convinced my friend to crap herself

i was at work the other night and we were just not busy at all. me and a girl i work with Rachel (actually a good friend who got me the job there) had been screwing around all night, just goofing off and joking and stuff. eventually our boss came up and gave me a busy work project to do since it was so slow and told Rachel to stay in the customer service box for the night and work on reconciling all the cash and whatnot for the night. well after a while i took a slight break from my project and meandered up to the customer service box to see how it was going with rachel. she told me "there's been 1 customer. and it sucks that i'm the only one up here because i have to go to the bathroom but i can't leave it alone." i said "just go real quick i'll watch." she said "well i've gotta take a crap! it would take too long chris (boss) would get pissed." so i said "well can you hold it until we're done" and she said "i have to, don't i?" i paused and said "i mean that's really up to you now isn't it?" and she said "what do you mean?" so i said "well no one is making you hold it in but you!" and she laughed and looked shocked and said "oh so you're saying i should just go in my pants!" and i told her "i'm just saying you'd probably feel better and you wouldn't have to worry about getting in trouble." she looked at me like i was insane and said "...yeah but people would know i crapped my pants!" "what people?? its been dead all night remember? and you're going straight home from here at the end of the night i bet no one would ever know." she smirked at me and said "i wonder if anyone has ever done that? just crapped their pants for the hell of it because they didn't think anyone would notice." "i'm sure some people have" i said. "what would you do if you came up here and you could smell something, and you figured out that i had like, pooped my pants.." she snickered. i said "i'd ask you if you pooped your pants" she laughed and said "haha see? if someone comes in they would know! i would be so mortified if a customer said that to me." "haha well I would say that to you, i doubt a customer would say anything or even think that the source of the smell was a load in your pants. besides you could just spray air freshener every couple of minutes or so." she pondered for a moment then said "this talk is making me have to go even worse." i smiled and said i'd be right back. i went and worked on my project for a few more minutes so chris wouldn't catch me up front chatting with rachel and get pissed at me. after a little bit i went back up front to see how it was going. she actually had a customer and i could tell by the look of discomfort on her face that she had to go to the bathroom pretty badly. after they left she looked at me with this really pitiful face, and i walked over to her and said "how goes it?" she moaned and said "i have to crap so bad." so i said "just go! you'll feel better." and she said "i know i'd feel better inside but i'd feel all dirty if i i did that." so i said "well you're gonna go home soon to clean up. just don't think of it like doing something dirty by accident just think of the relief and the freedom you'll feel for just being able to let go." she looked very enticed and i could tell she was dying to let her load out, but honestly i was surprised she was even considering going in her pants. it had started out as me just joking around but the more it went on the more i started to think, rachel might actually just relieve herself in her pants if i convinced her. she made an unsure face and then bounced up and down on her foot and bit her lip and whined "i do really have to go." so, i said "well you have a couple options. you can go to the bathroom but chris will get pissed like you said. you can try holding it in until you're done, but if you have to go so bad you're probably not gonna make it, then you'll have an actual accident which would just feel terrible. or you can take matters into your own hands, and do something new and adventurous and see what its like to just have the freedom to be able to let go, and feel instant relief and a new sense of excitement!" she hesitated again and then said "ok. i don't know why but that third option is sounding pretty good right now! i've actually kind of wondered what it feels like to go in your pants. ever since i was a little kid i've not been able to remember what it was like to be a kid in diapers and i wondered how some little kids still have accidents when they're like, older than 4 or 5 and they don't seem to want to do anything about it. they just go in their pants and act like its fine. i never understood that." so i said "well maybe now is your chance to experience that for yourself and let me know how it feels. "wait you mean you've never done it???" i smirked and said "i didn't say i've never done it, but i want to see how it feels for YOU." she stared at me in disbelief and then said "...if i do this, you better not tell ANYONE!" and i said "oh of course not! that's the whole point, that you get relief and no one is the wiser!" she hesitated again and said "ok. go away and finish your project and come back in a few minutes." "well i don't wanna miss it!" i said, and she got all wide eyed and said "i won't be able to do it with you right there just go and come back so i can try and get started!" so i grinned and pretended to go back to my project but i really just waited behind a fixture across the aisle and spied on her. she carried on with her work at first, then a minute later i saw her looking all around, surveying the area. she couldn't see me. she looked to make sure chris wasn't nearby and then looked out the windows to see if any customer was coming. then she leaned forward slightly and put her hands on the counter. it looked like she was sticking her butt out behind her a little. i watched her face as she closed her eyes at first. then she opened them again and i could see her lips twitching around and her eyebrows. it was amazing! i would tell she was pooping right in her pants and was reacting to all the sensations! she kept breathing funny and closing her eyes. finally after a minute she stood up straight and looked around again to see if anyone was coming. her face slowly started to turn pink! she had a total guilty (but relieved) look on her face, like she knew she did something naughty! i wanted to watch her some more while she thought she was in private, so i waited to go up to her. she didn't do much else, she stood very still and i saw her reach back once or twice with her hand, i guess to feel her butt. she didn't make much of a face when she did so i'm not sure what it felt like to her. then she sprayed the can of air freshener and continued about her work. i couldn't believe she actually did it! so i walked up to customer service, and as i approached she avoided looking at me and then her face broke into this huge grin that she was trying to supress, and she turned bright red. i grinned as well and said "hey rach, how ya feelin!???" and she smiled and said "hey, pretty good cass, and yourself????" i said "oh, pretty good. anything interesting happen while i was away?" she stared at me and then just said "this feels SO weird. but i feel so much better." i burst into laughter and she started shushing me. i said "i can't believe you actually did it!" and she said "shhh shhh shhh! can you tell?" and i said "i can tell you sprayed a bunch of air freshner but otherwise if i didn't already know i probably wouldn't suspect it. but your face is totally red and you look like you're hiding something! your face is more of a giveaway!" she said "ok ok let me calm down." she stood still and took a few deep breaths trying to regain her composure. she grinned again and she said "i can't believe i let you convince me to poop myself at work." i told her to turn around and let me see. and she was hesitant at first. then she turned around just for a second, and there was an unmistakable droopy bulge in the back of her black pants. i told her it was obvious she had poop in her pants, and she immediately put both her hands on her butt to hide the bulge, then to my shock, she back up and pushed her butt against the side of the counter to flatten out the bulge in her pants! she made another really funny face then turned around and said "is it still obvious?" and the bulge was gone, it just looked like she had a wedgie. i said "nah you're good now!!!" and she sighed. then she said "ok go away now before we get in trouble, and i don't want you here if i talk to a customer!" i winked at her and went back to finish my project, totally excited! i periodically peaked up front at her and she was just going about her work like a champion! she looked totally casual. anyway, at the end of the night we walked to our cars together, and she had a pretty nice "i've got poopy pants" waddle! i teased her, then she said "you know you're gonna do it too sometime, right?" and i said "oh sure!"

