Worst Ladies Room Experience Ever

This is a very long story, but I had the worst restroom experience I've ever had on Saturday. Saturday was my husband's birthday, and we made an agreement a few years ago that the birthday person gets to choose what we'll do on that day. My husband said we'd be going to a huge flea market (some refer to them as swap meets) at a county fairground about 75 miles away from home. It was billed as "one of the largest flea markets in the state". He likes to collect antique tools and garage sales and flea markets are good places to find them. I forced a smile and said OK although I could think of 1000 things I'd rather do. My only objection was that it was January and it would be cold. My husband was a step ahead of me and informed me the temperature was forecasted to be in the mid-50's, sunny and no wind. So we planned to go to the flea market. We went out for breakfast pretty early and left town. It was about an hour and a half drive. The county fairground was about 10 minutes out of the nearest town. We stopped at a McDonald's to pee in that town before going to the flea market. I hadn't pooed since I went at work on Thursday, and was concerned about restroom facilities at the event. I asked my husband, "What kind of restrooms are they going to have out here? Portable potties?" He said he had no idea and wasn't concerned. I told him I had not pooed in two days and was concerned. He said, "I'm sure they'll have restrooms that are OK, but I know how much you hate to go #2 in a public bathroom." I said, "You're right about that." We got to the fairground around 10:15 and went in. The market lived up to its billing. It was huge. It had to be a quarter mile long and wide, with row after row of people selling their stuff. My husband said, "There are the restrooms." I looked and to my relief, there was a building marked "restrooms" made out of those large grey bricks. On the outside, it looked OK. At least it wasn't portable toilets. You'd walk down one row of vendors away from the restrooms, then turn and come back up the next row toward them. About 11:45 we were getting hungry and we went to a stand where they were selling sandwiches. After we ate, I felt the familiar signs of a poo coming. We went down a couple of more rows of the flea market, and when we were at the farthest point, I really needed to go. We worked our way down the next row toward the restrooms. When we got close, my husband said, "I could take a leak. You need to pee?" I said I needed to do both. He smiled and said, "Oh, boy, your favorite thing." I said, "I know." I went into the restroom and was shocked at what I saw. There were about 10 "stalls" if you can call them that. Actually they were partitions between the toilets that were only about 3 feet high. There were no doors. So when you sat on the toilet, you were visible above the shoulders. I was appalled. I'd never seen anything like this. About half of the toilets were in use, with women sitting on them with their heads showing above the short walls. I thought, "No way I'm pooing in here" and turned to walk out. Then I realized how badly I needed to go as a pain hit me. The only alternative was to find my husband, leave and go back to the town. That would take at least 20 minutes and I couldn't hold it that long. I turned back around and came back in. I could see the end toilet and the two before it were not occupied. More women had come in and replaced those on the first 5 or 6 toilets. Number 10 was still open, as was #9 and #8. I looked straight forward and walked quickly past the seated ladies to the last toilet. The only good thing was the toilet was clean. I turned to unbutton my jeans and saw three other women had come in and one had to take the toilet right next to me since it was the last open one. I thought, "On, no, I'm going to have a next door neighbor." The woman was about my age (I'm 28). She was murmuring, "You've got to be kidding me" obviously shocked at the toilet situation as I was. I looked straight ahead but could see her out of my peripheral vision. She was trim and attractive with shorter brown hair and a pair of black rimmed glasses, kind of like Sarah Palin wears. She turned around and started undoing her jeans at the same time I was. We both sort of pulled our jeans down and sat at the same time to keep from exposing ourselves. I kept my jeans at mid-thigh to keep covered while I was sitting on the toilet. I was desperate and immediately a hard turd came out and plopped noisily. I was embarrassed. Then my poo got soft and came out quietly with only soft plops in the toilet. I think she could hear the plops, though. The woman next door seemed to have been waiting to see if I was going to just pee and leave. Obviously she now knew I was pooing. She then passed a soft but quite audible fart. I could see her drop her head and kind of take in a quick breath like she was humiliated at doing this. She started pooing with PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP. She farted softly again and I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was shaking her head like she was disgusted with herself for being noisy. Most of the time, I can poo in about 3 or 4 minutes. On rare occasions I seem to take forever to poo and just keep going with long pauses between turds. Of all times, this was one of them. I was "stuck" on the toilet. Every time I passed a turd, I was hoping I was through. But I could feel that I was not. So I ended up sitting there. By now there were about 3 or 4 ladies standing in the door waiting for the toilets to open up. The girl next to me peed, then started tearing off toilet paper. I could see her lifting up to wipe her butt, settle back down and tear off more paper, then rise up again to wipe. She wiped about 4 times then pulled up her jeans, turned and flushed and quickly walked away. I saw that another lady was headed toward this toilet. She was a young woman, maybe 20 or 21 with longer blonde hair, trim and built well. She was cute girl. The girl pulled down her jeans and sat down, leaned her head forward and let her hair drop around her head, sort of creating a screen around her face. She let go a gush of soft gassy poo that sounded like it filled the toilet, and then had a pretty loud fart at the end. She reached back and flushed the toilet while she was still sitting there. I was feeling done but sat there another minute to make sure, since I didn't want to have to repeat using this horrible restroom today. That was a mistake. Now a lady who had a little girl about 5 years old came in and took a toilet in the middle of the row. The little girl, free to roam around, walked down and stood between my stall and the blonde girl's. She was just looking at us sitting on the toilet. The blonde girl was still looking down with her hair around her face and let out another gush of soft poo. Again she flushed the toilet. The little girl was still standing there watching us. I was upset that her mom hadn't called her back. I was done and wanted to wipe and leave. I said, "Honey, why don't you go stand by your mom?" She just looked at me and shook her head. She kept standing there looking at me. I had no choice. I tore off some toilet paper and rose up to wipe with the little girl watching it all. I had to wipe 4 times, then stood up. I'd completely filled the toilet with poo. Being backed up for two days made for a huge poo in the worst possible place. Now, to top it off, the little girl says loudly, "Wow, you pooped big!" I was mortified. The little girl's mom who'd been visiting with another lady and not paying attention, finally noticed and said, "Meghan get over here!" I flushed and walked away in a hurry, washed my hands and got out of there. My husband was waiting and said, "What took so long?" I told him it was a long story and we were NEVER coming to this place again. He said, "You wouldn't believe the men's room. There are urinals but the stalls were just toilets with a short wall between them." I said, "Same in the women's room." He said, "You're kidding." I said, "No, I had to poo right next to a couple of ladies who were pooing, too." He said, "You've come a long way. There was a time when you wouldn't poo anywhere but at home." I said, "I had no choice. I had to go badly and it would have taken 20 minutes to get back to town. I'd have had an accident by then." We went back to the flea market booths. Later I felt a pee coming on and told my husband enough was enough and we had to leave. We stopped at the McDonald's for me to pee on the way home and I told my husband the whole story.


