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My Long, Long Sit & Counting

Yesterday morning I felt that I would probably crap sometime during the day. I had a pretty good sized crap Friday right after lunch at school, but nothing over the weekend, so I knew it would have to come out on Monday, otherwise my mom would recommend Milk of Magnesia that night.

Well, I went into one of the main floor bathrooms right after arriving at school. It was jammed up like at the airport. So I went to first hour class and right when the subsitute walked in, I rose my hand and got permission to leave. I signed out on the log sheet on the clipboard and walked down to the restroom. All 20-some stalls were vacant, I turned to my right went into the first that had the door wide open. Why I selected it I don't know. I had a loose-fitting dress on, hiked it up above my waist, pulled my underwear down with my left hand, and carefully seated myself. It seemed like the very back of my butt was sitting on something other than the seat, and I pulled around back there and was able to pull out the very back of my dress which had gotten stuck under my butt. I could just see myself getting crap smeared on it because my luck in the school bathrooms this year hasn't been very good.

At first, I learned forward a bit and let out two pretty loud farts. A few seconds later, two girls who apparently knew one another came in. One took the stall left of mine; the other, the stall to my right. One said she was about to blow her asshole up and you could see her jeans drop followed by a gigantic loud blast. Her friend to my right, asked her if she was done already, and she said yes, that she had pretty much filled the bowl. I could hear the toilet paper roll going around as she started wiping. As she was wiping, she asked her friend how she was doing. The girl's answer started with "I've al....most got it and finally a loud "THERE!" She stood to wipe and was out of the stall within a minute. Neither of the girls washed her hands. Neither flushed. The left stall was used three times for peeing and the right one was used four times for peeing while I patiently sat for 20 minutes.

Finally, I took out my phone and looked at the time and found I had been sitting for 22 minutes. I stood up, pulled up my underwear and made sure my dress was presentable before I left the stall and went across the room to wash my hands. While the warm water and soap felt good and I was thinking about how depressing it was not being able to be crap after more than 20 minutes, a senior came running in, took my stall and yanked her jeans down so fast that she didn't even close the door as she threw herself on the seat. The splashes into the bowl started immediately. The girl had a big smile on her face as she sat and crapped. She told me her sister is in middle school and very inconsiderate in letting her into the bathroom they share at home.

I felt bad the rest of the morning. However, after lunch I went back in and tried my luck again. I completely cleaned my system out and wasn't on the stool for more than two or three minutes. However, I was late to class and got a 30 minute DT. I decided to serve my time that night and when I got done at 4 p.m. I stopped back into the bathroom to pee before I started home. While serving my time, I had thought of deliberately peeing over the seat, onto the floor in front of the toilet, or into a sink. I could have done either of them because there were almost no students around. But I just sat, peed a pretty good stream for like a minute or two, pulled up my underwear and adjusted my dress in back.

For the remainder of the day, though, I felt like so cleaned out. And I knew I wouldn't have to take another dose of laxative.

Upstate Dave

Just Responses To Posts

Just Jerika I enjoyed your latest post dealing with Erics dare being done. That was where letting him watch completed the dare but it was nice to read your trust in him letting him wipe you after you were done going.

Car Mom again great post with all three girls gain peeing in the backseat of your car. As far as the wto girls they sure did sound like they really were excited that they could pee in the car instead of using the bathroom in McDonalds! I do have to ask with the seat getting completely soaked with pee from all three girls did they have to wait to get their clothes pulled back up after doing so much pee? Keep the stories comming!

Allyson I too liked your hold it contest story. Guys seem to be more open about contests then girls. I do know that girls do do them but don't tell all that much about them. Glad that you do. Don't feel bad about your friend CXlair. With her takeing on the resposibility that you did shit your panties and in return later she shit hers on purpose that could have well ment Clair being a true friend. Plus you mantioned at the end that there might be the possibility beside holding your pee that you two my hold on to keep from shiting.

Anna it seems that you and your new man in your life are headed for a good strong relationship. I will say in most of the relationships I've had when I was single when I and whom I was with at that time and we peed or shit together made a strong bond between us. Yes I would get aroused by these activities too. Sometimes the girl would first be amused that I did but she would be also. So it does go both ways!

Dora aus Bremen: I've never been constipated in my life.


Constipation relief

I just read a post by Dora aus Bremen, who posted about her bouts with constipation. I know first hand just how much that sucks. When I was younger, I was able to have a poop three to four times a week, but then after I moved away from my parents house, my routine shifted to one where I would often go five or six days between poops. For a while, I was embarrassed to tell anyone about my problems, so I just suffered through it. I'd spend most of the week bloated and feeling like I needed to go, but I just couldn't. Then when I finally did poop, it would be a very difficult turd to pass, and I'd never really feel empty after.

I actually convinced myself that my constipation was just a product of stress and it would clear up on its own. When it had been months and I was still suffering, I finally got up the courage to talk to my doctor about it. After the visit, I got some good information. The main factors of constipation are a poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress. What worked for me was a radical shift of my diet. I began to eat more fruits and vegetables, and other foods with plenty of fiber. I also made time each day to just sit on the toilet, even if I didn't feel I needed to poop. Every day for 30 to 45 minutes I would sit on the toilet and read a book or magazine. The effects weren't immediate, but I didn't get discouraged. I stuck with it, and then the week came when I pooped twice. It was a step in the right direction, and I was thrilled. Then, after my progress continued, and now I'm a once-a-day pooper.

I know that each situation is different, so what I did may not work for you, Dora. But I do encourage you to talk to your doctor. It will be embarrassing, sure, but I think it will be worth it in the long run.

Don't hold your pee. It is dangerous. That is not a game to play. My uncle died that way from kidney failure.


girlfriend explodes in her pants out of nowhere

I don't have a whole lot of time, as it took me a while to remember the name of this site to post this, so ill make this quick. I came across it years ago and found it to be an interesting read, but i never had a particularly interesting story to share so i never looked at it again until now.

When i got home from work this afternoon i went upstairs into the study where my girlfriend, whom i live with, works from home. I just popped in to say hey and ask what she wanted to do for dinner. We discussed it for a minute then she started telling me about something we needed to on the weekend. She was sitting in her office chair still, turned halfway toward me away from the computer. She seemed perfectly fine and comfortable, and then she abruptly stopped talking mid sentence and just froze and stared off into space. I thought she felt a sneeze coming on or something. Then she just went "unnnggghh!" And jumped up from her chair and ripped the loudest, wettest fart and just had a massive diarrhea explosion in her peach colored sweats. She staggered out of the room tightly clutching her butt with one hand, and she had a big, round, wet brown stain spreading across her ass and a wet brown streak going all down the back of her left leg. When she got into the bathroom she didn't even close the door, she just went straight to the toilet and dropped to her knees and began vomiting. As she knelt vomiting into the toilet, i could see wet poop bubbling through the fabric of her pants as she continued to pour diarrhea into them. By the time she was done, her entire butt was stained brown and it was all down her legs too. She was trembling on the bathroom floor and i didn't know what to do, and she said "i think I'm ok came out of nowhere. It felt like someone just grabbed my bowels and started twisting them!" She slowly stood up and had tears in her eyes, and i rushed over to help her get up because she looked like she was going to faint. After i was sure she was ok i let her get in the shower while i took her badly soiled sweat pants and white panties to the wash and left her clean underwear in the bathroom. She's been unwell all day ever since and is dehydrated, as she keeps needing to run to the bathroom to have diarrhea and/or throw up. Not sure if its a bad stomach bug or food poisoning, but if she's still bad in the morning I'm taking her to the ER. I'm not sure if she's stayed clean since her accident, she doesn't have much warning to get to the toilet. I haven't seen her soil herself again but at one point as she was rushing to the bathroom i thought i heard a squelch, and she was in there much longer that time, so she may have in fact soiled her other pair of panties tonight.