little does she know, i've pooped my pants in front of her two times before...


Urgent work poo

I had to run to the toilet at work today with a very urgent attack of diarrhoea. I don't know where it came from but I didn't have a second to spare. I made it to the toilet but it was occupied so I had to wait with a very full bowel & prayed I wouldn't have to wait too long. Luck conspired against me & after ten minutes the toilet was still occupied. I began to leak a little bit & eventually after a fifteen minute wait the toilet flushed & out came Emma. She apologised for taking so long & I rushed in holding my bum. It stank in there but I was too desperate to care. I shoved my jeans & knickers down in one go & sat with a thump onto a very warm toilet seat. As soon as my bum made contact with it my anus opened on its own & I sprayed a torrent of brown liquid all around the pan. It was a fantastic relief but my knickers were ruined. I had to flush then down the toilet & finish my day without them. At home time I felt the urge to go again so I played it safe & went to the toilet before I left work & I'm glad I did because I really had to go & would never have made it home in time.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Car Mom another grest peeing story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sammy great story about your friend peeing her pants a question does she also poop her pants as well? and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amylee as always another great story from the ladies room I bet that bathroom stunk pretty bad after all you ladies were done I bet the next person probaly changed there minds about going in there and I think you will eventualy get over your poop shyness my best advice is to not let other peoples comments bother you like your boss Leigh did because after she got called out she didnt let that change who she is and how act in the bathroom and if they have a problem with the sounds and smells to bad thats what happens in a bathroom and its not like there poop dosent stinkd because everybodys stinks some more then others but that life get over it people so to put it simple be yourself in the bathroom and ignore the complainers this is just something I had to say because there are so many people are out there who will risk having an accident rather then go to the bathroom in public and have somone complain and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty, Kirsty great story about your friend Emma pooping at your house and Wendy great story about you pooping in that bucket and having Kirsty wipe you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan From Calgary great story about your accident I bet that was beyond embarrassing but at least your friend Mark was nice about and didnt make a big deal about it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great story about seeing a woman going to the bathroom and it seems like your one people who has been on this longest who hasnt quit posting which is a good thing because your stories are some of the best and as always I look forard to your next post thanks.

