Desperate to pee at the beach

Some months ago, towards the end of summer, I went to the beach to work on my tan. I had to pee while I was there, but I didn't want to get up and so I just ignored it. After a while, I felt I couldn't hold it much longer, so I got up and got in line for the bathroom. I was behind only three other girls, but whoever was in there was taking a long time. At last the occupant came out and the line advanced one place. That lady must have just peed, and she was out quickly, then it was me and one other girl.

I just couldn't hold it anymore, and it seemed as though the bathroom wasn't going to be available in time, so I got out of line and began to search for any trees or bushes nearby, but there wasn't much. I found an area which provided enough privacy so at least I wouldn't be seen by everybody, and so I lowered the bottom part of my bikini, squatted and just peed. It felt so good to be able to go after holding it for so long. I had been peeing for quite a while, and was almost done when another girl came over and she said she didn't see me there, and she turned around and walked away.

I finished peeing, pulled up my bikini and left the spot, seeing the other girl walk back to where I had peed. I pretended like I was going back to the beach, but I stayed where I could see her and since she was facing away, she wouldn't know I was watching. I saw her pull down her white panties and pull up her black dress as she squatted. And then very soon after, the head of a skinny poo poked out. It came out a bit and then most of broke off, leaving just a little bit still sticking out. Then she pushed out more of the poo and it snapped off completely. Nothing happened for a bit but then a larger poo emerged. It snaked out of her for a while, growing to be fairly long and then fell onto the ground. She stayed squatting for a few seconds after that and then she pulled up her panties without wiping. I made a hasty retreat after that so she wouldn't see me.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


More Camp Stories

Hi again PR here to finish up my story. ( There will be poop, just needed to give a little background if you dont want the background skip to... *here)
Later in the week I really started falling for the guy I was camping with Something about hearing him on the toilet got to me. But I also liked his mom but seeing as she was married I decided to take chances with him. Both of his parents were asleep for the night so we were alone. First we went down to the beach and engaged in a little skinny dipping but it got cold fast so we headed up to camp. We were sitting there by the fire shirtless in order to dry off and I decided now was the right time to make the move. So I put my hand on his leg real smoothly and snuggled up to him he didn't seem to mind so I started to push it a little bit. And snuck in for a peck, apparently he liked me too because he came back with some tounge action and we made out by the fire.HERE He stopped and I asked what was wrong and he replied " I gotta Shit" I said same and we both walked down it was starting to get rough and I was having a hard time holding it we talked and he was very romantic and suggested the Idea of a buddy dump. I've never engaged in one but was willing to try. After 15 more minutes of walking we made it and selected a stall. He quickly whipped down his boxer shorts and I did the same I took the back and he sat on my lap ( It was so weird having another male on top of me like that) He wasn't poo-shy in the slightest and started grunting loudly where as I quickly and silently dropped 3-4 5inch soft ones. He wasn't having such a fortunate passing. He pushed but only farts came out and they were wetter than water, however felt really good on me. Then I felt immense heat between my legs and looked and saw a monster chunky turd a good 8inches at the least afterwards he looked so relieved. We actually sat on the john and kissed for a while hadn't flushed or wiped yet. We got done and I offered to wipe him and he offered the same for me. ( He slipped a quick finger but I didn't mind) I really enjoy him and I hope someone else can find someone who is this wonderful

Peace and Poop-- PR

End Stall Em

Encouragement for Frantic Francine

It totally sucks that you and Sasha got detentions for being in the stall together. I agree with Sasha's mother--school policies suck and probably lead to quite a few urinary track infections. However, FF, you sure need to congratulate yourself in coming as far as you have in better adjusting to the realities of school bathrooms. The fact that you've gotten over having to wipe the seat down first or cover it with toilet paper before sitting down in great. If I were to worry about that in my high school, I would be late to two or three classes a day, be getting regular detention time and probably carrying extra underwear in my purse. Again, sorry to hear about what happened to you and Sasha.

Jasmin K

School Toilets

Hi Its been quite some time since Ive posted,not had much to say recently.Ive been constipated a couple of times but nothing as bad as in my last post.

