wife's embarassing moment

My wife had a bad accident in her pants tonight at best buy....oh man. I was in complete shock. So I've been convincing her for months to let me get a new tv. She finally promised me that we could go get one this weekend and we went to best buy after going out to dinner tonight. When we got to the store she seemed fine. Btw she was wearing navy blue yoga pants and a white sweater, she is thin and has long straight brown hair, green eyes and glasses and freckles. Anyway, we spent a long time looking at all the TVs on the wall and looking at some of the displays, then spoke with a couple salesman. My wife started squirming and fidgeting and rubbing her stomach discretely after we had been there for a while, and soon seemed very uncomfortable and impatient. She was getting annoyed by the process and was urging me to pick one and get going with the purchase. I knew at that time that she needed to take a shit... i know her. She absolutely will not do that in a public bathroom, hell she does her best to avoid doing it when I'm in the bedroom (which the bathroom is attached to). I can always tell if she has to poop because she gets very cranky and refuses to say why. Then when i take her home she always pretends to go do something else first then asks me to do some random task then she slips off to to the bathroom and has her covert dump. She's ridiculous. Anyway, she was getting really desperate towards the end of the transaction, i could tell because she kept whining a little under her breath, and i caught a whiff of a little pre-poop fart or two. We were finally finished getting all the add ons sorted out and coming up with a final price and were ready to ring up when she made a really strange noise with her mouth, and i looked at her and she looked like she was holding her breath. Her face turned cherry red and she squeezed her eyes closed as i heard a rapid succession of farts followed by a wet squelch. She turned and made a b-line out of the store with a giant wet bulge on her butt. I was absolutely stunned. I couldn't believe i just watched my 31 year old wife poop in her pants in the store. The salesman and i were both taken aback and he just said "uhhh do you wanna see if she's ok?" and i said "yeah i better". So he suspended the transaction and i rushed after her. I caught up to her at the car where she was hiding by the passenger side door with her back to the car. She couldn't get in because i had the car keys. I asked her if she was alright and she was crying quietly. She said in a pouty voice that she couldn't control herself, and asked me to unlock the car then go finish up. I went over to her side of the car and saw that the front of her pants were stained dark blue in a big oval shape on that "v" part of her crotch between her legs and on her thighs. There was a big puddle near her feet, and when she turned her butt was also stained dark blue where the bulge was and they were stained all down the backs of her legs, so she had clearly wet her pants in addition to pooping them. She put shopping bags on the seat and slowly sat down and cried a little more in the car and just kept saying how embarrassed she was. I told her i would take her home and get the tv later, but she said i could go finish up and she could wait. So i went back in and finished up getting the tv, and it took about 20 minutes including getting it in the car, all the time my wife had to just sit in the car in her wet, full pants. I got in and apologized for making her wait and she said it was fine, then the waterworks started up again. I rubbed her shoulder and said not to be embarrassed and she said "i know...its just that, I still have to go. I didn't go all the way so it still keeps coming out little by little and its really uncomfortable" and she started crying harder. I rubbed her shoulder and she put her head down in her hands, and i could hear little crackling farts and squishing sounds going on in her pants still. The whole drive home she kept sighing and stuff and figeting around, and it stunk pretty bad in the car. When we got home she got out quickly and stood up. Her butt was drenched in pee and so were the backs of her legs, and there was a big flat pancake poop bulge smooshed on the middle of her butt. It was like the size of cd. A faint brown mark was also seeping through the wet fabric of her pants along her butt crack. As she walked toward the house i watched her butt, and the motion of her legs kind of mooshed the flat bulge back into more of a saggy ball drooping in her pants. I went all the way upstairs with her to see if she needed help and she asked me to bring her clean clothes and she went straight into the bathroom. I picked out clean panties and another outfit for her and took them to the bathroom for her. She opened the door and her pants were off, so i saw her in her wet, messy panties. She was wearing light yellow cotton Victorias secret bikini cut panties. The v part on the front of her panties was visibly wet so from the front its just looked like she peed herself a little, but when she turned around it was bad. Her skin was visible through the wet fabric on her butt all the way up to the waist band. There was an orange sized bulge sagging in the back and the dark brown stain soaked through right where the load was touching her underwear, and light brown stains surrounded the load and made a streak up along the middle. The brown stain that was visible as a whole was kind of shaped like the fancy things at the tops of towers on buildings in russia, like in moscow, those big colorful pointy dome things on the castles or whatever..the shape of the stain reminded me of that. Anyway, that was the last i saw. She closed the door and cleaned herself and changed while i got the tv set up. Later when we talked she went on and on about how embarrassing it was pooping her pants in the store, and how she never wants to go back to best buy!

Some weird stuff happened this football season at my high school. I was on the freshman team and we had practice for three and a half hours summer mornings. My friend Jorge and me had a sleepover at his house one night, and he is mexican and his mom makes some mean dinner. Every time I eat there, after chili, burrittos, and stuff, I always get the squirts, and I forgot about football the next morning. Jorge is on the team too and we went together, and we actually told each other we had stomach aches at the same time. It's weird, because he is used to that food, and it doesn't upset his bowels, but it was for some reason. The last thing we wanted to do was go at the locker room and let the upperclassmen torture us as freshman, so we waited. Only forty five minutes into practice I could no longer take it, it felt like a boulder in my stomach. I asked the coach if I could go, and he pointed at the woods. I replied that the woods weren't going to work very well, and he understood, and I ran towards the school. I was undoing my pants as I ran. I think I was running more because I didn't want to be too long since I am the quarterback, but I really needed to go. Our team practices a long way from the school, and there were porta potties closer, but I absolutely would not use those. Halfway there, I heard someone calling me, and it was Jorge running towards me. He had to go too and asked me to walk, running made it worse. The only thing we talked about was how bad we had to go. We were almost there, when I heard a weird noise in my stomch and felt pressure on my hole. I knew it was time and ran to the closest porta pottie and sat, still with my gear on except the pants. There were a few small hard turds, and I didn't feel any better. I sat for a minute and heard Jorge in the one next to me. I told him what happened and I didn't think I was done, and I heard the loudest plop you can imagine. Then it hit me and I didn't realize until it started, diarrhea started flowing out like a waterfall. It was so hot and chunky it hurt. There must have been a gallon, when I finally wiped a hundred times. When I got out Jorge was waiting for me and we decided to go in each others portapotty to see the damage. I saw a turd about ten inches long, but as thick as a soda can. It was amazing the width could fit out a butt. He literally screamed when he saw my turd soup mixed with the blue stuff in the toilet. We got back to practice much more comfrtable.

