My first buddy-poop

This was my first "buddy-poop". My family and our family friends went on a camping trip over the summer. Our friends have a daughter named Lauren who is my age, 15, and we kinda flurt sometimes (i'm a guy by the way). They also have a younger son one year older than my little brother, they are seven and eight.

After eating greasy camp food for four days I woke up very early one morning and had to go. I snuch off to the toilet, which was a little room with just a pit-style toilet and a sink and garbage. The toilet literally was just like a bucket with a toilet seat, made of wood.

As soon as I sat down the door flew open (it didn't lock) and Lauren burst in. She said "how much longer..." and pointed at me. I could tell she had to go very badly, but I told her I hadn't even started. She was upset and began doing the poo dance while explaining that she is lactose intolerant and stupidly ate two bowls of ice cream last night, and they were getting their revenge.

I began to get amused by her urgency, so I was messing around by talking about how long I would be. I THOUGHT we were joking, but I found out I was wrong when she pulled the little garbage can to the toilet paper and sat on it.

I couldn't believe it, she let out a gurgly fart, and moaned. Then she let out the most muddy, noisy diarrhea into the can I have ever heard. She was peeing too and it was going all over the floor. I had a front row view of her parts, and as a teenage boy I couldn't help but watch.

I finished my poop quickly so she could take the toilet, but it was too late. She stood up and the garbage was about three inches deep of her liqui-shit. She was crying and I was still shocked. I comforted her and she begged me not to tell her parents, and I agreed.

Yesterday was the last day of school before winter break at my middle school. I got in trouble in phys. ed. and had to sit and get yelled at by the teacher so I was late to the locker room. I am in eighth grade and the eighth and seventh graders were done showering by the time I got there, so I had to go with the sixth graders. They were all embarrassed to have a big kid in there with them and were silent. I decided to break the silence with a fart, and when I leaned forward and pushed, a felt a long turd slide out of me. I froze in embarrassment. The sixth graders turned around and started cracking up, they thought it was hilarious. It was really long, too, like twelve inches. I ran out and told the gym teachers that someone pooped in the shower, and I said it was Tim, the tiniest sixth grader there. They hate me now.


Family bathroom trip.

You know those bathrooms where there is just 1 toilet against the wall? Well one day my mom, my 4 yr old brother, and my seven year old twin sister and me all had to use the bathroom, which was like that. Our mom went first, she really had to poo. She kept farting and then there was a big splash. Whats funny is my brother got curious and went behind her to look in the toilet, and she leaned foward and let him! After another few splashes she wiped her bum about five times and asked my sister and me who wanted to go, I said me first. So she stood up and pulled her pants up, but she didn't flush! As I pushed my self up I could clearly see the three fat logs she'd left, but I didn't care and added my own log to the mess. Next was my sister, who took a quick pee and was finished. Then my mom held my brother up so he could pee, and after he was cleaned up she flushed the whole mess and we went on with our day.

Story Teller
Did anyone ever have a female babysitter that they've seen on the toilet? I remember that occasionally the girl livng next door watched me a few times. She looked stereotypical- 13, blond hair in a pony tail, and wore glasses. Well one day when he were watching TV she got up and went into the bathroom. Being as little as I was I was curious and immediate started thinking of ways to go in there. So about ten seconds after she went in I walked in and said that I had to pee.I surprised her that was for sure, she was already sitting on the toilet with her pants around her knees and her green panties on her theighs. For a second I feared she would yell at me but instead she smiled and told me to wait in the doorway. So I just stood there and watched as the took a dump and wiped. That was honestly when I started takinga intrest in this subject.

PS. I'v noticed in alot of bathrooms that women don't usually flush after they do their business. What is with that?

ocean pooping story

Response to the ocean pooping question: I did once without even realizing. I was swimming with my friend and pushed a fart. The fart was actually a turd, though. But I was wearing a Speedo, if you know what that is, so it didn't float away. As we were getting out of the water, I could feel something in my Speedo. We went directly to the bathrooms to get changed into clothes, and I was starting to realize what I had done. The bathroom stalls had no doors, which was annoying when you had to get changed. And when I pulled down my Speedo, everyone passing by could see my log sitting inside it.

