An afternoon at the farm

A few years back my wife and I were invited to a longtime friends family farm in upstate New York. The place was old and only used for fishing and hunting excursions a few times a year. We'd been traveling the better part of the day and had made several wrong turns on the back roads in our attempt to reach our destination. As cell phones had yet to come into everyday use we had no way to contact our hosts for directional help. Had we been able to do so we might have learned that they'd gone to town for supplies and we'd be arriving to an empty, and locked, old farm house. I did manage to get us there but as I said we were alone and unable to enter the house. Our hosts had left a note saying they'd be returning shortly. My pretty wife and I decided to wonder the area a bit, with our dog, to stretch our legs as we were more than a bit stiff after a day in the car. It was at this point she nonchalantly announced "I have to go to the bathroom" which is her terminology for having to poop. I replied, "There's no bathroom to be had at the moment" and, surveying the wide open field in which we were standing she said, "I know" and deftly unfastened her belt, unbuttoned her jeans, slid them down to her knees and dropped to a squat right in front of me. I still assumed she only meant to pee but when I realized she wasn't doing so I knew she was about to drop a load (as she poops first and then pees). Purely for my own amusement and because I knew she didn't care anyway, I circled around to her rear just as a long brown coil of poop, about an inch and a half wide started to stretch her pretty hole. She probably dropped about five 8-10" turds onto the pile that coiled up as they reached the ground while still exiting her behind. Our dog ran up for a curious sniff, much to my wife's chagrine, but I shooed the mutt away. She paused a moment, readjusted a bit and then let loose a torrent of urine onto the ground. Thereafter she began to pull her pants back up and I remarked that I was sorry we had no toilet paper. She said it was alright and pulled up her pants. She must have "gotten away clean' because she wore the same pair for the rest of the day apparently unbothered by any poo residue.

I have another, similar adventure, from a day or two later which I'll relay on another occasion.

Just Jerika

Me & Gopi and the Snow Peeing Dare--Part One

Me and Gopi only had two days of school this week. School was called off for three days because of like 12 inches of snow and ice. So on the second day, me and Gopi walked about five blocks to our nearest park. A friend of ours who is a year older and in 9th grade, Eric, met us there and brought his family's huge toboggan. It's like a large sled that all three of us could ride at one time. Heavy snows and cold weather is still largely new to Gopi since her family came to the states from India. She kinda likes the weather sometimes, but othertimes she doesn't. For example, she hates school being called off. I'm like, well, don't tell too many others because of what they'll think about you. Also, she has a huge vocabulary. Like she excuses hereself to go to the bathroom and urinate. She doesn't crap or shit--she moves her bowels.

Me and Gopi left her house at 9 a.m. I got to her house at 8:30 and she was in the bathroom when her mom let me in. Gopi later told me she had a pretty big bowel movement and that she was happy she was able to go before we left home. I've always known that she hates to use bathrooms away from home and that she will not directly sit to pee or crap unless she has paper under her. It's like so different. Gopi's mom suggested that I go upstairs to their other bathroom and go because the bathrooms at the park were probably going to be bad (she used a much bigger word that I couldn't even pronounce). I lied and told her I had just gone at home.

It took me and Gopi about 15 minutes to walk to the park. There were already several hundred sledders on the huge hill plus some older boys on a snowmobile. Eric was hanging out with them, but quickly came over to us as we walked up. Gopi seemed surprised by the size of the toboggan he was pulling with a rope. He positioned it at the top of the hill which is very steep and has a million humps and bumps. It's also scary because there are rows of pretty old trees on each side of the hill. Since I'm only 3'5", I rode on the front and Gopi was in the middle and Eric was in the back. There was a lot of ice with the snow and Eric did like a complete flop onto his ass before he got in. He hit the grond so hard that his stocking cap came off his head and a pack of cigarettes fell out of his left pocket and slid about three inches past where Gopi was sitting. She hates smokers and quickly grabbed them and put them in her pocket. Eric didn't say anything, although he did give her a rather crusty look.

On our first trip down the hill during the 45 or 60 seconds it took, Eric got thrown around pretty bad. I heard him swear two or three times, but he held on and we didn't wreck up. He was the last to get up and out of the toboggan. He quickly faked injury, grabbed his crotch and said he thought he bruised his balls. Gopi came up with a good one about how it would be no loss, and Eric tried to top that by saying he felt wet down there and he thought he pissed his pants. Gopi and I both just laughed as we turned around and started back up the hill.

As we continued our trudge back up the hill, Eric started swearing and said he had to pee. I pointed way to the west, over the hill, where I knew there was a restroom building because me and Gopi have used it before. He said he would never make it without going more in his pants and me and Gopi told him he didn't have too many other alternatives. Then I got to thinking kind of creatively and suggested he go over into a large clump of evergreen trees that I pointed out about two blocks away. Then he said something about freezing his dick off. Both me and Gopi laughed and she whispered to me that a frozen penis (her word!) for him would be no loss. I laughed in agreement. Then I came up with what I thought was a billiant idea. If we could watch Eric snow pee our names later in the day when we had to go to the bathroom, he could watch us. Surprisingly, he went for it.

We walked about four blocks to the other side of the park where the evergreens are located. Eric complained all the way about not being able to just open up and pee near the trees we were passing. However, I pointed out all the others still around us. Gopi then gain reminded him that he was going to freeze his penis no matter where we stopped and he cursed her again. Both me and Gopi know how to push his buttons.

