After my last experience, my boyfriend and I became very close.
We went out for dinner (since it was Valentines day) at a buffet. It was so delicious and we ate a lot. I was so full after our feast that it was hard just to get out of my seat. At last my boyfriend and I heaved ourselves into my house. Suddenly I felt the need to shit badly. I saw that Max's face was pale too. He said he needed to use the loo and so did I, so we went together. I locked the door and he sat on the toilet. My boyfriend started grunting straining very hard and I heard 2 or 3 logs drop into the toilet. By now I was close to pooping my pants. I asked him if he was done yet, he said not yet but could share the toilet. I pulled my pants down and sat between his legs. I felt his arms wrap around me. Some soft poop slid out from my bum rapidly. It felt good just to think about it. When I was done, I wiped myself while he was still going. He held his stomach while letting out some more. I didn't know what to do so I sat on his legs and said "Let it out baby!". A while later he was done. I looked in the toilet and holy shit it was nearly full. He flushed it and we went to sit on the couch.

Random person

Crapping at School

Last year I was working in a group at school and got a sudden urge to crap. I quickly walked to the teacher and they let me go. I practically ran down the hall to get to the boys restroom and when I got about half way there some started to come out. I clenched my bum shut and walked faster. I got in the restroom and 3 out of the 5 stalls were open. I went to the first stall and saw crap already in the toilet. Then I went to the last stall and closed the stall door. Then I sat down and started exploding with diarrhea. My underwear weren't badly stained. After 5 mins I was still exploding and the other 2 were still crapping. Then another person walks in and says "Man, it smells like a sewage treatment plant in here." He pees and leaves. Another boy entered and ran for my stall. The lock was broke so he pushed the door open and saw me crapping. He apologized and went to the next stall. I finished, cleaned my underwear, washed my hands
And went back to class.


Questions for Stac

I always enjoy how descriptive your stories are. It seems like you are having some of the same experiences I had 10 and 15 years ago when I was in high school. Now I work for a financial services company and I'm in middle schools and high schools several times a week doing financial literacy training sessions for classes.

However, I have some questions:

Did you feel awkward getting sick in front of Jillian?
Did Jillian say anything about her bathroom habits?
How do you think that streak of diarrhea got onto your thigh and the white airport toilet seat?
I'm trying to envision the closet toilet you describe on your school's stage. It doesn't sound like there's a door on it.

Casey X.
I have a story to tell. A few nights ago, we had dinner and I went on an errand for my wife. I went to the store, and in the car on the way home, my stomach started to feel sick. I could feel the impending doom, so I pulled over and put a trash bag under my butt. I carry them in my car because my stomach has been known to play tricks on me. I was in a residential area, so I had no where to go except in my pants. I was not about to poop on the side of the street. I waited in the car for a few moments and it came. I exploded in my pants! Sometimes, your stomach feels so sick, and you have to go so bad, that even going in your pants is a relief. Everything I ate that day ended up in my black bikini underwear. Yes, I'm one of the few guys who wear bikini underwear. I think they're sexy. I drove off sitting in a huge load of mushy poop. It came up out of the elastic waistband in back and got on my shirt. When I got home, I ran inside so noone would see. I brought the trash bag with me. My wife saw it and asked if I had had an issue. I sheepishly admitted to her, "I pooped in my pants". She was really good to me - she cleaned my poopy underwear while I took a shower.

Mikey X
Whats up everyone!

