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Its me again!

To WhinnieThePooh: well, that post made me feel honored! I'm glad I inspired you to do that and I'm glad you finally found a car to pee in! I remember you had said your parents get extremely mad when you so much as have an accident so I am so glad you at last have a place where you can have "on purposes"! I will look forward to more posts from you and also from Nathalie! Just out of curiosity what kind of car is Nathalie's? Mine is a silver 2002 Neon with gray seats (cloth of course). Your post was also an inspiration to me. I had been having this idea for a while now and so this evening after I read your post I decided that I would go ahead and do it. I would finally go ahead and have a pee in my car! Yes, ME! I've finally decided that since so many people have now peed in the backseat of my car, not just kids but also 3 adult women, that my car is now officially a toilet! Not only is the backseat permanently soaked in pee, but there is also a slight poop stain in it from that one girl the other day. So basically there's nothing I can do in it that can ruin it anymore. I probably won't have this car in a couple years anyway. So now I decided that I would finally do it myself and see what's so wonderful and refreshing about peeing in the backseat of a car! As I had said in another post I had peed in someone's car once, a long time ago when I was like 17. And so now I was finally going to do it again! And so I did! I went out to the garage and I got in my car and then I pulled down my pants and I got ready to have my pee. I couldn't believe what I was going to do! I guess I always knew one day I'd try it, and now there I was! I sat down on the seat and I started to relax. Then I began to pee. I could feel it right away when it came out and went onto the seat. It was like a burst of warmth. It felt really good actually. I continued to pee. I just relaxed completely and let it all come. I actually went a lot. Soon I had a nice little puddle going. I continued to pee until I was all done. It actually felt really good! I also let a fart against the seat and that felt good too. Then I was done. I actually wished that it could've lasted longer. I can't believe how much I enjoyed that! I can see why 38yo likes doing it so much! So now next time I see her, probably this weekend, I can tell her that I finally did it! And of course she'll want me to do it again! Now I think I probably will! Anyway, thank you so much for your post! I'll be looking forward to more of them, and also from Nathalie! I'm sure others here will be too!

Bye for now!

Migraine Loverer


why is it that girls seem to go to the bathroom in groups and talk to each other? it seems like girls take longer to go then guys. is it just me?

Hey everyone. Have a little story from when I was little thought I'd post.

When I was 10 I pooped in my friends pool. We were happily swimming but I had to take the worst dump. Being embarrassed of that at that age, I decided to hold it. I was doing good, but my friend was starting to notice I was swimming weird and keeping my legs together. I told him I was fine and pretty soon I had to pee. That wasn't a big deal since we were in the pool, so I started to pee. While I was peeing I couldn't keep control of one and not the other, and I began to poop uncontrollably. I cried and told what I did. My friend of course ran out of the pool and told his mom while I carefully got out trying to keep it contained in the net of the bathing suit. His mom came out and was nice about it. She dumped a bucket of chemicals in the pool and the bucket was empty. She set it down and told me to take off the bathing suit and dump the poop in the bucket, and I could finish in there if I needed to. She didn't want me going inside all wet, I might slip. Very embarrassed, I did, while my friend sat in a chair and watched. Luckily they were hard logs. I pooped only a little more into the bucket. His mom then hosed me down, naked, in the yard. She had to spray in between my cheeks to get the caked poop. While this was happening, my friend's sister came outside, she was like 16, and found it disgusting. It was very embarrassing to have two people, including my best friend, see me naked after shitting myself, while a mom hosed between my buttcheeks.

Anonamous asking about dorm-room stories: My dorm doesn't have a bathroom, we all share one big one for the whole floor. It is an all guys floor so there is no guys and girls room, just one, but if a girl is on our floor she can use it. Anyways, so much goes on at my school. I remember one time I can tell you about.

My roommate had been running back and forth to the bathroom all day, like every hour, and I could tell something was wrong. I noticed he had been gone extra long around 8:30 at night so I went to check on him. The only stall with a door is the handicap stall, and it was almost always taken, so I immediately saw him on the toilet with his ipod on. He took his earphones out and I asked if he was ok. He said he ate something bad, and he has diarrhea almost every 45 minutes. He decided that instead of going to bed, he was just going to sit on the toilet all night, to avoid getting up so much. I said that was crazy, and I agreed to keep him company for a little while. I only stayed about a half hour, and went to bed. Whatever the hell he had, he gave it to me, because I felt the rumbles around 2 a.m. I knew what would happen and I ran to the bathroom. He was still sitting on his toilet and it smelled like a sewer. I got in the stall next to him and jokingly cursed him for giving me the runs as I put a seat cover down. I had a lot of diarrhea and went back to bed. A half hour later I did the same thing, and then again 45 minutes after that. I grabbed my ipod and sat in my stall next to his. My roommate just said "You too?" and I said "yep." So we sat and shat together for the whole night, diarrhea every 40 minutes or so. In the morning we both went to the campus doctor and he gave us some anti-diarrhea stuff. I can say that was the craziest night I've spent in the college bathrooms.

This one band camp...I pooped myself. Well, it wasn't band camp, just regular old day camp. But I pooped in my pants. I was actually in a porta potty but I couldn't get my belt undone, and it all just came out.

Summer camp stories anyone pleease?


