled my sweats and thong down to knee level and seated myself. As was the case a couple hours earlier with the porta-potty, the seat was colder than I expected on my skin but I started blowing wind immediately, although I had hit my left elbow on the toilet paper dispenser in pulling down my clothing, and the previous sore started to hurt me more. I don't like to admit it, but sometimes I can be kind of a klutz. My first couple of logs had just dropped when I heard voices and four girls game running into the bathroom. They were about 13 or 14 and three of them quickly went into the available stalls, and the fourth looked a bit dejected as she told her friend, who had just seated herself in the stall to my left, "Cam, I've got to get onto a stool or you ain't gonna like what's going to happen." This girl--who was wearing a large athletic sweater and blue jeans--told Cam who was seated and had just started her crap which was loud because of the reppressed gas, that she was starting to shit her pants and Cam told her it was only going to be a couple of minutes because she had been holding her load all day long, too. A fourth girl, who was now sitting aside the sink in front of my stall had her hand inside her jeans and also looked to be in pain. I smiled at her and told her I wouldn't be long, but couldn't she have gone at school. She gave me one of those "Like What?" looks and said nobody uses the bathroom at school. This girl said that sfter she got done with her crap, she was headed back to school to get some individual help in Alegebra.

As I started to wipe, I heard additional voices and feet and a group of guys going into the mens room. I heard a thud of a toilet seat drop and a guy tell one of his friends, "Well I made it again!" Then there was a real blast of crap I could hear from through the wall. Another guy, apparently, at the urinal, let out an "Ahhhh" after he unzipped and got his stream started. One of the other boys said that the bathroom looked like a cesspool but sure beat what they refuse to use at school. I looked in front of me and the girl who was now standing head her jeans unbuckled, pulled down a couple of inches, and along with her white underwear, I figured she was reminding me of her need. I told her I was done. I reached back and flushed, and then with a deep step, walked out to the sink. The girl rapidly went in, but had an accident when her log started coming out and dropped onto the seat before she could seat herself. The swore, and her friend in the end-stall to our left asked her what happened. She told her she didn't make it and then I heard Cam call her a "Gross B###h" and a couple of them laughed. While washing my hands, I used the broken mirror to watch the girl use toilet paper around her hand to slide the crap into the stool. She wiped the entire seat, then seated herself.

When I got outside, I saw two guys coming in. As they were, they were eyeing my bike. Whether they were planning to steal it or not I don't know. I mounted, turned it around and started back toward home. During the first part of my ride back home, I got to thinking about how bad school toilets must be and why students are holding their excretory needs until they can leave school. I was their age in the mid-80s and while I didn't always like the school bathrooms, logic told me that I needed to make the best of them.

I got to wondering to myself what needs to be done to correct the problems with school bathrooms?


to car mum

has Kaylee ever said that she wants to wet or poop her pants cos there was no toilet near by and the car was to far away

and if you anyone has any swimming accidents you can share

as everyone sometime in there life have peed there swimsuit


Free Sunday with My Aunt

Hey guys, once again it's been a while. Wow, over 2000 pages? This forum has come a long way since the year 1999. We need more fart stories as well. Those are entertaining, especially when a woman does a loud and juicy one.

Some you have seen my earlier posts about how my 38 year old Aunt and I trip out. Last night, she had tacos and a small scoop of ice cream for dinner. This morning at around 7 a.m., she woke me up and said, "Hey, I got a present for you." I turned over in bed and laid down opposite of me with her ???? butt, wearing mesh shorts and pulled the cover over my head "Dutch Oven" style and ripped a loud, long, repeating fart that was like 8 seconds long! It was funny as hell and man did it stank! The smell lasted for like two minutes as I was under the cover. Then I asked her was that the first one she did and she was like, "Yeah and all the gas built up like a bomb in my belly overnight." We were rolling in laughter when she said, "Come on so I can take this dump before church."

