Jill - you're not alone! I had the most embarrasing accident of my life last weekend at a family reunion, in front of everybody. I had to go, but wanted to wait until I was back at my motel. My younger brother showed up, and he came up behind me and gave me a big bear hug. Except he squeezed me too hard on my belly and all of a sudden forced a full release into my pants. I'd been trying to hold it in too much. When he first grabbed me, I farted- but then poop just came out. I pulled away from him and he started to tease me about the fart smell. I reached back and felt this warm, soft load squishing into my panties. I must have turned bright red- and the smell wasn't going away. I started for the door, and I could feel this big load in my pants shifting around as I walked! I was wearing light tan shorts, and was afraid that the poop would show through. Well, I made it to the bathroom- luckily my underwear held the mess.

I've wondered for a long time, what is an enema?

Chris, I can relate to your experience. I too had to piss real bad once and I too was on a bus and knew I needed to get off right away. As my shorts were absorbing the pre-flood surge, I made it off the bus I was running down the street and I saw an alley and relief comiing up I turned the corner into the alley and I saw a truck unloading stuff. The shock of seeing the truck and knowing I was gonna be watched was too much. My bladder let go and the flood soaked the front of my pants and spread down my legs and formed a river flowing down the alley. The delivery man looked up and put his palms up into the air signaling to me that acicidents happen and there's nothing you can do. To Jack I too had to crap bad once and I was hitchhiking and I knew if I got off the road and did my thing I;d miss a ride, The next ride came and I got inside. Soon I felt the need to fart and I lifted a cheek and prepared to let it rip, but instead it flowed and I filled my jockey shorts with a load of crap. The driver said " Phew let's open a window" well needless to say that didn't help,.

Mr. Shy- Don't worry it's natural to be shy of going in front of others. I am shy too, though I don't mind peeing in front of other guys that much, unless they stare at my mantool, which hasn't happened yet. In the movie Carpool (Don't see it- it stank) Tom Arnold thinks about baseball to "get his flow going". I don't know if that actually works. Jeff A.-Tell the rest of the Grateful Dead poops then. I'd love to hear them. Standfast- Sorority messing and wetting stories? Bring 'em on!! Silent Spice- ConGRADulations! You know, after you and KERRI's and the other girl's story I'm starting to think the teacher just enjoyed making girls wait in desperation and finally mess themselves. I enjoy it, but I would never make anyone wait.

Curious Girl
I wonder, how do girls pee standing up like guys?

Dave, welcome to the forum. I also get turned on by watching or listening to someone who is pooping {especially males.} Then again, so is everyone else who post on this site, otherwise they wouldn't be here. Anyways, It's interesting to know that you started experimenting at such an early age with watching someone pooping. Keep the posts coming! For anyone who is interested, I have discovered many voyeurism sites throughout the Internet. Aside from the unmentionable sexual acts, there is also a section of pictures which show women sitting on the toilet as they have been taped with a hidden camera. So far, I haven't found any with guys sitting on the toilet. Has anyone else ever visited these sites??

I have a had few times where I've been in the prescence of a real pretty woman wo eats alot , has a nice body and has passed very large logs in front of me or in my proximity. The digestive system has always intriuged me and i find a large poo poo very admirable and amazing... I would give so much to be in love or married to a woman who is proud of her body and her large poo poo's.

Doorman: I previously shared an apartment with another girl, and when either of us used the bathroom to either have a bath, or go to the toilet, we never bothered to close the door. This was mainly because when we were getting ready to go out we both had use of the bathroom at the same time for washing our hair etc. On night shortly before we were due to go out, I decided to go to the toilet, realising that I hadn't been that day and I would probably get an urge when I was out. It was about 10 minutes before our boyfriends were due to arrive, and I figured I could do this before they arrived. I was sitting on the toilet having just had a pee, and started to push out a turd. Unknown to me, our boyfriends arrived early and my friend let them in, either forgetting or not realising I was on the toilet. They walked past the bathroom door and had a clear view of me on the toilet with my skirt rolled up around my waist, and my panties and tights on my knees. Luckily for me I was slum! ped forward with my elbows on my knees so they couldn't see anything too private, just the sides of my bum on the seat. I couldn't jump up and close the door because there was a piece hanging down which hadn't dropped off, but my friend realised what I was doing and rushed up and closed the door. I think I was blushing for the whole of that evening.

