Dirty Business in the Pool

Two days ago, Bill and Tom came over to my house so that we could study for our exams. They also brought a couple of friends over. The first guy's name is Georg. He's from Germany, about 5'10", with long, silky brown hair, gorgeous green-gray eyes, dimples, and a muscular figure that will make all the girls faint. The other guy's name was Gustav. He's also from Germany, about 5'7" with short blond hair, black-rimmed glasses, several tattoos, and a nice smile. Anyway, we were quizzing one another when Bill decided that he would order Chinese for everyone. BIG mistake on his part. About fifteen minutes later, we were all stuffed with fried rice and chicken wings when all of a sudden, Georg let out a rather loud SBD. The rest of us yelled, "Georg!" Georg said apologetically, "Sorry, guys. The food must really mess up my stomach. I have to go take a dump NOW!"

He then ran into the restroom, yanked down his jeans, and slammed down on the toilet without even bothering to close the door. He immediately let out mushy, stinky diarrhea and farts, moaning in relief and holding his stomach while letting out a few curse words in German. Then, suddenly, the rest of us had to poo really badly as well. Unfortunately, Georg was still using the downstairs toilet and the only other toilet in my house wasn't working. Then, Bill came up with this insane idea that we should poop in my pool. At first, we were a little hesitant about his idea, but then we realized that it was either that or poop in our pants. So, I grabbed some toilet paper and a huge plastic bag, and Bill, Tom, Gustav, and I went outside to the pool.

The four of us pulled our underwear down and squatted over the pool. For the next few minutes, all I could hear were the sounds of plopping, farting, grunting, and straining as we all took a humongous dump into my pool. Georg apparently thought that what we were doing looked fun, because he came outside without his pants on, squatted over the pool, and started pooping some more. We wiped ourselves after we were done and placed the soiled toilet paper inside the plastic bag.

We all stood up to look into the pool at our finished product. We all produced a lot of poo, but Bill and Tom produced the biggest poos out of all of us. Tom said teasingly, "I feel really sorry for the guy who has to clean this mess!"

We all started laughing really loudly as we put our jeans back on and went back inside to finish studying.

new guy

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To: Amylee another great story from the ladies room I bet hearing that woman fart made those guys day and some questions has anybody at your work had an accident because all the toilets were in use and have you or anyone be stinked out by the smell because I bet that bathroom needs to be aired out after all the ladies have been in and again I look forward to your next story about you, your boss and the rest of the women at your work thanks.

To: Ekaterina first welcome to site and I enjoyed your story at least you were able to make the bathroom everytime because it could have been worse and please post more stories thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty Wendy great story about that girl your boss made the right decesion because from the sound of it would have been a real mess to clean up and great story about your coworker Nikki pooping and you almost having an accident and rephrasing a question I asked last about buddy dumping with Louise what I meant was have you or Kirsty ever done a buddy dump with her just the to of you like you and her or Kirsty and her and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: Car Mom another great car peeing story I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: A 13 year old girl great story plese post any other stories you might have thanks.

To: The Unamed Poster who wrote about there coworker Carolyn's accident great story please post more stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Louisana first welcome to the site and great story please post more of them if you have any thanks.

To: Timee great story about you and that other girl going to the bathroom together and great about your friend pooping and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anny I bet you felt a whole lot better after that big dump and there needs to be a toilet created the can handle the biggest dumps around without getting clogged and again as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alyssa first welcome to the site and also great story please post some more stories thanks.

To: Bryan from Daytona Beach great story about your girlfriend pooping in the bathroom while you were in it please share anyother stories about her or anyother girl and/or woman youve heard pooping thanks.

Well thats all for now it seems this site is getting alot of new people from all around the world which means theres gonna be alot more stories and just 19 more pages until 2000 pages.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Kate, the Soccer Mom

Spin Class

It has been a long time since my last post. I think this is a good thing, because both my daughter Chelsi and I have been accident free for quite some time. I think the last time we had any accidents was last Thanksgiving!

My run of good luck, accident-free days, ended this week. I started going to a spin class at the beginning of December with my friend Nancy a couple nights each week. Something happened on Thursday night that has me thinking of not going back …

I was wearing my workout clothes which consisted of a black tank top and gray yoga style pants that go just below my knees. Underneath I was wearing a sports bra and a pair of cream coloured bikini panties.

We were just about to finish a particularly difficult class when my stomach started acting up. When we finished, everyone got off their bikes and I felt a little faint. I had to hold onto the bike while I towelled it off. Nancy was on the bike behind me and asked if I was okay. I told her, "I don't know." Then my stomach gurgled and I though I was going to throw up. I put my hand to my mouth, but I didn't throw up after all. My bowels however contracted and a sharp cramp hit me. I felt a big rush of diarrhea come out of nowhere and I started pooping my pants before I could get my butt cheeks clenched. I got them clenched but I knew that the damage was done. A look of horror came over my face and Nancy asked, "Kate, are you okay?" I couldn't speak. I could not hold the diarrhea back either. It came on strong and there seemed to be a lot of it. It bubbled out and made a noticeable bulge in the back of my gray yoga pants. It was wet too. Really wet. All I could say was "Ohhh!" I turned around to leave the class room and I heard Nancy gasp. She came up to me and said, "Oh honey, its okay." I was walking hunched over and was still letting out diarrhea into my cream bikini panties. It was horrible.

We got into the change room and Nancy said that she would help me get cleaned up. The problem was that I had forgotten to bring extra panties to change into. Nancy said that I could borrow hers, but by then I had already put my jeans on over my yoga pants and the mess had spread all over my bum and down my legs a little bit.

