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Hello, I'm justin, I'm 16. I was reading stories and saw one that brought back a memory for me. It was the story about getting a new bathroom and having a bucket as a toilet until the cement on the toilet dried.

Years ago when I was about 10, we got a major snowstorm and it cut the power and froze pipes. My dad tried to flush the toilet before we knew about the pipes, and the toilet overflowed and was shot. We used a cell phone to call a plumber but the snow was so bad no one could get on the road. So with no power or water, we had to use my baby brother's potty seat for the next few days. It was a little plastic thing next to the toilet with a seat and stuff that little kids potty train on, and non-toddler butts barely fit on it. It did not flush, you just cleaned it out. When I was out playing in the snow me and my other brother (he is my twin) kept on eating the snow, and it must have put something in our stomachs, because we had the worst runs that you can imagine skinny little boy could have. We went inside and rushed to the little toilet probably every hour. Thank god it wasn't diarrhea. At one point he rushed in while I was going and he pooped in his pajamas. They were the footy kinds that was all one piece and had the feet on them and all his poop went into the feet. It was quite the snow day.

Some great stories on this site, really funny! Ill share another of mine when I find the time. Bye for now!

Car Mom
Whinnie & Nathalie: I'm so glad you both posted! I will be looking forward to reading all your stories! I'm so glad you're not shy about posting anymore. That's what's nice about this site! You don't have to be embarrassed. That's what makes it unique. I don't think there are any others like it, especially when it comes to personal privacy.

You asked, and so did Kate, if any boys or males ever peed in my car. So far none have. Since all my daughters friends seem to be girls it hasn't yet come up. But it wouldn't bother me if a boy did it. After all, if girl pee can be soaked in my car why not boy pee? It wouldn't make any difference to me. But I would have to say I probably wouldn't allow a grown man to do it. I don't know why, I just wouldn't. He would have to use a bottle! But a boy would be fine, kids are kids.

Nathalie, you also asked me how it came about that I started letting Kaylee pee in the car. I did post about it briefly on page 1928. I don't remember details so much. When she was like 3 I just started letting her pee in her carseat. I remember I'd just let her pee in her pants because I knew she wouldn't be able to pull them down while she was strapped in her carseat. It was just out of convenience that I let her do it. I just thought it was easier to let her pee in the car than to stop and take her to a bathroom. I didn't care about the condition of the car, even though it was still pretty new then. Its a 2002 neon and I think it was 2005 the first time Kaylee peed in it because I seem to remember she was 3. Now she's 8 and she still does it. I'm sure I had no idea back then that she'd still be doing it 5 years later! And that my seat would be as soaked with pee as it is now! I think the first time I let one of her friends do it was when they were 6. They were sitting in the backseat and suddenly Kaylee just up and asked me if it was ok if the other girl peed in the car. I was so surprised that she would ask me that! I couldn't believe that she would even talk about that with any of her friends. It sure wasn't the kind of thing I would've talked about with my friends! Kids nowadays are so different than they were when I was little. Anyway I was surprised, but I just decided to let her do it. So I said "sure, its ok. Go ahead." And so she did. Usually when a girl pees in the car for the first time she asks Kaylee if she can pee first and then she'll do it after her. I think this girl did it that way too. And so she peed in my car. And since then so have a lot of other girls. As I've said before, I think at least 20 girls have peed in my car. Maybe more now. And don't forget those 3 moms! And the 1 older sister! And now ME!!

So Nathalie are you going to tell your parents about your peeing car? I hope if they find out they don't get mad. But even if they do, don't let that stop you. You need to do what makes you happy and feels good. And its your car, right? So they can't stop you. I'll be looking forward to your next posts, and also yours Whinnie! Take care!

p-p girl: I'm glad you like my posts! Kaylee has never peed in a couch but maybe someday if she ever had to I'd let her. For now the couch is still pretty nice so it wouldn't be for a while. She will probably be a teenager by then and no doubt she'll be one of those teenagers who thinks its fun to pee in different places in the house! That's fine though. I'm sure I'll end up letting her pee in the couch, if she so chooses. But for now the car is enough!

Glad so many people like my posts! Take care!


Response to Firecracker Girl

That was an absolutely fabulous story.
I don't think 20 minutes on a toilet is excessive, especially since it was before school and you weren't ditching class. I figured out when I was in elementary school that by carefully sitting over the front of the seat--and no farther back than necessary--was better because the others near you couldn't hear the pouring or dripping of your pee. However, I can't believe you got written up for "pleasuring yourself". I suppose that could happen to me sometimes because I too look between my legs when I sit, and I too would push off pubic hairs from the front of the bowl. Sometimes, I've even had to push them off the seat before I sit down. They gross me out! At what age did your mom teach you to cover the toilet seats with the toilet paper? Mine never has and I don't worry about sitting right down on the seat. As a student leader, however, I understand your frustration but disagree with your crapping on both sides of the seat. It just makes more work for the already hard-working custodians and probably doesn't make them think too highly of the student body.



My only noteworthy bathroom experience happened to me in college. I was at a party at a friend's apartment. I had gone with another friend of mine and she had a habit of sticking her camera phone in everyone's face all the time. So, I had to take a dump and told her I was going to the bathroom. She followed me and told me she'd guard the door. I therefore did not bother locking the door - big mistake. In the middle of my dump (I literally had shit coming out of my ass) she burst into the room with her camera phone out and filmed me on the toilet. She said, "Oh my God it reeks in here!" So there I am, my pants around my ankles, a log of shit now squished between my buns due to me involuntarily clenching. I just kind of froze like a deer in headlights. If that wasn't bad enough, as people walked by, she told them to look inside and see the girl pooping on the toilet. A couple of guys actually came into the bathroom!!!!! I just sat there, mortified. I couldn't even talk, I was so embarrassed. I just looked down and waited for someone to finally close the door. Finally, one guy scolded my friend for embarrassing me and shut the door. I quickly reached over and locked the door. I finished my dump then spent five minutes wiping all the squashed shit from my butt crack. Finally, I was done and re-joined the party. I thought the worst thing to do was to leave in embarrassment, so I just tried to laugh the whole thing off. When we left, I screamed at my friend until she started crying. Overall, however, I can't say that anyone looked at me or treated me differently just because they saw me shitting. I just think my friend took her joke too far.

E.P. Brown
To End Stall Em: Your post about answers for people having trouble crapping at school was a good idea. I think you've eased alot of minds. And most of the advice can be applied to any public washroom, not just school bathrooms. And both girls and guys of all ages can benefit from your advice. Keep your stories coming!

To Abbie: Keep sticking with your new routine, eventually your body will adjust to it. It may take some time, but it'll happen. Don't forget to try and go at the same time every day, even on the weekends to keep your body on a consistent schedule. It won't be long
before you're able to poo at home all the time. Good luck to you! And keep us posted on your progress.