Frantic Francine

December 22 pee ( I almost made it!)

I've written before about how it so sucks that our school district has this year shifted the 5th grade into the middle schools. I'm just not confident in a school with 16,000 studies and with bathrooms, the smallest of which have 12 stalls.

I've written before about how I've peed my panties and had other close calls getting onto the toilets. Also, some friends and other students have taken advantage of me (or as Mom says I've allowed them to take advantage of me)and this has further complicated the situation.

So on our last day of school before Christmas vacation, we had final exams (something I don't like and something that can really screw up a semester of good work if you're not particularly good at taking tests) and before my 2nd hour final I went in and peed. Luckily, I was one of the first users to get a stall and I hiked my loose-fitting dress and dropped my underwear. Immediately after my butt touched the seat, I got the feeling that I was sitting on an ice slab, and as I was trying to get my pee flo to start, I started to see the usual eyeballs in the doorway cracks and the usual questions as whether I would be on the stool for long. Sometimes when I'm a little down on myself, I may answer that I expect to be done by April, to which one girl told me to park my "attitude." After about three minutes on the stool, and several attempts to get my pee stream going, I heard someone say there was like only a minute before the one-minute warning bell. I admit I got frustrated, spread my legs out and with the help of my right fingers, I tried to get a little activity going. It worked and I rapidly released my stream of 90 seconds worth of pee. As I sat and was ready to start wiping, I was still getting some late-flo, but I knew I had less than 30 seconds to wipe, pull up my panties and make it down the hall to my class.

As is the case often, I didn't get a chance to flush or wash my hands because I don't want any more detentions. As I was making the run, I felt additional drops go into my panties, and a few seconds later, a pretty substantial amount dropped into my panties. Some even ran down my inside leg. I had to give an informative speech for my final and I was very self-conscious about any pee showing on my leg. Before I left my desk, I put my left hand up my dress to see how wet my underwear was. I was surpised that they had two spots that were pretty moist and when I went to pull my hand back out, I looked to the left and two boys sitting next to one another in that row, we looking at me and snickering. I think they knew what I was doing. One even said, "Nervous?" but I didn't acknowledge him, except for a cold, icy stare

My speech went just over three minutes (the minimum)and I got all my points.

new guy

Daily Dump

I just took an interesting dump it was soft but had a some hard chunks in it and it was a light brownish/tan and about 3 or 4 inches long more or less and I was suprised it wasnt a messy one.



To English Teacher and Anon

Anon: I totally disagree with you. Yes, English Teacher's niece needs to understand that it is OK to have a bowel movement in public. However, when the niece would rather risk having an accident, inconveniencing her mom, or leave an otherwise enjoyable activity rather than use a public bathroom, then there must be an underlying issue. Her mother should be exploring the issue and provide an understanding ear.

English Teacher: I do not think that you are enabling her behavior. Maybe she will open up to you. And, like I suggested, maybe if you made a point to have a bowel movement when you are spending time with your niece, maybe it would make her more comfortable to do so.

To both: There is a social stigma associated with a pre-teen/teenage girl having a bowel movement at school. Read previous posts. There are many stories about college girls waiting until the wee hours of the morning to defecate. Recently, someone posted about having a large BM while another girl came in and had a noisy, loose stool. Both were somewhat embarrassed. I imagine that one major contribution to constipation in this country is the shame associated with having a BM, rather than diet, as some suggest.

As for English Teacher, your compassion for your niece and earning her trust is admirable. It may not change her, but at least the fact that she knows someone cares and will not judge her will go a long way to helping her.

Love to both of you and all!


Bathroom memory for Firecracker Girl

Like Firecracker Girl, I was raised by a very strict mother and I remember several confrontations we would have at places like the circus, county fairs, and when at Interstate Highway rest stops.

I got so sick of the questions: "Why didn't you go an hour ago when we left the restaurant?" "Didn't I tell you to go when you turned off your computer?" "Nobody should have to use the bathroom at school until about 10 oclock in the morning at the earliest because it's the last thing you should have done before leaving home."

