Car Mom
Francesca: I'm so glad you like my posts! Yeah I have to admit, thanks to my dear friend Laura, what I always thought was nothing but a convenience for the kids has become a lot of fun for me! I myself never peed anywhere other than the toilet until I met Laura, I just used to let Kaylee and the other girls pee in the car. I know its always been a fun thing for Kaylee though, and I've always known that its something she looks forward to. She never did ask me why Laura and I chose to pee on the couch when the toilet was available, but she knows that things like peeing in the car happen all the time with us, and so its not really a strange thing for her. I always used to tell myself it was a convenience, and it was, but now I know that I've always thought it was a fun thing too. I just never consciously looked at it that way I guess. As far as my parents are concerned, my mom was and is single and we get along great when I see her, but I don't think she would understand the idea of peeing in the car or anywhere else other than the toilet. I never brought it up to her. She wasn't strict when I was growing up, but I never asked her if I could do anything like that. And its not like she ever offered it either. But that's ok. I suppose you could say I have a normal mom, not like me! ;)

Upstate Dave: I too noticed that your posts haven't been posting. Glad to see your still here and all is well! Yeah I'm sure Laura and I will do it again. We may be together again this weekend. I'll be sure to let you know! I have to admit I'm glad Laura got me to start doing the things I do with peeing. I'm really glad I met her and that I'm friends with her.

Well nothing's new with me, but Kaylee did pee in the couch again, so now she's done it twice. I did tell her that peeing in the couch is only going to be a special thing once in a while, not like the car. She said "fine" but then she asked me if it would be ok if one of her friends did it with her next time. I told her I'd have to think about it but I will probably let them do it. It wouldn't be a big deal. Laura's daughter Madison would probably be the one who would do it with her, although some of the other girls would do it too, so its up to her.

Well I guess that's it for me!
Car Mom :)

Magnesia Maggie

Answers for Just Jerika

At home, I tend to be more free about myself and I lower my underwear all the way to the floor. I spread my legs more and sometimes I'm reading, or drinking while I use the toilet. This morning I tried reaching up to my right to get the aspirin bootle from the medicine cabinet as I did my pee and I took my aspirin with my orange juice while I was seated. Since Mom had me take my favorite laxative last night, I sat and little longer and pushed, but other than some moderate farts, I was unsuccessful.

To pee at school, and I do this two or three times a day, I sit on only the very front part of the toilet and I keep my knees together. My underwear and jeans are at mid-thigh level when I'm not wearing a dress. To take my crap ... or at least to try to ... I sit farther back on the stool for comfort, because I know I'm going to be there longer. I spread my legs wider and slide around more on the seat as I sometimes have to furiously push. Once the chute opens, however, I'm done and wiping in a few seconds.

I know that Mom wants the best for me, but the worst thing for me is when she is almost daily asking me if I've "moved my bowels" yet. I don't feel I need the reminders and the log book for her to watch. Even at the mall Saturday when she picked me and Sadie up, her first words were if I had been able to move my bowels. Then we stopped at the drug store and got another bottle of you know what.


Just Random

To Drake.I posted on here a few months ago about poop experiances.When I was Eight Me and and Dad and Brother and GrandFather was at the lake fishing.My GrandFather took his hands in the lake and tasted the water,a few minutes later a boat came by wtih two fishermen in it and one had his butt sticking out the boat.

And that was a sexy storie about that wedding day on here.

When I was about 13 or so, I was hanging about with my friend at a local park by the river. My friend Crimper (we called her that because she fancied herself as a hairdresser) decided she wanted to explore the woods on the other side of the river. It had been quite a dry spell of weather and the water was quite low, no more than calf-deep. Crimper just walked into the water and I had to follow her, getting our jeans soaked up to the knee. As we got to the opposite bank she stood and closed her eyes, smiled, then let out a sigh. Then she looked at me, still grinning, then looked down. A glistening wet stain was spreading down the legs of her jeans to join the wet part from the river water. She made a remark about how useful it was to be able to just pee in your pants when they're already wet, and how good it felt. I felt a bit tingly watching and tried to do it myself, but I couldn't. She even invited me to have a feel, but I didn't. After a while we went back over the river to the park. I thought she'd try to get more wet to cover it up but she didn't, even though it was obvious what she'd done. She must have really enjoyed it because she did it quite a lot after that, and was always trying to get me to do it too. I did it a few times and she was right - it does feel good, but I would only do it when we were messing around in the water.


