Car Mom
Nathalie: Glad your date went well! I myself could probably never pee in front of a guy I liked! At least not till after I knew him for a REALLY long time! I know I pee in front of Laura, but she's my friend so I guess its different. A guy would be different.

Whinnie: Good to hear from you again! Good wastebasket story! I do wish your parents would get off your case about wetting your pants though! I will never do that to Kaylee! Even if she's 40!

Kendra: Glad you are enjoying my posts! In answer to your question, yes sometimes Kaylee does pee in her pants while she's sitting in the seat but only if we're on the way home. Otherwise she pulls them down and she leaves them pulled down while she's sitting so they don't get wet, just like you guessed. Once in a while one of the other girls will wet her pants too, but its very rare and its only if the mom knows about my pee car. The one mom (the one who was on the heavy side) had her daughter pee in her pants and also she herself peed in her pants. Her stories are on pages 1937 and 1942. I actually don't really see her that often. Anyway keep reading, I'm glad to have another fan!

new guy: Sorry, I forgot to answer your other question last time! Actually I don't let Kaylee go on this website yet so she won't be posting anything just yet. There are some things on here I'd rather not let a girl her age read. I myself don't mind them, but they are a little too adult for an 8 year old. Someday when she's older an if she's still interested she can read it! I'm sure it will still be around! Its like one of the world's oldest sites!

Well, nothing's really new with me, only that humming girl was in the car again the other day so my backseat now has some more of humming girl's pee in it! It was really similar to the last time she was in my car. You can read about it on pg 1985. And by the way, humming girl's name is so common that I'm just going to use it from now on, its Hannah. So anyway I had picked Kaylee and Hannah up and since school had gotten out early we decided to go to McDonald's. On the way there neither of the girls had to pee yet so when we got there and while we were standing in line I decided that if Hannah told me she had to go to the bathroom I would offer her the car if she wanted. And so a little while later we were sitting at a table eating and that's when Hannah told me that she had to go to the bathroom and so she started to get up from her seat. So that's when I said to her "well, you can go ahead and go to the bathroom here, but if you want to wait till we're done eating, you can go ahead and go in the car if you want." Of course her face lit up when I said that and then she giggled and said "car" And so we quickly finished eating, and then we went out to the car so Hannah could have her pee. We got in the car and I had her wait until we were out of the parking lot so that no one would see what we were doing and then I parked in a more secluded place. Then I looked back at Hannah and I told her that she could feel free to start going whenever she was ready. And so she did. She pulled down her pants and her underwear and then she let herself relax. Almost immediately I began to hear a little hissing sound. Hannah was starting to pee. As she peed she began to hum as usual. She just sat there and hummed right along with the sound of her pee going into the fabric of the seat. Then as Hannah continued having her pee, she let a little fart, and then after that another one. They made little bubbly noises into the seat. I noticed that Kaylee wrinkled her nose a little when she smelled Hannah's farts. Then a few seconds after that I could smell them too. Then after that I saw that Kaylee started to pull down her pants. She was going to go too. And so I began to hear another little hiss start to go into the seat as Kaylee began to pee too. As she peed Kaylee also let a couple little farts into the seat, and they too made bubbly noises. Hannah also let a couple more. Of course I noticed them. It's funny how another girl's farts smell different to me than my own daughter's. The two girls continued peeing. Hannah let out a deep sigh as she let her pee continue to come. Then after that they were finished. Hannah said "I'm done" and then she smiled. She kept smiling the whole way back home. And of course when I dropped her off she made sure that she said "thank you for letting me pee in the car again." Well, that's it for me for this time!

Bye now!
Car Mom :)


Another big poop

I have a stomach ache today and I found out the reason why. There was a lot of poo in there! I just took a huge dump. It was another one the length of my forearm, but bent in half. My stomach still hurts because more poo needs to come out but it definetely feels better, especially since I haven't been able to go since before my period (last week).


