In honor of Nathalie posting, I thought id share the story of how we became friends. This is either a story she forgot, or didn't get around to posting herself .
When we were in first grade, we went to a pretty strict private school. During morning recess, we had to stay on the playground. No one was allowed to use the bathroom until it was over and we had all lined up.
I had noticed Nat in the past, she was the prettiest girl in our class and also the quietest. Therefore, I had never really talked to her. On this particular morning, I noticed she was sitting alone on a bench. She seemed really uncomfortable. I saw her walk over to the playground monitor and then walk back to the bench. Now she had her hand in her crotch and was bouncing up and down. I walked over and asked her what was wrong. At first she said nothing, but then told me she had to pee really bad and wasn't allowed to leave the playground. She didn't think she would make it.
I told her to follow me and lead her behind the jungle gym. There were bushes around so no one could see us. I told her when I had to pee I went under there and peed through my panties by spreading my legs wide so it didn't get on my skirt. (Years later I would be brave enough to actually pull them down and squat.) She was hesitant to try it, but really had to go and was going to wet herself either way. So she spread her legs and a torrent of pee shot out, much more than I ever went. we both went to class that day with soaked panties and a new friend.

Back when I was a kid I never pooped in public. I was always so embarassed about having to. Peeing in public was fine but pooping I just couldn't even imagine. One time I was in third grade and I tended to hold my poops in when I was younger so my mom kept track of when I went to the bathroom. I hadn't pooped in a few days and she reminded me to go i kept saying I would but I kept forgetting so finally on a sunday night she once again told me to go and I said I would but didn't. On that fateful monday morning I woke up for school having not pooped in five days. My mom drove to me school and usually dropping me off in the carpool lane she stopped and parked, I asked her what was going on and she said since I hadn't pooped in five days I was not going to put it off any longer and that I had to do it at school. I begged her to change her mind but it was no use. She than walked me down to the office bathroom asked the secratary working at my school if I she could take me into the bathroom she said yes and she opend the door and walked me in. Dread filled my mimd as she told me to sit on the toilet and start, and that the longer I waited the later I would arrive in my homeroom and that if I was late she would explain to the teacher why. Having no choice I sat down on the toilet and asked her to not watch me but she ignored me so I had to go I started pushing and a huge turd exploded out of my butt fallowed by a loud fart I than contiuned to poop looking down away from my mom, it smelled so bad once i finally finished up my mom said I could get up. I had to wipe in front of her, finally I flushed and to my horror the poop wouldn't go down. I couldn't believe it she than went and told the secratary and she told the custdians they couldn't get it to go down I just wanted to die my mom told th secrateary to make an annoucment about the clogging. She did before I could stop her. IMy mom made me go to school that day luckily no one ever found out it was me but it was still so embarassing to this day my mom still didn't apoligize for making me clog the toilet at school.

crohns horror stories

i have a very good female friend who suffers from crohn's disease she was telling me horror stories about it when she first had she would episodes of sitting on the toilet for hours at a time with watery diarrhea, intense stomach cramps and vomiting sometimes all at the same time. My heart goes out to anyone who suffers from this or similar diseases


Party at the Twins' House

Yesterday, I went over to my friend Tom's house so that we could play Just Dance 2 on his Nintendo Wii. His twin brother, Bill, was there as well. Bill was just as gorgeous as his twin, even though he was more feminine, with black eyeliner, several piercings, black skinny jeans and a T-shirt, some black hi-tops, jewelry, and to top it off, a short black Mohawk. Anyway, Tom, Bill, and I were having a great time dancing to some pop music when all of a sudden, I had a really huge urge to poo. However, I didn't say anything to Bill or Tom because I didn't feel comfortable using their restroom. We paused the game so that Tom could go into the kitchen to make lunch for everyone. Bill and I chatted for awhile, but I couldn't hold it any longer, so I told Bill that I really had to pee(I didn't tell him that I had to poop as well). He said that he would come with me since he had to use the restroom as well. We both went into the restroom together; as soon as I yanked down my underwear(I was wearing a short red dress), pee started streaming out of me like a waterfall. I sat there and urinated, hoping and praying that the monster logs wouldn't come out of me. To my horror, I suddenly let out a loud wet fart. Bill asked me, "Ciara, are you OK?"
I couldn't respond as the mushy turds suddenly started coming out of my backside. I let out an embarrassed groan and wailed, "I'm so sorry!"
I kept thinking to myself, 'Great. Now Bill's going to tell Tom that I blew up their bathroom and they're both going to make fun of me.' To my surprise, Bill smiled and said, "That's OK. Everyone has to do big business at some point. Actually, I think I have to poop, too."
I still wasn't finished with my poop, however, so Bill and I both decided to squat over the toilet and poop at the same time. The rest of my turds slid out easily. Bill, on the other hand, was having a little more difficulty. He was straining and grunting really loudly, holding on to the wall with one hand and his stomach with the other. After a few minutes, his monster turds finally came out with several great plops and splashes. We both wiped ourselves afterwards and turned to look at our finished products. I discovered in shock that one of Bill's turds was as big as Tom's was in my earlier post-almost the size of a tennis ball! We ended up using the plunger to break up the monster turd into pieces before flushing the toilet. We washed our hands and went back into the living room to wait for Tom. I said to Bill, "Thanks for not making fun of me."
Bill smiled brilliantly and said, "No problem. You don't ever have to feel uncomfortable about using our toilet."
I returned the smile just as Tom came into the living room with pepperoni pizza and Coke. We ate like animals, and later that day, we all had to poop really badly. All in all, yesterday was a wonderful day.

