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Wrecking a bathroom.

Hey, I've been lurking on this site for a few weeks. Lots of great stories. I read through a bunch of the backlog, and saw one from Danielle about taking a shit by that gas station to get back at the owner for being rude. That made me decide I had to share what I and some friends did a year or two ago.

It was two years ago during Spring Break, some friends and I went into New Orleans, staying with another friend there. We partied a lot, and this was the biggest night for us. Since it was Spring Break it was *really* crowded in the French Quarter. We had spent the whole night drinking, and were all a little drunk. I was probably the most sober. The bathrooms are always packed, so we were just peeing in alleys. The guys would stand and block us from being seen while we squatted to piss, and we had to do that at least every hour, and there were plenty of other people pissing in them as well.

Finally, it was past midnight, and we were getting ready to leave the bar we were in when my friend Stacy says, "I really need to take a shit." The rest of us girls agreed we had to too, we'd eaten a big dinner earlier. Stacy was pretty drunk, a little wobbly on her feet. So we went and checked the bathroom, it was packed in that bar. We told her to wait while we found a bathroom and went back out on the street. After checking a couple of bars, we finally saw one that actually didn't have a line, just one or two women going in and out. So we went into the bar, the guys got a table while the four of us girls went to the bathroom. It was a really narrow and really long bathroom with one toilet and a sink, and we found out why there wasn't a line. It *reeked* of piss and puke, there was no toilet paper, and everything except the sink somehow looked like it'd never been cleaned ever. The water in the toilet was brown with *some*thing, so I flushed it with my foot and the water drained out but didn't come back.

Jamie said we should find somewhere else to go, but Stacy said "No, ???? that, I'll be right back." She left the bathroom and came back a minute later with a napkin holder she'd grabbed out of the bar. She pushed it into Jamie's hands and said she wasn't waiting any longer, and to ???? whoever was supposed to be cleaning this place.

So Stacy goes over to the toilet. She's tall and slender, sort of like a supermodel, especially with her hair bleached. She hikes up the little black dress she's wearing and pulls her thong down to her knees, standing with her feet wide apart so she can hover over the toilet. We all see her stumble and think she's going to fall, but it's narrow enough she can basically put her elbows on either wall and catch herself, as she does it she starts to piss hard and her stream hits the edge of the toilet as she tilts her hips to balance herself, then goes out on the floor and soaks over her thong. She curses really loud and just keeps going, pissing all over the floor, making it run into the drain in the middle of the bathroom floor. She leans forward then, and starts shitting, it's really sticky looking and brown, coming out in long pieces that fall and pile up in the toilet. She sways again on her feet and takes a step forward as the last piece breaks off and lands on the front of the toilet seat. She says she's done then and Jamie holds the napkins out for her, Stacy takes a half dozen times to wipe her ass and once to wipe her vag, takes one and pushes the turd off the toilet seat into the toilet leaving a brown stain on the seat, then takes some more napkins to dab her thong dry as she moves out of the way.

While Stacy was using the toilet, our other friend, Lindsey, says ???? it, she'll go here too. She's medium sized, black, with long permed hair, a little junk in the trunk. She just takes her pants down and squats against the wall, pissing slowly on the floor so it runs down towards the drain. As she's pissing she lets out a really loud, wet fart, and Jamie laughs and says, "Oh my God, did you shart on the floor?" Lindsey says she almost did, but stopped it. As soon as Stacy is out of the way, Lindsey gets up and waddles over to the toilet with her pants around her knees and bends over all the way with her ass facing it. She lowers herself a little and says she's had the beer shits all day after drinking with her boyfriend the night before. We can hear her fart really loud and see her shit speckling the raised lid, then she suddenly lets out a really wet fart and a turd flies out and hits the lid, then lands on the back of the seat. She starts pushes out a bunch of runny shit that lands on the back of the seat and splatters the inside of the toilet. She's breathing hard by the time she's done, taking napkins from Lindsey to wipe.

As Lindsey is taking a shit, I do like she did and pull my skirt up, tuck it into the waist in the back, then take my thong down and squat to piss on the floor. As soon as Lindsey is out of the way I get up and go over to the toilet to take my dump. I'm pretty average height, by the way, with long brown hair, decent sized tits, and I'm pretty athletic looking if I do say so myself. Anyway, I was wearing my nice heels that night, so I hated standing in piss with them, and I didn't want to end up stumbling like Stacy did. So instead of straddling the toilet, I went to the side, standing with my feet together, so I could just hunch forward a little bit and be over the toilet. I farted quietly a few times, and it was about this time everyone *recoiled* from a horrible smell in the bathroom that managed to drown out all the other horrible smells. Lindsey said "Who the ???? did *that*?" and Jamie started laughing and said it was her. Anyway, I started to shit, mine came out soft and long like Stacy's had. That's a *really* uncomfortable position to stand in, so I shifted a little and started again when the others started laughing and Stacy said, "You're shitting on the floor!" I looked back over my shoulder quick just as another piece fell, it was missing the front of the toilet and landing right at its base. At that point I really did care, so I shrugged and finished, leaving about three turds on the floor and one laying on the front of the seat like Stacy. I said, "???? it, I'm not cleaning it up." So I grabbed some napkins and wiped my ass, then pulled my thong up.

Jamie said then, "Now how the ???? am I supposed to use the toilet?" She's really short, with light blonde hair. Like, less than five feet tall short. She's really cute, but she gets carded everywhere, all the time. She's wearing jeans, so there's no way she could straddle the toilet to go, and the seat's covered in piss and shit now too so she can't even stand on it. Stacy shrugged and said, "Just shit on the floor, it doesn't matter."