Latest story

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I did try to post a while back but it never made it, sorry if I said something wrong.
Anyway, the good news is that the nice set of girls loos in the humanities block have been reopened at lunchtime after a few of us complained about the state of the main toilet block. Although I've been trying to retrain my bowels so I go for a poo every day when I get back from school, its been quite good to know I can now go at school if I feel the need, and a few times (like today) I've done so. I still quite often find I want a poo late morning after breaktime, so lunch break is the perfect time to use the toilet rather than hanging on till I get home. As I've said before, struggling to hold in my poo during the afternoon is uncomfortable and makes it hard to concentrate in class, although going for a poo at school can sometimes be a bit embarasing its a lot better now theres a decent set of loos I can use. Today I got to the last lesson of the morning and I started to want a poo quite badly, as soon as I'd eaten my lunch I went to use the toilet. Luckily by then there wasn't a queue, a few times there have been some other girls waiting which is then a bit more awkward especially if you end up taking a while as I usually do if I'm having a poo. When I went in I saw a couple of the cubicles were taken, judging from the smell and noises at least one of the girls was pooing and I knew I'd be joining her soon. I locked the door, lifted my skirt and pulled my black tights and green knickers to my thighs before sitting on the toilet. I started on my wee and a let out a few loud farts, luckily the girl next to me farted too which made me feel a bit better. I could see her trousers and pink flowery knickers round her ankles under the partition and noticed she was going up on her toes trying to push out her poo. I started to push and felt a hard turd starting to poke out of my bum, I carried on pushing hard and made some grunts, by now the girl next door was grunting as well. I strained for as long as I could and tried to catch my breath as quickly as I could so that the turd didn't get sucked back up. I could feel I was getting to the largest part when suddenly there was a loud splash from next door and a sigh of releaf. I could feel my turd starting to speed up as the widest part was through, not long after I made a massive plop as well. The girl next door made about four more plops over the next few minutes while I probably pushed out four more turds. When I felt empty I took some loo roll and wiped my bum, as I was throwing the last bit into the toilet the girl next door flushed. I pulled up my pants and tights, let down my skirt and flushed too. I came out to wash my hands and saw the girl who had been next to me, she was a couple of years younger than me and looked a bit embarased but very releaved. I was happy as instead of needing a poo all afternoon I could focus on my lessons and then I had more time when I got home as I didn't need to go on the toilet. Hope you enjoyed this, will try to post again soon, bye for now!

Sean~loved your post. Can you post more stories about you and Stacy? Thanks.

Just a Guy

Amylee, the ladies room at your workplace is really an interesting place. Your stories are great and I look forward to hearing more. Its amazing that your friend Roxy wanted to continue the conversation. At my place of work, us guys will have a conversation while going for a pee, but never if either party is going to take a dump.

Louisa, I enjoy your stories. If anything interesting happens on your trip to Sydney, please do post about it. Additionally, I'm looking forward to the continuation of your story with Anna. Also, do you have any stories about you and your girlfriend?

Sportsfan, you really have had some great experiences getting to overhear some ladies going! Thanks for sharing these.


Comments for Just Jerika

I enjoyed your story immensely. I'm glad you stood up to Eric when he tried to explain away the urine on the toilet seat as being yours and not his. When my boyfriend moved into my apartment several years ago, he tried to same excuse. I just don't let him get away with such remarks. However, nearly 20 years ago when I was starting my career at a financial institution, I shared a unisex toilet with a bank vice president. He never lifted the seat and frequently splashed it up. On the advice of my mother, however, I didn't say anything because he was my evaluator and I had thousands of dollars in college loans to pay off.

new guy

woman goes in mens room

I just saw woman go into the mens room at the library I was looking at some magazines when I saw someone go in to the mens room I had to pee so I went in and the person was already in the stall so I peed in the urinal then I hear a womans voice say I wasnt paying attetion to where I was going and I said to her it happens I wish she went in there to poop but she only peed oh well so I had to come here to post it what a day.

Random person

Weird dream

I thought I would share a weird dream I had about pooing. I went into a public mens room to poo and noticed some things that would be odd for a mens room. First, there were no stalls. The toilets were the ancient roman type except made of wood instead of stone. Second, there were girls in the mens room. I knew two of the girls from school. One of the two was sitting on the toilet. The other was standing in the back of the room talking to others on the toilet. A boy was leaning up against the only urinal and talking to the girls. I decided I didn't have to go that bad and left, mostly because of the two girls I knew that were there. Plus there were other girls too. About 10 minutes later I had to go worse so I went back to the same bathroom. The two girls I knew were still there, the one obviously pooing. The other was still standing in the corner talking. I decided I had to go bad enough so I sat down on the "toilet" and started to pee. Then I pushed a bit and the poo came out easily. I wiped and left. I don't even think anyone noticed me. That is the strangest dream I have ever had.

Hey, I'm Hayley and I'm 16. I've been on this site for a few days but I had an interesting experience with my boyfriend and I've decided to share it with you guys.

I was taking a walk with my boyfriend Max to get to know him better. I was feeling sick that day but we had arranged this ages ago so I decided to ignore the pain. About half way through our walk, my ???? started hurting. My boyfriend asked me if I was OK, and I said yes since I didn't want him to know I had to shit. A few minutes later, I started letting out these huge farts. It was hard holding it all in there. At last I couldn't hold it anymore so I said to my boyfriend "I need to use a restroom now!" Luckily there was a public toilet in the park we were in, so I ran into the toilets and locked the door. I quickly pulled my skinny jeans and my pink knickers down. As soon as my bum touched the seat, liquid diarrhea exploded from my bum. I think it was my dad's cooking doing there cos he sucks at cooking. A few minutes past and it smelled like hell there. From outside the door, my boyfriend asked if I was OK and if i needed any help. I told him to come in and unlocked the door. He didn't seem to mind about the smell cos he hugged and kissed me while I was doing my business. He said I didn't need to be embarrassed to shit in front of him and started to rub my stomach. That really helped cos more diarrhea came out. When I was done, we flushed the mess and went back to my house. You could imagine what we did next.

Thanks for reading this :)

Car Mom
To J: I don't know if I'd be comfortable peeing somewhere more publicly just yet. So far the garage seems to work fine with me! Or anywhere private. I definitely always make sure the kids are in private when they do it, or if we're in motion I make sure there isn't traffic near us. I'm always careful that way. As far as the poop is concerned, it happens so infrequently that it doesn't matter that much as far as cleanup goes. At this point I guess I'm not really that worried about my seat anyway! Glad you like my posts!

