Car Mom
Ok so here's something new for all of you. Not only have two new girls used my car for a toilet today, but also another adult woman! it all happened spontaneously too. I was at a thrift store today and Kaylee was with me and I was looking at some clothes. Thrift stores rock by the way, especially if you're a single mom! Except they're always so crazy on Saturdays! Anyway we were there and after a while Kaylee announced to me that she needed to pee and she also said that she wanted to know how much longer we would be in the store so she could decide whether to go and use the bathroom in the store or wait till we got in the car. Unfortunately I had been in this store a couple times before, and I knew something that she didn't. I knew that there weren't any bathrooms. All they had were a couple of fitting rooms toward the back of the store, and I actually wouldn't have had a problem allowing her to pee in one of them, but as I said before, Saturdays are crazy and so there was a huge line of people waiting to use the fitting rooms. I'm sure a lot of them were planning on using them to pee in too. And so I told Kaylee that we could just go back to the car and she could go ahead and have her pee there and then we'd come back into the store and continue shopping. She said "ok" and then that's when I noticed a mom standing in one of the lines who had two girls with her who were jumping around in the line and doing the "pee pee dance" and holding onto themselves. One looked about Kaylee's age, maybe a year younger, and the other was probably 4 or 5. The mom was probably 35 or 36. The girls kept crying to their mom that they had to go really bad, and the mom kept trying to tell them, mostly in Spanish, that they couldn't go yet but that it wouldn't be too much longer. I felt so bad for them. There were like 6 other people ahead of them in the line, and it didn't look like they were the kind of people who were going to give them a break and let them go ahead of them. That's when Kaylee whispered to me and said "mom I think we should let them pee in our car." I said "yeah I think so too." And so I told Kaylee to go up to them and ask them if they wanted to do it. She's always been good at doing that. After all, she's always been able to get her friends to pee in my car. She went up to the girls and the mom and she started talking to them. Of course I couldn't hear what Kaylee was saying, but I saw her look over at me and point, and then I saw the girls look over at me too, and then so did the mom. I smiled at them and waved. The older girl waved back, and then the mom did too. She also smiled a little. I was glad of that. I wasn't sure what she'd think of the idea. Kaylee continued to talk to them some more and then after that I could barely hear the mom say "ok" and then they started to walk toward me. I was so glad. And so as we went out to my car I introduced myself and explained to the mom how I often let my daughter and her friends pee in my car out of convenience and I made sure that she understood that it was no trouble at all for her two girls to do it too. Also, since I will probably never see them again, I'll go ahead and tell you that the mom's name is Maricela and the girls are Gabriela and Sofia. We got to my car, and luckily there weren't any people nearby so I didn't really have to move it or anything. We walked up to the passenger side of the car and I opened up the back door and Kaylee got in first and sat behind the driver's seat and then Gabriela (the one who is Kaylee's age) got in next to her and then Sofia got in and sat behind the passenger seat. Then Maricela and I got in the front seats and Kaylee pulled down her pants and told the girls to do the same and then their mom also told them to do it. They did, and then Maricela said "ok go" and then almost immediately I heard the sound of pee start to hiss into the seat. Then I also heard both of the girls sigh. They were peeing. At last those two girls were relaxed, and they were peeing into the seat of my car. I knew they were finally feeling relief! I was so glad of that. Maricela looked back and asked