bedside commode story

This is about something that happened 10 plus years ago, but every once in a while I remember it and start ROFLMAO over what happened.
I was in a "thrift store" or "resale shop" once looking around and there
was an elevated area where they kept used chairs, tables, shelves, etc
and also wheelchairs, crutches, and other assorted "health care aids".
The store was an old furniture store and this was a display room.
There were several of these bedside portable commodes there that day.
For sanitary reasons this store always trashed the "buckets" from
them and just left the frame, lid, and ring. I was looking at some
shelving units and the area was pretty quiet. It had a hardwood floor.
Suddenly I realized I heard something not normal. It was a splashing
rattling sound. Then after a few seconds a farting and some splats !
I came around the corner to find a young boy, maybe 3-4 yrs, sitting
there on one of them, busy as could be "taking care of business" with
the mess all over the floor below him. Pee running all over and
a couple medium size turds smushed from the drop, in the middle of
it all ! Guess he really had to go and had been potty trained
enough to seek out the nearest one and drop 'em and do the deed.
guess it never occurred to him where the stuff would go when he
let it happen. He never noticed me as he hopped off and pulled
his pants up to go find mommy and daddy to tell them how he was
such a good boy and used the potty all by himself ! Wonder if there
had been a roll of paper around if he would have used it and dropped
it to the floor through the ring ? Thought you all might
enjoy this humorous story that is actually true. Happened
in Houston about 12-13 years ago.

I went to camp and got diarrhea, and the one single bathroom for the camp always had a line, so I found this tree by the lake. It had a huge branch that went over the lake. I would crawl out on it and hang my butt over and squirt my poo into the water. It worked well, because it didn't smell, and once I even saw a turtle swim in it. The fourth time I did it, the counselors caught me, and I fell into the water I was so scared. I had to shower off completely naked with a hose, while other people could see, and then had to spend a day in the camp building away from my friends as punishment. I have to say, the camp building's bathroom was nice though...


Latest stories

Hi, Abbie here again, sorry I haven't posted for a while. Thanks for everyones advice and I thought I'd post an update on how things are going.
Emma and Leanne- I hope you're able to post at uni, if not look forward to hearing from you at Easter. Thanks for your good wishes Leanne and Emma, loved your latest stories!
I've tried to be really strict about going for a poo at the same time each day and I think its starting to work, most days I'm able to produce something even if its only a few pebbles and I've only had to go at school a couple of times, which is a releaf as the decent toilets are still closed. I've been talking to my friend Lucy about what I'm trying to do and she's going to do the same thing as she has been having constipation problems as well. This makes life a bit easier as quite often we're round each others houses after school so we know we need to stick to the routine. This is a story from the end of last week when we were both desperate for the loo at the same time! Lucy was coming round my house on Friday and we met up at the school gates to walk home. I had been needing a poo pretty urgently since morning break but was determined to wait until I got home, as we started walking I saw Lucy pull a face and clutch her belly and she then told me she was bursting for one too!! As we got to my front door I could feel the tip of the first log pushing its way out through my clenched bum, at that moment Lucy moaned and said "Its starting to come out in my pants, I can't hold it much longer", and then I realised we were in big trouble in a house with only one toilet! As we went upstairs I had to think quickly which wasn't easy with a hugh turd trying to escape into my knickers, I grabbed an old newspaper at the bottom of the stairs and took it with me. I told Lucy she could use the loo but I was too desperate to wait so I was going to squat in the bath over the newspaper. We both burst into the bathroom jiggling up and down, Lucy quickly dropped her black school trousers and yellow pants and plonked herself on the loo, moaning and gasping. I realised I'd have to undress completely below my waist, so I took off my skirt and then my black tights and green pants, I noticed my pants had a big skidmark so I kicked my skirt over them so Lucy wouldn't see. I then quickly put the paper down in the bath and squatted over it. I could hear Lucy farting loudly as I started to push, for the next few minutes we just made straining and grunting noises as well as a few farts. I could feel the turd coming out slowly, after a lot of concentrated pushing it thudded onto the newspaper. Shortly after I heard a loud plop from Lucy as her first log dropped. I pushed out three more turds and I think Lucy must have let four or five drop. As Lucy was wiping her bum I climbed out of the bath to get some loo roll and then stood to wipe myself. I dumped all my clothes in the washing basket then went back into my room with Lucy to find some clean ones. I put on some pink knickers, a white t-shirt and black leggings before going back to clean up my mess in the bathroom. I will try to post again soon, bye for now!!


Story / Please post stories about airports/airplanes!!!

I was stuck at an airport trying to get home this weekend. My flight was originally at 6:45 a.m. Saturday, but got delayed a million times and then cancelled, I ended up having to sleep there and got on a flight Sunday afternoon. There were quite a few bathroom experiences.

First, I went in for a much needed poop saturday afternoon. The bathroom was huge with at least 25 stalls, and very crowded. The first stall on the left opened up and I took it and put a seat cover on. I was having a hard time getting the turd out, so I sat for a while. The bathroom started getting reaally busy and there was a line. The cracks between the partitions and doors were really wide so I could see out and they could see in. I saw one kid waiting on line without a parent, he must have been 13 or 14, who was literally bouncing up and down making faces he had to go so bad. The guy in front of him got annoyed by his desperation and let him cut. The stall to my left opened up and the kid ran in like a bat outta hell. He didn't even lock the door or put a seat cover down, I could see under the partition his shorts shoot down and then white briefs with a medium-sized stain. He sat down and had some major diarrhea with echoes that security must have feared. It was like he was dumping a bucket of water in the toilet. After two or three nonstop minutes of this and a million wipes, we were done at the same time. Outside the bathroom, I guess it was his dad, who he told "It was the same as on the plane, but it didn't clog." Glad I wasn't on that flight.

Next, I went for another poop after a grease-filled dinner. I knew this would be more violent. I found the men's room was closed for a pipe leak and you could see water all over the floor. Your options were to leave the terminal and then have to go through security again or we were temporarily allowed to use the ladies room. I decided to go in the ladies room instead of the annoying security check. There were lines, and only three or four men besides me. A stall opened up near the end, but the people on line for it all went to different lines, except for one (the one was a guy). I went to the line for that one because I really needed to go and there was no line. The guy inside came out and made a face, and a smell hit me. I got in to find there was absolutely no water in the bowl, but it was half full with poop and paper. I couldn't believe how many ladies were willing to poop in a backed up toilet! I took a look outside to see big lines, and thought about how bad I had to go. I made the decision to poop on the pile of various turds. There were no seat covers left so I hovered. It was nice not having a splash, but gross to have your butt inches away from strangers poop. I only needed one wipe and left.