Laura came over again and had another pee in my car. She called me and asked if she could come over and do it so I told her she could. And so she came over. Unfortunately I had just gotten through having a pee, and a poop, in the toilet right before she called me. She said "awww" when I told her and then she said "can you at least come with me and keep me company while I pee?" Of course I said I would and so we went out to the garage and to my car. I told Laura to sit on the driver side of the backseat because Kaylee had relieved herself on the way home from school so the seat was still wet on the passenger side. Laura said she wouldn't have minded if it was, but she got in the driver side anyway. She pulled down her pants and her underwear and then I got in the passenger side and I pulled down my pants and underwear too and sat in Kaylee's pee. But I didn't mind. Laura smiled at me. "Thank you so much for letting me do this again." I just said "its ok." Then she smiled again and she said "And also thank you for coming out here with me even though you don't have to go." I smiled back and I said "its ok." Then I said "I like when you pee in my car." Laura giggled and then she said "well I sure do like peeing in your car." Then after that she said "I'm gonna go now ok?" I said "ok" and then she looked down at herself and I looked at her too. This was actually the first time I ever watched Laura pee really closely. She was quiet for a few seconds. Then after that she let out a sigh and I could tell that she was relaxing herself. Then I started to hear a little hissing sound. Laura was starting to pee into the seat. She let out another sigh. "I'm going" she said. I said "yeah I can hear it." Then continued to pee. After a few seconds she said "I really had to go" and I said "well I'm glad you're going." She smiled again and she continued having her pee. Then a few seconds later she farted. It made a ripping noise into the seat. She laughed, and then she said "excuse me, sorry about that." I just said "its ok, you can fart." Then she said "well my farts always stink really bad." Then I said "its ok, I don't mind." And I didn't actually. I was actually really starting to like the idea of her sharing her bathroom experiences with me and that I got to watch her pee right there in front of me and smell her farts. Laura kept peeing. I watched as a nice little puddle was starting to spread out into the fabric of the seat. She was really going a lot. She always does, and today was no exception. Laura looked at me again and smiled and she said "watch." Then she lifted herself up a little bit and I could see her pee stream flowing out of her and trickling down onto the seat. It was shiny against the light and it made a pattering sound against the fabric of the seat. It was actually beautiful in its own way. After that Laura sat back down and she giggled. I didn't say anything. I just kept watching her. I guess I was blushing a little. After a few more seconds Laura let another fart rip into the seat. Then after that I heard her hissing sound slowly come to a stop. Laura was done with her pee. "I'm done" she said. Then as usual she said "thank you SO much for letting me do this in your car again." Then she said "and thank you SO much for sitting here with me and watching me." I said "its ok, I liked it." She said "you mean you liked watching me have a pee in the backseat of your car?" I said "yeah I did." Then she said "I'm glad." Then she put her head back in the seat like she always does and she smiled and said "I'm so glad you're my friend." I said "me too." Then she said "best friend." I said "yeah definitely." Then I looked at her and I could still smell her farts in the air as I saw her smiling at me. Yes I would definitely say that Laura is my best friend. And I'm glad. I know that not everyone gets the privilege of being able to sit so close to their best friend and watch her pee so closely and smell her farts like I do!

Bye for now!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Pooping in the woods

Kirsty & me were off work on Monday & as it was a nice day we decided to go out for a long walk across the fields near our house. Neither of us had pood since the morning before so we were busting to go. As soon as we got off the main road I could see Kirsty was walking a bit funny so I knew she was getting desperate but I was coping quite well. We were out in the open & the nearest cover was across 3 fields & it was only a hedgerow & Kirsty wasn't happy about going there. I was getting more desperate by now & By the way Kirsty was walking I knew she was too. We decided to walk over there to see if it was private enough & by the time we reached the edge of the field we could see it wouldn't provide any cover from the road. Kirsty was hoping about by now & I was starting to feel the pressure in my bowels getting stronger. One thing was for sure we couldn't do our business here. Kirsty was holding her bum & said she couldn't hold it much longer but I said she would have to unless she wanted to poo in her panties! I added that I was getting desperate too & wasn't sure if I could hold it much longer either. We started to walk along the road in the hope of finding a place to relieve our urgent need. After about an hour of walking we saw some woods in the distance. Kirsty said, "Thank god. We can go in those woods. If I can hold it long enough that is!" I could feel my poo pressing on my anus trying to force its way out & we ran to the woods holding our bums. By the time we got there Kirsty was standing rigid. I quickly pulled my jeans & panties down while Kirsty just stood still. I squatted & released a long turd while Kirsty gingerly lowered her jeans & took them right off. She had a large bulge in the back of her pants where she hadn't made it in time & she had to peel them away from her bum before she could take them off. She squatted over her soiled panties & released the rest of her load on top of them. We had to use leaves & grass for toilet paper but it was such a relief all the same. We pulled our clothes back up & left our huge creations behind us.

When I was 17 I got stuck in a lift with the worse case of diarrhoea you could imagine. I hadn't pood for 3 days untill I ate some out of date meat in my sandwich. It happened in the shopping centre & I felt the an intense urge to poo so I made my way to the upper floor where the toilets were. I got in the lift & the doors closed & the lift moved a little & stopped with a jolt. Nothing else happened so I pressed the alarm to alert the centre staff that the lift was broken down. No one answered & I was desperate for the toilet. I kept pressing the button & eventually someone answered. They said the engineer was on his way but it might be at least an hour before he could get here. I was getting seriously desperate by now & I had to clench hard to keep my diarrhoea inside me. After half an hour the pressure in my bowels was destroying me & I had to clench even harder just to avoid leaking into my knickers. After an hour of holding my enormous liquid load in I was in a panic. I was sweating & holding my bum while clenching as hard as I could in a desperate attempt to avoid a very big & embarrassing accident. There was still no sign of that engineer & the need to empty my bowels was becoming an emergency. I felt an enormous urge to push but somehow I managed to resist it. It was hard work to keep clenching for so long so I tried leaning against the wall & pressing my bum against it to ease the effort but that only made things worse. I leaked a tiny bit into my knickers & I decided to press the alarm button again to find out how long the engineer would be. That was a big mistake as I had to get over to the other side of the lift to reach the button & the second I moved my bowels just opened up without my control & a flood of diarrhoea filled my knickers. I couldn't stop it & it took about thirty seconds to empty my bowels. The mess was un believable. My knickers were swimming in the smelly brown liquid & it was running all down my legs & even went into my trainers. I peed myself as well & then I had to wait another half an hour before the lift engineer turned up to open the doors. It was so embarrassing to have this guy see me with my clothes covered in diarrhoea. I climbed out of the lift & ran to the toilets to try to clean up. It was an impossible task. I rinsed my jeans out in the sink & had to wear then home all wet.


University Experiences

Uni Experiences

Hi everyone, hope you are all OK!I think all of your posts are very interesting, so please keep on posting.

After I left school, I spent three years at a University.In the first year I was in a hall of residence. On the floor I was on, there were two girls who I spent a lot of time with.

Scottie was a Glaswegian blonde who always had her hair in either in a bun or ponytail and was forever wearing a blue tracksuit.JS was another blonde with curly hair who wore a light coloured t-shirt and white jeans.

Scottie was very prone to doing noisy farts without warning.She would be in the middle of a conversation and suddenly really let rip followed by the daintiest and innocent sounding "Excuse me". We all had communal toilets and these seemed to be in permanent use throughout the day. My door was adjacent to one of them and I soon got to hear everyone use it.

On the first night I saw Scottie walking rapidly into the toilet.I heard her whip her tracksuit bottoms and pants down, and she farted loudly as soon as she sat down.Scottie peed for ages before there was a massive bassy fart followed by a THWLOCK-KERSPLUUUUUUUNK!!The rattle of the toilet paper holder followed and soon Scottie left the toilet and popped briefly into my room to catch up with the latest gossip. This went on to happen most evenings around 7pm.

JS used the toilet at exactly 6pm as she came back from dinner.I would hear her unbuckle her jeans and the snicker as she pulled her pants down.She would pee for ages and fart nosily at least two or three times whilst peeing.There would be brief spell of quiet before there would a loud PLOP!This would be followed by a loud PLOP_PLOP_PLOP_PLOPPERTY_PLOPERTY_PLOP, finishing with a noisy and bassy fart.Again this happened every evening for the nine months I was "in hall"

I got turfed out into digs for my remaining two years.The first house I ended up with an Australian Farmer,a wierdo called Mr X and a young graduate management trainee for a local multinational staying on secondment for a few months called Pippa.The Australian Farmer, Bruce was a good bloke and we spent a lot of time together chatting and setting the world to rights.Mr X was very strange and I would frequently hear whimpering noises coming from his bedroom at night.One of my fellow students told me he was into masochistic self-abuse, which I, and my housemates had no difficulty in believing!

I could hear pretty much anything going on in the house as the walls and ceilings seemed particularly thin -more of this in a minute.Pippa was a tomboyish twenty-two year old with short black hair, a snub nose, a cheeky grin and a very appealing playful personality.Other than when she went jogging, she always wore her favourite clothes which were a short denim or grey skirt, brown or black tights and a blouse.

On the first day I was there, Pippa welcomed me and made me feel at home.Soon we were getting on so well that when Pippa's parents called to take her out for a meal, she invited me to join them. Eric and Laura were a friendly couple who despite being middle aged always seemed to be larking around like children."I just need to go on the loo!" I heard Pippa shout down the stairs.