them "do you feel better now?" They both said "yes." Then a few seconds later Kaylee let a fart, and it made a ripping noise into the seat. Then after that Gabriela said something to her mom in Spanish, and I noticed that it might have had the word "pedo" in it, which I'm pretty sure is Spanish for "fart". Maricela just said "si" and then the next thing I heard was the sound of another little fart ripping into the seat. It was so cute! Gabriela was asking permission to let a fart. Her sister soon followed suit. Then after letting a couple more farts each, they just continued to sit there and quietly have their pees. Kaylee had finished up by that time, and the other two girls were still going. I saw that their wet spots in the seat cushion were huge. I also saw that Sofia's jeans were getting a little wet because she didn't really pull them down far enough. Her mom didn't say anything about it though, so neither did I. After a few more seconds, I heard the hissing come to a stop. Gabriela then said "I'm done" and after that Sofia said "I'm done too." Maricela said "ok" and then she told the girls to say "thank you" and they did and then she got ready to get out of the car. I asked her "Maricela, do you have to go too?" She looked at me, a little surprised. "Um actually, yeah I do." So then I told her she could go ahead and go too if she wanted and I told her that I do it too sometimes and so do some of my friends. And so she decided to go ahead and do it. She got out of the car and while she was doing that she gave the girls what sounded like instructions in Spanish, and so I watched as Gabriela pulled up her pants and climbed over the seat to the front and then I watched as Sofia did the same. Maricela then got in the back and pulled down her pants and then she sat down in the backseat, behind the passenger seat where Sofia had been sitting. Maricela is kind of a big girl, especially compared to her daughters, so part of her also ended up sitting in Gabriela's pee spot too. The two girls were turned around in the front seat, watching their mom and smiling and giggling. They were right next to me, and I noticed that they both smelled a little like pee, especially Sofia who had a little bit in her jeans. I actually noticed a little bit of wetness in Gabriela's jeans too, but that was just because she had pulled them up while her bottom was still a little bit wet and her jeans absorbed it a little. Anyway, their mom got ready to have her pee, and then she did. She relaxed herself and she began to pee. She let out a deep sigh as she peed. I could tell that the seat was really getting a good soak. Maricela looked at me and then she smiled and said "thank you SO much for letting me do this." Of course I just said "its ok." Then I said "do you feel better?" She just sighed and said "mm-hmm." Then after a few more seconds of silence, her hissing came to a stop, and she said "I'm done." Then after that we started to get ready to go back into the store. But that's when Gabriela spoke up. She spoke to her mom in Spanish. Then her mom said "oh!" And then she looked at me. Then she said "Gabriela just told me she has to poop. But its ok, we can wait." I looked at Gabriela. She looked at me with big puppy dog eyes. She really had to go. I decided to go ahead and make another exception to my rule. I told her that she could go ahead and poop. She immediately smiled and Maricela got back in front and she put Sofia on her lap. Gabriela got in the backseat, pulled down her pants, closed her eyes and began to push. She made a little grunt, and then she sighed. Gabriela was pooping. Soon the smell began to make itself known. After a while she was done. She used tissue to wipe herself. Maricela was nice enough to clean up the poop with a plastic bag. I assured her it was ok and that it wouldn't be too hard for me to clean. And it wasn't really. I got it done right before I started typing all this. Of course Maricela kept saying "thank you" again and again before they left. And so they left and went back to their car and went on their way. Well, that was MY day today! Hope you liked that post!