To Just Jerika: It's good that you have a friend to keep you company and help you out with your situation while in the school bathroom. Don't get frustrated that she's able to be so quick on the toilet and you take longer than her. It's not a race! lol Some people can just naturally be that quick without being troubled by their surroundings. Other people may need more time. Some people get "stagefright" when it comes to using a bathroom other than their own bathroom at home. Some people just can't get comfortable, like yourself. The thing is - everyone is different.
When you try to crap at school, and can't, are you able to at least get any farts out? If so, are they quiet, or loud enough for others to hear? Some people may be embarrassed by the sounds they
make in the bathroom,(peeing/farting/plopping,etc) but just have to realize it's just a natural thing and everyone does it. I'm not sure if that's one of the things you might be concerned about. It sounds like you're more comfortable using most other washrooms, but just not the school bathrooms. I'm thinking that while you're in the school bathroom, you're afraid of making any noise in case there are people in there that might know you, and tease you about it later. Try not to let it get to you. In the public bathrooms, if anyone is in there, chances are you don't know them and you'll probably never see them again, so it doesn't matter if you make any noise. Maybe that's why you don't have too much of a problem using a public washroom. But again, it seems like it's just the school toilets in general give you a hard time since they're so uncomfortable for you to use. Another suggestion is to try to change your routine so that you crap at home and that way you won't have to worry about taking a crap at school. See the posts by Abbie, if you haven't already. I hope things get easier for you, and keep posting your stories. Good luck!

Just a Guy

A lot of great pooping stories lately.

Amylee - your stories are great with lots of detail. I felt bad for you in your last post as well as your friend in your previous post. You're probably right about Leigh enjoying having others hear her going. Its possible she may still have IBS especially with the dumps you have described, but the grunting noises can usually be helped. If the loud grunting was only once in a while occasion, then that would be different.

Desperate to poop - another great post. Glad you weren't desperate when you got to the restroom, otherwise waiting 25 minutes would have been almost unbearable.

Red headed Michelle - enjoyed your recent post. Its been awhile, but I recall that you've had some great desperation stories. Look forward to hearing more stories from you.

Abbie, Have you thought of using some "aids" to retrain your bowels? As a person who works with spinal cord injuries, I've a bit of experience. The least invasive thing you can do is put some lubrication on your finger and stimulate a BM by "digitally stimulating" your rectum by pushing you finger inside your anus and moving it in a circular motion. More invasive measures might include a suppository or a small warm water enema.- JW

Once i was in class and i needed to piss kinda badly, i had about two bottles of water before and a cup of coffee in the morning which always makes me need to go. I crossed my legs and stuff cause I didn't want to actually ask the teacher, i was about 15 (two years ago I'm 117 now :))
and thought i could hold it, I really was squirming and making a bit of scene.I got to the toilets but as I was at the bowl I completely wet myself, embarrassing, the uniforms are black so It didn't show to much, and it was at the end of the day so I guess i kinda enjoyed IT.

jimmy bobby

Kind of excited

So next week my parents are leaving to go on vacation for the week and I'm super excited. You know why I'm excited? Because my wonderful girlfriend has agreed to do a "hold-it" contest one of the nights they're gone. She knows I like it when she wets her pants and so we're just holding it until one of us wets our pants. I have a very large and strong bladder so inevitably it will be her to lose first. So I'm very excited for next week to get here. I will post some details on the contest once all of this has past.

p.s. Im kind of thinking about posting here more often. I've posted sporadically before but never have been a "Regular" so to speak. Anyways, Goodnight all, I'm going to bed!


new guy

comments & stuff

To: Story Teller yes if you some of the post from a couple of months ago mainly the ones by Feral Girl she has a couple and there are some others but I cant remember who wrote and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Louise great story heres an for next time maybe have a couple extra buckets that way if one in use you always have another one and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kristy Wendy great story about seeing that girl have an accident and Kristy great story about your desperate poop well at least you made it because worse comes to worse or how ever that saying goes you couldve used a garbage can sure it would be embarrassing but not as embarrassing as going in your pants and as always I look forward to your next posts thanks.

To: Firecracker Girl great story I look foreard to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great post about you and your friends and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amylee great story I probaly never use a bathroom like that unless it was an absolute emergency or if it was a unisex bathroom but other wise no except for peeing and I look forward to your next thanks.

To: Abbie another great story I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: M.S. great story I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: P-P girl first welcome to the site and to answer your question yes i pee in the shower as well its saves water and why get out of a nice warm shower just to pee when you can just let it go in the shower.

To: Linda great story I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Angela first welcome bacl to the site and I really enjoyed your story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Carol great story about you and that other woman pooping together and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well it seems like some of the old posters are returning which is a good thing and again I want to say how much I love this site and well thats all for now.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site


Responses to Amylee and English Teacher

English Teacher: Somehow I think that part of the problem is your sister's lack of understanding with your niece. I remember in some grades during study hall we all had the opportunity to use the restroom one by one rather than in a group. I think you are doing a good thing for your niece. Somehow your sister needs to lay off and be more understanding of her daughter, who is obviously having a tough problem with this.

Amylee: I guess I am interested because I believe I have an unhealthy obsession with pooping and using the bathroom. However, I never do anything to intentionally call attention to myself in public. The reason I think she has IBS is the description of her bowel movements - mushy, gassy and diarrhea-like. But I do think grunting is odd, as well as her timing of her trips to the bathroom. Though publically she may be professional and even a kind person, you did say she entered contests at bars - maybe she has some kind of a wild side. I don't know. It's funny and then again it is not. I do feel sorry for all of you that have to share a bathroom with her!

Frantic Francine

My splashy poop experience

Yesterday was one of the worst I've had in my half year of middle school. I had been holding my crap since like 10:30 and I ate my lunch extra fast because I knew I would need the last 10 minutes or so to go in a crap and that the bathroom would be very busy. I just prayed that I could get onto a toilet in the time remaining because my next teacher is pretty strict.

After turning my tray in, I walked as fast as I could to the main restroom closest. I knew it would be crowded and dirty as usual but I needed to get onto a toilet pretty fast. As I scanned the huge room, every stall was in use and there were easily two or three waiting for each stall. One stall, which I've written about before, caught my eye because while it was doorless, there wasn't a line. I knew my chances would be better there. The girl on the toilet looked like an 8th grader. She had long blond hair, had dropped her jeans and underwear all the way to the floor, which was something that surprised me, and she seemed by her facial expression and movement of her shoulders to be pushing out the big one. I heard her say, "F**k! finally" as she grabbed for the toilet paper. She wiped fast while still seated, then quickly stood up and pulled up her jeans and underwear. What surprised me was that she immediately walked at me from the stall. I asked her if she was going to flush and she looked at me really strange and said "F**k chill." She somewhat made me feel bad because I later got to thinking that she may have been in quit a bit of pain.

As I turned around and got ready to drop my underwear and jeans and seat myself, I smelled something pretty foul. I turned back toward the stool and saw the problem. The stool was backed up. The water was just an inch or two from the rim on the bowl and the water was almost totally brown from diarreah and that girl's large crap was floating in it. I could only guess how many girls had made a deposit to the bowl. I knew I couldn't wait for another toilet because I already had two or the three classroom tardies for a detention, so I seated myself and pushed. There pieces blasted out fast and in doing so my backside got splashed pretty bad. I tried not to think how gross that was. I slid myself forward on the toilet, hoping that the rest of my crap would fall more toward the front of the stool and not splash me as bad. No such luck. Another five or six pieces blasted out pretty fast and I continued to get splashed, although not as bad. I started to clean myself while I still sat by wiping the inside of the back of my legs, but my knuckles skirted the top part of the water, so I stood up to finish the task. The one-minute warning bell rang and I knew I would just have to allow my underwear to pick up the skidmarks, because I tossed the toilet paper into the stool, quickly ran to the sink, splashed some water on my hands, and wiped them on my jeans as I ran off to class.