To: Angela great story and your boyfriend was a jack ass to do that you and im gald you took the high road and didnt get revenge on him like some of the girls and women by pooping and/or peeing on his stuff even though he deserved it for what he did and please contiue to post more stories thanks.

To: Astrid first welcome back and great story and I hope you will contiue to post more of them thanks.

To: Abbie great story about hearing your friend Olivia pooping in the bathroom with you as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Heres a quick story last night I almost pooped my pants I was watching TV when I had to fart so I farted a big and loud fart but aparrently the fart was strong enough that it made my poop come out because at the end of the fart I felt the poop slightly come out lucky it was a hard one and not a soft one which would have been a mess to clean up.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Half Dump Denise

My worst shitty morning

This past Monday morning was the worst shitty morning of my 16 years. Since three generations of my famiily share our house due to the economy, and we have only one and a half bathrooms, there's almost always a line for the bathroom. I generally go in and pee and shower at about 11:30 at night after I finish my homework, because if I had to wait in the morning line I would undoubtedly be late for school. I have my morning shit at school, and on days when there is no school, I sometimes walk two blocks down the street to a coffee house, or when the weather's nice, I'll ride my bike a couple blocks over to the park to crap there.

What happened on Monday was that I grabbed my backpack and started my walk to school at 6:30 a.m. That's earlier than normal but there was a 7 a.m. meeting of those wanting to go out for next year's dance team. I'm not that good, but I'm willing to practice hard and I'm kind of hopeful that I can land one of the slots. I'm a fast walker, even when I'm carrying my backpack, and I entered the building about 15 minutes early. My plan was to immediately go in and take my crap before the meeting, because I knew that by 8 a.m. it would be SRO in the bathrooms. When I pushed onto the entry door, a deadbolt stopped me. I so like couldn't believe that it hadn't been opened yet. Although I'm only a sophomore, I knew there was a second entrance to the north, down the hall and around the corner. I hurried along the route and was one of the few people I heard in the building. The second door was also locked. I took a walk back to where I came in which is close to the main office, where only part of the lights were on. Finally, a door opened for me and I was confronted by this old lady who was pouring her coffee. Just as I explained my situation, she told me the solution was to go to the bathroom at home and that on some days, the custodians might do some other things before they go around the building and open the bathrooms. I was like I couldn't believe how this lady was talking to me.

At that point, three or four phones on different desks started ringing and she sat down taking calls from parents of sick students. There was a 10 second period when they weren't ringing when she said she had a master key and reluctantly would open the bathroom for me, but the phones stated ringing again and I had to wait. While I did I started to imagine a big mess in my panties. And wouldn't you know it, I was wearing my favorite dress! While I was getting further frustrated with this old lady on the phone, I noticed on the side of her desk that she had a plaque from the school district that said she got her job in 1967, which I recalled was the year in which my mom was born. She gave me a couple of dirty looks as she continued with the calls and I decided when the calls stopped, I would simply ask to borrow the key ring and leave my backpack there for proof that I would return the keys. I was at a point where I could smell what was between my legs and I knew I had to do something. I decided to quit waiting and ran out into the hall back toward the restroom. I was intent on using the boys bathroom which is right across the hall from the girls. I got there and put both hands onto the door and pushed. It opened, although the hinges could use some oil because the creak could probably be heard halfway down the hall and I didn't want to advertise what I was doing.

There were like 12 doorless stalls with toilets on the left side and more than that number of urinals on the right. There were several sinks at the far end where there was the usual second entry door. I quickly looked to my left, walked into the closest stall, dropped the seat (slowly so as not to make any noise), hiked up the back of my dress with my right hand while I pulled my panties down with my left hand. Within two or three seconds of my butt being seated, there was a muffled fart and three balls of shit dropped, so fast that they splashed me. I leaned forward, made my usual amount of pushing, and my rectum was stretching as one very wide log guided itself into the bowl. Just as I pulled up the front of my dress to admire it, and as I was feeling the first of my relief, feet could be coming in from the opposite entry. A toilet seat was dropped very hard, followed immediately by a number of splashes. A cell phone rang and I heard an older voice answer it, talk about some numbers for what sounded like a car repair job, and then tell someone he loved them.

