Yesterday I was babysitting a little girl and a little boy. I'm 13. They literally had to poop like 3 times while I was there!! I helped each of them every time, because they can't wipe themselves yet. One time, when I was wiping the boy, he started pooping into the wipe in my hand. It smelled soo bad, especially when the girl pooped. The flush wasn't working for some reason so the toilet was full of smelly little kid poops by the end of the night :P yuck. I had to go to so I added my own little turd to the pile. It was a different color and you could tell it was mine. It was kind of a messy one, and it took me a while to wipe. Anybody else have stories like this? Or even stories of kids pooping? I like hearing about kids and their poop :) thanks!

Story Teller
Althea- Shes always been over protective, I'm not sure why.


My 1987 Christmas Babysitting Story & Accident/Part 2

As I said in the first part of this post, Grady Ann was 5 and my first babysitting assignment. One of my 7th grade teachers had recommended me as an emergency sitter for a mother who had to take a weekend off and drive back home to be with a dying relative. Since my mom wrote the wrong time down for Grady Ann's arrival that Saturday morning, I was suddently ousted from bed, had to get my jeans and sweater on fast and then meet Grady Ann and her mother in our living room. The mom gave me a list of several things she wanted us to do, as well as more money than I ever thought I would see for such work, and then she had to head out. There was only one requirement--Grady Ann had to visit Santa at the mall and get her picture taken on his lap. It was a family thing they wanted to build on every year, display on their hallway wall at home, so I decided that it would be our first priority at 8:30 a.m. as we started out 6-block walk to the mall. I felt pretty comfortable that we would be able to see Santa pretty quickly since it was so early in the morning and that we would be beating most of the others there.

As I've said in earlier posts, I'm a morning crapper and the brisk (well, somewhat brisk since I didn't really want to drag Grady Ann behind me) walk caused me to feel the initial commotion in my gut that told me eventually I would be on the stool and crapping. I would have normally sat down at home, especially since it was a Saturday and there was no school bus deadline to meet but since I had been late in getting up, I just knew that a crap at the big mall was inevitable. There was no problem and I had crapped in nearly every restroom available there multiple times and actually peed there with greater frequency. Especially for the restrooms closest to the food court and theatres, my butt knew every stall.

With me closely holding Grady Ann's hand, we walked in through the main entrance and were immediately confronted with a roadblock. At the end of the mall, there was a big stage on which Santa was just getting set up and in front of him there was this tangling of ropes that force you to wait, crawl and perhaps walk ever slowly in one direction, then pass another rope and go back the same way you came. As we entered the roped-in area to begin our movement toward Santa, on the right side of us there was a DJ set-up from a local radio station and I heard him say in his remote report that the line wasn't that long yet and more people should get down to the mall ASAP with their kids. However, after about the first half hour, very little movement in the line, and Grady Ann asking me how long it was going to be, I got a little frustrated and inadvertently farted. Not that loud, but loud and long enough for her to hear it. She turned to me and said "You tooted." Then she put her hand over her mouth and I told her to try and count the number of children there were in front of us waiting for Santa. I knew it would be hard since so many of the parents with their big parkas were blocking kids, but I knew it would keep Grady Ann busy. Starting to feel more pressure in my bowels, I made my first count and it seemed like we were Number 74. While I was hopeful for something better, I figured we were about an hour or an hour and a half away. Judging from the line forming behind us, I knew there was no turning back.

My first thought was to scan the line in front of us to see if I could find any of my friends or my parents' friends who could watch Grady Ann while I quickly ducked into the bathroom and crapped. No such luck. I did the same thing with those in back of me, thinking that there getting cuts in line would be an enticment. Again, no such luck. The line was moving, although at a very slow pace. Every time I saw a flashbulb go off from the photographer, I knew progress was being made. It just wasn't coming fast enough. Although I tried hard not too, I think I "tooted" again two or three more times and on the final one, Grady Ann indicated that she could smell it. I apologized, but told her the truth that if we left line so I could crap, we would have to start all over again and at a time when the lines were getting longer and the DJ was bringing more parents and children in. I faked having to tie my boots in order to sit down on the bricks next to Grady Ann, hoping that the seated position would take the pain off what was increasingly feeling like a soon-to-be-explosion in my anus. She used my lower stature to whisper in my left ear that she could again "smell my poo."

I noticed the mall clock hit 10:15 a.m., then 10:45, and the line seemed to move faster. I looked forward and it looked like we were Number 11 in line and I quickly pointed out to Grady Ann that it wouldn't be much longer. She could practically count it down on her two hands. Which, of course, she did. About five minutes later, I got a violent eruption of gas, "tooted" louder than ever, and felt one very moist crap enter my white panties. Luckily, my blue jeans were quite new and dark in color and a little larger than necessary (mom believed in buying big and then growing into clothing) so the violation wouldn't show to the public, but Grady Ann poked me in the ribs and said she could smell what had happened. I told her it was OK, it wasn't her fault, and we just had to remain in line because she was so close to being next. About 20 minutes later, her turn came, and I helped her up the three steps to the stage and then waited right in front of the stage while she jumped up on Santa's lap for the picture.

Santa asked her if I was her sister and she said no but I was good in staying with her in line because I couldn't leave to poo and that I had gone poo in my pants. Santa winked at me and laughed. At that point the picture was taken, she was given a candy cane, and she came down on the stairs on the other side of the stage. I paid the photographer for the picture and he kiddingly as asked me if what she had said was true. Reluctantly, I had to admit it. He said it happens once or twice every year and that I was very dedicated in staying with her, rather than getting out of line.

Then I led Grady Ann to the closest bathroom. I led her into the first stall and she got up on the stool and peed. I required her to stay in there while I was in the stall to her left and I sat and cleaned myself off. I tossed my panties into the trash and while I sat, gas started to build again, and I was able to drop another piece that was about 6 inches long. Then as I re-seated myself and started to clean up again, I peed a little. By the time I left the stall, I think I had flushed like four times. There was literally no toilet paper left on the roll.

Finally, when I allowed Grady Ann to come out and we were washing our hands, she asked about what she could have for lunch. At first, it kind of took me the wrong way. Then I got to thinking that because she was so sweet and cooperative--outside of telling Santa about my accident--that we were really going to have a special lunch and afternoon. We went to a special pizza restaurant and really enjoyed ourselves. Up until I graduated from high school, Grady Ann's mom was frequently requesting me as her babysitter. However, knowledge of the accident never went away. It turned out that Santa's son went to my junior high and he told several of his friends about it. My school sweater with my name on it gave it away!

Story Teller
Not sure if this is a double post, though it has been several hours since the other message. I figured I share a accident story. I mentioned before that I have sisters. One is a year older then me and the other is two years older then me. This happened when right before I turned 7So the four of us(them, my mom, and me) were driving around downtown. You know those big trucks that small companies use to move stuff around? One cut right in front of us and our mom swerved and we nearly went off the road. I doubt any of you will know, but seeing a large truck roar by loudly within inches of you is very scary. My oldest sister and my mom were white in the face. I on the other hand, had completely wet myself. My other sister ended on soiling herself. Can't blame her, like I said it is pretty scary. People kept starring at us when we stopped at a gas station to clean up. My sister was crying, while I tried to keep my head up. Kinda hard to do when your wearing wet white shorts.

We had two weeks of winter break from school. The first week I somehow let my friend Billy convince me to come on his family camping trip. Bad mistake. It was cold, the food sucked, and the only thing there was to do was either walk around or fish.

The worst part, though, was the toilet. Billy's parents rented a little cabin site. It had two bunkbeds, and he has two sisters plus his parents, and me and Billy had to share a bed which is weird at age 15. Outside was a fire pit and a picnic table. Inside was the beds, a table, and the toilet.

