Jeff A.
Cindy: I loved the story about your getting caught on the toilet by your earlybird boyfriend. I also loved the description of how you were dressed. Bridget: Great story about the mirror event. It was a 10! I've done that myself several times, I've even videotaped myself. A regular "voyeur cam" in my bathroom. To my Scot friends out there: I know I'm going to sound like an idiot, but this has really been bothering me. What are sloggi briefs? I was out on the highway, and I stopped at a state park restroom to do a big #2. (I ate a huge lunch) and after about an hour, my lower half was going through armaegeddon. So I go in, there's no doors on the stalls, and the walls did'nt even cover all of the toilet. They went up high, but didn't extend very far outward. I dropped my shorts, and sat down and was just getting ready to let go, when another guy comes in. He just looked at the stall situation and said rather disgustedly "wonderful." I just nodded and said "I know." He tried not to look at me, and then he said "Well, here goes." and dropped his pants and sat down. I started to push out my first biggie, it was noisy too, with lots of crackling and pooping sound, and I grunted as I pushed it out. When it fell, it splashed loud. Another one started out immediately the same way, and then another. I ended my anal symphony with an "Ohhhhhhhhhh…shiiitttt." and another "Plunk!" The smell wasn't too bad which helped in this case. I listened, and the guy next to me wasn't making much noise, but then he started plopping. A whole bunch of soft splashy poops that went "plop-plup-plopp-plop". He dropped nine of these, (I counted.) He then reached into his shirt pocket, took out a cigarette, and lit it which was good, because any other aroma was now welcome. This damned restroom had absolutely no privacy whatsoever, and as we both sat there plopping away, he said "Where ya' headin?" (plop), and I replied with a slight grunt "nnhJust driving aroundhhhh." (splat!) it was another good sized one. My poop was very loud compared to his, but his smelled more. We sat there in a few more seconds of silence just crapping away and stinking the place up. He had his pants down around his ankles, as did I. We both must have been in there for a good 10 minutes, completely aware of each other, and exchanging quick stolen glances. (I used to work out in a gym about 5 days a week regularly, and I'm used to pooping in the presence of other men.) I started crackling and splatting really loud as I dropped another log onto the pile. He sort of half glanced over, and when I looked up, he quickly looked away again. He laughed and said, "We both musta ate at the same place today." and I just said "Probably." and left it at that. After a few seconds of silence, I heard a slight "Phhfftttt" coming out of his ass, and he dropped another barrage of turds into the bowl. I'm tall and have really long legs, so I look quite ridiculous when I'm wiping. I heard the sound of female voices coming closer from outside, and before I knew it, there was a really attractive 20ish girl who came in with a little boy. I guess she thought that the place was empty except for her guy, and she giggled and said, "OOOPPS!" She backed out immediately, and spoke to guy next to me from outside the door. "Honey, Jeremy's gotta go too." The guy looked at me, and sort of smiled and said, "Kids huh?" I could hear the woman laughing with another girl and they were mumbling, but I heard what she said "There's a guy in there takin' a shit, and his legs are sticking clear out of the stall!" Now. When it came time to exit, I knew that they would both be out there. So as I walked out, sure enough, they both just stared at me with big smiles on their faces just as if they were waiting on me to come out. One girl had braces, and I could see the sun glinting off of them. The first girl said "Sorry 'bout that." and laughed, and I said "No problem." When I got into my truck, they were still looking at me, and smiling. I love restrooms!!! Bye.