I was at the beach w/ a female friend, and we had just left an oriental resturant. She wispered in my ear that she needed to go. Well, there were no restrooms around for quite a distance. I pointed to a grove of bushes and said go there. She agreed and walk to the bushes, tugging on my hand to come w/ her. I asked why and she said I just want you to keep me company. We were not going out or anything we were just friends. She sat me down in an area and started unbottoning her shorts. She pulled them down and her pink silk panties followed. She sqauted down and began peeing; she asked if I enjoyed watching her do this. I said yes not knowing why she was doing it. She let out her load and when she finished asked if I may help her clean herself. I did and she put her panties back on and picked her shorts up. I asked her out a few months after and she always asks me to watch her use the restroom (outside of course)

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this one yet. On Monday's episode of Americas Funniest Videos, the $10,000 prize went to a tape of a guy being surprised on the toilet while he was playing a guitar.

Wednesday, June 24, 1998

Hi I'm Chris and I' like to tell you all how I had my first wet accldent. I was waiting for a bus and I felt the need to pee but I thought I could hold on O.K. When the bus arrived I was contemplating finding a toilet and catching the next one as my need was getting very desperate,but I wanted to get home so I thought I'd hold on as I hoped I could make it. The journey was absolute agony and the bus was quite busy. EVERY stop seemed to take ages and about 6 stops from home I decided that I`d better get off and find a toilet or else I was going to wet myself. I stood up to get off and the bus jerked really badly, I couldnt help myself, a long spirt of wee came out of me and ran into my jeans. PANIC what to do now, I don't think i've ever been so embaressed in my life. I ran off the bus as fast as I could, I don't know if anyone saw my little accident but I was bright red. I got off and ran to the nearest alley way so I could relieve my still bursting bladder.Before I got there another long spurt of wee escaped me and then it was too late. I just stood there and peed uncontrolably into my jeans. The relief was wonderful but I was so embaressed that I ran all the way home. When I got in I thought about what had happened and after the initial shock I realised I was very excited about the whole episode. A few experiments later and I realise now that I'm hooked on having "accidents" and I now get myself into situations where there is nothing else I can do except GO in my pants. Glad to have found this site as it`s nice to share feelings etc Chris

To clarify Jeff A's questions on my having to do a motion in the toilet pan in a Police Cell there was no one else present but the female prisoner I was interviewing. Although it is sometimes necessary to put more than one prisoner in a cell when there are a lot of arrests, this was at a large Police Station in Glasgow with plenty of cells and my client was alone. As she as not a violent criminal and I had to discuss her case in confidence there was neither need nor was it desirable that any third person be present. As I explained, although normally in Britain toilet privacy is very closely guarded with doors on all cubicles (stalls) unlike many places in the USA, in Police and Prison Cells there are simply toilet pans in full view of the rest of the cell usually in one corner. This is to avoid the prisoner hiding in an enclosed toilet and even perhaps committing suicide. In this particular incident I had two choices either to terminate the interview, get the jailer to let me out then a long walk to the Ladies' Toilet at the other end of the Police Station or do my motion in the toilet pan in the cell. As I knew the prisoner there was no problem and I certainly wasn't going to risk a big accident in my panties. If there had been others, total strangers present I would probably still have used the toilet in the cell as that is exactly what a prisoner would have to do. I often wonder what would have happened if I had been interviewing a MALE prisoner as although I dont mind doing a jobbie with my husband George, or my brother when I was a kid, or male friends watching, I don't think I would be too happy doing it in such circumstances and to do so in front of even a consenting MALE prisoner would certainly have infringed all sorts of rules and regulations even if the prisoner hadn't objected.