The toilet sucked. It was completely wooden, no plumbing (just a pit no flush), and it just sat in the corner with NO separation. I mean, this toilet gave full view of your visit to everyone. But for some reason, it didn't smell. We decided that since the office bathroom was miles away, if someone had to use this toilet, everyone would go outside. Unless if everyone was asleep, then you could use it anyway.

Everything went well the first two days. No one was ever really inside the cabin until we went to sleep, so the toilet was pretty private. I peed on trees, and didn't poop at all the first two days. Until the third day, when Billy's dad made hamburgers over the fire for lunch... Completely undercooked, we all got stomach aches.

Billy's littlest sister was the first to explode diarrhea into the cabin toilet. We all went one by one and emptied our intestines into that thing. By dinner we felt better, and we had hot dogs. These weren't undercooked, but whatever gave us the squirts last time was still in us. We all went to be right after dinner.

At around 1:30 a.m., I woke up and had to poop, bad. I snuck over to the toilet and let out some more noisy diarrhea, I don't know how I didn't wake everyone. I went back to bed feeling better, but just as I started to doze off, Billy let out a terrible fart. The smell seemed to last forever, and then he blasted another. They sounded really wet. But as the second one ended, I felt something on my leg. I shined a flashlight and almost passed out: Billy shat diarrhea all over the bed!

I woke him up and he was really embarrassed. I woke up his parents, which pissed him off, but I wasn't going back to bed with poo sheets. They told him to go to the campground office bathrooms, where there was a shower. Of course since he shat all over my leg I had to shower, too. So we walked the three miles at 2 a.m. through the woods. There was a big open communal shower. We washed the shit off, and when we got back, I chose to sleep on the table.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Pooing in a bag

To Brycie
I just read your post about your sister Lexi when she pood in a carrier bag. I've done that in a tent at Glastonbury once. All the ques for the toilets yes a mile long & I was too desperate to wait so I got Kirsty to hold the bag up to my bum while I had a massive poo. The relief was beyond works & I stank the tent out. Now we take 2 tents with us to pop festivals so we can use 1 for our toilet.

Post Title (optional)Slick shiney toilet tissue sheets

When I was kid I hated using the toilets at school when I had to crap. As I recall the toilet paper were single slick shiney sheets that never was absorbant or really got a person clean. It was easy to get my fingers dirty trying to wipe.

Did anyone else have that kind of tissue at school?

I know at home we used the regular rolls of TP.

new guy

comments &

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 29

Once the the three of us got back to the house I was real thirsty so I poured out myself a big glass of soda and chugged it right down. Then I poured a second glass and I drank that one down halfway and let out a long loud burp. Jill giggled along with Janet. Janet said after her giggle; Exuce you! I laughed and said excuse me. Janet and jill also now poured out glasses of sada and they both drank them down halfway and let out a good burp.

Then we sat at the kitchen table and started talking on what to do for the rest of the day. As we sat there going over different ideas we finished our glasses of soda. It took us almost a half hour to decide what we were going to do. We settled on makeing up a picnic lunch and take a hike. So we made up our picnic lunch and we all went and changed clothes.

Where we were going to hike was a second local mountain called Looout Mountain. I ha been there once last summer while at summer camp we had climbed it as one of our day activities. We would ride our bikes over to where the trail started behind a motel. Then hike up to the top have our picnic lunch there. So we packed up our picnic lunch walked out to the barn hopped on our bikes and took off.

The bike ride was about a half hours time. When we arrived at the motel and left our bikes there we all had to piss. Jill and I real bad while Janet too had to go but not as bad as Jill and I. The three of us ran into the woods on the trail till we had only gone in on the trail about twenty feet. That was far as Jill and I could go. Janet could have gone further but stopping where we did was ok with her.

You never had seen three kids pull down their shorts so fast in your life! I started to piss as soon as I had just got my hand down to hold my penis which I fisrt pissed all over my hand when I had reached for it! Jill still was sliding hershorts down and she startred to piss! Luckily for her he had her kness bent as she was sliding her shorts down so she didn't piss all over her shorts! Janet saw me piss all over my hand and Jills stream shooting out from her vagina barely missing her shorts stood there only for a moment and laughed hard. Then she sqauted and joined Jill and I pissing along woth us two.

Since i pissed on my hand Ididn't bother holding my penis for a short time as I pissed. I shook my hand that I pissed on shook it voilently for several seconds. My piss streamwas one of those long low arcing ones that went several feet up the trail and came down in the trail and started wetting the dirt clay type soil that made up the trail. Jill had a strong straight down stram oout of her vagina that had a long twist in it. Her stream too was hiting the ground hard and made a pretty good splash weting the trail,weeds,grass, and the front top of her sneakers.

Janets stream was a forward angled stream which was hard also. Her stream was wtisted and hers was letting off a nice loud hiss while Jills stream wasn't hissing. Where Janet was pissing there must have ben a depression for Janet soon had a iss puddle that had formed and now havinh a puddle formed her piss made a loud splashing sound as her stream hit the puddle. We all one right after the other with me saying it first said boy did it ever feel so good to piss!

All of us did take a long piss too. I outlasted Jill but not Janet. Jill did have a short time where her stream did hiss and that was for the last five or so seconds of her piss. Jill did a lot of dripping which she waited for to stop. As for me after my stream stopped I did sevral good short spurts to finish up with and that was it for me. Janet had her stream ease off with its loud hiss fadeing out. Then herstream stopped and she like me sis a few short spurts and dripping to finish her piss. Then we all hiked back up our shorts and started our hike up the trail. To be continuied.

amp; stuff To: Sam great story about your girlfriend pooping in front of you and great story about your babysitter and if you any more stories about girls and/women pooping please post them thanks.

To: Joanna great story about you going to the bathroom in front of someone please share any other stories you may have thanks.

To: Bryci great story about Lexi's dump in the car I bet who ever finds that bag will be in for a nasty surprise please contiue to post more stories like that thanks.

To: Amylee first welcome to the site and I also loved your story it sounds like you will get to hear her do that alot if so please post about them thanks.

To: Wendy & Kristy great story about your guys big dumps it sounds like you felt alot better after that and Wendy great story about buddy dumping in the shed and Kristy great stories about your accidents and please contiue to post more great stories you guys as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie great story it was nice of your cousin Amy to lend you some of hers and not make fun of you I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: High School Girl im was like that until high school I wouldnt poop at school I would just hold it until I got home which was sometimes hard to do but when I got into high school something changed I dont know what but I good poop in the bathroom without being nervous maybe it was because I was older or something else I really dont know but that was years ago im out of highschool now and if you have anymore stories please post them thanks.

To: Laurel great story please post more of them thanks.

To: Sportsfan great story about that cheerleader pooping please contiue to post more great stories I look forward to you next post thanks.

To: Kelly great story about your movie theater poop at least you made it to the toilet and didnt poop your pants becasue it would be easier to explain why your pants were wet you could just say you spilled something on them but poop wouldnt so easy to explain mainly because of the smell and please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Jennifer great story at least next you will be ready if you have no toilet paper another idea is carry a roll or 2 with you in the car that way your always prepaired and please conitue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Kyle from WA great set of stories please contiue to post more of them I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop great story please contiue to post more of them I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Christy great story about you pooping your pants it sounds like it was a pretty nasty one and please post more stories if you have any thanks.

To: Natalie X great story it sounds like you felt alot better after that nasty dump please post more stories like that I look forward to your next post thanks.

To all the the girls and women on this site a question what is the most interesting poop youve taken by interesting I mean size, shape, smell, amount etc. please post the story thanks.