Holding it at school

I attended a rather strict public elementary school back in the 80s. Class started at 8 am and ended at 3 pm. Until the 4th grade we had 2 restroom breaks a day, however once we got into the 4th grade we only had one break after lunch around noon. I always made sure to go before class started, but I would also have to pee by 10 am and would be bursting by noon. We were never allowed to go to the bathroom. If it was an emergency the teacher would usually let you go so long as you had not asked in the past week. Even then you may be told no. I leaned it was better to walk up and ask quietly as asking in front of the whole class would create chain reaction of request. If more than a couple of kids asked that day the rest would be told no unless it was one of the teacher favorites.
We had PE from around 10:45 until 11:30, then lunch and then we would stop for our only restroom break in our 7 hour day. We would pass the restrooms on the way from PE to the cafeteria, but we were not allowed to stop to use them. We would talk about how bad we had to pee during lunch and would watch the big clock on the wall desperately waiting for it to reach 12:00. Once inside the restroom I would pee from almost a minute and saw some even longer pees from some of the other kids. If we had to pee after the break we had to hold it until school let out after 3 pm. We would sometimes go to the library or to another class and again even though we passed the restrooms we were not allowed to stop and use them.
One day myself and another kid were horse inside the restroom. Before we could go to the urinal we were both ordered out to go stand against the wall and told that we had lost our restroom break. I had to pee pretty bad as always and drank my usual amount since I thought I was going to be able to pee. We begged and pleaded with her to let us go, but she said no. Once we got back to class I sat down, looked at the clock and felt like crying. I had to really pee and I was going to have to hold it for 3 more hours. By 1:30 pm the stinging pain turned to an agonizing pain. My heart was pounding, I was sweating and I couldn't focus on anything. I went up and told the teacher I was sorry and asked if I could please use the bathroom. She said "no I'm sorry too, but you should have thought about that before you started playing in the restroom, now go sit back down and get to work. I went back to my seat and couldn't sit still. I thought about just peeing my pants. However I knew doing so would get me made fun of. All the kids were good at holding it and not holding it meant you were weak. I thought about walking out of the classroom, but I didn't want to get sent to the office and get paddled. She told me to sit still more than once. At 2 pm we went to the library to do some reading and again passed the restrooms. I had to pee worse than I ever did in my life and thought my bladder was going to pop. Every second seemed like a minute. The other boy and I went to the teacher and asked again. She again said no and told us not to ask again or we would lose our restroom break again tomorrow. By 2:45 we were both in tears and couldn't sit still. I had not peed since I left the house at 7:15 and was about to lose control any minute. We went back to the classroom to get our stuff and we couldn't even stand up straight. When were dismissed I was the first out the door before the teacher could try and so something sadistic like making me wait till I got home. The first set of restrooms outside were locked and I had to go to the ones by the front office. Before I got inside I started peeing my pants, but was able to make it to the urinal before the flow really started. I peed for what seemed like forever. I didn't even finish because I was afraid I would miss the bus. When I got home I finished, but my bladder hurt the rest of the day. My mom was furious when I told her what happened, but her complaint didn't change anything other than making my teacher have it out for me. 5th and 6th grade was much the same, but our teacher was a little more lenient and never withheld the toilet as punishment.


to Raging Urophile

I like reading the stories on this website, but I have no interest in an adult-themed rest stop.


To Carmom

Was mulling over your situation at work tonight not like I had anything better to do since my job is kinda mindless and have decided from my perspective anyhow that you have kind of backed yourself into a corner. You don't want anyone pooping in your car yet you have more or less through omission given your consent for it to be done. Several things to consider.
1. Now will your daughter expect to be allowed to do it too or will she feel mistreated if you don't let her?
2. Since it appears that everyone really enjoys using your car as a bathroom will this girl either try holding her poop or just not worrying about going until she is in the car from now on thinking that it is just an easy convenient and fun place to go. And even if you tell her no she could have already put herself in a spot where she wouldn't be able to hold it?
3. If you do tell her no in the future it might make her feel bad realizing that she was never really suppose to in the first place but that she just kinda "forced" it upon you? Also might embarrass her if she finds that out.

All those pointed out and I believe I am leaving one or two out but it has been a long day and my memory is shot I have found really only one GOOD option if you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and yet not have to scrub your seats constantly. My suggestion would be to either get rubber mats for the floorboard and just ask for all future bowel movements that they be done in the floor so they can be hosed out easily when you get home. Or keep a bowl or maybe even a towel or something that can be laid down and pooped on or in and can be flung out and washed later for easy cleanup.

All this said I gotta say I really loved your account and hope to hear more. I really prefer to hear about the mom's peeing and if they need to pooping in your car but all stories are appreciated. Also not to sound like a broken record but I would really love to hear of you peeing somewhere.

Mac daddy

Car mom request

I just find ur posts hilarious. Can u post more

A response to the story about the bar with no door or partitions on the toilet. I've used one of those once, it was at a water park. There was no door on this bathroom, and it just had a urinal and the toilet right next to each other. Literally, they had a little partition that they would usually put between urinals like less than a foot long coming out of the wall. But it was between the urinal and the toilet. Anyways I had to poop really bad and a little piece fell out into the netting of my bathing suit. I got to the toilet just in time before another piece came out, and luckily there wasn't anyone in there. I pulled my bathing suit to my ankles, I didn't care if anyone came in, I wasn't embarrassed. Two kids about two years younger than me (i'm 15) came in and one went to the urinal. They both stared at me and the poop in my bathing suit, and my "parts". When the one finished peeing the other one told his friend he had to poop, so he would wait for the toilet. He agreed to wait inside with him, and they both stared rudely in silence. I purposely blasted a bunch of farts and wiped slowly. I didn't flush and the kid was pissed. As I went to wash my hands I heard one say "aren't you going to flush his shit first?" To which the one who had to poop said he didn't care he had to go. Haha sucks for him.

