at the movies

My boyfriend and I went to the movies, to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Holows Pt1. (lol..I love Harry Potter.)
We were in the second last row of the theater and there was no one else in there. We both had large drinks...and they were HUGE. I finished mine within half an hour of buying it. My bf drank about half his in the same amount of time. About halfway through the movie my boyfriend said he really had to piss, so I gave him my empty cup and he pissed in that. Seeing him pee made me need to go really bad too; of course drinking that big drink didn't help either and when the urge hit me really bad I quickly shoved my hand between my lips and pushed as hard as I could on my wet pee hole. Since there was no one in the theater I decided to try something. While pushing on my pee hole all the time I got up and went to a seat at the very back corner of the theater. My boyfriend followed me and watched me pull down my jeans and panties and sit down on the seat. A smile spread across his face as soon as he realized what I was doing. He sat down beside me as I sat and removed my finger and immediately began to piss into the seat which seemed to soak up every last drop of my pee. I stood up to wipe my vag with some napkins but my boyfriend had a better idea and we missed the rest of the movie.


No public toilets!

The store was very quiet and so i decided to try a few items of clothes on. After trying them on i realised i was the only person in the fitting rooms (other than the assistant who checks how many garments are taken into the room) and i needed to pee in the worst way. i gave the clothes to this girl of about 20 and asked her if she could tell me where the loos were. I was actually pressing my hand between my legs in a struggle to hold back the flow as i asked her. She apologized and said there were no public loos in the store. I then looked at her and said i was sorry but i was going to wet my pants because I just could not hold it any longer. i went back into the cubicle without closing the curtain lifted my skirt in full view of the girl and totally soaked my knickers and tights. The girl looked dumbstruck as i again apologized and walked past her.


Unbelieveable Sight in the Ladies' Room

I witnessed something I've never seen or ever thought I'd see this past Sunday. Hard to believe, but it's true. My husband and I went to visit my grandmother, who is 85, and midway through the afternoon, we decided to take her to Denny's and get some dessert. Grandma likes Denny's desserts, so we offered to take her. She gladly accepted and we wheeled her wheelchair to the car and she got in. She can get around without the wheelchair, but uses it for longer distances. My husband drove us to Denny's and we were seated at a table. Grandma remained in her wheelchair. We ordered, got our desserts and were visiting. At one point a couple who looked to be in their early 40's came in and the waiter took them past us to their table. I recalled thinking when we're in our 40's, I hope we look half as good as this couple did. He was a handsome man, greying at the temples, and looked as though he worked out. She was built very nicely, dressed in grey pants that highlighted her figure, and a white blouse. When they walked by, my husband was giving her backside the eye, and I bumped his foot with mine and frowned playfully to him, saying nonverbally with my stare, "Don't look at that!" After about 20 more minutes of visiting with grandma, she said she needed to use the restroom. I said I'd take her. She was in her wheelchair and I pushed her to the ladies' room. Just ahead of us another woman entered the restroom. She looked to be about mid-50s in age. There were two stalls, a regular and a handicapped. The other lady took the regular stall. I pushed Grandma's wheelchair into the handicapped stall which was large, and she got out of her chair and said, "If you'll wait for me, I might need your help." I said that was fine. I pulled the wheelchair back out and Grandma locked the stall door. I decided to touch up my makeup. Both ladies got seated in their stalls. I heard the other lady pass a soft fart and a plop. About a minute passed and the door opened and it was the 40's woman who'd I'd seen earlier and my husband was admiring. She saw both stalls occupied and got a panicked look on her face. She said, "Are you in line? I said no, I was waiting for someone. She turned toward the stalls and said, "Excuse me, but I have an emergency. Will you be long?" Grandma, who was pooing, said, "I just came in and will be a few minutes." The other lady was pooing as well and said, "I'll be a bit too." The 40's lady backed up against the wall and I could see her in the mirror. She looked in agony. She was fidgeting, moving her legs around, and rocking from one foot to the other. After another minute, she said, "I'm sorry ladies, but I really need the facilities. Are you about finished?" Grandma said in a bit of an irritated voice, "No, not just yet." The other lady in the stall said, "I'm sorry, but I'll be a few minutes more." The 40's lady whispered almost to herself, "I don't think I can wait." Then the amazing thing happened. She went to the towel dispenser and pulled the handle several times and tore off two long pieces of paper towel. Then she tore off about 4 short pieces. I wondered what she was doing. She bent over, and put the large towels on the floor and the short pieces next to them. She stood back up, turned around (now facing me and the mirror), and believe it or not, undid her pants, pulled them down, and squatted over the long pieces of towels. She immediately started pooing profusely onto the paper towels on the floor with quiet PFFFTTT gas passing with it! I could see her in the mirror and I was in total shock. I couldn't see her poo since she was squatted and sitting facing me so she blocked the view. But I could hear it come out of her and it sounded like a huge pile. She looked at me in the mirror and said, "I'm sorry, there was nothing else I could do." I didn't say anything I was so dumbfounded. The lady pooed this huge pile in a matter of seconds then started wiping quickly with the small towels she'd torn off. I got the impression she wasn't finished pooing, but did enough to get the pressure off, so she was going to clean up before anyone else came in. She wiped then stood, pulled up her slacks. I could then see her pile of poo. It would have filled up a toilet. Then she bent down and folded the ends of the long paper towels over the poo, lifted it up, and deposited it into the trash can! The smell was atrocious. She went to the sink and washed her hands and tore off more paper towels and stuffed them on top of her poo in the can to cover it up more. Then she went out of the restroom. Grandma flushed and called me to help her into her wheelchair. She unlatched the door. I went in the stall and helped her. I could hear the other lady wiping, apparently finishing up. I don't think either of them knew what the lady had done, but they had to smell it. But they were both pooing so maybe they thought the smell was from them. Grandma washed her hands and I wheeled her back to our table where my husband was waiting. While we were sitting there, the floor-pooing lady and her husband walked by leaving. My husband smiled at me like he was saying, "I'm looking again." I whispered, "Wait until I tell you what happened." He looked puzzled. Of course, Grandma had not known any of this had happening and I didn't tell her. After we dropped grandma off at home, I told my husband about the lady pooing on the floor. He was flabbergasted. I told him I felt for the person who had to empty that trash can later today. I'm still in shock that I actually witnessed this. If that'd happened to me, I'd have knocked on the door and gone to the men's room before I did what she did. Or I might have chosen to leave the restaurant and go in my pants before I squatted and pooed on the floor, especially in plain sight of someone else. It was truly the most unbelievable thing I think I've ever witnessed in a restroom.

