Mitch: So you wanna hear camp stories? I have a bunch, just one for now though, and I'll post more when I can. This one happened when I was 12 at summer camp and me and three friends all shared a cabin. It was a very old camp and there were porta-potties for bathrooms, only three for the whole camp to share. I actually overheard some counselors complaining that they screwed up when they ordered them, they should have got more. It was only after the first three days or so that these things were destroyed. I went in at night for a poop to discover that the things were completely full of poop to the brim, and if I sat down my butt would have touched the poop. I wasn't going to use it and came out and saw a kid waiting. I told him the problem and he didn't care, he hovered over the pile and added. I have no idea what he used for wiping, it was gone. So the next day me and my buddies went out on a search for a place to go, because we all needed our morning poops. We were getting really desperate after a half hour, especially me. We finally found a fallen tree that was still about four feet off the ground. Since I was the most desperate I started pulling my shorts down without even saying anything. I could see my friends doing the same as I sat on the tree and positioned myself. I stopped clenching and without the littlest push diarrhea shot out of my heiney. It even made a little puddle and my friends stared in disgust at first, but laughed at my pain. So there we sat, side by side, pooping away. We found a quicker way to get there and it was our toilet for the next week. You really don't know your friends as well until you all poop together, lol. More stories to come.


Unique experience with my sister

Hello everyone. I'm a natural redhead and I live with my sister Samantha who is one year older than me. Our house has only one bathroom, so it's good that we're not very inhibited about going pee or poop. One of us will often be showering, or fixing their makeup when the other has to go. It's brought us together in a way that I don't think anything else could.

But anyway, today was my day off, so I just stayed around the house and relaxed. At some point, I felt an urge to poop so I got a magazine and went to the toilet. I had been pooping for about five minutes and done a few turds already although I had more to go, when my sister came home from work. She called out to me, "Hey, I'm home." and I answered back, "Hey. How was work?"

She then said, "Good, but man I really gotta pee bad." as she walked into the bathroom and saw me. I told her, "Oh, I'm pooping right now, but I have an idea..." and I motioned for her to sit on my lap, "Have a seat, you can pee between my legs". She thought about it, "Are you sure? I mean..." I replied, "Course. Just do it."

So she sat on my lap as I broke off another turd. I spread my legs a little wider so she would have room to pee. It took a moment, but finally she did start peeing a hard stream between my legs. "Wow, you did have to pee bad." I said and she responded, "Yeah I really did."

She finished, tore off some paper and wiped. I sat for a few more minutes after she left and finished my poop. After I finished, I looked at my turds. I had put out at least ten different turds, although it was hard to tell exactly how many as they formed a nice pile in the toilet. I wiped a few times then flushed.

When I got done, I talked to my sister and asked if she'd done a poop today. "No, not today, why?", I told her, "Well, I thought about what we did earlier, and it felt weird. I wanted to try it the other way around." She said, "Okay, I guess we can do that. I'm kinda curious too."

Later that night, Sammi told me that she had to poop. I hadn't peed on purpose so I'd be bursting to pee, just like she was earlier. I gave her a few minutes to start her poop, and then I asked if she was ready. "Sure, have a seat." I sat on her lap, she spread her legs and I shifted a bit trying to make sure I didn't pee on her thighs. I peed a long hard stream although I didn't last as long as she had earlier. I wiped up and then left her to finish. I guess she was almost done when I left, as I heard her flush and she came out only a few minutes after.

p-p girl
to new guy - yea it saves lots of water .. thts why i like it :))
to jas- wow thts sounds interesting of peeing ina ziplock bag ..must of felt wierd ..haha
to car mom - iv never tried peeing ina seat but it must be fun . nd yea keep ur stories coming :)


