in a urinal gross

I was taking a dump in school today, average one. As soon as I started another kid came in and took the other stall, so they were all taken at this point. My stomach started to hurt so I decided to stay on the toilet a little longer. The bathroom door slammed open and I heard running. Some freshman ran in front of the stalls to see them both taken (they have no doors), and angrily asked us how long. The kid next to me said he just got there, I said I had diarrhea (which I didn't). He was pissed and started breathing heavy, and said he needed to take a big dump. He was just standing in front of the doorless stalls staring at us and it pissed me off, so I took extra time on purpose. After another three or four minutes, he let out a little yell, and ran. I heard some naaasty farts, and then the paper towel dispenser, and he left. I left the stall and looked at the urinals. The middle one had a huge pile of disgusting shit in it. It looked like mushed up jello, but greenish-brown, and there was sooo much. I don't know how a little kid that size could do that. In the garbage were a bunch of the bathroom paper towels with streaks on them. Later I saw that kid when school was letting out, and I shook his hand in respect, because he had the balls to shit in a urinal.

In my college dorm, the dorm next to us shares a bathroom, in between. We do a good job of keeping it clean, but it sucks when someone is in there and you have to go. A few weeks ago I got up in the middle of the night to pee and poop, but when I knocked the neighbor was in there. He said he might be a while. Finally I heard the toilet flush, but then, the shower turned on. That depressed me, I had to go. My room mate was sound asleep, so I decided to try it. I got a paper bag from grocery shopping, and a bottle. I happily dropped two or three logs into my bag and peed in the bottle. It smelled absolutely horrendous, but my room mate didn't wake up.

Anyone got any good college dorm bathroom staories?


The other day me and a few friends were messing around at the beach, me and one other guy and two girls. We were playing truth or dare, stupid things, like spilling water on a sunbather or kicking sand at people. One of the girls kept on complaining how badly she had to go to the bathroom, but it was being cleaned. So she is complaining for a half hour, and finally the other girl suggests as a joke that she goes under the boardwalk. My guy friend decides its a good idea, and dares her too. She actually agreed, and we all went under the boardwalk and lined up behind her so people didn't see. She took her pants completely off, and began to pee. She kept saying how happy she was to finally go. She went for almost 45 seconds straight! Just as the stream was ending, we heard a soft fart. We laughed, but she began to let out a long turd! We didn't know she would do that. The other girl wasn't surprised, I guess she knew that it was #1 and 2, but me and the other guy stared in amazement. It was really long, and came out slowly. When it broke it was around eight inches, and she exhaled. She pushed again, and some little broken up turds came out with loud farts. She put her pants back on and we went in the water, and I had a little more respect for her.

Car mom-love your posts. Keep them coming. You seem to drive a lot. When out with friends are you always the one to drive and is it because of your toilet car? Also, has your daughter ever tried to pee in someone else's car?

new guy

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To: Car Mom great story about more people peeing in your car and that pooping as well please keep the stories coming thanks.

To: Sportsfan great story at least the woman was nice about it and didnt freak out and also please contiue to post more great stories I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kalee that sounds like a pretty good idea and I have to agree with you about the passing peroid in school are to short espicaly if you have to go from one end of the school to the other to get to your next class in my high school the passing was only 5 minutes not enough time to use the bathroom and also please post some more stories thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop great story about you and your aunt please contiue to post more great stories I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy and Kristy great story about you guys pooping in that old tree and Wendy great story about seeing that drunk pee and poop her pants while also puking on herself and I see your friend Luoise has started posting and please keep the great stories coming thanks.

To: Bria great story its sounds like you just made it to the toilet and didnt have an accident and please conitue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Timee great story please keep them coming thanks.

To: Bowen Girl another great story about your friends desperation your friend Lizzy should have pulled over that way Leah couldve have done it somewhere besides her pants but I bet Lizzy probaly didnt enjoy the smell in her car but that was her fault for not stoping and also please contiue to post more great stories I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Louise first are you the same Lousie Wendy & Kristy talk about if so welcome to the site and I really enjoyed your story about your accident it sounds like it was quite a mess espicaly because like you said it was 10 days worth but I bet you felt alot better after that and please keep the stories coming I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hermes great a story about your firend Sarah it seems like your pretty lucky getting to hear so many different women go to the bathroom and please contiue to post more great stories I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmin K it sounds like you may need to change what you eat and see if that helps if it does good if not there are other things to do like certain types of massages that may help and there are other ways as well if you do a little research youll probaly find something that will help you and please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Anna great story about you and your friend Jill having a buddy dump together and please keep the great stories coming thanks.