Finally, we got to the secluded area. Although it was like 10 a.m. it was getting darker and it looked like another snow shower was coming on. With Eric in the middle and me and Gopi and either side of him, Eric whipped out his organ after fumbling with his zipper and we could see a little of his Hawiian colored boxers. Since Gopi's name is easier to spell than mine, he started his stream and with a large G did a prety good job with her name, although there was some extra splatter. He forced himself to stop before starting mine and you could see the pained look on his face as he was holding it in while I spelled my name out to him for like the fourth or fifth time. I thought he was stalling, but Gopi pointed out the pain he was showing might have been faked. Finally, he opened up and with his right hand guided the spelling of my name into the snow. I pointed out that it looked like he gave me two k's, but he just cursed and said it was the best he could do.

Gopi immediately got out her phone and took a couple of pictures of each of the names. While she was doing that, Eric was on the other side of the tree and we could hear his pee hitting the ice and snow. It seemed like it took him a minute or so to finish up. He was zipping up when he walked back to us.

I'll conclude our story with my next post.

Just Jerika

Rag Muffin Reanna

Mandy's question

Standee Mandy:

I always enjoy your stories. In your most recent posting, you talk about giving a squating demonstration to three of your friends. They watched you either pee or crap standing up, but they couldn't do it on their own. I'm sure it takes time and a lot of patience. As for me, whether I'm at school or the mall or out at an auditorium DJing with my Dad, I'm comfortable just sitting down on the toilet when I have to go to the bathroom. Although your way is interesting and would work better when the seats are wet or otherwise dirty, by not wanting to practice your friends are probably saying they are content to just sit down also. However, I've had some exchange students tell me that in their home countries, squating is much more common. It all comes down to our comfort level, I guess.


Funny trip to the mall

Today me and my bff Lexi went to the mall shopping. After a couple hours checkink out clothes and music cds we hit the food court for pizza and soda. Afterwars we walked around for a few when Lexi said she needed to pee and I said I did too. So we quickly made our way to the restrooms. Upon entering Lexi took the end stall I took the one next to her. Just then a older mother and her young son come in. She says play in here mommy has to poop. She could have at least brought him in the stall with her. As Lexi and I began our pee the young boy crawls under the stall door and is lookin up at me. The mother never said anything! I said to Lexi what do I do. I then proceded to say in a LOUD voice mam you need to get your son. The lady just ignored me. Lexi said he better not come in my stall. Just then the little boy ducked out of my stall into Lexis stall. Then the little boy started crying and Lexi flushed and said come on lets go guarantee he wont go looking under a stall again. As we quickly left the restroom I asked Lexi what did you do? She replied I drenched him! I could not stop laughing....


School Dump

Last Friday I had school, so I woke up at 6:45 like normal and got ready for school. At 7:25 I was out the door, and got in my moms cars because she gives me a ride every day (I'm 14 by the way). After I got dropped off at school I got this really bad feeling that I needed to poop, and I needed to poop now. I don't like pooping at school but there was no way I was going to hold this big boy in all day because I hadn't had a shit in over 4 days. So I had about 10 minutes until the start of class so I went into the girls bathroom, it was packed with other girls doing there makeup in the mirrors and over half the stalls were fill, I really didn't want to poop here because other people might hear me, but I couldn't hold it anymore so I just went in the last stall and closed the door. The toilet seat had some other girls pee on it so I had to wipe that off with toilet paper (Yuck!) and then I sat down on the toilet and started to push. My asshole was really tight and dry so it started to really hurt, it was one big long piece of long hard shit, I pushed and pushed and my tight asshole was pushed to its limit. After a good minute of pushing it broke in half and made a really loud splashing noise (so embarrassing), and the 2nd half slided out nicely. My asshole hurt as I wiped, there dry toilet paper is really cheap and doesn't clean very well so it took about 5 minutes to get clean enough to leave. After I washed my hands the final bell rang and I was late for class :( And that's how it happened.


My friend knows

Hey everyone, glad to finally post on one of my favorite sites about one of my favorite subjects. My name is Sean. I am 35, male, live in Houston, Texas. To further describe myself, I am 6' 1", weigh about 260, have brown hair, etc. Just average I guess, lol. For most of my life, I have been interested in pooping, both as something I do, and reading about or listening to others - being a male interested in the opposite sex, female pooping interests me the most - love the stories on here, btw! As I sat down to write about a recent experience, I was reading the first post on the page today (by Sports Fan "Young Lady Engineer"), funny enough what I wanted to write about is very similiar to this story - in an opposite sort of way. My job requires roughly one day per week of field work...similiar to detective work without going into anymore details. My parter is a very attractive girl named Stacy. She is petite, blonde, hard body, and a lesbian. It is never a dull moment when we are out an about, she is fun to be with. When you spend so much time with another person - especially working relationships - you get exposed to the activities of others (see Sports Fan to Amber). When those activities involve attractive females, even better in my opinion! I must now tie this story to bathroom experiences we all want to know about. For me personally, I usually have to poop once a day...although on average I probably poop 5 or 6 times per week. I almost always have to go between 11 am and 2 pm. I probably poop about 80% of the time in public restrooms - either out and about, at work, etc. Public pooping is much more interesting to me! It usually takes me 20-25 minutes, and I typically have very large dumps. I admit that when I first start pooping I "pinch off" alot and have many turds about 1 to 2 inches long, that quickly fill up the toilet. My personal record is around 50+ small pieces of shit...if I didnt pinch off, it would probably be 4 or 5 smaller logs. I do this just to make the experience last longer...toward the end however I usually have 2 or 3 very big turds (ring stretchers!!!) to finish things off. To tie all of this in with Stacy requires a bit more. One thing that has always interested me most about pooping is either watching, listening, or knowing that others are pooping - I also like it when others know that I am pooping, but I dont just announce it to everyone. Several times when I was out with Stacy the typical urge hit around mid-day and I did not really want to embarass myself by telling her that I had to take a dump. However, when I spend 20 minutes in the restroom, it becomes a given! One day, when we stopped at a restaurant, she went to the restroom and was gone around 10 minutes and I assumed she had to poop, because normally she is only gone around 2 or 3 minutes when she pees. I did not ask to clarify. After we had been out several times, I finally announced to her one day when I had to go kinda bad, that when we could, I needed to stop somewhere for a "shit break" she laughed and said ok. I ended up pooping at a restaurant after we had finished eating. She sat at the table while I was gone for about 20 minutes taking what I remember to be a big dump. I admit it was a turn-on knowning that she knew I was pooping, even though she showed no interest one way or the other. That first event was about 6 months ago. Several more times in the following weeks I announced to her (usually after lunch) that I needed to poop, she always had no problem and waited patiently for me as I went, usually passing the time on her blackberry. Ever so often I would send her a text, telling her I was almost done, etc. She would typically respond with something like no problem, take your time, etc. Now it has progressed to the point that she assumes I have to poop around mid-day. Usually now she sends a message to me after about 20 minutes telling me to hurry up...I always respond with some smart ass comment like "sorry, I've got lots of kids to take to the pool" or "the browns are still going to the super bowl"....she always responds with a "lol", or "gross" comment. I wish she would become comfortable about being open about poop around me, but aside from that one time she spent 10 minutes in the restroom, she does not seem to have to go during the day, I guess she is one of those first think in the morning poopers. Anyway, I know this story rambles on, thank you for reading it if you do....would love to hear your comments.