My friends and I were sitting at lunch at school one day when I felt a cramp in my stomach I told them that I was just going to the bathroom and they said they had to go to. I should mention that our school has doorless stalls so I really didn't want them coming. When we got to the bathroom they went to urinals and started peeing and I had no choice but to take a dump. I walked into the one of the stalls and sat down and on cue all my friends came to in front of the stall and started laughing I was soooo embarassed but I had no choice I started pushing and HUGE logs started coming out nonstop making a lot of noise and boy did the bathroom smell terrible. My friends never let me live it down after that

new guy

3 poops in day

Today I pooped 3 diferent times which isnt that uncommon but this time I pooped a lot more then I do a day they werent that impresive I bet I held it all day it probaly would have been a pretty good size piece but when your body says its time to poop you can't argue with it because your body always wins in the end.


Answers for car mom

Car mom: you asked if anyone besides whinnie knows about my hobbies or if I would ever tell my parents or brother. No, only whinnie knows. Everyone knows about her peeing her pants or in weird places, but I have always been the quiet, shy one and no one knows I like that too or that I pee in my car. I would never telll my parents and maybe my brother if it ever came up, but I would be really embarrassed.


Too Buddy

Well here is one,but it isn't really nothing much.Around September 2009 I was going to visit my friend in AZ.Me and my brother landed at the Memphis Airport,And I got a cappachino at starbucks in there.And 30 minutes later I had a small urge for number 2.So I went in a 7 stall restroom and gone in the 3rd stall.2 other men was in the stalls next to me,and it sounded like popcorn popping in the toilets.

When we got on the plane to our destination I had the urge of number 1.But the plane only had to toilets.1 in back and one in front.everytime when someone came out of them someone went in,I mean both of them.It was like that constintly.Well a heavy set girl went in the front toilet.And was in there for at least 45 minutes.I couldn't take it anymore,so I went up there and sat in a chair next to the stewardist,and she promised me I can be next.I told her I shouldn't had that cappachino.The girl came out of there and I went in there and let it drian.At least there was no odor in that toilet after that girl.And sorry that my spelling stinks like a toilet.


Standing over the toilet is dangerous!

Thanks, Laurel, for the advice you gave Frantic Francine. It's absolutely insane to get up on a toilet seat with your shoes and not expect some type of accident.

A few years ago just when I was starting at the financial institution I now work at, one of our second vice presidents cracked his elbow or something close to that. His story to his colleagues was that he injured it in a collision while playing pick-up basketball. However, his administrative assistant who is now assigned to our department, said the truth is that he was at an NFL game, in a squat over the toilet taking a crap when he was pushing too hard, and either water or pee on the floor in front of the stool caused him to fall backwards. On his way down, his elbow hit the stool. Ouch!

I've never worried about my butt sitting on a public or semi-public toilet. Holding it in and the resulting constipation is no good. Neither is the chance of a fall. One of my best friends in high school use to say "sit, shit and enjoy". Great advice, I think.

new guy


To: Wendy & Kirsty first to Kirsty im sorry for getting your name wrong I think when I first I saw it my brain switched the r & i so again sorry.

Now a question when was the first time you and Kirsty shared a toilet?

Is Louise interested in trying a buddy dump with you?


Noises from Oil Change Place Restroom

I went to get my oil changed in my car on Saturday at one of those quick lube places. I pulled my car into the bay. They had two bays and one had another car already there. I told the guy what I needed and went into the small waiting area for customers. There were about 5 chairs and some magazines. There was no one else in there. I grabbed a magazine and sat down. I immediately noticed the seat was very warm, like someone had just been sitting in it. But no one was around. I started flipping through the magazine and I heard the distinct sound of a loud fart, BAAARRRPT, from my left. I looked and saw a closed door marked "restroom". I heard plop, plop, BAAARRPT. Obviously someone was taking a dump in there. I figured the warm seat I was in was from this person sitting in the chair before going to take a dump. About 30 seconds later, a nice looking woman roughly in her early 40's came into the waiting area. She was also getting her oil changed. She smiled and sat down in a chair. In a minute, another pretty loud BAAARPT came from the restroom. The lady looked up at the door, then at me, and smiled and looked down. Then we could distinctly hear someone peeing. This restroom offered no sound privacy at all for customers. The toilet flushed noisily and we could hear hand washing and the towel dispenser. Then the door opened. Out stepped a college aged girl, pretty, petite, around 5'1" or so, with long light brown hair and a figure to knock your eyes out. She was a really pretty girl, with tight jeans on that accented one of the finest butts I've ever seen. She sat down in another chair. The other lady just looked down at a magazine and I could tell she was trying to keep from laughing. Just then the guy came in and said, "Jen, your car is ready." The cute girl got up and went to the counter and paid and went to her car. The guy went back to the shop. The other lady looks at me and said, "Not much privacy in that bathroom, huh?" I said "No." The lady laughed and said, "She had to know we could hear her. If I had to do that, I'd wait and go somewhere else." I said, "Yeah, but I guess she couldn't wait." That was the best oil change I've ever got.

