Last semester of high school--my worst day

Last Wednesday I had by far my worst day of high school. While we're both very involved in activities and getting good grades, my friend Connor and I have had some great leadership opportunities, but spending 18 hours on campus most every day has its drawbacks. I get run-down physically, sometimes get sick, and during my part-time job or evening school activities, sometimes I have to get a cup of coffee to get me up to 10 p.m. when I go home and then start my homework.

On this day I picked Connor up at 6:30 a.m. because we both had to get help from one of our AP teachers. The teacher was late in getting to his office so Connor and I were talking when a counselor paged me to the office. As an ambassador, I'm a student who greets new students on their first day and takes them around the school for a tour and orientation. When I got to the office, I met Jillian, a 14-year-old freshman who had to move from another city after the death of her father. We printed off her schedule and I took her to where I thought her locker would be. We had a difficult time getting the combination to work and while I was squated down and jiggling the lock, I finally got it to open, but in doing so I got a really stange feeling in my gut. It was churning like I was going to be sick and I told Jillian I had to get to the bathroom. She made a joke that I didn't appreciate about not being able to help me, but she followed me halfway running down the freshman hallway trying to keep up with me. All my activities have caused me to know where every bathroom is and this was my payback for all the hours I put in. I ran into the bathroom entrance, started pulling my jeans and panties down while I was still approaching the doorless entryway, and as I ran for the first stall, when I reached for the seat that was up to drop it, a blast of gas and a warm feeling permeated my green underwear. I abruptly dropped my jeans all the way to the floor hoping that they weren't soiled. While seated and being careful not to disturb the dump I knew was in my undies, I carefully pulled my jeans off and hung them on the side of the stall. Jillian seemed a little awkward just standing there and not knowing what to say, although she offered to help with anything I needed. While seated, and without any effort on my part, a second blast of diarrhea went into the bowl. While still seated, and not knowing what was to come next, I stepped out of my undies which were heavier with a partial log and lots of diarrhea in them. I asked Jillian to pull off a very long strip from the paper towel roll atop the sink and as I sat still dispensing some liquid between my legs, Jillian came back with a long strip of towels. I asked her to lay it out between my legs in front of the toilet. I apologized for the smell I knew she was getting from the soiled panties and toilet under me, but I knew she was lying when she said it didn't smell that bad. Another blast came and splashed hard into the toilet while I rolled my dirty panties up on the wrap that Jillian gave me. While I grabbed for the toilet paper roll and started pulling some off to begin my wipe, Jillian reached down and before I could stop her, she picked up the wrapped panties and walked to the other side of the room where I heard her dropped them into the trashcan. I thanked her profusely as I finished my wiping and joyously reached back and flushed the evidence I didn't want to advertise.

I spent about a half hour taking Jillian around and after I said goodbye to her outside her first hour class, I started to think that I should pee before class. I immediately went across the hall, took the only available stall out of about 30 in one very crowded room, and I had a very satisfying pee. I cleared the door of my first hour class just as the tardy bell was ending. I felt kind of different without my underwear protecting me from my coarse jeans and the fact that I didn't have a chance to wash my hands.

Four more times during the day, including right after I had lunch with Jillian, I had to sit down again for lesser amounts of diarrhea. I don't know how to say it except that I was getting sore down there and when I had wiped myself for what I thought (hoped) was my final time, there was some blood on the TP, probably from my irratated skin. After school I had to drive to the airport and put in three hours at the news kiosk where I work. After about a half hour and we were busy because there were a ton of flights coming in, I had to call my supervisor and ask for an emergency bathroom break. She got there in about five minutes and sure enough, I seated myself for another round of diarrhea. I don't know what caused the mess, but as I slid myself back on the seat to see how much was in the bowl, I noticed that I had a few streaks of diarrhea on the inside of my thigh and I had gotten a few spots of it onto the front of the white seat. It was gross, but I knew I had to clean myself and get myself back to the kiosk because the supervisor uses a timer to record our breaks. At 7 p.m., at the end of my three-hour shift, I went back to the bathroom, this time to pee. It was sure nice not having to deal with wiping this time.

I drove back to school and Connor and the group were already on the play set doing the construction that needed to be done. After about an hour of pounding nails, I had to excuse myself because I started to feel a little uneasy. We have a small closet-sized room way off to the side of the back of the stage with only a toilet in it. It gets a lot of use because we work strange hours and don't want to set off the security sensors in the hallways of the building. Connor followed me back there. I pulled down my jeans and seated myself and looked up to find Connor standing in the doorway. I thanked him for coming and started to tell him about my day. He didn't see my panties at knee-level and knew exactly where I was headed. I peed first and then a small log of really formed crap dropped out. It felt so good when I looked down between my legs and confirmed that my diarrhea was over. We worked until 11 p.m. that night and when I hot home, I threw myself onto my bed, put my head into my pillow and don't remember anything until Connor called me in the morning and asked why I was late in picking him up.

