Jasmin K


Ive had a very constipated week but finally managed to get it out yesterday evening it was quite a large amount as I hadn't done more than a few hard pebbles since last Monday evening when I had done 2 decent solid logs both of which took about 5 minutes of straining to get out.
On the Tuesday when it got to my toilet time I didn't feel I needed to poo and I know when I feel like this it takes ages for me to make myself go so I took a couple of magazines to read and my phone so I can text my friends. I went to the bathroom,lifted my school skirt, pulled my bikini style knickers down to my thighs and sat on the toilet and started pushing then straining and reading my Magazine. After 20 minutes of this nothing had come out. I started to strain much harder which I could feel made my bum really swell.I put my Mag down and took some toilet paper for a test wipe just to see if there was anything there. On checking the paper there was some yellow/brown mucous like liquid which I know from past experience means its gonna take a lot of hard straining to do a poo. I started to read again and pushed down straining real hard. My phone went and it was my friend Katie from School. I had a short chat with her,told her where I was, she asked if I was constipated to which i replied may be and would speak to her later. She said to text her If I needed her help. Katie and I are very open with each other and both of us have given each other ???? rubs/ ???? presses laid on our beds and whilst sat on the toilet. She is the only person who I am comfortable with in the bathroom apart from my older sister and my cousin when I am on the toilet.
I just started straining again when my Mum asked 'Are you ok have you been yet'? I said Yes and No, not yet. My mum always does that when we (my sister as well) have been on the toilet for ages.
After about 5 more minutes I did some soft poo which really smelled. After another 10 minutes I had a fair amount in the water when I looked so I wiped carefully as i was very sore, pulled my knickers up and went to my room. I had another phone chat with Katie and went downstairs.
On Wednesday I had ???? ache in the afternoon - probably due to eating too much Tuesday evening. As I was going out with my Friends I decided to go on the toilet as soon as i got in from School. I pulled my blue knickers down and sat and after 10 minutes of straining produced about 4 pebbles of hard poo. I strained hard again and again but just produce 1 more pebble. I decided that would have to do, wiped and pulled my knickers up. I then got changed and ready to go out. After food I went back to the toilet for a quick try to see if I could do some more. No luck so i went out with my friends, we hung round in town, at burgers and Pizza and met our BFs.
On Thursday Morning I woke and had bad constipated ???? ache. I told my mum and she said I should go to the toilet and do it and that she would take me to school in the car as I wouldn't have time if I had to take the Bus.I didn't really want to sit on the toilet straining as I would have to spend the day at school with a very sore bum as well as ???? ache If I didn't do a poo. I sat down and started straining, I strained so hard I made my bum bleed,it was dripping into the water and soaked the paper when I wiped it.I know from previous experience from as far back as I can remember when this happens Its a very hard piece of poo stuck up inside. It was time to set off and I told Mum that I nothing would come out. I wiped my swollen bum and went and put on one of the pairs of Knickers I wear when things are bad down there.
I had real bad ???? ache and when I went to the toilets for a pee at lunchtime I had soiled my knickers a bit. I was tempted to try to do it but decided to wait until home.
When I got home I changed my knickers and went on the toilet, I managed to do a couple of pebbles and after about 1 hour had done about 6 and had a swollen bleeding bum. I went again before bed for about 1 hour and produced 1 pebble which must have broken off from a solid hard log that I could feel pressing down each time I strained.
I put a couple of towels in my bed and kept my knickers on during the night - Ive done it in my knickers when I am asleep a few times,, When I was younger and I was constipated or hadn't done a poo I had to keep my knickers on in bed in case of an accident when I woke up If I hadn't had an accident and needed to poo I would push it out in my knickers and tell my Mum it came out whilst I was asleep..Blush Blush - I did it quite a lot until I was 11 then just when it was by accident apart from 2 times.
On Friday Morning when I woke my bed was wet but no other accident. I skipped breakfast, Showered and asked mum for a lift. I sat on the toilet straining to poo but time was against me. I asked Mum if I could stay of school as my ???? ache was bad. She agreed and left to go work. I had a long try on the toilet about 2 hours, reading my Magazine and although my bum kept bleeding I kept dropping little pebbles each time I pushed down. I decided to go for a walk so I wiped and due to the bleeding I wore a maxi pad in a pair of the knickers I keep for these times. With my outfit I wore a pair of high boots and decided when I got back i would keep them on when I was on the toilet to lift my legs up. I bought a new Magazine and a bag of hard gums. Whilst I was out I got like cramps in my ???? and I just pushed with them and some poo came out in my knickers. Luckily the pad absorbed the spurt of pee that came out with it.
When I got home I went straight into the bathroom - pulled of my now wet and soiled knickers and chucked them in the bath and sat on the toilet. The boots made my legs real high. I strained and strained and dropped a few pebbles. The Lycra skirt I had on which I normally just pull up was digging into my ???? when I strained. So I stood up and took it off, then went to the bathroom cabinet and got the cream for my bum which I only use when its really bad and swollen. Re seated I lent forward and pulled my bum cheeks apart and carefully edged my fingers into my bum hole and pulled that wider as I think that will help my poo to go through. I strained and strained making loud sighs and groans and could feel a hard poo in my bum, as I pushed more and it started to come I removed my fingers and just pulled my cheeks apart. As it came out it stretched my bum so much it made my eyes water. It was stuck half way out, I strained and pushed and strained so hard I was going dizzy but it wouldn't come out. I decided to squat down a try. I got of the toilet carefully and still holding my cheeks apart with my poo tail sticking out - side profile in the mirror looked funny I put a towel on the laminate floor to soak up any pee. I squatted,still wearing the boots, and pushed down as hard as I could.It started to move. It hurt so much stretching my sore and bleeding bum and felt like it was tearing me. As It thudded onto the floor my bladder released a stream of deep golden pee into the white towel, I think my bladder was needing the poo out of the way so it could empty properly. My poo was on the floor. It was about 10 inches long and about 3 inches across at the fattest part. It was solid,very hard dry and knobbly and a different colour from one end to the other. I picked it up with paper and put in in the toilet and flushed. I sat on the toilet and tried and did a few more pieces and some soft mushy poo. I cleaned up the bathroom, showered and got dressed. I will be doing a poo befor going out this evening as I still feel quite full so should be able to do another big load.