New routine

Hi everyone, heres my latest post with an update on how its going trying to get my bowels in a new routine.
Jasmin K- I enjoyed your last post, I usually pull my knickers down to my knees so I'll try and see if having them round my thighs makes things easier like you say. Also listening ear, thanks for your advice too.
Leanne and Emma- I enjoyed your stories as well, look forward to the next ones!
As I said in my last post, last Tuesday I went for a poo as soon as I got back from school and managed to push out a bit even though I didn't really need to go, so things started quite well. On Wednesday even though I felt a small urge at lunchtime, by the time I got myself on the loo at home my bowels were like concrete and I just couldn't get anything at all to come out even after pushing and straining for ages. Breaktime on Thursday came and I used the loo for a wee, as I sat there I could feel I was starting to want a poo quite badly and by lunchtime I was absolutely busting for it. As I sat squirming at the end of my last lesson before lunch I just knew I wouldn't be able to hold it until I got home, a turd was already trying to poke out into my pants and I was having to clench my bum really hard to keep it back. As soon as the bell went I sort of waddled off to the toilets, I'm sure a few people were giving me funny looks but I was too desperate to care. On the way I met Olivia going in the same direction, she was walking a bit weird too and she admitted to me that she really needed a poo as well. Fortunately we got there before it was too busy so we were able to choose a couple of reasonable cubicles next to each other. I lifted my skirt, pulled down my black tights and white knickers and sat on the seat which I'd just wiped clean. Next door I could hear Olivia doing the same, as I looked over to her cubicle I could see her school trousers and green knickers appear at her ankles. I took a deep breath and started to strain, but the turd started to come out without too much effort which was a suprise, maybe trying to open my bowels every day is starting to make a difference after all, just a shame I couldn't wait till I'd got home! I pushed out three more turds and made some loud plops and farts, luckily Olivia was doing the same next door so it wasn't too embarasing. I sat for a while after my last log to make sure I was done, then I wiped my bum and pulled up my knickers. I came out a few seconds before Olivia and was washing my hands when I heard her cubicle door unlocking. I was really pleased on Friday as I managed to do another bit of poo after school, but I didn't feel the urge over the weekend so stupidly didn't try to go and today (Monday) I strained and strained but could only manage to push out a few pebbles. Hopefully I'll manage to get through tomorrow without needing to go at school, will let you know next time.
Thanks for reading, will post again soon, Abbie.