To Coprologist I have done a motion in various places both in childhood and as an adult. Many times out of doors, like my friend Donna, a couple of times when on a boat fishing where there was no toilet I have done it on a bucket and dropped it over the side or even sat with my arse hanging over the gunnel of the boat and passed my jobbie directly into the water. I have also done one into a plastic carrier bag when I didnt want to block the toilet pan in a posh friend's house and disposed of the bag and its load in a bin later. Finally, when I was at University one of the girls got dropped from the course owing in part to a personality clash with a particular tutor. As revenge she went into his lecture room at lunchtime on her last day and did a big jobbie in the waste paper bin and left it under his desk. When we all attended his lecture that afternoon (she had gone home) the smell was terrible. He was outraged but could prove nothing. For those interested it was about 10 inches long, two inches fat, curved like a big sausage, smooth and easy and did it stink! I have read about kids doing this to unpopular teachers and employees to nasty bosses and if you have seen Dennis Potter's TV play "The Singing Detective" the hero does a big jobbie on a cruel woman teacher's desk as a kid of about 10. Has anyone else stories of such happenings either done by themselves or classmates or workmates?

Hi everyone. I'm a 17 YO male from the UK and this is my first posting.... I get turned on by watching/listening to females having a BM. I have a couple of stories to tell..... This incident happened when I was about five or six, and my parents were on holiday with some friends of theirs, abd their daughter, called Katie who was the same age as me. My parents and her parents went off for a walk, as we said we were fine on the beach and that we wouldn't go swimming (there were lots of other people around anyway). We played on the beach for bit, until Katie announced "I need a poo." I asked her if she could wait, but she said she was desparate, and started to hold onto her bum. I told her she could go in the sand dunes. She got up, and then to my excitement said "come on then." I got up and followed her into the sand dunes. We walked for a bit as she "had to find a good place", and we finally came to a clearing with bushes around it. She stood in front of a bush, as I sat down in front of her. She unhooked her swimming costume from her shoulders and pulled it down her legs. She then squatted, and rested her arms on her knees. There was a splattering noise as she pissed into the sand and I watched a stream of yellow piss dribble down the slope. She then grunted, farted and sighed. She screwed up her face as she strained as a long piece of shit oozed between her legs and fell onto the sand. I watched as more and more shit fell from her legs and fell onto the ground. I was amazed, I never knew a six year old girl could produce so much shit. She then strained again. "I can't get the last piece of poo out" she groaned,. Finally it fell out, ! and was followed by a splatter of diorhea ( I never can spell that). She then pulled up her swimming costume. "It smells round here. Come on, lets go." I followed her off, but not before taking a final look round at the massive pile of shit she had made.

Another time with Katie was when we were both about 12. I was surprised as most other people at that age grow embarrased, but she was very open about going to the toilet. We were in her bedroom, talking, with my mum downstairs talking to her mum. She said, "I'm going to the loo. You can come if you can bare the smell." From that, I knew that she was going for a crap, so I followed her into the bathroom. She shut the door and locked it (maybe she didn't want her mum to know I was in there as well). She walked over to the toilet, lifted up the lid, undid her jeans, and slid them with her knickers down to her knees. She sat on the toilet seat with a clunk, and then proceeded to piss into it. She then did the loudest fart I have ever heard in my life (girls do it too) and laughed. The look of concentration on her face was classic as I heard tons of crap plop into the toilet. She then wiped herself, stood up, and flushed. I have many stories of girls at V97 (UK festival) if anyone wants to hear them. Lisa, please post some stories on Illy (I think) as I would love to hear them and I'm sure some other people would too...

With the recent mention of using a mirror to watch yourself poop, I got a little curious and tried it myself the last time I took a shit. I brought with me a long mirror, the king that you can hang on the back of a door and leaned it against the wall in front of the toilet. Then, I took off all my clothes and sat on the toilet. I began by peeing and then started to push, looking at myself in the mirror as I strained. While doing so, I changed postures and positions several times to see myself from different angles. After about ten minutes I felt a piece of shit starting to come through so I got up a few inches off the toilet and spread my legs. That way, I could clearly see the tip of my turd emerging. I continued to strain and watched as the turd kept sliding out, inch by inch. Pretty soon I had an eight inch long turd dangling between my legs and then it finally broke off and disappeared out of sight into the toilet. Afterwards, I pushed again to see if anything else had to come out and expelled a small round turd which fell out of me with the blink of an eye. I sat back down on the toilet and kept looking at myself in the mirror as I wiped myself. After having experimented in such a way, I have come to agree with Cindy, that it can have quite a kinky effect. Perhaps next time I should try using a hand-held mirror to get a close up view of the turds coming out.