What an unenjoyable airport experience. It was even worse when I went on the airplane bathroom after a few cups of coffee. The toilet was a softball sized hole under the toilet seat. It felt like I was just pooping while sitting on a chair, but it was a toilet. It was actually kinda fun!

Thats all for now, could some of you please post airplane / airport stories? Thanks!!!

Mr. Clogs

Pooping in a bottle!

Hello everybody, Mr. Clogs here. I have a post to share about doing #2 in the bottle. I haven't done a #2 in containers in a long time and found a half full of pee Snapple bottle I had used the night before and decided to take a dump in it. It was going a big dump so I can only poop some into the bottle and the rest into the toilet. I put the bottle up to the #2 chute hole and pooped into the bottle. I was amazed, I pooped most of my morning dump into the bottle without any poop streaks on the side of the bottle. I had to stop myself in the mist of pooping into the bottle because it was getting full, so I was still amazed by what I done. So I placed the poop and pissed filled bottle on top the bathroom sink with the cap on and continued pooping the rest of my bowels into the toilet. Another amazement when I wiped up there wasn't that much mess between the butt cheeks. I dumped the poop and pissed filled bottle into the toilet and took a shower.

Car mom: I love your stories about letting your daughter, her friends and the 30 something lady I guess she's the mother of one of her daughter's friend. Also do you pee in other places and things other than the back car seat and the toilet?

linda: Great post about your fishing trip with your cousin and his friends.

I can't think other poster who had to do a number 2 in her panties while their bathroom's toilet tile was curing and her mom was using the bucket to go to the bathroom in and cleaning it out. Great post.

Have a great day and catch y'all later.

Mr. Clogs

Slow-Shittin' Sammi

My worst bathroom experience at school

Before I tell you about my experience during my freshman year of high school last spring, I have comments on a couple of the other stories recently posted.

Firecracker Girl:

That principal was so out of line to say that you were "pleasuring yourself." I think what goes on in the stall is totally private as long as it's not hurting anyone else. After serving your detention time, I can understand why you shit on the seat, but I would be afraid that some girl would run in with an emergency and without looking sit down in it.

Frantic Francine:

That must have been like totally gross using that stopped up stool and having a large bowl of others' pee and shit immediately under you while you're crapping. Under normal situations, sometimes my shit is so large and hard that I get splashback. However, most of the time I'm able to flush so that I'm not getting others' pee and shit on my underside.

My story from last spring:

As I've written about earlier, in 16 and have had a hard time adjusting to the toilets at my school. It takes me time to shit at school and that's where the problems come in.

Well last spring in late April our Homeroom period was extended to like a half hour because we had to fill out this bubble-sheet survey about what we liked and disliked about our school, how hard we were trying, and dumb stuff like that. I had tried to take my shit immediately after I arrived at school, but like all 20 stalls were taken in the bathroom closest to my locker. So I held it for about an hour and a half until homeroom, because that's time when things are more informal.

Immediately upon my arrival in homeroom, I asked my teacher permission to use the bathroom because I knew there was no way I would get onto the toilet, shit and get back in time. The first words out of her mouth were sarcastic as usual and she pulled a memo from the office off her desk and asked me to read it. I did. Where it said all students had to do the dumb survey, she asked if I wanted to write in "except for Samantha...." and she also asked me why I hadn't gone at home. I didn't think it was any of her business, but the truth is that Mom runs at day care out of our house and kids arrive as early as 6 a.m. and the bathroom is often in use when I wake up. So I wait until I get to school, but I wasn't about to tell my homeroom teacher about my home life because it's none of her business.

I stayed in homeroom for about 10 minutes to fill out my survey and I could feel a large shit churning away in my gut. I also knew I had to pee. I probably shouldn't be stopping at Starbucks for take-out coffee each morning. Then I approached my teacher again with my bubble sheet filled out and she hesitated but finally let me go, although she kind of dissed me with some comment I didn't fully understand. All I knew is that I wanted to get down to the bathroom, hike up my dress, pull down my underwear and shit. I was the only person in the bathroom, although it smelled of smoke and I quickly picked a random stall, the seat was down and I placed myself on it. I closed the door and latched it just as my pee started. Our school calls the guards safety matrons and just as my pee stream stopped the safety matron was looking in on me. She asked to see my identification tag, which I slipped off from about my next and I handed it to her under the door and I heard a couple of beeps as she wanded it. She handed it back to me, said I should be done and getting back to homeroom. "I don't want you stalling," she said.

At that point I heard her go over and open up each of the six windows high above the toilets. I understood she wanted to get the smoke out of the room, but I was a very cool like 40 degrees out and I instantly felt the wind coming over the top into my stall. "Samantha, you're not stalling now, are you?" she asked. Then she said, "Let's see what you've accomplished so far" and I opened the door for her, got up off the stool, pulled my dress down and showed her the yellow pee in the bowl. Then she said to get back to homeroom and at that point I immediately reseated myself fast, set off a gas blast that you could probably have heard outside in the school courtyard, and I immediately released two 5-inch logs of considerable width into the bowl. Again she told me to get back to homeroom and as I was wiping she started counting down, like the 3-point countdown my parents use on my kid brother. I pulled my yellow underwear up fast knowing that it was going to be ruined since I couldn't wipe, and pulled my dress down. I then reached down and flushed and very quickly left the stall to wash my hands.

After school, I went back into the bathroom, sat down on the stool, cleaned myself up the best I could although I took my underwear off and threw it away. When I got home I told my mom and she called my counselor to complain. But I don't think the complaint went any farther.

Nothing's really changed this year. I know and see some students taking advantage of getting bathroom permission, but I don't. I just don't understand why I have to suffer because of what the others do and the attitudes of the tacher and administration.


To: Amylee

I love your stories about your boss! What does it smell like in the bathroom at about 10:15 and 2:15 after all the ladies are finished with their business? I really enjoy imagining the aroma that must linger in there from all the ladies taking their morning and afternoon shits (including your delightful contribution of course.)