I finally pooped in the woods!! I have seen people talk about it on here but I've never had the guts to do it, but finally I was brave and did it. I was kind of even supported by my friends. We were all hanging out at the baseball fields by our neighborhood on Saturday night, but you weren't supposed to be there after 10 o'clock p.m. At 10:30 a cop drove down the road and we ran to the woods. By the way I was with two other guys and two girls, one of the girls liked me. We walked into the woods until we couldn't really be seen and stopped. I started to feel the need to poop, and my stomach was making these gross gurgling noises. They were so loud everyone could hear them, and they laughed. I kept on trying to pass it off as my stomach growling from hunger, but then the girls whispered something to each other. James, one of the guys, heard what they said. He told everyone they said "those are the noises your stomach makes when you have to poop, not eat". The girls said "wow we whisper way to loud". James said "hey Mike I dare you to shit on a tree here in the woods". I said "ew absolutely not" even though I really wanted to. Out of nowhere, Chris (the third guy) said "i'll do it if you do, I gotta take a mean dump". The girls laughed, I don't know why. I was shocked he said that. James told me that I had to do it now, since I'm making my friend suffer. I decided to do it. There was a fallen tree right nearby and the whole group went to it. It was kind of high off the ground, probably 5 feet, and we had to climb up to it. Me and Chris both pulled our pants to our ankles and carefully hung our butts over the edge while we sat. I had to pee also but didn't want to hit the girls, since they were right in front of us. Luckily Chris started to pee also and they moved back a step, so I went too. First came an airy sounding fart from me that they laughed at. Then my poop started, it was reeeally wide. It was so hard to push. I made faces that were funny looking and they laughed. Finally it fell out and hit the ground. Another turd came right after it, a lot smaller but just as thick and wide. I looked over to see Chris producing a bunch of soft slippery turds about four inches each, that came out faster than ever. There must have been ten of those, he really had to go. The girls were having a blast getting a view of our "bodies". When we were done Chris asked "How the **** am I supposed to wipe?" We hadn't thought of that. One of the girls said she had tissues in her purse. James said we weren't allowed to have them unless the girls wiped us. The girls were kind of grossed out, but the one that liked me probably wanted to on the inside. After five minutes of them refusing, they caved and got behind us. She cleaned me up nicely, and said there wasn't much to clean. I was so proud, I finally got to have a #2 in the woods! And later that night, I was even more proud, when me and the girl got to kiss :)

Paco the Taco
I found out last week that energy drinks jump start my bowels! On Tuesday I brought one of those Java Monster to school, it's like a coffee energy drink. I had drank about 3/4 of it when my stomach began to hurt, so I decided to go try to poop. We were watching a movie in class anyway, so I took my time. It didn't feel like much, but when I stood up and looked I couldn't believe the size of my monster turd (pun intended)! I decided to experiment and drink another on thursday. It had the same effect but happened after school, while I was at sports sign ups. Does anyone else have the same reaction to energy drinks?

End Stall Em

Why is babysitting so hard?/First Part

I've been doing a little bit more babysitting and basically, I enjoy it. The money's pretty good and I don't have too many other options since my parents don't own a business for me to work at and I'm only 14.

Well last week the lady who lives in the apartment building across from our house stopped me when I was walking home from school and offered me more money than I've ever earned to care for her 5-year-old son, Lance. She and her boyfriend were going out of town, if you know what I mean, and I had to pick Lance up at his elementary school on Friday and stay with him at their apartment until Sunday evening until her flight arrived back. In addition to my babysitting fee, she paid for our tickets to the circus at the Civic Auditorium, an afternoon of bumper bowling, and an evening college basketball game because a relative of theirs is the starting center.

Luckily it was only about a five block walk from my high school to Lance's school to pick him up. Since it's been pretty cold here, I went into the bathroom after I went to my locker and I did a pee before beginning my walk. When I got to Lance's school, he was in the kindergarten room "helping" his teacher as she was packing some stuff up, but I could tell she was upset at having to watch him for like 45 minutes after school got out. She's an older lady and she started telling me how some parents haven't picked up their kids by 7 p.m. and the janitors on a couple of times have had to call the police to come and take the child. I told her their school gets out about a half hour before the high schools and she got even meaner with her words, saying something like "And that's going to keep me from being late to my dentist appointment, how?" I simply grabbed Lance's hand and his bag and asked if we were excused. She said something under her breath that I couldn't fully hear. When we got out into the hall, Lance asked me to lean down and he told me she's always like that and she's counting down the days to retirment. I thought to myself that day can't come too soon.

In the hall, we passed the bathroom and I leaned down and told Lance he should go in and try to go to the bathroom. He said he hadn't gone since lunch, and I held his bag as he walked around the wall. I saw the lights flash on, heard him lift the toilet seat and it hitting the wall or something, and in a few seconds I heard his pee stream start. Then it went silent, I heard a thud as he dropped the seat back down, and then flush the toilet. I heard the water run at the sink and I thought to myself how well-trained he is for kindergarten. However, when he came out, his sweats were not up all the way and his underwear was showing. I knelled down and pulled them up and noted that he had a few splashes in the crotch of the grey flannels. His hands were dripping wet and he said the drier didn't work. I let him wipe them off on my jeans, a activity he seemed to enjoy.

We walked to my house and by the time we got there, we were both pretty cold. Mom made hot chocolate and had a pizza delivered and with TV and games, I had no trouble keeping Lance occupied that night. He fell asleep when we were watching a video downstairs.

