The other day I had a really horrible day toilet-wise. Usually, my bowels are pretty solid, and I can often go several days without pooping. I have been known to block the pan if I've been holding it for a few days. Anyway, I supposedly had a day off on Thursday, and I found some instructions on-line for a bowel cleanse treatment I wanted to try; maybe give me a fresh start to retraining my bowels to a more healthy pattern. I knew that the cleanse would need me to be around a toilet for a while so I figured it would be a good thing to do on my day off.
So, following the instructions, I drank the senna tea on Wednesday evening, and went to bed. The next morning I woke up, went to the toilet and did my normal pee, but there was no effect from the senna yet, so I took some Epsom salts too, to help speed things along. Unfortunately, not long after that, the phone rang. It was my boss, there was an urgent meeting that I was needed for, and he needed me to skip my day off. I tried to talk my way out of it, but he wasn't having it. I had to rush into work, so I hurriedly changed into my work clothes, and quickly picked up some pads and a spare pair of knickers, knowing what was now in my stomach. (and a good job I did. I dread to think what would of happened without those)
By the time I got to work, I had to pee again (I'd been drinking plenty so as not to get dehydrated), so I stopped off in the Ladies. My pee gushed out, but there was still nothing from my behind. I fixed a pad in my knickers just in case, and went to the meeting. Well, not long after the meeting started, I could feel my bowels bubbling about with mild cramps, and knew what would be eventually coming. Around halfway through, I began to feel the need to go, and was looking for an opportunity to excuse myself. Finally, a break in the flow of the meeting came, and I, now quite desperate, with the liquid poop pushing at the door, excused myself and stood up. I think the shock of standing up must have been too much, because the poop surged down, and pushed a small spurt into my pad as I stood. I paused, clamping my bum cheeks closed, and hoped no-one saw, and quickly hurried off to the toilets. I rushed into a stall and ripped down my pants, and my bottom poured the rest of the mud into the toilet. I knew I must be getting a good clear-out. I was actually kind of enjoying the sensation of having loose, wet poop for a change. Eventually, it finished, and I started to get cleaned up. My pad was poop-covered, so I carefully removed it and stuck a new one in, and then finished up and headed back to the meeting.
After the meeting, I decided to go straight back home before anything else happened. Nice plan, but I wish I'd stuck around near the toilets. As I was driving back, my stomach cramped up again, and I could feel more slushy poop heading down. The traffic was quite heavy, but there was a service area up ahead. I was nearly there when the traffic came to a standstill. As I sat there, my bowels started uncontrollably pushing, and poo started gradually, but completely unstoppably pushing its way into my knickers. Eventually, the traffic moved on, and I pulled into the service area. I hoped no-one could see the lump in my knickers as I walked over to the toilets. I locked myself in a stall, pulled my work pants down (luckily nothing has leaked through) and sat down, not even bothering to take off my soiled knickers. I let loose another wave of gushing poop, and began to pee too. The pee quickly drained though my knickers, and the poop was leaking round the edges. Finally, it stopped, and I carefully took off my pants and knickers, just dumping the horrible knickers in the sanitary bin. Wiping up was awful, the shit was all over my bottom, and the toilet paper was nasty and thin. I must have used half a roll cleaning up, but finally I was done, and put on my spare knickers, got dressed, and headed back home. All in all a horrible day of toileting, and I dread to think how I would have coped without the spare supplies.


More Fun and Games at Work

Hi All

Hope you are OK.

Further to my post ages ago in page 1938, I once worked with another young woman who would like this forum.The strange thing was I very rarely heard her poo at work.I worked with her at a small company involved in industrial support services.Ally (name changed) was a small blonde with heavily-freckled round cheeks and a pleasant figure (and she knew it as she always wore low cut tops and short tight skirt to work)

There was something pixie-like about her appearance and she was always up for a laugh or joke.That said she took her job very seriously and was a hard worker, working from 8am to 6pm.The first day I went there she introduced me to the place and my work.

As the final item on the list she said "By the way there is something I need to show you before we go any further."

She sat down in her chair and lent over to her right hand side and a loud PAAAAAAARRRRRP! came from the chair as she farted and giggled.Her fart sounded like a brass wind instrument.

I learnt a lot from her and about her - she was a friendly chatterbox.She tended to fart with a PAAAAARRRRP every hour or so and she would give herself marks out of ten.Thankfully we had a large window opened!

She said she did a small poo when she got up, a really massive dump around lunchtime and then a small poo at 6pm just before leaving and a final small poo when she got back home at 7pm.As we were short staffed whenever either of us went on lunch or to the toilet we had to stay to cover the phones, so it was some time before I got to hear her poo.I did notice that she always smelt strongly of poo after her lunchtime visit to the toilet.

One lunchtime, towards the end of my time there, we took on another member of staff to help us out in the office. I was in the foyer at the bottom of the stairs.Here was one of the two ensuite single toilets.In both cases you could hear pretty clearly what went on inside.

I was checking out some filing in the shelves opposite the toilet, when Ally came bounding down the stairs."I'm really busting for a dump, catch up with you in five".

She wasn't kidding.

I heard her lock the door, hitch her red skirt up and the snicker of her pants coming down.This was followed by the muffled clang as she ????ed her rather pert, if occasionally smelly, bottom on the toilet.