Like Jay and Tony from Scotland who often post here I too have been turned on since childhood by women and girls doing a motion and especially seeing the jobbies they have done, far more than when I hear a male doing one or see one another bloke has done. I suppose this is due to it being a lot easier to see what a person of your own gender has produced as boys and girls use separate toilets at school etc and kids often leave the toilet unflushed after doing a motion to show off to others what they have done. When I was at primary (grade) school from the age of 5 it was common to see other boys' jobbies left unflushed in the toilet pans in the Boys Toilets, some of these were no bigger than my own stools but there where some magnificent big turds no doubt done by the older lads ( the 11 year olds). Seeing these turned me on from an early age but it was a far better turn on when I saw a a big jobbie that a GIRL had done. Sometimes my older sisters' (who were three and one year ! older than me respectively) would leave the toilet unflushed at home and I would see their jobbies and get a buzz although these turds were not that much bigger in those days than my own. What REALLY turned me on was when saw a jobbie my mother had done. I can still vividly remember the first time I saw one of her motions although it is about 20 years ago when I was about 6 and she was 30. I didn't realise this at the time but I now know that,like many women, she sometimes got a bit constipated. One Saturday after lunch she went to the toilet and she was in there a good 20 minutes or so . I could hear her grunting and straining (and like many readers these sounds also interest me), "OO! OH! AH!" and there were a number of loud "PLOPS!" and "KAPLONKS!" as she passed some hard balls and from my own experience I guessed she was constipated. She then made a loud long "OO! OO! OO! which seemed to go on for a minute or so then she went "AHHHHH!" and there was a quiet "Floomp!" sound. I heard her wipe her bum and then she pulled the flush not the usual once but about 4 times, before coming out. Some inner voice told me to go into the toilet as soon as she was ! safely out of the way hanging out the washing in the garden with my sisters. I entered the toilet and could smell the familiar odor of a good healthy solid motion. When I lifted the lid of the toilet I saw it. In the bottom of the pan lay a long fat turd, the smaller balls she had passed had flushed away but this huge fat log had got stuck. I was about 12 inches long and 2 inches thick and like a big fat carrot in shape and lumpy and nobbily. Now I had seen some big jobbies in the Boys' Toilets at school but this really gave me a far greater buzz and I felt that it was because it was HER jobbie that I was looking at. Later my sisters also saw it but their response was more one of amusement than being turned on in any way. I kept going back into the toilet to have a look at it and even did my own far smaller jobbie on top of it (a kind of buddy dump I suppose). Eventually, after it had been there for a few hours it softened up, broke in two and flushed away. I was to see such big whoppers from time to time over the years when I lived at home both passed by my mother and my sisters and this always gave me a buzz although from my teens I have done such big jobbies every so often myself, and I am still more turned on to hear a woman doing a good solid motion and seeing a woman's jobbie rather than one done by another man. As other male readers have had similar experiences I wonder if they have any explanation and do women such as Bridget get a similar buzz when they see large turds passed men or hear them doing one?

The Other Day, Me and My Friend were messing aroung, and we live in a Semi Large City. But anyway it came to about 10:30 or so, and my Freind need to take a dump (he is 17) And I kinda Felt Like I needed to,(I am 18) So he said something about he was going to go home and take a dump, but I needed to go to. So we Decided that we would find a place to poop. it so happens that nothing was open, so we had to place to do out duty. But i thought of one place, a public Park, Their bathrooms are open all night. So we both Went into the Bathroom, and Went into the toilet stalls, and i sat Down, and Started to poop while he was in the other stall, and he asked me if I put down any toilet paper Before I sat down, But I did not, because the toilet was Clean, So he Sat Down And Started to Do his Duty. And This is the First Time I had pooped infront of him, he had pooped in front of me one time, So I was pooping and keep in mind that these toilets are Right Nect to each other and we could See each other Because The Stalls were just large enough to cover up the lower body. and While I was in the Middle of my pooping, Some GIRL walked in, and we are Both Straight. And This Girls Started Talking to me when I was pooping, I mean Really pooping I was In the middle of a large log, i was on the toilet With My Elbows on My Knees. And this Girl was t! alking to me, At that Time, adn Then all the Sudden She called in here Freind, and she Started Flirting With My Friend, who We will Call Tom. and So Then They Kept Talking to us, and I Kinda was Shy because I was pooping in Front of the oposite Sex, how Strange, Any Way I sat there For a little Bit after I was Done pooping and I think that She could Tell that I was Done pooping, And She told me the Finish So we could Go out. and So I Pulled Down some toilet Paper as she Watched, and wiped My Butt, And she Did not care, at all. from this day Forward We are Still Seeing each other, and so it tom and his Girlfriend. So You can Say that we Met in the Strange place :-)

To Cindy and Bridget about VOYEUR sites. Yes, there is a growing number of voyeur sites around and very few are free. I can think of two sites managed by the same person featuring girls on the potty (updated every two weeks) and was a member of both sites, until I got tired of them and did not renew my memberships. By the way, the cost of becoming a member of these two sites far outpaces the rate of inflation: I became a member of both sites 8 months ago for $ 10 a month and the charge today is "just" $ 23. There are also a few sites with a live spy camera in the ladies room. I visit it from time to time for free, as I have traded passwords. Alas for our female friends here, I do not know of any site fearuring male body functions. Philippe.