Freshman Freddy

Comments on postings and my new post

new kid:

I sympathize with you. See my experiences earlier this year on Page 1933. However, doesn't dropping your clothing all the way to the floor and raising your shirt (I guess I don't understand this) just draw additional attention to you as you crap without a stall door to close? I've learned not to give the others anything they can hassle me about. Although that senior jock who I'm trying to avoid who hassled me about the size of my c**k has passed me a couple times in the hall. Each time he points to his crotch and makes an immoral gesture to me.

Half Dump Denise:

I loved your two part story on Miss S. We had a student teacher last semester and she was pretty bad. We counted the days until we got our real teacher back. I have a couple of questions for you. When she was teaching your class later that day, did her tight black dress slacks look any different to you since you knew she didn't have any underwear under them? She's probably lucky none of the boys, especially the immature ones, found out about her accident. I could see a few of them giving her a hard time especially in the hall or study hall because she wouldn't know their name and they could unfortunately probably get away with it. Also, you mentioned how Miss S had you get a lot of toilet paper for her so she could clean herself up and how she used some to put over the toilet seat before she sat on it a second time. Did that surprise you? My sister's a junior and she uses toilet paper that way too. I just think it's a waste of paper and it hurts the future users because the stall runs out faster.

This is my new story. It happened last week.

Back in August I was getting hassled in the bathrooms at my high school. I'm obviously a freshman and 14. I'm physically underdeveloped compared to many of the older boys using the urinals. So one day I was at the urinal and fumbling to get my c**k out of my boxers when a senior asked if I had lost it and his friends nearby burst out laughing and started saying other things I didn't appreciate. So I decided to try going into the stalls, sitting down and peeing like a girl. Luckily most of our stalls have doors so I get pretty good privacy, although there are peekers who look in between the stall door and partition.

Well recently it's gotten a lot colder where we live. The bathrooms are not well heated to begin with and the windows way on top close to the ceiling are opened partially by janitors at about mid-day. They come in with a big pole that opens the latches and extends the windows open. They want to get rid of the smoke because it's unhealthy and we have some smokers. My sister also said they want to get rid of the smell for public relations reasons because then visitors in or school stop in the bathrooms, they get a bad impression of our student body because of the smokeing going on. OK, I can understand that, but now when I sit down to pee, I'm sitting on a really cold toilet seat and it's harder for me to get my pee started. I think once last week I could even see a little bit of my breath because it was so cold, but that could be that I just had eaten my hot lunch.

There's a second problem. When I pee at lunch or later in the day the seat is usually wet because when the bathrooms are really crowded, some of the guys give up waiting at the urinals and quickly dash into any open stall. They don't raise the seat. Last Thursday there was only one stall available out of about 20. To avoid the lines for the others, I took the available stall. There was no toilet paper at all. I had to sit in the pee and on the really cold seat. My sister just snickered when I told her and she said the girls are used to having to do that and that while it sucks, it's just something both sexes have to deal with in school bathrooms what are abused by some students. I told my friend TJ about it. He just made a joke about it and said I was lucky I wasn't sitting on ice.

What advice can the rest of you give me. Thank you.


mexico vacation

hey everyone, sorry i haven't posted in a long time, there wasn't much of anything to make note of... until my recent visit to mexico :D

so, as a way of celebrating my success on my final exams for this semester i asked Nathans mom if she wanted to go to mexico with me. she said sure, since we hadn't spent a lot of time together recently, so we were on a plane to mexico the next day.

when we got there we were absolutely famished, so we ate at a local restaurant that served classic Mexican food. but we broke the cardinal rule, we drank the water there. most people say its just a rumor you'll get diarrhea, but no i know it isn't a rumor.

after we had ate we took a cab to our hotel, which was pretty nice. but before we got there, Catherine and i had an intestinal war going on within us. it took us forever to check in since the lady at the desk didn't speak English, and it wasn't helping since we were about to lose it any second. when we finally got our key, Catherine and i raced up the hallway and stairs to our room. our room was on the third floor, and Catherine let loose a lot of wet farts on her way up the stairs. when we got into the hotel room, i was greeted by the view of a nice room, that smelled heavenly (not for long anyways).