Avoided an accident, but pood on the toilet seat

This is technically my third post as Ive already posted the stories about me pooing myself when I was walking home from the shops and the piece of onion I found in my wet fart. The moderator has combined them into one post called "Piece of onion in my wet fart" however I accidentally forgot to put my name on them which is M.S. This meant you wouldn't you have known who it was, but I have remembered to name this post and I would like to say sorry if you was wondering who posted them.

Anyway onto my latest story which involves me pooing on the toilet seat. It began whilst I was watching TV when I started to let out the typical pre poo farts, which were long, loud, and smelly and gives you an urge to poo. About ten minutes after I let out my first fart the need to poo become stronger so I decided to go the toilet. As I made my way there I was hit by a cramp and my bowels gave way forcing the tip of the poo to come out my bum, just as I felt it touch the seat of my panties I managed to get into to the bathroom and lock the door. I went over to the toilet and went to untie my jogging bottoms but I couldn't't and was within seconds of pooing myself so I frantically yanked at them to pull them down, slowly but surely they came down just below my bumcheeks just as the poo exploded out of my bum all over the toilet seat. I still had more poo to release so I hovered over the seat and let out three more logs of semi soft poo and tons of farts into the toilet. Once I had finished I wiped my bum which needed three pieces of toilet paper, pulled up my pants as they only had a small stain so I didn't't think I needed to change them. I needed to clean the toilet seat so I had to scoop the poo off the seat and drop it into the toilet, I wiped off all the stains left by the poo which took thirteen pieces of toilet paper, I then flushed the toilet and left the bathroom feeling very relieved and lucky not to poo myself again.

Just Jerika

Answers for EP's questions: Crapping at school

1. I agree with you. My 24-inch crap at the mall was the largest I can ever remember. It was a soft, coiled-up log that filled the entire bowl and even stacked a little above the water level. It was dark brown and the part above the water level was almost black. But that might have been because of the light above the stall which was flickering on and off. I think my crap was so large because it had been like three days. It flushed slow and I leaned my arm on the flusher a little harder to make sure it went down. Also, I should have said that I only half cleaned myself before I flushed. I didn't want to stop up the toilet
2. Most of the time when I'm using the bathrooms at school and in other public places my friend Gopi is with me. She has no problem taking a crap or peeing and she does it so fast and easily. And that's after she puts these strips of toilet paper all over the seat before she sits on it. But she's taller than me and her feet are on the floor all the time when she's on the toilet. My feet are at least 1/2 inch off the floor. I think I said in an earlier post that our middle school is using an old high school building so these decades old toilets were originally put in for high school students. Gopi says I have to "sit right up!" It's just so uncomfortable for me.

p-p girl

new here

hello .. iv been lurkin for a while here .. i like dis site .. its great .. i like mostly the pee stories ... speacially Car Mom's thy great :) ..I like peeing in da sink or bath tub .. it saves water! ;)
anybody else likes this???
any questions or comments jst ask !

For Car Mom; if ur daughter is desperate to go at home nd bathroom not available where do u let her go ? couch or sumthing?


To Car Mom

Hey just wanted to respond back one more time the only problem I see with your idea about having them go in their pants is like with the mom that let her girl poop in their she seems to be worried about their clothes because she asked the younger girl to pull hers down too to avoid them getting wet. Just a thought. I still think you should just get some rubber mats to put in the floor and make it known pee goes in the seat poop goes in the floor. But that is just me.
Thanks and hope to hear more soon.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Natalie interesting but kinda of confusing the way you wrote it please try to be more specefic in your stories because in this one I dont get what you did were you faking diarrhea or did you really poop?

To: Feral Girl another great story about you pooping somewhere other then I do that to sometimes usualy on the bathroom floor unless its a messy one then I will use a toilet and ive also had that happen to me where poop has come out with a fart when you werent especting it and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave another great post about you and your friends Janet,Jill and the rest of them as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne great at leat you did it in a toilet because that sounded like a pretty nasty dump and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amylee another great story from the ladies room a question do you have any other stories about hear and/or seeing other women poop in someplace other then a bathroom if so please share them thanks I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sportsfan another great story about hearing a woman farting and pooping please contiue to post more great stories and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ciara great story I look forward to answer your question yes I like hearing women pooping and farting I dont how I got into liking to hear them it might have been a movie or something and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmin K another great story please keep them coming thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop another great desperation story a question whats the most desperate youve please post the story if you havent already thanks.

To: who ever worote about the piece of onion that came when they farted great story please contiue to post more stores thanks.

To all the girls and women a question have had that desperate feeling where it feels like you have to take a major dump but when you do its just a normal dump with lots of farts or the exact opposite where you have just the normal feeling you get when you have to poop but when go it explodes out of you or comes out alot faster then you were expecting if so please share the story thanks.