Toilet-clogging dumps and comments

I've been having monster poops lately. Normally I'd say that's a good thing, but I've clogged the toilet twice within two days! I've been increasing my fiber and drinking as much water as I can since my epilepsy medication causes constipation, dry mouth and thirst so drinking a lot of water isn't a problem for me. I hope this will soften up my poop.

The other day I had to poop so I went into the bathroom to do my business. The poop was so big and dry that it was painful and caused my bum to bleed!! The worst part was, when I flushed it went down but when I had to pee, it overflowed the toilet! I had to plunge the toilet and put towels on the floor to clean up the mess. I don't remember the last time I overflowed a toilet. I know I used to overflow the toilet a lot as a little girl because I didn't drink enough water and got bunged up a lot. I was living with my mom and aunt at the time and my aunt used to yell at my mom for it.

Now I do the best I can to avoid getting constipated by eating fiber, taking a gentle laxative and stool softener daily (as told by my GI doctor), using wheat bran on top of my cereal and trying to drink as much water as possible. It's hard to beat the constipation. I also drink coffee to try to get my bowels moving as well.

Amylee- Oh my gosh, that woman was SO rude. I'm glad the 40-ish woman told Miss Stuck Up off! I hate people like that, that act like they never shit and that their shit doesn't stink! Girls in my high school used to do that to me too whenever I had diarrhea. They would laugh or make rude comments like "Ewww that stinks!" I feel for that lady. But karma's a bitch-it'll come back to bite the rude lady. And I'm glad it did. Normally I don't wish bad things or illness on people but that made me angry how Miss Stuck Up was acting.

New Guy-Yeah those dumps did make me feel better though not totally empty

Kate, The Soccer Mom-I'm so sorry that you had an accident at your spin class :(

Megan from Calgary-I'm sorry you had that accident in public :( Sarah sounds like a great friend though.


Midnight Shits

Last night, I slept over at the twins' house after we played games on Tom's Nintendo Wii and pigged out on fast food. Around midnight, I woke up with a really huge urge to poop. I quickly rushed to the restroom, holding my bum with both hands. However, when I got there, I discovered that Tom was already on the toilet, letting out explosive diarrhea while moaning and holding his stomach. I was squirming and sweating like a pig, and I said, "Hey, Tom? Do you think you could scoot over? I REALLY have to shit!"
Tom complied, and I yanked down my pajamas and sat next to Tom on the toilet. Immediately mushy, stinky diarrhea exploded out of my butt. I moaned in relief. Tom said, "I knew that buying food from that place was a bad idea, but Bill just HAD to do it anyway."
He then let out two farts so loud that they could be heard across the country. We both laughed and I let out a few farts of my own. About 20 minutes later, Tom was done, but I wasn't. He stood up so that I could wipe his bum, then washed his hands and bade me goodnight as I sat there still doing big business. A few minutes later, Bill came into the restroom and said that he needed to take a huge shit. I scooted over and Bill yanked down his underwear and sat on the toilet next to me. He peed a little, then let out a huge fart followed by several plops. He then started to strain and grunt really loudly, and said that he couldn't push out "this monster turd." I said that we both could squat over the toilet like last time in order to make it easier for him. As Bill and I both squatted, we reached back and grabbed one another's hands while holding on to the wall with our other hand. Bill had finally got the gargantuan turd out and plopped out several more turds while I let out more diarrhea. When we were done, we wiped each other's bums, flushed the mess, and washed our hands. We then said goodnight to each other and went back to bed, feeling a million times better.

new guy

comments & stuff part 1

To: Amylee great story I bet that woman learned her lesson because as the saying goes "what goes around comes around" and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another great peeing story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ciara great stories I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kate the soccer mom another great story I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Punk Rock Girl again welcome back to the site and great story and I love your old stories and I hope you post lots more great stories thanks.

To: MEIKO first welcome to the site and also great story and please post anymore stories you have thanks.

To: Sheilawentgirl great story about you and your friend Ruth pooping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.


a constipated young girl (1)

Hello, everyone.
For those who are new to here, I am in my late 20s, male.
And English is not may mother tongue, so be patient please.
In response to Hermes's post, I' going to share my old memory
that surely led me to this interest.