Since we were up so late, we didn't wake up until about 10 Saturday morning. When I went in to take my morning crap, I checkup up on him and he was still asleep. When I came out of the bathroom after about five minutes and with a pretty good-sized and well-formed log in the toilet, Lance was by the door listening for me. I looked on my night stand and saw our circus tickets were for the 11 a.m. matinee, so I knew I had to remind Mom to get the car ready for the 20 or so minute drive to the arena downtown. Lance was really excited about the circus (his mom said he had been to one a couple of years earlier but that he had slept through much of it), but I urged him to walk through the door and use the bathroom first. He said he didn't have to go. He said it stunk in there and I explained that I had just gone but that I had used spray for the air. I showed him the bottle on top of the tank. He just smirked and turned around. I pulled some clothing out of his bag for him and told him I would be waiting in the living room. He came out in about record time, but I had to do about three things to make him presentable. One was zipping up his jeans. Another was tying his shoes. Mom was honking, so we went downstairs to the car.

I'll post the Second Part next time.



I am sorry Allyson. That message was for you. I am sorry Allyson. That message was for you. My uncle worked in a subway and he could not leave his token booth to use the toilet. He used to hold his urine for up to 18 HOURS A DAY. Plus, he was robbed and beaten and kicked down stairs. Thugs kicked him in the back and that added to his kidney problems. He was in and out of hospitals until he died. I loved him and I missed him. I bawled my eyes out for weeks.

1. Do you wear panty, brief, bikini, g-string, thong? ful-cut panty, brief, bikini or rib
2. What color? many colors, white, pink, yellow, orange, black, assorted prints and colors
3.What brand? FOL, Hanes, Jockey, VS, Eiderlon, Vanity Fair, Flirtitude, Galligan and O'Malley, Ambrielle, American Apparel men's briefs
4.Those of you who wear skirts-short or med. length: Do you pull it up around your waist or do you let it down. How far- thighs, knees or below? I wear short or medium length. I either pull it up around my waist or let it down below my knees.

Had a somewhat Interesting experience today, at least for me. I've never walked in or almost walked in on a stranger in public until today. I was in Litttle Rock with my wife today and we were at Target. It was pretty busy and I noticed lots of people coming and going from the restroom area there. While we were walking around looking at things I needed to pee so I told my wife I was gonna find a restroom. I was hoping they'd have one in the back that would be less busy but unfortunately they didn't. So I made my way down the hallway where the bathrooms were at and a kid about 10 was in front of me going the same direction. We both entered at the same time. The entrance to the bathroom kind of wrapped around and then the first thing you see is 2 stalls. Next to them were two urinals. I prefer using a stall and noticed the regular one was already in use but it didn't look like anyone was using the handicapped stall. When I went to push the door open it wouldn't and through the crack I noticed a young guy about 16ish was sitting on the toilet. Instantly he yelled that he was in there. I was a little bit embarrassed that I had unintentionally invaded his privacy. I headed to the one remaining urinal (next to the regular stall) and did my business. Meanwhile I hear the guy in the stall next to me start to wipe. When I headed to the sinks he came out of the stall and used to sink next to me. He was also a teenage guy from what I could tell. Right after that I heard another flush and the guy In the handicapped stall came out and washed his hands. Needless to say I felt awkward. I don't know if he realized I was the guy who pushed on his stall or not but I didn't make eye contact with him. Anyway, it was an unusual experience for me.


Turd the size of my forearm!

I wasn't able to poop for an entire week so I was pretty uncomfortable. I had been taking my Lax-A-Day and stool softeners every day just like my GI doctor said to but it was being stubborn and not moving.Yesterday afternoon I had a bowl of oatmeal with wheat bran and milk in it, took a stool softener and had 2 cups of coffee and a few glasses of water in hopes to get things moving down there. Well it sure did! I was trying to finish my 2nd cup of coffee when I was already turtle-heading! I went to the bathroom and sat down and pushed and this monster turd came out of me. I had to grunt a bit because it kind of hurt but it only took about a minute to get that huge thing out. And I'm not lying when I said it was a MONSTER. It was the size of my forearm! I was so impressed that I took a picture of it with my cell phone and later showed it to my husband. His reaction was "Holy crap!" I feel a heck of a lot better even though there is still more in there. I think I will do the same thing today and see what the results are!

Monday, February 14, 2011

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Whinnie The Pooh great peeing story about you and that other woman peeing in the garbarge can and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy 2 first welcome to the site and great story about you pooping youself yeah thats the thing about farts sometimes something extra comes out as well and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Logan great story about your friend Nicole pooping her pants and you helping her and as always I look forward to you next post thanks.

To: J great story it might be a good idea to carry a roll of toilet with you just in case there is none and please post some more stories thanks.