If my last looks strange it was because I was using my psp to type it and for some it got posted in a opposite with first part last and the middle first or something like that.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site


Post Title (optional)LEANNE

I liked your story abou your poo in the shopping mall
What noises could you heae from heighnouring stalls
Did you enjoy the feeling of it sliding out
Did you splash your bum ?



Hello, I was wondering if ppl could answer some questions for me:

1) do u rub your stomachs when u poo? How and why do u do it? does it help?

2) do u sit on tip toes when u poo? Why do u do it and does it help?

3 ) do u make straining and grunting sounds when u poo? what are they like?

Thanks :)


Having some trouble again................

Linda from Australia here again. I'm back on a losing streak with my poos again. For the last few days, I've only been going once a day and I've been having a hard time on the toilet. Last night I did a poo before bed. I had to really push and strain to get the turds out. I pushed out a medium load and it came out in rock hard bits. My anus was sore after that. Im not sure why I'm getting constipated again because I've been eating healthy food. I knew it was only a matter of time before I started getting backed up again, I was so glad to go so long without getting constipated.

To Keith D: I haven't seen you on here for a while. It sounds like you are on a losing streak aswell. I hate trying for a poo when it won't come out. How many days have you been backed up? It seems like you also get badly constipated whenever you go travelling. I love reading your stories, have you got any good recent ones? Have you had many difficult pooping sessions outside?

I'm getting the urge to do a poo now, hopefully I can drop a load before work. I will be even happier if I can have an easy dump tonight aswell.


Response to Catherine regarding my noisy pooping boss, Leigh

To Catherine: I'm glad you liked my posts about Leigh, my noisy pooping boss. I really don't think she has IBS. She seems to relish in going to the stall next to people and being noisy, with huge grunts. We all strain to poo at times, but it's not necessary to grunt so loud everyone can hear you. So I think she just likes to do this for some reason.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Big accident after 5 day wait

To desperate to poop:
I loved your story about the two girls having diarrhoea while you had to hold on to your own desperate poo.
I once had to wait in a line for the toilet when I was at school. I was 14 & I'd held it for 5 days so I really had to go. I was in pain from holding it so long & my bowels felt like they would burst. I needed to pee quite badly as the pressure in my bowels was affecting my bladder. After waiting 15 minutes I was one girl away from getting into a cubicle but she took ages & my bladder was so full I began to pee down my legs. It was so embarrassing but nothing compared to what was about to happen. By the time I finished wetting myself the girl in the cubicle was still going strong. I felt a sharp pain in my bowels & without warning my anus opened & a load of soft poo began to spread out in my pants. I was mortified at the fact that I was 14 years old & I'd just pood myself in the girls toilets. As soon as the girl came out I ran into the cubicle almost knocking her over. I peeled my pants off my poopy bum & sat on the toilet to finish what I'd started. I pood for England pushing out an endless amount of semi solid poo into the toilet. By the time it was all out the toilet was destroyed. All the water had good & was replaced by a huge pile of poo. I wiped & flushed but the water came right up to the rim & wouldn't go down. A had to leave it & washed my hands before going back to class feeling embarrassed but seriously relieved.

I was out shopping while Wendy was at work yesterday but before I left home I felt the urge to poo coming on. It wasn't too bad at the time so I decided to wait until I got home again as I love it when I'm busting for a poo. I got to the supermarket & parked the car feeling the urge getting stronger. I thought about going in the customer toilets but the thought of holding it while I shopped felt so hot I decided not to bother. It took a while to get everything we needed & by the time I went to the checkout I was busting to go. I loved the feeling & By the time I got through & paid for my shopping I was getting desperate. I rushed to my car & loaded the shopping in the boot & locked it before running back to the store to use the toilet. By the the I reached the outer door to the toilets I was about to poo my knickers & I had to stop by the door while I clenched tightly to keep it in. People kept going past me while I stood rigidly outside the toilets & I knew I would have to wait to get into a cubicle. I opened the door & walked in to find all the cubicles were taken & about 4 women waiting. I was so desperate I had to hold my bum to avoid having an accident & a really nice girl let me cut in front of her as she knew I couldn't wait. Seconds later I felt a pressure wave surging through my bowels. I felt like I was going to explode & at that moment the door opened & a very relieved looking girl came out & I went in. She must have been just as desperate as me by the look of relief & the smile on her face. I quickly pulled my jeans & knickers down in one go & sat down just in time to release a torrent of mushy poo into the toilet. The relief was wonderfull & I was so glad I made it in time. I don't even want to think about the embarrassment I would have faced if I hadn't made it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Life Changes...