When I was 10 y/o, my family was at a local restaurant for a lunch.
There were my parents, mom, my younger sister, and my uncle and my aunt.
The meal was excellent but after coffee and desert the adults began some political conversation and I got bored.
Then a girl at another table attracted my attention.
She was slim, with light brown hair, and really cute.
I think at most she was 2 years older than I was,
but she looked like a lady to me.

She was with her parents and a elder sister.
when they finished their main dish, the cute girl excused herself
and went to the direction of restrooms.
About five minutes later, she was still absent.
I just got curious, so I told my parents that I was going to the toilet, and I left.

There were two restrooms side by side.
The ladies' room was locked, and the door of the men's room was closed,
but it had a green signal which, of course means "vacant",
so I thought that the girl was maybe pooping, and without a second thought, I pulled the door, because I wanted to pee.
To my surprise, the cute girl was sitting on the toilet.
She looked up and saw me.
She was very red, because of the strain, or shines.
She said "Could you shut the door, please"
I barely said "Yes, sorry"and shut the door.

I was very confused, and tried to compose in my mind what I had seen.
She was leaned ahead, and was grabbing her knees.
Her jeans and blue panty were down to the floor.
So I came to the conclusion that she was in the middle of a difficult shit, and had been pushing for 5 minutes.
I heard her grunting softly like "ugh, aha"
For some more minutes, she kept straining without any apparent bodily function, and then I heard a very loud and painful "Ugh!!", a big splash, and a BRR-RP fart. She moaned from relief.
But she didn't took TP and began to grunt again,
and so I though she would be for some more while,
and went back to the table.

When she came back it seemed that she was feeling much better,
but avoided eye contacts with me.
I had a witch at that time, and I can say that the girl spent almost 20 minutes on the shitter!!
I overheard the convs. of the girl and her mom.
"Are you ok, honey? what took you so long?"
"I couldn't have gone for 3 days, you know, and the girls room was locked though nobody was in there, so I had to use the boys"

I went to the restroom again, the air containd a real stink in there.
So I peed quickly and left.I found the lock was broken.
It was a rather shocking incident, which turned into a sweet memory.


RE: A brideīs worst nightmare

To Angela: I can fully understand you. I am from Austria and had the same experience on my wedding. I was so nervous on my wedding in Salzburg. While I got dressed, I got terrible stomach pains. Then I couldnīt hold it anymore and had to run out to the toilet and had diarreah. It was horrible because the wedding was in Febauary and there was no toilet in the church, just a block away, and it was so cold. I sat there for an eternity, but I hoped it was over. Then I got dressed and the worst thing happened. My stomach felt uneasy again and when we were walking to the altar I felt I have diarreah again. The diarreah hit me right in the mid of ceremony. I couldnt do anything I just had to let a splash of diarreah go into my wedding dress. I felt so mortified. With my utmost strength I could held the rest in. The pressure was terrible. After the ceremony at the altar I had to excuse myself before all the guests that I am sick. I ran out again to the toilet and had horrible diarreah. I was holdig up my already ruined wedding dress, sitting there for another 10 minutes just brown water came out. I was and just crying and asked, why, why, why? One briden maid came to the toilet and asked me what is wrong. I just told that Im terribly sick.Then I managed to clean up and walked back to the church. It was so embarassing. Everybody noticed this. But then it was over. I think it was just the nerves.


Mile High Poops

New Guy, Buddy, Just a Guy, Kristen and Dave - thank you for your welcomes and interest. I will try to post regularly so long as you are interested. Ask questions if you like!

Amylee - I just love you stories abou pooping at work. I am glad you are overcoming being shy. I was exactly the same but my job made me overcome it.

Wendy - i love your work pooing stories. I hope you get to hear Emma poop lots and tell us about it!

Sheila - I loved your story about Ruth in the Law Courts. I too feel exactly the same about seeing other girls on the toilet. I have quite a few stories I could tell about experiences like that.

Ok now for my story - I am in Dubai now. We left Heathrow in the evening and flew overnigh and landed here in the morning. I went to bed to catch up with some sleep and am now looking foward to a hotel dinner with some of the crew. Unusually for me, I pooed at home before I left. I was having some special time with my girlfriend before I left and felt I could poo. So I sat on the toilet and she came and sat on the floor to chat to me. I did a big poo - one wide long bit about 6inches followed by a longer bit about 8 inches. We always poo with each other when we can. My girlfried usually poos in the morning before work and she had pooed for me that morning. Anyway I set off for the airport and did all the pre-flight things. I went to pee before boarding and heard a few plops from girls trying to go before they started work. The flight was uneventful for me from a pooping point of view but I do have a nice story. In the night when all the passengers were settling to sleep before dinner I walked back from the upper class cabin where I was working to the tourist class to get some bottled water. In one of the galleys I started talking to a stewardess that I had never seen before, She was very beautiful - about 22 with dark hair and big dark eyes from Indian parentage. It was only her 3rd flight. After chatting for about 10 mins I noticed that she seemed to be uncomfortable. I said - are you ok? - she said she was but she needed the toilet but was waiting till all the passengers went to sleep because she was embarrased to go when they were looking or when they were queuing outside. I said do you need a number 2 and she said she did. I said to follow me. I explained that most of the girls used the business or upper class toilets for a number 2 - they were cleaner and bigger and they didnt have so many people watching. She followed me and I showed her into one of the upper class toilets. She looked so relieved and thanked me. She was in there about 10 mins and after she came out and thanked me again. I said for her to always do that when she needed a number 2. We chatted a bit more and she explained how difficult she was finding it - she is very shy and had seldom had a number 2 away from home in her whole life. She said this was the first conversation she had ever had about it. I told her I was embarrased to start with but how open I was now, and that we sometimes went in and chatted to each other while we went. I said she was welcome to do that with me one day to help overcome her embarrasment - she said she might like that. I would love to see and hear her go! She also commented on how strange her ???? had been since she started. I explained that the pressure difference makes the air in your ???? expand so you feel bloated and often feel you need the toilet. In my case it also makes me take longer to poop. Whereas at home there is little gas and my poop pops out easily - in the air I have to get rid of lots of gas before the poo moves down to come out. It takes me 10 or 15 mins to poo in the air and less that 5 at home.
Anyway, I am going to dinner now and have a day off with the other girls tomorrow, Hopefully I will have some dubai hotel poo stories for you,
Louisa x


