Leigh Gets Called Out

This past week, two of my company co-workers, my boss, and I attended a company meeting at another location of our company. We had to drive to this location, which was a three hour trip in the car. My boss is Leigh, who I've described in my previous posts as a very nice attractive woman in her 30's but is a terror in the ladies' room with her poos, grunts, etc. One of the two ladies who I've become friendly with is in her late 20's like me, the other around Leigh's age. We didn't know her well since she worked as a supervisor on another floor in a different department from us. Leigh had met her but didn't know her well either. I found out early in the trip that this lady, whose name is Carla, is quite a character, pretty funny and outgoing. It seemed like she'd say anything that came to mind. They're all cute girls. We left our location around 8 a.m. About 9:45, Carla said she would need a restroom stop pretty soon. I needed to pee myself and Leigh said she could use a stop as well. I thought, "Uh oh. Leigh in the ladies' room!" Leigh was driving her car and took the next exit where we saw a Hyatt hotel and she said we could run in the hotel to use the restroom. We went in and saw signs pointing to the meeting rooms and restrooms down the hall. We didn't see anyone else other than a few employees. The hotel was quiet that morning. We went into the ladies' room and it had 4 stalls. I took the first one by the wall and the others took the remaining three, with Leigh taking the 3rd one. We all sat down. I'd held my pee so long I was having trouble going beyond a trickle. Carla was next to me and I heard a PFFFFFFTTTT fart and a plop of a log. She was pooing. I also heard some plops coming from down the row, I believe from my friend. Leigh then goes, "Uhhhh" and farted loudly and I could hear several heavy plops of poo coming out of her. Everyone got quiet. I'm not sure if they'd experienced Leigh's restroom habits before as I have. I finished peeing, flushed and came out to wash my hands. Leigh did another "Uhhhh" and farted again. Carla said, "Leigh, are you all right?" Leigh said, "Yeah, I'm fine." Carla said, "Well, what's with all the grunting?" I thought I was going to die laughing. Someone called out Leigh for her grunting on the toilet in public! Leigh said, "I'm just using the bathroom." Carla said, "I am too, but I don't grunt like a pig when I go. What's with that?" Leigh said, "Don't you have to strain to poop at times?" Carla said, "Yeah, I am now, but I'm keeping quiet about it." Carla farted and said, "See, a fart without a grunt." I couldn't help it, I laughed out loud. Leigh didn't respond. My friend flushed and came out and was grinning at me. I heard Leigh begin to poo again with a fart but she left out the grunt this time. Carla was wiping, flushed and came out as I was going out of the restroom. In a minute, the other two came out, leaving Leigh still inside. Carla said, "You know, you guys probably heard me pooping and farting, too, but I don't understand the grunts she was making. She can fart and shit all she needs, but………….." Leigh came out. We went back to the car and Leigh was quiet the rest of the trip, only talking when we asked her something. I think Leigh may rethink the grunting episodes in the ladies' room from now on. When we got to the destination, I had a ladies' room visit there after lunch. I heard all kinds of noises which I'll post about later.

hello everyone I'm in fith grade and if there iz enyone who does this pleez let me know.
the other day I wuz in the shower and I waz stiking my finger up my asshole feeling the tip of the log in there then I took my finger out and pooed in my hands then I threw it in the toilet.

End Stall Em

Why is babysitting so hard/Second Part

Mom dropped Lance and I off at the Civic at about 10:30 a.m. so we didn't have that much time before the 11 a.m. show. I don't know if it's because Lance knew I had just crapped before leaving home, but once we got into the arena, he said he had to poop. I asked him twice if he had to go right away because I knew it would be a hassle and I would have to take him into the ladies room. I never envisioned what a huge hassle it would be.