To: Bryci great story about you and your friend pooping please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Magneisa Maggie great story about the different poops you took please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Upstate Dave another great story about you and your friends going to the bathroom please keep tham coming thanks.

To: Red Head Michelle great story its sounds like that place needs better bathrooms that way there wouldnt be such a big line up and also please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Valentina great story please post more of them thanks.

To: Laurel great story about your baby siting and accidents please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Story Teller that would happen to anybody if a semi truck went by that fast and close and please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Erik great story.

To: Amylee another great story about hearing ladies pooping in the ladies room and please conitue to post more great stories thanks

To: Lisa from germany first oww that must have hurt and great story I bet you felt a whole lot better after getting that beast out and please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Bathroom Beaky great story it sounds like you really needed that dump well at least you made it to the bathroom and didnt have an accident and please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

Well thats all for now hopefully 2011 will bring lots of great bathroom stories and wow 1971 pages and counting soon will reach the 2000 mark and keep going from there and sorry about the long post but I had to say.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site


Response to Kalee's questions

Kalee asked about the more open and "honors" system of the college bathrooms. No permission or passes are issued to leave class for the bathroom or anything else for that matter. There are no warning bells that interrupt your crap or pee.

These are my observations after my first semester of college. First, there are more of us using the bathrooms in each of the classroom buildings more frequently and for longer periods of time. It's nice to be able to review my notes for my next class or check my messages while I wait for my crap to come. Sometimes, I'm on the toilet for 15 to 20 minutes, because it's a place to relax after a crap or pee. Second, the entire bathrooms and seats are much cleaner. There are less hover pissers and the users are better about depositing their used TP in the bowl, rather than just throwing it on the floor. Third, many more of the toilets are being flushed each time they are used. Fourth, the student is more likely treated like an adult. For example, once last semester I had to wait in line to pee and by the time I got seated, then got my pee stream going, the bathroom started to clear out and I knew I would be the last person into the lecture hall. Our teaching assistant had already passed out a packet of research, so I had to walk to the front of the auditorium to pick up my copy. Luckily our professor had not yet started her lecture.

Looking back, I'd have to say that K-12 schools tend to be pretty repressive of students using the bathrooms while at school. Of course, there's all the vandalism, smoking and bullying going on to. It's too bad students can't be treated like the more mature persons they are assumed to be when they get to college.

hello all. today Catherine invited me over for some quality time, and i got a story to tell you all about it.

i arrived at her place around 8pm. the only people there were she and i, since Nathan had gone on a volleyball tournament in Vancouver. anyways, she said the she was severely constipated, since she was on her period and she gets like that. "i would kill for a good dump right now." she said. she also said her guts hurt since her bowels were filled to the brim with shit. i then remembered a constipation remedy. it was an Epsom salt laxative, now at the time i didn't quite remember the correct amount of salt and water i should have used but i remember what i had to do to make the compound. so i then ran over to one side of the house to grab some Epsom salt from her bathroom, i then took it to the kitchen where i grabbed a nice tall glass and filled it with water. i then added a tablespoon and a half of Epsom salt, and i added the lemon juice to make it not taste as bad. i then gave the drink to Catherine telling her what it was. she drank it without hesitation. boy, she must have really liked the taste or she must have really wanted to take a shit, because she downed it in about six seconds. it was going to be a little while before it kicked in, so we decided to watch a movie. about an hour into the movie, it kicked in, and it kicked in too well. i saw her clench her stomach and she then shot up. she then very cautiously speed walked to the bathroom, and it didn't help that the bathroom was on the other side of the house. i could hear her let loose some pretty nasty farts, real wet ones to while she was getting to the bathroom. she had one hand on her butt while she was walking. she finally got to the bathroom and frantically undid her belt on her dark blue jeans and slid her black thong and jeans down to her ankles. she sat down and not a moment to soon. she then sprayed shit into the toilet while letting loose a storm of wet farts. i could also hear a bunch of loose logs plopping into the toilet. the next part reminded me of a movie i watched called "i hope they serve beer in hell" because she did a courtesy flush... big mistake. not long after the toilet started overflowing while she was still on it taking her nasty shit. i could see the shitty water spill over the sides of the toilet from under the seat. she hopped off the toilet to find another spot to shit in. some of the diarrhea part of her shit started leaking out of her and started going down her leg. she then grabbed the trash bin and emptied all the garbage from it, then plopped down onto it. she then groaned as she released her load into the bin. same stuff as last time, lots of splatters, farts, and a bunch of loose sounding logs. she held her stomach and forced the last bit out. she then regained her strength and tried to assess the damage. there was diarrhea all the way down one side of her leg, and a little bit on the other. she had spilled alot of it into her thong, and stained that as well as her jeans. and as for the toilet, well that place was ground zero. she just put her head into her hands and just sat there thinking, as well as pushing out a few more bits of crap. i grabbed the plunger and managed to unplug the toilet, afterwards the water went down. i told Catherine to hop into the shower and clean herself up while i handled the rest. she said that was a very kind thing of me to do, bu said it was her mess to clean. but i insisted on helping her and she let me. before she got into the shower she threw her pants and thong off and told me to throw them into the garbage since they were ruined. she then got into the shower while i mopped up the shitty water and emptied the garbage bin of all the poop. i then left Catherine to finished up while i waited on the couch in the living room. she came out shortly after with a white bathrobe and said "that laxative sure cleaned me out!" we both laughed. she then sat on the couch gave me a kiss on the lips and thanked me for what i did. we then sat there for the rest of the movie while she snuggled up close to me. she got up a few times to go back to the toilet. i sort of blame myself for that since i gave her an improper dosage of the Epsom salt laxative. but shes just glad that shes normal again.

