Movie Theatre

Went to the movies with my daughter today. We sat in the back with another mother and her daughter. Shortly into the movie the daughter said she had to pee. A few minutes passed and they returned with a horrible look. The restrooms were out of order. The little girl said mom I cant hold hold it. The mom asked me if I was done with my soda cup. I said yes and gave it to her. She said I hope you do not mind the restrooms are out of order. I said its ok. She had her daughter squat down on the ground in front of her seat and take her panties off and put them into her bag. She placed the empty soda cup under her daughters crotch resting her crotch on it and she began to relieve yourself into the cup. I could tell she really had to go by the loud hissing and then she let out a fart and we giggled. just then Both myself and my daughter had to go. We took our empty popcorn tub and quickly followed along. I went first then my daughter. then the mother asked to have a quick go so she did but we got more than we expected for when she farted and we heard a crackling then a splash in the bucket. With all of us relieved we moved down a row and finished the movie.

Might as well tell this story here. Never really thought about my bathroom habits much until going on a sailing trip one time. It was a three day trip at spring break with me and some friends and was a really fun time. The guy who owned the boat showed us how to help him out with the sail and we made good time up the coast. We had toured the boat before going and it looked like a really nice boat with a nice wood cabin and everything. But we had some bad luck and the pump for the head broke the first night. Luckily it was the owner's girlfriend who broke it so he didn't blame us for breaking it. Unluckily, when the other three of us woke in the morning we had to go bad and there weren't many good options for privacy. The owner was still asleep and we couldn't find a big bucket. The water was pretty cold so we didn't want to just jump in and go. It didn't make sense to wait until we were back to shore to find a real bathroom. My girl sighed and said she was tired of waiting and was just going to go off the back of the boat. I remember her saying something like "where did it go before sewage plants?" She told us not to look so we turned away. Then we heard the trickle of her pee into the water. But when she started to grunt I had to look and caught my buddy looking as well. As the turd started to emerge she looked up and yelled at us but the sight was too much to resist. It hung out of her like a tail. I never knew she could poop like that. It fell into the water like a rock and sunk right to the bottom. She then wiped and quickly pulled her suit back up. She handed me the paper and said if she could do it then so could I. I had to go bad so figured might as well get it over with. My poop was pretty gross and floated away from the boat. My buddy only had to pee. My girl spied on him peeing just as he had spied on her but he thought it was funny. By the end of the trip we had all become more comfortable with each others bathroom habits. The owner's girl wasn't too uptight about pooping either and went both days off the end. The funniest was when a seagull flew off with one of her little turds floating in the water. Don't know what it was thinking. Guess they really do eat anything.


Been A Long Time...

Hi all. I've previously posted here about two years ago in between posts 1720 to 1728, but for those who want to know about me, I'm 21, short stature, C cup breasts, short hair, white, etc. Anyways, I have a few stories to share about some things that have happened in my past live when it comes to peeing and especially pooping.

First off, the boyfriend I mentioned in the past is no longer with me, but we are still in speaking terms as long as he does not show the videos he created of me laying cable to anyone else. Instead, I've been more connected with friends while leaving the bf/gf relationship stuff on hold. Anyways, I have a fondness for them pooping in front of me, as well as they do when it comes to me. Once during last summer, I decided to go on a walk with my two best friends Ann and Jenna. It was going great with us talking about future possibilities in our lives after college and such when the urge to take a big dump hit me right next to an open field. There were no bathrooms anywhere close by, and I knew that holding it in would just cause nothing more than further stress upon my gut, so I decided to find a secluded spot to poop in. There were some trees in sight, so I decided to make a dash for it and hold my cheeks closed until I found a good spot within the trees. I frantically searched the woods for some bare ground that wasn't overgrown, and I found a patch of bare soil that was more than good enough to let my ass drop a bunch of turds on top of it. I unbuttoned my tight booty shorts and yanked them and my red thong down, letting mt bare ass free in front of Mother Nature. I let out a decent size stream of pee at first, and when that trickled down, my butthole started to crown. A thick turd that was all knobbly and hard started to inch out with a good amount of straining and grunting, but when I heard a rustling in the shrubbery beneath the trees, I freaked out a bit and stopped, not before a poop pellet hit the ground. I thought it was an animal at first, but instead, it was the sound of Ann and Jenna walking through the shrub just to discover me, ass exposed and crowning, taking what was to be a big, stinky poop. Well, I don't mind Ann seeing me unload, but Jenna was relatively new to the experience and this was her first time she saw my private parts. Needless to say, I felt embarrassed. That all changed when Ann said "Jenna needs to poop too. Mind if she does it right by you? She hasn't done it outside before." Seeing how I pooped out big loads in the woods before, I figured I could help comfort her. For those who are curious, she's 20, blonde, medium length hair, C boobs like me, and an ass that sticks out greatly! I couldn't wait to see that ass in its unclothed form, and because of her urgent need, my wish came true. She then unbuttoned her shorts and yanked them and her yellow panties down, and squatted right behind me. I was okay with giving her the show of how it's done, as well as to hold her nose because this could be lethal. I let my anus relax again as a thick turd managed to snake out of my ass and onto the ground below me. It was about a foot long and let off quite a stench. Jenna said "Shelly, what was that?" After saying that, she started to pee as well and it managed to spray my butt and thick turd as well. I glanced behind to see it come out very clear and glistening, since she drinks a lot of water. I resumed my pooping session by farting softly and letting out some pieces at about 2 to 5 inches per piece. I'd say about two to three feet of shit was stored inside my gut, and it felt great to get it out no matter what the situation was. I held off wiping to turn around and help Jenna make her poop as well. She also started to crown as she faced her anus toward me to make sure she didn't shit on our clothing. A dark brown log started to inch out, and wow was it thick! This girl could shit, so I just had to ask her "How long has it been?" She said, "Err... about...err...three days...errruummmppphhhfff" The turd snaked out slowly, stretching her out more and seemingly setting her to the point to ecstasy. The funny thing was her lack of embarrassment, as she never pooped outdoors before. I then asked her "How come you're not embarrassed? Don't you realize how big and stinky your shit is?" She said in between her grunts "Errr... yes... errrrr... but I've done it... errrrrrruummm... in front of my.... errrmmm... friends before... errrmmmm". By this point, her ass was beet red and the turd was well over a foot long. Her anus stretched to capacity until it tapered off after two feet. Then she started to cramp and bend forward more as a jet of diarrhea coated her two foot long turd and nearly reached my feet. I told her she was doing great and to just keep on pooping. Another less extreme jet of semi-solid shit shot out and then she was done. I decided to compare how dirty our assholes was, and Jenna obviously has the dirtiest butthole out of both of us. Then it came to us how we were supposed to wipe. Ann actually picked out some leaves during our poop session (I thought she was going to try to clear out from the stench), so we took those and decided to wipe each other to make sure no poop was left on our anuses. With a few sweeps, Jenna got me all cleaned up, but with three leaves, I wiped Jenna's messy asshole to make sure her first outdoor poop experience wasn't terrible. We then pulled up our pants, left the shrubbery and kept walking back to our apartment complex. Ann already went earlier, which disappointed us but she said that she'd give us a show next time if we behaved.