Well thats all for now I probaly wont be posting again until tuesday beacuse the library is closed the next 4 days because of new years and if I do post anything it will be something small because ill be using my psp and HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE I cant wait to read stories about their first poop of 2011.

Sincerly new guy

PS I really love this site.

Derek: My buddy's swim suit was light blue, and yeah it was the brief kind. I felt really bad for him, the coach made him throw it away and he had to just wear a towel home.

Another story...This was probably the worst bathroom I ever had to use. It was at a summer camp where I didn't know anyone. The bathroom was a tiny room with two urinals, two sinks, two showers, and two pit-style toilets about a foot away from each other. The toilets had no stalls- just a little half wall between them about three feet to the ground, and they were really just two holes on a wooden box. If you had someone next to you, the only thing that was covered was below your knees, and you shared toilet paper. They formed lines almost always so once I tried to go at night. I snuck out of the cabin around midnight for a poop. There was one other kid in there taking a shower. I sat on the wooden hole and started to have a nice turd. Then I heard the shower curtain move and a kid about my age (10 then) running to the other toilet hole. As soon as he sat down I heard some ugly farts and chunky liquids exiting. That wasn't a very good summer camp memory, having a stranger kid naked, having diarrhea, right next to me, and then wiping his ass a foot away from me. I have been to summer camp a lot, and have more stories.


in my sleep?????

Last night was terrible. I ate mexican food for dinner and felt disgusting but went to bed hoping it would go away, I wasn't in the mood for diarrhea. I fell asleep and had a dream about some kind of park with my girlfriend. I told her I had to use the bathroom, and I went into a porta-potty, and she came in with me. I sat down and started to release massive diarrhea, while my girlfriend just kept talking to me like normal. After about thirty seconds of this I woke up to find myself laying in a puddle of my diarrhea, and I was still going! I paniced and clenched, but still had to go. I slept without clothes on and it was all over me. I was so embarrassed and didn't know what to do, but I realized I had to tell my mom. She came into my room angrily and I started crying. She was mumbling to me as she carefully pulled off the sheets, and I let out a loud fart. She quickly got the sheets changed and stuck me in the shower. She cleaned me off and I let out another wave of diarrhea into the toilet. I will never speak of this to anyone.
Is this normal for a 15 year old boy, to poop in his sleep? Has anyone else done this???

Just a guy
Some great posts recently.

High School Girl - you have the right attitude. Taking a dump in a public bathroom shouldn't be a big deal and it is better than holding it in, cause that could lead to constipation or embarrassing accidents. I know back in my school days, I used to be embarrassed and has incidents where I passed some terrible sbds, hoping no one figured out it was me while debating whether or not I should try holding it in, but never had any accidents, as I would eventually give in and go. After awhile, I realized taking a dump in the public bathroom wasn't a big deal.

Amylee-great first story! I look forward to hearing more. As I mentioned above, I used to be shy using the public bathroom for a dump in my school days, but I now I go on average once a day at work (usually in the morning) and sometimes, but not frequently, a second time in the afternoon.

Desperate to poop - another great story! I don't know if I ever commented on your cruise story, but that was an awesome story.

Leanne - hopefully you get to post more before having to return to school. Your posts are very good. Sounds like you got to overhear your friend Lauren taking a very good dump. Also, hopefully your other friend, Emma gets to post too.

Natalie X - didn't sound like an enjoyable dump, but at least it provided you with relief. A lot of times after I eat fast food, I experienced those kind of dumps, especially when I was younger.


Poo Time in the Office Ladies' Room

I'm a female in my early 20's and I posted earlier about going to work at a large insurance company in a high rise building and about my being poop shy. My first day I ended up right next to my 30's attractive female boss who was farting and pooing up a storm. There were hundreds of people working here, so one didn't know too many you ran into in the restroom. But you did pick up patterns of behavior of some ladies. This post involves how I gradually started to overcome my poop shy condition in public places. After a few weeks of sneaking out to poo hopefully finding an empty restroom, I noticed a pattern. Women in this office building had a "poo schedule" at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. It seemed if you went into the ladies' room at either of those times, all 6 stalls would be full of women pooing. So if you're a shy pooper, those weren't good times. One afternoon after lunch I felt a big poo coming on. My stomach was rumbling and gurgling, indicating a loose, gassy one was making its way down. The urge got too strong to hold so I quietly left my desk and headed out to the ladies' room. It was about 1:58 p.m. As I was going down the hall, I saw at least 5 women of ages ranging from early 20's to mid-40's heading into the restroom. I thought, "Oh, boy, here we go. I can't wait this time." I went to the restroom. There were 6 stalls and the sinks were located around a corner so when women washed their hands, they were away from the toilets. All 6 stalls were taken and all but one of them by the ladies who entered just before me. This required me to wait, which I didn't want to do since I needed to go and in case someone else came in. Sure enough, two other women came in just after me, one in her 30's and the other maybe a few years older. One commented about a full house today. You could hear the women in the stalls getting settled on the toilets. Then there was a virtual concert of farting - big fart from stall 1, PFFFFT from stall 3, blowing splattering fart from stall 5, etc. One of the ladies waiting whispered "Sounds like everyone really needs to go." We waited about 3 minutes while these ladies continued to have noisy BMs. Then I heard TP being unrolled in a few stalls. In a minute the 4th stall flushed and a lady stepped out. I was first in line and started toward the stall when two other flushes came, from the 3rd and 5th stall, which were the ones next to me. So now I was going to have to poo next to two women I was just standing in line with. I pulled up my short skirt, dropped my hose and panties, and sat down. I could hear the other two women doing the same thing. The other three toilets in use flushed simultaneously and those women left their stalls, leaving me and my adjacent neighbors. Both the ladies next to me immediately began pooing. One sounded like she filled the toilet in one burst. The other was plopping smaller sounding logs. Neither farted at first, but when I pushed, a soft but audible fart came and then my turd started out. Just then about 5 more women came in and took the open stalls, again filling the restroom and leaving a few waiting on us to finish. Those who just came in got seated and proceeded to fart and plop. One lady in particular blasted a fart so loud the ladies waiting in line began to giggle. I pushed out another soft log and unexpectedly farted loudly at the end, embarrassing myself since the waiting ladies laughed again. One lady next to me continued to plop while someone else was apparently having diarrhea. The lady plopping next to me peed and wiped a couple of times, flushed and left. The stall was immediately taken by one of the waiting women, who sounded like she was practically ripping her clothes off. She sat down and it reminded me of the movie "Dumb and Dumber" toilet scene. I thought, "You were laughing at us farting and you do that?!" This woman blasted out poo like I've never heard. Others flushed and came out and were replaced by other pooing women. I finished, wiped and came out. The stench from the lady who just came in next to me as almost unbearable. When I came out of my stall, one of those waiting smiled at me and wrinkled her nose as to say, "Wow, does she stink!" I washed my hands and as I was leaving I glanced back and could see that the blaster lady was coming out of her stall. It was none other than Leigh, my boss, who I described in my earlier post. Miss Manners sure can poo. I learned that day that 2 p.m. was poo time for the ladies on that floor. I also later learned about 10 a.m., which I'll tell about in a later post.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Over indulged

I was at work today when I felt a sudden urge to poo. I had a sharp pain in my stomach & knew it was diarrhoea. I put my light on to ask for a relief so I could in to the toilet but we were busy & it took a while for the team leader to come to my till. When she finaly came over I told her I needed the toilet very badly & she took over my till straight away. I was so glad she was so understanding because I have trouble holding it when I get diarrhoea. I walked briskly to the toilet & just about made it in time. As soon as I got my trousers & panties down I sat on the toilet & blasted it with a torrent of brown liquid. It was such a relief & I'm sure I would have messed myself he I'd waited another minute. I sat for a while as I knew there was more to come & another wave of more solid poo came out. I still didn't feel I was done so I pushed a bit & a long soft poo came effortlessly. It must have been a foot long plus all that diarrhoea. I don't know where it all came from but the relief was un believable. I felt empty & totaly cleansed inside. I think I must have over indulged over christmas & my body needed to get rid of all that gunk.


