Car Mom
A few days ago Laura (38 year old mom) came over and we both peed in my car again. I have to admit I think I'm getting addicted to doing it like she is! This time she actually called me on the phone and asked me if she could come over and do it. The way she said it was "I had SUCH a rough day and it would be SO nice if I could have a pee in your car right now..." Then she giggled. Well all I could say was "come on over" and so she did. As soon as she came we sent the two girls (Kaylee and Madison) to play in Kaylee's room and then we went to my garage and we got in my car. We both pulled down our pants and our underwear. Laura was still wearing her dress pants and her clothes that she wore to work. I could tell that she came right over as soon as she could. Like last time, I sat behind the driver's seat and she sat behind the passenger seat. She looked at me and smiled and then she said "thank you SO much for letting me come over and do this." I said "its ok, you know its no problem. As you can see I like doing it now too." She giggled and then she said "well, thank you anyway, I really need this today." Then she smiled. "This is SUCH a stress release." Then after that she sighed. I could tell she was letting herself relax. I asked her "are you almost going?" and she said "yeah I'm just about to start." Then I could hear her pee begin to hiss into the seat. Then she giggled. "Now I'm going." After that she sighed again as her pee went into the seat. By that time I also began to feel my pee getting ready to come. And then it did. A little bit came out and then a steady stream. And so we were both having our pees. I began to hear my pee start to hiss as it began to go into the seat. It felt really good as it went into the material I was sitting on. Then I heard Laura sigh again. I could tell it felt really good to her. It felt really good to ME too. I actually really had to go too. It had actually been a while since I had peed. We continued to sit there in the seat and have our pees. Laura was peeing a lot, as she usually does, and she was making a huge wet spot in the seat. I was too actually. Then of course as she was peeing she also let a fart into the seat. It made a bubbly noise against the wet material. She laughed a little when she farted and then she quietly said "excuse me." Soon I noticed the smell of fart mixing in with the smell of pee. But of course I didn't mind. She sighed again and then she said very softly "thank you so much for letting me do this." I said "aw its ok" and then we both continued to let our pee flow into the seat. It did feel really good. The warmth was amazing. After a while Laura farted again. Of course I smelled it right away. As I said last time, it felt weird to have another woman sitting right there next to me, peeing and letting farts. It wasn't like using a restroom together, even when the stalls are right next to each other, it was way more intimate than that. I really liked it. We kept peeing into the seat. After a while I also let a fart, and it made a bubbly noise into the seat. She laughed when she heard it. Then after a couple more seconds she let another one, which made a ripping noise into the seat. She laughed. Then I heard her hissing slowly come to a stop and she said "I'm done." Then a few seconds later I was done too. I let the last few drops come out into the seat, and then I said "I'm done too." She smiled at me and she said "That felt SO good." I said "yeah it sure did." Then she said again "thank you SO much for letting me do that and for doing it with me." I smiled back and said "I'm glad we did it." Then she said "me too." After that she put her head back in the seat and she sighed again. Then she looked at me and she smiled again and she said "I'm SO glad you're my friend." I smiled back. Then she said "I mean it. You're the only person who would ever let me do this. My husband would never let me do this in our car. And I want to SO bad. But he'd NEVER let me do it." Then she smiled again. "Thank you SO much, Megan." After that we just sat there for a while until Laura and Madison had to go back home. I'm so glad that we did that. I'm so glad that Laura has someone to give her a place that she can pee in.

Bye for now!

Woah, something hilarious happened today. It isn't very believeable, but true, and I think it was insane of him.

I wish there were more people there to see this. I first texted my buddy to see if he wanted to hang out but he said he was sick. I asked him what was wrong, he told me he has been having bad diarrhea almost every two hours. I told him that was no big deal and we could still hang out, and we met up. We were walking around the neighborhood and I asked him when the last time his diarrhea was, he said about an hour ago, and soon he would most likely have to go again. I said then he should at least have lunch if it was going to happen anyway, and I was kinda pressuring him just because I was hungry. He finally caved and we went for a slice of pizza. We went on with our walk through the snow and ice, when we got to the lake. There is this tree that has a thick branch going out ten or fifteen feet over the lake, it was also about ten feet up. In the summer we went up there to jump into the lake and stuff, but the lake was frozen now. We decided to go up onto the tree to remind us of summer. We just sat and talked. I noticed he was beginning to not talk and wouldn't move. He was also letting out silent farts that smell like when you know it is diarrhea. I asked if he was ok, he just said he needs a bathroom, quick. I told him the closest bathroom was up at the pizza shop, and a fifteen minute walk at best. He said he definately could not wait. I told him if he had to he could go in the bushes, it would be no big deal. He agreed and I jumped off the tree onto the ice. It is very thick, and not dangerous. I told him to jump and he said he was afraid it would come out if he jumped. Then it hit me: I dared him to hang his bum off the branch and poop down onto the ice from ten feet up. I laughed at the thought which he refused, but then he also started to laugh. I dared and dared and finally he said he would try, just because it was funny. I was trying to get my phone out to video tape this, but he took his pants down at 100 miles per hour and sat. Immediately he farted which echoed across the ice and some semi-soft poop fell the ten feet onto the ice, with a splat. I quickly backed up a few steps so the splat wouldn't hit me. I couldn't control my laughing. Here was my friend, ten feet above ice, having diarrhea over a log. It wasn't as diarrhea-ey as he made it sound when he told me, it kind of had the appearance of pudding. It kept on coming and coming with extreme farts. He managed to tell me that this wasn't nearly as bad as earlier. At the end, I never got the video, but I threw him some napkins from our pizza to wipe with. He jumped down and we examined the gigantic mud splatter on the ice. It looked like brown spin-art. This is a day we will not forget soon. Dude, what the hell.

