Cute Cheerleader Bathroom Experience

Back in high school, our basketball team made it to the state championship game and the game was to be held about 200 miles from our school. Many students traveled to the semi-final game on Friday afternoon and the championship on Saturday. We won the Friday game, so students flocked to local motels and hotels to stay the night. Our particular hotel was full of our students. I shared a room with three other guys I had traveled with. On Friday night, it was a big party at the hotel. Students were milling around outside and everyone kept their doors propped open so people could come and go. At one point, some folks came into our room, one of them being a girl named Cindy, who was a year behind me in school and a very popular cheerleader. Cindy was attractive, not really beautiful, but she was built well, and she had on a pair of skin tight jeans that looked unbelievable on her butt. I was somewhat an average guy, didn't run with the "in crowd" and felt a bit intimidated that Cindy was there, but I was liking it. As time went by, people were milling about and everyone, one by one, left our room to go elsewhere, except Cindy. She looked at me and smiled and asked my name. I told her my name and we did some small talk for a minute. Cindy's reputation was that of a "really nice girl", no rumors about her being "loose" with the guys or anything. So I was surprised when she asked if the pack of cigarettes on the night stand were mine. I said they were a friend's and she asked if she could have one. I said sure, and she sat down on the bed next to me and I lit it for her. She took a few puffs. I said I didn't know she smoked. She said she didn't really, but once in a while she felt naughty and wanted one. About a minute later, I heard a kind of RRROORRR noise from her stomach. I recognized it as one I've had, when you need to fart but hold it, and it goes back into your system making a virtual "internal fart". She said, "Oh" and, pretending I didn't hear her stomach, asked her what was wrong. She said, "When I smoke, it sometimes makes my stomach act up. Can I use your bathroom?" Excited, I said sure. She took her cigarette and went to the bathroom and closed the door. I sneaked toward the door for a listen. I heard her taking down her pants. A minute passed and I heard a HUGE fart that obviously had a turd in the middle of it since it blew into the toilet noisily. She called out, "Oh my God!" I called out "what was the matter" and she didn't say anything. In a couple of minutes I heard the toilet flush and she was washing her hands, then she came out. She looked at me and began to cry. I went to her and asked her what was wrong. She said, "You had to hear me fart!" I said, so what, no big deal, trying to comfort her. She said she was humiliated and "now everyone in school will know about it." I said I would not tell a soul and if she was that embarrassed about it, maybe I could muster up a fart so we'd be "even". She laughed, although still crying and said, "You won't tell anyone?" I said I wouldn't. She then put her arms around me and kissed me on the lips. I was already aroused and this enhanced it. I sat down on the bed and she sat her fine butt on my lap and kissed me again. About that time we heard some folks approaching so Cindy stood up (dog gone it!), then some other people came in to visit. Cindy knew them and they all left a few minutes later. I couldn't resist going into the bathroom and checking it out. Cindy had left two long skid marks in the toilet. I never told anyone about this, keeping my word to Cindy. I'd see her at school and she'd smile kind of bashfully at me. I'd watch her cheer on the sports teams, and recall that night and the beautiful sound I heard from her butt.

I have more things to post again. I know I say I intend to post more often, but I get wrapped up with my job and life to think about posting.

First story… I don't think that I told this one before. This occurred back in September 2004. We had some weird test that all juniors had to take. We were supposed to be finished with the testing by the end of 2nd block (10:55-just in time to begin "A" lunch). Once we began testing at 7:45, we were only allowed out of class one time, at 8:30. Well, testing continued past 10:55, so they postponed lunch and 3rd block for everyone else. We remained in the testing rooms until 11:30 while the school moved about campus, avoiding our building. Also, they informed us to bring a drink with us, so I brought my usual diet drink (I hate sugary drinks). No one had to use the restroom at the 8:30 break. Well, in the last 3 hours in the testing room, we all finished our drinks and I was getting to where I needed to pee. When they finally let us go, I went straight to the bathroom, by the testing room. To my horror and shock, the bathroom was locked for them to clean! So, I went to my 3rd block teacher and told her that I couldn't wait to go to the bathroom (for those who had "B" lunch, we couldn't go to the restroom during the "A" lunch). She let me go. I went straight to the restroom, went to the stall and pulled my penis out. I had been pinching closed the skin so I could relieve a little pressure. Once I finished, my penis hurt quite a bit. I didn't think anything of it. I figured that the pressure of having to pee really bad and pinching shut the foreskin did it. After a few days, it still hurt to pee. I couldn't retract the skin to pee or wash without pain. So I went to the doctor. That was around the time I wound up with a major infection to cause me to get circumcised, which I am glad that I had it done.

