Wife's morning dump

This morning my wife and I were eating breakfast together. When we had finished she said, "Ooh, I gotta take a big dump so bad. Wanna watch?" and of course I accepted. We headed to the bathroom, she slid off her panties and sat on the toilet, spreading her legs wide so I could get a good view of the action.

A gushing pee started the event and she peed strongly for about thirty seconds, and she farted a few times during. After she peed, she scrunched her face like she was pushing and she made cute "nnh" sounds. She farted again loudly this time. Then I saw the head of a turd emerge. It was large around, and she was clearly pushing it out each step of the way. It broke off and made a good splash. She told me, "Mmmhh yeah that was a huge one, but I can do more."

A bit later, another turd poked out but retreated back inside. This repeated a few times until finally it stayed out. The second turd was about the same size as her first but it grew to be a bit longer and then it too made a nice sploosh. With hardly any delay, she pushed out three very short turds that looked more like balls of crap than turds. By then I was already admiring her sizable dump, thinking she was done, but she surprised me with a skinny turd and it grew and grew. I think the turd must have been a whole foot long, perhaps more.

She then said, "I think that's all.", wiped herself thoroughly, and stood up to examine her work with me. I saw the two turds that were the biggest around rested side by side completely blocking the drain at the back of the toilet. She flushed and it didn't do much for taking her turds away. But I guess it made some progress, as the second flush took it all away.

Standee Mandy

Bladder tied

Sorry I haven't posted in the past couple of months. I've been pretty busy. I find it's tougher to make good grades in junior high and they sure aren't lying about the amount of homework that's expected for 7th grade.

Some of you may remember my post on Page 1916. It's about how my Mom learned me to pee and crap in public places without sitting down on the toilet seat. Instead I squat and it works for me. Well in my previous posting I wrote about my best friend Skye and the dare we had that I could squat pee and squat crap at a high school stadium bathroom during a Friday night game. Skye bet me a wipe job that I couldn't and when I did as a result of the bet, she had to wipe me. Although I had asked her not to tell our friends, she like leaked it and they started calling me Standee Mandy. When we've been at places like the mall and food places, a few of our friends have asked for demonstrations. I gave one at a gas station bathroom and three of my friends tried but couldn't do it. Does everybody not have the "talent"?

Well, unfortunately, last week at school I had my first real problem. The cold weather's got me peeing more frequently and I should have went in right when Mom dropped me off at school, but I didn't. So midway through 1st hour, I started to hurt. I got permission, walked halfway down the hall to the bathroom and when I opened the door I was surprised that all 10 stalls were taken. I've never seen that when class is in session. Usually, I'm the only one in there. Finally, an 8th grader comes out. She had obviously just crapped, there were skidmarks in the bowl and of course the smell. As I dropped my panties and jeans and got into my squat over the toilet, I noticed that the flush cycle hadn't stopped and the water was continually churning and somewhat splashing. I got a couple of drops tossed up on my backside and I expected my pee flow to start rather fast as it normally does. It didn't. I changed my stance like three times and even bent down and jiggled the flusher to try and stop it and it didn't work. I took my stance again and got more frustrated. I was hurting if you know what I mean but I couldn't get it to come out.

Finally, a few drops started and I got my hope up. That sucked because I was still not able to get my stream going. I heard the door on the toilet to my right open and I knew it was now vacant. I halfway held my jeans up as I walked over there. Sure enough another shitter had just done her thing and it smelled. When the flush cycle stopped, I squatted and was able to get most of my bladder to empty. I flushed and went back to class.

Have any of you been bladder tied under such conditions? Is it someone else having crapped before you? The noise and splashing of the flush cycle that is stuck or something else that causes a bladder to be tied?

Just some things to think about, I guess.

Just curious

Leanne - great story about your friend, Emma - that sounded like a great dump. I'm sorry to hear about your recent dumps. Maybe you have a slight stomach bug or something, but I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this.

Louisa - another interesting post. You mentioned you were once shy, but now very open about going in front of others and even chatting while going. Could you tell about your first time going in front of your co-workers or hearing them go? What gave you the courage to do so?

Jasmin K - glad you were finally able to go. Hopefully you are feeling better too.

Desperate to poop - another great story.