Traveling Guy

Vicarious enjoyment?

Hi, all! Haven't been here for a long, long time and glad to see this place is now all the way up to 1,986 pages. I guess there's an endless source of "material" for this place, huh? ;-)

SportsFan - I admire the way you handled the situation with the Young Lady Engineer. Very cool, diplomatic and sensitive. In the end, it seems like once the ice broke, so to speak, she opened up to you a little bit with her remark about, "Well, nature calls." I'd like to think maybe this whole incident did her a world of good in being a little less shy in general.

But I'm curious about something. You shared your story here, so I guess you also share our interest in bodily functions, but you don't say anything in your story about your reactions to your colleague's BMs, other than to explain that it was an honest coincidence that you heard her. Can you tell us what you were thinking as you came out of the convenience store and sat in the car again waiting for her? Here's a colleague that you and your fellow workers think of as being so introverted, and suddenly you're privy (sorry!) to one of her intimate moments - and a bountiful one at that. Were your own thoughts as matter-of-fact as the words and attitude you shared with your colleague? I mean, talk about going zero to 60!

If it were me, I'd like to believe that I'd have displayed the same cool as you, but I'd be thinking for a long time about how I hit the lottery that day. Sure, it's all natural and ordinary, but this was something pretty special. Or was it really all just in a day's work for you? Thanks for your really good post.


Another Non Poo Shy Girl at the Office

At work, one of the ladies I've become friendly with is a super nice young woman, Roxy, who is about 25. She is a big girl, not overweight, but athletic. She's cute and slim with a great figure and she is 6 feet, one inch tall. We joke with her that any boyfriend she gets would have to be a basketball player since she's taller than most of the men. One day I stupidly cut my finger with an Exato knife. It wasn't bad, but was bleeding enough to put on a bandage, so I went to the first aid kit and got one and headed for the ladies' room. It was about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. The prime poo time in the afternoon, 2 p.m., had passed, and there was no one in the restroom. I went to the sink and washed my cut when the restroom door opened and in came Roxy. She was very friendly and said hello and asked what happened to my finger. She asked if I needed help, and I said no it was OK. She laughed and said, "Well that's good because I have to use the bathroom." She headed for a stall and closed the door. I heard her pull down her slacks and sit down. I was drying my finger to put the bandage on. I then heard a loud BAAAARRRPPPTT fart from Roxy followed by a heavy plop and her quietly sighing, "MMMMM." She called my name and asked if my finger was OK. I said yes and she farted again, followed by a heavy splash of a turd and another quiet "MMMMM". She started to ask me about some work stuff. I was wrapping up the bandage on my finger and was going to leave her alone to have her bowel movement in private but she wanted to chat. She asked about a project we were working on. As I answered her, she farted again, BAARRRRPPPTT, and another turd splashed into the toilet with Roxy quietly moaning "MMMMM" again. I felt a bit uncomfortable talking with her while she was pooing, but she seemed completely OK with it. She asked about something else and again as I answered, she farted and dropped another turd with a "MMMMM." This made 4 times she'd farted pretty loudly. She said, "Sorry for all the toots. I never could shit quietly. I always have to fart." I said it was OK. She started to pee and then wiped several times. She flushed and came out and washed her hands. We went back to the office together. I found out this day that Roxy, like most of the ladies in my office, are not poo shy at all.