Okay, so it has been several years since I last posted on this website. In fact, my last post was in 2006 when I was 27 years old. I only posted about four or five times and posted under the name "Angela at Work". I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I am now 30 years old and will turn 31 in February. After being married for four years, I divorced my husband last year after finding out that he had been cheating on me. 2010 was a tough year for me and it certainly had an effect on my health. Up until 2006, my body had a way of cleaning itself out about once a year. When I found out that my husband had been cheating, my bowels were a wreck. The urge to go would come out of nowhere and it would be intense. More often than not my bowels would turn to water and if I wasn't near a toilet, I would have an accident in my panties. My friends, co-workers, and my younger sister Dawn, were always understanding if they were with me when I had an accident. As embarrassing as it would be to mess my pants, it was nice having some good friends around for support. They would help me get cleaned up and sometimes even buy me new clothes to change into if they could. I even started keeping an extra pair of clean panties in my purse with me at all times in case I had an accident.

My divorce was finalized in September of 2010. My sister Dawn is 28 years old, and since I had to find a place to live and since she herself recently became single, we decided to find a place to live together in. By this time, my bowels finally sorted themselves out. I stopped having diarrhea all the time and stopped having accidents as well!

My sister and I had been talking about taking a major trip to someplace in the world. So we did the cliché thing of throwing a dart at a poster of the world. Our dart ended up landing on Ethiopia. So, that's where we went for the month of December, 2010. It was an amazing trip! The country is so beautiful and the people are just wonderful. For the first half of our trip, we toured most of the country. We had hired a local company from Addis Ababa and they put together an amazing trip for us.

Three days into our tour, I got my period and as normal, it was heavy. Luckily I had brought a couple packages of Always Maximum Protection Ultra Thins, so I was well stocked. We were on the road quite a bit and there were times when my pad leaked a little onto my panties as there were not many places to stop.

When we got back to Addis, my troubles really began. I got sick with some stomach parasite and had really bad diarrhea. We had about 10 days left of our trip and had planned on spending most of it touring Addis and the surrounding areas.

The day I got sick actually started out pretty good for me. Dawn and I were staying at a guest house and it was really cheap and very clean. The morning of the day I got sick, I got ready first. I decided to wear a pair of light pink bikini panties with a matching bra and a pair of snug fitting beige cargo pants and a blue t-shirt. I finished getting ready and Dawn went into the washroom to shower.

I was looking for some lip balm and I could not find any. I asked Dawn if she had some and she said, "Yeah, in my purse somewhere. I think it is in one of the side pockets."

I grabbed her purse and rummaged through it. The first pocket I opened I found about 12 super maxi pads, thick ones, and a clean pair of white panties. I checked another pocket and found the lip balm. From the bathroom Dawn asked,
"Did you find it?"
I said, "Umm, yeah."
She came out and said, "Okay, good!"
I looked at her and said, "So, did you get your period?"
She said, "Huh?"
I said, "The first pocket I opened had a store full of pads and a pair of clean panties. What's up with that?"
She said, "Oh! No it hasn't started yet. But I just like to be prepared just in case, you know?" I nodded.
She continued, "As for the panties, you know how heavy my periods are. If it starts unexpectedly, or if my pad leaks, I don't like walking around in wet panties. So if that happens, I go to the washroom and change."
I nodded again and said, "Ahh, okay."
She started chuckling and said, "You should know what that's like after the year you just had! Ha, ha!"

We both made sure to have a roll of toilet paper with us in case we needed to use the washroom. We found that where ever we went, there was no toilet paper available.

We left the guest house and walked down one of the main drags nearby to do some shopping. There was a nice sized shopping centre which was about a 40 minute walk away. We got there and did some shopping. We had lunch on the top floor of the building and sat outside on the patio over looking the city. After lunch, Dawn said that she needed to use the washroom. I had to pee as well, so I went with her. We both got into a stall and when she pulled down her black yoga pants and panties she said,
"Oh no!"
I said, "What?"
"My period started and it soaked my panties!"
I could hear her pulling off her shoes and clothes so she could change her panties. When she was done, I could then hear her opening up a maxi pad and place it in her clean panties. She came out of the stall and showed me her soiled panties. The entire crotch area was soaked with blood and they were stained through completely.
She said, "I can't believe it! I mean, I didn't even feel it start, and it started like three days early!"
I said, "Well, at least you are wearing black pants and had some clean panties to change into."
She stuffed them into her purse where her maxi pads were and we left to continue shopping.