I decided that the other person was probably a teacher and I prayed that he would flush, wash his hands and exit from the other doorway. I decided to sit still, although I knew I was going to be late for my meeting, I couldn't think of another solution. Then the door closest to me opened, a boy walked in, luckily for me he was half asleep, and use the urinal right across from me without turning to notice me. He pissed for like 30 seconds, although it seemed longer, and then he turned and walked back to the doorway as he was still putting his dick back in and zipping up. I was hopeful that I could be as lucky with the other guy. I wasn't. He flushed, but didn't wash his hands and I could hear him walking toward me. I think he saw my shoes which gave it away and he walked right up to my stall doorway, and greeted me with "And what you we have here." I tried to explain calmly, but then started to cry. He waited for me in the hallway, then walked me down to the office. The assistant principal for sophomores seemed pretty strict, even after I explained my situation. He gave me a lengthy explanation about supervision in the bathrooms and liability and why they are locked before and after school hours. Then he wrote me up for a four-hour Saturday morning school detention.

It was 7:30 when I got done in the office, picked up my bookbag and went to the girls room which was now open so that I could wipe myself. All the stalls were taken, there was a line, and when I finally seated myself for my wipe and pulled my underwear down, I was surprised to find only a partial skidmark. It took me six wipes to clean myself. I flushed, and unlike that teacher, washed my hands.

When I finally got to the gym, the meeting was just ending. There were at least 50 girls auditioning, so I didn't even take a handout sheet from the coach. Then I felt the need to pee, so I want into a much smaller bathroom and pissed just before the five-minute warning bell rang. While I sat, I started to cry again.

I got to my first hour class with a minute or two to spare. I was still feeling pretty miserable, but at least I had done something right.

Just a guy

Amylee, that was another excellent story about the meeting break in the ladies room at work. It sounded like you all really needed that break. As I mentioned in previous posts, I used to be shy about taking a dump in a public bathroom (particularly in school) until I got into college. For me it wasn't anything particular, for some reason the common thought was that you shouldn't poop in the school restroom. As a result, I remember on a few occasions struggling at times to hold back a dump, but then in college that all changed for me as everyone seem to go. Now I have no problem going whenever I need to. I'm glad to hear you're getting over your fears and yes, I would like to hear what made you poop shy.

I regularly read the stories but only occasionally contribute, but here is one from many years ago when I was a 14 year old schoolboy

Just down the road lived my auntie and uncle and my 8 year old cousin Anne, living so close we saw a lot of each other as we grew up I had seen her on her pottie and then on her trainer seat on the toilet she never locked the door when she went to the toilet and would just wander in no matter who was in the bathroom pull her knickers down then climb onto the toilet using a small stool kept by the side of it and do whatever she had to do, I had noticed that even as a little girl she had a big bladder and wee'd for a long time occasionally I had heard her do a poo and they sounded pretty heavy but I had not managed to see one until one day when she was 8 she was at our house I had gone to the bathroom for a wee I hadn't bothered to shut the door as everyone was downstairs, just as I had finished and was shaking the drops off I heard a noise and turning my head saw Anne in the doorway watching me she said, I have never seen a boy do a wee wee before, then she skipped in watching me stuffing my penis back in my trousers, she stood in front of the toilet put the seat down hitched up her dress and slipped her white knickers down to her ankles then hoisted herself up onto the toilet opening her legs wide and said now you watch me do a wee wee, I couldn't help but watch as I had never actually seen a girls wee coming out before, almost immediately she let out a little fart and a stream of wee gushed out and splashed noisily into the toilet her wee went on for ages then eventually trickled to a stop she then looked up and announced I think there is a poo coming she started pushing making little grunting and gasping noises this went on for a long time then with one final gasp there was a very loud plop as a big poo hit the water then she started pushing again and eventually dropped another big one then she got down of the toilet and looked in the pan saying look Pete I have done two big poo's I looked down the toilet and couldn't believe what she had done they were both about 1 inch in diameter one was at least 6 or 7 inches long and the other about 5 inches they were as big as any I had ever done Anne carefully wiped her bottom then pulled her kickers up washed her hands then followed me downstairs.