The Listening Ear
ABBIE: I enjoy your posts very much, but I am concerned about your predicament. One problem in a case like yours is that the design of our western toilets is not conducive to efficient emptying of the bowels. It is widely recognised that a squatting position, as used in some other countries, is more effective than a sitting position.

Looking back over some old posts in this forum, there have been people who have preferred to poo outdoors for that reason. Footstools have also been mentioned, to get the knees up when sitting on the toilet. But something else you might like to try is squatting over the toilet with your feet on the seat, or with the seat raised and your feet on the rim (some plastic seats are quite flimsy - I wouldn't want you to break one!). You may have difficulty getting into position, but once there you will be quite comfortable (even if you have to hold on to something), and it should speed things up for you.

I'm glad there seems to be a lot more stories about peeing in weird places, especially the people who pee in the back seat of a car. I am so glad that more and more people are posting stories like those. I hope that their are more readers out there who have had more car experiences and will soon post them. I will be looking forward to them! Thank you somuch!

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Desperate diarrhoea

I got to work this morning with a desperate urge to poo. I was late again & knew I would be in trouble for it but I was in even bigger trouble with my aching bowels. I really had to go very badly but I had to start work or risk losing my job. I was right on the point of doing it in my panties by now & I tried to keep working but it was no good. After only 5 minutes I had to put my light on to get a relief but my team leader wouldn't let me off my till saying I'd only just started work. I clenched hard using all the strength I had in me but it wasn't enough to keep my anus closed. I felt a hot sticky sensation between my buttocks & the smell soon spread like a cloud around me. I was mortified & I put my light back on to tell my team leader I was going to have to close my till down as I couldn't hold it any longer. She moaned a bit untill she smelled what I'd done & I just ran to the toilet holding my bum. I had no control whatsoever & I felt hot poo spreading all over my bum & oozing down my legs as I ran. By the time I got to the toilet I'd done most of it in my pants & I didn't even try to clean myself up. I just went home instead. When I got home I showered fully clothed at first to get the worse off me & then stripped off to clean myself properly. I had to go again so I sat on the toilet & blasted more mushy poo into the pan. I wiped & flushed before retiring to bed to regain my strength. I slept for a couple of hours & woke up 4 hours later with another big urge to go again. I was feeling week but somehow had the strength to get myself to the toilet where I let lose some watery diarrhoea. After that I went back to bed just as Kirsty was coming in from work. She ran up the stairs & shot into the bathroom. Seconds later I heard all the sound effects of her relieving herself into the toilet. She peed for ages & then there was a loud plop as the first big turd his the water. Then another big plop followed by an even bigger one & then a series of smaller plip plop plip plop sounds. Kirsty flushed the toilet & stayed there a while before I heard another sploosh & then plip plop sploosh plop plop. She wiped & flushed again, then washed her hands & came out of the bathroom.

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 34

Well I heard my father get up and go downstairs. So I got right out of bed and got dressed. I also got my money out that I had saved for a new bike and put it my wallet. I then went out in the hall and went up to the girls bedroom and knocked on the door. I heard Janets voise saying kind of sleepy sounding; Already time to get up? I laughed and said it was. Ok Dave I'll get Jill up and we'll be down shortly.

I left and went downstairs and had breakfast with my dad. He asked if the girls were up and I told him that they were. I didn't eat a whole breakfast. I just had a glasss of oj and two pieces of toast. The girls came down rwenty minutes later and they didn't eat breakfast at all. Janet and Jill only had a glass of oj and that was it. It was time to leavve so we all walked out to the barn got in my dads car. The girls were in the backseat while I was up front with my dad.

It was a fairly quiet trip. Both Janet and Jill fell back to sleep. So it was just my dad and I which we did talk some. It was about me buying the new bike mostly. My dad did offer a ride home again which would have been a all day wait so I refused which made my dad laugh. He knew I wanted to get back home with my bike and ride it. The trip took just a little over 45 minutes and my father dropped us ff right by the bike shop and he then drove over where he worked.

Now there was two hours to kill before the bike place would be open. So I said to Janet and Jill; Breakfast my treat! They both said back to me; Sure Dave! I'm hungry! So we walked over to a diner that was open and we settled into a booth and ordered up our breakfasts.We all ordered a specail which included eggs,pancakes,hashbrowns, and suasage. We were in no hurry atr all and I was glad that it did take awhile for our order to come.

When our order did come we all ate kind of on the slow side. We also spread the time out by talking as we ate. The girls too again had spending money and they wanted to do some shopping too. That was fine with me. Even with the girls shopping there was still a good chance we would be home with plenty of time to spare. Well we spent a the diner over half the time needed before the bike store opened.