To: Kyle another great story your new girlfriend Jane sound like an interesting girl I bet you will have lots of stories about her and any girls you know I look forward to reading them thanks.

To: Amylee as another great story from the ladies room at your I just love your stories and cant wait to read the next one thanks.

To: Stac another great story about you pooping and friend Jillian helping you out your lucky yo have as a friend and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Timee another great story I bet you felt better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tom Tit another great story about hearing a woman poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you pooping along with your friend Lucy and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natalie X wow I bet you felt a whole lot better after that dump after not going for a week and that teacher should have let you earlier that way you wouldnt risk having an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sheila as alway another great story about you and your friend Ruth and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now sorry if there are any mistakes usualy I have enough to red the posts and have my responses ready but today since the site just got updated an hour or so ago I had to read the post and then respond right then and there

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Good brand of adult diapers

I have a bladder control problem and have used Rexall brand adult absorbent briefs. I have had little leaks in them and also a few long pees. They did not leak. I wear them shopping and on errands as well as for travel. I am not going to use a creepy out of the way isolated bathroom where I could be assaulted so these products are great. When I was younger I could wait until I got home. I have had conversations with people while I was having a pee in them. Nobody can tell.

Sorry I have not posted in awhile. I had nothing new to report until now. Yesterday I was studying at the library and trying to print off my homework assignment. My printer at home is broken so I have been doing a lot of work at the library by my house. Anyway, something was wrong with the computer I was using and it took forever to get my paper to print. I had to pee the whole time, but did not realize had badly I had to until I stood up to get my paper. I gathered up my stuff and went into the bathroom. THis is a very small library with only one small bathroom. You walk in and there is a sink and two stalls with toilets. I entered the first stall and saw shit all over the toilet seat. Disgusted I walked into the second stall and saw that the toilet was completely backed up. I did not want to use either of these toilets, but knew I could not hold it until I got home. I would have just peed in my pants like usual, but I knew my parents would be home when I got home and they have been getting really mad at me lately for my "accidents." I frantically looked around the bathroom. I noticed a trash can in the corner and had an idea. I pulled down my pants and panties and squatted over the trash can. Instantly my stream started and I could hear it hissing and splashing onto the trash bag. It felt really weird but also really good. In the middle of my pee, someone walked in and looked at me weird. I explained the toilets were really gross and she agreed. I told her she could use the trash can when i was done, but she said she had to pee NOW and could not wait. She pulled down her pants and started to pee on the floor in the corner. She left an huge puddle all over the floor. We finished our pees and walked out together. She told me that this library never cleans their bathrooms and she softens pees into the trash can or just on the floor. Apparently she has a weak bladder and cannot hold her pee for very long. I felt lucky she was the one who walked in on me and not someone else that would have been upset by my trash can pee. Guess I should be more careful next time.


to Allyson

Was your uncle playing a pee-holding game? Did he drink a lot of water before he decided to hold his pee? I would appreciate more details.


more than i bargained for

Hi, my name is Wendy but i saw there is already a wendy here so hence wendy 2. Anyway I'm 19 and i have brown hair and I'm short and slim. I was at work tonight and its a retail job, and well if you work retail you know february is a slow time of the year. So basically it was dead all night. Anyway i was the only cashier and this guy i work with was there as the customer service supervisor. It was sooo boring all night and we got most of our other tasks done early due to the lack of customers. We passed the time by doing a lot of goofing off! Anyway, at one point i left the customer service area to put something away. When i was coming back i guess he didn't realize i was there because i caught him ripping a fart thinking he was alone. I laughed and said he was charming, and his face got all red and he said he didn't notice i was back so quickly. I said "haha relax everyone does it!" And he replied "i thought girls didn't fart??" And gave me a weird smirk. Then i said "trust me girls fart!" And he said "oh yeah? Prove it."
well i guess i walked right into that one, but i was just bored enough and in a goofy enough mood to do it. So i stood perfectly still and turned sideways with my butt slightly turned toward him. I concentrated on working up a nice bit of gas down there which as yiu can imagine is not easy. Anyway, i tried working up a fart but it was too hard, so instead...i just tried to force one out. So, i pushed...and felt a big, soft blob of warm poop slip into my panties. I gasped and put my hands on my butt, and he immediately asked what was wrong... i had to say to him "omg i just pooped!" And i waddled off to the ladies room as quickly as possible. I was So so so embarrassed!!! I had light pink bikini cotton panties on that are now stained.