There was a very lengthy torrent of wee which seemed to go on forever,followed by a brief silence.Then there was a PAAARRP! as she did one of her trumpet-like farts.It sounded very similar to when she farted in her chair although there was more of a rasp to it when she was on the toilet There was another PAAAARP! as she farted again.

There was an "UH-UH-UH-UHHHHHH-PAAAAAAAARPPP_SPLUUUUTTPLOP!as she strained, farted, a poo shot out rapidly followed by a fart escaping under heavy pressure which was heard before the poo hit the water.

There was a period of calm followed by a SPLUUUUTTPLOP! followed by ten seconds later by another SPLUUUUTTPLOP! and ten seconds later by another SPLUUUUTTPLOP!It sounded like she had pockets of trapped wind between her poops.

There was another quiet spell followed by a loud and heavy PLOOOOOP! followed almost immediately by a much smaller PLOP!

This was followed by a SPLUUUUUUUUTT-SPLASH-SPLASH-SPLASH as she farted and three large soft poos came out.

A minute passed followed by a very bassy SPLUUUT!This was followed by a staccato PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP_PLOP-PLOP_PLOP-PLOP_PAAAAAAAAARRRRRPP! as she did a very noisy bassy fart, ten poos dropped out at frequent intervals over a period of about ten seconds, finishing with one of her trumpet-farts.I heard her wipe once and she pulled up her pants and hitched her red skirt back down.

She giggled as she walked past me after coming out of the toilet- she smelt strongly of poo. She said with a cheeky smile "When I've got to go I really have to go!"

She ran upstairs and shut the office door and I went into the toilet as I needed a pee.There was heavy brown staining on the bottom of the pan and there were a lot of tiny bits of poo sticking all over the sides of the whole pan. My former colleague KC would have described this as "the pan having been given a good freckling".There were three brown golf-ball-sized poos floating on the surface, which must have been the three soft poos which she did with a fart.

I only worked there for another week but I noticed this always happened without fail at 1250pm each lunchtime.Sadly Ally went back to her parents in Germany when we were all made redundant and I lost touch with her.

Bye for now, take care

Hermes xx

I was on vacation with my family and two of my friends and their families. It was last year, me and my friends were 14. We went to this sweet hotel that had an indoor waterpark it was so cool. On the second day we were at the waterpark and it was time to go back to the room. Us three boys were going to take showers in the locker room at the waterpark while the parents went back to our rooms for theirs. We went in and saw a line of shower stalls and not all of them had curtains, so you were in plain sight. We walked down the row looking for open ones and saw a strange sight. There was a kid about our age in one of the showers without curtains, bent over like he was sitting in an invisible chair, while he mad weird faces. Suddenly poop started shooting out of his butt onto the shower floor. It came in short waves, where it shot quickly and then stopped, and went again. The worst part was that the chunky part wouldn't go down the drain. He stood up straight and began to shower as if nothing happened. We were shocked.

It's not over yet! The very next day we three went for a quick lunch at the cafe. Afterwards I went to the bathroom as I felt my coffee doing its magic. The stalls in the cafe bathroom don't have doors on them for some reason. I walk by the first one to see the kid from yesterday taking a poop, but in a very weird position. He was facing the wall (so backwards compared to normal) with his pants completely off, squatting just like yesterday and letting the poop flow. So if you looked right you just saw his butt with turds falling out. I ran out to get the others and brought them in, as we silently laughed. He must have been feeling better today because his turds were solid and never seemed to stop!

I thought this was really weird, it was like this kid wanted the world to see him poop! What do you guys think?


My new favorite stall

I attend a fairly large university and I always just use whatever bathroom is convenient at the time. Well, the other day I went into the bathroom at the library. There are three stalls; two regular and a handicap. I never use the handicap stall unless it is the only one open and there is usually no one in the bathroom with me so I had never been in it before. Well, on this occasion both other stalls were taken so I went into the handicap. It has its own sink and mirror across from the toilet and I noticed(after I had my pee and poop) that I could see my puss reflected perfectly in the mirror. I decided it would be fun to watch myself pee.
Today, I held my pee all morning and made sure to drink a lot of liquids in my class so I would really have to pee. By the end of class I could not keep still I had to go so bad. we finally got out and when I stood up, I felt like I would pee my pants. I managed to hang in there and make it to the bathroom. It was much busier than usual so I took my place in line. To my dismay, the regular stall opened first. I went in and pretended to pee, which made me have to go worse. I then washed my hands and waited outside for everyone to leave. When everyone was gone, I went back in and took the handicap stall. I leaned back a bit and pulled up on my puss. Instantly golden pee gushed out and I could see it all perfectly. It was really cool. I think I will only use this stall from now on.

Hi I dont know if anyone here remembers me, but my name is Hope and my friend Francesca told me about this site. She quit posting and I did too. No one seemed to care about my stories. well, Francesca just told me she is posting again, so I decided I might too. That is if anyone cares for me to post. I have been keeping up with the readings, and Car Mom is my favorite poster along with Nathalie. Nathalie, your relationship with your older brother reminds me of mine. He has been my legal guardian since I was 5, so we are obviously very close. And car mom, your posts are just really interesting. Kaylee is lucky to have you as a mom.


