Feral Girl

Almost Got Caught

hi everyone! been lurkin for a while, lol. haven't had much to say, it's been cold here and i've been using the bucket a lot. haven't had anymore sleepovers (supposed to have one this weekend maybe though!) and haven't pooed my panties again yet, lol.

so anyway i almost got caught pooing today by my mom. it's finally warmed up! i decided i was gonna go outside in the compost heap today, since i could do it naked. So i did what i've been doing and started trying to hold it and luckily i was needing to go earlier than i usually do. so about 4 or so i went downstairs and took my book and went out on the back porch. i sat and read until i needed to poo and pee really bad, finally took all my clothes off and piled them in another chair and sat naked and read, lol. so i dunno how long i read, wasn't too long before it was unbearable and i had to go.

so i got up and went out behind the shed, dug a hole in the compost heap, and climbed up on the frame and was going to stand up all the way and let my poo fall down cuz it feels weird. but i was still holding it just to see if i could a little longer when i saw a car. From the road you can only see behind the house for a little bit, and it's too far away to see anything even if someone drives by, and they usually don't. but the driveway curves around, and you can see *all* behind the house the whole time you come up it.

so anyway i pretty much instantly recognized my mom's car and it scared me so bad i nearly lost it right there but i managed to hold it and hop down. she probably wouldn't have noticed me yet, but there was no way i could get back to the house until she got up close and pulled into the carport, the only place she couldn't see me was on the other side of the shed from her. and plus i could barely walk i needed to go so bad and barely stopped with my butt clenched and my hand between me legs pressed on my y'know

there's a big wood pile on the side of the shed she couldn't see and a little corner by it under the cover to keep the wood dry when it rains. i hid down there, crouching down. i dunn oif it was just colder in the shade but i was shivering and wasn't able to hold it anymore. so i backed up in the corner by the wood pile and was trying to think of what to do when i felt a spurt of pee go between my fingers and soak into my hair before it soaked my ankles/heels and i just couldn't stop as i started a torrent of pee that soaked my ankles/feet so i just took my hand away and tried to shake the pee off it. as i tried to move my feet apart to keep from peeing on them more i felt a big poot coming on and just pushed and a long piece of poo shot out. and i just started pooing. my butt was so low to the ground i could feet it touch the ground and start breaking and stacking up so i had to raise myself up a little. pee was running down my butt and dripping off too, and i started pooting really loud as i went. i finally finished, and left a pile of poo and the bare dirt was muddy then. i peeked out and my mom's car had finished pulling into the carport, so i made a run for it to the back porch.

i got on the porch and grabbed my clothes, pulled my undies on, and could feel my soaked hair around my y'know dampen them and the poo on my butt squishing against my butt cheeks. grabbed my shirt and pulled it on then my pants and managed to be totally dressed before my mom ever noticed! she found me on the back porch just after that and told me about the power going out where she works and them closing early for the day.

really close call, lol, but i got away with it! now let's see what happens this weekend!

-feral girl


Ruined my panties today

My name is Jodie. I'm 32 years old, just a normal stay at home mom. Today while my kids were at school I was out running errands, shopping, paying bills, the usual. I had to go to the bathroom but was in a hurry to finish and get home because I didn't have much left to do and could just go at home. I avoid using public toilet when I can. I kept holding it and was really desperate driving home and not sure I wouldn't have an accident in the car. I made it home, got in the garage, jumped out of the car, hurried to the door holding myself under my skirt, but when I got to the door and started to unlock it I got a cramp in my bowels that just hit me so hard I felt my body go all clammy and I just knew I had zero time left and I was about to have an accident. There was nothing I could do. I was just standing there key in hand, one second fine, the next I knew I had milliseconds before it happened. And then it did happen. I felt my bowels push and in one big rush a large amount of poop just shot out and made a crackling sploosh sound in my panties and I felt them expand and bulge down and it was hot and sticky and heavy and I found myself thinking, "So this is what it feels like to poop your panties?" Thank God it wasn't diarrhea, but it wasn't exactly solid either. It felt like thick yogurt or wetter peanut butter or something. I then realized I was peeing down my legs too, as if this wasn't all fun enough already. When I had finished doing everything in my panties - I was wearing a loose skirt at least - I unlocked the door and waddled carefully to the front bathroom, peeled down my ruined panties, marveled that I could poop so much in them and not have it leak out, dumped it into the toilet, and hopped in the shower. It brought back memories of helping my kids after they had accidents when they were younger, but it has been a long time. I found this site and decided to share after seeing that I'm not the only adult woman in the world who has soiled herself at my age and maybe it will help someone else feel better, too.