Inquisitive guy
I am a long time reader, but this is perhaps the first time I'm posting. I like all the stories here, especially the peeing ones.

Well, here's my story. I was studying in third grade at a school here in India and it was an exceptionally cold day. Being used to drinking a lot of water during the normally hot tropical climate, I soon felt the need to pee this day. It was the first class and the break was only after the second class. However, the water inside my body filled up the bladder and I was getting more and more desperate to pee. I told my friend nearby that I needed to pee. He told me that he too needed. At this point I was showing signs of being uncomfortable, but my friend showed none.

Soon the bell rang for the end of the first period. There is this 3 minute gap where in there would be no teachers in the class. We both quickly dashed to the back of the one of the classroom buildings. Hoping that we wouldn't get caught either by the teachers (rare probabity) or one of the workers, we unzipped our trousers, taking out our members. I was relieved when I started peeing. My penis was erect due to a full bladder and the stream was slow. I looked at my friend's and boy! His wan't erect and he was peeing like a hose almost thrice my rate! I am a little bit stout and he's very thin. I could really sense that pee was desperate to come out of his bladder and was making a hissing sound comming out. Even so, I peed for one minute and he too peed for nearly one minute consistently at at the same rate! And back at class, he wasn't showing himself to be uncomfortable of any sort.

Earlier at church, I had another one. I got to church, went down the hall to the women's toilet. I took a stall. In the next stall was a 12 year old girl with her dress up and her beige woolly undies below her knees. Her bowels were plopping, splattering and buzzing farts. I lifted my skirt, pulled down my woollies to my knees. I sat on the bowl and relaxed my bowels with a thick mound of brown, creamy mud. It stood up like soft ice cream. I sat with nothing to do except listen to this girl. She dropped about 5 solid pieces, then these little plops. She reached for her roll like I did and wiped. I cleaned myself through the front, stood up, fixed my heavy clothes and flushed. The kid did the same and came out of her stall. She looked happy and relieved. I restarted school. It is cold here. i started school this week. I might transfer to another college. I might even go away in the fall. It is cold her. I wear sweat pants and long johns with my panty under my jeans. That is how cold it is and I am warm in these layers. I have to time myself to pee at school because it takes a long time to get these clothes off of me. I just pull them down to either my knees or ankles. When this weather warms up, I will wear my sweats and a panty which I can pull down easy. I joined the swimming team. I like it. Only, the cold water makes me pee a lot. So, before I hit the water, I go to the toilet and force myself to empty my bladder. I wear a royal blue one-piece swimsuit. So for me to use the toilet, I have to strip down the top part or I may have to take the whole thing off and sit on the toilet naked.
epresso: I use those seat covers to clean off the seat or to wipe myself when there is no toilet paper. I put some in my gym bag when I travel. After I wipe the seat, I might put on a cover. At school, we have lots of toilet paper, especially in the female rest room. I like college. I am grown-up and I can use the toilet, unlike in grade school and HS where I was pressed for time or checked on by guards. I would like to attend a better college away from home. My first month at college, the weather suddenly got cool. So, I wore my royal blue sweats and a matching FOL bra pink full-cut panty one day. I had to pee real bad before class break. It was a long class. I almost wet myself. I got out of the class headed to the women's room, took a stall, pulled down my sweat pants and panty to just below my cat, sat on the bowl and peed for a minute. A girl in the next stall said, "Hey kid, you really can hold it in before you let it out." I reached for toilet paper, opened my legs and wiped my cat and bet. my legs, flushed the bowl and returned to class. My first day of college, it was warm. So, I wore a simple cotton plaid red plaid skirt with a white Vanity Fair full-cut panty with a little lace on the leg bands. My first order of business was to do my business and make #2 at about 9AM. I found the female toilet where there were three stalls. I took the one on the end behind a wall. I closed the door, put down my books, wiped the seat, unhitched my skirt and let down my panty to below my knees and sat on the bowl. I let out 5 soft logs, which floated on the water. As I sat, I let out my first loud fart of my college career and I peed a little. I killed time sitting on the bowl before class. As I sat another girl thought that my stall was empty. When she pushed on the door, she discovered me and apologized. I told her, "I am doing #2." When I was finished, cleaned myself good, fixed my clothes, flushed the bowl, washed my hands and went to class. My second day, I ate these huge homemade blueberry pancakes with slab bacon for breakfast. I was full all day. About 10:30AM, my bowels felt full and ready to evacuate. I was wearing a gray pleated short skirt, gray panty hose and another white VF full-cut panty. I was breaking wind in the lounge and the female toilet was near. I walked in, took a stall, covered the seat. I was new in college. I lifted my skirt and let down my underwear to my ankles. I cut this hard buzzing wind and five brown soft logs splashed down and I was peeing at the same time. I had time, so I sat on the toilet. There was no traffic. Then, I wiped myself, through the front and worked to the back. It felt good to sit on the toilet in school and let out these nice soft pieces. When I finished, I dropped the paper in the bowl, admired mymasterpieces, fixed my clothes and flushed the bowl. When I was at the sink, washing my hands and fixing myself in the mirror, a tall girl came in and we said hello. She said, "I got to take a pee." I proudly told her, "I just did #2." She said, "Lucky you. I'm Jewish and constipated. I've been eating matzohs for a week." She took a stall, lowered her blue jeans and light blue Hanes panty to her ankles and she peed like a waterfall, wiped her cat and flushed and came out putting her shirt in her unzipped pants.