JW: Excessive enemas can injure the colon.
I love to hear a girl pee or watch one pee or myself. It is a turn-on. I have been peeing a lot due to the cold weather. Sometimes, it is a gusher when I drink a lot of water and tea. When my bladder is not excessively full, I pee a small amount for a short duration. Sunday morning, I got to church and I had to pee. I missed a bowel movement for 24 hours for some strange reason. I took the closet toilet, closed the door, took off my parka, lifted my red plaid knee-length flannel skirt, white half slip, pulled down my grey tights and pink panty to my knees. My pee was like a faucer turned on low. It lasted for about 20 seconds. I wiped through the front to the back and between my inner thighs. I dropped the paper in the bowl and flushed. Today at school, about 9:30AM, my bowels moved. I left class for the women's toilet, undid the drawstring on my grey sweat pants, pulled them down with my light blue FOL girls briefs, that I have been wearing since 8th grade, to my knees. My bowels softly moved out a soft brown mound. It was huge. I sat for about 5 minutes, wiped, flushed, washed my hands and returned to class.

The human body is an amazing sight. I like to see girls in their undies in the bathroom, not to mention looking at myself in the bathroom mirror. Some of us wear our panties too tight or too loose. I like to see different panty colors on different skins.
I have a survey for girls:
1. Do you wear panty, brief, bikini, g-string, thong?
2. What color?
3.What brand?
4.Those of you who wear skirts-short or med. length: Do you pull it up around your waist or do you let it down. How far- thighs, knees or below?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tom Tit

Great Experience In France

Last summer I went on a motorcycling tour of France, staying at French Camp-sites.
Those of you who have visited France will know that the French usually have unisex toilets at such sites.
At a delightful town on the southern Brittany coast I stopped over for two nights at a small site with campers and motor-homes roughly equal numbers.
On the second night I joined in a BBQ with some 2 Dutch couples travelling in a massive motor-home. Like most Dutch they spoke perfect English.
One of them, Erica, was a lovely voluptuous woman with long black hair and curves in all the right places. As the evening wore on we all ate and drank plenty Erica got fairly drunk. I danced with her and she was very sexy. She was flirting with all the men. The following morning I was due to set off early for the ferry back to Portsmouth so I excused myself before I lost all sense.
I got a few things together in my tent and decided a quick wash and dump was necessary so I headed off for the toilet and washing block.
It was now almost dark and as I got close to the block I could see Erica just ahead. I then heard a cubicle door slam shut.
I quietly entered a cubicle opposite and I could see her feet under the door which had several inches gap. She obviously had
hiccups and I could hear her moaning a bit. It sounded like she was maybe going to puke. After a few moments she came out the cubicle quite rapidly and went to the toilet tissue dispenser near the entrance - she had obviously either forgotten to bring tissue or maybe (as turned out) she suddenly needed a dump.
She went back into the same cubicle, slammed the door and dropped the toilet seat almost simultaneously. I heard a quick rustle of clothing and then she quite simply exploded on the toilet, a massive wet fart and torrent of poo for a few seconds followed by a great sigh. I was fascinated by the thought of this gorgeous woman having a huge urgent bowel movement, and indeed wondered why it excited me so (this was before I read this forum and realised other people find it so).
Erica went quiet for a while and carried on with her hiccups. I then heard her say a quiet "Ugh" several times followed by a rapid plopping sound that built up to rattling low pitched rumble as more gas escaped. It was then I was hit by the stench that had wafted my way, I can't really describe it but Wow! it was something else.
Just then someone else came in the toilet block, I quickly realised it was her friend and she because she called her name. I guessed she was checking if she was OK. They spoke in Dutch but it was obvious her friend could smell what was going on because she started laughing and was making "Poowee" sounds, Erica moaned in reply.
Her friend left and Erica stayed put. After a minute or so I heard her moan some more and release a little bit of gas. She started to wipe, pulled up her shorts and flushed. She staggered out of the cubicle made off and I was able to get on with my business.
This was not quite the end of the story because the following morning, very early I got ready to leave. I visited the shower and just as I was drying off I spotted Erica in her night clothes taking toilet tissue from the dispenser. She hadn't seen me so I decided to take a toilet stall while she was out of sight. There were 2 or 3 stalls occupied and I took the stall next the end (Erica had taken the end stall the previous night). I then heard Erica enter the stall right next to mine, I could see her feet under the partition.
She weed furiously and then almost immediately let loose several seconds of soft bowel motion that plopped and slopped into the water, not as diarrhoea like as the previous night but pretty urgent non the less. I was pretty quickly assaulted by a smell which this time reminded me of the spicy mergaux sausage and red wine we'd eaten and drunk the previous night - although not quite as appetising. I was well impressed by this woman's ability to shit and can only presume the drink and food got the better of her gut. It was all over much quicker this time and after much wiping she left for the showers.
I have to admit I got quite a kick from catching the beautiful Erica take what was obviously two huge and urgent BM's. Hope you enjoyed the story.