Eric and Laura looked at each other in a mischeivous way - I could see where Pippa got her personality and nature from.In the kitchin, which was directly below the upstairs toilet I clearly heard Pippa tinkle for ages, then heard a loud PLOP come through the ceiling. "Oh Bless her you can hear everything" giggled Laura as we clearly heard a rapid PLOP-PLOP-PLOP.

Eric, Laura and me were struggling to keep a straight face as the PLOPS became more urgent, rapid and louder."Pippa's really desparate bless her, I think we'd best sit down for while" said Eric, as suddenly there was a very rapid and heavy sounding PLOP-PLOP-PLOPERRTY-PLOPERRTY-PLOP-PLOP-PLOOOP-PLOOOP-PLOOOP!!! as the ceiling seemed to take a battering. There was brief spell of silence then another loud "PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP" and a very loud bassy fart that seemed to make the whole ceiling reverberate.

We all decided not to say anything as Pippa bounded friskily down the stairs.She must have guessed anyway as she enthusiastically said to us with no shame whatsoever "I just had a most excellent and satisfying dump, so that should set me up for the evening" and patted her stomach. We then went to a restaurant and we all had a very pleasant time.

The following morning I opened the unlocked bathroom door to find Pippa sitting on the toilet with her grey skirt round her waist and her brown tights and pants round her knees, and reading a copy of Cosmopolitain. Pippa didn't seem too bothered but she said with a strain in her voice "I'm really bunged up Hermes, you'd best use the downstairs loo"

After 15 minutes and several explosive farts and heavy sounding KERSPLUUUNNKS!!from the toilet, Pippa came up to me.She smiled sweetly and in a very gentle tone of voice asked "Hermes, promise me in future you'll knock before entering the bathroom." I apologised and she said it did not matter in the slightest, she patted my shoulder and gently pinched my nose as she giggled cheekily.

I slept in a converted room in the ground floor of the house, and at exactly 825 in the morning I would hear Pippa singing to herself as she went into the upstairs bathroom. I would hear her tinkle, followed by a bassy fart which made the ceiling vibrate.This would instantily followed by urgent sounding and very rapid plopping which went on for quite some time before the toilet flushed.Soon afterwards Pippa ran down the stairs out of the house and into her knackered Mini. After several attempts it would occasionally splutter into life and off she went.

Both me and Bruce had to be dressed at this point as we were often called upon to push start Pippa's car.On some occasions I had to fix her car to get it going and even more often when it was completely broken, Bruce would give Pippa and me a lift to work or Uni in his Landcruiser.It is fair to say that Bruce and I would have done anything for Pippa,and I suspect that Pippa would have returned the favours,but I digress....

I worked longer hours than Pippa, but whenever I was in the house in the evening, when Pippa got back, she say Hi and disappear into the downstairs toilet with her latest magazine.Pippa would tinkle for ages, fart explosively and several heavy sounding KERSPLUNKKKS could be heard.

Once her training period was up, Pippa got a well deserved promotion, but her new job was in another part of the country - and we soon lost contact with each other. What was worse was that her replacement, GB was not such a nice individual and I struggled to get on with her in my remaining six months in the house.

I was in a different house for my final year, which was only just inhabitable.My housemates were not a bad crowd, but not hugely memorable.However, the girlfriend of one of them was frequently in the house.

Ms R was a twenty year old brunettte who looked uncannily like Mimi MacPherson.Ms R had a similar wardrobe to Pippa and was also one of the denim skirt brigade.Ms R spent a lot of time on the downstairs toilet whenever she came round, as in her own words the poor girl suffered from "very unreliable bowels".Certainly some fairly spectacularly "explosive decompressions" could be heard coming from the toilet every time Ms R used it.

Finally I graduated (although there was one final pooping experience involving a fellow student which I already posted about)and after a party with my mates, eventually I went into the wide world of industry, more of which another time.

Bye for now,

Love Hermes xxx

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Just Jerika another great story about you and your friend Gopi going to the bathroom in the snow and has Gopi ever thought about posting her own stories if not she should try it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another great car peeing story another question has there ever been to much pee at one time cause it seems like there would sometimes sorry if this question dosent make since I couldnt figure out the right words needed to ask the question so I did my best and another question does your daughter know about this site if so maybe she could post some stories and as always I look forward to your next post.

To: Dora Aus Bremen first welcaome to the site and also great story yes I bet it did hurt but I bet you were glad to get beast out and please contiue to post more stories thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy great story your mom shouldnt have made hold it like that because when you gotta go you gotta go and there little that can be done about it and also great sory about your accident in Kirstys car and her helping you get clean your lucky to have and shes lucky to have you and as always I look forward to your guys next post thanks.

To: Allyson great story about the contest with your friend claire and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna great story about you pooping in front of your boyfriend I bet he will have that memory forever and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Brammer great story about your girlfriends poop please share any other stories about her you may have thanks.

To: Logan great story about seeing that girl poop her pants and please any other stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Ciara another great story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nathalie another great story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks .

To: Reek great story about seeing your wife poop outside and please share any other stories about her you might have thanks.

To: Jen great story about and your friend Lexi even though I dont understand what Lexi but I bet that boy learned his lesson and wont do it again which brings me to the point some parents need to control there children better and not let them run around like wild monkeys and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ashley great story about you pooping at your school I bet you felt a whole lot better after getting that beast out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amlylee another great set of stories from the ladies room and about your boss and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amanda great peeing story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Louisa another great story and as always I look forward to your next psot thanks.

Well thats all for right now and I just want to again thank the creators of this site its a really great site where people from all over the world can come and post there stories and that what I love about it.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Captain Victoria

The One That Got Away


I'm a longtime reader of the site, 19-years-old, and thought I might as well post once. So, everyone say hi to the new-ish guy! ;)

For some reason, I've always been fascinated with the idea of girls using toilets and going to the bathroom. Unfortunately, due to society's views on it, I've always felt weird about it, so it's nice to have a website where people are unafraid to share their experiences. I hope to one day meet up with a girl who loves me for who I am, including my...quirk.

Anyway, this happened when I lived somewhere different from where I currently live. I was moving in a short amount of time, a month or so, and I thought I'd perform a little social experiment.

I decided to dare various girls to use the men's bathroom. I honestly don't see the big deal between the bathrooms being separated. I mean, you don't ever think twice when using a bathroom in your house that male and females use, do you? Anyway, some said no, but others agreed to it. One girl in particular (Who I had a HUGE crush on!) said that she would do it on my last day, as a present to me. I think she knew about my quirk and didn't mind, which only made my crush stronger!

Anyway, the days wore on. I got several girls to use the boy's bathroom and see my side of the issue, that the only reason there's a big deal between the two bathrooms is because society tells us to make a big deal out of it. I even got to tease a few of the girls by putting my head over the stalls and seeing them sitting there, looking super cute! Haha, fun times.

Anyway, up came my last day, and the girl who I wanted to see most came up to me. Looking genuinely sorry, she apologized and told me that she had to leave early and couldn't do the dare. She really did seem super sorry about it! I guess she didn't want to let me down. Obviously, I was heartbroken.

I mean, later that day I got two girls who I had wanted to take the dare for a very long time to do it. One looked even better than I imagined, and super adorable. :3 But I'll never forget the one that got away.

I still miss her sometimes, as I do all my friends at that other place.

Well, that's my story. Not too exciting, but oh well. I do have a few others that I may share later on. I'm just glad to have found a site that's so open and free and interesting. I look forward to your comments!