We went in the bathroom and she sat down. Within a second, she released a bunch of small golf ball poops in the toilet that didn't smell as bad as the fart she let out. She leaned over and showed her production to me and there were 7 small pieces and the clean herself and got in the shower.

Any stories of people experience female family members farting loudly or having relationships similar to my Aunt and I? Have a great day!


Almost made it

This afternoon, I felt the urge to take a dump for the first time in three days. But things at work were super busy and I couldn't even get away for a few minutes to empty my bowels. When I was finally done working, I didn't feel any need to go anymore, so I made a bad decision and decided to just go home. It was rush hour traffic, constant stop and go, and then my need to go came back worse than before. There was nothing I could do except hold it. Once I got out of gridlock, I was just five minutes away from my house. I gambled that I could hold it, rather than try and stop somewhere.

I really really had to go bad as I pulled up into my driveway. The walk into the house, knowing I was so close. I got inside my house, but I didn't made it to the bathroom. A turd forced its way out of my anus and into my panties. The relief as the turd crept out was absolutely amazing. And then I just let it all go, didn't even try to hold back the rest of it.

Nnnh, nnggh, mmh, another big turd exited and curled up against the other one. Prrrtrrrtrrrr Braaap Pfff I let out some gas and then felt another much smaller around turd come out. And another one into my already filled panties. As yet one more turd forced its way out of my anus, my panties began to sag under the weight of my dump. I farted some more Praaap Brrrrt Prrrt and pushed out a turd. Two long snakelike turds announced the end of my dump.

I waddled to the bathroom and took off my jeans and panties. I emptied out my load into the toilet and flushed. I thought for a moment it was going to clog, but the toilet barely managed to handle it all. After that I just hopped in the shower, I didn't even bother trying to wipe. And the panties were as good as ruined, so I threw them in the dumpster and changed into a fresh pair.


40-year-old bedwetter

I was never a bedwetter as a child but suddenly, at age 40, I decided to wet the bed. I was asleep and dreaming that I was about 10 feet tall and standing over a toilet and straddling it while peeing. I immediately woke up to find not only myself but also my husband of only 2 weeks lying in a puddle of my piss! I was so mortified and embarrassed. I woke my husband up saying "E***, you have to get up! Get out of the bed!!" He was so understanding for some strange reason. If he had wet the bed I would have been quite weirded out.

Long-time reader

Shelly, I read through the recent stories and then went back to those on pages 1720 - 1728. You've had great stories and hope you become a regular poster on this board.


Another School Story

Amanda V: Excellent post about you peeing your pants in school! Please post your other stories too. While it didn't happen to me, I have a story from when I was that age too...

It was Field Day at our school. I was in the last event, the 4x200 relay, and all the kids running the last event were in two queues. I looked over to the other queue and saw a girl from another class (Jessica) who was very fidgety and couldn't keep still. She kept dancing around and pulling at her blue and purple shorts. It was obvious she had to pee really badly. About a half hour later, it was finally our turn - our class and her class were the last two to race. Jessica was desperate by then. Jessica and I were each assigned to run the third leg of the relay. We ran it, and right after we finished our leg, I turned to look at Jessica, who was standing there frozen, peeing her pants. She saw me and said, "I just couldn't hold it anymore." I said it was okay and accidents happen. Jessica must have peed her shorts for about a minute. Fortunately for her, I was the only other one there, and we were on the site of the field opposite of all the kids. And about two minutes later, the dismissal bell rang. My mother and I wound up giving Jessica a ride home, so I don't think anyone else knew she peed her pants.


Massive accident in a public toilet

I was out shopping yesterday & had to pee so I went in the customer toilets. As I came out I heard a girl come running in holding her bum with both hands & she kept saying "Oh no! Oh no!" She looked to be about 16 & was wearing a short denim skirt that barely covered her bum. All the cubicles were taken & she was clearly very desperate to go. She was panicking & suddenly the girl moved has legs apart & bent her knees. Her light green panties quickly filled with soft poo untill they couldn't hold any more. She began to wet herself while continuing to poo & a cascade of urine was pouring down her legs. Poo started to fall out of the legs of her panties & she didn't seem to care about it. I think she was just too desperate to care any more & the look of shear relief on her face underlined my theory. By the time she was done pooping & wetting herself a cubicle was available & she went in to clean herself up. I washed my hands & while I dried them I could hear her pooing again & several big sighs of relief. I was amazed at how much this girl could poo. She must have held it for ages & become too desperate to hold it any longer.