unexpected discovery

Today I was stopped at a coffee shop where many students hung on.
My favorite table is the one by the one-cubicle unisex toilet,
but it was taken.
There was a college aged brunet girl
and on the other seat was covered with a shoulder bag,
so I figured out her friend was in the toilet.
For 3 minute, no sound came from the toilet.
And then, I heard a flush and TP unrolled,
almost at the same time.

Then the light of the restroom went off and came out another college aged skinny short blond.
At first she didn't see me, she was tapping her abdomen,
but when she saw me, she stopped.
Then she said something to her friend and they left quickly.
I was almost sure that the cute blond took a nice dump,
but wanted to confirm it.
As the toilet has a poor flush,
they have to put the used TP in the dust box.
The TP she had used was not cove rd well, maybe she was careless.
there was a dark brown stain on it.
It seemed that her shit had been baked in her bowels for some days.
As she was my type, I hope I can see her again around there.


Day of the Dare

This happened when I was around 17 years old I think (I'm in my mid-20s now). I saw a story on a blog I follow about someone laughing until she peed her pants and it brought back this memory and I found this place to post it because I'd never post it on my own blog, haha.

Like I said, I was 17 or almost 18, I forget. My parents were gone for the day and let me have a sleepover with a few of my friends from school. There were four of us total. We spent the day goofing around and watching movies and stuff, nothing crazy. That afternoon we were in my back yard on the desk just talking and goofing around when one of my friends said something really funny and we all started laughing hard. Suddenly one of the other girls, Jessy, jumps up from her chair, hands pressed to her crotch, doubled over, and yelled, "I just peed a little!" We all laughed more at that and when she tried to bolt for the door to go inside to the bathroom the other three of us headed her off and blocked her way for some reason and made her show us her jeans, which had a baseball sized wet spot on the crotch. One of the girls then dared her to finish peeing in her jeans. At first she was hesitant but it didn't take much coaxing before she was standing in the grass, shoes off, legs spread slightly, the other three of us cheering her on. Suddenly dark wetness began rapidly spreading from her crotch and down her legs and we were all back to laughing again, harder than ever, when I suddenly felt my crotch turn hot and wet and grabbed myself and doubled over and announced that I had was peeing. I couldn't stop laughing and with every giant laugh more pee was shooting into my pants and in a matter of seconds I lost all control and just stood there watching as my jeans also rapidly turned darker as the urine poured out of me and down my legs. This made the other two girls laugh even harder and soon Staci half sat, half collapsed in a fit of hysterics onto the desk and sat there staring down as a giant puddle formed underneath her as she proceeded to soak her pants. That left only Mary dry by this point and she began to run towards the door but Jessy and I caught her and said there was no way she was getting away dry and began to tickle her. She pleased and fell onto the deck and tried to fend us off, laughing the entire time, but soon she was squealing and gasping between breaths for air that she was doing it, too and we kept tickling as she let go and soaked her pants up her butt and part of the back of her shirt because of how she was laying. We finally all calmed down from laughing a few minutes later and quickly went inside, stripped off our wet pants and panties to throw them in the wash, then took turns showering to clean up. I don't remember if I ever talked about it to anyone except the other three girls since that day until now, but it was certainly very funny to us at the time.