When i was like 18 i was constipated for like 3 days. On the 4th day i took some laxatives before school. Well they didnt take effect until i got on the bus. I had a bad cramp in my stomach and knew it was gonna be a long ride. Well halfway there i had my but pushed up aginst the seat and we hit a big bump. Well i lost control and soiled my pants preety badly. I still had to go though. So when it was time to get to my stop i rushed off of the bus, and as soon as it pulled away i did it again.

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To: Tom great story about hearing that girl talk about her poop if you have any others like that please share them thanks.

To: Abbie great story about and you friend Lucy pooping together I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Slow-Shittin sami great story that mnonitor should have been nicer and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Timee another great story about you pooping in those theaters I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Anny I hope you feel better soon yeah those stomach viruses can be nasty from what ive been lucky and never really had one that I know of ive mainly only had diarrhea for a day or two but ive never a stomach virus like people have talked about on this site which im glad because I hate having diarrhea unless under certain circumstances but I do enjoy hearing others have it and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karolyn great stories about you pooping in the bathroom with other women pooping as well and great story about your buddy dump with your sister I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nathalie great story your brother was very kind to you and didnt get mad your lucky to have to someone like him I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amylee another great story from the ladies room at your work I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kristy Wendy great story about you guys pooping on that old tree and Kristy great story about the enema you had to have before your surgery as always I look forward to your guys next post thanks.

To: Anna great story I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: M,S. another great story about your friend pooping and your accident and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Linda from austrlia another great story i look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great story about you and your firends and as always your a very lucky guy and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Whistler great story about seeing that woman poop and if you have more stories lke that please share them thanks.

To: Kelly great story about you and your sister I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma another great story I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Althea another great story about you loud dumps I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Hermes great story about hearing tha woman pooping in the ladies room I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne I hope your internet conection gets fixed so you can con tiue to post more stories.

Well thats all for now.

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First, we had leigh, now we have Ann...plenty to look forward to reading to....

Shop Worker

Accident in my shop

I work in Wrangler's shop in London. I'm 19 now, 175 cm, 57 kg, C. I'd like to describe one situation, that happened in the shop shortly before the Christmas eve.

At 9 a.m., a young woman came into my shop, probably to buy some trousers, because she tried few of them. She spent about 30 minutes in the store, trying and trying. I saw she was a little bit desperate, because she was wriggling and holding her legs as close, as she only could. Finally, after half of an hour of trying, she came to me with a pair of trousers, and asked if we also sell panties. I answered no, because we never sell underwear, jeans only. Her cheeks were red, and I recognized, that she's fighting with her bowels. She took her wallet and gave me a credit card. I put the price into the machine, and woman keyed PIN. I was starring at her, because she couldn't stop moving, and she discretely was trying to hold her butt with her hands. In one moment of waiting to credit card be accepted, she told me to stop, because she wants to try one more trousers. She slowly started to walk into the changing room, with deadly scare on her face. In the middle of the way, I heard very silent "pshhhhpfpfpfp" and saw her old, light blue jeans bulge and get light brown/green. She rushed into the changing room. I slowly walked there to check if she's all right. I heard more "pfpfpfpfpf" when I stood there. I came to the cash and checked the CCTV. She was squatting there, and the bulge in her pants was enormous. After five minutes she came out, looking very relaxed. But her cheeks were still red. She took her jeans and a credit card, and quickly left the shop, leaving me 10 pounds as a tip. While she was running out, I saw her ass. There was a bulge in size of 3 potatoes.

Sam from NYC

Overcoming your fear of pooping in public restrooms.

Hi everyone. I posted here about month ago and decided to do another post. From reading some posts on the forum I noticed that some people either have a fear or is too embarrassed to poop in a public bathroom. I'm a 23 year old male from NYC and at one time I did had a fear to use public bathrooms and I got over my fear of pooping in public bathrooms. Here is my story of how I overcame my fear.

Few years ago while I was taking classes at my college and I was studying for a test for my computer class later that afternoon. I had no other classes during the day and I had a few hours to study then I started to get an upset stomach. The first thing that came to my mind is that I have to poop in a public bathroom that I can't hold it until I get home. I started to get this feeling in the morning and I tried to hold it in for a few minutes and realized that I have to go take a dump at the school library and sit on the toilet with my pants and underwear around my ankles that people can see under the stall door as they pass by my stall. That was one of my biggest fears. I had a fear of pooping in public bathrooms during my high school years since my classmates teased kids about pooping in the bathroom in a daily basis. Lucky for me I rarely had to poop at my high school. I decided to have the courage to poop in a public bathroom. I went to the men's room at the top floor of the library since the bathroom had only one stall and not many people go to the top floor to study at the library so I can poop in peace and not feel rushed. I went into my stall in the bathroom and I pull down my jeans and my underwear down to my ankles. From what I remember that was the first time during my teen years I was pooping with my pants and underwear around my ankles in a public bathroom. My stomach was still upset and I knew I was going to be in here for a while. I farted a little and pushed out some logs and some liquid poop. While I was pooping someone open the bathroom door and realized that I was in the stall and just left the bathroom. I guess he had to take a dump also and the only stall was being used. From that moment, I overcame my fear of pooping in a public bathroom with my pants and underwear down to my ankles. My stomach started to feel better a little and pull up my pants and underwear and left the bathroom. As soon I left the bathroom, my stomach started to upset me again and I went back to the stall and pull down my pants and underwear to my ankles. While I was in the stall I decided to do study some more for my test that afternoon. After releasing some liquid poop and farts I felt better and I took some toilet paper and I stand up to see my poop with my pants and underwear around my ankles and flushed the toilet and pull up my pants and underwear.