Can't You Smell That Smell

Hi All. Tom here again. Glad many people liked my story about smelling the cougar's B.M. Working in the bookstore IS a dream job. I am careful not to abuse it or arouse suspicion and I have been well rewarded. I have also learned a lot. At one time I was under the impression that larger women produced smellier bowel movements and smaller women produced less smelly bowel movements. I have found that this is not the case. I have had large ladies who have left behind a barely noticeable odor and tiny little things who have destroyed the entire bathroom. As I am sure everybody knows, I LOVE the smell in a bathroom after a woman has finished defecating. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that some women just stink worse than others. When I was in college, I dated a girl who had 3 roommates. They lived in an on-campus apartment. They cooked together and all ate the same diet. My girlfriend and 2 of her roommates had regular smelling shits. Definitely noticeable but not so bad that someone wouldn't want to go into the bathroom after they were finished. The 3rd roommate, Allison used take some really vile smelling shits (I loved them.) She was a skinny cute blonde with long hair. Every night after The Simpsons was over she would head to the toilet for about 10 minutes. When she was done, the whole apartment sometimes stank of her waste. Why would her shit smell so much worse than the others? Also, when I was little my Mom's friend Andrea got divorced and lived with us for a while. (You can read about her on page 1841 if you are interested.) We all ate the same thing, yet Andrea was the only one who really stunk. Funny. Anybody agree with my theory or am I "full of shit"? lol.


Latest stories

Hi everyone, latest post from Abbie. I'm going to tell you about my visit to my cousins at the end of the school holiday, but first a quick story from today. By breaktime I was totally busting for a poo, I hadn't managed to open my bowels since Saturday when I was round my cousins house despite straining on the toilet for some time on Monday and Tuesday after school. I think it was because I didn't have a poo on Sunday once we got back from Amy's which must have disrupted my normal routine, on Monday I did feel a slight need for a poo at breaktime as well but didn't have time to use the toilet and then by lunchtime I didn't feel I needed it any more so put off going until after school. By then my sister had some friends round, I did make sure to go on the toilet as soon as I got home but didn't want to spend too long trying to have a poo with loads of people in the house, so I had a much needed wee and then pushed for a bit but nothing would come. Anyway, back to today, I was so desperate I thought I might manage to go for a poo at breaktime rather than struggling to hold it in till lunch, but no such luck, a few people messed around at the end of the lesson and the whole class had to stay in for five minutes. It was really annoying, especially as I really needed a wee too and by the time I got to the decent loos there was a queue, and I knew I wouldn't have time to use any others without being late for the next lesson. I ended up going off to lessons feeling really uncomfortable as I was getting more and more desperate, I could only hope we'd get let out of that lesson on time so I could use the toilet straight away, luckily the classroom we were in was just across from the decent girls loos so as long as I could get out on time I knew I'd get a cubicle without having to wait. The only trouble with those toilets is most people have now found out about them so there now really popular, also more and more girls choose them if they want a poo because they are cleaner and more secure, which means that the queues can sometimes build up especially if someone takes a little while. In my lesson I did my best to listen to the teacher but the pressure in my bladder and bowels was getting really uncomfortable, I crossed my legs tightly and tried to think of something else which worked until the last five minutes, but by then I was in danger of leaking into my knickers and I could feel the tip of a large poo starting to poke out of my bum. With a massive effort I sucked it back up before it could stick out far enough to dirty my knickers, but I knew I couldn't wait much longer. Finally we were dismissed and I shot straight into the toilets, my friend Olivia and another girl from my class were right behind me. We all took a cubicle, Olivia was holding her bum as she went in to the cubicle next to mine so I was guessing she wanted a poo as well. I quickly lifted my skirt, dropped my tights and red knickers and sat on the toilet, I was really embarased as I couldn't help moaning as my aching bladder started to empty. I looked under the cubicle next door and saw Olivia's black trousers and pink knickers at her ankles. As I was weeing I let out some farts which were really loud and didn't exactly help me to feel less embarased, luckily next door I heard Olivia farting too which made me feel a bit better. I could feel my poo starting to make its way out of my bum so I just relaxed and let it slide out, once the tip was out I realised I'd need to start pushing as it was getting thicker, so I took a deep breath and gave a big push to keep it moving. Next door Olivia had finished her wee and all was quiet so I knew she must be pushing out a turd too, the other girl had obviously just needed a wee as she had flushed and gone. Just then the door opened and two more girls came in, one sounded tearful and upset, saying to her friend "I asked Miss Smith about three times if I could go to the loo and she wouldn't let me and now I've peed my pants a bit". Her friend said "Yeah, I'm bursting for a wee too" and I heard them take a cubicle and shortly after two fierce streams fizzing down into the bowl. Meanwhile I was still pushing and letting out some soft grunts as I was having to strain quite hard as the poo was getting wider and dryer. I pushed my hair out of my eyes and could feel my face going red, it was quite warm in the toilets and I was having to work hard. As I pushed I dribbled wee down into the