Glad to be back!


Boot fair relief

Ever since I was a kid I've always been into pooping. I used to hold it untill I got really desperate & run to the nearest toilet to enjoy the huge relief of it. Sometimes if I was out somewhere I didn't know I'd end up holding it too long & almost mess myself before I could find the toilets. I remember once when I was 15, I was at a boot fair with Wendy. It was being held in a large field & there were no toilets anywhere. Just woods on one side. I hadn't pooped in five days & was desperate to go. I thought about doing it in the woods but it felt dirty & there would be little or no privacy so I tried to hold it untill after everyone had home home. Big mistake! The boot fair was a big event & onone seamed to be leaving. I was about to shit myself by now & with limited options, I had to decide quickly. I knew that I wouldn't make it home in time but I hated the idea of doing it in the woods. On the other hand, shitting myself in public would be the most embarrassing thing that could possibly happen to me. I realised that I really only had one option. Especialy as I was about to completely empty my bowels into my panties. Wendy took some napkins from one of the burger vans & we ran into the woods. We found a spot that was as far away from anyone as possible & lowered our underwear. Wendy peed a lot while I pushed out a huge & extremely relieving poo. I peed about a gallon as the pile of poo grew higher & higher under my bum. I wipe with the napkins Wendy got for me & we left the scene feeling very relieved.

Paco the Taco
Hello. I have time to write about a story from the past today. It happened when I was 12 and at the beach with my friend Dylan, it was our first time getting dropped off at the beach alone without parents. It was exciting to us at the time, and Dylan kept talking about this girl he saw who he wanted ask out, but was scared. We were digging a really deep hole in the sand, when the cheese fries from earlier came back on me. I had to poop really really bad. I told him, because we were close enough to say that kind of stuff, and he dared me to poop in our sand pit. I said no because I thought it might be diarrhea, but then I made him a deal. I would poop in the hole if he asked the girl out. He agreed and said I was first. I jumped down into the hole, it was about four or five feet deep, so just my head and shoulders could be seen if I stood up straight. I positioned myself so I was kind of wedged on an angle where my butt was facing straight down, and it made only my head able to be seen. I slid down my bathing suit to mid thigh and started off with a pee. It was awkward because Dylan was staring the whole time and laughing. I peed off to the right and gave a short push. It was a whole bunch of those little poops that are like half-solid, but they come out really fast and there are a lot of them. It felt like it was a hundred degrees. I did make a lot of noises and farts, and ended off with a small amount of liquid type poop. I knew I wasn't finished but I really didn't want to squirt the liquid poop on the sand. It was actually a lot and made quite the pile at the bottom of the pit! Dylan was amused and thought it was funny and I cleaned up in the ocean. He did follow through with the deal and asked the girl out and was embarrisangly rejected. And we left my poop in there- i hope no one jumped in it or anything!!

culture of the abdomen
@drake that is actually the position our bowels are best suited for, that is a large part of why constipation, diverticulosis, and colon cancer are endemic in the west as well as hemorrhoids and appendicitis.