Road Trip!(Part 2)

The twins and I finally arrived to Busch Gardens at around 2pm. We were to stay in a hotel next to Busch Gardens from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning, since we had to go to school on Monday. Tom and Bill were to sleep in one bed while I slept in the other. Anyway, we had a lot of fun that night riding all the rides and pigging out, only to suffer the consequences the next morning.
At around 7am on Saturday, I woke up with a huge urge to poo. Tom was on his laptop and Bill was already in the restroom, letting out mushy diarrhea. I decided to try to hold it until Bill was finished. I went over to Tom's bed and started up a conversation with him. We were both laying on the bed facing each other while chatting, when Tom suddenly became quiet and let out some SBD farts. We both chose to ignore it and kept chatting. Then, something very interesting happened.
Tom had started to say, "I remember this one time, when Bill and I went to this amusement park back in Germany, and-Uhhhhhhh!"
He suddenly let out a loud grunt in the middle of his sentence while holding his stomach and arching his back. I smelled the horrible stench of poop and realized that Tom had just shat his pants right in front of me!
I was shocked, but surprisingly, I wasn't disgusted by this at all. I scolded jokingly, "Tom!"
Tom blushed and said shyly, "Sorry. I just couldn't hold it in any longer."
I asked curiously, "Do you need to poop some more?"
Tom replied with a slight strain in his voice, "I think so."
He then proceeded to slide carefully off the bed and squat beside the bed. He started to push and grunt softly, and I watched in interest as a bulge almost the size of three tennis balls formed in his pajamas. As he was pooping, he looked over at me and said, "Come on, Ciara. Uhhhhh! You know you-unhhhhhh!-want to!"
I considered what he said for a moment, and decided that it would be fun to try(weird, I know.). So, I squatted next to Tom and pushed some logs into my own pajamas, straining a little. As we were both carefully taking off our pajamas, Bill came out of the restroom, saw our mess, and exclaimed, "What the hell!?"
We both apologized and said that we had to poop really badly and couldn't wait any longer. Bill blushed and apologized for taking so long in the restroom. Tom and I told him not to worry about it and went to the restroom to dump our logs into the toilet and take turns showering. Surprisingly, our pajamas didn't have any skid marks. We all got dressed and headed back to Busch Gardens to ride some more rides without any other incidents that day. But on Sunday morning, when we left Busch Gardens to go home, something else interesting happened, but I'll save that story for next time.

To be continued...again...

Just Jerika

Me & Gopi and the Snow Peeing Dare--Part Two

As Eric walked back to us after going over into the dense patch of trees to pee, he had a look of relief on his face. Me and Gopi could hear his pee hit the snow and ice and it seemed like it took a minute. He was still zipping up as he walked up to us. Gopi said, "Hopefully, you didn't splash any wildlife," and about five second later just above us a squirrel jumped from one tree limb onto a branch of another tree. That spooked Eric and he said he almost shit his pants. Gopi remarked: "It would have been funny if he would have peed on you." To that Eric swore and said he had to go again and he put his hands over his cock to demonstrate. Personally, I felt a little sorry for him because I knew going outdoors and in such a cold place would be harder for him. He went back toward the closest tree, unzipped pretty fast, and pulled out his penis. Although we were standing just behind him, Gopi and I could see the stream going against the tree. He shook his penis a little, showing off, I suppose, to put some extra splash onto the tree, and I noticed Gopi was more than a little interested. She later told me she tought he was getting a hard-on, but it was tough to tell because even at 10 a.m., the additional cloud cover was making it partially dark.

The three of us spent another hour or so sledding. We had a lot of fun but at about 11:30 Eric heard me whisper to Gopi that I felt my morning crap coming on. He was waiting and I knew that he would remember the dare. Of course, he did. He suggested that I sit on some trash cans that would not be that far off the ground for normal people, but they would be a strain for me. We walked through a parking lot on the other side of the park and he suggested I just use one of those concrete brakers that keep cars on the concrete and not on the grass. I though about that for a moment, but there were too many people around. My legs were starting to hurt as we walked over a frozen lake and about a block ahead of us, Eric spotted an orange-colored portable toilet booth. It was apparently out there for emergencies for those playing on the nearby golf course. I told him not to get his hopes up, because it would probably be locked. He said it wouldn't; he was right.

It was obvious that only two of the three of us would fit inside. Gopi volunteered to wait outside. I told Eric I would go in first, and take off my parka which is big like an eskimo would wear, throw it to Gopi, and then with the extra room, I would try to squeeze him in. I was hoping he wouldn't fit, but that's another story. I was freezing even worse when I opened the door and took off my coat. I dropped my jeans slowly because I wanted to buy myself more time, but then I got to think I was only going to make myself colder. I pulled my pink underwear down to the middle of my thighs, and then seated myself on a very cold square metal seat. As usual, my feet were a couple of inches off the floor and I tried to move forward a bit, a move that caused me to get a big jolt from my butt because my skin was sticking to the seat. I opened the door and Eric was right there to come in. I knew I would have a better chance of survival if I pushed hard and got it out ASAP. There was one piece, then two (both pretty small) and Eric, of course, asked me to stand (more pain that I didn't need) and he laughed when my butt kind of squeeked as it came off the seat. He looked down, and with the help of the door being open about half way for more light, he said he could see my crap. I seated myself again, this time noticing there was less pain on my skin because my body heat had warmed the seat a little, and I pushed out the longest piece which was about six inches. I quickly turned around and told Eric he could wipe me. He grabbed my butt with one hand, while he took toilet paper off the roll with the other. I leaned over the toilet with my head toward the back of the small building and spread my legs so as to making the wiping easier for him. I counted each of the seven times. Each time he wiped me, he handed me the toilet paper so I could see how much he was getting, and I tossed it into the bowl. Honestly, he was a good wiper, and he was gentle. After number seven, I told him that would do. As I was pulling up my clothing, he asked me to step aside because he had to pee some more. Luckily my small size allowed me to move to one side while he got his organ out (yes, he had a hard-on) but he tamed it, and for about another 30 seconds he aimed his stream which was pretty steady into the bowl. I couldn't, however, let his ego win completely. So I pointed out splashes on the seat. Eric tried to say they were mine, then tried this lame story about them being from the user before me.

Once we got done, the three of us decided to take the nine or ten block walk to the official entrance to the park. There's a headquarters building there, they had hot concessions, and we needed a break. Then Gopi called her mom to pick me and her up because we were tired and getting colder. That night Gopi's mom was going through her coat pockets to make sure she was carrying gloves, and came across the package of cigarettes. She got grounded for the rest of the week.

Just Jerika

Car Mom
To new guy: that was a good question actually! I never really mentioned the wiping part! Actually in the very few times that anyone has ever pooped in my car I just had them use tissues, which like many people I do keep in my car. Its not very often that anybody has to poop in my car so the need doesn't come up very often. Good question though! Now that I think about it, that one 12 year old girl didn't even wipe herself at all actually! No big deal I suppose! Actually that girl was in my car again yesterday but I'll get to that in a little bit. Glad you like my posts!

Nathalie: good elevator story! That's never happened to us, the classic peeing in a stuck elevator thing! Definitely wouldn't have a problem letting Kaylee do that though! And congrats on your date, let me know how it goes! Just BE CAREFUL!! Sorry, I'm a mom, I have to say that! And I'm also a single mom so I know what some men are capable of and have fallen for my share of their tricks! But do have fun! I know there are good ones out there too! Always make sure he has the same values that you do! Ok I'll get out of mom mode now!

