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Leaving The Door Open

Story Teller I read your post about the substitute teacher not locking the bathroom door and having a student needing to go and opening up the door on her and she was seen on the toilet. Well I have one with similar happenings.

This happened many years ago with a black girl where she went right into the bathroom which was in the classroom also. It was a kindergarden classroom where my wife at the time was there as part of her early child course she was takeing. I was there early to pick her up so thats why I was there.

I had been there doing this every day durring the week so I was a regular to everyone of the kids and the teacher. Well the teacher was out of the room at this time so my wife was takeing care of te classroom. I myslef was helping also to keep some of the kids occupied too. I had just walked over to this black girl which her name was Kylia which she said hi to me and she asked me withsome help witha drawing she was coloring. I said sure to her and I sat down with her and helped her color.

After being with her for about five minutes Kylia quickly got up out of her seat and as she id she told me that she had to pee and poop real bad! I told her go ahead I'll wait for you. Kylia must have had to go real bad too for she in a real fast walk headed across the classroom bumping into some of the chairs knocking them out of her way.

Kylia reached where the bathroom was on the far side of the classroom yanked the door wide open and stepped into the bathroom. Kylia had to go so bad that she left the door wide open! I saw her go right to the toilet. She had on a pair of blacksweat pants and she yanked them rght down letting them go once thgey were pulled over her hips. The blacksweatpants slid down around her lower calves crumpling up.

Now the toilet seat and lid were both up. Kylia didn't bother to take the time to put the seat down for she didn't have time to do it! As soon as she started to get to a squat or siting position Kylia was peeing! I saw a very yellow pee stream going straight down which splashed hard in the toilet!

Then after only peeing for a few seconds Kylia started to poop too! For I saw a brown fat poop which was about four inches long fall out from under her hit the water with a big splash and a flump sound too. Then Kylia had a second longer poop a short few seconds later do the same thing fall hard into the toilet. Then she did a third which was tthe longest poop of the three fast ones she did.

Then Kylia went on just peeing which she did for a good long tme. Then she stopped. She stood up straight wiped herself in the frontr irst then wiped her behind twice. Then she reached down and pulled up her blacksweatpants flushed the toilet and came running back over to me and sat down.

She said to me first thing; I almost had a accident! I made itso I didn't. Kylia giggled and she then told me; I sure do feel better! I laughed. I did tell her that she should have shut the door. Again Kylia giggled hard and then she said to me; I didn't have no time! I would have had a accident! That would have made my mom very angry if I had. I said ok back to her. You didn't so don't worry. We went back to coloring her picture. The end

Car Mom good post again with the new girls you and Kaylee let use your backseat toilet! I laughed about the part as the three girls were peeing and the one girl was the furst one that farted while peiing which all three of the girls giggled reminded me when there were times being together with friends and one of us would fart we would laugh and then we all would keep farting having a lot of fun doing it. The girls mom should realize kids will be kids! There was no harm being done. Let them have their fun!

PeePoll Myanswers to your survey:

1 Shake and most times once sometimes twice

2 If in a real hurry I will zip up fast and I will leave a little dribble of piss slightly wetting my boxers

3 Only will get the chill feeling if I go outside when it is cold.(winter time it is very cold where I live)

4 I wear boxers which all the pairs I have are colored so they don't show stains.

5 Right now no answer since I'm a adult. As kids we all would shake at least once as far as my close friends when we pissed

6 The only times we woulld need to hurry was if we were pissing where we didn't have good cover and didn't want to be seen.

7 One or two shakes should always do.

8 You should have dry or no stained underware but this really depends on age. When real young I didn't really care. But as I got older I did.


Life Changes Part One

Hi Linda,

I wanted to say thank you for your reply to my post on page 1979 titled "A Bride's Worst Nightmare". I am sorry that you had a similar wedding day as I had. Having diarrhea and having an accident during your own ceremony is just terrible. I know that you and I are not the only ones this has happened to, but it is nice to know that we are not alone.

By the way, you mentioned that your dress got soiled. What kind of panties were you wearing? Did you have anything else on underneath?

I guess I was really lucky as my dress did not get soiled at all. Although, I was wearing silk and satin bridal bikini panties, nude panty shaper nylons and a white silk slip, all of which were soiled. I guess that ended up saving my dress from being soiled. Also, I had my sister Dawn with me and my two bride's maids, Becky and Holly. They were great and helped me get cleaned up.

As I mentioned in previous two posts, I was officially divorced in September, 2010. Our wedding was on Canada Day, July 1, 2008, so our marriage did not last very long. Overall, we were together for about five years. I'm sorry, but I can't bring myself to mention my ex's name. I have some rather choice words for him, all of which I will not repeat here.