Today at school, I went into the toilets, which I found empty. A tall middle eastern guy walked in and took the stall at the opposite end of the room, locking the door. I washed my hands, which is what I had come here to do, and walked over to the door, opening it then shutting it so the guy in the stall would think I had left. About 2 seconds after the door closed, I saw his feet under the partition move slightly further apart, and I could see by his shadow on the ground that he was leaning forward. He grunted a couple of times as I heard a crackling sound, but then the door to the toilets opened and a guy with tanned skin (not sure of his ethnicity) walked in and took a stall. I noticed that the first guy was holding his position and I hadn't heard a plop yet, so I assumed he was holding his poo until this second guy left. The second guy was no where near as shy, and almost as soon as he sat down I heard splattering sounds - he was having diarrhea. The room smelled quite bad now. The second guy stood, pissed, wiped and left. The first guy, now believing himself to be alone again, finally loosened his position and I heard a big splash in the toilet bowl, and he moaned in relief for a second. He stood and pulled off some toilet paper, so I decided it was time to get out of there ;)


Response to Standee Mandy

I'm a few years older than you and a freshman in college. While I don't squat over the toilet as you do, I agree that the broken toilet with the water continuing to run in the bowl would be a reason why I might not be able to get my pee stream going. And even though the water going into the bowl is clean, I wouldn't want it splashing me in my private area. Smell from the previous user's crap sometimes has caused me concern. This is especially the case if I'm going to be seated for a while for a crap. If I'm just doing a usual pee, I can tolerate it for a few seconds. More than anything--and this was especially the case when I was in middle school and less confident about my body--someone peeking in between the cracks creeped me out the most.


It finally Happened to me

So I have been lurking on here an other forums for a while reading all these stories of people having genuine accidents and I always thought them to be bunk. any "Accidents" I have ever had were after I gave up holding on. Never had I been unable to hold it back until about 2 hours ago.

I had just made breakfast for me and my honey. She and I were finished and lounging on the couch. No issue yet. Our room mate wanted to take a shower so he asked us if we needed the bathroom before and we both said no. about 5 minuted after he got into the shower I felt the need to fart. Being with my beautiful girl for so long and sharing so much, we fart around each other all the time (yes girls fart). I covered my bum with a blanket and poofed. she giggled but I instantly felt my lower colon fill up. Okay, I have dealt with this before and can hold it till he gets out of the shower... NOPE I could feel it cramping and thrashing to get out. I instantly broke out in a sweat, I got up slowly and went to the kitchen to stand with my bum welded together to try to keep it in. I managed for a bout a minute, then I realized that this was a losing and I got really scared. I have never had an accident in front of her and she doesn't know about my little toilet fetish. what the hell was I going to do?!?!?!

I looked around and the only thing that came to my mind was the trash. Should I just poop in the kitchen? NO, what to do... so I figured that I would take out the trash bag and "bring it down to the barrels outside. (we live on the 3rd floor)" so if she asked what I was doing I could just say taking out the trash.

Fine; I grabbed the bag and some papertowels and popped out into the hall. As I was closing the door to the hall it was squirting out with each move. OMG! this is it!!! I ripped down my pj's and panties and pulled the bag up to my bum and squatted down a bit right there on the landing and OMG!!!! I have never had a more forceful and massive case of diarrhea in my life. I strained and pushed and tried not to make any noise. I finished up and wiped and tied up the bag and ran it down to the garbage. I came back and She wasn't the wiser... phew, I made it... Oh GOD!!! I have to go MORE?!?!?!?! i could feel it moving again but lucky for me He was getting out of the shower and finishing up. a minute later he came out and I rushed past and slammed the door and barely made it onto the toilet before exploding.

I ended up having to clean the toilet and took a shower and came back out. I told her that I had a ???? ache and she felt bad and we cuddled on the couch for a bit. She is now in the shower and I am typing this. I hope the trash dosn't get torn open by animals LOL that would be so grose.

This was my first REAL accident in over 20 years and to tell you the truth, with out being able to plan it out and actually want to have one at the time it was really bad and scary.

has anyone else ever ACTUALLY had a REAL accident, not one where you just gave up holding on?