I took the test and did very well but as soon I was finished with the test I had to poop again since I had an upset stomach. I decided to go to the closet bathroom instead of going back to the library to poop to see that I really overcame my fear. I went to the men's room and went to my stall and pull down my pants and underwear to my ankles. I released some logs and some liquid poop. As time went by I started to feel very relaxed when I poop in public. My stomach was feeling better and wipe my butt and pull up my pants and underwear and left the bathroom and went home. On the train ride home I was thinking that I overcame my fear of pooping in a public bathroom. Ever since that day I was no longer embarrassed or was scared to poop in a public bathroom with my pants and my underwear around my ankles. Now when I get a chance to I poop in a public bathroom when one is available. Ever since that day in 2007 I pooped at my school, the library, at work, a bus station, central park public bathroom, porta-potty and unisex bathrooms at some restaurants and the community center I volunteer at. This story happened in 2007.

To Amylee: I like your posts about your bathroom experiences at the office. I had the same fear that you had about pooping in public bathrooms. It takes time to overcame your fears about pooping at public bathrooms since from most of your experiences you had to poop with someone. I don't know your fear is someone hearing your farts while you are pooping in the stall, someone seeing your pants and underwear down to your ankles that someone can see under the stall door, being around others when you poop, the smell of your poop/farts or all of the above. My advice to you is relax and feel like you are home, except that you are in a public bathroom. If you have to poop in pubic bathroom at the office, try to find a bathroom at another floor that people rarely use so you can be relax and poop in peace. If that is not possible try to use a bathroom at a time that people rarely use since you mention that most of the ladies use it either during the morning or after lunch around 2pm. You have to take it slow to overcome this fear. It took me a while to overcome my fear and I have no problems pooping in a public bathroom today. The good thing is that you have friendly and understanding co-workers that have no fears pooping in a public bathroom and they did not teased you. You can always talk to Ann and Leigh about how they overcame their fear pooping in public if they had one and tell them that you are poop shy if you run into them at the bathroom again that you want your privacy to poop in peace. You can also bring something to read when you poop. Don't be ashamed to poop in public bathroom since everyone poops. Hope this helps to overcame your fears. Like to hear more posts.

I have more stories that I post in the future. Happy Pooping. Poop in peace.


To Amylee

Hey! I have really been following your posts with interest. They are funny! I am starting to agree with you that Leigh somehow enjoys calling attention to herself while having a BM...I cannot say that I have ever known anyone like that. I've known a couple of girls in high school and in college that would openly pass gas in front of other girls, but they would be a little more discreet about their bowel movements. They might say something afterward...but nothing like Leigh!

Even if she is calling attention to herself, it seems that she may be doing this for her own thrill. It does not sound like she has crossed a line...but it is a little quirk I am not familiar with. You never described Leigh...I picture her as a red-head???

As far as getting over your "poop shyness" I think you are doing the right thing, just going ahead and going. As you have described, you usually have company that diverts the attention off of you. Not meaning to give unwanted advice, but I have found since I began eating a lot of fiber years ago, that my BM's usually do not take as long, are much less gassy and noisy, and the smell is not as strong. It might take a while to get used to, but it is worth it in the end for the comfort and the social aspect of using the bathroom. I eat Fiber One cereal every day. The bars don't work the same, but the cereal is not hard on my stomach (does not make me gassy or bloated) and actually has improved my digestion.

I hope all is well and look forward to hearing more about Leigh!


Constipated again!!

Linda from Australia here again. I've managed to get constipated again. I didn't do a poo at all yesterday, although I had a strong urge to go all day. I ate dinner and had a sit on the toilet but nothing came out. Then I tried again about 2 hours later. I wanted to get something out before bed. I did a wee first and then I waited. I could feel some turds sitting in my anus but they weren't moving. I had to push and strain really hard. No matter how hard I tried, nothing was coming out. So I put my fingers on my anus and pushed on it while I strained. I could feel a skinny turd coming out. It fell in the toilet but I still had more up there. So I pushed on my anus again with my fingers and strained even harder. A smaller turd came out, about the size of a marble. I decided to give up so I wiped my butt. I had a look in the toilet and there was 1 very small log and the marble sized ball. I felt defeated because I couldn't get more out. I went to bed feeling very uncomfortable.

I haven't done a poo at all today either. I've been getting a sharp feeling in my anus so I know I'm going to have a hard time on the toilet. I ate dinner about an hour ago and I'm waiting a while before sitting on the toilet. I'm not sure why I'm backed up again because I've been eating lots of healthy food. I'm in dire need for a poo so hopefully I can squeeze out a big load.

I just got back from the toilet. I did a wee and pushed out a small rock hard ball of poo, about the size of a golf ball. I felt finished after that but surely there must be more poo in me. I wiped but there was no poo on the tp.


To Tom

To Tom: I'm glad you like my posts about my pooing coworkers. The restroom at 10:15 and 2:15 is definitely pretty smelly, as you guessed. It's usually a good 15 or 20 minutes of ladies pooing, leaving, and being replaced by more ladies doing their #2's at these times every day. There aren't too many poo shy ones, either. It gets smelly and is loud.


A Bride's Worst Nightmare…

Hi again.