Next story… This one is from around 2000. I have always been notorious for peeing a lot while having a bowel movement. It used to crack my friends and cousin up a lot. One time, my cousin (who is a couple of years older) followed me into the bathroom when I went to poop. He brought up a valuable (to us at least) point. I would always retract the foreskin to pee when I would stand, but never did while sitting on the toilet. So, I retracted it. About 15 seconds later, I peed. None of it went into the toilet. I managed to pee all over the floor and my swimming trunks. We were both surprised. Well, about a minute later, I peed again, all over the floor as about a minute earlier. We couldn't quite figure it out. Just before I began cleaning up, I peed again, all over the floor as usual. But, that time I noticed why. When I retracted the foreskin, it took my "aim" away. I was used to my foreskin always being positioned to where I could pee and it would go straight into the toilet. My penis ALWAYS sticks straight out in front of me, erect or soft. I wasn't used to it. I tried the practice a few more times of retracting the foreskin while on the toilet, but I would forget to aim down. One time, I soaked my boxer briefs big time. So, I ended the practice.

Story 3… The first time I pooped on myself intentionally. I don't remember having accidents too often. I do remember when I was 8 and had diarrhea, but that was no big deal. But, I digress. I was about 15 or 16 at the time. I was staying with my grandmother while we were out of school, but being a 12-month school employee, she had to work (I think it was Easter break). I had the urge to go suddenly. I jumped off of the couch and was trying to get to the restroom quickly when I had the idea "just go on yourself. You are alone and can clean up everything". So, I did. I had on briefs that day, so it was very contained. The feeling was weird. It came out very fast and spread all over my butt, then up to my scrotum and totally covered my penis and scrotum. It was a huge mess to clean up. To pee, I stood in the shower and let go.

Next up… I think that I had told about my younger cousin and I playing with super soakers, hose, water balloons, and just about everything else. Before we began, I had gone into my aunt's house (his grandmother) to change into swimming trunks. We got a drink and sat on her patio and drank it. As we were getting up, I heard slashing on the concrete. I looked at him, just to see him peeing himself. I was shocked but being 9 years old, curious about what it felt like. By the time we got out back and had things ready, I had to pee. So, I peed just like he did. It was a cool feeling. So, for the rest of the day, that's how we both peed. The next week, I taught my friend how to do that. We both would pee like that a lot. Although I am 23, I still do it when I can get away with it.
A couple of years ago, I was outside with a friend. I had already showered and was dressed for bed which means mesh shorts and a T-shirt. No underwear. While we were outside, I had to pee. I decided since I was sitting in the grass and had to pee, I could. So, I positioned my penis to pee out of my shorts-leg. My friend caught on quickly and found it hysterical (he's a goof-ball).
And to wrap this long post up… I had a bm outside last Thursday morning. I decided since there was plenty of privacy outside, I could just do it, so I slid down my sleep shorts. I barely pushed and did my business, then peed. I wiped with dried up leaves. And recent movements have yielded long turds. Monday morning, I pushed out a log that was about 2-3 inches thick and I would venture to say about 4 foot. It curved around in the bowl. Usually, I produce logs about 1 inch thick and maybe 5 inches long. Usually there are about 10.
Oh well… I think I am done for now. Will post more when I remember more to post.

Pedro this is Derek. What color were your friend's Speedos and was it a slim line brief?
whizzer: I get erections when I pee or move my bowels. When I sit on the throne, I have to hold down my pipe and press on my tip toes. Like when I was in first grade, I noticed something strange when I had a full bladder or I was making #2 or seeing a pretty girl, I would get an erection. It happens when I wake up in the morning and I have to pee. One morning, I went to the bathroom with class and the teacher let us go to the bathroom in sets. I had to make #2 and the stalls had no doors. I did not care if they all saw me. I pulled down my pants and my Spiderman briefs to my ankles and hopped up on the throne. All the boys were looking at my erect johnson. I just stuffed it between down my legs and let out a deep fart and felt this huge monster coming out of my body. It was huge that I had to control it my clenching my muscles to break it off in 4 pieces. As I was dropping these pieces, I peed a lot and then my erection went down. I wiped myself through the front, flushed the bowl and joined my class. The same boys that I have known from kindergarten still comment about the size of my johnson.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Story Teller great story about your babysitter pooping in front of you I bet that memory will last forever and about hearing that woman having diarrhea and also seeing her on the toilet and I bet that will stick with you forever as well and great story about you mom and aunt and please contiue to post more stories like that thanks.

To: Victor great story about seeing your friends sisters big poop in the toilet I bet you would have liked to hear her push that one out and if you have any other stories about women and/or girls going to the bathroom if so please share them thanks.

To: Leanne Great story about hearing you friend Laura pooping I bet youll probaly get to hear it more if you do please post the story and any other story you might have thanks.

To: My first buddy poop great story maybe you will get to see it again maybe your friend will let you watch her more often now if so please share the story thanks.