Comments & questions

Jaded Jarrod:

I liked your description of each of the guys sitting and crapping. You mentioned that older guy who was reading a newspaper. He probably reads it while he's on the toilet at home, too. Interestingly, it reminded me of a time four years ago when I was a freshman in high school and I was seated and waiting for my crap to come. I had just picked the school newspaper up from the stall next to me and was reading it when a faculty member I didn't know came by and said it was inappropriate for me to read it. I was timid then, so I put it down and didn't debate her.


It's nice that you guys have your own toilet on stage. However, how to you make sure other students don't come in and use it. Judging from the number of stories about how so many of us just hate school bathrooms, I would think it would have hundreds of users a day.

End Stall Em:

You raise an excellent question about why babysitting is so tough when you're in a public place with a child of the opposite sex. Just two days ago at my college, an older student came into the student union bathroom that was very busy with her son who looked to be 6 or 7. I was walking behind her. Two stalls opened right next to another and she went into one and I could hear her pop her shit as she sat and her son peed in the stall I was waiting for. Suddenly, he opened the door (there was no flush to warn me) and came out. I went in, turned around and was pulling down my thong and almost seated on the toilet, when I notice it was literally dripping from his pee. A second later, I would have been sitting in it. I quickly wiped the seat off and then seated myself. I did my usual pee, and then flushed. At the sinks, the boy was waiting for his mother to come out and I suggested to her that she might want to raise the seat for him next time. Her response was "Riiiiggghhhttt" and she reached over and grabbed for the towel roll. Getting parents to supervise their kid is not that easy.


Some wonderful recent posts

Amylee..... keep on telling us about your workplace toilet experiences

Louisa..... loving the airline business No 2 stories

Finally that story about the female engineer , Amber, by Sportsfan. What an experience that must have been.

But what none of you have told me is this, do you witness any of your collegues go to the toilet with a paper or magazine. I love it when I see that, in particular a women doing it.

I will try and think of some more esxperiences I have had over the years to post another time. I work aboard trains now so see people coming and going from the toilet.


Today's story

Hi everyone, a story from earlyer today I thought I'd share with you.
The last few days I haven't had a very satisfying time trying to empty my bowels, I've gone for a poo a couple of times at school and a few times as soon as I've got home but despite pushing and straining a lot I've only managed to produce a few dry pebbles. Today I went to school with a belly ache and a sore bum, I didn't manage to make it to the loo until the last ten minutes of lunchtime so I knew I probably wouldn't have time for a poo, but decided to try anyway as I was really bursting for a wee. I went into the toilets, chose a free cubicle and locked the door. I lifted my skirt, dropped my black tights and yellow knickers to my thighs and sat, my wee stream started up straight away and went on for ages. After finishing my wee I started to push, I could feel a hard mass moving down inside me and realised there was a massive turd that needed to come out. After a few minutes of hard pushing I could feel the tip starting to come out of my bum, but just at that minute I heard the bell ring and as soon as I stopped pushing it got sucked back up. I wiped, flushed and pulled up my knickers and tights before letting down my skirt. I went off to my afternoon PE lesson feeling really uncomfortable. After school was going to be a bit awkward too as I was going straight round Olivia's house, I knew I really should go on the toilet as soon as possible but didn't want to spend ages straining on the loo in her house if I could help it. Olivia and I got back to her house around half three, my belly was feeling more and more uncomfortable and I was starting to need a poo quite urgently, so I knew I'd have to go as soon as I could. We went up to her room to get changed out of our uniform, I'd forgotten to bring any clothes so Olivia said she'd lend me some of hers. As she took off her skirt and tights I saw her squirming a bit, she bent over to pick her jeans off the floor and I noticed she had a slight poo stain in her pants, they were plain white and quite worn so it showed more easily. She started to turn her jeans back the right way round and disintangle yesterdays dirty pants from them when she suddenly clutched her stomach and said "Sorry, I'm really bursting for a poo, I can't wait any more" before running off to the bathroom wearing just her pants and bra. I quickly got changed and sat on her bed, hoping she wouldn't be too long as I was getting more and more desperate. I couldn't help noticing that her pink knickers which had been tangled up in her jeans and were now lying on the bedroom floor had a huge skidmark in them. I walked over to the bedroom door, the bathroom was opposite and so I could hear most of what was going on. There were a few loud farts before a series of plops and a groan and sigh of releaf, then silence before another massive plop a few minutes later as a big turd dropped. A few more plops and I heard loo paper being ripped. I could feel my poo starting to poke out of my bum so I quickly pulled my jeans and pants down a bit. I knew it would be embarasing for Olivia if I went straight in after her but I knew I couldn't hold it in much longer. Olivia came out looking releaved and quickly pulled on her jeans, she was wearing red knickers now so she must have changed them while she was in the toilet. About 5 minutes after she had come out I said "I'm just off to the loo now" and went into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I quickly pulled down my jeans and pants and sat on the loo. I started to push and the turd poked out of my bum again, it came out reasonably easily at first but then it started to get wider and got really hard to push out, I was taking a deep breath and pushing as hard as I could but it was still coming out really slowly. I pushed my thighs together, went up on tiptoes and pulled my bum cheeks apart and with a massive push (and a really loud grunt!) managed to push the widest part through. I finished with a few more logs which were easier to get out. I took some toilet paper and wiped my sore bum, I noticed a bit of blood on the paper which does sometimes happen if I push out a really hard poo. I pulled up my pants and jeans and flushed the loo, for a horrible moment I thought it was going to block but luckily it all went away. I went back to Olivia's room and we both looked a lot happier for having managed to empty our bowels.