After paying fro breakfast all of us needed to use the bathrooms. Janet and Jill went into the ladies room while I went into the mens room. I took a quick piss ony and then stepped out of the mens room and waited for the girls in the short hall way. Both Janet and Jill came out laughing very hard. I asked them both what was up. They both tole me that someone had missed the toilet! There was piss all over the one stalls floor and a hudge big fat shit right in the middle of the piss puddle on the floor!

Jill said to me as she started her laughter to die down; You should go take a look Dave! Janet still laughing too said to me also; Yeah you should! You'll laugh! So I did just that. The girls kept guard at the door and I quickly slipped inside the ladies bathroom and looked in the middle stall. There sure was what the girls had told me! In front of the toilet was a large yellow piss puddle with a big fat long brown shit right in the middle of the piss puddle. Some one sure had missed big time alright!

I stepped back out into the hall and I was laughiing. Not as hard as the girls had been but it was funny to see. WE quickly walked out of the diner and headed overto downtown and did some window shopping till it became time to head tothe bike store which would be open by the time we got there. We got there and it was open. Inside we went and I went right to the first salesperson that I came upon. I asked him about the bike that I had in mind and had picked out.

He told me he was very sory that bike had been sold out. Boy was I ever so dissapointed. Seeing my dissapointment the salesman said that he had another bike on sale that was almost the same as the one that I had wanted. He took me oever to it. I started looking it over and the salesman ws right. This bike was very close to the other that I wanted. Plus since it was on sale it cost $50 less! So I bought it! Then I bought some accessories with the $50 savings. (I would have this bike several years and would be very happy all the time I had it.)

Now the salesman after I was done with my total purchases asked if I wanted it assembled. I told him no but could I come back later and pick it up. He told me sure and he marked my name on the box and then I and the girls left the bike shop and headed for downtowan so the girls could do their shopping. The walk to the stores downtown was ten minutes and we went into the largest department store first.

Straight to girls clothes we went first. Both Janet and Jill started looking at summer dresses which the store sure had a lot of them. Most were on sale too for fall clothing would be comming out very soon. Both Janet and Jill picked out 5 dresses each. They heaaded for the changing rooms. On the way Jill had asked Janet and I if we knew where the bathrooms were in this store. Both f us told her we didn't know. Ask a sales clerk I said to Jill. Jill looked for one but did not find one.

So Jill made up her mind that she would just go in the changing room since she didn't find out where the bathrooms were. Jill was n a real hurry as the girls and I headed for the changing rooms. Now this department store was a real old store so the changing roms were in alarge indivaiduial room with stalls and full length curtains for doors. How did I know this? When we got to the changing room Jill pulled me right into the changing room! Janet laughed hard and the three of us got into one stall together.

Now since Jill had to go to the bathroom so bad there was a metal wate paper basket in the the stall. She went right over to it pulled down the pair of shorts she had on. Then ripped her panties right down and sqauted over the waste paper basket. Right out from Jills vagina came a hard straight down piss stream. It drummed loudly in the meatl trash basket till its bottom was covered over with piss. Then it splashed loudly as she pissed after the bottom was covered over.

Jante and I watching Jill piss into the metal wate paper can Janet said to Jill; You really had to piss there Jill! Jill smiled a little and then said back to Janet; That's not the only thing I have to do Janet> I have to shit too and here it comes! As soon as Jill had finished saying this to Janet a tan colored smooth shit poked out from hersasshole and ascheeks! Jill's piss stream didn't slow down at all too.

Jills shit was comming out fairly fast so it didn't take all that long to reach a good half foot long. Then her shit fell into the metal waste paper basket with a splash and a loud muted matalic sounding thump. Then a second shit poked out from her asshole. Jills second shit only reached about 4 inches long then it fell into the metal trash can with a less splash and thud. That was it Jill was done shiting but went on and pissed for several more seconds and then she stopped.

Jill then said; I need to wipe but there was no ppaer or anything in the trash can to use, (te store had not been open long so there was no trash in the trash can. Janet go look in the other stalls and see if there is anything I can wipe with. Janet did but came back empty handed. The others were empty she said to Jill. So Jill went over to the slideing full length curtain and used it to wipe her ass and vagina! After doing this she asked me to put the trash can in another stall and bring back one from it.

I went to reach for the trash can and Janet said loudly to me; No Dave I have to use it! So I didn't rremove the trash can. Now Janet slid the can over to the bench that was there in the stall to sit down on. Janet stood and se took her shorts that she had on right off. Then she today was wearing panties and she removed them. I and Jill watched Janet do this. SAeeing both of us watching her Janet said with a smile; Why not I have to get undressed any way to try on the dresses! Jill and I laughed a little and Janet then sat down on the bench slid the metal trash can over and Janet then began to piss into it!

Janet too pissed hard. Her stream did angle foward as it went down into the metal trash can. Her piss first splashed loudly but less when it had hit one of Jills two shits in the can. Janets stream moed back and forth some as she pissed. So there was soft splashing when hitting Jills shit and louder splashing when it wasn't. This made Jill giggle softly. I smiled. Janet took a real long piss too. For she like Jill hadn't pissed when they got up, having drank the glass of juice at the house before leaving, and the glasses of oj we had with breakfast at the diner. Niether girl had pissed in the dners bathroom either due to seeing aand having me see where the accident had happened in the one satll of the girls bathroom in the diner.