Ok so here's my story. This time it involves those 2 girls, the 12 year old and the 8 year old. I posted about them on pages 1967 and 1971. Well, as you may remember the mom is one of the cool ones who knows about my toilet car and has also peed in it herself. And not only that, but like Laura I also told her about this site and she said two cool things when I told her. First, she said that when I posted about them I could use their real names if I wanted, and second, she said that she might also start posting on here! So anyway the mom's name is Lori and she's 37. I hope that's not too confusing with the other mom Laura who's 38! Anyway the daughters' names are Katelyn (12yo) and Emma (8yo). Ok now that's taken care of so here's what happened yesterday. We were all at McDonald's for lunch and earlier that day I decided that if either of them said they needed to go to the bathroom I would offer them my car if they wanted. So later on as we were walking from my car to the McDonald's I told Lori about it and she said it sounded like a good idea and so we all started having our lunch and then about halfway through her Chicken McNuggets Emma announced that she needed to go to the bathroom and then she started to get up from her seat. That's when her mom said "wait honey, Miss Megan has something to tell you" and then I told her "well, Emma, you can go ahead and go to the bathroom, but if you want to, and if you can wait a few more minutes till we're done eating, you can go ahead and go in the car if you want." Her face lit up when she heard that. Then she said "you mean in the seat?" I said "yeah, you can pee in the seat." Then she said "yeah I can wait!" And then she smiled and said "I like peeing in the car actually." She was so cute. Then after that Katelyn spoke up and said "I have to go too, can I go in the car too?" and I said "of course you can." Then she smiled and she said "thanks." And so it all worked out. We all finished eating about 20 minutes later and then we got up and went back out to my car. By that time I was sure they really had to pee, especially since they drank a lot of soda. The 3 girls got in the backseat and then Lori and I got in front. Emma was in the middle and Kaylee was behind me and Katelyn was behind her mom. I then drove the car out of the McDonald's parking lot and to a more private looking place. Then I told the girls "whenever you're ready to go you can just start going." They all said "ok" almost in unison. Then they pulled down their jeans and their underwear. After that all was quiet. Then after a little while I could hear a little hiss. One of the girls was starting to pee. I couldn't tell who it was at first but then I saw a wet spot appearing in the seat where Emma was sitting. She was peeing. Then I heard two more hisses. Kaylee and Katelyn were starting to pee too, they both started at exactly the same time. Then Katelyn let out a sigh and her hiss got a little bit louder as she relaxed a little more. Then after that she let a fart which made a bubbly noise into the seat. Then she sighed again. I could tell she was completely relaxed as she sat there and continued to have her pee into the seat. The girls kept peeing. Soon the seat was all soaked. Then after a little while Emma said she was done and then Kaylee did too. Then Emma let a fart, which was actually a little bit louder than her sister's was. But then her sister let another one, and it was even louder. Then after that Katelyn's hiss slowly came to a stop. She was done peeing. She said "I'm done." Then she smiled and said "thank you for letting me do that." Then Emma said "thank you" too. I smiled and then I said "so did that feel good?" Emma said "yeah!" and then Katelyn smiled and said "yeah, it did." Then she giggled a little. "It was really warm." And so that's what happened yesterday. I'm glad that I was able to let them do that. I'm sure I will let them do it again. Maybe eventually they will post on here too!

Until next time!

Dora aus Bremen

Constipation sucks!

Hi! I`m a 16 year old girl from -maybe you already guessed :) -Bremen, Germany. I have just discovered the site,itīs amazing! I enjoy very much the stories from Abbie and Jasmine, because I am glad to read that I am not the only teen with constipation. A while ago I went to the toilet. I had not pooped in four days, and felt the poop inside me was finally asking for the way out. I sat and pushed, but it was not coming out. I strained and grunted heavily, after fifteen minutes I felt something started to move. I pushed and pushed and it was coming out very slowly. My ass was in pain. I felt it was very big and thick. At some point it was not coming out any more. I pushed like crazy, my eyes were in tears, but it was not moving. I wiggled my butt, but it did not drop. I was desperate and the only thing that came to my mind was to take a piece of toilet paper and cut it. It was really disgusting! I dropped it into the toilet and went into my room with my sore bum. The rest of the turd is still inside but now I am tired to try to push more and my bum hurts, I will try again later. Constipation sucks!


Car Mom Question

Hey Car Mom been loving your stories especially now that you and your friend are peeing together in the car but I had two questions.
1. Any plans on upping the odds with your friend and taking the car out and peeing in it in someplace more public?? Just thought it might add to the naughty factor and yall might find it even more thrilling.

2. My second question was did you ever say anything about the girl pooping in the car?? Didn't know if you addressed it up front or are just waiting for it to come up again and deal with it then.

Thanks and keep the stories coming please. Have fun


Not allowed to poo

I was 16 when this happened. It was a Sunday night and my mum was having guests over for dinner. I'd been constipated for most of the the week & the last time I pood was on the Monday morning. Well by Saturday I was feeling so bloated & uncomfortable I decided to take loads of natural laxatives like herbal tea and spinach. By Sunday night the need to poo was destroying me so I got a magazine to read & made my way to the bathroom. My mum stopped me because she saw the magazine in my hand. She said to me, "I hope your not going for a number 2." I just shook with fear and desperation and said, "No." She walked away while saying, "Good because the Johnson's will be here any minute & I don't want you to embarrass me." I just slowly walked upstairs thinking to myself what am I gonna do! We only have one bathroom and I'm not to leave the house as we have guests coming. I was panicking as my stomach started rumbling. I thought I might as well try asking so I went down to my mum and said "Seriously mum, I really need to go I haven't gone since Monday!" She simply said, "Sorry but you'll have to wait. It's not my fault you held it in all this time." I was so angry with her. Next thing I know they arrived and after a few moments of greeting we were sat at the dinner table. All through the meal, I was fidgeting trying to hold my huge load in. I was silent the whole evening. After dinner I quietly made my way to my bedroom . I needed to fart & thought to my self at least I can let out some of the pressure. I began to release a long smelly fart that felt so good but I had to stop because I didn't want to fill my panties. Time went slowly as I layed on my bed impatiently. The next thing I know it was the next day. I must of fell asleep. I don't know how I managed it without pooing myself. I stood up and the most enormous urge to poo hit me. I made my way downstairs to the bathroom only to find my sister was in there. She was taking her time & I was getting super desperate. I tried to wait for her to come out of the bathroom but she was taking far too long, so I got my bag and left for school. I was walking on a small narrow pathway & I had to fart so I let it out to relieve pressure. I momentarily lost control & soiled my panties a little bit. I had to hold my bum with both hands and stood in shock for a moment until, another wave came on that shot some mushy poo into my . I ran into a bush while shoving my clothes down and then squatted as a huge rush of soft mushy poo came out with alot of gas. I was lucky that no one saw me as the footpath is hardly ever used. When it was all over I had another problem. My cloths were covered in poo so I just wore my gym kit to school and put the messed ones in a plastic bag. Then in school the urge was bad again. It was my 4th lesson and I was fidgeting again in my chair. The bell rang for lunch and I made my way to the girls toilets. I had made it just in time & released the most relieving torrent of diarrhoea that I'd ever had. All I could do was just let it my bowels push it all out. It felt so good to get it all out of my system. The relief was the most intensely beautifull thing you can imagine but the smell wasn't! I got home after a long day and my mum was on the sofa. I ignored her & went upstairs to my room. I think she knew why I was angry at her. I didn't speak to her for a week! Has anyone else held in a dump for ages like that?


Hold-it contest with a friend

My friend Claire and I like to have hold-it contests, where we see who can go the longest without peeing. Two days ago, we met up for breakfast and agreed to have a contest. We both peed then at 8:30AM and the contest was on. We also drank more than normal to add some urgency to the situation. By noon I was developing an urge to pee, but it was still manageable. Time ticked on and I drank more and more water. Claire was showing signs that she had to go as well, and I could feel my need increasing each

2PM came around and neither of us had gone yet, and I could tell that Claire really needed to go, but so did I, so it was anybody's game then. Around 3PM my need to go switched from just needing to pee to needing to take a dump as well. I had lost the last three hold-its in a row, so I really wanted to win. I chose to ignore it and press on - that was my big mistake. At 3:30 we were both squeezing our legs together, holding our crotches with our hands. Neither one wanted to give in. 3:45, I had to pee and shit really really bad. I was tempted to just go so I could have a much needed dump. Luckily for me, it was just a few minutes more before Claire gave in. I had won the contest, but I still had to wait for Claire to pee before I could get my sweet relief. We went to the bathroom and Claire yanked down her jeans and panties super fast and plopped herself on the toilet and began to pee right there on the spot. Listening to her strong hissing stream really didn't help that I had to pee as well.