Holding poop

To High school girl

Your friend holding her poop in every single day is not unhealthy because she is only holding for a few hours. You say she poops her pants two or three times a week...on the days she does not lose control, she poops in her bathroom at home. That means she poops every day.

Some people poop two or three times a day and some only poop two or three times a week. To poop daily makes her average.

We would like to hear more about her accidents. Are they at school? are they on the bus after school? Are they as she walks from the bus stop to the house? Did anyone see her in pooped pants?

Freshman Freddy

Stigma of pooping at school

for High school girl:

I wrote on page 1933 about switching from the urinals to the toilet stalls for peeing this year at school. I was getting hassled as a 9th grader because of the small size of my cock and being too awkward at the urinals. Now I get a stall, close the door behind me, pull my boxers down, and aim my cock into the bowl. I wish I had made the switch earlier. However, just sitting there and draining myself, doesn't have a stigma because most of us don't care about whether a guy is crapping or peeing. Sometimes, he might be doing both. Often it's so noisy with toilets flushing, seats dropping, etc., plus all the talking going on, that we wouldn't be able to hear what's coming out of a guy's body anyway.

How can girls rooms be that different?

Post Title (optional)1000 ways to die

I was watching the 1000 ways to die marathon and one segment had a jockey took laxatives to try to lose weight. When they are explaining what happens the segment had an animated figure squatting and dropping some serious shit. That was to die was "DIE RHEA"


Comment for High school girl

You are very correct about the stigma of pooping at school. Four years ago when I was 14 and a freshman my friend Meredith's mom drove us to and from school in the cold weather. One afternoon while we were waiting for her to pick us up on the school parking lot, she called Meredith to say she's got a flat tire and will be running late. Meredith started to cry and says she's ready to crap her pants. I tell her I'll walk back into the school with her and should probably use the bathroom, too. I went into a stall and when I was peeing, I could hear Meredith sit down on the toilet. It took her about 3 minutes, her legs moved a bit, but I never heard or smelled what she dumped. She wiped twice, but at the sinks we got to talking. I greeted her with, "Now it wasn't that bad, was it?" She said, although she sat to pee twice earlier that day, pooping made her very uneasy. She said sitting much longer for something so smelly and messy scared her. I was never able to figure out the logic in that.


weird bathroom

I have to tell about a bathroom I had to use today. I went to the beach with my friend, but a different beach that I had never been to. The beach I went to had a nice little bathroom building, which I never had a problem using. This one was weird. At the top of the beach, there is the concrete area where the little shower and foot shower is, like normal. Right next to the little shower is a toilet stall, like you would see in a bathroom, but the stall was just out in the open. It had four walls and a door, all which were about a foot off the ground, and no ceiling. And it was unisex. Of course, I end up having to use it with my luck. It actually wasn't that bad. I kind of liked doing my business in the open breeze, with only four short walls. I had a nice poop of about nine inches, while people walked by. I just wonder what would happen if it rained...


Snow Shoes

All the snow and cold weather on the East Coast brought back memories if my teen years in Northern New England in the late fifties. One of my favorite weekend morning winter activities was to strap on the snow shoes, grab the shotgun and go trecking through the snow hoping to bag a "snow shoe" hare. One crisp clear COLD morning we had about 3 feet of snow and a good crust and in spite of the cold I worked up a pretty good sweat tromping through the woods. Of course I was dressed warmly with several layers including long johns. About an hour into my treck I felt the increasing lower bowel pressure that singled the need for a big dump. I was definitely too far from the house to return. By that time I was in some low pines, which was good for 2 reasons. I was sheltered from the wind and had some privacy (anyone who has been in the New Hampshire woods knows that you can see for miles in the winter). The snow was too deep to get out of the snow shoes so I first unzipped and peed copiously first, making a nice yellow pattern in the snow. Then I unbuckled my pants and let them down to my knees, spread my snow shoes as far apart as possible, bent forward and reached back to open the flap of my long johns. I was in a high squat and started to push. I grunted and farted as a fat, firm turd pushed out. It came out in one long piece and landed in the snow. I realized that I had no paper and there were no leaves to wipe so I sacrificed my hankie, which turned out to be not much needed since there was little evidence left. I pulled up my pants and edged around to have a look. There steaming in the snow was a 1 footer! Feeling very satisfied I continued my winter hike.
p.s., the rabbits were safe for another day, but it sure was an enjoyable outing. Those were the days!

Lisa_from Germany
Hi, I'm back! I'm 17 years old and come from Germany.

Over christmas I was on a transatlantic flight to new york with Lufthansa with my parents. I was sleeping in my seat and woke up with a sudden strong urge to poop. It had been over two weeks since my last bm. I detected to held it in, but after about half an hour i make my way to the lavatory in the back of the aircraft. I went inside, locked the door, pulled my jeans and panties down and sat on the toilet. Then I leaned forward and pushed very hard. I felt the stool but it was too big to come out and hurt so bad. So I gave up and went back to my seat.

About two hours later I coundn't wait any longer, the pressure was almost unbearable and I went to the same toilet in the back of the aircraft. I sat down and strained as hard as I could. It hurt so bad, my eyes get very watery. I tried to stretch my hole with my fingers, so that the stool can get out. I pushed hard and it was so painful. It slowly came out, but then it got really wide and I could feel it getting stuck. I pulled my bum cheeks apart with my hands and finnally after about 10 minutes of pushing really hard it landed in the toilet. I wiped, but only blood was on the toiletpaper (i have cuts in the anus), so i flushed and went back to my seat.

Bathroom Beaky

Desperate poo

I stopped at my friends house last night as it was new years eve, we had lots of beer and food. The next morning i woke up early and walked to the town centre about 10 mins before i got there i felt the need to poo, so i thought i might as well poo up town. I went to the main entrance and the time was 9.40 and town didn't open till 10.00. i was kinda desperate to poo but i had to wait. ten mins past and i was have a hard time keeping it in the was a few people also waiting for town to open and i didn't want them to know i was dying for the toilet. Town eventually opened i walked in holding my ???? and walk straight to BHS ( the cleanest toilets up town) i burst in to find a black women cleaning them. I beg her to let me use one of the 2 toilets but she said no you will have to wait. i could fill tears in my eyes and i begged her i said " i am 2 minutes away from crapping myself please let me in. She must of sensed my desperateness as she moved aside letting me into the toilet. i ran into the first stall turned around " great no lock" ran into the second stall "great no toilet roll" i asked the lady if she could pass me some toilet tissues while i use the toilet and she said yes so i quickly sat on the toilet and let loose on the biggest poo of my life no diarrhea just plop after plop after plop it was the most relieving poo of my life and it felt so good to finally let it out. After 20 mins the cleaner came back in with my much needed toilet roll. I said thanks as she passed it under the door. i went to wipe my bottom only to relieve most of the poo had hardened to my bum cheeks i just wiped as well as i could and left feeling alot better


desperate to poop

diarreoh attack

Hi all

I attack of diarreoh today. I went out to do some more shopping and pay a few cheques in, when I felt some diarreoh calling at my door. My stomach had felt a little iffy all morning but I hadn't pooped anything.