The reason we divorced is because I caught my ex cheating on me. In fact, it was a Wednesday and I was sick at work with diarrhea. I had to go home early because I had an accident in my pink and white striped high cut panties. I wasn't feeling great all day long and shortly after lunch a wave of diarrhea hit me while I was on the phone with one of our clients. I was sitting in my chair when it started and was trying to keep my butt cheeks clenched and also trying to wrap up the call as quickly as possible. As I was finishing up the call, a wet fart of diarrhea shot into my panties. I got up and proceeded to the ladies room. Unfortunately, the cramps were really bad and I was leaking diarrhea the entire way. By the time I got to the ladies room, I had messed my panties pretty badly. I pulled down my black dress pants and carefully pulled down my panties. I sat on the toilet and let the diarrhea run out of me. When the wave of diarrhea passed I cleaned myself and my panties up as much as I could. I then pulled my panties and dress pants back up, washed my hands and left the ladies room. I went back to my desk, grabbed my things and told my manager, Cindy that I had to leave because I was sick. She was okay with me leaving and told me to let her know how I was feeling for the next day.

Of course, I got home about three hours early than I normally do. I put my key in the lock and noticed that the door was actually un-locked. I found this surprising because I left after my ex and I had made sure to lock the door. I got in the house and took off my coat and shoes. I could hear some giggling upstairs and my heart started to sink. I quietly crept up the stairs and saw that our bedroom door was closed, but it wasn't closed tightly. Very quietly, I opened the door and saw to my horror my ex in bed with one of his female co-workers. I gasped when I saw this and they frantically turned over. My ex's co-worker quickly covered herself up and I just stood there in disbelief. I said quietly, "Oh my god!" My ex shot up in the bed and said, "Angela! I can explain…" I backed out of our bedroom and started bawling my eyes out. He got up, put his boxers on and chased me out of the room. I yelled, "STAY AWAY FROM ME!" I ran downstairs, got my coat and purse and rushed out of the house and back to my car. Before I got to my car, another wave of diarrhea hit and it exploded into my panties. I got into my car, still bawling and called my sister Dawn who was at work. I explained to her what happened and she told me to go to her house and that she would meet me there.

At the time, Dawn was living with her long-time boyfriend Kyle. He wasn't home at the time, which was probably a good thing.

I got to Dawn's house and had to wait for her in my car for about 10 minutes. When she got there, I got out of my car, still crying hard. She came over to me and wrapped her arms around me while I cried for several minutes. Finally she said, "Okay sweetie, let's go inside." I said to her in between sobs, "I pooped my pants." She said, "Its okay. Don't worry about it." I said, "I don't have anything to change into." She said, "Don't worry, you can borrow something of mine."

We went inside her house and I went to their quest bathroom and had a shower. Dawn took my clothes, rinsed them out for me and then put them in her washing machine. She then came back with a change of her clothes for me to wear.

When I was done in the washroom and dressed, we talked for a while with both of us crying from time to time. Kyle got home at around 5pm and we told him what happened. He freaked out and wanted to go and beat up my ex. He was being really sweet. It's too bad that he and Dawn broke up. I guess they just drifted apart.

Anyway, after dinner, Dawn went back to my place and grabbed me a bag full of clothes to wear. I didn't want to go because I did not want to see my ex or be anywhere near him. After about an hour or so, Dawn came back with a full suit case of clothes as well as my bathroom supplies.

Well, I should get going. I will be back with some more stories soon.