After a few minutes walking home returning from a friend i felt that i needed to crap and i rushed while farting all the way home when i arrived i ran to the loo and suddenly my button was stuck and i did it in my pants.

I like to see women leave the bathroom door open. I have seen this a few times in my lifetime. A woman goes to the bathroom, thinks noone is around, leaves the door open and along comes someone and they gasp and slam the door shut. Has this happened to anyone else? I want to hear from folks who have been caught with the door open and folks who have caught others with the door open. I personally have never been seen with the door open. I always close the door when people are around or when there's a chance of being caught. I figure noone wants to see my ugly ass. When I am alone, it is wide open. I also have good ears. I can hear someone coming. Never stood or sat and talked to someone in or from an open bathroom door. Guess I don't know the right people.

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been so busy. A couple of people have mentioned the book "How to shit in the woods." I have that book and find it interesting, although I don't know if i'd ever be able to go to the bathroom outside. My friend Steph has peed outside (as she mentioned); I suppose I'd pee outside rather than in my panties, but I prefer the toilet. I have a story from yesterday (Monday) morning. I woke up at around 5:00am to prepare for my day. I sat down to use the toilet before showering, but I only had to pee. I powdered up, got ready for work, and headed for the train station. By the time my train pulled out of the local station, I felt a slight tinge in my bowels, but didn't think much of it. The feeling intensified about 15 minutes before arriving at Grand Central (it's about 60 minutes from my hometown to the city). I really had to go by the time I got off the train; I didn't dare try to pass any gas, since I didn't want to have any "accidents" and I was wearing a beige skirt :) I got to the office about 15 minutes later and immediately ran, literally ran for the bathroom. I took a stall and instantly discharged some diahrrea! I sat there for a couple of more minutes and let out a smaller, but still gassy wave of shit. I had to wipe six times before the paper was clean. This was the first time I had to shit at work, and boy did I shit :) I hope this isn't a cliche, but I really felt better afterwards!! Please keep up the postings everyone; I love you guys! Alex :)

Tuesday, June 23, 1998

I was visiting a friend in the hospital one day. As I began walking out, I decided to visit the lavatory. I checked out no less than three mens rooms and found standing room only, but no place to sit. I decided to give the ladies room a try. I figured since women have been known to venture into mens rooms in a pinch, I would try my luck. When I found the ladies room, I opened the door hoping that whom ever was on their way out would understand. I entered an empty stall, sat on the toilet, and no sooner did I start urinating, the door to my stall opened (the latch must have been broke)and a pretty woman in a clinical uniform looked at me and said "Oh Im sorry". She did not seem concerned that I was male. I told her why I was using the ladies room and she said It was ok and to relax and take my time as she entered the stall next to mine. In a few seconds she began urinating and when the sound of her urine emptying into the toilet finished, she sat silently for a while. As I began to strain to have a BM she must have become aware of the soft straining sounds that I was not as aware of and she finally said to me "are you having the same problem I am having?" My heart started pounding. I replied "Constipated". She said "same here" To my heart pounding amazement, the conversation continued as follows: Me: "What to you do when you get constipated?" Her: "I never use laxatives, My daughters and I increase our fluid intake and fiber. Usually that will be enough to get things moving again; But we try to prevent it from happening to begin with. Diet and excersize. How long has it been for you?" Me:"This is the third for me. usually I go every day." Her:"Three for me too. This is one of those times that the prunes and bran are not doing the job. Me:"so what now?" Her:"When I get this stopped up, I take an enema. I'll take one when I go home if nothing happens now. I had an old fashioned mother that got me into the habit of having one when things are really slow." Me:"you mean like a Fleet" Her:"No (she laughed) I dont believe in those. I use a hot-water bottle combination; you know, an enema bag. I also have a Bulb syringe I keep on the toilet tank so the girls can use it when the need one. But as I said, we try not to depend on them. Diet and excersize first." Me:"How old are your daughters?" Her: "Fourteen, Eleven and Nine" Me "And you don't have trouble giving them enemas?" Her: "I will still have to help my nine year old with one. She wont sit on the toilet and use the enema bag like her sisters will,so I use the Bulb for her. The other girls will sit on the toilet by themselves. I listened to her toilet flush. She walked out of the stall and washed her hands. She wished me luck and left the bathroom. I took her advice and never felt better!!