In my last post, I told of my recent trip to Ethiopia with my sister Dawn and how I got terribly sick with diarrhea and had a massive accident in my pants while we were out shopping one day. In that post, I began with saying that as of September, 2010, I am now a divorced. I probably should not have married this guy, Steven, but we were together for quite a while, and it seemed like the next step to take in our relationship. I probably should not have gotten married, considering what happened on our wedding day on Tuesday, July 1, 2008. Yes we got married on Canada Day…

Now, most brides will say that having a wardrobe malfunction, or having rain on their wedding day is the worst thing ever. Others will say that getting their period on their wedding day, or the day before their wedding, is the worst thing ever. At least that's what my co-worker Cindy said when that happened to her on her wedding day. I think that what happened to me is the worst thing that can happen to a bride…

The night before our wedding, we of course had a rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner/party. There was some drinking involved and I remember having a pretty good time.

The ceremony was at 3pm the next day. My sister Dawn was my maid of honour and my good friends Holly and Becky were my maids of honour. They threw me a bridal shower on Friday, June 27th and I gave them some bridal lingerie. Their dresses were burgundy so I got each of them matching burgundy bras and panties that were satin with silk lacing. I got my sister bikini panties that had "Maid of Honour" on the bum and I got Holly and Becky ones that said, "Brides Maids". They were very pretty and quite flattering on them. In return, they got me white satin bra and bikini panties with silk lacing. The panties had "Bride" written in blue on the bum. They were pretty as well and fit me perfectly.

We got our hair done at 11am and I was wearing a pair of black yoga pants and a white t-shirt with a white bra and black full cut panties. As I was getting my hair done, my stomach started feeling uneasy. When I was sitting under the hair dryer, a sharp cramp hit me. I didn't know if I was going to throw up or have diarrhea. Suddenly the cramps got really had and I rushed out from underneath the dryer and bolted for the washroom at the back of the store. When I got in there I threw up into the toilet. I then turned around and closed the door as I knew that round two was about to happen. When I had to throw up again I knelt down on my knees and let it fly. Except this time, my bowels released and I went diarrhea into my black full cut panties. Feeling like I was done throwing up, I still felt like I had more diarrhea in me. I carefully pulled down my yoga pants and panties and sat on the toilet. The diarrhea ran out of me with no effort. I looked down at my panties and I had messed them pretty badly. I cleaned them out as much as I could with the toilet paper available in the stall. When I was cleaned up as best as I could be, I pulled up my panties and yoga pants, washed my hands and left the washroom.

Dawn saw me and said, "Hey, are you okay? You look awful!"
I said, "Yeah, just a little sick. My nerves are all over the place."
She said, "Here, have a seat. Your hair looks nice!" I could tell that she was trying to be positive.
I said, "Thanks." Then I whispered to her, "I need to go back to the hotel soon."
She said, "Okay, no problem. We'll do our make-up there anyway."

When the four of us were finally done with our hair, we left and went back to the hotel. Dawn was driving and said to me, "Are you okay? You still look a little sick."
I said, "Yeah, my stomach is just a little off."
Then Becky said, "Its okay honey. You will feel better once you have your dress on and once things get going."

We got back to the hotel just as the need for me to get to the toilet to have more diarrhea came on quite quickly. A sharp cramp hit me as we were going up the elevator and I started leaking into my panties.

I whimpered, "Oh god!"
Holly said, "Hey, are you okay?"
I said, "No, I'm having diarrhea."
The girls made a collective "gasping" sound.
A few seconds passed and I was still leaking diarrhea into my panties.
I said, "Oh god. I just had another accident."
Dawn said, "Oh honey. I'm sorry. We'll get you cleaned up right away."
Then Becky said, "What do you mean another accident?"
I said, "When I was throwing up at the hair salon, I had diarrhea and went in my pants. I couldn't control it".

We finally got to our room and I took a shower. I had to be very careful of not getting my hair wet, so I wrapped my hair in a plastic shopping bag. When I was done showering, I took some Pepto and did my make-up.

I wish I could say that the story ended there, but it was only the beginning…

I got dressed starting with the white silk and satin bra and bikini bridal panties the girls gave me. I then pulled on a pair of nude panty shaper nylons and a white slip to go under my dress. With the help of each of the girls, I put on my dress, careful not to ruin my make-up or hair.

The ceremony started and just as I was about to walk down the aisle, I started getting an uneasy feeling in my stomach. I thought it was just nerves, boy, was I wrong. As I was standing up at the altar, the cramps got worse by the minute. When it was my turn to recite my vows, I was clenching my butt cheeks with all I had. Right when I was about to say "I do", I couldn't hold it any more. It went like, "I…" (I paused slightly as my bowels bubbled and a wet load of soft diarrhea rushed into my panties. When it came out, it didn't make any sound. It just sort of oozed into my panties and filled up the back of them quite badly) "…do." I had to repeat it and when I did, I said it twice, really quickly, like, "I do I do." I could feel the mess spread across my butt cheeks. The worst part was that I still felt like I had to go. I was trying to hold on because I did not want to make the mess any worse. I certainly did not want it to leak through to my dress.

We kissed and then the ceremony finally ended and it was time for pictures. I wasn't moving to quickly for the pictures and I was doing my best to not sit down as well. Luckily, all of the pictures were various standing ones. I was trying to keep my composure as well, since it was my wedding day, but it was difficult with having a big mess swishing around in my bridal panties. We were doing a group shot when the need for me to go came on really strong. As the photographer was taking the pictures, I could not hold it back and messed my panties again. With this round, I could feel it leaking out of the leg holes of my panties and into my panty shaper nylons. Since we were outside, the smell was not noticeable.

When the pictures were finally done, it was time for us to get in the limo and head to the pre-reception cocktail party.

Before we got into the limo, Dawn came over to me and said,
"Hey, are you okay? You've been rather quiet."
Choking back tears I said, "No, I'm sick. I need to go back to the hotel."
She leaned over and whispering asked, "What happened?"
I whispered, "The diarrhea came back."
I started crying softly.
She said, "Did you…?"
I said, "Yes… Everywhere."
She whispered very quietly, "I'm so sorry."