I grabbed a fabric shopping bag from the trunk to sit on while I drove home. We had been taking turns driving, and Thursday was my turn to drive, so I had to drop her off first. Just after I dropped her off, I had to go again and erupted in my pants, again. When I got home, I was a total mess from the waist down. My husband John and my daughter Chelsi saw me when I got home and they left me alone to get cleaned up. I took a long hot shower and got myself cleaned up. They didn't say anything to me about it. What was there to say anyway?

Thank you,
Kate, the Soccer Mom

Megan from Calgary

My Accidents Part Seven

Hi. I just saw Sarah's last post about my sister Melanie's accident on New Year's Eve. I felt so bad for my sister. Nobody even knew that she was sick during our walk. Sarah went back and walked with Mel for the last part, but she didn't say anything about not feeling well. Like Sarah said, she was in the washroom for a while and when she came out, we immediately knew something was wrong. When she said that she couldn't hold it, both Sarah and I knew what she was talking about.

Anyway, my last post was on page 1954 and was a story about the sixth accident that I remember having. It was in my last year of University and my friend Inga and I were walking to class when a sharp cramp hit me. I said something like, "Oh god!" Inga asked what was wrong and I told her that I was going to be sick. Then another cramp hit and I ended up going diarrhea quite badly in my high cut underwear and jeans. I had to go a second time as I was driving back home.

I was lucky not to have any other accidents until about 2009…

Melanie, Sarah and I were shopping at the Chinook Centre mall l here in Calgary. Melanie had driven first to Sarah's place to pick her up. She lived close to that mall at the time anyway.

We ate lunch and were in a store called RW & Co. I was in the dressing room trying on some new pants and other clothes when I started to not feel well. I knew that I needed to get to the ladies room as I was having an attack of diarrhea. I took off the jeans I was trying on and quickly pulled mine back on. I put on my shirt and grabbed my coat and purse. Melanie and Sarah were together looking through some blouses. I went up to them and said, "I need to use the washroom, like right now!" Sarah said, "Okay, I need to as well." I quickly walked through the store, trying to keep my butt cheeks clenched. As I was almost out of the store, a shot of diarrhea went into my pink bikini underwear. As it was coming out of me, I stumbled slightly. I knew that my underwear was going to have a little mess in them.

I finally got to the ladies room and there was a line up. Sarah and Mel were beside me and I kept saying under my breath, "Oh god, please hurry." And, "Come on, please!" After a few more minutes of waiting, my bowels cramped up again and I started going in my underwear. When it happened, I said quietly, "Oh god, no!" A rush of diarrhea erupted into my pink bikini underwear. It was a huge mess too. I could feel it swishing around in my underwear. Finally, a stall opened up and I went in. I stood there for a few seconds not knowing what to do. I took off my coat and hung it and my purse on the door hook. I could hear both Sarah and Melanie enter other stalls. Sarah was on her period at the time and I could hear her changing her pad. Melanie had to pee, so she did that, washed her hands and left. Sarah left a few minutes later when she was finished. Meanwhile, I undid my jeans and carefully pulled them down. Some of the mess had leaked out of the back left of my bikini underwear and was in my jeans. I got some toilet paper and wiped them clean. I then pulled down my underwear and started to cry at what I saw. I had to go again, so I sat down as the diarrhea rushed into the toilet. I got myself under control and then grabbed some more toilet paper to try and clean out my underwear. The mess was so great, that I couldn't get them clean. When I was finished going, I tried wiping myself, but again, the mess was too big. I pulled up my very messy underwear and jeans. I winced as I did this and began crying again.

I left the stall and washed my hands. I was still crying when I saw Melanie and Sarah in the hallway outside the ladies rooms. I could not help but walk a little awkwardly with the big mess in my underwear. I said to them that I needed to go home. Since we had parked at Sarah's place, we went there first. On our way back Melanie asked me what was wrong. I told them that I got sick when we were in RW & Co. and that I had diarrhea. I told them that I couldn't hold it and that I made a big mess in my underwear and jeans.

Sarah let me use her shower to clean up and gave me some clean underwear and pants to change into. She even washed out my clothes as well. My pink bikini underwear still had stains on them, but at least they were clean. I still have that particular pair of bikini underwear. I can still see a faint stain in them from that accident, but I usually only wear them during my period anyway.

Well, I should get going. I will be back soon with another post of other accidents that I have had. Luckily there are not too many more to tell!


I was going out with this girl Jen when I was 16. She wanted me to teach her how to surf since I live by the beach and I had been doing it for years, so she came over my house very early one morning to get the good waves, around 5:30 a.m. I let her borrow one of my wetsuits, careful not to wake my parents, and we stopped for breakfast. When we got to the beach we paddled right out for some small waves, and Jen was actually very good. She could stand up well. But a short while later I noticed her standing funny on the board and she kept falling. I told her to just stand like she was before with her feet spread out, not close together like that. She just agreed but kept doing it. Finally I knew something was wrong and asked her, and she told me she really had to go #2. I accidentally raised my voice rudely when I told her she better not go in my wetsuit, and it made her upset. I apologized and told her we could go back to my house. She refused because she thought that was gross and didn't want to wake my family. It was her only option, because the beach restrooms didn't unlock till 9, but she wouldn't. I JOKINGLY said "well then you better find a rock..." and she took it seriously! She sighed and asked me to go with her. I was shocked but of course I said ok, and we paddled over to the jetti. A jetti is like a bunch of rocks that extends into the water. She was very anxious and I had to help her pull down her wet suit. She walked onto the rocks and found a flat one to stand on, that two rocks surrounded, for privacy. She pulled down the back of her bikini to expose her white little butt, and got to work. With a big push came a long hard turd. After one more push it was done, at about ten inches. The water wasn't high enough to wash it away, so it stayed on the rock. She gave another push and a poop about the same size came out. She just used the inside of her bikini to wipe and apologized non-stop. When she finally got her wetsuit up a wave came and sent her turds off to sea. She was very embarrassed and upset but I comforted her, and said everyone has emergencies. Then I made up a fake story about me shitting when surfing once, to make her feel better. I actually dated her for the next year or so! We had one more odd bathroom experience, but that's for a different post...