I have a friend who has a 14 year old sister who takes ridiculously huge shits. She is a really little girl too, like she is only 5'2" and weighs like 120 pounds. It's ridiculous how big her shits are. I remember one instance in particular where she clogged the toilet when I was stopping by. I was downstairs with my friend and I really needed to pee and just as I am about to go into the bathroom his little sister walks out and rushes into her room across the hall without making eye contact. I go into the bathroom only to discover that she has not flushed the toilet. There we like 5 huge logs in the toilet, at least. I, not wanting to pee on it, decide to flush the toilet first. Unfortunately, the toilet started to overflow and I booked it outta that bathroom like crazy. The worst part was when I went to go tell Ryan he gave me a look saying "you asshole you just broke my toilet"...but after stringing me along for about 10 minutes making me thoroughly embarrassed he told me that he knew it was his little sister. She's a dancer and she eats a lot of food and doesn't go poop often so when she does it's really crazy. Anyway my friend called her down and she immediately said "Your friend clogged the toilet." My friend said "No, we all know it was you, all I'm asking is you go fix it so my friend can pee and leave." She got really red in the face and rushed upstairs to go fix it.

I haven't posted on here in a while and I'm going to try to more often as I have a few more stories about a couple of my friends I wouldn't mind sharing.


The Soiled Panties… Mystery Solved!

Okay, so I wrote on page 1981 about a pair of badly soiled panties that I found in one of the green garbage cans near the door to the stairs in the parkade where I work. I found this out while getting coffee the other morning at the coffee shop in our building…

I was standing in line behind two attractive early 30's women. There were about three other people ahead of them and the one woman, let me call her Woman A, to the left was fidgeting around a bit. She reached into her purse and gave the other woman (Woman B) some money for their coffee. She said, "Here, this is for our coffee, I need to use the ladies room." Woman B said, "Okay, I will wait for you over there." And she pointed to the small seating area in the coffee shop. Woman A left the line and as she got near the washrooms, she put her right hand on her bum and quickly entered the ladies room. Woman B ordered and paid for their coffees and sat down. I did the same and decided to sit down near her to see how this played out. I was checking through my BlackBerry just to look like I wasn't paying attention to them.

Woman A was in the washroom for quite a bit and finally came out after about 15 minutes or so. She sat down and Woman B said, "Are you okay?" Woman A said, "No, not really. My stomach is a little upset." Woman B said, "Oh. Do you need to go home?" Woman A replied with, "No, I'll be fine." She paused for a few seconds and then said rather quietly, "Actually, I didn't quite make it." Woman B said, "What?" Woman A said, "Yeah, it started coming out just as I got to the ladies room." Woman B said, "Oh! Well, why don't you go back home and change? Stay home if you are not feeling well." Woman A said, "Its okay. I have my period right now and most of it went on my pad. Luckily my pad is long enough to cover me there. I just changed it and cleaned myself up. But a little did leak onto the back right part of my underwear." Woman B said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I think you should go home if you are still not feeling well later."

I could not believe what I was hearing! They thought that no one could hear them, but I heard every word. I don't have an eidetic memory, but some conversations just seem to stick in my mind!

A few minutes later, Woman A said, "I can't believe that this keeps happening." Woman B said, "Huh? What do you mean?" Woman A said, "Well, remember last week how I left early?" Woman B said, "Yeah." Woman A continued, "Well, the reason why I had to leave is because I was really sick." Woman B said, "Yeah, I sorta figured, you know, since you said you were sick (Ha ha)." Woman A said, "Yeah, but what I didn't say was that I had diarrhea really bad. I was on the phone when it started and by the time I got off, I had gone in my underwear a bit. By the time I made it to the ladies room, I had completely pooped in my pants. It was horrible! I mean, I couldn't even clean myself up." Woman B said, "Oh my god! I had no idea." Woman A said, "That's because I got out of there so fast. I started going again on my way out of the office and even stopped by the ladies room again. By the time I got to the stall, round two was in my pants. I was wearing tights under my dress pants and my underwear could not contain the mess, so my tights were a little soiled."

I could not believe what I was hearing. Woman B couldn't either. I continued to scroll through my BlackBerry.