i have another story for now which happened last semester in my wood shop class. in my wood shop class there was very little girls in the class but there was one girl who was hot her name is Nicole. Nicole is 5'4"ish b36 bra size blonde hair, and talks quite a bit. in wood shop while everyone was working you could sit down and talk with people. me and Nicole would always sit and talk pretty much all class. one day i saw she was fidgeting a lot. i asked if she was ok and she said yeah. later on she kept squirming and fidgeting. about halfway through class she started letting out SBD farts and it stunk a lot but i tried to not notice. i asked again if she was ok and she said she would text it toe because she didn't want anyone else to hear. she texted me saying she really had to go to the bathroom since she is lactose intolerant and drank a lot of milk which gives her the runs. but she was afraid if she got up she wouldn't be able to hold it. i told her she should just go and take the chance. she said she would try but asked if i would go with her i said sure. as soon as Nicole got up she let out a wet fart and a bulge began to form in the back if her tight jeans a brown spot began to show. it then proceeded down her left leg. we went over to the bathroom and i was going to wait outside then she said aren't you coming. i said uh ok and quickly went into the girls bathroom into the stall with Nicole. she slowly took down her jeans and since she was wearing a thong and white jeans and it was soft shit it was all inside her jeans. she asked if i could go to her locker and get her spare jeans which i did. when i got back it smelt horrible and she was still shitting on the toilet. she was just finishing when i got there. she turned around and asked if i could wipe i said ok. i finished wiping after about ten wipes( it was all on her legs). when she put the new jeans on we took her soiled ones and put them in my locker because mine is pretty much by itself so no one would notice the horrible smell. we went back to class and she kept farting and then the class was over. later that day she said she just farted and shit her pants a bit so she was going home. i have her in my auto class this semester where you could sit down through class also. hopefully more stories from Nicole will come.

Car Mom- I haven't read here for a while so I'm trying to catch up your posts because they are really fun! I guess when somebody pees in your car they don't pull their pants back up until they get out? Aren't you worried about somebody peeking? Also I think you said you used to let your daughter pee her pants in the car seat, have you ever let her do that since?


My weird dreams too

I have this same dream where I am at an Wal-Mart and I go in the bathroom,and it was always dirty.It sometimes had two toilets in the big stall.
And on time I walked in one bathroom and in one stall the toilet was a tank flusher while the other stall had an pressure flusher.
And like I posted once before,I had a dream that I was knowing I was dreaming,I dreamed I saw a friend of mine his dad died of a heart attack,and I saw his dad,I knew he was dead and that's how I found out that I was dreaming.So I thought I can control it,so I tried to get a young blond to go to the bathroom.I got her to go to a toiletstall in a bathroom with more than three toilets.So she got in one stall and pulled down her pants,but not her underwear.She sat for a second and got back up.And that was it.
I hope Random Person Likes this.


Just had a little bit of an accident

I sometimes check this site out but have never posted before but for some reason i will put this up. I'm posting from my phone sitting in a stall in the ladies room at work. I'm 25 and work for a large company. I had a meeting after lunch today and didn't have time to go to the bathroom after lunch before it started. I really had to pee but there was no time. I made it through most of the meeting squeezing and crossing my legs but about 15 minutes before the end I felt a squirt escape into my panties. I regained control for a few minutes but a little later more came out. I almost got up and ran out of the room but we were wrapping up and would only be nother minute or two so I stayed and squeezed harder. A minute later I lost a large squirt that flowed for at least a few seconds and I felt the back of my thighs and butt get very hot and wet and knew I was about to lose it. I grabbed my things and said I had to get to another meeting and quickly left the room keeping my back to the wall as much as I could. I went straight to the ladies room across the hall and into a stall. I managed to do the rest of my pee in the toilet but my panties are soaking wet and the crotch and back of my pants are soaked but at least I'm wearing black so it is hard to see. Now for the cleanup...

Constipation Relief

To Dora aus Bremen, who posted about her constipation,

Are you getting enough water to drink? Being dehydrated will cause constipation. You need to drink enough water every day to the point where your pee is clear. That should help. It certainly can't hurt. See if that makes a difference. It should take a couple days to notice a difference. Drink an 1/2 ounce of water for each pound you weigh and you will have enough water.



When I was in college my boyfriend insisted that I meet his parents. I was nervous but said okay. I wound up having a good time, except...

At one point I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and took a dump, not even noticing that there was an empty roll on the TP dispenser. So, I reached over to the cabinet under the sink and there was no TP in there. I was too embarrassed to ask someone for some, so I just pulled my pants up and figured I'd deal with my dirty butt for a little while, then find another bathroom.