To: Anna great story about you and your mom in the bathroom and you hearing that other woman poop as well please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Jeff B great story about your girlfriend Ash please keep the great stories comming thanks.

To: Car Mom another great pee story please keep them coming thanks.
To: Kyle great story about seeing and hearing your friends mom having a nasty dump please keep the stories coming thanks.

To: Wendy and Kristy, Kristy im glad your friend Louise might decide to start writing on this site I look forward to her posts and Wendy great story great story about your accident and about you cloging the toilet and that girl having diarrhea in her pants please contiue more great stories you guys I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now I have a thought I think it would be nice if all of us on this site lived in a town together it could be called toiletstool town we would have some great conversations and not have to worry what normal people and by normal people I mean people who think pooping and peeing and farting are gross but thats just a thought but I think it would be a nice place.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Buddy dump in shed

I was tidying up the garden this morning now that the snow has finaly melted, when I felt the urge to have a poo. It wasn't a major so I ignored it untill I'd finished tidying up. By then I needed to pee quite badly. (I think it was the cold air on my bladder). Well I thought it would be fun to do it in the shed. I opened the door & entered the shed & started looking for something to relieve myself in. While I was in there, Kirsty came into the shed with two cups of tea. She asked me what I was doing & I told her my idea. Kirsty thought it was a great idea but she didn't need to go herself so she just watched me. I found a bucket & quickly pulled my jeans & panties down before squatting over it. I instantly started peeing a powerfull stream into the bucket. I must have peed about two pints into the bucket but there was no poo. I pushed hard but still nothing. I gave up & emptied the bucket outside on the lawn & we went indoors to drink our tea. I forgot all about my poo untill this evening when I started to feel a massive urge to empty my bowels. Kirsty needed to poo as well & she said, "Let's do it together in the shed." I didn't argue & we took some toilet roll out with us & went down to the shed. Kirsty opened the door & switched the light on & I followed her in. It was freezing cold in there but we keep an old fan heater in there so I plugged it in & switched it on. It stank at first because it had hadn't been used for ages but once the dust burnt off the elements it was soon warm & cosy. We took off our coats & Kirsty was the first to squat over the bucket. I was getting desperate by now & seeing Kirsty dropping her load into that bucket almost made me drop a load into my panties! I got very exited by the situation & seductively asked her to hurry up before I pood myself. Kirsty was taking too long & I began to lose control. Kirsty could tell by the expression on my face that I was having an accident & she gave a huge sigh of relief to add to the fun. She said, "Oh Wendy this feels so good. Man what a relief." By now I'd totaly loaded my panties & Kirsty was done on the bucket. She wiped her bum & dropped the paper in the bucket. There as a lot of poo in there & after taking my jeans off & peeling my panties off my bum I squatted over the bucket ready to add a load more. & boy did I go. I pood my brains out half filling the bucket with an enormous load. The cleanup was a big task & I had to put my jeans back on without my panties. We left the bucket in the shed & un plugged the heater & turned the light off. I we then went indoors so I could take a shower & have a thorough clean up.


SO close to making it

Hi I'm Mark

I was playing a game when i had to go really bad so i ran to the toilet but when i got there i burst and i peed in my pants underwear and the floor it was a total disaster. Luckily the floor dried quick so i was able to get away with it that time but i may not be so lucky the 2nd time if it should happen. Does anyone have any good peeing stories like mine? If you do please post them i wanna hear it

Slow Shittin' Sammi

Update to my earlier post on page 1905

On page 1905 I wrote about starting this school year very frustrated about not being able to take a full crap, or even anything to close to it, at school. Now, I've finished the first semester and I still find that if I sit down when I first feel one coming on early in the morning after I arrive at school, and I stay seated for a minute or two before the bell rings to end a class period, I can get rid of a piece or two. Nothing big, but at least something. It's frustrating, I know, but I have to get off the stool, and then make a run up to my next class.

However, on each of those days right after school at 3:05 p.m. I return to the bathroom. I seat myself and stay on the stool for like ten minutes, and I'm good to go on my full crap. I have very little pushing to do. I just relax, listen to music, and it slides right out so nicely and usually in on or two large pieces like bananas. There's almost no hassle from teachers or other students this year because at 3:05 p.m. everyone's heading for the door to go home.

The time is working perfect for my bowels. I've just learned not to expect too much more earlier in the day when I first feel it coming.