Not constipated anymore

All I can say is "My tush hurts." I have not pooped since last week before my period started when I pooped out that monster log the size of my forearm. The rest of the week nothing was moving despite taking fiber, water, eating properly and taking my laxative/stool softener combo every day like my doctor told me to. I FINALLY pooped today! TWICE!

The first turd was huge, the size of my forearm, bent in half. I had a stomach ache all day and though pooping out that monster made me feel better I still had a stomach ache afterwards. My stomach was still hard.

Then a few minutes ago I pooped again! Normally I don't poop twice in one day unless I'm sick so I was surprised. This poop was a bit harder to come out but it was another huge one. It was about a foot long and dark brown in some places! No wonder my stomach hurt! I was literally full of shit! It felt like I gave birth out of my bum.

Although my butt hurts my stomach feels soooo much better now and is much softer. Yay! Hooray for not being constipated and feeling sick!!


Oh Amy that story of you and Leigh, with Carla and another girl is so sexy. Its a pity you seem to have made Leigh so embarrassed. Lots of women I know from work make a lot of noise, not unlike the tennis stars. I kinda like to here noise as they push and strain. Please keep your wondcrful experiences coming, you are marvellous.

Last weekend Ruth, Martha and myself went to C town hall, there was a large cooking exhibition on there, lots of stalls and the girls acting as guides etc were gorgeous. I hadn't been going around the stalls long before I felt my ???? rumbling and knew I bet make a dash, I have made the mistake of holding it too many times and had messy panties as a result.

As I found the marquee tent marked Ladies I was just behind three of the ushers entering. They looked beautiful in their white pleated, mid thigh, mini skirts, and their red jackets with the Welsh emblem on the breast and their names under the badge. Inside two of the girls went straight into the nearest of the cubicles. I should say that these were canvas cubicles with just hessian curtains to cover our modesty, the toilet was just a long trench, with seating over it. Primitive, but I am used to country shows and these sort of toilets anyway. The toilet tissue rolls are put on the wooden seats and frequently fall into the trench, but this was early I could see lines of toilet rolls on the seats. There was probably twenty cubicles and just a few occupied with also the two usherettes I had followed in. The third girl had stopped and was rummaging in her handbag for something I made a mental guess that she was looking for a tampon and made a bet with myself to try and listen to any chat that went on.

