Feral Girl

Did something really naughty!

SquatSpotter: nope, didn't ever try it gonna have to next time she's here.

new guy: lol, intended to keep posting!

don't like christmas, my cousins visit so if they don't stay over a few days at least a day or two there's people constantly around and i have to use the bathroom. i have to squat on the toilet, and it's not that bad to go that way but i'm afraid my foot's gonna slip off and i'll fall. at least none of them looked in my closet and asked why the bucket was in there!

Also ruined a pair of panties last week :( was wearing one of the few plain white panties i own (rest are boy cuts mostly blue and grey) i'd already taken my pants off and was walking across my room when and felt like i had to poot a little. alot of times i'll just barely feel like i need to poot, and i'll let a little one out, then i'll have to again a couple of more times, so when i feel like that i just push hard and poot real loud once. so i pushed hard and pooted, it was loud, but a piece of poo squished out with it! it was gross, i had to carefully walk into the bathroom and take them off then clean up and put them in a bag to throw away.

anyway, did something really naughty today. i caught a cold last week and just go over it, so since it was kind of chilly today outside i didn't really want to go out there to poo, but i wasn't feeling like going in my bucket again. i started thinking about what happened with J when i texted her to tell her i needed to poo (we've been texting each other saying when we have to poo since that sleepover, lol) so I was thinking about how easy it was to clean her poo up in the bathroom, and i have to clean the bathroom and everything cuz that's my chore and I'm the only one that even uses the toilet in there (don't have to clean that, lol, it barely gets used).

was also thinking that i do like waiting until i really have to go before i pee or poo, it just makes me feel, i don't know excited to know i'm about to go in my pants. So i waited a long time, i normally go at like 4, so about 4:30 i was starting to feel the need and and i got up and took the book i'm readin with me into the bathroom. i ended up gettin all the way naked so my shirt wouldn't hang down or something and i sat down in the shut toilet lid with my foot under me so i could press it into my cat to keep my pee in too and i stated reading. probably was almost 5, i was having trouble concentrating on reading cuz i really needed to pee *and* poo and felt like i was prairie dogging.

put my book on the counter and got up and shivered cuz i really needed to go. i went and stood in front of the mirror like J had been doing with one hand on the counter and the other on my y'know and my feet together. i was starting to sweat from holding it in, and i felt my poo starting to slide between my clenched butt cheeks so i pulled it back in real hard one last time then spread my feet a bit and pushed for just a second. i felt a long piece of poo slide between my butt cheeks and hit the floor wit ha loud slap. that relieved the pressure enough i could stop for a bit, but some of my pee leaked out so my fingers were wet and a few drops hit the floor. i wiped my fingers on my pubes, lol.

i stepped back and looked at what i did, there was a piece like, i swear almost a foot long folded on the floor, it was huge. i felt a little more pee trickle out, and i didn't want to have to worry with mopping the whole floor cuz i peed all over the place too. was gonna pee in the bathtub, but didn't want to poo in it cuz i dunno how hard it'd be to clean. so i was gonna sit on the edge. i took a couple of steps and got hit with another wave of having to poo bad, and pooted a few times, but i had to move the bath mat out of the way.

I bent down to pick up the bathmat, and as i did i pooted again real loud and another long piece of poo shot out, so i froze like that as it slapped on the floor. more pee leaked out and was running down my legs. i set the bathmat on the toilet and lifted one foot and put it in the tub and sort of lost balance so i reached out with my hand to catch the wall and steady myself and as i did i took my other hand off my cat and as i did i just started peeing and couldn't stop. luckily the way i was standing it was running down my leg in the bathtub, so perfect lol, i just stood there and let go it felt so good, but i still needed to poo some more so i brought my other foot over into the tub while i was still peeing away and it started just flooding down both my legs, my hair on my cat and my legs was soaked totally. i sat down on the edge of the tub and slid back so i had my butt hanging over, and my cat was sort of pressed down against the tub so my pee was puddling between my legs and going down the inside of the tub. i pushed hard and pooted some more then my poo started dropping on the floor slower than before.

finally finished and got up and turned the shower on so i could wash my pubes off good then cleaned my butt. bathroom was a mess, lol. had to pick up the poop with toilet paper and drop it in the toilet, then wipe up the drops of pee i left then clean the floor good.

gonna remember this next time J is over if she wants to try this again!

-feral girl

Car Mom
Thank you to new guy, Joshua, Mac daddy, and the anonymous posters! I'm glad you all like my posts, and I hope to post more, as things happen. Joshua, that's good advise. Probably what I will do and have done in the past is just have them leave their pants up if they're going to poop. This time just kind of happened and it wasn't planned out. And as I've said I'm not too worried about this car anymore so if she or anyone else ever poops in it again its not that big a deal. Nothing really new with me. I haven't seen 38yo mom in a while so I haven't yet told her about me peeing in my car yet. Kaylee peed in it earlier today, on the way home from the store, but that's about it. And someone asked if Kaylee ever tried to pee in someone elses car. She knows that she can't just do it in someone elses car unless they say she can and so far that has never happened. And yes I am the one who usually drives, I suppose because I'm the one with the toilet car!


What do I do?

Okay, so earlier me and my younger brother went out to the mall. We were walking around shopping when my drinks caught up with me and I really had to pee. I held it a little bit thinking he would soon as to use the bathroom since he's only 9. Well, he didn't and thirty minutes later I was desperate. I asked him if he needed to use the restroom and he replied "No." I was scared to leave him alone and he refuses to go in girl's bathrooms so I paid for my stuff and decided to leave for home. As I got in my car I had to hold my self to try not to pee. My brother asked me if I had to use the bathroom and I said yes. He started giggling and making water noises. I told him to shut up. Well about halfway home I was actually debating on pulling over and dragging him in the bathroom because I was really close to peeing myself. But instead I kept on thinking I could make it. Well when I got in my neighborhood I felt the first squirt come out and I was horrified. I started squirming bad and holding myself and my brother looks over and says "Mommy told me big kids don't have accidents." I told him they don't and sped up and got to my house. When I got out of my car the floodgates opened and I had an accident right in front of my little brother. My question is, how should I get him to keep it quiet in front of my parents (they're really strict)? Not only that, how do I make him understand accidents happen while not letting him think it's okay to just pee yourself whenever you feel like it? I feel horrible :(

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 35

When Janet, Jill, and I left the bike shop I carried my new bike since it was in a box. The girls carried two bags which had the other items I had bought for my bike along with a single bag with their new sundresses. Good thing it wasn;t a far walk to the bus stop. The bike in its box was fairly heavy but clumsy to handle too.