Fine Lady In the Cabin Bathroom

I discovered this site by accident and have been reading for a while so this is my first post. I'm a 35 year old man, divorced two years ago after 12 years. I work at a large company with many employees. A new lady came to work there about a year ago. She didn't work in my department so I didn't know her well but was attracted to her. She has long dark hair and a figure deluxe, with an especially great view from behind. She really has a nice butt. I finally introduced myself and found out she was also divorced for about a year. Long story short, we began going out. We moved slowly in the relationship without intimacy. About four months into the relationship, she said she'd like to do something different, maybe take a weekend somewhere to get away from it all. I have a buddy who has a cabin in the woods on a lake. It's a one room cabin with indoor plumbing but it's small, with two double beds, a kitchenette, and bathroom. I mentioned the cabin and she was very enthusiastic. So we planned on it, went on Thursday to buy food for the weekend and on Friday after work, we headed out. It was about a 2 hour drive. We got there pretty late, unpacked, and we were both exhausted so we went to sleep. Both of us woke up fairly early on Saturday morning. She made coffee and pancakes. We ate and I usually have to take a dump after breakfast. This I dreaded on this trip. I was concerned about doing #2 with this fine lady just outside the bathroom door. I needed to shave and went in the bathroom and was standing looking in the mirror with shaving cream in my hand getting ready to spread it on my face, still wondering when I'd get the nerve to take my dump with her there. About that time I heard a small knock on the door and she said, "Are you decent?" I opened the door and she was smiling and stepped in. She said, "How far along are we in our relationship?" I said, "Huh?" not knowing what she was talking about. She repeated it and I said, "I don't know. I like you a lot and enjoy being with you." She said, "So we're comfortable around each other, right?" I said, "Yes" still puzzled. She said, "Well, I'm going to use the potty while you shave. Is that OK?" I was pretty excited about this, but kept my cool and said, "Fine with me." She kissed me on the cheek and frowned and said, "You need to shave. Your whiskers stuck my lip" then laughed. She walked around me and pulled down her jeans and sat on the toilet. I looked down at her and she looked at me and smiled, kind of made a playful pained face, and I heard her do a quiet hissing sounding fart that became louder. She put her hand over her mouth and said, "Whoops!" and laughed. I was really turned on by this. I couldn't believe it. I then heard several splashes and kerplunks as she began to have her bowel movement. I continued to shave like nothing was going on. She would kind of whisper "uhh" or "ahh" when a turd fell out of her into the water, making the kerplunk sound. At one point she farted pretty loudly and I said, "Bless you." She laughed so hard she farted a second time. In about 5 minutes, she peed. Just then my stomach made a groaning, moaning sound, like gas moving inside me. She said, "What was that? You need to go to?" I said, "Yes, I'm afraid I do." She said, "I'll be done in a minute." She wiped her butt several times as I finished shaving. I dried my face off as she stood up to reveal a pot full of medium sized logs. She said, "Nasty, huh?" I said, "No, I think they're kind of nice." She laughed and said, "You're sick" She flushed and said, "Your turn." So I stepped in front of the toilet, dropped my pants, and sat down. The seat was very warm from her outstanding butt. I pushed out some crap and farted. She laughed and said "Bless you, too." I finished up pretty quickly and wiped, stood up and flushed. We went out on the porch and sat down to look at the lake. She said, "I think we know one another pretty well now, don't you?" I said yes and hoped to see her do this in the future.


Standing up

Spent the weekend drinking on a boat & fishing with my cousin & 2 of his friends (all male) me being the only female,held my pee in until my bladder was bursting.The guys would just hand the dong over the boat and pee. BY now i really had to go and so one of the guy said here put this between your legs and use it to pee. So i took the corn holder container, (yellow container about 7 inches long and grooved opening on each end so the corn handles stick out of the corn in the corn holder.....Well he helped place the corn holder tight up against my kitty and aimed the end slightly down and told me to pee.......Well i peed and peed and was very turned on seeing my pee coming out of me for the first time.....the pee would drop into the holder and flow out the end......just like a male stream of pee..... NO pee running down my legs or any thing.....Best first time pee i ever had......

Story Teller
I recall I few times in my younger days that when my mom was giving me and/or one of my sisters she'd sometimes just sit on the toilet and do her business then. Heck I remember one time she sat sideways( the toilet is next to the tub) and she was washing my sisters hair while she went.

colonoscopy advice

I am having to undergo a colonoscopy and the doctor's instruction said to use miralax and ducolax. I found out by having the doctor call the generics into the paharmacy I was able to just get the stuff needed with my insurance and avoid full cost. I don't use laxatives so I'm not stuck with a mostly full box of the pills.

For anybody having to go through it might not hurt to see if insurance can cover what you need.


Update on Leigh, my noisy pooing boss

To those who've read my posts about Leigh, my noisy pooing boss, today I went to the restroom, and she came in and sat by me again. This time she had a normal sounding bowel movement, several plops. She farted two or three times, but this time it wasn't the mushy soft poo that she usually blows out. She did grunt a few times again, however. So I'm not sure if she has IBS or not. She seems to just like to call attention to herself when she poos.