AHHHH I pooped in my bed last night! I was having a dream about being on the TV show survivor and I went to poop in the jungle, and I woke up with a turd hanging out of my butt!!! I stupidly rolled over and it smeared AALL over my butt and made it smell. I jumped out of bed when I figured out what happened and I still had to go. I started for the bathroom but as soon as I got to the door I lost control and the poop flowed. ALL over the floor. I went into my mom's room to tell her and she was really mad and I cried. She had to scrub the floor and change the sheets. Like I said the poop was all over my butt and she made me show her. She said she was going to clean me up but I told her that was insane and I would do it. She said it was everywhere and I wouldn't get it all, and if I didn't want her to do it she would get my brother to. We are 15 year old twin boys, and I thought that would be better than her doing it, because we are close brothers. He was tired and grossed out but did it, and it was very awkward. Sorry I'm anonymous, but this has been embarrassing me the whole day even though only he knows what happened, and I needed to tell someone!

new guy

Daily Dump

I just took a dump it was about 2 to 2 1/2 inches long and about 2 inches wide and it was light tanish brown.


Tormented Little Girl--Part 1

Me and my friend and teammate Shelby had some extra time last weekend since our team didn't play. We decided at the last minute to buy some on-line tickets for a concert which was held that evening in a city about 90 miles from ours. I drove down and Shelby drove back. She's very good about accepting responsibilities like that.

By the time we got to the arena and parked, it was starting to sleet and when we left the concert, there was about an inch of snow on the ground and the wind was blowing it around real bad. Shelby still volunteered to drive because she's from up north where they have heavy snow for much of the winter. Before we went to the parking garage, we stopped in the restroom by the entrance. We took adjacent stalls in one really huge bathroom and both of our pee streams started at about the same time. Mine lasted almost two minutes; Shelby beat me by at least 30 seconds. I stayed seated waiting for her and in doing so I carefully looked at my left knee. I had badly bruised it in a game a few nights earlier and our trainer said I should watch it for possible infection since the skin was broken.

Once we got on the highway, we found the traffic was bumper-to-bumper and that there were a lot of accidents. Whereas we would be doing 75 or 80, now we were crawling at 35 MPH and occasionally we had to stop as the wind blew our car and ice coated onto our windshield. I don't know if it was because of the stress or all the pop I had drank, but I was starting to feel like I was going to have to pee again, and before we got home. Shelby had two extra large drinks and said she hadn't had a shit for two days, but felt one coming on. We both looked at each other exasperated and didn't think there was a rest stop for at least 10 miles. At the pace the traffic was going, that was quite a bit of time away. And our windshield was both fogging and icing up.

After about 45 very long minutes we saw we were nearing a rest stop. However, we couldn't get over into the right lane because of the traffic and we missed the exit. Shelby got mad and decided to still try to get over and in doing so, we ended up in the right-hand lane at the exit from the rest stop, but Shelby said the shit that was tormenting her justified driving into the rest stop on the frontage road that was supposed to be a one-way exit. A couple of truckers flashed their lights and honked at us, but Shelby said she didn't care. I agreed with her that it might take us another two hours to get back home and that both of us would have a mess in our pants. We must have driven the equivalent of about six blocks against the flow of the traffic to finally reach the parking lot of the rest stop. Coming from the wrong direction made it difficult for Shelby to angle into a parking space, but she's a pretty good driver and did a nice job with it.

Because of the cold and storm, as much as for our bathroom needs, Shelby and I both ran for the brick rest room building. It was well lit on the outside but you could hardly see it with the snow blowing. We were running into the snow and the wind was blowing it into our eyes. I'm 6'3" and an athlete and it took me three attempts to yank the very heavy entrance door open for the restroom. Shelby said something about shitting her pants just before I was able to yank the door open. We turned to our left and the very small bathroom of three stalls. None had a door, but we didn't care. Shelby took the first one, dropping the seat which was raised real fast and dropping her jeans and black thong to her ankles with lightning speed. I thought it was amazing because her gas started blasting away and the crap was dropping a few seconds before she could throw herself onto the seat. Like me, she's a large girl so there was a thud I could her when she was fully seated. I took the second stall. My seat was already down and I dropped my jeans and lowered my underwear as I carefully sat over the seat. The fact that my butt was freezing from the cold of the seat and very little heat in the room, was punctuated by my curiosity about what was to my left. There were two feet in dirty tennis shoes swinging about six inches off the floor and a puddle beneathe them, probably of melted snow. Then a piecing cry started: "Moommmee, moommmee."

It got the immediate attention of both Shelby and I. I'll finish the story next time.