How I Became Poo-Shy

Thanks for the comments on my previous stories. As I mentioned in my last post, I would share how I became so poo shy in public restrooms if there was interest. Some of you encouraged me, so here it is. Sorry, it's a long story. Growing up, I was (and still am) a shy person, but would use public restrooms when needed. I heard other girls going #2 and I didn't think much about it. But I really didn't like to be noisy in restrooms at school. In fact, I don't think I had to poo in school at all until my freshman year. That was the time that made me poo shy to this day, 14 years later. It remained the only time I ever pooed at school. I remember like it was yesterday and probably will the rest of my life. It happened at the end of a school day. I often felt the need to poo come on during the mid-afternoon at school but would always wait until I got home. I lived about a 10 minute walk from school. One day I got the #2 urge around 2 o'clock. School let out at 3 so I thought I could wait until about 3:15 when I'd be home which is how things worked out every other day. But by 2:45 I was getting desperate. At 3 o'clock the bell rang and I got up to get home as soon as I could. But the urge was so strong I was afraid of having an accident. All the other students were leaving and I went down the hall to the girls' restroom. There was no one in there, which I was glad to see. I took a stall near the end of the row of 6 or 7 stalls. I pulled down my jeans and panties, sat down and had just started pushing the first poo out when I heard some girls come in. I froze in mid-poo because they were talking loudly and cursing, one asking for a cigarette, the others calling her a "bumslut" for not having her own. I recognized three of the voices as some bully girls that went to our school. This was of course before cyber-bullying. They were juniors and seniors, and me being a freshman, I avoided them as did most of the other girls in school. These girls were trouble, and had been their entire school years. Everyone knew about them. I wondered why they were coming in the restroom to smoke when school was out and they could leave campus. But here they were. I was holding my poo but the first piece was hanging out of me and when it fell into the water it plopped pretty loudly. One of them said, "Well, what do we have here?", and walked up and started peeking through the crack by the stall door at me sitting on the toilet. She said, "Hey, guys, there's a little bitch taking a dump over here." The others came over and started peeking in at me through the other side of the door. There were 4 of them in all. One knocked on the stall door and said, "Hello, anyone in there? Are you taking a big shit?" They all laughed. I was so desperate to poo and these girls scared me but I was holding on not going any more beyond the first plop. I was hoping they'd leave and let me poo in peace. The first girl who'd originally noticed me said, "Yeah, she's taking a shit. I heard her turds splashing." Then two of the girls went into the stalls next to me one on each side, stood on the toilets, and leaned over the top of the partition looking down at me. I said, "Please leave me alone." One of them looking over the partition said, "No way. We're going to watch." I started to feel like I was going to cry. The other leaner, the leader of the group, noticed and said, "Oh is the baby going to cry?" Then she said, "You going to shit or what?" I didn't answer and she said again, "Hey, you going to shit or what? Answer me or I'm kicking your ass." I still didn't answer. She said, "All right, have it your way. The other two girls went into the stalls beside me and got up on the toilet with the other 2 girls. Now all 4 of them were looking over the top at me. The leader said, "I'm warning you, you better start shitting NOW or we're kicking your ass." I was terrified and desperately needed to poo, so I started going. It was a noisy, gassy, loose type poo. They all started saying, "Gross! You stink! Girl, you sure can shit!" One said, "You'd better check your asshole after that." I was crying quietly now to myself. I had to go some more and it started coming out almost involuntarily since I was so upset. And it was more loose noisy poo full of gas. The leader said, "Atta girl, take that shit!" I then needed to pee, did that to their chiding and now I was through and just sat there praying they'd leave. They stayed at their posts standing on the toilets, watching me. The leader said, "If you're done, wipe your nasty little ass." I was crying and said, "Can't you leave me alone now?" She said, "Wipe your ass, NOW!" I pulled toilet paper and rose up to wipe. She said, "Let us see the paper." I held it up and she said, "After you wipe, dumb-ass." I wiped and showed it to them, a dirty brown smudge on the paper. They all laughed and made snide comments. The leader said, "That looks bad, you better wipe some more." I did as I was told. I started to reach back and flush the toilet before I stood up, but she said, "Don't flush that. We want to see what you did." I again said, "Please leave me alone." She said, "Stand up, bitch, and let us see your shit or else." I stood up and they all did ooohs and aaahs at my poo, which was huge. I got my pants buttoned and flushed the toilet, picked up my book bag and opened the door. I didn't wash my hands, just hurried straight out of the restroom and on a beeline home. They were yelling crude things to me as I ran out of the restroom. I've never been so humiliated. I was crying when I got home and told my mom about it. She was extremely upset and called the principal the next day (a man, which was further embarrassing) and told him the whole story. I was afraid to tell my mom who they were for fear of them coming after me. But the principle called me in his office, was very kind, and knew from my mom the story that I was going #2 in the restroom and these girls were causing problems. He asked me to provide only details I was comfortable with sharing. At that point, I thought, what the heck, and told him exactly how the episode went. Embarrassing as it was telling a man about my bowel movement, I had developed a hatred for these girls and didn't care at that point. He was very professional and apologetic, and then dismissed me to go to class. I later heard that they'd been expelled and I didn't see them again. I heard the event with me was the "end of the line" for these girls; basically they'd done enough to finally get kicked out of school. Luckily people only knew about an incident in the girls' restroom, but no one ever found out it was me, which I was thankful for. I guess the incident with me was the last straw for those girls. This episode has stuck with me all these years. Even as a grown woman now, I remain poo shy but am getting better. This site helps by reading other's shyness issues with public pooing. I discovered it by accident looking for a kid's potty chair on line. I hope when I have kids the school bullying is stopped. It made for a traumatic experience for me that I don't wish on anyone.

Car Mom
Francesca and Hope: I'm glad you both like my stories and I will continue to read yours for sure! I do hope that when Kaylee is older she does appreciate all that I have let her do and will continue to let her do! I know she's always really good about showing her appreciation even now. Every once in a while she will say "thank you mom for always letting me pee in the car all the time" and she'll say it out of the blue, and it makes me feel good!

James: Glad you are interested in my stories, but actually Kaylee has never gone in a fitting room. I had said that if the need ever came up I would let her do it, but so far it never has. When we're out somewhere its always in my car. So the only other place Kaylee has peed is the couch, 3 times! Keep enjoying my posts though!

Speaking of the couch, as you'll probably remember I mentioned that Kaylee had asked me if it would be ok if one of her friends peed in the couch with her next time. I had told her that I'd think about it but I was pretty sure that I'd just go ahead and allow it since the couch has already been peed in. Well I think it was the very next day I told her that I'd allow it, and so I told her that she could think about which of her friends she'd like to have do it with her. She said she'd let me know. And so later that day (it was Thursday) after school she told me which of her friends she picked, and it was Kylie. I don't think I ever mentioned Kylie in any of my posts before, she has peed in my car before but not very many times and also not in a long time. I asked Kaylee why she picked Kylie, and she said that Kylie was the first girl she saw at school that day that had peed with her before, and so she went and asked her and she said yes. She also said that Kylie liked peeing in the car and thought that the couch would be fun too. And so Kylie would be the one. I made arrangements for her to come home with us the next day when I picked Kaylee up from school. That was yesterday. I picked them both up and then we went to eat at McDonald's and I saw that the girls were making sure that they were drinking a lot of soda so that they would have to pee a lot. Then we went home and by the time we got there both of the girls really had to pee and so they went into the living room to have a pee in the couch. Kaylee stood in front of the couch and pulled down her jeans and sat down on the cushion. Then Kylie followed suit. And so Kaylee was on Kylie's right, and Kylie was on Kaylee's left. I hope that didn't sound too confusing! Kaylee was sitting on the middle cushion where Laura had sat and peed and Kylie was to her left, where no one had actually sat and peed but where some of Laura's pee had trickled down from the armrest. She said "I'm gonna start going now" and I said "ok." Kaylee let herself relax and then I began to hear a little hiss start to go into the cushion. Kaylee was peeing. Then Kylie gave herself a little push. Kylie too was starting to pee. She kept going and her hiss became more and more steady and then she was peeing at full force. A few seconds later she also let a little fart, and then another. She giggled and then so did Kaylee. The two girls continued to sit there and have their pees until they were finished. Then they let the last few drops come out and go into the fabric of the couch. They also each let a fart into the fabric too. Then after that they were all done. Well, I hope you all enjoyed that post!

Bye for now,
Car Mom :)



I know it seems odd but i love squating when i go 2 the bathroom. I first sit 2 pee. Then i squat on the toilet and let my poop out. I did that today. First i take my pants and underwear. Then I sat 2 pee then squated 4 or 5 nice sized poops came out felt good.