Whether my dad was with us or not, she would then give in and try to find the cleanest possible bathroom for me. Sometimes, it meant sitting through the last act of the circus in pain until it was over and we could leave and walk across the street to a McDonald's or Burger King-type place when mom would put the toilet tissues on the seat until I as about 5. At that point she would watch me do it until I became reliable with it (she used a bigger word which I could not even say and a couple of my friends a few years later said they thought was obscene). I remember a couple of times when I was 6 or 7 and she would look in on me and see that one thigh was largely on the uncovered seat (the paper had slipped off at the last minute that I seated myself). She showed me how to tuck it under the seat or to use the brown paper handtowels that were wider and stayed on easier.

As I've written about in previous posts, when I turned 16 and changed schools, my new school didn't have the pre-cut sanitary seat covers available, so I just started sitting down and hoping for the best. Nothing happened. Except for the past three years I'm getting a lot less questions from my friends on why my habits are so different from theres. That is especially true this year since I've started college. Almost all the ladies sit directly down on the toilets seat with no worry.

I do, however, have to remind myself when I'm traveling with my parents (and this is like two or three times a year) to go back to my old routine. "Accommodation" is a worthy topic we've just talked about in my Sociology class.

Story Teller
Another story from me, I was about 6 when this happened. So I was at a clothing store with my mom and aunt looking for shoes mainly. Then my aunt said she had to go to the bathroom, and my mom said she had to aswell. All this talk made me have to pee so I put that in and the three of us walked the the womens room at the back of the store. My mom and me went into the first stall and my aunt went into the other. My mom began putting toiletpaper on the seat, my aunt on the other hand just sat down and started pooping, grunted audibly. After a couple of splashes my mom finished and sat down to pee. No sooner had she sat down that my aunt called out that there was no toilet paper in the stall. My mom told her she'd need to wait for her to finish. My aunt just told her to send me in with some. So my mom handed me a wad of it and I went into the stall my aunt was in. My aunt smiled and took it, thanking me. I just stood there while she wiped and flushed. Since my mom was still going she held me up while I peed, and then we all went on with our shopping.


A Response to Big Daddy

Big Daddy asked about whether slim people are prone to taking larger dumps. I have had one particular experience that has always stuck in my mind and suggests that theory may indeed be true. Back when I was 11 or 12 years old, I was friends with a kid named Jason. Jason had a sister named Alyssa who was five or six years older, so she was a junior or senior in high school when this story took place. Alyssa was very tall - right around 6 feet even - and was also very thin. I'm not the best at judging weights, and this was quite a long time ago, but I doubt she weighed more than 130 or 140 pounds. She was a star player on the high school's girls basketball and volleyball teams.

Anyways, on the afternoon in question, I was hanging out at Jason's house after school and the two of us were watching TV upstairs in his bedroom. I heard his front door open and bang shut, followed by someone coming up the stairs. I glanced into the hallway to see Alyssa toss a bag into her own bedroom, and then hurry into the hallway bathroom and close the door. For about five minutes, there were no noticeable sounds coming from the bathroom, and then the shower turned on. I didn't think much of it, and my attention reverted back to the television. Eventually, Alyssa emerged from the bathroom and left as hurriedly as she had come in, shouting to her mom on the way out that she was going to the mall with friends and would be back later.

Ten or fifteen minutes after Alyssa had left, I felt the urge to pee and told Jason I was going to the bathroom. As soon as I entered, I noticed a strong, unmistakable poop odor mixed in with the after-shower scents of shampoo and soap. When I lifted up the toilet cover, I was shocked. An amazingly long turd was curled around the entire perimeter of the bowl, with an additional 2-3 inches curling toward the inside. And that wasn't all: there was a thicker, 7-8 inch log coming up from the center hole, and a few more small 2-3 inch pieces floating on the surface. At first, I wasn't sure how to react. I didn't want to try to flush and risk clogging the toilet, and I also didn't want to just pee and leave it all sitting there because I figured I might get blamed for the whole thing later. So I simply walked back into Jason's room and told him: "Um, there's a really big poop in your toilet." For a second, he gave me a blank look of stunned silence, and I feared that I was going to be blamed anyways. But then he rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath, "Ughhh, she did it again" and stormed past me into the bathroom. He took one look into the toilet and stormed back out again, yelling "Mom!!!! Alyssa took a huge shit again and it's not going to flush!!!" He continued downstairs to talk to mom, who was in the kitchen. I heard her saying something about waiting until his dad got home and he would take care of it. Jason yelled up to me that I could use the downstairs bathroom to pee, so that's what I did.