Alan in Amsterdam

Dutch toilets

Hello guys, I haven't had a lot to say recently but have enjoyed reading the posts.
Car Mom, how often do you wash the seats in your car? Do you have a powerful air-freshener? I really like your posts, you are so nice to people in desperate straits! For some reason I was wondering, when girls use your car to pee in, do they mostly just sit on the seat and piss, or do they squat over the seat?

Anyway, a couple of things from my life in the last few weeks.
Have you ever used a Dutch toilet? They are nasty. There is a platform about 4 inches from your bum on which you have to poo. If you do a really big one sometimes you end up sitting in it! There is no water to protect you from smell. When you flush, water washes the poo forwards and down the drain chute which is at the front of the toilet. You always have to clean it afterwards. They call it the 'inspection tray' the idea is so you can check out your BMs and see if you've got a problem!
I hate using them. Fortunately our house has got more modern ones in. But the place I work hasn't. I do two evenings a week in a bar which is owned by my friend. If I have to poo I take my trousers and pants off, sit on the toilet the wrong way and try and aim it down the chute. This always ends up messy with shit stuck to the sides and sometimes over the seat.
The other night I needed to go but I held it until everybody had left and I closed the bar. After I put the money in the safe I decided to enjoy a good poo. I went into the toilets and took my clothes off. Then I spread some paper towels on the floor and laid down on my back. I pulled my knees back and waited for the poo to do its own work, because if I pushed I would end up weeing on myself, which is okay in different circumstances. But in the end nothing was happening, it felt uncomfortable, and I did have to get the ball rolling so I did get a wet ????. I had been holding this poo in most of the evening, and when it started coming it wouldn't stop. It was softish and built itself into a little mountain just by my bum. It was a nice feeling lying there on the floor with this big poo coming out. I had to push a bit more to get the last bit out, which meant some more wee on my stomach. Then I rolled over and stood up. In the mirror I saw there were brown marks on my bottom where contact had been made. I picked up the poo and dropped it down the toilet, then I wiped myself clean and dry with some more towels.
Maybe this was disgusting, but not so much as Dutch toilets.
Hopefully in the next few days I can fill you in on the things I did when my wife was away recently and I had the house to myself.

China girl
Hey guys. Had great experience last weekend at my friends house. Happens now and then. We were feasting on spicy raw fish and squid, and later in the night at her house while talking and laughing I had to go in a matter of minutes, and it really couldn't hold. So I told my friend hang on I've got to take a shit. When I got up from sitting position and got the weight off my but, 2 silent hot farts release when I stand up. They were really hot on my but hole and after that the pressure to go was worse while walking, so I moved faster. Fortunately the unlucky toilet was just in next room. My friend said open the window and I just went ha! Cause there was no time for that. When I got to toilet I had to open then lid, but I practically slam it open cause I had to work fast. When I pushed my jeans down I sat fast like my but was a magnet to toilet seat. My but hole opened itself fast without any help and in only like 2 seconds of sitting I got down to business and let go a wicked chunk of crap that shot out so fast it was heard by my friend in next room. Not just the chunk, that chunk was like a plug, so a rush of crap came out like an avalanch for like 4 seconds immediately after the chunk. The noise in the toilet could be heard in the other room because of the pressure of my dump. It was kind of funny to see how bad my ass could make the toilet look. The smell was super foul, and in less than a minute my friend could already smell (I did leave the door open). After that avalanch, what felt like a cramp was a gas bubble, and a long louder fart blew out and was amplified by the toilet. At the end of that fart, there was some moist poop like squirting really fast from a toothpaste tube and fart coming out at the same time. I finally got all the hot fart out, and the dump took on quite a sickening display in the bowl. I've had quite a few accidents in this toilet though in the past too. Before I wiped, the smell already overwhelmed everything. When everything could finally be flushed, the inside of the bowl was stained and streaked. Then it was time for more food, hehe.