Thanks everybody for your encouraging comments. Just got home from Dubai - I will answer some questions first then I have another story for you.

Stan - I usually do big firm poos - 1 or 2 logs which are wide and firm. They make a kerlomp noise usually and yes depending on the toilet I do sometimes get my bottom splashed.

Leanne - Liked the story about your post exam poo. I also liked the description of Emmas morning poo. Can you keep us upto date with her bowel movements too? Also your library story was nice. Thats just the sort of situation where i enjoy listening.

Amylee - I felt sorry for you with your traing seminar after luch poo and what the other woman said. Poor you but dont let it affect your confidence about pooping in public restrooms. Is after lunch the favourite time in your area - I find mid-morning is busy in UK toilets.

Wendy - Poor Emma. Hope she is back to plops soon. Does she have a normal poop time at work?

Just Curious - I was very shy about pooping in public toilets. However, in my job bowels seems to be a coomon topic of conversation. Many of the girls get constipated as a result of jet lag, dehydration and irregulat hours. So it gets talked about and many of the girls are open about trying to poop before a flight. I suppose thats where I started getting more at ease with it. We would chat over a coffee and some of us would continue the chat in the stalls while we tried to poop. Once you are at ease with it you dont think about it and if you are chatting at night on a flight and you need to go we quite often go together.

Dave - I prefer poo. All the girls pee all the time on the flights. I have peed outside many times

Caroline - Great to hear from another flight attendant. That sounded terrible you poor thing! I am so nervous about that happening I am very careful what I eat. Me and the other girls sometimes get loose and do a few soft ones a day but I have never had an incident like yours. Do you all try to poop before a long flight - are you very open about it?

New Guy - thats an impossible question. I do lots of interesting poops. My favourite are the massive firm ones. I did a big one like that on a flight a month or so ago and it just wouldnt go down the hole. I had to get a paper towel and break it up with my hands. Not nice!

Tbonz - I seldom go in the passenger toilets at the airport so its difficult to say. I know the crew toilets are busy before early morning flights. However, when I go into any public toilet in the UK between 10 and 11 seems to be a popular pooping time. You often are aware of a few ladies pooping by the sound and smell.

Now to my story:

There wasnt much to report about my poos in Dubai - they were all boring and in my hotel room. I am looking foward to continuing my poo conversation with priya (the girl I told you about in my last post) but I didnt get the chance on the way back. I heard 2 of the girls poo in the poolside toilet while I was there. I enjoyed that and on this occasion they didnt know I could hear. They were both long poos and sounded hard - I guess they were both a bit constipated and took the opportunity to push out what they needed to get rid of while they had time. They made big loud echoey plops - nice. On the way back there was a UK singer (had chart sucess over past few years) in upper class. She went to the toilet about an hour after we took off and spent at least 15 mins in there. I went in after and there was a strong poo smell despite the strong extractor and a massive skid mark down the side of the airline toilet. She obviously did a vey big firm poo. And she is so petite! It was a day flight back so I didnt have a chance to go in with any of the other girls while they pooed. But I am looking foward to a nice big one from my girlfriend tomorrow morning!I will keep you updated and also post some of my ild stories when I get a moment.
Louisa x

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Lisa great story about you and your daughter peeing in that cup and also that lady and her daughers as well please contiue to post more great stories thanks

To: Amylee as always another great ladies room story and other woman should mind her own business because you said you tried to flush it and you couldve said something else to the woman I dont what but you took the high road or however that saying goes and I think you will eventaly over come your shyness it just time for some more then others and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Erin Y. great story please post anymore stories you might have thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy great story about your friend Emmas poop and as always I look forward to your guys post thanks.

To: Patrick great story about seeing that girl pooping her pants I bet that memory will be with you forever and please share anyother stories you might have thanks.

To: David great story about seeing your wife take a dump and please share anyother stories about her or any other woman youve seen and/or heard pooping thanks.

To: Zach great story about seeing your friends siters big dump I bet youll remember that forever and please share anymore stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Scott great story about finding out whos panties those I bet now you will probaly pay closer attetion to that woman and maybe get lucky if you do please post about it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Timee as always another great story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Caroline great story I bet that was beyond embarrassing and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Potter another great about that girls pooping habits maybe youll get lucky and hear or see her go when you go back there if so pleae post about it and any other stories about girl and/or women pooping thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Thursday, February 03, 2011


Traffic Jam

I was recently in the worst traffic jam of my life with my 9yr old daughter. It was a 2 lane and a tractor trailer spilled its load all over the highway backing up traffic for miles. A hour goes by and my daughter said she had to pee. We were on the right side with another car on our left. I didnt feel comfortable with her just peeing by the side of the road. I quickly searched the car for another option. The only thing I had was my coffee from 711. I told her to hold on as I quickly downed the coffee. I told her to take down her pants and panties and pee in my now empty coffee cup. As she proceded to take the cup and pee after drinking the coffee I now had the need for a pee. She quickly finished her pee and handed me the cup. I rolled down my window to discretely dump it so I could now relieve my bladder. After I finished my pee I dumped the contents out my window. just as I was rolling up my window the car next to me a mother asked if she could have my cup as she and her 2 daughters were dying to pee. i handed her my cup and I have to say starbucks saved the day!!!!