Just curious

Tom, I think you're right that certain people tend to have smellier dumps than others. I've always attributed it to their diets, but you could be right. I went back to read your story about Andrea. It was very interesting. Did you ever post any stories about your college girlfriend and her roommates? Sounds like they could be interesting too. Also, if anything happens at work, please do post.

Amylee, I know that Leigh is the noisy dumper in your workplace and it appears that Roxy may be the gassy one, but does any of your friends/co-workers tend to take smellier dumps? If so, have you ever been stunk out of the bathroom?

Newest guy
Nobodies responded to my the posts, but oh well. Haven't hAd an interesting story since then, so I decided to tell you a bit more about myself.
I'm 15, high school softmore, on the varsity basketball team. I'm shy, don't have a heck of a lot of friends, but the ones I have I'm rather close to. I have blAck hair, I'm slender but muscular, and have bluegreen eyes.
More to the point, my bathroom habits. When drink water I can remain pretty regular, but I'll have dry spells of days without relieving my gut. When I poop, I like to face forwards, sometimes backwards, with my feet on the bowl and my btt hangin below the top line oath porcelain. Does anyone else like to shit like this? I also have a naughty obsession with peeing places other than restrooms and surprisingly the one aspect I'm not shy in is bathroom habits. If I have Togo and there's a public restroom nearby, I go. Also I've stopped doing this lately but when I was really young, I loved to hold my wee for as long as I could then rush to the furthest away bathroom further complicating things. When I finally got there it gushed out like a fire hose and felt so good. I eventually got in trouble because I could control it and it would splash everywhere.


Holy S*** (Pun Intended)

Hey the names Will. I am 15 and I cam across this site looking for some interesting stories. Been reading for awhile and decided to post. I just took the largest shit I have ever took in my entire life. The first turd was like 15 inches long and about 5 centimeters wide. The second was half that size atleast. I don't know what I ate, but damn that was crazy. Hope to post again soon.



A story from long ago

This is a story from when I was in high school, well over ten years ago, but I still remember it clearly. I was a member of the volleyball team, and as such I was in the girl's locker room before and after each game. No one ever seemed to have to poop either before or after any game, and while I thought that was weird, I never gave it any thought until my junior year.

That year, one particular girl, a sophomore, on the team gained the unfortunate nickname "Stinky Sammy" because she, without fail, had to poop after each and every game. The first time this happened, a lot of the senior girls laughed out loud each time they heard a plop, and after they fanned their noises and said something like "Ew you stink, Sammy".

The next couple of games, the girls noticed that Sammy went every time we had a game, so they'd say loud enough that she could surely hear, "Eww, there goes Stinky Sammy again.", although Sammy handled this well. The comments never seemed to bother her. And finally, after a while, the comments stopped altogether, I guess because it wasn't fun for them anymore.