Pre op enema

I once had some minor surgerywhen I was 16 & had to have an enema before my op. I'd been constipated for a week untill I had the enema & boy did it work. The bag had 3 litres of warm water in it & the tube was inserted into my anus & the valve was opened. The water slowly drained down into my rectum & after only half the contents were inside me I felt like I really had to go. I had to take the whole bags contents to complete the procedure & I felt so full I thought I would burst. The nurse removed the tube & told me to hold it as long as I could for maximum effect. I was so desperate I wanted to go straight away but the nurse made me wait half an hour as the enema wouldn't clean me out properly otherwise. I was beyond just desperate & had to clench so hard it hurt. I begged the nurse to let me go to the toilet but she wouldn't allow it untill the half hour was up. I was in agony & as soon as the time was up I ran over to the toilet holding my bum with both hands. As soon as I sat down I relaxed & my bowels exploded into the toilet with a powerfull torrent of the most extreme diarrhoea you could possibly imagine. It went on for ages & the relief was unforgettable. Once it stopped I was told to stay on the toilet as there would be more to come. I though, "No way. There can't be any more." But there was actually a lot more. I felt a sort of surging sensation in my bowels & a minute later I pushed out a huge load of semi solid poo. It felt seriously good & I was told to stay seated untill the next load came out. I could not believe I could possibly have any more poo inside me but then I hadn't been for a week. The next load was even bigger than the last & more solid. I pushed out a turd about 9" long followed by another one about 7" & a final one of about 8" long. I felt empty now & the relief was better than sex. I wiped a lot & then I could leave to be prepared for the next part of the pre op preparations.


bad accident

I'm new. Hi my name is Kelly and I live in Ohio. I'm 17, redhead average build, told that I'm cute. Anyway about 2 weeks ago me and 2 friends went to the only decent place to shop around here. Its about a half-hour drive. After shopping for a bunch of stuff I said I had to get home and since I drove we left. I really didn't HAVE tbehome but I started to have to poop and I hate pooping in public. I got them almost home when my poop tried to push my pee out.. Ugh I hate that'd. I sat my purse on my lap and eased up a little. Well got them out of the car and went asap to my house. Had to go really bad by that point. Got home,grabbed my stuff-looked downto a softball. Size wet patch. Damn and my mom,dad,and sister home
I ran inside purse first and up into the bathroom. I barely got in when I finished peeing. Down my 15 sis was banging at the door that she had to go bit I took my wet clothes. Off. And pooped. I let her her in when she started crying. But it was too late. Only then we thought. It was kinda funny we peed ourselves the same day. Sorry if stupid.

E.P. Brown
To End Stall Em: Your post about answers for people having trouble crapping at school was a good idea. I think you've eased alot of minds. And most of the advice can be applied to any public washroom, not just school bathrooms. And both girls and guys of all ages can benefit from your advice. Keep your stories coming!

To Abbie: Keep sticking with your new routine, eventually your body will adjust to it. It may take some time, but it'll happen. Don't forget to try and go at the same time every day, even on the weekends to keep your body on a consistent schedule. It won't be long
before you're able to poo at home all the time. Good luck to you! And keep us posted on your progress.

To Just Jerika: It's good that you have a friend to keep you company and help you out with your situation while in the school bathroom. Don't get frustrated that she's able to be so quick on the toilet and you take longer than her. It's not a race! lol Some people can just naturally be that quick without being troubled by their surroundings. Other people may need more time. Some people get "stagefright" when it comes to using a bathroom other than their own bathroom at home. Some people just can't get comfortable, like yourself. The thing is - everyone is different.
When you try to crap at school, and can't, are you able to at least get any farts out? If so, are they quiet, or loud enough for others to hear? Some people may be embarrassed by the sounds they
make in the bathroom,(peeing/farting/plopping,etc) but just have to realize it's just a natural thing and everyone does it. I'm not sure if that's one of the things you might be concerned about. It sounds like you're more comfortable using most other washrooms, but just not the school bathrooms. I'm thinking that while you're in the school bathroom, you're afraid of making any noise in case there are people in there that might know you, and tease you about it later. Try not to let it get to you. In the public bathrooms, if anyone is in there, chances are you don't know them and you'll probably never see them again, so it doesn't matter if you make any noise. Maybe that's why you don't have too much of a problem using a public washroom. But again, it seems like it's just the school toilets in general give you a hard time since they're so uncomfortable for you to use. Another suggestion is to try to change your routine so that you crap at home and that way you won't have to worry about taking a crap at school. See the posts by Abbie, if you haven't already. I hope things get easier for you, and keep posting your stories. Good luck!

Wow I just probably had the longest turd of my life. Some of you may not believe that a fifteen year old can poop more than a foot, but mine was probably sixteen inches. I ate a piece of pizza and I suddenly felt like I was going to poop out my organs. It didn't curl up, an it was sitting out of the water a little it was so big. Oh my god hahaha.

Hey everyone! I had to poo loads today, so I thought I'd tell you about it.