All buisiness

Hello Toiletstool afficionados;
I posted here about a year ago. Nothing eventful for me worth mentioning since, until a few weeks ago. I was scheduled at work to attend
a meeting in the city, a three hour drive for me. I live in northern New England, so one must plan for bad road conditions as well. I woke up at 4AM
planning to be out the door by 5AM, but didn't actually get going until 5:30, leaving not much time to spare for rest stops along the way. My meeting
was at 9AM and I had to also hope parking would be available.
So I lucked out on road conditions, probably should have left earlier just in case I ran into a squall which can happen anytime in the higher elevations
despite a clear weather forecast.
About an hour into the trip, I felt some pressure building within. It was gas. I broke that wind with great relief, thinking it wouldn't have been
appreciated at the meeting I was to attend. About 10 minutes later, a similar feeling came over me but this was not gas.
One thing about me: I had been sick a few years back with IBD, and although It's now being controlled pretty well with diet and medications, I seem to
have lost much of my holding power. When I need to go, it's can be an immediate need. Adding to my problem was the feeling of needing to urinate also.
Being out of familiar territory at that point, I wasn't sure how close I was to the nearest rest stop. Being on the interstate, I would have to take
the next exit. The feeling of urgency was growing.
In northern New England, signs at the interstate exits indicate "food,lodging, gas,hospitals, airports" etc., but they don't say how far they actually
are from the exits. Normally I wouldn't get off one of these exits unless I could actually see a gas station or fast-food sign. In this instance,
I needed to take my chances. I then got off the interstate and drove. And drove. And drove. The increasingly rural characteristics of the
countryside told me that my schedule, if not my pants, would be ruined if I went much farther to find civilization. I then spotted a little
pull off area on the side of the road, and being desperate, chose to find relief there.
Having had the horrible digestive problems a few years back, I had created an emergency kit that I keep in the trunk of my car. It contained TP, pads, wet wipes, change of clothes and other things. I hadn't needed to use it for quite some time at that point, but it's like having insurance. 'accident' insurance.
I parked, then ready to explode, raced back to the car trunk with a sinking feeling- wasn't sure why, to get TP. When I opened the trunk, I found why.
In anticipation of this trip, I had had my car serviced. In addition to fluid checks/changes, I requested tire pressure checks, including the spare, having been
caught with a flat tire and a flat spare some years before. Not wanting to have a nosy mechanic (not that they probably would) see such personal gear, I had taken the
little black duffel bag out and it was on my garage floor where I'd left it.
I'm not a tote-bag-purse gal, with the stuff I need to carry around for
work, I usually have only wallet, keys, glasses, phone, tampons, lipstick, etc. and fortunately for me, or so I thought, a small pack of tissues.
Having been disappointed and no less desperate, I raced back to the front seat of the car for the tissues in my purse. There I was horrified to find nothing but the
empty plastic package that the tissues were in. My younger (of two) sons had asked for a tissue the previous day, had had taken the entire wad and put the empty package back in my purse. At the time, I was driving and didn't notice. I then checked for paper money in my wallet and recalled that my older son had asked for
cash the day before and I had given him what I had. The joys of being a mother.
I'm no stranger to the 'side of the road stop and plop' but I know quite a few ladies who haven't ever needed to (or at least didn't admit to it).
This is how it works: you stand by by the passenger side of your car pretending to be talking on your cell phone and when no vehicles are coming in either direction, you whip your pants down and let loose, one quick wipe and then on to a proper facility to clean up. This expediency is needed because of the possibility of having police happen upon you, who could cite you for littering or worse- indecent exposure. This is not to mention that with phones now that have video capability, you
might see yourself on Youtube squatting.
With nothing but the plastic tissue wrapper in hand, and no vehicles in sight, I went about my business,#1 and #2 at the same time but the pee seeming to take too much time. Luckily I managed to get it all out before any vehicles came along. The plastic wrapper wasn't much help. It did nothing for the front and pretty much just smeared the mess on my rear up the length of my buttcrack. I wasn't too worried about it at that point. I had substantial panties on (no thongs in my wardrobe), beige
colored spandex light control briefs with a generously sized cotton gusset. They would keep my cheeks pressed together to help contain the mess until I could clean up. There was likely going to be some damage. One of the things that I take for my digestive issue is probiotic pills. They have the effect of making my #2s have little or sometimes no odor, so at least I wouldn't stink much.
At this point I had used a lot of time, still not knowing how far the facilities noted on the exit sign were, I decided to go back to the interstate and just wait
until I came to a rest area to clean up. Back on the interstate, I checked my GPS for the estimated duration of the balance of the trip, and discovered that my
side trip had in fact used too much time and unless I sped a little and got lucky with parking, wouldn't be in time for the meeting. That meant that I would need
to attend in the shape I was in, which was pretty cruddy.
I did make it to the meeting in time, barely. At the meeting, after the handshakes and introductions, I took a seat. The whole thing took less than an hour but
it seemed much longer. Part way through it, I noticed myself smelling a bit but it was a faint urine odor and I don't think anyone noticed.
After the meeting I stopped at a fast food joint to clean up a little. Sure could have used the wet wipes normally in my car trunk. The panties had held up well
but they had the longest skidmark starting in the gusset and going nearly to the waistband. I was going to take them off and go commando for the ride home as they
were also a bit damp, but thought better of it. This proved to be a wise choice as my period started about halfway home, explaining the urgent feeling that I'd
experienced earlier that day. I did at least have a tampon with me that day, but didn't get it in until the carnage in my panties had been added to.