i opened the door to the bathroom, and it was very small. i frantically pulled down my pants and underwear and exploded even before i completely sat down. Catherine rushed in, but when she saw me she just held her bum with both hands, and clenched really hard. i told her to sit on my lap, as i spread my legs. and without hesitation she pulled down her short shorts and sat down. she erupted with the most putrid smelling diarrhea. she curled over as some of her diarrhea splattered on the inside of my legs, and my junk. we were both sitting there, having possibly one of the most relieving dumps of our lives. the feeling was amazing to have her tanned bum on me, pushing out loads of shit.

after we were done she asked if i could wipe her. i said there was no point since her diarrhea made quite a mess of her bum, so i suggested we get clean in the shower. she got up and started to remove her clothes when she turned to me while i was on the toilet. she saw that she pretty much sprayed diarrhea all over my junk and my legs. she apologized, and i said it was alright.

afterwards we hopped in the shower and had a little fun while we were there, hehe. after that there were a few more episodes, particularly from catherine. like when i went to go get some ice, and when i came back the bathroom door was wide open and she was pooing her brains out. i think our buddy dump made us even closer.

anybody else have any buddy dumping stories to share?


Tea Time Adventures

Hi all, hope everyone is OK.

I have always found that making cups of tea/soup/coffee for my colleagues is always a pleasant gesture, and which always meets with appeciation.However at a place I worked at not that long ago, I found another rather unexpected benefit to all this.Just outside our office was a wall and a door.This lead to a very small corridor say about two metres by six at the most.Off this corridor were the male and female toilets, and on the far side was the kitchin sink.Whatever went on could be heard loud and clear with the doors shut. let alone left open as more often was the case.

For a long time I worked with a girl in her early twenties called Donna(name changed) Donna was a rather ???? brunette with a freckled and rather chubby face, even so she still was quite pretty and had a very pleasant personality.She worked at the desk facing me and we got to know each other pretty well over the two years I worked with her.She wore either a short light blue skirt with white blouse and brown tights, or a black skirt, black tights and green blouse.She got a lift into work from one of my colleagues in the morning, and around 850am, on arrival would disappear into the toilet.I would always be making tea, and would always hear everything.

She would pee briefly, before there was a squeaky fart and little PLOP-PLIP-PLIP_PLOP.This would then be followed by a loud bassy fart and then the rattle of the toilet roll holder. At 12pm just before she went home for the lunch hour, Donna would disappear whilst I washed up the cups.She would do a massive pee, followed by a squeaky fart and and a loud PLOP.At 1pm on arriving back, she disappear and she would do a small pee, a noisy bassy fart and a loud PLOP_PLOP.

At around five thirty pm I would usually give Donna a lift home.However she always had to use the toilet before we could leave, for reasons which will become apparent in a minute..I would be doing the washing up.I would hear the cubicle door shut, the rustle of her tights, pants and dress, and the noticeable clang as her fat little bottom hit the toilet seat as she sat down.She would do a massive pee lasting at least ten seconds before there was always a few seconds of

Donna would do a squeaky fart followed by a rapid and desparate sounding PLIP_PLIP_PLIP_PLOP_PLOP as several hard pellet-like poops shot out.A brief period of quiet would then be followed by a truly massive bassy fart and a very loud PLOP!This would be followed by another loud fart and a rapid
PLOP_PLOP_PLOP_PLOP_PLOP!She would then fart noisily two or three times before another loud and rapid PLOP-PLOP_PLOP_PLOP.

Another minute would pass and Donna would start farting noisily and she would do three or four loud PLOPS finishing with a truly monumentally bassy and lengthy fart which seemed to go on forever as she released a lot of trapped wind. There would be the rattle of the toilet paper holder and the usual noises of Donna adjusting her clothes and then we would leave the office together.

Interestingly,she never objected to my being within earshot of her performances. She got a job somewhere else after two years and that was that - with one exception.Adele was a half French blonde and a middle manager.She looked a lot like Heather Graham in the Austin Powers film.

Whenever there was a board meeting on our floor at around 5pm.When these broke up Adele would always use our toilet.Adele wore black trousers and either a red or blue blouse.I would hear her pull her trousers and pants down and sit down.She would pee for ages and then she would do a strange sounding moaning fart -like someone blowing across pipes.There would be a hiss and a crackle and a loud KERSLOOOONK!She would do another one of her moaning farts and another
loud KERSPLONNNK!She would then do the tiniest wipe of toilet paper and pull her pants and trousers up.As she walked past me at the sink, usually smelling strongly of poo, she would always be pleased to see me, and I suspect that she was more than happy for me to be around...

I got a job somewhere else shortly aferwads and I have so many pooping memories of that "somewhere else", I could write a novel on them!

Bye for now take care.