Newest Guy- welcome aboard. Thanks for your posts.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Newest Guy
Still nobodies responded to me. Is it a matter of realism? Because I assure you my stories are true. I may have exaggerated on the size of some of it, and of course I add descriptive words that may make it seem embellished, but it's completely true. Anyway two more believable stories from today:
So after a basketball game, I felt some pressure building up after getting off of the loong bus ride, but I was so exhausted I ignored it. I took a nap, not having slept very well the previous night, so I just collapsed on my bed and felt the sweet sensation of sleep befLl me. I woke up about an hour later with a hurt ????, but I just tried to fall back asleep. However, after about 20 minutes, I realized I had to go, BAD! Ii couldn't ignore my pained bowels for a second longer. I got up yo go to the bathroom, but the force of standin up put my bowels in a fren6. I felt the entire conents of my stomach fill in seconds. My room is a ways away from the bathroom, and I knew I couldn't make it, so I desperately grabbed the box of Kleenex next to my bed and tore off several sheets, throwing them in the corner of my room in a panic. I tore my baskeball pants down and equated in the corner. I dot know if it was from havin to go so bad or fromthe position but a lot of poop popped out of y anus. It was over a foot long, an inh and a half thick in the midddle, and it was my second crap of the day(I always have been a big crapper)! Luckily it all stYed on the tissue, but just barely. It felt so food sliding ou of me, and to the first time I can remember, I felt that great empty feeling. I tore off a few more sheets or Lorenz and whipped my anus. The plopping sound of the Ted hitting the tissues on the hard ground sounded amazing. From urbanism sliding it, there wasn't mug to clean up, so I threw it on the pile. Then there was the task of disposing of it. I wrapped it up as much as I could, but it was so huge, I barely had enough tissue to hold onto. I walked it down the hall to the bathroom. My parents were right on the other side of my house an wouldve seen the load in my hands if I wasn't blocking it with my body. It was so close to my face I could clearly smell the aroma. I have A sick obsession with all smells, good or bad, and I really loved that. I got to the bathroom, closed the door, and dropped the huge brown log in the route. I did another whip to make sure I was clean and flushed her down. I then washed my hands and exited the bathroom, and nobody was the wiser.

Sorry for the multiple posts, but I just remembered some accidents from when I was younger that I thought I'd share. I was over confident of my bladder and underconfidet in a public bahroom, so when I felt the the halfway through the day, I heal it. Closer to the end, I couldn't hold it anymore and asked to go to the bathroom. He said yes and I remained composure until I got outside the classroom, but then I ran into the bathroom. I was right infront ofthe urinals, but I couldn't hold it and began to release it Into my sweat pants. The puddle grew and ran down my legs. I was pretty fast thinking back then and splashed my shirt and hands with water. I returned to class and blamed it on a mishap of the sink, but the smell was unexplainable. There was only ten minutes left of class and I got away Scott free