First of all, I had to get some stuff that I forgot to get when I went shopping the other day. So I drove to the shopping centre and started to look around. I'd bought most of the stuff I needed when I had to poo. I headed for the toilets that had been redone last year and are now lovely and clean. There are 14 cubicles and at least half were taken. I took one near enough in the middle. The toilet to my left was occupied but to my right was an empty cubicle. I pulled down my jeans and panties and sat. As I weed my first log worked its way out easily. It landed silently, but the second one didn't and it plopped down. The toilet to my left flushed and at the same time someone entered the cubicle to my right. She quickly got seated after pulling down her leggings and pink panties that I could see under the partition. Almost immediately she let out a log with a splash. Very soon this was followed by another, and I joined in with a loud one. After a third piece she took a break from pooing and had a quick wee. I pushed out two more turds and then a couple of small pieces, the final one of which refused to let go! While I jiggled about to try and free it the other girl pushed out three more big logs. I gave up and removed the stubborn piece with some loo roll, wiped, and flushed. I was washing my hands when the other girl came out. She was quite big and looked relieved to have emptied her bowels!
Then, in the evening, I went out for a meal with one of my school friends, Jenna. We shared some nachos for a starter and then I had a big plate of pasta with meatballs and garlic bread. Then to top it all off I had a treacle sponge pudding with lots of custard! Before pudding came Jenna went to the loo. She took a while so I assumed she was pooing. By the time I finished my meal I had to go again quite badly. I told Jenna I was going to the loo and she said she would pay and meet me in her car outside. I made my way there and a young girl (8 or 9) dressed all in black got there before me. As I went in another girl, who was about 20 or so with dark red hair, came in behind me so I held the door for her. There were three cubicles so we took them all. I was in the middle. We all weed and it soon became clear we all had to go number two. I didn't want to be the first, though, so I held it in. Under the partitions I could see that the young girl had her black leggings and white knickers around her feet and was up on tiptoes, as if she was straining to go. The other girl had her jeans down to her ankles but not her knickers. She farted quetly and then the young girl released her poo with a splash. I then followed, getting rid of my two logs. The other girl was last to go, with two big logs and then a few more small bits. The young girl was done and flushed and left. I quickly wiped and flushed. I went out to Jenna and as we were driving away I saw the other girl leaving the restaurant. I guess we both had satisfying poos!

Right, that's all for now. I'll try and post again before Sunday when I go back to uni. Maybe if I'm lucky our internet will be fixed and will let me post again from there! Bye everyone!

It is a while since I have posted anything on here, so thought it was about time I made another appearance.

I do not have any stories to post but just want to comment on some recent posts.

Amylee...great stories about your workplace toilets, and particularly your boss. Can you give us some more details, surely some of the ladies at your work read when thay go for a No. 2. Please tell if they do, and have any of them got a reputation for taking a longer time than others

Abbie, maybe taking a magazine could help if you are trying to retrain and get some regularity.

It was a month or so ago now, and I dont recall the name of the poster but it was someone who had recently been made unemployed.
Wonderful description of him lying in bed listening to his girlfriends regular morning BM routine, including grunts, and the sound of magazine pages turning .

Maybe next time I will have something interesting to post, but for now keep those stories coming in


Disgraceful spying on pupils

To Firecracker girl:
How disgraceful it was for that security monitor to invade your privacy while you were on the toilet. Whether you were pleasuring yourself or not is nobody else's business & to give you a detention for it is outrageous. If you were using the toilet in your own time, then I can't see why you got in trouble for taking too long either especially as there was so many toilets available & no one was waiting. This was an abuse of power by the security guard & she should be sacked & put on police charges for her actions. Also the school should be sued for their actions. What an appaling way to behave.

Firecracker Girl

additional info for Stac and others


Thanks for saying that 20 minutes of sitting on a school toilet is not excessive. I agree and so did Mom. By the way, Mom and Dad did talk about the "pleasuring myself" comment by the assistant principal and whether they should call the administration or not. Dad, who like the rest of us are pretty conservative, if you know what I mean, told Mom that if they tried to enforce that in the boys' bathrooms, they would lose state school support money because too many boys would be booted at any one time and that funds are given to schools based on the number of students attending each day. I thought that was pretty funny and couldn't have done anything more to hold back my laughter. I even remember asking my friend then and now my husband Firecracker Guy about that and he said Dad was right. He said it especially happens before school and during study halls.

Now, Stac, you asked about what age Mom taught me to put toilet tissues over the seat before I sat down. She did it for me until I was about 5 and at that point she had me do it while she stood and watched. I remember around Labor Day weekend before I started kindergarten, she had me practice at home. It was tough for me at first to get all four pieces pulled off long enough to cover the seat and to get them to stay on the stool. Several times, I particularly remember once at the circus, I was afraid I was going to pee myself as I was in pain and Mom would stand there on the side of the toilet and make sure I put my "protection" paper down. But, I got better at it and she started to trust me more. However, when the school incident came when I was starting 9th grade, that trust was strained and Mom started to nag me more and especially in front of my best friend Sheila, whom I wrote about. Sheila was so carefree and each morning in school for several years she and I would go into the bathroom before school and she would pee and crap with delight. It was loud and she had no inhibitions. Of course, she just plopped herself down on the first toilet she opened, and actually made fun of my Mom's abhorrence of sitting down directly on a toilet seat. So, I got to admire Sheila and started to get away from what Mom had taught me. However, after the school detention incident, I got back to the seat covering and I continue to do it today. Luckily, too, many of the bathrooms I use away from home have those paper seat covers you can pull off and put down. That makes it much easier for me.