Jamie looked around and said, "I've got a better idea." She took her jeans down, showing she was going commando, which was really funny. She got Lindsey to help her up to sit on the sink, and as she slid back we could all hear her clit ring click against the sink. We could hear the hiss and splattering, as well as the drain gurgling as she started to piss hard for a few seconds, then she moaned a little as she farted quietly and started to push out a huge, long, hard looking turd. Then another, and another. She left a mound of shit in the sink that had to be bigger than the other three of ours combined. I don't know how she can hold that much shit in her, she said she hadn't been constipated, and this was normal for her. After she *finally* stopped shitting she took some napkins and wiped her ass, and they came away clean. She wiped her vag carefully then and hopped down, then pulled her pants up.

We surveyed the damage to the bathroom, and it was probably the only way to make it worse than it already was. Pissing on the floor hardly did anything, but now there was a big mound of shit in the toilet, the seat had shit on it, and there was a small pile of shit on the floor. And of course a pile of shit that looked like a horse had been in there in the sink. I almost felt bad, but the whole bar was filthy really, and the bartenders were all assholes there anyway.

Finally we went back out into the bar, Stacy set the napkin holder back on the table she got it from, we went and found the guys and continued the night.


the roommate with IBS

I tend towards constipation--for that reason I usually take my dumps in public restrooms since domestic toilets can't take my huge backed up logs......but I digress....this story is not about me. It's about my roommate--let's call him Chuck.

I live in a two bedroom condo situated close to a major university. Every now and then I rent the spare room to a college student for some extra money and some company. I placed an add in the student union and a few days later got a phone call from Chuck. Chuck came by the next day, and by his appearance seemed like your every day laid back college student; flip flops, cargo shorts, tshirt, and baseball cap. He liked the place and we felt like brothers right away, so he paid the deposit and moved in.

My place only has one bathroom, and it's situated right between the two bedrooms with a door opening to both--they call it a jack and jill bath. I work really early so the bathroom situation was never a problem, as Chucks classes started after I was already gone for work. Chuck was a real quiet guy--the perfect roommate--all he ever did was sleep and study.

After a few months, a new semester was starting, and Chucks schedule changed, as did mine. He had early classes and my work started later, so Chuck was the first one up and in the bathroom getting ready to start the day. That's when I started to realize that Chuck had a little secret.

As I had mentioned before, the bathroom opens to both bedrooms, so there is not a lot of privacy when it comes to noise. One morning I woke up as I heard Chuck going into the bathroom to start his day--the toilet seat slammed down and that's when Chucks little problem reared it's ugly head. I thought I heard him peeing but he wasn't--it was pure liquid diarrhea. I kind of of tuned it out and tried to go back to sleep, but Chuck seemed to be sick or something and it went on for aobut 30 minutes. I just chalked it up to a dude with the runs--no big deal.

Next day--same thing--and on and on. Every morning Chuck would go in the bathroom, slam the seat down, and squirt out pure diarrhea for 30 mins or so. I started to really feel for the guy. One night I brought home a bottle of Bourbon and we proceeded to get drunk. I finally got up the nerve to ask Chuck if he was ok, and that I heard him in the bathroom. To my surprise, without the least bit of embarressment, Chuck totally opened up and said he had IBS with diarrhea, and hadn't had a solid dump in 10 years. He said that he has close calls all the time and usually takes a massive dump at school in the library after class.

I told him it was cool, and that he didn't have to worry about me making fun of him or anything. It was totally kool and really made us bond. I thought that was that but I was about to be in for another realization about Chuck.

I was in his room looking for my work out shoes when I ran across his gym bag. I picked it up to look under it and the contents spilled out---I couldn't believe it--I almost threw up.

The bag was filled with white briefs underwear, and every last one of them had huge skid marks---big runny green blasts of pure liquid poop. Man oh man---poor guy--no wonder he doesn't have a girlfriend. I could handle the diarrhea but man his underwear--I just couldn't stop thinking off him sitting on the couch or in my car.

I feel really bad but I can't look at Chuck the same way now.

Am I being a jerk about this?? Should I say something??

friend's problem today
Today me and my friend went to the bathroom at the same time in school. Apparently we both had to poop because we both took stalls and right next to each other. I could tell something was wrong because his voice was shaky and he was walking fast plus he was breathing heavy. I started my poop when I heard some unpleasant sounds comoing from his stall. It was bubbly farts and slop poop. He was also groaning and moving his feet. I asked if he was ok and he said he took a laxative before school which was stupid of him. He is like the most popular kid in school and all the guys in the bathroom knew and they told girls, and the girls thought it was gross and they laughed. He told me it was really bad because later he was at his girlfriends house and he had to run to the bathroom and it happened again, and he didn't even shut the door! I feel bad for him, and also his girlfriend's family because they have to use that toilet.