I Just Found This Site / Request

I just found this website by accident, and read the first page, really funny. If anyone has any good stories about camping or camp, they're pretty good, post em if you could. So far, interesting site!

Jaded Jarrod

advice to Frantic Francine


Your story was great. It sure sucks that you had to crap like that and splash yourself up with everyone else's pee and poop that wouldn't drain from the stool. I don't blame you for wanting to get home and take a bath after that.

This is a problem pretty much everyday in the guys bathrooms too. Since we have less total toilets than you do, the toilets get a lot of use. One guy with a really big crap before school who doesn't flush sets himself up for that crap being dumped on by someone else. What it ends up like is one severely clogged toilet where the water and crap gets higher with each user who sits down.

To add to that, it's well known what happened to my friend Ethan last year so more guys are sitting down on toilet paper. That extra TP being used also adds to the clogs. If you have to take a crap and the seat is dripping after being used by a pisser who didn't lift it, you're probably going to want to sit on TP or at least wipe the seat off. That paper adds to the clog.

Firecracker Girl: Those people had no business spying on you in that bathroom. How dare they? I used to curse out security guards when I was in HS. I took no shit off of them. One came into the bathroom after all the bullies had left and I was on the toilet moving my bowels during gym class. I went to public HS school. We never had detention. So what, if you were "pleasuring yourself?" That was none of their business.

English teacher: I was shy about using public toilets for bowel movements. I could do it anywhere except school or church. Movies, airports were fine. The reason was that I had loud and smelly bowel movements which I really hated. I could urinate and cleverly hold my bowels. After getting sick from holding my bowels, I broke down by late junior high school and high school. In high school, I knew a 9th grade girl who would have a bowel movement during mid-morning. She did not care. She would hold a conversation from behind the stall door. She was a good joe, just she was a truant, who later vanished. Give her time. She will come around when that urge gets too great. Pride goeth before fall.

Angela: Mercifully, I never experienced anything like that while travelling. I had diarreah in the middle of the night at an aunt's house overseas. I was 14. Boy, did that scare me. I also had an attack while visiting an airport when I was about 6-7. I never had an accident. The day I do is the day that I will die.

Natalie: Do not force an enema on yourself. It is dangerous.

same time poop

I was at a restaurant last night with my family, we went to Chili's. We got a booth and there was a table next to us with a kid the same age as me, if not close (I'm 15). We could hear their conversation and apparently they were on vacation here from somewhere. We ate our food and in the middle of my dessert I felt my bacon cheeseburger making it's descent. I really didn't want to have to use the restaurant bathroom but I knew I eventually would have to. I got out of the booth to see the kid from the other table headed the same way and doing the same poop walk as me. That made me even more uncomfortable going. Plus, there were only two stalls in the boys room, and as I suspected he took the other one. It was clean and even had seat covers, which I could hear him also use. As soon as he sat down this kid blasted a trumpet fart like I've never heard before, it was so loud and long I bet my family heard it. I had a tiny poop, despite what it felt like. He didn't flush and we left at the same time, and I could see he had a bunch of little pebbles of poop. I don't know, it was awkward having a stranger my age poop in the next stall.

Bowengirl: That is why I hated school. It was so oppressive and repressive. I see kids are cruel all over and he should have not believed them. Some friends.

Just Jerika: I am happy that you have a bathroom friend at school.

Sunday after church, I went to the movies. I go to old theaters with quaint old toilet bowls and modern theaters with new fixtures. Most are modern. This was the same multiplex. It was after breakfast and lunch. I got in early before the screening. I took off my coat, hung it on the stall door hook, wiped the seat with paper and put paper on the seat, lifted my gray dress, pulled down my gray panty hose and my yellow/white JCP panty brief(that I had from when I was a schoolgirl) to my knees and sat on this wide bowl. I dropped three medium sized logs and I urinated for about 30 seconds. While on the toilet, another girl took the next stall while her friend waited. The girl took the next stall, undid her belt, let down her black pants and eggshell colored panty to her ankles. They were talking in a Slavic language and she pissed out a gusher and broke some buzzing wind. They talked when I noticed her friend spotted me through the cracks of the partition. It really did not bother me. My dress was covering the best part. The girl wiped herself, flushed the bowl and they left. They referred to me that I was doing "ka-ka." I sat for a few minutes longer then, I grabbed my dress, leaned over with a wad of paper and I wiped my behind and then with another wad, I wiped my cat. When I was satisfied that I was clean, I fixed my clothes and flushed the bowl. I went to a sink mirror and looked at myself as I lifted my dress and adjusted my panty hose and panty.

Another week, I went to an older theater where the toilets are really old and small and round. This place is an exclusive theater with fine foreign films. While on the train and bus, I was breaking wind quietly and loudly when I could. It was a choice-the pain or the shame. When I bought my ticket, I headed to the ladies room, put my long coat on a stall hook and closed the door. I was farting as I put paper on the seat, I decided to dress up when I go to the movies for some reason. I pulled up my medium length brown, yellow, red and white skirt to my waist, pulled down my brown panty hose and my black Vanity Fair briefs to my knees. When I sat on the throne, I pulled down my underwear more to my ankles. I broke wind loud and then my bowels sputtered out two dark brown logs, then a small thick amount of brown muddy #2 and four small chunks. I spread my legs to see my shit floating on the water. Other women and girls came in. One woman in heels and a skirt took a stall next to me. She pulled up her skirt, hold down her black panty hose and beige panty, squatted and peed. She took two wads of paper and wiped her cat and between her legs good. I started to wipe my stuff clean. I opened my stuff to be under. I used three wads, one of them for my cat. Then, a girl of about 14 on the chunky side took the stall on the other side of me, hung her jacket on the stall door hook, dropped her black jeans and light blue full-cut FOL panty to her ankles and delivered a massive #2 I heard these huge ploops, ploops and splashes. There had to be at least 6 pieces. Then, she called, "Ma, I have to make." The mother was the woman who took her piss. Her mother called her some endearing name and told her that it was alright. When I finished myself, I pulled up my clothes, flushed my bowl. The mother came out right after. She was a pretty blonde and she smiled and spoke. I responded the same. I looked behind me and saw the girl's pants and undies at her wide-spread legs and ankles under the stall. Her mother said, "My daughter thought that she could hold her stomach." I told her that I had traveled a distance. I left them. Later I saw them and the kid was pretty looking.This is for English teacher: I wish that I could talk to your niece. She has inhibitions. I had to make #2 at some point in school and public toilets. I hated the publc schools that I attended here in a big city. They were jungles. I do not know how I lasted. I had to take a GED test so that I could leave early. I did not want to stay the few lousy more weeks. If she has inhibitions, she should 1, see a shrink at school, or 2, just take her chances and use the toilet. Really, no one would really care. I was lucky that no one really bothered me much in the school toilets. We were under the watchful eye of security guards pretending to be cops. So, there was not much loitering in the halls and the bathroom were always checked. I always checked my bowels before I left home in the morning, or maybe during gym or recess when hardly no one was in there or maybe another girl was doing #1 or #2. In HS, I would pee during passing to classes. We were restricted when we came into school in the morning and pm dismissal. I've been free since last May and I can use any toilet public or prvate as I please. I am sorry that I could not go to good schools.
I have another two weeks before I return to college. I took myself to a nice movie theater. I got up, ate breakfast of pancakes and bacon, got on an el train to downtown. I got the first screening at 11AM. I found the ladies room. It was nice and clean. I pulled off my jacket, took a stall, hung my jacket on the stall door, undid my lined navy adidas warm-up pants to my ankles navy and white