We got through the mall and went down some stairs to a traditional clothing store. We each had a number of items picked out to buy. This was when my bowels started acting up. I was standing at the counter looking at a beautiful top when this huge cramp hit. My stomach gurgled and I could feel everything shifting down to my bowels. Another cramp hit and before I could squeeze my butt cheeks, a wet fart shot out into my pink bikini panties. When it happened, I whimpered,
"Ohhh!" The girl behind the counter looked at me and I said,
"Can you tell me where the closest ladies room is?" Her English was decent, but not great. She gave me a puzzled look.
I said, "The washrooms?"
Another puzzled look.
"The bathroom?"
She was still puzzled. By now I was about to have a terrible mess in my pants. Panicking, I said,
"The toilets? Where are the closest toilets?" This she understood and said,
"Oh! They are upstairs and down the hallway to the left."
I said, "Thanks" and rushed out of the store. On my way by I said to Dawn,
"I'll be back. I just need to use the toilet."
She said, "Okay, I will be here."

Going up the stairs was not easy as I was trying to keep my butt cheeks squeezed. My stomach gurgled as I got to the top and my bowels started pushing out some mushy diarrhea into my panties. I moaned, "Ohhh, God, no!" I was leaking diarrhea into my panties as I walked down the hallway past the stores. I got halfway down the hall and my stomach gurgled again. When this happened, a huge load of wet, mushy diarrhea rushed into my panties. I could feel my panties and cargo pants balloon out behind me when it happened. I got into the washroom and luckily, it was empty. Another cramp hit, and another load of diarrhea poured into my panties. With this one, the diarrhea came out of the leg holes of my panties and felt like it was cupping my butt cheeks. After just having this massive accident in my pants, I did not know what to do. I didn't want to make the mess any worse by pulling down my pants, but I also did not want to walk around with this huge load in my pants either. I decided to swallow my pride and not try to clean myself up. I left the washroom and went back to the store to get Dawn.

I got back to the store and Dawn said,
"Check it out! Look at what I found!"
She had gathered a bunch of really nice traditional clothing to buy. She asked me,
"Are you buying what you found?"
I said, "Uhh, yeah, okay."
I paid the girl and then said to Dawn, "Can we please leave now?"
She said, "Okay, sure. Are you okay?"
In a shaky voice I said, "I'm not feeling that well."
She said, "Okay, just let me pay and we'll get going."

We got outside and I was walking quickly ahead of her. She caught up to me and she asked,
"Hey, is everything okay?"
I said, "No, I'm not feeling well."
She asked, "What's wrong? Was it something you ate?"
"I don't know." I said.
She asked, "What happened? Did you throw up?"
After a few seconds I whispered, "I have diarrhea."
She said, "Oh! I'm sorry!"
With tears welling up in my eyes I whispered, "I… I didn't make it."
She said loudly, "What!?!"
"It happened so quickly. It started coming out in the store and then I lost it all as I was trying to get to the toilet." I said this quietly to her.
"Oh Angie! I am so sorry. We can get you cleaned up. There are stores back at the mall that sell new underwear and pants."
I said, "No, I just want to get back to the guest house. Plus, I don't have enough toilet paper." I started walking away.
She said, "But…."
I was walking too quickly away from her to stop me.

About 15 minutes away from the guest house I could feel my stomach gurgling and cramping again. A few minutes after that I really had to go again so for the third time in about an hour, I messed my pants. This time it was quite liquidy and I could feel the mess leaking down the back and insides of my legs. Dawn said to me.
"Angela, you have leaked through your pants. It's pretty bad."
I started crying again and I cried all the way back to the guest house.

When we finally got back there, Dawn grabbed our room key from the front desk as I hobbled up the stairs to our room.

Cleaning up was a massing task. I turned the shower on and when it was warm, I went in fully clothed. The mess inside my cargo pants and panties was unbelievable. I rinsed them out as much as I could. The guest house offered laundry services and at first I was too embarrassed to send them with the rest of our laundry. Dawn said that she was sending the panties she was wearing when she got her period, so I decided to send my soiled clothes as well. I did make sure that they were rinsed out pretty good though.

After I was done cleaning myself up, I took some Imodium. That seemed to do the trick for the time being. Since I was feeling better, we decided to go across the street from the guest house for dinner. During dinner I had to rush to the ladies room as the diarrhea came back. After about 15 minutes I got back to the table and Dawn asked,
"Hey, are you okay?"
I said, "No. I'm still sick. I made it this time though."
She said, "Oh good. Do you want to leave now? I'm full anyway"
"Okay, that sounds good" I said.

We paid for our dinner and left. We got outside to cross the street. As we were waiting for an opening in the vehicles, a rush of diarrhea filled my white full cut panties. I was wearing tight blue jeans and the mess went everywhere. We finally got to the other side of the street and I stood there with a horrified look on my face. Dawn said,
I said quietly, "It happened again. I just couldn't hold it."
"Oh sweetie! I am so sorry."