Woman A continued, "So, I took off my pants, tights and underwear. I cleaned myself up as much as I could and then pulled my tights back on as well as my dress pants." Woman B said, "So what did you do with your underwear?" Woman A said, "Well, I wrapped them up in some toilet paper and carefully put them in my purse." Woman B said, "Huh." Woman A continued her story, "Yeah, so I decided to walk down the stairs as there were people waiting for the elevator and I didn't want them to smell me, you know?" Woman B said, "Sadly, yes… So, what did you do with your underwear? Did you take them home to clean?" Woman A said, "Actually, no. I left them in the green plastic garbage can near the door to the stairs. They way the ended up in the garbage can, it was obvious that someone had a bad accident in her pants. Unfortunately, it was me. It looked like I had stood in the garbage can and let them fall down my legs to the bottom of the can." Woman B said, "Wow, that's crazy!" Woman A said, "Yeah, it totally sucked. I walked by that garbage can a few more times during the week, just to see if it had been taken out. A few people had thrown their coffee cups away, so I'm sure that someone saw my messy underwear." Woman B said, "Well, unfortunately, I know how you feel. It's happened to me before as well. Totally humiliating, you know?" Woman A said, "Yep…"

With that they got up and walked out of the coffee shop. I stayed behind for a few minutes trying to collect my thoughts. Plus, I didn't want to look strange by leaving when they did. So I did not get to hear about the accident that Woman B had.

I'm not sure if they knew I could hear them or not, but I have seen both of them in the coffee shop and around our building a few times since then. I have made eye contact with Woman A and I smiled when our eyes met. Her face turned rather red the first time I saw her, so she must have known that I heard her story.

Well, at least that solves the soiled panty mystery!



Snow Day dump

Just so you all know I'm 15 years old and 5' 11'' . I usually take huge dumps but for the last month I haven't. So,This Morning, I woke up to major cramps.It was a snow day so I slept some more. Then when I woke up I had to run to my toilet. As soon as my butt hit the seat a long turd started coming out my hole. A few seconds latter it fell out at 12'' .I felt another turd coming so I relaxed and this one was 3 inches longer than the first. Then I felt a cramp and started letting out a bunch of 5 inch turds. After half an hour I felt good releasing half my poop. I stood up and surveyed the damage. My toilet had two very long shits in the middle and lots of 5 inchers on top of it. I sure felt good after that.

Carmaltia: I haven't seen any posts from you in a while.

Paco the Taco
This happened a few years ago. In the summer me a friend wanted to "go camping", and since we were only 10, my mom agreed to let us set up a tent out in the backyard. My backyard is really huge and has some woods, with a little creek/lake in the back. We set up next to there. We begged and begged for them to let us light a campfire, and the rule was it had to be very small and we put it out at 10. Well around 9:30 my friend (by the way his name is Stan) was walking next to the fire and accidentally caved in the hole, and put it out. My mom yelled back to us when she saw, and we told her we didn't feel like re-starting it, and she went off to bed. We stayed up, playing games and eating junk and at one point we took a swim in the lake (unsafe lol). At around midnight we settled into our sleeping bags and tried to sleep. We weren't even asleep yet when Stan asked me where he should go to the bathroom. I told him to just use a tree, since I thought he had to pee. He said "Are you sure?" Very surprised. I told him it was no big deal and it would just wash away anyway. He agreed and left the tent, where I thought he was going to pee, but boy was I wrong. I heard him making some noises and suddenly a loud trumpet fart. I stuck my head out of the tent and directly to the left, only five or six feet away, I could see Stan facing the opposite way sitting over a fallen tree, with his pants down. I said "Dude?!". He gave a strong push and an extremely wide turd came out very fast. It was only about 6 inches long, but god was it wide. He asked what's wrong and I told him I didn't know he was going to poo. I stopped arguing because it was my fault, I gave him permission. He pushed out two more turds of the same size. He had nothing to wipe with, and there was definatley poop all around his butt hole. He had to get back into the tent and it smelled like poop for the rest of the night.