will post soon,

Amanda M
I think I have a little stomach bug.
Last night I ate dinner and not long after I started to feel sick to my stomach. I went out with my friend and was fine. When I came back I started to feel sick again. I decided I would go to sleep to see if it was better in the morning. I slept off and on. I still wasn't feeling any better. I felt so nauseous. Around 4:30 I realized I was about to throw up. I ran to the bathroom and threw up once in the toilet. It was the first time i've thrown up in about 5 years. I felt better after that and winded up sleeping till my alarm for school went off. I still felt bad. I decided I wasnt going to go to school cause I was afraid of getting sick there. I came on the computer to check my e-mail when I felt the urge to fart. I did and well I winded up pooping my pants a little bit. I was kinda mad at myself for it but what can ya do. I thew my underwear out and put new ones on and went to the bathroom where I had more diarrhea. I winded up having diarrhea all day. I must have went at least 5 times.
I'm starting to feel better but my stomach still hurts. I hope its over soon.

Hi again to everyone. Sorry I haven't posted for a while, but since Christmas I kept forgetting to! Hope your new year has started well and with some good bowel movements too!

Mine certainly has. On New Year's Day my family all came round and we had a big lunch of roast beef, and then a buffet full of unhealthy stuff like crisps and pork pies for dinner. Needless to say the next day I had to take a huge number two. It was just after I got up and had some toast for breakfast, so I went upstairs to the loo so I could have a shower afterwards. I stripped off and sat down. After Christmas is the only time of the year that I tend to get constipated, and I hadn't been since the day before New Year's Eve. My first turd was big and hard and took a lot of pushing to get out. It hurt to push it but I had to, and eventually it came out with a plop. The next two logs were just as big but a lot softer and they came out easily. The next one, though, was another hard one. It strained my bum hole to push it out, so I leaned forwards and put my hands on my knees to try and push harder. It worked and the big log splashed into the bowl and I sighed with relief. But I wasn't finished, and over the next five minutes I pushed out four more logs and a few little balls of poo. Needless to say I felt much better afterwards!

Hope you all have a great year! Will post again soon. Bye!