I was about 20 seconds late because of using the bathroom and I was assigned a 60 minute detention. I think it sucks but I had no alternative other than crapping my pants. I think I made the best decision.

Immediately when I got home I went in and took a bath. My underwear was pretty streaked and smelled. I felt better after I got out of the tub because I had gotten the others' crap and pee off my body.


too p p girl

Here is a story,but I don't think it is nothing.I like to pee in the back yard when I was 6-7.Im 31 now.One time I was in the back yard I saw my elderly neighbors a few houses from mine,they can see me and they usally wave,but one time I ot a zip lock bag and peed in it,I don't think they saw me peeing in it.And I was acting like a scientist and saying something about what I am going to do with the bag of pee.

A few months later I just saw the old man sitting on his deck.And I was going to pee,and he goes.YOU GET THAT THING BACK IN YOUR PANTS OR I'LL TELL YOUR DADDY!

Hi again to everyone! Got another story for you today. I went shopping for some new clothes at my local big shopping centre. Since it has a big food court, I went there for lunch. I had a lasagne with chips and a big pepsi, and then I got a bar of chocolate too. While I was eating I started to need a poo and by the time I was done I knew I needed to go soon. I put my tray back and headed for the toilets. I was lucky enough to get one of the last free cubicles. The one to my left was taken by a young girl who was about 12 or 13 and was wearing jeans and a black jacket and who was ahead of me as I entered the toilets. I put my bags on the hook and undid my belt, sliding my jeans and panties down and sitting on the loo. Beside me the young girl was already seated and having a wee as I sat. I could see her jeans and her black knickers around her ankles. I joined her in weeing as I emptied my bladder before I started pooing. I started pushing and I quickly felt the head of my first turd emerge. A bit of it broke off and landed with a splash. To my left the other girl was also pooing, pushing out two logs quickly. My big log came out and splashed down. I heard the other girl fart twice and then another log came out. This was followed by three quick splashes and a soft sigh from her. She finished and left as I pushed out another log. One more after that and I was finished. I wiped and carried on with my shopping!

Will try to post again soon. Bye everyone!

Keith D

Outdoor log

Have been constipated the last month or so and have only been goind every two or three days. I've been doing single big hard logs that leave me feeling finished but they are too far between! It means I spend a lot of time sitting around with an uncomfortable hard sensation in my lower bowel.

Last week I was getting pretty desperate to get something out so went out for a walk away from the motel. Walking usually helps activate my bowels, even if the effect is only slight. I walked down near the beach but along a track that went through the trees. The walk was starting to take effect as I could feel a little gas escaping silently as I walked. The urge was weak but it was there. I started to look around for a place to stop and drop my load because I didn't want to walk all the way back to the motel as I was sure that I would have lost the urge by the time I got back. It was a hot day and I was sweating and thirsty and felt myself getting a bit dehydrated. But then I could hear faint sounds of voices and as I walked into a clearing I saw three girls in their early twenties setting up a tent. They had a bit of gear and looked like they may be camping for a few days.

I continued walking past their campsite trying to look like I didn't need a poop even though by now I was walking slightly bent over. I continued down the path as far as I could but was walking more and more slowly and only going a few steps at a time. The women were out of sight and I couldn't hear them any more. There was a big rock and bush off to my right so I stepped off the path and hunched down. I looked all around to make sure no one would see me, then reached under my butt and pulled my jeans out round my buttcheeks to expose my crack and hole. I squatted low with my arms wrapped around my shins and squeezed hard.

At first nothing moved downstairs. I was holding my breath and giving long hard straining pushes but there was no sensation down at my hole. I was getting worried that it might take a while and didn't want someone coming along and seeing me. I gave one big push and felt something just inside my hole move slightly. I carefully continued to push, concentrating to keep my butt from accidentally spasming a closing as I felt a piece of scratchy dry turd pushing through. Just as my hole started to open and I thought I was about to have success, I felt something fall and it closed again. A tiny light brown pebble sat on the grass below me. Damn - it had broken the tip off. During the brief pause I realised how much I was sweating and kept looking around in case one of the women started coming down the path. I took another deep breath and pushed down hard and felt the mass inside start to move. It was happening! I continued holding my breath and squeezing and bearing downand could feel my hole expanding suddenly. With the tip broken away the log had a really blunt head and forcing its way out and stretching so wide. There was suddenly a flash of blinding pain as I hit maximum expansion and then the short fat log popped out. It was almost all the way out when it hit the ground and stopped dead. I lifted my butt clear of the ground and felt it drop away. Sudden relief. My ring spasmed a couple of times, almost like it was shouting hooray. Then it slowly closed with a burning sensation.

I picked up a small stick nearby and ran it along my crack to clear away most of the brown. Then I stood quickly, pulling up my jeans. I walked slowly back to the motel, not making eye contact with the campers on the way past. There were no bathroom facilities nearby so I guess that over the weekend they would also need to use the bushes.


Constipated for five days

I had a good clean out today, with three separate bowel movements after I was constipated for five days. I don't always have a BM each day, so it was nothing unusual until three days had gone by. On the fourth day, I started to feel like I might be able to have a BM, so I went to the toilet with my book.

I sat on the toilet and I farted. I got out a lot of gas with loud farts. For about fifteen minutes, all I could do was fart. I definitely felt a mass inside me, but it wouldn't move. Finally, I gave up even though I still felt like I had to go, I had stopped farting, and it was clear I wasn't going to have a BM.

Then today, on the fifth day, I felt another urge to have a BM after lunch. I was hopeful that I'd do more than fart today. I began with some farts, and I was disappointed that I'd not actually do my BM. But then I felt a turd come out. Small turds kept coming out in rapid succession. When I was completely done, I had filled half the toilet with my BM. I flushed, just in case, wiped seven times, and flushed again.

I was feeling much better after that big BM that I decided to go to the library. It took almost an hour to get there because of traffic, and then I spent another hour looking for what I wanted to read. After I had checked out, I felt another urge to have a BM. I was surprised because I had felt empty after my earlier BM, but I had to go again. I went to the ladies room and took the unoccupied stall.

The lady in the other stall was peeing quite hard while I pulled down my pants and panties. I sat down and she was still peeing. Then immediately I let out a turd probably eight inches long. The other lady had stopped peeing, then she farted quietly, and started to wipe. I let out another turd six inches or so. By then she had finished wiping and flushed. I let out a third turd, this time close to a foot long. I turned around to look at my turds. They were nicely formed turds, like three brown lines in the toilet. I wiped only four times, flushed and left the library.

Hours later, some time after I had eaten dinner, I again felt an urge to have a BM. I went to the toilet, farted a few times and then let out just two small turds, each less than an inch long. I wiped just one time, flushed. I just got back from that last trip. I can't imagine I'll have a fourth BM today. Three was completely unheard of, but I feel 100% better having that five days of saved up BM out of me. I hope I maintain a normal "routine" from now on.

Big Poopa

Massive Load

The recent snow storm has had me locked up in the house for the last few days. I am sure that I am not the only one that used this time to eat ridiculous amounts of bad food. Breaking my typical healthy eating cycle always plays games on my bowels and this week was no different.