Latest stories

Hi everyone, latest post from Abbie. I'm going to tell you about my visit to my cousins at the end of the school holiday, but first a quick story from today. By breaktime I was totally busting for a poo, I hadn't managed to open my bowels since Saturday when I was round my cousins house despite straining on the toilet for some time on Monday and Tuesday after school. I think it was because I didn't have a poo on Sunday once we got back from Amy's which must have disrupted my normal routine, on Monday I did feel a slight need for a poo at breaktime as well but didn't have time to use the toilet and then by lunchtime I didn't feel I needed it any more so put off going until after school. By then my sister had some friends round, I did make sure to go on the toilet as soon as I got home but didn't want to spend too long trying to have a poo with loads of people in the house, so I had a much needed wee and then pushed for a bit but nothing would come. Anyway, back to today, I was so desperate I thought I might manage to go for a poo at breaktime rather than struggling to hold it in till lunch, but no such luck, a few people messed around at the end of the lesson and the whole class had to stay in for five minutes. It was really annoying, especially as I really needed a wee too and by the time I got to the decent loos there was a queue, and I knew I wouldn't have time to use any others without being late for the next lesson. I ended up going off to lessons feeling really uncomfortable as I was getting more and more desperate, I could only hope we'd get let out of that lesson on time so I could use the toilet straight away, luckily the classroom we were in was just across from the decent girls loos so as long as I could get out on time I knew I'd get a cubicle without having to wait. The only trouble with those toilets is most people have now found out about them so there now really popular, also more and more girls choose them if they want a poo because they are cleaner and more secure, which means that the queues can sometimes build up especially if someone takes a little while. In my lesson I did my best to listen to the teacher but the pressure in my bladder and bowels was getting really uncomfortable, I crossed my legs tightly and tried to think of something else which worked until the last five minutes, but by then I was in danger of leaking into my knickers and I could feel the tip of a large poo starting to poke out of my bum. With a massive effort I sucked it back up before it could stick out far enough to dirty my knickers, but I knew I couldn't wait much longer. Finally we were dismissed and I shot straight into the toilets, my friend Olivia and another girl from my class were right behind me. We all took a cubicle, Olivia was holding her bum as she went in to the cubicle next to mine so I was guessing she wanted a poo as well. I quickly lifted my skirt, dropped my tights and red knickers and sat on the toilet, I was really embarased as I couldn't help moaning as my aching bladder started to empty. I looked under the cubicle next door and saw Olivia's black trousers and pink knickers at her ankles. As I was weeing I let out some farts which were really loud and didn't exactly help me to feel less embarased, luckily next door I heard Olivia farting too which made me feel a bit better. I could feel my poo starting to make its way out of my bum so I just relaxed and let it slide out, once the tip was out I realised I'd need to start pushing as it was getting thicker, so I took a deep breath and gave a big push to keep it moving. Next door Olivia had finished her wee and all was quiet so I knew she must be pushing out a turd too, the other girl had obviously just needed a wee as she had flushed and gone. Just then the door opened and two more girls came in, one sounded tearful and upset, saying to her friend "I asked Miss Smith about three times if I could go to the loo and she wouldn't let me and now I've peed my pants a bit". Her friend said "Yeah, I'm bursting for a wee too" and I heard them take a cubicle and shortly after two fierce streams fizzing down into the bowl. Meanwhile I was still pushing and letting out some soft grunts as I was having to strain quite hard as the poo was getting wider and dryer. I pushed my hair out of my eyes and could feel my face going red, it was quite warm in the toilets and I was having to work hard. As I pushed I dribbled wee down into the bowl now and then and heard Olivia doing the same. One of the other girls had finished and flushed by now but the second one stayed so I knew there were now three of us having a poo. Shortly after the other girl made a series of plops and splashes, she managed to wipe, flush and leave before either Olivia or I had managed to push out our first turd. Next door I could see Olivia going up on tiptoes as she strained, I realised my turd would need a bit of help so I reached round behind myself and pulled my bum cheeks apart. Shortly after I managed to push it out and it fell into the water with a plop that could probably be heard outside the loos. I then managed to push out a few more logs quite easily, part way through doing so I heard a loud grunt then a gasp as Olivia's turd plopped down into the toilet. She also made a few more plops, once I realised I was done I took some loo roll and started to wipe my very sore bum and could hear Olivia doing so too. I pulled up my pants and tights and let down my skirt, then flushed and came out at the same time as Olivia, as I washed my hands I noticed I was really pink from all the pushing, luckily so was she so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
So now for my second story, from when I visited my cousin Amy at the end of the holiday. We arrived Friday night, and Saturday morning we were up early as we were planning to go shopping. Amy and I have shared a room a few times now and spent a lot of time together so we're really relaxed around each other, she has an ensuite loo and shower and we don't even bother to close the door if we're on the toilet. That morning we'd gone down for breakfast before coming back upstairs to get dressed, I was in the bathroom in my nightie brushing my teeth when Amy came in to use the loo, she said "I'm dying for a wee" before lifting her nightie, she didn't have any pants on underneath so just sat straight down and started going. It went on for absolutely ages, as she was still going I said "I hope you're not going to be much longer, I need to go too you know". Amy said "Nearly done now" as the last few trickles came out, she then wiped herself before going back into her room. I quickly lifted my nightie and eased down my pink and yellow spotty pants before sitting on the loo and starting on my wee. As I was sitting I could see into the room and saw Amy starting to get dressed, she rummaged in her underwear drawer for some clean pants but obviously couldn't find any as she ended up putting on the pink ones she'd worn the day before, I'd noticed them tangled up in her leggings as she got undressed last night and saw that they had some skidmarks. I find it really annoying if I'm looking for clean knickers, realise I haven't got any and then have to wear dirty ones all day. Anyway, by then I'd finished my wee, wiped and flushed, so I went to get dressed too. We went out and had a pretty good day shopping, unfortunately when we were coming home on the bus it started pouring with rain. As we were going along I felt an urge for a poo building and knew I'd have to try to go when we got back. When we got off the bus its only a five minute walk back to Amy's house but we got totally drenched as we didn't have any coats or anything. After getting back to the house we went straight up to Amy's room to change into dry clothes, we undressed to our bras and pants and Amy giggled as she said to me "Oh Abbie, it looks like you've wet your pants!" Blushing I looked down at my knickers, I'd got so wet that it had soaked right through and it did look like I'd wet my pants as there was a dark patch. I was able to make the same joke to Amy moments later as she took off her dripping wet leggings, luckily her mum must have done the washing as she now had a full underwear drawer and I'd also brought a few spare pairs of knickers so we were both able to change our underwear. After changing Amy rubbed her belly and said she needed a poo, she said she thought she'd be a while so she asked me if I'd like to keep chatting while she was on the toilet. I said that I would need to go as well before too long so I sat cross leged on the bathroom floor as Amy pulled down her jeans and yellow knickers before sitting on the loo. We chatted as she had a quick wee and then she started pushing to have her poo, she let out some farts and I could hear from her voice as she was talking that she was having to push quite hard. We ended up talking about how hard it is spending all day at school (or college in Amy's case) and not having time to go for a poo when you most need to, and then how you have to hold it in and quite often get constipated. Amy said that the toilets at her college are pretty disgusting and that she only uses them for a poo if she's really bursting. I told her how at least there are now some decent toilets at school, but that they have got very popular especially with girls who need a poo and then there ends up being long queues. After a while of talking Amy breathed a sigh of relief and I heard a sploosh as her poo finally dropped, she pushed out a few more pieces before finally ripping off some toilet paper and wiping her bum. She pulled up her pants and jeans and then flushed, by now I was getting quite desperate so we just swopped, I pulled my black jeans and blue and white stripy pants down and then sat myself on a very warm seat. I had a wee and then started to push to get my poo out, it was quite hard as my first log was big and dry and it needed a lot of effort to keep it moving. It wasn't easy to keep my voice sounding normal as I was talking to Amy, but I managed to talk through all but a couple of really hard pushes and after a while my first turd plopped down into the bowl and I breathed a sigh of releaf. After pushing out a few more logs I wiped my bum, flushed and then pulled up my pants and jeans. Amy and I spent the rest of the afternoon chatting and watching telly. Its great that I can be so relaxed around someone that I don't feel embarased about the fact that I get a bit constipated, especially as Amy often has the same problem too. Thanks for reading this, sorry it ended up a bit long. I'll post again soon, bye for now!!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011