Meeting Break in The Ladies' Room At Work

At work this past week, my boss Leigh, 4 others and I had a meeting that started at 11:30 a.m. with lunch then the business afterwards. Other than Leigh and me, it was attended by my friend Roxy (I posted about her before), and three other ladies named Rachel, Gwen, and Debbie, all cute girls about my age. Leigh is a few years older than the rest of us. We all work in the same department and Leigh is our manager. The company had catered in barbeque, which was very good. They had beef, chicken, and pork for meats, with BBQ sauce. For sides there was potato salad and baked beans. Everyone was commenting on the good meal. My own personal experience with BBQ and beans is that I love it, but it usually causes me to bloat with gas soon afterwards. It began happening around 2 o'clock. I felt gas moving through my system and a couple of times it made a groaning sound that I hoped no one else heard. Rachel, who was sitting next to me, was fidgeting in her seat a bit and I heard her stomach make a low moaning sound. We continued to meet for another 40 minutes and by that time, I was needing the ladies' room. I dreaded this since I knew if we took a break, everyone would go to the restroom and I was positive I was going to have a very noisy poo, which I hate to do in public restrooms, especially at work where we know one another. Leigh called a break at 2:45 and everyone went out of the meeting room. Sure enough all of us went to the ladies' room. I was the 3rd one to go into the room. All 6 stalls were vacant, which meant we all would get a stall at the same time. The first two in the room, Gwen and Rachel, took stalls 1 and 2. I took stall 3, Debbie stall 4, and Roxy and Leigh got the last two but I wasn't sure which stalls they got. We were all visiting on the way to the ladies' room, but the talk stopped when we went into our stalls. I had not had to poo next to Rachel and Debbie before, and was a bit anxious about it. Leigh is always noisy in the restroom (see previous posts), and Roxy has told me before she can't poo without farting. We all sat down. I heard Leigh do her usual "Uhhhh" and I could hear plopping, I assume from her. Debbie and Rachel both started dropping nuggets that plopped noisily in the water. I was trying to start my poo quietly. So far I'd not heard anything but plops and I didn't want to fart out loud. Just at that time I heard a pretty loud fart from down the line, I think it was Roxy. A second fart, I think from Leigh came. Then Debbie and Rachel on either side of me both did farts that were audible but not terribly loud. Gwen was still in stall 1 but she seemed to be doing her business quietly. I felt a big pressure and had to push and a pretty loud fart came out. Roxy laughed and said, "Boy we're windy today aren't we?" Rachel said, "Yes, we are." Debbie said, "I'm glad it's not just me. I think lunch gave me gas." She then farted again which brought giggles from the others. I'm not comfortable chatting on the toilet so I stayed quiet. Rachel said, "Well, I've done all I can do" and started wiping. Someone else came into the restroom. Rachel flushed and went out of the stall, and said, "Hi, Ann." It was Ann, our human resources manager who'd come into the room (I've also previously posted about Ann). She took the Rachel's stall next to me. I heard Leigh do another grunt "Uhhhh" and I heard a loose sounding poo starting. I assumed it was from her. Ann got settled and immediately let out a soft fart and a long crackling poo. I've ended up next to Ann a few times and she poos "politely", usually with softer farts and crackles, but she isn't poo shy at all. I had another pain hit me and started a soft poo that had it not broken up, had to be two feet long. I was tooting the whole time it was coming out. Debbie farted again and let out more nuggets that plopped. She then started wiping. Leigh, Roxy, and Gwen flushed as did Debbie and they all went out, leaving Ann and me next to one another. My stomach was cramping and I let out another very long crackling poo that curled all around the toilet. Ann continued to poo as well. I did a third long poo and was empty. I peed and began to wipe, which took about 4 or 5 times to get cleaned up. I was shocked at the size of my bowel movement. The toilet was full. I flushed and went out and heard Ann flush a few seconds later and come out. She said hello. We washed our hands and I went back to the meeting. When I went into the room, Roxy said, "Amylee, you must have had to go the worst." I was embarrassed but said, "I guess so." Our ladies' room is quite an active place at times. I'm still working on overcoming poo shyness. If there is interest, I'll post on what I believe made me this way originally.

