Car Mom
Me again! Ok so the other day those same two girls and their mom were in the car with me again, and so that means I have another story! A lot of you will like it too cause its a little different. Something else actually happened that doesn't happen very often. We were driving and this time Kaylee (my daughter) had to pee first and so she announced it and then she got ready to do it. I remember the mom saying "so how often do you get to pee in here?" Kaylee said "I don't know" and then I said "probably a couple times a week." Now if you'll remember Kaylee is 8 and the two daughters are ages 8 (Kaylee's friend) and 12. Last time the 12 year old didn't want to do it at first but eventually she did do it and ended up having a good time in the end. Well this time, as Kaylee was sitting there peeing, the 12 year old daughter said "when Kaylee's done can I go too?" Then she smiled. Of course I said "sure you can." Then I said "you don't even have to wait for Kaylee. You can just start now if you want." Then she asked her mom "is it ok if I go here?" and her mom smiled and said "sure go ahead." And so she got ready to do it. She was sitting on the passenger side of the backseat by the way, and her sister was in the middle and Kaylee was behind me. She pulled down her jeans and her panties and she got ready to have her pee. Also the mom told the younger daughter who was sitting in the middle to pull her pants down too so she wouldn't get any of her sister's pee (or Kaylee's) on her pants. So she did. I also told her that if she had to go too she could go ahead and go anytime she wanted. She said she didn't think she did yet but maybe later. Kaylee was still finishing up so I could still hear her pee going into the seat. Then after a little while I could also hear more pee going into the seat as the older daughter began to have her pee. Her pee was making a hissing sound as it went into the seat. So this may have actually been the first time two people peed in my car at the same time, I'm not sure. I know someone asked me a while ago, so this may have been the first time. Anyway the older daughter was having her pee in the seat. She was actually peeing a lot. Her puddle was really spreading out where she was sitting. I could tell she really had to go. She was also letting some farts into the seat as she peed. Of course she laughed when she farted and so did the other two girls. By this time Kaylee was all done with her pee and she was just sitting there in her seat, as she always does. Then after a few more seconds the older daughter was all done peeing. Her hissing stopped. And then all was quiet. Her sister asked her "are you done?" But then she said "not yet" and I wondered what she meant by that when it sounded like she wasn't peeing anymore. I just figured she was letting out a few more drops. But then she said to her sister "I think I'm gonna poo." I looked back at her. She was looking down at herself. Did she say what I thought she said? Then she said to her mom "I'm gonna poo ok?" and then her mom said "ok sweetie." I couldn't believe it. She was going to poop in my car. And her mom told her to go ahead and do it! I guess they just figured it was ok to poop in my car since they were already peeing in my car. I guess it makes sense when you think about it. I do sometimes say that my car is a toilet, and a toilet is where you would normally do both. Anyway I didn't have the heart to say anything. And not only that but by that time she was already starting to get ready to go. I just couldn't bring myself to stop her. She was making some little grunting sounds and then I could tell that she was starting to push herself. She was actually really cute sitting there! Then suddenly Kaylee said "mom is it ok that she's pooping?" and I just said "yeah its ok." Then suddenly the older girl said "oh! Should I not be pooping?" and I just said "no its ok. You can." And so she said "ok" and then she went back to her pooping. I knew I should have stopped her. But I just couldn't. I looked back again and saw her face and I could tell that she was glad to be going. Of course I couldn't see the poop since she was sitting in it, but I immediately began to notice the smell. It was really strong, especially for a young girl. Not a lot of people have pooped in my car that's for sure! But I was glad she was doing something that made her feel better. And so she finished her poop, and by that time we were at their house so we dropped them off and that was that. The younger daughter never did go that time. But the older one sure did! It took a long time to get the poop out of the seat. I don't know why, but poop bothers me, even though pee doesn't! Anyway that's my story! I'm sure a lot of you will like it! Bye for now!

Where do you take little kids if the bathroom is broken?

Valentina raised an interesting point. Little kids have to go alot and they can't hold it. What do people do at home when they have to go, especially when they need to poop, if the bathroom is broken, (like really stopped up), there is no water, or the bathroom is being worked on or cleaned?


Scary Experience

I had a scary experience the other day. Scary in the sense that I was afraid I was going to get into trouble for an honest mistake. I went to browse at some stores to maybe spend some of the gift cards I got for Christmas. I was in an area of town that I'd not been to in a while, and felt the need to poop coming on. I'm somewhat particular about where I go, kind of a private type and am not crazy about going in public restrooms. The cleanest ones I've found are at larger hotels. I was in the area where there was a Double Tree Hotel next to the mall I was going to. The parking lot was in the back and I entered and walked down a long hall past some meeting rooms. I came up on a small alcove and I saw a sign on the wall "Men" so I turned and went in the door. The door wasn't marked. I noticed there were two sinks and two stalls, one regular and one handicapped. I didn't see any urinals, which I thought was unusual and it appeared this restroom wasn't the main one at the facility. I figured they must have a larger one somewhere else. I headed to the stalls and noticed the handicapped one was occupied, at least I thought so since the door was closed. The stalls were made of wood and the partitions went to within about 6 inches of the floor. I went into the first stall and heard someone in the other stall rustling some tissue paper. I noticed the stall I was in had those toilet seat covers, so someone was getting one ready to sit. I don't like the seat covers and dropped my pants and sat about the same time as the person next to me. We both seemed to be waiting one another out for a couple of minutes or so. Then I heard a SSSSSSPFFFT and a second louder BAAAARP sounding fart and a pretty loud plop next door. So I pushed out an audible fart and a soft crackling turd about a foot long. I've just gotten over a cold and still had a slight cough. I coughed. Then I heard a woman's voice from the stall next to me say, "I think one of us made a wrong turn." I was stunned. Surely I was in the right room! I said, "Isn't this the men's room?" The lady chuckled and said, "No, it's the ladies'." I said, "Are you sure? I saw the sign for men." She said, "This is the ladies. We have this happen a lot. I'm the hotel manager. We've had this happen both ways - men mistakenly going into the ladies' room and vice versa." She said they were ordering signs for the doors so it would eliminate the confusion. It seems that if you're approaching the alcove from one direction, all you see is "men", you see the door, and go in. But the men's room is directly across facing the door you would naturally go in. The same holds true if you're coming from the other direction, but the opposite. Ladies would see "ladies" and go into the door and be in the men's room. I said, "I am very sorry. I'll get out of here." She said, "Don't worry about it. Since we've already heard each other, we may as well both finish." I was a bit dumbfounded but said, "That's OK with me." She proceeded to plop about 3 more times then farted somewhat loudly. She said, "Oh, excuse me! I didn't mean to do that." I said, "It's OK. That's part of going #2." I dropped another crackling turd. She peed and wiped about 3 times and flushed. She went to the sinks and washed her hands. I wasn't quite done. She said, "I'll wait for you in case someone comes in, I'll have them wait." I said OK. I thought she'd go outside by the door but she stayed in the restroom. I farted and dropped another log, peed and wiped. I flushed and opened the door. The lady looked to be in her 40's, dark shoulder length hair, and nice looking. She was trim and dressed professionally. I washed my hands and dried them. She smiled and said, "I'm Rhonda the hotel manager here." I told her my name and we shook hands. She said, "Nice meeting you. I hope you visit our hotel again." I laughed and said, "Yeah, but I'll be more careful next time."