Dawn then jumped into action and said,
"Okay! Change of plans. Angie and I are heading back to the hotel. Everyone else, head to the reception hall and we will meet you there in a bit! And NO arguments!"
Becky and Holly came over and Holly said,
"Hey, what gives?"
Dawn said, "Nothing! Get going, now!"
Protesting Holly said, "But, we're part of the bridal party. What's going on?"
I then said quietly, "I'm sorry. It's my fault. I'm not feeling well. I need to go back to the hotel… …I was sick again… …I had another accident."
Like earlier, Holly and Becky gasped and Becky said,
"Oh, I'm so sorry sweetie!"

We then borrowed my parents' car and they went in the limo to the reception hall. The girls helped me get cleaned up at the hotel. The mess was unbelievable. Worse than the accident I had earlier in the day. My white silk and satin bridal panties were stained all the way through. The mess was up my back, up my front and quite a bit had leaked out of the leg holes and into my nylon panty shapers. The white silk slip I was wearing was stained on the inside, but somehow it had not leaked through and onto my dress. Thank goodness!

I could not wear my panties, panty shaper and slip and I didn't have any other panties to change into since I had made a mess of my black high cuts earlier in the day. Becky went to her room and brought me a pair of clean light blue bikini panties. So I ended up still having something borrowed and something blue to wear.

Miraculously, no one, other than the three girls, found out about my accidents. Not even my husband. Or now ex-husband. Some of our friends shot some video of the ceremony, and there was a noticeable wince on my face as I pooped my panties the first time. The photographer gave us all of the pictures he took and there was a wince on my face as I pooped my panties the second time when we were outside during the photos.

Anyway, again, I am sorry for the long post. I hope everyone enjoyed it.



Big crap after Kirsty

I was at work today when I really had to crap. Kirsty said she was desperate as well & we went to the toilet together. We only have one toilet at work so I said Kirsty could go in first as she seamed to be really desperate. I was pretty desperate myself but I wanted to hear Kirsty going & was looking forward to the smell of her crap & sitting on the toilet after Kirsty has warmed it nicely. She farted loudly & all I could hear was plop plop Ah splash plop for about five minutes. She flushed & came out not a second too soon as I was about to crap myself. I rushed in after her to be hit with a strong smell of crap. I looked in the toilet to see a lot of thick skid marks below the water. I sat down on a very warm & sweaty seat which felt so hot. I relaxed & released a load of soft but still solid crap into the toilet. I didn't have to push at all. It just slid out on its own. It was a big relief to get rid of it but I still needed to go so I pushed out the rest on top of my first load. That felt even better but I'd filled the toilet & after wiping a lot I knew the toilet would block up. I tried to flush it anyway & to my surprise about half of it went down leaving a few big turds & some toilet paper. I waited for the toilet to fill up again & flushed again & this time it all cleared away. I felt so much better after that & washed my hands & went back to work.

I love it when hear about a girl crapping her underwear but I've never actually seen it happen untill today. I was walking back from the shop this afternoon when I noticed a girl of about 16 walking home from school holding her stomach. She kept feeling her bum & after a while she moaned. "Oh no not here." I saw some diarrhoea running down her legs. She also began to wet herself & she was crying in shame. She started to run home but soon stopped when another wave of diarrhoea hit her. The girl must have been really unwell to have two accidents within five minutes.

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 48

After haveing eaten our supper Janet, Jill, and I did kp in the kitchen. Then the girls did some time upstairs packing up their belongings as far as extra clothes just to be packed ahead of time. That killed a hour or so doing this. Then we all went out in the summer kitchen and we played cards till we knew that my dad had gone to bed and my mom had settled down in her little study room.

Now we could start our evening fun which the three of us having drinks with supper and while we played cards to we all had to piss. Quite urgently too! We all too wanted to piss outside so we did whichwe all ran down behind our big barn and I slid open the one back door and both Janet and jill hopped up into the open door way fo the open door while I stayed outside and faced them.

Both Janet and Jill were in summer dresses. Janet still had on her peach colored one while Jill was in her light bue one. Together both Janet and Jill raised their dresses right up together. I laughed wen I saw that Janet was not wearing her matching peach colored panties now! Janet must have taken them off when they were packing. Jill was not wearing panties for she had never had on a pair today.

Now as the were getting ready to take their pisses I had slid down my cutoffs revealing myslef to them. Both Janet and Jill squated down in the door way as I stood outside. Since they were four feet up from the ground in the door way I almost could now look straight at them. They both could look down at me. Both girls started their pisses and I followed with mine right after them.

Both girls had foward angled steams which both were slightly yellowed. Both streams were twisted and bestof all both streams were hissing ever so nicely! I wasn't holding myself when I pissed this time. My stream shot right over and hit into the stone foundation of tthe barn hiting off from it with a big splash! I was pssing hard. I was hiting the lower stone wall so my piss splashed never was near hiting the girls. Plus my stream was in between Jills and Janet streams.

Since I was pissing so much harder then Janet and Jill even though to me it looked like both girls were pissing hard also I did stop before the girls did. I did two shirt spurts and I was done. I stood there waiting now for the gorls to finish. Janet was the first to fiish as far as those two. When she did finish she hopped right out of the doorway down to the ground. She came right ver to me shook my pensi once and then she turned around and sai to Jill; You have the last shake Jill. Jill giggled and said to me; Dave I;ll be right there!

Jill afew short second later stopped pissing. She was still squated but she jumped out of the doorway in a sqaut. She came right over and she gave my penis a second shake and now we were done with our first piss of the evening. Just to make sure we would do more we all then after I had pulled up my shorts hopped back up in the doorway and went inside the barn and we used the handpump and drank from it. Getting good long drinks. Then we left the barn and went back up to the summer kitchen to spend more time there till we all had to piss again. To be conytinuied.