Then after some time Janets piss stream eased up and she stopped cleanly. So she had no need to use the stalls curtain like Jill had. Then Janet slid over on the bench and she took off her top and grabbed a summer dress to try on. Jill joined Janet on the bench and she did the same. So waht I did as the girls got ready to change I pulled the zipper down on my pants got my penis out and I pissed in the metal trash can. I did finish up by doing several good spurts in a row. Then I took the trashcan out of the stall and brought back a empty one form the stall I had gone into.

Then I sat down on the bench and the girls gave me a good show as they tryed on the summer dresses took them off and put on another till they had done all five of them that they both hadbrought in to try on. Then they got dressed back into their panties, shorts, and tops and quickly got out of the changing room. WE did have to hunt up a sales clerk which we did after a short hunt found one. The girlspaid for the five summer dresses so they bought all five they had picked out. Then we left and headed back to the bike store picked up my new bike and went over to the bus stop and waited ofr our bus. To be continuied.

Both Janet and Jill stopped before they did get a summer dress on and they watched me piss into the trash can. I pissed hard and I did the same like Janet had done. I pissed on Lills shit and not on it. Jill giggled agin as I did this nd Janet smiled.I didn't piss as long as Janet but longer then Jill had.


The Ladies Toilets in a Place I used to work

I'm Carol, I'm nearly 60 years of age. After Reading Amyleigh's 1000 & 1400 hrs Ladies room reports, this invoked some memories of where I used to work about 10 years agao.

I used to be a Domestic in a local hospital,part of my duties included looking after two Ladies toilets. One was a visitors toilets in the grounds adjacent to a ward on which I was based , the other was in a changing room. The visitors toilets had 2 cubicles & the changing room had 3 cubicles.

There was a Lady called Rose who the supervisor in the CSSD Dept, that is where the surical instruments were sterlised and made into kits for operations. Rose regularly used the visitors toilets around 2pm ish, so I made a point of cleaning around that time. This also fitted in around when I needed to go for a number 2 aswell, Rose would come bolt the door on the cubilce and fart loudly, usually she opened the vent whilst leaning up to do this normally farted loudly again. Rusling her uindies she would sit on roll of some tp and begin peeing as her dribbled off there would be a pause followed by another few rippers a volley plopp followed the more loud farts preceded by more plopp, then a grunt or two and final couple of plopps.The loads of TP, finally a flush, out to the sink hand wash and leave. I used to look in the cubilce, normally skid marks & strong smell. I will post again about after morning coffee in the changing room toilets. I often use the public toilets in the town where I live love to have ladies either side of me doing number 2's at the same time as me.


Pool Locker Room Nonpoop

Had a weird experience this morning. I was in the locker room at the pool getting ready to go for a swim when I felt the urge to poop. I went into the toilet stall and had what felt like a good solid bowel movement. But when I got up and looked down, there was nothing there. I wiped and there was nothing on the paper either. I felt something come out, I didn't have to go anymore but there was no visual evidence that I had pooped. A few hours later I had a bowel movement that I could actually see. Very odd


Mints as laxatives

Hello everyone!

Just sharing an interesting story here. You'll remember my story about that road trip to Calgary, now I have OBS and as you can imagine, that didn't bode well for two days of car travel. Fortunately, I do have medication I can take that keeps my bladder in check. The problem is, it also constipates pretty badly; I can't usually poop within forty-eight hours of taking it, but I figured I'd take it during the two days road travel there, then during the three days I'd be spending there, I'd have more than enough chance to empty myself before the two days home.

However, things did not go to plan on the trip, and after the two days getting there, me and two others went straight back home. So as you can imagine, I was pretty backed up. After seven days without pooping I was fairly uncomfortable and my cousin picked up on this. She asked me what was wrong so I told her. She told me to hang on, she was running to the store to get me something. I said that I didn't feel like taking any medication just yet, she laughed and said that that wasn't it. When she got back, she handed me several packs of strong, sugar free mints and told me to eat them. She said that when they kicked in, my stomach would hurt, but it'd be empty. I ate the mints, wondering just how effective they'd be.

Later on, I was walking with some friend my stomach grumbled and I felt like I had to pass gas, I figured that since we were outside I could get away with letting it out. I relaxed to pass gas and some liquid poop came out, it was only a small amount, the amount that you can keep between your butt cheeks. All of a sudden, a weeks worth of poop liquified and tried to force it's way out. I bent over, holding my stomach with one hand and my butt with the other. My girlfriend turned to me and asked me if I was okay. I nearly cried "I have to poop, now!" then ran to a wooded area about twenty feet away, tore down my jeans and emptied my liquid poop into a bush. I was near crying from humiliation and the pain in my gut. I stayed there for five minutes emptying my bowels until my girlfriend came over and asked if I was okay (She couldn't see me, so it wasn't a privacy thing). I said I was but my stomach wasn't. She asked if I needed anything, I said I was okay. I decided I had emptied enough out that I could make it to a washroom so I got up, wiped with a tissue that I luckily had with me and rejoined my friends. I was pretty humiliated, but I was surviving.

I race-walked back to my cousin's house, feeling my bowels filling as I went. When I got there, I ran towards the washroom, but even as I opened the door, I felt poop making it's way out of me. I hurried in, trying to close my anus, took my jeans down and relaxed on the toilet. The relief was amazing!
As I sat there I observed the mess in my panties; it wasn't massive, but it was very noticeable.

I sat on the toiler for half an hour and stayed near one for the rest of the day.