I resumed school last week. It is cold and we had snow. I have been peeing frequently due to the cold. The doc says that it is normal. I went to the female toilet during registration. I took a stall, pulled of my jacket, lowered my royal blue school sweat pants, black long johns and pink American Apparel briefs to knees, sat on the bowl and urinated. I squirted 3 times before it flowed steady. I took paper, wiped my cat and flushed. It is a turn-on to be a girl peeing or to hear another girl peeing. While I was peeing, another girl was already settled in with her royal blue sweats(school color) and her white panty to her ankles. She was making her pee. It sounded thin, but long. I heard her wipe, and saw her pants stretching open as she wiped. She flushed and came out and we recognized each other from science class. Guess what? she and I joined the women's swimming team. There will be stories from the gym locker room toilet.
I went to church today. After church, I stopped to look at somethings at a nice housewares store. I knew where the was the toilet. They have two separate single closets. They are clean. I closed the door, took off my coat, lifted my blue denim skirt, pulled down my black woolen tights and my flannel boxer panty to my ankles and sat on the bowl after I wiped the seat. I sat like a lady with my legs slightly apart, then released my #2. It was dark brown, soft and loose and slid down the front slope of the toilet. I felt this loose movement in me and I knew that i had to get rid of it. When it was over, I wiped from the back, pulled up my woolly undies, let down my skirt and flushed. I had to flush 3x because of the skid marks.

Emma: I cannot use train toilets. They are dirty and the ride is not often smooth.

I had to take a poop at school in 6th grade and I went into the bathroom to take one before school. I hadn't pooped in five days The bathrooms had doorless stalls. As I walked in four 8th grades stood in front of the stall, they were cracking up seeing a 6th grader on the toilet. I decided I was just going to sit on the toilet for as long as it took. Unfortuantly one of the kids grabbed my pants and underpants before I could stop them. I was sitting there naked my face bright red while they were in fits.They told me I could have my clothes back once I was able to produce a big stinky shit. I was so angry upset and embarrassed, but I had no choice so I started pushing when no poop started coming out I had to grunt I was so embarassed as they laughed at the grunts and groans I was making. Finally poop started slipping out and when the turds splashed in the toilet they all started clapping their hands I just wanted to die. I continued dropping my huge load in front of them. Finally I was finished and told them that. They told me it wasn't stinky enough for their liking, so they made me keep pushing. Huge loud farts came out fallowed by some more poop. I had to do that once more before they said it was stinky enough for me to go, relieved to get my clothes back I reached for the flusher, and one of the guys blocked me from it they said I had to wipe first, having no choice I had to wipe myself until they told me I was clean at that point I was feeling more humaliation than I have ever felt since or ever. The guys looked in the toilet and laughed at how big and stinky my poop was, finally they let me flush before they gave me my clothes back I put them on and I left. It didn't end there at lunch the gang found me and yelled to the whole cafeteria "dude you had a BIG STINKY shit this morning. The whole cafeteria and all my friends burst out laughing it was the worst day of my life.

one time I was in the middle of class in 7th grade and I really had to poop. I tried ignoring it but it was no use so I got up to ask the teacher if I could use the bathroom and just after I finished asking I let out a loud wet stinky fart. I hadn't pooped in 4 days and it smelled like it. I was so embarassed but the teacher gave me permission and I went to the bathrooms. The bathroom had no one in it luckily, so I took the last stall sat down and exploded into the toilet. Gas and poop exploded out of my butt and into the toilet. Their was so much I sat there for 10 minutes letting a huge poop out. I came back to class and the class laughed at me for pooping. I was known as "poop boy" the rest of the year


Hi Louisa, Enjoyed your mile high pooping story. Would like to hear your stories about seeing other girls on the toilet.Do you have any peeing stories when you have been really desperate to pee. Have you ever had to pee outside when you have been caught short. Do you like peeing with your girlfriend

Hope to hear from you soon....kind regards Dave

I was in church and I had to make #2. It was afternoon. I went to the mens room down under. This place has two urinals and a toilet. I took the stall, hung up my suit jacket, pulled down my gray dress pants and my light blue FOL briefs to my skinny thighs, held down my johnson and sat the bowl. I was so glad to just let out a thick load that resembled a chocolate mocha desert cone. It coiled in the water as I looked between my legs. A man and a boy came in to urinate in the next urinals. We could see each other from the side. I held down my johnson because it was hard. I am 13 remember. I just held it down with my skinny legs together. After they took their pee, I then wiped myself and flushed. The bowl has a jet flush and it flushed the thick mess leaving skid marks. I flushed 5x to clear off the evidence, fixed my shirt and pants and left. Yesterday, I was in a dep't. store with my mother, same thing. I told her that I had to go badly or I would mess my pants. She said, "GO NOW." I handed her my coat outside the men's room. It was a clean dry place. I took a stall, put paper on the seat, undid my blue jeans to my ankles and my white Jockey Y-front briefs, parked my scrawny black butt on the wide toilet seat and my bowels thundered out a long solid piece of about 8 inches with four little light brown chunks. I opened my legs to see. I had no stomachache. An older guy, a teenager entering the next stall said, "Little brother, you got a belly." I told him that it was building up and it just came to a head. He dropped his jeans and red 2xist bikini briefs to his ankles. His bowels too exploded like mine and then he was dropping chunk after chunk. Then, he let out a long loud piss and he buzzed out a fart. We sat and talked about being boys. He told me that he was16. Afterward, we decided that we were finished and we wiped ourselves, pulled up our clothes and flushed our toilets. After we washed our hands, we met our mothers. He was a cute slim Asian boy and had a younger sis about my age.