Bye for now!
Car Mom :)


Ladies Room at the Talent Show

My husband and I went to a talent pageant for young ladies around 18 to 20 years old on Saturday. These young women are hopefuls to move on to the Miss America city and state contests later on. The event was held at a very large hotel and convention center. My husband's younger cousin, to who he is like a big brother, was participating, so his aunt and uncle, who I knew but not well, were also there. His aunt's name is Nancy and is about 43 and a very attractive woman. She looked great in her skirt that highlighted her fine figure. There were hundreds of other people there. The young ladies were all beautiful and the event went on most of the day on Saturday. It seemed to me, however, that the girls' mothers were more nervous about the contest than the girls. They were fussing around a lot with their daughters. Most of the moms were in the 38-43 age group, roughly 10-15 years older than us, and most of them very attractive. I got the impression they had done this type thing in their younger days (now living it through their daughters). At one point we wished my husband's cousin good luck as she went in for one of the events. I told my husband I was going to have to use the restroom (I'd not pooed since Thursday). So I excused myself from his aunt and uncle and found a restroom. I went in and it was full of moms of the girls. All but two of the stalls were taken and there were 2 women just going in ahead of me who took these stalls, which had one stall between them. These two ladies were very attractive women about 40. Both were dressed in short skirts, both had long legs, one brunette and one blonde. To me they were obvious pageant entries from years before. There were about 10 total stalls. I had to wait on a toilet less than a minute, but my stomach was now churning. I hate pooing in public, but there wasn't a choice. As I waited, I noticed it seemed the anxious moms were all having nervous bowels. I heard numerous loud farts, plops, courtesy flushes, etc. I heard a flush near the center. The door between the two women who had come in ahead of me opened and a glamorous looking woman stepped out. She looked like she belonged in Hollywood. I took her stall. I saw that the toilet was streaked with skid marks and some small remnants of poo were floating around in the bowl. I flushed the toilet again before sitting down. When I sat the seat was hot from the previous lady's butt. The two ladies on each side of me who'd been in front of me in line were just getting settled, too. I could see their shoes. One sat ladylike with her shoes butted together like I do. The lady on the other side (the brunette) spread her feet apart a good 2 feet. The brunette started sighing loudly and stopped in the middle of her sigh like she was pushing. I heard a big burst of crackling gas-filled poo start out of her. It went on and on with farts popping out as she went. She quietly sighed, "Ahhhhhh." The blonde farted, BAARRTUPPPPP, softly at first then increasing in volume and started letting out a lengthy crackling plopping poo. I relaxed and let out a soft but audible fart, embarrassing myself, but what the heck, everyone in here was doing it. I could hear some diarrhea going somewhere down the line from one of the ladies so I didn't figure my noise was going to matter. The blonde finished quickly, wiped and flushed. Someone else came into the stall. I glanced and noticed the shoes were identical to Nancy, my husband's aunt's heels! I'd noticed them earlier (I admire shoes). If it was her, I wondered if she knew it was me next to her. She sat down on the toilet and let a high-pitched, squeaky fart and a crackling sound started, then plop, crackle, plop, crackle, plop. It sounded like she had hard stools that came out as nuggets. It seemed to go on forever, about 10 or 15 plops dropping heavily and noisily, and then she sighed. She cleared her throat and I now knew for sure it was my husband's aunt. I needed to go some more and relaxed my butt. Quietly a soft poo started from me and the more it came out, the looser and noisier it became. I was hoping she didn't recognize my shoes. A few flushes from other stalls drowned out some of my sound. She started another crackling plopping poo with one more very high-pitched fart escaping with it, and a heavy plop at the end. The brunette with the spread out feet let out soft sounding poo, then peed and started to wipe. I really needed to go apparently, since two major pushes of poo had not emptied me. I just wasn't through yet. I could feel it moving down and a PFFFTTT-BAARTP, hissing followed by noise fart escaped from me followed by another healthy poo. Suddenly, Nancy says quietly, "Amylee, is that you?" I was humiliated. I quietly said, "Yes." Nancy said, "I thought those were your shoes." Well, I wasn't able to escape her knowing it was me. She didn't seem to mind as she passed another round of poo nuggets. I was finally through pooing, and I peed and began to wipe. Unfortunately, I'd had a messy poo and had to wipe numerous times, which I hated to have to do next to Nancy. The brunette flushed and left and was replaced by another woman who sat down and started peeing immediately and softly farted almost the whole time she peed. I didn't hear her drop any poo, so she must have been just full of gas she needed to let off. I flushed and went to the sinks and washed my hands. I went out and my and Nancy's husbands were waiting in the hallway. Nancy's husband said, "Did you run into Nancy in there?" I said, "Yeah, we spoke." He said, "I hope she hurries, we don't want to miss the next event." In a couple of minutes, Nancy came out and looked at me and winked. I smiled kind of embarrassed. We then went onto the next pageant event.


Oops, I ....

I didn't work today so this morning I slept in. I got up about 8:30. I have wireless Internet in my home so I took my laptop computer to the family room and turned on the TV. After a half-hour or so I could feel the pressure build in the bum. When the pressure became uncomfortable, I thought I could delay by releasing some gas. I relaxed and could feel the gas ooze out. After releasing some pressure, the need to poo went away. I watched TV and visited web sites for another half-hour before deciding to get something to eat. I logged off of the Internet and put the laptop on the stand beside the recliner. When I stood up, I realized it was not gas that oozed out of me nearly an hour ago. I had pooped in my string bikini underwear and was sitting in it. My underwear was sticking to my bum. I got a clean pair of underwear, went to the bathroom and washed my bum, then did my laundry before anyone could see what I did.