I had not had a good shit since about Sunday...being backed up for so many days I knew I had a monster to pass. I got back in the office today (1/13) and got back to my regular schedule...good breakfast -> drive to office -> coffee -> morning shit. As I was preparing to unload I realized the size of the juggernaut sliding through my bowels. In typical fashion, after my first cup of coffee, I sat down with Angry Birds on my iPhone and began the process...little did I know what would happen next.

With little to no coaxing the show started. The first act was a series of soft serve splatters, powered by a massive fart blast. As I coated the sides of the bowl I knew that this was only the beginning. Soon after the cease fire I felt a low grumble in the depths of my belly as my colon prepared for Act II. With a small push the sheer size of what was to come created a massive amount of pressure on my asshole. I concentrated, and pushed again, this time causing my rectum to part like the red sea.

As I felt the Louisville Slugger start to creep out of my butt I shouted for the doctor to give me an epidural, only to realize that I was alone in the office. I grabbed for the wall and prayed that I would make it through this with my asshole still intact. With a full head of steam, a turd the size of a coke can came rushing through me like bullet train headed for Hong Kong...and then it was all over.

My asshole closed back up and I spent the next few moments just sitting there catching my breath. After cleaning up the back splash I marveled at the size of my creation as it peered at me through, around, and over the pile of soiled tissue...

That was 6 hours ago, and I cannot stop thinking about it.

Hey everyone! I had to poo loads today, so I thought I'd tell you about it.

First of all, I had to get some stuff that I forgot to get when I went shopping the other day. So I drove to the shopping centre and started to look around. I'd bought most of the stuff I needed when I had to poo. I headed for the toilets that had been redone last year and are now lovely and clean. There are 14 cubicles and at least half were taken. I took one near enough in the middle. The toilet to my left was occupied but to my right was an empty cubicle. I pulled down my jeans and panties and sat. As I weed my first log worked its way out easily. It landed silently, but the second one didn't and it plopped down. The toilet to my left flushed and at the same time someone entered the cubicle to my right. She quickly got seated after pulling down her leggings and pink panties that I could see under the partition. Almost immediately she let out a log with a splash. Very soon this was followed by another, and I joined in with a loud one. After a third piece she took a break from pooing and had a quick wee. I pushed out two more turds and then a couple of small pieces, the final one of which refused to let go! While I jiggled about to try and free it the other girl pushed out three more big logs. I gave up and removed the stubborn piece with some loo roll, wiped, and flushed. I was washing my hands when the other girl came out. She was quite big and looked relieved to have emptied her bowels!
Then, in the evening, I went out for a meal with one of my school friends, Jenna. We shared some nachos for a starter and then I had a big plate of pasta with meatballs and garlic bread. Then to top it all off I had a treacle sponge pudding with lots of custard! Before pudding came Jenna went to the loo. She took a while so I assumed she was pooing. By the time I finished my meal I had to go again quite badly. I told Jenna I was going to the loo and she said she would pay and meet me in her car outside. I made my way there and a young girl (8 or 9) dressed all in black got there before me. As I went in another girl, who was about 20 or so with dark red hair, came in behind me so I held the door for her. There were three cubicles so we took them all. I was in the middle. We all weed and it soon became clear we all had to go number two. I didn't want to be the first, though, so I held it in. Under the partitions I could see that the young girl had her black leggings and white knickers around her feet and was up on tiptoes, as if she was straining to go. The other girl had her jeans down to her ankles but not her knickers. She farted quetly and then the young girl released her poo with a splash. I then followed, getting rid of my two logs. The other girl was last to go, with two big logs and then a few more small bits. The young girl was done and flushed and left. I quickly wiped and flushed. I went out to Jenna and as we were driving away I saw the other girl leaving the restaurant. I guess we both had satisfying poos!

Right, that's all for now. I'll try and post again before Sunday when I go back to uni. Maybe if I'm lucky our internet will be fixed and will let me post again from there! Bye everyone!


Camp Stories??

I would like to see stories from boys who have had to poop at camp, including what the conditions were like and how you handled it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Not allowed to poo

On my way home from work tonight I got stuck in traffic & was desperate to pee. My bladder was full to bursting & I felt a small spurt in my knickers making them quite damp in the crotch. I held on for about half an hour before another spurt went into my knickers. This time it was bigger & my jeans had a wet spot about the size of a 50p coin. The traffic showed no sign of moving & I started to leak slowly untill my knickers were wet from front to back. My jeans were damp too & it was getting worse. After an hour or so the traffic began to move & as was driving off I felt a gush of pee squirt out, soaking right through my knickers & then my jeans. I tried to stop it but I was just too desperate & emptied a full bladder into the car seat. It was a huge relief but the seat was soaked & now the car smells of pee. As soon as I got home I undressed in the bathroom & showered & changed into some dry clothes.

I was 16 & we were having guests for dinner. I hadn't had a crap all week & the need to go was overpowering so I decided it was time to visit the toilet. I grabbed a magazine from my room as I knew it was going to take some time but my mum stopped me at the door & told me I couldn't poo at home tonight as she didn't want me embarrassing her in front of her guests by stinking up the bathroom. I was bursting to go but she made me hold it untill the morning when they would be gone. I went to bed with the most extreme urge to empty my bowels & didn't sleep a wink all night. I got up early the next morning in agony & as soon as I got out of bed I almost did it in my underwear. I hobbled to the bathroom holding my bum with both hands but my mum was on the toilet & took ages to flush. I had to clench hard to hold it in & the sound of the toilet flushing was like a prayer had been answered. I though at last I can relieve my dire need to poo but it wasn't over yet. My mum decided to take a shower. A long shower. I was now beyond being desperate & I really had to go. I felt my anus being forced open against my will & load of soft poo slipped out into my underwear before I could stop it. It was just the tip of the iceberg but it reduced the pressure just enough for me to control it. After 15 agonising minutes my mum came out of the bathroom & I rushed in after her. She didn't notice I'd crapped myself & as soon as I got my underwear down I sat on the toilet & released a huge mass of semi solid but not quite diarrhoea into the pan. It lasted for a full minute & the relief was more than words can say. It was absolute heaven. Like a religious experience. I sat for a while to check out the mess in my underwear & it was bad. I just put them in the toilet & sat back down again to release another wave of wet slushy crap. Feeling empty now I wiped my bum & flushed the toilet feeling VERY VERY relieved.

I remember my first accident I had because it was during a school play. I was 11 at the time & I'd been holding my poo for about 4 days when my mum made me take a laxative. I used to hate having a crap at school & always held it untill I got home. Well on this particular day that wasn't an option because the laxative was working with a vengance. It was in the middle of the play & I couldn't leave leave the school hall to use the toilet. I was really desperate & it became painfull to hold it in but I had to. The play ran for about 2 hours & I had to clench hard against the enormous pressure in my bowels. It was agony & somehow I had to make it untill after the play. I didn't want to think about how embarrassing it would be if I had an accident right now but it was getting very close. I tried to slip away & go to the toilet but I had a speaking part & couldn't leave. When it was time for my part I moved forward to say my bit & then it happened. My anus opened against my will & instead of saying my line I ended up saying, " Oh no. I have to go." & then I ran off the stage holding my bum. I ran to the toilets but by the time I got there I'd done most of it in my underwear. It was all mushy & stank the building out. I locked myself in a cubicle & look off my costume before peeling my underwear off my bum. It was a terrible mess & the cleanup was a nightmare. I dropped my soiled underwear into the toilet & sat down to finish off. I peed loads while I pushed out the last of my soggy crap. I felt a lot better after that but the whole school saw it happen & it was the most embarrassing moment of my life. I wanted the ground to open up & swallow me & I got my clothes, changed & went home. When I got home I needed to go again & my mum was surprised to see me home early. I was so mad at her for making me take that laxative I completely ignored her & went straight up to the toilet. As soon as I sat down I released another mushy load into the toilet. I couldn't believe how much crap I had inside me but it did feel good.