My first time

I was 15 when I first pood myself on purpose. I'd been dying to go all day & when I came home from school my mum was tiling the new bathroom. I told her I needed to use the toilet really bad but she told me to use the downstairs toilet. I couldn't poo in that one because the flush doesn't work too well & knowing my poo would be a big one I was worried it would block the toilet. I told her I had to use the upstairs bathroom for that reason & she made me wait so long it was painfull. I told her I was about to do it in my panties & she still insisted on finishing the tiling. I was so mad at her I stood with my bum right next to her & loaded my panties with a huge poo. It felt so naughty & I should have been ashamed of myself but the relief was so good I kept pushing untill it was all out. My mum was horrified & called me a dirty cow but I had my revenge. The only problem was I couldn't clean up in the shower or bathtub untill the tile grout dried & I had to have a strip wash instead. Nowdays Kirsty has taught me to do a courtesy flush between the big ones to avoid blocking the toilet so now I can go anywhere. Even aircraft toilets.

I was out driving in the kent countryside today when I felt the need to poo coming on so I looked for a place to pull over so I could do my business. I was busting to go but there was nowhere to hide myself so I had to keep driving untill I found somewhere. I drove for miles & was getting really desperate but then I saw some woods in the distance. A couple of minutes later I was in a densely covered stretch of road & there was a picnic area so I pulled over. There were some toilets there but they'd been vandalised & were locked up. There was no one around so I walked behind the building to find a pool of diarrhoea with a pair of soiled knickers in the middle of it. Whoever this girl was she must have been very desperate to have an accident before she found a place to relieve herself. I knew how she felt because I was getting desperate too. I took my jeans & knickers down & squatted next to the pool & peed a powerfull stream while I pushed a huge load out. It was such a relief to get rid of it all & I wiped with some tissues I had on me & pulled my clothes back up. I felt a lot better & went back to the car & drove home.

new guy

pants peeing

Here's a story about me peeing my pants it happend about 15 years ago I was at fred meyers with my dad when I needed to so I told my dad and I then went to the mens room and peed but when I got back to my dad I suddenly had to pee again aparently I wasnt done and I didnt want to ask my dad again so I ended up peeing my pants.


Tomented Little Girl--Part 2

This is the conclusion of the story about when my teammate and friend Shelby and I took a last-minute trip to a nearby city for concert. We got stuck in a winter weather situation on the Interstate that involved first sleet and then lots of blowing snow. Luckily, she was driving because she's from a northern state and is better under such conditions. Because of the slow pace of the traffic to under 30 MPH on the Interstate where we normally go 75, it was obvious that the otherwise 90 minute trip back home would take two or three hours or more. We were pretty much stuck in traffic and Shelby had to shit and I had to pee again, although I had just gone about an hour earlier at the arena. We finally saw the dim lights of the rest stop through the blowing snow. We parked and went in. It was a rather chilly three-staller, with no doors. Shelby and I don't really mind that as much as others because we frequently use locker rooms at the schools we play at and many of them have the doorless stalls, too. However, we could see that the third stall was occupied in that there were dirty tennis shoes swinging about six inches above a puddle on the floor.

Shelby took the first stall; I took the second. She sat down as fast as she could and was lucky her shit got into the bowl, because she didn't have any time to spare. I told her my seat was was pretty cold but she told me not to complain because with my greater body heat (I'm 6',3" and she's only 6',1) I would warm it up in no time.) I knew it was a very young child using the toilet to my left because of my height, I can usually see over the stall partitions and, at minimum, usually see the top of the head of the user. My pee stream ended in a surprisingly short time and pulled my jeans and underwear up. As I was adjusting my belt, I heard the cries of "Mommmee! Mommiee!" coming from the adjacent stall, and I quickly leaned down, flushed and walked out to what was happening.

This little girl was sitting on the toilet, her underwear and panties at knee level, and continually swinging her legs while she held her tan teddy bear in her left hand. When I left my stall and walked up to her, she seemed surprised, but I could see she had been crying and I could easily smell crap. I asked her if she was having any luck in crapping. With her right hand she held up two fingers and I held up two fingers and asked if she was doing a number two? She said yes but that she wanted her mommie because it was hurting too much to do her number two. I asked where her mom was and she said she had left because it was taking the little girl too long to go to the bathroom. As we talked, I heard Shelby wipe and eventually flush. She came over to where I was and asked what the problem was. I told her it looked like the girl had been abandoned. The girl started to cry again as she seemed to sit and make a gigantic push, only to hurt herself because her crap wouldn't budge.