Movie Accident

My name is Kelly. I'm almost 18, just a normal girl. I'm a senior in high school. We're out for Christmas break. Sunday night I went to a movie with my boyfriend and saw Tron Legacy. He wanted to see it. Anyway, as the movie went on I started to really need to go to the bathroom - pee and poop. I'm shy about it and don't like for anyone to know that I need to go and I also don't like leaving in the middle of a movie so I held it. It kept getting worse. I had my legs crossed and one foot bouncing and had to squeeze everything down there more than a few times to keep holding it. Near the end of the movie I had a really big cramp hit and I felt my butt start to open a little and the poop try to come out. I squeezed as hard as I could and managed to stop it but a squirt of pee came out before I could. Not much, but I could feel a little damp and my butt felt sticky. I felt like I had everything back under control for a little while. I prayed for the movie to end fast. It did, thank God, so I told my boyfriend I was going to run to the ladies room before the line got too big and would meet him in by the exit. I hurried down the row to the end and squeezed my way into the people going down the steps. Going down the steps was soooo hard to do while trying to hold it. Near the bottom steps I felt another pee squirt escape and actually had to grab myself under my skirt to hold it - thankfully the theater was still mostly dark. I knew I was seconds away from losing it and having a full blown accident right there in the lobby. I walked as fast as I could, bumping into a few people. Another squirt of pee came out when I got near the ladies room. I squeezed my fingers into my crotch and prayed harder to hold it. I got into the ladies room and was lucky enough to find ONE empty stall available. I hurried inside, turned around to lock the door, and another bigger squirt of pee started to come out and this time I could feel some pee starting to dribble down my right thigh and my anus opened again and the poop started to come out. I pulled my skirt up, hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and in one motion sat down and pushed the panties down to my knees at the same time. At the same time I lost control and began going. A few drops of pee came out onto the back of my panties as I pushed them down but I managed to get most of it into the toilet and the poop quickly pushed out into the bowl with a splash. It felt sooooooo good to let go. As I finished I looked down and surveyed the damage. My pale blue snowman panties were pretty wet in the crotch and part of the butt area and there was a pretty bad Hershey mark in the butt area where the poop had come out a little and touched them, but at least I didn't have a full out accident. I wiped up as best I could and folded some toilet paper to place in the seat of my panties to help them dry because I didn't want to throw them away or go without panties the rest of the way home. Thankfully I was wearing a black skirt so it wouldn't show any wetness if any soaked through.

If I had had to wait one more second or if there had not been an open stall I would have lost it and completely peed and pooped myself right there in the movie theater bathroom, which would have totally sucked, ha ha. Thanks for letting me share.


Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

See through toilet

I was surfing around the internet today when I stumbled on a story about a public toilet in sweden with one way glass walls. You can't see in from the outside but you can see everything outside while you're on the toilet. I'd love to use one of those. It would be so hot to be sitting there relieving yourself while watching the world go by outside.


Diarrhea, dirty butt cheeks and no TP

I was in Central America for a college trip. We were on a bus on a desolate stretch of road and we stopped at this little "rest station" on the side of the road. They had bottled water and candy and stuff, but thank goodness they also had a restroom. My bowels had been acting up the whole first week we were there and I had gotten used to having diarrhea. I just made sure to drink lots of water. I went into the restroom and was dismayed to see that a) it was coed, b) it was filthy and c) there were no stalls! There were three toilets and a trough, all completely unobstructed from view. No one else was in it at that moment. I just stared for a minute, then finally swallowed my pride rather than shit my pants. I walked to the toilet with the least amount of gunk on it and pulled my shorts and underpants out of the way and hovered a couple of inches over it, hoping my aim was okay. I sprayed diarrhea into the hole, managing to keep from splattering the seat. Just as I was finishing up, a guy came walking in. Without thinking, I quickly sat down on the seat and crossed my arms across my lap to cover up. After a moment, I realized that I had just sat my bare ass and legs down on a toilet seat covered in who knows what. I continued to sit, waiting for the guy to finish peeing and hoping no one else came in. Finally he left. I stood up and actually felt sticky, wetness all over my ass and legs. I also felt a lot of leftover diarrhea squashed between my butt cheeks. I went to rip a piece of the newspaper that was hanging from a hook for use as TP, but it squashed in my hand like pulp. I looked all over and there was NOTHING to wipe my ass or cheeks with. Finally, I pulled up my shorts and went outside. After asking nearly all of my fellow travelers if they had any napkins or anything, I asked the guys who owned the refreshment stand. No one had any paper of any kind, at least none they were willing to sacrifice for my butt. After twenty or so minutes it was time to get back on the bus. I spent the next FOUR HOURS with shit fermenting between my buns and toilet seat filth ON my buns while we traveled to our final destination. First thing I did when I got to my room was ask my roommates to please tell me what was on my ass. I pulled down my shorts and my friend told me that it just looked like mud. I went in the bathroom and took a shower, finally getting to wash my ass. I spent $10.00 on a box of tissues which I carried with me almost everywhere after that - a wise investment!

Kyle from WA

Memories of years gone by

As this year comes to an end, I've been thinking not only of this year, but also of others long before. And on that note, I'd like to share a few stories that I think you might enjoy.