Questions for the students out there!

As many of you may know from my previous postings, I've been out of high school for ten years now and I work in the financial services industry. However, I do volunteer financial literacy work with classes in schools. While I was urinating in the girls room last month just minutes before one of my presentations, I got to thinking about something pretty radical--at least based on what many of the younger posters seem to be discussing on this board:

What if there were no passing period bells or bathroom hall passes used? Like college, you're treated like an adult and on a type of honors system. What do you guys out there think?


Your posts are the best please keep them coming

desperate to poop

old story about my aunt

Red Headed Michelle - great to see you back and top story! always so well described.

I remembered this story about my aunt a while ago when I was a teenager.

We were at a campsite and I needed a pooh, my aunt said she'd come too. When we got to the basic toilet block (and it was basic) There was a mother and daughter (40 and 20) waiting for 3 toilets all engaged. In one toilet a lady was having horrendous diarreoh, the other stall a lady was constipated and in the final one a lady was just finishing. Soon after the young girl went in and now it was the 3 of us.

My Aunt asked if she could go first as she was a little desperate. I said fine and that I needed a pooh so would be a while. She said so did she and quite badly. She was shifting nervously and rubbing her ????.

all 3 were pooping strongly. The lady with diarreoh sounded awfull and was moaning and groaning. The young daughter was having a good clear out and the constipated lady was grunting. Finally the constipated lady heaved a big one out sighed, wiped and left allowing the mother in, she had a roll of loo paper with her and I knew she'd need a pooh as she was letting SBD's off. Sure enough she had a strong urgent tinkle and then let some more parps off as she pooped some big logs.

I commented to my aunt that the queue wasn't going fown very quickly and I was getting more urgent. My Aunt grimaced a smile and said me too sweetie and thanks for letting me in front. I said no problem you def look much more desperatre than me. Oh I am she replied.

Finally the young girl finished and my aunt ran in. She hurried her shorts down and let fly with some soft poop. Boy she needed to go I thought. I was now getting pretty desperate to pooh, and quite wet too with a few pee dribblets escaping.

Finally after what seemed an age but I think was about 10 minutes the Aunt came out apologies for the wait and the smell. I said not to worry I'll be stinking up it pretty good. I went in pulled my shoerts down and felt relief as my urgent pee gushed out, soon followed by some soft hot runny poop. I decided to stay a while and listen. The lady was having awfull diarreoh and from under the partition you could see some walking pants and some knickers down at the ankles above her walking shoes. It smelled horrendous. My Aunt finally finished and I said I'd be a while so I'd meet her back

A couple of ladies took her place to have tinkles and then shortly after that a lady hurried in to have a semi-soft dump. She was quite loose and moaning.

I had finished my dump was intently listening when one lady asked for someone to hurry up as she needed to go. I tried to flush but it wouldn't work so I came out applogising it wouldn't flush. She smiled at me and said I don't care and hurried in to have her morning dump.

It was definitely a good morning for dumping

Happy pooping

Hey everyone sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Nothing new to report, until today. I was with my friend Nathalie in her car. We were just driving around, killing time when all of a sudden, I really had to pee. It must have been all the soda I drank at lunch, because I was dying. I asked Nathalie if we could stop somewhere so I could go. She answered, "or we could just pee in the backseat like car mom." I felt my face grow red and my heart beat sped up. I asked her what she was talking about. She told me that she reads this site all the time and that she knows I post on it. I told her it was true and she said she loves car mom's posts and has been wanting to try peeing in the backseat for awhile now, but she never knew how to bring it up.
She pulled over and we climbed into the back and pulled our pants down. At first it was weird and I couldn't go, but I heard Nathalie's stream hiss into the seat and soon I began. I had to go really bad so it went on for some time. Afterward there was a huge wet spot on both my side and Nathalie's. It felt so good and now I understand why the other moms love doing it in car mom's car. Nathalie promised me we would do it again and she also said she might start posting on here!

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Back to the old hollow tree

I took Kirsty out to the hollowed out tree this morning so we could buddy dump in it. We made a smit of holding our poo in since yesterday morning & by the time we it to the tree we were busting to go. Kirsty was the first do go & she lifted her skirt up & took her panties off. She leant against to inside of the tree & immediately pushed out a couple of small turds while she peed. When her pee stopped Kirsty pushed again & out came a six inch turd followed by a five inch one & she was done. Seeing her go so much made me want to go even more & I couldn't wait for her to finish wiping so I could take her place. I almost pood my panties watching her & as soon as she moved over I took her place & quickly lowered my jeans & panties before squatting over Kirsty steaming pile. I didn't have to push at all. It just came out on its own really fast. I peed a lot & it was such a relief. I wiped several times to get my bum clean & then pulled my panties back up & then my jeans. We made a huge pile together & we left the scene intending to return some time soon.....