Shelby asked to girl to stand up, which she quickly did. Both Shelby and I looked into the bowl and there was nothing. Not even a little pee. We both tried to comfort her and she was getting more frustrated just sitting there with her teddy bear and we could see that she was in pain. She backed up to the toilet again, boosted herself upon the seat, spread her legs as wide as she could, and again started to push as hard as she could. More tears started. Shelby, who has five younger sisters for whom she had cared, asked me to move out of the stall, and she pulled the little girl off the stool. Then she re-seated the girl, but much differently this time. The girls feet stayed firmy in the puddle on the floor, almost like she was seated leaning up on the front of the toilet. While the girl was holding the teddy bear, she slid the girl a little farther back on the seat, until her feet would no longer stay on the floor. Then she told the girl to count to three and upon saying three, to push as hard as she could. The girl counted too fast, so Shelby started her off again and tried to slow it down by giving her hand signals. Finally, it was the big test. I noticed the girl was starting to smile a little and Shelby said it was because she had more confidence by keeping her feet on the floor and her balance to the front. This time, as the girl gripped her teddy bear in pain, there were two thuds into the bowl. The girl got up, hugged Shelby, and I took that as an opportunity to walk to the side of the stool and see two pieces of crap, each about two-inches long, floating on top of the water.

The girl grabbed some toilet paper, started to wipe herself but Shelby grabbed her hand and I think made sure that she was a little more thorough in cleaning herself.

Finally a woman about 30 angrily opened the bathroom door and cursed for "Angelina, get out here." She was so mad and wouldn't even give her daughter time to wash her hands. The mom said she had to clean all the windows in their SUV and that they were icing up again. She didn't thank Shelby and just as Angelina ran to her mother and started babbling about her bathroom experience, the mom started to curse her again. Shelby got angry, turned around and looking directly at the moother, said "Perhaps we should have called the state patrol." The mom grabbed Angelina by her one free hand and pulled her outside.

Then Shelby went into the third stall, sat down and peed for about a minute. She said when she gets worked up, her bladder gets more active. I told her she would eventually be a good mother. As she sat peeing, I could tell that Shelby was still very mad at that mother.

As she sat peeing, she said "That was "f*****g child abuse!" I guess I agree.


I would like to hear some stories about the sounds you hear when having a plop with your colleagues at the airport before taking off on a flight

Do you splash your bum sometimes?

I love listening to the plop noises, and also like being listened to


Fun Time with Bill

A quick note about my post called "Dirty Business in the Pool", I just realized that the phrase "loud SBD" makes NO sense whatsoever! Oh well. Here's another story:
I was back at the twins' house today so that we can play some games when Tom decided that he was going to go to a store to get food for all of us. That meant that I was left alone with the beautiful Bill. We were sitting on the couch together, nearing leaning on one another, when I felt really bad cramps in my intestines and I knew that I had to do some BIG business. I could also tell by the way Bill was holding his stomach and his facial expression that he really had to poop as well. He said to me with a slight strain in his voice, "I really have to go to the restroom. Will you come with me?"
I agreed to go with him, saying that I also had to use the restroom. We went into the restroom, and Bill let me go first. I pulled down my blue skinny jeans and sat on the toilet. Immediately I let out a squeaky fart followed by several plops. By then, Bill was squirming, and I knew that he REALLY had to go, so I tried to hurry up and finish. As I stood up, Bill already had his grey skinny jeans down and slammed down on the toilet. I then asked him to do something for me that no one has ever done for me before. I stuck my bum out toward him and asked him, "Can you wipe my backside for me please?"
Bill hesitated for a second, but then grabbed some tissue and started to wipe my bum as he dropped huge turds into the toilet. We did something else while he was on the toilet, but I can't discuss that here. When Bill was done, he stood up and asked me to wipe him. I complied, and when we looked into the toilet, we saw that we both had produced some monster turds. We flushed the toilet, fixed our jeans, and headed back to the living room just as Tom came back from the store with some wings, pizza, brownies, and Coke. He said, "Hey, guys! Did anything interesting happen while I was gone?"
Bill and I only exchanged secret smiles.

Hi everyone! I've come home for a couple of days from university for my Grandad's birthday, so I'll be able to post for a while! I go back on Wednesday so I'll try and post as much as I can.