When I was young I had the fear of pooping anywhere in public especially at school. In third grade my parents couldn't take it anymore so they sent me to a psycologist who specialized in bathroom habits in children. My mom set up an appoiment and the fallowing week I had my first appoiment now that day I really needed to crap and I held it in that morning well when I got there the urge was really bad I went in to talk with her and she seemed nice we talked about strayagies for having a poop in public well when the session was over she than asked me the worst possible thing and that was she said to see if I could have a poop in the bathroom next door. She said with all her paitents on the first time she looks to see anything in perticular she could work with me on in that regard. I hadn't pooped in five days but was too embarassed to tell her this so I had no chioce but to agree she than brought my mom out and they both fallowed me into the unisex bathroom next to her office. My face was bright red as I had never pooped in public or in front of anyone since I was potty trained. I sat on the toilet and released a massive stinky poop that clogged the toilet. I was so embarassed and started to cry my mom and the psycologist told me it was fine but said we have a lot to work on.



I only come by every couple of weeks, so don't be discouraged. Your stories are probably interesting(searches for Hope's stories).

The only reason I came here today is because I have been alternating between diarrhea and black stools all day, and needed to read about other's struggles.


"Buddy dump" with a friend

Last week I went to a party at this cute guy's house. After spending some time there, I began to feel the signs that I would need a poo soon. I couldn't bring myself to go at the party, because what if someone saw I was in the bathroom for a long time, they'd know I was pooping. Or worse, if someone came in right after I got done, they'd definitely smell my creations. So I just held it, and it wasn't too bad for a while. As time passed, I had to go worse and worse. Finally, people started leaving, which was good. I just didn't want to be the first one to leave the party.

But anyway, I waited a bit, and then a friend and I left the party together and we started to walk back to her house which was sort of close. Well, really, about a twenty-five minute walk, but neither of us were sober enough to drive. I still had to go to the bathroom pretty bad, but I felt I could hold it until we got to her house. At some point, my friend said she needed to stop and go to the bathroom. I thought she had gone just before we left, so I asked her. She told me that it was for a "number one" at the party, now she had to go "number two, really really bad". She knew a park was near where we were, and suggested we go there, thinking that would be the only place open that late.

And off we went to find the park's bathrooms. We found them after looking for a while, and we went inside. I spied the urinals and told my friend that we were in the men's room. She said she didn't care, she had to go now. And I figured I had to go pretty bad as well, so I would just go there. She pulled down her jeans and panties all the way down to her feet and sat on one of the toilets, but there were no stalls. I was glad it was just us two, no one else to see. I sat on the toilet next to her, but I only pulled my pants down to around my thighs. As I was sitting down, I heard a sploonk and then a loud fart. She farted again and I let off a few quiet farts as well. I felt a poo ready and the head poked out. My poo was being stubborn. I really had to go, but it just didn't want to come out. I had to push hard to get it to move at all. I got the poo to move a bit, and while I was doing that, I heard a plop and a floomp from her.

At last, my poo was moving by itself. I didn't have to push so hard anymore. I heard sploop plop splish. I remarked that she really must have had to go. She said she really did she'd been holding it for most of the party. I told her I had too, and she asked why wasn't I going. I said that I was, my poo was just taking a long time in coming out, which was true, although by then I had a pretty long poo hanging out of me, it hadn't broken off to make any noise yet. She remarked that she hated that, when she knew she really had to go, she could feel the pressure and the need to go, but it just wouldn't come out. And as she was talking, she let out a few soft farts that I could just barely hear. Then a little bit later, my long poo broke off at last and it made sort of a flump sound.

My friend told me she felt maybe a bit more, but she was almost done and asked how I was coming. I told her that I would still be a while, I thought. I let out a long fart and felt another poo start to come out. This one was working out at a normal pace, not coming out like a snail, like that other poo before it. I heard a splop and a sploomp at the same time. I think she dropped a poo just right as mine did, so I was hard to tell who had made which sound. After that, I let out three shorter poos which made big sploosh sounds. Those poos came out fairly quickly, one after the other. I felt I could probably do another poo or two, but I didn't want to make my friend wait any longer, so I said I was done. I guess she was just waiting for me to be done before she even started wiping, because as soon as I said I was done, she tore off some paper and began wiping. She stopped and said she had a crazy idea. She said we should wipe, but put all our paper in the third toilet, then flush the paper away, but leave our poos on display for people to see the next day. I thought it was really crazy, but she thought it would be funny, so I said okay.

So, she stood up and moved over to the other toilet, wiped herself thoroughly and then got up. I then moved over the to the toilet and I wiped myself. Then I flushed the toilet. My friend was looking at my poos and she commented that I had done a really long poo. I said it felt like a long one when it was coming out. I decided to take a look at her poos as well, and she had done many different poos of varying sizes. At that point, I started laughing and asked her are we really having a conversation about our poop. She laughed too and then we washed our hands, and left the bathroom, without flushing the toilets. We shifted topics to other things as we walked the rest of the way, but still I had to wonder what would happen the next morning when someone came in to that bathroom. I'd like to think it was someone who would appreciate the absurd humor value in what we did, but in reality, someone probably just found it and was disgusted that whoever did it couldn't even bother to flush after himself.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Francesca and Hope first welcome back and great peeing story Francesca and I have been reading some of of your older stories and I really enjoyed them and I would have commented about them but I didnt know about this site back then and I look forward to your guys next post thanks.

To: Tom great story about smelling your girlfriends and those other girls poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie great story about you and your friends Amy and Olivia going to the bathroom together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: City Guy first welcome to site and great story about seeing that girls panties with the poop stain on them and I bet if you guys start going out she might be pretty open with you about her bathroom habits because youve already seen her dirty panties and didnt act digusted and if she does please share the stories and maybe if shes interested in that kind of stuff maybe tell her about this site and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Cassie great story about your friend Rachel pooping her pants in front of you and maybe you could tell her that youve done that to who knows it might ceepen your guys friendship because she will know she has a true friend who wont make fun or act grossed out if poop or pees her pants and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty, Kirsty great story and you probaly ate something that diagreed with you and thats what caused the diarrhea or for some other reason who knows and at least you make it to the toilet and didnt have a major accident instead of just a little leaking out and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Half Dump Denise first welcome back havent heard from you in awhile and im glad to see your ok and also great pooping story and those two people should have been more kind to you in stead of acting the way they did and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: who ever wrote about seeing there cousin Anne going to the bathroom great story.