I was in agony for a minute and then I just couldn't take it anymore. I started to pee myself. Pee gushed out of me and drenched my pants and I guess I lost control and started taking a dump in my panties too. I felt a large log ease out and my panties were ballooning outward as I kept shitting. Claire noticed I was having an accident and she said she was sorry. I said that I should have just gone when I knew I had to take a dump, and she agreed with me, although she was sympathetic. She got up just as soon as she was finished peeing, and I sat down and deposited the rest of my logs in the toilet.

When I had completely finished, I surveyed the damage. My panties were nearly full of my logs and on top of that, I had done several more big logs in the toilet. I wiped my butt thoroughly, then flushed my partial load down and then dumped the shit from my panties into the toilet and flushed again. Claire told me again how sorry she was about this, but I told her it was my fault. She said she wanted to make it up to me and she would take a dump in her panties too. At first I was totally against the idea. I didn't want her to humiliate herself like I did. But she insisted that she do it, because she felt bad, like it was her fault that I had to take a dump in my panties.

Claire came over in the early afternoon, although I'm not sure exactly when. We went to the bathroom again, and she undid her belt and took of her pants. After a minute or two of waiting, I saw the bulge of a log emerging into her panties. Many more logs followed as her panties tented out and started to sag under the weight of her shit. When she was all done, she dumped her load into the toilet.

I think we'll still have our hold-it contests, but I learned that I'd rather lose the contest than have to repeat this incident. And we found that our interest in going to the bathroom isn't just limited to peeing, so maybe something will come of that. Although I hope I never have to do it in my panties again.


New boy friend

The gym has been good for me I have met a guy named Karl he is 1.80 m athletic build but not a body build he also runs but quicker than me, so he has to go slower when I am out with him. We have been together for about a month and have made a couple of times but that is for another site, anyway this weekend I stayed over at his place overnight and had planned a run in the morning in the country side.
We got up had a drink and snack before leaving I tried to poo but I was not ready which I thought was unusual as I had not been in a couple of days so I tucked some tp in my shorts just in case, I could not tell if Karl had been or not.
So off we went following the river bank up through fields to a large wooded area by the time we reached there I was starting to feel the need to go but aware that Karl was with me that I did not want to gross him out, as we got further into the woods Karl said I need to take a break I said why, he said I sorry I need a No 2, I said I was starting to get desperate as well but did not want to gross you out, he said if you got to go you got to go do not feel that way with me.
So we pulled off the track away to a secluded clearing, he pull his shorts and pants down to his knees and squatted down I followed suit, I could see him side on by turning my head and he could see the same. We both strained to get thing moving I did notice that he had become aroused, I then notice his poo start to exit his bum slowly getting longer until it hit the ground, my poo was struggling to get started but once my anus stretch wide enough it it worked downwards towards the ground it certainly was big and hard. I looked back at Karl and he was pulling his shorts back up trying to hide his erection looking a bit embarrassed, I said to him I think you are enjoying this he said I sure am it is not every day i get to shit with such a sexy looking lady. I continued on with my poo with him now viewing me from behind my poo now hit the ground so I raised up abit to allow it to all come out one last push and I was done I start peeing and stood up took my tp and wiped, Karl came over and hugged me and said that was amazing how can you do such a huge turd like that you are so much smaller than me I do not come near to that size, I said well you do in other areas as I felt his erection against us.
I was now feeling well turned on by pushing out that huge turd and seeing Karl in such a state that I had to have him there and then and it did not take long to satisfy each other but that's not for this.

Inquisitive guy
I have an exceptionally strong memory and I remember quite a few incidents from a very young age. This happened when i was in upper kindergarten and when I was 5

During recess, our school has the strange habit of letting the boys and girls pee in the same toilet. We use to have an lady attender who looks after us closely during all time of the day. She takes us both boys and girls to the girls toilet to pee. Well, the toilet is not a WC, but just a long room with a small canal that ends in a drain. girls just squat over the canal and pee, while boys just stand and let go. At this time, I was wondering why girls squat over and pee. One day I decided to look at them when they pee.

During recess, the attender took us to the toilet for pee. I made sure I stood near a girl to pee. I and the girl started peeing, but I bent and looked between her legs and discovered it. That pee came out of a slit between a girls legs. That girl just stared at me with a little surprise, but did not stop peeing. It was a wonderful sight - pee pouring out of a slit. I looked for a few seconds and then went back to finish my business. I still vividly remember that sight till now.


Lights out

It was the last week of school for me in the third grade in 1990.Out side of our class room is another class room and between the rooms are the restrooms.There are other restrooms down the hall too.But the restroom light switches was in the class rooms.
The restrooms had only two stalls and no urinals,the sinks where in the class rooms.Me and my best friend went in there and it was dark I got in one stall and started peeing,and I heard someone scream.I happend to pee on a man that was on the toilet.Me and my friend ran out of there,like nothing happend.
A few minutes later I saw a man in his 20's heavy set,walked out of there he act like nothing happened.

Firecracker Girl

I agree with Standee Mandy

I agree with Standee Mandy. Either squating over the toilet or carefully taking some toilet paper and placing it over the seat is far better than just sitting your butt on a public toilet seat. The number of users each day is high and what's splashed on the seat by some many users is well, ....gross. I remember converting Firecracker Guy from such an unsanitary practice when we were mere friends in high school.


To Amylee

Your story about Roxy was funny. I am 6'1" as well! However I am not ever really gassy with my BM's :)

As to Leigh, I am wondering, does Leigh make you uncomfortable or are you just annoyed by her? She simply could be harmless and maybe unaware of her noises. Tennis players sometimes grunt because it gives a little more power or effort to their swing. Maybe she is doing this to give a little force behind her BM. Maybe she does this for attention. It is weird.

It sounds like she gets somewhat of a thrill from pooping in public. Since others in your office are aware of Leigh's toilet habits it would be interesting to see if others are ucomfortable with her antics.


Question for Louisa

To Louisa: For reasons that don't need to be explained here, I've had a fwe rather intimate conversations about the health problems of Airline Stewardesses. She told me that most are plagued with constant constipation, and that many resort to enemas to maintain a regular bowel schedule. As one who grew up in the '50s, enemas were quite routine in my household. I just wondered if you'd comment on the use of enemas among your co-workers? Thanks-- JW

My girlfriend Sarah stayed at mine again this weekend and dropped another large, smelly poo into my toilet. Before she arrived she said she was constipated and asked me to pick up a laxative. The first night she stayed she didn't take any of the pills and didn't go the toilet, same for the whole of the next day. She took a laxative in the evening before bed, and when she woke up this morning, both of us hungover, I heard her go into the toilet and sit down. Immediately there was a wet farting sound, followed by two loud plops, after which she sighed audibly. She stayed sat there for a few minutes, every so often I'd hear another splashing sound and a sigh. While I was lying in my bed the faint smell of her dump drifted into my room and started getting stronger and stronger. After she was finished wiping and was washing her hands, I went in to clean my teeth. She said 'Oh leave it a few minutes, I've just had a poo, it absolutely stinks in here' but I wanted to clean my teeth. I knew it was going to be bad, and sure enough I could hardly breathe in there. My girlfriend's very pretty and small, but the stuff that comes out of her bottom is absolutely foul. I don't mind though.