My first story happened last Monday. We've been doing some exams, and I had one on Monday at a local football stadium of all places (because the uni doesn't have enough rooms apparently). Over the weekend I'd been having some much looser number 2s than normal, with some diarrhea too. I suppose it was the stress because I had my most difficult exam. On Monday morning I felt much better and had some cereal for breakfast. I made my way to the exam which took about 40 minutes and a tram ride from leaving the house.
It was a two and a half-hour exam and I think it went pretty well. But, as usual when I do exams, after about an hour I started to need the loo. With an hour to go the need was strong but perfectly manageable. With half an hour to go I was pretty desperate for my poo. I could tell it would probably be a big one, and loose. I finished writing with 15 minutes till the end. The urge was very strong now and I needed to go soon. There were toilets in the room we were using for the exam, but to use them you had to put your hand up, ask one of the invigilators to escort you there and so on. Everyone in the hall could see you and I really couldn't go in because I knew I'd take ages, probably more than the 15 minutes left in the exam. So I got up and left the hall, hoping to find more toilets outside the room. But, to my dismay, there were none in the area we were allowed in- everywhere else was closed off. Now I was in trouble. It was at least a 40-minute journey back home, plus time waiting for the tram, and at least 25 minutes back to the student union. I made my way quickly back to the tram stop. Of course one was just leaving, but they run regularly so I stood and waited. I was really bursting by now, and to make matters worse I was desperate for a pee as well!
The tram came and I got on. It wound its way through the streets towards the city centre and I got more and more desperate for my number 2. I crossed my legs and squeezed my cheeks as hard as I could. It took 15 minutes or so for the tram to get to my stop, and when I got off I was absolutely desperate for a poo, more desperate than I'd been in a long while! It was hard to walk properly but I tried my best and headed up the hill to the student union, the nearest building with toilets that I could get to. I knew there was no way I'd get home so I hadno choice. I went in and walked as fast as I could to the toilets. There were a couple of other girls in cubicles and I took one and locked the door. I yanked down my jeans and knickers and slammed my bum down on the seat. Complete relief flooded through me; I'd made it! Explosive poo blasted out of me almost immediately as I relaxed. I started weeing a torrent too. The bowl was spattered with my poo and I farted loudly. More pieces followed, mushy and loose. The smell started to hit me now. It was bad! I pulled my jeans and underwear down a bit more to get comfortable. I rubbed my ???? a bit as a couple more pieces and some mushy stuff came out. I farted again, a wet one. By now the other girls had left and I was alone. Wave after wave of poo kept coming out. Finally I was done. I looked at my watch- I had been on the loo for 25 minutes! It was a massive load. Looking into the toilet it was full of crap. I flushed once to get rid of it and then wiped and flushed again. I felt so much better after all that!

Another story- I heard Emma having her morning bowel movement yesterday! She came out of her room and went into the loo. I was still in bed so I listened in. She weed for about a minute and then went quiet. Another minute passed and then there were two loud plops. She farted quietly and then dropped another three logs. After a while she dropped a final log. Quite a load all told!

I'll post again tommorrow but I'm off to bed now. Night everyone!


Weekend poops. Ouch!

I've had some pretty big, hard BMs this weekend. Yesterday(Saturday) I pooped 3 logs after drinking lots of water and two cups of coffee. One was about 10 inches, one was about 7 inches and the third was about 6 inches. It hurt to push them out. Today I really had to poop but it felt hard so I didn't want to. I went to the bathroom and took my time pushing it out because I knew it was going to be painful. I pooped out two logs. The first one was about 8 inches long and the other was fairly small. My stomach feels a lot smaller and my bum hurts like I gave birth.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hi everyone! I have more stories to tell- I hope you enjoy them.

Well, before my exams I went to the library/computer building to revise. I was usually there all afternoon which meant I had to use the toilets there more than once each day, usually for my afternoon poo. One day (I think it was Tuesday) I had to go for a number 2, so I made my way to the nearest loo. There are two cubicles, and one was occupied. There was a smell of poo in the air as I took the other cubicle and sat down. The other girl had her panties around her ankles but she must have been wearing a skirt that she had pulled up. I had a quick wee and settled in for a a poo. The other girl coughed quietly and then I heard a plop. She seemed a bit embarrassed so I tried to make her feel better by letting go of two logs of my own. I had a bit more to go and so did she, as I heard another soft plop. Then someone else came in to the toilet. The other girl tensed up a bit. The new arrival walked up to each cubicle, presumably to check if they were in use, and then went away to wait in the corner. The other girl was pulling off some toilet paper and I heard her wiping, so I decided to wait to get rid of my last piece of poo until she flushed. This she soon did, and I released my final log under the cover of the noise! I wiped as the new girl replaced my buddy dumper in the other cubicle. I left and washed my hands. The other girl was there too- she had long brown hair and blue eyes, with a green top and white skirt on. She looked embarrassed to have had me hear her poo- but it happens to us all!

Another story- after my exams, I went out to a club with the other girls from my house who had finished- Michaela, Lizzie and Kat. We all got very drunk and I had to wee a few times in there. Afterwards when we were walking back I suddenly realised I was absolutely bursting for a wee. It's a good 20 minute walk back to our house from the club, and I knew I'd never make it. I complained loudly to the girls that I had to go, and Michaela said she did too. I said I'd have to find somewhere soon or I'd wet myself, so we split off from the other two to find somewhere we could relieve ourselves. There is a small car park behind a bank that we were walking past, so we headed into it. It was screened with trees from the road, so Michaela and I found a darkened corner of it. I was about to burst. Michaela looked pretty desperate, too. I pulled down my shorts and thong and squatted behind a parked car. Michaela dropped her knickers and pulled up her short skirt and did the same to my left. I let go with a gushing stream of wee that spattered the ground. I groaned loudly in mock relief and Michaela giggled as she started pissing too. Our wee pooled on the ground beneath us and ran down the sloped car park towards a nearby drain. It made a big puddle and soaked the concrete. I saw that Michaela's puddle was spreading dangerously close to my feet. I had to keep weeing though, and luckily it didn't spread any further. I peed for a good minute and then pulled up my thong and shorts. Michaela was still going and peed for about two minutes in total. I made sure to take an embarrassing picture of her going on my phone! She made me delete it later, though!