Kids under 18: What do you do when you constipated? In the bathroom that is

Hi Thom I've got to tell you...your post was one of my favorites here. Your talk of you and your younger brother both being so constipated much of the time really hit home with me; although my worst problems were at an earlier age than you. By the time I was 14 or so, things eased up a bit...I would have large hard movements every few days...but at least I could go! As a younger child I would often go for a week or more with no movement at all. The blockage apparently was up higher in my intestines...There would be no stool down in my colon...If there was, I'd have worked it out with my finger! Instead, the days would go by with no urge at all...and with no feeling of fullness either; for that matter. Then sometime after day 7 or 8 all of a sudden I would feel nauseus and would most likely vomit. My Mom would find out that I was constipated and would give me an enema. Often two or three enemas would be needed to empty me out. I had so much trouble that after a while my Mom would make me not flush until she could look at my bowel movement. That way she could keep a handle on how many days it had been since I had last gone. So many parents though don't realize that their kids are having such a hard time. Frequently the first time they'll realize that their child is constipated will be when he throws up at a restaurant, or when the school nurse calls to tell them that their son hasn't had a bowel movement in over a week and needs an enema. Getting back to you and your brother said that he watched while you took an enema...I can't help but wonder if maybe you gave him one too? It sure sounded like there were times that he needed one. Please post some more...I'm looking foward to hearing more about your experiences. Gary

Sunday, June 28, 1998

To Andre. What you describe is not that unusual in the circumstances. What happens is that the stool at the (rectum) end of the large intestine (colon) has been there longer , more water is absorbed from it and it gets hard and lumpy, further back up the bowel the stool is a bit softer and really far up it is loose to watery. When the residue of digestion leaves the small intestine it is fluid, the function of the colon is to absorb the water and some other substances contained in it and render the stools more solid. Hence if the feces take a slow passage through the colon and are retained for a while the motion is firmer, if hurried through a softer to looser motion is passed. Compare a motion passed early in the morning after getting out of bed which is often soft but formed with the fimer jobbie passed if one waits till lunchtime or later to do it. This is how many laxatives work by stimulating the bowel to move its contents though quicker e.g Senna Pods, and also by blocking the absorbtion of the water content by changing the osmotic tension (saline purgatives such as Magnesium Sulphate). In Andre's case what probably happened was that the bowel was quite full and the contents further back would have had less absorbtion of the fluid thus when he did have a motion it went through the range from hard balls to what sounds like a nice big solid jobbie then soft poos , loose mush and full blown diarrhea. The colour changes are also typical as the stool tends to get darker the longer it is held in though what one has eaten can affect the colour. In circumstances such as Andre's what can also happen is that the liquid stool from further up the bowel leaks past the solid mass and a watery stool is passed but the solid lump remains , a condition called "spurious diarrhea" not uncommon in the bedridden. To Ferris. On the few occasions I have hung my arse over the side of the boat and done a jobbie into the water it made a "splook" when it dropped in and floated for a few minutes then slowly sank. To Jill (UK) when you've got to go you've got to go you've got to go.

I love this site. I like the pee stories the best. Especially the girl pee stories. Well anyway i got a story to tell you. when i was in 7th grade i had to pee so bad. I didnt go in the school bathrooms cause i figured i could wait till i got home. Boy was i in pain on the bus. My bladder was killing me and i was bouncing around like a ball. I had to pee so bad. And to make it worse we got stuck in traffic that day. I couldnt wait to get home. I was almost at my stop and the pain was unbarable. I didnt let up though. i held it in no matter how full it was. when i finally got off the bus i ran down the street and into the woods to pee. i found a spot and unzipped my jeans and pulled out my penis. Ahhhh!!! Sweet relief. It felt so good to let out my pee. I stood there for ever it seemed peeing so hard. This was the best pee i ever had. I moaned so loud. I just stood there staring into space draining my bladder. when i was finally done there was a big puddle of piss under me. Theres nothing like letting out a full bladder