WE got to the bus stop and I checked the time and the schedule. We had just missed one! So we had a hour wait now. I asked the girls if they were thirsty. From both Janet and Jill I got a yes answer. So I dug out some money and I stayed at the bus stop while they went and got something to drink. They came back about ten r so minutes later with bottles of soda. They sat back down with me and we sipped our sodas, talked some while we waited for the bus.

While there too at the bus stop I showed the girls the other items I had bought from the bike shop. I had bought tow carriers fron and rear, two small sadddle bags front and rear, a generator light set, and a milage meter. I wanted a speedometer but they were sold out. Jill and Janet thought the milage meter and the light set were neat. We went on doing other talking and that passed the time which the bus did come and we got on.

After paying the fares we all went to the very back which I reasted the bike box up against the back seat and I and Janet sat in one seat up one from the back seat while Jill sat directly across from Janet and I. The bus almost took a hour to get back to Troy. We got off and now had to wait for the bus that would take us home. Again we had a wait but only for a half hour this time not a hour.

So we waited and talked. The bus did come and we piled on. There were some other people that got n but we had gone to the back again and set the bike box by the back seat and again we sat the same way in the back like we had done on theother bus. Now we had a 45 minute ride again before we would be home. By the time we got into the suburbs it was just us three on the bus and the driver.

But now we had run into a problem. Janet and Jill both had to piss. I did too but I knew that I could hold it till we did get home. I didn't think the two girls could though. We still had about a half hour ride yet left. Jill was in a more desperate state then Janet. Jill was squirming hard in her seat. She was opening and closing her legs tightly as she squirmed around on her seat. Janet just had her legs tightly together and sitting stiffly.

We no longer had the soda bottles which for either of the girls that would be very hard for them to piss into. The shopping bags were paper so they couldn't be used. (this was before plastic ones) Then I checked my bike parts. Sure enough the carriers both were in plastic bags so I took one carrier out put it back in its box. Now I said I have something you girls can use! Jill seeing the plastic bag in my hand grabbed it right out of my hand!

It took Jill only a few short seconds to slip her shorts and panties down and slide forward on her seat. She placed the plastic bag under her which I could see opened widely at its top under her left thigh. Then I saew it start filling up with yellow piss as Jill pissed right into the bag! Even with the bus'es lound motor I could hear her piss splashing in the plastic bag as she pissed into it.

Janet seeing that Jill was haveing no problem with the plastic bag said to Jill; Give that bag to me when your'e done! Jill shook her head yes. Jill pissed pretty close to twenty seconds and then she stopped. She carefully held the bag as she one naded pulled her panties up the her shorts. Then she handed the bag across the aisle to me.

I could feel the warmth of Jills piss through the bag when I held it as Janet now was slideing her shorts down and then slid her panties down. She thenlike Jill slid forward on the seat. Then she took the bag from me. But Janet opened her thighs wide apart as she could get them. Then she lowered the bag down with its top wide open and placed it down under her vagina.

It took Janet a couple of seconds to start pissing in the bag. When she did start like Jill she had a yellow colored piss stream and with Jills piss in the bag and I being right next to her her piss splashing was louder plus her stream hissed as it flowed. Janet after pissing for several seconds Jill asked Janet; Areyou doing ok sis? Janet looking down at the bag said back to Jill; Yes I am Jill. Then Janet gave me a quick look with a smile and then looked back down at the bag and her piss stream.

Janet wound up pissing much longer then Jill had. So the bag was about a third full of piss when Jaet finished her piss. I took the bag from Janet after she was done and she pulled her panties and shorts up. Now the window was open so I told Janet to just drop the bag out the window. Janet took the bag from me and she and I looked up towards the front of the bus checking on the driver. He was driving not paying any attention to us here in the back of the bus. Janet then in one quick motion lifted the bag up and dropped it out the window.

The three of us turned right around and in a few seocnds looking out the two large back windows of the bus we saw where the bag had landed on the highway. There wa a big black wet spot on the highways pavement. We all laughed hard and then turned around. Then a short time later Jill said; I wondered what it would have looked like if one of us had shit in that bag too! Janet said to Jill; Only you would think of that Jill. Jill laughed hard.

We spent the remaining time on the bus just sitting and waiting to the end of the ride. We took the bus right to the last stop at Giffords store at the one end of my road. Got off walked up and over the hill and walked directly into the barn. I made it and before I got into putting my new bike together I would take a piss there in the barn. Also too it would be just Janet and I in the barn not Jill. To be continuied.

Hi again everyone. Here's the conclusion to my weekend of shopping and using the facilities!
So I went out shopping again on Sunday and as I suspected after having enchiladas for dinner the night before I had to do a number two while I was out again. Soon enough I felt the rumbling in my bowels and then the pressure that told me I needed to go. I went to the toilets and got into a cubicle quickly. I lowered my jeans and knickers (pink today!) to my feet and sat down. Immediately I let out a silent but wet fart and a couple of small pieces of poo. Then the standard effect of spicy food on my bowels began to set in, and a load of mushy poo started to come out. It smelled really bad! There was loads of it and it took ages for it all to come out. After that load was out I pushed out two soft logs and then a bit more mushy stuff and I was done.

Will post again soon! Bye!