Kalee: I went to a religious school where we left class with no pass or permission. I taught in a private school where I allowed the same privileges. I never denied the use of the bathroom to anyone. I am not gainng anything by it.

When I was in late HS and in college, I used to have these loud bowel movements. I was a cheerleader and on the tennis team in community college. So, I would rest my bowels in the locker room toilet. See my earlier posts. One time, before session, I got to the lockers, which were brand new, spacious and airy. I hung my gym bag on the coat hook of the stall, lifted my blue cheerleader skirt, let down my white panties to my ankles. I let out easy 5 dark brown logs, with a long pee. As I was in the stall, a girl came in and said, "That's Althea on the toilet. You missed her bowel movement symphony." Then, I dropped another piece and a loud fart. The girl said to her friend, "You got a piece of it. It takes little for Althea to drop her pants." Everyday, I would make a bowel movement before physical activity. This same girl another day came in and warned us to watch out because she had to make a bowel movement. She was wearing black dance tights, a white shirt and pink panties. She loosened her clothes, bearing her underwear off of her skinny black behind as she entered the stall and slammed the door. She sat with her stuff at her ankles and her bowels gurgled and thundered. I could imagine how her stomach felt as the chunks let out. This happened three times with us girls hearing all this. Her name was Sandra and she had some explosive bowel movements. They were worse than mine. We girls had some good times in that locker room. When I was with my friends or relatives, I did not care about my noises. That was when I was a girl. I still do not care.

Saturday night, before I went to sleep, I had to move my bowels and it was one of the most satisfying experiences. I have been drinking lots of green and spice teas that I concocted. Anyway, I was in my black bra and panty when I sat on the toilet. My long-time lover, the Chinese girl Shannon was at my house. She was getting a bath. I pulled my FOL full-cut panty to my ankles and a long rope of #2 slid out easy with some fuzzy brown chunks. Nothing else, I sat for just a few minutes, wiped 2x with two small wads of paper and I flushed. Then, I stripped and joined Shannon in the tub. She is 36 years old. I call her "the kid.' Sunday morning, she was stirring around in the bed and saying that she had to go. She was in a long sleeve cotton t-shirt that her old man and her big brother gave her and a light blue/white striped VS bikini brief. Clutching her stomach, she walked to the bathroom, pulled her panty to her knees and she let her bowels explode with several brown logs and chunks. When the explosion subsided, there was a wet splattering buzzing fart and a long pee. I went in to see her and get our bath and found her hunched over the throne. She said that it was a relief. I kissed her on the top of her head and she reached for the toilet paper to wipe herself. She is very clean. She inspects the paper. She dropped the three wads in the bowl and flushed and we shared a bath as we always do.



Emma: See my earlier posts. I have used train toilets early in the morning because I travel at dawn to road races when I have a bowel movement, plus the stress brought on by rising early and sweating to make subway connections to the commuter train.
Retail guy: If I were that girl, I would have left that line for the bathroom.
Hermes: Nikki's day will come. Let the bathroom door hit her.
Valentina: I baby-sat. See my earliest posts with my cousins and neighbors' children.

Kyle from WA

Reconnecting with an old friend

Some years old I had the opportunity to meet up with Emma, a girl who I knew many years ago when we were both just ten years old. We reminisced about many things, but one thing that was a great memory for us both was the treehouse she had.

I remember many afternoons spent in the treehouse. Most of what we did is completely lost in my memories, but of course I remember one thing the most. Whenever I had to pee I could just open the window, stand in front of it, and let my stream fly. But as a girl, she couldn't do that. And she envied me, because she had to go inside whenever she needed to pee. But then one day, she brought a bucket up to the treehouse.

From then on, if she needed to pee, she would just go in the bucket. Because of this, she had to expose herself more than I did to pee, but she didn't seem to mind. She always wore skirts, so she could at least cover her vagina.

When we met up again, I found out that she still lives in the same house her parents used to live in, and that the treehouse was still there. That surprised me, that after so many years it was still standing. But we went there, and aside from being smaller than I remember, it was just the same as our childhood. While we were there, she asked me if I remembered the pee bucket. Of course I did, but I said that I didn't see it anymore. She told me that she threw it out years ago, but wanted to know if I remembered that.

Then she said, "Actually, Kyle, I need to pee right now, but I can use the window now." I said, "Oh yeah, well, let's see that then." And she walked over to the window, opened it, took off her jeans and panties and sat, her legs inside and hanging her butt and vagina out the window. She peed for a good twenty seconds straight and farted in the middle and giggled after while redressing. "That was good, but you still can't do it standing up.", "Yeah, well, you're cheating." and we shared a good laugh.