Jeff A.
Moira: Wow! It would be awfully difficult to top that story of pooping in the jail cell. Were there other inmates who were watching you? As for your question of anybody having to poop in the prescence of a stranger, this one's in keeping with your story topic: I had a female cop walk in on me as she was accompanied by 2 other male officers. There were no doors on the stalls in this men's room, and she just stood there watching, telling me to hurry up as they were investigating a crime. She had no right to do that and it pissed me off. I asked her "Is it ok to wipe, or are you holding the toilet paper as evidence?" She actually stood there and watched me wipe, and then pull my pants up, (probably staring at my dick too). I suppose I should've reported her, but later on, I kind of got off on it. Happy Camper: It's great to hear from you again. In one of my posts farther back, I used a mirror to deliberately watch myself poop. I liked it too! Bridget: If you had been there at the hotel to hand me the toilet paper, then at least I'd have had a friend with me. I was on a business trip for a week, and it was lonely. For a related nude pooping story: I was walked in on when I was using the toilet by a woman who was a friend of my mother's. She tried to make it look like an accident, but I knew what she was up to. She had tried on many occassions before, to try and see me naked by walking in on me in the changing room of a pool house. She always tried to make it look like an accident, but was'nt very convincing. She walked in on me and stayed for a bit which made me feel really weird, but later, I really got a little crazy over it. There were many times afterward, when nobody knew about it, that I invited her into my bedroom, or the bathroom for some fun. It's a good story, and I'll tell it when I get some more time. Love Y'all! - J. Love y'all! Bye all!

Paul - was the woman in the men's toilet facing the urinal or back to it?

To Moira How about a special post on "Unusual places where I have done my jobbies"? The jail cell must surely win the award for the best, but I'll bet that you have shat in other interesting places too.

Mr. J
I had a rather aggravating experience today. My gf and I decided to go out for an early dinner and then go to a movie. We went and bought the movie tickets before going to dinner, so as to avoid the ticket line if we were running close on time. We had dinner and headed for the movies. The theatre is a second run place that has low priced tickets, ($2.00). We arrived about ten minutes before the picture was to start. I felt the need for a poop comming on as we were leaving the resturant. Since we didn't have to wait in line to buy tickete, I figured I had plenty of time to poo. I told my gf, that I needed to use the restroom before we go to our seats. I headed into the mens room and picked out a stall. There were three stalls, and I picked the middle one, as the ones on the ends had pee all over the seats (Yuk). I pulled my pants down and began to shit immediately. It was large and a little messy, as I had had had several dinnks and some rich food the night before. It only took me about 30 seconds to dump this monstrous load. But then came the problem--those large toilet paper rolls in a plastic casing! In that my ass was rather messy, it was going to take some serious wiping. Well, this tp dispenser had the chepest one ply tissue imaganible! You could only get one or two squares unrolled until it broke off! This made wiping my messy ass a real challenge, and it seemed like it took forever!! What only took 30 seconds to poop out of me, ended up taking about 10 minutesto wipe. By the time I got out of there, the movie has already started. My gf wanted to know if I was all right, and I said "oh, sure, fine". These large tp dispensers with this horridly cheep one ply tissue, really burns my ass! Does anyone else out there share this opinion. If so, I would like to hear about it.

Monday, June 22, 1998

Happy Camper, interesting concept you mentioned about watching yourself poop by using a mirror. I never really thought of it myself but I doubt watching myself poop would be as exciting as watching someone else. Then again, if there isn't anyone else to watch, it might be the second best alternative. Maybe you should set up a video camera in your bathroom and tape yourself. Just an idea.... To Jeff A, reading over your story about your stay at the hotel, and your memorable pooping experience, I wish I could have been the maid handing out the rolls of toilet paper. Since the maid got quite a show, maybe that's why you received such special treatment, which would surely explain why your lobster dinners were so inexpensive. I know that if I were the one to see you on the toilet, I would have given you a special discount! Bye all, Bridget

Re post of Friday 19th June; Although this post bears the same name as mine, this was NOT posted by me, the usual Sara from Ireland, who posts here. Just thought I`d clear up any confusion. Speak to you all soon........