End Stall Em

Comments for Braidy & Shelby

Shelby is correct, I feel, because Angelina was being abused by her mother. We've learned in our know-yourself discussions at school that verbal abuse is just as bad as physical abuse. The mom should have thanked Shelby for helping Angelina and basically doing her job for her. Sure, removing the ice from the SUV windows is important but she should have at least have made sure Angelina was on the stool and comfortable before going outside and leaving her alone. It's important for a child who has gone thru pain and suffering to show off what they've accomplished in the bowl and there was no reason for the mom to be so mean.


Training Seminar Ladies' Room

For my job, I attended a training seminar. It was held at a large downtown hotel. There were a few hundred attendees. I was the only one from my company attending so I didn't know anyone else there. At break time the restrooms were packed with women. There were about 10 stalls all full and people waiting. At the first break I only had to pee. I was sitting next to a noisy pooing woman, however. She farted three times and dropped a few turds while I was peeing. We got an hour break for lunch and with about 15 minutes to go before the training started again, I felt a pressure building low in my stomach. I've had this before. It's a sign that I'm going to have to poo, and usually it's a gassy one. I didn't want that since I'm still trying to overcome being a shy pooper in public restrooms. I got a cramp and decided I'd better go to the ladies' room. I went in as two other women were entering. They were ladies in their late 20's or early 30's, about my age. I was admiring both of their shoes (I'm a "shoe girl". I like them!). Both were trim, attractive women. We all three went in the restroom and there were only 3 stalls open, all together in the middle of the row of 10. I ended up between these two women. I pulled down my slacks and panties and sat down. I heard them doing the same. I also heard several plops and farts coming from other stalls. It sounded like lunch made everyone's bowels move. I sat there a minute to see if these ladies would pee and leave. That didn't happen. One of them sat down and immediately begins a long crackling sound that went on for a good 15 seconds. It sounded like a huge amount of poo, and it was plopping softly while she went. She quietly said, "Ahhh" when the plopping stopped. The girl on the other side was taking a long time to sit down. I think she was wiping down the toilet seat. She finally sat down and immediately began to pass gas slowly but it increased sound level as it came out. Kind of baaaaaaarrrrrRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPP. Toward the end of her fart I could hear poo interrupt it as she began her BM. I got a cramp at that time and started pushing. A long soft poo began moving out, very noisily with gas leaking around the crap. I was embarrassed. I hate so much to do this in public. I heard flushes around the restroom and other women taking the open stalls. There were new sounds of plopping and farting as the new comers began to use the restroom. I thought I may as well do what I needed to do, since no one else seemed to be poo shy in here. I got another cramp and it made me strain so hard I couldn't breathe. A long, soft poo came out, again noisy with gas. It kept coming to the point I thought I'd filled the entire toilet bowl. On my left one of the girls farted loudly. Then on my right I heard another fart. I looked at my watch and we only had 3 minutes to go before the training started again. We were told not to be late coming back so I got in a hurry to finish. My stomach still felt crampy and as gently as I could, let off some more gas and poo, and then peed. I wiped and saw that I'd had a very dirty poo, and it took at least 6 times to get cleaned up. I pulled up my slacks, feeling much better but still embarrassed that I'd had to poo in a public restroom. I looked and I'd totally filled the toilet. I flushed and to my horror, it would not go down. I'd pooed too much for it. I flushed it again and the same thing happened. I tried a third time, and it didn't go down. So I gave up and came out of the stall. A lady about 45 was waiting and started in my stall. She looked and said loudly, "Could you flush after yourself, please?" I was humiliated, and said, "I tried 3 times but it won't go down." Some other women were at the mirrors and were smiling and looking away. I was totally humiliated. The lady stepped back looking disgusted and waited for another stall to open. I washed my hands and could feel other ladies staring at me. I left and went to the training room thinking, "I'll never get over being poo shy. Even when I get the nerve, something happens." I vowed to flush mid-poo next time if I had to go that badly again.

Erin Y.

Constipated poop in class

Jasmin K. - How did your mom react to your "accidents" in bed when you were younger?

I was born with Cerebral Palsy and I'm almost always constipated.

