Car Mom
Hi all!

Today the same girl who was in my car last time was in my car again and also another girl in Kaylee's class was there too. If you'll remember the first girl was the one who hummed to herself while she was peeing and also she had asked if she could let a fart while she peed. Well this time she had to pee again and so she asked me "can I, um, pee in here again?" It was so cute! So of course I told her she could. She said "thanks" and then she started to undo her jeans and she got ready to have her pee. She was sitting behind the passenger seat, by the way, and Kaylee was behind me, and the other girl was in the middle. The girl who was in the middle then said "is it ok if I go too if I have to? I don't have to go now but if I do in a little while is it ok if I go?" That's exactly how she said it. How cute is that? I said "of course you can, anytime you want." Then she said "thank you. I might later." She had actually peed in my car a couple times before so peeing in my car wasn't anything new for her. Anyway, by that time the humming girl was beginning to have her pee. I could hear it starting to hiss as it went into the seat. Then I heard her begin to hum. It was so adorable! She just sat there looking down at herself and hummed. It was like she was humming as her pee was coming out. It wasn't like it was a song or anything, it was just like it was going along with the rhythm of her pee. Then while she was still sitting there peeing she let a little fart. She obviously knew it was ok to fart now because this time she didn't ask first. She just farted into the seat like it was the normal thing to do. I guess that part of it IS the normal thing to do! Kids fart into car seats ALL the time, its that PEEING part that's a little strange! Anyway, after a little while longer the hissing stopped and she was all done with her pee. And so when she stopped peeing she also stopped humming. She was all done. Then after that I saw Kaylee pull down her jeans and her underwear. Of course I knew what she was going to do, but humming girl asked her "are you gonna go too?" and Kaylee said "mm-hmm." Then she looked down at herself and she got ready to have her pee. And then I heard another little hiss as Kaylee's pee began to come and go into the seat. As Kaylee was having her pee, the other girl who was sitting in the middle said "I think I have to go now so I'm gonna go ok?" I laughed and then I said "ok go ahead." and so she got ready to pee too. I could tell she just wanted to do it so she could do what her friends were doing. She didn't seem like she had to go very much and I'm sure she could have waited. But I didn't mind. She pulled down her pants. I noticed that her jeans were actually a little bit wet from sitting so close to the other girls' pee, and I should have had her pull them down before, but I figured they'd be dry by the time she got home so I didn't say anything. After she pulled down her pants and her underwear she sat there for a few seconds. But her pee didn't seem to be coming. She pushed herself a little so she could get herself to pee, and she made some little grunts. But her pee still didn't come. I didn't say anything to her, I just let her do her thing. I knew she really wanted to have a pee in my car like her friends did, so I didn't want her to feel bad by telling her she probably didn't really have to go. I figured she'd start going eventually. She actually still wasn't peeing yet when Kaylee finished her pee. She just kept pushing herself and making little grunts. Then finally she let a little fart and then another one. She giggled when she farted, and so did the other girls and then I did too. Then after that I heard a little hiss. She was finally beginning to pee. I was so glad. Then her hiss got louder and she was peeing like normal. She let out a sigh as she continued to pee into the seat. She also let a couple more farts while she peed. Then she said "thank you for letting me pee here." I said "its ok sweetie you can pee here anytime you want." She then smiled and then she said "thank you" again and she continued with her pee. Then after a little while she was done. And so all three of those girls had a pee in my car today.

See ya!

A 13 year old girl.

Stories from when I was little

Hi. I read this blog everyday. But this is my first post as I've been only a lurker. But anyway, I haven't had an accident in a long time. But I have 2 stories to tell, one poop and one pee.

I'll start with the pee. This was five years ago and I was about seven/eight. I woke up and had a really strong urge to pee. I have four cats and always make sure I say hi and pet all of them before I leave my room. I played with the the youngest one for a while (She was a kitten at the time) and by the time I was walking out my room towards the door the need to go was almost unbearable. I was almost at my door when I was really squirming. Then it happened. I couldn't hold it any longer and peed my pajamas right there on my carpet. I had to go tell my mom who was still sleeping. I had already changed and walked into her room. I woke her up and told her and she responded, "Which one?" She thought I was talking about one the cats. I told her "ummmmm..... me?" and ahe was shocked. She cleaned my carpet and that was the end of that.