So embarrassed

I can't believe i'm posting this on the internet or even admitting to it but i just feel like if I do I might feel better or something. I am almost 18 years old, female, a senior in high school, and captain of the cheer squad. Saturday we had a big practice to prepare for a competition we have coming up next month. We were there from 8-12 practicing really hard. Our coach was driving us so hard that some of the other girls were actually throwing up and I almost did too. The few breaks we had when I could have gone to the bathroom I was stuck talking to the coaches or other girls and didn't get to go. By the time practice was over I had to go sooooo bad, like worse than I can ever remember since I grew up. Pee and poop. I've never had an accident since I was really little. I knew I had to get to the bathroom soon, but I only live like 5 minutes away from the school so I wanted to just go home. I hurried out to the car and started home, but every stop sign I had to stop and wait for other cars. I was shaking my legs and had one hand in my crotch to hold it but even so halfway home I felt a little bit of pee come out. I looked down but didn't see a wet spot on my sweat pants. Thank God they are dark blue. I kept driving, trying to hurry but was stuck behind stupid slow people and the stupid stop signs and I seriously felt the poop start to come out but the seat of my car stopped it from going any farther. Then in my neighborhood there are these giant speed hump things and every time I got to one i had to slow down but even so the bumping made more pee come out. By the time I got to my driveway my crotch and butt was very damp from leaking and i was about to lose all control. My parents were out shopping so nobody else was home. I hit the garage door button, parked, grabbed my bag, and jumped out of the car holding myself. I got into the garage before I lost it and felt the pee flood down my legs into my sweat pants, followed by the large solid poop filling my panties. I just stood there in the garage until I finished. There was a puddle of pee on the concrete when I was done and it felt like I had a 5 pound grapefruit in my panties. I closed the garage door and waddled inside to my bathroom. I cleaned up as best I could and took a shower, then threw the panties away and rinsed out the sweat pants and threw them into the washing machine with some other stuff to hide the evidence. I'm just really glad nobody was home to see it happen or find out about it. I can't believe I did that at my age. I know "accidents happen" but not to me and i can't imagine any of my friends having a similar accident at our age.


Sarah from Calgary

Last Friday's Accident & New Year's Eve

Hi Everyone! I know that it is getting late to say this, but since this is my first post of 2011, Happy New Year!

Last Friday I went to lunch with the girls from my office, Allison, Mandy and Victoria. Since it was Friday, we were all wearing jeans. I also wore a white blouse and a black sweater. Underneath I was wearing a light blue bra with matching light blue bikini panties.

We had lunch at a pub-style place near our new office. It was really nice that day so after lunch we decided to go for a walk. During our walk, I could feel my bowels start to cramp up. I was in between periods, so I knew that I needed a toilet soon. As we were walking, the cramps got worse and the pressure in my bowels became quite intense. We were standing at a red light waiting to cross the street and I was doing my best to keep my butt cheeks clenched. When the light turned green, I had to step down from the sidewalk to the road and ever so slightly my butt cheeks opened up and a spurt of diarrhea shot into my panties. I moaned when it happened but the girls couldn't hear me because of the traffic. We got across the street and as I stepped up to the sidewalk I couldn't hold it anymore and I pooped a load of wet diarrhea into my panties. I could feel the mess swishing around in my panties as I walked. We got back to our office and I said to the girls, "I think I am going to head home now. I'm not feeling that well." Allison said, "Oh, okay. Are you going to be alright?" I said, "Yeah. I'll check my email from home." We said our good-byes and I headed to my car.

I got to my car and grabbed a few cloth grocery bags from the trunk to sit on. When I sat down, the mess in my panties shot up my back and leaked out the leg holes of my panties. On my way home, I had to go again and the mess went to the front of my panties and up my back as well.

I was hoping to get home to an empty house, so I wouldn't have to explain to my husband, Steven, what happened. When I turned into our back alley way, my heart sank as I saw his car. He was home early as well. When I got inside, he ran up to me and gave me a big hug. He started kissing me passionately and had his hands all over me. I kept trying to stop him, but he only hugged me harder. He then put his hands over my waist and then over my bum area cupping my butt cheeks. When he did this I said, "Stop! Please!" He asked, "Baby, what's the matter?" I said, "I'm not feeling well. I need to go upstairs to shower." He asked, "Why, what happened?" I said, "I was sick after lunch when we were walking around. It all came out in my pants and then again in my car as I was driving home." He said, "Oh baby, I'm so sorry. If you need help, let me know." I thanked him and went upstairs to shower and get myself cleaned up. Luckily I was fine for the rest of the day. I guess what I ate for lunch did not agree with me.

On New Years Eve, Steven and I had Melanie and her fiancé and Megan and her boyfriend over. We usually go out for New Years Eve, but this year we decided to have a quiet night in to bring in the New Year. Everyone came over to our house at around 6pm and we ate at 7pm. We had a nice, long dinner and decided to go for a walk around our neighbour hood at around 9pm. We made coffee with Bailey's as well as hot chocolate with Bailey's and put our drinks in some travel mugs that we had. I was on day two of my period, which was really heavy, so I went upstairs to our on-suite bathroom to change my pad before we left.