All I know is it made me glad I'm a morning pooper. I probably would have been a perfect target for those horrible girls to make fun of for quite some time.

Upstate Dave

Almost Waited To Long!

Earlierwhen I was on site here posting I was ignoring that I needed to piss and shit as I typed away on the keyboard. I wanted to finish my post. I was not haveing a problem from keep from pissing. I was holding back fine as far as that went. Now as far as holding back from shiting that was a different matter.

I could feel my shit starting to creep out between my asscheeks! Not far enough that my shit was touching the material of my boxers but I could feel it on the skin of my cheeks! If I tried squeezing it off I would have had a accident right then! So I did stop typing on the keyboad. Got right up out f my chair and went next door right into the bathroom in one big hurry!

I gave my belt a hard yank which it unbuckled. I pushed the metal buton on my jeans through its button hole. I then yanked my zipper down real fast and hard. The toilet seat was up and there now was no time to lower it! My shit was now slideing out getting longer for it was well poked out past my asscheeks!

The only thing that I could do was get right into a high squat hovering over the toilet bowl! I did reach right down for my penis and pushed it way down so I would also piss into the toilet too. I was bent over also so that I could see downward into the toilet. I started pissing very hard and at the same time as I pissed and saw my piss stream I saw a dark brown fat shit moving geting longer hanging in the air.

My shit aftre a few short seconds more dropped hard into the toilet. It didn't make a splash for the toilet I have is one of those low water style toilets. My pissing had yet to add to the water level in the bowl too. It was a good eight inch shit too. But myshit had broken off not had all of it gone into the toilet. I could feel a soft ball of shit yet between my asscheeks.

I tried pushing which made me piss harder. MY pushing had no effect at all on the bal of shit that was there yet between my cheks. I treid pushing it three times and squeezed hard betwen my pushes but that did nothing too. So I knew that I had to get it when I wiped. I then just went on pissing which I did for some time. I would piss n my shit and sometimes not. For I had now pissed enough that the water level had come down inside the toilet bowl.

I now ended my piss with doing several good long spurts of pis in a row. I turned to my left now and rolled off a big wad of toilket paper. I knew I would need a lot to take care of that big soft wad of shit that I felt between my asscheeks. I wiped by starting under myasshole going upward slowly and lightly. I passed over my asshole and then brought the wad of paper out.

I judt droped that wad of toilet paper into the toilet without looking at it. The reason was I could still feel shit on myasshole and very inner skin of both cheeks. I rooled off a second smaller wad of toilet paper and again did a second deep upward wipe. As I wiped myslef this second time I could feel that my shit was sticky! I could feel it plling my pubic hair!

I pulled that wad out and dropped it in the toilet. I could still feel some shit stll remaining that was caked up on only on the pubic hair area. So I rolled off thelast of the needed toilet paper that I would have to use and gave myslef a final wipe. That did the trick! I got the last of my shit. I like I had said I hadseen that my shit was a fat eight incher but I took a second look after I had finished wipeing. I then pulled up my boxres, took care of my jeans, flushed the toilet which my shit and all the toilet paper flushed out of sight without clogging! :-) Then I came back and finished my post. Have anyone here have doene the same or something close to it? Upstate Dave

Big Daddy

So Sorry Amylee

Boy, what a horrible experience you had with the bully girls - no wonder you are poo-shy. I hate bullies myself having been harassed by them all through junior high. But nothing as bad as what you reported. I am glad those girls were expelled from school.


Holding it

When I'm home alone and need to poop, I like to hold it as long as possible. The feeling is incredible. The longer I wait the better it feels---it's almost orgasmic. At the last possible second, I'll rush to the toilet or maybe just do it on the floor. The feeling of releasing it is amazing. I would like to hear from others who enjoy holding it to the max.


Goes In Hot, Comes Out Hot

Time for another interesting story that happened back not too long ago. I made myself some home made nachos the way I love them: very spicy. Warm up some Mexican blend cheese and pepper jack on some corn tortilla chips, add plenty of jalapenos, tomatoes, sour cream, and of course, some hot salsa with a dash of habanero added in for that extra kick. Even though they're really spicy and require a couple glasses of water to make it through, it's so worth it. However, what happens to the nachos is a whole different story. After an early class, I managed to get a really uncomfortable feeling in my gut. I had to poop, and I could only guess what would happen next.