I was in the bank at the time and knew there were no toilets there. The diarreoh was becoming quite urgent so I finished my stuff off and went straight across to the cafe over the road. It's was the closest place I knew off and I new for certain I couldn't go to far as I would have an accident. No time for coffee I headed straight for the toilet. Alas the only toilet was taken as someone was just going in, in place of a lady who had come out.

I waited trying not to show my desperation but the diarreoh was now very immement and I was clenching my butt cheeks hard and occasionaly rubbing my stomach. A lady came up and joined me at the queue. I apologised to her and said I might be a while. She smiled back and said don't worry. I was grimacing now and the lady had been in 4 or 5 minutes.

The lady behind asked if I was ok and I just said I would be once I got in as I had diarreoh waiting. She sympathised and said that had been here a few days ago so she knew how I felt.

Finally after a few more minutes the lady came out and I ran in, I made sure the door was locked, plonked my bum on the warm seat and spewed liguid diarreoh all over the bowl! Oh what an eruption.

I had several waves of diarreoh before I rested, but I still didn't feel quite right so stayed a little longer and before long some more waves of diarreoh hit. It stunk in there too now! (although had been poopy before I went in anyway). I had now been in 10 mins and felt like I was near enough done. I wiped up my messy backside, cleaned my front and flushed and exited.

The lady said feel better as I exited and said sure did. I paid for a soft drink and left

I still didn't feel 100% mind and a little later I had to duck off to another set of toilets for a second diarreoh attack, but not quite as bad

Happy Pooping

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Serious Post on Health Issues Concerning Holding in BM's

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all OK.
I have a much more serious post than usual today, so please bear with me on this one.
I have read with increasing concern the posts referring to people who hold in or stifle their BMs/poops for various reasons such as convenience or embarassment or fear.
I thought long and hard about submitting this post, which I'll admit was not easy to write and gave me a sleepless night.
I have a cautionary and truthful tale to tell about the health consequences of not going to the toilet when you need to.If you hold off passing motions, this increases the risk of piles developing. It also can result in "stress fractures" in the bowel developing called "anal" or rectal fissures".In my case I developed such a rectal fissure, which became infected. An absess formed and this in term developed into something much nastier.
An anal fistula is a kind of burrowing ulcer which grows out of the lining of the bowel and reaches the outside, when it meets the skin at an indentation called a punctum. When I developed this few years back, the punctum constantly weeped either pus, blood or clear liquid at all times - there was no respite for the six months it took our NHS (Health Service) to get round to fixing it.Every third or fourth BM, I would get a pain like a corkscrew being twisted into me as I pooped and this would result in significant amounts of blood being passed.
As an aside, the novelist Charles Dickins also suffered from this and was operated on in the days before anaesthetic, so this must have been excruciating.
Once I had my operation, (flexible sigmoidoscopy was carried out to check for cancer) the wound was left open, and a daily visit from a nurse was needed for four weeks afterwards as she would unpack and re-pack the wound with a see-weed based padding.Thankfully I have (more or less) recovered, but this must be the worst case scenario for those who "keep it all in".
By way of comparison, I will leave it up to the reader to guess what the worst case scenario for just going to the toilet when you need to. I would be very surprised if it is anywhere near as serious as this.
Perhaps the best thing for anyone concerned about going to the toilet would be to initially discuss it with a supportive friend,to see if a bullying issue or practical issue is involved.Alternatively a visit to their GP or Doctor may help, who ccould in turn refer them on to a Counsellor or Psychologist to discuss their worries and hang ups in more detail.
Sorry for the serious post this time, and I am very sorry if anything I have said has caused any offence, but maybe an element of proportion and perspective may be required sometimes, as I would never wish any contributors to this forum, or any of their friends and relatives to undergo what I did.
Many thanks for bearing with me on this.
I shall be back with the usual posts next time.
Bye for now and take care.
Love Hermes

I live in the United Kingdom so this might provoke some thought. Whether I need to shit at home or in a public toilet I always try to maintain the same routine. I always keep my privacy in public and at home unless alone in the house. Upon entering the bathroom,or public toilet cubicle I check to see if the toilet bowl and seat are clean. This done I remove any coats undo my trouser buttons and pull my trouser's down to my knees, and then proceed to pull my underpants down half way down my thighs and sit down. After a little straining I normally feel a stool coming and hear the first plop. A normal shit will produce between five and twelve stools. I then wee and clean myself standing up before pulling up my pants and trousers.

George England

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 27

After we had supper the girls and I watched tv for a little while in the living room. It was still raining outside so we still couldn't go outside. Then both Janet and Jill went upstairs to take a shower and they both after that were turning in. While they were upstairs I got a phone call. I had a yard work job offer. I took it for it was judt down the road from me being one of my neighbors.

If it stopped raining I could d it tomorrow if not I would have to wait a day. I got paid well by these people and if I did work tomorrow I would go with my mom shopping on the day after. Janet and Jill were going with my mom too. So I after the phone call wentup to my bedroom and I turned in. I fell asllep right away for I didn't hear either of the two girls when they were showering or when they had gone to bed.

I got right up early right after both my mom and dad had left for work. I was glad for the sun was out so the rain had stopped sometime durring the night. I quickly dressed went downsatirs and ate breakfast. Then I wrote a note for Janet and Jill that I was working down the road for awhile this morning. If I'm back disregard the note. If I'm not youll see me if you two want to come by. I then left.

I had basicly to dowhen I got to my neighbors was do some weeding out of their several gardens. Even though it had been so dry this summer as long as things got watered they remained growing. After weeding out the gardens I had to water all of them too. Then I had one last job. That was trim the hedges which the hedges were long. The hedges ran down one side of the driveway (100'), along the road which the hedges were split into two 50' sections and then along the left side of their property going all the way to the back corner which was 250 feet long.

I took a quick look at my watch. It read 9:30 and I figured wto and a half hours it wold take me. So I started. I only had to trim down the driveway and across the front to sections by the road. The other side that went back along the propertys edge that need the tops and sieds done so that was what would take up most of te time to do. Now I had already had been paid after I had reached to do the last long section. For the neighbors were going into town today for shopping and visiting.

I now started working on the last long section of the hedges. I had maybe had done the first twent feet and I needed to take a break. One to rest a little and two I had to piss and also felt like I needed to shit too. Since I was on the side of the property where there was no house on this side. It was woods only. Plus the hedges stood at 5 fet high so I had plenty of cover. I could just stand along the hedges and piss right into them. I had a spot further up along the row where I could slip behind them and shit. ( I had shit while working here before)

Since it now had warmed up I had taken of my tshirt I laid the hedge clippers down with my tshirt I walked up where I could slip through the hedges where I could take my piss and shit if I had to. I had just slipped through the hedges and wa about to drop my cutoffshorts when I head Janets voice call out; Dave are you here? Then I heard Jill say; Dave where are you? I answered back to them both; I'm up here folow my voice.

I started to sing a tune so the girls would hear me while they came up along the hedges looking for me. I had turned around too so I could look back through the hedges to see them. Where I was with the spot that I had cut though to the backside of the hedges it was thin so I could see through them. When I did see both girls I told them to stop. They did and they saw me and slipped through the hedges at the slim spot and now stood there with me.

I said; Hi you two! I see youread my note. Janet said that they did. Jill now said to me; Waht are you doing back here Dave? The clippers and your tshirt are back there on the ground. I letout a little laugh and said to them both: You're just in time! I was going to take a piss and might have to shit too! Janet and Jill both first smiled and thenlet out a giggle. Then Jill said; Oh just the kind of break that I like to see you do Dave! Janet laughed and said; Me too!