Food Reaction in the Ladies' Room

I appreciate the comments on my first few posts. I've got more posts about my noisy pooper boss, Leigh, and the other pooping ladies at work if there is interest. But this post is different. I had another situation on New Year's Day evening (Saturday) involving my good friend Alana, who I've known for many years and she is OK with me posting this. The only way to describe Alana is beautiful. Her grandparents were Italian immigrants which she is proud of and says jokingly that her heritage makes her an expert on Italian food. Alana is a very petite, great looking woman in her late 20's, with long black hair, and dark eyes. She's only 5'1" tall and might weigh 95 pounds. She takes excellent care of herself, and runs competitively. She's even entered marathons. And she's a sweetheart of a person - really a great friend. When guys see her coming, they can't help but stare and when they pass her, I've seen them turning to look at her butt since she is usually wearing tight jeans or stretch pants. Alana is married and her husband and my husband are also good friends, so we all go out together a lot. For New Year's Day we planned to go to an excellent Italian restaurant that Alana had suggested. Alana was looking extremely beautiful that evening. She had on tight medium brown pants and a black sweater top. I've been told I'm cute, but I've always envied Alana's looks. She told us that since she was Italian she knew where to find the best Italian food. So we took her suggestion and arrived at the restaurant around 6:30. Alana did the ordering for us. The food was fantastic. It was authentic with a lot of garlic. We joked that it was good we were all eating the garlicky food so we could stand to be around one another later on. After we ate, I noticed Alana had gotten quiet. I privately asked her if she was OK, and she said, "Let's go to the ladies' room." We were walking to the restroom and she told me that although she loved the food, fresh garlic would often play havoc on her stomach, sometimes immediately. She said, "I think I'm going to have to poo." I said that was fine. We went into the ladies' room. One woman was just leaving and there was no one else there. There were 4 stalls. Alana took the far stall. She said, "I hope no one else comes in until I'm done." Being a shy pooper myself, I understood and knew that Alana hated to go #2 in a public restroom. She was almost paranoid about it, especially if she thought it was going to be a noisy one. Alana sat down but didn't do anything that I could hear. I asked if she was OK. She said, "I think it's coming." I got out my lipstick and touched up. Just then a woman about 40 years old came in. She took the second stall, a couple down from Alana. She peed and sat there for a minute. I thought she might have to poo. But I heard her tearing toilet paper. At that time, Alana let loose with a torrent of soft, gassy, noisy poo. I could smell it almost immediately. The other lady flushed and came out and washed her hands. She looked at me, smiled, kind of wrinkled her nose, glanced at Alana's stall, and fanned her hand in front of her face. Obviously she didn't know I was friends with the lady in the stall. I just smiled and continued to touch up my makeup. Alana farted loudly and whispered, "Oh." The lady glanced around at the stall again then went out the door. I told Alana the lady had left. She said, "I couldn't help it. I had to let it go with her in here." I said, "It's no big deal Alana, but you should flush." She said, "I'm not through yet." I said, "OK, but it smells." She said, "Oh, sorry. I wasn't thinking. Is it bad?" I said, "It's pretty strong." She flushed the toilet. Three other women came in, around the ages of 20, 40, and 60. I think they were a grandmother, her daughter, and her granddaughter. They took the open stalls. The oldest lady very quietly said, "Whew!" obviously remarking about the smell. They all peed. Alana let loose with another gush of diarrhea filled with loud gas. I was embarrassed for her but I knew she couldn't help it. The three ladies came out and were washing their hands and glanced at me and back at the stall where Alana was. At that moment Alana again let a splattering fart and sighed. The oldest lady said, "Honey, are you all right?" Alana said, "Yes. Sorry." The lady said, "It's OK dear. I just wanted to make sure you were all right." They left and I told Alana we were alone again. She said she was done. I heard Alana wipe about 5 times then pull up her slacks and flush. She came out to wash her hands. She said, "I'm so embarrassed. Everyone could hear me." I said, "No one saw you since you were in the stall." She said, "Yeah, but they saw you and when we go out, they'll know who was making all the noise since you weren't in the stall. And one lady was right next to me. She could see my shoes and slacks under the stall so she'll recognize me if she sees me. It's embarrassing. That may have been the most noise I've ever made pooing. And in a public bathroom! Damn!" I said, "Alana, they have to poo, too, you know." She said, "I know but…….." We'd been in the restroom for over 10 minutes. We went back to our table. Sure enough, at the next table over were the 20, 40, and 60 year old women. They all looked at Alana. Alana looked at me and whispered, "See?" The guys looked at us and my husband asked, "What have you fine ladies been gossiping about in there?" I said, "Oh, none of your business." Alana's husband looked at her and asked, "Your stomach OK?" This embarrassed Alana and she said, "It's OK." My husband looked kind of quizzical at them and Alana said, "Fresh garlic sometimes bothers me." My husband, who can be dense at times, still looked like he didn't get it. Alana's husband looked at him and smiled and said, "Garlic gives her the shits." I thought Alana was going to die. After we left the restaurant and I was alone in the car with my husband, I told him Alana's husband shouldn't have embarrassed her like that. He asked if it was true. I said, "Yes, Alana had a horrible case of diarrhea and it was embarrassing enough doing it in a public restroom with other ladies in there without her hubby telling you." He said she shouldn't worry about it that everyone had diarrhea at times. I saw Alana a few days later and she was still humiliated. Apparently she and her husband had quite an argument about it. She said she had two more episodes of diarrhea that night, one where they had to stop on the way home at a gas station and once after she got home. She said at the gas station the restroom was near the cashier and she had to ask for a key. She said she was certain the guy behind the counter and some customers heard her farting since it was so loud. She said she was never so glad to get home. I kidded her and said, "Well, at least we know even the finest butts have to poo and you have always had a great rear end." She said, "Thanks, but we won't be having fresh garlic next time we go to dinner."


To Car Mom

Car Mom, I've been reading you posts for a while now, and a question has come up in my head as I read. Have you/do you make any attempt to keep the back of your car fresh smelling and not obvious that it's a toilet? Or does it just not matter that it smells like pee to you?


To bowengirl

Its not the mint in the mints that made you go so much. Most sugarfree candy is made with Sorbitol. That is a strong laxative. Many sugarfree candy sold in bulk (at wholesale clubs) have a warning right on the big package stating "Caution, Sorbitol may have a laxative effect!"
Having suffered the same fate as you on many long distance car trips, I would suggest the use of a plain water enema (2 quart, not the disposable ones) once you arrive at your destination. Your all fixed in 30 minutes and no cramps. Hope this helps.