Fun Time with Bill

A quick note about my post called "Dirty Business in the Pool", I just realized that the phrase "loud SBD" makes NO sense whatsoever! Oh well. Here's another story:
I was back at the twins' house today so that we can play some games when Tom decided that he was going to go to a store to get food for all of us. That meant that I was left alone with the beautiful Bill. We were sitting on the couch together, nearing leaning on one another, when I felt really bad cramps in my intestines and I knew that I had to do some BIG business. I could also tell by the way Bill was holding his stomach and his facial expression that he really had to poop as well. He said to me with a slight strain in his voice, "I really have to go to the restroom. Will you come with me?"
I agreed to go with him, saying that I also had to use the restroom. We went into the restroom, and Bill let me go first. I pulled down my blue skinny jeans and sat on the toilet. Immediately I let out a squeaky fart followed by several plops. By then, Bill was squirming, and I knew that he REALLY had to go, so I tried to hurry up and finished. As I stood up, Bill already had his grey skinny jeans down and slammed down on the toilet. I then asked him to do something for me that no one has ever done for me before. I stuck my bum out toward him and asked him, "Can you wipe my backside for me please?"
Bill hesitated for a second, but then grabbed some tissue and started to wipe my bum as he dropped huge turds into the toilet. We did something else while he was on the toilet, but I can't discuss that here. When Bill was done, he stood up and asked me to wipe him. I complied, and when we looked into the toilet, we saw that we both had produced some monster turds. We flushed the toilet, fixed our jeans, and headed back to the living room just as Tom came back from the store with some wings, pizza, brownies, and Coke. He said, "Hey, guys! Did anything interesting happen while I was gone?"
Bill and I only exchanged secret smiles.

Freshman Freddy and Half Dump Denise: I was in 4th grade and there was this female student teacher with a stack that would not quit. She was blonde and leggy. One day she came into the girls bathroom. I was peeing on the throne. She took the next stall and let her beige slacks and pink Jockey panty down to her ankles. It was a warm day, so I was wearing only a white FOL panty under my jumper. I was playing with my panty at my knees. I was peeing real hard. This teacher, a tall leggy blonde, let her bowels open up and she was dropping these long pieces, plop after plop after plop. Then, she let out this buzzing dry fart. I was finished peeing when I took paper, opened my legs and wiped my hairless cat. I left her in her stall with her pants down. The next day about 10AM, I went to the same bathroom to pee. I was looking at myself in the mirror when she walked in, undoing her pink pants, zipper parted and white panty partially showing, forming a v-shape at her cat. She dropped her pants, baring her smooth white backside with freckles. She took a stall, let her clothes down to her ankles. Her bowels exploded and I heard these heavy chunks. I took the next stall, lifted my navy jumper, pulled down my white/red print JCP panty to my knees and I squirted out my pee. It squirted 3x before it was steady. When I finished, I wiped myself good because urine splashed bet. my legs. I let down my dress and pulled up my panty and left.

For Aly:1. What is the consistancy of your poop normally? Soft and thick. Sometimes loose.
2. Have you ever had an accident? If so, when and what were the circumstances? I wet myself a few times in kindergarten and grammar school and Sunday School. I was hesitant to ask to go to the bathroom.
3. If you had an accident at school, would you rather be a popular kid, or a not popular one? Which do you think would be worse?
4. Have you ever peed/pooped on the street for fun? Yes
5. If so, where? I have done so in park woods. I did pee bet. parked cars when I was in 2nd grade. I was on my way home and could not hold it.
6. Have you ever seen anybody poop/pee that is not related to you? Yes.
7. Have you ever seen anybody else have an accident? Yes and it was not fun. I felt sorry for them.
9. As a child, did you have any interest in pooping/peeing? No ,until I read this forum.
10. Have you ever pooped/peed in water? in the bathtub and shower.
11. Have you ever pooped/peed in a container? for a doctor.

Punk Rock Girl

Been a while, been very busy. Sorry I have not posted.

For the first time in a while I was caught with no toilet paper. Colin and I were driving to some friends' farm out in the middle of nowhere and as we approached a very creepy looking gas station Colin realized the car needed gas and I realized I had to take a shit. So while he got gas I walked to the side of the building to use the restroom.

It looked clean, and unless the toilet seat is disgusting, I usually don't bother putting paper down. So after closing and locking the door I pulled down my pants and underpants and sat on the gleaming seat. I took a pretty nasty semi-soft shit which left behind quite a trace of itself between my buns.

So, I reach into the dispenser and realize there's no frigging toilet paper. I thought there was, but upon closer inspection I realized that what looked like a roll of TP was really the unusually thick spindle the TP is supposed to be on. No paper towels, just a hand dryer. I would have washed my ass in the sink, but there was no soap. What did I do, you ask?

I pulled up my pants and spent the rest of the trip with butt mud. First thing I did when we got to the farm was go into the bathroom and wipe my ass. I have no idea how, but somehow my underpants managed to avoid getting smeared with shit, and it sure felt like a lot down there.

Anyway, that's my underwhelming shit story for now. Hope all of you are well.




What a day

On my way to my job interview ,I bought myself a double shot espresso to keep myself awake,while in the car I drank a huge bottle of water because I drink when I'm nervous. So I pull up to the building and go to the waiting room. I realized I had to pee but I didn't want them to call my name and me not be there so I waited... I waited for another hour but the urge was getting stronger so I got up to go to the bathroom but they called my name to go in. I was trying to cross my legs and walk at the same time so I was getting looked funny by the boss. I got in and sat down and we started talking about the job. By halfway through I felt like my bladder was going to explode,I was really worried about wetting and soiling myself right there, but I held on, all the convsersation didn't help things either, Finally, I couldn't hold it anymore! a torrential stream of pee erupted and flowed from me. The initial pain of all that pressure quickly gave way to relief like a river right there onto the floor.I was humiliated.I left the room squeezing my butt cheeks together as hard as I could ....because I was so afraid that I'd soil my pantyhose.(I wasn't wearing any panties under my pantyhose). I began crying in the lift, desperate now because I knew I could not hold back my poop any longer! So I shut my eyes as if to try and shut out the humiliation of those people standing right behind me, seeing and watching everything, Immediately a load shit appeared at my asshole and pushed its way out, embarrassing farting noises erupted from me, I could have died from shame; I wanted the earth to swallow me up! Once the lift open, i walk as fast as i could to the car,
I spread newspapers on the seat,when i sat down, it smushed in between my legs, and got all over my crotch.tears of shame streaming from me and sobs of embarrassment racking my body. as more farting noises and then another, and yet another long stream of very wet diarrhea, that just kept coming and coming and i start to pee again,then the brown juice started dripping from the back to the sides of my legs and down to my shoes.... . I came into the house with a messy pantyhose, It was the most terrible experience of my life.