Stomach virus?

I haven't felt too well since Friday night. Friday I didn't have much of an appetite and ate only one taco. I managed to poop about 1 and a half feet worth of crap even though I was barely eating. It was messy and took a lot of wiping and even had to get in the shower with a washcloth and soap and clean my bum. I slept a lot that day.

Saturday I felt pretty tired and crappy due to not getting a good night sleep. I drifted in and out of sleep throughout the day and my appetite was pretty sucky. I ate only won ton soup and didn't manage to poop.

Today (Sunday)my family and I went to my dad's for dinner. We had a good dinner and I finally am getting my appetite back. I had a wave of diarrhea after dinner in the toilet at my dad's and another one a few minutes ago (at home). I'm not sure whether the diarrhea is from a stomach virus or if it's pre-period diarrhea. Most likely it's a stomach virus my body is trying to get rid of.


Today's visits to the toilet

Hi again. I thought today I'd chronicle the details of all my visits to the toilet. I woke up with a full bladder, same as every day. I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I peed for about ninety seconds, wiped once, and then got in the shower. Sammi came in to the bathroom while I was showering and she peed for a while. I told her, "I'm done in the shower if you want already hot water." but she replied, "No, I need to go in early today, no time to shower."

Later on at work about one o'clock, I needed to poop, so I headed to the ladies' toilet. I'm not sure what it is, but right around one o'clock seems to be prime pooping time in all offices. I recall another poster, I think her name was AmyLee, said the same.

Well, anyway, with only eight cubicles available for all the ladies on the floor, the bathroom gets almost non-stop action. And after lunch, there's usually a line. Today was no exception. I was third in line, and I could hear a symphony of pee streams, farts, and splashes of all sorts. Time went by, and my need to go grew, but then I was next in line. A stall did open, but I knew the lady in line behind me, Hannah, and I could tell she really needed to go bad. I let her have the stall, and she quickly thanked me, and rushed to the toilet. I heard her fumble with her clothes and then a loud bassy fart as she exploded into the toilet below. This went on for a while, even as another cubicle opened up and I took it.

I pulled down my skirt and my panties and I sat down on the toilet and peed a little. Then I felt a turd come out and splash in the water. This repeated a few more times, then I felt a turd that was longer. It broke off and floomped. One more turd not short but not long plopped and I was done. I don't stand up and look at my poop when I'm at work, but I did look between my legs and all I could see was the long turd. I wiped until I was clean. Just as I was about to leave, I heard a voice from the next stall quietly say, "Hey, do you have any tp, there's none left over here" I answered back, "Yeah, sure, and handed her some under the stall" She thanked me, then flushed, and I left my stall to go back to work.

I went in to pee just before I left work and I peed for only a minute or so. Then later on at night, a few hours later, I had to pee again. I went to our bathroom and Sammi was taking a bath. She had closed the toilet lid, so I opened it and saw a pretty large turd curled in the toilet. "Oh yeah, sorry. I did a poo before my bath and I must have forgot to flush." she commented. I said back, "No problem. It happens." and then I peed for about forty seconds and flushed. I've been thinking about what I saw earlier, and I'm impressed with the size of her turd. I'm hardly what you'd call fat, but Sammi's in even better shape than I am. To picture a turd like that from such a slender girl boggles my mind.

Okay everyone I am going to try out posting again. This is something that happened to me yesterday.
I woke up yesterday morning to my parents talking excitedly. My big brother was coming to visit. He lives pretty far away and is busy with work so we never get to see him. He is my mother's son from when she was a teenager, so he is much older than me and our little sister Tristyn. I was just about to go to the bathroom for my morning pee and poop when the doorbell rang and he was here. I ran to him to say hello and he brought us outside to show off his new car. It was really nice. He asked me if I wanted to go for a little joy ride before Tristyn woke up. He loves Tristyn too, but he knew I wanted to spend some time alone with him. I still had to pee and poop, but I knew if I ran back in to use the bathroom, Tristyn would wake up and then she would have to join us. I figured I could hold it.
We get in the car and start driving around. It was a really nice day out and it felt really good to see my brother again. We started talking about school and work and I forgot all about my need to use the bathroom. That is until we hit a speed bump and my bladder let out a squirt of pee. I quickly shoved my hand in my crotch and looked around. We were pretty much in the middle of nowhere and there wasn't a place to stop. I began to get really nervous and clenched my butt cheeks together as hard as I could. I could feel my poop making it's way out in addition to my pee. I must have looked sick because my brother asked me if I was okay. I didn't want to tell him about my problem so I asked if we could just go home. He replied sure and started to drive back. I got my bowels and bladder under control again and began to relax a little. Big mistake. I felt my poop pushing out and into my panties. It was warm and mushy and smelled awful. As soon as I began pooping, I started to pee as well. I couldn't stop it. I started to cry and my brother noticed what I had done. I expected him to be really mad, especially since I was in his brand new car. He told me not to cry, that is was okay and accidents happen to everyone. He told me I should have told him so we could stop somewhere. He pulled over and gave me a hug even though I smelt terrible. I knew our parents would be really mad if I came home like that(they are really strict like Whinnie's parents) so my brother suggested we go to the mall and buy new clothes.
When we got to the mall, I went straight into the bathroom to clean up and he went to buy me new clothes. Cleanup took forever because my poop was so mushy and stuck everywhere. Since I already had soiled pants on, I peed in them once more for fun. My brother came in (we were in the family bathrooms) and gave me the new clothes he bought for me, which were really nice. I threw away my old clothes and we went on our way. I told my parents we had just wanted to go shopping and they never knew about my accident.