Speech and Debate Accident

I do speech and debate and my dad judges. Yesterday we were at a tournament, and he later told this story about something that happened in one of his rounds. A girl came late because her previous round had gone overtime due to errors the judge made. She launched into her speech, which was a dramatic performance of some kind. About seven minutes in, after having delivered it well to that point, she announced that she really had to go to the bathroom and began to walk away. Moments later she lost control of her bladder and started peeing her pants. She must have been wearing a skirt because he said she wasn't wearing pantyhose when she returned from the bathroom. My dad said she could get cleaned up and come back if she wanted to. He told the other speakers, who were all girls in this instance that they didn't need to tell their friends about the incident, but they probably did anyway. She must not have had time to go after her last round and she was clutching a bottle of water as she walked in, so that may have contributed to her plight. I really wish I had been there to witness this because I've never seen an accident since childhood. I feel bad for the poor girl, though, as I've had to weigh whether to use the restroom under similar circumstances. It seems to me one should always air on the side of being late and using it if one is going to be doing public speaking. I'm glad my dad handled the situation well in terms of not being a jerk about it at least, not that I would expect otherwise.

E.P. Brown

To Just Jerika:

Maybe you're having trouble taking a crap at school because you're stressed while in the school bathroom. If you only have a short amount of time to crap and you feel rushed, maybe it's causing your body to tense up. Plus, there are probably impatient people urging you to hurry up, and that could stress you out even more. And you had mentioned how the toilets aren't very comfortable for you to use because of how high they are, and they have those faded black seats that you don't like. All of those factors could be coming into play and causing you to have a difficult time. You should just try to relax and somehow distract yourself - of course it's easy to say, but not always easy to do.
When you were at the mall, you were probably concentrating on your shopping and felt relaxed, so that might be why you had a much easier time in the mall washroom. Shopping was the distraction that probably made you temporarily forget about having to take a crap. And you were walking around, so that may have helped get your bowels moving too. By the way, for you to easily drop a 24 inch crap is pretty impressive. You said you are 3ft5in tall. That crap was like 2/3 the length of your body! lol Was it a straight, solid log, or did it coil up in the toilet? Was it a thick one? Was it light brown or dark brown? If you don't want to answer those questions, that's ok.
The last thing I can say is just try to relax if you're trying to crap at school. If you can't go, then maybe you're body is just trying to tell you it's not time yet, even though your mind and/or stomach might say it is. Don't get discouraged or frustrated. Just relax. Good luck! I hope things get easier for you!


To Amylee

I have really enjoyed your posts about the office and pooping. I am a pharmacist and work with just a few people. I have no pooping inhibitions, but usually go before and after work, not during work.

Leigh sounds like a character. Two things come to mind: She may have IBS (by your descriptions of her BM's and their frequency). She is probably aware of her BM's and just cannot help it. She may be embarrassed, but what can you do? When I am embarrassed I try not to show it and allow it to affect how I relate to people, and my bowels have embarrassed me on occasion.

Or, she could get some kind of thrill from pooping like she does. As you say, she seems to visit when the stalls are full and her grunting - she must be aware of that. There was a girl who used to post here that wrote about intentionally taking fiber and laxatives and then go out in public with the results.

This is like a soap opera. I wonder what will happen if word spreads?? :)

Glad that you have overcome your inhibitions and that you have a great job! All the best!


Noises from the Ladies Room

My wife and I went to a glass shop the other day to have some custom pieces cut. We arrived at the glass shop just after lunch. They sold all kinds of glass, from windows to car windshields to custom cuts. It was a modern medium sized building with a showroom on the right for storm doors and windows, and a long customer service counter on the left. Just beyond the counter was a hallway leading to the shop and on one side was the customer waiting area and on the other were the restrooms. My wife and I went to the end of the counter and a young, attractive woman came up and asked if she could help us. I showed her my patterns for the glass. She said she would go into the shop and ask the glass cutter if he could do the work. We waited at the counter. There was no one else around. A minute or so after the girl went to the shop, a 40-ish woman came in from the shop. She was attractive, with shoulder length brown hair, nicely built in tight fitting slacks. She came behind the counter and asked if we'd been helped. We said yes we had. She said OK and went into a private office behind the counter. About 3 or 4 minutes later, the girl came back in and said the glass cutter could do the work for us so she started writing up the work order. I asked if we could get it in two days. The other woman had just walked back out of her office and the girl said, "Mom, they would like to have this in two days. Is that OK?" "Mom", apparently the manager, said it would be fine. Mom then went into the ladies' room, which was about 5 steps away from where we were standing at the counter. The girl continued to fill out the paperwork. About 30 seconds later, we heard BAARRRRPPPP, BAARRRRPPP, two loud farts come from the restroom. The girl glanced at the restroom and looked down at the paperwork and asked us our phone number, address or something. Then another BAARRPPPP from the ladies' room. My wife, when something funny happens, can't control herself. She started to giggle. The girl turned all colors of red and tried to continue to fill out the paperwork. We then hear a fourth very loud BAARRPPP. My wife bit her lip and looked down. The girl said, "I'm sorry. Excuse me a minute." She went into the ladies' room. We could hear her talking in a very low voice, "Mom! We can hear you out here!" Mom said something we couldn't hear and the girl said, "We can hear you farting!" Mom said something back and the girl came back out and said, "I'm so sorry about that." We smiled and said no problem. She'd wrapped up the forms by now and we wanted to look at a storm door for our house. So we browsed a bit in the showroom. A few minutes later we saw the mom heading from the restroom to the office. The girl looked at her and followed her to her office. I came nearer to the counter so I could possibly hear what they said. I overheard the girl say, "Mom, how embarrassing!" Mom said, "I'm sorry. What was I supposed to do?" The girl said, "You could have waited until they left." Mom said, "No, I couldn't. I needed to go right then." The girl said, "You're saying you couldn't have done it more quietly?" Mom said, "No, I couldn't. I'd needed to go since lunch and was in a meeting in the back with the guys. My stomach was hurting." We decided it was time to leave. I went back in two days to pick up my glass. Mom waited on me. It was all I could do to not laugh.

End Stall Em

Answers for those troubled about crapping at school

There seems to be a lot of posts from those of us still in school and how troublesome it is for many of us to eliminate our bowels at school.
Several of these ideas I've talked about in my stories during the past year of so, but I admit that I don't particularly like crapping at school. However, it's a reality and I know that I have to make the best of it.