Race day

Hi again Karl a I went to a running race the other weekend it was my first race so i did not know what to expect. It was a early start to the race so my system did not want to go but Karl said there will be porta toilets and there are plenty of bushes as it was starting in a big park. By the time we arrived I was starting to need to go I said to Karl as he parked the car.
He said let go find the toilets as we approached the porta loos there was already a big queue, I said to Karl I do not think I can wait that long as it is not moving.
So off we jog to the other side of the park where it was dense bushes I had already notice a number of males and female disappear into the bushes in front of us, enter though a gap and follow a path in, a short way in I could see a guy squating unload some semi soft turds we passed him and he was not event phased.
A bit further in were 2 women both squating each letting out some turd I could not see much of them as they squat very low, we went a little further out of sight of the 2 women we both instantly lowered our short and got in a squt position Karl let out a fart followed by a long coiling turd while I started to push to get mine moving.
I looked up and there was very petite woman suddenly just across from us pulling her short down I looked at Karl to see his reaction was for him to take his eyes off me and look at this other women.
As my turds started to drop I look at this women also she was only in a half squat and was pushing and grunting hard then suddenly a huge turd appearedand grew long and flop on the ground then she wiped dressed and left. Both me a Karl had also finished and got dressed before leaving we had to have a closer look and were not disappoint as it had to be 5 cm by 30 cm a real good one we both agreed then it was off tto the race.

Questions for Randi

Randi, I am curious to hear more about your experiences with public restrooms. I'm not trying to offend or anything, but if you wouldn't mind talking a little about the transition between gender specific restrooms. How does the law handle this issue? Have you ever been harassed for using a girls bathroom? How have you dealt with any situations that have arisen?

Rag Muffin Reanna

I Can't Produce in the Guys' Bathrooms!

Wrote a few month's back on pages 1942 and 1943 about being on my high school's debate team, traveling each weekend to tournaments, and while I greatly enjoy and are somewhat good at the activity, how difficult it is to shit under stressful tournament circumstances at so many different schools. Peeing isn't a problem; it's shitting which is something my policy debate partner Tank is never going to understand because he sits and shits in his own bathroom at home within a couple of minutes of getting up every morning. I'm just so envious. And get this, he says he hasn't taken a shit at all this year at school.

Well yesterday our team traveled to an all-boy Catholic prep school that's just a little more than three hours away. Coach, who drives the van, made us meet up at school at 4:30 a.m. to start the trip. I peed at home just before Dad drove me to school. It had only been two days since I crapped (after lunch when I have about 15 minutes extra after I eat before my next class) but I figured I would probably get lucky at the tournament because on the third day I start to feel really bloated. What I didn't anticipate, however, was the fact that there were like no regular girl restrooms at this school. The faculty restrooms were each locked and a cage-like fence separated us debaters from the gym and athletic area where I knew there would be womens restrooms.

At the opening meeting and in the information given to about 1,000 of us who competed, the principal had designated the bathroom at the west end of each of the three floors to remain Boys, but the signs were changed on the east end of each floor to girls. I didn't stop to think about it except when Tank leaned over to me in the cafeteria where were had our general meeting and playfully told me I wasn't going to have to hold it all day. I slapped him because his voice was loud enough and several of our other team members sitting close to use heard it. Tank and I have become really good friends because we spend about 20 hours a week doing research and writing cases and he knows that it's hard for me to crap in public toilets because I just don't handle stress that well. At first I was suspicious of his claim, but now I'm just envious of him being able to go at home the same time each day and without no effort.