Desperate to poo on way to school

When I was 15, I'd been dying for a poo all week & the need to empty my bowels was destroying me. I'd taken some laxatives the night before & by the morning I woke up with the most urgent need to get to the toilet ever. I ran across the landing towards the bathroom holding my bum but my sister was in there having a difficult poo. I asked her to hurry up but she ignored me. I was at the point where I was about to lose all control & in desperation I told her he she didn't get off the toilet & let me use it I was going to do it in my panties. She still ignored me so I threatened to go in in her room & lay in her bed. I said if she didn't get off the toilet I would totaly shit myself all over her bed. She came out as soon as I said that & I rushed into the bathroom without a second to spare. The problem was my sister hadn't flushed & the toilet was half filled with her poo. She hadn't even wiped her bum the dirty cow! I tried to flush it away but the water came right up to the rim & wouldn't go down. I got the blame for blocking the toilet & to make matters worse I was about to fill my panties with nowhere to go! I had no option but to get dressed quickly & try to make it to school before I totaly filled my panties. I left the house with a biological need to empty my bowels & it was clear that I wasn't going to make it. I saw a house with a large tree in the front garden & seven foot hedge around it so I ran between them & raised my skirt up, lowered my tights & panties in one go & squatted with barely a moment to spare. My bowels opened & out shot this huge mushy poo all over the ground & up the tree trunk. It was super relieving & there was more to come as a second wave of mush came flowing out adding to the mess. That too was a huge relief. I had nothing to wipe with & had to pull my clothes up without wiping. When I got to school I went straight to the toilets to clean up but I needed to go some more so I sat down & released another load of semi solid poo. I felt totaly empty now & very relieved I can tell you. I wiped a few times & flushed before exiting & washing my hands.

Firecracker Girl

Twins Are Twice as Bad (at least maybe more!)

End Stall Em's story about her weekend with Lance and her final question about having a child you're babysitting who is of the opposite sex in a public bathroom being annoying brought back so many memories for from like 15 years ago when I was a very busy babysitter. Since my father owned an auto dealership, so many employees hired me that I couldn't handle all the business. When I finally had to start making referrals to my friends when I was already booked, Dad joked that I should get a percentage of the fee the new babysitter would get for "brokering" the business out. Dad's always known how to make money.

In answer to Em's question, my worst situation was one time when the parents of two twin boys who were 4 had an out-of-town funeral that came out totally unexpected early in the summer. I was perhaps 13 at the time, and with the help of Mom we planned for three days of activities for them that included day camp that I helped with in the park, a professional baseball game, a trip to our amusement park, and some other things that got rained out. I so agree with Em that Jake and Jason were the toughest I ever dealt with. At the stadium where there were about 15,000 people for an afternoon double-header, the boys had me crying and really scared. We went into a moderate sized women's bathroom that luckily had a stall open because I had to pee badly, but I had been putting it off. Before I went into the stall I told them they were to stand immediately outside the door and that I expected to see their feet while I peed. I told them I wanted to see the front of their feet because I didn't want them hassling the other women entering and waiting for stalls. I latched the door, took a quick look and saw two sets of feet and I pulled off the toilet paper from the roll that I needed to cover the seat before I sat down. Once I carefully seated myself, I looked under the door and the feet were moving and it looked like they were blocking into or pushing one another. Just as my pee stream started I saw an eye in the doorway crack and joked "No peeking." Then from the other side I heard, "Why?" I had to get stern with them and threaten to cut the day short, but I was only partially able to relieve my bladder because I had been kind of spooked by them and became too self-conscious with them standing out there.