Blocked Loos

To Embarassed - Hi I'm only 19 years ofage & I have been blocking the loo since I was 10! I never poo at home unless I really have to, I think all the janitors know me by now. it doesn't help the fact I am 6ft 4"tall.
I only poo once or twice a week, but when I do I have to put vaseline on my buthole.I have to really push & strain- then it comes out in one rather large massive wide lump. It is always without fail too wide to fit down the hole in the toilet,and when it does go in it is too much for the toilet to deal with - making it fill up with water & overflow after I have flushed.
I once broke a vaccum toilet on an airplane - the vaccum system broke as it struggled to shift my giant turd.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: The Nature Boy great story about seeing those 2 girls go in the bathroom and hearing that woman talking about having to poop I kinda bet she wanted people to hear her but she acted like she didnt and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anny yeah you where lucky you didnt decide to fart anywhere else then a toilet because thats the when you have a stomach ache and have to fart its better to be safe then sorry and great pooping story as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another great car peeing story and great story about your daugther and "THE PEEING COUCH" as you call it now and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Francesca first welcome back and I hope this means more stories from you thanks.

To: Amanda M great peeing story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Story Teller great story about seeing your teacher on the toilet at my high school some classrooms had a bathroom in them to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Just Jerika great story about you and your friend Chels going to the bathroom with eeachother and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Blue Rizla Girl great pooping story I bet you will be more careful next time or at least try to be near a bathroom that way you wont risk having an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tracie M first welcome to the site and also great story and I hope you contiue to post more of them thanks.

To: Sportsfan as always another great story about hearing a woman poop I wonder if sge realized she went in the mens room by mistake that happened to me a few weeks ago and I posted about it and as always I look forward to you next post thanks.

To: P>Adila first welcome to the site and great story about pooping and peeing in front of that X-ray tech and I hope you will contiue to post more great stoires thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy another great story about vbeing allowed to poop and great story about your accident and as always I look forward to your next posts thanks.

To: Paul From Germany first welcome back havent heard from you in awhile and great story about your friends Claudia and Nadine pooping in front of you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amylee great story about seeing your friend pooping on her wedding day I bet shes glad it didnt happen while she was at the alter because instead saying I do it would have been I then a bunch of wet farts and sloppy poop sounds or she could have said I poo instead of I do like one of the posters on here said years ago and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Dora Es Breman I hope you get back to regular poops soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stevie great story about your accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Timee as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Ciara as another great story I think having a TV in the bathroom is a good idea that way if you have diarrhea or are very constipated you wont have to miss your favorite show or you can watch crap while you crap and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ava first welcome to the site and great pooping story and it sounds like your gonna have lots of great stories to tell and I look forward to every one of them thanks.

To: Tom Tit great story about seeing and hearing that woman poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hermes another great story about hearing that woman poop I bet she felt better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now sorry for the long post but I had alot to say and its nice to see some more of the old posters returning all we need now is for the queen of toiletstool Carmalita to return.

Sicerly new guy

PS. I love this site


My friends urgent poo

I once brought my friend Emma home from school with me. We were about 15 at the time & Emma sat forward on the sofa so I could see her bum cleavage. I saw her knickers & she looked tense as if she wanted the toilet pretty badly. I asked her what was wrong & she replied, "I need to poo really badly." I asked, "How long have you been holding it?" Emma hesitated & replied, "Er Three days." I told her to go to the toilet but she said, "No I'll wait untill I get home." I could tell she was desperate & asked her, "Why don't you just go in my toilet?" Emma replied, "No. I'd rather use my own toilet." I said, "Well if you've got to go you've got to go." Emma said, "No I can't do a poo in someone else's house. I can wait." We sat talking for an hour before Emma started to sweat & she was sitting on her hands. It was clear she really had to go & was at the point of having an accident. Emma said, "Oh god I really have to go so bad. I've never been this desperate." I ordered her, "Emma. Go to the toilet now, before you shit yourself." She went red in the face & sat rigid on the sofa as she replied, "I'll be ok in a moment. I just need to..... Ooh. Oh. Keep holding..... It." I couldn't believe that Emma could be so desperate that she was almost shitting herself but she wouldn't go to the toilet just because she was at someone else's house. I knew there was no way she would make it home so I told her again to go to the toilet. Emma replied, "Ok Ok. I'll go in your bathroom. " And then she stood up. Emma let out a long fart & grabbed her bum before running up to the bathroom. Seconds later I heard a loud plop followed by some straining & then plop plop plop. Emma let out a sigh of relief & farted again before there was some splattering sounds & a huge sigh of, "Ooh thats so good." A minute later the toilet flushed & Emma came down looking very relieved. She was smiling as she said, "Man that was good. I really needed that. Sorry about the mess though." I had to take a look & as soon as I entered the bathroom the smell knocked me back. I looked in the toilet to find she'd demolished it. There was poo spattered all around the pan & a few bits floating in the water. I went downstairs & said, "You weren't kidding about the mess." Emma said, "I know. Thats why I don't use other peoples toilets for a poo."