Pooping competitions

Has anyone ever had a pooping competition to see how much poo they could do? I love to weigh myself before I poo & then again afterwards to see how much in weight I've done. I love to hold it as long as I can & when I feel I really have to go, I always stand on the scales before I go & then again after my poo. Sometimes the difference is more than two pounds in weight & the relief is amazing.



Hi its Abbie again, I'll get on to my latest story after a few comments.
Dora aus Bremen- glad my stories are making you feel better about your constipation but sorry to hear you're finding it so hard to have a poo. As another poster mentioned, eating a good diet and exersising is meant to help, and I know that makes a differance to me when I remember/ have time to do it. I've found the most helpful thing is to go for a poo every day even if I don't feel I need one, most days something will come out even if its only a bit. To do this succesfully you need to find a good time in the day to use the toilet especially as you will probably need to be there a while. As I said in my last post, quite often I need a poo during the school day and now theres a decent set of toilets open at lunchtime I can at least use them if I'm desperate. Another bit of advice is that its good to go as soon as you feel like you need to, I don't know if you ever want a poo while you're at school and what your school toilets are like, but if you tend to hold it in at school it might be worth trying to go for a poo there unless you'd find it far too embarasing or your toilets are totally disgusting.
Today I got to lunch break and I was bursting for a poo, I'd tried to go yesterday when I got back home but nothing would come out. After eating my lunch I went with Lucy to the decent loos, she's been suffering quite badly with constipation, she told me she hadn't managed to have a poo in four days. We took cubicles next to each other and locked the doors. I lifted my skirt and dropped my tights and white pants, next door I heard a rustling as Lucy did the same. As I started to wee (which I also needed pretty desperately!) I looked down at my pants and saw that I had a big skidmark and also my period had started so I quickly kicked off my shoes and pulled my tights and pants off completely. Luckily I had a spare pair of pants in my bag, I have PE on Thursday afternoons and it would be really embarasing if anyone saw I was wearing dirty knickers. I started to push and felt my turd make its way out of my bum, it was big and wide and was taking an effort to push out. Next door, Lucy kept dribbling wee into the loo as she pushed and let out some farts. I pushed really hard and let out some grunts but luckily it didn't take too long for the turd to plop down into the bowl. After a couple more logs I was done, I started to wipe my bum just as Lucy gave a loud grunt and I heard her turd making a massive plop. I put on my clean pants and then my tights as Lucy let a volley of plops drop into the toilet, she obviously had a lot of poo to get rid of! She was still going as I washed my hands and left. It was another ten minutes before she finally came out looking a lot happier, she told me that she felt loads better after dropping that huge load!!
Thanks for reading, will post again soon, bye!!

Natalie X

Bad day

This morning i woke up feeling so heavy! I hadn't had a poo in almost a week. My belly was groaning non stop and it made me moan every time you heard a arhhhhhhhh then sometimes a loud gurgle at the end which then made me fart. I hate constipation. So i got out my family's medicine cabnet and took a large dose of laxatives as it was really bad and i thought i needed loads to get things going, boy was i wrong. I wore black leggings and a low top to school, with a thong underneath. I know its slutty but im trying to get a boy to like me.

Anyway so walking to school was a drag, the pain just made me slower and i was 10 minutes late to my first lesson, my teacher wasnt too happy. Sitting down i felt more relaxed and it seemed that the pain didnt hurt as much. I had a double lesson so 2 hours, after the first hour i started feeling sharp and quick movements downstairs. Pressure was building up pretty quickly, i was clearly unaware of how powerful the laxative was. 15 minutes later i was clenching my ass for my life, i was fidgeting so noticably. I had to fart so bad and i couldnt do anything it just came out, a really soggy wet low pitched one came out i was so embarrassed, my friend asked if i was okay i told her i really need to take a shit. she asked if i had diarrhea i just shook my head and said no just a really nasty poo heading south. And again i farted. I asked the teacher she said no you missed 10 minutes of the lesson already. There was 5minutes to go and i could feel my bum was really wet and about to shit my pants very very badly. Lesson ended, i got up really slowly and walked very causiously towards the girls bathroom. I had one hand on my stomach and fingers between my cheeks. I was doing well until another huge fart hit my and i exploded. It all came out so mushy and wet, i had gross farts that travelled with it all and speeding it up at times. I froze and my panties sagged down, i held the load with my hands, i put it in the toilet and finished off, i still had soo much poo to get out of me. You could hear it all churning as it came out rapidly splashing and making a mess of the entire bowl. I kept sharting for a few more minutes with a few more disgusting farts with poo then i was done, i had to get my mum to pick me up. Then had a couple of episodes at home. Never making that mistake again!