Ladies Room At Work - More Into

Thanks for the comments on my other posts. With my boss, Leigh, it looks like I'm going to have plenty to write about if you folks aren't tired of hearing about her farting, grunting, and loud BM's. This was another episode involving Leigh and another lady. At the first of the year, we had a new human resources manager relocate from another branch of our company several hundred miles away. Her name is Ann. Leigh is my boss. I work in claims for a large insurance company in a high rise building with hundreds of people. In my previous posts, I've told of Leigh and her restroom habits. It seems weird to me, as she is pretty, very nice and polite, and has a figure to die for, including an "award winning butt" (previous post - she won a "Better Bottoms" contest at a bar 3 years in a row). The first time I saw the new lady in HR, I had to double take. She really reminded me of Jenny McCarthy. From a distance she looked a lot like her. Ann, being in HR, is very nice. She's also attractive obviously, since she favors Jenny McCarthy. She's about 35. Recently around 2 o'clock, I felt like I needed to poo. I hate to poo at our office anytime, especially at 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. because it seems every woman in the building needs to poo at these times and I'm a shy pooper, but trying to be braver as time passes. But today my poo need was different. It was more of a building pressure in my stomach. It felt like I was inflating inside gradually. Several times my stomach made a groaning, roaring sound. I resisted going to the restroom until about 3:30. I went out of the office down the hall toward the ladies' room. Management had been in an all-day meeting. I heard heels clicking on the floor behind me and glanced back. I saw Ann coming down the hall, and then I saw Leigh emerge from the meeting room door followed by about 5 men. There was a break in the meeting apparently. Leigh and Ann appeared to be the only women in the group. The two ladies definitely saw me. I figured they were heading for the ladies' room, too. I went in the restroom, which was empty, we have 6 stalls, and I took stall #5 (#6 is handicapped and I avoid it), leaving the first 4 open for those two if they came in, and hopefully they wouldn't sit next to me. I had on black slacks and I pulled them down and sat down. The door opened and I heard the heels clicking, so I knew it was Ann. Well, Ann comes to stall #4 right next to me! Then I hear another set of footsteps. That had to be Leigh. I wasn't sure which stall Leigh took so I leaned over and looked sideways under the partition. Leigh was sitting in stall #3 right next to Ann. So, 6 stalls, and we're all bunched up together, 3 in a row! I thought, "Typical Leigh. She always sits next to people and has loud poos." But, I thought, what about Ann? She got next to me first. Both ladies peed. I wasn't sure what I needed to do. My stomach felt weird. So I relaxed my butt and pushed slightly - nothing. I pushed a little harder - nothing. I heard Ann let a soft fart followed by a lengthy crackly pooing sound. In the middle of her poo, two farts popped out. Leigh then started her "show". She goes, "Uhhhh! Uhhhh! UUUUHHHHH!" loudly and her butt erupted with a loud blow of crap. Ann said, "Leigh, is that you." Leigh said, "Yes." Ann says, "You OK?" Leigh says, "Oh yeah, I'm fine. Just need a #2." Ann then asked Leigh what she thought of the speaker's message at their meeting. Leigh started answering, and I could hear in her voice she was straining while she talked. She said she liked the speaker, etc., etc. all the time with her voice strained like she was pushing to poo and at one point she did fart and blow some poo out while she was talking. I felt what I thought was a turd finally at my butt. I pushed gently and to my horror, the loudest fart I think I've ever let came out of me. I was SO embarrassed. Leigh and Ann stopped their conversation when I did this. A few seconds later, Ann farted pretty loudly. Then Leigh did her "Uhhhh" and farted loudly. Ann kind of laughed and said, "Sounds like we all need to go today. I'm not sure who else is in here." Leigh said it was me. She called me by name. I was mortified. Ann giggled and said, "Nice to meet you." I said, "Likewise." I was now getting another feeling. I relaxed my butt and hoped it was something quiet this time. Nope! Gas started coming out of me. I wasn't pushing, it was just leaking out slowly and softly in a BUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. I farted for a full 10 seconds, humiliating myself. Leigh said, "You go girl" and Ann laughed. Ann then started pulling toilet paper and wiped herself about 4 times. She stood up, flushed and went out of the stall. She said, "Nice to meet you, Amylee. Leigh, I'll see you in the meeting." Leigh said, "OK". Ann washed her hands and left. I was hoping Leigh would leave, but she started her grunting a third time, "Uhhhh!" farted and let out some more loose sounding crap. She must have splattered the entire toilet. She always seems to have loose stools full of gas and it seems she wants everyone to hear it. She then wiped her butt several times and stood up and flushed. After she washed her hands she said, "See you later, Amylee" and left me alone to finish up. I never pooed, just passed an enormous amount of gas. I somehow have to get over being poo shy. Any suggestions from women who were poo shy and now are OK with it? How'd you overcome it? The new lady, Ann, seemed to be fine with just going. She did take the stall next to me when others were open. Is she another Leigh? We'll see, I guess. She made normal bowel movement noise, some farts and crackles and plops, but not crazy grunting like Leigh which I don't understand at all. I ask myself, how do I overcome this fear? I don't want to be like Leigh - seemingly trying to make noise for everyone to hear. But I would like to be able to go to the restroom in public, sit down, and poo without being panicky.

am on between sessions at school. So, I am home with nothing much. I have been going with regularity. I am peeing often. This morning, I slept late like all mornings. I woke up at 10:30AM, walked the hallway to the bathroom, dropped my white long johns to my ankles, bared my cat to the bowl, and peed hovering the bowl. It was loud and forceful. I wiped my cat from the front and dropped the paper in the bowl. I did not flush. We are saving water. I am wearing johns. It is cold here. Yesterday, I woke up about 6AM and I was busting for a pee. I tried to sleep through it but it just kept growing. I left my warm bed and went to the toilet. I was wearing my white johns which I slid to my ankles and I hovered over the toilet. My pee squirted 3x because my cat was quivering. Then, it flowed out and then to a trickle. I stood with my hands on my knees slightly bent and l let it drip out and I wiped and returned to my warm bed with my stuffed animals. I am going to a party at church tomorrow night. I am taking food and I will be eating lots of it. I will let you guys know the output, if you know what I mean. I cannot drink. I am underage. I cannot wait until spring so that I can sleep in regular pj's and underwear or even in the raw.