I pulled up my panties and shorts, opened the door and told each of them I wanted them to come in and try to go. I took a piece of toilet paper, lifted the seat and had Jake and Jason stand on opposite sides of the toilet to pee into the bowl. One of them had a hard time getting his shorts down and organ out and the other made fun of him. However, one put his organ right over the side of the bowl, didn't point it down and started to pee, partially splashing his brother on the other side. Then Jake, who was the least disciplined, said he had to poop. So I asked Jason to step aside, I placed another set of paper liner over the seat and had Jake seat himself. He didn't move around a lot and I was grateful when I heard the gas coming and the fact that he didn't seem to mind sitting on a large stool with his feet several inches from the floor. However, at that point Jason walked around the other side of the stool and attempted to kneel down and watch the crap come out of his brother. I told him that was a definite no. He protested and protested so I opened the door and told him to stand outside the stall. Jake dropped a couple of logs and when I asked him if he was done, I turned around and didn't see Jason's feet under the door. I freaked. Totally freaked! I left Jake on the stool by himself while I ran through the bathroom looking for him. From one side to another I ran from stall to stall looking for little legs and then I ran back through the entrance and into the packed hallway. I ran for a while in both directions and then decided to stop a cop and tell him about it. Luckily, it was a female officer who really seemed to know what to do.

First, she gave me some tissue and walked me back to the bathroom. She asked what stall we had been in and said she would meet me back there. I hurried back in, practically bumping into other women who were waiting in line for a stall, and luckily Jake was still on the stool, although he hadn't latched the door and some women had unknowingly disturbed him. Then behind me I heard the cop's voice and I turned to see Jason holding her hand. Jason had walked to the other side of the bathroom, gone out the second entrance we didn't know about and thought he was lost. He was crying too. The cop said it happens all the time and at that age, children don't stop to notice how many doors there are when they enter a room. I asked the officer for one more favor. She said sure. I told her the incident had literally scared the crap out of me and that I needed to crap. She took the boys to the right entrance and remained there with them. I think it was the only time in my life when I've sat directly down on a public toilet seat but to save the time, I plopped myself down and within a minute I had more than topped off what Jake had contributed to the bowl. I quickly wiped, flushed and then ran out to the cop. I didn't even wash my hands. I guess I was too self-conscious.


Model UN Conference(Part 2)

The next day, we all headed to the ballrooms where the conference was being held. Each room was divided according to the committee we were on. Bill and I were on the Social and Humanitarian(SOCHUM)committee representing the country of Burkina Faso. We were all in the middle of a heated discussion when Bill suddenly started squirming. I asked him what was wrong. He whispered to me urgently, "I need to get to a toilet NOW!"
I looked at my phone and noticed that there were only 5 minutes left until the session was over. I asked, "Do you think you could wait about 5 more minutes?"
Bill replied, "I'll try," and we reentered the discussion still going on. For the last 4 minutes, Bill was still squirming and also letting out quiet farts. When there was only 1 minute left until the session was over, Bill suddenly exclaimed, "Oh, no!"
There was a foul stench of poop in the air, and some poop running down Bill's pants. People started gagging and Bill was bawling and screaming, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!"
I felt horrible for making Bill wait, and quickly took him to our hotel room to get cleaned up. Once he was in the restroom, Bill carefully took off his soiled pants and sat on the toilet to let out the rest of his poo while moaning in relief. Bill said tearfully, "I'm really sorry. I really couldn't wait."
I handed him extra clothes and said apologetically, "I should be the one apologizing. I shouldn't have made you wait."
I hid my face in my hands and felt like I was about to cry. Bill stood up and hugged me and said, "It's OK. It's not your fault."
He then took my hands away from my face and gave me a brief kiss on the lips, then smiled widely at me. I returned the smile and helped him finish cleaning up. When we got down stairs, everyone was already gone for lunch and Tom, Gustav, and Georg were waiting for us. Tom asked in concern, "What took you guys so long?"
I just smiled secretly at Bill and replied, "It's a long story."

To be continued...again...