Tom Tit
To SportsFan - I did have a very good laugh at your post 'Noises from the Ladies Room' Thank You.
Like many people I do find farting funny. Has anyone noticed that when a comedian brings up the subject during a performance (at least here in the UK anyway), the audience roars with laughter?
No one commented on my post on page 1960 when I gave an account of two incidents which I thought amusing but I hope they did raise a smile with some of you.

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 43

When Jill and I got back inside the house Jill went upstairs. I got a quick glass of cold water and chugged it down. A few minutes later both Jill and Janet came downstairs to the kitchen. They both too drank a fast glass of cold water and then we three went out to the summer kitchen and sat out there on the old couch.

The old summer kitchen was the coolest room in the house but it was muggy due to it being humid outside. Jill talked to Janet starting things off by telling her that she ahd I pissed like a baby over on the chicken coop roof. Then Jill went on telling Janet about her idea about wearing old panties and piss in them like they were diapers. I was going to do the same with a pair of old boxers. Janet laughed right after that when Jill told her. Jnet said ; Sure I'll do that but not tomorrow.

Janet told Jill and I why. Janet was going out with my mother tomorrow. But I'll will do that the next day! she said t us both. So now I found out it would be just Jill and I together tomorrow. That was ok with me. Jill was good company so just maybe it would be her and I playing the baby game tomorrow. I smiled thinking about it.

I had the radio on while we were there too. The weather forcast was now on and we were goingto get storms. The radio said where they were and thus they would get here in awhile. After the storms it was going to be very nice with no humidity and temps in the mid seventies for tomorrow. That was perfect!

We then decided to go to the living room and watch tv but we all sai that we needed to piss from drinking the glasses of water. So instead of takeing the trap door in the floor out and use the old well w all went over to the summer kitchens back door which was open and both Jill and Janet would sit on the stepps and piss and I would piss after they did by just standing in the doorway.

Jill went first She tepped down on the first of the three steps. She hiked up her summer dress both in the front and back and then sqauted in a high squat. Janet and I were standing side by side in the door way behind her. Jill started her piss. She started with a dribble which her piss wetted the wooden step she was on. That was only for a few seconds.

Then she had her stream form which missed the step she was on and went behind the next step down from hers. There was scap wood under the steps so her piss hit that scrao wood and wetted it and splashed off from it. Her stream first made a low hiss but got louder as she went on with her piss. Jills piss wasn't all that long. For it was a short one which her stream eased right off with its hissing faded and then stopped before Jill did stop pissing. Jill too ended this pis cleanly.

Jill sprang right up and turned around which Janet and I seperated to let Jill step into the door way and Janet took a step down on the steps now to take her piss. Janet too had a summer dress on so she hiked it right up in the front and back and she sqauted in a high squat like Jill had done. Janet started with her piss by pissing hard right off with no dribbleing.

Janets stream was at a forward angle which angled forward enough that her stream missed the two lower steps and came down where there was all wood chips wetting them and splashing on them too. Janets stream didn't hiss this timeas she pissed. I thought it would have been nice if it had. It sure might have been nice and loud!

Janet did piss longer then Jill. But not all that much longer. Janet pissed backwards to Jills piss. When Janet ended her piss she dribbled on the step but doing it much longer then Jill had at the start of her piss. When Janet did finaily did stop dribbling and dripping pis on the step Janet turned around letting her summer dress drop and she stepped up into the doorway. But Jill and I now were laughing very hard as Janet stepped up into the door way.

Janet asked us' Why are you two laughing? Jill laughing pointed towards the step and managed to say to Janet Look! Janet did look and she cracked up laughing hard now with us. There on the steps were two whitish clear imprints of the bottomd of Janets sneakers! (the rest of the step had beeen wetted by both girls pis. It was so funny seeeing those two foott steps on the piss wetted step!
Now my turn to go so I stepped to the center of the open door way and I didn't pull down my boxers down. I slipped my penis out through the slit instead. Both girls let out a slight giggle seeing that my penis was erect. I did hold it myslef this tme too. I had it down at a upward angle that wasn't all that high. I started to piss right off too. I sent a good long stream of piss that went well past the wood chips area and my piss did hit some of the scrap wood boards there in the woodshed well past the wood chips.

I took the longest piss of us three. I wetted many of the old scrap boards for I did start moving my penis side to side back and forth as I pissed much to the delight of Janet and Jill. Jill and Janet did giggle but Jill as always giggled louder. I did stop my side to side movement of my penis when my stream started to ease off. My stream came back as it eased so I too did piss in the wood chips and the on the bottom step before I did stop. I then slipped my pensi back inside my boxers and then we all went right to te living room and turned on the tv and watched it till when my dad came home and we had supper. To be continuied.

Story Teller
Not really a story here, but has anyone ever heard of using a trashcan to relieve themselves. Its something I recall my aunt saying she saw once.


Unable to use the new toilet

When I was about 17 I had to hold my crap all night when we had a new bathroom fitted. The cement around the toilet needed to cure before it could be flushed & we had to use a bucket to piss in but there was no way I was going to crap in it. I went to bed dying to go & by morning I was about to go in my underwear. I'd never been so desperate & I ran to the toilet holding my bum with both hands. My mum saw me & shouted, "I hope you're not going to use the new toilet before the cement has cured." I was too desperate to wait any longer & decided I had no choice but to use the bucket. It was either that or do it in my underwear! The only problem was my mum was cleaning the bucket out. The desperate feeling exited me & when I found the bucket wasn't there I had mixed feelings. One half of me wanted to just in go in my underwear but the other half wanted to try & wait untill the bucket was cleaned out. Well in the end the decision was made for me when my bowels let go. I lost all control & let it all come out in my underwear. I pissed myself at the same time & when my mum came back with the bucket she found me standing in a pool of piss & my pants filled to capacity. I was so embarrassed but she was very understanding about it & helped me clean up. She said, "I'm so sorry but I had to do a number 2 in the bucket & was cleaning it out while you were having an accident."



The big snow storm hit the east, and if you were in certain places, you got a couple of feet of snow. We got three feet, and me and my friend went to enjoy it. Even though were 16 you never get too old to play in the snow. We started to build an igloo in a big mountain the snowplow made. I mean it was reeeallly big, when we were done we could actually stand in it. We started sculpting little things inside of it, and I asked my friend what he was making. He just said "you'll see". When he finished it was just a really tiny snow-toilet and we thought it was hilarious. We left for the night so it could all turn to ice. The next morning it was all frozen and we hung out all day. My friend said "I think I need the snow-toilet." and we laughed. I didn't think he was serious, and I was shocked when I saw him take off his jacket and pull his pants to his ankles and sat on the little pit of snow. I didn't even know what to say, I heard him fart and the crackling noise of poop. He didn't even wipe and just put his pants back on. I just said "Dude...what the hell it smells like a horses ass." He still thought it was funny and started cracking jokes. After a minute I loosened up and started laughing too. Then he dared me to go, and I flat out refused. He tried to convince me, and started giving me ultimatums. At last I wanted to shut him up so we could move on with our lives, so I gave in. I had to go, so why not, it worked out. I took off my coat and pants and carefully say, it wasn't comfortable sitting on icy coldness. His turd was really big and fat and turned the snow around it brown. I joked and asked what he ate. I pushed and farted silently. A long poop slid out and i could feel it coiling up. I have to admt it felt good, and it was nice for there to be no plop of water hitting my butt. Just as I was ok with it, the worst possible happened. The ice I sat on gave in and my butt smushed into my own poop along with John's (my friend). He was staring in shock as I stood up with now soft poop all over my crack. He knew I was gonna kill him and I ran to the shower. When I was clean I knocked down the igloo and refused to shovel the snow from it.