One time when I was 9 or 10 years old I hadn't pooped in several days. At least four times during the school day I asked to go to the bathroom, went to the handicapped classroom and tried to poop with no success. I was beginning to become embarrassed by asking if I could go, and embarrassed by going in the handicapped class bathroom, having the aid lift me onto the toilet only to do nothing. It was about 2:00 PM when I got the idea to start pushing in class to loosen things up before asking to go again. So for several minutes I pretended I was on the toilet and pushed. I guess I got a little too caught up in what I was doing because as time went on I pushed harder and harder until finally I lifted my butt off of my wheelchair seat and pushed as hard as I could, and suddenly I felt my butt open up really wide and a huge hard poop shot out of me and into my underwear. I sat in stunned relief for a minute until my teacher came to me and asked if I'd had an accident. I said I had and she sent me to the handicapped class. I told the aide I'd had an accident and she asked me what kind. "Wet or dirty?" I said "Dirty." and she took me into the bathroom to clean up. While changing me out of my clothes she began to interrogate me about why I'd pooped me pants. She asked me if I knew I needed to go, and being a dumb kid I said no. When I said that she held up the log that was in my pants (She was wearing latex gloves) and asked disbelievingly "You didn't know about this???" I couldn't believe my eyes. My poop was fat, and about a foot long. Not knowing what else do do I said again that I didn't know I had to go. She changed me into extra clothes and sent me back to class.

I don't remember being embarrassed. I was just really relieved that I was finally able to poop.

Paco the Taco


Hello, I've been reading for the past week and finally feel comfortable posting. My real name is not Paco, but I am a guy, 15 years old in high school. Some amusing stories here, I think I might have to tell some of my friends about it. I have some crazy stories to share, but in later posts. I guess I'll just start with an observation- a lot of bathrooms in my area do not have doors on the stalls. The schools, movie theater, and even the mall have big bathrooms where the toilets only have walls. I'm not saying they are all like this, but probably the majority. I've never really been embarrassed about going to the bathroom like that, because that's what the bathroom is for, and we all do it, but does anyone know why they wouldn't put doors on them? Now that I'm getting a little older I realize how it isn't common in other places. I'll share mine too, but any good stories?


Emmas work poo

To Louisa: I'm glad you liked my work poo stories. I needed a pee at work today but before I got there the new girl Emma ran straight past me, holding her bum. She said she was sorry but she was about to poo herself. I didn't mind too much as I knew what it was like to be desperate for the loo. She slammed the door shut & I waited outside while she unloaded a torrent of diarrhoea into the toilet. When she flushed & came out it really stank in there. Emma looked very relieved & smiled at me as I went in. The water was still brown & there were little chunks of her poo floating in the water. I sat on a very warm seat & had a nice relieving pee.

crohns horror stories

as i said in a earlier post i have a good friend who has crohn's disease and she has told me of some horror stories about. It sounds like an awful disease and i dont envy anyone who has it.

I even read a story on line a while ago about a teenage girl who had crohns was in a store shopping with her mother and had an attack of diarrhea. She told her mother she needed to go. From what i understand most people with crohns when they are about to have diarrhea there isnt much time to wait they need to get to the bathroom now. Anyway the mother asked the store clerk if there was a bathroom and explained her daughters illness and urgent need to use the toilet to which the clerk replied that they didnt have public bathrooms. After summoning the manager they were told the same thing. Meanwhile this poor young girl couldnt hold it and had a very embarissing diarrhea accident in her pants right there in the store. I would have thrown the shitty underwear at the clerk and the manager.


trapped without a toilet

Hello all. I just found this site while looking for a place to share this story.... its something i experienced last month that i was very intrigued by, and i like telling about it, and well, I've already told most of the people i know so i wanted to find an appreciative audience.

I work in sales and last month during a snowstorm, my store lost power. What we eventually learned was that- and forgive me if this doesn't make much since, but this is what i understand from what was explained to me by professionals- an electrical disturbance caused by a tree falling on a transformer caused some sort of power surge in part of our building. Well, there is an electronic locking mechanism as part of a security feature on the door to the room where we keep our safe and balance all the cash. There is a safety feature that disables the electronic lock until our backup system restores power to the door, but the power surge did two things- it caused the door to malfunction and the electronic lock wasn't disabled, and it also prevented our backup system from kicking in.

One of my customer service managers and i were in the office, and we were trapped because there was no way to open the electronic lock.

After our initial moment of panic, being locked in a pitch black room, we both took our cell phones out for light and to call for help. We made a few phone calls including to 911. The 911 dispatcher sent a fire company to come in to try and get the door open, and in the meantime they gave us advice on staying calm while we waited until either the door was opened or the power was restored, because it could be a while.