Hey all,

Second posting from me. Forgot to mention that when I use the bathroom, I poop at least once a day, sometimes twice. I pee about 3-4 times a day.

This post is from Monday (yesterday).

Woke up, got dressed for the office, and made my way downstairs. Got myself some cereal and apple juice for my breakfast. I poop like clockwork generally within 10 minutes of me finishing must be the cereal. Feeling the familiar sensation, I went into the bathroom, and lowered my pants & underwear to my knees. I peed for a bit, then let out a bit of gas. I gave a slight push, and three thick medium sized turds splashed out, slightly loudly. Feeling empty, I wiped, which needed to be done 3 more times. The poos were about 2 inches thick, and about 5 inches long, and cracked.

At work, around 10:30, I had the urge to pee and went to the men's. It smelt as if someone had dropped a healthy load. Not putrid, but the slight smell of poop was fresh in the bathroom.
After I got back, a girl I work with (and find attractive) chatted me up a bit, as i missed her when she arrived. She's a bit shorter than I am, Greek / Italian looking features (the slightly dark skin), and wavy brown hair. After our brief convo, I noticed she was looking slightly uncomfortable and shifting slightly in her seat. About 20 minutes later, she went off to the direction of the bathrooms, and returned 10 min later...

That's all for now, I will end the post with responses to Peepoll:

1. Do you shake or wipe after taking a piss, how many shakes, or just put it back without drying it? - I give a few shakes... approx 2-4

2. If you are in a hurry or become careless, do you zip up too soon and leave dribbles in your underpants? Which is your fastest finish: two shakes, no shakes, zip up still dripping or almost still pissing etc.? - Nope, never. I always take my time when 'finishing up' in the bathroom.

3. How often do you feel a chilled pee stain in your underwear? Do you find it uncomfortable or don't care about it or like the wet feeling? - don't find it often

4. How often do you have visible yellow or wet stains on your underpants? How much? - I wear grey & black pair, so I don't see them, if they're there.

5. Do you know other guys (schoolmates, friends etc.) who don't shake or don't wait more than a second for the drops or have piss stains on their underpants (for example in the locker room or elsewhere)? - Nope, haven't noticed really.

6. Do they (or you) hurry each other when pissing together (f.e. don't shake it more than twice), or make each other not to shake? - don't understand this question.

7. What do you think men should do after taking a piss?
Shake a lot? Shake twice but not more? Or would you like to see TP in every urinals? Or just zip up quickly? Other? - give it a few shakes, and if it's still wet or damp (or you're a person that's usually wet post-piss), use toilet paper.

8. Do you think young guys can wear totally dry underpants or some stains are the part of being a guy and all should get used to it? - of course!

Megan from Calgary

My Accidents, Part Six

Hi everyone. I thought I would continue with the account of my accident history…

It was the spring of 2009 and my boyfriend Mark and I had decided to move in together. He was living with one of his university friends, and I was living with my sister Melanie and her fiancé Eric. This was after my accident while shopping with Melanie and Sarah that I wrote about on page 1983, but before Sarah's massive Canada Day accident.

We took off one Friday April to see some places and had pretty much made up our minds on the place we wanted. When we were done shopping, we went back to his place and he made me dinner. Since his roommate was away, we had also decided to rent a movie.

Now, before I continue, I should say that normally I had clothes at his apartment for when I stayed over. I had already infiltrated their bathroom with girly type stuff such as my hair and make-up supplies as well as a supply of maxi pads. The weekend before, I had decided to take my clothes home to wash. I wasn't staying at his place this particular weekend because I had plans with Melanie and Sarah on Saturday morning.

Anyway, after dinner, we decided to go for a walk. It was nice out, so I didn't wear my jacket. I also left my purse, with my car keys, in his apartment.

As we were walking I was getting an uneasy feeling in my stomach. My period was due to start in a couple days, but this didn't feel like PMS cramps. We continued walking and the cramps got worse. We stopped for a few seconds to take in the view of the city and I stood there trying to keep my butt cheeks clenched together. I felt like I had to let out a little gas, but I was afraid to because I knew I would end up messing the yellow high cut underwear I was wearing. So, I kept my butt cheeks clenched tight.