This next story is from even longer ago. I was only four. I was in preschool and there was one girl who I was really close friends with. I was over at her house at about noon because we only had half day preschool. My dad was home and was going to pick me up at 4. It was my first time at her house and I was a little nervous around her parents still. This was before the point where I could clean my own privates after a BM. I started to have to go around 2 and didn't want to go at her house because I was afraid to ask her mom for help in that type of setting. I decided I would try to hold it until my dad got there and go at home. Bad idea. Next thing I knew, it was 3:45. I was so excited because I really had to have a BM. Then it was 4. My dad knocked on the door. I ran towards the door and went outside. Right as I stepped through the door, I lost it. My friend was walking in front of me and her mom was behind me. Her mom asked me if i was okay because I stopped dead in my tracks. I said yes and backed up against the wall. I smooshed the giant bulge in the back of my pants into a pancake when I did this, which was actually on purpose. She asked again if I was okay because I was pushed up against the wall so hard.I again said yes. Then i ran out to my dads car and got in.when I sat down, the already flattened bulge squished up my back. I winced. My dad turned around and asked what was wrong. I told him I went poopy in my pants. He said not to woory. I tried to explain that I was to nervous to ask her mom for help but he was fine with it. He didn't think my mom would be but he knew she wasn't home so he took me home and helped me get cleaned up. I remember exactly what happened. It wasn't soft at all, it was a nice, solid load. He peeled of my leggings and shirt and then puled of my panties. He flipped them inside out and the giant load flipped out into the toilet without even leaving a mark. He threw them into the hamper. He put me in the shower and cleaned me. He got me re-dressed and sent me on my way. He never spoke of it again. He told me I was lucky it was so solid because otherwise my mom would have found the ruined panties. But it didnt happen. I was grossed out for a while and got over my fear of asking other people for help that day. The worst part aboout it is that my friends mom definitely knew what had happened and never loooked a me the same again. She still doesn't. -_-

NA co worker of mine actually soiled herself at work today. Her name is Carolyn and she's a bit chubby but has a pretty face, pretty long blonde hair, large breasts and a shapely butt. She also wears nice clothing and often wears really tight jeans, these charcoal gray yoga pants that look painted on and an equally tight pair of dark blue jeggings (tights that look like jeans.) Her butt looks pretty great in all of them. Anyway, tonight she was my main customer service associate and when we got busy she was stuck working for a long time without a break. Well i noticed her seeming uncomfortable and distracted, and then eventually when she was no longer busy she came out of the customer service booth and her cheeks looked bright red and she appeared to be choking back tears. Thats when she walked awkwardly toward me and to the ladies room, and as she was passing me she started to cry and whined "i have to go so bad!" Then put her left hand on her ass. She got about 2 feet past me before i heard her rip a loud wet fart and start sobbing. She stood still for a second and i looked at her butt as a great big bulge rapidly grew in the seat of her jeggings, with a little chorus of pattering and popping farts. The poor girl totally lost it and pooped her pants at work, and those tights were unforgiving when it came to concealing the looked like a balloon inflated in her underwear. She started to walk bowlegged toward the bathroom again when i saw dark blue lines streaming down the back of her pants on both legs
They quickly broadened and spread until the backs of her legs were completely soaked. A similar dark stain spread in the shape of a large egg on her butt and over the massive poop bulge. She left a trail of pee drops all the way into the bathroom and it was nasty because the pee had cloudy brown color

Firecracker Guy

Response & advice to Freshman Freddy

Sites such as are excellent ways to discuss common problems and share ideas.

Posts by Francine and Freshman Freddy are serious and need to be taken seriously. Using school bathrooms at all grade levels may come easy for some, but for others it's a twice or thrice daily hell.

Although I'm 26 now, doing well in business and married to my very precious Firecracker Girl, I, too was messed with in the school bathrooms beginning in the early elementary grades. Looking back, I made mistakes, was teased for them and sometimes I was picked on in other ways. For example, in 3rd grade I was seated on the toilet pushing one out when when a senior came in, saw me somewhat frustrated, so he took out his organ and made it look like he was going to pee on me until I got off the toilet for him. What he was doing in our grade school, I don't know but it scared me and when I went a couple stalls down and re-seated myself, I was unable to push it out. I started to cry and it could be seen when I got back to the classroom. So much for me trying to keep such matters private.