Continuing my story

Sorry I have not been back to post again for almost a month.

Last time I told about my first recollection of seeing a girl - my cousin Bobbie - have an accident. I count myself very lucky that it wasn't the only time. I'll try to post some stories of the other occasions going forward.

Just before I turned 14 years old, a few months after witnessing Bobbie's accident, I saw one at school. We had a teacher who would only allow one person out of the room with the hall pass at a time. It was the last period of the day before school ended. One girl was already out with the pass. Suddenly one of my female friends, Jenny - not a close friend, but we'd hang out and talk at lunch and in band and such - who was sitting a few chairs in front of me, suddenly jumped up from her seat and ran towards the door with one hand on the crotch of her blue jeans. I only caught a glimpse before she flung the door open and ran out into the hall where we couldn't see her, but I could tell just slightly that there was a dark patch on her butt and upper thighs - but with her moving so fast I thought it was just shadow.

The teacher called for her to stop but of course she didn't listen. The teacher sent one of the other girls out after her to check on her. The rest of us went back to normal class activities. About ten minutes later the second girl came back to class and I heard her whisper to the teacher that Jenny was sick and wouldn't be back and needed her books. So the other girl was given permission to take Jenny her books and left the room, returning again a few minutes later.

The bell rang, ending school, and I headed to the band room, as was usually the case, where some of us band members would hang out until our rides showed up to take us home. There were five of us that normally hung out in the band director's office while we waited - three girls - one being Jenny - and one other guy. I got to the room first to find Jenny sitting behind the directors desk. I said hey, so did she. A few seconds later the others showed up and we sat and were talking and doing what we normally do. The other guy's ride showed up and left just me and the three girls. Jenny hadn't moved from behind the desk. One of the girls, Becky, asked her, "I heard from Sarah that you got sick last period and went home - what are you doing here?" Jenny said, "I didn't go home, I couldn't get a ride." Becky said, "Are you ok?" Jenny said, "I'm fine." She was irritated. Becky kept going, "Did you throw up?" "No. I'm fine." Jenny didn't want to talk about it. Becky didn't care. I just worked on a little homework in the corner of the room. Becky kept prodding, "Did you get your period?" Jenny snapped back, "No, I pissed my pants, OK!?"

At those words I felt a tingling sensation that brought back the flood of memories of witnessing Bobbie's accident and had to shift in my seat.

We thought maybe she was joking at first but then we noticed her face was red and she looked like she was about to cry, but evidently she wanted to talk about it now because she elaborated, "I couldn't hold it and the hall pass was already gone and I started peeing a little so I ran out of the room to try to get to the bathroom but I didn't make it in time and pissed my pants. Happy?"

Becky tried to calm her down. "I'm sorry. I didn't know. It's ok. Accidents happen. Is it bad?"

In response Jenny pushed the chair back and stood up, revealing soaked jeans in front, and sat back down without a word. It was beautiful.

Becky moved over next to Jenny and hugged her and told her it would be ok. Nobody knew - but us. Did she want her gym shorts or anything? Etc. Becky even volunteered, "Accidents happen. I peed my shorts over the summer in the car because my dad wouldn't stop for the bathroom."

The other girl, Mary, added, "And I peed myself last year once, too."

They looked over at me. I guess they wanted me to add something comforting, but I just mumbled, "I've never..."

My ride showed up right after that so I grabbed my books and held them in front of my lap to hide my erection. The rest of the day I could think of little else but the brief glimpse of the front of Jenny's peed in jeans. I now had two memories to drive my hormones and I was hooked.


new guy

comments & stuff

To: Car Mom another great pee story I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jenifer great story I think your friend derserves the same thing done to her that to show how it feels and please post more stories I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Frantic Francine another great story maybe that girl likes everyone to see her poop or she was in a hurry or some other reason and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma another great story about pooping with some other girl pooping as well and great story the big dump you took I bet it felt to get all that out and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nikki great story about you pooping after that many I bet you felt alot better after that and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Louise great story heres a good idea always have a bucket in your room that way if you have to go and someones in the bathroom you can use the bucket instead of having an accident and I look forward to you next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave another great story about you and your friends as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

In my last there were some missing words I didnt realize until yesterday when it got post but the mistakes and missing words werent anything big I still got my point across it usualy happens when im finished and I quickly look it over before submiting it or when im typing it out I dont realize I forgot a word becasue in my it sounds and looks right but sometime my brain dosent send message to my hands or I will hit the wrong key like the one next to it oh well.