Let me tell you about my #2 session at school. Before my college freshman math final, I had to do #2 at 10AM. I went to the girls athletic dep't toilet, dropped my books on the window sill, entered the stall, took off my jacket and sweater, undid my belt on my jeans, lowered them and my red panty hose and my red bikini panty to my ankles and sat on the toilet. To my surprise, I had gas which I squeezed out before I dropped a series of soft pieces and a pee. I sat for 10 miinutes alone. Then, I wiped myself through the front of my legs, checking the cleanliness of the paper before I dropped it in. I stood up pulled my clothes together and flushed the bowl. I watched as my tennis ball stools went out the tube. After the math exam, I stopped off to take a pee. I was still alone. I used the same place. I just wanted to be alone. I set down my books, lowered my clothes, squirted out a nominal amount of pee, wiped my cat, pulled up my clothes and took a bus home. This was before Christmas.

I am alone a lot. So, it is just me often to hear my bowels. But when I am around others, it does not bother me.
Hi, indiantallguy. see my recent post about me in senior HS. I was desperate. One girl in my 2nd grade class whispered to me that she had to pee badly. She was squirming in her seat next to me. I had to pin her down almost. Plus, I had to go. So, we asked the teacher to let us go together and she let us. We took off down the hallway and slid into the girls room. My friend invited me into the stall with her. She lifted her yellow dress and pulled down her white full-cut Hanes panty to below her knees, opened her legs and she peed like a fire hose for more than a minute, while she breathed a sigh of relief. Her urine stream curved downward like a hook. It just poured out of her. She had to reach for the toilet paper. So, I gave her and she wiped herself through the front of her legs, dropped the wad in the bowl, got up and fixed her clothes and flushed the bowl. Then, I took the same bowl, lifted my red jumper, slid down my white FOL panty to my ankles, sat on the bowl and I urinated not as long. It was less a relief for me than for my classmate. I reached for the paper and wiped my cat the same way, dropped the paper and flushed. We washed our hands and returned to class.

I am alone a lot. So, it is just me often to hear my bowels. But when I am around others, it does not bother me.
Hi, indiantallguy. see my recent post about me in senior HS. I was desperate. One girl in my 2nd grade class whispered to me that she had to pee badly. She was squirming in her seat next to me. I had to pin her down almost. Plus, I had to go. So, we asked the teacher to let us go together and she let us. We took off down the hallway and slid into the girls room. My friend invited me into the stall with her. She lifted her yellow dress and pulled down her white full-cut Hanes panty to below her knees, opened her legs and she peed like a fire hose for more than a minute, while she breathed a sigh of relief. Her urine stream curved downward like a hook. It just poured out of her. She had to reach for the toilet paper. So, I gave her and she wiped herself through the front of her legs, dropped the wad in the bowl, got up and fixed her clothes and flushed the bowl. Then, I took the same bowl, lifted my red jumper, slid down my white FOL panty to my ankles, sat on the bowl and I urinated not as long. It was less a relief for me than for my classmate. I reached for the paper and wiped my cat the same way, dropped the paper and flushed. We washed our hands and returned to class.

Emma: I do not like to use train toilets. The ride is not steady.


Back to the hollow tree

It was a lovely sunny morning today & I suggested to Kirsty that we go out to the old tree again to do our poo. She agreed & we took some toilet roll & got in the car ready to head out to the woods. Kirstys phone rang just before she started the car & it was her mate Louise asking what we were doing today. Kirsty told her we were going to the woods but she didn't mention what we would be doing when we got there. I've read her posts & wondered if Louise would like the idea of us all pooing in the old tree. While Kirsty was on the phone to Louise I asked her if she would like to come out with us & she accepted the offer. We took a short detour to Louise's & picked her up. Then we drove out to the woods & parked the car. Both Kirsty & me were busting for a poo by now but we had didn't know if Louise needed to go as we hadn't mentioned our plans to her. We started walking through the woods towards the old tree & I started to worry if it was a good idea to poo in there because I didn't know how Louise would feel about it & would she think we were being gross. It was quite a long walk to the tree & I really had to go so but I thought it best to hold it & say nothing. Kirsty was a bit bolder & said she needed the toilet really bad. Then Louise held her bum & said she needed to go as well. She was hopping around & made it very clear she would have to go in the woods. I led us to the tree & Louise was already pulling her jeans down. On the way. We all went into the hollowed out trunk & Louise got her panties down just in time. She squatted & immediately began to spray a huge load of projectile diarrhoea. Kirsty looked amazed & Louise looked very relieved when she finished. I took my jeans & pants down & squatted over Louise's pool & dropped 3 logs & was done. Then Kirsty lowered her jeans & panties & squatted over the pile. She had a lot of lose turds & seemed even more relieved than Louise was. We all wiped & pulled our clothes back up & left the tree & our stinking pile.


A different poop stain

One day last summer I went to work. It was a Saturday and I pooped my pants. It felt like a tennis ball in my string bikini underwear. I was working alone so I stayed the remaining half hour and finished the work. I could not clean up properly but I did want to remove the lump before sitting in the car.

I found a plastic bag and went to a private area of the building. I pulled down my jeans and underwear, placed the bag over my hand like a glove and grabbed the tennis ball sized poop from my crack. I turned the plastic bag inside out so the poop was inside and tied it shut. The underwear was lightly soiled but there was more poop still on my bottom. I pulled my underwear and jeans back up and headed for the door. I stopped at the dumpster outside and discarded the bag of poop before getting in the car.

When I finally got in the shower to clean up, I had been wearing the soiled underwear for several hours. I decided to leave the underwear on and wash them as I washed myself. In the shower I removed the underwear and washed the poop out only to discover a permanent mark of my accident. The string bikini cotton underwear now have an odd shaped spot in the bum area where the burgundy color has bleached to a lighter burnt orange shade. If anyone sees them, they will instantly know they had been used as a poop catcher.