Another Leigh Episode and Questions for the Ladies

I've posted a few times about my boss, Leigh, the 30's attractive lady in our office whose restroom habits are strange. It keeps happening and there was another incident involving her this week. If you've not seen my earlier posts about her, Leigh seems to try to draw attention to herself by having loud BMs and grunting, and usually when the restroom is crowded. Leigh has a figure to die for, with a rear end that most us ladies envy. But her backside can really be volatile when she needs to poo. Today we had several high ranking corporate visitors to our branch who met with management much of the day. One of them was an attractive woman in her mid-50s. She wore a business pantsuit and looked quite impressive. Leigh was dressed in a black business blouse, jacket, and skirt that surely attracted attention from the male corporate executives. She was looking very professional and sexy at the same time. Her skirt highlighted both her legs and her enviable butt. Around 11 a.m. I had the urge to poo. It was well past the usual morning rush hour in the ladies' room (10 a.m.), so I thought I'd be able to go privately. As I went down the hall toward the restroom I heard women's voices around the corner of the hallway and recognized one of them as Leigh. She was talking with someone whose voice I did not recognize. They rounded the corner just before I reached the ladies' room door. It was Leigh with the lady corporate executive. They were walking rather slowly and talking business. I went into the restroom and I was glad to see no one there. I took the 5th stall (there are 6). Just as I latched the door, Leigh and this lady, who I soon found out to be named Janice, came into the restroom. Janice took the 3rd stall (I glanced under the partition), leaving number 1, 2, 4, and 6 open. Leigh, in her custom, instead of taking stall #1 so we'd all be spread out, takes stall #4, in between Janice and me. Both ladies were continuing to discuss business as they went into their stalls. Leigh referred to Janice by name, so I now knew the corporate visitor's name. They got seated on the toilet just after me. I've been working on overcoming poo shyness, so I said to myself, "Let's do it." I pushed and started passing medium sized logs that plopped in the water. It still was embarrassing but was determined to not let it bother me. At least I didn't feel gassy so maybe I could go quietly except for my poo splashing into the toilet. I believe Leigh may have met someone similar to her in this corporate executive lady, Janice. Leigh, sitting two feet away from both of us, goes, "Uhhhhh" and farted and started pooing. Janice immediately responded with a long soft fart. It sounded as if she'd been holding it all day it was so long. Then she started dropping poo quickly into the toilet. Every two or three seconds she'd go, "MMMMMM" not loudly, but certainly audibly, then drop another turd, "MMMMMM" then softly fart and, "MMMMM". She did seem to try to pass her gas as politely as possible, unlike Leigh, who usually farts extremely loud. I had another round of poo that plopped into the water, but thankfully I still didn't have gas. I guess not to be outdone by Janice, Leigh goes, "UHHHHH!" just all too loudly (disgusting), and started a gassy soft sounding poo. It was wet sounding with spurts of gas mixed in it. Janice again started dropping some nuggets and was groaning, "MMMMM" several times as they fell out of her. Leigh did one more loud grunt, fart and poo. I peed and then heard both of them start to pee. We all three started wiping at the same time. I got cleaned up quickly, as did Janice. Leigh continued to wipe several times. From what I heard, I smiled thinking she needed more than toilet paper - she needed a shower! Janice and I flushed. We both exited our stalls and headed for the sinks. Janice smiled and said hello. I spoke back. Leigh flushed and came out to the sinks and said, "Hi, Amylee." I said hello to her. She introduced me to Janice. Then she said, "Well I feel better now." Janice said, "Me too. I'd been holding mine for a couple of hours." Leigh said, "Oh, you should have said something. We could have taken a break." Janice said, "It's OK. I usually have to hold it every day during some meeting so today is no different." We dried our hands and left the restroom. They went on about their tour and I went back to work thinking, "Janice isn't as loud as Leigh, but both did a good bit of "vocalizing" on the toilet." I don't understand Leigh, but folks, no kidding, it's real. More to come on Janice on her next visit, I guess. Ladies - I've always practiced the "skip one" technique when choosing a stall to give and have a bit more privacy unless there isn't a choice. I'd like some of your takes on this. Do you practice "skip one" and if not, is it something you just don't think about? I get the impression Leigh always wants to poo next to someone even when there is a clear choice not to. And I'm starting to think it's even better for her if she can get between two people. I asked my husband about men and he said he knew guys that didn't care, but not someone who seemed to make an effort to poo next to someone on purpose. I keep wondering maybe I'm being too harsh on Leigh, but she keeps demonstrating this activity of grunting loudly and sitting next to people when she doesn't have to. And one day not long ago, I was at the sink and one lady was in the stall. Leigh comes in, goes into the stall next to this lady. Just as Leigh was pulling down her pants, the other lady flushed and came out. I didn't hear Leigh pee or anything. She just flushed and came out of the stall and to the sink as I was leaving. She wasn't in the stall long enough to really do anything. It appeared she wanted to go next to this lady and the lady left too soon, so Leigh came back out, perhaps to try later with someone else? I'm working on poo shyness, but Leigh takes it to the other extreme. Any thoughts out there?


Day of the Dare

This happened when I was around 17 years old I think (I'm in my mid-20s now). I saw a story on a blog I follow about someone laughing until she peed her pants and it brought back this memory and I found this place to post it because I'd never post it on my own blog, haha.

Like I said, I was 17 or almost 18, I forget. My parents were gone for the day and let me have a sleepover with a few of my friends from school. There were four of us total. We spent the day goofing around and watching movies and stuff, nothing crazy. That afternoon we were in my back yard on the desk just talking and goofing around when one of my friends said something really funny and we all started laughing hard. Suddenly one of the other girls, Jessy, jumps up from her chair, hands pressed to her crotch, doubled over, and yelled, "I just peed a little!" We all laughed more at that and when she tried to bolt for the door to go inside to the bathroom the other three of us headed her off and blocked her way for some reason and made her show us her jeans, which had a baseball sized wet spot on the crotch. One of the girls then dared her to finish peeing in her jeans. At first she was hesitant but it didn't take much coaxing before she was standing in the grass, shoes off, legs spread slightly, the other three of us cheering her on. Suddenly dark wetness began rapidly spreading from her crotch and down her legs and we were all back to laughing again, harder than ever, when I suddenly felt my crotch turn hot and wet and grabbed myself and doubled over and announced that I had was peeing. I couldn't stop laughing and with every giant laugh more pee was shooting into my pants and in a matter of seconds I lost all control and just stood there watching as my jeans also rapidly turned darker as the urine poured out of me and down my legs. This made the other two girls laugh even harder and soon Staci half sat, half collapsed in a fit of hysterics onto the desk and sat there staring down as a giant puddle formed underneath her as she proceeded to soak her pants. That left only Mary dry by this point and she began to run towards the door but Jessy and I caught her and said there was no way she was getting away dry and began to tickle her. She pleased and fell onto the deck and tried to fend us off, laughing the entire time, but soon she was squealing and gasping between breaths for air that she was doing it, too and we kept tickling as she let go and soaked her pants up her butt and part of the back of her shirt because of how she was laying. We finally all calmed down from laughing a few minutes later and quickly went inside, stripped off our wet pants and panties to throw them in the wash, then took turns showering to clean up. I don't remember if I ever talked about it to anyone except the other three girls since that day until now, but it was certainly very funny to us at the time.