First Day back at School

Jasmin K- thanks for posting with more detail about your experiances, its really helpful. I've decided I'm going to try to have a poo as soon as I get in from school, most days its just me and my sister in the house, my parents get home later and as I said before I don't really want to discuss with them why I'm taking so long in the toilet. Its wierd, I don't mind talking about this sort of stuff on an anonymus forum or even with my close friends, but I'd hate to talk to anyone else about it, especially older family members. The only trouble with opening my bowels straight after school is it might not be so easy if I'm round a friends house or doing something else, thats why I wish the decent loos could be opened up again and then it wouldn't be so bad to use the toilet for a poo during lunch break. Jasmin you probably think thats wierd, but we get a long lunchtime and I'm not shy about using the school toilets if there decent, its just the only ones open at lunch are filthy and you can't lock the doors properly. Its just about OK if you just need a quick wee as you can hover and you're not in there long, but you can imagine what its like trying to go for a poo in there, I can't believe I've actually managed to do it. Just before Christmas me and a friend who is also having problems with constipation wrote a letter to the teachers asking for the decent toilets to be opened up at lunchtime again, at the moment there only open at break and that doesn't give us time for a poo. Also sorry you've had a difficult time opening your bowels over the Christmas hols, its really bad if you have to strain for ages and then inevitibly end up with a sore bum, its been happening to me a lot too recently. I look forward to you next post.
With today being my first day back at school I thought I'd better start as I mean to go on for retraining my bowels. I started to feel the need for a poo around 11ish, it was only a small urge and by the time I went for a wee at the end of lunch, in the gross toilets, the other ones are still shut :( it had more or less gone. I still didn't feel like I wanted a poo when I got back home but I knew I'd need to sit on the loo anyway to see if I could strain something out. I went into the bathroom, closed the door and went over to the toilet, lifting my school skirt and pulling down my black tights and blue pants. I sat and relaxed for a few minutes then started to push. I pushed quite gently for about 20 minutes and tried to massage my belly, then started to strain as hard as I could, thats when I felt something starting to move down inside me. After about another 20 minutes (making 40 minutes all together) I was feeling really tired but was starting to feel a turd coming out, it turned into small lumps as it came out but it was better than nothing. I still didn't feel I needed to go that bad and at least I'd produced something, my bum was feeling quite sore by then so I wiped and pulled up my pants, after spending almost an hour on the loo.
Hopefully I'll be able to go again tomorrow, will post soon to let you know how I got on. Bye for now, Abbie


Outdoor Dump

Hi, its Phil again, I posted a while ago about using the toilets at the railway station and I have another story now.

Yesterday lunchtime I went out for a meal with a friend of mine called Gemma. We walked to a restaurant which is a couple of miles from where I live and had a nice meal there. The food was really rich and as I was eating it I was expecting it to create a good, healthy dump. Also, I hadn't had a BM for a couple of days. After the meal we stayed for a couple of drinks, then walked home.

As we were walking home, down a country lane, I could feel the urge for a BM. The rich food was starting to take its toll. I was hoping I could hold it till I got home but wasn't too bothered if I couldn't as I know Gemma is really open about her toilet habits and she enjoys a good dump as much as me! I joked that I could feel my meal wanting to push its way out and she agreed that her stomach was starting to give her a bit of a hard time to.

Anyway we continued walking, but by now I was getting desperate, and there was still about a mile and a half left to walk home. I mentioned this to Gemma and she agreed she too was getting desperate and could do with letting it all out. She confided that it had been a couple of days for her too as she normally goes first thing in the morning, something I have heard if she stays over at my house. Generally she jokes afterwards 'God, I really needed that'.

As I had a few paper hankies and could wait no longer, I told her I would have to go and go soon. She agreed, and we set about finding a suitable place to drop our loads. The road we were walking down goes through a wooded area, and I noticed a fallen tree, that we could sit on and unload. We walked over to it, and I said to her 'sorry I really have to do this', as I was pulling my jeans and boxer shorts down. She said 'no need to apologise, I'm gonna be doing the same'. She pulled her jeans and knickers down and sat on the tree trunk to. Almost immediately we both began shitting our brains out and two mountains of shit soon formed beneath both of us. My dump was one long rope of poop, followed by a couple of small logs, then a bit of soft serve on top. I squeezed out two smaller logs and was done. Gemma was shitting up a storm as log after log dropped out of her backside. When she was finished there were about 8 logs of various sizes piled up on each other. She did her usual quote and went 'God I realllllllllllllly really needed that'. 'That felt amazing to get out'. We both sat there for a moment, to catch our breath, and then wiped using the paper tissues I had. We both got up, pulled up our jeans and admired our creations. We carried on walking home and I felt soooooo relieved and couldn't believe what her little backside had just produced!

I have pooed outdoors on several occasions, but always alone. I will post again with any decent stories and hopefully I may have outdoor company again if I am lucky enough!