Also, I appreciate the recent posts by Kalee and Vincene about how the bathrooms are must better and easier to use in college and also where they work. Why school bathrooms have to suck so bad I just don't understand.

1. I always take the an end stall. Sometimes I've even had to wait for it to open, but it's worth it to me. I just like the privacy and since it doesn't receive as much use, it's cleaner and more often our not, there's toilet paper for wiping.

2. I like to sit comfortably. That means I will walk extra distance and even go to a toilet on one of the upper levels of my school. The ones on the first floor and downstairs by the cafeteria are so heavily used, abused and gross. Urrrggghhh! The new wing of our building is my favorite because the seats are more comfortable and the room is better lit. The new seats are white and don't have the several cigarette burns on them that have accumulated over a number of years. Also, the white seats aren't cracked or so loose that you have to worry about you're butt suddenly falling into the bowl. The privacy doors are different in that they are much tighter. The sinks work better with lots of hot water and soap available.

3. I crap most every day at school. I didn't when I started as a freshman but now as a sophomore I realize how foolish it is to try and hold my crap in until I get home. I like going during study hall because I get more privacy, don't feel as rushed, and I'm not missing any important notes in class. Also, there's a couple of immature boys in one of my classes that point at the girls when they go up to the teacher's desk for a hall pass, because they know we're going to the bathroom. Once last week I went during a class when we had a substitute because we weren't really doing that much.

4. I wear loose-fitting dresses a lot. I like the way they give me more privacy when I seat myself on the toilet. Especially when I take a fast piss between classes, there's always one of two eyes peeking in on me. When I'm wearing jeans, I never pull them or my underwear too far from the toilet seat and never lower than the middle of my thighs. Sometimes when I see eyes in the door crack, I'll say that I'm pissing and it won't be long. That seems to get them to back off.

5. I'm also very polite with my teachers and study hall procters. When I put the pass back on their desk, I thank them for having let me go. I also wait for able 15 minutes into the period before I approach them because attendance has been taken and they are less stressed then. With the substitutes, it's nice if you can turn your work in when you ask for permission to go. At least it works for me.

6. As I've become more confident in crapping at school, sometimes I've also gone in after school and crapped before I begin my walk home. The bathrooms aren't crowded then and I'm not going to be that rushed. The downside is that even in the new wing of the building, the stench is bad and the toilets sometimes are clogged.


Post Title (optional)Carol


when you wrote
I often use the public toilets in the town where I live love to have ladies either side of me doing number 2's at the same time as me.
please give full details - are the accoustics good - can you hear the plops clearly ?
do you splash your bum sometimes when you drop one ?

So, I've been lurking on this website for a long time, and now it's time that I actually post some stories on here. Anyway, a few days ago, I was in my room, getting ready for school when all of a sudden, I felt a really huge urge to poo. Unfortunately for me, my mom was in the upstairs bathroom showering and my 15-year-old brother was blowing up the downstairs bathroom. It took me a lot of power to keep from shitting myself right then and there. About 15 minutes later, my mom came out of the bathroom. By that time, I really had to go, so as soon as my mom came out of the bathroom, I grabbed the latest edition of Seventeen Magazine and practically ran inside and slammed the door behind me. As soon as my butt hit the toilet seat, poo hot like lava started flowing out of me. For the next 30 minutes, I read my magazine while I dropped nuclear bombs into the toilet,straining occasionally. By the time I was done, I had finished reading the entire magazine, and I felt a huge relief with all the nuclear bombs out of me. As I looked at my finished product, I saw that I had dropped at least 7 long turds and some messy poo.
S/N: I will keep posting more stories. Some will be fictional, some will not. The story above is a true story, by the way. Oh, and does anyone else besides me get turned on by girls pooping on the toilet, the grunting sounds they make, and the plopping noises?

Jasmin K

Difficult poos

Just thought I would respond to a couple of posts

Abbie, Have you managed to poo after school?

New Guy, Thanks for your advice but I wont be changing my diet as its really not that bad. I dont have as many problems going poo as I used to.
listening Ear
You mentioned about people squatting or raising their feet up so they were in more of a squatting position. When I was young and got constipated I would often do it in my knickers as it was easier to do if I squatted down rather than sit on the toilet. Blush and still sometimes do..

My older sister would often put a pair of high heels on when she was on the toilet, I asked her why she did this and she said it made her able to push down harder.
I was having a lot of constipation problems when I was 10ish I tried using a pair of her boots which did help. I still do this when I get constipated. I suppose the height of the heels raises your legs up.
I am curious to know if any one else does this.

The last few days Ive only been doing a few pebbles each evening but this evening I did a huge hard poo.As I was still a bit sore from yesterdays toilet session I put some cream on and up into my bum using my index finger. I relaxed on the toilet for a couple of minutes and then started to push/strain a little. Nothing came afetr 10 minutes but I could feel there was a lot to come out so I strained much harder and after a few minutes I did several pebbles and I knew there was more to get out. I sat there straining I could feel I was pushing against a large log. I had pulled my Knickers down as far as my thighs. This holds my legs together as I find I can strain harder. I also reached round behind and whilst parting and pulling on my bum cheeks I am able to pull my bum hole open and push hard against my pulling.As I strained I could feel my bum hole swelling but no poo. I kept doing this for about 10 minutes and eventually I could feel that my swollen bum was stretching more and I knew my poo was coming. A thick lumpy turd started to protrude. Each time I stopped straining it went back in.I decided to change from this leaning forward position to a more upright one. I completely removed my Knickers and re positioned my self on the seat so my cheeks were firmly apart and I sat more upright and strained as hard as i could. After a further 20 minutes of this the turd was in the toilet. I rested for a couple of minutes then started to strain again and with each strain produced some more pebbles, continuing straining I produced some softer poo as well. I cleaned up and noticed how sore I was so I put some more of my cream on and in my bum hole.

Feeling much relieved I put my knickers back on pulled my skirt down and went out to meet some friends.



Regarding sugar free mints


The reason the sugar free mints caused your bowels to loosen is because of the ingredients malitol and sorbitol. These are chemical sweeteners that the body cannot break down or absorb and as a result, cause you to have looser poops. But heck yes they are good for in a pinch laxatives!