bowl now and then and heard Olivia doing the same. One of the other girls had finished and flushed by now but the second one stayed so I knew there were now three of us having a poo. Shortly after the other girl made a series of plops and splashes, she managed to wipe, flush and leave before either Olivia or I had managed to push out our first turd. Next door I could see Olivia going up on tiptoes as she strained, I realised my turd would need a bit of help so I reached round behind myself and pulled my bum cheeks apart. Shortly after I managed to push it out and it fell into the water with a plop that could probably be heard outside the loos. I then managed to push out a few more logs quite easily, part way through doing so I heard a loud grunt then a gasp as Olivia's turd plopped down into the toilet. She also made a few more plops, once I realised I was done I took some loo roll and started to wipe my very sore bum and could hear Olivia doing so too. I pulled up my pants and tights and let down my skirt, then flushed and came out at the same time as Olivia, as I washed my hands I noticed I was really pink from all the pushing, luckily so was she so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
So now for my second story, from when I visited my cousin Amy at the end of the holiday. We arrived Friday night, and Saturday morning we were up early as we were planning to go shopping. Amy and I have shared a room a few times now and spent a lot of time together so we're really relaxed around each other, she has an ensuite loo and shower and we don't even bother to close the door if we're on the toilet. That morning we'd gone down for breakfast before coming back upstairs to get dressed, I was in the bathroom in my nightie brushing my teeth when Amy came in to use the loo, she said "I'm dying for a wee" before lifting her nightie, she didn't have any pants on underneath so just sat straight down and started going. It went on for absolutely ages, as she was still going I said "I hope you're not going to be much longer, I need to go too you know". Amy said "Nearly done now" as the last few trickles came out, she then wiped herself before going back into her room. I quickly lifted my nightie and eased down my pink and yellow spotty pants before sitting on the loo and starting on my wee. As I was sitting I could see into the room and saw Amy starting to get dressed, she rummaged in her underwear drawer for some clean pants but obviously couldn't find any as she ended up putting on the pink ones she'd worn the day before, I'd noticed them tangled up in her leggings as she got undressed last night and saw that they had some skidmarks. I find it really annoying if I'm looking for clean knickers, realise I haven't got any and then have to wear dirty ones all day. Anyway, by then I'd finished my wee, wiped and flushed, so I went to get dressed too. We went out and had a pretty good day shopping, unfortunately when we were coming home on the bus it started pouring with rain. As we were going along I felt an urge for a poo building and knew I'd have to try to go when we got back. When we got off the bus its only a five minute walk back to Amy's house but we got totally drenched as we didn't have any coats or anything. After getting back to the house we went straight up to Amy's room to change into dry clothes, we undressed to our bras and pants and Amy giggled as she said to me "Oh Abbie, it looks like you've wet your pants!" Blushing I looked down at my knickers, I'd got so wet that it had soaked right through and it did look like I'd wet my pants as there was a dark patch. I was able to make the same joke to Amy moments later as she took off her dripping wet leggings, luckily her mum must have done the washing as she now had a full underwear drawer and I'd also brought a few spare pairs of knickers so we were both able to change our underwear. After changing Amy rubbed her belly and said she needed a poo, she said she thought she'd be a while so she asked me if I'd like to keep chatting while she was on the toilet. I said that I would need to go as well before too long so I sat cross leged on the bathroom floor as Amy pulled down her jeans and yellow knickers before sitting on the loo. We chatted as she had a quick wee and then she started pushing to have her poo, she let out some farts and I could hear from her voice as she was talking that she was having to push quite hard. We ended up talking about how hard it is spending all day at school (or college in Amy's case) and not having time to go for a poo when you most need to, and then how you have to hold it in and quite often get constipated. Amy said that the toilets at her college are pretty disgusting and that she only uses them for a poo if she's really bursting. I told her how at least there are now some decent toilets at school, but that they have got very popular especially with girls who need a poo and then there ends up being long queues. After a while of talking Amy breathed a sigh of relief and I heard a sploosh as her poo finally dropped, she pushed out a few more pieces before finally ripping off some toilet paper and wiping her bum. She pulled up her pants and jeans and then flushed, by now I was getting quite desperate so we just swopped, I pulled my black jeans and blue and white stripy pants down and then sat myself on a very warm seat. I had a wee and then started to push to get my poo out, it was quite hard as my first log was big and dry and it needed a lot of effort to keep it moving. It wasn't easy to keep my voice sounding normal as I was talking to Amy, but I managed to talk through all but a couple of really hard pushes and after a while my first turd plopped down into the bowl and I breathed a sigh of releaf. After pushing out a few more logs I wiped my bum, flushed and then pulled up my pants and jeans. Amy and I spent the rest of the afternoon chatting and watching telly. Its great that I can be so relaxed around someone that I don't feel embarased about the fact that I get a bit constipated, especially as Amy often has the same problem too. Thanks for reading this, sorry it ended up a bit long. I'll post again soon, bye for now!!