To: Michell Formaly MS first welcome back im glad to see you posting again and great story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Angelica first welcome to the site and great story about pooping your pants and I hope you contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Hermes as alway another great story about hearing a woman poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

well thats all for now and I just want to say its nice to see all these new posters it seems like word about this site is getting alround which means there will be lots of new of stories and WOW weve made it to 2000 pages and heres to the next 2000 and to everybody on here if you have a friend who is interested in this kind of stuff please tell them about this site because as the saying goes THE MORE THE MERRIER.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site


2 years ago at work

One time there was a man told me that the bathroom was dirty.I went in there to investigate and the only thing I saw was a few lightbrown turd logs and they looked like it had red crystals in them.My stomach pump itself,But I didn't puke at least.


Spirit and No Place to Shit

Last Sunday our Student Council had an all-morning work session. We had a number of huge, banner-size paper signs we had to paint, and when they dried, we had to hang them over the various entrances of the school. So many members of our Student Council had to work their other jobs or do other things in the afternoon, so we got permission from our faculty sponsor to get us in at 9 a.m. to get the spirit week banners painted and hung. They had to be up Monday morning for the students to know about all the special activities.

Me and Stac met at a coffee house at 8 a.m. and when we got done, I got up from the table and told Stac I should use the bathroom before we left. She asked if it was a quick piss, and I said no that I needed to shit. She's long teased me about how it takes me too long to shit when we're away from home and since we had only 10 minutes to get up to campus. Miss O, our faculty adviser, gives us demerits when we're late for activities so I decided to hold my crap in and walked with Stac the two blocks to campus. Miss O had the door of the social studies wing open for us, and while she had put all the supplies for us out on the floor in her hallway, she stayed in her classroom and was grading papers. We were the last of about 20 members to arrive.

While Stac sat down on the floor and looked over some of the sign drawings Miss O had approved, I told her I was going to the bathroom. She made some sarcastic remarks and winked at me, and I heard her friend Wende ask what that was about. I had to walk as fast as I could because the guys bathroom is one the far west end of the building which is perhaps two blocks away. The girls was within crawling distance from where we would be working. As I was hurrying, I got to thinking about how I prefer the social studies wing bathroom because it's more modern, larger, cleaner, and there's usually enough toilet paper available for me to place over the seat before I sit down. That's another thing Stac teases me about; she thinks it's pretentious and a total waste of paper. I saw the door on my left and placed both of my hands onto the door to push it open, but I only rammed into it. It was locked. With more activity in my gut, I walked back to Miss O's room where she was listening to classical music and grading papers and asked her if I could borrow her master key. She said it only works for classrooms and that bathrooms are on a separate key system totally controlled by janitors. Of course, there were none available in the school at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Right away when I got back into the hallway Stac sensed something was wrong. Wende, sitting right across from Stac and with hands already splashed with three colors of paint, motioned toward the door of the girls room right across the hall. She said it was open and that she had already been in there to pee. We all know one another pretty well and several of them told me to go for it. Travis, one of my best friends even though he's only a sophomore, said I should make a decision fast because my smell was starting to outdo that given by the paint. Wende said she would watch the door and keep anyone else from coming in. Again, Travis told me to go for it and jokingly asked if he could go in and piss before I went in because the room would be uninhabitable after I stunk it up. Stac, got a little upset with him, and told him softly to "F*** off". That convinced me to go for it.

I entered the room which included about 12 or 13 stalls to choose from and I took the first to my left. Since I was moving so fast, the door bounced back and hit the side of the stall, the seat was up and I dropped it, and I pulled my boxers down to knee-level and turned for the toilet paper roll and the noisy roller could have used some oil. Finally, I carefully seated myself, after ajusting one of the seat papers which had partially slid off. Immediately, there was an eruption and a splash. This was followed by another eruption of gas and then another splash. There might have been two or three others, but since they were so close together, I lost count. I looked between my legs to see what I had done, making sure I didn't make a mistake that I've made too many times in the past and that's to move back on the seat to admire my contribution. That's a mistake because then I have to stand up and readjust the papers if I need to reseat myself and try for more. There were four logs. The largest was quite wide and about three-inches long.

My gut felt so relieved. I stood. Pulled the two tissues off my thighs and dropped them into the toilet, and then I pulled off four pieces of toilet paper from the roll. I actually only use two of them to clean myself. I flushed and then went to the sink to wash my hands. The hand dryer seemed to be especially obnoxious at least compared to those in the guys' bathrooms. I walked out and noticed that all eyes were on Wende. There were a lot of smirks and even Stac was shaking her head.

When Stac and I walked back home about three hours later, the first thing I asked her was what they were saying about me when I was gone. She said Wende, simulating a play-by-play broadcaster, had completely called my shit and was very realistic and hilarious.

I've thought about saying something to Wende about her violating privacy and decency standards. And at a time when our Student Council is suppose to be working on group and school unity. But I doubt I will. Stac says just to let it go.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Greg (Mike's Friend)

Mike's Gruelling Toilet Ordeal (Part 2 of 2)


(To update the reader, I left off explaining that a badly loaded Mike had just finished an agonizing drive to arrive at my fraternity house where got his pants down and seated on the toilet BARELY in the nick of time to start a colossal shit.)

A moment later, Mike's broad shoulder's tightened up, his jaw slackened as he began moaning and his deep dark eyes glazed over and opened so wide, I didn't know what was dilated more, his butt or his eyes. I realized my toilet-bound friend was really crapping, and I MEAN seriously crapping!!. It would have been blatantly obvious that my badly-loaded buddy was beginning an overwhelming shit even if I didn't hear anything, but hear it, I most certainly did! A second later, an absolutely deafening fart announced to everyone that a badly-loaded young man was surrendered on the toilet yielding up an exceedingly huge dump. An absolutely massive load of shit then erupted out of the severely weakened boy with the explosive violent rage of a tube of caulk being run over by a Mack truck.

"Uuuugggghhhhh….Oh God!! Uuuggghh! It's coming out!!" The crapping Mike groaned reflexively as he farted quite loudly and his incredibly massive load began rushing out of him.

The python was PISSED and SOMEBODY was going to PAY!! And pay Mike certainly did as he helplessly sat bumming on that toilet just BRUTALLY overwhelmed by the devastating barrage of poop, turds, shit, crap, excrement and whatever else comes out of someone during the biggest of dumps. (And make no mistake; THIS was one of THE very biggest!!) The strapping handsome young buck was seriously loaded and crapping with his pants down on the badly-needed toilet!!! The helplessly bumming Mike found it impossible to contain his shit, while I found it very difficult to contain my enthusiasm!!