Amylee - I know what you mean about school toilets - thats why I started to and still only poo at home. I have not had anyone look at me over the stall but I was put off using school toilets by the fact that there were always groups of girls hanging out in there being noisy and I couldnt poo when they were there. When one of their group was using the toilet they would hang around that cubical the door open and carry on talking / teasing their friend especially if she was doing or trying to do a poo.I was very humiliating if you already were in an ajoining cubical. I think I became more self concious about taking a poo as I got older especially if I had to strain alot to get it out, I suppose I was used to my Mum or my older sister seeing me or being around when I was on the toilet but not others.
When I was In Middle/Junior school,Ie pre 11 yrs Old, I had to try to poo at home every morning.If I hadnt done it or I was constipated or had ???? ache I would go to the toilets in school before registration and sit there straining for about 10 minutes and although I could hear other girls using the toilets,the sound of pee and poo splashing and also the sounds of others straining to poo there were not groups of other girls hanging about so I was not put off by it.I would go back and try at break and lunch if I hadnt done it.
There was 1 Girl in my class who I noticed went in to the toilet every morning at school and even on the mornings I didnt go to poo I was always curious if she was doing a poo. A few mornings I went into the cubical next to hers and just had a pee and listend and yes she would always strain and pant for a few minutes and then a poo would splash in the water. There were some occasions she didnt do it whilst I was there and on those mornings she was often late in class.I can only imagine in hindsite that she chose to stay on the toilet untill she did it rather than be uncomfy in class.

Jas K


Yesterday in the park--1st Part

Because the weather is getting milder and I hadn't had a day off for several weeks from my bank,yesterday I decided to burn one of 12 vacation days. Although my boyfriend has to sleep during much of the day because he works nights, I pretty much new that I wanted to put my sweats on and get my bike out for the first time this year. I've posted before about being an avid rider and often, in summer months, riding at 5 to 6 a.m. in the morning before I go into work. That typically leads to my morning crap in the restroom of a park a mile or so from our apartment.

Well yesterday I left home about noon and after the lunch hour crowd started to leave, I was close to our city's downtown area so I stopped and bought lunch from one of the street vendors just like I often do when I'm at work at the bank. Because this was my first time out for the season, I was starting to feel some pain in my right leg (I'm a few months shy of that dreaded 40) as I sat on the curb beside my bike to unwrap my sandwich and start on my 20-ounce drink. After about 20 minutes, I threw my papers away, got on my bike and resumed riding. I knew I didn't have a destination, but I expected to stay out until about 4 p.m. or so when my boyfriend would likely wake up. I probably did two or three miles on some of the trails through neighborhoods until I started to feel the need to pee. I knew there was a park about a mile up the road, but I was starting to feel the agony of my bladder so I started to look for immediate alternatives. At the next corner, where it was obvious that some heavy duty excavating had been done for probably a new house, I saw a portable toilet on the side of the lot. There was nobody around so I decided to ride onto the rocky lot and up to it. I immediately went in, secured the door, pulled down my sweats and thong and placed my butt on the seat. Despite the fact that it was near 60 out, the seat was at least 20 degrees colder. However, my pee stream started immediately and the noise of it hitting the metal bowl would have been obnoxious if anyone else was listening. My stream started to trail off about 90 seconds later. I stood, pulled up my thong and sweats and my eyes were stunned when I opened the door into the bright mid-day sun.

I believe I rode for another hour or hour and a half without stopping with one exception and that was to check the air in my back tire after I hit a partial pot hole in the street that I didn't see. I had not crapped that morning because I slept in, but that jolt to my whole body (which by the way hurt the joint of my left elbow which was on the handlebar at the time of impact)caused me to start feeling the sensation in my bowels. I rode about another half hour or 45 minutes until it was time for my daily dump (that's a word my father uses frequently and which causes Mom to frown). The wind had picked up a bit and in the distance I heard a school bell ring. I looked at my watch and it was 3:05 and I decided to continue in the same direction, thinking I would eventually come across a gas station or fast food place that had a bathroom. As soon as I cleared a moderate-size hill, I knew my need was becoming more desperate. There was a large high school about a block away and a pretty good sized city park between it and me. I was confident the park because of its size and golf course and with a swimming pool would have a restroom.

I switched from the entry road onto a sidewalk to expedite arrival at my destination.