Half Dump Denise

Our Student Teacher's Accident

This year we have a really great student teacher. She teaches sophomore English and she's really smart and cares about us and what's going on in our lives. For example, I write some poetry and Miss S. (it's a six-syllable Greek name) likes my work and thinks she can get it published in this annual literary magazine put out by a printer in our city. Our main teacher is like 60-something and doesn't relate to us very well. Me and my friends Monique and Amanda just love being around Miss S and sometimes we've even volunteered to help her out after school.

Well on Monday of last week I woke up at my normal time, threw on my underwear and jeans, put on my backpack and headed off for my walk to school. As the weather has gotten colder, I find that I walk faster and when the snow's not to high, I'll even cut through some yards and parking lots to save time. Here's the problem: cold weather makes me pee more. After about four blocks I started to feel the need to pee and I pictured in my mind how I would cut through the east parking lot of school to get into the building faster and onto the toilets which are only a few feet across the hall from the doorway. I knew my biggest obstacle would we dodging the dozens of students who sit on the staircase and talk. You lose a lot of time getting them to slide over, move their hands off the stairs so they don't get stepped on, and in some cases waking them up. It pisses me off, but I don't know what you can do about it because so many students get dropped off an hour or two by their parents while their parents are on the way to work.

My nose was running, I could feel my face being stung by the cold north wind, and my bladder was hurting big time as I got to the staircase. As I said "Hey, I'm in a hurry" or something similar at the first step, I could feel the first trickles of pee emerge in my underwear. I don't usually do it but I swore at one boy when my left foot got caught in the strap to his bookbag and I almost lost my balance and feel on my belly. It probably took me two minutes to get up the staircase and I was getting more flustered. Finally, I opened the hallway door and literally ran for the bathroom. Then a janitor walking toward me yelled at me to slow down, but I quickly turned and ran into the girls' bathroom. It was a half hour before school but the place with about 30 stalls was very crowded and I remembered there must have been some large music group practice that was being held and that's where the girls came from.

There were girls waiting for each of the stalls and sometimes as many as three or four. I had to move around them standing in front of the stalls when I saw on my left, a doorless stall that was not in use. I'm modest, but I'm also know that my Mom has raised me with a word she uses all the time--pragmatic--and that means I knew I didn't have any alternatives. So I dropped my jeans so fast I'm surprised I didn't pull the zipper off track, yanked my panties down to my knees, and dropped myself onto the toilet seat. Luckily, it was down because I didn't check because their was no time. My pee stream started immediately and was strong for almost two minutes. When I've used that doorless stalled toilet and a few others on second floor before, I've learned to throw my body forward as I sit. I throw my head forward almost as if it were between my legs and I do a complete comb out of my hair as I sit. That way I gain more privacy and I don't attract unwanted attention or questions from the others who are waiting. I think I sat combing my hair about two or three minutes longer than necessary to complete my pee and my butt felt it was the seat was pretty cold. I was pretty certain mine was the first to be seated on it that day.

Suddenly, I heard my name being called and Miss S was standing in the entryway to the stall. The side and back of her long winter coat that went down to the top of her shoes was covered in snow and she was crying. She said, "Denise, can you help me?"

I'll complete the story next time.


Not allowed to poo 3:

I saw something on tv this evening that reminded me of a mistake I once made. It was the Sarah Silverman show. The scene where she's sitting on the toilet with her panties still up. I was 12 at the time & I came home from school with a desperate need to use the toilet. I'd been holding my pee all day & my bladder felt as if it was going to burst. An even bigger problem was I hadn't pood for 5 days & had a bad stomach ache. I was past the point of just being desperate & was seconds away from a losing it. I ran up to the bathroom holding my crotch & bum & burst inside causing the door to bash against the wall. I was in such a hurry to get to the toilet I left the door open. I quickly unbuttoned my school skirt but the zip at the side was stuck & I couldn't move the dam thing. While I was struggling with it I felt a squirt of pee go into my panties making then damp & then I felt my anus open up & the tip of a turd poked out. I clenched as hard as I could & managed to suck it back in but a small peanut sized piece fell into the crotch of my panties. I gave up trying to undo the zip & just yanked my skirt down & sat on the toilet. The moment my bum touched the seat I started to pee & poo. The relief was more than mere words can describe but then the hot sticky sensation between my bum cheeks reminded me I'd forgotten something! Yes you guessed it I'd forgottento pull my panties down first! I peed a full bladder right through my panties & before I could stop it I pood about half a pound in them too. My mum walked past the bathroom & saw me sitting on the toilet with my panties up & the stink of poo betrayed my embarrassing secret. She was horrified & thought I'd done it on purpose. She called me a dirty little girl & sent me to my room without even letting me clean up. I still had to poo very badly but I was too scared to tell my mum & I had to hold it as best I could. I shut my bedroom door & tried to think of a place to do the rest but my there was nothing in my room I could use. I was realy desperate & had to go so bad. The pain was unbearable & the pressure in my bowels was growing fast. I saw my waste paper basket but it didn't have a bag in it so I couldn't poo in that. I tried to look for a bag but there was nothing. I knew I couldn't hold it all night but what could I do? In the end I went to bed with a load in my panties & still with an urgent need to go. I laid awake for ages trying to think of a solution to my problem & eventually I fell asleep. I had a realy vivid dream that my mum was telling me to go to the toilet. I did as I was told & pushed out a huge load & it just kept coming & coming. The relief was so good it was like a biblical experience. I'd never done so much poo. The next thing I remember my was mum waking me & as I came to I realised to my horror that my dream was partly true. My panties were full of poo & it came out past the leg elastic & was all in my bed. I must have rolled over in my sleep was covered in it. My mum told me to go & clean up while she changed my bed & I ran to the bathroom & locked the door. Can you believe I still needed to go? So I sat on the toilet & pushed out the last of my poo before flushing & started to clean up in the shower. My bum was covered in it & so was pretty much everywhere else. The task of getting it all off was an epic one & bits of poo kept falling into the shower tray & I had to mash it down with my feet. The water ran down the drain like a muddy river & by the time I felt clean I'd been in the shower for an hour. I went back to my now clean bed & quickly fell into a blissfull sleep feeling very relieved. I even had another dream about pooing but thankfully it was just a dream this time.