Back in kindergarten and 1st grade, I made a couple of horrible mistakes. This led to older guys singling me out for torment. An example, is that at the urinals I would drop my sweats and briefs all the way to my ankles and hold my organ with both hands. Two guys coming into the room would see that, walk so close to me that they would almost brush up against me, and then snap me with their finger and thumb on the back of my butt. Of course, I would cry and be unable to finish my pee. Often I would go back to class with a burning between my legs because I would have to hold my piss in until next break.

I think Freshman Freddy's sister is right about school bathrooms; I doubt they are going to get any better. I disagree with what T.J. said to Freddy because he needs support and not jokes.

As I got older, I was able to figure out alternative strategies. For example, by wearing jeans or shorts with zippers, I no longer would pull them down all the way to my ankles. That helped because I wasn't standing out from the other boys. Also, when crapping I would take the far end stall because it attracts less attention. Even then, I would only pull my underwear down to mid-thigh level. So my underwear would cover my privates and actually the entire front of the seat and the front of the bowl where a lot of urine is splashed. I also learned to check for toilet paper first when selecting a stall, because more than once I would crap, have to walk like I was in a sack race with my pants down to another stall, and then be interrupted by a guy or guys walking around the wall and into the room.

Once I thought things through, I made better decisions. It's amazing how much confidence you gain as you progress through the grades.


Flight attendant stories

My name is Louisa and I work as Cabin Crew for that airline that has red planes and a big 'V' on the tail! I am responding to buddy's request on page 1978 for plane and airport stories, As you can imagine I have loads. This is my first post so first I will introduce myself. I am 25, 5ft 9in, slim with long redish hair. I am gay - so sorry lads! Lol. I work on longhaul flights from London Heathrow - travelling to the States, Dubai and sometimes to Australia. I have always been fascinated by peoples pooing habits and as you can imagine my job gives me lots to excite that interest. I have lots of stories about other crew pooing and also passengers. I myself, like the other girls, try to avoid needing to poo on a flight but it often doesnt work and I probably end up dropping one on about 50% of my flights. For example I just got back from Dubai and I pooed on the flight in both directions. It was coming into Dubai in the morning on the outward leg - just couldn't wait - and in the night on the way home. Its now 5pm and I have just enjoyed a home poo. I am home tomorrow too then I am flying back to Dubai. When on a flight all the crew tend to poo in first or business class - cleaner and nicer. Most of us have a sit on the toilet at the airport before we leave, so that's a really good place to hear other flight attendant plop. I often go in with a couple of girls from my flight and we chat while we try to poo. We like to take off empty if possible but irregularity and constipation are a problem with the job. Let me know if you would like to hear any stories or just ask questions.
Louisa x


Partners daughter, wetting pants

Hi there

I had a very embarrasing moment with my partners 11 year old daughter, i have only known her for 6 weeks or so and we where getting on great, the other day we had been to the movies and shopping and where on our way home driving, she was jiggling around and i said do you need the toilet and she said no, 5 mins later she is sitting on her foot looking uncomfortable and i said are you sure you dont need to go to the toilet and she s

new guy

comments & stuff

To: WhinnieThePooh great peeing story and making a new friend as well its true what they say sometimes you can make a friend in a funny or strange way and I look forward to your next post.

To: Ciara great story about you pooping with your friend and him being nice to you and not making fun and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sportsfan another great story about a lady pooping and farting in the ladies room and I have to agree with you most bathrooms arent exactly sound proof which is good if you want to overhear whats going in them but then the exact opposite when you dont want others to hear waht your doing and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kyle another great story as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hermes another great story I bet all those memories will last forever and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: VR first welcome to the site and you should know this site is completly confidential and is also a good place to get some advice and great story and I hope you contiue to post more stories thanks.

To: Sarah from calgary another great set of stories about you and Melanie and your friends and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Louise another great story yes I bet you feel so much better after not going for ten days for me the longest I have gone without pooping is 4 days and that was after I had sugery and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karolyn another great story well at least you made it to a bathroom in time and didnt have an accident and it might be a good idea to have some kind of container to go in that way next the toiets not working or someones using it you will sompleace to go and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Scott great story about finding those panties full of diarrhea.