I'll conclude my story next time.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Shelly great story about you pooping in front of your friend Lauren while she was in the shower and then later on her seeing you poop and the showing you hers and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another great car peeing story and the one also pooping in there as well which a question I think ive asked before have you ever thought about pooping in your car just to see how it feels? and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amanda V fiirst welcome to the site and great peeing and I hope you contiue to post more stories on here thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy great story about the first time you saw each other poop I bet you were very happy that Kirsty shared your same interests and great story about the first time you pooped your pants and Kirsty to answer your question another then my mom and sister the only other time the I came close was back when I was 9 or 10 years old im 24 now so about 15 years ago one of my friends came over with his younger sister he was the same age as me and she was probaly 6 or 7 so me and my friend were just doing stuff having fun when my asked to me to come over to a bush in my front yard so I did and when I got over there I saw on the a piece of poop about 3 inches long and a dark brown color and it looked pretty soft and then he said it was his sister I only wish I could have seen it come out of her and he didnt see it come out he just noticed it and thats when he told me about it and since then I havent scene another girl or woman poop at least that I can rember but I have heard plenty of girls and women pooping in bathrooms over the years and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Frantic Francine great story and you shouldnt have been punished for that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jim great story about your wifes sister I bet she wanted you to hear her other wise she would have asked you leave and please share any other stories like that thanks.

Here are a couple of stories about posible hearing a girl fart the time happend back in middle school I was in my P.E. class and we were going back into the gym when a girl in front of me stoped and the I heard a squeaky sound kinda like air escaping a balloon I didnt smell anything so I cant be sure it was a fart or something else the second story happened yesterday thursday the 10th I was in the library when I saw 2 girls walk by laughing at something and then I heard what sounded like a small fart and after they got aways away I went over there to see if I could smell anything but nope I didnt smell so I cant be sure.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site.


Poo holding

To tbonz:
I too love holding my poo for as long as I can. I love it when I'm out somewhere & can't get to a toilet. The desperate feeling I get when I have to go really badly & have to hold it feels so hot especialy when I'm about to shit my pants! When I finaly get to the toilet, I love the intense relief it gives me to release a huge load into the toilet. If I get home with a desperate need to poo & Kirsty is home she loves to watch me go. I love watching her poo as well & we often buddy dump which is really hot.
One thing I'd like to know is have you ever held it too long & shit your pants? I have & it feels incredible. As long as it's in private of course!

I was sitting at my checkout today when I suddenly felt the worse urge to poo I'd ever had. I knew it was diarrhoea & I also knew I had to get to the toilet fast. I put my light on to get the team leader to get someone to cover me but she was busy &it took about 15 minutes for is to come over. I was about to fill my panties by now & told has my desperate situation. She said there was no one available right now & I'd have to wait untill Someone came back from break. I was too desperate to wait another second & told her I had to go right now. She realised how bad I had to go & took over my till. I didn't have time to sign off or anything. I jumped off my chair so fast I knocked it over & ran through the store holding my bum with both hands. I reached the toilet just in time by some miracle & ripped my work trousers & panties down & thumped down onto the toilet. The moment my bum touched the seat I had some explosive diarrhoea & the immense relief was so good I almost came. I pushed out more & more of the brown liquid & by the time I was done I'd been on the toilet for 40 minutes. I'd pood my brains out & I'll say it again, The relief was like a religous experience. Thank god I made it to the toilet in time because to have that much diarrhoea in my pants & in public would have been super embarrassing not to mention the mess. I was allowed to go home sick after that & by the time I got home I had to go again. It wasn't as bad but it did feel good. I went to bed to rest & quickly fell asleep. I slept for about 4 hours & woke up with an urgent need to go again. I tried to run to the toilet but felt so week I couldn't & almost lost control on the way. I did make it to the toilet luckily & spewed a load of watery diarrhoea into the pan. I stayed seated for a while as I was exhausted by all the fluids I'd lost. I staggered back to bed & passed out untill Kirsty came home to look after me. She gave me some diaralite to help me recover & lots of sugary drinks. I slept all night & woke up feeling much better but with a full bladder I had to pee so badly I could hardly move. I slowly got out of bed & felt a little hot pee squirt into my panties. I grabbed my crotch & ran into the bathroom with pee dribbling through my fingers. By the time I got to the toilet my legs were wet & my hand was soaked. I didn't have time to pull my panties down so I just sat on the toilet & peed right through the thin cotton. It was such a relief & so hot to be wetting myself like this.


A Little Too Much...