More information for Frantic Francine

Back in middle school I had the same situation as Frantic Francine. The stool was stopped up, the water level higher than normal, and I had to take a shit real bad. I remembered what my dad had taught me a few weeks earlier at a Giants game. I sat over the side of the stool and carefully made sure that my butthole was as close to the inside of the seat as possible. Then I let it rip. It worked. There was very little splash and I didn't feel a drop on me. It seemed to be much more sanitary too since I didn't get another guy(s) pee or poop on me. The only problem was as I pushed my crap out, sprinkles from my cock which was over the side of the seat snuck out and splashed into my boxers. However, it was much better than the alternative would have been.


Speed related accident

I've posted a few times about my love of holding my crap untill I'm busting & today I miss judged my need a bit. I got to work with a mild urge to go but it wasn't too bad so I ignored it untill my shift ended. By that time I was getting very desperate & I loved it. I decided to wait untill I got home but the traffic was really bad going home & I came close to doing it in my underwear. It took half an hour to move a just a hundred yards & I felt the tip of my crap poking out my bum. I clenched hard & managed to such it back inside me but I knew the urge would come back & it would be harder to hold it next time. Eventually the traffic started to move but I felt a big urge to poo again & had to clench hard to keep it in. I started to panic & stupidly put my foot down. Without realising it I was doing 70mph in a 50 mph limit & got pulled over for speeding. As soon as the car came to a stop I totaly lost it & emptied my bowels into my underwear. It was so embarrassing especially as it was a young male cop & very fit. I had to explain to him that I was desperate for the loo & he could smell my accident. He was clearly aroused & I fluttered my eyelids at him while I told him I wasn't finished yet. He told me to get out of the car & led me to the side of the road & handed me some paper towel from his police car. He told me to go & into the bushes to do my business & clean up but he would have to escort me. I co operated while praying he'd let me off & once I'd relieved myself & wiped with the paper towel. I had to look away while he relieved himself in 30 seconds! He let me off the charges & I was free to go. Result.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Things overheard...

I was at a party this weekend and I overheard a great story that I had to share with you folks. A young lady named Carlie of about 19 or 20 was there. First of all this girl was really stunning. She was about 5'10", slim with a big bust and lots and lots of curly blonde hair that hung down past her shoulders. She spoke with a heavy southern accent. She also had a lot to drink that night and was kind of conceited and obnoxious. First she loudly made sure that everybody knew that she had done some modeling. Also, every other word out of her mouth was "f**k". Last year was her first year of college and she lived in the dorms. The change in her diet led to some "wicked shits". During the first or second week someone slipped a note under her door telling her that "you stink" and "ever hear of a courtesy flush" as well as other mean personal comments about her. In response, she decided that she wouldn't flush the toilet every time she "took a shit". Apparently, this led to the floor monitor taking construction paper and cutting out balloon shapes that said "don't forget to flush" and taping them to the backs of the stall doors. Carlie decided to "tear them down and take a big old shit on top of them." This angered the floor monitor so much that a special floor meeting was called in an effort to find out who was doing this. I was sitting there stunned while listening to this blonde angel talk about such personal intimate things.


I FINALLY did a decent poo today!!

Linda from Australia here again. I finally dropped a decent sized load today, after being a bit constipated for 3 days. I had a strong urge to go all day but I waited until I got home. I thought I was in for a hard time but it was really enjoyable. As soon as I got home, I went straight to the toilet. I sat down and did a wee. Then I pushed a bit and the poos started coming out quite easily. I had to push a bit harder to get the entire load out but it felt great. My anus was a bit sore afterwards but I felt finished.

To Buddy: I went on a holiday to Canada and the US in 2009. I was quite impressed with the toilets over there, especially the self flushing ones. I also liked the automatic soap dispensers and paper towel machines. When I stayed in Las Vegas, the hotel had toilets that even played music, it was great!! There seemed to be toilets everywhere over there, especially in the US. I came across lots of non-flushing toilets aswell, mostly in national parks. Yellowstone National Park had lots of toilets like that.

Woman at the gas station

I was at the gas station the other day when I noticed an overweight woman in her pajamas at the window with a roll of toilet paper in her hand. She was waiting for a loose cigarette and her change. All the while, she was yelling at the clerk to hurry up because she had to go. The clerk was taking his time and the woman couldn't stand still.


Some Early Skidmark Incidents

Our early experiences of skidding our pants and short trousers is still even now one of the more taboo areas, and I've never seen a serious study of the topic. There are sometimes items from parents moaning about the laundry problems of their boys skids, but little written with understanding.

If I had any sons, I'd make them fully aware that skids were okay. It was a boy thing. And although I'd want to make sure they had clean undies if and when they wanted them- perhaps when getting changed for games, I'd want them to know that wiping was purely optional, and it was really boyish to skid their briefs as much as they wanted to.And that in their teen years it was a sign of growing up.

There were four experiences that stick in my mind from when I was eleven-the last year of primary school which have really stayed with me, and influenced my own attitude. I must add that in those days there was an innocence which sadly has been lost. There was nothing sexual whatsoever in that pre-adolescence period. No-one shouted gay because buddy bonding between friends involved taking a poo together or going into the cubicle whilst one of you went. As I say, it was just bonding and you only did it with your close mates.

These may not be in chronological order.