Newest Guy
So my precious post(first ever) has not yet posted, but I had another experience today, only solid and with two twists, so I felt I'd post it anyway. So here it is.
I was walking home after basketball again and felt that oh so familiar, dreadful full feeling. It seems my body has rescheduled to a really inconvenient time slot, but I really hope it's just a phase. It began to turtlehead, so I knew I had to run back to the park(same spot as described in my last post) and began to get ready. This time, there was a family picnicin rather close by, and I really didn't want them to see me, but I knew if I didn't take the chance of them seeing me crapping in the park then hem seeing me drop a soft load in my undies, a fate I was very rapidly approaching. So, this time, I was a little more careful. I took out some school books to use as cover, and possibly as tp, pulled my pants down gently so my jacket would drape over my bare ass, and sat softly against the mountain. Immediately my stomach growled and I let out a soft fart, followed by a long, about a foot in length, soft rope like tied out of my finally unclenched anus. It slithered out of my puckered butthole and lire down the hill, coilin gently at he bottom. Immidiatly it began steaming in the cold, mid afternoon air. I was so relieved from the feeling of being able to let my body releve and remove it's waste, that I relaxed to the point where I accidentally wet my jeans. I had to pee so bad; that it came out with such intensity that it squished a little out of my jeans and rolled down to my bum. It felt so good I didn't even worry about explaining it. I sat there in my warm undies as my stomach began to gurgle again. Immediately I threw several more loads of steaming brown waste onto the ver growing pile. Each one was about the same length as the first, but thicker, pimpled, and with varying shades if brown. As I was getting closer to empty, it felt so good after all day at school(I had to poop for half the day, but hate usig the pee covered stalls)that I allowed myself a little sigh of relief. Not feeling completely empty yet, I gently tightened my muscles and pushed on my large intestine. While doing this, I turned around to examine my huge, still steaming pile. I noticed that I got a little poo on my jacket tail again, but I decided to wash it off later. Just as I was feeling the last log about to escape the jail of my body, I heard the most dreadful sound-someone walking up to the mountain. Without having any other choice, I sat down where I was, right on top of the pile of my own waste. Steam billowed slightly from under my jacket as a classmate came up behind me and greeted me. I, slightly ashamedly, was enjoying the smell of my waste, but worried that the smell may be drifting towards himtoo. To my dismay, he stood there and continued chatting, but luckily he only mentioned a smell once and didn't let on that it smelled like human waste. Within the first couple of minutes I couldn't control myself, and, with the only telltale sign being a slight strain in my voice, I let my final snake or of my butthole. It uncoiled from my intestines and coiled around my hidden load of shit. More steam billowed out, but it was practically unnoticeable. It felt soo good to be empty, and felt so naughty shitting when someone was right there. Finally he left, and I was alone with my poop. I tore off my old math homework and whipped my butt with it. It was again, quite covered in my own shit from having to hide the evidence, so I couldn't clean it up all the way and ended up pulling my jeans with caked, brown crusty stuff circled around my closing anus. I let out a final fart and headed home, pee around my crotch and caked poop on my butt, feeling so releived and off Scott free.
Edit: to clear up any confusion, my book was over my lap so any pee on my pants would be unnoticeable.

Paco the Taco
Hello. I have time to write about a story from the past today. It happened when I was 12 and at the beach with my friend Dylan, it was our first time getting dropped off at the beach alone without parents. It was exciting to us at the time, and Dylan kept talking about this girl he saw who he wanted ask out, but was scared. We were digging a really deep hole in the sand, when the cheese fries from earlier came back on me. I had to poop really really bad. I told him, because we were close enough to say that kind of stuff, and he dared me to poop in our sand pit. I said no because I thought it might be diarrhea, but then I made him a deal. I would poop in the hole if he asked the girl out. He agreed and said I was first. I jumped down into the hole, it was about four or five feet deep, so just my head and shoulders could be seen if I stood up straight. I positioned myself so I was kind of wedged on an angle where my butt was facing straight down, and it made only my head able to be seen. I slid down my bathing suit to mid thigh and started off with a pee. It was awkward because Dylan was staring the whole time and laughing. I peed off to the right and gave a short push. It was a whole bunch of those little poops that are like half-solid, but they come out really fast and there are a lot of them. It felt like it was a hundred degrees. I did make a lot of noises and farts, and ended off with a small amount of liquid type poop. I knew I wasn't finished but I really didn't want to squirt the liquid poop on the sand. It was actually a lot and made quite the pile at the bottom of the pit! Dylan was amused and thought it was funny and I cleaned up in the ocean. He did follow through with the deal and asked the girl out and was embarrisangly rejected. And we left my poop in there- i hope no one jumped in it or anything!!