@Dan: About a foot long log for the most part, may or may not be broken off into a few more pieces, not too bad of an odor if I don't have any animal products (i.e. milk, eggs, meat) or alcohol in it.

Speaking of alcohol, here's a story from last year when I had a bit too much to drink at a house party thrown by my friend Lauren (22, brown shoulder length hair, DD chest, white skin). Well, we had a punchbowl that just had to be spiked with vodka, as well as having a couple of shots, so it was pretty crazy but nothing too drastic. Needless to say, I crashed at her place because there was no way I was driving back. I woke up around 7 AM, with a pounding hangover, topped off with the need to take a shit. This urge wasn't going to go away soon, so I had no choice but to do it in Lauren's bathroom. To my luck, she was in the shower and there was only one bathroom, so I did what I just had to do: knock on the door. She answered "I'll be out in a minute." I just told her "I really gotta use the bathroom, do you mind if I do it while you're in the shower?" She answered back "Okay." When she got out and unlocked the door, I opened it back up just with enough time to catch her naked backside stepping back into the shower. I pulled down my pants and sweaty underwear and sat down. I let out a loud fart and felt embarrassed. I admit to listening to her pee a few times before and even watching once, but this time, I turned beet red. Lauren then said "Gee! You could have warned me!" in an obviously not rude tone of voice. Then I just relaxed and let it out. Mushy semi-solid shit was hitting the water at a quick rate. The stench wasn't going to get better, so I switched on the fan by waddling off the toilet to the switch for a few seconds before another wave hit me again and I waddled back. I was just going plip plop as shit was making its needed escape. After about three more minutes, I felt finished, and I was just about to wipe when Lauren said, "Dirty back there, aren't you?" I just responded, "Yep, just about to wipe." She then said, "Just hop in the shower, I'm finished but you can feel free to use it." Right there, I pulled my pants, socks and underwater all the way off, took off my black design shirt and bra, and hopped my naked self into the shower. I started off with the ass first.

Right during my shower, I forgot that the door was unlocked, so I knew that I shouldn't be shocked if somebody walked in despite the shower running. Even at that, I didn't flush the toilet and didn't plan to until the shower was over. Then Lauren went back in right when I was washing my hair, and now she couldn't wait. She ripped her pants and underwear down (even though I knew I could only see a blur of her doing so) before lifting the seat and being disgusted by my shit in the toilet. She flushed WHILE THE WATER WAS RUNNING and I had to step away from the shower water for a few seconds until it reached its desired heat. She plopped her ass down, and from what I could hear, I heard a stream of pee. When she started to shit, I was done with my shower, so I asked her if it was okay to leave and let her poop in privacy. She asked me to stay if I wanted to because she said that she hadn't gone since the day before yesterday. So I stayed and dried off while she pooped. I heard two kerplunks and a few plips, so I knew that she beat her constipation. Before she wiped, she said "Since I had to look at your shit, look at mine and tell me how impressive it is." I did and WOW! There was one turd about a foot long and two inches thick, then an eight inch sized long, and a few chunks of poop floating. Her shit was strong so I flushed it all down.

Needless to say, despite any hangovers I might have had, it was great for both of us to feel lighter for the day.

I can understand the woman pooing on the towels, although I think she should have waited and deposited it in a toilet (minus the towels) rather than simply put it in the trash. That seems a better choice than doing it in one's pants.

Car Mom
Hi everyone!