One of the girls that had hurried straight in was shitting almost at once, I could see her shoes under the hessian curtain and she had white bikini panties down at her ankles. As the trench was almost six feet deep her shit made loud splashes as it dropped znd the other girls pee was splashing noisily also. I followed the third girl in, she had gone into a cubicle one down from her mates so I went into the one between them. I guess that the girl next to me, the girl peeing thought it was her mate next to her because she tapped the canvas partition and said, "You got any ciggies, Alice?" I stayed quiet not wanting to reply. She asked again, louder this time and Alice answered saying yes, but she was in a cubicle one away. Then she said, "Hang on, Beryl, I'll throw them over to you." There was some fumbling and then as I looked up, I could see her hand as she threw a pack of cigarettes over the partition. It was a cracking shot because the girl caught them so accurately, with both hands over the partition, "Thanks Alice," she said, exultantly, "I'm desperate for a smoke."

Then Alice spoke again. "Ruanne, have you got a tampon?"

"No, sorry, honey," Ruanne replied as I heard her lighting a cigarette and blowing hard as she inhaled the tobacco. "Hannah," she called to what I guessed was the other girl, the girl shitting hard. "What?" Hannah answered in a low dull voice that suggested to me she didn't want anybody to talk to her, that she had a belly ache, a bad one. "You got a tampon?" Ruanne asked, "Alice, needs one." Hannah shit with a loud burst of loose diarrhea, "No," she gasped.

I have never been one to see a girl in distress when I could help so I took a chance. I rattled the canvas partition between Alice and me and asked her . ."Excuse me, but I have a tampon, if you take one."

"Ohh, god, yessss please," Alice said, without even asking who I was.

"Just a sec," I said, opening my shoulder bag I took out a tampon. "I won't throw it," I giggled, "I'm not as accurate as you." I reached back and managed to pull the canvas partition away enough to pass my hand through, enough to see Alice, panties right down on the seat. She looked at me smiled shyly, and then took the tampon.

"Thanks so much," she said.

"Not a problem," I answered, still looking at her, not letting the canvas fall back into place. "I wish I could throw like you because I could have thrown it over to you. Where did you learn to throw like that?"

"Ohhhh," she laughed again, stripping the silver paper from the tampon. She stood up off the toilet and deftly holding her white mini with her elbows I watched her as she slid the tampon into her vagina. She glanced at me not in the least embarrassed now. "We all play basketball for the county team, we are all from the same college, Cross Keys, we have volunteered to be ushers here today and tomorrow."

I was not able to answer her immediately as I was pushing loose shit away then, looking down at my thighs, involuntarily holding my ???? as it rumbled and ached. "Ohhhhhhhhhh," I gava a loud gasp as the shit dropped into the trench.

"Are you alright?" Alice asked me anxiously.

"Yes," I replied, the canvas partition had dropped back now. By then all of us were shitting. Hannah I guessed, even with diarrhea, was almost finishing as I could make out her bursts getting smaller and smaller. Ruanne next to me was shitting faitly normally as she smoked and puffed away. Alice and I were both shitting now.

"Names Gillian," I said, "Gillian ????."

"Alice ????," she answered as she shit, than ks for the tampon I should have bought some this morning.

"You're welcome, Alice," I replied.

There was no chat for a while, just four women shitting, emptying our bowels. Hannah finished first, as I guessed and I could hear her wiping hard, using several pieces of toilet tissue. Then she went and called out to Alice she was heading back to the centre. Shortly after Ruanne started to wipe and she also said she was going back to the centre.

"Alice," I called, "can I ask you something?"

"Of course," Alice said.

"Are you in charge or something, I mean Hannah and Ruanne both told you there were going back, speaking like you were a fore-girl", I laughed as I said fore-girl, "or boss," I giggled.

"I'm just a prefect at college," Alice answered.