I had quite a desperate poop situation a couple of days ago. I was running late in the morning and didn't get to go to the toilet before leaving for school. Within twenty minutes, I could feel it. My bowels rumbled uncomfortably and gas escaped more than once. By second period I knew I wouldn't make it through the rest of the day, especially with phys ed and a class with someone I was trying to impress. However, I never use school toilets to poop. I began to form a plan; at lunch I would tell my mates I was headed home to send my grandma something and poop then. Thankfully, they accepted my story and I was off quickly. I felt a lot of pressure on my bum hole for the 7-minute walk from school to my place, but I got there. I barely even kicked my shoes off before rushing to the toilet and unloading. I peed--something I hadn't expected--very hard for half a minute before one clean, giant poo pushed its way from my bum. I was surprised at the single poop but when I pushed nothing else came out, so I wiped and headed back to school. From now on, I will go to the toilet beforehand!

so embarrassing!!!

I had to poop in school today. We were just finishing up gym class when I felt the poop start to descend. I wanted to hold it and I jumped in the showers. A kid farted loudly, and then another kid topped him off with a louder one. I felt a really big one to beat them both but when I pushed it a turd poked its head out! I got really scared and ran to the toilets, my hair all soaped up with shampoo. I sat and pushed out some big ones, probably shouuldn't have chose chicken nuggets at lunch! I jumped back in the showers and the guys all thought it was hilarious and were dying laughing, but i was chill and laughed with them. So Embarrassing!!!


The WORST Toilet Ever

Hi, everyone.

I'd like to ask everyone to share their stories of the WORST toilet on which they ever had to take a dump.

For me it would be the public toilets in Tompkins Square Park, in New York City's East Village. Nice park, disgusting bathroom. I was there with my wife and some friends hanging out in the sun when I had a case of diarrhea creep up on me. I rushed to the mens room and discovered the stalls had no doors. Okay, no big deal, I can handle that. Then I saw that the toilets had no seats. There was garbage and water and old clothes and all kinds of debris all over the place. One of the toilets was clogged with what appeared to be a sweatshirt, another was splattered with shit. I chose the third one, as it was the least nasty. I applied several layers of toilet paper to the rim, then dropped my pants and sat. I had a watery BM, and in the middle of it some homeless guy actually walked into the stall with me, as if he didn't see me sitting there. After staring at me in a daze for a moment, he walked away. I rolled off some TP and wiped my ass. When I stood up, I noticed that there was a swarm of cockroaches on ther wall behind me. Yeachhh!!!!! I kicked the TP that was covering the rim into the toilet and flushed it with my foot. After all that, there was no soap! Luckily, my wife had hand sanitizer.

Haven't found a more horrific toilet than that. Here's to hoping I don't!


For Just Jerika

Your questions for us about posture on the toilet are thought-provoking. When I'm in the dorm and seating myself for a longer-type crap and there are few around, I'm obviously going to be more free about my posture. However, in buildings like lecture halls where there are many stalls and lines, my jeans and underwear never fall below my knees. The worst bathrooms are in the student union, everyone's in a hurry and when I sit on the toilet there, I have my jeans and underwear almost at butt level. Often I'm sitting over the top inch or two of my jeans and my knees are close together. This is because of eye-ballin' and jiggling that's done quite a bit to the latched doors there. Once last month a latch slipped when the door was jiggled, but my precautions saved me from what otherwise would have been more embarrassment.

I've been a reader of this site for a long time and I think it's time I contributed some of my own memories of long ago. So let's start with this one.
At the little prep-school I went to when I was five, there were two toilets in an outside building, one for the boys and one for the girls. One morning, badly needing to wee, I put my hand up, asked to be excused, and was given permission to go. I went across the yard and into the toilet building and saw that the girls' toilet door was open. I looked in and saw a girl I knew from one of the other classes sitting with her knickers down round her ankles.
I said 'Hullo'. Then, since she was sitting on the toilet rather than standing, I said 'Are you doing a poo?'. 'No,' she replied, 'Just a wee.' I knew nothing about girls then, so I asked, 'Then why are you sitting down?' She looked at me disdainfully and said 'Girls always sit down to wee. Didn't you know?'
I didn't know, but that marked the start of my interest in what girls did when they were on the toilet. In some following posts I'll tell you how I learned a lot more.

Story Teller
Has anyone ever had the misfortune of going into a public toilet to do their business only to find out too late it dosn't flush? I recall one time my family and me stopped at a gas station for a bathroom break. It was just a small room with one toilet and a sink.So my mom lowers her pants and underwear and sits down to get on with her dump. After about a minute she grabs a bunch of toilet paper and wipes and throws the paper in. She turns around( I'm not sure if this applies to all girls but any women I've seen always flushes before they stand up) and trys to flush, only it wouldn't! She kept trying for a minute then admitted defeat. As embarassed as she was she actually had to go ask for someone to come back and fix it. I'm glad thats never happened to me.