How I Met Georg

Hello, everyone! Here is a very interesting story about how Georg and I met(Georg is the guy I had talked about in my story called "Dirty Business in the Pool"):
One day, the twins came over to my house so that we could go to a concert together and brought Georg with them. We immediately hit it off and Tom and Bill went upstairs to change while Georg and I got to know each other better. As we were sitting on the couch talking about pointless things, Georg suddenly started squirming and looked rather uncomfortable. I asked him what was wrong and Georg replied that he hadn't gone to the restroom all day and he needed to go NOW! I directed him to the restroom and he immediately ran toward it. I was about to go to the other restroom to put on makeup when I noticed that Georg had left the door slightly open. Curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to take a peek at him while he was on the toilet.
I noticed that Georg's face was beet red with strain, and he was leaning forward while pushing whatever gargantuan shit he had out of his body. After a few minutes, I heard a loud plop, and Georg sighed with relief. He pushed out about 4 more turds in the next 3 minutes, then he started to grab some tissue, so I knew that I had to get away from the door before he saw me.
When everyone was ready, we all got into Tom's car and drove off to the concert. The twins were in the front, and Georg and I were sitting in the back. As we were driving down the road, I noticed that Georg was looking at me as if he knew something that I didn't. He then leaned over and whispered, "Enjoyed the show?"
I could only stare at him as I realized exactly what he was talking about. I didn't dare give anything away, though, so I asked innocently, "What are you talking about?"
Georg continued with a smirk on his face, "I think you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. You didn't think that I would see you spying on me while I was on the toilet?"
I didn't respond. I just blushed and hid my face in my hands, thinking to myself, 'Fantastic! I totally screwed up a potential friendship!'
To my surprise, Georg chuckled. I looked up and saw that he didn't look angry at all. In fact, he had a really huge grin on his face. He said soothingly, "Aww, it's OK. We're all bound to get a little curious sometimes. Don't be embarrassed."
I smiled back at him and he gave me a big hug, and all was well.

Story Teller
Its kinda late so I won't post a story, but I just wanna say I'm surprised at how many posts this site has gotten and how many people are into this stuff.



First, some shout outs...

@ guys: when you pee, if you have foreskin do you pull it back or leave it as is?

@ Sarah: interesting story...hope no one else sat in that seat...

@ Shelly: wow, that's impressive! I can't seem to get past 6 inches! Are they thick? Have a few more things to ask / elaborate on...

1) Do you typically need much effort? (to poop)

2) How often do you go daily? (pee and / or poop)

3) Do you fart often? (on and off the toilet)

4) when it comes to uding the bathroom, are you fairly comfotatble? you seemed ok wiith Lauren, but how bout guys?

Now for my story....

This morning during breakfast, I could feel my load knocking against my back door. I decided to finish eating, as opposed to stopping and going back. I farted a few times, and I was on a wooden chair, so they 'vibrated' nice and loudly.
Once I got the bathroom, I sat on toilet and let my anus open. Without any effort, I pushed out 3 poos, and a wet, long fart.
i needed to wipe about 3-4 times, and noticed my turds were smooth, and about 5" long, and not too wide.

Now for my incident at Starbucks...

I took my break round 10-ish today, and headed to Starbucks (I put a certain ammount of my paycheque on a reloadable card), and ordered a drink and snack to eat there. Before i left, I had to pee. Now, in public when it comes to bathrooms that lock (one sink, one toilet deal), I always knock before I try the handle. So I knocked twice, and waited two seconds before turning the handle. I open the door and there's a a cute brunette on the toilet with everything down to her knees. As soon as I saw her, I said a quick 'sorry!' as I closed the door quickly, hoping no one else but me saw her. This happened so quick, she didn't have time to react.
Red faced, I waited around till she was out, as I still had to pee and didn't wan to chance it. And, admittedly, was curious if there were any 'signs' of her going.
Not long after, the door opened, and she came out. She apologized to me first, saying that today she was 'off' and that she must have forgotten to lock the door. She said she was running and and apologized again.
Upon entering, I was greeted with a slight smell of poop. I made sure the door was locked, and approached the toilet. There was medium log, cracked, tapered at both ends & dark brown, and about 3 or 4 smaller chunks (size of gofl balls but not round), all at the bottom of the bowl. There was a bit of toilet paper floating on top which was streaked. I enjoyed the sigh briefly, and peed on top of the brunette's load, washed my hands and left.
The hustle and bustle of NY, eh? ;)

questions for car mom

Just a question for car mom, how do you clean up all the mess that people did on your car. doesn't it take forever. Its so nice that you let other people pee in your car though :)

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