Post Christmas

Hey guys, I hope you all have had a safe and happy holiday season. I had a large dump the other night. I was on the way home with my parents and felt a large one brewing, it was probably all the greasy chinese food we had new years eve. So whenI got home I was ready to burst, however I had to help unload the car. When I got done, I briskly walked to my bathroom. As I was pulling down my pants I could feel the head poking its way out. I quickly sat down as a huge log came sliding out followed by a large wave of slop. WHEW! it stunk. I i wiped front and back and turned around to look at what I produced. There was a foot long brown log, topped off by a lot of mush. Proud and Relieved I flushed my accomplishment. Have any of you found any foods that produce large loads like that? For me its dairy products. Be safe guys.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Underage drunk

To retail guy:
I saw an interesting "accident" at work today. There was a young girl of about 16 walking around the store holding her bum. She was drunk & staggered about as she went. She came up to the customer services desk where I as working & asked me with slurred speech, "Excush me, but where are the cushtemer toiletsh?" I had to tell her the store didn't have any & the girl said, "Fine, I'll jusht shhhit myshelf then." She stood there & did exactly that, filling her panties with a huge load of mushy poo. It reaked & the girl staggered towards the door & stopped. She began to wet herself & then she puked all over the floor. Security called the police to take her home as she was underage & I just hope she learned how stupid it it to binge drink like that.


Let me tell you about my #2 session at school. Before my college freshman math final, I had to do #2 at 10AM. I went to the girls athletic dep't toilet, dropped my books on the window sill, entered the stall, took off my jacket and sweater, undid my belt on my jeans, lowered them and my red panty hose and my red bikini panty to my ankles and sat on the toilet. To my surprise, I had gas which I squeezed out before I dropped a series of soft pieces and a pee. I sat for 10 miinutes alone. Then, I wiped myself through the front of

I am a bus driver. I will not say where or who I work for. I have passengers who board, do not pay attention to their surroundings and then ask if there is a bathroom when the bus has one or if the bus does not have one they ask why. I cannot see using a lavatory bus for a trip within 100 miles. Then, there are these people who cannot or will not use the lavatory. I hate picking up at churches and schools where the passengers namely, women and small children will delay the departure because for the same reason. Then, there are the children who are fascinated with the lavatory and will line up, blocking the aisles. I make them sit down because it is illegal to have standees. Tell me what is wrong, someone.


Stall-less toilet in a bar

I was in Palm Springs recently and went to a bar that had a restroom with 2 urinals, a sink and a toilet in the restroom, with no stall or partitions anywhere. None between the urinals and no stall around the toilet. I was there for a few hours with a couple of friends, but didn't see anyone take a crap in the toilet. It would be pretty bold to do so, since you had to walk towards the toilet in order to get to the urinals, which were to one side.

The next day, I was heading out of town and decided to stop in to the bar to take a leak before I went home. It was on the way and I also needed to take a dump. I parked and went in. It was still relatively early and there weren't that many people in the bar. A few were watching the football game on TV. I walked over to the restroom and a guy walks out as I was walking in. The restroom was empty and I decided to go for it. I grabbed some paper towels and wet them in the sink. I put the seat down, listened for a second and didn't hear anyone coming in, so I turned towards the door, unbuckled my belt, pulled my jeans and briefs down quickly to my ankles, and sat down. I really had to unload so I emptied my bowels with no straining or pushing. I flushed while it was still coming out of me, so I wouldn't clog the toilet. I kept crapping until everything had come out.

I started to pee and it took like what seemed a full minute to empty my bladder. I kept listening intently, to hear if anyone was about to walk in. I heard the bartender enter the storage area right next to the restroom. I had finished peeing and grabbed paper from the roll, dabbing at my penis to dry it off, then lifting my "junk" out of the way to clean from the front side. I did this few times and then finally stood up and wiped from behind, using the wet paper towels. I was nice and clean.

I turned and looked in the toilet before I flushed. Someone came in just as I pulled my white briefs up. He looked a little surprised and said excuse me as I was reaching for my jeans. I said, no worries, I'm done. He smiled and said ok and walked over to the urinals. I buckled my belt and walked over to the sink and washed up. The guy came up to the sink just as I was leaving.

Normally I'm not shy about being seen dumping, but for some reason, this time was a bit nerve-wracking! I really needed to crap, but maybe i was nervous because it was such a small restroom or maybe because people who are drinking can be a little belligerent. I'm glad I was able to do it, though. Made the drive home much more bearable!

Anyone else ever in a similar situation?


To Amylee

Love your pooping stories at work. Please keep them coming.


Calgary road trip desperation

Hey everyone. I have a story today, not about me but about a friend of mine.

It all started with me, my girlfriend and three others decided to take a road trip to Calgary for new years. I'm a little unsure about giving out real names, so I'll call the girls Lizzy, Leah and Olly. It's similar to their real names but I'm sure it's fine, haha.

We got going, and for most of the trip nothing too interesting toilet-related happened. There were pit-stops, but it was just garden-variety peeing.
So anyway, Leah starts shifting a little in her seat. I figured maybe her butt was asleep or something, then she piped up and asked for a washroom stop. Lizzy (Who was driving) said "We're about half an hour from our destination, you can go when we get there"

Leah said "I really have to go, I'm not sure if I can wait that long"

"Well if we pass somewhere that you can go on the way I'll stop, okay?"

"Hmm, okay" Leah accepted this, but looked incredibly nervous. She kept fidgeting from time to time, showing clear signs of having to go. Suddenly, she passed gas loudly. It smelled absolutely terrible and she blushed bright red. She softly said "I'm sorry, I just really need to empty my bowels"
My girlfriend laughed and said "Too much info there Leah"
Leah blushed deeper and apologised again.

After about ten minutes, Leah said to Lizzy "Lizzy, I can't hold it much longer, can you pull over at the side of the road or something"

Lizzy seemed uncaring and replied "No, I'm not pulling over so you can shit in a bush or something, you can wait"

"No, I really can't. I'm desperate, please"

Lizzy just laughed "You're seventeen, you can wait until you find a toilet"

Leah clammed up, realising that Lizzy, for some reason, wasn't going to stop for her. She was fidgeting around loads, clearly having a lot of trouble holding her poop. She passed some more incredibly smelly gas a few times, each time apologising profusely. After about five more minutes, she began to nearly cry and begged Lizzy to pull over. She still refused, despite me and my girlfriend trying to convince her to. Leah began to cry full force "Sorry" she squeaked, lifting her butt off the seat and pushing a large amount of poop into her jeans. It took her several minutes to fully empty herself. When she was finished, she buried her face in her hands and began sobbing. I gave her a cuddle but there was no consoling her.