To Louisa RE: Flight attendant stories

Hi Louisa, Enjoyed your posts. I´m also a flight attendant, I´m from Switzerland. I had also my experiences but these were not funny ones when working on flights to Asia or Africa. My worst experience was at a stopover in Bombay. We had dinner with our whole crew and had Indian food. Next morning our flight was going on to Hong Kong very early. I felt ok at night just a bit dizzy and my stomach felt uneasy. When we got to the airport I suddenly felt horrible sharp stomach cramps like never before in my life. I was sure now the worst would happen. When we boarded the aircraft the pressure was unbearable and I ran to the first toilet and had just horrible diarreah like never before in my life. It was so horrible because I know boarding of the passengers was near. I managed somehow to clean up and get out in time. I felt horrible. I went to my station assigning the passangers their seats, then during takeoff this horrible urge came back. I was sure I couldn´t hold it but of course I couldn´t stand up during takeoff and run out. Then it happend. While sitting there diarreah splashed out of me. This was unbearable. As soon as the fasten seat belt sign was off I ran back to the toilet sat down and continued with diarreah. It was just wave after wave coming out of me. And then I had to through up, but in a horrible intensity. I kneeled down quickly and during the time had more diarreah. My uniform skirt was completely ruined. It took me one our to finish and clean up. I came out and told my cief cabin attendant that I was horribly sick and unable to work. She told no problem, and could lie down in the crew rest area. I took some immodium which helped me a little with diarreah but I had to through up almost every five minutes. I felt that really everything is coming out of me. I was completely dehydrated so after landing in Hong Kong they took me immediately to hospital and diagnosed a severe case of food poisoning. It happened just to me, not the the other crew colleagues. I had to stay 3 days in hospital. Hope something like this never happened to you or some of your colleagues. I have another story to share from Kinshasa but that was not so bad. Please keep on posting!


constipated young girl (2)

When I was in 5th grade, a female classmate of mine was suffering from a irregular BM.
I call her K. She was tall and looked much elder than she really was.
One day during lunch time she looked a bit sick,
so I asked her what was wrong.
She told me "I have a stomach ache".
I told her to go to the nurse, but she replied
"No. If only I could poop... I couldn't have pooped for 5 days".
Another girl said to her"Go right now then!!"
"Now the bathroom will be very clouded, maybe the next break, I can go."

About 10 minutes before the next lesson was over,
K suddenly stood up and ran out of the class.
The teacher looked for the hallway and saw her running into the girls room. The teacher told us to stay calm and headed to the bathroom.
The teacher came back soon and the lesson was over.

During the short break time, some girls went to the bathroom.
As I am a boy I could only overhear there conversation
behind the bathroom door.
"Are you done?"
"No, my ???? still hurts"
"OK, take your time. I will tell that to Ms. X"
The teacher of the next lesson asked us where was K,
so one of her friend told her that K was a bit "sick" in the bathroom.
In the middle of the class K came back and was fine all the day,
though she had clogged the toilet and some other girls
went to the bathroom and admired how big K could poop!!

I also remembered that on the last day of our school trip,
K had to move her bowels at a park bathroom,
where we waited for her like half an hour!!
I heard several flushes.
She had learned not to clog toilets.

This year I am going back to my hometown after 10 years of absence,
where my dear toilet clogger K still lives.
I am looking forward to hear her fresh news.
Thank you for reading.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Keelie first welcome to the site and also great story I bet you felt a whole lot better after getting that beast out and please conitue to post any other story you might have thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another great car peeing story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmin K I bet you feel better and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anny another great story and I bet if your toilet or any other toilet could talk they would probaly "not her again" or some thing like that and ouch I bet you were glad to get that beast out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ciara another great story I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Potter great story about that constipated girl and please share anymore stories like that thanks.