Trip to the Gym

Hi this Autumn I joined the local sports gym to be able to train with the dark nights. When I first went into the changing area I was surprised how many of the women was so open about stripping down naked in front of each other as they changed. I have always been shy about my body but seeing all these other women showing themselves so openly made me feel relaxed to do the same. After my first session I went to change and have a shower and use the toilet as the exercise had got my system moving and I was busting for a wee, I undressed and with my towel headed to the showers one side of the showers was 2 toilet cubical with about 300 mm gap at the bottom and a door about 1 metre so for most women when standing you could see their head it also had big gaps between the panels, both were taken one door was closed but the other was open and a naked woman about my age was squatting over the toilet bowl it was hard for me not to stare at her she was looking down at the floor doing a wee, as she was wiping another woman joined waiting to go then both toilet flushed I took one and the other woman took the other cubical we both shut the doors I hung up my towel and squatted over the bowl with my head down low I could see the woman next to me under the partition she had red painted nails was also squatting and making some straining noise, I started my wee that made a loud splashing as it hit the bowl from the height I was above. As my stream slowed slight urge for a poo so I strain a little, I looked side way just as I heard a loud flop followed by another one, I followed this with a large plop of my own. I could hear the other woman wipe open the door and leave, I wiped and looked into the bowl I had left a short poo about 10 cm and 5 cm thick I flush put my towel back round and headed toward the but before I left I had a quick look in the other toilet there were 2 poo in the bowl 1 short and stubby the other about 30 cm and 5 cm thick, I continued to the shower and there was only 1 woman with red nails she was late 30's very petit but she certainly could produce some big ones.


questions to Karolyn

Hey Karolyn I loved your story but had a couple questions. First did yall sit facing one another or did the one on top sit with her back to the other? Seems like it might work better as far as aiming if yall faced one another but that is just what I think. Also did yall both manage not to pee on the other one? Was curious if either of yall wet the others privates. Understanding yall might be really small ladies that might not have been a prob but for most average builds I would think the target being so small would lead to issues.
Thanks and great story

Monday, January 17, 2011


Had an "accident" in friends car

To Wendy (Kristy's girlfriend): Your recent post about going shopping while you need a poo is bit like my story, but you managed to get to a toilet in time, unlike me as I pood my knickers. I agree with you when you said you felt hot holding your poo in while shopping.

I had a really messy "accident" on Saturday in my friend's car. It all started on Friday night as I had eaten a really spicy curry which obviously didn't agree with me the next day. On Saturday morning I decided to go to town with my friend Emily,who drove us there.We reached the shopping centre at about 9:30,parked the car and began looking in shops straight away. After a few hours we had each found a couple items of clothing we liked so we decided we should start to head home. On the way back to the car we past a Greggs bakery and as it was 11:00 we decided to get a snack to go on with until lunch, we both chose Belgian buns in which we started to eat as we was walking to her car and as it was only parked a minute's walk away from Greggs we didn't have time to finish what we was eating. As I was walking alongside Emily to the car I felt the need to release a bit of gas so I let out a silent, smelly fart and I started to need a poo and as I like to hold my poo in I thought I could wait until I got home. After we had put are shopping in the boot we sat in the car for a while so we could finish eating are Belgian buns, while I was eating mine the need to fart arose so I let out a long, loud and slightly moist fart. This gained the attention of Emily who said to me "I'm guessing you need a poo,I do too. I think we should get home quickly before we poo ourselves". At this point Emily had finished her bun and started to drive out the car park while I was still eating mine, as we left a cramp hit me and at this point I knew it was going to be a really runny poo. It was only a five minute drive back to mine so I tried not to worry but my bowels got the better of me and I let out a bubbly wet fart in which a little bit of poo came out which got stuck in between my bumcheeks due to its stickiness ,I told Emily who had obviously heard it that "I leaked a little bit of runny poo into my knickers when I farted, I don't think I can make it home in time" she asked "how long have you been holding it in for" while she let out a long stale poo smelling fart, I replied "three days, and I had a curry yesterday which I don't think is agreeing with me". She looked at me whilst I was just finishing my bun and said "If you want to you can just poo yourself, no one will know apart from me and as you have seen me poo myself before I won't tell" surprised at what I heard her say I replied "I know were very open and we are able to poo in front of each other but I can't just poo myself in your car and anyway it will stink" she told me to "chill out I've pood my knickers in here only a couple of months ago, nothing that a bit of air freshener can't sort out and anyway its better than being in pain". Another cramp hit me and I winced in pain so I asked her and "are you sure you're OK with me doing this" she replied by saying "fine, but I might be joining you in a minute as I'm quite desperate now". As the pain got worse I decided that I wasn't going to make it home in time so I lent against the door so one cheek was off the seat and my bum was facing Emily; just like you would if you were to let a fart out. I told her "it's coming" and at this moment I let nature take its course and I relaxed my muscles. I felt my anus open and a load of soft poo crackled out into my knickers and squelched in between my bumcheeks and the seat of my knickers causing them to bulge. I stopped pushing for a bit so I could regain my breath, once I had done that I pushed again a released a torrent of wet farts mixed with poo. I told Emily "I'm sorry about the smell" she replied "it is fine were probably about to smell my poo in a minute anyway". In total it took only a couple of minutes for all the poo to come out in my knickers and by this time we were only two minutes away from my house but I don't think I could have held it in any longer anyway, and I was just so relieved to let out such a massive poo, which was made even better as it was in my knickers. As we pulled up to my house Emily farted again and asked "is it alright if I use your toilet" I replied "sure I've already been can't you smell it? I just need to clean myself up". She laughed as we got out the car and picked up our shopping; we then walked or waddled in my case up to the front door. As I was unlocking the door she farted again and said "hurry it's coming out", at this point I opened the door and saw her running to the toilet. As I had pood myself it was very hard to walk so I waddled through the door, putting the shopping down and walked over to the bathroom squishing the poo in my pants in the process. I knocked on the door and asked her "is it alright to come in" "sure" she replied, I opened the door and saw her sitting on the toilet, knickers around her ankles with a small stain in them. I took off all my clothes, leaving my soiled knickers on the floor so I could clean them later and jumped in the shower for ten minutes and heard Emily dropping lots of logs. As I got out the shower Emily was wiping her bum, she then flushed the toilet and got me some new clothes to put on. I looked at my knickers and decided they were ruined so I emptied the poo into the toilet flushed it and throw them into the bin. I thank Emily for helping me get cleaned up in which she replied "it's what friends are for, and anyway I would have ended up pooing myself if you didn't live so close. I think I should be thanking you, especially for lending my some spare knickers due to the skidmarks in mine" I laughed as we left the bathroom. During the rest of Saturday I managed to get to the toilet on all three occasions without having another accident.