Just wondering, has anyone else used mints to relive constipation?



Farts and their stains

One of the things that has always really turned me on about farting hard is the element of risk involved to one's underpants. And the fact that despite the possibilities of more than a fart emerging, one is not going to let that spoil the enjoyment of letting rip.

When I was about 14, a new boy called Francis joined the school and was in my class. He was a tall, slim good-looking boy, actually very attractive to me at that age. He had floppy light brown hair which was wavy and fell across his forehead. He was easy going, and got on with most people. And it wasn't long before we discovered he liked to fart. You can guess what a sexy boy farting did to me at that stage!

He always made quite a big thing of it and drew everybody's attention to when it was going to happen. He'd say sexy things like "I'm gonna fart." or "I've got one brewing." He knew just the right moment to let it go, sometimes standing with either a leg raised ready, or bending forward with his hands on his knees.

He wore nice grey long trousers, and you'll be pleased to know, his shirt was usually rucked up round his waist, and at least partly inside his underpants. I used to like to look at his arse when he did them. If he was bending forward, then his trousers would be tight over his shapely bottom with the seam close up to where the action was due to take place, and if I was lucky I could also see the outline of the legbands of the Y-fronts as two ridges across his buttocks. If he lifted a leg, the back seam opened out ready to take what he was going to do. How I envied that back seam being treated like that by their boy.

He could even be a bit dramatic, and hold one arm in the air with one finger raised. As he was about to do it, he would sometimes say "Shit my pants!" Then he would give it all he'd got, and inevitably he would do them hard, loud and long. Sometimes they would explode, other times they'd be bubbly and sometimes pretty wet. He'd always push hard at the end to make sure he'd done every last bit.

Then he'd make a satisfied comment, like "That was good!" or "I enjoyed that!" They were usually quite stinky as well.

Even at that age reaction was mixed. A few boys and the number grew slightly as he got older would express disgust and tell him to grow up. Others would express admiration, and there was a lot of hand-waving at the smell. I don't know whether I was the only one to be sexually excited, but because I was concerned not to have shown too much interest, I was quiet. Truth to tell, I would have loved to have gone down on him, and taken it in the face, and sniff his arse through his trousers. Or had him hold my face to his arse crack.

We had not come across the expression "Shit my pants!" announcing the fart, but it was a good one, and spread quite widely in the school. Of course, I'm not saying he literally did this-at least not all the time, but it did emphasize the risk he always took in blasting them out.

Although he was a friendly and easy going boy, he was not one of my group of friends, and it took some while before I could engineer an excuse actually to see his pants which were always white Y-front briefs. However, one day, just as I was returning from the shower, I passed him as he was stepping back into them, and he partly lost his balance. Wow! They were a skidkid's dream. They were heavily browned with a lot of brown streaks some criss-crossing as well as a general area of rich, almost golden brown rubbings.

Whilst I am sure that his farts must have contributed, I was convinced that he belonged to that select band of deliberete non-wipers like myself. I saw them on a couple of other occasions, and they were in the same state both times.

He left at 16, but right up to the end, he persisted in his farting.

Does anyone else get a kick from the risk to one's briefs in blasting out a good fart, and the possibility that one's pants are in the line of fire for a good shart?

Any memories of teenage experiences of this?

Friday, January 07, 2011

Hi again to everyone. Sorry I haven't posted for a while, but since Christmas I kept forgetting to! Hope your new year has started well and with some good bowel movements too!

Mine certainly has. On New Year's Day my family all came round and we had a big lunch of roast beef, and then a buffet full of unhealthy stuff like crisps and pork pies for dinner. Needless to say the next day I had to take a huge number two. It was just after I got up and had some toast for breakfast, so I went upstairs to the loo so I could have a shower afterwards. I stripped off and sat down. After Christmas is the only time of the year that I tend to get constipated, and I hadn't been since the day before New Year's Eve. My first turd was big and hard and took a lot of pushing to get out. It hurt to push it but I had to, and eventually it came out with a plop. The next two logs were just as big but a lot softer and they came out easily. The next one, though, was another hard one. It strained my bum hole to push it out, so I leaned forwards and put my hands on my knees to try and push harder. It worked and the big log splashed into the bowl and I sighed with relief. But I wasn't finished, and over the next five minutes I pushed out four more logs and a few little balls of poo. Needless to say I felt much better afterwards!

Hope you all have a great year! Will post again soon. Bye!

Linda from Australia here again. Im typing this on my phone and for some reason, it won't let me put in a title. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I haven't posted on this site for ages but I have been lurking. For the last 2 months, I haven't had any constipation AT ALL!! I've been enjoying very easy poos most of the time and going twice a day. I have had some hard loads but nothing compared to my extremely difficult pooping sessions. I was quite surprised to go for so long without getting constipated because as you all know, I'm often backed up. Normally, I would have already had 2 or 3 bouts of constipation by now - or even more. However, this morning I didn't get an urge to do my morning poo after breakfast. Ive been going straight after breakfast every day. Plus once in the late afternoon or after dinner. I got a slight urge to go after lunch. I sat on the toilet and did a wee. Then I had to push very hard to get things moving. After 10 minutes, a rock hard turd started poking out of my anus. Then a small piece broke off and fell into the toilet. I still had more poo up there and my anus was burning. I pushed and strained with all my might but nothing came out. After spending 20 minutes on the toilet, I gave up and wiped my butt. I felt defeated and very uncomfortable - I had a rock hard turd stuck in my anus and it hurt from all the straining. About 2 hours later, I went back to the toilet for another try. I pushed and strained as hard as I could and I felt the turd poking in and out of my anus. But it was no use so I gave up again. I only spent about 10 minutes on the toilet that time. I ate some dried fruit and drank some coffee, hoping that it would help me get my poos out. I waited about an hour and went back for a third attempt. I was so desperate to get the rest of my load out - it had to come out this time. I sat on the toilet and did a wee, then I strained really hard. The turd starting coming out straight away but it burnt my anus. I still had a bit of poo left up there but at least I got most of it out