Well thats all for now il post again next tuesday if not sooner it all depends on what happens between now and then.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 45

We got everything together for our fishing in the boat. Jill and I had fresh bait getting some worms, made up a lunch, and we went to te store for drinks with our lunch or just for drinking too. Then from the store we took the short walk over to the boat put everything in and we shoved off. I started the engine and we were on our way.

With the breeze the water was a little choppy sending up some spray as the boat bounced over the water. Jill told me that under her shorts and top she was wearing she did have her bikini on and showed me lifting her top up first and then she slipped her shorts down to show me the bikinis bottom. Just in case we might go swimming she told me.

I told her that we might just do that for the water ws warmer then the air temperature today. It wa just about 70 degrees now with the water being about 5 degrees warmer. WE soon went by the rock island in the middle of the lake and were now in the natural section of te lake. I now could feel in my guts a shit building up quite fast. I hadn't shit earlier and soon would have to now.

I couldn't turn yet to go into shore for we had not yet passed where the houses ended over on the lakes shore. I was now squirming some on my seat and also I was squeezing my asshole and asscheeks very hard to keep from shiting. Jill noiticed me doing this and asked if I needed to shit. I said right back to her; Yes I do Jill, REAL BAD!!!! I was telling her the truth too.

My needing to shit got worse by the minute now. I was evenstarting to sweat just a little too with beads of sweat forming in my hair and a few trickled down my forhead. We were just comming up to the last hous over on shore and the cove in thelake was still well ahead of us yet. I angled the boat towards shore now and fought hard from shiting as the shore came slowly closer.

I was letting out soft pffting farts now too. I wasn't going to make the cove and shore. I had to shit now! I cut the engine and the boat now slowed and glided over the water. I popped the snap on my shorts and yanked the zipper down on them. Jill seeing me takeing care of my shorts knew that I was going to take them down and shit. Dave your'e going to shit in the lake! I shook my head yes frst and told Jill I wasn't going to make it to shore.

There was one googd thing as far as being out on the lake today. There was no other boats out on the lake so that was good. As far as people on shore if there was right now I didn't care at all if I was seen by them. I had to shit! I now had more shorts slid down and I slid over on my seat got up and hung my now bare ass oer the edge of the boat. The boat was still moving over the water but had turned sideways by the breeze.

I reached down and shoved my penis down so if I pissed to while shiting I would piss too in the water not inside of the boat. Jill had slid on her seat over to the same side of the bat I was and leaned over some to wath me go. I started to piss a weak stream into the water and I felt my asshole ope right up letting out a short fffit of a fart.

I then felt my shit start to slide through my asshole and it was comming out super fast!It felt soft to me too. Jill said right now to me; Dave its very fat! It;s moving so fast too! No sooner then Jill got these words spoken my asshole closed ,reopned, and there was a loud splash as my shit ht the water hard. I felt warm water from the spalsh hit both my asscheeks wetting them. Jill let out a loud giggle too.

I felt my second shit slideing out just as fast as the first one had but it didn't feel as big as my first shit. There was crackling with this second shit and in less time then my first shit it fell hard into the lake sending up a second splash which again wetted my ass cheeks. I did a series of shorts shits in a row now which every time these shorts shits of mine hit the water my ass would get wet with each splash. Then I stopped shiting but just had a long phfffiting fart come out from my asshole and that was it I was done.

I could feel that my ass needed wipeing now. I asked Jill to dig out a napking from our lunch bag we had with us in the boat. As she did I said to her; Jill make that two naplins. S she handed me two napkins and I reached back with one of them and wiped my ass. I felt warm shit smear as I wiped and after I wiped I dropped the napkin and immeadiatly wiped my ass a second time. I reall wiped slowly and carefully the second time and I felt like I got it all with my second wipe.

I asked Jill if I had. She tried looking to see but she told me she couldn't tell. So I asked her for a third napkin and she handed me it. This time I wetted the napking in the water and I wiped my ass. That did the trick. I now got the last of my smeared shit off my ass. I dropped the napkin slid my ass back inside the boat and yanked up my shorts. I started the engine back up and ten minutes later we were fishing. To be continuied.


Accident at school.

I had the most embarassing day at school yesterday, I'm sure you've all worked out what happened by now, hehe. Anyway, let me tell you the story:

I was in class, nothing too very unusual there apart from the fact that we had a substitute teacher. With about thirty minutes to go of the lesson I felt my bladder fill (As I think I've mentioned a few times before, because of my OBS, when I have to go, I have to go NOW!), this usually isn't a problem, not even in school because all the teachers know about my problem and let me leave the class to use the washroom as and when I need. I put my hand up and asked to be excused, the teacher told me no. He was a substitute like I said, so I assumed he simply didn't know about my OBS, it was embarassing but I explained it to him, to my horror, all the kids told him that I was lying, even worse; he believed them.