does anybody know any movies where girls are taking a dump?

I love pooping at the lake by my house. There is a little wooden fishing dock and its great to hang your butt off of. I've seen other people do it too. Has anyone else done something like that?

Me and my friend pooped in a urinal once. We were both at the gym working out and on the treadmill I noticed he was running funny. We stopped and I asked if he was okay, he said yes. We continued with our weight lifting when I felt a big poop coming for me. I told him (I am open about that stuff, he isn't) and he finally admitted that he also had to. The bathroom had one toilet, and one urinal. He said he definately had to go first because he had diarrhea that morning and he thought he was about to have more, so I let him go as I waited outside the stall. I heard him curse as soon as the door shut, and he told me there was a sign on the toilet that said out of order. I went in and saw the back half of the toilet was completely shattered, the porcelain was all broken. He said "I can't make it back home, what do I do?". I thought, and said "urinal." He told me he would only do it if I did. I agreed, and he told me we could both go at the same time. I was a little bit excited to do that, but didn't want to seem weird, so I hesitated but said yes. The urinal was one of the kinds that extends all the way to the floor, and has the little drain part a little bit out on the floor, for all you men out there. He was moving very quickly pulling his pants down, but we squatted at the same time. He first hit a loud fart and I heard mud splashing. We were squatting back to back on each side, and he had to bend completely vertical so he wouldn't spray me with the shit. My log slowly came out and fell, just as he was coming to a stop. I had one more little turd ball to push out and I was done. My friend let out a moan of embarrassment and I comforted him and grabbed the TP. I only needed two wipes and he said he thought he was done. I told him that when you think you are done with diarrhea, there is always a little bit more to let out, so he should wait. He gave a very hard push, and my knowledge was confirmed, because there was more poop soup. I could see corn in it (ew). He wiped up a million times and we got out of there. We told the employee that someone should clean the restroom because some idiot pooped in the urinal. We ran out of there laughing.