Holiday Party Poo

I've had a couple of posts about Leigh, my supervisor at work recently. Hopefully you won't mind another post about her restroom habits. If you missed my earlier posts, she is a tall attractive lady, very prim and proper and polite, and all we women in the office would kill to have a rear end like hers. And as my other posts indicated, she has no inhibitions in the ladies' room. This New Year's weekend is another example. Our office party for the holidays was held this year on Thursday night, December 30 since the next day was the observed company holiday with New Year's Day being on a Saturday. So on Thursday night we had about 400 people at a local hotel ballroom for dinner, music, and dancing. It was a fun evening and Leigh was looking spectacular in a red skirt that accented her butt for all the men. I would guess there weren't any men who didn't take note of her backside sometime during the evening. Anyway, after dinner and before the night got too lively, I went to the ladies' room to pee. The restroom was crowded with ladies checking their makeup and chit-chatting. I had to wait on a stall. There were about 10 stalls at this restroom. While I was waiting Leigh came into the restroom, smiling, greeting everyone, saying hello. Some of the women didn't know her since they were the wives of male employees. So they just kind of looked at Leigh and smiled. Two stalls opened up. I took one and Leigh took the other. She was a couple of stalls down from me. The sinks were right in front of the stalls. I sat down and started to pee. There were flushes all around and it was pretty noisy with all the women in there. There was a lull in the toilets flushing and Leigh goes, "Uhhhh" and farts loudly and started splattering crap out of her butt. The whole restroom got quiet wondering who was grunting and exploding in the stall. I finished peeing and came out to wash my hands. Leigh grunted loudly and farted again. Several women looked around at the stall and were smiling and trying not to laugh. I went out of the restroom with some other ladies to go back to the party. I overheard a couple of the women talking about Leigh and laughing. One of them worked at our company, the other was a wife of a male employee. When I got back to my table and sat down with my husband, the lady who was the male employee's wife sat down at the table next to us. In a few minutes, here comes Leigh back into the room and sat down at her table with her husband. On the way, she walked by our table and the table next to us. I looked at the lady (wife of the male employee) and she was whispering to her husband and pointing at Leigh. He looked at her with a surprised expression. I would guess that she told him about Leigh having a bowel blowout in the ladies' room. Now I'm sure all the men at work will know about Leigh's restroom habits. Other ladies out there - do you know of people who seem to try to make a lot of noise while using the restroom in public? Leigh does this daily, several times at the office, and now I heard her doing it at the company party. I get the impression she wants us all to hear her going. Or maybe she has bad IBS or something. Aside from this, she is a very nice person, a good supervisor, and very well liked.


Post Title (optional)to Raging Urophile

Nice fantasy, but I very doubt this this is feasible in a country as conservative as ours.

Just Jerika

Understanding not being able to crap at school

Like Magnesia Maggie writes about, I've been having trouble crapping at school, too. It just started in again this week when we started second semester. I don't keep a crap log like Maggie, but I, too, had regular craps at home and in public places during my two weeks off school, but yesterday was my third day back from vacation and the third day that I felt constipated, sat down at school, but unfortunately was unable to complete my crap. It was the third straight day where this has happened. Finally, last night I was out with my mom getting some supplies for my 8th grade art class and we were at the mall when I started to get terrible anal cramps. I went into the main mall bathroom, took a stall and within a minute of pulling down my underwear and seatng myself, I filled the bowl with one 24-incher. It came out surprisingly fast and with no pain. Twice that day I had sat down at school and I stayed seated for 10 minutes right after school, but I was not able to get my crap to drop. An hour later, however, at the mall, I was successful.

I discussed this with mom and she wonders if it's because of the relatively higher and more uncomfortable stools at school and the fact that those seats are black instead of white. My dad wonders if it's because I'm so short (3'5") for my age.

I just know that's its somewhat painful and embarrassing. But what can I do?


Post Title (optional)to Amylee

I really enjoy reading your posts.
To answer your question about Leigh, I suspect she is an exhibitionnist (remember how she insisted going to the bathroom with you on your first day?). It looks like she is making a tacit contract with the female staff at work that goes like this: " I will be extraordinarily kind to all of you and in return you allow me to listen in on your toilet sessions".
Keep your posts coming please.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Rudy great story about that girl pooping if you have anymore like that please share them thanks.

To: Kyle great story about your friend Catherene I bet she do that again knowing how it will affect her her and please keep the stories coming thanks.