Well, while we were waiting for the first round to begin, I told Tank I was walking down the hall to pee. He had kind of a sly smile on his case and all the could say was "Enjoy". I got to thinking about how long it had been since I had been in the boys bathroom (a few times when I was really, really young Dad took me in with him) but I wanted to relieve my bladder before first round. It didn't help that both Tank and I had woken up a large cup of Starbucks and I got to thinking that Tank should really be needing to go to because he had finished my coffee off. He just seems like he gets buy so easy. As I approached the bathroom, two girls were leaving the room by coming out the door which was covered with a poster board sign that said "Girls". That in itself should have told me I was in for like 12 to 15 hours of adventures.

The bathroom was like so open, I couldn't believe it. Five stalls, a girls sitting on the toilet in each, and with no privacy door. About ten urinals, each about a little higher than a toilet. Two girls had their dresses pulled up over their arms and their underwear at mid-thigh level as they were "seated" over the front of a urinal. One asked the other how she was doing and the one seated immediately beside her looked like she weighed about 120 pounds and she told the other girl she hoped the urinal wouldn't break off the wall while she was seated on it. She seemed very uncomfortable because there wasn't that much of the front of the urinal to sit down. Her friend said "Oh ****, I hadn't thought of that. Now you've got me worried you a*****e!" One of the girls on the toilet told them to put their wait forward and onto their legs. Another girl from the toilets shouted out that that sounded like good advice. I decided to wait for a toilet to open. One girl I figured was crapping because she had her manucript out and was reading it to herself as she sat.

Finally after about five minutes of me feeling very uneasy because I didn't know where to look at other than the sinks, although I did sneak a few looks at the girls at/on the urinals because I had never seen one used by a female before, the third stall opened. I noticed the girl was wiping and I got my hopes up as she reached back to flush. She had obvously shitted from the smell left, the skidmarks in the bowl, and the fact that she remarked to me that she felt much better. I told her I just need to pee and she joked about me not trying to save time by using the urinal. I told her I wasn't intriqued by the idea and she said that was a good word that she would use in her debate round. I placed myself on the stool and started my stream. It didn't take long, and the fact that the stall was doorless didn't cause me much embarrassment because I will sometimes at my school use one of the doorless stalls because they are vacant and it saves time.

When I got back to the cafteria, Tank had already taken our evidence tubs to our first classroom and he leaned over to me and whispered in my ear "Congrats on your shit." I told him I only had to pee and he didn't believe me because I had been gone for so long. I told him I would explain about it later. Our opponents were in the room got seat up fast and after the debate started I forgot about the awkward bathroom situation that I knew I would have to confront several times later in the day.

I ended up peeing twice--each time in a toilet--and I saved my shit for a gas station bathroom on the way home. As the day wore on, the lines were just too long and unruly for me to stay on the stool for as long as I need to take take a crap.


Constipation and now diarrhea?

I posted the stories about the huge logs I pooped out after a week of constipation (about 2 1/2 feet worth over 2 days) and now I'm having diarrhea instead. What the heck happened? My stomach has been hurting and bothering me since Friday night and I haven't felt very good (or happy).

I had diarrhea once on Friday night, twice on Saturday and then tonight after dinner at my mom's. I'm not sure whether I have a virus or what. My husband wants me to go to a walk-in clinic tomorrow in case I don't feel better.


Update on Leigh

For those interested in Leigh, who was called out for grunting on the toilet by Carla the other day, Leigh returned to grunting ways on Friday. She came in the restroom as I was washing my hands, went in a stall, and began a BM with a "Uhhhh". So I guess she got over being called out by Carla. Thanks for the positive comments from everyone.

Kirsty, it's horrible that that salesman did that to you! You should always kick those people off your property immediately - don't let them waste your time, especially if you need to go to the toilet.