I'll try and post again soon. Bye!

Desperate to poop

Desperate lady

Interesting sighting today

I was at a craft store and felt the need for a poo. I don't mind pooping in public and knew there was a toilet on the 2nd floor. I made my way up and walked towards to the toilet. When I got there it was taken and there was a lady waiting in her 30's. She was standing waiting but was shifting a little nervously. We waited for a few minutes and still the toilet was in use. After a few more minutes she was getting a little more nervous. There was a disabled toilet as well but it was out of order.

I tried to make some small talk and commented someone was taking a little while. She replied "sure is I've been waiting a while and need to go". "she apologised and said she might be a little while to". "I said don't worry when you gotta go you gotta go".

Finally after a few more minutes a blonde tall lady in her late 30's came out. The other lady rushed in leaving me waiting. You couldn't hear anything but I knew she needed a pooh and she was in for about 7 minutes. By the time she came out another lady was waiting behind me.

I went in ready for a pooh as well although not a huge one. There was a strong poop smell and some poop stains in the toilet. I nestled my but on the seat and dropped 2 nice logs before wiping and leaving. It was quite a turn on seeing her desperate and waiting for the other lady (if that answers your question Sheila).

I left happy after 4-5 minutues

Hi again everyone. Here's my follow-up post. Over the past week since my exam I've been having some trouble with my bowels. I had diarrhea before the exam, but for a few days after I was fine again. But then on Thursday I started to need to poo every couple of hours. Half the time it was mushy or watery and explosive, the other half it was normal. My stomach now always feels like it does just before I have to poo so I can never tell when I'm actually going to need to go. After I poo I never feel anywhere near cleaned out and usually within a couple of hours I have to go again. I took a couple of Immodium tablets the other day and that helped overnight but then yesterday and today it's been the same. Anyone have any idea what might be causing this and how I can stop it? I'd really like to return to normal because needing to poo every couple of hours is really annoying and disruptive and anti-diarrhea tablets are expensive!

I'll post again tonight with some more stories. bye for now!


Seat Covers

Am I the only one who leaves the middle of toilet seat covers still on? To make a long story short me and a bunch of my friends all went into a one-toilet bathroom because we all had to poop, and they laughed at me when i I didn't rip out the middle of the paper thing. When you poop it just falls off anyway, so I don't see the point. Anyone?


Sweet Ladies' Room Revenge

I witnessed something I'd never seen today. My sister had some minor day surgery scheduled at the local hospital, and since she was being sedated, she needed a driver. So I took her in at 7 a.m. All went well and she was able to go home at 2:30 p.m. The waiting area was quite large. The restrooms were down the hall. There were about 10 or so people in the waiting area. Around 8:30 I needed to pee, so I got up and headed to the restroom. I noticed two other women leaving the waiting room at the same time. One was a young woman in her mid-20's, very attractive, and she knew it. She had been visiting with someone who was there with her and I could overhear her. She talked loudly and seemed to want attention. From what I overheard, she was one of those stuck up types and it sounded like she thought she was prettier and better than everyone else. I'm sure most of you ladies out there know what I mean. I'll refer to her as Miss Stuck Up. The other lady going toward the restroom looked to be in her 40's, trim and pretty nice looking and she seemed to be in a hurry to get to the ladies' room. She stopped once and just stood there. I thought maybe she was about to lose control and poo herself. She got to the restroom first, just before me, and the stuck up girl came in just behind me. There were 3 stalls. The older lady took the handicapped stall and I took the one on the other end, leaving the middle one for Miss Stuck Up. Miss Stuck Up took the middle stall. About 30 seconds later there was a loud liquid poo gush filled with gas coming from the handicapped stall. The 40-ish lady obviously was having diarrhea. I heard her whisper "Oh" like she was having stomach cramps. Unbelievably, Miss Stuck Up says loudly, "My God!" A few seconds passed and the lady in the handicapped stall again started farting and having diarrhea. Miss Stuck Up says, "Oh, you're GROSS and you stink!" I'd never heard anything so rude. We've all had times when we had diarrhea, and this lady was unfortunate enough to have it happen in a public restroom. I finished peeing and came out. Miss Stuck Up also flushed her pee and as the toilets quieted down, the lady in the handicapped stall let out another loud blast of diarrhea. Miss Stuck Up, now drying her hands, turns around and says loudly, "Some people just don't have any manners." At this point, the lady in the stall said, "Look, I'm sick, OK? I'm sure you've been sick yourself sometime." Miss Stuck Up says, "Not like you" and went out of the restroom back to the waiting area as did I. About 5 minutes later the lady with the diarrhea came back to the waiting room. She glanced at me and I smiled and nodded to her. She then looked over at Miss Stuck Up with a look that could kill then went back to her seat. Miss Stuck Up looked at her with a disgusted expression and shook her head.
About 10 o'clock, my coffee had me needing to pee again, and as I stood up, I saw Miss Stuck Up getting up as well. She started in the direction of the restroom. I saw the lady who had diarrhea watching Miss Stuck Up, obviously still fuming about the incident. The diarrhea lady got up as well and again the three of us were going toward the restroom. I thought, "Could this be a repeat?" We all went in nearly the same time and Miss Stuck Up took the end stall and I went to the handicapped stall. The other lady took the middle stall next to Miss Stuck Up. Well, low and behold, Miss Stuck Up sits down and I hear PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, BARRRAAPT, PLOP, PLOP. The diarrhea lady says, "Someone is making a big stink in here. Shuu-weee!" I almost exploded trying not to laugh out loud. Talk about sweet revenge. Miss Stuck Up, who acted like she never had to poo, was in there pooing up a storm. I flushed and came out to wash my hands and the lady was still in the middle stall apparently waiting and listening to Miss Stuck Up poo. I don't think she even sat on the toilet, but was just in the stall giving Miss Stuck Up grief. I guess Miss Stuck Up got hit with the bug, too, because she let out a splattering fart and soft sounding poo. I went back to the waiting room and in a minute the 40-ish lady came in and smiled at me and said, "What goes around comes around." I said, "I know what you mean." Miss Stuck Up came back in about 10 minutes, avoided eye contact, and was quiet the rest of the time she was there. I'd say Miss Stuck Up got what she deserved.