Sundry post

Hey everyone.

Okay, I don't have anything interesting to post, so I'll post this: In Friends (The show), out of the main six characters, Phoebe is the only one who's never seen desperate to pee. Do with that information what you will.

I'll have something more fun soon, I promise.


Hi everyone! Just a quick post today to tell you about my poos today. I drove to the shopping centre to see if I could take advantage of any sales on. I soon had to go for a number 2. I made my way to the toilets and joined the short queue for them. Soon enough I was one of the six women occupying one of the cubicles. I lowered my jeans and white knickers and sat down on the seat that was still warm from the previous occupant. I had my wee first and ended up releasing a long but soft fart that was quite embarrassing! Once I was a bit more comfortable I got settled in for my poo. I started things off with a push that released my first turd easily. This opened up the floodgates and over the next two minutes three more logs came out. They made embarrassingly loud plops and in the middle of them I farted again. I could hear noises from some of the other women but none of them seemed to be as loud as mine!
After these solid logs came a squirt of mushy stuff and then a bit of soft-serve ice cream style poo that felt great coming out. With a final couple of tiny pieces I was done, for now. I wiped four times and flushed.
I had a sandwich and a drink from Subway for lunch and then a cookie. A while later I got a sudden urge for another poo. It came on hard and fast, so I had to quickly make my way to the same toilets I'd used earlier. It was a sudden urge that made me quite desperate quite quickly. There were two free cubicles, so I took the nearest one as I entered. I pulled down my jeans and knickers for the second time in the afternoon and sat. Two medium-sized logs slid easily out and I was done.

I intend to go shopping again tomorrow, and having had enchiladas for dinner tonight I expect I will need to use the facilities while I'm out again, so I'll report back tomorrow night. Bye for now everyone!

new guy
To: Emma I bet you felt alot better after that dump and please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Justjerika another great story please contiue to post more of them thanks.

To: Amylee another great post from the ladies room at your work I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

To: Upstate Dave another great story about you and your friends please keep them coming thanks.

To: Carol great story about the ladies room at your work please post more like that thanks.

To: Bowengirl another great story about the I think they contain an ingredient called sorbitol or something like that and please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

Im typing this on my psp right now so I might have submit muiltible post because can only do one paragraph at time so that means i'll have to do multiple parts.

To: Car Mom another great story please keep them coming thanks.

To: Migraine Lover thats one of the univeres greatest mysteries.

To: Wendy & Kristy Wendy your boss should have let you go sooner that way you wouldnt have had an accident please keep the stories coming thanks.


For Bowengirl

It's not the mint in the mints that makes you poo. There is an artificial sweetener called aspartame - it's widely used, especially in reduced-sugar food and drink. What they don't tell you is that it's a quite potent laxative.

My wife has a series of medical problems; one of them is sinusitis. For this she takes paracetamol-based medication, which makes her very constipated - but she finds that reduced-sugar sweets with aspartame make it rather easier for her to go.

Desperate to poop

old desperation story at a public toilets

This was another old story I remember.

I had been out walking, a 5 mile that took in countryside and villages. on my way back I felt the need for a pooh and a pee. I knew the village quite well and knew there was a public toilet not far away. When I got there, the single toilet was engaged and a lady in her 30's was waiting very impatiently.

She was wriggling about holding her bum from time to time. After a few minutes she asked "Lisa are you done yet I'm bursting". Lisa replied "sorry I've still got diarreoh". You could smell the diarreoh in the air and she was definitely going strong with loud waves of it.

I waited patiently, my need wasn't desperate yet, but the girl in front of me was seriously desperate! She was jiggling up and down. She apologised to me and said she might be a while. "I said don't worry when you gotta go, you gotta go!"

In the stall the girl was still having bad diarreoh and I really felt for her. I was now getting a little desperate but could hold it. I wasn't planning to go anywhere and I was intrigued to stay here to see what unravelled.

We had now been waiting ten minutes and Sandy (that was her name) was getting more and more desperate. She was holding her ???? and bum very desperately. She pleaded for lisa to hurry up. Lisa seemed to be geting empty and we heard her starting to wipe. It took her a while but finally she flushed and came out as Sandy rushed in. I heard her slam the door then she ripped her shorts down before hurriedly sitting down and unloading with a huge sigh relief as a large log came flying out. "Oh god she panted in relief". A huge log came flying out

I was now getting a little more desperate as I waited for Sandy to finish. I rubbed my ???? a little and did a small pooh dance.

Sandy was in for a little while as she had a good clear out, finally I heard start to wipe, she came out apologising for the wait and that it seemed to be clogged. I said no worries and went in to do my business.

I was pretty relieved to finally get in (I had been waiting 25 mins). I took my shorts and knickers down and enjoyed a nice long pooop. It wasn't diarreoh but was a little soft and the relief at getting it out was immense. Overall an awesome experience at hearing two others desperately pooping

Happy pooping all.

Hi, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been really busy.

Car Mom, I don't recall you telling us about someone pooping in your car. Please can you elaborate?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Keith D
I've been having trouble pooping again lately. I have been travelling and don't often get the chance to go poop when I get the urge. Then when I do get a chance to go and sit for a while the urge is gone. I have made a point of going and sitting anyway just to try and get something out but all I get are a few dry airy farts and a numb butt from sitting on a hard seat for two long.

PS Linda from Australia congrats on having such a great winning streak for a long time. Two good drops a day is amazing!

Piece of onion in my wet fart

I've just had another wet fart since I pood myself (which I have recently posted about) and at first I thought it was just some runny poo that leaked into my panties due to the warm sensation I felt between my bumcheeks. I went into the toilet pulled my jeans and white panties down and was surprised at what I saw as there was a piece of onion from the chicken pesto I had eaten yesterday. It was lying in the seat of my pants covered with a little bit of runny poo. It was virtually flat but was about 2cm long and 1cm wide, I picked it up and dropped it into the toilet and started to wiped my bum which took six pieces of toilet paper to get clean. As I had leaked some runny poo into my panties I needed to clean them so I emptied the remaining poo into the toilet and flushed. I then put my stained pants in the wash and grabbed some clean underwear.

Has anyone else ever had a wet fart and thought it was just poo that came out but it turned out to be a little bit of undigested food?