I've recently started a new relationship with a lovely 27 year old girl called Sarah. I live between her home and her work so she often comes round to mine after work for a bit. She's recently got into a habit of having a big poo in my toilet which she's been waiting to do all day at work. The first time it happened, she came to my door and said she needed to go to the toilet straight away. She went in and sat down and started peeing, I was sitting on my sofa chatting to her. She turned the tap in the sink on, partly because I think she was embarrassed about any plopping noises I might hear, and partly because she wets the toilet paper in the sink before wiping. After she was done I went to go and have a pee in there and she said 'I really wouldn't go in there for a while!'. I said I didn't mind, stepped in and sure enough there was a strong, rotten smell of crap in there. She didn't really seem bothered about me smelling her creation though.

The next time she came round the same thing happened, she went straight into my toilet, this time she didn't turn the tap on and while I was talking to her from my front room I could hear some faint plopping sounds and could hear her voice straining a little sometimes while she was talking to me. She'd left the door open, I went into the bathroom while she was sitting there and sat on the bath next to her. She didn't really mind, but said that I should leave the room because she needed to poo and she didn't want me to hear the sounds. I said 'you've already started though haven't you', because the stink was really over-powering. I couldn't help gagging a little and she was a bit embarrassed, but didn't seem that bothered really. I gave her a kiss and a hug, putting my head over her shoulder, so my nose was exposed to the gap between her bum and the back of the toilet seat, she said 'oh don't do that, it smells worse there', which was definitely true, I could hardly breathe. Anyway, I left her to finish up, then went in while she was washing her hands, it absolutely stank in that little room. We went to my bedroom for a bit, then went out to dinner. Before we left I went into the bathroom to freshen up, there was a still a very unpleasant odour in there, she said 'sorry about the smell, we'll leave the fan on and hopefully it'll have gone while we're out'.

Sports Fan - I just loved your story about you hearing the lady engineer poo. I bet you really enjoyed that trip and the anticipation of her pooing the second day!

I am leaving for Australia soon. It's an overnight to Dubai, where we have a rest day and then onto the long leg to Sydney. In all I am away 9 days - a nice trip but its tiring and I really miss my girlfriend. I haven't got any trip stories this time so I thought I would do a quick one from a few months ago.
It was an early morning start - which is always best for hearing the other girls poo. I left home at 5 and checked in at the airport and I went for a coffee and some breakfast with some of the other girls. We had our breakfast and I felt it would probably be worthwhile going to try on the toilet - I had that early stages feeling. I said to my friend anna that I was going and she said she needed to too. So we got up and laura said 'are you girls going to the loo' - we said 'don't tell everyone but yes!'. So the 3 of us set off to the staff toilets. There are about 6 stalls I think and only 1 was occupied. They are nice bright new toilets and first thing in the morning they are clean. We went into 3 adjoining stall and I was in the middle. On the way laura had said she needed a number 2 so might take a few minutes. We both admitted that we were on the same mission! We all sat down and carried on our conversation. The other girl in there was finishing so soon flushed and left. Laura was the first to go - no peeing but within seconds she started plopping - I counted about 18 plops each about 1 second apart. You could hear her pushing in her voice when she said sorry girls but I needed my morning number 2. I was pushing - I had peed a little but was letting out hissing wind as my poo moved down. Anna was pushing hard - you could hear it in her voice as she chatted to us. Suddenly I heard loud and quite distinct pipping of a piece moving out slowly. My poo was now moving out too but more silently. Suddenly there was a massive kerloooomp from annas stall about 1 second before I made a very similar noise. We all laughed - partly in embarrassment. Laura said that sounded massive you 2. Mine was - probably about 14 in long and very wide and firm - Laura sounded the same. I made a promise to myself to be with them when they poo very soon. We all pushed a bit for a few mins and laura and anna did a few little plips - I didn't do anymore. We cleaned up and set off together - leaving a slight poo smell in the air.
On the trip back I was working with laura and in the night I said that I was going for a poo - did she need one? She said yes - so we went in the upper class toilet together. I did mine first - it was similar to the one at the airport but came out faster and easier. I flushed and laura too my place. She had to push hard but we were chatting and the time went quickly till I heard a dull flomph of her big poo hitting the toilet side. She staraind a bit more and did another small bit. In all I think we were in there chatting and pooing for about 20 mins. Laura seemed to not be at all embarrassed by it and seemed to enjoy it too - I know I did. On a later trip I did the same with anna - but that's another story.
I will hopefully have some good stories from by trip to Sydney so I will keep you upto date.
Louisa x

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Sportsfan another great story about hearing a woman pooping like I said before I both love and hate bathrooms with thin walls I like them because you can hear whats going on inside them but thats the same reason I hate them and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Morning surprise great story about your wife pooping her pants in her sleep please share any other stories like that you may have thanks.