But before I did do anything with my cutoff shorts I noticed thet janet and Jill both Did have tshirts on themselves and I saw that both were wearing their bikinis too. Hey were you two goingdown to the pond for a swim? Jill answered back saying that they were amoung other things. Janet giggled and she filled me in on what the other things they were gooing to do. We both were going to shit in the pipe!

With Janet telling me this I asked them both if the were going there right now. Could you two wait? I mean can you hold off untill I'm done here? I have about a hour or a little more work left to do. Well Dave Janet said to me. I know I can. It only feelslike I have to shit but you know i can feel its there but it isn't a urgent that I have to go riight now.

Then I asked Jill; What about you Jill? Can you also hold off fom going that long. Jill giggled a little and she told me she could also saying that she like Janet just had the slight feeling inside of her. OK! I said that sound good. Just let me take my piss and I'll hold off from takeing a shit and we all can go to the pond and use the pipe! Then Janet asked Jill since I was going to piss and Janet had to also Jill would you also do the same? Jill said; Of course!

So I now popped the snap on my cutoff shorts and pulled the zipper down on them. They slid down right to my ankles and sneakers. Jill giggled hard and Janet smiled with a big smile. I waited for the girls watching them both to see waht they were going to do as far as getting themsleves ready to piss. Both Janet and Jill removed their bikinibottoms takeing them right off! That gave me enough time now in that my penis got almost fully erect!

I was faced towards the thin area of the hedges with the girls faced twaords me. Both girls now got into very high hovering semi squghts. JUst barely having their knees bent slightly. So they weren't really sqauting or standing straight up either. They were seperated side by side with a good three feet between them. So I could piss betwen them and right atthe thin spot of the hedges.

I started before the two girls did. I did go when I had got up. Add to that I had breakfast drinking twooglasses of oj and the milk I had with my cereal. So I started my piss with darl yellow colored stream with a long thin headed stream going nto a thin short twist. I managed to send my stream rght through the thin spot without hitting the hedges. Both girls had turned and looked seeing my stream going cleanly through the hedges. Good shot! Jill said to me. Not bad Dave! Janet said to me also. Then they turned back got back into their slight high squats an got ready to piss too.

Jill to my right started to piss first then Janet right after her started her piss. Jills stream only loked cloudy while Janets stream did have a slight golden yellow color to it. Jills stream was a straight down streamwitha wide short head at ts start. Janets stream was thin sort of like mine with a slight foward angle to it. Both girls sreams did a nice loud hiss too! :-)

Jill was the first of us three to stop pissing. Her stream eased off with its hissing fadeing out. Jill agin with this piss dribbled and dripped a lot. Jill didn't wait fro her piss to stop dripping either. As piss still dripped off from her she had quickly grabbed her bikini bottom and put it back on. It didn't matter we wre soon going to the pond soher suite would be dryor in thwater of the pond it would get rinsed clean.

Janetwent on and took a long piss. Janet told me that she didn't go when shehad gotten up. I said the same thing back to her. Jante was pissing just a little harder then I. So her stream eased off a fwe seconds ahaeda of my stream. Her loud hissing didn't fade out it just plained stopped. Janet also had her stream stop clean but it was only a pause as it turned out. As my stream now was easing up and had come back through the hedgeJanet did one short had spurt of piss from her vagina and then she did drip a little after her spurt.

I now had stopped my piss. But I too did a single good spurt to end mine too. Janet picked up her bikini bottom and slipped it back on. I reached down and pulled my cutoffs back up. Then the three of us slipped back through the hedges amd walked down to where my tshirt was and the clippers. We stood and talked for a moment. I said to both girls that they could wait here or go down to the pond. Jante and Jill said that they would wait here. That gave me then a idea.To make the time go by for the girls and less time for me to finish I told them that they ould pick up the clippings. I would pay them too. That made both girls real happy and they did pick up the clipping as I trimmed the hedges. That save about a lmost a hour of the time it would have taken me if I had done it alone. Then after finishing we left and we headed for the pond. To be continuied.


pooping in the ocean response

I have never gone #2 in the ocean before but I have an ex-girlfriend who did, right in front of me. We were 15 at the time and I got an ocean kayak for my birthday, and me and her took it to the beach. It was a double kayak and we decided to paddle out together to the rock, a big rock that was pretty far out in the ocean. I reminded her how far it was but she wanted to go. It took us like 20 minutes to get there, and it wasn't even cool, just a bunch of seaweed on a stone. I realized something was wrong with her, and when I asked she told me that we needed to get back to shore soon. I asked if she was ok and she said she had a bad stomach ache. The current was bad so it was taking us much longer to get back, and about ten minutes later, she told me what was wrong. She said "I don't mean to be disgusting but I really need the toilet for #2!" I now felt bad and told her we were very far from shore, so it will be a while. For the next five minutes she stopped paddling because of the pain and then said "I'm so sorry" and farted loudly. She pulled off the bottom of her bikini and jumped off the kayak. I could see there was a bit of poop where she was sitting. I immediately reached for her hand and I saw some of the most disgusting diarrhea spread around the water. There were little chunks everywhere and they actually formed a little mass on top of the water. After thirty seconds of her pooping, she climbed back onto the kayak sobbing, and put her bikini back on. She couldn't stop apoligizing and I was speechless. And when we got back to the beach, she let out a second wave of diarrhea into the porta potty! She "dumped" me a few weeks later (pun intended).


Babysitting story

Hello everyone. I have a story to tell that took place a week ago, a few days before Christmas. I'm seventeen years old, and I make my spending money by babysitting kids around my neighborhood. Well, on this day, I had the day off from school for Christmas break, so one of my neighbors called and asked if I could watch her son while she went to work. I said of course, and I headed over there.

The boy I was babysitting was six years old and his name was Adam. We stayed at the house for the morning and had a good time. After we ate lunch, he said he wanted to go buy a present for his Mom. He had saved ten dollars to buy her a gift. I liked that idea very much, so I called his mom and she said that was a wonderful idea, and I could take him to the mall.

We spent a while looking at all the stores trying to find the right gift and finally he found an ornament for the Christmas tree and he bought a card as well. After that, Adam told me he had to go potty, so I took him over to the bathrooms. But that presented a problem. He was just old enough that I couldn't take him into the women's room, nor could I go into the men's room with him. Luckily, I remembered they had a single occupant family bathroom a little farther away from where we were.

We got there and it was in use so we had to wait a bit. Adam was getting desperate to go, but there was nothing I could do about it. Finally, a mom and her young daughter and son came out, and we went in to the bathroom. I closed and locked the door, and Adam was already peeing. I kept back turned to give him privacy. He finished up and flushed. By then I was feeling a small urge to poop. If Adam hadn't needed to go I would have just held it until we got home, but since we were already in the bathroom, I decided to go. I told him that I needed to use the toilet now.

He turned away just like I had done for him and I saw down and lowered my jeans and panties. I started to pee for a bit and as my pee stream died down I felt the tip of a turd poke out. My pee stream finished and the turd eased out a bit more then broke off and splashed in the toilet. Adam giggled at that and said, "Ew, you're making a doodie." I said back, as another turd was already hanging out of my butt, "Nnnh Yeah. Sorry if it smells"

I was sort of embarrassed by having to poop with him in the room, but I got over it. It was just something that had to be done, and he didn't seem to mind too much. As I let out four more turds, for a total of six, we exchanged playful banter back and forth. If he didn't care about it, then I decided that I wouldn't care either. After I was done, I wiped myself thoroughly, took about five wipes, then I flushed.