Just a guy

Amylee, you really describe your bathroom experiences in great detail. I'm glad you're overcoming your poop shyness in public restrooms. I tend to go everyday at work, but was once shy about it too. Now, I really don't think too much about it.

Louisa, welcome. Please do post more stories about yourself and the other flight attendants. I remember reading in the past postings from another flight attendant and recall that she mentioned she had the issue of getting constipated too.

Alyssa, welcome. Enjoyed your story--holding back that dump must have made for a very difficult flight.

Desperate to poop - no good experiences to tell us about recently?

I've posted here before ( around 1830s to 1860s). Most of my stories are office related, listening to other women go in the toilet. I just wanted to say how much I love Amylee's stories.

Also.. Louisa, I'm excited to hear from you . Have you listened/chat with to other flight attendants while doing it? I'm looking forward to hearing your stories.


Hi Louisa

I would love to hear to hear more pooing stories about you and the other flight attendants. Also any peeing stories

Thanks you in advance


Hello! I have a story for buddy, the guy who asked for airplane stories, and also my story fits in with a theme I've noticed: there have been a lot of buddy dump stories. So this goes in both categories.

It was my first time flying by myself, I was only 15, with my friend Cole. He was a little taller than me, had long blonde surfers hair, and was really skinny, like me. While waiting we ate like three orders of french fries and a slice of greasy pizza in the terminal. Literally as soon as we took off I felt my stomach start to hurt and I thought it was from the flight. Me and Cole kept talking though and after about 30 minutes it hurt terribly. I wanted to try to poop in the bathroom but the seatbelt light was on, and plus I didn't want to gross out Cole. The seatbelt light turned off 15 minutes later and I was so happy. I told Cole I had to use the bathroom and this was his response: "Dude, same here, I have to take the worst poop." It was awkward at first but I decided to tell him that I did too. We both walked down the aisle and I opened the bathroom door, and Cole suggested that we might as well both go in together. I thought it was weird, but he had a point, since we were going to be next to each other for the next seven hours, we might as well. Plus I had to go terribly and didn't feel like arguing, you know that feeling? It was actually big for a plane bathroom and I asked him if I could go first, because mine isn't going to be pretty. He laughed and agreed. I got my shorts down and sat with a loud fart. With little pushing a long snake turd came out, curling around the little bowl. When it broke it must have been 12 or 13 inches. I felt a lot better! Cole started jumping around and I didn't want to be rude so I wiped and got up. He commented on how awesomely long my poop was. He didn't even flush mine. His sounded wet, and it was, I could tell by the smell. He didn't really make any faces or anything, he just did what he had to do. He flushed and the super toilet sucked it all down. We had a good flight, and I even had to poop again at the airport. Hope you liked my story!

Upstate Dave

Interupted Shower

Hi to everyone. Car Mom another great post with the three girls in the backseat. (the post with the hmming girl)

I was in the shower three days ago. I had finished washing myslef down and was about to wash my hair when the sudden urge to shit came upon me. So I immeadiatly got out of the shower soaking wet and I didn't sit down on the seat to go. Instead I stood over the toilet and went.

I did piss a little for several seconds. Then I started to shit. My shit I could feel came out very fast! In seconds my asshole closed and reopened back up. My first shit when it fell into the toilet sent up a big splash which did hit my inner thighs. My second shit after only several seconds fell sending up a second splash which was not as hard as the first one.

Then I had a third shit start out and only after a few seconds it too fell into the toilet under me. There was no splash from the third shit. I stepped forward and I looked down in the toilet. In the toilet were my three shits. Boy was I surprised by the lengths of them! The largest one was over ten inches long. The next biggest one was near eight inches long, and the smallest one was over a half foot long. There was a strong oder to my shit too that filled the bathroom.

All of them were pretty fat, dark brown, and smooth. I flushed the toilet waited for it to stop running. Then I got back in the shower washed my butt off and then washed my hair. I wonder if anyone else has had the same thing happen to them. Upstate Dave


To Amylee

You seem to be doing find with the poo-shyness :) I love okra and being from the south I have had it on many occasions. Increasing fiber in your diet will take time and a little adjusting, but it will be worth it in the long run.

I love your seems as if you all have your own pooping community. I played sports in high school and college and have gone to the bathroom with others in the locker rooms or hotel rooms. But I do not remember anything like you are describing at your office.

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Answering Catherine - Survey for Women

1. I am at an age that any guy that feels turned on by me makes me feel
2. When I was courting and I discovered my fiance liked to listen that
really turned me on good.
3. Yes I would, I do actually, just to make my hubby hot and more loving.
4. Yes. Why not, we all have to there.
5. I didn't with my hubby when we were courting. But if I have messed
my panties, even just a wet fart, I love to see the look on his face
when I tell him.
6. I haven't written a lot recently, but have written off and on over
past six years. Why, because I enjoy sharing experiences with other
writers. And yes it also turns me on reading other stories.

Amylee. I adore your experiences. I haven't written to you before, but your last story of having a shit with Ann, Your Human Resource Manager in the next cubicle has made me very wet just thinking of it. It was ho I first realized that women on the toilet are so helpful, I have never experienced such kindness any where else. I found that the prime time was around nine each morning and that if any colleague went to the lav in the afternoon almost always it was for a shit. I loved to listen and went whenever I can to listen, still do.