Halfway through our walk, I noticed that Melanie was really quite. She was also trailing behind everyone. I slowed down to walk with her and asked, "Hey, you've been quiet, is everything okay?" She said, "Yeah, I just… I'm okay. Can we head back soon?" I said, "Sure, no problem. We're actually on our way back now." She said, "Great, thanks."

We got back to our house at around 10pm. Steven was unlocking the door and Melanie was the first one in the house. We all took off our shoes and boots and hung out coats up in the closet. Melanie made a dash for the half-bath we have on our main floor. Meanwhile, Steven and I got drinks for everyone. When that was done, he sat down with the guys while Megan and I got dessert prepared. About 15 minutes later Megan asked, "Hey, is Mel alright? She's been in there a while." I said, "I don't know. I think so." Right then we heard the toilet flush and the tap turn on. She must have washed her hands for a good three or four minutes. When she came out she looked flushed and her eyes were red. She came around the back side of the island in our kitchen where the sink and big counter is. I looked at her and asked, "Hey, are you okay?" She shook her head no. I asked, "What is it?" Megan came over and the three of us where standing with our shoulders together. Melanie tried to talk, but started crying softly. Megan asked, "Sweetie, what is it?" Melanie fumbled her words, but said, "I… I'm… sick… I… did… didn't… make… it…" Pretty much knowing what this meant, I said, "Did you…? I mean…? You know…?" She said, "Yes. I couldn't hold it. It all came out when we were walking back… Just after I asked you if we could head back to your house. Then again when we got here… I mean, I started going again as I was walking through your house to the bathroom." I said, "Okay. It's okay. Let's get you upstairs and cleaned up. I have clothes you can change into and you can use the full shower to clean up."

With Melanie leading the way and me behind her, the three of us went upstairs. As we were heading up, Steven asked, "Hey, where are you ladies going?" Megan said, "Girl's talk! Stay DOWN here!"

Melanie got into the guest bathroom and I moved the bathmat out of the way in case she leaked diarrhea onto the floor. She pulled off her sweater and socks and stood there for a few seconds in her white bra and jeans. She had a worried look on her face and I asked, "Mel, what is it?" She said, "I have to go again and if I move, it will all come out." I said, "Well, your pants are already soiled, just let it out." So, she did and when she did, she started crying again. When she was finished, she undid her jeans and carefully pulled them down. The mess was incredible. I mean, it was everywhere. She turned around and it was all down the insides of her thighs and down the back of her legs. She was covered in it. She was wearing white bikini panties and they were messed all the way through as well as up her back. Megan turned on the shower for her and while it was warming up, she pulled off her jeans and panties completely and put them in the sink. She pulled off her bra and we left her alone to get cleaned up. I grabbed her soiled jeans and panties on our way out of the bathroom and rinsed them out in our on-suite bathroom's bathtub. I then grabbed her a clean pair of my bikini panties and a clean pair of jeans for her to wear. I threw her soiled clothes in the washing machine, which for us is upstairs. I turned the water onto its hottest setting, put some liquid detergent in and let the washing machine do its thing.

Megan and I waited in our master bed room while Melanie showered. About 15 minutes later, she finished and got herself dried and dressed. She washed her hair as well, so I gave her my hair dryer to dry her hair with. When she was done, she came into the bedroom and first sat on the bed before laying down. She started crying again and said, "I can't believe that happened. I am so embarrassed." I said, "Sweetie, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Trust me!" Megan said, "Yeah, don't worry about it. We've all been there at one time or another."

I had to change my pad again, so I did that before we went back downstairs to hang out with the guys. They didn't say anything when we came back, but I'm pretty sure they knew what was going on. When the washing machine was finished, I ran upstairs and put her clothes in the dryer. When they were dry, Melanie and I went back upstairs to fetch her clothes. I pulled them out and did a quick inspection. Her jeans made out okay, but her panties had a bad stain in them. I said, "Well, your jeans are okay, but the stain would not come out of your panties." She said, "That's okay. I can bleach them later. I'm going to change back into them." I told her that she could continue wearing my panties and jeans, but she changed anyway.

After midnight came and went, everyone went home at around 1am. As we were getting ready for bed, Steven asked me what happened, so I told him everything. I changed my pad and we went to bed.

The next morning, Melanie called to thank me for taking such good care of her and for not making a big deal out of her accident. I told her to not worry about it and that's what "sisters" are for.

Sarah from Calgary.