Enema in university

Hey guys, haven't posted for a while, it's been a busy week. So anyway, until this Friday, I hadn't pooped for nearly 4 days, and I woke up extremely aching and bloated. I went to the toilet right away, but I was too constipated, so I took an enema. I only had one lecture in afternoon, so I expected it to kick in before. However, I felt no effects until I had to go to the university, so off I went.
When I got to the university, I felt a pretty strong urge to unload. I didn't have time to go to the toilet, so I went to the lecture. It was a 2 hour long lecture with 10 minute break in the middle, so as soon as the break came I walked upstairs to a less busy unisex toilet. There were no people there in Friday evening, so I thought I could poop in peace. The toilet had only one stall, and I was surprised to find it locked. I knocked on the door, and a female voice said "Occupied." I asked how long she would take, as I was pretty desperate. She answered with a fart, and the sound of mushy poop hitting the water. I stood there for about 3 minutes and she was still pooping her guts out. I couldn't hold it any longer and I desperately asked her to hurry up. She wiped and flushed. When she got out, she told me to go poop, but she would need the toilet again when I was done.
I thanked her, and looked at her. She was very pretty, about 165 cm, pretty slim but shapely, had short brown hair and brown eyes. I hurried inside, pulled my jeans down and sat on the toilet. A wave of soft, but not liquid poo filled the bowl. I was far from done, however. I was shitting mushy poop for about 3 minutes straight and was afraid to clog the toilet! I did a courtesy flush and kept pooping. I was finally done in two more minutes. I wiped, flushed and went to wash my hands. The girl was standing there waiting for me. She said "You really had to go badly!". I replied "Yeah, I took an enema this morning, was constipated for 4 days." The girl suddenly grabbed her stomach and rushed into the stall. As soon as her butt touched the seat she exploded with diarrhea. "I shouldn't have eaten in that Mexican restaurant" she said. I waited for her to finish, and thanked her once again for letting me go. "No problem," she said. "I realised you had to go badly and I could wait."
I told her I would stay in the toilet because I didn't feel empty yet. She told me there was no toilet paper left and handed me a roll from her bag. "I will wait for you" she said. "Don't you have a lecture to go to?" I asked her. "No, I visited the toilet after the lecture because I couldn't wait". I went inside and released two more waves of poo. Then I wiped with her toilet paper, which was very soft, so I used it sparingly. I washed my hands and thanked the girl once again. I was already late of the second part of the lecture so I went home with the girl. It turned out she lives close to me, and her name is Betty. She told me it was really funny to see a guy so desperate for a poo. She also admitted that she has never heard a boy poop before. She gave me her Skype and we talked a bit on Friday and Saturday. Let's see what happens next!


shy but not shy

I'm pretty strange, I'm a shy pooper I can't even poop at home when a family member is near.
On the other hand I love going in public toilets but I always wait till i'm all alone in the room.

I don't get it.


Rachels desperate poo

I was at work today when I needed to pee but was overtaken on my way to the toilet by my team leader. She was in a very big hurry & was holding has bum using both hands. I saw her run into the cubicle & slammed the door shut. When I reached the toilets I could hear Rachel pebble dashing the toilet with a huge watery load of diarrhoea. She must have needed to go really badly by the amount she was doing. When she came out the smell hit me hard & I almost puked. I sat down on a very warm & sweaty toilet seat & held my nose while I peed. When I came out, Rachel was getting her coat on to go home sick but before she left she went back into the toilet to have some more diarrhoea. She must have been really ill to have to go twice like that.


Not allowed to poo again

I was 16 when it happened again. I hadn't pood for five days & the very day I chose to relieve my myself my mum was having guests over for dinner again. I knew she wouldn't like me stinking the bathroom up when she was entertaining so I tried to hold it untill they left. The only problem was the dinner party ended with some drinks & her boss ended up staying the night. She had my room so I had to sleep on the sofa with the most urgent need to empty my bowels. I had to wait untill everyone had gone to bed before I could go to bed & I had to clench hard to keep this monster poo inside me. By the time I got to bed it was midnight & it hurt to keep holding it for so long. I laid awake untill I felt sure everyone had gone to sleep & crept upstairs to the bathroom but my mums boss was on her way to the toilet & got there first. She sat down with a thump & all I could hear was the sound of her turds dropping into the water. The sound effects were torturing me & I was ready to give up & go in my panties but then the toilet flushed & my mums boss came out looking very relieved. I went straight in & the smell was unbelievable. The seat was warm & a bit sweaty & as soon as I sat down my anus opened on its own & a long rope of poo coiled up in the bottom of the toilet. It was the biggest relief of my life & I kept going for ages. It made a big mess of the toilet. I wiped several times & flushed the toilet. It all went down thank god but the toilet was a mess. I went back to bed feeling so relieved & happy I hadn't had an accident but I got got trouble in the morning for destroying the toilet.