The 10 a.m. Poo Time in the Ladies' Room

In my previous posts I told about working at a large insurance company and the ladies' room poo crowd at 2 p.m. every day. The same held true at 10 a.m. I don't know if it was just that the women in this office were regular at these times after breakfast and after lunch, but daily it was amazing that at 10 and 2, the stalls were all full of pooping women. My boss, a lady named Leigh, was especially bad. I think she went at both of these times every day, since I'd seen her there at these times. She was known as Miss Manners in the office. She was extremely polite, almost too nice to be a boss, but she was a good supervisor. Everyone loved her and if there was a popularity contest at work like in school, Leigh would have won easily. She was a nice woman. Leigh was in her early 30's, attractive, and wore short skirts or tight pants to work. She was built well and I'd overheard men talk about her "fabulous ass" so many times it was ridiculous. When she walked by men would literally turn around and watch her rear end. Most of us girls would have killed to have a butt like Leigh's. I also found out through the grapevine that there is a local club/bar that has contests every year called the "Better Bottoms". It's for women to enter and the patrons vote on who has the best looking butt. I was told that Leigh entered these a few years back, and won three years in a row! So, obviously she has a rear end all us girls would envy. But when Leigh went to the ladies' room, her butt became a volcano. She could really let it go and had no inhibitions whatsoever.
One day around 10 a.m. I felt a poo coming on. I went to the ladies room and there was only one stall unoccupied. It was about the 4th stall out of 6, so people were on both sides of me. I sat down, and had already heard plopping, splattering, and farting from the others before sitting. One of the ladies in the stall next to me was wiping and very soon flushed and exited. The stall was open about a minute as I was getting settled for my poo. Just then I saw that someone was coming into the open stall. I immediately recognized the shoes - it was Leigh. She was wearing beige slacks that day (which highlighted her butt very well) and I'd noticed her shoes earlier. She pulled down her pants and sat down and started peeing. I thought that was all she needed to do. In the meantime, women were continuing to have noisy BMs all around me. Two women in the first two stalls were talking and I heard a large fart and someone laugh and say, "Linda!" "Linda" said, "Sorry, we had Chinese food for dinner last night and it always messes my stomach up." Leigh finished peeing and I literally heard her grunt, "Uhhhhh!" louder that one would expect then all hell broke loose. She let out a torrent of mushy, runny sounding poo that came out of her for a full 10 seconds. She was taking a massive poo. As the poo slowed down a very loud splattering BARRRRAAPPPT of a fart came out of her. She sighed like that was a relief, then "Uhhhh" again, farted, and started blowing it up more. Everyone got quiet in the restroom like they were listening to her sound show. A couple of ladies flushed and left. I pushed out a pretty soft load quietly with only a "polite", though audible puffy sounding fart. Leigh farted once more and dropped some soft poo. I peed and wiped, pulled up my pants and flushed, and I could hear Leigh wiping. I went to the sinks to wash my hands. As I was drying my hands, Leigh flushed and came to the sinks. She smiled and said hello. A couple of other ladies were giving her sideways glances like, "Lady, you sure can shit!" I went out of the restroom along with another lady, Rachel, from my office I don't know very well. Rachel looked back to see if Leigh was behind us (she was not) and said, "I've never in my life heard anyone who has louder, more gross poops than Leigh. She is so polite and nice in the office but when she goes in a stall, look out. I've been here 4 years and have heard her dozens of times. Every time she goes in the bathroom she blows it out like you wouldn't believe, straining, grunting, and farting." I said I had been unfortunate to have sat beside her a few times and agreed that Leigh was a very noisy pooper. Rachel said, "We all have to poop, but I at least try to not be so loud. She seems to try to make noise." I said I thought that Leigh did seem to poo a lot when the restroom was crowded. I wondered if Leigh just liked to do this, holding her poo until she knew someone would be there and she would do her thing. That seemed strange to me. Anyone out there known anyone like this who seems to want everyone to hear her poo? Care to elaborate?

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Harry Pooper

Alison's birthday trip to France

On page 1963, I wrote about Alison who originally my mother's friend. Alison used to look after me and take me to the toilet when I was a child and also when I was a teenager while Mum was in hospital and I had both arms in plaster. Alison knew that I was interested in toilet matters and that I liked her to talk about such things. After my mother died, Alison and I lost touch then we met up again and we became very close friends. I fell deeply in love with Alison although she was 16 years older than me but I hadn't told Alison how I felt in case it spoiled a beautiful friendship.