"Finally! Thank God I made it!!" Mike moaned under his breath as the safety of the toilet allowed him to commence his exceptionally enormous dump. "Fuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh." Mike didn't quite SAY the "F" word, but almost as he helplessly sat there being totally overwhelmed on the toilet in the throes of a dump. The overpowering avalanche of crap stormed right through the bumming Mike like the German blitzkrieg through Poland. Still, you could still clearly tell just how grateful, happy, and relieved the helplessly crapping boy was to finally have a toilet to poop on and feel all that pent-up excrement leaving his 21-year-old body. Bbbpppffftt Bbbpppffftt Bbbpppffftt Bbbpppffftt Bbbpppffftt. The thick mean enormous chocolate python which had made Mike weak and forced his surrender continued to grow and grow and grow longer and longer as it crackled, hissed and uncoiled its way out of dismayed groaning young man and coiling its way around the inside of the large porcelain bowl. Given all the crackling, sputtering, farting, hissing, plopping, moaning and groaning I heard plus all of Mike's grimacing wincing facial expression, there could be no doubt that my crapping buddy was being thoroughly and convincingly overwhelmed by a dump.

As my helpless overwhelmed buddy sat there moaning and filling the BADLY-needed toilet with excrement, he continued to stare down into his underwear with the biggest eyes I have ever seen him make. The crapping boy managed to gasp out a few groans of relief with his stifled breathing as the overpowering load of turds just kept coming and coming and coming out of his muscular young athletic body. As the pooping young athlete sat there on the toilet his pants down helplessly bumming his crap out, it seemed like every muscle in the crapping Mike's terrific fit body, from the top of his tensed-up head to his curled up toes was thoroughly committed to this enormous explosive dump, more so than any other I had ever seen him or anyone else ever take. Seriously folks, Custer had a MUCH better chance at Little Big Horn than my desperately-loaded buddy did against this monstrous overwhelming dump and just getting his pants down and seated on the toilet in time with at least MOST of his shit still inside him was nothing short of a minor miracle for the badly-weakened Mike.

This very extreme dump also had sort of an upside for the toilet-bound Mike too even though I was clearly getting the most out of seeing this handsome loaded young stud sitting with his pants down taking a really major shit. Mike had been working really hard at football in order to impress the coaches and earn more playing time and the results on the toilet were dramatic. The toilet test doesn't lie. If you look great on the crapper, you will probably look great anywhere. With his pants down around his ankles, at least this was an opportunity for the loaded young man taking a shit to show off the results of his weight and resistance training and the results were looking quite good. Although really weakened by the dump he was currently having, you could really tell that overall, the strength training was clearly paying off for the strapping fit young man crapping on the toilet. First, Mike's badly-loaded butt, although quite busy expelling turds, was looking firmer and rounder. (I could still hear the astonishingly long turd crackling its way out of Mike not showing any sign of letting up any time soon!) Next, Mike's thighs and quadriceps were certainly showing excellent tone and definition. Finally, Mike's calf muscles were showing very good definition and firmness even though his underwear was stretched around them and they were partially covered by his white socks. Mike's underwear seemed to hang from his calves like a white surrender flag. Poor guy hadn't yet admitted it yet because he was so desperately overwhelmed by a dump, but Mike's underwear was pretty well smeared with crap due to his extremely rare loss of bowel control. Mike would take opportunity to show off his upper body later, but for now, it was the legs and gluteus of the pooping young athlete on display.

Several moments later, the long devastating rush of shit finally concluded as the other end of the extremely enormous crackling chocolate python finally cleared Mike's beleaguered butt and dropped into the crapper. Without actually seeing the immense log crackling out of his seriously-loaded butt, I couldn't gauge just how fast the amazingly massive turd was coming out of Mike. However, it seemed to crackle and sputter through him forever, so I knew the log just HAD to be enormously long!! If 12" is the standard here at Toiletstool to qualify as a "really large" turd, this monster clearly eclipsed that standard with ease! I knew Mike pretty well and a 12" turd the diameter of a golf ball would hardly faze him and he could hold something like that for a real long time, no problem. That was clearly not the case with this extraordinarily massive fecal beast. Obviously weakened by the whole grueling ordeal, Mike slumped forward in euphoric relief and let loose a lengthy heart-felt moan. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…."

Mike's incredibly massive dump was far from over however, and the moment of relief was short-lived as a huge mushy afterbirth to the incredibly massive fecal python quickly got into position and hit the weakened boy really hard with another great big round of shit, this time quite a bit mushier than before. First Mike ripped a long wet sloppy fart as his butt and diaphragm began quivering and he began groaning again. A moment later, my weakened toilet-bound buddy was seriously crapping again. Loud mushy-sounding crackling and spluttering splats announced that a whole new round of chocolate syrup, chocolate pudding, and soft-serve chocolate ice cream mixed with plenty of gas was gushing out of the helpless boy and landing on top of the massive angry chocolate python that had preceded it. What made this spectacular round of crap even better was Mike's body language as all the loose mushy excrement went right through the crapping young stud. As all this mushy soft-serve shit and gas was coming out of Mike, his head was rolling back and his glazed-over eyes seemed-to-be rolling in the back of his head.

"Ohhhh…. Ohhhh… Ahhhh… ahhhh… Ohhhhh…!!!!" The badly-weakened Mike moaned and moaned, and moaned through the multiple undulating butt spasms. Lots more loose mushy excrement rushed out of his fit young body as he sat there being seriously overwhelmed by a dump.

Meanwhile the other end of Mike's long lean pooping body was also reacting in sympathy as well to the action taking place in his undulating rectum. Even with his lowered pants draped over his shoes, Mike's size 15 feet were more than long enough for you to see his toes curling up as all the mushy soft-serve crap crackled and sputtered out of his undulating butt. You could really hear all the mushy loose excrement pounding the water in rapid-fire succession rapidly piling up in the badly-needed toilet beneath my indisposed groaning buddy as he helplessly sat there with his pants down filling the toilet with shit. Ppppfffffftttp. Ppppfffffftttp. Ppppfffffftttp.. Ppppfffffftttp. Splutsplatsplut. Ppppfffffftttp. Ppppfffffftttp. Ppppfffffftttp. Ppppfffffftttp. Splutsplatsplut. The soft mushy excrement just kept coming and coming out of Mike in wave after wave. Mike was clearly one helpless young man bumming on the severely-needed toilet in the throes of an overpowering dump.