Hi to all. Im amused by Jill (UK) saying about the large number of Scots who post here. I can only suppose this is due to Scots being far less inhibited about their bowel movements than Anglo Saxons, (and I have found the same of European races too). Billy Connolly certainly made the word "jobbie" more commonly known. I assume that Jill is a solicitor like myself or perhaps she has some other connection with the Legal system. I too had a similar experience to hers. I do not usually do Police Station representation but have had to fill in from time to time whe we are very busy. On this occasion I was interviewing a suspect in her cell. As she was not a violent criminal and was a long time client of my firm I was happy to be alone with her. During the interview I felt a big jobbie start to slide down into my back passage and let go a silent but very smelly fart. I thought I'd hold on till I had finished the interview but this took longer than I thought. I felt it start to press down against my sphincter and again farted this time loudly. The prisoner laughed and said, "Do you need the toilet then?" Such matters do not embarrass me so I said yes. The Ladies Toilet was at the far end of the Police Station (or Police Office as we call them in Scotland) but there was a toilet in the cell. This was of course in full view of the cell, no cubicle (stall) or screen. "Use that if you want, I dont mind" said the prisoner. As Donna said, I am a bit of an exhibitionist and am not at all bashful so I hitched up my skirt (plain black court style) pulled my white panties down to my knees and did my wee wee then with an "OO!" "AH!" the long fat easy jobbie slid out into the stainless steel vandal proof pan with a loud "kur-ploong!" I wiped my bum and adjusted my dress. Now toilets in cells do not have a flush inside to stop inmates blocking the pan with paper and then flushing the loo to flood the cell. My client walked over and had a look saying "Cor, I bet you feel a lot better for that Moira!" She then called the jailer to flush the toilet from outside but of course my big jobbie stuck. She then called the jailer again who came in and looked down the pan and he commented to the prisoner "You must have been holding that in for a few days love" no doubt assuming that the prisoner and not ME had done it. The prisoner replied that she had been constipated, taking the blame or credit however you look at it for the big jobbie no doubt wanting spare my embarrasment, not that I was of course. Have any other readers had similar experiences when they have had to do a motion with others (strangers not friends or family)present? To Jenn. I too find your story amusing. Im ???? and always have been and pass some real whoppers but I had a classmate, Tracey, who was skinny as a rake but did jobbies which were every bit as big as mine, so its what you eat and your system which effects such matters. When I was a teenager I was asked outright by one lad if I had done the huge jobbie which had stuck in the pan at one party. I told him yes but he said he didn't believe me and it had been one of the blokes. I was quite happy to accompany him home one lunchtime when his folks were at work and let him watch me do a similar big jobbie in his toilet pan and this one stuck too. I left him to explain it to his mum or dad if it was still there when they came home from work. He seemed to be turned on by watching me and I must say I enjoyed letting him watch me doing it.Love to all from Moira and George.

I wrote in to this site about 2 or 3 weeks ago concerning working at a firm which had toilets with low partitioning and doors, but since then have been very busy and short of time. I am told the reason they designed them this way was because people were using them to go for smoking in, as the building is a non-smoking environment. I couldn't help but notice that when new girls start they tend to be a bit shy at first, they are inclined to use the far end stalls where they are more unlikely to have somebody use the toilet next to them. There are three of us who usually need a #2 at the same time every day, we usually end up going in adjacent stalls and have a chat between ourselves at that time. Holiday Camper: My bathroom at home has mirrored walls and you can clearly see yourself on the toilet. People who come to visit generally comment on this and think it is quite a kinky idea, but it wasn't intended for that originally. It is quite fascinating because you can try different positions and have your clothes in different positions to sample what people would se if they walked in on you.

Hi everybody. Looks like there's another Joe here. I'm the one who used to post often several months ago, and posted last week. I'm not the one who posted on 6/19. Anyways, now that that's cleared up, I've been reading up on some of the posts. I think it's interesting that some people like being walked in on while they're on the toilet. If it happened to me, it might embarass me a little. But, it makes for some good reading. Later.