I had a wonderful shit with my colleague and best friend Ruth, in the Law Courts yesterday. We were there on different cases, but she was heading for the loo at the same time as me. I loved to listen to the rapid rustling as she hiked her skirt up and the slither of panties, the pregnant pause then a gasp and the splatter of shit, all this almost in one movement and before I had my panties down. Ruth was very loose, almost like diarrhea, but I was normal, three four longish turds all slipping out in a rush, then I was wiping and waiting for Ruth to finish. She asked me to wait inside for her and when she opened the cubicle door I stepped in and just enjoyed the sight of her, panties right down. God she has always turned me on like that so much. I have always wondered if other women feel like that at all, but so far nobody has written to say yes or no.


Big accident on station platform

I was traveling on a 5 hour train journey to scotland once when I was 14 & as soon as I got on the train I felt a big urge to poo. I hadn't been for 4 days & knew I'd have to go on the train or risk having an accident in my panties. I went to the toilet at the end of the carriage only to find it was full of someones diarrhoea. It was all over the seat & floor & there was on way on earth I was going to use it. My stomach was cramping up & I had to clench my anus shut to keep my poo in for the whole journey. I was really desperate & almost pood myself several times. By the time the train arrived in Glasgow I was in agony & was about to fill my pants at any moment. The more I clenched the more it hurt to keep this monster of a poo inside me. I was now beyond desperate & was afraid to move in case I lost control. I had to get off the train very carefully & as I stepped onto the station platform I felt my anus open without my permission. About half an inch of poo poked out of my bum before I could suck it back in. I then had to find a toilet in a strange place I'd never been to & fast. I looked franticaly for a sign but my luck conspired against me. I had to ask someone for directions but the man had such a strong accent I couldn't understand a word he was saying. I was so desperate by now I had to hold my bum & the pain from holding it so long was unbearable. My need to poo was becoming an emergency & I still had no idea where the toilets were. I felt an irresistable urge to push but with no chance of finding to a toilet I was out of options. My anus opened againist my will & I tried to clench it shut but the pressure in my bowels was forcing my poo out with such a force there was nothing I could do to stop it. It was a hard, knobly poo & it was a big one so it hurt as it bumped its way through my anus. I didn't want to poo my pants in such a public place but the the more I went the better I felt as the pressure quickly dropped. My panties felt heavy as I filled them & I felt the most intense relief, I didn't care who saw me. I wet myself uncontrolably & a puddle formed at my feet. When I stopped peeing the poo broke off & fell into the pile in the seat of my panties. I pushed again & a much softer load rushed out. It felt all got & sticky as it squished up around my bum. I by the time I was done I had a full 4 days worth of poo in my panties & the bulge in the back of my jeans was huge. The smell was awfull & now the reality of the situation hit home. I felt mortified but the intense relief I felt was beyond words. I had to ask another person where the toilet was & it turned out I was only 12 feet away from one. I ran inside, found a vacant cubicle & locked the door. The cleanup was an impossible task & I had to throw my poo filled panties in the toilet. My jeans were wet through but no poo stains thankfully. After wiping with a whole toilet roll I got most of the poo off my bum. The toilet was full of poo but I flushed it anyway & amazingly it all went down. But then it came back up. It then slowly went down & I flushed it again. This time it went down for good & I left the toilets.


Early Memories

Hi Everyone! Hope all are well.

I appear to have fallen into the habit of telling stories from the middle and not the beginning, so here it goes..

I was wondering the other day how I became interested in matters pooping related.Firstly,my experiences involving my "power-dumping" cousin Annie may have kindled a spark.Also one evening when we were in the dress rehearsal for a musical we were putting at school one evening(fifth year secondary so I would have been around fifteen) all of us boys and girl bundled into the girl's toilet as we were all desparate. The two other guys left quickly, but I was asked to stay behind and to talk to the two most attractive girls in the school as they both farted explosively and did massive dumps, behind closed doors.I am still not sure why I was positively welcomed with open arms to witness this to this every day, especially when naturally, you would have thought the opposite would apply...

Another formative experience, was when I joined around ten other 17 year old A Level students for week's field trip to the country, some twenty years ago.We stayed in this field centre in the middle of nowhere, and we all had to find our own amusements in one way or another.

The Centre had a male and female dormitory and kitchin in between.However there were only two toilets, both of which were alongside each other, and curiously were adjacent to the male dormitory.All of us at some point, however unwittingly heard each other poop at some time during the day.(after all, there are only so many times you can repeatedly listen to "Everything I do" by Bryan Adams being broadcast by Yokel FM, on the minibus radio without either flattening the battery or wanting to throttle someone)

I was not especially interested in the guys pooping, although I was amused when my sworn enemy used the toilet.There was a noise like a dumb-bell being dropped into a swimming pool and several flushes from the toilet.I noticed him sheepishly asking his friend for a large breadknife..I think you can fill the rest in yourself.The local bakery (just about the only thing good about this dump we were in) made some of the nicest bread I have ever tasted, but whenever anyone offered to make me sandwiches after this incident, I was somewhat uneasy .....

I,and everyone else for that matter got to hear the five girls pooping as well.Two girls particularly fascinated me. FK and HS.

FK was a lantern-jawed blonde with shoulder length straight hair, and rather bad acne.HS had black hair in a 1920s/1930s style bob.Both wore the regulation tee shirt tucked into jeans and trainers for most of the visit.Sadly, I had been subject to a fair bit of verbal bullying from them in the past, and I did not get on with them.However, they had been as good as gold on a week's field trip to Yorkshire a few months before, so I thought and hoped that they would be OK for this one.