For several very long moments, it really seemed like the only thing my helpless overwhelmed buddy could do was sit there with his pants down as he crapped and crapped, and farted and crapped. But finally, the tempestuous torrent of soft mushy crap mercifully abated, and a very relieved-looking Mike leaned back with a long moan of euphoria mixed with relief and gratitude that his torment was almost over. I myself was completely astonished and could not get over just how badly loaded Mike had been and the absolutely amazing monstrous megapile of shit that had just come out of him!!!

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Mike sighed in euphoric relief. "Oh my God!! Thank God that's finally over with!!" Mike finally looked up at me after what had to have been at least a full minute of non-stop crapping. For Mike, I'm sure it seemed much longer, and for me, time had stood still seeing this amazing performance. "I don't think I've ever had to shit so badly in my entire life! I seriously thought I was going to shit myself, and darn near did!!"

"Damn, Mike!" I exclaimed in astonishment. "How do you feel after all that???"

"I feel totally bummed out, but I'll be ok!!" The greatly relieved Mike said with a big grin as his heavy breathing began to slow down. Mike's sense of humor along with his strength was beginning to return with the departure of his excrement even though this crapping ordeal had nearly worn him out.

"Man! I still can't believe I was loaded with so much shit!! I've never had THAT much crap in me in my entire life!!" Mike exhaled another long sigh of relief saying this.

Back when he first dropped his pants and sat down, Mike had told me I could keep talking while he crapped (and crapped and crapped!!), but I was so astonished hearing the incredibly awesome amount of shit coming out of the guy that I had forgotten to talk. I wouldn't have known what to say anyway. And Mike looked like he could barely breathe, much less talk as he helplessly sat there bumming all that crap out of his butt.

When this ordeal was finally over, Mike was going to need a whole lot of toilet paper to wipe his heavily soiled butt so I quickly eyeballed the tp roll hanging next to him and found that it was ¾ full. I figured that should be enough paper to satisfy Mike's substantial wiping needs. But, just in case it wasn't, I also checked the cabinet under the sink and found a couple more rolls. I figured that should be enough to get Mike through the long weekend.

It was only at this point that Mike, now finally lucid again after being thoroughly overwhelmed by a dump, finally noticed that the bathroom door ripped from the hinges. Mike had been too delirious with panic in his desperation to shit to notice the door when he had arrived and he had been only semi-conscious while sitting there helplessly bumming his crap into the toilet. I'm quite sure Mike would have used my toilet to crap anyway even if his massive overwhelming dump hadn't been quite such a dire emergency.

Mike wasn't the only person rendered helpless by his totally awesome dump. As Mike regained his bearings, I suddenly realized I had just stood there all that time totally wide-eyed and completely astonished by this tour-de-force performance this pooping young athlete was putting on crapping on the critically-needed toilet. I must have stood there speechless for at least a couple minutes as the overwhelmed young man on the toilet helplessly pooped and pooped and pooped filling the toilet with excrement. I felt a bit embarrassed at first as I realized what had happened, but I then realized that the overwhelmed Mike had been TOTALLY consumed with his OWN situation. He hadn't noticed a thing other than the highly euphoric sensation of a whole lot of shit quickly leaving his young fit body. Another problem I had though was a slight bulge in the front of MY pants that this pooping young man's awesome performance had caused. I'm normally quite disciplined and self-controlled about such things as they are in the process of unfolding, but THIS was otherworldly. You gotta remember that Mike and I now went to different schools and seeing this fit young athlete let loose like this so badly loaded on the toilet in the throes of a dump was something you just didn't see every day. Like I said before, Mike was probably THE best pooper of his (and my) generation! Luckily, I was able to cover up and adjust myself without TOO much of a problem and I don't think Mike ever noticed the OTHER problem as well. At any rate, I had seen Mike overwhelmed by a dump before and I've posted some other stories of similar experiences with him on page 1489, page 1600 and elsewhere, but THIS may well have been THE most helpless I have EVER seen him. I mean, the shit seemed to be going through the crapping Mike like it was just never going to stop!

"Dude, what happened to the door?" Mike exclaimed in surprise finally looking up. I then explained to him that it needed to be repaired because a fellow classmate had gotten pissed off after a fight with his girlfriend and took out his frustrations on the door. "Dude, I had to shit SO bad, I never noticed until just now!"

I laughed at this response. Mike explained that he had an opportunity to bum on the toilet back at the gas station but the place wasn't clean enough for him to drop his pants and sit there. It was only after he got back on the road that the urge to defecate got extremely bad and that he had just barely made it here in the nick of time.

"I can usually hold even a big shit for quite a while so I thought I was fine back at the gas station. I wasn't counting on the load getting that huge that fast! It just blew up on me after I got back in the car and got back on the road! This was one of the few times where I needed to shit so bad I thought I wasn't going to make it!"

I apologized for the door situation. Mike pretty much laughed it off. He had grown up with four brothers sharing one small bath for years then went to schools without doors and partitions. Now he was in a fraternity house sharing a bath with seven other guys. So many people had seen Mike crapping on the toilet with his pants down, he had lost count of how many years ago. I felt lucky and honored to be one of them!! I laughed and told Mike it was blatantly obvious he was desperate to shit really bad from the moment he pulled up even though he didn't admit it until we had reached the suite. "You walk like a freakin' PENGUIN when you really have to shit!" I told him. We both got a good laugh out of that one. It was funny but true. Mike DID start to walk stiffly and with his butt cheeks tightly clenched whenever he needed to defecate quite badly.

At any rate, Mike was now looking and sounding greatly relieved with all that excrement out of him as he sat there with his pants still down, but now able to smile and laugh again in a relaxed manner. I'm sure it stunk there in that small bathroom, but Mike looked so amazing sitting there on that toilet with his pants down around his calves that I barely noticed.

I took this opportunity to ask the relieved-looking Mike how he was doing. He responded by giving me a big thumbs up, the universal signal of pooping young men everywhere that his great big dump was going quite well.

"Dude, can you do me a really big favor" asked. I agreed. "But you've GOT to keep a secret!" I said sure. I figured Mike had just done me a huge favor just now pooping on the toilet, so it was no problem to do one for him!

"Well, as you could tell by following behind me, I didn't QUITE make it on to the toilet in time and my underwear sort of got hit by accident. There are some clean boxers in my overnight bag, can you bring me a pair??" Anticipating that I would say yes, Mike was already bent over untying his canvas sneakers in order to get his pants and underwear off completely so he could change.

Saying sure, I asked Mike if he was about wrapped up with necessary business.