Right after class, since I had some free time before my next class, I made a dash into the restrooms. It was too unfortunate that the closest bathrooms just had to be full, and I just hoped that at least one of those girls came in for a quick pee. Well, after about a minute, I heard a flush and a door open, with a younger girl exiting the stall. I went into the stall, with the urge getting more severe. I ripped my pants and thong down to my knees, and right when I sat down, I farted so hard that it stung my butthole. That was only the beginning of things, as I started to let some chunky diarrhea for a good minute. It felt like my ass was burning from such a strong shit torrent. Not to mention that if there was any odor in this bathroom, I just managed to make it a lot worse. It kept plopping out of my butt without any pushing and even when I was finally done, I wasn't ready to wipe since it hurt that much. When the stinging sensation ended, I finally ripped off a few sheets and started to guide them across my gooey buttcrack. I ripped a few more sheets off due to the mess back there, and afterwards, I dug in my purse for a Wet Wipe to use for a horrid and messy shitting session like this. I grabbed one and got it so that my anus would be sparkly clean for the time being. I stood up and looked at the damage. Shit soup with some chunks of undigested vegetables topped off with some filthy toilet paper. I flushed this mess down after pulling my clothes back up, got out, washed my hands, and shamefully watched another younger girl walk in and have to bear with the stench that I caused.

Even though they manage to cause a fiery sensation in my bowels, spicy peppers will still remain a favorite. I just probably shouldn't eat them before a busy school day.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Julie great story about seeing that mom and her daugthers peeing and one girl pooping in that theater and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: who ever wrote about seeing that girl poop off the side of the boat great story and i please share any other stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Shelly first welcome back and great story about you pooping outside and watching you poop as well and ive read your older stories and there really good so please contiue to post more of them thanks.

To: Wendy and Kirsty, Kirsty great story about you pooping outside during that fair and Wendy peeing outside to and it seems like youve guys known eachother for awhile so heres a question when was the first time youve watched the other poop please share the story thanks.

To: Michelle (formaly M.S) great stories about those accidents you had I bet they were very embarrassing but accidents happen and they can happen to anybody and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amylee great story those girls should not have done that to you and they got what they deserved and maybe they way have that done to them so they know how it made you feel because as the saying goes what goes around comes around or in other words be careful what do you do to someone because it could come back and bite you and it does sound like your getting over your poop shyness and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom as another great peeing story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Brittney great story about buddy dumping with your friend I bet you will probaly do that more often and if so please post about it thanks.

To: Helena great story about pooping youself I bet that was really embarrassing and please post some more stories thanks.

To: Hermes as always another great story about hearing a woman poop she sure sounds like an interesting woman and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site


Quik Update!

Shelly: liked your post. also looked into your older ones. Keep it for sure. I like the detail. What's your 'average' dump like?

AmyLee: like your posts also!

As I mentioned, I ALWAYS crap in the morning shortly after breakfast, and sparodically pee throughout the day. Since I've started work, however, I've packed bigger lunches and frequent Starbucks on my breaks, so a few stories about myself to follow soon.
Also, I'll be hanging out with a female colleague soon.

If you haven't been to NYC, I urge all the visit - it's something else. Of course, exercise caution. For those not wary, it can be a slight sketchy.

Bye for now,

~ Dan

p.s: Hope everything comes out all right! ( if you want it to ;) )

I've been holding it in for a few hours. i had a lot of tacos for lunch and now I feel like I would blow any second now. I'm going to give you an update of what it's like. I wouldv'e gone earlier but i wanted to wait until everyone in my house was gone. Now, im heading downstairs to my sister's bathroom because then there's less of a chance it will clog up. I have my laptop on my lap and am trying to relax on the toilet. I can tell already this will be a huge poop. I rather enjoy pooping actually. It's been 10 mins and ive pushed and strained a lot. It feels as if this will never come out. 20 mins now and half way out! nice and soft, not breaking either. now 30 minutes and its almost out all the way.
at 35 mins, it is all the way out. As i look in the toilet, not knowing what I will find, i see myself staring down at something nearly 2 feet long! it is also 2 inches wide. All brown and wrapped around the bowl of the toilet. My bum is completely covered in poo and it will take a lot of toilet paper to clean up. and due to me holding it in for so long, my knickers have a bit of juicy poo in them as well.
Well, this has been a great relief and my first post on this website ever. I'll try to do it some other time. I hope you all enjoyed it! im a girl by the way too.

I'm female, 17, blonde hair, blue eyes, realllllyyyy short and not to thin not to fat :) I'm from the UK

I'm more into pee stories than poo stories, but I will share both :)

Okay so I havea story about today.