After I finished peeing, I rejoined Jason in his bedroom. He said "Sorry you had to see my sister's shit" and was laughing about it. I laughed too and asked if she always shits like that. He replied "Yeah, she eats like a horse and she shits like one too!" He told me that she usually clogged the toilet at least once or twice a week and that other times she would forget to flush, or not flush enough to get everything down. Though I never saw another one of Alyssa's bowel movements, I did pay attention to how much she ate the next time I stayed over at Jason's for dinner. He was right about her having a huge appetite, I remember her plowing through three large servings of dinner. It makes sense that she needed to consume a lot of calories for her athletic activities, and all that food had to come out somehow.

I hope this helped answer your question, Big Daddy. I would also like to hear if anyone else has had similar experiences, particularly with a female.

Hi again everyone and Merry Christmas to you all! Hope you all had a great day!

Abbie- Sorry you're still having trouble pooing. Like you say hopefully the Christmas period will give you time to readjust your bowels to a better routine!

Another story for you now. This is about the first time I heard Lauren pooing. Her room is on the floor above me in our house and so she uses the same loo as me, between our floors. One morning I was asleep but Lauren coming down the stairs woke me up. I knew it was her because I heard her door close when she went back after. I heard the toilet door close and lock. Then I heard a clunk as she sat down. She had a long and loud wee and then all was silent again. I listened closely and soon heard two massive, loud plops! This was followed by a squeaky fart and then another plop. After a little while there were a series of more plops then one big one. She farted again, louder this time, and then a final two plops and she was done. After she had gone back to her room, I decided I had to wee so I went to the loo. The smell was rather strong! I lowered my knickers and sat for a quick wee, then went back to bed. Another interesting experience!

Will post again soon. Bye!


re Slim People

I'm tall and slim, 6 feet 3 inches, and either a couple of pounds over or below 140lbs depending if I poop+pee before or after I weigh (the weight difference is always 3/4th lbs). So anyway, I eat 3 meals a day, and even if all 3 are fast food or junk food, I don't gain an ounce of weight, fat, or muscle either. (Considering myself a "hardgainer" I also bodybuild irregularly) In regard to poop quantity, there is never much difference ever. Doesn't matter how much I eat, i'll poop it out in the same amount of time anyway, pretty speedy. If its poop quality, protein shakes, alcohol, fast food, weird food, all make me loose for some reason. (No I don't have IBS, I know cause I had to consult my GP before I started any protein supplements to make sure I wasn't allergic or something!) I consider myself to have an awesome metabolism, but I don't get hungry anyway, and I always poop the same every morning or I get cramps from breaking routine. (No, I also don't have an eating disorder.) And I can eat like a whole KFC bucket if you give me enough time :D (You don't wanna stick around for that poop!)

I can't explain it, I eat but don't gain fat, muscle, or poop lots either :)

For now, after all that Christmas food I felt the need, so I tried (squatting on the seat as always, I can cause I'm light enough ;D) pooping but it wouldn't come out. Some gas hissed out passed it and there was a tiny plop, and then another slightly larger tiny plop a minute later. I was cold, and progress was slow, so I wiped and flushed. I'll gonna make another attempt in the morning.


Re. Checking Your Poop

TO A guy:
Yes, I check my stools every time I poop. Everyone should. Not simply as a matter of casual interest, but knowing what a healthy bowel movement should look like is very important in monitoring your overall health. Not enough roughage in your diet will cause your poops to be hard... Vitamin or mineral deficiencies/excesses can affect your stool quality... And just about everyone knows that certain infections and serious diseases processes can manifest themselves in your stool. Your doctor doesn't collect stool samples for the-hell-of-it. This is serious stuff.