We walked past the ticket windows, gave our tickets to the ticket taker and immediately Lance started holding himself from underneath his sweats. He said it was about ready to drop and I told him to hold on. I saw the huge doorway to the ladies room and was tugging at Lance to follow me when he got distracted by a huge bear mascot that walked up beside us and offered to have his picture taken with us. I quickly pulled the $2 fee out from my jeans pocket, got my camera out and quickly shot a picture of Lance and the mascot. I didn't pull it up and show it to Lance because I wanted to continue to get him into the bathroom. He then got distracted by a tiger who was juggling like a dozen rings. The final few years required that I practically drag Lance behind me and into the bathroom. We rounded the wall and luckily the first stall was open. I told Lance the seat was already down and I would wait for him right outside the door. I also told him to hurry because I was certain we were getting close to showtime. He opened the door back up and pulled me into the stall and pointed at the seat. He said something like "Aren't you going to put paper down for me like Mommy does?" I got to thinking that my Mom has never done that for me and I was about to tell him just sit down and ..... However, I thought of a brilliant compromise that I've used a few times when there's been urine splashed on the seat. I grabbed a little toilet paper and quickly wiped it off. Then I threw the paper in the stool and told Lance to have a seat. He wouldn't and when I asked him why, he said his mother always spreads down paper for him to sit on. At first I thought how strange that was because like none of my friends do that and if anything we just feel it's a waste of paper and it clutters up bathrooms big time. However, Lance was just standing there and not puttling his sweats down.

Finally, to hurry things up, I put a sheet of liner on each side of the seat and then firmly ordered Lance to get seated. It was somewhat humorous because when he slowly dropped his sweats and underwear, he sat the back of his butt on the very front of the seat and then slid himself backwards. In doing so, he pushed the paper pretty much off the back of the toilet and he had his dick sitting over the front of the toilet, where the seat has the cut-out. I was concerned that if he tried to push too hard, he might accidentally pee onto himself, so I had him take his hand and with some push from me too, we pointed his dick into the bowl. I could easily smell crap but didn't hear anything hit the bowl. The stool was very old and large and his feet were a couple of inches off the floor and dangling as he sat pretty steadily on the stool. After about five minutes, I could tell by the look on Lance's face that something was coming out and he quickly hopped down to his feet and I instantly heard two plops into the bowl. Then he got up onto the seat again and I could see expressions on his face that he was pushing another one out. Finally, Lance was down on his feet again just as another piece that was about two inches long left his butt. This piece partially rested on the front of the bowl and I had Lance slide back on the seat and then I riped off a piece of toilet paper for him to use in flicking it between his legs and into the bowl. He seemed a little more entertained by it than I thought.

As others were leaving the bathroom, I told him to hurry up and wipe because the show was about to start. He seemed very surprised when I pointed to the toilet paper roll and told him he should start wiping himself. He said his mother always wipes him, but I told him that as a kindergartener, I was confident that he could do that himself. When he got up off the toilet, turned around and bent over, I knew I was being put on the spot and that I was going to have to make a decision. I decided to rip off one piece of toilet paper and I decided to demonstrate with it. While he was bent over waiting to be wiped like his mother would do, I quickly ran the toilet paper over the inside of his butt. I was surprised to find nothing on it. He asked me to do another one and I did. Again, nothing. Then I told him to pull his sweats up, reach over and flush and then wash his hands. I had to help him with both the flusher (which was not hard to use at all) and the controls on the sink.

I compliment him on the crap he took and told him we had to walk fast upstairs in order to get seat. One of the ushers was kind of snotty to us because she had to open the door again for the arena, but both me and Lance enjoyed the first hour or so of the show. During intermission, I had to pee and Lance didn't want to come in with me but I told him I had no choice. The end stall of the row of about 25 was open and I quickly walked in and closed the door behind Lance and me. Immediately I pulled down my jeans and underwear, but before seating myself, I turned Lance around and told him to stand nose-to-the-door while I sat down and did about a minute and a half wee. He tried to sneak a look twice but I had to remind him to keep turned around. When he heard my pee hitting the water pretty hard, he said I was "weeing louder than Mom" but I didn't know what to say other than "I see." I quickly stood up, made myself presentable, and reached back and flushed. At the sink, he was watching me intently, something I wanted him to do because I didn't want him walking near the stalls and spooking the users.

We enjoyed the rest of the circus. We stopped at Burger King for lunch and each of us used our separate bathrooms. He was a little reluctant but I didn't give him a choice. He asked me if I wee-ed and I said yes. He said he did too. Then Mom came and picked us up.

I think it's annoying to have a child of the opposite sex in a public bathroom. What do the rest of you think?