To car mom:

You said before you or your daughter has gone in a fitting room before. Do u have any stories to tell about that?

city guy

laundry surprise

I live in nyc and there is a girl in my building ive been trying to woo for a few months now. She's a very pretty, petite girl, light brown skin, long silky black hair and a fine figure. I think she's of indian or middle eastern descent. I'd guess indian because she has an Anglo-saxon first name and i don't know her last name. I just have observed that Indian people tend to give their American-born children anglo saxon names which is why i believe that, but i digress. Anyway, i know she's single and so am i, and she seems to be around 28 or so which is how old i am, so I've been trying my luck with her as she is quite good looking and has an awesome sense of humor. She is also a talented musician. To me thats like the complete package right there, but there is one other thing i like about a girl that i discovered this week she may fulfill, which would make her the complete package plus a bonus prize! I like a girl who isn't so damn private about going to the bathroom, as if not talking about it or mentioning it will make it so no one knows they do it. This week two things occurred in the same night that helped me realize she isn't so secretive about what we all enjoy discussing here. I was going to head down to the laundry room of our building to do a wash so i texted her to see if she wanted to meet me down there if she had anything. She said yeah she wasn't busy so i headed down and a few minutes later she showed up with a smile and a bag of laundry. She got the machine next to mine and we sat down on one of the couches and talked and joked around while the laundry was on. After my first load was done i was moving it to the dryer, and she came over and checked on hers. Then she says to me "hey I'll be right back. If it finishes while I'm gone can you put my other load in? I'd wait but i have to pee like crazy and well, I'm not gonna have a change of pants ready for a while if i can't wait long enough!" And giggled. As you can imagine, i was floored. I got two solid signals in one playful comment. One, she didn't mind me handling her laundry, and two, not only was she ok to share with me that she badly had to go to the bathroom, but she even joked about the possibility of wetting her pants. All of these things were good news. Anyway, i smiled and said "no problem" and she sauntered off in a cute, exaggerated pee dance way to the ladies room up on the ground floor. After i got my stuff in a dryer and my last load in the wash, her machine stopped. So i was more than happy to cycle her laundry as this was an invitation extended by her that i could touch her delicates, heh. I moved her first load to the dryer, which was darker, heavier stuff like jeans and cotton shirts. Then i went to her bag and it was pretty much all lights and delicates for one load, and lots (and lots!) of panties. I mean this girl either hadn't washed clothes in a while or she wears two pairs of panties a day. So i was carefully going through the bag and moving the panties into the wash with the other stuff, making sure not to spend too much time holding them or looking at them in case anyone was watching me. Nothing out of the ordinary, lots of solid white, a few whites with colorful patterns, and light pastel colors. Then as i neared the bottom of the bag, something caught my eye...a single pair of cotton white hanes-her-ways, that had a pretty obvious...discoloration...covering basically the entire seat. It was very faint brown, in a large round stain in the seat that went into a bit of a point toward the back waistband. The edges of the elastic bands in the crotch were stained darker brown inside. My head felt like it was spinning i was so shocked at what i was seeing...i mean i know similar colored stains can appear from spotting around that time of the month (i have 4 sisters and they all had messy bedrooms growing up so i, unfortunately, saw this for myself from time to time) but this stain...i mean, the size and shape and location of it...there was utterly no conceivable explanation for the stain other than she had had a major accident in that pair of panties at some point. After a minute of trying to regain focus and composure, i tossed the stained panties in with everything else and closed the lid. Two minutes later she arrived back in the laundry room smiling and let out an exaggerated sigh of relief and then confirmed that i cycled her laundry, thanked me, and we sat for a while more and chatted. I couldn't stop thinking about the stained panties and wanting to ask her about them..i mean SHE asked me to out her wash in, so she would have to know i saw them..its not like a sneaked a peek when she had her back turned you know? But alas, i couldn't bring myself to mention them...
But when our dry loads were done and before we began folding we went to move the other loads to the dryer. So i kept a close eye as she pulled all her panties and other lights from the wash. Thats when i noticed her suddenly seem alarmed and she quickly snatched something from the machine, turned away from me and balled them up and shoved them way in the back of the dryer under everything. I stared at her and she noticed me and started smiling sheepishly. "What???" She laughed, and i just smiled and said "what the hell was that?" And she laughed and said "nothing. You don't wanna know!" I grinned at her and joked "what did you have a treasure map hidden in your laundry? Because you know i put it in for you remember?" She looked like shock set in and touched her face and said "oh yeah" with a sense of fear in her voice. I said "are you ok?" And she forced a smile and said "yeah..." it was quiet for a minute, then she said "if you saw anything...weird...its not like a big deal." I played dumb and said "what do you mean?" She mumbled something under her breath impatiently and slightly blocked her face (it sounded like she said "its so embarrassing but..") and then said "look, there was something i forgot was in there. I wouldn't have asked you to put my stuff in the wash if i knew it was there...i just want to know if you know what I'm talking about...because I'd rather you ask and i tell you instead of you drawing your own conclusions." By now it was obvious she meant the stained panties, and i was thinking she was gonna tell me some bizarre thing that happened to them because she didn't want me to "draw my own conclusion" that she pooped in them. So i said "I'm pretty sure i know what you're talking about. What don't you want me to draw a conclusion about?" She looked defeated and put her head down on the folding table for a second, then popped back up with a sheepish grin and said "it was a one time thing ok? I just had a really bad day. It could've happened to anyone. I don't do that like a lot." I wanted to play cool and act dumb again but i couldn't stop a huge grin from growing on my face and i said "what was a one time thing???" She laughed and hid her face then said "omg this is so embarrassing. That pair of underwear you saw...?" ...i laughed a little and said "go on! Please! This is so fascinating!" And she said "ok, ok ok! Oh my god, ok. I might have...well let me just tell you the story. It was a monday, i had worked all day, i wound up staying late..i usually leave at 3:30 but i stayed til almost 5, so i got all the rush hour commuters and every train making all the local stops...and i had to go to the bathroom..." she stopped and paused for a second looking nervous and amused. She laughed more and i sarcastically joked "please, i have no idea where this could possibly be going, do continue!" She said "ok so i mean i REALLY had to go. Like...i was like ready to go when i was at least 12 stops away. So I'm like..oh my god. I, have, to shit! Like SO bad. So i got off the train and decided for some reason it would be better to take a cab." "No, no, no," i interjected, "i know, but anyway...I'm walking up the subway steps and i just knew it was gonna happen. I got up to the street and tried to hail a cab in rush hour, and i was standing right on 69th st and i just LOST IT. Like, i completely pooped in my pants on the street. (By this point i believe i was clapping)." She laughed and said "and i was afraid to move! And it smelled so bad and felt worse. It was just this hot sticky mess, and i had to get in a cab like that and sit in 25 blocks worth of traffic at rush hour. But it wasn't as bad as being on the packed subway and pooping my pants i guess." I said "well is there ever a good time to poop your pants?" And she laughes and said "touche. I mean if you're home alone. But then that carries its own degree of shame, why couldn't you get to the bathroom if you were home alone, right?" "Right." "So anyway, that was fhe most embarrassing moment of my adult life, that is until i put that pair of underwear in my laundry bag and let a guy in my building handle them!" She covered her face again and fake whimpered. I put my hand on her shoulder and said "well if its any consolation that is a pretty great story to tell for a laugh, especially if in the future you add this part." She rolled her eyes and smiled and said "yeah how would we really get through life if we didn't constantly mock our own failures for a laugh?" All in all, it was a hell of an evening. A girl i already thought was pretty great isn't afraid to mention when she really needs to pee, and has an awesome pants pooping story to boot! I have not seen her again since then because of work, but i think after bonding on that level i might finally ask her on a proper date very soon. Hope you enjoyed this!
City guy