I get to college about 8am, 45mins before lessons start. I used to make sure I peed by at least half past but I never do that anymore. I felt the need for a pee before my lesson
but I was waiting for my friend outside the class. I don't normally need to pee, I do that at about 7 every morning and wait until break at college, which is 10:20. Well anyway
we got into class and I felt some tingey bladder feelings, so I started to shift my position and jig my foot etc. It got to about ten past nine and our teacher made us write a sentence
each about different stages of mitosis which takes ages, and I was already done, but my friends were taking a while. So I was about to ask to go, but I didn't want the whole class
to know I needed to pee. But I knew I was having one of those says where your bladder is constantly filling, so I asked. When I got down to the toilet I peed for about a minute
it was really thick and fast.

I got back to class and the feeling of relief lasted for about 20 minutes or so before I needed to pee again, by this time it was about 20 to 10, and I decided to wait until
break but our teacher let us out early, so luckily I didn't have to ask again.

Again later in spanish (from 10:40 to 12:20) I had to go again, so i waited until our break in the lesson that our teacher allows us, but I was with another class mate practicing
our spanish speaking with the chilean lady so I missed the break!

Luckily today was open evening so I had no lessons after spanish and could pee and go home!!

That was 3 times in one day where I thought I might have lost control!

Well, I have a couple more stories, I hope to post them one day, and have many more :)

LOng drops suck ay! we had to use them on camp and it stunk like crazy

I'm a long time lurker, and this is the first time I've posted. But I just had a moment that made me think immediately about this site. First of all I'm a twentytwo year old college student, I live in a one bedroom apt by myself, but it us nearly always full of my friends. I'm about 5'10'' curvy built with green eyes and brown wavy hair. Anyway. This afternoon my boy and I were hanging out, smoking a couple ????, and doing the things that young lovers do. After a while ended up chillin naked in the living room and I was standing by the fridge getting a drink, I obviously didn't need it though, because my boy said something funny and I burst into goggles. Giggles so violent that my bladder started contracting and I knew I was about to lose it all over the kitchen floor. Instead of just letting it go with out a fight I grabbed a handful of paper towels and stuffed them between my thighs as i pathetically waddled to the bathroom. My boy watched and started laughing as well. Luckily I managed not to drip anywhere en route to the bathroom, but the towels were absolutely soaked and when I say down on the seat,i didn't have to go anymore. So glad I have a man in my life who knows how to laugh at these type situations.

Just a guy

Amylee, Thanks for sharing that story. That was a terrible experience. I'm glad those girls eventually got kicked out and I'm glad you're overcoming your shyness. Everybody poops and it doesn't make sense to try to hold it in as it only leads to constipation or worse yet, an embarassing accident.


To Amylee

Hey...I just read your story and it makes me really angry. It is a blessing that both your mother and the principal went to bat for you and did the right thing by expelling those girls. However, I am so sorry that you had to endure bullying during a very private moment. I shared elsewhere on this forum that any bathroom-related harrassment should be considered sexual harrassment and dealt with appropriately.

Some shyness and the feeling of shame while using the bathroom are normal anyway. It let's us know that we are in a vulnerable position. No one should have to tolerate bullying or harrassment in moments of privacy. And, it should not interfere with your life.

Too, after reading this, I can see why someone like your co-worker, Leigh, makes you feel uncomfortable with her antics. But I am glad that you are working through this and wish you the best! Your stories are entertaining and funny (except this one), so thank you for sharing.


The Experiences of a School Nurse

Hello! This is my first post since I found this place, and thought it was so different that I just had to join in.

I'm an RN working as a school nurse at a large K-5 elementary school. It's an older school, and as such we have a rather interesting sick room setup. When the school was built no provisions for such a room were made. The facility was added on in a room that used to be used as a janitorial break room. We have three beds with a privacy divider on the last one, and have made it into a loving and comfortable area for the students to come when they are sick.

Unfortunately, there is no real bathroom connected to it, or the plumbing provisions needed to create one. Therefore the school converted the small storage room/mop room in it into a makeshift restroom. I have two commode chairs (just like a chair but with a toilet seat and bucket to catch the waste), privacy dividers and curtains between them, and a sluice sink that was installed in place of the old sink. A sluice sink is a large flushing sink that is designed to handle bowel movements and other bodily waste. Ours is a special model with a grinder in the piping that allows it to be used with the smaller sink plumbing drain outlet. It also has a sprayer to aid in cleaning out waste recepticals.

So when a student in the clinic needs to use the restroom they can go in the toileting room and use one of the commode chairs. I then dump whatever they had to relieve themselves of down the sluice sink and clean the bucket out with the sprayer and bleach. I've had faculty members gawk at the setup, but it really is no big hassle and takes all off 30 seconds or less. I also have vomit buckets within easy reach of all the beds, and urinal bottles and bedpans in case a non-ambulatory child needs to go so badly that they will have an accident if we try to transition them to a commode.