To: Ciara another great story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another car peeing story and as always I look forward to your next a question do you keep tooilet paper in your car just in case?

To: Timee another great pooping story and hearing that other go as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Potter another great story about seeing a girls poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kirstine first welcome to the site and great story at least you made it didnt have an accident but if you did I bet your roomate would have helped you clean up and please post more of them thanks.

To: Louisa another great story and I look forward to your next post thanks. To rephrase my earlier question what have been some of your most memorable and/or interesting dumps?

A question to all the girls and women on this site have you ever had the feeling like you have to take a major dump but when you try all that comes out is alot of farts and a little bit of poop or the exact opposite where you get the normal feeling you get when you have to poop but when you go it just explodes out you or comes out alot faster then you were expecting?

Well thats all for now.

sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site


At the Mall

Last night, Bill invited me to the mall so that we could eat, go shopping, and get to know each other better. We had just finished eating food from Chili's and were about to go to Hot Topic when Bill suddenly started squirming. I asked him what was wrong. Bill's response was, "I think that the food messed up my stomach, because I REALLY have to shit!"
I said that I would accompany him to the family restroom since I know that he doesn't like to go alone for some reason. He said thanks and we headed to the restroom. The family restroom has only one toilet against the wall and a sink. I locked the door behind us when we were both in, and Bill pulled down his jeans and underwear and squatted over the toilet. He stayed in that position for a few minutes, straining and grunting loudly, then several monster logs finally exited his body with big splashes. He sighed in relief and said, "I feel SO much better!"
As he turned around so that I could wipe his bum, I suddenly let out a loud fart. Bill said teasingly, "I guess the food didn't love you that much, either, huh?"
At that moment, I felt rather uneasy, since I hate using public restrooms other than for urinating. Bill must have sensed my discomfort, because he said soothingly, "Aww, it's OK. You don't ever have to feel embarrassed about pooping in a public restroom. Besides, we've seen each other poop before."
I hesitated for a second, but then I decided, what the heck? I might as well go now. So, I reluctantly pulled down my underwear and sat on the toilet. Pee started gushing out of me like a waterfall, and I could already feel the first log poking out of my bum. I pushed, and the turd fell into the toilet with a plop. Bill said encouragingly, "That's it, babe. Let it out," while rubbing my back. I hid my face in my hands as I let out eight more turds. When I was done, I stood up so that Bill could wipe me. We flushed the mess, adjusted our jeans, and washed our hands together. Bill said almost smugly, "Now that wasn't too bad, was it?"
I just let my face turn red and replied shyly, "Shut up, Bill."
Bill chuckled as we exited the restroom to continue our shopping.


Wet Pants at the Salon

Polly: Great story about you wetting your pants at work. Too bad about the free manicure - if I was your customer that day, I would've insisted on paying and given you a good tip. As I think someone who pees her pants because she doesn't wamt to leave a customer should not be penalized for that. Maybe it's because I've been in that situation before...

I was the last customer of the day at the salon. My beautician, Michelle, was running quite a bit behind, so by the time she took me, all the other beauticians had left and they put up the closed sign. After Michelle washed my hair and started trimming, I saw her reach down to the front of her dark blue jeans a couple times. I didn't really think much of that at the time. Michelle came around to my front and the next thing I knew, she's pressing her legs tightly together, saying "I'm wetting my pants!" And she completely peed her pants right there in front of me. She apologized, and I told her accidents happen. She then admitted she had a few cups of coffee that day and really had to go, but didn't want to delay me any longer because she was way behind. In wet pants, Michelle finished my trim. She was hesitant about me paying her, but I insisted and gave her a good tip too. And she's still my beautician several years later.

Saturday, February 05, 2011


Wendys accident

When I picked up Wendy from work she told me, "You'll have to put your foot down because I'm desperate for the loo. " I asked her why she didn't go at work & she replied, "I was going to but it was occupied & I thought I could wait untill I got home." I said, "Well I hope you can wait. I don't want you stinking up my car!" Wendy looked worried & said, "I'll try to hold it but I'm really desperate." as we drove Wendy got more & more frantic & the thought of her pooing herself was so hot. Apart from the smell in my car that is! Wendy farted & went quiet & I could tell she was in trouble. The smell didn't go away & I knew she was going in her knickers. Wendy said, "I'm sorry but it hurts to keep holding it." I loved seeing Wendy pooing herself even though she stank the car out. Wendy lifted her bum off the car seat & began to push out a huge turd into her knickers. She let out a sigh of relief & I asked her if she felt better. Wendy replied, "A little bit but I'm not finished wet. There's no more room in my pants." When we got home Wendy waddled up to the house & went straight to the bathroom. I followed her in to help her she lowered her work trousers to her feet & stepped out of them. Her knickers were totaly filled & she emptied the contents into the toilet before sitting down for another huge poo. Wendy looked so relieved & she did a courtesy flush to avoid blocking the toilet. Wendy sat down again to push out even more poo & by the time she was done she'd been on the toilet for half an hour. She said it was the most relieving poo she'd had in a long time & she apologised for doing it in the car. I told her not to worry about it. I said, "Well actually Wendy I enjoyed seeing you do it in your knickers." Wendy smiled as she replied, "Really? I'd love to see you do it in your pants for me." I said, "We'll have to arrange it sometime."