Lexi's Car Dump

Sorry I haven't posted in a long time!! I have been craaazy busy!!
Anyways, me and Lexi were on a pretty long car journey(i was driving) to my grandparents lake house. Since its winter we can go ice skating anytime we want. The only problem is its a 3 hour icy drive.
All was going well until about number 2. Lexi started squirming and saying how she had to go pee. I told her that I had a bottle in the back that she could use. Lexi quickly grabbed the bottle and shoved against her crotch a let loose. She quickly filled up the bottle to about 7/8th's and then her stream trickled to a stop.
As our journey continued, Lexi said she had to go again. Right as i said she had just gone, Lexi let out a wet 5 second long fart. I said that i guess it wasn't pee this time around. She held her butt and agreed.
Lexi said that she about to explode all of the sudden and that it must have been something she ate. She farted again a long moist sounding 10 seconder and said she just about lost it in her panties.
I quickly told her to grab a wal-mart sack from the back. It was close to 10 degrees outside and she didn't want to/couldn't go outside. She un buckled her seat belt and turned around with her butt hanging off the seat. She had already slipped her sweat pants down. She put the wal-mart bag up to her ass and moaned. She said she hadn't taken a shit in 4 days. She normally poops twice a day.
Lexi let out another wet fart and some liquid poop splattered out. I rubbed her ???? and she moaned as she farted again. This time she shot out liquid poop for about 20 seconds.
She took a deep breath and gave a firm push. Wet mushy poop exploded out of her ass hole and splattered in the bag. She pushed more and moaned as semi solid poop snaked out of her hole.
16 inches of snaking poop later she moaned that she said was done. She let out a 10 second long dry fart and peed a little on the seat. I laughed and said it was okay.
She tied up the half full walmart sack and i pulled to the shoulder of the road where Lexi left her surprise.
The rest of the trip was uneventful. Minus more farts by Lexi that is.
!!! I have a question!!! Both myself and Lexi have massive boobs. I stated early that i have a 28ff chest. My boobs have now grown to 32fff.I am only 16 and quite worried. My sister Lexi is only 5'2" and she has 32DD. She is only 15. It is hard to find bras for us and we would appreciate help on find such things as well as helping sensitivity and back problems. Thank you. :)


Ladies Room at Work

I'm a first time poster here. When I was first married, I got a job at a large insurance company doing data entry work. It was in a high rise building and I worked on the 5th floor. I am 5'3" tall, and weigh 110 pounds, and was told I'm pretty. The restrooms were in the hallways not far from the elevators. People from offices from the entire floor used them. I was a shy pooper and did not want anyone to hear me if I had to go. On my first day, my boss, a lady named Leigh, was training me. Leigh was a tall, slim, attractive lady in her early 30's. She was very prim and proper, and other employees had mentioned to me she was known as Miss Manners, not in a mean way, but as a compliment. Sure enough as luck would have it on my first day, around 9 a.m., I felt the need to poo coming on. I held it but was becoming more uncomfortable and when we reached a stopping point in my training, I asked Leigh if it was OK if I went to the ladies' room. She said that was fine, and she needed to go to, so she'd go with me. I thought, oh, no! We walked out of our office into the hallway toward the restroom. We went in and there were 6 stalls, all vacant. I went in the first one hoping Leigh would go to the far end one. Nope! She went in right beside me and was continuing to make small talk as we closed our stall doors. I had on a short skirt and hose, and I raised my skirt and pulled down my hose and panties and sat down. I was almost panicking as I really did not want to do this. I wanted to pee and hold the poo until later, but I couldn't pee without pooing, so I just sat there wondering what to do. Leigh kept on talking, and about that time I could hear a straining in her voice as she talked. She farted very loudly and kept talking in the strained voice about the weather or something. I could hear pretty audible crackling poo coming out of her, in a torrent that went on for a good 20 seconds. I couldn't hold it any longer and relaxed my butt and a long, soft crackling turd that curled all around the bowl emerged. I was sure she could hear it coming out of me. Leigh had stopped talking now, but was grunting pretty loudly - "Uhhhh, uhhhh!" Then she farted big again and started pooing more. I quietly pushed out another log and thought I was in the clear when at the end of my log, a pretty loud fart erupted from my hole. This embarrassed me. Leigh then farted a third time quite loudly, and said, "Excuse me for being so noisy. I'm really gassy this morning." I said, "It's OK." I then needed to pee, which I did, and started unrolling TP to wipe. Leigh blew out some more poo with gas and grunts. I wiped my butt only to see that it was very dirty. I ended up wiping 5 or 6 times, which embarrassed me even more. Leigh surely knew I had a messy poo. I pulled up my panties and hose and looked in the toilet. I couldn't believe I'd pooed that much right next to my new boss. The toilet was almost full of poo. But Leigh must have done more than me from what I could hear. I flushed and went out to wash my hands. Leigh started farting and pooing at the same time with another loud grunt. When I was drying my hands she was peeing and said, "If you'll wait a minute, I'm through now and I'll walk back with you." I said, "OK." She wiped at least 7 times. I figured between her poo and the TP she used, she would have nearly clogged the toilet. But it sounded fine when she flushed and she came out to wash her hands. She said, "Boy, I feel better now. How about you?" I blushed and said me too. We walked back to the office and resumed training. Later at lunch another girl I'd met that morning sat with me and asked how it was going with Leigh. I said, "Fine. I hear she's known as Miss Manners." The girl laughed and said, "Yeah normally, but not in the bathroom. She'll practically blow you out of there." I said nothing but quietly agreed with her. I got braver as time went by about pooing in the restroom at work with others present. I'll post those experiences later.


reply for pooping in the ocean

I've pooped in the ocean once accidentally. My cousins and me were on my uncle's boat, and he was driving really fast. I tried to climb to the front of the boat to be with my cousins, but the boat hit a wave and I fell into the water. As soon as I hit the water, I got so scared that my bowels released, and I was peeing and pooping uncontrollably. I didn't even have to go before I fell. When I got back on the boat everyone was laughing and I had to poop out the rest into a trash can.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Our massive poo

After eating & drinking for England this christmas I needed to take the mother of all poos tonight. I'd been constipated since christmas eve & by this evening (Monday) I was bursting to go. I had to run to the toilet holding my bum tightly using both hands. I just made it in time & ripped my panties down before sitting on the toilet with a thump. As soon as my bum touched the seat I started to go. It was loose & it came rushing out of me like mud. There was so much poo coming out of me I thought it would never end & the relief was unbelievable. I pushed the last bit out & even that felt good. The cleanup was messy & when I looked in the toilet it was half filled with poo. It took 3 flushes to get rid of it all & when I came out of the toilet Kirsty was waiting outside holding her bum. She rushed in after me & I could hear she was having a massive clearout in there. She gave a sigh of relief as it plopped into the water & I loved listening to her. When she was done she flushed & came out & we went to bed early feeling very relieved after releasing a full 3 days worth of poo each.