P.S.-How the hell does the toilet get shattered? Seriously! Maybe someone brought a weight to work out while pooping and dropped it? What does everyone think? Hahaha.

The Nature Boy

Busy Burger King Bathroom

I'm a regular at a Burger King close to where I work, but hadn't noticed a lot of "#2" bathroom activity from women there until this past week. First of all was a morning visit, I saw two girls enter the bathroom. One slim with dark curly hair and glasses, the other one with straight brown hair, medium build, and wearing gym clothes. The first one came back out within a minute and a half, but the other one was in there for a good 6 minutes or so - must have been taking her morning dump.

And then a few days later I was in there for lunch. One of the girls working there was kinda short with dark red hair. She was talking with two of her coworkers (middle aged females), not sure what all she said but I did notice that it ended with "I've gotta POO!" The coworkers jokingly thanked her for sharing that info, and she looked around the restaurant - and at me specifically - red-faced as she realized that she'd apparently said it louder than she'd intended to. I just smiled at her though, after all we've all got the same needs!


Diarrhea on Sunday night

My stomach was hurting last night after dinner when I was at my mom's. At first I thought it was just gas but I thought I should go to the bathroom to be on the safe side. Well luckily I did because I had diarrhea for about 10 minutes. I took so long in the bathroom that my sister came out looking for me. When I came back to the living room my mom and sister both asked if I was okay because I had been gone for a long time. Well good thing I didn't fart or else my pants would have been full of shit!

Rag Muffin Reanna

Answers for Slow-Shittin' Sammi & Freshman Freddy

to Freddy:

I agree that we were lucky in using urinals on a Saturday and not a weekday. You are right that by 3rd hour they probably get to be pretty gross due to the heavy use by the student body, and I suspect, negligence on the part of some of the boys. Go into the girls bathrooms at most schools and you will find that things are pretty much the same, especially with clogged stools and toilet paper strown about. It reminds me how very lucky Tank is because he like never has to shit at school.

to Slow-Shittin' Sammi:

The problems at the urinals that I witnessed while I was seated on the doorless toilet was that the users spread their legs to far wide; this caused their butt to almost slip off the bowl. In fact, a couple did completely slip and their pee splashed onto the floor. That could explain the spots of urine on the front of the bowl, I guess, but I certainly wouldn't want to allow my body to have contact with that! I would think that the bubbles would come from the force by which the pee is draining. That was interesting that Sharon peed on her feet when the two of your were in the state park. Tank tells me that the plumbing on the top of some urinals at our school leak and you could get water dropping onto the back of your butt while you sit and pee. And Tank also said that not all schools have their urinals attached to the wall and only half-high. He says at our school the urinals are built into the floor and with nothing to sit on, it would take a girl who knew how to do a full squat in order to use one. He's challenged me to use one later this year. I told him he's turning into one big perv.


A poop story and a pee story

I was a bit constipated over the last few days or so until last night and this afternoon. Last night I did a poo that was about 8 inches long (bent in half) after almost a week of not being able to produce anything. Then this afternoon I felt a lot of pressure in my stomach and bowels and had to head to the toilet or else I'd shit myself. I sat on the toilet and gave a gentle push and this really big soft poo came out. It was about a foot long and pretty skinny. I'm not completely empty but I sure do feel better :) It seems that my body won't go for about 6 days and then on the weekend I shit like crazy. Weird. Maybe I should try to drink more water, especially since my epilepsy medications causes thirst and dry mouth.

Do you remember the Canadian show Ready or Not from the 90s, the show that had the two girls named Busy and Amanda? In the episode called The Last Hurrah, the girls go to camp. One night they're sitting in their cabin listening to one of the girls tell scary ghost stories. One part of the story scares Amanda so bad that she wet her bed during that part of the story. At the same time the boys at the camp invade the girls' cabin by making loud noises outside of it. Busy and another one of the girls keep yelling at Amanda to turn on the lights but Amanda stays sitting in her wet bed. Finally one of the girls turn on the lights. Busy kneels down next to Amanda and notices Amanda's mattress is all wet and she asks "Amanda, how could you?" Amanda says "It just happened." The other older girl in the cabin asks "What just happened?" then looks at Amanda in disgust and says "You wet your bed???" Amanda is embarrassed but a little girl in her cabin tries to comfort her by saying "It happens to the best of us." Amanda is seen the next morning hosing down her blanket and is teased by some of the other girls for the rest of the episode.