Young Lady Engineer

A young lady engineer at our office named Amber and I had to make a trip to our corporate office, which is about a 5 hour drive. We were to attend a late afternoon meeting, stay the night at a hotel, then attend a morning meeting and drive back. It seems to take about the same amount of total time to fly as it does to drive, so we decided to carpool there. I rented a car. She is about 25 years old, single, built very well, good looking, extremely intelligent, has long dark hair and while a great engineer and meeting presenter, she is extremely shy and a very private person. I'm older than her. Several people have commented that they know next to nothing about Amber since she's so private. She may be one of the most introverted people I've met. Over the couple of years she's worked at our company, I have noticed a pattern. If we're in a meeting after lunch, she will leave for 7 to 10 minutes around 1:30 virtually every time. Being in the meeting, I didn't know for sure where she's going, but I got the impression she was regular at that time of the day for a bowel movement. Now we had this work trip together planned. We get along well, but with her being so private, I wondered what we'd talk about for 5 hours. We left our office about 10 a.m. We small talked and it was OK. Around 11:30 we went to a fast food restaurant for a quick lunch, and then hit the road again. We had both visited the restroom at the restaurant, just for a couple of minutes each. About 1:15, I said we should top off the gas tank, so I exited and went to a gas station that had one of those mini-marts. It was kind of out in the country and no one else except the male clerk was there. Just as we were pulling into the station, Amber got a phone call from the office. I pulled up to the pump to fill up the tank. I needed to pee pretty badly, and when I finished filling the tank and paying at the pump with a credit card, I got in and started the car to move it away from the pumps and up close to the door of the store. Amber, thinking I was getting back on the road and was still on the phone, held up her index finger and whispered, "Can I run inside a minute?" I said yes, I was going inside, too, but I was just pulling the car up. She nodded and said into the phone, "Hey guys, if you're done with me, I need to hang up now. OK, see ya. Bye." She said, "I want to run inside a minute." I said me too. We went in, the clerk said hello, and I could see the restroom sign in the back corner of the store. I started toward them and Amber followed. The men's door was first and I went in. The ladies' room was a few steps further down. I went in, and it was a single restroom where you locked the door. There was a urinal and a toilet. I stepped to the urinal, unzipped and got ready for my much needed piss. It was absolutely silent and my peeing against the urinal made no noise. Apparently the walls are paper thin. I distinctly heard Amber close the door, lock it, and pulling down her pants. There was a vent high above the toilets and I think it connected between the restrooms. Anyway, it was almost as if she was in the room because the sound traveled so well. I heard a fart, about medium in sound, then heavy sounding plop, plop, plop, 3 turds hitting the water followed by another fart, a bit louder this time, and a sigh. She farted a 3rd time and more poop was hitting the water. She obviously had to go badly. I was wrapping up my piss and now was worried that she'd know I could hear her. But not knowing what else to do, I flushed the urinal and went to the sink, washed my hands and dried them. Amber had apparently quit pooping when she heard me. I know she could hear me and probably was thinking, "Oh, man, he can hear me pooping!" I went out of the restroom and to the car. I sat waiting for her. 5 minutes went by. Then 10. Then 15. I was getting worried about her. I could clearly see the clerk and he was the only other one there. After nearly 20 minutes, Amber came out the door, looking kind of sheepish. She got in the car and didn't say anything. I said, "Ready?" and she said yes. She was looking down and I asked if she was OK. She said, "Sorry about that." I played dumb (not difficult for me!) and said, "Sorry about what?" She said, "Taking so long." I said it was OK. She said, "OK but embarrassing." I asked why. She said, "I wanted to wait until we got to the office to go. But I couldn't." I said if she needed to go there was no reason for her to wait. I told her we all have to go. She then smiled and kind of looked at me playfully and red-faced, and said, "You could hear me, couldn't you?" I was stunned. I certainly could hear her but it just happened that way. I was just peeing and couldn't help hearing. She said, "Well, could you hear me?" I said, "Yeah, I did." She said, "Oh my God" then laughed an embarrassed laugh and said, "Well, how gross was it?" I said it wasn't gross at all. She said, "You know what I was doing, right?" I said, "Well, I think you were going #2." She said, "Yep, you heard right. Who you telling about this?" I was a little concerned because I didn't want her filing any harassment charges on me. I said, "I'm not going to tell anyone. What's there to tell?" She said, "You heard me pooping, that's what." I said for her not to worry and I would not tell a soul. She said, "I've never had that happen. I don't even like other women to hear me, and now a MAN had heard me! I'm completely humiliated." I said, "Please don't worry about it." She got quiet and we continued down the road. I changed the subject. The next day we were on our way home just after lunch. About the same time, she asked if we could make a quick stop. We were coming up on a rest stop so I pulled in. This time she was in the restroom for about 15 minutes. There were several women going in and out of the restroom, many of who went in after Amber and came out before her. So I figured she was again having her bowel movement. Same time as the day before. She finally came out and said, "Well, nature calls." I said yes, that's right and it's OK. We continued on toward our office back home.

Frantic Francine

My bursting bladder

I've shared several times before. I'm the 5th grader who has had a very difficult time adjusting to the bathrooms at my middle school. There are like 1,600 of us (5th thru 8th graders) in the building and everything is like so crowded. Although the bathrooms are huge with like 12 stalls each, there's almost always a line and there's always a lot of peeking, banging and swearing, especially when they are staying on the toilet too long.

That makes it so tough for me. During the first month of school, I tried to avoid sitting butt-down on the seats. I don't exactly know why but the toilet seats and toilets are so gross and dirty. And the seats are dark black, so there's like no way for me to see what I might be sitting in. Like the little drops of soft poo I almost sat in once. At first, I tried putting toilet paper over the seat before I sat down. It worked OK I guess the first couple of times but then my bladder would be like bursting, I'd wait for a toilet, there wouldn't be enough paper on the roll to place on the seat, and I had to turn around and leave. Because of the pain, sometimes I would even start to cry. Then after an accident and a couple of close calls, I would settle for like just taking a small piece of toilet paper off and wiping the seat off first before I sat down. But sometimes there wasn't even one piece of toilet paper on the roll when I finally got to the front of the line. So much for my alternative plan.