Once we reached our stop, she carefully got out of the car and began waddling towards the washroom. I offered to help her clean up, but she just said "No, I can deal with my own shame" and went into the washroom.

I've gotten together with Leah since and she's still awkward around me, but it's not too bad. She knows I'm not judging her, but she feels awful about it.

Okay, that's me done. I hope you all enjoyed the story.



Massive accident after waiting too long

I'm 22 years old & I'm only 5'1" tall. A little ????, a natural brunet but I change my hair colour every other week. Ever since I was a teenager I've loved holding my poo untill I'm desperate & can easily hold on for 4 or five days at a time. I love the relief of it when I go & boy can I go! Once when I was 16 I made myself constipated after not going for 10 days. I had to to take some strong laxatives to get it moving & at school I felt a cramp in my belly telling me I had to go very urgently. It was nearly home time & I didn't like to ask to leave the room, so I held on untill the bell went. As soon as school was over I got up & ran out of the classroom & made sprinted at full speed to the toilets at the far end of the hall. Unfortunately I didn't quite make it & felt a hot sticky sensation between my buttocks. I did manage to stop it before it got too bad but the biggest problem was the toilets were locked for the night, so I had to try & make it home without soiling myself any more. I was getting really really desperate by now & I couldn't run or even walk properly without losing control. I had to walk slowly taking baby steps but it wasn't working too well. I needed to piss really badly as well. I think it was the pressure in my bowels affecting my bladder. Soon I began to wet myself & it felt so good I let it all out through my underwear. I had to relax my bum a little & thats when I lost control of my bowels & let out the dirtyest smelliest crap ever into my underwear. I couldn't stop it no matter how hard I tried to. My bowels kept pushing & pushing untill the whole 10 days worth was out. It was falling on the ground as it came out & I had a huge steaming pile of multi coloured shit underneath me. My underwear was sticking to my bum & I had shit all down my legs. I was a reall mess. By the time I got home I needed to go again. Luckily there was no one home so I went straight up to the upstairs bathroom & took all my clothes off in the bath. I showered er like an hour to get clean & after drying myself I sat on the toilet to finish my crap. I pushed a little bit & another dirty big crap slid out into the pan. I wiped about six times before flushing & I had to throw half my clothes in the bin as they were so messy.

I had to poop pretty badly earlier today while I was visiting my mom. I hadn't needed to poop for 3 or 4 days and felt pretty full and desperate. I tried to hold it as long as I could but my stomach started to hurt so I had to go. I pulled my pants and underwear down and a huge poop came out. Then some more poop came out after it. The first log was about a foot long and the second one was about half that size.

Later on after dinner my stomach started bothering me again and my bladder was full so I went to the bathroom. I had a pretty long pee and a wave of mushy crap. Both craps were really messy and needed several wipes.

Male Teacher in China

The Teacher, The Student and the Farter

Hey all. Having my break with family in friends in Malaysia, which is fun cos everybody has to poop after all the parties and food.

Today I went to watch Narnia ( can't remember the full title) by myself since my sons didn't want to come with me. While I was queuing up to buy popcorn, the urge to poop came to me but I wanted to buy my popcorn first so I waited. By the time I bought the food, the urge had left but I went to the bathroom anyway. There was a queue there too, for the cubicles only.

When I entered my stall, I tried to push but it wouldn't move out, so I took out one of the bullet-shaped enemas I carry around with me in case I have constipation and inserted 2 (it's strong, but I figured). So I came out and while washing my hands, I met with one of my old students, Darren. I taught Darren about 3 years ago, so he was 16 now. We talked a bit and then went off to watch my movie.

I went to my seat and prepared for the movie. The seat next to me was empty, so I thought I could put popcorn there. So the movie started, then 1/2 and hour later, I found out that Darren had the seat next to me. He said it was a coincidence, then I shared my popcorn with him (he said he forgot to buy them). While watching, I noticed that Darren was fidgeting a bit, then he leaned to the left and lifted his right leg a a bit( towards me, then farted( It wasn't loud, but the smell was kinda bad) I tried to ignore it but every few minutes, he would fart again.

I decided that maybe I would move somewhere else, but all the other seats were taken. Just then, I heard Darren moan a bit, so I asked him whether he was okay. He said "couldn't bomb Hiroshima just now, sorry sir, didn't mean to fart at you" I said it was okay. The movie was about to end, so I asked Darren to go to the bathroom, and I said I would follow him (my enema was making my stomach feel bad), and he nodded.

We left then found the bathroom. There were only 2 cubicles, and both were taken. Darren was doing a little dance. Then I farted( really loud and smelly) and then told Darren I had to do a #2 too. He said cool, then told me it would be interesting to do a poop with a teacher. The two cubicle were then empty( both squatting toilets)so we got it.

I took of my pants slowly (wasn't really in a hurry), squatted, then let out a few hi-pitched farts. (The wall of the cubicles were slightly low, if you stand up you can look over and see the other person, if you squat you can see the other person's butt and poop.) I watched as Darren was struggling to pull down his pants, did a half squat then spray the wall behind with diarrhea. This happened for a few more minutes ( by then the wall was completely" painted" with poop) then squatted full and pooped some more. I said "Wow" then pushed out a firm long log. I let out another hi-pitched fart and then pushed out a few small balls. The smell wasn't really bad, but I could hear people complaining about the smell from Darren's stall.

Darren finished a few minutes later, then told me that that was all of the New Year's Dinner he had last night. He then asked whether he could get some TP from my stall (his was gone), so I gave it him. We washed up, then went to have lunch.


Monday, January 03, 2011


Scruffy Sarah-Back to the usual naughty posts!

Hi All

I hope everyone is OK.

Amylee, I enjoyed your two posts about pooping in the workplace.It certainly seems that either the quiet ones or the prim ones are the ones to watch!

This reminded me of the time I took the very last of my Final Exams at Uni, which was way back some point in the Stone Age.

There was a girl in our department but not on my course who I had a passing acquaintance with.Sarah was a red head with very tangled and unkempt hair, tattered jeans, tee shirt with holes in it and dirty trainers.Even so she always had scrupulous hygeine.Nonetheless she was nicknamed Scruffy Sarah, and whilst we all loved her to bits, we all seriously wondered how on earth anyone would ever offer her a job at the end of all this.