After Alison passed her driving test and bought a car, she wanted to get some experience driving in France but she was nervous about driving on the right instead of on the left. Alison invited me to drive to France for a long weekend with her to celebrate her 40th birthday. We started off as "just good friend" in separate hotel rooms but it didn't stay that way.

Early one Friday morning, I went round to Alison's house and she invited me in. She was just finishing her breakfast and getting ready to leave. Alison got out a pack of anit-diarrhea tablets and took some. She had already told me that she suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), the diarrhea type and that if she is really nervous about something this can cause diarrhea. Alison said that driving on the other side of the road in France would probably make her really nervous and there weren't many places to stop for the toilet along the Autoroute. Alison said that the tablets were an extra precaution, as well as other precautions that she normally takes when she goes out. I asked her about the other precautions and she said that she was wearing them. She said that she was wearing incontinence panties with a thick pad inside and that she likes to wear a long flowing skirt, so that her padded panties don't show. Before we left, Alison asked me if I needed to use the toilet. I said I hadn't done my morning poo before I left home but I needed to do it now. Alison said that the tablets had stopped her from doing her morning poo today and they normally make her constipated, so she only takes them when necessary.

Alison drove from London to the Channel Tunnel where we took the car on the shuttle train to France. While we were on the train, Alison took some more anti-diarrhea pills. Alison drove the car off the shuttle train at Calais then she drove along the Autoroute for a few hours. Then we turned off and drove to our country hotel, just outside a picturesque village. We checked into our separate hotel rooms on Friday night. Then on Saturday, we planned to do some sightseeing and visit Monet's Garden at Giverny and a historic chateau. Before we left, Alison took some more anti-diarrhea pills. She said that she didn't want to be 'caught short' while we were on a long guided tour of a chateau. I asked her if she had done a poo since we arrived in France and she said that she hadn't.

That evening, Alison took me out for a meal in a restaurant in the nearby village. We walked from the hotel to the restaurant rather than driving so that we could have some wine with our meal. It was a warm summer evening and we had a pleasant half hour walk through a forest and by a river to the village. In the restaurant, Alison ordered a bottle of wine with our meal and we each drank two large glasses. Alison said that with her IBS, she has to be careful about what she eats and drinks as some types of food and drink trigger an IBS attack.

I asked her what happens then and she said that she has to her run to the toilet and sometimes she is on the toilet half the night. She said that red wine often has that effect on her but as it was her birthday, she just wanted to enjoy the meal with wine although she might regret it later. Alison said that she might need to go behind a bush while we were walking back to the hotel but she was sure I would understand. After leaving the restaurant, we started to walk back by the river towards the hotel, then we stopped and sat on a seat by the river just as the sun was setting. The wine had made Alison quite talkative. I hugged Alison and she hugged me.

I told Alison that I was lonely after splitting up with my girlfriend and since my mother died, I had no close family. I was so pleased that Alison and I had met up again and that we had become close friends. I said that this had a completely unexpected emotional effect on me and for the past month I had thought of nothing else but spending a long weekend in France with Alison. I said that there was something I had to tell her but I couldn't. Alison hugged me and she said that I could to tell her all about my feelings. There was only one thing I could say and I had to say, "Alison, I love you". Alison couldn't believe I had said that to her but she was delighted and she said that she loved me too but she hadn't told me before in case it ruined a beautiful friendship. We hugged each other tightly and we kissed.

Then I heard noises from Alison's stomach. I stoked her stomach and I said that I would like her to tell me all the details. Alison said that the red wine was having the usual laxative effect on her. She said that the anti diarrhea pills had made her constipated so she was really full of poo and it would all come out soon, including tonight's dinner. Then Alison said that she was sorry to spoil such a wonderfully romantic moment but she needed to go behind a bush and she couldn't wait until we got back to the hotel. By now it was completely dark and I had the only flashlight so Alison asked if she could borrow it. I asked her if I could go into the bushes with her, hold the flashlight, watch her doing her poo and wipe her bum afterwards. She asked me if I really wanted to do that, "It's DIARRHEA", she whispered.