To: Heather from Nawlins great story about you and your friend all pooping and peeing in that bathroom I bet whoever had to clean that bathroom wasnt very happy but what can you do when you gotta go you gotta go and please more stories if you ahve any thanks.

To: Amylee another great tale from the ladies room and as always I look forward to your next post about you and your boss and all the ladies you hear in the ladies room thanks.

To: Half Dump Denise another great story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Claire man that was embarrassing but what could you it was that or sit in someones vomit given that choice I bet most would have an accident and please post any other stories you may have thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty first Kirsty again I just wnat to say sorry about your name wrong as I said in my last post I think I did because the first time I saw your name my brain switched the R and I and from then on when ever I saw your name my brain saw its as Kristy instead of Kirsty and it seems like some ohter people have made that mistake as well in a way it makes since both names are very similar well enough about that another great story and as always I look forward to your guys stories thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site


Close call in store

I really wish my store had some customer toilets as I've lost count of the number of people asking where they are & having to tell then we don't have any. I was asked the same question again today by a young girl of around 15. I got a faint whiff of diarrhoea as I told her the bad news & she quietly explained that she needed to get to a toilet before she totaly messed herself. I knew she was about to explode into her panties but the manager was in the store so I couldn't let her use the staff toilet. The poor girl looked to be in reall trouble & I felt so sorry for her I called the manager over to see if he would bend the rules & let her use the staff toilet. He just quoted the rule book & said if he let her use the staff toilet he would have to let everyone use it. The girl started to cry & begged him to to change his mind but he still said no. I really felt for the girl so I decided to fight her corner by asking the manager if he'd ever needed the toilet so badly he couldn't wait & being told he couldn't use the toilet. The girl was holding her bum with both hands at this point so he thought for a while & said, "Look I shouldn't be doing this but I can't have you messing yourself in my store so just this once I'm going to let you use our staff toilet." I hurriedly led the girl up to the toilet & she just about made it in time. I heard a thump as her bum hit the seat & then a splattering sound as she had the noisiest diarrhoea I'd ever heard. She let out a huge sigh of relief as wave after wave of runny poo pebble dashed the pan. When she came out she thanked me for helping her & asked me to thank the manager for not making her mess her pants. I would guess she'd been holding it for quite a long time to get that desperate & I'm sure that if she'd held it another few minutes there would have been a big mess on the floor to clean up!


Survey for Women

I have posted many times before and am in a not-yet so serious relationship with a guy. I posted that this guy began dating me after I clogged his toilet while at a young adult get together to watch a ball game in the early fall. While I believe that is not the only reason we are dating or the only reason he is attracted to me, I have noticed that men who post on the forum are attracted to the idea of women having bowel movements. Otherwise I find my boyfriend is normal.

Too, it is refreshing that it is more acceptable for women to talk about or at least acknowledge that they poop. From fiber products to toilet paper, the commercials target normal and attractive women with their ads. Which brings me to a few questions for women.

1. How do you feel about knowing that some men are turned on by your stories?
2. In the course of a dating relationship, what would you do if you learned your boyfriend liked to hear you talk about pooping?
3. Would you ever do anything, like take fiber, to increase the size or frequency of your bowel movements to actually impress your boyfriend?
4. When in the relationship would you have a BM when you are with the boyfriend?
5. Would you ever talk about an accident with your boyfriend? When would you do this?
6. Why do you post on the forum? Does it help you get something off your chest?

I really appreciate your answers. I try to be modest with others but really appreciate being able to post on this forum and talk about an obsession of mine without embarassment.


to Freshman Freddy

Consider this as a partial solution to the cold, urine-covered seats in the school bathroom: it will take a little longer, but wait for a stall to open. Chances are the seat will be warmer and the seat should be dry. I know in my school when stalls are vacant there's usually a reason such as they are stopped up with crap, the seat is messy, or in some cases, there's no privacy door.