"Just about. I'm trying to get the rest of this shit out of me and that should do it." That last statement really shouldn't have surprised me. It seemed that whenever Mike took a great shit (and trust me, THIS was a really GREAT shit!), he always had some more in reserve just when you were thinking he had to be about done. That was Mike for you. Like after a superb fireworks show where you still get the grand finale. After getting his shoes and pants off, he handed me the folded-up smeared underwear. Surprisingly, Mike hadn't bummed TOO much into them to the point of destroying them. They would clean up but would need to go through the hot cycle with the bleach. I noticed that the shit wasn't particularly loose or soft at all, nor had Mike been sick. It was just that the load he had just bummed out was SO amazingly immense that it had simply overwhelmed Mike's resources to hold it.

As I went out and threw Mike's soiled boxers in the laundry hamper, I could hear Mike start to bear down. Hrrrrmmmph. Hhhhrmmph. Hhrrmph. The struggling Mike was now executing what is more technically known as the Valsava Maneuver. It's where a person tries to expedite defecation by forcibly blowing air into a closed glottis with quick sharp thrusts of the diaphragm, pelvic, and chest muscles. It's more commonly known here on Toiletstool as "grunting." The cool thing about Mike was as he sat there grunting, he would also wince and shut his eyes tightly at the same time. I know that a lot of my Mike stories posted here have to do with him going to the toilet urgently with a whole lot of shit coming out of him fast and easily. But Mike was also an excellent grunter as well when he really had to struggle to get through a difficult shit. I can remember one time on a trip we were at a hotel and Mike had a mild to moderate case of constipation. The dude must have grunted on the toilet for a good 25 minutes trying to get his crap out.

Mike then grunted out a few more smaller crackling rounds of shit all the while farting, and farting, and farting and conversing with me at the same time. A few minutes later the grunting and the farting stopped as Mike was FINALLY empty at long last. I handed Mike the clean underwear and he slipped them on around his knees.

"Wow! Talk about a massive shit!! I don't think I've ever had so much crap in me in my entire life!!"

Then surprisingly, Mike admitted he wanted to look at his massive creation and asked if I wanted a look too. "I have a feeling this is going to be IM-PRES-SIVE." I feigned reluctance at looking at someone's crap but I was absolutely dying of curiosity and also wanted to see just how much crap Mike had bummed out of his fit young body. I'm not a coprophiliac and I'm not so much concerned about the excrement itself, but seeing it WOULD serve as a good indication of what kind of experience my greatly-relieved buddy had just gone though. Mike then looked down into the bowl first.

"Dude, you are NEVER going to believe how much SHIT is in the toilet unless you see it for yourself!!"

Mike then carefully covered up his boy package and stood up and turned around. Still somewhat weakened and drained by his overpowering crap, Mike almost passed out as he stood up, but he caught himself in time. What I saw was absolutely startling. Curled around the perimeter of the bowl and down the drain was the newborn chocolate python which was EASILY greater than the diameter of a golf ball. Accompanying the python was quite a substantial array of brown mush of varying consistency and color topped off by the smaller pieces Mike had just grunted out. Mike was right, it WAS really impressive! I couldn't believe that Mike somehow managed to hold all that shit held inside him for over 15 minutes! There's no way I could have held it for 15 SECONDS!

"Now that's a load off MY mind!" Mike joked as we both laughed. I commented that it would have been a load off a GORILLA'S mind! As far as great dumps go, Mike probably had just dropped his Magnum Opus!! If one of Mike's regular great big dumps was comparable to a Wagner opera (load dramatic and of mythic proportions), then THIS was more like an entire Ring Cycle!!!

"I don't think I've ever been loaded with THAT much shit before in my life, bro!" Mike exclaimed as he moved to sit back down to finish up with the paperwork. Mike and I usually didn't talk about stuff like defecation, but THIS was certainly an exceptional circumstance. To this day, I'm not exactly certain why Mike allowed me to witness him taking this great big enormous dump but I'm certainly glad he did. A couple reasons have crossed my mind. They're all speculation but I can't rule any of them out. One reason could be that maybe Mike in his desperately loaded condition felt like he couldn't stop me or maybe he just didn't care. He lived at a fraternity house at his school too so he was most certainly seen pooping numerous times as well as having seen numerous other guys poop many times. But two other reasons I can't put past Mike are 1.) That he was showing off what a big man he was by demonstrating how big and virile his shits were or 2.) He was making a play for sympathy demonstrating how totally overwhelming his dump was. Of course, there could have been elements of ALL those things in Mike's reasoning.

Mike then reached for the flush lever and pulled it and then sat back down to clean up his heavily soiled butt. His monstrous fecal beast gurgled and groaned but eventually all swirled down the hole. We continued to talk as Mike reached for the first round of toilet paper. Mike then tore off a 4' section of tissue and folded it down to about 4 inches in length before reaching under with his big right hand to perform his first wipe. As you might expect, the first wipe resulted in a wad of paper absolutely covered with shit. Mike's butt had been really loaded up with crap, so quite naturally, so was the paper. It took my greatly-relieved buddy a whole bunch if wipes to clean up since this big nasty dump had left his butt extra shitty and extra sticky. I really wanted to go out and do some things with Mike after this but I knew that major bowel movements always seemed to leave Mike feeling weak, drained and exhausted, and this huge dump was as major as they come. This time was no different as Mike clearly looked, well… weak, drained and exhausted.

A few moments later, a greatly relieved-looking Mike flushed the toilet for a second time to get rid of all the soiled paper and finally pulled his pants back up heaving a sigh of relief. Mike then emerged from the bathroom heaving another long sigh of relief having just been thoroughly overwhelmed by a dump. I had left the bathroom while he finished up wiping to get his stuff situated for the weekend. At this point, Mike finally opened his arms to give me the hug he had withheld in the parking lot when he so desperately needed to unload.

"Good to see you Bro." Mike said as move toward me with open arms. However, Mike was still so weakened and dizzy from his enormous explosive dump that he almost fell over on me as we went to embrace. I ended up having to hold him up and help him regain his balance.
"Sorry to blow you off before, but I was so loaded with shit, I was afraid I would shit myself if I got hugged." Mike probably was right.

I then mentioned about going to dinner. He then said he was feeling tired and wanted to rest up for a bit. He then laid down on the sofa and was out like a light. He didn't wake up for another 3 hours following his physically arduous and emotionally charged toilet ordeal.

Be Safe,

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