This first story takes place around Christmas two years ago. I normally spend the holidays with my family, but that year my girlfriend Beatrice had asked me to come to her parent's house instead. It was close to a three hour drive to get there though. She picked me up and we left town. For a while, we were talking while she drove, although at some point I must have dozed off, because the next thing I knew we were pulling in to a rest stop. I didn't really have to go, but I could tell that she did. She was several steps ahead of me, walking hurriedly towards the bathrooms.

I saw a large sign saying that the men's bathroom was closed because of a burst pipe. The women's was also marked as temporarily unisex. I followed Beatrice into the bathroom. No one else was inside and there were just three stalls. She had already taken the middle stall and I heard her pull down her jeans and hastily sit on the toilet and immediately her pee stream started to gush into the bowl. I was still closing the door to my stall and fumbling with my belt by then. Her pee went on for a bit, never letting up. I started to pee, but with not even close to the intensity of hers. I heard a sharp plop sound while she was still peeing, and then another and another. At last her pee finally weakened, and after three more plops it dribbled off to a stop. I peed a little bit more and then was done, but she was still pooping. I flushed and left the stall, and then after I had washed my hands, I opened the door but didn't go out, then I closed it again. There were a few more plops from her and then she rolled some paper off. She finished wiping and I heard her start to pull up her jeans. I started to leave then for real and after she had opened her stall door, without flushing, she reached back and flushed. I guess she forgot it wasn't an auto flusher.

One time, when I was very young, perhaps only seven, or maybe eight, I was curious to see what a girl's bathroom looked like. I knew there was no way I would ever be able to sneak into the girl's bathroom at school, but I remembered the park close to my house. I went to the park in the park in the afternoon and stayed for a bit, though really I was keeping an eye on the bathrooms. When I didn't see very many people around and I hadn't seen any girls come out of the bathroom in a while, I figured that then was my best chance.

I went over to the bathrooms, and opened the door to the girl's bathroom. At first I was very disappointed when it looked just like any boy's bathroom. I don't exactly know what I expected to see, but this wasn't it. The first thing I noticed was that I was not alone in the bathroom. I had no time to think and I went into one of the open stalls and closed the door just in time.

I heard the stall door open and then someone washed their hands and then the main bathroom door opened and closed. I realized that the faucet was still running, so that meant there were two girls in the bathroom then. The girl who had just entered went into the stall next to me. I listened to the rustling of her clothes as she sat down, and the faucet turned off, but then it turned back on. No, wait, that was the girl peeing. The other girl dried her hands and she left. I didn't hear anyone else come in. The girl finished peeing, tore off some paper then I heard a quite loud fart. I thought maybe she might have to poop as well, there was silence, a quieter long drawn out fart. Then she flushed, adjusted her clothes, left the stall and went to wash her hands. She finished washing, then dried, and then she left the bathroom. I waited a moment just in case someone else was going to come in. Nobody did, so then I opened my stall door and hurried out of the bathroom.

Well, that's all the stories for now. I hope everyone here had a wonderful Christmas, or whatever winter holiday they celebrate.


Reply to New Guy regarding buddy-dumps

@New Guy

Your buddy dumping idea is interesting, but I don't think it'd really work. My girlfriend is the ULTIMATE girly-girl. We met when I was four, became best friends when I was seven and started dating when I was fourteen. In this whole time she's never once done anything to imply that she has bowels. She has not once passed gas in my presence, I don't know how she holds it in so long.
Anyway, my point being that she would never agree to a buddy-dump and I'm not really sure if I'd like it either. I felt fine emptying my bowels in front of her, but I think pooping on the toilet at the same time as her might be a little awkward. I also have no idea what her poop schedule's like, it might be radically different than mine, which would make things even more awkward.

Thank you for the idea though.




Gender: Male
Age: 19

This evening there was a brief moment where I was using and cleaning the bathroom at the same time. I came to the bathroom having to poo and remembered that I needed to wipe up some water that had gotten on the floor, so I grabbed a rag and sat with my butt barely on the toilet, leaning over to clean.

Also, I was wondering how common it is to pee and have to poo shortly afterward. It seems common for me, even if I've been holding my pee a while before peeing.

Desperate to poop

christmas sales poo

Oh I took a big one today out shopping

I decided to hit the sales and went in early to try and avoid the queues. I arrived and had a coffee and a bacon roll to set me up. I then hit the shops and went bargain hunting. I shopped for a good few hours before stopping for a coffee and a snack. At that point I felt the urge for a pooh and decided I'd better go and relief myself as there would probably be a long queue and I didn't want to go home just yet. I decided I would try the toilets in the department store I was in as I was sure there'd be a bigger queue in the main toilets.

When I got there though there was a queue of 6. I wondered about going to the main toilets but I felt sure the queues would still be bigger and I may as well wait.

Looking down the line for the 2 cubicles there was a young 20yr old at the front chatting with her mother (I assume), three ladies in their late 30's early 40's and another lady in her 30's.