Today i discovered something strange. I was out swimming in the local swimmingcentre, and before i got in i got up and peed on the toilet.
Two boys came in, and one of them got in the sauna. I thought they must be together, cause they seemed to know each other. While i was in the toilet, one of the boys came in and pooped - he grunted and a quick plop was heard. He did it quick. We actually got finished syncronized, and i got out to shower. When i got out, the other boy came out of the sauna and got in the stall where the boy had been, and seemed to look for something. I believe he was looking for turds or such. Strange. If i hadnīt flushed, the boy pooping may not have had flushed either. Then the boy from the sauna had got his sight. Oh well, just thought to share this strange occurence.

I was in gym class one time doing the mile run when about halfway through I needed to take a crap. I ran to the teacher asking if I could go to the bathroom she said I could once I finished up so I had to run the remaining two laps. Once I finshed she let me go to the bathroom. I ran inside to the gym locker room and I l ran to the toilet and pushed evreything out. Within ten seconds the contents of my bowels were in the toilet. I flushed and went back outside feeling so relieved. Later when I went back into change and people started to comment on the smell I tried to look away as not to be asked if it was me. Someone then walked over to the toilet and annouced that someone took a major dump. I went over and saw that even though I thought it had gone down I had clogged the toilet. It was pretty embarassing but luckily no one found out it was me.

I was in the middle of class one day when I felt the worst stomach cramp. I had held my crap in for a week and now I was begining to pay the price. I asked the teacher if I could go to the office beacuse I wasn't feeling good. She permitted me and I went down to the office. When I got there their were a frw other kids I asked the secretary if I could call my mom. She asked why and I said that my stomach hurt. The policy at my school was the secretary made all the calls to parents, so she picked up the phone and called my mom. They talked for a little while and then she hung up. The secretary told me that my mom was on her way and that she said though that I should try going to the bathroom. I really didn't like this idea so I told her that I think I'll be okay so she said fine. I waited and finally my mom showed up and walks in. I told her I'm ready to go but she than asks if I tried using the bathroom, I tell her no and she tells me I have to if she is going to take me home. I ask her why and she says that if it's just a bowel movement that she can go back home beacuse I'll be better. Meanwhile the other kids in the office are listiening and laughing so I am embarassed. I tell her that I really don't want to but she tells me since she came all the way here I have to. So I',m forced to use the office bathroom which is in public where evereyone is and since someone was caught smoking they removed all the doors to the stalls which means that evrey stall including the office one is doorless. fIt's just a walkway, a toilet and a sink. I walk in and sit myself down while evreyone wayches. I didn't know any of the kids in the office but it's still sSO HUMAILTING. Finally I start, I am forced to grunt at first and then my bowels start moving. Evreything comes out at once one week of poop I am relieved ane embarassed at the same time when it is finally over. the other kids are having a field day laughing at me. My Face face bright red as they ask how long I held it for. I don't answer and have to wipe in front of evreybody and I levreyone gets a glimpse at my crap, it is unbelievebly massive, it is still the biggest dump I've ever made still. I finally flushed and suprisingly it went down but the office smelled so bad evreyone had to get out and let it air out. Mom took me home after that even though I felt better, luckily no one took any pictures of me on the toilet but word did get around and I was known as crap kid for the rest of the year. I still get shudders whenbever I think about that dreaded dump in the office.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Outdoor Lady

Beach peeing

I am going south and always pee in the ocean and on the beach sometimes; I just sit in the sand and pee through my bathing suit, then cover it up. In the ocean I just sit in the surf and pee through my bathing suit, stand if I am deep enough, or just squat in the water and let it flow. People park themselves for hours on the beach and bring plenty of refreshments which make a wee in the sea necessary. I love peeing outdoors.

crohns horror stories
i had previously posted a couple of horror stories about crohns which a friend of mine has does any one else have some stories to share about this horrible disease

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