Michelle (formally M.S)

Using the laptop while on the toilet

Just before I get to my current situation I would just like to say sorry for not posting in a while it's just I have been busy. Anyway I have deciced to change my post name to Michelle rather than M.S

I am sitting on the sofa typing this right now with the need to poo so I am going to take the laptop into the toilet and give a commentry while I poo... I am now in the bathroom and sat on the toilet with my laptop on my thighs, I am so desperate to poo I have just noticed quite a large poo stain in my blue knickers. I am currently letting out a long fart and I can feel the poo emerging from my anus which has now just snapped in half causing two quick plops in the water just as I have begun to wee. My third poo is no is way but it is starting to become runny and I have now begun letting out wet farts. It is really smelly in there at the moment and I feel empty and the wet farts have stopped so I think I am done. I am now wiping my bum which has a massive lump of poo hanging from the side of the anus and has taken six wipes to clean. I am now flushing the toilet and I am going to open the window and then clean the poo stains from my knickers. I hope you enjoyed my poo and I love this site.


My urgent poop

I'm from Colombia and I'm a small young woman of 4' 11". I'm skinny but I eat all the time and I never put any weight on. I don't like to poop at work unless I really have to and when I get home I'm usually quite desperate. I sometimes do some shopping on the way home and I love to hold my poop when I need to go so bad.
Last night I'd been holding it all day & my belly was aching. I did a big shop on my way home from work and pressure was getting really strong as I pushed my trolley round the store. By the time I got to the cashier I was bursting but I was determined to keep it in rather than use the toilets at the store. I got my shopping to the car and went home with a very urgent need to get to a toilet. The journey home was long and slow due to traffic and by the time I got home was close to doing it in my panties. I slowly got out of the car trying not to go in my panties but it was not easy and I felt my bum opening without me wanting it to. I had to close it hard but I couldn't hold it very well and let a small poop slip into the seat of my panties. I grabbed my two shopping bags from the car and slowly made my way into the house. At the door I had to put my bags down while I got my key from my purse and as soon as I got the door open I bent down to pick up my bags and felt another poop slip out into my panties. I dumped the bags in the hallway and shut the door but I was now too desperate to make it to the toilet & went in my panties again. I gave in to my urgent need and let it fill my panties untill they were full. I felt dirty and ashamed for soiling myself but on one knew about it and I started o enjoy the warm sticky mess all over my bum. The cleanup was big but it was worth it.


Comments for Timee and new guy

Hi Timee

In answer to your comments on my post in 1996, I was not in any hurry to stay around that place after I was basically robbed a week's pay for nothing.

You would have been right though, as the next user of that toilet must have got quite a nasty shock!

Hi New Guy

In reponse to your comments, the angel in what passes for my conscience would hope she felt better after that spectacular fast poo.The devil in my conscience might possibly suggest that this wasn't the first time or the last time this has/had happened to her...

Take care

Hermes x

Hi Everyone , hope you are all well!

Enjoying all of your posts, especially Amylee!

We're up to page 1998 so not long to go to 2000!

I have a story from way back.One of my first jobs involved joining a minibus full of rather rough looking women to work in a warehouse some twenty miles away from home.

As it turned out they were actually quite nice people and with one exception they welcomed me into their group during the journey.

She was Ms S. Ms S was the bully in the group.She was an average-looking blonde and was considered by the management to be the best worker they had.This gave her a hold over the group, and she was a venomous, vindictive individual.She made a lot of unpleasant and snide comments about me during the journey.This triggered occassional insincere nervous laughter from some in the group who did not want to get on the wrong side of Ms S by disagreeing with her, but were
reluctant to pick on a new member of the team.

Fortunately once we arrived I ended up working on the far side of the warehouse, some two hundred yards away from Ms S and her fellow workers.

There was a half hour break half way into the shift and we all ate our dinner in the small canteen.I went to the payphone on the far side of thw large warehouse, to call a friend and tell them how I was getting on.

The payphone was halfway between the doors for the male and female toilets.I was on the phone when I heard a strange noise approaching and getting louder.It was the raspy BRAP_BRAP_BRAP_BRAP of someone with seriously bad wind farting repeatedly, and noisily as they walked along.

Ms N walked into view, farted loudly with a raspy BRRAAP!, gave me a filthy look and walked into the toilets.In the case of the female toilet the outer door was open.I was mainly concentrating
on the phone, but I heard pretty loud and clear what happened next.