I had an embarrassing experience today. My friend, Mark, kept inviting me over to his house for bible study. Finally, I decided to give his bible study a try. I had no idea what to wear to his bible study, so I just wore a cheap dress, some pantyhose, and my dorkiest shoes.

I felt like a schoolgirl dork. I was sitting there in a short ugly dress, some worn-out pantyhose, and 70's style high-heels. Then I felt a huge urge to crap. I realized that everyone else was engulfed in the religious discussion, so I just sat there. I had to crap so bad, that I felt like running to the bathroom. My mind started playing tricks on me. I started to tell my self that it didn't matter if I made myself messy, because I was wearing a short dress and cheap pantyhose.

And then it happened. The crap burst out of my butt, and splattered down my pantyhose, and got all over my legs. I couldn't believe it! I'm 25 years old and I pooped my pantyhose! I just went running out of the bible study and went home to clean up. That was so embarrassing!

I was at a local Mall the other day and I ate lunch, after lunch I had too pee. I went to the men's room and there was a russian ladie In the mens room. Maybe she was confused? I thought that was so funny

To Happy Camper: No your not sick, I enjoy watching myself take a dump with a mirror. It also helps to keep wiping to a minimum, you know exactly when to stop sometimes--- to make a CLEAN dump( very little wiping!!)

pooping girl
I have my camping toilet set up and Im getting ready to do my jobbies. My shorts and pink bikini underpants are down around my ankles and I just let go 2 loud farts. Im leaning forward and huuuuuuuuugh the first jobbie is comming out uuuuuuugh more are leaving my fanny now ahhh I just grunted out a nice load cant really tell how may but the first one was pretty long and the rest are pilled on top of it . relaxing now and doing a weewee. I know Im not done and just waiting for the next urge. I just let some more gas go I think I need to go more. I take a breath and huuuuuugh its starting huuuuuuuuuuugh more is coming out kind of soft and mushy. little more gas and Im tinkling a little more. I think Im finished and Im going to wipe my vagina and fanny. I have wet wipes and toilet paper here. Took 3 wet wipes and 5 toilet paper wipes to clean myself. I pulled up my underpants and shorts. Smell is pretty strong in here right now as I look down and see a nice effort and alot o! f poop and pee. Time to go empty my toilet.

I was in a college bar once and headed to the men's room to get rid of a night's worth of cheap draft beer. Unknown to me, a woman had gone inside the men's room, since the women's was at full capacity. To my surprise, the woman was at the urinal (!), pants down around her knees with her panties, in a half-squatting and -standing position. The toilet was full of empty beer bottles, so she resorted to the urinal. No stream visible, though I could hear the urine spraying in the urinal and going down the drain. Any other women gone to the men's and peed in the urinal?

LISTENING TO DEBBIE DOO-DOO I am just back from a reunion at a lodge over the weekend. I don't sleep well in a strange room so I got up early Sa-turd-ay morning. I sat in the lounge in the early morning light when a lady who was a worker there used the restroom before work. I neared the door to listen to what sye did. I heard a pee burst then about ten or so femanine plops. Shortly after the last plop she flushed. I wonder if using baby wiped can speed wiping?) Later on I saw her and asked if it was her. I asked her if she lived there. She said no, and told me that she works 3 jobs, tring to buy a house. The next day I saw her name tag "Deborah", she says she goes by Debbie. Hopefully, sometime in the future I will be able to entitle a post, "WATCHING DEBBIE DOO-DOO". If it happens it will be with her co-operating in the event.

If anyone would like to see an outrageous, flatulant pooping scene, go to see the new movie, "Henry Fool." One of the characters has downed six or seven cups of high-octane coffee and his system is reacting. He is forced to rush in to the bathroom where the girl he adores is taking a shower. The scene is hilarious and the movie, as a whole, is absolutely brilliant and continuously inventive. But that pooping scene will be remembered by everyone who sees it. ...fluidity

Randi P (used to be) Rhonda P
An update on the book "How To Shit In The Woods". It can also be found at Borders(I found a copy in Bloomington,In) It is by the author Kathleen Meyer It sells for $6.95. It was found in the hiking section. I hope this help those who are looking for a book like this.

Sunday, June 21, 1998

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