I started to wipe my bum then and after three wipes Alice called out to me and asked would I wait for her to finish. Yes I answered, only too pleased. With no flushing just pulled my panties up and then pulled back the hessian curtain. I was waiting for her when Alice called "You can come in if you want."
I needed no second bidding. Just to see this young lady on the toilet, I kept wishing I was eighteen again. I wanted to reach out and touch her, to give her a kiss. In fact she asked me what I did for a job and when I told her I was a barrister she was astonished because she is studying law at college. I did something impulsively then as she reached to pick up the roll of toilet tissue beside her I just reached and whispered, "I can do that for you." My voice sounded husky almost distant as though it wasn't me speaking. But she stood and half turned holding her white mini high out of the way for me, I wiped her, just to wipe her, touching her vibrant young body did make me feel so warm and hot. I cannot tell you what happened that day except to say that for once I left my work colleagues and had lunch with my new friend.


Double glazing salesman keeps me waiting

I was finishing my day at work last night when I felt the need to poo but I decided to leave it till later & drove home. As soon as I got home & parked the car, I went into the house & went to the toilet with a more urgent need to poo by now. I pulled my jeans & knickers down & just as I was about to sit down the doorbell rang. I really needed to go & ignored it at first but they wouldn't go away & kept ringing the bell so I had to answer it. I opened the door & it was a double glazing salesman & we all know how hard it is to get rid of them! I was dying for a poo & he was very persistant with his sales pitch. I kept telling him I wasn't interested but he just kept on about how the price was "A once only offer" & would only last for one day. What rubbish! I finaly got rid of him in the end but by now I was desperate to go. I ran upstairs towards the toilet but then the doorbell rang again. I was too desperate to answer it & went into the bathroom ready to let my load out but the doorbell kept ringing. I un buckled my belt & began to pull my jeans down but the bell kept ringing. I was about to fill my knickers at this point but the persistance of that doorbell was too much to ignore so I had to answer it. I went downstairs with my jeans undone, & my belt dangling around my hips & opened the front door holding my jeans up with one hand. It was that dam salesman again. Don't these people ever give up? By now I was about to fill my knickers & to rub it in he asked to use my toilet. He said he wouldn't normaly ask but he was desperate to go. I told him, "No." at first but he looked genuinely in trouble so I let him use my toilet. I showed him the way & he went in. I waited outside for him to come out as I didn't trust him & there were on sounds at all. He came out after a couple of minutes.Not enough time for someone who's supposed to be desperate I thought. Now he was in my house he tried to sell me a new porch which I told him I didn't want. I was within an inch of shitting myself by this time & my belt was still undone. I told him to leave so I could go to the toilet & he remarked that my belt was undone. He realised my situation & tried to take advantage of it by reminding me of that so called "once only offer" I again told him I was not interested & eventually he got the message & left. Then it happened. I barely got the front door shut before my bowels let loose the huge load I'd been keeping inside me. I didn't even try to get to the toilet. I just leant against the door & let it all come out in my knickers. It was a big mess but the relief was indescribable. I actually enjoyed the feeling of so much poo spreading out in my knickers. I pushed the last bit out which was in fact a lot & by the time I was done my jeans were hanging off my hips. I waddled up to the bathroom holding them up with my hands at the sides. I got in the shower fully clothed & stripped off. My bum was caked in poo from front to back. It was all over my buttocks, in my jeans & it had leaked out past the leg elastic of my knickers & was on my legs. The cleanup was a marathon task & when I was done I got dried but I needed to go again so I sat on the toilet to let loose another big load of mush into the pan. It was a huge relief but nothing compared to the poo I did in my knickers after that salesman left.


3 huge poops on Friday

After that really big poop I did on Friday afternoon (the size of my forearm) and the foot-long poop I did shortly after it I thought I was finished. My husband and I went out to dinner when my stomach ache came back and I didn't feel too well. Shortly after I got home I had to go to the bathroom again and out came another big poop about 6 inches long. It was light brown and had jagged soft pieces in it. Damn. I wonder if my body's done.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

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