So I'm sitting here, desperate to pee and no relief for thirty minutes. I know I'll never make it but I'm determined to either try to hold it or try to find a way to go before class is over. I crossed my legs and wracked my brain but I just couldn't think of anything. Soon enough, I let a tiny spurt of pee go, panicing, I put my and up to be excused and was denied again. I pushed my palm into my crotch, making a last-ditch effort to hold it.
It was no use, my heart stopped as I felt myself begin to pee.

Naturally, all the kids laughed as I emptied my full bladder all over myself. The teacher noticed it and let me leave early (It was the last class of the day anyway). As I was walking out, the teacher quietly apologized for not believing me.

Okay; that's today's story, thanks for listening.



A Recent Restaurant Experience

Hi All

Hope everyone is OK.

Most of my stories involve experiences in the distant past, however I have a more recent experience to run past you.

The other day I was sight-seeing in a city and visited a certain chain restaurant. During the meal I noticed a blonde woman in her twenties with curly frizzy hair, yellow blouse and red tartan pleated skirt with brown tights and boots. She was having a meal with friends in front of me.

I also notice her fidgeting about in her seat and looking increasingly uncomfortable as time went on.I though nothing more of it and eventually asked for the bill. After I had paid up, I needed a pee so I was about to get up and go in to the toilet, when the blonde girl excused herself from the table and headed for the toilets too.

I had once seen the architectural drawings for the restaurant which would be the same in many cities in the UK and knew that the male cubicles were on the other side of the wall from the female cubicles.I also noticed that no-one had been in the female toilets for sometime.

I followed the woman into the corridor and went into the male toilet and took the left hand cubicle.Unusually there was no-one around and despite being a busy noisy restaurant it was deadly quiet in the toilet. I heard the door lock in the toilet the other side.

I heard quite clearly the rustle of tights, dress and pants and muffled clang as she sat down.She did a lengthy wee and farted nosily twice whilst weeing.

She did a raspy fart and a rapid PLIP_PLOP_PLOP came from the other side of the wall.This was followed by another raspy fart and another PLIP-PLOP-PLOP.A brief period of silence was followed by two loud heavy sounding PLOPS.Another raspy fart was followed by a PLIP_PLIP_PLOP_PLOP_PLOP.A brief period of quiet was followed by a very loud and lengthy fart followed immediately by a KERSPLUUUUUUNKKK! This was quickly followed by another loud fart and another KERSPLUUUUUNK!

Another period of quiet was followed by a another raspy fart and another quick PLIP_PLOP_PLOP.I heard her fart nosily twice and she did four loudish plops before I heard the rattle of the toilet roll holder. I came out of the toilet to get my coat and noticed the blonde woman come out of the.Understandably she looked rather relieved as she walked back to her table.

At that point I left the restaurant and started on my long journey home.

Bye for now take care

Hermes xx


I'm a bit constipated again

Linda from Australia here again. Some great stories on here today. It seems like lots of people have been constipated lately too. I had fun reading those stories.

I'm a bit constipated aswell and having lots of trouble on the toilet. I've been letting out a small amounts of poo each morning but I haven't felt finished. My loads have consisted of rock hard pebbles and short stubby logs. Its been taking me at least 15 minutes to get my logs out and I really have to work hard at it, pushing and straining. Every day this week, I've had to spend all day with rock hard turds sitting in my anus - its been very uncomfortable. Every night this week, I've got the urge to do poos before bed but I can't get anything out. I've been going to bed with a load of poo inside me and then getting the urge to go at MIDNIGHT!!! Its very annoying, going in the middle of the night. Last night I spent about 20 minutes trying to get the turds out and I still didn't feel finished. I've been twice today but I've still got more up there. I'm finding that I have to wipe at least 5 times to clean all the poo off my anus. My poos have also been very dry and scratchy.

To Keith D: I loved your story!! It sounds like you are extremely constipated. Being backed up for a month must have been terrible. How long did it take for you to complete your dump?? I hate it when a small pebble breaks off the main log. Did you manage to drop any more loads after that? Did you have to grunt while you were squeezing out your load?? As you can see, I'm on a losing streak with my poos again.

To Nikki: That must have been a great feeling, to drop 3 loads in one day. Being constipated for 5 days would have been awful. I'm often constipated so I know how you feel.

Hi everyone! This will probably be my last post for a while (probably until Easter) because I am going back to uni tomorrow. Unless, as Emma says, our internet is fixed properly, I won't be able to post again until then!

Abbie- glad you've had some improvement in your situation. I hope it gets better and your regime of trying to 'train' your bowels pays off soon!

Nothing much to report today, just a regular poo after lunch. I went to the loo and pushed out two pretty big logs and then a smaller piece. And that's all I have to tell really!

I'll be sure to post more if our internet works, but if not then I will say goodbye to everyone until I come back home and happy pooing!

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