Well, Kaylee and I decided to be heroes again and so we let someone new use my car as a toilet! I have to say, a LOT of people sure have relieved themselves in my car! And I think so far they have all been females, not that that means anything. And today was no exception. This time Kaylee and I were at a restaurant, a fast food place, but I won't say the name of the place because the restrooms were TERRIBLE! I will say that it was NOT a McDonald's because theirs are usually clean. Anyway Kaylee and I were done eating, and so we were just about to go back to the car so Kaylee could pee. That's when I noticed a woman walking over to the restroom with her 2 daughters. They went in, and then a few seconds later they came right back out again, and I heard the mom say "no sweetie you can wait till we get home ok?" Of course I knew why. That bathroom was BAD! I saw that the younger girl was jumping around a lot and I could tell she really had to go. And so that's when I decided to be nice. I decided to offer them my car. I called over to them, and so they came over to our table, and I introduced myself and Kaylee, and they did the same. The daughters' names were Hannah (age 10) and Emma (age 7) and the mom's name was Kelly (probably 35). I said to them "that bathroom is REALLY nasty isn't it!" and Kelly said "yeah it sure IS!" and then Emma said "yeah it sure IS!" echoing her mom. And so I said "hmm..." and then I looked at Kaylee and said to her "tell them where you always go when the bathroom is nasty." And so Kaylee smiled and said "I go in the car!" Then Kelly looked at me. She said "REALLY?" and I said "yeah" and then I explained my toilet car to her. She was a bit surprised. Then after I finished explaining it, Emma said "can we do it mom? Can we go in their car?" Kelly looked at me and she smiled awkwardly. Then she said "well, if you're sure its ok..." I said "its no problem at all." Then I said "a LOT of Kaylee's friends have done it. I don't mind at ALL." And so Kelly said "ok" and so we all went out to my car and we got in. I asked them if they were ready and then we drove over to the other side of the parking lot. Of course the 3 girls were in the backseat. Kaylee was behind me and Hannah was behind her mom and Emma was in the middle. Kaylee pulled down her pants and got ready to have her pee. Then Kelly turned around and said to her daughters "Just do what Kaylee does ok?" And so they did. The girls continued to pee until they were all finished. Each made a little wet spot in the seat. Then suddenly Hannah asked "is it ok if I poop?" At first I didn't know what to say. Part of me wanted to say "no" but then I thought better of it. After all, quite a few girls have pooped in my car now, so it wouldn't be fair not to let this one do it too. And so I said "sure, go ahead sweetie." And so she did. She pushed, let a little fart and pooped out into the seat. Hannah let a couple more little farts then she was done. She got up and used a few tissues to wipe herself. Then the 2 girls pulled up their pants and they and Kelly got out of the car. Kelly said "well thank you, we sure do appreciate it. The drive home would've been miserable." Then she laughed. Kelly made sure they both said "thank you" and she did too, and then they left. And so that was that. Later I cleaned it up. I guess I'm getting used to it! You know when I think about it, my car probably isn't any less "nasty" than a restroom! Oh well! At least I know who's been in my car!

Bye for now!
Car Mom :)

Migraine Loverer

Poop problem....

I've been having diarrhea for the past 2 weeks. my doc said to try quit eating diary, nothing. I pooped in a hat like thing and sent it ti the lab. I'm loosing hope it'll ever stop.

when I went to the bathroom in a dinner I saw a table and two chairs outside of the stalls. I found that odd. I never saw that before. does anyone have any ideas why they would be there?

when I was returning from a school field trip someone pooped his or her pants. kids made a big deal out of it. I was happy that at least I can hold my poop in.

Peace & Love,
Migraine Loverer


Amylee, unbelievable sight in Ladie's room

Wow! That is an amazing story! I'm wondering what it smelled like in there, with two women pooing on the toilets, and another one pooing on the floor. That must have been an incredable scene. Did the woman pooing on the floor ever look up at you? How did all of this make you feel? Were you embarrased, humiliatiated, or maybe a bit turned on?
Tell us more about this!

Amanda V

Bad Idea

I found this site a couple weeks ago and I finally have time to make a post. I'm 20 years old and pretty much accident free now. But when I was younger I had a few accidents because I was a little overconfident with my holding abilities and because I wasn't a very logical thinker when it came to bathroom habits. I made some decisions that were not very smart at all. The thing was I wasn't even that young. I was like 10-12 when most of the incidents happened.