I heard her pull her jeans and pants down in one movement. There was a lengthy tinkle as she peed, followed by a loud BRRRRRAAAPP!SPLASH! as she farted and did a large soft poop.This was followed by a SPLASH then a smaller SPLASH.There was another BRAAAAP-SPLASH, followed by a brief period of quiet.She farted noisily three times in quick succession with a BRRAAAAPP-BRRAAAAPP-BRAAAAAAPPPP!Finally there was a BRAAAAAAP_FRAPPPP_KERSPLASHHH! as she finished with a loud fart and a very big soft poop.

I heard her wipe once very briefly and pull her pants and jeans up.When she came out let's just say it was pretty obvious what she had been up to... Rather than looking like the invincible bully, she looked rather embarrassed by it all.Funnily enough although she never spoke to me or about me again, I never had any trouble from her for the rest of the week I was there...

Another work-based story to follow next time, this time involving a much nicer individual.

Bye for now take care

Hermes xx

Newest guy
So I've never posted on here before but decided to start.
I hate going to the bathroom at my school so I always hold it to the end. That being the case, I'm always pretty desperate for a pee at the end of basketball practice, so I almost always have to pee behind stores, in bushes, etc. However, on the at home today I had an urge I'd never felt before-the need to poop. At first, it wasn't so bad, just a couple silent farts and that familiar feeling in my gut. But, before I knew it, I almost shat myself right then and there while releasing some gas. The only thing holding it in was my hard clenching f my anus. I knew I had to go, and fast, so I turned around quickly and headed back for the park near my school. I went in to the tiny woodsy Area and behind this little divet about the size of my waste. There was people about ten feet away, and it was a less then ideal place to do my business, but I was desperate and knew I had no other choice, so I pulled my pants down so hard the button popped off and the second my pants were down, my anus unclenched of it's own accord and a tiny, golf ball sized turf plopped out of my anus, bounced off my underwhere, and landed clumsily b my feet. Without wasting any more time I slammed my butt against the little mountain and immediately warm, mushy, andud brown diaries came oozing and bubbling out of my butt. I minds well have gone in my underwhere, because as soon as it shot out of me, it got trapped in betweenthe mountain and my btt cheeks, effectively caking them in the oatmeal like stuff. Finally, after a couple minutes and several close calls with passerbys(luckily my jacket dangled on both sides, hiding my slimy butthole) I felt empty. I stood up, but as soon I as I was on both feet, too more squirts came shooting out of my bum, covering my jackettail in slimy ooze. After that, I truly was done, but had nothing to while with but my math homework. After much deliberation, I decided agains it, and merely moved over to a cleaner spot of the small Moirain and rubbed my bum agains it, further pInting the mountain brown. I tried to rub my jacket against the hill too, but unfortunately I couldn't get the goop out, and instead dipped it In a nearby pond of stAgnant water figuring it would be easier to explain then poop. I pulled up my underwhere and broken pants, still caked in y own waste, yet somehow enjoying the feeling, and continued salmon home. There was a close call as some of the diarrhea on my but oozed down my leg, and, wearing shorts, was visible underneath, but I whipped it with my wet, smelly coattail and continued on. Thanks for reading


No doors on the stalls in the boys room from Grade 1 - 12

From my first year of Elementary school through my last year of high school, the stalls in the boys rooms never had doors. This sucked for me for two reasons: I used to be desperately bashful to go to the bathroom in public (even in a stall with a door) and I suffered from IBS.

It was worse in Elementary School and Junior High. I used to go to school each morning praying I wouldn't have to shit during school, but at least two or three days each week I did. When I walked into the boys room, I prayed that I'd have it to myself, but I rarely did. And you know how kids are at that age. In elementary school, pooping and farting is funny, so I got made fun of by the other boys in the restroom while I was on the toilet. In Junior High, everyone's hormones are on the fritz, so that teasing turned to harassment. I actually had a group of boys stand in front of the stall I was in while I was having diarrhea and just stare at me. Another time they dared some girls to come into the boys room and look at me on the toilet. One of the reasons I have such bad memories of the first nine or so years of school was due to being so intimidated and humiliated every time I had to evacuate my bowels.

Luckily by High School my confidence was built enough that is was much less embarrassing to have to shit in a doorless stall. Plus, the other guys by then were a little more mature and ganging up on a kid with diarrhea was no longer considered a cool thing to do.

These days, as an adult, I no longer have much if any difficulty shitting in public restrooms. I had to use a restroom in New York City a few years ago in which the toilets had no stalls at all. Glad to be over my public restroom fear, but it was not a pleasant experience getting to this point.

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