After a few minutes, the cramps went away a little. I told Mark that I wanted to head back to his place. He asked why and I said that I needed to use the washroom. We got walking again and then the cramps came back, worse than before. We were at the top of a hill and could see his place about 10 minutes away. I quickened the pace and was clenching my hands into fists trying to keep my bowels from exploding everywhere. Sadly, I didn't make it. Halfway down the hill I had a sharp cramp and I let out a splatter of diarrhea into my underwear. I quickened my pace to try to get to Mark's apartment before I completely messed my underwear, but I kept on letting out diarrhea farts with each step. At one point a rather long one excaped and by the time we got back to his place, my underwear was full of diarrhea. It felt rather wet and I knew that it was mushy as well.

We got back to his place and across the parking lot. It was then when I wished I had brought my purse with me because I would have just went home then. We went inside and walked up the stairs to his third story apartment. I let him walk in front of me because I knew he liked to check out my bum when he walked behind me. I did not want him seeing me with a mess in my pants. He opened the door and let me go inside first when we got back to his place. He said that he would put the movie on while I was in the washroom and asked me if I wanted any snacks or something to drink. I told him that I was fine and went to use the washroom, although, I don't really know why.

I went into his washroom, turned on the light and fan then closed the door. I turned to see my bum in the mirror and noticed a bulge from my accident. Wetness from the diarrhea was starting to leak through my jeans as well. Another wave of diarrhea hit me and I started going in my pants again. I got the rush stopped for a few seconds and made it over to the toilet to let the rest out. I pulled down my jeans and saw that they were caked in diarrhea as my high cut underwear could not contain the entire mess. I then carefully pulled down my underwear and sat on the toilet. While I sat letting the rest out, I looked at my yellow underwear and started to cry. I tend to cry when this happens, I can't help it. I tried wiping out the mess, but it was no use. I was basically just moving it around in my underwear. I then realized that I had nothing to change into. When I was done on the toilet, I did not even bother to wipe my bum. I figured that it was no use, since I had to wear my soiled underwear and jeans anyway. I cleaned up the toilet seat then I washed my hands and left the washroom.

I walked slowly to the living room and Mark said that the movie was ready to go. He asked me again if I wanted any snacks or something to eat, but I told him that I needed to go home. He asked why and I told him that I wasn't feeling well. He asked me to stay and that I would probably feel better later. I had to tell him that I needed to change my clothes and that I didn't have anything at his place to change into. He asked if I still had "supplies" with me and I said yes, but that's not why I needed to go home. I finally had to tell him that I was sick while we were out walking and that I didn't make it to the washroom on time. He looked rather puzzled and asked what that meant. I told him that I had the runs and went in my pants a few times. He blushed and gave me a hug and a kiss before I left. I took the elevator and prayed that it would be empty. Luckily it was.

I sat on a fabric shopping bag while I drove home. When I sat down, the mess bubbled out everywhere. It was so gross. I started crying again as I was driving.

I got home and Melanie and Eric were snuggled up on the couch watching a movie. Melanie could tell that I had been crying when I walked past them. She got up and followed me to my room and asked me what was wrong. I had to tell her that I was sick and had pooped my pants with diarrhea while Mark and I were out walking.

I had a long hot shower and got myself cleaned up. I cleaned out my jeans and underwear then threw them in the wash. The underwear still had diarrhea stains on them, but I kept them to wear during my periods. Actually, these are the underwear that I ended up giving to Sarah when she had diarrhea at Prince's Island Park on Canada Day.

Anyway, I still wasn't feeling 100%, so I decided to wear a maxi pad in my underwear in case I could not make it to the toilet. At home I was fine, but when I was out with Melanie and Sarah, I had to use my pad a few times as I could not get to the toilet on time. Luckily on these occasions I did not have a full blown accident like I did the day before. I simply wiped the pad clean, or changed it if the mess was more severe.

As always, thanks for reading.


Tom: Great story about the "cougars" bowelmovement
My ex-wife was a cougar and would sometimes leave her turds in the toilet for me and sometimes other men friends to see and enjoy. Sometimes the log would be 9-10 inches and quite thick


Long time dumper, first time poster

Have stumbled over this site a few times over the years, thought its about time for a post.

Im a 27yr old male

1) I remember when I was was about 6 my friend and I would sneak into the neighbours yard and take turns pooing under his big tree. Cant remember if we wiped with leaves or knowing how kids act, probably just pulled our pants straight up. One of the only memories that stuck with me from my early childhood.