Tom's Dilemna

Hello! I know I haven't written any stories in a few days, but I've been super busy with schoolwork. Anyway, here's another story:
Two weeks ago, I invited my friend Tom over so that we could study together for a test in our AP Government class. He's a gorgeous man, with tan skin, long, black cornrows, almond-shaped brown eyes,a super thick German accent and ????, kissable lips adorned with a lip ring. Anyway, we were quizzing each other when Tom suddenly said that he really had to go to the restroom and didn't want to go by himself, so I agreed to go with him. As soon as we were both in the restroom, Tom pulled down his black baggy jeans and red boxers and slammed down on the toilet. Now, the weird thing about Tom is that he always sits down while he pees. As he was urinating, I said to him, "Hurry up and pee! We still have a lot to do."
Tom said quietly, "I have to do more than that" and I could hear a strain in his voice. He then started to grunt really loudly, leaning forward and holding his stomach. I said teasingly, "Sounds like you're having the time of your life."
"You-uhhhhhh!!-think!?" he replied with the same strain in his voice. By then, he was squatting over the toilet, grunting a lot, as he attempted to push out the log. Curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to peek at his backside and see just how big his turd was. To say that I was shocked by what I saw would be an understatement.
"Oh, my god, Tom! That thing is HUGE!" I exclaimed in shock and awe.
"How big?" he asked, the strain still in his voice.
"It's almost the size of ball!" I responded.
"Wow!-uhhhhh!!-It's that big?" he said while still attempting to push out this monster turd. "Is it moving at all? Uhhhhh!!!"
"It's like, moving little by little," I replied.
He continued to try to push out the gigantic turd, while I was rubbing his back. Finally, after 30 minutes of grunts, heavy breathing, and straining, the nuclear bomb finally came out with a great splash, followed by at least six loud plops. Tom sat back on the toilet, even though he was done, and said breathlessly, "I need to rest for a little bit. For a moment, it felt as if I was giving birth to a baby."
I silently agreed with him, and stayed with him while he caught his breath. After a couple more minutes, Tom wiped himself several times and had to use a plunger to break the tennis ball-sized turd into several pieces since it would've clogged the toilet if he attempted to flush it. He flushed the toilet, washed his hands, and we went back to the living room to finish studying.

Now, if someone is taking a really long time in the bathroom, we say, "He's shitting out tennis balls!"

Jimmy Bobby

Results of the Contest

Hello all,

The hold-it contest me and my girlfriend went exceptionally well. I started holding around noon and her around 2:30. By 4:30 we were both pretty desperate. We were playing COD together when she started squirming and telling me that she was getting really desperate. I could feel my bladder hurt, but I wasn't too bad. After about another thirty minutes she told me she was about to wet herself. So we went to the shower and stood in it. After about 10 agonizing minutes she started wetting herself and you could a small dark spot at her crotch and it started to spread and then started running down her legs. At this point my need came to much and i began to pee also. Btw, she was wearing gray khakis and pink/purple panties. I was wearing jeans and boxers. Afterwards we started up stuff that I can't discuss on here. She did tell me she wanted to make it a "tradition". Im excited.


to David, to Denise

David, when I started reading your post, I thought "Best Buy has bathrooms for the public, what could your story be... " Also, the tops of those Russian buildings that you're talking about are called "onion dome."

Denise, I'm looking forward to the rest of your story. I like stories about teachers losing control, since a lot of them won't let children leave class to use the bathroom.

Madison C.


Hi guys :) I'm Madison. I'm 14, and i've always liked changing my little bro's poopy diapers for some reason. Idk haha! I've always been kinda interested in poop. Anyways, whenever he poops in that thing, he poops lots! Yesterday me and my sis were walking in the supermarket with our parents and the little poop machine hehe. All of a sudden, I smell something bad. I looked down, and little Walker had a gigantic poopie hanging out of his diaper hahaha! Anyway I got to change him and it was sooo fun. :) The smellier it is, the better, it's kinda like a challenge for me haha. I wiped him clean and took one last look at his big messy BM before throwing it away. :) Anybody else have stories about diapers or like changing them??

new kid

question at end

I just moved to a new state (don't think I can say which one) and it was my first day in the new school. It is a middle school with grades six to eight (i'm in 7th) and has a lot of people. Everything was going good for my first day, I met two friends who lived by me, and the other kids were nice. This school was very rich and the lunches were enormous compared to my last school, and I pigged out. I ate two hot dogs with french fries, and a jumbo pretzel. After the pretzel I started to get a stomach ache, I hoped I was just nervous, but I knew that pretzel was no good. I didn't even have to poop yet, I just felt really, really full. I felt like that all the way through the class after lunch, but as class was ending my lunch was ready to exit. In the class after that I had to endure fifteen minutes of meeting the teacher, getting the books, and understanding the class, until I could go. In my old school I always had a problem going to the bathroom and my friends new it, but I didn't want to seem weird, so I just asked to go like it was no big deal. The teacher told me the way and I left quickly. I found it and it was huge. There were about ten stalls and ten urinals, all of them in use with lines. As I got closer I noticed the stalls had no doors. That shocked me, I never heard of that before (I looked it up online and thats how I found this site). I really didn't want to go, but my cramp was bad, so I got on line for one in the middle. One of my friends that I met earlier was on line behind me and we said hi, and I asked him about the no doors thing. He was really surprised when I told him my old school had stall doors, and said this was just how it always was here. What made me upset was that the people waiting on line waited in front of each stall, making it really awkward to poop with a line facing you. My stall's line moved slow and there were only two kids in front of me, and I really had to go badly by now. I tried my best not to look at the kids on the toilets. Finally it was my turn and wihtout a minute to spare. My friend was still behind me making it more awkward. I didn't care at this point and I pulled my pants to my ankles and sat. I learned to pull my pants and boxers to my ankles when I pooped when I was little and I had always done it. With one push I let out one gigantic log that seemed to never end. It would not break off and it was rock hard. I made faces and sounds as it came out. When it finally fell, I realized that I was sitting on the pot in front of a bunch of kids, with my shirt under my chin and my pants at my ankles, giving them a good (or bad) view. They didn't seem to care, apparently this was normal in a doorless stall bathroom. I'm kind of more comfortable with it after that. I only needed one wipe and I looked at my creation. It was amazing- a solid foot of rock hard turd, sideways in the bowl. It was an automatic flush, and wasn't working. Just as I was comfortable with all of this, I am unable to flush. I tried everything, but the thing would not work. I told my friend the toilet broke and he tried to flush it, but nothing. He said he didn't care, he could just go on top of mine. I was kind of surprised, but he was cool with it. As I was walking away, he commented on my gigantic turd. Has anyone else ever went to a school with no doors on the toilets??