Problem is, they only had one bathroom. I kept planning on waiting until someone else went, figuring they'd notice and replace the TP, but no one did. For about two hours I sat there with a poop smeared butt before my boyfriend finally suggested we head back to his apartment. Finally, when we got back to his apartment I went in his bathroom and not only wiped my butt but washed it with soap and water!

His parents were very nice, but they really need to keep the bathroom stocked when they are expecting company!


My gorgeous new girlfriend

Since I am less busy in the second semester at my university, I've started dating one of my friends. Her name is Jane, she is 20, around 5'9, she has shoulder length blonde hair, brown eyes, cute face and really great curves. She is really gorgeous and also a nice person and I'm really happy to be dating her.
Anyway, yesterday we decided to go for a dinner together and then watch a comedy in cinema. We both ordered pretty large meals, and also took a big bag of popcorn in the cinema, so we were both pretty full. It was getting really late after the movie, so I invited her to my flat. (I live with my sister, but she is studying in another city so she isn't around)
My flat was about 25 minutes away from the cinema, and we had to go through a lovely park. Halfway through, my stomach started rumbling and I felt a pretty strong urge to unload. I told Jane I really needed to use the toilet and asked her if we could go faster. For a moment, I thought I saw a sign of relief in her cute face. She nodded and we started walking in a brisk pace. As soon as we got home, I headed for the bathroom, and took a satisfying dump. It took me only 3 minutes to clear my system.
When I left the bathroom, I found Jane curled up on my sofa. I asked her if she was alright, and she told me her stomach hurt a little. I told her not to hesitate and use the toilet, but she said she was fine and just needed to lay down a bit. I've put on some romantic music and sat down next to her. I hugged her and we sat like that for a couple of minutes, then she started fidgeting and I noticed she was clearly in pain. I asked her what was wrong and she said nothing. However, half a minute later, she grabbed her stomach, stood up and said "Sorry, I need to get on the loo right now!" and rushed to the bathroom. The bathroom is opposite to the living room, so I could hear her pull down her jeans and sit on the toilet. She started pooping right away and I could hear 3-4 logs plop loudly into the water. She only took 2 minutes and then flushed and joined me on the sofa again. She told me that she hadn't pooped for a few days and the food we ate earlier that day got her bowels moving and she had to go home. Her home was a 40 minute bus ride away and there were barely any buses that late in the evening and I asked her to stay and told her that she is my girlfriend and my home is her home. She blushed but agreed to stay. She took one more big dump later that evening and also this morning before university. We also met just a few hours ago and she had to use the toilet again. However, there were difficulties. But that's another story!

Car Mom: Thank you for your words of warning. I appreciate having you look out for me, but don't worry. I am careful. Anyway, I had my date with Scott this weekend and it went great. We went to dinner and a movie. On the drive back to my house, he turned to me and asked if I make it a habit to pee in elevators. I told him no, but I do like to pee in my car. Scott is the first person I have told besides Whinnie and everyone on this site and I am not sure why I told him. It just came out of my mouth. He looked at me and at first I thought he was going to be grossed out, but he seemed very interested. He said he is not into that kind of thing, but if I am thats cool and he would like to see sometime. I told him maybe on our next date. He dropped me off and kissed me goodbye and I couldn't help but thinking about him all night. I would love to pee with him like Car Mom and Laura do.

Jaded Jarrod

Support for Magnesia Maggie

I have empathy for you. Sitting for 22 minutes that morning and having the other stalls in constant use around you. My that would suck seeing and hearing three or four others in stalls on both sides of you sitting down, completing their task, and then quickly leaving. I'm particularly interested in what you said to that senior who quickly replaced you on the toilet and who took her dump with lightning speed.

Last Sunday I walked into the mens room at the mall. Five of six stalls were taken and I walked to the far side of the room and to the open stall, and halfway looked at each of the guys on the stool. I needed to know where they were in their craps and it was easier to tell since none of the bathrooms at the mall have doors. I was wrong about the far stall because a little boy about 4 was sitting on the seat, feet swinging away, and one part of his underwear was hanging at floor level since it fell below his tennis shoe. In the other stalls, not one of the guys had toilet paper in his hand and was ready to wipe. One seemed very content to continue sitting while he read a newspaper. The guy next to him, about 60, said Hi to me and with his boxers all the way to his ankles, and said that one of these days he was going to get lucky and not continue to be constipated.