Abbie: It must be really frustrating for you not to be able to poo when the need comes due to you not having enough time. I like to spend time on the toilet, let it come out on its own and enjoy my poo because there isn't a much better felling than having a poo

Wendy (Kirsty's girlfriend) and Kirsty (Wendy's girlfriend): I love the detail you put into your posts especially when you are or someone else it so desperate for a poo you have either had a near miss or pood yourself.

As I have read some of the previous posts I'm aware of many liking to be so desperate for a poo your almost pooing yourself. I am exactly the same and just love the feeling of relieving myself especially when I'm in a desperate need.

This morning I was desperate for a poo as I had been holding it in since Wednesday which considering I go almost every day is ages for me. Whilst I was having my breakfast I was letting out long loud farts which smelt of stale poo. After I had my breakfast I was about to go to the toilet when I remembered I needed to get something from the local shops which being less than five minutes away from my house I thought I could get what I was looking for and be back in time for a nice long, relaxing poo. As I was walking down to the shops I let out another stale fart and the need for a poo grew stronger as I was getting closer to the shops. As soon as I entered Co-op I headed straight to the isle and grabbed the item, then waited in the queue. Whilst I was being served the need for a poo grew stronger and the thought of pooing myself entered my mind and wondered if I was going to make it home in time, I also thought about the women serving me and whether she knew how desperate I was. After I had paid I was heading towards the door when I let out a silent fart and felt as well as hearing the crackling of the tip of my poo poking out of my bum and rubbing against my pants so I knew they were going to be stained, I managed to hold it there for a minute whilst I was still walking but the overwhelming urge to poo forced my bumhole open and with about two minutes left of my walk to my house but more importantly the toilet my bowels gave in and opened my bumhole against my will leaving the rest of my solid poo to crackle out into my pants causing the hot and sticky poo to squelch between my bumcheeks. Words can't describe how relieving it was and I knew it was going to take a lot of time to clean up but it was well worth the trouble. When the final part of poo came out I was within thirty seconds of my house but with every step causing the huge sticky poo to rub against my bum it felt more like a minute. As I walked up the path to my house I felt the need to fart and as I had already pood myself I let rip whilst I was opening the door, unfortunately it was a wet one but that didn't matter. Once I had opened the door I realised nobody was in so I rushed upstairs squashing the poo even more and went straight into the bathroom. I pulled my jeans and pants down and saw a huge pile of squished poo lying in the seat of my pants with some of the sweetcorn from a dinner I had eaten a couple of days earlier. I emptied the poo into the toilet and it took two flushes to go down and this was before I had even wiped my bum which took about ten sheets of toilet paper just to get reasonably clean. Once I had wiped my bum and flushed the toilet paper I had a shower to get fully clean. As my pants weren't too badly stained I washed them. It is now the evening of the day of my accident and looking back it has probably been one of the best poos I have ever had, I have also been having more wet farts for the remainder of the day.

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 41

Janet and I made another big breakfast for ourselves. We had pancakes with strawberries. We aslo had a side of suasage patties and we made sure we had a lot to drink which we had oj. I made the pancakes extra large in size and both of us ate ill we were really full. We both had 4 glasses of oj too. Then we cleaned up the kitchen and went outside siting at the picnic table and relaxed and waited to see if either one of us was going to need to shit.

As we sat there at the picnic table Janet and I talked about takeing a shit outside. Janet wanted to go someplace new. This was tough for she, Jill, and I had used manyplaces outside already. The ponds, behind the barn, behind the big tree over on the other side of the house in the corner of the back yard. Plus over outside of the chicken coop door way too. I was pretty hard pressed to think of a new place outside to go.

Then after a short time I did think of a place where we could shit that would be new. I said to Janet; How bout on the chicken coops roof Janet? Its easy enough to get up on to. Janet smiled and said that would be ok. In fact we better head over there now! I know that I need right now is to piss! I can also feel that needing to shit is building up too!

I smiled and we both got up from the picnic table together. We then sort of a quick pace walked over to the chicken coop. I stopped by its door. Janet let me get the roll of toilet paper in the coop. So yanked the door open stepped inside and grabbed the roll of toilet paper. I came back out and shoved the door shut. Then she and I stepped around to the back side of the chcken coop together.

I helped Janet get up on the old stone wall of the chicken coop and she climbed up on its roof. I did the same. Now the chicken coops roof was divided in two sections. We were on the back section which was the lower roof. The front section of the chicken coop was higher and so was its roof about being three feet higher. Janet went right over to the short wall of the higher section of the coop. I followed her.

Janet climbed up on the other roof turned around and she sat down onits edge with her legs dangling down. Hey this isn't to bad up here Janet said to me. Nice place to sit or lay and get a tan! Janet was right on this for the roof had no shade and was in the sun. Then Janet said to me; Hand me the toilet paper. So I did. Thanks she said to me and set the roll down beside her.

Then Janet slid her long tshirt out from inder her ass and she laid right down! What are you doing Janet? I asked her. Oh I'm going to pee and poop like a baby! janet said to me giggling very hard. You better stand back or off to the side so I won't pee on you! Janet warned me. So I did step back a step and over one step too just to make sure. Janet placed her arms under her head to be more comfortible and we now waited for her to piss and shit.

Nothing happened at first. Janet still had her legs dangling down so she now rased them up placing her sndles she was wearing on the roofs front edge and slightly moved forward with her asscheeks just over the roofs front edge. Janet said to me; That's better. I think I can go now. Again we waited. Still several more moments went by again nothing happening.

Janet wiggled her ass again sliding it back slightly like she had it before. Then a few secconds more waiting Janet did start to piss and she farted! Two good sighns! I thought to myslef. Janets piss started off by justa short upward arc which came right down on the lower roof and started running over the roof. Her pis stream got harder which made a higher arc, came down on the lower roof harder which made t now splash and run faster over the roof. I made quick turn to see if her piss had run to the roofs edge and gone over it. It had so I turned back and watched Janet piss with a second fart as she pissed.

Now at this tme Janet was pissing hard enough so that her piss streams arc was three feet high which with her laying down she could see it easily. Janet giggled a little watching her own piss stream. Then whetI did was hop up on the roof backwards so I now sat next to her on the edge of the roof which I had a better view doing this. I could see her whole stream and her piss running over the roof to its edge and going over it.