Huge accident after ten days holding it

The longest I've held my crap was ten days. I must have been about fifteen at the time & believe me I was desperate to go. The problem was I couldn't go because I was so constipated. On day nine (Sunday morning) I spent an hour on the toilet straining for all I was worth but all I could produce were a couple little balls. I was so bloated my stomach was swolen & I felt as if I was litteraly full of shit. I ate loads of bran & prunes to try & get things to move & by the evening nothing was happening. On Monday morning I got up & tried to go but I could only pee. I pushed realy hard but nothing. Not even a little bit. I bore down deep into my bowels for a full minute determined to get this huge crap out but it was hopeless. I was so uncomfortable. I had to take a laxative before leaving for school & at lunch time I went to the girls toilets to try again. I had to wait for another girl to come out & when she did the toilet stank of her crap. She said, "Sorry for taking so long but it was a big one." It stank up the toilets & when I sat down the seat was warm where the other girl had spendt so long on it. I pushed hard & managed to get a bit out but it was only a couple of inches long & nowhere near the ten days worth of crap I had inside me. I wiped & left it untill home time before I tried again but by then I could feel something moving in my bowels. I knew I'd left it too long & I ran out of class holding my bum. I was stopped by the bellowing voice of my teacher shouting, "Louise ****! We don't run in the corridors. We walk." I almost crapped myself as I stopped & started to walk as I was told to. I was really desperate to go by now & knew I wasn't constipated any more so it would be an urgent one. When I got to the girls toilets they were locked up for the night. I was nearly crapping myself by now so this was a big disaster for me. I could feel my crap pushing at my anus trying to force it open but I couldn't let that happen. I'd never needed a crap so badly & in desperation I ran down to the boys toilets at the other end of the corridor but of course they were also locked. I was at the point where I was more than just desperate, remember I hadn't had a decent crap for ten days now. I had to clench hard but it wasn't working. I knew I was losing the battle but I really didn't want to mess myself in school so started to run down the corridor towards the main exit but that made it even harder to control myself & I had to stop. The funny thing was I was back at the girls toilets. I felt a massive amount of pressure in my bowels & it began to force my anus open. I tried to clench but the pressure of a full ten days of crap plus the effect of the laxatives was just too much to hold back any longer. I turned my back to the door & pressed my bum hard against it to try & stop the flow but the crap wanted out & it was coming out. The first part was soft & sticky & made a lump in my underwear about the size of a tennis ball. That eased the pressure a little & I was able to regain some control so I starved to walk out of school. By the time I got to the gates I felt the pressure increasing again & I had to stop while I tried to control my bowels. I had the worse urge to crap I'd ever felt & my anus just opened on its own. There was nothing I could do about it this time & I grabbed my bum with both hands to try & stop it. All that did was spread the mess all over my bum & the advancing crap kept on coming. All I could do was relax & allow my bowels to pump their contents into my underwear. I crapped my brains out for a full two minutes & it made a huge mess everywhere. I had it all over my bum, up my back & even in the front of my underwear. When it stopped I still didn't feel empty so I pushed the rest out for another thirty seconds. I felt a fantastic relief but the mess was unbelievable. I'd got crap all over my bum, my legs, my socks & even in my shoes. I waddled home with my underwear raging heavily from the weight of all my crap & by the time I got to the toilet I had to go again. I stood in the bath & took off all my clothes before taking a long shower. Once I got cleaned up I sat on the toilet & had another huge crap. It felt great to get a whole ten days crap out in the space of one hour but what a mess.


I had a talk with the new owner of a laundromat.

The new owner said that he might keep the bathroom locked because homeless people use it. I told him that I have seen maybe two homeless people a month in the laundromat. He said that he would unlock the bathroom door when the attendants are there, but that laundromat rarely has an attendant. The attendant is there for 45 minutes a day to clean.

I told the owner that he should leave the bathroom door unlocked for the customers. I always wear an incontinence pad, (even though I'm not incontinent)... but there should be a bathroom for the customers.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sometimes in earlier posts I have spelt it 'Inominate' - as writers about the English Lake District spell the tarn where I have done a lot of walking.


First, 'Question at End'. British school toilets within living memory I think always have doors, though often no locks. There were some old-fashioned toilets with a gap at the side of the door which teachers could look through, but these would probably be illegal now. I have occasionally been in situations where others have seen me doing my number twos, usually clasping my hands. But health should come before pride every time. It's sensible for you to ask questions like this on an anonymous website, where no one can identify you.
What started me writing on 'Old Posts' was a question someone put in post Number 917. He asked the question 'do u pull ur trousers down 2 ur ankles,shins,knees or thighs' - (in the Summer of 2002). You will find a number of posts by me if you do a search from that date onwards, though in recent years I haven't contributed much. Like you, I had been taught to sit with my trousers and underpants right down to my ankles, and I made my little brother do the same. It was my young sailor uncle who said that in some of the toilets he used, there wasn't complete privacy, and he learnt just to uncover his bottom and keep his trousers half way up. I tried that, but found that I needed complete freedom of leg movement, otherwise I couldn't empty my bowel completely, and I wanted to get the daily operation over for the day without 'dropping trou' a second time, probably in at a more inconvenient time or place.
When my younger brother was lined up for play school, we wanted to make sure that he was completely independent in his toilet routine (including wiping his bottom), and that he would only need to use the playschool toilets to urinate. So at weekends or holidays when I could spend time with him, he spent time sitting on the toilet with a picture book, while I went into the shower, and gradually he gained mastery over his bowels (during schooldays, our mum would keep an eye on him).
'New Kid', if you are embarrassed about the school situation, perhaps you could have breakfast a bit earlier, clean your teeth with one hand, and undo your trousers with the other one, and then slip into position.
One friend (still a friend) I have always envied. When he gets out of bed in the morning before having his shower, he pulls off his pyjama bottoms and sits on the toilet and does front and rear functions. Then he wipes himself and gets into the shower and cleans his bottom properly with soap and water. He is finished until the following morning. I wish I could do that. I have tried it (and so has my brother) but it doesn't work for us. We need some breakfast first.
I've sometimes wondered if it would do the trick if I had some high fibre cereal the night before - has anyone tried that?