My stall became available in about 5 minutes. I immediately lined the seat and placed my butt down. My 18-incher, plus 2 or 3 balls came out within about 10 minutes. I was starting to get nervous and more self-conscious because more guys were lining up and waiting after about 5 minutes. When I was washing my hands, I watched in the mirrow a guy in his 20s wipe the seat and carefully place himself on it. He sighed and started his dump quickly.


New Here

Hello to everyone here. Iv been on this forum for some time and I finnaly decided to join. I'm 16, male, and i noticed that most people here are older(no insult intented). I thought I would share a story today.

Iv recently used to toilet to take off a load. I intentionally held it for a while because I like the feeling of relief. It was difficult to push out as the turfs were firm, but it felt great. There were three in all, and all were about three inches. I felt really good afterwards.

Please respond, and tell me what you think. Once again I'm new but I still love this site. Ask any questions if you want.


Pooing Next To Ann

Our human resources department is planning a recognition event for employees and I volunteered to help with the arrangements. With that assignment, I was to work with our human resources manager, Ann, who I've posted about before. Ann and I had to go on a field trip to a convention hall to meet with their management and check it out as a possible place to hold the event. We planned on going first thing one morning. At about 8:30, Ann came by my desk and asked if I was ready to go. We left and Ann drove us to the convention center, which was about 30 minutes away. We small talked on the way. I asked Ann, who is very friendly, if she'd ever been told she looked like Jenny McCarthy. She laughed and said, "No, people say Jenny looks like me! Seriously, yeah, I get that a lot." Ann does have a striking resemblance to her. We arrived at the convention hall about 9:30. My husband and I had eaten a spicy dinner at a Mexican food restaurant the night before. On the trip to the center, I was feeling building pressure in my lower stomach which meant I was going to have to poo. Once I almost passed gas in the car with Ann! It was all I could do to hold it in and my stomach made a groaning sound when the pressure subsided, which I'd hoped Ann didn't hear. I would have died if I'd slipped up and farted in the car, but somehow I managed to hold it. When we parked the car, I really needed to go. The facility appeared not to be having any events at that time since there were few cars in the lot. We went into the convention hall. I was about to say I wanted to use the restroom when Ann said, "I need to find the ladies' room." I said, "Me too." This being a big convention hall, I thought there would be a large restroom. The first one we came upon had only 3 stalls, two regular and one handicapped. The handicapped one was occupied, so Ann and I took the other two stalls. I was about to burst to poo, and I hate pooing in public places, especially right next to someone I know. As soon as we locked our stall doors, the lady in the handicapped stall flushed and left the restroom (she didn't wash her hands!). Ann and I sat down. I was holding my poo, hoping Ann would pee and leave quickly and wait for me outside the restroom. That didn't happen. She passed gas, softly but audibly, and started a lengthy crackling sounding poo. It plopped in the toilet and she whispered, "Whew" like it was a relief. As stupid as it is, I'm so poo shy that I was still holding on but now my butt just opened up and out came the poo, fast, wet, and crackly, with about 3 "BUUP, BUUP, BUUP" farts mixed in. It felt great coming out but I was embarrassed. Ann then said, "Sounds like we both got here none too soon." I said, "Yes, sorry, I can't help it." She said, "Hey, I'm going too. Don't worry about it." She then started another long crackly sounding poo that plopped into the water. My stomach cramped and a huge amount of pressure went to my butt. The cramp made me have to push and I thought it was more poo. But it was a HUGE fart. I was humiliated. I said, "Excuse me, Ann." She said, "Don't worry about it. Just go ahead and go." Then she said, "Boy, I really stink." I said, "Me too." She courtesy flushed so I did the same. It was getting quite stinky in there. We both sat for a couple of minutes. I knew I was not through. I got another pain and loose poo started out of me, noisily splashing into the toilet. Ann farted quietly, PFFFFFFTTTT, and did another long crackly poo. This last poo from me left me feeling very relieved and empty. I started to pee, which usually means I'm done. Ann started peeing as well. We both wiped several times, Ann flushed and went out and I came out just after her. We washed our hands, and Ann laughed and said, "Phew-ee. Let's get out of here. We stink!" I laughed and said, "Yes, we do." We went on to find our host for our appointment. Later on, I went to pee in another restroom, and it had about 15 stalls. So we just found a small one when we first came in the door, causing us to have to sit next to one another. Ann didn't seem to mind. I guess I'm gradually getting over being poo shy, but it's still a challenge.

To Magnesia Maggie-I hope you wont ever take revenge on teachers and principals by messing up the restroom. They dont clean it up, the custodian does. And custodians dont like them any more than you do!