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Ciara as always another great story I bet you wont do that again unless you want a good cleanout and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy great story about you pooping in that bathroom I think stores need to have bigger bathrooms or at least more of them that way people wont have to wait so long in long lines and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hayley great story about you buddy dumping with your boyfriend your lucky to have someone like who dosent get crossed out by pooping and I bet he would help you if needed any help and please post more great stories thanks.

To: Anny first ouch I bet you where glad to get rid of that beast and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for right now and I want to say how much I love this site because its free to post unlike other sites which require you email address or you have to join the site just to post a story but this site gets right to the point without all that other random crap there are who like all that extra stuff but this is simple and thats what I love about it and I hope will be here a long time to come.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Does Anyone have any tips for the routine maintenance and treatment of hemorrhoids?


Answers to Kalee's questions

1. Did you feel awkward in getting sick in front of Jillian?
Yes, I started feeling that I was shitting my pants when I squatted down to show her how to get her locker open. Then a couple of minutes later I'm on the toilet filling it with diarrhea while she's in the doorway as I'm taking my destroyed underwear off and handing it to her to throw into the trashcan. Luckily, there were towels in the dispenser for her to give me so I could wrap my underwear in it. I noticed she looked at me a little funny while I was sitting on the toilet with diarrhea bursting out of me.

2. Did Jillian say anything about her bathroom habits?
Only that she hated to use the bathrooms at school and that our school looked like it was so much bigger than her old school.

3. How did the streak of diarrhea get on my thight and the white toilet seat the the airport?
The diarrhea just blasts out of me and I think it happened due to a splash up as it hit the bowl.

4. Describe the closet toilet on the stage?
Four years ago when Connor and I were freshmen and first saw the toilet we thought it was so strange. Swear to God, it's in like what was at one time a small closet. One girl in our stagecraft class said her mother was at the school at the time (1974) and a parent who was a plumber donated it and installed it. There are a couple of sinks on the other side of the wall so I guess the pipes were already in or something like that. It's not a large toilet like the ones we use in the school bathrooms but rather a smaller one like we have at home. But back in the 1970s when this girl's mom was in the theatre program apparently the police were called one night at about 11 p.m. during set week because they saw her and some friends moving in the hallways. The police suspected there was a burglary going on. As a result of the confusion, the toilet was donated and installed. Now we come in through the loading dock door and we don't have to go into the main part of the building. Our teacher is very strict about that. She really cussed Connor out once his first year because he just took off to go to his locker. The closet doesn't have a door and the toilet doesn't get cleaned that often, but it's ours and we feel kind of special about it. Especially since we know its history.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Timee/Panty Survey

This is Randi, the male-to-female pre-op transsexual.
Now a days I wear "granny panties". I can get everything to fit
in the crotch since it's gotten smaller being on hormones.
I also wear cotton except when I dress up and then I wear nylon
panties with my skirts and dresses. I wear the Vanity Fair brand
of panties and I have a a couple with lace that I sometimes wear
at night with my nightgowns.
I wear above the knee length skirts without hose
and I pull it up to my waist and pull my panties down with my
thumbs. I usually keep my panties at my knees.
If you have questions just ask me. I also like to use public
restrooms with other women and girls and I like to hear them
pooing to hear the grunts and the plops.



Experience in a cafe

Hi All

Hope you are all OK.

A few years back, I was on holiday and was having dinner in a restaurant I had been to on several occasions before.I was having a late evening meal and it was not long before the place was to shut for the night. I was served by a young woman in her twenties (I heard her gossiping about her 25th Birthday party the previous night) who reminded me a lot of Alicia Silverstone in the film Clueless.The girl here wore a white blouse, black skirt and tights and black shoes.She seemed a little uncomfortable as if she had something on her mind...

On the second floor of the restaurant was a door at the end.Through it was a door.Immediately in front of you was the stock cupboard. On the right were two ensuite toilets. I noticed before that what went on next door was pretty obvious.....There were two other waitressses there and I heard the girl downstairs talking to them and say she was going upstairs for a while.

I saw her go past and through the door.I assumed to tidy up the cupboard.I needed a pee so I went through the door and was surprised to see the cupboard door shut and the lock sign on one of the toilets twisted round and showing "engaged".