On the morning in question I had to run an urgent errand for a lecturer first thing and I found myself alone in my department for the last time.I went into what I thought would be the deserted common room to think things over before walking aross the field to where the exam was taking place.

I turned the corner and was surprised to see someone in there.I was even more surpised to see Sarah looking very smart and professional with a green jacket and short green skirt and white blouse and new shoes.She was gingerly sipping a cup of water and I noticed a pack of Diocalm/Immodium (whatever the brand name was in 1995) on the table beside her.She was as white as sheet however, and looked very uncomfortable.

We said Hi to each other and we chatted for a few mntes, I was pleased to hear that Sarah now had a local job, and good one at that. Suddenly, there there was a rumbling from Sarah and she shot off into the nearby toilets like an F-15 on re-heat.As she went into the toilet she jammed the outer door open, so I heard everything.I heard the cubicle door slam shut and lock, and a rapid fumbling of skirt and pants.Sarah violently slammed herslf down on the toilet only just in time.

There was a truly monumentally violent and spectacularly explosive wet farting rapidly followed by splattering, more wet farts and a sound like a water tap on full, which went on for at least ten seconds continuously.More wet farts and another lengthy splattering followed.Another liquid outpouring which went on for several seconds finished things off.The whole performance could not have lasted more than a minute, and I heard Sarah adjust her clothes, flush and wash her hands.I heard her spray deodorant and she came out of the toilet looking rather sheepish and embarrassed.

Sarah had got her colour back though and she was thankfully feeling a lot better.We wished each other good luck both with the exam and our futures as Sarah was going straight back to work afterwards. On entering the room, I noticed Sarah's desk was next to mine.Whilst I was concentrating on the Exam Paper, I did notice Sarah fidgeting in her seat and the occasional gurgling coming from her, particularly as the end of the exam draw nearer.As soon as we were allowed to leave, Sarah sprinted out of the Exam Room, and I never saw her again.

Bye for now take care.

Hermes x

Jasmin K

Re - training your Bowels

Hope every one had a great christmas and had good new year celebrations.

Ive had some very difficult poos over this period - some that just didnt want to come out no matter how much I strained. Needless to say eventually I managed to get them out leaving me with a very sore bum.


When I first started to re train my bowels to open after school it depended how hard I strained, sometimes I strained as hard as I could from when I sat on the loo, other times I relaxed first and only strained a little for say 10 mins then strained harder for 10 mins and when I hadnt done it after say 1/2 hour then would strain really hard -often making my bum bleed. It also depended on if I had been holding on or was making my self do one. I would often be on the toilet for an hour - sometimes more when it wouldnt come or sometimes if I had been holding on it would take less than 5 minutes although I would keep straining for another 5 mins to make sure it was all out.
On the rare occasions I had been on there for more than an hour and not done any thing I would go back again later and have another go. Failing that i then waited till next evening holding it in if needed untill the next evening.
I didnt go at school for a poo after I started to re train my Bowels, please let me know how you get on going straight after school. I tried this a few times but found i could get the time I needed later in the evening.

Abbie have you tried to make yourself go in the evening ?

Jasmin K


A couple of responses...

What would happen when it rained? Well the toilet would get washed down. Might not move skidders, but would wash the pee splashes off the seat lol

School TP:
Haha we had that at my primary school too!
The commercial product was called "San Izal" (no longer manufactured) but there was an "own brand" version made just for the schools.
I remember the print on it in green:


Post Title (optional)Holding BMs re Hermes

I think I can kinda imagine what it must of been like. 7 or 8 years ago I started to have the drainage of blood pus and fluids and the area would swell up and seal shut causing pain in sitting etc. A few years ago I eventually had surgery to drain the abscess but it seems to have resurfaced again.

I do not know if it came from not heeding the urge because I pretty much would go when I had to. And if I held it until i was running to the toilet it was usually soft and messy which I didn't do all that afternoon.

I am probably going to see if the doctor can have the abscess removed completely and not just drained to avoid any more recurrences.


Buddy dump

Back in the summer I had to attend a work related conference at a hotel in a nearby city I when with Jill we left early to drive there by 8-30 for a 9-00 start.
We stopped around 12-00 for lunch and after our food we went out in the hotel ground for a walk, after 5 minutes I started to need the toilet so I said to Jill that I should head back to the building as I needed the toilet and she said me too.
We got back and entered the women's toilet to find a long line of women waiting at least 20, I said to Jill lets see if we can find some other toilets so off we went, we asked a member of staff who said you could try the end of that corridor as there is a disable toilet as we arrived there was nobody outside but the occupied sign on.
Just as we reach the door it opened out came a slim woman in her 20's, Jill looked inside and said it's a big room do you want to come in with meat the same time, I said I would love to but I need a poo so I do not want to stink you out, Jill said that ok I need to do the same.
So in we went together Jill lifted the seat cover lowered her jean and nicks to her knee then squat over the bowl not sitting on the seat and started peeing she then strain a huge turd appeared and got longer with each push it entered the water still in 1 piece then 1 last push it flopped into the bowl she quickly wiped pulled up her nicks and jeans and said now your turn.
I moved over to the bowl, starred at this monster turd she had just done pulled up my skirt lowered my nicks to my knee's then squatted in the same way as Jill had and started peeing, she was now intensely watching me now as I started to strain hard as my poo opened up my anas as wide as it would stretch then slowly head downwards into the water below, Jill gasped saying it is massive, I looked down and gave a final push as it flopped into the water alongside Jill's turd, I was finished so I wiped and pulled my nicks up lowered my skirt.
Then both Jill and I examined our join creation 2 turds at least 35 cm long and 6 cm diameter we knew there was no way we were going to flush them away at least the paper went.
We quickly exited without anybody seeing us and made our way smiling back to the conference.
Later we heard another women saying that she had tried to use the disable toilet but she had to report it as blocked with 2 of the biggest turds she had ever seen what a buddy dump.