And so we sat in complete darkness (the 911 dispatcher said to only use our phones for light when it was essential so we could preserve the batteries until help arrived) for about an hour until the fire company arrived. There was nothing we could do but wait while they made plans on what to do and tried things. Nothing was really going too well because obviously the door was designed not to be broken into, so we wound up waiting for a very long time while they waited for an electrician who tried to help get a backup generator to supply power to the door, and an also a technician from the security company that installed the door. Ultimately we were trapped for a total of 4 and a half hours.

What happened that intrigued me so much was my manager having a bit of a bathroom incident during our ordeal. She is a young woman about 30, a bit heavy-set (but she has been working out and although she has a ways to go, i find that her workouts have made her butt look pretty good, if its any consolation to the fact that she doesn't appear to have shed a whole lot of weight yet) and she has straight blonde hair. It was only very shortly in to the ordeal when she said "god i hope we can get out soon, i already needed to go to the bathroom kind of bad and now my nerves are making it worse..."
I just kept trying to reassure her and follow the instructions of the 911 dispatcher to keep calm and distract ourselves, so we kept talking about all sorts of different topics to keep our minds off the situation. I couldn't see her face or whether or not she was fidgeting or holding herself obviously, but i could hear her groan and sigh quietly to herself every few minutes when she wasn't talking. Every now and then, when there was a break in the conversation she would reiterate how badly she needed a toilet.

Finally about 3 hours into the ordeal, she began to breath rapidly like she was about to have a panic attack, and she started whimpering and panicking a lot about getting out, and she began to lose her cool and started yelling at our rescuers on the other side of the door to get us out already. They did their best to try and calm her down again, when all the sudden she was just quiet. The room was silent darkness for a minute before i heard her sigh again, and then sniffle as if she was crying. I said "is everything ok?" But she ignored me. Then i heard a series of muffled crackling farts, and the strong odor of poop overwhelmed the room. She said nothing for several minutes, and then eventually after she was done pooping her pants, she quietly apologized for the smell. She said very little for the entire remaining 90 minutes we were stuck, she just occasionally apologized again about the smell. I did my best to reassure her and tell her it wasn't her fault, but my reassurance was largely ignored and not well received. She was clearly deeply humiliated and preferred to sit in pitch black silence with a load in her pants.

I remember having a lot of mixed thoughts and feelings about it, but after about 15 minutes of being stuck in there with her in her dirty pants, i got used to the smell and two very interesting things occurred to me about my feelings on the situation. First, i realized that among all the thoughts and feelings i was having, disgust was not one of them. Even more interesting, i also then realized that i was actually a little bit turned on. I kept that second part to myself...

I think my heart raced for those entire last 90 minutes i was locked in there with an adult woman who had pooped in her pants. I REALLY wanted to discuss it with her and hear her actually tell me what she did... i wanted her to say "i pooped my pants". but i knew she wasn't in the mood to talk about it, and she never said what she did, it was just obvious what she'd done and her only ever verbal reference to it at all was to apologize about the smell.

Finally, 90 minutes after she pooped her pants, the electrician won the race to rescue us by restoring our backup power system and thus restoring power to the door and all the emergency lights. So we were free and could actually see again. When i saw her face it was very red and puffy from crying and she avoided eye contact. She even largely ignored everyone when we came out other than to sheepishly thank all the people that were there applauding our rescue and asking us if we were alright. They gave us bottles of water and had snacks for us and asked what else we needed, and she mumbled "i need to get to the bathroom obviously." She had been behind me when we came out so i didn't get to survey the damage until she walked around me to head to the ladies room. It was quite an exciting thing to see, i have to admit. I instantly noticed that she had completely wet herself too, because her butt had a dark wet stain the size of a dinner plate and the insides of her thighs were damp down to her knees. Right in the middle of her butt was a lump in her pants the size of a fist, with a big brown streak mark across it. I had never seen someone go to the bathroom in their pants before so it was really hard to look away, watching as she walked gingerly to the ladies room in her wet, filled pants. She never spoke of her accident and has been very cold to me ever since, but i know its because she's so embarrassed. The fact is, i don't have enough courage to try and discuss it with her and tell her she doesnt need to worry and that i don't judge her for it.

So that's my story. Sorry if the buildup was a lot to get through, I'm just a big fan of building up suspense to the big moment rather than giving away the point of a story right off the bat. It was a very interesting experience to say the least, what with being trapped in a pitch black room for 4:30, witnessing an adult woman poop and pee in her pants, and finding out that I'm turned on by that sort of thing. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it and as i said in the beginning of the post, I've been telling everyone!

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