watching my mate shit

When I was 14, I watched my best friend (who was 13) do a number 2 and since then I've always kind of liked this. Paul and I were out walking in a wooded area near where we lived. Sometimes when were outside we would do great pisses together and enjoyed spraying the foliage, but that day Paul said "I can feel a big shit coming. I'm going to do it right here." Paul decided that he needed to find plenty of leaves and things to wipe himself with, so we collected stuff, then stumbled on some old newspaper. Paul decided that would do, so we found a slightly secluded spot where there was a small tree. "This is gonna feel good, I haven't gone for a couple of days!", Paul announced as he unbuckled his belt and slid his jeans and underpants down to just above his knees. "Too bad I can't read while I do this." Paul grabbed hold of the small tree with both hands and stuck his bum out. He gave a quick grimace as he did his first push. Suddenly I realised I really wanted to see it come out of him and here was my best friend doing it in front of me, so I asked him if I could have a closer look. "Sure, go ahead, but it's not coming out yet", he gasped. I told him to take as much time as he wanted. "Yeah, unngghh!" grunted Paul. I crouched down behind Paul and kept my eyes on his hole which I could see quite clearly. It pushed out and a fart came which made both of us laugh. Paul relaxed a moment. "It's a big one", he grunted as his hole started to pucker and then open a little. I think at this point Paul I started to get a little embarassed and we both grew quiet as he really began to strain. His face turned more red and after another grunt his hole opened very wide and I could hear his shit coming. A little ball of shit plopped out, then the tip of a dark brown log. I looked up at Paul's face and his eyes were shut and his face contorted with strain. "Here it comes", he grunted, as if I didn't know it! His log crackled slowly out as his hole stretched even wider. His turd stopped and hung out of him about 4 inches. It was very thick and was really many small turds clumped together. "Aahhh" sighed Paul as it fell into the grass. There was a big chunk still stuck in his hole and Paul pushed again and the rest of the log came crackling slowly out, thick, firm and dark brown. After 9 more inches of the stuff, it fell from his bum. "Aahhh" sighed Paul again and we waited a bit longer. Then Paul said "here comes the rest!" and he let out a snake of pale brown,looser shit which piled up on top of his firm logs. This ended with another fart and then Paul was done. I ripped off pieces of newspaper and handed them to him as he wiped his hole. He pulled his jeans and shorts up and finished it all off with a strong stream of piss, splattering right on top of his pile of shit. We covered up the mess with newspaper and went on our way. It was an amazing experience watching my friend dump, and I think it made our friendship even closer.

my friend did diarrhea all over our carpet :/


To Amylee

Your saga with Leigh keeps getting funnier. I have to say that since I began reading this forum a couple of years ago, your posts are the most entertaining (though I enjoy many of the others).

By Leigh's reaction - that she got her feelings hurt - maybe she was not aware of how loud her grunting is. It would be interesting to see if she continues to grunt at work or if she tones it down. It made me think of Monica Selles, who had the very loud, shreaking, grunt that annoyed people at tennis matches. The grunt gave her a little power and edge. However, I remember that she tried to tone it down, but it ruined her game and she lost a few matches. Shortly thereafter she began grunting again.

When I have a bowel movement, I usually do not have to strain or give much of a push, so I cannot relate to Leigh in that department. However, maybe the grunt gives her some extra power behind her poop.

Since she got her feelings hurt, have you thought about talking with her about it, maybe by apologizing that you laughed, and that you saw that she got her feelings hurt. You could use that as a little bit of a strategy to find out why she does the grunting. If she is wanting to talk about pooping (meaning if your suspicion that she is doing this on purpose is correct) she will probably open up to you.

Nevertheless, I don't want to encourage you to be insincere. But these stories about Leigh are too funny! Carla sounds like a character and the fact that her gas came at just the right time is too much!

To all: I wish that I had something interesting to post, but I am still eating my high fiber diet and having two voluminous bowel movements daily. Take care!


My new friend

Hello everyone. Last month, at the start of the new semester at my school, there were lots of new students, and I've become friends with one of the new girls. Her name is Lisa. This last week, I found out that she lives fairly close to where I do and so now we walk to and from school together.

The first day we walked home together, she told me she needed to go for a wee, and so we went to the girls toilets. I normally wait until I get home to pee, but since she was going anyway, I decided to go too. I peed for quite a while, but Lisa continued to pee after I had finished and she was even still going when I had washed my hands and was leaving. I said I'd wait for her outside, and she said okay. A few minutes later, she came out and we walked. She never said anything about peeing, and I didn't bring it up.

When this continued to happen every day, I began to get curious about how she could pee so much. So then two days ago, on Wednesday, I skipped my usual lunchtime crap so I would need to go after school. This way I could be in the stall for longer without seeming like I was just listening to her. It was pretty hard to hold it in but I did make it until the end of the day, when I met Lisa and we went to the bathroom.