When I was 11 I was at school, sitting outside on the grass with a few other classes for some school event. I usually didn't even use the bathroom at all during school. I wasn't really afraid to I could just hold it well and usually didn't feel an urge until late in the day. Well this day I felt the urge to pee in the morning but still tried to hold it, I guess I didn't go at home in the morning or something. Now it was late in the day and I had to go really bad. If I was just in the classroom I would've asked to go, but I didn't want to get up in front of the whole school to ask to use the bathroom so I tried to hold it until the assembly thing was over. Then some crazy idea came out of nowhere. I thought since I was sitting in the grass I could just pee my shorts and it would just go right through them to the ground and only make a very small wet patch that would be hidden between my legs when I stood up. Just writing it now it sounds stupid but back then I would think of the best possible outcome and just kind of assume it would work out that way. It never occurred to me that I was wearing jean shorts and the wetness might spread out and not just flow directly through them. A few months before I'd done kind of the same thing except I just went through my panties and I was wearing a skirt so it worked pretty well. Well after a while I was really squirming so I decided to try out my foolproof plan. I only had a couple accidents before this in my life so it was really weird to go with my pants still on. I was w-sitting with my butt raised just a little off the grass so I wouldn't be sitting in a puddle and I was finally able to relax and let it go. The second it started coming, things started occurring to me. I realized that with my butt a little bit off the ground the people behind me might see what I was doing so I sat down. Then, instead of just flowing through my shorts I could feel a warm sensation quickly spreading over my butt and crotch and about 2 seconds into the pee I didn't think it was such a good idea anymore. I tried to cut it off right away but I had to go too badly. As hard as I tried it just kept coming faster. I finally gave up on trying to stop it but I was still panicking about what to do next. My heart was racing and my face was red as I wondered how I was going to get out of this. My hopes of getting away with it were dashed before I even finished. My friend next to me actually heard it hissing against my underwear. Looking back, it was probably obvious just from looking at me since I was sitting there staring down at my lap watching it happen. "Are you peeing your pants?" I heard. I looked up and she was looking down at my lap too. I remember this kind of wave of heat wash over me my heart started beating even faster, knowing that I'd been caught. "What?" I said, not because I was trying to pretend nothing was wrong, but mostly because I couldn't believe I'd been discovered already. I was just kind of stunned for a while until she asked me again and I said, "yeah," really quietly. She was really nice about it she just tried to act like nothing was wrong until the assembly was over. She sat with me while everyone cleared out and walked behind me to try and cover me when I did get up. I didn't go back in the school though. There was less than a period left until the end of the day so I just ran home trying to stay hidden the whole time. Nobody was at home to see it but somebody else must've noticed at school because I heard the odd comment around school the next few days about me having accident but luckily I didn't hear about it for very long.

That was one of the more embarrassing incidents but I've had worse. Anyone else have lapses in judgment like that as a kid? I'd say I was a pretty smart kid other than that little problem I had. Well I was going to add another story but this is pretty long so maybe next time.


Our first poo together

To new guy:
To answer your question of when we first saw each other poo.
We were both sixteen at the time & I hadn't pood for four days. We were walking home from school when I felt a very urgent need to poo & I was trying to think of a way to tell Kirsty I would have to find a bush without grossing her out. I needn't have worried because Kirsty said without any embarrassment that she had to go toilet really bad & she had to go right now or she would shit herself. We looked for somewhere private to relieve ourselves & went down a narrow alley that was overgrown by weeds & some large bushes. It looked like it hadn't been used by anyone for years & was the perfect place for privacy. We found a well hidden spot & Kirsty lifted her skirt up & lowered her panties to her ankles. She squatted & immediately started to pee. Then a load of soft muddy poo snaked out of her bum piling up beneath her. It was a lot & it made me want to go even more. I almost lost it but I managed to hold on while Kirsty pulled her panties up without wiping. She smoothed her skirt down neatly & I quickly took off my skirt & panties before standing with my legs apart & bent my knees. I started off by peeing on the ground before pushing hard. My anus stretched wide around a huge turd. It was hard & knobly & it hurt a a bit as it bumped its way out. I had to push really hard to keep it moving & it was hard work. After three minutes of straining I had a ten inch long poo hanging out my bum. It broke off & there was still to come. I pushed again only not as hard as before & a much softer ten inch poo came out quickly. It was such a relief to get the whole four days poo out of my system. With nothing to wipe with I had to put my panties back on without wiping & then my skirt. My bum felt sticky & dirty & I'm sure Kirstys was the same. Once we got to my house we took it in turns in the bathroom to wipe ourselves clean. My panties were heavily skid marked & had to change into some clean ones. Kirsty went in next & was out in five minutes. She asked if she could borrow a clean pair of my panties to go home in & of course I told her to not but she could have a pair to keep. I put Kirstys panties in the wash with mine & that was the start of our relationship.