I have posted once before, about a year ago, but I don't remember what name I used (not my real one of course). But I had a near accident last week that I wanted to share. I dropped my kids off at school and went to the gym. After my workout, I drank quite a bit. I had some other errands to run before I went home, so I grabbed a coffee an ran to a couple of stores. My last errand was grocery shopping, and as I pushed the cart around the store, I noticed that my bladder was starting to feel the effects of all that I had drunk. I really hate public bathrooms, so I decided I could wait. I finished up my shopping and got in line. There were only two cashiers though, and several people in both lines already. Unfortunately I picked the wrong line, and twenty minutes later I was still waiting, and by then I really needed to pee. Badly. I am sure some of it was psychological, because I started thinking about how I hadn't peed in five hours, and how much I had drunk since then. I was so close to just ditching my cart in line, but I just squeezed my thighs and hoped I could hold on. It felt like a slow trickle was coming out, and my heart was pounding, my cheeks bright red. Somehow though, I held on. I oaid for my groceries, and literally sprinted to my car, loaded the groceries, and sat down to drive home. My panties were fairly wet, the whole crotch and even up my butt a bit were wet and sticky. But, I was able to hold the rest until I got home.

Paco the Taco
Hello, just got back from a quick vacation down south. I took only 1 poop while I was there and thought it was worth telling about.

The first one was as soon as we got there. I actually had to go on the plane the whole time and I would have, but there was always a line for the lavatory, and I didn't want to be embarrassed by being in there and making everyone wait. So as soon as we got our rental car we went straight to the hotel and I didn't tell my parents about my problem. It was about 20 minutes to the hotel and I watched as my parents checked in, but didn't return with a room key. We were early and the room wasn't made up yet, so we had to wait. I told my parents I would go check out the pool and beach area, so I could find a restroom. Finally someone came out of the gate so I could get in, because you needed a room key to open it. The bathroom was small with one stall and one urinal, and the stall didn't even have partitions. It was just there in the corner with no walls or doors. The worst part was that the door did not have a lock on it. Anyone could come in and use the urinal while someone else pooped. Luckily I was the only one in there and I sat quickly. I started with a pee and had a gigantic poop, it was solid but soft and curled around the bowl. There was also a shorter one after it. With my first wipe I saw that I would be using a lot of paper, so I threw it in the trash to avoid clogging. On my second or third wipe I was actually turned around facing the toilet bent over all the way, when someone else walked in to the sight of my dirty butt crack! They gasped and I saw it was a kid about my age, and I quickly spun around and apologized. He also apologized for not knocking and I said no reason to be sorry theres no lock and he laughed. He said he needed the sit-toilet and I said I would be done soon. He waited by the door, but in the bathroom (kinda wierd). I only needed two more wipes which I also threw in the garbage, because at this point I REALLY didn't want to clog it. I went to flush and it was an automatic flush. I waved my hand and moved all around at it and even pushed the button, but the damn thing would not flush, i think it wasn't even on. I apologized to the kid and told him it wasn't working, and he sighed and looked at my shit and then back at me. He said 'I guess I'm just going to make it smell worse then', and he grabbed his stomach and pulled his pants. I washed my hands and left while I heard that stranger kid push out what sounded like a rope of poop. I have never been so embarrassed.

P.S. I went back to that bathroom to pee while swimming later, and the toilet was still messed up, with about thirty poop logs in it, and a litle bit of diarrhea. I feel sooo bad for that janitor.

Paco the Taco

ive been lurking on the site for a while and this is my first post. well today in class this hot girl that sits near me lets call her kayla. kayla is a out 5'6" probaly a b cup and one of the best asses you will ever see. she was squirming in class a lot today and kept asking to go to the bathroom but the teacher kept saying no. then qbout 3 quarters through class she the teacher said yes and she got up slowly. she slowly began to waddle towards the door and had to go between the person in front of me and my desks she had to turn sideways to fit and with her big ass she had to go on her tip toes and place her ass on my desk and slide past. while she was about halfway she stopped and let out a little pfffft and said oh no and then all you could hear was a crackling sound and in her lulu lemon pants a buldge was forming. she was too embarassed to move. by the time she was done the buldge was probaly the size of a dogde ball she went to the bathroom and left to go home


Road Trip!(Part 1)

To new guy: I'm really glad that you like my posts. Here's another story:
Two weeks ago, the twins and I went on a road trip to Busch Gardens. We were all riding in Tom's Escalade and singing along to Good Charlotte's latest single when, to our horror, Tom's car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. We all groaned, and Tom said apologetically, "Sorry guys. I forgot to fill up the tank this morning."
He then let out a loud fart that sounded like a duck quacking. Bill followed with an even louder fart, and I let out a fart so loud that it could be heard across the country. We started laughing while letting out more farts, and we knew that we had to take a huge shit. Luckily, the nearest rest stop was only 5 minutes away, and Bill even spotted a restroom and a gas station next to the rest stop. We pushed the car to the gas station, and decided to go to the restroom after the car was filled up. The restroom that we went to was a unisex restroom; it had at least 10 stalls along each side of the wall and some urinals by the entrance. I took the third stall, while Tom took the stall to my left and Bill took the stall to my right. We all pulled down our jeans and underwear and sat down while letting out a few more farts.
I let out two turds while Bill and Tom started to strain. Both twins were pushing up on tiptoes as they tried to push the monster turds out. After about 5 minutes, Bill's monster turds finally came out with huge plops while Tom's plops followed right after. I let out several more turds of my own. Then, I heard the twins start to strain and grunt again, and I knew that they weren't done yet. I asked, "Are you two shitting out tennis balls?"
They said yes at the same time, and Tom was grunting the loudest of them two. I had just started to wipe my butt when Tom's tennis ball-sized shit finally came out with a great splash while Bill's followed with an even bigger splash. Both twins were breathing heavily as I came out to wash my hands. Tom came out a few minutes after to wash his hands as well. Bill, however, was still in his stall, so it was obvious that he STILL wasn't done. Bill said with a strain in his voice, "Can one of you guys wait in here for me, please?"
I told Tom to wait in the car and that I would stay with Bill. Tom complied, and left the restroom. Bill unlocked the stall door so that I could come in with him. He was squatting over the toilet while making really loud straining noises. I rubbed his back and encouraged him to push a little bit harder. After 5 more minutes, several more giant logs came out of Bill with loud plops. He turned around so that I could wipe his butt. We flushed the mess and went over to the sinks so that we could wash our hands. We then got into the car where Tom was waiting for us with snacks that he purchased, and we drove to Busch Gardens without any further incidents....until we actually got there.

To be continued...

Monday, February 07, 2011

I accidentally submitted my last post before I was done, so sorry if this first part is a repeat. Anyway, a few days ago I was at the gym. I had just finished up my workout and got into the elevator to take me to the locker rooms. A really cute boy from my school got in with me. His name is Scott, Whinnie and I call him Scotty the hottie. We recognized each other, but we don't talk at school. I was trying to make small talk with him when the elevator stopped. Neither of us had cell phones, so we were stuck waiting until someone noticed. At first I was excited to be stuck with Scott, then I realized I had to pee. Bad. I had a lot of water to drink during my workout. Scott noticed my discomfort and asked if I was okay. I told him I was closterphobic because I was too embarrassed to tell him the truth. I kept thinking about Whinnie and how she would just pee herself right there, but I was shy and embarrassed.
It was getting to the point where I couldn't sit comfortably. My bladder hurt and I felt like I was going to lose it any minute. I wanted to shove my hand in my crotch and bounce, but didnt want him to see. I held on for a bit longer when Scott said something funny and I laughed. Pee shot out. I gasped and was able to cut the stream off before any visable damage was done. Scott again asked what was wrong. This time I blurted out, I have to pee! I thought he would be grossed out, but he looked at me and said, so go pee. He told me he would turn his back while I squatted in the corner. I had to go to bad to protest, although I was humiliated. I pulled down my shorts and squatted in the corner. I thought it would take a bit to get going, but pee instantly gushed out. It made a really loud splatter noise into the carpet. I felt like it went on forever. I finally finished, pulled up my shorts, and told Scott it was okay to turn around. I kept apologizing and he was like, for what? Everyone pees. He told me his little sister had peed in some interesting places in emergencies and that he's seen it all.
Soon, the elevator was up and running and we were free. I said goodbye to Scott when he stopped me and asked me out. Our date is tomorrow!

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