Car Mom
Hi everyone!

Ok so this post is going to be very similar to last week's thrift store post on page 1994, so I hope it isn't too boring but it is something that happened today. This time Kaylee and I were at the mall and I was looking at some clothes again at an outlet store inside the mall. After a while Kaylee came up to me and she asked me "how much longer do you think it'll be till we're done?" I said "oh do you have to go to the bathroom?" She said "mm-hmm" and so I asked her "how bad do you have to go?" She answered "I have to go but I can wait a little bit longer." So then I said "do you want to go to the bathroom here or do you want to wait and go in the car?" She said "I think I can wait and go in the car." And so we decided to wait a little while and we continued shopping. I told her to let me know when she couldn't wait anymore and I also told her that even if we weren't done shopping we could still go out to the car if she wanted and make a pit stop. She said "ok." Then after a little while she decided that she couldn't wait anymore and so she told me and she also told me that she still wanted to use the car instead of the bathroom. I said "sure" and so we started to head in that direction. That's when I noticed that there was a woman standing a few aisles over and she had her two girls with her and they were holding onto themselves and doing the "pee pee dance". The girls kept saying things like "please can we go now" and "mom I really need to go" and the mom kept telling her that it would just be a little while longer. I could tell that she was a little irritated with them. I felt sorry for them. I looked at Kaylee and then I asked her "do you want me to go ask?" She said "yeah I can" and then she went over to where they were and she started talking to them. Eventually she told them that she pees in the car and then after that she asked them if they wanted to go and do it too. I saw them look over at me and I smiled at them and waved. The mom smiled awkwardly and waved back and then the girls waved back too. Then after a while I heard the mom say "ok" and then Kaylee said "come on" and they started to follow her over to where I was. I introduced myself and then I explained to the mom how I often let my daughter and her friends pee in my car out of convenience. And so the mom agreed to do it and we began to head out to my car. By the way, the older daughter's name was Kayla and she told me she was 9 years old (I figured she was about that since she was a little taller than Kaylee who is 8.) The younger one was Alyssa and she was 7. The mom's name was Jennifer, and I didn't ask her but she was probably about my age (26) or she could have been as much as 30. Anyway we got to my car, and we all got in. Kaylee sat behind the driver seat and she could hardly get her pants down fast enough before her pee started to gush out of her and flow into the seat. The other girls looked over at her when they heard her hissing sound against the fabric. Then, after Jennifer told them to hurry up and get in, they quickly crawled into the backseat too and sat down. Kayla sat in the middle and Alyssa sat behind the passenger seat. Then their mom got in the passenger seat and I got in the driver seat. They were both wearing jeans so it took them a little longer to undo them and pull them down than it took Kaylee, who was wearing sweatpants today. I could hear their pee start to hiss into the seat. After a few more seconds I heard a little fart. Instantly the car filled with giggling. Then Jennifer turned around and looked at her two daughters and said "settle down" and I could tell she was still a little flustered. Soon I found out that it was Kayla who let the fart once the giggling quieted down and she said "excuse me." Jennifer said "Kayla settle down. Just hurry up and have your pee." Then she looked at me and said "sorry about that. They get a little rowdy." I said "its ok, if its fun for them I say its a good thing." Jennifer didn't say anything. The girls kept peeing. Then a few seconds later Kayla let another fart and they all giggled again. Jennifer turned around and said "that's enough" and then they quieted down again. Jennifer looked back again and said "well do you feel better now?" Kayla and Alyssa both said "yes." Then Jennifer said "good." All three of them continued to pee. Then a few seconds later Kaylee (my daughter) let a fart, and it made a ripping noise into the seat. The girls giggled again, and then Kayla let another one, and then so did Alyssa, and they all giggled even more. This time Jennifer just sighed. Then she looked at me and said "I'm sorry about that." I just said "its ok." Then after a few more seconds the hissings all came to a stop, one by one. The three girls were all done with their pees. They all pulled their pants back up and Jennifer said "thank you" and she also said "are you SURE you don't want something for your trouble?" I just said "no thank you, I'm glad I could help." Then she said "thank you" again and they went back into the store and then so did Kaylee and I. Well that was my day today!