I waited patiently as my need to poo slowly increased. The 20 yr old got in after a few minutes. Her mother was now waiting and she got in a few minutes later when the other cubicle opened up. The mother only needed a pee and was done quite quickly she came out before her daughter and waited around. One of the ladies quickly took her place (she had been jiggling a bit). This left 3 ladies and me.

Someone came and asked me was I was waiting to which I said yes. We made chit chat and I said I'd toyed with going to the other toilets but decided to wait. She said they were very busy when she went passed them earlier. We waited for 3-4 minutes and I commented I'd be pleased to get on the toilet. The lady smiled and said I know the feeling.

Finally the 30 yr old came out and her friend took her place. The 20 yr old had been in 7-8 minutes now and was causing quite a queue. Finally she came out looking a little red faced. The third lady in the trio went in and soon after the other lady came out. This left the last lady in front of me to go in.

I was now getting quite desperate having waited for a good ten-fifteen minutes. Finally the 1st cubicle opened up and I hurried in. I took my jeans down and sat on the warm seat and had a felt a large log rush out. It came out very quickly and easy and was followed by a few more loose logs and a few farts. The relief was immense. I wiped up my backside which was messy and my front which was moist and then flushed and exited very relieved

blue pants accident

My name is christy, I'm 40 years old, i have straight dirty blond hair and i feel like i keep in decent shape. I decided to post tonight because i recently suffered the biggest humiliation of my life...

There are plenty of embarrassing things that have happened to me. One time i fell out if my chair in a crowded waiting room, and i had a skirt on... another time while i was at work the button got ripped off my pants and i was having to hold them up,and at one point i had my hands full and my pants fell down to my knees, and i was exposing my underwear for a few seconds before i could pull them back up. I about died!
But neither of those even compares to what happened to me in target last night...

I had to go in to target to grab some supplies for a snow storm headed to my area. On my way there i got some cramps and felt gassy and by the time i got to target i needed to go to the ladies room. I really wanted to get my things and get home before it began snowing though, so i made the fateful decision to shop and head home to use the bathroom. I made my way around the gigantic store picking up rock salt, milk, and other foods to stock up and a new ice scraper for the car. By the time i had everything i was getting pretty desperate to go to the bathroom. I'd say on a scale of 1-10 my need to go was about 7.5. So i headed to customer service where there was a good deal of people waiting in line to check out, and it was busy. I got in line and held on for dear life as i waited for an open register. A cramp in the pit of my stomach forced me to wince and clench my cheeks harder, and suddenly i jumped to about a 9 on the scale.
That's when alarms started going off in my head. Suddenly i didn't think i was gonna be able to make it home in time to get to the toilet without soiling my pants. I went into a bit of a panic and i got really anxious to check out. Then i felt like my mind went numb...and like i was having an out of body experience or something as i realized that i was 40 years old and i was probably not going to be able to hold it in for any longer than another 3-5 minutes. My heart raced as i stood waiting in line experiencing the most urgent and desperate need to poop I've ever felt. It became such an emergency that i was on the verge of crying, too. That's when an employee approached me and asked me to follow them to their register. I nodded quickly and anxiously turned to follow them so i could check out then haul ass to the ladies room. But as i started to move, my cramps worsened and i felt the load drop in my bowels and make its way to the exit, and i desperately clenched my cheeks together as hard as i could as i felt the tip of a large solid load pushing against them. I was at a 10-10, which means i couldn't hold it in anymore. I walked rigidly toward the register and cried out to the cashier "I'm sorry but I've really gotta use the bathroom!" And i abandoned my cart and began to stagger toward the ladies room. That's when i froze in my tracks, as a large, solid poop emerged from between my cheeks and lodged in the seat of my yellow cotton panties, spreading along the center of my butt upward along the seam if my blue cotton pants, forming a bulge about the size of a potato. I did it. I pooped in my pants in public, at age 40. But that wasn't the end of it. After the large solid portion of the load finished accumulating in my panties, more softer, creamier poop began to fill my panties completely and expand the bulge on my butt to about the size of softball. I stood there in terror as i tried to comprehend the severity of my accident. I kept thinking it can't really be happening, that i was just having an awful dream...but i definitely wasn't. The smell was too real, the warm squishy sensation against my butt was too real, the size of the bulge and the wet brown stain beginning to seap through was too real..i new it couldn't be just a dream.