Young Woman In the Ladies' Room After Spicy Lunch

At my office this week, one of the ladies I know pretty well, Barb, brought her daughter to work with her. Barb is in her early 40's and her daughter just turned 20, is in her second year in college and trying to decide on a major. Barb had suggested she look toward business administration and since we work at an insurance company, she asked Leigh, our boss (noted in other posts), if she could bring her daughter to work to learn a bit about our business. Leigh approved it. The girl's name is Misty. Barb brought her over to me and introduced me that day. Misty is a really beautiful young woman. She has long sandy brown hair, a great figure, and the bluest eyes I think I've ever seen. She was dressed in a cute short skirt that showed off her legs nicely (the men were certainly noticing her right away). She was very friendly and pretty outgoing. As we worked together, Barb and I showed Misty what we did. At lunch Leigh told us to take extra time and enjoy ourselves. We went out to a Mexican food restaurant. We ordered and on the table there was a bottle of habanero pepper sauce. I'd tasted it before and couldn't believe how hot it was. I told them to beware. Misty said, "Oh, I bet I can handle it. At school we eat spicy food all the time." I said again that this stuff was brutally hot. She got some of it and put it on a chip and ate it. She said, "I can handle this." When our order came, she sprinkled this hot sauce all over her food. I said, "Misty, that's going to be very hot." Barb said, "Misty, are you sure you should have done that?" Misty laughed and said, "It'll be no problem." She ate all of it and did acknowledge it was "smoking hot". We finished, paid and left. On the way back, Misty got quiet. We arrived at the office, which is a high-rise building, and we're on the 5th floor. When we went in, I said I had to pee badly because of all the iced tea we'd drank at lunch. Barb said she could go, too, and Misty mumbled "me too." We went to the 1st floor ladies' room. It was empty and had 5 stalls. I took the first, Misty the second, and Barb the 3rd. We all took a seat. One puzzling thing I noticed about Misty was where she put her feet. She sat on the toilet with her feet spread apart to almost under the stall partition. I thought that was a bit strange. I'd never thought much about it before but when I sit on the toilet, I always have kept my feet and knees touching together, the same as if I were sitting in a chair with a short skirt on. Misty obviously was different. Her foot was almost in my stall. Barb and I started peeing. My pee was winding down and I heard Misty peeing. Well, I thought I heard her peeing. During this "pee" came a huge gas blow, splattering into the toilet. She wasn't peeing. She was having a liquid diarrhea bowel movement. Barb said, "Misty!" Misty said, "I think that hot sauce has messed me up. I hadn't eaten today until lunch so it must have gone right through me. It's really burning my butt, too." I couldn't believe she said that. She then moaned "oh" and I heard more pure liquid, gassy poo coming out of her. Barb and I flushed and went to the sinks. Another lady about 40 came in and took the stall next to Misty (the one her mom was in). While we were drying our hands I heard the other lady fart softly and start plopping poo pretty rapidly. Misty then passed another liquid spurt and farted loudly. Her mom, Barb, said, "Misty, are you going to be all right? Are you sick?" Misty said, "I'm OK mom. I'll be out in a minute." The other lady was wiping came out and looked at us and washed her hands. As she was drying them, Misty farted loudly again and said, "Excuse me." Barb said, "It's OK, honey, are you about done?" The other lady left the restroom. Misty said, "I think I'm done for now." We waited for her. She wiped about 6 times, pulled up her slacks, flushed and came out. She washed her hands and Barb said, "Honey, you shouldn't eat things that will tear your system up like that. That had to be embarrassing with Amylee and that other lady here." Misty said, "At school, we learned not to be poop shy. If you gotta go, just go. Everyone else poops, too." We went back to the office and continued our day. Misty excused herself around 2 o'clock to visit the ladies' room again. She came back and said she'd had another round of liquid diarrhea and that the restroom was full of women all pooing. I told her that was common everyday around 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.


Comforting thoughts for Frantic Francine

While I can understand your frustration with the school toilets, take it from someone twice as old and much more experienced. The most important thing is sitting down and relieving yourself. Sitting directly down on the seat, splashback on your backside, etc. are non-issues or secondary issues, at best. Showers or baths in our own private bathrooms are the great cleansing reward for later. The immediate need to crap or pee is of the utmost importance.

Four years ago my boyfriend and I were at a professional basketball game. At the beginning of halftime, I went to the bathroom to pee. The bathroom was closed off and rescue squad personnel wheeled out a very short lady about 20 or so who was on a backboard, in a neck brace and obviously a lot of pain. Ladies coming out and being interviewed by arena security said she got up on a toilet seat with her feet, pulled down her jeans and squatted to drop her waste into the bowl. Somehow she lost her footing.

Francine, I've never worried about sitting on toilets away from home. Getting rid of my waste is much more important to me. Hot water and soap later will do wonders.

new guy
Im watching the big bang theory theres was a bathroom scene kind of involving a girl named Amy on there she gets constipated I didnt catch the whole scene but the part I did see was her coming out of the bathroom and says nothing yet also in the show two and a half men Charlies girlfriend Chelcie swallows a ring that was in a glass of wine and later on you see Charlie outside the bathroom asking anything yet and you hear her say if you ask again i'll eat a brick of cheese and youll never see it.

Keith D
To Linda from Australia: I often take dumps outside. I find that when I am constipated after a couple of days and don't get much of an urge to poop, that walking helps bring on the urge more strongly. So sometimes I go out to the woods. I also find that squatting right down low also makes it easier for my logs to squeeze out.