I did not wait for graduation. I hated my high school. So, I took a GED exam and passed. It was a warm day in May and my last. I had to sign out of there. I finished and went to the bathroom on the way out. It was in an old girls high school that closed out years ago. The stalls were on the side wall and behind each other and you had to step up on a platform. When I entered, there was a girl from a similar school like me. She asked me if I spoke patois. I told her no. The girl said "I have to make doo-doo." She was from Haiti she took the first stall, let down her gray skirt and black panty to her feet. She spoke English. She asked me how I found the exam and I told her what I thought of it. She said that she

could not wait either to finish school. So she wanted out early like me. Anyway, I took the stall in back of her, lifted my gray skirt, let down my black panty hose and black panty to my ankles. Her bowels exploded and splattered. BRRRAAAPP! I told her, 'You've got a belly!" She said that she held it in for the whole exam session. My bowels released soft and slow with a splatter and I had to pee. It was dark brown and thick and muddy. She asked me if I was making doo-doo. I said yes .I looked between my legs. I spread my legs and bent my head over to look. I squirted out a nice long pee. So, we sat and talked about school and the exam while we stinked up the bathroom. She said how school was different here than her home. I told her that I hated being watched by security guards when I go to the bathroom at school.She asked if I was finished after about 10 minutes. I said not really. I still had to pee. I did. She said that she had some stomach cramps..She breathed a few breaths and I heard some moose gas. After awhile, she said that the cramps had gone. She let out a buzzing gassy fart and then she peed a gusher. She said to me that black Americans call bowel movements doo-doo or #2. She said that they call it kaka or doo-doo. When I was finished, I sat on the bowl and applied the paper between my legs and wiped myself good. First, was my cat and then my behind. I was taught to wipe from front to back. I kept looking at the paper until it was clean. My friend was doing the same. We were scrubbing our privates clean. I stood up and flushed. I stepped down on the floor and washed my hands while she finished wiping and flushed. She opened her door as she was fixing her skirt, white polo shirt and panty. First, she let down her shirt, then pulled up her black panty, then her skirt. She reached under that gray skirt to straighten that white shirt. I was not comfortable the way my clothes felt. So, I loosened up my skirt fastener, let it down partially and adjusted a kink in my charcoal panty hose and black panty waistband and leg openings, pulled them up to comfort and pulled up skirt and zipped and buttoned the waist. Then, I lifted each of my legs and bent my knees in and outward so that my hose was comfortable. We were identical in clothes. She pulled up her skirt and and put her finger in her panty leg opening. I saw some of her cat hair. She said that she did not like her uniform skirt bunched up around her waist above the toilet seat. I said that I do the same with my short skirts. She liked my panty. I was wearing my best black Vanity Fair. She said the she had some in her collection, but she was wearing Hanes Her Way. I stock-up when I got to the outlets. My waist is still slim so my Carter's and JC Penney panties still fit. She told me that her name was Lissette. We stood in front of a mirror on the wall and smoothed our skirts and polo shirts and adjusted our black bra straps under our white polo shirts.

A former co-worker died of Chrohn's Disease in recent years. A sweet girl died a horrible death.

This morning I wet my bed. I went to sleep last night after drinking a nice cold glass of water. The urine was on my right thigh. It was irritating like diaper rash. I went to the bathroom and bathed. It still irriitated through the evening. Urine has some caustic properties like ammonia.



I've admired this website from afar for a long time. I love the stories and think its great people have a website like this to share on. I have my own story.

I was camping with my friend and options were a horrid outhouse outside or walk a mile to a nicer bathroom so we walked. I sat down and he was in the stall next to me. I went quick and easy although produced more than I expected he struggled loudly in the stall next door let out a massive fart and what sounded like little balls of poop just flowed out. I really enjoyed this experience am I the only one who enjoys the sounds of others pooping or farting?


Huge crap wouldn't go down

I haven't pooped for about a week, no thanks to my epilepsy medication (causes constipation) and not drinking enough water. My stomach was getting pretty bloated despite my best efforts to de-clog myself.

I finally pooped about an hour ago after drinking a cup of coffee. I first turned on the taps since my husband had someone over and I didn't want him hearing me trying to poop and pulled out a book to read while I was trying to get this monster shit out. After some straining and stomping it finally came out. My husband came in to check on me to see if I was okay. He asked if the poop finally came out or was it still being stubborn and refusing to come out.