G Man

To Amylee

Amylee, I always look forward to reading your posts on here. I wish I could be a fly in the ladies' room at your work. I'd love to hear about how you became poo-shy. Just to let you know I am a 42-year-old guy and I am a bit poo-shy myself. I don't know how I became that way but I have been as long as I can remember. I have noticed it gets a little better as I get older. I look forward to your next post.

Greg (Mike's Friend)

Mike's Gruelling Toilet Ordeal (Part 1 of 2)

Heartfelt Congratulations to Toiletstool for reaching 2000 pages!!!

"Classic Tales From Mike's Stall"

Hi Everyone. I'm back from a bit of a hiatus with the creative juices flowing better once more. If you will recall, about four years ago, I introduced you to Mike, my high-school and college buddy. (Page 1482). It is my humble yet well-informed dump aficionado opinion that Mike may well have been THE best pooper of his generation and along with his brother and my other buddy Josh teamed up to take some of the greatest dumps in the history of dump taking. What made Mike such a terrific crapper was a very special combination of good looks, attitude, and of course highly productive movements.

When Mike would get really loaded with excrement and desperately needed to crap, his every look and slight movement would always convey to his companions a deep and very palpable sense of urgency that would have his friends feeling like THEY were the ones who really needed to shit. Then while bumming on the toilet, everything that the crapping Mike did conveyed a sense of him being subjected to great stress from the way he wore his lowered pants and how much his legs were spread to the flickering gaze in his eyes and the tension in his neck and shoulders as he sat there being seriously overwhelmed by a dump.

I was once dubbed on this forum "The Poet Laureate of the Overloaded Rectums of Youthful Male Specimens." It's a title that makes me blush, but I DO try to take my subjects seriously and do try to do some justice to their sometimes traumatic pooping experiences. So in remembering this experience, I withheld this story from the forum for some time trying to do Mike's pooping experience justice before finally unveiling it a year ago. And trust me, I pulled out all the stops in my vocabulary to try and give you a rich and descriptive story that did my actual watching experience at least a modicum of justice. With that, here is the story. Hope everyone enjoys reading almost as much as I enjoyed watching and remembering!!

I remember early spring of my junior year in college and I was expecting my buddy Mike up for a long weekend visit as he was on Spring Break from his school. During his drive up, Mike encountered a pretty dire overwhelming dump situation from which he nearly did not get through unscathed. That's because for about the last 17 miles of the trip up to my school, there were no exits with bathrooms. This was during the time when 55 miles per hour was the law and that stretch of highway is always crawling with cops, so speeding to cover the last several miles in a hurry was out of the question. So that forced this particular Youthful Male Specimen (YMS) to bite the proverbial bullet and endure his particular Overloaded Rectum until he reached the Poet Laureate's frat house where he would finally have a toilet to crap on.

Anyway, Mike had called me about 90 minutes before to let me know he was getting in the car and was on his way. I previously described (Page1452) the bathroom setup in my fraternity house as being one small bath per each two-bedroom suite. I had already anticipated having the opportunity of seeing a loaded Mike crapping on the toilet in the throes of a dump because another fraternity brother of mine had torn off the bathroom door in a drunken rage. Mike had visited me at school before and had always been forced to lay down a substantial sacrifice on the porcelain altar each time. I knew Mike pretty well and there just was no way he was getting through 3+ days without bumming out at least one really huge pile into the toilet. I sure wasn't expecting what I got however!!