I heard a gentle whistling tinkle as the girl did a lengthy pee.There was a brief silence then I heard her go "UH-UH-UUUUHH" as she quietly strained followed by BOOOOOOOWEEEE-WUUUUUUMP as she farted.I heard her straining again, followed by a raspy BRRRRRR_UUUUUMMMP! as she farted more noisily this time. There were a few seconds of quiet followed by a loud PLOP!

I heard her go "UH_UH"-BRUUUUUMP_PLOP as she strained, farted and plopped in quick succession.There was then a PLOP_PLOP_PLOP_PLOP_PLOP as she did five heavy and loud sounding plops one after each other at short regular intervals.

There was a brief period of quiet ending in a RASP-BRUUUUUMMP_PLONNNKKK! as a much larger poo fell out.

There was a lengthy silence followed by an BRUUUUUUMMPPP!! and a high pitched PLOP-PLOP-PLOP!as she farted noisily and three small plops shot out rapidly.

I then heard her wipe her bottom and pull her tights and pants up and hitch her skirt back down.She flushed and I heard her go back downstairs.

As I paid the bill and left a tip for the waitress,I noticed she seemed a lot happier for some reason...

Bye for now

Hermes x

Stark X

Diatabs commercials

Hello everyone!

There is an anti-diarrheal product called Diatabs, you can see some of it's commercials on Youtube. Let me tell you, if you thought Imodium's "Where will you be when your diarrhea comes back?"-style adverts were explicit, then these will definitely take the cake!

Almost all of them feature a young, attractive woman, who is in a situation where it is difficult to find a toilet, then suddenly she will scrunch up her face, squirm around, and start farting. Farting sounds are emulated by the blowing of a horn. Then, she will turn hysterical and start running away from the scene to find a toilet.

One commercial features a wedding, another a big parade, and another one some long dance ritual where she has to dance with 18 men, and she gets diarrhea while dancing with the first one.


Sheila GwentGirl

Here are my answers Timee's survey:

1. Do you wear panty, brief, bikini, g-string, thong?

It depends on what I am wearing. In court I always wear skirts, mid-
thigh, I prefer briefs or pantyhose with them. If I am wearing a
trouser suit for a night out, I always wear bikini panties or a

2. What colour?

I have always loved pastel shades for my undies, my favourites are
pink, lemon, or white, in that order.

3. What brand?

Marks and Spencers usually, my firm has a deal with them and what-
ever I buy I get 10% off, which in the present financial state in
the UK is great. For that 'special' night out with the girls I
have some lovely undies from Ann Summers.

4. Going to the toilet I always like to feel free so I hike my skirt
or dress up and bunch it around my waist. My panties always are
pushed down to my ankles. I normally sit well forward, thighs
partly open, arms resting on my knees. With my clothes out of
the way its much more comfortable, especially when I have a shit.
The same applies to trousers or slacks, I push them right down

Hayley: What a lovely experience you must have had with. I Am dying
to know if, know, you regularly go together with you boy friend,
Max? Since my son, Stephen has seen me on the toilet accidentally
it has been wonderful to share with him and my best friend Ruth.
It is difficult in the uk to go together, there are very few unisex
toilets. I have to admit to sneaking Stephen in with me. Most
recently we shared a toilet at a local McDonald's. It was the
first time he sat on my lap as I had a shit. I loved feeling him
so close to me 'helping' me as I had to push hard to go, feeling my
???? and murmuring for me to push hard and take deep breaths. I
felt so safe with him in with me.