Well it sure did come out. It was really painful and dry and it sat sideways in the toilet. There was a bit of blood on the toilet paper. The worst part was that I tried flushing it 3 times and it refused to go down! It left skidmarks but the huge stubborn turd sat there! I had to break it up with the toilet brush and smush it so that it would flush. I am still kind of constipated but I took a couple of stool softeners and am drinking a large bottle of water so hopefully the rest of it will come out later. This is the first time in ages that I've clogged the toilet! I'm surprised that such huge turds can come out of a really skinny person like me. I'm 5'10" and 130 lbs and have always managed to clog toilets with my huge shits.


Our buddy dump experiences

To Kyle:
I loved your story about your friend Nathans mum going to Mexico with you. It was so nice of you to be so understanding when Catherine got some of her diarrhoea on your legs & clothes. Kirsty & of love to buddy dump too & once when Kirsty had diarrhoea, she was in such a rush to get to the toilet she ended up going all over my legs before she could sit between mine properly.
We sometimes time our bathroom habits so we both need to go at the same time. We love to cuddle up to each other as we push our poo out together. Kirsty likes me to wipe her bum when she's done & she returns the favour when I'm done. We usually end up going to bed afterwards & we don't get much sleep if you know what I mean.

Karolyn: Nice story at work. I like how you let down your skirt. I do the same thing. I learned that from other girls that I grew up with. In freshman high school, I had to pee one at dismissal. So, I ducked into the girl's toilet. The hallways had cameras. You could not get away with anything. A guard sat at a control center and watched everything. She could open and close hallway roll-up gates by remote control. I was a junior. So, I went into the toilet and there was a girl that recognized through the stall gap with her school skirt and white panty down below her knees. She was started peeing when she called me and I answered, "What's up?' She said, "Just taking my afternoon piss before I go home." I said, "I came to join you." I took the next stall, undid the waist zipper, slid down my khaki skirt and my white FOL panty to below my knees, sat on the toilet, spread my legs and peed loud and hard. My friend had started to pee when I walked in. Her legs were spread and her's was loud also. Plus, she farted deep in the bowl. We took paper and wiped ourselves and flushed the bowls, came out of the stalls fixing our simple skirts and panties. We washed our hands and left.

Another morning, I was walking to school with another girl. She was farting real loud and blubbery. We got nearby, she said, "Timeeka, I got to drop a deuce when we get inside." I told her that I had to pee. We got into school and ducked into the girls room. We took adjoining stalls. It was a warm day in May. So, we had just our books and uniforms with no jackets. We put our books on a window sill, unhitched up our skirts, baring our white panties and took stalls. We lowered our skirts to below our knees and sat on the bowl. I wanted to hear her. She let out a loud pee and during the 30 secs. her bowels let out chunks and farts. I then let out my pee and sat awhle to keep her company. I reached for paper to wipe my cat. My friend sat awhile longer and broke a loud fart. When I flushed and came out of the toilet, she was reaching for paper. I saw bet. her legs dark brown chunks of #2. There were about 7 pieces. I was washing my hands, when she flushed and came out. Our skirts were bunched around waists and not hitched. We had to hitch them and get to class. We dropped our skirts, adjusted our panties, pulled our shirt tails down, then pulled up our skirts and headed to class.

The next morning, my friend arrived at school earlier than me. I went to force my morning pee, because I would not have too much time until lunch. I had already peed at home. When I went into the girl's room, my friend called for me and I annswered. She said, "I am early. So, I am dropping my deuce before class." She was on the throne with her turquoise panty and khaki skirt below her knees, with her legs opened. As I took the next stall, she let out a gassy explosion and a series of series or crackles and plops. I said to her, "You had a mean breakfast." She said, "I had leftovers from last night's dinner." I let down my skirt and white and chocolate printed JCP panty, loosened my shirt, sat on the bowl and forced out my pee. It was not much, but I forced it out until there was no more. The girl said, "We're getting close," and I agreed. We introduced ourselves. Her name was Julia. She knew my name from class. Anyway, we talked about ourselves being girls. Then, we wiped ourselves, got up to fix our clothes and flushed the class. She said, "I try to move my bowels before I leave home, but sometimes..." I told her,"I only use these toilets to pee. Rarely do I make #2. i hate this place everyday" As were were talking, we opened the stalls and we were finishing fixing our clothes, so that we did not look like slobs. We commented on each other's panty. We said that we liked to wipe ourselves good and we liked fresh underwear all day. We fixed our skirts, shirts and panties. We were newly 15 and we were growing cat hair.