Getting back to normal

Linda from Australia here again. After being a bit constipated for over a week, I'm now starting to have easier dumps. Yesterday I managed to drop 3 loads during the day. My morning dump was very nice and I was able to push out a big load without too much trouble. Then later in the afternoon, I got a sudden urge to go again. I had a looser load this time and it only took 5 minutes to get it all out. About an hour later, I went again but it was much smaller that time - only 1 medium sized log and a small round ball of poo. I had an easy time with those turds aswell.

I haven't done a poo at all today. All day today, I felt a big load building up inside me but when I got home from work, I tried on the toilet and nothing came out. Hopefully I can go after dinner.

To Keith D: I know that you often take dumps outside. Do you always squat down to do a poo? Do you ever sit on a log and let your butt hang over the edge, if you know its going to take a long time? When I'm having a really hard time pooping, sometimes I stand up while I'm pushing and straining. Do you ever stand up when you go outside? I haven't done a poo outside for many years. I like the privacy of my own toilet, which is why I hate going at work. I will go in public toilets but I prefer to do poos at home. Another question: Have you ever had to quickly pull up your pants while going outside, because people have been around? Did you have a turd hanging out that you couldn't break off or suck back in??

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 47

With the waater feeling so good Jill and I stayed in the water swimming for some time. But as always we did get out and go back up to the clearing. We both used the blanket to dry offf with. Then we both did get dressed. I lit another fire and we again ate hotdogs which finished them off.

It was mid afternoon now so we packed up and got in the boat. I shoved off and we headed back. It was Jill that wanted to go back not me. But me being me I gave in to her. Going into the breeze on the way back did make it cooler which when we did make it back and were no longer moving it did feel better to both of us. We grabbed everything and we walked from the lake back up to the house stopping in the barn to put what was needed to be put away there and then the house to put away the remaining items.

It was a little after three according to the kitchen clock. My mom and Janet weren't home yet. Jill was tired and so she headed right upstairs for her bedroom. I stayed downstairs going to the back attic bedroom to watch tv and if I fell asleep that would be ok too. I left the back attic door open just in case if Janet came looking for me she would see the open door and come up.

Well I did wind up falling asleep while watching the tv. Also my mom and Janet did come home while I was sleeping. Janet also did come looking for me and found me up in the back attic bedroom. She even woke me up when she closed the back attic door for it does close with a lot of noise if shut fast.

Janet seeing that I had just woke up when she stepped into the little bedroom smiled and said to me; Well hello second sleepy head! I said hi back to her. I take it Jll is still sleeping. Yeah she is Janet said back to me. Janet sat down on the bed now. She asked me what Jill and I did while she was gone. I told her includeing with my takeing a shit in the lake. Janet laughed and then said to me; I wish I was there!

So I asked Janet how her day went. Oh it was a good time I had with your mom again. We sure did a lot and covered a lot of many different places too. Plus your mom told me Dave tomorro is our last full day here. My mom is comming back day after tomorrow. That was news to me for there should be two days left not one. I said this to Janet. Well we'll have to make the best of itthen! Janet said to me. We can start right now too!

Janet was in her peach colored summer dress. She got right up off from the bed reached up under it and slid her matching peach colored panties right down and took them off. Now the window was open without the screen in it. So Janet stepped right over to the window and turned around and faced me. Janet gave me a little smile and then said to me; I've been saving this one for you! I haven't pissed all afternoon and I made sure I would for I sure drank a lot at lunch time!

With Janet saying that I scooted further up on the bed getting closer to her. Janet made sure that her peach colored summer dress was out of the way for me to give me a good view. Then she sqauted her ass out the window. In a very short couple of seconds Janet had a strong dark yellow hissing piss stream jetting out from her vagina for me! I could even hear t splashing hard down on the workshops roof too!

I noticed that Janets belly had a small swollen area. That had to be her bladder I thought to mysle. So this was going to beone long piss! Even though she was pissing hard. I then slid up into a siting position on the bed. I glanced past Janet for a quick moment and I saw her yellow piss which was quite foamy really running down acros the workshop roof and running hard over its edge.

Then my eyes traveled back to Janets vagina and piss stream. See Dave I did hold a good one for you! Janet said to me. I tld her she sure had. Janet let out just a hint of a giggle. Janet kept pissing as the seconds ticked by. I wassure that Janet pissed for a good half minutes time when her stream did ease off and its hissing stopped and the loud splashing down n the roof. Janet did a lot of dripping to finish this piss off with too.

Janet stayedsquated in the window untill the last drop of piss had dripped off from her. Then she got out of the wndow and stood by it. Now as far as me I was fully erect and I needed to piss. So I told Janet that I had to go. Janet let out a short laugh and after stopping she said to me; That's what I wanted to hear from you! Get over here! So I stood up and steppedover to Janet. Wellit took her one quick second to yank my boxers down which they fell around my feet.

Janet stepped aside and turned around faced the window like I was now. Her fingers were in position on my penis in a instant and I sent a good hard piss stream out through te open window which completely over shot the workshops roof. That made Janet let out a little giggle and also a hug with the arm that was around my waist. Janet also mentioned that I really felt good being hard and nice and warm!

I took a pretty long piss about half the time what Jnet had done. But whatmade up a good part of my piss was the series of short spurts to finish off with. Janet after my spurts did ever so slowly shakeed my penis which I had to stop her from going further. Look Janet I said to her; We can't stay up here and do this now. I do have to report in. Janet let out a laugh and said back to me; I suppose you do nd she let go of my penis. Then she said; Till later then.

Janet left takeing the back stirs down. I quietly went through the back attic, then the little room off my bedroom, and then into my bedroom. I quickly dressed getting into a regular pair of shorts and shirt. Then I went back through the back attic way and went downstairs and joined Janet and my mom in the kitchen. We all talked about our day together untill it was time to make supper. To be continuied.

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