Alison and I went off the riverside path and into the forest where we found a secluded spot under some large rhododendron bushes. Alison lifted her long skirt, pulled down her incontinence panties and took them right off. She tried to squat but found it difficult to balance. I crouched down behind her and put my hands under her well-padded bum to support her as she squatted. I saw her relax her sphincter and her soft poo poured out onto the ground. A slight breeze carried the smell away. Alison said that there was more to come out and that she needed to squat for a few more minutes. She said that when this happens after her evening meal, she is usually on the toilet half the night. Alison got some Kleenex tissues out and she let me wipe her bum for her. She said that her ex-husband Peter would never have done that as he kept well away from her when she was pooing, especially if she had diarrhea. I said that I was so pleased to find a woman friend who would let me watch her doing her poo and would let me wipe her bum as my ex-girlfriend would never let me do that and she was too shy even to tell me when she had diarrhea.

We hugged and kissed and then I told Alison I needed to pee. She said I could go ahead and do it right there so I unzipped my pants. My pee went upwards because I had a 'stiffy' and Alison smiled. She said she could guess what I wanted to do when we got back to the hotel. I was shocked and I told Alison that although I was in love with her and I liked to watch her doing her poo, I had never really thought about going to bed with her. Alison said that she would do almost anything for me but that was out of the question as it would probably stimulate her bowels. She was worried about not getting to toilet in time and doing a poo in the bed. I said we didn't need to wait until we get back to the hotel and I asked her if she had ever tried it outdoors, then it wouldn't matter if she makes a mess. I said that this was a completely private place, under a large rhodedendron bush in a forest at night. No-one could see us, there was no-one around and no-one could approach in the dark without a flashlight and without making a noise.

Under the rhodedendron bush there was a thick horizontal branch at waist level. Alison stood up and leaned back against the branch. I can't tell you what happened next but while it was happening, Alison said that it had given her the urge to poo again so she needed to stop. I said that she could just relax and let her poo come out onto the ground. Alison said that it was an intriguing new sensation doing both these two activities at the same time. Afterwards, I wiped her bum and we walked back to the hotel arm in arm.

When we got back to the hotel, we went to Alison's room where we got undressed, took a shower and went to bed. Alison put on a pair of incontinence panties with a large pad at the back. She said that these were a huge turn-off for her ex-husband and for a few guys she had dated since getting divorced. She said that she doesn't normally wear them in bed at home but she didn't want to take any chances in the hotel bed, especially as she had diarrhea and the wine would make her sleep soundly. She asked me to wake her up if I noticed that she was doing a poo.

We lay on our sides with Alison in front of me. I cuddled her and she soon fell asleep in my arms but I lay awake listening to the activity in her stomach. It sounded like she would need to do a poo soon. After about an hour, I heard her do a wet fart and I noticed a smell. I woke her and I whispered, "I think you need to go to the toilet". Alison said that it was too late as she had already done a runny poo her panties.

Alison got out of bed and went into the en-suite bathroom in the hotel room. She sat on the toilet to finish doing her poo, then she leaned forwards and she let me wipe he bum but she was quite messy back there. As we were in France, there was also a bidet next to the toilet so Alison sat on the bidet. She said it was an ideal way to clean up after doing a messy poo and she let me wash her bum. Alison put a clean pad in her incontinence panties and we went back to bed.

When we woke up Sunday morning, Alison said she thought I was a bit weird as I was so interested in her when whe was doing her poo but it felt so nice to have someone who was so caring and affectionate, even when she had diarrhea. We had another day and night in France before we planned to drive back to London on Monday but I'll tell you about that another time.

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 30

Now the trails on Lookout Mnt are marked. There are more then one trail that goes to the top of the mountain. There are blue, green, red, and yellow trail markers for the four different trails that went to the top of the mountain. I remembered takeing the blue trail when I had climbed the mountain with the summer camp trip up the mountain. So I told Janet and Jill this so Jill said quickly with a hard giggle; Lets take the pee yellow marked trail. Both Janet and I looked at the yellow markers. Jill was right! The yelllow color of the markers did kind of look like a piss yellow.

So we started up the mountain following the piss uellow trail markers. Jill found iit amusing for every time we spotted one of the yellow markers Jill said to Janet and I; Hey theres another spot marked where some one pissed! I wonder who saw where this person pissed and marked the spot! Jill said to us at seeing one of the markers. I wonder too if it was a girl or a boy!

I told Jill that I was sure that it wasn't for that reason. Just for marking the trail Jill. But I then now at this point did tell Janet and Jill about the summer camp hike last year which there was a lot of outdoor pissing done by many of the hikers that day along the trail on the way up and more done on the way down. After saying the way down there had been more Jill giggled hard and she then said; Sure there would be! After all everyone had drank something on the way up and at lunch too. Jill was right for all us hikers had some thing to drink with us for the hike or to have with our lunch.