There is info on this site that explains what to look for. Poke around.

RE: Ocean Pooping

I've never been brave enough to poop in the ocean before. However, we live by a very large lake and one time my friend took a huge dump in it. She was extremely desperate. The second she pulled down her bikini bottoms, liquid poo that was like pudding came gushing out of her ass. It was hot, especially since I was right beside her in the lake.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


To English Teacher

Dear English Teacher,

I think that what you are doing for your niece is admirable, especially since you can relate. I can more relate to your older sister as far as bodily functions go. But, at the same time, I realize that many are uncomfortable talking about their bowel habits and defecating in public. It can be especially uncomfortable in teenage years.

Please do not mistake me for someone uncaring or being a know-it-all, but I wanted to ask if you were able to talk to your niece about why she has a problem using the bathroom in public. I am sure that she feels blessed to have an aunt who can relate to her. In fact, as a teacher, do you know of other students who have similar issues?

Too, has she tried to establish a toilet routine to at least go at the same time each day? And I know this is a little personal, but are your niece's bowel movements loose, like she may have IBS or something? I was thinking that if she has normal bowels, then maybe she could train herself to go in the morning before school.

And, has something happened that has made her self-conscious about using the bathroom? Has someone made fun of her? Does she have trouble urinating at school, or is just bowel movements? Are the bathrooms dirty or unsafe (people hanging out in the bathrooms)?

I really admire you for trying. This may be a little embarassing to suggest, but maybe if you were the one who had to go at the mall it would have been better. She could have been in the restroom while you were going. Maybe after you had done this on a few occasions, she would get the idea that it is OK.

Considering your sister's attitude and lack of understanding, I think your intervention and confidentiality are gaining your niece's trust. Maybe you can help. But the main thing is that your niece knows you care.

I hope that was helpful and not nosey...take care!

Big Daddy

Slim People

I have a theory that slim people have higher metabolism and, thus, either burn excess food or excrete it. A slim person who eats three meals a day would have larger bowel movements because the food has to go somewhere. Could some of the slim people please shed some light on your bowel habits? It helps us all understand our bodies.


Christmas shopping

This week I went Christmas shopping with my Mum, we had a drink and some lunch in a restaurant after we had eaten we both headed to the toilet there were 3 stalls 1 on the left was occupied by the talking it was a woman with a child, I went into the middle one and Mum took the other.
As put some toilet paper on the seat I heard my Mum do the same I lifted my skirt and lower my knickers to just above my knee while I was doing this my Mum was doing the same, but the interest was from the other stall a little girl must have been sitting on the toilet and the woman who turned out to be her Mother was holding her, the girl was saying it was big and hard, her Mother was saying push a bit harder then there was a loud plop followed by the girl saying I have finished and her Mother saying are you sure and she said yes.
When I had sat down I had a quick look under to partition between each stall it must have been 20 cm wide I saw my Mum's shoes and the other side the Mother shoe facing the toilet, I then heard my Mother start peeing I held off going thinking that she was only going to pee suddenly she let out a loud fart and the little girl who was now being wiped said to her Mother what was that, her Mother said sh sh someone is releasing gas.
My Mum then started to strain I bent over and started to pee at the same time I looked under the partition my Mum had pulled her feet close to the pan and was up on her tip toes, On the other side the Mother had changed places with the little girl and I heard her say quietly Mummy needs to go now, The little girl said you have not flushed that ok.
I now could not hold my loud back any longer and a nice big turd slid out making a loud plop ten I let out a couple more, I could now hear straining coming from both sides the little girl said to her Mummy are you pooing too, M said yes, Is it a big one Mummy, M said yes, but I want to go it smells in here, I am nearly finish.
With that I heard a small plop and her start wiping, then Iheard the little girl say Mummy your poo is so big, then I heard my Mum start to wipe but no sound I thought has she given up. I did the same they both flushed and left by the time I had exited the stall they had washed and left.
Before I left I had a quick look in Mothers stall in the pan was a huge turd that went from the bottom to stick out the water I could see why the little girl was so impressed I then had a quick look in my Mum's stall and was shocked to see she had left a turd just as long but bigger in diameter stuck in the toilet.
When I got outside Mum said do you feel better for that, I said yes and how about you, much better to get that out not knowing I had seen it.