Both were prodigious and enthusiastic farters and poopers.( as I said we had to arrange our own entertainment, as there was no radio (other than in the minibus) no Tv, and the nearest Pub was seven miles away, and our two teachers were reluctant to drive us there)

If we are to believe HS and FK, by their own admission they pooped between six and eight times a day, although I never noticed them go anywhere near that many times...This was possibly due to their high fibre vegetarian diet and their habit of grazing on food rather than than having meals at set times during the day.It was their having to eat three large main meals which led to their doing some big dumps on the toilet later in the week, more of which in a minute.

I am not sure if it was as a result of their diets, but I noticed that both produced strange sounding farts and poops. FK would occasionally lean forward in her chair and release a curious low-pitched "THUDD!!" like a distant cannon going off.The aroma of marsh gas and rotting vegetables would quickly follow as she enthusiastically wafted her chair.HS not wanting to be upstaged would say " I can do one better than that!" and she would lean over to her side in her chair and with a rasping QUACK, HS would add to the already fruity atmosphere.

Given their claimed pooping habits, it was not long before I saw FK walk into one of the two toilets.I went into the other.

I heard FK pull her jeans and pants down in one movement and she settled down on the toilet.She briefly tinkled, before there was a loud THUDDD! then a gentle hiss, a slithering sound and a loud SPLASH! Another THUDDD! was followed a rapid SPLASH-SPLASH-SPLASH-SPLASH!There was the tiniest rattle of the toilet paper holder before FK pulled up her pants and jeans,flushed, washed her hands and came out. Shortly afterwards, I had reason to see her about some aspect of the work we were doing on location and I noticed as I sat down next to her that it was pretty obvious what she had been up to recently.

Later on I saw HS walking towards, and then into the toilet - she farted twice with a QUACK-QUACK as she walked and she looked rather desperate.She was.

I heard her pull down her jeans and her pants and she sat down rapidly on the toilet.As soon as she sat down she did a QUACK-FLLOOOOOOP! as she urgently farted and plopped.Another loud QUACK was followed by a very rapid FLOOP-FLOOP-FLOOP-FLOOP-FLOOP.She briefly peed and then she pulled up her pants and jeans, after seemingly only the smallest of wipes. HS needed to see me about something I was working on, and again I noticed as in the case of FK, also in the case of HS...

This went on throughout the week until on the last night the teachers arranged to take us out to dinner at a local restaurant.We had a busy day going out to some desolate beach to go and count seaweed, but we got back in plenty of time for everyone to freshen up.

I noticed that the time for departure was not that long away, as HS walked into the toilet.She was wearing a light blue dress, with dark brown tights and had her hair up in a ponytail.She shut the door and I heard her pull her tights down and adjust her dress before sitting on the toilet.

I heard her tinkle for some time before a loud rasping QUACK-QUACK! was followed by a crackle and a soft but prodigious sounding FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMP!

Shortly afterwards there was another loud a rapid QUACK-FLOOOOOOMP! This was followed by a QUACK-FLOOOP-FLOOOP-FLOOOP-FLOOOP-FLOOOOOP, then shortly afterwards by a QUACK!FLOOOOOMP!FLOOOMP!FLOOOMP! as HS finished. I heard her wipe, and the sounds of her adjusting her clothes and washing her hands.

A few minutes passed until FK went into the toilet.She was wearing an orange blouse and short black skirt with black tights.I heard FK hitch her skirt up and pull her tights down and sit on the toilet.She peed for ages.

I heard a loud THUDD! followed by another louder THUDD! and a quiet little SPLISH-SPLISH-SPLASH.FK sat on the toilet for some time before suddenly there was a massive cannon-like THUDDDDD! and a desperate sounding SPLASH-SPLASH-SPLASH-SPLASH_SPLASH_SPLASH-SPLASH-SPLASH.There was a short period of quiet before there was another noisy THUDDD! then a hiss and a rasping noise followed by a enormous soft sounding KER-SPLASSSSHHHHHHH!Almost instantly this was followed by a loud THUDD! and a slightly smaller, but still noticeable SPLASSSH! Immediately as soon as FK had finished pooping - to this day I do not remember hearing her wipe at all - I heard her pull her tights up and hitch her skirt back down, and flush the toilet.

Around 5 mins later, I got in the minibus in my favourite double seat next to the driver and put my seatbelt on. The teachers shouted out "is everyone in?I looked next to me and there was no-one there."Where's FK?"I heard someone call out. "She's on the toilet! shouted out HS. One of the teachers went to retrieve FK although it was some five minutes before they both came out. The teacher was bundled in the back, and FK sat next to me in front.FK had sprayed some deodorant,but there was still an overpowering whiff coming from her as we drove the seven miles to the restaurant.

This was the last evening I had good relations with HS and FK as I got into a heated political argument with them over dinner and we did not speak to each other all at for four months afterwards.I fact I don't think we ever spoke politely to each other again. To this day I am not sure what to make of these two pooping enthusiasts - and ladettes a few years before their time.

I, and several of my friends, were in pretty firm agreement that if you were to metaforically slice through the middle of both FK and HS you would have found pure poison.Still to be fair, they certainly did provide some interesting moments for a while....

Bye for now.