My name is Jake and my most embarrassing moment of my entire life, happend when I was 13 yr old and in 7th grade. Me and my little brother and some friends went to a haunted house a couple of days before halloween, my brother was 10 and in the 4th grade, a couple of friends where with us, my friend who was my age and his brother who was 9 and a friend of his who was 7. Me and my friend had been teasing the youger guys "don't get scared, don't get to scared like a babby" frankly we didn't want them along but of course our parents had a different plan. Now let me say this is not your little kids haunted house this is one of those haunted houses that makes adults run out screaming. We headed in and at first it was nothing special, movie monsters and such, it got more scary as you went along with headles people and mosters chassing you, and we where all running and screaming before long. it was very dark as we made are way to the end somone grabbed me by the collar and pulled me back, I looked up to see a man with a disfigured face with chainsaw(it looked real but it probably wasn't) he! lifted me of the groung and waved the chainsaw in my face, I remeber being more scared then I had ever been in my life, I had a very strange sensation come over me, I had never felt the sensation before, and I didn't know what it was, I got away my friends had already gotten out, I stoped just before the exit to catch my breath when it hit me, did I mess in my pants? I slowly put my hand back and felt, yep! and wasn't a little ether I emptyed everything I had into my undewear. I was only glad I din't wet my pants, that would have been more noticable, maybe they wouldn't figure it out. We started walking home, brian the 7yr old was in the back, and I guess smelt it and saw the bulde at my bottom, and said hey look Jake messed in his pants, I felt a cold panic come over me, they know. Messing in my pants was bad enough but being 13 and messing in my pants if front of my 10 yr old brother and a 7 yr old first grader, I could have died. Needless to say it was a long walk hom! e, a very long walk home! Who got scared, who is the baby? my brother kept saying, and my friend said maybe next time we can bring some diapers. They made sure every kid in the neighborhood and school knew, and had to be dragged to school the next day kicking and screaming. It took a long time to get over it, and I asure you my brother never let me forget it, and I also can say I never made anymore remarks about my brother being yourger or being the baby of the family. My mom was angry but I didn't get in trouble because my dad thought it was funny.

Hi Everyone. Its been awhile since I have posted anything here. Lots of great stories. I taught myself about what an enema was. We never talked about bowel movements etc. in my family and we never had laxatives in the house. At some point though an enema syringe found its way into our house. It was stored in the very back of a lower cupboard in the bathroom. I discovered it one day but didn't know what it was. Later on I read about constipation and different remedies and then I realized what it was. I was constipated a lot as a teenager and used to take suppositories from my grandparents when I was really constipated. The only problem with that was that I could never take too many at once or someone might catch on. This was all done in secret. Once I realized what the syringe was I had two solutions when I was constipated. The suppostories were good because they were easy to use. The enema was a little more involved process and I would have to find a time to use it when I had some privacy. Usually I would sneak the syringe out of the main bathroom and take it to my own bathroom. The first few times I used it, it was very awkward and hard to do. After awhile it was easier. When I was 15 and my brother was 13 I discovered that my brother also had lots of problems with constipation. I found this out by listening at the bathroom door when he was in there. At first I didn't tell him that knew he was having problems. One day though he was having such a hard time that he was crying at the end. When he came out I told him that I had over heard him and that I often had the same problem. We hadn't shared a bedroom or bathroom together for years and as I said, no one in our family ever talked about these things and we were very modest around each other. I told him that he could come into the bathroom with me when I took a dump if I could come in with him. After that we would buddy dump together after school on the days that my parents and sister were not at home. We both suffered from constipation so sometimes they were marathon sessions. I was probably about 17 when I let him watch me give myself an enema. I had gone for about 6 days without going and was deperate for relief. He knew that I was constipated and would ask me several times a day if I had gone. Finally everyone else was out of the house and I had some time to do it. He was kind of shocked at the process but at the end he was there to witness the results. I will never forget how much better I felt after that enema. We continued to buddy dump until I moved out of the house when I was about 20 years old. Some great stories lately. Craig, Harry, Tony, Drew, Redneck, Keith I like your stories. Ryan, I, like Drew, would love more details on your last postings. I have always been interested in watching and hearing other guys but the stories here by Moira, Donna, Alex, Steph and others are really interesting to me. Keep them coming.

Some Guy
DOORMAN- I always close the doors, too, unless I'm peeing. I can always stop the stream and close the doors if I hear footsteps. DAVE- Lets hear those stories! BRIDGET- I am not turned on by males dumping. However I have seen some movies with funny toilet scenes. In the movie Dumb and Dumber, Jeff Daniels has a really nasty diarreah (sp?) spell and in Friday (hilarious movie), Johnny Witherspoon strains with some disgusting sound effects. But you might enjoy it. CINDY- If you are using Netscape (which is free to download), then all you have to do is press the Stop button and hold down the Back button. Then pick the site you want from the Back button menu. If you are using anything else, then just press Stop and Back until you are at the desired site. I would list some free dump sites but I don't think I can list them here. So I'll try in a different post. DOOMer- I am not a doctor, but I strongly suggest you not rub piss in your eyes. JENN- So you took a dump for him because he asked you about your dumps. Hmmm... Hey, Jenn, I've always wondered Do girls with big breasts take big dumps? My address is...