Car Mom- I am so glad I inspired you to pee in your car. You are right; my parents are really strict so it is nice to have a place to let go. Nathalie has a blue Honda civic. Not sure what year-sometime in the early 2000s. She is on vacation with her family this week, but I know she wants to post when she comes back. She wanted me to ask you, when was the first time you let Kaylee pee in your car. How did it come about? And as always, I look forward to your stories.

Car mom, please can we hear the story (stories) about people pooping in your car, with their panties on?

I wonder, have any males ever peed/pooped in your car?

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Shopping in her pyjamas

At work today there was a girl out shopping in her pyjamas. She looked about 15 & seamed anxious. She was walking stiffly as if she needed the toilet & she came up to customer services holding her crotch with one hand & asked where the customer toilets were. I told her we didn't have any & she said, "Oh no!" I couldn't help noticing a wet patch growing between her legs & trickle of pee running through the girls fingers. I felt bad having to tell her we didn't have any customer toilets but what could I do? To make matters worse she started crying & grabbed her bum with then other hand. I knew she was about to poo herself & was clearly embarrassed that she'd wet herself. Between sobs she said, "Oh no. Please not that. Oh god. Oh no." I smelled poo & the girl removed both her hands & let emptied her full bladder all over the floor. A big lump about the size of a grapefruit formed in the back of her pyjama bottoms & she walked out of the store cradling her bum to keep the poo from falling onto the floor.

To save time Kirsty & me have decided to post with just our own names in future. I'm sure all you regular readers will know us by now anyway.

My name is Nathalie and my friend WhinnieThePooh posted about me. I have been a reader for awhile now, but was always too scared to post. That was, until I saw that Whinnie posted. I have a lot of stories to share, but I will start off with one the happened this weekend.
As Whinnie told you, I was on vacation with my family. We took a drive to Vegas from Arizona. The way there was not a big deal, but on the way back we got stuck in traffic. I was complaining I had to pee and my dad had promised we would pull of the freeway at the next exit. Well before the exit came up, we came across a pretty bad car accident that had completley backed traffic up for miles. There was nowhere to pull of and I did not want to get out of the car and go seeing as it was daylight and the freeway is pretty barren with no privacy. Plus, we were up near the front where the police where, and I did not want to get caught. I had my legs crossed and my hand shoved into my crotch and I still had to go soooo bad. Finally after about 20 minutes, I knew I would not be able to hold on much longer. My bladder hurt so I figured it would be better to pee now than try to wait and end up having an accident anyway. I moved my hand and pulled down my pants and undies. I then started peeing into the seat of my dads car, just like I had done with Whinnie in mine. It felt so good and I peed for what seemed like forever. My parents asked me what I was doing and I told them I just couldn't hold it anymore. My dad was pretty mad, especially when my little sister followed suit and did the same.
It was quiet in the car for awhile, my sister and me sitting there with our pants down in a puddle of pee when I heard a hissing sound. I looked in the front seat where my mom was sitting and she had her pants down and was peeing into the seat too! She said she would have come into the back to do it, but knew if she moved she would have wet herself. My dad ended up peeing into an empty bottle later on.
Car Mom: I know Whinnie said she would post my question about the first time Kaylee peed in your car and how you thought of it, but I also wanted to know, have any boys ever peed in your car? It seemed a lot easier for my dad who could just use the bottle rather than getting the seat all wet.

Firecracker Girl

My One Saturday School Detention

As I said in previous postings, I'm 26, been married to Firecracker Guy for four years and we have a pretty successful life. Over the holidays Mom and I were packing up more of the stuff in their house--and they accumulated a lot in 30-some years there--because they are moving. One of the things Mom pulled out from her desk was a large folder of my school records, newspaper clippings of my activities and awards, as well as a lot of souvenirs from my childhood. I'm really grateful to her that she saved them. But that's with one exception. She saved her carbon copy of an office referral and Saturday School detention assignment I received during the first month of my freshman year in high school. Two boxes were checked for my "infractions": loitering and inappropriate behavior.

I normally walked about nine blocks to school because it was good exercise and I would often meet up with my friends on the way. When I was a young 14 and a freshman I probably didn't think ahead as much as I should have and even though Mom would remind me "Did you remember to go to the bathroom ..." each morning as I strapped on my bookbag to leave the house, I didn't pay much attention because there were so many toilets in my large school and that's one of the places where me and my friends would hang out. Therefore, going right into the school, with like 30 to 45 minutes before the starting bell, and stopping into the restroom to pee (or in the case of my friend Sheila, crap or should I say mega-crap) was just an ordinary part of our day.

Well on this morning Sheila had an appointment with her Algebra teacher for special tutoring, so I was alone and like every other morning I immediately went into the first bathroom. I took off my backpack, placed it against the wall, and then took a stall pretty much in the middle of a line of about 20 of them. Only two or three were in use, including one girl way down for the end whom I could hear blasting away with a crap so loud and splashing just like Sheila would often do. I undid my belt (I hated having to wear it but Mom insisted on it), dropped my jeans and undees to mid-leg level and seated myself on the toilet. Sometimes it takes me a while to get my stream going, but I knew I had to go since I hadn't gone since like at the end of dinner at 7 p.m. the previous night. After about four or five minutes I was getting a little bored since the blasting had ended from the other stall and I didn't have anything to read. (I'm an avid reader and usually have a book with me for such situations). After about another five minutes I felt my stream start and I looked between my legs to find at least four pieces of really curly pubic hair on the front of the bowl between the seat cut-out. Since it was so very close to my pubic area, I took my right hand and tried to push my hair in and when that didn't work, I took two of my fingers and tried to flick the red hairs onto the floor. At that point, I looked up and saw the eyes of one of our security matrons looking at me through the door and I saw her soft athletic shoes standing there as if she was waiting for me to finish up. My pee had stopped, I quickly pulled up my pantees and jeans and opened the door.

The security guard asked for my student identification card, told me I was in the stall for like 20 minutes, and she asked me about what I was doing. I told her I peed. I saw her write something on a paper report copy on her clipboard, and she said she didn't hear me pee. I told her I did but since I was a little small for my age, I don't sit that far back on the toilet and that the urine hit onto the front of the bowl. I thought it was a good explanation, but she didn't think so. "What I saw when I looked in on you twice was that you were pleasuring yourself," she said. Then I saw her check off a couple boxes on what I learned later was a referral. I started to cry a little and she said I would be called in by the vice-principal for a meeting. The guard came and got me out of my class the very next hour and the vice-principal didn't buy my story. She said I should have used the bathroom before leaving home (of course Mom took her side on that one) and that "loitering" meant that I was on the toilet an excessive amount of time. I was given a four-hour Saturday school which is a detention hall that is very severely monitored.