The first time I pood my pants was when I was seven. I used to go to a childminder while my parents were at work. The woman who looked after me had an off license or liquor store in the US. There was a big garden with a swing & there was a bit off to one side which had some overgrown trees. At the back of the shop there was an outside toilet which for some reason I can't remember was hardly used. Well it was a really hot summers day & I was busting for the loo. I went into the outside toilet but couldn't use it so I went into the wooded part of the garden to relieve myself. I was about to pull my jeans down when I heard some people talking. I couldn't go now so I went over to the swing & sat on it. I needed to pee so badly I just went in my underwear. I soaked myself but the relief was so good I couldn't care less. I dried off quickly in the hot sun but I really had to poo as well. As usual I'd been holding it all day & the urge was getting too much for me to resist. I got off the swing & went back to the wooded part of the garden to see if anyone was about. There was on one there so I started to undo my jeans. I felt my anus open without warning & I needed to go so badly I began to go in my pants. I heard my childminder calling me so I had to stop myself which wasn't easy. I called back to say I was in the garden & she said, "Ok. I couldn't see you." I thought I was going to get caught pooing my pants but she left me alone. As soon as I heard the back door shut I waddled over to to the swing while I tried to work out what to do about my situation. I still don't know why but I couldn't use the outside toilet to finish my poo & clean up. I stood in front of the swing while I thought about what to do next & decided, oh well, in for a penny in for a pound & moved my legs apart & just pushed the rest of my out into my underwear. The relief was so good but I had a lot of explaining to do when my childminder found me with a huge load in my pants. She called me a silly girl for not using the outside toilet & sent me into the bathroom above the shop to clean myself up. She have me some clean panties to wear & luckily my jeans were clean. So I could go home clean at least.


A few questions

To new guy:
I'd love to know if you've ever seen a girl have a poo in front of you. Have you ever done it in front of a girl before? You should try it. You'll love it. I know we do!

Paco the Taco
I got in trouble for using my cell phone in school. My punishment was a before school detention (like wtf is that? ive never heard of detention before school). School starts at 7:30 and I was told to be at the teachers room by 6:25. Obviously my mom had to drive me since I had to be there so early. Finally the teacher showed up and I just sat there for what seemed like forever. After only 20 minutes I felt my gigantic cup of coffee start to do its work and I was about to pee up a storm. I asked to go to the bathroom and she said absolutely not. The need was getting really bad and I kept asking but she was being a ????. She could see my legs were shaking but didn't even care. At around 7:05 I stopped caring and let go. I was wearing shorts so when I started peeing it was obvious and dripped down my legs. She could hear it dripping on the floor and yelled, and brought the garbage can to my desk and held it under where it was dripping out. I was actually laughing at this point. I had to go to the office and explained what happened, and when they learned the teacher would not let me go to the bathroom she got in big trouble. I'm not sure yet how they are going to deal with her, but she wasn't in school the day after, so I guess we'll find out!

Frantic Francine

Detention Time for using the bathroom

Me and my friend Sasha ate lunch together. We have only 33 minutes and for many of us that means bathroom time too. So we ate fast, dumped off our trays, and almost ran down the hall to the bathroom. One of the assistnat principals yelled at us to slow down, and we did, but as soon as we got around the corner, we picked up our pace. Me and Sasha rounded the privacy wall into the bathroom where there were 12 stalls. We lucked out. Although each of the other stalls was taken and there was some really noisy shitting going in which everyone could smell, Sasha pointed out the first stall was open. I had to pee and she had to shit, so she said we should go into the toilet together because it would be a faster way to get done and back to math class.

She said I didn't need as much time and could have the stool first. The black seat didn't seen too bad like there was no piss or crap on it like before sometimes, so I dropped my underwear to knee level and placed myself on the seat. Sasha helped me pull up the sides of my dress so that I wouldn't be sitting on it and peeing onto it. She was making me laugh and that took my attention off how much I hate to use school toilets and especially sitting butt-on the seats. She took out her notebook and was reviewing me for the math test as my pee finished, so I stood, moved sideways and as I was pulling up my underwear, and before I could reach back and flush, Sasha pulled down her jeans and panties and sat on the seat. She said I warmed it for her and that was good. She got a couple of really pained looks on her face and I could see she was pushing hard. She placed both of her arms onto her thighs and started pushing them down. It reminded me of what motions my Mom makes when we stop up the stool at home and she has to put her weight into the plunger.