She took her stall, and I took the one next to her. She started to pee and so did I. My pee ended and she kept going. I farted a few times and then I started to crap. I deposited two pieces each with a splash. I felt a bit more inside, so I waited. Incredibly, she was peeing just as strong as when she had first started. I felt another piece move into position, and when it broke off with a flump, I noticed Lisa had finally finished peeing. I tore off some paper and began to wipe as she was doing small spurts of pee. Her stream ended and she wiped, then we flushed at almost the same time, and left our stalls, washed up and walked home together.

I'm really just at a loss for words for this. She must literally have a bladder of steel or something. She can pee for just as long as it takes me to do a crap. That's just downright amazing to me.

new guyJames

University Drunk Girls

Last Friday I decided to have a walk. I like walking around the University and the city I live in, because it's a very nice place. A lot of nice people, many places to have a drink etc.
I was walking for about 2 hours, watching completely drunk people (you know, friday night). I visited the local Cathedral twice, watching very old graves, talking with the priest. I had a beer in one pub. When I was leaving the pub, I saw two girls (well, very pretty girls, at all) walking the same direction as me. They were completely, mortal drunk, going left, right, left, right, singing and finishing their vodka they've hidden in a purse. In one moment one of them slipped and felt on the ground, and the other one wasn't able to help her, because she couldn't stay in one place, she was so drunk. I asked the girl on the ground if she needed help. I helped her to get up. I saw she's about 150-155 cm high, black hair. She was wearing short, black skirt. I asked her for name, it was Jessica. Her friend's name was Katy. We continued to walk down the street. When we reached the bridge, Jessica came to the wall of the nearest building, and said that she needs to rest. Me and Katy said OK. I saw Katy is about 160 cm height, she was blonde, and was wearing same skirt as Jess, but white.
After five minutes waiting, I asked Jessica if we can go. She said "let's wait, i'm too drunk to walk". Also Katy looked a bit uncomfortable. She was fidgeting and wriggling in a place when she stood. Suddenly she also felt on the ground, and started to laugh. I got her up and stood with both girls near the wall, so they couldn't fall on the ground. Katy started to fidget again. I realized, that she has an urge, propably to pee, after all beers and vodkas. In one moment I saw she grabbed her stomach with a hand. I'm not sure, but I think I've heard a very, very silent fart. I asked her if she's OK. She answered yes, but she needs to go home quickly. But then she said "let's go to the cathedral", and after few minutes of staying she said "let's go to the pub". Jessica looked like she was getting sober, and she began walking toward her home. Katy said she wants to stay here. I wasn't sure if she's not getting sick, so I told Jessica I'll stay with her friend.
After ten minutes, we smoked a cigarette. Katy finished drinking her vodka (I told her not to, but she wanted). She was so drunk, that she didn't even know where are we and where are we going. I asked her few questions, her age (19 yo), her university department (law) and if she's sure she's ok. She was a little bit shy. We've exchanged our phone numbers as well. She's definitely a very nice, and pretty girl. Suddenly, she grabbed my arm and told me she needs to poop. I was a bit shocked, because I thought she's shy. I asked her is she really desperate. She told me that she's really drunk, and she has a little alcohol poisoning. She was feeling a bit unwell, but not nauseaous, but her bowels kept moving, making diarrhea. From that point I was holding her in a place, because she was too drunk to stay on her own. We smoked another cigarette, and she told me that if I won't take her to a toilet, she's gonna shit on the ground in the city centre. I told her that I'm not gonna take her anywhere, because she's too drunk and can't even walk.
And here came the point, that change that night for me. She pulled up her skirt (it was 2 degrees only, in the city centre!), and let out a long, loud fart. I don't know if she forget or she just didn't realize, but she didn't pulled her panties down. She just started to go in her knickers in the middle of a night (about 2 am). I saw her white panties starting to fill up. I also noticed they were getting brown. In one moment, she stopped pooping herself. There was very little mess in her panties, she didn't comfort her very much. I asked her what is she doing, she answered that she's very desperate, and can't hold it much longer. I controlled the mess in her underwear. Really, it wasn't that bad, just a little bit. I've heard her stomach cramping, and she let out another fart. She bent a little bit, and let out a really big, sudden and very brown wave of poop. She just went in her knickers again! Well, I didn't know what to do. Her diarrhea has completely filled her underwears. They got brown very fast, but fortunately there were no leaks. Her ass gurgled, and let out one more portion of poop, luckily it was very, very small. She pulled her skirt in a normal position. The bulge in her knickers was very visible. She said to me "I'm sorry James, but I really couldn't hold it. Can we go now? I feel I'll need to relieve again pretty soon". We started to walk (her panties started to leak as well). We've reached my house, and she told me that she live's few houses next. I offered her to clean up in my bathroom, so Jessica wouldn't see she had an accident. Katy answered, that she and Jessica sometimes have accidents, it's pretty naughty thing to do. It's not any kind of fetish, just some entertainment. I grabbed her hand and led her to my bathroom. She didn't even close the door, just pulled her skirt down. Suddenly, she grabbed her stomach and bent a little bit. She let out another very loud fart, and in the same moment a huge wave of diarrhea joined it. It has ruined her panties. They were completely leaking (fortunately, into my toilet). I pushed her into my shower not to dirty my floor. She squatted there, and began to poop again. I didn't know why she was so full of diarrhea, and I prefered not to know that. I just grabbed her shirt and turned the water on, so she could clean herself. She slowly got up, and let the last portion of poop in her panties (or rather my shower from that point). After 15 minutes she finished cleaning herself (and my shower as well), and left the bathroom. She said "thanks and sorry for that", and left my house. When I looked out from the window of my house, I saw her going in some corned, and squatting near the trash can, letting another waves of diarrhea. Fortunately she didn't puked, but that was very strange.
On saturday I called Katy and Jessica, and we had some beer. Me and Katy didn't even mention her huge accident from the last night.