To: Amanda M great story it sounds like you made the right decesion in not going to school because it could alot worse and more embarrassing if you had an accident at school in front of others and please contiue to post more great stories I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma great story about the big dump you took it sounds like felt a whole lot better after that and please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Abbie I hope you have good luck with youre next dump I know the feeling and hate when only a little comes out and you can still feel more but you cant get it to come out right then but usually later that day or the next day it decides to come out and then I feel better and I bet you will to and please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Phil great story about your friend Gemma your lucky to have a friend like that who is open about her bathroom habits which means youll have alot of stories to post hear and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amylee another great story about the ladies room at your work it sounds like you have some interesting ladies with some interesting bathroom habits and please contiue to post more great stories and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Harry Pooper another great story about your friend Allison your lucky to have a friend like her and please contiue to post great stories I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave another great post about you and your friends please keep the great stories coming thanks a question who was the first girl and/or woman youve seen go to the bathroom please share the story if you havent already thanks.

To: Raging Urophile first welcome back and I totaly agree with you about your idea but how I would do it I would have as some kind of membership program people could pay a low price of 10$ and get a special card they would use to gain access to the club in this club people wouldnt have to worry about being judged and there would be no privacy the toilets would be out in the open so everybody could see eachother going to the bathroom there would be other bathroom themes as well im not sure what kind of things posibly having working toilets for seats around the tables that way if you have to go you dont have to interupt a conversation you may be having with someone and other things as well I know this is just a dream but if it was real it would be perfect for people like us who enjoy hearing and seeing others go to the bathroom.

Well thats all for now and again im really glad I found this site

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 37

Jill said to Janet and I; Hey I'm going inside. It's been a long day for me already. I'm tired. See ya later. Jill walked right out of the barn and right into the house. That just left me and Janet in the barn. I asked Janet if she was that tired too. Janet said she was a little tired but would stay and help me for awhile. I was glad for that for I would need her help for a short time when I would first start putting my new bike together.

Is the work going to be dirty Dave? Janet asked me. No it shouldn't be Janet I said back to her. Good I'm going to put on one of my new dresses. I smiled and said ok to Janet as I stepped over to the floors edge to take my piss. I told Janet that I was. Janet had her shorts slipped off but was still in her top and panties. I unzipped my pants and got my penis out of them. I now stood there holding it. Janet stepped over by my side to watch me piss.

I sent a pretty good arcing stream out through the air and it came down in the scattered hay down below on the bottom section of the barns floor. My stream was a golden yellow color. Janet smiled as I took a quick glance over at her. Then I looked back at my stream. I heard some movement and I took another glance towards Janets way. Janet had now slipped off her panties and she had only her top on now. I smiled and she giggled.

Then Janet said she could stay this way. I feel much cooler like this! I chuckled and said right back to her; Yeah you may be but your'e making me feel hot Janet! She laughed. I laughed too. I went on with my piss and as I did Janet did take her top off and put on the summer dress she had taken from her bag. I finished pissing and we then opened the bike box and took out my new bike and started putting it together.Janet stayed untill I had the wheels,seat, and handlebars on. From this point I could do the rest on my own. I thanked Janet and she headed for the house. I wouldn't go in till I was finished out here. To be continuied.

When I went inside the house I went straight upstairs to my bedroom. I opned my bedroom door and thre was Janet on my bed which she sat up when I walked into the room. I closed the door. I asked her if she was sleeping. I was but I was awake before you came in. Finish your bike? Janet asked me. Yes I did. Tak me for a ride then! Janet next said to me. I told her after I laid down for a bit. I'm tired now.

Janet patted the matress with her hand. Come over and lay down and I'll give you something to dream about! Janet said softly and with a smile. I went right over to my bed and laid down on it. Janet got up off the bed and walked into my closet. She came out with the peanut butter can in her hands. Here I'll piss and that will be your dream! Janet said with a giggle. I smiled back at her.

Janet popped the cans lid and tossed it on my bed. Then she set the can right down on the floor. She manuvered standing over the can. Then she hiked up the hem of her new summer dress rolling it up as she stood there. Janet rolled it right up to her hips and held it there. Be carefull Janet don't miss the can. I said to her. I'll clean it up if I miss Janet said rght back to me smileing.

There was a short moment of silence in the room now. I lokked right at Janets vagina since she had it faced right at me. Then Janet started to piss. Her stream came out softly hissing going straight down inside the can on the floor! She didn't miss it! The can let out a loud metalic drumming for the first few seconds till her piss covered the cans bottom and then there was the sound of her streams hissing and splashing.

Janet stood there pissing looking over at me with a big smile. Like what you see? Think it will make you dream about me pissing Dave? Janet said to me. I laughed a little and said back to Janet; Oh I will dream for seeing and hearing you piss will make sure of that Janet! Janet let out a slight giggle. She was still pissing but she had now reached behind her and pulled up the back of her dress and held it up now in the back too.

Soon her piss stream eased. Its soft hissing stopped and the loudsplashingof her piss lessened inside the can. Then her stream turned into dripping which made the sound now of just drips splashing inside the can which this went on for several seconds untill Janet stopped dripping. Then she stepped over towards me turned around and sqauted down placing her bare ass at my face. Kiss me good night Dave and I'll see you in awhile. I smiled and gave both of her cheeks a kiss and Janet giggled as she let go of her dress was she walked to my bedroom door. She opened it slipped out and closed it. I lay tere smileing and soon I fell asleep. I did dream about Janet and I had a dream that she did a piss for me! To be continuied.

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