Bye now!
Car Mom :)

i'm a 21 year old woman, i live in a college dorm with a roommate (just moved in) and i very 'regularly' block the toilet with my poos. they aren't event that bad. i rarely spend more than a minute and a half on the toilet when i'm pooing, and that includes the time it takes to wipe. does anyone else block the toilet so frequently? i get embarassed when i spend five minutes after i've pooed unplugging the toilet and my roommate knows i did a panbuster.

also, i know it is not this toilet, as i have always had this problem, it's just started to concern me now that i have my roommate so close at all times. and she never blocks the toilet herself (come to think of it i have never heard her poo, i think she does it in the common bathrooms).

I don't know if anyone remembers me, but I used to post awhile ago. I stopped posting, but have continued to read and I especially like car mom and nathalies posts. Car mom, i have a question for your first posts, it sounded like you let your daughter pee in the car out of convienence, which i totally understand. But now you are peeing in the couch, which is out of enjoyment. Does your daughter, at eight years old, understand the difference? Did she ever ask you why you and laura peed in the couch when there was a bathroom in the house? What were your parents like? Did they let you pee places our were they strict like whinnies? Anyway, love the stories keep them coming.
Love, francesca


Does Vodka help

Everytime I drink two or more than 5 ounces of vodka,it gives me soft stools.And it keeps on coming until the hole in the toilet is full.


Questions for Randi

I happen to be 55 years old but I thing that I look like
I'm 45. My panties are all rainbow colors including black in
both cotton and nylon in the full-brief "granny panties".
There is a post of mine on page 746. I try to make grunting
noises so that I can ound like the otherr women in the restroom.
I like firm BM's but not the messy runny ones.

Amanda M
On Saturday I took a tip with my friend for the day and on the way home I had to pee so bad you wouldn't even believe it. I had to hold it for 2 hours.
Me and my friend were driving home and we started talking. We were talking about what we were doing when we got home and he mentioned that he would probably come in my house to use the bathroom. After that he was like you didn't go to the bathroom all day. I was like I know I kind of have to go now though.
As the ride went on the urge to go pee got worse. I guess drinking iced tea wasn't helping either. My bladder was seriously about to burst. I was starting to get really fidgety. I kept moving around and tapping on my leg. I think I was annoying my friend a bit. He was like do you really need to tap? I was like yes I do. He thought I was complaining about the long car ride. He was like how do you think I feel I'm driving. I was like I'm not complaining about the long ride. He was like then whats wrong. I just said nothing. I didn't want to tell him that I had to pee. I'm extremely shy about going to the bathroom.
A little while later he asked me to reach in the back seat for something. I really didn't want to move but I reached back and got what he wanted. It really hurt to move.
We still had a long time to go and I was about to lose my mind. I got my phone and started texting my other friend to kill time.
I prayed the car ride would go fast but it didn't cause I wanted it to. My friend kept asking me if I was ok I said I was fine.
Finally after another hour and a half we were off the bridge. I was so happy. I just couldnt wait to get to the bathroom. When we got close I called my sister to unlock the door so I could just run in. My friend asked me why I wanted to run in and finally I just said cause I really need to use the bathroom.
We finally go to my street. I hugged my friend,grabbed my stuff and got out of the car. I'm surprised I didn't pee myself when I got up. I could barely walk. I wobbled down the street as fast as I could. came in threw everything on the floor and ran upstairs.I undid my belt pulled down my pants slammed myself on the toilet and peed a river. It must have lasted for a minute straight. It felt soooooooo good to get it out.
My stomach hurt for a while after.
When I have to pee real bad that happens.

Story Teller
I remember this one instance from when I was in Kindergarden. You know how some class rooms have bathrooms built into them? Mine was like that. We had a substitute teacher one day, and she during free time(when everyone can play and whatever) she walked into the bathroom. For reasons unknown she decided not to lock the door. After about a minute another student, who appearently didn't see the sub go in walk over to the bathroom and opened the door. From where me and some other students were we had a nice view. The sub was leaning foward on the toilet, she had one hand holding her dress up, he panties were bunched around her knees, and she had a big wad of toilet paper in the other hand. The view only lasted for a second cause the girl slammed the door shut again. Both her and the sub were embarrassed. As far as I can tell, there arn't many little kids who actually bother to knock.

Just a guy

I haven't posted in a while, but there have been a lot of good stories. Amylee, your stories are among the best on this site. They're very detailed and interesting. Of course, I felt sorry for that poor bride. Diarrhea is never a pleasant experience and for to have it on her wedding day and night, I felt really bad for her.

Although, I've been reading I was wondering if I missed any posts by the airline stewardess--I believe her name was Louisa. She seem like she had a lot of stories to tell, but I haven't seen any recently.

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