To: Linda great story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Louisa another great story a question what was your most interesting dump you took? size, shape, amout etc please post about it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty wendy great stories and as always I look forward to your guys stories thanks.

To: Braidy great story about you and your friend Shelby pooping and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne great stories about the different poops you took and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop great story and I agree with you that mom needs to chill and not treat her child like that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

these next post might be repeats because they didint apear with my last post but might when the site is updated I think it was because posted to many at once I was using my psp oh well.

To: Wendy great story about your accident and as I said above I look froward to your guys next posts. thanks.

To: Hermes another great set of stories and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Buddy great dtory about that girl pooping and please share any anymore stories like that thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site


Airport restrooms

To Louisa,
I love your stories about the flight attendants and their bathroom issues. I don't fly much, but have noticed that when on a layover type of flight that leaves early in the morning, and the layover stop is around 9-10 am, there are lots of guys in the restroom pooping. I guess they didn't want to go on the plane unless it was an absolute emergency. You hear lots of farts and pooping sounds from many of the stalls. Is it the same way in the Ladies restrooms? When a flight lands mid-morning, and you see many of the ladies heading for the restroom, are a lot of them pooping? If so, is there a lot of noise, farting, and pooping sounds going on. And what is the smell like in there? I would love to be a fly on the wall to see what really happens in the ladies room between flights. Please let us know what you've seen in these situations.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

the anonymous hippopotamus
espresso- about the seat covers...I used to never punch the middle out either. That changed when I was like ten though. I was on vacation and I suddenly got an urgent need to poop, so I rushed to the bathrooms by the pool and pulled a seat cover. I was in such a rush that I didn't realize I pulled out like 5 covers, and sat down. I had a rush of diarrhea and felt warm stuff around my butt, and realized I had so many covers that they weren't breaking!!! I had to explain to my parents diarrhea all over me. So now, I just punch it out to be safe.

Amylee- good story about revenge. I've been there too, first getting embarrassed but then the person making fun of me getting embarrassed. It was actually while I was camping, but a looong story, so I won't get into it.

buddy- nice story about surfing. It must have been weird at 16 though.

Louisa- Definately post some flight attendant stories!!! Thanks


unlucky situation

ok this is my first post i usually just read and yesterday i had a situation so i thought i would share it :)

i was out with my mates at the park having a great time it was about 11:00 at night and i hadnt been for a poop for about 2 days so we were all ready to head off home it was about a half an hour walk home from this park so i started my journey,so i went my way and about 5 mins in and i got a sudden urge to take my long waiting poop but after a while it went away so i was about half way there and it came back with a vengence i stopped in my tracks and held my butt and looked around for a descreate place to go but there was a party going on across the street and there was a load of people outside so i couldnt go into the feilds next to me so i slowly started walking trying to not make it obvious that i needed to go clenching my butt and after ten mins i was almost there and i was getting into a very desperate state along with the need to pee from the 2 litre bottle of cokes i drank earlier and i started to run even though i knew this would just make matters worse i finally got to my house and unlocked the door and went straight up to bathroom door when my mum came out of her room and said to go straight to my room as i was meant to be back at 10 i tried to tell her but she wouldnt have any of it so i woddled to my room holding myself openly and went in and locked the door i sat straight on my bed rocking backwards and fowards trying not to have an accident and then i thought **** it! and looked around my room frantically and saw a lunchbox container and a plastic bag i use for rubbish so i quickly put them on the floor took my jeans and pants right off and got on my knees and one hand held the lunchbox under me and positioned myself on the floor over the bag and let loose i started peeing first (i dont know why but i just did and filled it nearly to the brim and then i felt my ass being ripped open it was going to be huge i clenched my fist and it started to move down after 5 mins of pushing it came out and i knew i wasnt done another one smaller but still same in width came shooting out along with 5 smaller logs i felt such releif i put my jeans pack on and inspected the size the width was about the size of can of coke and abotu 12" long along with the other small ones i tied up the bag and hid it and emptied the lunchbox onto the roof and it poured down the drain then in the morning i quickly put it in the wheely bin off our next door neibour lol hope you liked it boy it was a funny time :D


thousands of children kept in class: fake police shooting

I read that thousands of children in southern California were kept in class from the morning until after it got dark. A policeman had shot himself, and reported that he had been shot by someone else... so for some reason they kept the children in classrooms while they looked for the nonexistent gunman.