Sometimes if it is taking a long time to get my log out while I am squatting in the bushes my ankles really start to ache but I usually just perservere and use it as motivation to push harder. I have tried hanging my butt over a log but find it too uncomfortable with my front parts sitting on the rough tree bark! The best thing I tried was when I found two small logs lying side by side. I straddled both of them and rested my butt so that the hole was aiming down between them. I then stretched my butt cheeks apart so that my hole was held open and this really helped the log pass through easily.

I don't often stand up to poop but I do find it can help if the log is really big and feels like it won't fit through my hole. I find that in a standing position it can open the hole more easily to get out. However, I do find standing really tiring if I'm constipated and straining for a long time. Linda, can I ask for how long you can stand for while straining out poop?

I haven't been in a situation where I have been pooping outdoors and someone has come along. I would not like to be seen by some random person like that. I always make sure I have complete privacy. However, I have sometimes had to pull up my briefs and walk home with a bit of squishy poop stuck between my cheeks because I have had nothing to wipe with. And I do not like the look of the pine cones that fall from the trees in the woods around here!

I remember when I was a child and always had problems with constipation and often only went once a week. It wasn't until I tried pooping outside behind a tree in the yard once that I discovered that it felt completely different doing it outdoors and found that it came out more easily and in one piece. Linda, maybe you should give it a try somewhere to see if it makes any difference for you. I only do it every now and again for temporary relief if I am having a long struggle with constipation.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Intrigued Mom great story about your twin daughters having to the bathroom at the same time to answer your question from what ive heard twins are like that sometimes I thinks it genetics like if one hurt the other will feel it or know it but with your girls it having to go to the bathroom at the same time and please post more stories about them or about you thanks.

To: Car Mom another great car peeing story I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave another great story about you and your friends Janet and Jill and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: David great story about your wifes accident please post more stories like that thanks.

To: Eva great story about your accident please share anymore stories you might have thanks.

To: Shop Worker great story about seeing that woman having an accident please share any other stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Linda from Australia I hope your able to have a good poop soon and maybe eventaly start to have normal poops and not be as constipated as you have been and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Angela great story but didnt you post that one already a few pages back I could be wrong but it sounds familiar but oh well its a great story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kristy first is it Kristy or kirsty the reason I ask is in louises lastest post and Wendys post from a couple of days ago them name Kirsty but I thought it was Kristy and I want to make im getting your name right when I respond to your post and wendy great story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Louise great story about you pooping after Kirsty or Kristy pooped and great story about with that cop near it was nice of him to let you off and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Half Dump Denise great story I cant wait to find how it ends and also I look forward to any other stories you have thanks.

Here is a bathroom scene with a woman on toilet on the show 30 rock the character Liz Lemon played by Tina Fey in one episode she aparently ate some stew that disagreed with and you see her go into the bathhroom then a fire alarm goes off and some how the bathroom gets opened I forget how but you see her on the toilet there are no pooping sounds.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Half Dump Denise

Our Student Teacher's Accident--Part 2

It's a half hour before school and sitting on the seat in a doorless toilet stall at my high school's largest bathroom. When I use a doorless stall (this wasn't by choice, but I was starting to pee my underwear so I had to think quick and this was the only toilet open out of about 30) I hang my head down almost into my lap so that my long hair is thrown forward so as to cover my exposed areas. I had also taken out my hair brush and was combing my hair for a couple of minutes after my stream stopped when Miss S., my student teacher came walking into the bathroom, recognized me, and said "Denise, can you help me!" It startled me for a moment but her long winter coat which went all the way to her ankles was messed up with snow and it was obvious that she had fallen and even perhaps rolled in the snow. I could see she had been crying so I figured she might have been in pain.

I quickly got up off the seat, pulled up my panties and my jeans and reached over and flushed the stool. It was one of those fast-flushers and the water splashed awesome and the whole cycle was done in like 5 or 10 seconds. Miss S was fumbling in trying to take her huge coat off in such a small stall and as I tried to give her a hand, she told me that she had fallen on the ice while she was getting out of her car in the school parking lot. Because she was parked on a hill, she slid on her back some distance and actually grabbed one of her tires to stop her fall and slide. The pain was from hitting on the left side of her butt. Worse yet, she said she thought she had shit her underwear. She and I both worked to get her out of her coat, and as I went to hang it over the side of the stall, I could see icy slush over part of the back of the coat. While Miss S was trying to pull her tight black dress slacks down, I was trying to balance her coat over the metal stall panel. The first time it started to slide overboard into the other stall and I grabbed an arm of it just in time before it fell on the girl in the other stall who you could her was crapping.

I hadn't noticed because I hadn't used any but Miss S saw that there was no toilet paper in the stall. I told her I would go out and get her some. I went down about three stall, the door was ajar and just as I went for it, another girl bumped into me and called me a "B####" and told me she was next. I didn't even try to explain. A couple more stalls down the line a girl came out just as I was passing by and I quickly went in, tore off a good amount of paper, and took it back to Miss S. By then, she was seated on the seat, and pulling down her blue panties. As she sat and pulled them up, she cussed and then quickly stopped when I walked in with her toilet paper. She started wiping herself while she sat. Then there was a blast of a fart and she said, "aaahhh! I knew that she had started to crap again. Then she looked in her underwear and saw the mess and started to cuss again. She said something about not liking to sit on a public toilet seat, but that this was an emergency and if she wasn't so much of a klutz, she wouldn't have fallen and had the accident.