Retraining my bowels

Hi everyone, heres my latest post with a new story for you all, hope you enjoy it.
Jasmin- thanks a lot for your advice, its really great to hear from someone who's had the same sort of trouble as me. Like you, I didn't mind using the toilet for a poo when I was at primary school, but as soon as I got to secondary school the loos were really gross- dirty and not much privacy- and that's when I started to put off having a poo at school and ended up holding it in. If you've read some of my other posts you'll know that things did get better for a time when I was able to use a decent set of toilets (recently done up) at lunchtime, but then they got closed and so now its back to the only toilets which stay open and they are disgusting. I'm really keen to try your idea about fixing a time for opening your bowels and then making sure you sit on the loo every day at that time until you produce something. I've always tended to wait until I feel a really strong urge and can't ignore it any more, normally this is after I've needed a poo but then put it off and end up loosing the need for a few days, which I guess doesn't really help me to be less constipated. I have a few questions which it would be great if you could answer, first when you started trying to retrain your bowels to open after school how long did it normally take for you to have a poo, I ask this because I can't quite decide when the best time for me would be, like you say there isn't really enough time in the morning before school but if I have to spend ages on the loo in the evening my mum will end up asking questions and I'd rather she didn't know about this. To be honest, if only they'd open up the decent toilets during lunch break again it wouldn't really bother me to have a poo there every day, but I doubt that's going to happen so I'll probably have to end up going straight after school. Second, what did you do if you found nothing would come out even if you strained for ages and third, when you first started did you end up having to open your bowels at school at all or were you able to hold it till you got home? As I say if you could answer these questions it would really help me, also I would love to hear some of your other stories if you get chance to post.
Anyway, now on to my story, this was from yesterday when we were round my cousin's house for boxing day. I had been wanting a poo since just after we'd set off in the car, but mum and dad were moaning that we were going to be late so I didn't dare ask them to stop on the way. As we were sitting eating dinner I got a pain in my belly and suddenly felt the tip of a huge turd coming out into my knickers, I clenched my bum straight away and luckily managed to stop it going any further. As soon as the meal was over Amy (my cousin) and I went up to her room to look at her Christmas presents. As I walked stiffly along the landing still trying to keep my bumhole clamped shut she said "Are you OK Abbie?" and I said, "Yeah, just bursting for the loo, I'm gonna have to go straight away."
We went into Amy's room (she has an ensuite bathroom) and I went straight inside, I was loosing the battle with my turd and it was forcing its way out through my tightly clenched bum. I went over to the toilet, pulled up my dress and slipped my white knickers down to my knees, then I sat down and started to push straight away. I started to grunt and moan, I was happy it was just Amy next door and we'd shared several toilet experiances before. I looked down at my pants and cursed to myself as I saw they were quite badly marked, I'd have to ask Amy if I could borrow some of hers as I'd just remembered my uncle would get us playing party games later and I didn't want to risk flashing poo-stained pants to everyone. I carried on pushing and the turd slid out really slowly, about 5 minutes later I felt it drop and then heard a loud plop as it hit the water. I pushed out three more turds, each one got a bit easier, then finished with a quick dribble of wee. I took some loo roll to wipe with, and as I looked over to the side of the toilet I caught sight of some of Amy's pants lying on the floor, I felt a bit better as I saw that they had a really big poo stain in them too. I wiped my bum carefully and then flushed the loo, I pulled up my pants, washed my hands and came back into Amy's room. I explained what had happened and asked if I could borrow some clean knickers, she showed me her underwear drawer and told me to help myself so I took out some pale blue pants and swopped them for my dirty ones. I felt loads better after unloading that turd and really enjoyed myself and even my uncle's stupid party games. Thanks for reading, will try to post again soon, bye!!

High school girl

Stigma about pooping at school

I've been reading many of the posts here and I agree that there is a disturbing trend forming as of late. I know many girls, even several of my friends, purposely avoid pooping at school. They feel embarrassed because someone might hear or smell them. Having a bowel movement is a natural body function which all people, male or female, must perform.

One of my friends in particular has confided in me that she first feels the urge to "go #2" every single day during lunch, but she holds it in because she can't go at school. She holds it for the rest of the day, on the bus ride to her house, until finally she can unload in the privacy of her own bathroom. She told me that she often doesn't make it and goes in her pants, sometimes as many as 3 times in a five day school week. Surely I can't be the only one who sees something wrong here? In addition to the humiliation she feels, I think there is a physical effect. I mean, I'm not a doctor or anything, but I can't imagine that holding your poop in every single day is healthy.

When it comes right down to it, I know that having to take a dump at school is unpleasant. But I've found that it's more or less a non-existent problem. The majority of girls just don't care about what you're doing in your stall. They're either too busy fixing their makeup and caring about themselves to even notice you, or else they know you're embarrassed because they've been in your shoes, and leave you alone.

Well, that's just my opinion, although from the look of it I'm not alone. It's not an issue anyone wants to discuss, but something needs to change.


My 1987 Christmas Babysitting Story & Accident--Part One

Before my story, there's one comment I want to make on a recent posting topic.

For Frantic Francine: your "cold, icy stare" idea was great! It potentially kept you from getting kicked out of class for touching youself. Most importantly, it took the attention off you.

Now my new story:

Early last week my live-in boyfriend John and I for the first time in a year both had a mid-week day off work. We decided to drive an hour to one of the largest malls in our area and make a day of it. We decided to stay until the stores closed at 9 p.m. and even braved a snow-storm on the way back. But that's Christmas, isn't it?

Well, John and I got to the mall at 9 a.m. and I had been holding my crap in for about half hour. I normally exercise outdoors in the morning before work and will crap in a park toilet not too far from our residence at like 5 or 6 a.m. before I dress and go to the bank. As soon as we got a parking space (no actually I gave up on John trying to find one close, and I jumped out of the care and ran into the north entrance of the mall while he figured out where to park). Otherwise, I would have had an explosion in my underwear. As is usually the case the end store at the mall and the closest to where I was was Sears and I immediately trotted to the womens department where I knew they would have a bathroom. I threw the door open to find about seven stalls, only one of which was not in use, so I took it. Within a few seconds my jeans and underwear was down to my knees and I had dumped one long crap that was soft and all so satisfying to release. About ten seconds later I passed a fart bubble or two and when I looked between my spread legs again, I had to admit that I was impressed by my production. I probably should have said something to John earlier about the need to stop for a bathroom and I know that he is very sensitive to such needs because he has told me stories of how he was harassed in public schools while going to the bathroom and why his parents then switched him to a private school. I wrote about that on Page 1807.

Well, I wiped slowly and it took some time because of the soft 30-inch something piece I dropped, but I cleaned myself. flushed and the washed my hands. At that time John called me for my location and a "report" and I told him I had made it. He was standing in the restroom hallway waiting for me when I exited. He kissed me and again demonstrated why he is so sensitive. As we started walking the mall, I to doing some additional thinking about something that happened to me back in 1987 when I had my first real babysitting job. I was in junior high and one of my teachers recommended me to a neighbor to take he 5-year-old daughter for the full weekend while the mother drove to an adjacent state to visit one very sick relative who a few days later would die.

Grady Ann was pretty much like most kindergarteners, but perhaps a little shy and her mom had made a list of things she wanted me to do with Grady Ann, especially on Saturday of that weekend because it was so close to Christmas. Visting the mall and getting Grady Ann onto Santa's lap for a talk and a picture was a must. Grady Ann was delivered to our house at about 8 a.m. when he mom was leaving town and unfortunately my mom had written the time down wrong so I slept up until I heard the doorbell ring. Big problem! I had to dress fast into my jeans and a sweater while mom watched Grady Ann. Even back then, I was a morning crapper and I didn't get to take my daily crap before we left home for the six-block walk to the mall. And it wasn't going to be the easiest Santa Claus visit that I remember.

I'll conclude my story with my next post.


babysitter on the toilet response

In response to the babysitter question, yes I have. I had a babysitter when I was seven, she was fifteen, very short and skinny, dark hair. I made her take me to the park one day. While we were playing she had to go to the bathroom, and couldn't leave me alone. She took me into the port-a-john with her, and she apparently didn't care if I watched. I heard her pee, and four plops. She stood up to wipe and I saw her long turds on top of a mountain of toilet paper. She asked me if I had to go, and I told her yes. I also took a nice poop on top of hers. That was really my only babysitter-toilet-encounter.

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