There's one good use for delivering medicine by suppository--anti-nausea medicine, especially for chemotherapy patients. A normal tablet won't do one bit of good if the nausea is so bad they can't keep it down.

Andre-- Your superlative movement was a 'trifecta' (nuggest, logs & mush together at one sitting)

Happy Camper
As many of you know, I enjoy being watched by my wife when I poop. Last week I had her company for two good shits. She sits on the bed which has a clear view into the bathroom. Usually she joins me when I have to shit when I come home from work. She may have something important to tell me that won't wait until after I am done pooping, so she tells me the story while I do my business. One time last week she didn't take her eye off of me the entire time including all three wipes. I am sometimes very disappointed with the quality of my pooping. They are usually long and come out the anus at a very slow speed. The front usually is touching the water before the back of the poop has left the ass. Therefore my pooping rarely creates any noise, and when someone is watching the only way they can tell that the glorious deed is in process is by the expression on my face. I hardly ever fart while I am on the john. After the big piece has left, there may be a couple of small trailer pieces, but they may not make any noise because they land on the big piece which breaks the fall. I would like to take pooping lessons from the like of "pooping girl", Jeff A, Moira, etc., so I could add some audio effects to the act. I am going on a business trip in another day. I am allowing a couple of extra days to sightsee and hike in one of the scenic National Parks in the West. Since I will be alone, I may try to test out some of the techniques presented by "doorman". Also while I am watching the scenic sights (mountains, waterfalls, rivers, etc.), I will have my eyes alert to catch a glimpse of anyone that may be doing there business in the woods. I will report in just before the 4th of July when I return.

Friday, June 26, 1998

Hi everyone, I'm a 16 year old Chinese male living in British Columbia, Canada. My first posting involves a question that any may answer. I have recently heard from a friend of mine that if you rub piss into your eyes once a day (e.g. in the shower), that after six to twelve months your eyesight may begin to gradually improve. Does anyone have any information regarding this? I would be willing to try it, but I am seeking other opinions first. Thank you, the DOOMer

Hi there at "the toilet", I have not posted here for a long time. However, yesterday afternoon I had such a remarkable BM that I thought I would like to tell you about it. After four days of constipation (which is very rarely the case with me) I emptied my bowels out completely in a single twenty minute session, during which I produced every possible sort of shit. When I finally felt pains and proceeded towards the toilet after such a long time, I was not prepared to what followed. First, I expelled (with difficulty) half a dozen dry black balls, then a long (say 15 inches) fat log which started dark brown and rough and went lighter colored and smoother, then a procession of four or five shorter and softer turds, then, with a continuously crackling sound, a double handful of sticky reddish-brown mush, then two loudly flatulent and spraying eruptions of ochre colored gravy (which did not hit water any longer), and finally, on top of all that, a pale, watery jet that lasted for ten seconds. Still, rumbling noises came from my belly, and for the last five minutes I sat there blowing out loud, rippling farts of different length. I was feeling weak and nauseous (loss of minerals?), and the stench was unbearable. I had unloaded the complete encyclopedia of shit! After a dozen wipes and two unsuccessful flushes I left the scene, and returned half an hour later to accomplish the evacuation of the toilet with three more flushes and a thorough cleaning of the bowl. Afterwards I lay down and slept exhaustedly for over two hours. Has any of you regular toileteers" ever experienced something similar? If so, please report! Good poops to you all, Andre.

Hi all ! - to: Moira (for the records - Ferris, 27 yrs, male, Germany) Hi Moira ! In your last posting (June 24) you wrote: "...or even sat with my arse hanging over the gunnel of the boat and passed my jobbie directly into the water... " Please tell me (us) - do jobbies swim in the water ? - I don´t like boating, so I can´t test it. Bye, Ferris.