Before leaving, Mike had eaten a substantial lunch. He also had quite a bit for dinner the night before followed by his usual big breakfast the following morning. (Do you get the idea that Mike ATE a lot? He never put on any weight though, so it all had to go SOMEWHERE!!) Despite all that, Mike had not crapped in several days which was extremely unusual for him. Mike took pride at that time in life (Age 21) in telling me that he usually experienced at least one significant bowel movement every day and two in a day more often than not with as many as three dumps one or even two days a week. Mike admitted that his dumps were frequently quite urgent and even overwhelming, which I had seen for myself before. It was all about to catch up with him at the wrong time. After stopping for fuel and a drink, Mike started getting loaded with shit and felt the first urges of a very strong and very large bowel movement coming on. At this point, Mike could have averted a potential catastrophe if only he had headed straight to the toilet, dropped his pants and relieved himself strike right then and there. Mike actually KNEW his rectum was quickly filling with crap but luckily for me, he greatly underestimated just how incredibly enormous the load now relentlessly moving through his lower intestines really was or just how overpowering the massive urge to shit would become. The bathroom there also wasn't exactly the cleanest or very private so he really didn't want to drop his pants and discharge his load there. Mike was very capable of holding a tremendous amount of crap in his very large rectum for a long time if need be. So banking on his enormous capacity for great big loads, Mike, never one to doubt his own capabilities confidently figured he could easily hold his excrement until he got to my fraternity house. So, my increasingly-loaded buddy and his rapidly-filling butt got back in the car and resumed his journey.

After just a few minutes back on the road Mike was already in serious trouble and really regretting his decision not to bum out at the gas station as his digestive tract mounted an all-out assault and kept on relentlessly filling the increasingly worried young man's butt with excrement. Farts started slipping out of his butt as the exceptionally massive load moved its way inexorably lower and lower through Mike's intestines. Mike's mind began filling with anxiety as his 21-year-old bum kept filling with more and more crap. Mike tried farting off some of the pressure to buy himself some time, but that only worked for a few moments and the rectal area that was occupied by gas was then occupied by even more shit as the pressure continued to mount. Mere minutes later, Mike's highly capacious rectum was ABUNDANTLY full with a whole lot more excrement behind it and his loaded butt was throbbing insanely. Now Mike HAD to take an inescapable shit! My desperately-loaded buddy was now in a state of heightened concern from the enormous incessant intra-rectal pressure mere minutes after deciding he didn't need to sit and poop on the gas station toilet. More ominous was the fact that the extreme pressure from all that crap inside Mike was beginning to weaken him and he knew it. For the next several arduous grueling miles, the shit inside Mike's butt continued to pound away at my agonizing buddy making him weaker. Mike was driving with his legs crossed and pulsating butt clenched tight as the nearly unbearable pressure continued to wear away at his waning resolve. The weakening Mike knew he was about to be completely overwhelmed by a dump, the only question being would the complete overwhelming take place safely aboard the toilet with his pants down, or somewhere else with his pants still up???

Meanwhile, it was about 4 in the afternoon so I expected Mike to arrive any minute not realizing he was already badly loaded with crap and absolutely dying for a much-needed shit as he ran the toilet-less gauntlet in considerable distress. I then saw Mike's car absolutely tear into the parking lot on 2 wheels and I waved to him. But Mike had this really intense look on his face due to the overpowering urge to defecate and didn't wave back to me.

When I saw the way Mike jumped out of the car and the way he was moving with his butt tightly clenched, I started getting aroused realizing that my buddy was desperately loaded with turds and that I would soon see this handsome strapping lad with his pants down helplessly crapping on the toilet in the throes of an inescapable dump. I had seen this kind of body language before when a badly-loaded Mike desperately needed to shit, and it was greatly intensified now.

"Hey Bro! How are you doing?" I yelled as I approached the car. The preoccupied Mike seemed to not hear me at all as he quickly grabbed his duffel bag out of the back seat, legs and butt cheeks clenched tightly together. Slamming the door, Mike urgently broke into a very brisk walk-run toward the front door hearing only the cries of his badly-loaded butt wailing for a badly-needed toilet. Obviously, the duffel bag wasn't the only big load Mike was carrying with him. The urgent Mike was PREGNANT with a full-grown chocolate python and was in full blown labor pains with exceptionally strong GI contractions further weakening his ebbing resistance. The urgently loaded Mike desperately needed to reach the porcelain delivery room very quickly and offload his extremely enormous cargo.

As Mike approached, I tested him again and opened my arms for a big hug. Mike and I were best buddies then and he was normally quite affectionate. But this time, Mike with a serious load on his mind just blew right by me only saying "Let's get inside quick!" The desperately loaded boy was very singular and focused on his urgent mission:.. Find a toilet, drop, sit, and poop. That was all that mattered right now. Although my desperately-loaded friend had not yet come out and said it, I knew full well he was fighting a losing battle and that in about 60 seconds; a helplessly crapping Mike would be sitting with his pants down filling the toilet with shit. It was either that, or his pants would not yet be down, in which case, he would be filling THEM with shit!!!

Once inside the frat house, I could see Mike quickly looking around casing the place with that highly anxious "Where's-the-F***ing-BATHROOM?" kind of look. However, the only facilities on the first floor were a powder room for female guests and one in the Presidential Suite which was locked and off limits to us. I'm sure in an emergency, we probably could have made an exception for my distressed buddy to use the powder room in such dire circumstances, but he asked not, so he received not!

"Which way??"(To the bedrooms) Mike asked urgently sweating bullets although he had not yet come right out and said he desperately had to take a really major shit. He didn't need to say it. I could tell from the look of anxiety/distress on his face and the tight movements that this was one SERIOUSLY loaded young man about to be totally overwhelmed by a dump. As the badly-loaded Mike battled his way up the stairs with me close behind, I could see that every last muscle in my weakening buddy's urgently throbbing ass was locked in a desperate life-and-death struggle to somehow keep the overpowering load inside his body just a few moments longer and prevent the mammoth chocolate python from being born in his pants. But those muscles were weakening quickly under the enormous strain and the chocolate python was not only extremely large, it was very mean and angry and wanted to HURT someone for keeping it pent up! In this case, that someone was my desperately loaded buddy. As we made our way up the stairs, the badly-loaded boy was now really farting a lot now, his crap-laden ass pounding relentlessly. I kept looking at Mike's beleaguered tightly-clenched butt thinking that at any moment a bulge would start forming in his pants accompanied by a that sickening squishy sound announcing that Mike had lost his valiant but ultimately futile struggle to contain his overwhelmingly massive crap. But somehow, some way, battling heroically, the besieged Mike managed to hold his incredible mass of shit inside him despite the mounting weakness.