Jeff B


As always

Name: Jeff
Age: 20

The Girlfriend [=
Name: Ash
Age: 19
120 lbs
Black hair
Brown eyes

Amazing things took place this morning shortly after I wrote my last post. I decided to be daring. I noticed Ash farting a lot in her sleep and I knew that when she woke up there would be a much needed shit followed by her morning pee. So even though I was wide awake, I went on and laid down next to my lovely Ashface in bed this morning. I laid there for about an hour, then she started to stir around a bit. And as predicted, she started to sit up. I pretended to be in a half daze from her waking me up then she said "I hafta pee". Right there was my que to go all out balls to the wall and just ask her flat out if she'd not flush. I also said I needed a shower. Telling from body language she accepted my request and so we BOTH went into the bathroom and I got into the shower, (Taking my good ol' time of course ;D).
I then heard the words I had been hoping to hear all along to confirm my prediction "My stomach hurts *Whine whine*". At that point my heart rate shot through the roof. I then knew it would only be a matter of time before she'd blow. So I was taking my time in the shower so she could do her thing then leave. She knows the water in the shower gets ice cold when you flush and she'd never do that to me. So 15 minutes into my shower she had still NOT gone to the bathroom and she was just laying on the floor whining that her belly hurts. I took my time drying off and such as well then I helped her up. It was then that she went and sat down on the pan. She had on my bathrobe with no clothes on underneath so she just sat with no care in the world. After a couple minutes of her still whining about her belly pain I heard he take a small pee. Maybe 5 seconds at most. Then she sat for a minute or two just looking down, and I heard her breath in, the sound of soft shit sliding into the water, and then a sigh. I wasn't acting like I was paying much attention to this so it wouldn't make me look like too much of a total creep. Now she's normally a gassy dumper when she's in there alone, but she was keeping aside from the soft popping sound of the poo sliding out of her gorgeous bum pretty quiet while taking this dump. This kept on for like maybe 4 minutes, and she stood up, wiped her front, then her bum, and then she said "I'ma go lay back down".
The second she started walking away from the pan without flushing my heart had almost stopped at the fact that this was finally happening. A dream of mine had just come true the second she walked back out of the bathroom and closed the door with me still inside. I had to stand there a second to take it all in. My gorgeous girlfriend just took a much needed dump and left it for my enjoyment and I was almost numb from the arousal I was experiencing from this. I kicked on the light and took a look and the beautiful mess she left behind. It wasn't very much, but it was still the first legit dump I had ever seen her take let alone her doing it right in front of me. There was a light yellow tinge to the water from her small wee, about 6 1/2" thick logs, and a couple decent sized chunks from the start of her poo. There was as I said before almost NO smell to her dump at all, and it was still warm from being inside her belly.
It was amazing, and then I went to sleep and slept until she got up again almost 6 hours later to go to the bathroom. I didn't get anything out of this one except hearing her classic small gassy dump. I wasn't to disappointed about it since I got to be there for the first large dump she took. We talked after her first dump and she once again said there is no issue or worry at all with me asking her to do that again foe me. I don't want to do it all the time as I would come off and selfish and needy, but If I could I would. ;D
And the last part of this post ends with her last gassy as hell dump this evening before she went to work. She started cramping up real bad and then said I need the bathroom. She was in there all but 3 minutes, but she was really gassy and loud. It was so sexy. I don't like seeing her sick though. That's the only thing. =/
I do hope she gets better soon, although I will miss these amazing dumps she's been taking. On a plus side, I need to start being more blunt about what I want like she told me too. It's gotten me the best results so far. More stories soon.

Talk soon,

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