Sleepover at my friends house

Hi everyone, happy new year!! Last night we had a sleepover round Lucy's house to see the new year in, as well as me and Lucy there was Katie and I'd invited Olivia too. At about ten o'clock we decided to get ready for bed and put on our pyjamas, not that we were planning to go to sleep, we just wanted to feel a bit more relaxed. I was really bursting for the loo (just a wee, fortunately) and I nearly went before I got undressed, but I decided to hold it until after I'd changed into my nightie. As I started to take off my jeans I realised it had been a mistake to wait, I lost control of my painfully full bladder for a moment and felt a big spurt of wee come out in my pants. I put my nightie on as fast as I could and rushed off to the toilet while the others were still getting undressed, as I got to the bathroom door I froze as I felt even more wee coming out, my pants were soaked and I even felt some start to trickle down my leg. I quickly got my pants off completely and then sat on the loo not a moment too soon, I unleashed a fearce stream which hissed down into the bowl and I couldn't help groaning with releaf. As I continued to wee I looked down at my pants lying on the bathroom floor, they were now a much darker shade of pink than they had been before and I knew they'd be far too wet to put back on. Fortunately the airing cupbaord was in the bathroom and I decided to hide them in there until the morning. A few moments later I was done, I wiped and flushed and then picked up my wet pants and rinsed them out in the sink. I opened the airing cupboard door and stuffed them round the back of the hot water tank, I was hoping they'd be dry by the next day. I went to leave the bathroom after I'd washed my hands but paused, I felt really exposed as I always keep my pants on under my nightie and didn't really want to spend the rest of the evening without wearing any, it would be embarasing if my friends noticed. I figured I could always go back and put some clean ones on, but didn't really want to admit I'd wet myself, when suddenly I noticed the dirty washing hamper by the bathroom door. I opened it up and started to search through the clothes, thinking I could borrow some of Lucy's underwear. I'd nearly got to the bottom when I found a pair of yellow pants that looked like they were Lucy's, I pulled them on and they were a bit tight but otherwise OK. I went back to spend the rest of the evening with the others, the next morning when I went to the loo for a wee my pants were dry so I took off the ones I'd borrowed and put mine back on, as far as I knew no-one found out about my accident!
Will post again soon, bye for now.


Performing Inventory

Hello all. My name is Jeff I am 41 years old and I work for an inventory firm. and we go into warehouses and do inventory counts for client. This past Thursday we were going to start work with a new client, and had an introduction and training session at their plant and warehouse. The session was just suppose to last about an hour after lunch, and then we were to start on performing the cycle count. I neglected to use the restroom beforehand as it was suppose to be a quick session. Well, as luck may have it the clients had a lot of questions and the meeting carried on an additional two hours. So by this time I need to use the restroom quite badly. The session finally ends and dash several hundred feet across the warehouse to the nearest restrooms, only to hit them right at the 4 o'clock break. All I could do was get in line and wait it out. I stand in line what seems like 10 minutes (but was more like a minute or two) fidgeting quite badly. Then of all times I feel a sneeze coming on. I try to hold back the sneeze, amongst other things, until my sinuses give way and I sneeze. I no sooner recover from the sneeze when I feel a lump start to form in the seat of my underwear. I was completely mortified, hands down the most embarrassing thing that could happen to a person.


Not Quite the Ocean

This last summer I had a terrible poop in our local lake. My mom, Lexi, and I were having a day out on our boat. It was a large party barge with white a blue stripes. It did not have a toilet I am sorry to say.

All of us were doing some naughty sun bathing. The lake was pretty deserted so we were not worried about being caught naked. So we all just laid on our towels on the deck. I was gradually falling asleep and nodded off at some point.

I woke up with a fairly bad urge to poop. However, i fell back asleep... biiiiiiig mistake!!

I woke up about 35 minutes later and my ass was killing. Nearly an inch of poop was out of my hole. I stumbled to the side of the boat and relaxed my ass. Instantly, a huge turd shot out--it was nice and smooth but it stretched me to a point of moaning. As it broke from hole i let out a 20 second long fart that brought me to my knees. My legs kept shaking as wet poop shot out.

Luckily my butt was still hanging over the side of our craft so my poop water was going over board. I started cramping as another 15 second long fart shot nearly 20 inches of snaky poop from poor poop-er. I could see it because it floated in the water.

I let out another 5 second fart followed by another wave of mushy poop. I was nearly crying at this point but this was the last of it. I let out a nearly 20 second fart and unsteadily got up. I was finally done!

However, there were two more women on our boat that needed to use the toilet... or lake...

Lexi woke up an hour later and said she bursting to pee. She said she was feeling naughty and was going to prank our mom. She said she was going to pee on her butt seeing as she was laying face down.

On closer inspection i noticed, Brittany or Britt, my mom was turtle heading BAD!!! I told Lexi to go for it because she needed to be woken up.

Lexi took her squat and let her long needed pee go. It instantly splattered all over my mom. Within five seconds mom was awake, within 5 more seconds she noticed her need to poop. She moaned and i jokingly asked her what was wrong. She moaned and said the clean up won't be fun. I did not understand what she meant until she relaxed her ass hole.

She was going to poop on the boat. A thick and i mean thiiiick like my wrist thick was already on the floor and more was coming out. She let out the mother of all farts (pun-y huh) that was about 30 seconds long and probably 32 inches of slimy poop exploded out of her. She screamed then said she was done. She added that she had not been to the bathroom in 6 days and that she normally poops after every meal.

After we got her massive pile into the ocean she punched both of us in the boobs (we all know where to hurt each other--she has massive boobs 40DDD and the hurt just like ours) and tackled us to the boat floor. She then proceeded to pee on us like we had done to her. After 30 seconds her stream trickled to a stop and in retaliation Lexi punched her in the pussy and said her hand almost slipped in then we all burst out laughing. We decided after we stopped laughing that it was time to head in.

We all cleaned off and dressed on the way in. As you can see we are very very close! :)

JaneCarole Fan

A pleasant memory

Recently an old, female friend passed away. I was depressed over it until I recalled an incident which took place many years ago, in an office building one day after work...the memory made me smile and alleviated my grief.

We were in an elevator headed downstairs, with 7 or 8 others. All of a sudden my friend blurted out, "Oh, dear! I forgot to go to the bathroom!" Everyone else moved away from her as she stooped a little, trying to make herself disappear. Somebody asked her what she was doing, and she said in a small voice, "Oh, being embarrassed..."

I don't think she was going to the bathroom in the elevator, though. A funny memory of a dear friend.