And then I heard it. brrrrppffffffffttttt. There was no doubt about it. Some crap DID escape the weakening Mike's highly-pressurized butt despite his courageous efforts and was now being smushed around between his still tightly-clenched cheeks. The overwhelmed Mike was quickly losing the ability to contain his crap.

"G** D***it!!" Mike exclaimed in bitter frustration knowing he was just scant moments away from taking an involuntary shit in his pants as he made it to the top of the stairs still farting and opening the door to the hallway which led to my suite. Mike rarely swore so you KNEW that these were very dire circumstances. Despite this release, the astronomical mass of shit inside his butt continued to pound away at Mike; Continued to threaten to overwhelm Mike at any moment; Continued to weaken Mike.

Then sure enough .. brrrrppffffffffttttt. Even more crap managed to escape the inundated Mike who was beginning to panic. This shit also squished between the besieged boy's tightly clenched butt cheeks as he urgently made his way down the hall along with the shit that had escaped his throbbing ass just moments before. Even the clenched-ass technique was beginning to fail as the unstoppable chocolate python was getting much too big and much too powerful for the weakened Mike to restrain much longer. I couldn't believe it, but the incredibly-loaded Mike was weakening quickly and on the verge of filling his pants with excrement.

Mike was fighting against an unstoppable force of nature and beginning to lose badly. And yet the farting Mike had not yet ADMITTED he desperately needed to sit down and relieve his poop-filled butt. Still, I could tell the intense pressure from all that crap in his butt was wearing Mike down and really making him weak.

Finally making our way into the suite, the massive shit in Mike's butt was throbbing intensely and relentlessly as he quickly dropped his duffel bag and started tearing off his jacket in the foyer. I then said that he could take the stuff into the room.

"That can wait dude! I have to SHIT soooo bad you have no idea! But you can keep talking while I bum on the toilet."

With that, the panic-stricken Mike dashed quickly into the doorless bathroom, and threw down the horseshoe-shaped toilet seat before positioning his young fit solidly-built 6'3 frame in front of the badly-needed shitter. Since Mike had told me I could keep talking while he crapped, I decided to take him up on that!! So, I just stood in the doorway and watched my quickly-weakening buddy feverishly go about his agitated pre-shit ritual, his ass pounding insanely and his strength quickly ebbing away. As the critically-loaded boy desperately fumbled with his belt and zipper with those big hands of his, I heard him moan "Oh my God! I have to SHIT!!" and seem to look heavenward as if yet another enormous GI contraction had hit him further weakening his already beleaguered ass muscles. The weakening Mike was just barely able to get unbuckled, unbuttoned and unzipped, but I heard yet another rather squishy sounding fart before he could grab the top of his pants to drop them. Some more crap had managed to escape Mike's control and drop into his underwear.

Poor Mike was so badly loaded with crap and so worn down by the epic struggle to hold his shit, he was JUST barely able to get his pants down around his calves just in time before he got too weak to hold his massive overpowering dump. Finally getting his pants dropped in unmitigated defeat, the desperately-loaded Mike urgently deposited his bubble-shaped and shit-filled throbbing butt onto the urgently-needed toilet in unconditional surrender and bowed his head in submission. I have to say now after all these years of walking and pooping on Planet Earth, that Mike's 21-year-old butt was quite possibly THE most loaded butt I have EVER seen in my entire life as I watched him collapse to the desperately-needed toilet. The handsome strapping loaded young hunk was finally on the crapper about to be severely overwhelmed by a dump much to his relief and my delight!!

The war with his furious bowels was hopelessly lost as the defeated Mike sat there with his pants down on the toilet badly loaded with crap, prone in humiliating subjugation. The long desperate protracted struggle to hold such an incredibly immense load had seriously weakened Mike who no longer had the strength or the will to put up any further resistance against the devastating onslaught of shit about to storm right through him. It was now time for his raging bowels to take out their furious retribution on the badly-loaded young man on the toilet. The subjugated Mike, knowing just how badly he was beaten just didn't care anymore and only wanted to get his punishment over with as soon as possible.

So, with his head bowed to his overwhelming conqueror, the defeated Mike completed his total capitulation by letting his weakened ass muscles loose thereby allowing the victorious colossal chocolate python pounding in his ass to move right through him unimpeded and unopposed. The beaten Mike was now officially helpless and pinned down on the toilet in the throes of an incredibly colossal shit. With Mike finally vanquished and too weak to up such determined stubborn resistance, the unstoppable enormous fecal python ruthlessly pressed its way right into the unresisting young man's anal passage hurtling triumphantly toward the exit door relentlessly seeking daylight!! Feeling the spasms from the awesome force of this incredible mass moving inexorably through him, the strapping handsome lad on the toilet stated groaning and I knew Mike was beginning to shit!!


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