When Mom received the referral copy in the mail two days later, she agreed with the school and was mad at me because I hadn't put toilet paper liner over the seat before sitting on it. She said that if I had placed a sheet of toilet paper over the front of the seat, I wouldn't have seen the pubic hair and nothing would have happened. Of course, I had to admit that she was right and that I had not been following what she had taught me several years earlier.

I served my detention time on the designated Saturday. About halfway through, I started to feel my morning crap coming on. After dismissal (we got dismissed 30 minutes early for "good behavior") I went to the closest bathroom, dropped my panties and jeans all the way to the floor, and squatted as close as I could to the right side of the toilet seat. I dropped a three-inch log and then moved my squat over the left side of the seat onto which I dropped a six-incher. I wiped, using about four mitts of paper, and placed each crap down on the white toilet seat. I quickly pulled up my undees and jeans and left the stall without flushing. I didn't even wash my hands because I didn't want to be seen in the bathroom.

Then I left school from the main entrance, feeling really good about myself.


Wetting accident

On my way home from work tonight I got stuck in traffic & was desperate to pee. My bladder was full to bursting & I felt a small spurt in my knickers making them quite damp in the crotch. I held on for about half an hour before another spurt went into my knickers. This time it was bigger & my jeans had a wet spot about the size of a 50p coin. The traffic showed no sign of moving & I started to leak slowly untill my knickers were wet from front to back. My jeans were damp too & it was getting worse. After an hour or so the traffic began to move & as was driving off I felt a gush of pee squirt out, soaking right through my knickers & then my jeans. I tried to stop it but I was just too desperate & emptied a full bladder into the car seat. It was a huge relief but the seat was soaked & now the car smells of pee. As soon as I got home I undressed in the bathroom & showered & changed into some dry clothes.

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 40

It had turned more humid durring the night. This made at least for me poor sleeping condition. I woke up several times and went and used the large glass in the bathroom to relieve my thirst. Thus doing this one I slept in late past my normal wake up time in the morning. Two when I did wake up I had a morning woodie and a terrible need to piss!

I glanced quickly at the clock when I got right up out of bed. It was almost nine am. To keep from pissing right then i grabbed my penius with both my hands and squeezed it as hard as I could. I stepped quickly through my bedroom over to my bedroom door slightly hunched over. You would have laughed hard seeing me this way! Nude two hands holding my penis and bent over!

I managed to turn the doorknob on my bedroom door with my fingers still holding my penis too in my two hands. I stepped into the hall made the left turn into the other hall and raced toward the bathroom which its door was wide open. I turned went through the bathrooms open doorway and stopped dead. The toilet was in use by Janet!

She was like me nude! She was squating high over the toilet bowl. The seat and lid were up. She must have just started to piss for if she had already had been pissing I would have heard her as I came into the bathroom. Janet had a hard straight down piss stream which splashed loudly in the water in the bowl. I stood there only for a moment. Seeing Janet pissing was no help for me needing that I had to piss so badly!

In fact with my two hand hold on my penis and squeezing it so hard I dribbled out some piss from my penis right there on the floor where I was standing! I let out a groan. Janet looked up now hearing my groan. Janet saw my tw hand hold and piss dribbling from my penis on to the bathroom floor. Before she could utter a word I turned just slightly and I aimed my penis at the bathroom window which had a screen in it and I let up my death grip on my penis and I had a hard arcing piss stream go across the bathroom hit the screen which it did splash but most of my piss did go through the screen which really on the other side of the screen made my piss spray!

Oh what Instant relief I felt right then! I didn't care that I was makeing a some waht of a mess there in the bathroom as I pissed. My pisses back splashing off the screen was wetting the radiator under the window along with some on the floor and end counter of the sink. Ot just felt soooo great to piss and thatwas all that mattered to me!

I wasn't paying any attention to Janet. (If I wasn't in the state I was in at the moment I would have been watching Janet piss!) Janet after I had been pissing through the screen for several long seconds did speak out to me. Dave I;ve never seen you have to go so bad like this before! I told her that I had drank a lot of water off and on durring the night last night. Janet giggled a little and told me she had done the same thing too. I just made it into the bathroom too and I almost pissed all over the floor!

Then we both laughed a little. Then I watched Janet go on pissing and she I noticed was watching me now too. We stayed silent untill when hers and my piss stream started to ease up. I had yo step forward so I wouldn't wind up finishing my piss by pissing on the bathroom floor. (even though with my pisses splashing the bathroom floor by the radiator was wet with my piss.) Janet now spoke to me; Hey Jill is not here Dave. She went to town with your mom. So we are by oursleves while they are out. I smiled as my piss stream stopped now but I could feel that I could get a few good spurts out to finish.

I said to Janet as I pushed making my first spurt of piss to finish off with. It smacked the screen makeing another backsplash and wide scattered spray on its outside. Janet giggled. I did a second spurt which had the same results. Then I did my last spurt which was not all that hard so there was no backsplash but my piss filled many of the little holes in the mesh of the window screen. I was done. Janet by the way had stopped pissing now too.

I turned and grabbed a towel and started wipeing up my piss on the bathroom floor. By the time I did get it all wiped up the towel was pretty wet. I would take the towel downstairs and toss it right in the washer when Janet and I would go downstairs. As we walked out of the bathroom Janet asked me; Dave are we still on for a shit outside? I laughed and told her I was. She laughed and she told me she was too. We both did put something on before going downstairs. I ut on a pair of boxers while Janet put on a long tshirt. Then we went downstairs. To be continuied.

Tender hooligan

How was your last poop?

I'm 31 years old, male. This is my first post here. I have just discovered the site and am amazed at the so graphic descriptions of BMs here. I'd like people here describe their last bowel movement: which day and hour it happened, if it was soft, normal, rock hard, how long it was...mine was today (10th January) at 7.30 a.m just after getting up. I sat on the toilet, lowered my pajamas and underwear down to my ankles, released a fart and at once soft poop started coming out of my ass. Just afterwards I started to pee too. My poop came out for a minute or so, my pee took shorter. Wiping took me longer, about 5 minutes, my ass was rather messy. I hope to hear about your poops. Greetings from the tender hooligan.

English Teacher

More About My Niece

I had posted several times previously concerning some of my own bathroom experiences but more recently those of my 12-year old niece. My concern for her is that she is afraid of using public bathrooms for her bowel movements, including the bathrooms at school. This has been a big problem for her - not the least of which is the friction that it's caused with her mother (my older sister). I wrote about how I once had a messy accident when I was a freshman in high school because I didn't want to use the public bathroom at our school's football stadium. I was a cheerleader. In my last post, I wrote about how I've been trying to help my niece get over her fear, but how it all backfired when I took her shopping and she messed in her panties on the way home. It happened because she refused to use the ladies' room at the mall. This follows an incident a week and a half before that when she faked being sick at school so she could get sent home early in order to use the bathroom at home.