Now last week I was sick and the doctor says I have a bladder infection. In addition to pills, I have to drink like six water bottles a day. While I'm thirsty and know that the water is good for me, I have to sit and pee like every hour and a half or so. That so sucks because of the difficulty I have using the bathrooms at school. My doctor wrote a note to my teachers on the back of his business card and I carry it in my jeans pocket. The teachers have been nice about it but I just dread going into those bathrooms, sitting butt-down on the seat, and having to pee. Sometimes I'm sitting, trying to concentrate on getting my stream going, and there's a pound on the doorway or someone curses about giving someone else a chance. I also hate the eyeballs looking in on me. Luckily I've been able to use the doored stalls and not the doorless ones that have saved me before in a couple of emergencies. Yesterday I went in seven times and was able to piss each time but once. That one time was during a passing period and after I waiting and finally was able to sit down, the one-minute warning bell went off. I quickly had to pull up my underwear and jeans and run for my class. About a half-hour later during a free-read period, I showed my teacher my card and she allowed me to go back in. Then I about half emptied my bladder before the fire alarm went off and we all had to go outside in the 10 degree temperature for about 10 minutes. One teacher who was standing in the hallway just as I came out of the bathroom door asked what was wrong with my hearing and said I would cause the school to get written up by the fire inspectors if they were there watching. I didn't say anything but I don't really care about stuff like that. I just wanted to stay on the toilet and pee.

I have about nine more days of medication and the heavy water drinking assignment. I don't know if I'm going to make it. My friend Sasha's mom, who has been driving us to school because of the cold weather, said she had bladder infections at least once a year until she got out of high school.

I hope I don't have something like that to look forward to.

morning surprise

This morning when my alarm went off, i got up and turned on the lamp, and my wife of 11 years began to wake up too. That's when i heard her gasp, and i looked over to her. She was on her side propped up on her elbow, and she was perfectly still and looked like she'd seen a ghost. I said "what's wrong?" She hesitated, and then without moving or looking at me, nervously blurted out "i think...ithinkishitmyunderwear"...
"What! ???"
"...i might have shit myself...oh my god. I'm afraid to move."
"What do you mean might have??? Did you?"
"Well it feels like there's something in my underwear but I'm afraid to check!"
"Well, damn! Get up and get to the bathroom."
She very slowly reached her arm under the blanket, then her jaw dropped. She looked at me and said "oh my god! I did! I shit my underwear in my sleep! What the hell..."
"I don't really know what to say babe, you might wanna like hop in the shower and grab a change of panties."
"I can't believe i shit in my sleep..."
She slowly and rigidly climbed out of bed, and i watched her waddle to the bathroom rigidly while trying to pull her tiny t shirt down to hide her underwear, but i could see an enormous brown lump caked in the seat of her white panties, causing them to sag right as she stood up. She locked herself in the bathroom and never came out before i left for work. When i go home later I'll see what she has to say about it!


To: Erin Y.

Hi Erin, I too have cerebral palsy. Constipation is a real problem of mine also. What does your Mom do to help you? Have you ever had an enema? That was my Mom's favorite method of choice. The rule in my house was "three days without a BM and I got an enema". Actually I learned to like them. They usually made going pretty easy.-- JW


In the Porta Potty

Yesterday, Georg, Gustav, and I went to a culture festival to hang out(Georg and Gustav are the guys from my post "Dirty Business in the Pool"). Throughout the day, we danced, played games, and pigged out on international foods. Sometime during the evening, Georg said that he REALLY had to use the restroom. The place that we were at had porta potties instead of regular restrooms, and Georg did not want to go by himself, so I volunteered to go with him. We walked into a porta potty and discovered that it was extremely filthy. The seat was wet with what looked like a combination of pee and vomit, and there was soiled toilet paper all over the floor. I asked Georg if he wanted to wait until later to go to a much cleaner restroom. He said that he couldn't wait and quickly grabbed a bunch of toilet paper and scrubbed the seat clean. He then proceeded to grab a toilet seat cover and put it over the seat, then yank down his jeans and sit on the toilet, breathing heavily. I asked, "Are you feeling OK, buddy?"
Georg didn't say anything at first. Instead, he let out explosive diarrhea with several farts in between, and then said, "Does that answer your question?"
I replied with a quiet, "Uh-huh," and watched as he let more explosive diarrhea while groaning and holding his stomach. This went on for about 10 minutes. By that time, I really had to poop, too, but I didn't want to go in a nasty porta potty. As if he could read my mind, Georg said, "It's okay. Pooping your pants is way worse than using a porta potty."
He added with a chuckle, "Trust me, I should know!"
I chuckled myself and started to pull my pants down just as Georg was finished wiping himself. As soon as I sat down, turd after turd started ripping out of me. I moaned in relief, despite the fact that I was feeling disgusted with myself for pooping in a public restroom. I pooped for about 5 more minutes, then wiped myself, adjusted my pants, and went to the hand-washing station to wash my hands. Georg, who was already there, said, "Now that wasn't too bad, was it?"
I just grimaced at him(he knows how much I don't like using public restrooms other than for urinating). He laughed and we went back to the festival where Gustav was waiting for us. He asked with concern, "What took you so long?"
"Georg clogged the toilet again," I responded jokingly. We all laughed as Georg chased me around the park. All in all, we had a really great time.

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