Most of the children weren't allowed out of classrooms to go to the bathroom, so they used trash cans in closets. Children at some schools were allowed to go to the bathroom.

long haired hippy
Hey everybody. Long time reader..this site is awesome. Good to see that there are people out there like me who are not ashamed of our natural functions. As a child, I was one of those people. I often got constipated, if not, pinched some real big loaves due to holding in my poop because I did not want to use the washrooms at school. Now my feelings are the exact opposite.. I have no problems takin' a deuce on campus. I figure- Why stink up my washroom when I could just stink up a public washroom. If you are a cheap university student like me, going on campus is wonderful because you spend less on toilet paper.
One thing I missed about my childhood was being able to have large poops, cause few things in life feel as good as dropping a huge poo. However, I don't want to hold my poops in because it isn't nice to the body. I don't want to overeat to achieve this either. My diet is fairly good too, so I suppose I will just read posts from huge poopers in envy.

On the contrary, today I had a sizeable dump. About an hour after dinner, I was sitting here on the computer when I could feel some solid pressure of gas and a load of poo. So I went over to the can, sat down.. and tried to let this log inch out on its own. That didn't happen. I felt the log creeping out a little bit..and then "SCHHHHLOOOOPPPFFFFF!" A gas-propelled bomb of fecal matter blasted out of my bottom hole. A big pile of loose poo sat in the bowl, and fumes began to rise. It was quite relieving.. and stank quite a bit worse than my dumps usually do.

have a good evening, fellow posters.

Car Mom
Hi again!

To new guy & Upstate Dave: I'm so glad you like my posts! Its so good to know that the regulars like you guys like my posts! Hope you liked my last one from yesterday too!

I actually told 38 year old mom about this site, and I'm also going to show it to her next time she's over. She's not really a computer person so she doesn't know if she'll post or not. But she said she likes the idea of people being able to post about things like peeing in cars! She also said that from now on I could use her real name if I wanted, so here goes: her name is Laura and her daughter's name is Madison. So now you all know!

Today I had humming girl in my car again! I probably still shouldn't use her real name since her mom doesn't know that she pees in my car or about this site. So I'll just keep calling her humming girl. Anyway after I picked her and Kaylee up from school I had to go to the store. On the way there Kaylee peed in the seat but humming girl didn't, nor did she even mention that she needed to go all the way there. I was surprised actually. I decided while we were in the store that if she told me she had to go to the bathroom I would suggest that if she wanted she could wait till we got to the car and have her pee there instead. A little later on she did tell me that she needed to go to the bathroom. And so I told her "well, you could go ahead and go to the bathroom if you want, but if you want you could also wait a little bit till we're done in the store and then you can go in the car if you want." She smiled when I said that and then she said "ok, I'll wait then." And so I hurried through the rest of my shopping, which wasn't a whole lot anyway, and then we hurried to the car so she could have her pee. We got in the car and I had her wait till we were out of the parking lot and then I told her she could go whenever she was ready. And so she did. She pulled down her pants and then she immediately began to pee. It made the usual little hissing sound as it went into the seat. And then as she was peeing, humming girl began to hum. So cute! Then as she was still peeing, I saw that Kaylee too was pulling down her pants so she could go too. Now she had already gone on the way to the store and usually I don't let her pee in the seat more than once in the same day because it gets the seats really wet, but since she had a friend with her, I just let her go ahead and do it. And so along with humming girl's hiss I soon heard another hiss in the seat as Kaylee began to pee. It was so cute to hear them peeing together. It was like a stereo hiss. Then as they were finishing up they both let a couple little farts, first humming girl and then Kaylee. Then after that they were finished. I could tell that humming girl was glad she had her little pee in my car. She kept smiling and giggling and pointing out how her pee had spread across the surface of the seat more than Kaylee's did and made a bigger wet spot in the seat than Kaylee's did. Then as I was dropping her off at her house she made sure that she said "thank you for letting me go in the car again" before she left.

Well, that's it for now! Bye!

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