Slow-Shittin' Sammi: Same shit here in my town. I was glad to get out of HS. I will post my experience the day that I took my GED exams. Guards would patrol the restrooms. We girls had no time except to pee and get out of their. If we had to #2, we had to be quick during class sessions. We could not devote time otherwise. Those school guards are thugs and ho's!

Another day, I went to the toilet in the park on the way home from school. I had to take a pee. I always wipe myself after I pee, if there is paper. I can get away without it. I will not take a #2, if there is no paper. I took a stall and there was a pair of blue jeans and a black Jockey for Her panty around ankles. I took the next stall, lifted my khaki skirt, pulled down my white panty hose and white hi-cut panty brief to my ankles and urinated light yellow. This "girl" asked my for some toilet paper and I said sure. She said that she needed a small amount to wipe her pussy. She said that she took a pee. She said that her name was Keesha. I told her my name. I finished wiping and she said to come around to her stall. I finished fixing my clothes. I did not flush.
When I approached the stall, she pulled the stainless door and it was a guy! He wiped his johnson and pulled up his black cotton panty and jeans. My jaw dropped open wide. He told me that he was starting the process to be woman. He was 16. He told me to consider him a female and he told me why and how. She started using female toilets to get used to things. She said that she was a boy at school and a girl outside of school. She said she went to a school that catered to LGBT's and she was happy there.

My name is Alyssa. I am from Poland and I live in NY. I am 20. I came here when I was 13. When I arrived at JFK, I had to use the toilet really bad. I found that ladies room. It had many stalls. I found one open, closed the door. I pulled down my pink trousers and my egg shell full-cut band-leg panties to my ankles,I farted three times. Then, I was pushing out these long thick brown pieces like kielbasa. There were six of them. They sputtered and crackled and splashed in to the water. It sitnked. I was carrying this across the ocean. I had already moved my bowels at the ariport in Warsaw. I was travelling with other kids and we were reuniting with our parents. A girl worried about me came into the bathroom and found me. She knew what I was doing. She said in English, "You making a big kaka." I sat until I was finished. Then, I wiped from behind. I wanted my new panties to be clean. When I stood up, I saw my huge bowel movement floating in the toilet which I flushed. Then, I washed my hands and went to reunite with my parents and my big brother.

Bryan from Daytona Beach
So, today, I was brushing my teeth.
My girlfriend knocked on the door and asked if she could use the bathroom. I rinsed and opened the door.
She kinda rushed over to the toilet and pulled her jeans down and sat for a few seconds before a huge gush of diarrhea just poured out of her. She gasped quietly and sat for a few more minutes before she started to wipe. As she did, a few squirts of diarrhea came out. She groaned and I kinda just stood there, not knowing what to do. she leaned forward, pressing her lips together, and let out another wave of chunky, watery diarrhea, and wiped again. She then kinda noticed i was still there and started blushing like crazy. you know, I was pretty turned on by it.

Stac and Firecracker Girl: In Japan and the Far East, girls always wipe the seat and put paper on it. When they are finished, they flush down the paper and wipe the seat. That is what my buddy, Shannon does. When I was in kindergarten through fifth grades, there were girls who were not afraid to sit on the school toilet to urinate or #2. I only would urinate at school until 7th grade. Then, I took the plunge or my bowels did. In one state now, the authorities will audit attendance for state aid and if a student is present but excused for the toilet will not be counted.
Also, for Just Jerika, you deserve a good friend. I used to take girl at school to the bathroom. She was in a wheelchair. She had control over her muscles, just someone had to take her. We liked each other. She was mentally retarded and I loved her. Her legs were in these horrible braces, so I would walk her or wheel her to the girls toilet. There was no handicapped stalls. So, I would walk her into the stall. She could do the rest. She could fart and stink. I think it was the medicine that she was taking. We split up after graduation.

Bowengirl: If you were in my class, I would not deny you. I do not deny anyone the RIGHT to use the toilet. I was tutoring a one-on-one session and a girl was figiding and trying to stifle it. I asked her and she said that she had to urinate and I let her go.

Francine and Jaded Jarrod: I always would flush it before I used it. An unflushed toilet is a public health hazard.