Then a few seconds later Janets pis stream just dropped. She dribbled just a little wetting her vagina, under it, and her asshole. Then Janet let out a soft pffffting fart and her asshole domed open. I saw a brown soft looking shit poke out from her asshole and it was moving pretty quickly as it came out. It wa on the fat side too. As it got longer it slowly bent towards her body which was a sighn it was soft but yet still firm enough to bend but not break.

As her brown shit got longer it now had bent enough so that it was skidding on her skin of her very lower part of her ass. Plus too Janet againdribbled piss from her vagina as she shit. Then after having her shit reach almost 8 inches it fell away with her asshole closing up. Her shit hit the lower roof with a thump and stayed there. I saw Janets asshole dome again and a seond shit started comming out from it.

Janets second shit was the same brown color and it came out faster then the first. Getting six inches long in no time it seemed. It then fell to the lower roof aking another thud. Janets asshole opened right up again and a third brown shit started comming out from it but this one was thinner and faster!

This shit fell away in mere seconds making no noise when it hit one of her shits already down on the lwer roof. Janet still was dribbling piss from her vagina. That was makeing a pattering noise on the roof below. I couldn't believe it! Janets asshole opened again with a nother shit sliding real fast from it. This time Janet ddi three short four five inchers in a row and then she was done shiting. I looked down and she had a good pile of shit laying there on the lower roof. Janet then had her dribbling piss change into a very short weak stream and then she came to a dripping stop.

Janet now sat up leanedforward and took a look down at the lower roof. Boy did I shit a lot! Janet said laughing. I did a lot too! Then Janet laid back down on the roof. Then she said to me; You want to wipe the babies ass? I looked at her and then her ass. It was a mess for there was skidmarks and dingleberries that had to be taken care off. I said to Janet. No this time you have to take care of yourself. Janet smiled and siad ok and reached for the roll of toilet paper.

Janet rolled off a wad from te roll and tore it off. She reached down and sheplaced the toilet paper way down on her ass and gave a short upward wipe and pulled the paper away. She checked it. She and I both saw the toilet paper wassmeareded with a lot of shit. Janet sat up and tossed the paper down on the lower roof. Then she rolled off a second wad of paper from the roll. Janet laid back down and wiped herself a second time with the same results. Heavily smeared shit on the paper again.

Janet sat up again. But she said to me after siting up; I better get up for this wipe. So Janetgot up turned around and squated back down. Then she wiped her ass again which when she checked the paperit wasn;t so heavily smeared with shit. She dropped the paper down on te lower roof and ripped off one more wad from the roll. Janet wiped again. Did a quick check of the paper. Refolded it and she wiped her vagina off this time.Then she stood up turned around and dropped the last wad of paper down on the other roof.

Come on lets move down! Janet said to me. Janet had good cuase to say this. Her shit was now bakeing in the sun and it really stunk bad! So we moved down the roof a good eight feet which we could not smell her shit now. Then Janet said to me; Dave will you go the same way? I smiled and said back to Janet; Why not! So I slipped my boxers right down and took them right off.

I sat down first and then like whatJanet had done I laid right out on the roof with my feet on its front edge and my ass hanging just a little over the edge of the roof too. I had one different problem though that Janet couldn't have. My penis was erect and laying straight back pressed into my lower belly! Janet giggled hard when I slipped my one arm out from under my head and reached down and pulled myerect penis up till where I did have it just slightly angled foward. I made her giggle harder when I said to her; Now I won't piss on myslef!

I like Janet started pissing first. But not weakly! My stream came out hard and thin. It made a long very high arc in the air. It came down on the lower roof somewher for since I was laying down I couldn't see where it had. Janet giggling let me know that I was about a foot from the roofs edge. I smiled. I not like Janet I took my entire piss before I would shit. So Janet got a nice very long piss to watch.

My stream eased which made its arc shorthen and fall. I stopped and I didn't do any spurts to finish off with this time. I let my penis go which it slapped back into my lower belly which Janet let out a little giggle. I placed my arm back under my head and got ready now to take my shit which I could feel that it was comming on right then.

I felt my asshoe being stretched open as my shit pressed against it. It felt like it was open pretty wide to me too. I could feel my shit slideing out also. It felt too thatit was moving quickly. Janet let me know too what was happening. She likeI had done was siting next to meleaning slightly foward. Dave you have a fat dark tan smooth one comming out! Besides feeling my shit I could also hear it for there was a soft crackling as it came ot and there were short pfffts as it came out too.

Severla seconds passed and Janet now said to me loudly; Your'e going to have a messy ass too! That's all I wanted to hear right now! I thought to myslef. I heard a good thud but could feel that I was still shiting. My shit must have broken off. Janet then told me it had. I felt my shit sliding along for several more seconds and then there was another thud. My shit broke a second time. Then I shit for a few more seconds and there was a thud again andmy asshole I felt closed up. I was done.

Now Janet grabbed the roll of toilet paper. What she did next was funny! Instaed of handing me the roll she slipped it on over my penis putting it inside the cardboard tube! She bagan to laugh. I made her laugh even harder when with the toiet aper roll having my penis inside the cardboard tube I made my erect pensi bounce upward jerkng te toilet paper roll up with it! I did it a few times ina row and then I slid it off.

Janet didn't stop her hard laughter till after I had torn off a wad and given my ass its first wipe with it. It was smeared with shit. I wasn't going to fool around like Janet had done by wipeing her ass laying down a few times. I got right up tossed the paper down on the lower roof and then I tore off a second wad sqauted and gave my ass a good second wipe. I felt after the second wipe that I gotit all. I tossed that wad down on the other roof too. ThenI picked up my boxers and slipped them back on.

Just like after Jill was done we moved further down the roof to get away from my stinky shit! It smelled just as bad as hers did or even worse! We didn't climb off the roof either. We jumped off and we ran partway bak towards the house. Then we walked the erst of the way and went inside. We grabbed glasses filled them with ice water and sat down at the kitchen table. As we drank the water we laughed and talked about our shiting on te chicken coops roof. To be continuied.

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