Broken toilet

So, I was coming home from work when I was ambushed by a sudden need to poop. I was nearly there, so I just decided to hold it. I got home and made a beeline to the bathroom, but Sammi stopped me and told me the toilet wasn't flushing for some reason. I had to go so bad, but with the toilet unable to be flushed, that meant I'd have to go back out to the nearest bathroom.

There was a grocery store not too far from the house so I went there and headed straight to the bathroom. I was so glad that all four stalls in the ladies room were untaken. I opted for the leftmost stall and sat down. The head of my turd was already coming out and I was still pulling down my panties. I got them down just barely in time and my turd splashed into the toilet. I farted a few times and that was all. I wiped my panties to get the small stain, then set to work wiping my butt.

I was very relieved after that poop. I flushed, washed up, and left. I felt bad to just use the bathroom, so I bought a box of crackers and then headed home. A plumber is supposed to be coming over tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. It would be nice to be able to have a poop in my own toilet again.

new guy

Daily Dump

I just took a dump about 5 minutes ago it was dark and light brown and about 3 inches long give or take and at one end it about an inch wide.



When I am on dates in restaurants eating I sometimes think about how within the next 24 hours my date will sit on the toilet and shit out part of the meal she is eating. I also think about when we at movies after dinner how her meal is in her body being transformed into shit.

In the early stages of dating usually the first couple of months there is this feeling that you can't let your date know you shit.

It is funnny that it is something everybody does almost every day but can't tell people they do it. Imagine on a first date telling a date that you have to take a shit. You have to be discreet about it and the other person probably assumes based on time it takes what you are doing.

what does everybody else think about dating and shitting?

do you think about your date shitting out their meal?


An interesting find...

In the office I work in, we have heated underground parking, which is really nice, especially on during our cold Canadian winter! Since we have access to the stair case to our floor, I usually take the stairs for exercise. Plus, our elevators tend not to work to well. More often than not, they are broken down.

On Monday afternoon (January 17th), I was coming back from a client meeting. We went for coffee and I had finished mine on my drive back to the office. I took the lid off to clean and recycle as I am a recycling/environmental freak!

Anyway, there are industrial type garbage cans by the doors to the elevators and stairs. As I was approaching the one to the stairs, I went to throw away my coffee cup. (It's bullshit that these can't be recycled, but whatever…) As I went to throw my cup away, I looked in the garbage can and was shocked at what I saw. In there was a pair of women's off-white bikini panties and they were filled with diarrhea. And I mean, FILLED! They were filled from the front all the way to waist band in the back. Plus, the entire seat area was filled as well. The poor woman who had this massive accident, really messed herself badly. I could tell that the mess had also leaked out the leg holes of her panties. The way they were set in the garbage can it looked like she pretty much stood in the garbage can to take them off. I'm not sure if that's what happened or not, because I could not see any other evidence of her accident on the ground of the parking garage, or if she had the accident, took off her panties and cleaned herself up in one of the ladies washrooms and then disposed of her panties in the garbage can.

Each day this week, as I have passed by this garbage can, the panties are still there. No one has touched them although one person did put their Tim Horton's coffee cup in it. So that person must have seen the panties as well. I wonder what this person thought! Today is Thursday (January 20th), the panties are still there and the diarrhea has dried in them. I wonder when the garbage will be emptied… I also wonder about the woman who had this accident. In my office, I work primarily with women. There are only two other guys. Do I work with this woman? Have I seen her in the hallway? Have I seen her buying coffee at the coffee shop downstairs? Did she have a clean pair of panties to change into, or did she go without all day long? When did it happen? How much time did she spend wearing them after she had her accident? Did she go home after her accident, or stay at work? Has she had other accidents, or was this her first one? I have all these questions and I will never have the answers!

Oh well… At this point, I am wondering when the garbage can will be emptied. I am keeping my ears wide open to see if any of the women in my office end up admitting to having an accident at work, or if I will over hear some other woman talking about it with her friends or co-workers. If I do, I will keep everyone posted!


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