Anny: You had a virus. I had one years ago, but I was nauseated for days but I did not vomit. It was an uncomfortable feeling. I used to have them in grammar school and I had to stay home for a week.

Ana: I used to go to a judo studio when I was 9 years old. I lasted for three years. I felt comfortable being naked around other naked girls and women. We had open showers and a stalless toilet area of 4 toilets come to think of it. My gyms have stalls and doors. I sometime wish that they did not. When I was in judo school, I was nine and it was one of my first visits and I had to urinate before session. So I followed an older girl, with our tops off. She was developing, if you know what I mean. She was 14. We went into the open toilets, with our pants loosened with our white panties down to our ankles, sat on the toilets and we squeezed out our urine. We wiped ourselves and flushed. Later, we would urinate or move our bowels wearing nothing but our undewear or totally naked. I used to be with women in their 20's and 30's, as well as kids and teenagers. I could pee with the best of them.

Linda: You are nice and regular. My roomate has the same bowel habits.


dirty diaper at the light rail station

I asked the security guard to throw the dirty diaper away. He said he couldn't because he didn't have gloves, so I called local transit and told them about the dirty diaper. They said they would get someone to throw it away.


Buddy pee

I was walking home from work tonight with a desperate urge to poo. There were no toilets around & the only place I could think of was some bushes by the side of the road. It was dark & secluded so there was little risk of being seen so I hid myself behind the largest bush & quickly pulled my work trousers & panties down to my thighs. I bent over & immediately starve to pee & poo. It was a big relief & although I probaly could've made it home it was much more fun to do it outside. I had some wipes in my bag so I cleaned up before pulling my panties & trousers back up. When I got home I found Kirsty was in the bathroom with the door wide open. She was having a poo & by the smell of it she was doing a big one. I wished I'd held it now because I missed the chance of a nice buddy dump with her. When she finished I did get to wipe her bum & later in the evening we had a buddy pee instead. It was good but not quite the same as a poo together. We were feeling "tired?" after that so of course we went to bed. For some reason (which you can use your imagination to work out) we were exhausted by morning!

I got up late again this morning & got to work just in time but I was desperate for a poo. I loved the feeling plus I didn't want to get into trouble for starting late so I went straight to my workstation. I planned to go to the toilet in about an hour so it didn't look bad but my bowels conspired against me. After only ten minutes I was close to crapping my underwear so I got up & started heading for the toilet. The team leader made a remark about me only just starting work & I felt embarrassed so I just went to get a pen instead. I sat working for a few more minutes but the urge to crap was becoming unbearable. I really had to go so I got up again & went to the toilet. The team leader made another comment about me being at work for only twenty minutes & now I was going to the toilet. I felt so embarrassed I almost went back to my work instead of going to the toilet but I was too close to having an accident & I couldn't risk it. I felt my face turning red & as I ran to the toilet. When I got there it was occupied & I had to wait for about ten minutes while Nikki had a huge crap in there. All the sound effects made my already urgent need even worse & it was a miracle I didn't crap myself. When Nikki came out I ran in after her to be hit full on by the smell of her crap. Some of it hadn't flushed away & there were two big turds lying in the bottom of the toilet. I barely got my underwear down in time & sat on a nicely warmed toilet seat courtesy of Nikki's bum. I relaxed & crapped my brains out. The relief was incredible. I wiped & flushed & went back to work feeling embarrassed because everyone knew I was crapping. I felt so much better for it though I wasn't that bothered about it.

At work today we had a girl being interviewed for a job & I had to show her around the place. She was a pretty girl with short blonde hair & she said her name was Emma. As I was talking to her she didn't appear to be paying any attention to me. Her mind was obviously somewhere else & she was walking a bit stiffly as he she had a bad back. I asked her if she was OK & she replied, "Well actually I really need to use the toilet." I said, "Of course." & showed her the way. Emma seamed to be in a big hurry to get there & on the way she kept saying, "Oh no. Oh no." She shot into the toilet & I waited outside for her to come out. All I could hear was plop plop "Ah" plop plop. Then the toilet flushed & Emma came out looking very relieved. She told me, "Sorry about that. I don't make a habit of taking a toilet break in the middle of a job interview but I'd been holding it all morning & I couldn't wait any more." I told her not to worry about it & it was better than having an accident. I'm glad to say that Emma got the job & will start tomorrow.

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