I came to and realized i had to do something. I couldn't just stand there with a load in my pants. I waddled to the women's apparel section and quickly snatched up a clean pair of panties, the first i saw. I grabbed some stretchy sweat pants that i figured would fit and headed back to the checkout. I got there and grabbed a travel pack of wet ones sanitary wipes and got my cart, and i went and checked out with a big mess in my pants, and it was obvious to everyone that i had pooped myself. I've never felt more ashamed and embarrassed... i purchased all my things and headed to the ladies room to clean myself up and change my underwear. I got there and i had to carefully remove my blue pants which were stained pretty bad. Between how dark the stain was, the size of the bulge on my butt and the odor, there's no chance i could've gotten away with it. I carefully lowered my panties and dumped them into the toilet, then left them off because they were still badly stained. I put my dirty pants and underwear in the empty shopping bag then thoroughly wiped myself with the ones before putting on the new panties. They were white with pink bands around the openings, and they were a bit too snug but they worked. I also put the black sweat pants on and got the hell out of there away from the dozen or so people that witnessed me pooping my pants. Worst experience of

Story Teller: Your mom should have not taken you into that female toilet. You are old enough to stand on your own. She should be the one made to stand in a corner for two hours.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfried): Why did you hold your bowels for 5 days? I used to teach and I never denied the use of the toilet to my pupils.

Abbie: My cousin is a railroad engineer. I will not disclose the railroad. At one point, he was locking all the toilets on his train as punishment and as a deterrent to those who would shit on the toilet seats and the toilet floors. It kept the bathrooms clean, but he was creating a health and safety hazard. So, he had to reopen the restrooms. He likes that job. When I am constipated, I drink a cup of hot water or unsweetened tea with lemon. In fact, I do it everyday. It loosens me up. Cut out the fast food and eat a clean diet and your trouble will be over.

Marla: I do not mind being watched, but I do not go out of my way.

English Teacher: Your niece has problems. Let's stop being politically correct. She does not have "issues." She has problems. I hated school toilets except for urinating. Any other public toilet was fine. In as much as the school toilet stalls had doors, I hated to move my bowels on school toilets. It was a good thing that I had a strong constitution that allowed me to hold out for so long. I was afraid of the smell and the noise that I would have made. It cost me nearly my life in sickness. I was not the only one. Their shit did not stink. Some girls made the most noise and stinked the most. I went to school with rich and poor, black and white. I have shared a toilet with girls from the wealthiest families when I was teaching. They all did it the same way-skirt up, drawers down and girl, they could shit. I was in the girls bathroom in this old school where I worked. It was a ladies room for all in this old building. The school is defunct. There was this one quiet girl who was a loner and one afternoon, she entered the bathroom, took a stall, lifted her dress and slip, dropped her drawers and did her main business. I had to break down and move my bowels at school in 7th and 8th grades, then in high school. Let her get help from a counselor either at school or elsewhere. It is confidential. Good luck. When that great urge hits her one day, she will overcome. If you will excuse me, I am making a wild rice/spelt bread stuffing pilaf. I want to keep regular.

Kate: I was in those campgrounds when I was a girl scout. So, I had to use latrines. I used them in state park preserve that was open to the public. I never had boys look in on me. When I used to baby sit in my teens, little boys would sneak a peak at me on the throne. I still like solitude when I am on the throne. See my airport story when I was a teen.

Desperate to poop: I worked in a dept. store when I was in HS and college. I saw plenty episodes during the christmas shopping season. See my earliest posts. I worked with a woman and we both had to go. She was about 20 years older than me. I was 16. We were waiting on line in the womens bathroom and she told me, "Althea, I have to take a shit in the worst way." I had to urinate. I let her go in front of me. We were both pulling at our clothes. Under her red dress and black slip, she wore a black girdle with garters which she was undoing. She said, "You're lucky you're wearing panty hose(red under my green skirt). I have to fight with this girdle." When it was time, I let her go into the next availabe stall. She closed the door, hitched up her dress and slip. I saw the girdle and the pink nylon panties come down to her ankles and I heard a loud fart with five good splashes and farts in between. I took the next stall, lifted my green skirt and white slip and let down my green panty hose and magenta panties and urinated. Being that there was a line, I dd not dally. I wiped myself, fixed my clothes and left. My friend called after me that she would see me on the main floor.

re: women with very huge bladders
Petite 100 lb. girl: I used to do that in college. It was a very dangerous act. I was so backed up that I had to take Dulcolax and it caught me by surprise. I do have still a large bladder capacity but I urinate at the first chance. I urinate a lot because I drink lots of water and tea. I am an athlete and I detoxify constantly. Your bowels should move 1-3x daily. Holding your bowels and urine retain bad toxins. I remember hearing women at my parents' jobs in the toilet and girls at school who were constipated. I heard my mom talk about the constipated women in her office. I was in HS and this one girl(a fellow geek, like me) who used to move her bowels in the girls gym bathroom in the morning and she was constipated. She used to drop these huge baseball sized pieces and would not flush. Every morning, it was the same old story. Many mornings, I would use that bathroom and she would be in there and I could hear her slowly moving her bowels. She was very friendly.

A guy: I always look in the toilet to check for anything unusual. plus I want to see my masterpiece. I look for food that did not make it to my digestvie system and why.