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Magnesia Maggie another great story about you pooping in that and hearing that other girl poop to it sounds like she really needed it and from the sound if she wouldve farted anywhere beside a toilet there would have been a pretty big mess and as always I look forward to your next posts thanks.

To: Anderson great story about your girlfriend pooping her pants and you helping her to get cleaned shes lucky to have you and if you have any other stories like that please share them thanks.

To: Abbie another great story about you pooping and hearing another girl poop as well and again as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hayley great story about you boyfriend helping you when you had diarrhea it sounds like he really care about and your lucky to have him and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another great car peeing story and again as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty another great outdoor pooping story and great story about you pooping yourself in the lift thats one every elevator or lift should have a garbage can in them that way at least the person dosent have to crap there pants or on the floor and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Hermes as always another great set of stories about hearing and different women going to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Captain Victoria firtst welcome to the site and great story about that girl and please share anyother stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Ciara as always another great story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

A couple of days ago I saw funny dog toy in a pet shop it was called Mr Poops it rubber chew toy in the shape of a human poop and it had a face on it and the carboard holder looked like a toilet seat to give you a better idea it kind of looked like mr hankey from south park I thought that was interesting and wanted to everyone about it.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site


Road Trip!(The Final Chapter)

The twins and I were driving home from Busch Gardens on Sunday morning, laughing and joking around, when Bill suddenly became quiet in his seat and started squirming. I asked Bill what was wrong, and he said nervously, "Nothing, I'm fine."
I decided not to say anything else about it. Tom, however, refused to let it go. He stopped the car and said, "Bill, you're my twin. I know when you're lying and I know when something's wrong. Could you please just tell us what's the matter?"
"I told you, I'm fine!" Bill responded impatiently.
"Dammit, Bill, just tell us what the ???? is your problem!" Tom said just as impatiently.
"FINE!! I have to take a ????ing shit, OK!?" Bill screamed as he was blushing.
We all went into an awkward silence for a moment, due to the fact that we were in the middle of nowhere and that there was not a single restroom available. While we were trying to decide what to do, Bill all of a sudden said, "Oh, ????!" and we could smell the strong stench of poop.
Tom cried angrily, "Dude! Did you just poop in your pants? IN MY ESCALADE!?"
While Bill was crying and saying that he was sorry in German, I opened a window, then turned to Tom and said, "Cut him some slack, will you? Haven't you ever had an accident before?"
"Not in someone's car!" was Tom's response. I thought that was kind of hypocritical of Tom to say, due to the accident that he had back at the hotel by Busch Gardens; however, I did not give myself time to dwell on that fact. Instead, I grabbed some wet wipes and an extra pair of jeans and underwear for Bill, went over to the still crying Bill, and said comfortingly, "It's OK, Bill. Everyone has accidents at least once. Come on. Let's get you cleaned up."
I grabbed Bill's hand and led him out of the car and behind a large tree for some privacy. Bill carefully took off his soiled jeans and underwear, then squatted and released the rest of his monster logs, moaning in relief. I wiped his bum really good, and Bill put on the extra pair of jeans and underwear. He thanked me for not giving him a hard time and we took the soiled clothing back to the car and put them in a plastic bag. Tom went over to his twin and hugged him, and said, "I'm sorry for yelling at you. I know you didn't mean to poop in my car."
Bill accepted the apology, and all was well again. We all went back inside the car and sprayed some air freshener. We then drove the rest of the way home without any more incidents, laughing and joking around like never before. This was a road trip that I will definitely never forget.

Car Mom
Upstate Dave: thank you so much! And yes, whenever someone pees in my car they always have to leave their pants down until they get out. Glad you like my posts, you are definitely among the best storytellers here, so that means a lot!

New guy: as far as having too much pee at one time, you're right, it definitely gives the seat a good soak, so I do usually only allow each person to pee one time per car trip, although there have been a few times when I've allowed it more than once. But usually once is enough so that way the seat has a chance to dry between pees. There are definitely times when the seat gets absolutely drenched, especially when larger groups of people have peed in it, like when the 3 girls peed in it after McDonald's. I'm not sure what's the greatest number of people who have peed during one car trip, maybe 5? Glad you enjoy my posts! I ALSO love this site!

One more thing! I have to say, when I first posted on here a few months or so ago, I never thought I would get so much positive support from so many people! Thank you SO much! I wasn't sure if people would think I was a weirdo or something because I let kids and other people pee in my car! But now I see that it was definitely not the case and it makes me feel so good that I have so many fans of my posts! Thank you all SO much!

Car Mom :)
(By the way, I just noticed that the smiley upside down looks sort of like a little car!)

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