The smell can get pretty bad in there at times, especially if I have a sick student having diarrhea into one of the commode chairs. For that reason I have an odor-filtering air filter device in there, along with a huge stock of aerosol air fresheners.

Here's what went on in my little clinic room last Thursday:

First thing in the morning as students were unloading from the buses (my room is near the bus area), a second grade teacher rushed a girl into my office who was holding herself and very obviously about to have an accident. I sent her right into the toileting room, and after about 2 minutes I could hear her washing her hands at the small handwashing sink next to the sluice sink. She thanked me as she walked out to meet a teacher's aid waiting for her outside. I went in after her to empty the commode bucket. Wow! She really did have to go, it was filled almost a 1/3 of the way full with urine and these are quite large waste recepticals. There was toilet paper floating on top and it had the distinct smell of urine that was held all through the night. The poor girl probably didn't get the chance to go before she left home.

Later that day I had two 4th graders show up helping a third student who had injured his knee on the basketball court. I cleaned up the scrape, and applied ice. He said that it hurt bad when he tried to stand on it, so he just stayed there in bed while I called his parents. After about 15 minutes of him laying there, I could smell that he was passing gas. He looked very uncomfortable, so I walked over and asked him if anything was wrong. With a kind of labored look on his face, he said "I've really gotta go to the bathroom bad." I told him not to worry, and that I don't have a toilet, but I would get him onto one of the commode chairs. He put his legs over the side of the bed, and I started to help him stand when he told me "Hurry! I haven't been able to poop in three days and now I really have to go." As quickly as I could, I got him onto a commode chair. Before I could even walk out the door of the toileting room and give him some privacy he started having a very noisy bowel movement. He was obviously embarrassed, but had no choice due to the amount of intestinal distress he was in.

That kid was in there for 45 minutes before calling to me that he was done, and in that time the smell had started to waft into the main room. It was by far the worst smelling bowel movement I have ever encountered, and I smell a lot of them in this profession. It smelled strongly of putrid rotten eggs. Even more embarrassing for the kid, he needed help cleaning up, as he was having trouble lifting up to wipe with his hurt knee. I asked him if he felt better, and told him not to be embarrassed and that we all have a really nasty bowel movement from time to time. I helped him to wipe with some wet wipes (it would have taken forever with toilet paper), and then helped him clean his hands and get back in a bed.

Back in the toileting room, I finally looked in the commode bucket and was astonished. He had nearly filled it up. The remaining sides of the white bucket were splatted with loose stools. I then took up the gargantuan task of dumping it into the sluice sink (it felt like the kid must have lost three pounds) and throughly cleaning it out. I would much rather have to clean a student's waste out of that bucket than off a bed, the floor, their pants, etc.

The rest of the day was uneventful, but it did take an entire bottle of air freshener to get my room smelling back to normal.

Kate the School Nurse


Thoughts about Connor's story

I know that students on Stu-Co and in other actvities tend to have better self-esteem and are in leadership positions where they can make a difference. I come from a background in athletics (basketball and volleyball, among others) but, as I have written about in the past, I'm also pretty self-conscious about going to the bathroom with others around because I'm 170 pounds and 6'3" so I'm higher than the partitions and doors on many toilet stalls. I'm in college now and it's better, but last year in high school I remember learning to wipe sitting down rather than standing because it would draw so much more attention to me. And more than once, because of my size, I heard girls in nearby stalls talk and laugh if I seated myself fast because there was a thud.

Then there's my boyfriend Adam, who is at the same college I am. I wrote on page 1824 about finding out that he was picked on and bullied in middle school, again not only because of his large physical size, (he's 6'1" and was larger than his classmates even in grade school) but because he was awkward at the urinals, very self-conscious about himself and what some of the boys were saying about his small penis. As a result of the humiliation, in like 8th grade Adam started going into the stalls and sitting down on the toilet and peeing like a girl. The teasing had just gotten the best of him and he still sits to pee in public toilets today at age 19.

It just seems to me that the most intelligent and sensitive are the ones to be bullied and teased. I don't understand why anyone should be afraid of getting put down, teased or bullied about if, how or when they go to the bathroom.

Kelly P

Big firm poo

Hi everybody. Haven't posted for a little while but I think you might be interested in something that happened Saturday. Back about pages 1928 to 1934 we talked about the good feeling of a big firm poo coming out, as long as it's not so hard it hurts. Sort of concluded that some guys as well as gals have those feelings.

Anyway, Thursday and Friday I was completely constipated. I'm not sure why because we weren't traveling and my period wasn't due. Maybe it's what we ate because I found out that my husband was having problems, too. Friday night we went to a party and got home too late for an enema, so I told my husband that I might need one Saturday morning. That got me a big squeeze and a hand on my bottom because he really likes to give them to me.