Lionel was a sturdy quiet boy with rather greasy blondish hair, 11 the same age as me. He wore grey corduroy short trousers, and I had noticed for some time, that the back seam was always stuck right up between his bum cheeks in what is now called a wedgie. I started to get curious as to whether he got brown marks up there. He should do with the grey corduroy pushing up his bum unless he was super fastidious, and he certainly didn't seem to be. I did not know him well enough to ask him, and we did not get fully changed for games, so it seemed there was no way of satisfying my curiosity. Then one summer playtime, we were on our hands and knees playing with our Dinky Toys on the playground. I looked up and his grey corduroy clad bottom was stuck on the air in front of me as he crawled on all fours with his toy cars. Without thinking I plunged my nose between his cheeks. I could feel the warmth of his buttocks, and the ribbing of the corduroy on my face. But his arse smelled strong! I was surprised. I had smelled my own skidmarked pants, but his crack really stank. I guess he was a non-wiper.

Immediately I felt remorse and guilt, and withdrew. He just looked round at me, one eyebrow raised questioningly. I stuttered that he smelled good. There was a ghost of a grin but he said nothing and returned to playing with his cars. I had found out his secret and he didn't seem to mind.

The next occasion was with a lad called Frankie- a rather loud rumbustuous boy. We had been talking, he said he needed a crap, and invited me into the school toilet cubicle with him. As I said, this was the age of innocence, there was nothing sexual, and it was what friends did. He dropped his grey flannel short trousers and white pants, and I noticed that the back of his white pants were smeared over a wide area with streaks of brown, quite heavy in places. He saw me looking down at them, grinned, and said "That's where I sh*t myself last night playing down by the river." When I asked him further about it, he said that he and some friends were playing on the banks of the river that evening, and when he wanted to go, he couldn't be bothered to go back to the house, but just let a turd drop out into his pants and kept it there until he got home. He then emptied it out, finished in the toilet, and never thought of changing his pants.

I was enthralled by this. But I was disappointed when after his performance in the school toilet, he wiped carefully with four (Yes four!) pieces of paper.I wanted to tell him with his pants already marked, why did he bother with any at all.

Then there was rough and ready Tony who was probably nearer 12 at the time. He was an easy-going rather lazy lad whom the teachers didn't really think was good company for me. What did they know. He tended to be my physical protection from any bullies whilst I helped him with his work. He also invited me into the cubicle when he had to take a poo. Or perhaps it was just a natural part of our friendship at that age that I accompanied him. He dropped his grey flannel short trousers to his ankles, and I noticed that he didn't wear any underpants. That was certainly not unsual in those days, and grey flannel short trousers were sturdy with a thick white cotton lining.

However, except in the hot summer when I was wearing out an old pair of shorts, I always did wear underpants. When I had asked my mother whether I needed to one hot day, she said that pants were worn to protect ones trousers. Perhaps the reasonaing backfired, because I took that as tacitly accepting that I would get skids on my pants. Although the light was poor in the cubicle, I noticed that the white cotton lining at the seat was heavily marked with brown. It seemed doubly naughty that not only was he dirty, but that he did it straight onto the lining of his grey flannel short trousers. I was at an impressionable age. And he was almost my hero!

He dropped his turds whilst we were still chatting, and then immediately stood up and pulled his grey flannel shorts up. Although there was a supply of toilet paper, he had made no attempt to use any, and was obviously a non-wiper. Hardly surprising as I'd already seen the lining of his grey flannel shorts. I was so impressed. He turned round and pissed on his turds. He then farted loudly, grinned, and told me he had finished off in his trousers and that I should do it too. Too right I would! He then just walked out without flushing or wiping his hands leaving me to hurry along behind in complete hero worship at his dirty habits.

And the fourth episode which sticks in my mind was Kenny. He was the middle brother of three, nearest my age, with a dark fringe of hair over his forehead, and a brace on his front teeth which made his mouth rather full. We had been playing near his house, and his mother had invited us into the kitchen for some Tizer. We were sitting there when Kenny lifted up from the stool, stuck his bottom out in his charcoal grey Flanlon short trousers, and forced out a very loud fart which fizzled at the end. "There"s another brown mark to my collection." He boasted with a grin and we laughed. His mother laughed too and thought it very amusing even though she would be the one having to deal with removing the brown marks he so obviously liked collecting in his pants.

A few weeks later at school. It was a small country school, and I was head boy. Kenny sat two desks away from me. It was the first lesson after dinner, and it was with the headmistress who was a strict teacher. We had all settled down when Kenny lent forward and did a fart. Although we both sat at the front, she chose to ignore it as an accident. However, Kenny then lent over on one cheek, and let rip a tremendous explosion followed by a further push with an extremely wet bit at the end (Undoubtedly a shart in modern speak.) There were two seconds of absolute silence and then pandemonium broke out. I leaned forward and mouthed "Well done, Kenny!" However, the headteacher who was now in full flow screaming at Kenny what a dirty pig he was, saw me.

And I was caned for encouraging him! That was probably my first taste of what injustice could be. He was only shouted at.

Later at playtime I approached Kenny, and told him what a shame that the headteacher had not appreciated his fart. He grinned and agreed. I then asked him if any sh*t had come out in his pants with it. He fingered the back of his charcoal grey Flanlon short trousers and said that a little bit had, but he didn't care, and would leave it there. He liked it when I told him he was a dirty boy like me. I then said that I expected he didn'y wipe his bum too clean. He agreed, so I pushed it further and asked him how many pieces of paper he normally used. He said "None" with another grin. I then told him how lucky his pants were being treated like that and worn by him. With an even bigger grin, he said, "I know."

These were certainly four very strong pre-pubescent memories of being dirty which encouraged me in my own dirty habits at that time, and have stuck with me ever since.

Once last point. As I said, I was head boy at the time in this small school. An Irish lad called Francis approached me one day, and confided in me that his mum was always getting at him because he got brown marks in his pants. He asked me what I thought he should do to avoid them. I think he was rather startled when I told him I got them all the time, and had never tried not to get them. A boy should wear his brown marks with pride!

Strike any bells with anyone?

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