Miss S easily went through the wiping paper I had given her so I went out in search of more. I pulled off almost a double load this time, but when I turned around to leave the stall, this girl is standing there and made a snide remark about me not leaving her any. I wanted to say something, but she seemed so insensitive to anyone else's needs. When I got back to the stall, Miss S was now standing and although she stumbled a bit at first, when I helped steady her, she was able to step out of her slacks. She asked me to hold them for her while she reseated herself on the toilet and she took off her panties. She handled them very carefully and I could see why. She had a piece of crap, somewhat solid and looking like the size of a soft-shell taco, stuck to it. Then she stood up, turned toward the toilet, and asked me what I saw on her left thigh. Before she turned, I did see a rather large scar on her very lower stomach area so it was obvious that she had had some surgery. But I saw a big red blotch on her left butt. I told her and she said it hurt pretty bad. I told her she probably would have a bruise coming. She started cussing again, caught herself, and said she was lucky she hadn't broken her back. Then she put her put her free arm on me for a partial embrance and then placed her underwear over the toilet, and with her fingers tried to flick the piece of crap into the bowl. It wouldn't fall. I handed her some toilet paper and she used it to try to get it to fall into the toilet, but it wouldn't because it was stuck to the fabric. Finally I suggested raising the seat and using the inside of the bowl to separate it from the fabric. To my surprise, it worked and and she complimented me on the suggestion.

Miss S handed me the panties which she had pretty much rolled up and asked me to take them outside to the main trash can by the sinks. I threw them away and when I came back she was seated on the toilet and peeing. However, this time she had a strip of toilet paper on each side of the seat that she was sitting on. She told me I could run ahead because she knew I had other things to do. I told her I'd see her in 2nd hour class.

When I got to the commons area Monique and Amanda were waiting for me and wondering if I was sick of what happened. They said they had seen me go into the bathroom and it was like 30 minutes earlier. The passing bell rang at that time and I told them we didn't want to be tardy but that I had a story for them later.

In 2nd hour class, Miss S was her usual self and taught a really great class. We just love her. As for me, it's nice to know that she's normal like the rest of us.


first time posting

hi im Claire 23 from Canada i'm 5"5 130 full figured

Yesterday after my college was done I really had too poop very badly I got in my car and I was rushing home. I knew I couldn't make it home, so i stopped at a gas station and asked too use the bathroom, the guy gave me the bathroom keys so I ran outside too the back where the bathroom was, and I unlocked the door, I was about too lose control, but in the bathroom there was vomit all over the seat and floor, and someones shirt in the sink I almost threw up, then all of the sudden I farted and made a huge pffffffffffffffffffftttttttttttffffftttt sound and I exploded into my jeans, I was wearing a thong so my jeans were completely ruined, there was so much poop it ran down my legs and into my socks and shoes, it looked like lumpy oatmeal, I was so horrified I was crying so hard I just got in my car and sped home. Luckily no one was home so i threw out my clothes and took a long bubble bath. I hope this never happend too me again


To Catherine

To Catherine: Yes, Leigh is strange. She is about 5'8" tall, a brunette, very pretty, and with a figure most women would envy. Her butt is what she is most noted for - everyone, men and women, think it's one of the best they've ever seen, and secondly, her volcanic poos in the ladies' room.

To Sam from NYC: Thanks for the advice on overcoming being poo shy in public. I'll give your suggestions a try.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I've taken to warm water enemas to help clear out when I feel really bloated. I always found them noisy and to splash and require a lot of cleaning of the toilet... today I decided to try skipping the toilet seat and lining the porcelain with a bit of toilet paper. Much much quieter and a lot less splashing!

Anyone else recently started enemas and enjoy how they feel after?


Girl gets caught short

I had get some tea bags from the local shops this morning & as I was walking back home I saw a girl of about 12 walking quickly as if she was in ea discreet distance. She disappeared behind bush & when I got close enough to see her she was squatting with her trousers & knickers pulled down to her thighs. She was having terrible diarrhoea & it had sprayed all over the ground bellow her. She looked up & saw me but she couldn't stop going. She looked horrified as wave after wave of watery brown liquid kept coming out of her. By the time she finished she looked very relieved but embarrassed that she'd been seen. She had no tissues on her so she had to pull her knickers up without wiping. She walked off after that & I went home with my tea bags. I bet her knickers were stained where she hadn't wiped herself & gone home with dirty bum.

I decided to treat us to a us to a KFC tonight & while I was in the que, I noticed the girl about ten people in front of me had some big rips in the seat of her jeans. I could clearly see her red & white striped panties through to rips. They had some pretty lacey bits around the legs & I could also see her bum. That wasn't the only thing I noticed about her. She was fidgeting a lot as if she needed the toilet & I by the time she got served she was bright red. She asked the young serving her if she could possibly use the toilet as it was an emergency. The girl looked shocked & turned to ask the supervisor if it was ok. At first the supervisor said it wasn't company policy to allow the customers to use the facilities but when she realised the girl was about to go in her panties she ushered her through to the back of the shop. The girl thanked her as she was shown the way to the restroom. I'm sure she didn't have a second to spare & was gratefull to get to a toilet just in time. By the time I got to the front of the que the girl was on her way back from the toilet with a very relieved looking smile on her face. She thanked the team leader again as she came back & shook her hand stuffing a 10 note into into it saying, "Thanks for that. I almost didn't make it!"