comments & stuff

To: Amylee as always another great story from the ladies room I think your boss Leigh shouldnt change she should have the right to make as much noise as she wants to and just ignore people who complain about because its a bathroom and those types of noises are common and your friend Carla should mind her own business and not stick her nose in other peoples business in other words let Leigh be Leigh and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Randi glad your back I hope there be alot more stories from you thanks.

To: Hermes great story about hearing that woman pooping at that restaraunt and as I said before thats what I love and hate about bathrooms with thin walls and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stark X yeah ive seen those commercial on youtube and I think they need to more commercials like that.

To: Sheila as always another great story about you and your friend Ruth pooping together in the bathroom and as always I look forward forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty, Kirsty great story about your dream it sounds like it was your bodies way of telling you you had to go but the message didnt get processed right in your brain and if wondering why I put both your names when im responding even though its might be just one of you posting its because it easier that way you know im talking about you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Reenie great story about your boyfriend helping you out and your lucky to have him because he dosent get grossed out by poop and he really cares about you and please post some more stories thanks.

Here are a couple of peeing stories im not if ive posted them before oh well well I use to wet teh bed every night until I was seven it was because I didnt pee before going to bed and my body didnt wake me up in time but this one time I did wake up in time but for some reason I didnt want to get out of bed to pee so I just wet the bed another story was when I had chicken pox and one of the blisters was on the tip of my penis and I dreaded having to pee because it hurt which brings me to a question has anyone else had something like that happen when they had the chicken pox both men and women please answer this question thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site


Movie Night

Last night, the twins, Georg, and I went to Gustav's house to watch a few movies and pig out on greasy junk food. While we were in the middle of watching "Bruno", we were suddenly assaulted with the foulest odor you could ever imagine. It was like being in a sewage, but only ten times worse. Everyone except for Gustav said, "Ewwww, what is that stench?"
Gustav blushed and said quietly, "Sorry, guys. I don't think the food agreed with my stomach tonight."
He then rushed to the restroom and quickly yanked down his jeans and slammed on the toilet. He let out a loud fart that sounded sort of like a trumpet being played badly, followed by explosive diarrhea. The horrid stench of poop was in the air within seconds. We all kept saying "Pee-yew!" as Gustav held his stomach and let out several more farts and mushy diarrhea. This went on for about 4 minutes. When Gustav was done, he had to wipe himself several times and flushed the toilet at least 3 times. When Gustav came back into the living room to sit down, Georg grabbed some air freshener and went into the restroom. He pulled down his jeans, sat on the toilet, and immediately let out some heavy sounding turds. After about 5 minutes, Georg cleaned up after himself, washed his hands, and sprayed the restroom with the air freshener. We all finished watching the movies with the faint smell of poop still in the air.

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