Natalie X


Poop holding contest

Has anyone ever had a pooping competition to see how much poo they could do? I love to weigh myself before I poo & then again afterwards to see how much in weight I've done. I love to hold it as long as I can & when I feel I really have to go, I always stand on the scales before I go & then again after my poo. Sometimes the difference is more than two pounds in weight & the relief is amazing.



Hi everyone,
I have been overjoyed recently as I have read Amylee's
stories. I feel as though I already know Leigh, and
Janice, and Ann, and all the other office girls that
feature in her wonderful stories. Every time I see a
report from 'Amylee' my hearts starts to beat louder
and louder. I can emphasise with her because although
most of my experiences are in the courts of justice I
have had some wonderful experiences back at office.
Recently something truly wonderful happened at home.
My son, Stephen, was home and Ruth had come over, we
were going to the cinema to see 'Never Let Me Go.'
We all had tea, Stephen was staying home to look
our dog, Luke. Ruth said she'd better go to the bath-
room before we left. I gave her a knowing smile, we
had both been suffering with ???? problems, I'm not
sure why Ruth had diarrhea, I always get pretty loose
when my period starts. I told Ruth I'd better make
sure also and I went upstairs with her, leaving
Stephen to wash the tea things up. Ruth was lifting
her dark blue skirt as we walked down to me bedroom and
into my en-suite bathroom. My heart beat faster as I
stared at her lovely stockinged legs and thighs. Years
before, during my uni years I had written a thesis
which I titled, 'Girls Lose Their Inhibitions When
Their Panties Are Down.' I got sent down for a month
but at least most of the girls agreed with what I had
written. I had often wanted to tell Ruth how seeing
her on the toilet turned me on, of course I never had,
until tonight. As Ruth squatted on the toilet she
gasped and shit with a loud splatt against the back
of the pan before she sat sown and made herself more
comfortable. I could feel my ???? churning over now,
so badly, that explaining to Ruth I had to shit bad I
squatted down in the shower. Ruth looked over and
impulsively said, "Gillian, you look gorgeous." I
looked over at her as I pee'd and shit at the
time, my pee was splashing up over my shoes as I
hunched up my skirt around my waist, "Oh Ruth, you
must be joking," I smiled, "squatting in the shower
like this, panties down." Ruth had been sitting up
but now she bent right over, hands across her ????.
"I've never told you before, but I feel safe and
secure when you are with me. The ???? ache, the
headache, whatever, doesn't hurt so bad when you
are close by." I was astounded, what Ruth was
saying was just what I had written in my thesis.
"I feel the same way when you are with me Ruth,"
I murmured. My thighs were aching from crouching
down and I shifted position trying to ease the
ache. Ruth must have realised how I was feeling,
she asked me to share the toilet with her. I
cannot describe how grateful I was and holding
my skirt high I left the shower and as Ruth
turned sideways I sat on one half of the toilet,
feeling her touching me.

"Gilly," she muttered, "I don't really feel up
to the cinema tonight."

"I don't either," I answered. "Hey, what about
playing monopoly, I know Stephen adores playing?"

"That's a great idea, Gillian," Ruth answered.

We both sat and shit for almost ten more minutes,
every time one of us said we felt like we had
finished, we'd fart and splatter more watery
shit into the pan. Once Ruth stood up twisting
around to rip paper from the toilet roll holder.
I heard her gasp and she squatted down holding
her ???? as she shit again, but she also said
that the toilet roll holder was empty. As Stephen
had seen both of us on the toilet I just took a
deep breath and bawled out "Stephen!"

"What, Mum?"

He called back very quickly (I knew then he was
outside listening to us.

"Get me a roll of paper honey," I called out to

We could both hear him running downstairs then
back up and tapping on the door.

"It's not locked, honey," I said.

Ruth and I had pulled our panties up over our
thighs and eased our skirts down modestly.

We both turned out heads towards the door as he
came in. He was just inside the bathroom and staring
at us.

"Whats the problem?"

"Oh, Mum," he laughed, "you look like two bookends."

Ruth started to giggle and she managed to splutter,
"I'm not sure whether that's a compliment or not,

Then I was giggling to and feeling warm inside. I was
not in the least embarrassed. In fact I was more
than pleased. I know that I cannot say what happened
after that night. But it made me fell so warm I
just wanted to hug him for just being a helpful
soul to two girls in distress. And he also won
the game of monopoly after. Well after what he
done, what else could we have done.

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