In court this week I was having a bad day, a red letter day, and feeling wretched, it was like I had barbed wire in my vagina and somebody was trying to pull it away. I have always had very pain-
ful periods, I have tried every remedy I can think off without any
real success. I usually take a couple of days off and rest
completely. This time I had to try and get through it because the case was so important to the firm. I was so glad for Ruth being in court at the same time, she was able to give me a cuddle and a hug and that helped me to get through the day. I went to the toilet late afternoon, I had a touch of diarrhea, not too bad, but the woman next to me asked if I was alright. I recognised the voice immediately, it was one of the court stenographers, Rachel. I told her I wasn't feeling great and that the period was giving me the runs also. Rachel, who had been in a cubicle before me and was having a shit when I went in although I did not recognise her. She ripped toilet tissue and as she did she offered to stay with me. I said yes greatfully. I unlocked my cubicle door as she flushed and she came in straight away, closing the cubicle door after her. I have known Rachel for years because of our work but strangely that day was the first time I had heard her having a shit and the sounds had made me feel better. To be honest they turned me on a lot, even more when I recognised her. She must have felt the same way because she coopied down beside me and held my hands. She didn't say a lot but her holding my hands, smoothing them gently, made me feel so hot. I bent over and kissed the top of her head, she turned her head and looked at me then straightened up from the floor and kissed me telling me not to worry that she would always be available if ever I needed help. Well when I had finished as I ripped toilet tissue she stopped me and, taking the tissue, asked me to stand and bend over a little. Then I felt her hands as she wiped me. She was so gentle that I hardly felt a touch as she wiped me, ripping tissue four times before she playfully smacked my bum cheek and said "you're clean, darling." I slid my panties up and dropped my skirt as she flushed the toilet for me. Telling Ruth later that same day she said that she had heard Rachel more than once and that she might ask for help the next time they went together.


Pooping dreams

To Jas:
I have dreams about pooing. The most common ones are where I'm in a public place where the toilets are open plan without any walls or doors for privacy. I'm desperate to go but I have to find a toilet as far away from anyone as possible. Everywhere I look, someone can see me & I have to hold it untill I can't wait any longer. Then I wake up & have to run the the toilet holding my bum!
In another recurring dream, I'm dying for a poo at some ones house. The house is very large with many floors & a bathroom on each one. Some of the bedrooms have en suites but I can't decide which one to use. All I know is that I really have to go & need to decide before it's too late. Eventually I make my mind up & just as I'm pulling my knickers down someone walks in on me. I'm about to lose control & just before it happens I wake up with a very reall need to poo!
In one dream I was really desperate to poo & ran to the holding my bum. I got to the ladies toilets just in time but when I got into the cubicle the was a girl sitting there. I was so desperate I couldn't hold it any longer & started to go in my knickers. I woke up with a big mess in my shorts & had to run to the bathroom to finish & clean up.

Hey,,Just had a time with my stomach & wanted to share with you all. Me & my boyfriend went out in the morning and from the time I drank this special kind of milk my stomach felt uneasy. We wanted to do some shopping but since my stomach hurt so bad I told him that we must get home soon. I was farting continuously on my way back home in his car and he just asked whether we had to stop on our way. I just refused but after a while i just knew I'm going to poop my brains out in seconds. He told me that since we were nearing his apartment we could reach there quickly before i have an accident. I was holding my stomach with both hands now and suddenly along with a long wet fart my bowels completely lost control. I completely messed my white panty & blue denim pants right in front of my boyfriend. He was shocked but he was so kind to me he told me not to worry that we'll be home soon. I was crying by then as I felt the liquid poop swishing in my panty. We reached to his apartment soon and I carefully got out of the car and waddled in while my boy friend unlocked the door and led me in. I haven't ruined his car except for aslight trace of poop on the seat. "Do you want my help honey or do you want some privacy?" he just asked me. I was completely out of my mind and didn't care even if he saw me in such a state and agreed. Just as I reached the toilet door the second wave of diarrhea shot into my panty which ran down my legs. I ran in and began crying again. I still wanted to go and didn't know what to do. He helped me to remove my pants carefully which was full of poop and I bent in and continued going more in my panty and when my second round was done removed my panty and sat on the toilet ruining his entire toilet. I kept going so much wave after wave and it sounded as if I peed from my butt. My boy friend stood next to me and held my hand tight and kissed me and said it was alright. I had about three more completely liquid diarrhea attacks and I was finally done. My boyfriend helped me to clean my pants and we had to throw away my completely ruined panty and brought me a clean panty. I wasn't feeling well so he wanted me to be with him. I lay on the sofa curled up & he stroke my stomach gently as it made noises. After about an hour we were still on the sofa and my boy friend was still stoking my stomach, I just felt the need to go again. I was still farting so badly and I wonder how my boy friend felt about it. I stood up to go before I was too late. I managed to make it on time tore off my pants & panty and another two waves of diarrhea shot out of my butt. I just felt horrible as I've stank the entire toilet of my boyfriend. My boy friend asked whether he could wipe me and I agreed as he proved himself a wonderful person. I didn't wear my pants but only wore my panty as I still didn't feel well. I lay on his bed where we were talking about a guy in his college. Then came that horrible feeling again. Without giving me time to think my bowels erupted again on his bed in his arms. I began crying again as I touched my butt which was still heavily going. My boy friend told me not to worry but just to keep going. Diarrhea kept leaking out of the leg holes and down my legs on to his bed and I knew I had to run to the toilet soon. My boyfriend followed me as I left poop trails on my way. I removed my panty and sat on the toilet spreading diarrhea all over again. I was on the toilet again for another 20 minutes and I knew I couldn't poop any more my boy friend wiped me once again and helped me to clean my self at the shower again. He then told me he was kind of aroused to see me pooping and to see me like that for the first time. My stomach ache seemed to subside after the episode that followed I got dressed up and I was thankful to him for being so nice to me. He said it happens to everyone and not to worry about it since we are going to share our lives in the future. That's my story and hope that my stomach bug is over. Thanks everyone for reading my post