Sister: I was an only child. I taught my kid boy and girl cousins to use the toilet by letting them watch me. My mother and aunts put me up to it.

indiantallguy: I like that story of Varsha's episode. I am drinking lots of tea and it's making me urinate. I am taking a supplement to tone my urinary tract. It reduces the frequency but I still put out. I have not any pee episodes. I have control.

English Teacher: When I was before I was 8, I hated to move my bowels anywhere except home until I visited a house on a summer afternoon and I could not hold it any longer. It happened at that house 2x. I graduated to houses other than my own before I had the courage for school. Then, I was in 7th grade.

Vincene: You can go anytime you want.

Just Jerika and Braidy: I used to be self-coscious about my body. In JHS, I could bare it all. In HS: not until 10th grade. Here in NYC, the girls gym toilets had stall doors. In the suburbs, for whatever reason, some gym toilets either had no doors or stalls.

Natalie X

A nice holiday poo

My christmas was fun but the food was poor to say the least, uncooked turkey with brusels and other things that give you gas. That is the worst combination i've ever eaten because 6 hours later after consumption i got the results, they did not come back (or out) good...

As i was playing games with my family i felt a irratating rumble inside of me, i had to fart all the time. I did not feel comfortable at all, i knew that when i would take my much needed dump it would be an incredible relief. I tried to hold it for as long as i could but i really didnt want to shit my panties! About 1 hour later i was breathing deeply and holding my stomach trying not to fart. But it didnt work they came out anyway. Then one escaped with some wetness, on that feeling i headed to the bathroom carefully. I was doing the poo walk, i mean i urgently needed a shit.

I was thinking to myself man this dump aint gonna be pretty, i walked into the bathroom farting a few more times. As soon as i pulled down my tight jeans with my panties i layed my loaded butt on the seat. Without a second after a huge wet fart erupted and several splats of poo after, i was holding my stomach and moaning. Poo explosions kept farting and pouring out, it was soo mushy and it stunk! A paused happened then a loud gurgle and then full on shit blasted out my butt, from then i was pooing with ease, tonns of farts too! Amazing bowel movement, thank you dinner for pain then relief.

Natalie X

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Holding it too long

I got up this morning with a big urge to poo but we were running late & I had to drop Wendy off at work so I decided to put it off untill I got back home. The problem was on the way back I got a puncture & had to call the breakdown service out to get the wheel changed. By the time they arrived I was getting desperate & to add to my problems the spare was flat too. The patrol man managed to pump it back up & changed the wheel but by then I was nearly pooing myself. After he left I got back in my car & drove home feeling very uncomfortable with this huge load in my bowels. I made it home just in time but getting from the car to the house was a real problem. I had to walk slowly to keep control & as I walked up the path to the front door I met the old lady next door. She was a bit lonely & loved to chat but in my situation I had no time for chatting. I had to get to the toilet & fast. She wouldn't let me get away though & she insisted on talking about all the recent snow we'd had. I really needed to get to the toilet & in the end I bluntly told her that I couldn't talk as I was about to shit my pants & went indoors. As soon as I shut the front door the phone rang. I was my boss asking me for some information about work. He wouldn't stop talking & I couldn't hold it any more. I relaxed & let my bowels release their contents into my knickers while I talked to my boss. It felt really got to be pooing myself while talking to the boss even though he knew nothing about it.


Poop Dreams

A week After New Years in 2009 I had this one dream,I was talking to a Friend.And His Father came and started talking to me.And I remember that his Father diead years earlier of a heart attack. I notice that I was dreaming.I was going to find a young woman,and try to make her go to the bathroom and poop.I lead her to a stally bathroom.She pulled down her pants and sat down with them on and got back up without doing anything.

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Poo holding untill it was too late

When I was 13 I held my poo in for 10 days & made myself constipated. I had to take a couple of laxatives before I went to school & by home time they were working with a vengance. I was walking home when the biggest urge to poo hit me hard. I had to clench hard to keep this massive poo inside my aching bowels & it was hard work. The pressure grew rapidly & soon I felt a sharp pain in my colon moving down towards my anus. I clenched with all my strength against the most intense pressure in my bowels but it was no good. I just didn't have the strength to keep clenching & I had to admit defeat. I stood with my legs apart & just let go in my pants. It came out in a big rush & it was all soft & very messy. My pants filled up like a balloon & I had semi solid poo oozing down my legs. When it stopped I wasn't done but the pressure was gone. I still needed to go really badly but I was in control. I thought to myself, what the hell I've allready made a big mess of myself now so I might as well finish it. I pushed another huge load into my pants & it was such a relief. When I got home I had to get past my mum but she caught me & it was so embarrassing. She was very understanding about it & sent me up to the bathroom to clean up while she found me some clean clothes to change into.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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