To Wondering- Im really surprised that someone doesn't know what an enema is but I hope this explanation is of use to you. The classical enema involves the injection of an amount - up to a pint - of warm soapy water into the rectum and sometimes further up the bowel to soften and thereby ease the expulsion of hard feces, and the presence of the fluid in the rectum also stimulates the bowel to move. Sometimes a rubber tube with a nozzle at one end and a funnel at the other is used, although there are a variety of devices used such as the Higginson's Syringe, a rubber tube with a one way squeeze bulb. This used to be a favourite method to correct obstinate constipation. Unlike laxatives it is usually almost immediate in its effects and does not normally repeat its action nor upset the rest of the Gastro Intestinal Tract as some purgatives do .There are now lower volume enemas with less fluid but active ingredients which stimulate peristaltic action in the bowel. I believe the Fleet Enema common in the USA is of this type , with the Veripaque Enema being the European equivalent. I have never had an enema myself and would never want to have one, but that is what it is (I never take laxatives either). A Suppository of course is a solid bullet shaped medication inserted into the back passage for the same purpose although sometimes it can be used to medicate that area as in the case of haemoroids (piles) and indeed the French for some reason often take other medications in this method as the bowel can absorb certain drugs. Colonic Irrigation involves the filling with fluid and washing out of the entire colon or large intestine, sometimes used for genuine medical reasons to aleviate bowel problems.

That's the serious bit. Now to more enjoyable matters. A lady friend of mine, Louise , visited last week for the day. Like me she is in her forties. After dinner she started to fart and went to the toilet. Being quite broad minded she left the door ajar and I could see her sitting on the pan with her skirt round her waste and her white Sloggi panties at her knees but she only did a wee wee. She came back out but about 15 minutes later she said she had to go to the toilet again and this time she felt a motion coming down. Again she left the door ajar and as she obviously didnt mind I stood watching. This time she didnt wee wee as she had already done one but proceeded to go "OO! OO!"... "PLOP!" PLONK!" two hard balls dropped out then she took a deep breath and tried hard " OO! OO! OH! AH!" I could hear the cracking sound and she even said "Oh its a big hard one" "OO! OO!" and she went quite red in the face with the effort. There was a pause then "KUR-SPUL-LOONK!" her jobbie dropped into the pan . She got her breath back but didn't wipe herself but stayed seated on the pan and said to me "There's another jobbie coming down" This time she went "OO! AH!" and again I heard the sound of a motion coming out as she said "Ah, this one's easier" "Floomp!" it slid into the water. This time she wiped her bum and then as she pulled up her panties she looked at what she had done and exclaimed "Wow! I really needed that lot!" and invited me to have a look too . Apart from a couple of little hard lumps the size of golf balls there were two big jobbies. The first was a hard lumpy carrot shaped turd quite dark in colour and about 8 inches long and 2 inches fat, the second was as fat but smooth and easier, curved like a big German sausage and about the same length and a lighter brown colour. Louise said she had been constipated for about 3 days (like me she doesnt use laxatives but goes when she needs) . Both she and I were turned on by this so readers can imagine what we did afterwards!

Like Jay I have always been turned on (since childhood) by large poos especially when a woman or girl has done it. Reading this web site I have found this is a very common turn on for many boys and men and more so than women being turned on by men doing a motion, (no offence to Bridget, Moira and others). Can anyone offer an explanation?

the worst time was when i was in line to buy concert ticket's and there were only a few left.Knowing i would have to go to the end of the line i held it for 15 minute's then when i could no longer stand i let loose half in my pant's then went to the bathroom.

Kris: Your accident sounds far more embarrassing than anything I have ever experienced. I am the one who should feel sorry for you! I think that inside I was actually angry with myself for giving myself away like that (thanks for your sympathy too Blake). I consider that I am fairly well in control of things (which is how I like to be), and to give away the fact that I needed a poo was like a loss of self control, and I probably blushed as well! Dave (the new guy from the UK): I have never heard of V97 but I have been to a few festivals and have quite a few experiences in festival loos. Many memories of trying to find a portaloo that still has some room left in it - and having to squat over the seat so that I don't get poo all over my bum! Ah yes what fun! We shall be going to a festival later this summer and I am looking forward to it already. My tip: take an air freshener, or similar (I use a cologne spray) in with you. Moira: I just wish I had half your nerve! :)

Im 17 and one time I was at Wal-mart and I had to poop really bad and I went to the mens room and all the stalls were occuiped and In both of the stalls were to boys about my age or a little younger. I tryed to open the door then I found that these boys were In here. So I had to wait till one of them got out and I went to the bathroom next to someone my own age. I couldn't belive that boys my age went to take a dump In public. I thought I was the only one who went In public