I was in a meeting at work which went on all day & there was only one toilet available & it was embarrassing to have to get up & leave the room for a toilet break. If anyone took more than five minutes to get back it was obvious it was more than just a pee. Well I held my poo all day untill I got home but I couldn't help noticing Angelica who was sitting in front of me kept farting. She did leave the room & I thought she would have a poo but she was only gone a couple of minutes. She returned to her seat looking annoyed & uncomfortable. All through the day she kept on farting. She couldn't keep still & I knew she would have to poo sooner or later. Well eventually she got up & ran out of the room holding her bum. She looked really desperate & I was sure she would take quite a while to come back from the toilet. Well I needed to pee quite badly & after half an hour Angelica still wasn't back. I was desperate so I went to the toilet to get her to hurry up. I was surprised to find it was un occupied so I went in & had a very relieving pee. After flushing & washing my hands I went back to the meeting. Shortly after Angelica came back with her phone in her hand. She still looked very uncomfortable & she sat through the rest of the meeting in agony. I couldn't work out why she hadn't been to the toilet. I can only think she was too embarrassed to go with everyone knowing knowing what she was doing. I know that if I was that desperate I wouldn't just hold in. It would be better than doing it in my pants! Angelica must be a very shy pooper to hold it so long when she was so desperate. By the end of the meeting Angelica was sitting on her hands & was clearly in big trouble. She was second to last leaving the soon with me behind her & I was sure she would have to make her way to the toilet by now. She didn't though & we both walked out to the car park where she took out her phone to call a taxi. She was hopping on the spot & held her bum tightly with has spare hand. Then she gripped the phone between her head & her shoulder so she could use both hands to get a tighter grip on her bum. I knew Angelica must be about to have an accident by now & all of a sudden she stood really stiffly & let out a muffled fart. A bulge soon appeared in the back of her beige coloured skin tight jeans & she moved has feet apart while she peed herself. The bulge kept growing & spread out across her bum. I could see a brown stain around the pancake stained mass in her jeans with a yellowy brown streak oozing down her legs. Angelica was crying in shame from her enormous accident & apologised saying. "I'm so sorry. I've never had an accident like this before. I tried to hold it but I was so desperate I just couldn't hold it any longer." I thought, I'm not surprised after refusing to go all day!

I was 17 at the time & after not crapping for ten days I was bursting to go. I was walking to school when the biggest urge to release this monster of a crap hit me hard. You can't imagine how desperate I was & I couldn't hold it any longer. My bowels pushed & I tried to clench but it was too late. I had no control & a long rope of crap extruded out of my anus & coiled up in the back of my underwear. Remember it was ten days since my last crap & my underwear was getting so heavy from the weight of all that poo they sagged down below my skirt. I had to hold the top of them to keep then up but the poo started to come out of the legs. I was still going & couldn't believe how much shit I had inside me. It took a good ten minutes to finish & the relief of it was beyond words. I didn't go to school & just went home to clean up. I was so ashamed that at 17 I had just pood myself in the street.

As you can probably guess love to poo in unusuall places. One memorable place was in a roadside drain. I was about 11 at the time & was walking home from school. I had really bad diarrhoea that was very hard to control & had a little leakage in my panties. As there was no one around & slipped them off & stood over a drain with my legs open. I just relaxed & released a torrent of runny poo down the drain. The relief was wonderfull but I didn't have time to finish as a car came by & I had to stop. I had to hold the rest untill I got home & by then I was dying to go again. I got to the front door & rang the bell but there was no one home. I didn't have my door key with me & I was so desperate for to go I couldn't hold it. I had to run behind a hedge to relieve myself & it felt so good. I stayed there for a while & let out some more diarrhoea & then I was done. No one saw me but I had to wait an hour before my mum came home from work to let me in. By then I needed to go again & so did my mum. She must have caught the same bug that I had because she was really desperate & rushed into the toilet holding her bum. Within seconds she was blasting the toilet with explosive force. It went on for ages & she was on the toilet for half an hour. It really stank when she came out & I was busting to go by that time. She told me I should leave it a while before going in there but I was too busting to care & went straight in after her. She wasn't kidding as the smell was like a mixture of rotten eggs & stale vegetables. The toilet was spattered with little bits of poo & the water was cloudy with little bits of poo floating around. I sat down on a nice warm seat & pushed out some more diarrhoea for a couple of minutes & was done. While I was wiping my mum called out to ask how long I was going to be. I told her I would be out in a moment & flushed the toilet. As soon as I opened the bathroom door she burst in & sat on the toilet again. She had some more diarrhoea right in front of me & it wasn't pretty. The look of relief on her face was a picture. She apologised for letting me see it all but it was either that or mess herself.


Accident at work

I've been a lurker here for a few years now and finally decided to post! First, a bit about me, im a 25 year old female, long blonde hair, brown eyes and quite slim. This story happened last summer:

I work in a spa in the uk as a beauty therapist, the spa i work at has a very high standard and when you are carrying out a treatment on a client you are not to leave that client at all. Well, on this particular day i was very busy working in the nail salon. I had been doing one ladys nails for about an hour and was no where near finished (she was haveing extentions and a lot of fancy nail art which is why it took so long). I had had quite a few coffees that morning and that plus my tiny bladder did not make a very good combination. About 20 mins into the treatment i started to get the urge to go and about 40 mins later i was desperate. I was the only therapist in the nail salon and absolutly could not leave the lady whilst i went to the toilet as this would be very unproffessional and the lady could put in a complaint about me. (btw, if anybody is wondering what i was wearing, it was a white tunic with white cropped leggings). i crossed my legs and figeted a bit but obviously i could not move around too much. Eventually i could feel spurts going into my pants, just enough to dampen them. then a bit of a gush, enough to make my leggings damp. I was nearly done, just putting the finishing touches to my nail art when it happened. I completly wet myself. It started pouring off the edge of my stool and made a big puddle on the floor. I looked down to see the evergrowing yellow patch on my leggings. The ladys face looked horrified. I jumped up, apolagized and ran out the room into the bathroom, where i text one of my colleges to explain and tell her to go and help my cliet.

My client ended up having her manicure for free and the money it would have cost was deducted from my wages. My boss wasnt happy with me but also feels guilty as it was him who said we cant leave our clients, he said if im in a situation like that again then i should excuse myself.