Car Mom
Hello again!

Well today was a lot of fun! If you'll recall I shared a while ago that I myself actually peed in my car. I wanted to see what it was like for myself and so I finally did. And yes, it did feel good and so I will say that yes I liked it. I also had mentioned that I was going to tell 38 year old mom about it and so finally today I told her. She was over and her daughter was also over but her and Kaylee were playing in Kaylee's room so 38 and I were by ourselves in the living room. She then announced that she needed to pee and I smiled and said "I suppose you want to pee in my car" and she smiled and said "yeah." And so that's when I told her "well, guess what, I actually peed in my car a couple weeks ago." Her face lit up! Then she said "that is SO AWESOME!! I'm SO glad you did it!!" Then she asked me how I thought it felt and I told her I thought it felt good and that I really liked it and then I told her that I had to pee right then. She was SO excited when I told her that! She of course said that she would be so happy if we peed in my car together. And so I agreed that we would do it. We went out into the garage and over to my car and then we got into the backseat and after pulling down our jeans and our underwear we sat down on the seat. I was behind the driver's seat and she was behind the passenger seat. She smiled and said "this is SO cool!" I said "yeah, it is!" Then she said "are you ready?" and I said "yeah" and she said "let's start going." Then we both started to let ourselves relax. Whinnie, this will sound familiar to you, at first I couldn't really go because it was kind of strange, especially since I was doing it in front of someone, so it was a little weird at first and I couldn't go. But then I began to hear her pee start to hiss as she began to go into the seat. Then I heard her sigh. I could tell it felt really good to her. And so that's when I started to get more relaxed and then I began to feel my pee getting ready to come. And then it did. A little trickle came out at first. It felt like a little burst of warmth. Then more came, this time a nice steady stream. I was starting to have my pee. It came out of me and went right into the seat, and it made the same little hissing sound against the surface of the seat that hers was making. And yes, it felt REALLY good. I continued to have my pee. I actually really had to go, so I was going a lot. I actually knew that 38 was coming over today, and I figured this was probably going to happen so I actually saved my pee just so I would be able to pee in my car. We continued to sit there and have our pees. She was peeing a lot too. She usually does, and today was no exception. She was making a nice sized wet spot in the seat. I was too actually. As she was peeing she also let a fart. It made a ripping noise into the seat. She laughed when she farted and she said "excuse me" and I just said "its ok." Soon I noticed the smell. But of course I didn't mind. She then laughed again and she said "you're really relaxed aren't you" and I said "yeah I am." She said "now you know why its such a stress release for me to do this." I said "yeah" and then I continued to have my pee and she did too. She let out a sigh as she peed, and then I did too. It did feel good to be peeing into that seat. After a while she farted again. It was so weird to have her sitting right there next to me, farting next to me and also peeing. But it was a good weird, not a bad weird. It was also weird that I was peeing next to her. She sighed again. I could smell her fart in the air, but of course I didn't mind. After a while I let a fart of my own, and it made a bubbly noise into the seat, a little quieter than hers but she heard it and she laughed. Then she said "stinky, stinky!" and we both laughed. I started to feel like I was almost done with my pee. Then after a couple more seconds I heard her hissing stop. She was done peeing. She then made a little grunt and after that she let another fart, a long ripping fart, into the seat. Then she laughed again. I laughed too. Of course the smell soon followed. This time I said "stinky!" and we laughed again. Then a few seconds later I was done peeing. I let the last few trickles come out into the seat, and then I was finished. I said "I'm done." She smiled at me and said "did that feel good or what?" I smiled back and said "yeah it did." Then she put her head back in the seat and she looked at me and she smiled again. I could still smell her farts in the air and it felt weird to be sitting there in my car with her and to be smelling her farts and her pee. But it was a good weird. She kept smiling. Then she said "thank you SO much for sharing that with me." I smiled back and said "aw, anytime." Then she said "I mean it. I am so glad that you let me do this. I'm so glad that I can have your car to pee in like this. It means so much to me." Then she smiled again. "Thank you so much." After that we just sat there for a while in the wetness. Then later we got up and went back to what we were doing. I am really glad that we did that. I suppose we will do it again!

Bye now!

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