Sasha was really pushing on her thighs and doing some rocking. I told her I was surprised she wasn't going to bruise herself, but she said that's how she gets her stuck shit out. I was just standing there and asked her if I could do anything because he face was getting red from the pushing and before she could answer, there was a face in the crack of the door and our assistant principal who is real strict ordered me out immediately. I tried to slide out the door without opening it all the way because I didn't want to expose Sasha to the crowded group that was waiting to get into the stall. The AP took my ID card, told me to report to her office after school, and when Sasha tried to get her attention to explain that it was her idea, the AP took Sasha's card too. Both of us got 60 minutes of detention time, our Moms were called, and I got grounded for the rest of the week. Sasha's Mom who drives us to and from school, doesn't agree with the administration and says her high school some 20 years ago was responsible for her many bladder infections.

It just seems to me that using the bathrooms in my middle school is nothing but trouble. They suck so bad. So do the principals. And I have a lot to look forward to like another three years before I get promoted to high school. How am I going to make it?

hey newest guy love ur post about pooping outside got anymore? did u bury it? im a similar age to u and also enjoy going outside wen i hav to. one time i even did it at school in front of every1 else cus i was that desperate and the toilets were locked lol that was embarrasing look forward to hearing from u


Awkward situation with my wife's sister

Alright, so, I recently found this site because of something that happened to me. It's been weird, but at least I know I'm not too much of a freak. Yesterday, I saw my wife's sister use the toilet, and I, well, I really liked it.

My wife's sister, her name is Laura, has been having a hard time lately and my wife and I agreed to let her live with us for a while. She moved in last week, and it's been going great, except for one thing. Our house has two bathrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs. But the problem is, the downstairs bathroom is really just a sink and a toilet in the laundry room.

So, I went to get our clothes from the drier yesterday. I had begun folding and putting them in the basket when Laura came in. She saw me and asked, "Marie's using the upstairs bathroom, mind if I use the toilet down here?", I assumed she just needed to pee, so I said, "Yeah, sure, you want me to leave?", and then she replied, "Oh no, you can finish the laundry, it's fine."

And so, I went back to folding the clothes. I was focusing on my task, but I couldn't help but see her sitting on the toilet out of the corner of my eye, and I could also hear the pee stream quite clearly. When I heard a distinct splash sound, I said, "Uh, I'm gonna go now. I'll leave you alone." and quickly left.

But the more I thought about what happened, I found that I didn't hate it. In fact, I really liked it. It was like I was seeing and hearing something that I wasn't supposed to. I spent a lot of time convincing myself that these feelings I had were wrong. I mean, normal people aren't turned on by the opposite gender going to the bathroom, right? Well, I guess after seeing this site, that's not so true after all.

Laura and I talked about what happened, but I couldn't be fully honest with her about why I was uncomfortable. I think that some day I can come to terms with this, but not yet. It still feels wrong, like I shouldn't have these feelings...

Jaded Jarrod

Advice to Connor

Enjoyed your story. My advice is not not give up finding an opportunity to pay Wende back. An example for me came last summer at a week-long church camp. This obnoxius girl came out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to her butt on both legs and dragging another sheet with one of her sandals. Me and my friend Jason were behind her in the dinner line and he asked her for permission to take one of the strips off her so he could use it to wipe after his evening shit. Oh that look in her eyes when she forgot it was a church camp and told him he as an Ass####!

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Sarah great peeing story please anymore stories like that thanks.

To: Linda great peeing and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amylee great storyabout that lady pooping on the floor because both stalls were in use and I bet she had to be beyond desperate to resort to that and she probaly didnt want to go in her pants becuse she had some where else to go after that and probaly wouldnt have time to change and by how you described it, it was a pretty big dump which probaly would a real mess to clean up and I bet who ever emptied that would be in for a suprise and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Angie great story about your friend pooping after every game and please share any other stories you may have thanks.

To: Shelly great story and its true if burns going in its gonna burn coming out but thats risk you take when you eat hot & spicy food and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Who ever wrote about that big poop they took great story please share more of them thanks.

To: Fruit firtst welcome to the site and great peeing story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kassandara first welcome to the site and great peeing story and please contiue to post more of them thanks.

To: Kate welcome to the site and I hope you post lots of great stories and from the sound of it you will and I cant wait for your next post thanks.

To: Kelly P great pooping story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ciara as alway another great story and it seems like you have sort of gotten over you poop shyness and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kisrty Wendy great story about seeing that girl who pooped she must have been very desperate and couldnt make it to a toilet in time and as always I look forward to your guys next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

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