Magnesia Maggie

My two-week Christmas break journal

You guys might remember that when I last wrote (Page 1930) my mom had started giving me a dose of Milk of Magnesia before I left home for school. The problem is that I can't take a decent crap at school at any time of day. I can feel it, smell it (unfortunately) and I have that bloated feeling, but once I leave class, put myself down on the toilet stool, I can't produce anything that's significant. I always sit for most of like 5 minutes, but often all I'm able to drop are one or two balls of crap, which my friend Gretchen calls "consolation marbles." Well when I went to my pediatrician a couple of months ago, it was recommended that I keep a daily crap journal and then discuss it with my mom like once a week. Well last night mom came to my room to see the journal, which, luckily I had been keeping up to date. Mom was especially interested in the past two weeks since we've been off school, and we've done some traveling and been in some really crowded places.

What I have below is what I've logged in for each day. I've added a few comments. I'm pretty encouraged by the progress I've made but know that beginning tomorrow when I'm back in school, I'll be getting that feeling of the lonely sit and then bloated gut again more frequently.

Day #1: Crapped at Wal-Mart. My bowl fill was bigger than that of my friend Gretchen.
Day #2: Crapped at home. Nearly a full bowl. Soft, but formed.
Day #3: Crapped at mall. One log was a little harder than the other two.
Day #4: Crapped at interstate truck stop. Had to wait almost a half hour to get onto stool. Even mom was upset by the time lost, but I had almost a full crap and at 1 a.m. since we drove all night to make better time.
Day #5: Crapped at grandparents. One very long long log that stood up outside the water
Day #6: Crapped at church before midnight church serve. Toilet was very small, loose on the wall, and I was afraid I would break it off as I pushed. Good production, though, without any toilet paper in the stall.
Day #7: Crapped at grandparents in morning before leaving for trip back home. Very soft but still satisfying.
Day #8: Crapped at civic alumni center during band set up break in concert. The first time I seated myself, the seat and bathroom were very cold and I was worried about frost-bite on my butt. After the concert, Gretchen and I both went back in and I had a very satisfying dump.
Day #9: Crapped in my own bathroom.
Day #10: Crapped in my own bathroom.
Day #11: What started as an emergency pee at the park's skating rink, turned into a very satisfying crap. It was open stall so I was a little uneasy, but Gretchen stood in the doorway to shield me.
Day #12: Crapped at Wal-Mart
Day #13: Crapped in my own bathroom.

In addition, I pee 2 or 3 times a day, sometimes more if I'm drinking coffee or other hot drinks. But that's never been a problem for me. What is the problem, however, is that I just can't crap in the bathrooms at school.

Now that you guys have been my journal, what advice can you give me?


Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 28

When we arrived at the pond Jill just dropped her things right on the grass and without takeing off her top Jill waded right into the pond headingright for the pipe. Boy was she ever in a hurry too! So Janet and I walked rael fast around the pone to the backsode of it. There she and I took offf our sneakers and socks and we only had to wade in the pond six feet and we were at tthe pipe before Jill got there.

Jill came wadeing over which Janet and I let her go first since her ned to go was way more then Janets and mine. janet as soon as she got in front of the pipe pulled her bikini bottom down pulled hesrself up and hung her now bare ass barly over the lip of the pipe. But Janet did it high enough so that we both would see her shit into the pipe.

Jill started right away right after she had gotten up on the top of the pipe. Janet and I saw Jill start pissing and shiting at the same time! Jill had a thin stream of piss comming out of her vagina ad her asshole opened right up recealing a tan, smooth, fat, shit that was moving right along out of her asshole.

It only took Jills shit to reach where the water funnel in the pipe was to reach it and the strength of the water funnel broke Jills shit right off at her asshole! The water in the pipe made a loud shrlupping sound when it sucked her shit right down. Her shit kept comming yet out of herasshole so it looked like the pipe would have a second shit to suck down into it in a few short moments. Jill had stopped pising by this time.

This time as Jills shit got longer it cracked and broke off on its own before reaching the water whirpool inside the pipe. Her shit did hit the whirpool and it made another shlurp sound but not as loud as the first time. Jills remaning piece from the broken shit slid out long enough that it too reached the whirlpool in the pipe but this time this shit didn;t break off. The water made a good sucking sound till Jills shit did reach its end and then fell into the wirlpool and made a quick shlurp sound and that was it. Jill was done shiting. She hopped off from the pipe.

She said to Janet and I; Hey did I shith three times in the pipe? Janet told her no. I told her shdid but that her shit had broke once while she had shit. Jill laughed and said; That's why Iheard the pipe shlurp three times! That wass neat. Wait you two I have to see if my shit is over there in the creek. Janey and I laughed and told Jill we'll wait but don't take long. Jill pulled up her bikini bottom and she waded hard out of the pond ran across the dirt road and stopped and yelled out; Yup my shits right here in the creek!

Then Jill came running back right nto the pond and waded over to Janet and I. Janet said to Jill; I'm going next. So janet instead of just slipping down her bikini bottom she took it right off and handed it to me. Then Janet climbed up on the pipe to take her shit in it. Jill meanwhile had gotten back out of the pond. She had gone over across the road to watch for Janets shit to pop out of the pipe in the creek.

Janet like Jill started to piss but piss only not shit at the same time. Janet took a short hard piss for aboyt ten seconds then stopped. Then as I watched her asshole opened up which I saw a brown very chunck knobby brown shit start out of her asshole. When her shit reached about three nches long since it was so chunky and knobby three of the chunky knobby pieces of her shit broke off falling into the pipe. Thta made the pipe do three real fast shlups sounds in a row.

A short second maybe two Jill yelled out; Hey theres Janets shit! Hey theres three little nuggets that just popped up to the sufrace over here! I said back to Jill; Janets shit just had broken up into three little pices Jill. Janet is still shiting. Janetwas and her chunky knobby brown shit was staying together getting longer. It was almost in the whirlpool in the pipe.

The water started to shlurp when Janets shit was in the whirlpool. The shlurp got louder as more of her shit went in the whirlpool and it stayed tgether too. Then her shit broke and it made the pipe do a loud short shlurp as her shit went downthrough the whirlpool and then a single nugget fell rom Jantes asshole and a short shlurp from the pipe as the nuggte hit the whirlpool. That was it Janet was done with her shit.