On the hike up the yellow trail crossed the blue and red trails a couple of times. Then we came up to where the rock ledge that ringed the mountain. The yellow trail turned right and followed the rock ledge. The blue trail had done the same but that trail was over on the left side of the mountain and the rock ledge. The yellow trail looked like it was going to be a much longer way to get to the top.

As it turned out it was. The yellow trail almost took us to the east side of the mountain. There in the rock ledge there was a almost looked like a cut out in the rock ledge that the trail passed through. It wasn't. It was a old creek bed that now was dry but most likely ran durring the early spring with the water from melting snow. There were many creeks like that around here. We climbed through this area and then the trail once we were on the top headed back to where the look out point was.

So we had a good twenty minute walk to reach the look out spot. Now the three of us had been drinkingwater on the way up. The walking heading over to the look out spot now was not hard at all. Some slight uphill and downhill walking as we crossed over the top. Some areas of flat rocks we would walk across too. Some areas were small while others were large. We stopped at one small flat rocky area for agin with our drinking water on the way we all had to piss.

This time both Janet and Jill joined in with me by takeing off their shorts for this piss. This small rocky area was not visible for there were trees on all of its sides. Not like it would be over at the look out spot. Plus both girls would do a standing piss this time too. So the way we did it was both Janet and jill faced me and I them. I would piss betwen them when I went.

Janet started first this time followed by Jill then me. Janet and Jill sent straight down streams from their vaginas. Neither stream hissed with this piss. :-(! But still it wasnice to see both girls go! Janets stream was a thin twisted stream which splattered lightly on the rock. Jills stream was a splattering type stream so her piss wetted a larger area of the rock then Janet. I sent a nice pretty long arced stream from my penis which did pass between the girls wetting the rock about two feet behind them.

All of us pissed fro a short time with this piss. We did leave three wet areas on the rock. Jills was the largest followd by Janet, and mine was the smallest. For wher my piss had wetted the rock the rock was only a point in the rock. The rest of the area was weeds and grass where my piss had come down on. All of us still were wearing our sneakers and Jill dared both Janet and I not to put our shorts back on.So we all didn't so we started hikeing the rest o the way half naked! We wound up not putting our shorts back on once we did reach the large look out area. Reason was that both Janet and Jill doubled dared each other and me! To be continuied.

Raging Urophile

Post Title (optional) We need an adult themed rest stop

On a whim, I decided to check out this site for the first time in about seven years. I haven't posted since page 1238.I was pleasantly surprised to see it was still here, and have enjoyed many stories presented.

I would like to know how others here would feel about the feasability of an adult themed rest stop. It would be an alternative to a mainstream rest area, somewhat off the beaten path, where families and "normal people would not be exposed or offended.

It we attract people who are there specifically to watch or be watched. It would also be heavily guarded or secured, however, to make sure that no sexual predators are allowed to engage in illicit or violent behavior.

It would be a place with no pretenses at all. Men would go there with the intent of watching women drain their bladders and evacuate their bowels up close, and without any inhibitions. Men would do the same for women. All visitors to this place would know exactly what it was about, so there would be no surprises.

There would be two areas, one for urination only, and the other for urination and defecation.
This would increase business since some people are only into the former.
There would also be different levels of privacy. For couples or newly aquainted strangers, there would be some stalls with one or two toilets.
For groups, there would also be stalls with five toilets. Additionally, there would be open toilets for those who merely want to see or be seen by many.
The fee for this experince would be about $10-$20 a person.

I know this is mere fantasy, but I would like to know how much business a place like this could expect.

I would also like to know how Karl is coming along with Catherine and how John the Lurker is coming arould with Jill( I think that was her name).

Both of you have made great progress, but the next logical step would be for you to ask your female friends to turn around on the tiolet as they are about to evacuate their bowels so you could watch up close as their anal muscles contract and the fecal logs slide out before your eyes.
Have either of you gotten this far?


Out with others

Well here is times where I rather take crapes in public,because at home when I am on the toilet,I have a feeling I am wanted out of there.But when I wait and go out with friends or family I can go in a restroom and not need to hurry.Unless they are following me.There is one time where I wanted to go to the toilet and I try to lose them.And when I get on the toilet my Brother calls me to see where I am at.

And with my best friend,As soon as I sit down,he ask how much longer will I be in there.

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