2) A few years ago I was down at the local creek like I quite often was. I used to like heading out into the mudflats and stripping off and feeling the sun on my bits. The coupled with the fact I was naked outside used to turn me on. Once day I really needed to shit so I found a fork in a tree root, sat down and made sure no one was around. The sun was out, the birds were singing and I was all alone.

I hardly had to push and a huge log slid out of my bum, followed by a couple of smaller ones. Usually I piss as I poo, but I was so excited by all of this, my raging boner made that impossible. I stood up and had a quick look at my work, buried it as best I could and then went for a swim to wash up.

3) As I knew tonight would be my first post I decided to celebrate by having a poo outside. As I am housesitting at the moment I didnt want to leave any trace so I spread a plastic bag out in the garden. After checking about 100 times no neighbours could see me I pulled my shorts down. I held the top of my penis to try and make sure I wouldnt piss on my shorts.

I bent down and just sat there for a minute. Getting more and more excited about it. I started pushing and felt a large log start sliding out of me. As I was pushing a few more out, a little but of piss started coming out even though I was holding it. Being out in the open pooing with hot piss starting to spray over my hands and down over my balls was the best feeling. I wiped with a wet wipe I had in my shorts and then put the bag in the rubbish.


Some advice for Just Jerika

I'm so sorry your problem with using the toilets at school continues. It's not your fault in any way, shape or form. Take it from someone who is more than 20 years older than you--it will get better when you are older and more experienced in using public bathrooms.

1) Chels was out of line, bigtime. She was bullying you. Looking in on you, four or five times within a minute or two, cursing and pounding on the door. That's bullying, no question about it.

2) Recognize that you had a big letdown. Because the stall had been used several times and the seat was warm, you had good expectations that you could get rid of your urine which you had been holding for a couple of hours. I live in the coldest part of the country too, and sometimes have had to sit on toilets that were pretty cold when I'm out soliciting business for my financial institution. Chels, you thought, gave you cuts in line and you felt good about it. Then she turns on you.

3) To answer your question about positioning your legs, I remember how my mom critiqued me when I was in about lst or 2nd grade and we were traveling. I spread my legs wide too (out of boredom I guess) and I also was very nervous just sitting in a stall with nothing to do. So I would shake my legs and wiggle a lot. Mom told me to stop that because it would direct attention to me, especially if I were using a doorless stall (something, by the way, she never understood and thought should be illegal, especially in schools).

4) You write that you had your jeans and underwear at ankle level. Sure this is undoubtedly more comfortable for you, but in a public bathroom you should lower your clothing to no lower than the upper thigh level. Why give peepers and bullies any more ammunition? Also, my mom suggested that I wear loose-fitting dresses as much as possible not only because she felt I looked good in them, but they also help cover your front while you sit. I guess I didn't fully understand her suggestions when she made them, but when my friends were complaining about some of the same privacy issues as you Jerika, I had a lot less "peeks" into my stalls.

5) Several years later I remember asking my mom whether spreading my legs wide would help me getting out really large craps (something I kind of became known for and something she said runs in our family). She discouraged it and said most times I should keep my knees together when seated. In public places, she taught me to lock my arms around my knees and clasp my hands in front. That worked and at schools and other places, I had a lot less "attention" paid to me by others waiting for the stall.

Just this past weekend, my boyfriend woke up and walked into the bathroom of my apartment while I was on the stool crapping. I was in the position described in Number 5 and he joked about having to leave before he could see anything, but I just motioned him with my head and eyes to back out of the doorway. While he was pouring his coffee, he apologized.

Jerika, don't be afraid to be more assertive with the girls like Chels. You're not going to be able to change her. You seem to have a great level-headed friend in Gopi. Good luck!


Holding my poo

As a teenager I tree to hold my poo in for days at a time & as you know from my "Not allowed to poo posts" I'd end up having accidents. Well recently at the age of 29 I held it for 5 days & Kirsty didn't want the toilet to get blocked by the inevitable huge turds. I was about to go to the bathroom in the evening but Kirsty told me to hold it untill the morning so I could go outside in the garden. I was very desperate & couldn't wait that long so I got a bucket from under the kitchen sink & took it up to the bathroom while Kirsty sat on the toilet watching me. She'd just peed a powerfull stream & was wiping her front with a lot more effort than usuall. I took off my jeans & panties & squatted over the bucket while Kirsty dropped the toilet tissue into the toilet. I gave a big push & out came a soft & very long poo that curled up in the bottom of the bucket. It felt so hot as I pood my brains out with Kirsty watching & after I was done she wiped my bum for me. As you can guess we had an early night but didn't sleep a lot!

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