But when we woke up in the morning I had a strong urge to poo. I went into the bathroom and left the door open. You can see our toilet from the bed, so my hubby was watching. It was one of those wonderful really big firm poos. I squeezed it back a couple of times to repeat the great feeling then very slowly grunted it out. I must have been making happy sounds or faces because my hubby said, "I take it your having a really good one." I looked between my legs and it was amazingly big. I said "Wow" so my hubby came into the bathroom to look (preceded by his penis). He was impressed. After I wiped and used a wet wipe to make sure I was dainty we hopped back into bed.

After breakfast my hubby tried to go and couldn't, so I got to give him an enema instead. We do it on a towel on the bed in the knee-chest position. I think he's so cute with his bottom and little poo hole sticking up in the air. Finally after he got cleaned out we took a shower together and that led to another hop back into bed. It was a very nice morning.

Mysterious Man

Happy 2000 pages!

Wow. It's pretty cool to think the site has been around for so long, and amassed so many stories. While some may question the authenticity of certain tales, I know that there have been plenty of truly real people who have shared intimate (and if I may say, fascinating) stories. So here's to the next 1000 pages. And hopefully more new and intesting people! ^__^


6th Grade Horror

Hello, everyone! I know that I haven't posted anything in a while, but I had a really bad case of writers' block. Anyway, I would like to share a story with you all about how I became poop shy:
When I was in the 6th grade(I'm a senior now), we would all go to the restroom together during 5th and 6th block. One day, I had a really huge urge to poo and decided to go when we went on our restroom break. I sat on the toilet and immediately turd after turd started ripping out of me. The restroom smelled like a sewage by the time I was done. When we went back to class, one girl must have figured out that I was the one pooping because she said out loud to the entire class, "Ciara took a dump!"
The rest of the class started laughing and I have never felt more embarrassed. For the rest of the school year, my classmates gave me hell for it, even though I never pooped in a public restroom after that incident. Thankfully, I switched to a better school by the 7th grade, but to this day, I still struggle with my poo shyness.


Witnessed an accident

I was walking home from work tonight when I noticed a girl of around 15 or so in a large bush nearby. When I looked closer she was standing with her skirt up & her grey leggings & not so white panties around her ankles. Her panties were full of poo & she was taking them off. As I got closer, she saw me & quickly pulled her leggings up & ran off. She'd tucked the back of her skirt into her leggings in her hurry to avoid being seen but it didn't work. I saw the state of her not so white panties & knew she had diarrhoea. I'm sure she still had to go as well & felt bad for disturbing her. I carried on walking to see the girl stop dead in her tracks. She bent her knees & stayed still for a while & I caught up with her to find her emptying her bowels into her leggings. Liquid diarrhoea was pouring down her legs & a brown pool was forming around her feet. She began to wet herself too & she must have been so embarrassed. The look of relief on her face told me she'd been desperate to go for some time & she didn't seem to care about doing it in her pants. I crossed the road unavoid humiliating the girl any more & went home.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Michelle (formally M.S)

3 accidents in 3 days

Over the last 3 days (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) I have had 3 accidents. My first accident happened on Friday whilst I was walking home from work and just couldn't hold it anymore, my second accident happened when I had diarrhea (I think that's how we spell it here in England, but there are so many different ways of spelling it) and I couldn't get to the toilet in time, but when I did I had forgotten to pull my knickers down and the third was when I sharted (just in case you didn't know it's when you think it is a fart but it turns out to be poo) in a shop while I was paying for toilet paper.

Friday 4th March - I woke up late for work meaning I had no time to have my usual morning poo that I have daily before I left my home for work. I thought I might be able to hold it until I got home from work as I hate pooing at work and the pressure that had been building in my bowels all morning had passed by break so I decided I would defiantly wait until after work. After my break I went back to my checkout but after about 45 minutes I could feel the pressure building again and I still had three hours before my shift ended and I was really desperate but I didn't fancy doing it at work either in the toilet or in my knickers so I just about held on and made it through work. However the worse bit was still to come as it is quite a long walk to my house and about halfway through the journey I was nearly pooing my panties so I decided I would have to find somewhere to do my business & fast as I was having a hard time holding it in. There was nowhere appropriate I could go without being seen because all there was were a few small bushes but they weren't big enough to hide behind, this left me with two other choices in which I could either try to make it home and risk pooing my knickers or I could just do it in my panties anyway and risk someone seeing me with a big load in my jeans. I had to decide quickly but my decision wasn't quick enough and my bowels were being forced open as I felt a massive uncontrollable urge to push and the whole lot began to crackle out into my knickers filling them completely. I tried really hard to stop it but the huge pressure in my bowels kept forcing it all out and by the time I was done pooing myself I had poo all up my bum, inside of my legs and a bit on my vagina and as it was a big load several lumps of poo fell out of the leg elastic of my knickers down my legs and onto the pavement; it was really messy. I had to walk home stinking of poo and I had an awkward and embarrassing moment when I was waiting to cross a road as I had to stand next to her while we waited until it was clear, I was certain she saw the huge bulge in my jeans and smelt the aroma of poo in the air but I just kept my head down so she didn't see my face. Other than that I don't think anyone else saw me but I was doing the "I've just pood myself walk" which might have been noticeable. When I got home I went straight up to the bathroom to clean up. I had to literally peel my knickers off and empty the content into the toilet. I had to have a shower to clean to poo from my vagina and down my legs; I then had to wash my jeans and knickers which unfortunately couldn't be saved, and although a women saw me I actually enjoyed it the experience.