Love Hermes xx


10 a.m. in the Ladies Room Today

Thanks for the advice from several of you helping me to overcome my poo shyness in public restrooms. I've found at the office that I should get over this since I often have a BM need during the workday, probably 4 out of the 5 days. I wrote about Ann, our new Human Resources manager in a recent post. While she's not as "vocal" on the toilet as Leigh, my boss (the grunter), she is certainly not poo shy at all. I've mentioned that the prime poo times for the ladies in our building are at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. I usually try to avoid those times, but today I had to go badly at 10 a.m. We'd gone to my in-law's house for dinner last night, and my mother-in-law made what she called a southern meal. One of the dishes she made was fried okra. I'd not had this before, but now understand it's a high fiber food. It was very good. My husband and I both liked it and ate quite a lot. At work today around 9:45 I got a pain and felt I was going to need to poo. I waited hoping to miss the 10 a.m. rush in the restroom, but about 10 minutes later, I couldn't wait. I went toward the ladies' room. As I turned the corner toward the restroom, Ann approached from the other direction. She smiled and spoke to me. We arrived at the restroom door at the same time and I held the door for her. We went in and 5 of the 6 stalls were occupied, the open one was the 4th. I took it and as I was latching the door, the 3rd stall toilet next to me flushed and the lady went out. So Ann took that one right next to me. I thought, "Well, Ann is going to hear me poo again!" I sat next to her last week and accidently farted very loudly, which had been my introduction to her since I'd not met her up to that point. It was a casual day at the office so I had on a pair of jeans, pretty tight ones, and I was really struggling to get them down quickly before I had an accident. Ann had on jeans as well and was looking nice today. She and I got seated about the same time. While we were getting our jeans down, there was a symphony of pooing going on all around us. It's unbelievable how open and loudly the ladies poo in this public restroom every day around 10 and 2. It's like clockwork. One lady next to me was really going at it - she farted twice while I was pulling down my jeans. I saw her shoes and recognized her as one of the 20-something ladies in our office. She's a nice looking blonde woman, but I don't know her name. I recognized her shoes from admiring them earlier that morning (I'm a "shoe girl"). Maybe she recognized my shoes as well? Anyway, Ann and I got settled and Ann immediately farted softly but certainly audibly to everyone. She started a crackly poo that lasted a good 15 seconds. I was cringing as I hate to poo noisily in public, so I gently relaxed my butt and immediately a loose, soft poo started out, crackling with some gas spewing with it. Even though it was embarrassing to me, it felt wonderful since I needed to go so badly. It seemed to just go on and on, eventually with toots escaping around the poo as I went. When the first wave was over, I rose up to look at what I'd one and I'd completely filled the toilet. I don't know how anyone can poo that much. I also noted that I was really VERY stinky. I courtesy flushed the toilet to take some of the smell away. Ann farted again, a little louder this time and let out more crackly poo for another 10 seconds or so. It sounded like she needed to go badly as well. The girl on the other side of me was wiping now and soon flushed and left. Someone hurriedly came in the stall and sat down. I didn't recognize the shoes. She was also wearing jeans and sat down and started peeing a torrent immediately. In the middle of her pee I could hear plops start. I heard several plops and two farts while she peed. She must have badly needed to do both because she pooed a lot while still peeing and started wiping as soon as her pee stopped. She was quick and flushed in a about minute and someone else took her place, sat down, passed gas and started what sounded like small balls or nuggets of poo plopping in the toilet followed by a sigh. The handicapped stall flushed and opened and another lady went in. Well, it had to be Leigh, my boss. I identified her right away since she did her "Uhhhh" grunt and started pooing and farted. I've gotten stuck by her a few times, and each time she's doing the grunting and farting loudly for all to hear. I felt more pressure and relaxed my butt again. Another huge amount of poo came out. Halfway though it a loud fart slipped out. Apparently the meal the night before was reacting strongly with my digestive system. I heard the first two toilets in the row flush and ladies leave, replaced by others waiting. In a matter of seconds, loud farts and plops were coming from those stalls. Leigh actually was quiet for a few moments, then farted loudly and pooed more, this time with just a softer "Uhhhh". Ann farted once more and did another round of soft poo. It seemed she must have a full toilet by now, since she'd let out 3 lengthy bouts of poo. She began to pee and then started wiping. She wiped about 6 or7 times. I figured her toilet would clog with that much poo and paper. But it sounded like it all went down when she flushed. She left her stall. My stomach was continuing to knot up and caused me to have to strain involuntarily and another round of poo came out of me, punctuated by a loud very embarrassing fart. I was totally humiliated but suddenly felt empty. I peed and started wiping. I pulled up my jeans, flushed and came out to wash my hands. The 6th stall flushed and sure enough Leigh came out and joined me at the sink. She smiled and said hello. I dried my hands and started back to my desk. As I opened the restroom door, some men were walking by. When I had the door open, one of the ladies still on the toilet farted extremely loud, and the men all looked at the door and kept walking. I overheard one of them say, "Did you hear that?" Ten a.m. again proved to be the time everyone needed to poo. It's a virtual rush hour for women pooing. I went back to work and determined if I ever needed a laxative, I would eat more fried okra. It certainly wasn't a good day for a poo shy girl like me, but I couldn't help it.

I am Ekaterina from Russia. I had a horrible experience. I am opera singer and was in Austria for audition. I was travelling by train to the town where the audition was and I was hungry so I ate a sandwich. It was either poisoned or not fresh. I started to get sick when I arrived to the theatre. I had to run immediately to the toilet when I got there and had horrible diarreah. Of course I couldnīt concentrate on my singing. I had to go again before I got on the stage. The most horrible thing was that when I sang I felt everything would come out of me. It was so awkward I had to excuse myself to run out between the first and second aria to have diarreah again. I had no other choice otherwise I would ruine my dress. I was sitting there and just crying. They listenened to my second aria but of course I dinīt receive the job. When I travelled back by train diarreah continued it was horrible to have that on the train because the toilet vas not always vacant and I stood there afraid of having an accident. And I even had to throw up. It was over after 5 hours but this was my worst experience ever.


Buddy dump

To New Guy: Don't worry about miss spelling my name. Lots of posters have done it. I think it was about a year ago when we first buddy dumped. In answer to the question of Louise joining up with a buddy dump, I don't think all three of us would fit on one toilet. It would have to be a big one. I'm sure she would be up for it if we could all physicaly fit. We did share a nice poo in that hollowed out tree a few posts back.

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