I got myself cleaned up again and had another shower, repeating what I did earlier in the afternoon. I had diarrhea all night long. I messed myself in bed during the night as well and once again the next morning. It was terrible. Dawn arranged for a doctor to come by and he gave me a prescription that Dawn filled. What ever it was that they gave me did a good job of cementing my bowels because I did not have any more diarrhea during our trip.

Well, sorry for the long post. I really like this message board and I will be sure to be back with some stories from the accidents I had during my divorce.



A trip to the shops & The Ladies Public Toilets, in my town

Hi I'm Carol, I'm nearly 60 years of age.( Recent Post 1973 ) As I parked my car I began to feel bloated , nothing to urgent in fact very slight. Deciding to carry on browsing the shops. As I went in and out of the shops the feeling faded away. Approx an hour or so later seemed a good time for a coffee,making my way to usual shop. I sat at table outside so I could have a cigarette, relaxing reading the paper etc. The bloating feeling came back not too strong, I headed off towards the Ladies public toilets.( Iuse these quite often when in town ).

If I describe the toilets, then give the in depth details!!. The toilets are old probably date back to the 1960's, they also have an attendant. There is a line of six cubilces on the LHS, opposite the attendants room next to that are the sinks, and further 3 cubicles.The toilet pans are the type that has the seat fitted to them both sides which are wood all cubicles are the same , the paper is tough noisy type. ( ihave used them all of time !!.

I walked up to the toilets, the attendant was outside talking to another woman, just acknowledging her I carried on in. quickly noticing 2 cubicles were iuse more or less at each end, I took one about half way along in the block of six, bolting the door taking off my coat hanging it on the door, I rustled up my skirt and pulled down my tights knix etc. At this point some one entered the cubicle to my left, I sat on, leant right forward looking at the gap, I could see a trainer and jeans, she was rustling, my pee started , I was listening with intent, my neighbor had began to pee it was coming from her slowly. My owm pee was dribbling to a finish, I could feel my first piece slowly sliding from my arse pushing slightly grunting softly , my neighbor was silent, a splash from me broke the silence, I farted loudly, my neighbor whispered are you alright in there luv, I recognized her voice it was the attendant ( her name is Maggie ) replying yea and you, she paused before she answered when she did it was er plopp nah, yes, I strained uhh nr plopp, plopp, Maggie was straining she farted and two loud plopps followed, Maggie asked you having a hard time replying yea , and asking you too, yes was the reply, with hesitation in my voice as I could feel another large piece poking it's way out.I said to Maggie as my piece was still edging that I'd had a coffee and a cigarette I was surprised I couldn't go more easily plopp, more pee began , Maggie was straining, a small piece dropped from her. I let three more smaller pieces out.I looked down in the pan there was three large dark brown pieces and three golf ball pieces. Ripping of some paper leaning right forward I wiped my arse, ripping some more paper I wiped again, Maggie said if you wait I'm nearly done I'll put kettle on , oh would you, yes ok, I ripped off some paper wiped again , Ripping more paper off I wiped my pussy. Stood up, Maggie had began wiping I carried pulling up my knix's tights , and putting on my coat flushing, I said to Maggie I'll meet you at the sinks, she was still wiping.
Washing my hands , thinking well I have only ever passed the time of day with Maggie umm this is interesting. I will report more again soon!!
Bye for now Carol ( a soon to be 60y/o that also enjoys this site and all that goes with it!!)

Here's a story from last week. I'm 15 btw, and we had midterms in school, and I needed an extra day to study, but it was 30 minutes till the bus arrived and I didn't want to make myself throw up to pretend to be sick. I went to my older brother and told him, and he told me "Fake having diarrhea, it's much easier" He went into the bathroom and brought out an enema bag, rinsed it, and filled it up. He told me to take it and then dash into mom and dad's bathroom without closing the door. He also said to use a shampoo bottle to put a little gas in there right after the water, to add to the effect. I did it, ran into their bathroom, and let out a loud fart and some splashes. I looked down and realized everything coming out was still clear, and I panicked. What if she glanced into the toilet? "Natalie, are you okay?" I let out another burst and said "No, I'm not". Luckily by the time I was done a lot of poop had come out, making the water really murky, and I think I did really well on my midterm too! Anyone else somehow fake a bad case of the poops to skip school?

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 42

After ebing in the kitchen for awhile and Janet and I had cooled off some Janet was tired and asked me if I minded if she went and laid down. I didn't so Janet went upstairs to lay down and take a nap. I stayed in the kitchen for awhile longer. Long enough that my mom and Jill came home whereever they had gone to and had done together.

So I got up and walked outside and went to where my mom parked her car. My help was needed for they had gone to the market for one. I helped get bags out of the trunk and took them inside. The three of us after getting all the bags out from the trunk we then unpacked the groceries and put them away.