Mexican Night

Two nights ago, the twins and I went to the movies and then to a Mexican restaurant where we chowed down on enchiladas and spicy queso blanco. The next day, we all learned the hard way that we probably shouldn't eat a bunch of spicy food, especially if we hadn't eaten all day.
I woke up that day with a huge pressure in my lower stomach and I knew that I was going to have to do some big business. I quickly ran to the restroom, yanked down my pajamas, and slammed down on the toilet without bothering to close the door. Immediately, stinky, mushy diarrhea exploded from my backside. I moaned in relief. A few minutes later, Tom walked in and said that he really had to pee. He decided to pee in the bathtub, so he whipped out his penis and pee immediately splashed into the bathtub. He suddenly let out a loud fart. Tom grinned at me sheepishly and said, "I think I have to shit, too."
I scooted over so that Tom could sit next to me. As soon as he sat down, turd after turd started ripping out of him with several farts in between. Tom groaned and held his stomach. After about 5 more minutes, we had both wiped each other's bums and flushed the mess. Tom washed his hands and left so that I could get dressed. As I was putting on my jeans, Bill rushed into the restroom, yanked down his jeans and sat on the toilet. He let out a loud fart and started straining. He grabbed my hand and pushed until the tennis ball-sized logs came out with several loud plops. Bill sighed in relief and said, "Next time I suggest that we go to a Mexican restaurant, don't listen to me."
We both laughed and Bill stood up so that I could wipe him. We both finished getting ready and we all headed to school feeling a lot better.


No customer toilets

To Wendy 2:
Welcom to the site. I love the things I see when I'm at work. We don't have customer toilets instore & it's surprising how many people ask where they are. I'd say about 1% of those are beyond the desperate stage & they end up going in their pants as a result. I have broken the rules when the managers not around & let the more desperate ones use the staff toilet but only if it's a genuine emergency. The worse times are during office hours when all the bosses are around. There have been a few times I can remember when there's been a very messy cleanup!

I was finishing work today & as Kirsty was working I had to get the bus home. I was dying for a poo & I knew it would be a while before I got home so I decided to go in another supermarket. It was a fair walk & by the time I got to the entrance I was getting realy desperate.I had to walk fast but I didn't want to make it too obvious I was desperate. I felt my poo pressing on my anus & I almost lost control on the way. I got to the toilets just in time & the sight of them was like winning the Lottery. My problems weren't over yet as there was a que for the only two cubicles. The girl in one of them was taking ages so basicaly there was just one cubicle available & the que was hardly moving. I felt the pressure building big time & it hurt to keep holding it but I had to somehow. Eventualy I was next in line & the girl who was taking ages finaly flushed & came out. I ran inside pulling my work trousers & panties down on the way & sat down with a thump. My bowels just exploded into the toilet & the the intense relief I felt was the most beautifull experience of my life. It went on for about a minute in all & I was empty. I felt so alive I let out a sigh of relief. I wiped about 5 times to get clean & flushed the toilet & washed my hands. There was a woman at the sink next to me & she must have heard everything because she said, "I bet you feel better now!" I was a little embarrassed but too relieved to really care.

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