This was proberly one of the most embarrasing accidents i have ever had.

This afternoon I was travelling home from Birmingham in Middle England. The drive can take up to an hour. About five minutes in to my journey I felt the need to shit, but felt I could wait until I arrived home. This proved to be a false hope as the desire to go got more urgent, and being aware of no public toilets on the drive home I had to think rather quickly before I filled my underpants. I remembered some waste land and recreation ground close by so hurried along hoping to be able to park as the situation was now desperate. As it happened I was in luck.
I grabbed the toilet roll I carry in the car, locked the car and started a rather brisk walk passing one male sitting on a bench. I went round the back of a disused building and pulled my trousers and underpants down and stopped down.
There was a very loud fart, quickly followed by three rather smelly and large turds by now safe in the knowledge I would have shit myself long before I arrived home.
I began to wipe myself, a dog with its female owner appeared on the scene
She said sorry to me after having had a very good view of my bare backside, my trousers and underpants at half mast, and three turds on the ground. She carried on, but I beat a very hasty retreat. This is the
first time I have posted anything on the site, but I enjoy reading other peoples comments.

intrigued mom

twins bathroom habits.

I have identical twin daughters who are both beautiful smart 15 year olds. The most interesting thing about their twin bond is their bathroom habits. Its like they have 1 bladder and one digestive system. I swear, if one goes to the bathroom so does the other. If one has to go, so does the other. Its so consistent, anytime i hear anyone else say "i have to go to the bathroom" i get confused when i don't hear "me too" right after. Anyway, they're so in sync, that growing up every time one of them had a bedwetting accident, so did the other. that was always happened at least once a month up until only about 7-8months ago, its only happened once since though. 2 crying girls in wet undies and pajamas, 2 sets of sheets to change while half asleep af 4 am. Fun times.

We were driving to Vermont for a family wedding last summer and they both developed an urgency to use the toilet. By the time we were able to stop they were both desperate. The place we stopped only had a one person, unisex bathroom. So they couldn't go at the same time..which proved to be a major problem. My daughter Hailey went in and Hannah had to wait. But while Hailey was safely on the toilet, poor Hannah went at the same time...and badly pooped her panties. She had a short white skirt on and it really showed on her white underwear too, i felt terrible for her. Later on after the ordeal and after Hannah was changed and calmed down from being upset, i discussed how it was funny because they had to go at the same time. Thats when Hailey fessed up that she had it happen to her once too. She said about a year before that they both woke up with cramped stomachs one morning and rushed to the bathroom, and Hannah made it first. While she was going, sure enough hailey pooped in her pajamas standing out in the hallway. She went back and hid under her covers until hannah got back into bed then she snuck to the bathroom to change. They went on to say its happened other times too with pee. The assured me it doesn't always happen when they have to take turns, just if they're really desperate to go. Its still highly intriguing! Has anyone else heard of this phenomenon with twins?

Car Mom
Mr. Clogs: glad you like my posts! As I've said before, so far its only been the car, since a bathroom has always been available everywhere else.

Nathalie: great story about your accident in your brother's car! Do you think you would ever tell him about what you do in your car? Does anyone else besides Whinnie know about what you do in your car, or has anyone else ever done it? Glad you're posting, keep 'em coming! I know its hard when nothing new happens! That's usually why I don't post for a while!

Well, something did happen to me yesterday but nothing really out of the ordinary. One of Kaylee's friends was in my car with us, and like so many other girls have, she had a pee in the backseat of my car. Kaylee had just had a pee herself, and so the other girl asked me "can I go too?" and of course I said "sure you can, go ahead." And so she did. She pulled down her pants and then she began to pee into the seat, just like Kaylee did. It was actually really cute because as she sat there peeing she hummed to herself. It wasn't really a song she was singing, it was just a humming noise. It was probably what she did when she was on the toilet. She also asked me, while she was still peeing, if it was ok if she farted. It was so cute! If you'll remember I mentioned a while back that another girl had asked me that same question. Of course I told her she could and so she did. Its funny that a kid would ask me that when she's already letting herself pee into my seat. Its cute though. So anyway that girl had a pee in my car and then she was done. It was actually the first time that particular girl had ever peed in my car. It probably won't be the last!

Bye now!

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 49

We stayed in the summer kitchen till dark. We then went to the kitchen which I made pop corn and the girls poured out glasses of sosa with ice. We went upstairs to the ittle back attic bedroom turned on the tv to watch a movie we knew that was on which we wanted to watch. This is where we all would need to piss again at different times using the window to piss out of.

Jill was the first of us three that would piss. She waited for the first commercial break on tv to take her piss. The commercials started so Jill hopped right off the bed stepped over to the window pulled up her blue summer dress and squated in the open window. Jill started to piss right off with a hard stream of piss which hissednicely and even above the sound of the tv her piss splashing down on the workshops roof could be heard by both Janet and I.

I said as I looked over at Jill pissing seeing part of her stream; Now that Jill isbetter then any commercial on tv! Jll giggled a little along with a smile on her face too. Janet then said to me; Wait till I piss if you think Jills is so nice mine is even ging to be better! First thought that came to my mind after Janets statement was; Are the girls getting into something competitive now? A pissing contest?! That I would have to wait and see.

Jill didn't say anything back to Janet but she did smile. Jill soon had her stream slack off which its hissing died out and the loud splashing down on the workshops roof was less which I could no longer hear over the sound of the tv. Jill dribbled a little then dripped some and then she did one short hard spurt to finish her piss. Then she hopped out from the window and came back to the bed and rejoined us. A minute later the movie came back on the tv and we went back watching it. To be continuied.

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