From Jill looking over in the creek came firts a loud giggle. Then Jill said; Jantes big shit popped up quickly and then sank! Thelittle nugget that came out after the big shit popped up too but it floated. Then Jill came back over to the pond to watch me shit for it was my turn no to go in the pipe. Janet took back her bikini bottom from me but she just held it in her hand. Jill stood behind me and the pipe to watch. Janet stood in front of me to watch.\

I pulled my cutoff shorts down tomy knees. I asked the girls if they wanted them off which both Janet and Jill told me yes. So I emptied my pockets out which I passed my wallet and comb to Jill her waded over and put my wallet and comb in the grass and waded back out to the pipe again. I then slipped off my cutoffs and Jill took them to hold on to. Then I stepped back to the pipe and I hovered my bare ass oer the pipe by a little over a foot over its top.

Janet quickly asked if I was going to piss too. I told her I did but should only be a little Janet. Hanet stepped closer to me and she reached down and with her free hand took a hold of my penis and pointed it right down at the water of the pond. Janet smiled and told me that she had me ready in case I did piss whether short or long or weak or hard. I smiled back at her.

Well I then relaxed and I did start to piss weakly which my piss stream slashed a little and the ponds water. After several seconds I felt my asshole strtching open and I was starting my shit into the pipe. The way my asshole felt it was going to be one of my fat ones too. I stopped my weak pissbut Janet stayed holding my penis in case I started pissing again. From Jill she yelled; Dave you have a nice fat shit cmming out of your butt! Now I knew I was takeing a big one.

It felt smooth to me as I shit. It didn't take long for Janetto tell me she could see it where she was standing in front of me. I now myslef was waiting for my shit to hit the water whirlpool so I would hear the water make the shlurping sound as my shit went into the whirlpool. A few short seconds later the pipe started to shlurp for my shit had reached the whirlpool and was going down through it. Like Jamtes one shit my shit made the pipe make a loud shlurp and it got louder as my shit which got lnger went deeper into the whirlpool.

Then my asshole closed right up and my shit made the pipe do a real loud shlurp and kicked up a big splash which wetted my asscheeks real good. Both Janet and Jill laughed loudly and hard. I aslo started pissing again which this time my stream was hardwhich made a good splash in the ponds water. My hard piss was a short one being about six seconds and I stopped. That was it I was now done.

Jill now turned around and shewas wadeing out real hard to check f my shit was over in the creek. It only took Jill several seconds to get out of the pond cross te dirt road andlook at the creek. Jill laughed hard then stopped. Yup Dave;s shit is here! It didn't break either! It's all in one piece! Then she came back over and waded outinto the pond agin. I put my cutoffs back on and Janet put her bikini bottom back on. I and the girls waded back up to the shore. I picked up my wallet and colb and we walked over to where Jill and Janet had dropped their stuff on the ground. They picked thier stuff up and we headed home. To be continuied.

Sunday, January 02, 2011


To Hermes

Well put. I would also think that there are other dangers especially for women and that is the possibility of a fistula between rectum and bladder, vagina, or uterus. Yes, these are extreme scenarios, but let's be real here, for the most part, the norm for bowel movements is 2 or 3 a day (or more). People who are not going for two or more days at a time have another danger to deal with, and that's a dependency on laxatives to enable bowel movemets. This can also lead to fecal impaction and possibly peritonitis if the bowel, or intestine rupture, or pressure in the intestines cause loss of circulation to the tissues, followed by death of intestine and most likely gangrene. If you are only having bowel movements every 2 or more days, you seriously need to look at your diet and figure out what you need to do to allow you to have "more normal" bowel movements WITHOUT the use of laxatives unless advised by your physician. I can only remember a few times in my life that I've ever gone without a bowel movement less than twice a day and that's after procedures that were done that required a bowel prep - complete emtying of the bowels by use of medication and enemas. The most recent was for a colonoscopy last year and I was amazed that it was at least 2 days before I felt the need to poop.

Red Headed Michele

Shopping Desperation

Hello to anyone who remembers me. I used to post a lot but haven't in awhile. I have two very recents events I can share and I will do the most recent one now. Since it's been a longgg time I will describe myself again. I'm 28 year old girl with natural bright red hair. Medium built and 5'55". I was out doing some shopping the other day with some of the gift cards I got from family for Christmas. I just left one of the shopping plazas when I could really tell my stomach didn't feel that great. It was a good forty minute drive to my home so I went down the road for a bit and there was a Mcdonalds and a Dunkin Donuts. I know the Dunkins usually just have a single potty so I pulled in Mcdonalds cause after that there is really nothing as I'm leaving town. It was a really nice Mcdonalds with marble like floors and even a fer fancy hanging light fictures. Kinda a rectro look. I went down the hall on the side and to my dismay there was a line for the bathrooms. There were a single Men's and a single Ladies but the Ladies was out of order and everyone had to share one at a time. I think there were about six waiting but at first things went kinda quick. The first couple in line went pretty quick and then there was a lady in her mid thirties, a tall great looking guy, a girl maybe 18-20 who had a mcdonalds uniform on, and then a young girl in her early 20's in front of me. I really did feel a good poop coming so I knew I had to wait it out. The woman in her mid thirties was in about five minutes and finally came out and then the hot guy must have taken a quick pee because he was in and out. That let the girl who worked there go in and left me and the girl in front of me wait. The girl in front of me was really squirming. She had a nice pink sweater and her arms were folded under her boobs and she kept doing a low moan. After about five more minutes of waiting she let out a very embarrassing little toot. She blushed and turned around and appologized and said how bad she had to poo. I told her not to worry i really had to too. That was definitely no lie as my stomach was aching so bad with that you really have to go now pains. By now there were two more people behind me. After a couple more minutes the girl knocked on the door and asked the girl who worked there to hurry up. I could hear her voice reply she was still going and had cramps. This just made the girl in the pink sweater even madder. Finally after being in there after ten minutes she came out. I noticed when she walked by me she still was rubbing her belly. The other girl ran in. She was in about six minutes and I was almost about to burst in my jeans. She finally came out and when I got in there it literelly smeelled the worst I have ever smelt. I let out wave after wave of soft poop and tried to be as quick as I could. The cramps in my ???? were horrible but I left feeling a lttle better. On my way past everyone I noticed the girl in uniform was back in line and looked to be in real trouble. I hope she got to leave work!!!
Take care everyone and I will post again soon!!!!

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