Saturday 5th March - I was suffering from diarrhea from the moment I woke up due to the dodgy curry I had on Friday. I woke up at about 7:30 in the morning due to the bad stomach ache I had which left me with a huge urge to poo and I knew it was going to be runny and as I stepped out of bed I let out a wet fart in my knickers and I was close to pooing myself so I grabbed my bum and crotch as I needed a wee as well with my hands and run towards the bathroom. I pushed the door open and didn't have time to close it and as I was so tired due to the unexpected wake up and the fact I was in such a hurry to get to the toilet I forgot to pull my knickers down and sat on the toilet. As soon as my bum hit the toilet seat my bowels and bladder exploded, the relief was indescribable but then I noticed the hot sticky sensation between my bumcheeks reminded me that I had forgotten to pull my knickers down. I couldn't stop it coming out and soon my knickers were full to capacity and I still needed to go so I quickly got off the toilet seat and pull them down to my knees while poo was still coming out of my anus causing it to splatter all over the toilet seat and to make matters worse the diarrhea that was in my knickers started to ooze out of the leg holes and on to the floor causing a horrible mess. I continued having diarrhea for 20 minutes and once I had finished I had the massive task of cleaning the toilet seat and floor which took 30 minutes and as my bum was covered in poo I had a nice long shower and by the time I had dried myself I needed to go again so I sat on the toilet to let loose another big load of mush into the toilet. It was a huge relief but nothing compared to the poo I did in my knickers when I had forgotten to pull my knickers down. I continued having to run to the toilet all day but I remembered to pull my knickers down before I sat on the toilet.

Sunday 6th March - I was still suffering the effects of the diarrhea I had on Saturday and although I wasn't having to poo as much it left my feeling rather gassy and as I had visited the toilet on numerous occasions yesterday it meant there wasn't any toilet paper. This meant I had to go to the local shops which were less than a 5 minute walk away and as soon as I began to walk to the shops I started to get some cramps and the urge to poo become apparent, I thought about going back but I realised I would have nothing to wipe my bum with so I continued my walk to the shops. As I was walking down to the shops I let out a fart and the need for a poo settled down for a while and once I had entered the shops I headed straight to the isle that sells the loo roll and grabbed the item and waited in the queue. As I was being served the need to fart came again and since it had realised the pressure a couple of minutes ago I thought it would be the same this time but I was wrong and as the lady serving my handed me the toilet paper I sharted and I felt as well as heard the crackling of my poo emerging from my bum hole and filling my knickers causing a hot and sticky sensation to squelch between my bumcheeks. I also began to wee myself as well which caused a puddle under me, It was so embarrassing that I had sharted and wet myself in front of at least five people including the women serving me, I just said "sorry I couldn't hold it anymore" and left with a huge load of poo and wee in my knickers. Walking home was the hardest part as every step I took I could feel the hot mushy poo rubbing against my bum which made me walk in a way that says "I've just done a messy poo in my knickers" and half through the walk back I got another urge to go so I pushed another load of mushy poo into my already soiled knickers panties. I managed to get to my house without anyone seeing me this time which is good as I smelt of wet poo and wee and as soon as I opened the door I rushed upstairs squashing the poo even more and went straight into the bathroom. I pulled my jeans and pants down and saw a huge pile of squished mushy poo lying in the seat of my knickers which started out being pale blue but are now brown. I emptied the poo into the toilet and it took two flushes to go down and this was before I had even wiped my bum which took about ten sheets of toilet paper just to get reasonably clean. Once I had wiped my bum and flushed the toilet paper I had a shower to get fully clean.

I hope you enjoyed my story as much as I did and can I just say I love this site as I like the way I can openly discuss my toilet habits without embarrassment especially discussing the past 3 days that I have had in which I have pood myself 3 times and wet myself.

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