To answer some of the questions that others brought up, the problem is pretty much confined to her bowel movements. Thankfully, she does use public bathrooms, including the ones at school, to urinate in. Now, I have noticed that she does delay urination in public bathroom and does hold it in and wait until she gets home if she can. But she does use the bathroom for that when she really needs to. It's like she won't go and just empty her bladder for convenience sake - like before sitting down at the movies or when we first arrived at the mall and we're passing by the bathrooms - but once her bladder starts to be uncomfortably full, she will go and empty it. Having been in the stall next to her on more than a few occasions, you wouldn't believe how much this girl's bladder can hold before she decides to empty it. It's like she'll only go if she really has to, but she will go. At school, she told me that she just goes at lunchtime everyday and urinates then. For her bowel movements, though, she'll just try to hold it in no matter what.

As someone pointed out, there is indeed a social stigma to having a bowel movement in the toilets at school. I think there is for a lot of girls her age. There was for me when I was her age and even much later so I know how she feels. Part of the problem with my niece's situation is that her mom (my older sister) never felt any such stigma growing up and she simply can't relate to the situation at all. My sister had to go, she went and didn't care what the facilities were like or who knew about it, and she just can't make herself understand that her daughter is not like that. Like I said, I felt a stigma about having a bowel movement at school, although (especially after having a messing accident one time) I learned to do it when I had to. That's what I'm trying to teach my niece to do. I want her to understand that it's one thing to feel a social stigma about having a bowel movement in the toilet at school, but there's a much greater stigma in doing it in your pants at school.

My greatest fear for her is that one day she's going to push this too far and she's going to have an accident in school. She is very sensitive and that would be absolutely devastating to her. I know when I had my own accident as a cheerleader, I was mighty lucky that no one found out about it (no one ever knew until I just recently told my niece about it). But I still remember how terrified I was at the time that someone at school would find out and how terribly humiliated I would feel. And I really wasn't that sensitive as a child whereas, my niece would probably feel even worse about it. I know how bad she felt about having the accident coming home from the mall and how she begged me not to tell her mother about it. I want to make her understand how much worse that would be if it happened in school in front of other kids. I want her to realize that no matter what, she doesn't want that to happen and that using the toilet at school when she needs (no matter how embarrassing that may be to her) is a lot better than having an accident.

I think that because I once had an accident myself at her age (actually older, in fact) that I can sympathize a little bit and may be able to help her. I really don't mean to undermine her mother's authority (as one poster suggested that I was doing) and I really don't think I've done that. I realize that it is up to her mother to deal with this, but I really don't think she understands at all how my niece feels. Given that she never had any such problems herself, she really can't see why this is such a big deal for her daughter. She just can't seem to get beyond the notion that her daughter is just being stupid and immature about holding it in all the time. And she gets very angry at her when she's holding it in and running for the toilet when she gets home from school or wherever she's been. I'm trying not to be judgmental about this because my sister is really a great mother (and my niece will be the first person to tell you that), but her only response to her daughter in regards to this problem is to yell at her and ridicule her. I feel bad about keeping my niece's accident a secret from her, but she'd absolutely flip out about that and that would only make her feel even worse about herself than she does now. I really don't think punishing my niece was the answer and that is what was going to happen. The only thing I kind of question is that I just took her panties and through them in the garbage dumpster. In hindsight I wonder if I should have made my niece clean them out. It is the "logical consequence" of making a mess is that you have to then clean up the mess.

I think I could be a kind of happy medium for my niece and that's what I'm trying to do. I told my niece about my own accident so she wouldn't feel so bad about hers and also to tell her how I learned my lesson from mine and learned to use the toilet when I needed to even though it was a bathroom I didn't like. I don't want her to feel that it's OK to be having an accident and that's it's OK to be holding it in all the time. I don't want to feel like she's weird or stupid or immature for wanting to avoid public toilets, but I do want to make her realize that this is becoming a serious problem for her and that we need to find a solution. I also hoped that in telling her of my own accident, that she might open up to me and we could work on her problem together.

I think she has opened up to me a little about all this. We had a chance to talk a lot over Christmas Break with her off from school and me off from teaching. I really don't think it's one particular experience that has turned her off using public toilets - after all, she does pee in them. I think it's more in the matter of her overall feelings about having a bowel movement. It's like she's ashamed to have a bowel movement and ashamed for people to know that she's having one. She's a smart girl and she's smart enough to know that we all do it, but she just doesn't want people to know about hers. The irony, of course, is that by holding it in all the time like she does, she's calling a lot more attention to herself and her need to have a bowel movement than if she simply went to the ladies' room and did it when she needed to. And if she ever did mess herself at school (which seems inevitable if she keeps this up), it would probably be the talk of the school - at least for a while. I think she's starting to understand that, but breaking old habits is hard. It still seems shameful for her to be sitting in a public bathroom stall and doing a bowel movement where other girls in adjoining stalls can tell what she's doing.

We recently went over some "strategy" that she's promised to try at school. She tells me that she goes into the girls' room to pee everyday at lunchtime, but that's when everybody else is doing the same thing. Of course, her mother is constantly on her back about how stupid and immature she is for not also having a bowel movement when she needs to and is already in there. To her, it's just unfathomable that she's already on the toilet but won't do what she has to and that she'd "better get her act together and grow up or there are going to be consequences." But that's easy for her to say. I know how my niece feels because I wouldn't like to be doing a bowel movement with a lot of other girls in the bathroom, either. I used to pee in school at lunchtime and in the passing time between classes but I tried to avoid having a bowel movement then, as well. What I did do, however, was ask the teacher for a girls' room pass and go to the girls' room during class when it was quieter and more private in there. I explained to my niece that when I did that, I was usually alone in the bathroom and I can't remember there ever being more than one or two other girls in there at that time ever. I told her how I used to do my bowel movements at school that way and that she could, too. I explained that she doesn't need to tell the teacher specifically what she needs to do - she just has to ask permission to go to the girls' room and if the teacher assumes anything, it will be that she has to urinate.

Though she was reluctant at first she wasn't overtly hostile to the idea and eventually I got her to promise to give it a try. We have the same deal that we had when she had to go at the mall - although I certainly hope this time it turns out better. Whenever she has to go, she has to get a pass from the teacher and at least go sit on the toilet. She's not promising me that she'll actually go, but she's promising me that she'll sit for a while and try. I think if she does, she'll start to get used to it, relax and be able to have a bowel movement there. I really hope for her sake that she can. Hopefully, at that time, she'll encounter a bathroom that is empty and being alone in there should help her. Once again, you might say that I'm undermining her mom in that her mom is telling her to go at lunchtime when she goes in there to urinate. But I just know that she's not going to be able to go with other girls in there - at least not, until she starts getting used to going when it's more private. And I'm certainly not telling her that it's wrong to be going at lunchtime - I'm just giving her another time she can go in addition to lunchtime when it would be more conducive to her.

One other thing is that someone suggested that I let her see me actually using a public bathroom for my bowel movements. I did do that and hopefully it will help in the long run where it failed in the long run. The day after Christmas we (big extended family) all went to church and then out to breakfast (big pancake chain). Right after eating I had to go and asked her to come with me into the ladies' room at the restaurant. I let her see me using the toilet there, all the while explaining and showing her how easy and relaxed the whole thing was. She seemed to take notice, but when I asked her if she wanted to go, she said she didn't have to. I'm pretty sure she did, though, because it wasn't too much later that we got back to her house and she immediately made a dash for the bathroom and had her bowel movement there. Of course, then we get some more fireworks between mother and daughter with my sister threatening that next time, she's going to drive her back to the restaurant and force her to use the toilet there.

This last incident was all before I had my long talk with her so hopefully we're on a better path now and can solve the biggest problem for her - that bein

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