To Mr J One-ply TP is the pits if it is very poor quality. Those big dispensers nearly always have one-ply paper, but usually it is reasonably strong and you can pull off a yard or so and fold it double or triple. What really bugs me though is the fact that the paper clings to itself and often it is very difficult to find the end. You turn the huge roll of paper round and round and round and round, and you never seem to find where the end is. Then sometimes the perforations are poor, and you pull and pull but it does not tear, just more and more comes off the roll. Our institution only went over to modern TP dispensers about 3 years ago. Prior to that it had vile shiny hard single-ply paper that came in small rolls. Its only advantage was that you could NEVER put your finger through it, which can sometimes happen with softer paper. But it was totally non-absorbent. I always prefer if I can to moisten one lot of paper before the final wipe with dry paper, to make absolutely sure that all is clean (to prevent skidmarks) but the hard paper was quite useless. I often wondered why it took so long for them to move with the times and then I realized that with a campus of 9000 students, there are a lot of shitting stalls, especially in the womens' rooms, and all the fixtures had to be changed, so it must have been both costly and labor-intensive. But to judge from the graffiti, the change was universally welcomed.

I was at the high school since a lot of summer classes are being held there. I was in an office next to the restrooms when I heard a woman approaching with 2 teenage boys. The boys entered the restroom and the woman wandered in to talk to me. She told me that the kids have a tendency to clog up the toilets at home, they have the newer low flush toilets which tend to have this problem. I said that they should try flushing right after the poop falls into the toilet and then flush again for the toilet paper, or else keep a stick near the toilet to break up the turds B4 flushing. Most of the kids do not flush the toilets at school, so I have to go in there and do it for them. Usually the turds and toilet paper have softened up from soaking in there and there is no clog, but many times I do have to use the plunger. The kids eat a LOT and therefore, poop a LOT.

About dumping outside. When I was in Boy Scouts, we had this canoe trip in SE Indiana around the Metamora Area. There was a lot of rain the previous week and the river was not safe to canoe on so we did the Metamora Canal. The other guy who canoed with me had to take a big shit so we pulled the canoe to shore and he went into the water and put is ass in the water and took a shit. We were laughing about it the rest of the way until we got to town (Metamora). We laughed about it several times afterward. The water was flowing good even for the canal. Today, something like this may not go over too well with the environmental awareness.
About 11 years ago in 1987. A group of us camped out all night for Pink Floyd tickets at Butler University in Indy at Clowes Hall. The concert was held at the Hoosier Dome (RCA Dome today) in November. Most of the people camping out were either college and H.S. age with a few older people. One of the classroom buildings was left open for a while and many people went in and dumped including me. It was a fun time. The classroom building was closed later and you could see people going around bushes to pee and even dump. I walked around a bush to pee and saw this girl with her shorts down taking a shit.
About taking a dump in someone's trash can you dislike as mentioned by another person, the thought never really crossed my mind. Even with people I most detest in places where I use to work at. There is maybe one or two people that might deserve the honor. One of them was my Mgr. at MCI. I am not going into detail on how much of an asshole he was.

Ryan: I enjoyed your two recent J.C.Penney stories. After you had finished doing your business, did you get to see the two teenagers take a crap? You said thay had to go badly, so I am wondering what you saw and heard while you were washing your hands after your crap. Did they have to go as badly as they said?

Bridget: I have searched some of those voyeur sites but got fed up being led to sites which request credit card details. In many cases they manipulate the back button, so if you don't submit your details you are locked in (perhaps the moderator knows of ways to get out of this, and also how to avoid pay sites in search criteria's). I have discovered many of them offering free anything just to get round the fact that you may include "free" in the criteria. I think sites like this one are fine, you can get in and out as you wish, and under no obligation.

To Wondering: An enema is an infusion of fluid (usually water or soap suds solution) into the rectum for the purpose of releiving a bout of constipation. A hot-water bottle with a hose leading to a rectal nozzle is typically used for this purpose. Most enema syringes are water bottle combinations with douche and enema nozzles. Women use enemas for constipation overwhelmingly over men due to women being constipated four times more frequently than men. most people have an enema while sitting on the toilet with the enema bag hanging over them. A "Bulb Syringe" is often used for children. When we were children and were constipated, my mother would have us bend over the toilet seat and use a bulb syringe.

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