Jill had put on jeans which was a mistake since it was warm and humid outside so she went upstairs and changed. Then she came back downstairs in one big hurry after she had changed which she now wearing one of her new summer dresses. My mom was now on the phone. Jill quickly said to me; Dave lets go outside. So I followed her outside. Once out in the yard Jill said to me; I want to go see wha you and Janet did up on the chicken coops roof! Janet told me that you and her took big shits on its roof!

Do you really want to see that? I asked Jill. She said rightback to me; Yes! Ok follow me I said to her. WEwalked then over to the chicken coop together. I helped Jill get up on the stone wall and she hoisted herself up on the lower roof. I followed her up on the roof. Where we had gotten up on the roof was between my shit and Janets.

Jill looked to the right irst and saw where Janet had shit which if you remember Janet left a good pile of several pieces of shit. Jill saw Janets pile of shit and she laughed and said to me; Gee Dave you sure did shit a lot! I said to Jill; Jill that's not mine. Mine is over there and I pointed to where my shit was. Jill giggled a little and said to me; Oh my mistake! Janets shit I thought was yours. Looking at my shit Jill went on saying; Gee you both really went big time!

Jill then went over to the front of the higher roof and she climbed up on it and sat down near its front edge. Then she said to me;Dave I don't have to poop so I can't do that like a baby like you and Janet did but I do have to pee and I'll pee like a baby for you! Jill got up and raised her summer dress right up in the front and back. Then she sat back down on the roof. Then she laid down on her back placing her sneakers at the roofs edge.

Jill didn't have her ass slid forward so her vagina was over the roofs edge. It was just before it. As I ooked at Jill and beforeI could tell her sh better slide forward just a little Jill started to piss and hard! Her piss came out from her vagina at first goingdown at a sharp angle which hit the roofs edge lip making a big splash. Then her stream changed where if she had been squating or standing would have been straighter so now her piss stream wasn't hitting the roof anymore. It shot forward and gravity bent it down and her piss now was hitin and wetting the lower roof of the chicken coop.

Jills piss was very yellow in color and it made a nice single yellow trail as it went down over the roof to its edge and ran off. Her stream wasn't hissing as he pissed but after several seconds it started to hiss and it was loud.(:-)) A few more seconds passe and then Jill said to me; Hey to bad I don't have a old pair of panties on. I would be pissing in them and when I finish you cpuld change my diaper! Jill giggledd hard and I let out a pretty good chuckle.

Jill pissed for several second more and then her stream died right off which she wound up dribbleing a little winding up with a slight wet ass. Jill sat up and then she got right up and stood there looking where her piss had ran down over the lower roof. Then she hopped down to the lower roof. Ok does the baby boy have to go? Jill asked me. In fact I did have to piss from drinking the oce water with Janet after we had come back inisde after being here at the chicken coop.

So I told Jll I did have to pee. Jill let out a short sueel od delight hearing that I did have to go. I hopped up on the higher roof and turned and faced Jills way. I quickly shoved downmy boxers which Jill giggled pretty hard when she saw that my penis was erect. I didn't want to lay down this time. I knelt which wa fine with Jill. She came right over and stood on the lower roof but just off to the side of me so I had a clear path to piss.

Before I did start to piss Jill quickly said to me; Here let mama hold the baby boy so he doesn't make a mess! Jill reached right over and she did take a hold of my penis and then I started to piss. I sent a nice long not all that high arcing thin piss stream that made it almsot to the lwoer roofs edge. It hit the roof about a foot short of the roofs edge and made a splash an ran over to the roofs edge and over it.

Jill seeing this said to me; Baby should try going a little harder! I then gave a push which made my stream harder makeing it jump forward and cleared the edge of the lower roof by about a half foot. That made Jill giggle hard seeing that I had done it! I even smiled a little for I wasn't sure if I could do it. Since I had drank two large glasses of ice water I took a nice long piss.

When my bladder neared being empty my stream fell some and came back so that my pis stream once again was landing on the lower roof and came back up it towards us. It came back halfway and then I stopped pisssing. Jillright after I had stopped said to me giggling just a little; Now baby boy make sure you are done so you don't wet yourslef and mommy won't have to spank you! So I gave a hard push sending out one good single long short spurt of piss. That was it I was done.

Jill said to me giggleing again; Now that's a good boy! Then she let go of my pensi and slid my boxers right back in place for me. I hopped down off from the roof and we both walked over to the roofs edge and we jumped off. As we now started heading back over to the house Jill told me that she would tomorrow put on a old pair of pantis and have another pair to change into after she wet her diaper and I would change her! I laughed and Jill knew that I would go for that. I would surpriseher and I would wear a old pair of my boxres and do the same thing! To be continuied.

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