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I'm Back!

Hi everybody! Sorry its been so long, nothing has happened in a while that's new, until yesterday. A new mom peed in my car! And not only her but also her two, yes TWO, daughters! And of course so did my daughter (Kaylee) but that's nothing new of course. We were in my car and I noticed that the one daughter (the one who's Kaylee's age) lean up to the front seat where her mom was sitting and asked her if we could stop so she could go to the bathroom. Then the mom asked me. I decided to be brave. I told her "yeah we could, or if she wants, she can just pee in the car." Then the mom said "oh, so its true then?" I looked at her. She was smiling. I said "yeah, its true." I could tell I was blushing. Then I said "I take it your daughter told you she pees in here?" The mom said "yeah she did. Its ok though." I was glad to hear her say that. It seems like less people are bothered by the idea of peeing in a car than I used to think. I'm glad of that! So anyway I told the daughter that she could go ahead and pee in the backseat if she wanted and so she got ready to do it. Now her sister, who is older than her, she's 12, was also sitting in the backseat and she right away said "EWWWWW! Don't let her pee in the seat!!" But then her mom said "its ok, she can" and then the older daughter said "GROSS!!" and then she said "can she at least switch places with Kaylee so I don't get her pee on me?" Her mom said "that's fine." Originally the daughter who was going to pee was in the middle and Kaylee was behind me and the older daughter was behind the passenger seat. So they switched and so the younger daughter was behind me and Kaylee was in the middle. And so the younger daughter got ready to have her pee. She pulled down her pants and she started to pee into the seat. Her mom looked back at her and giggled and then she said "I can hear it" and the daughter just said "mm-hmm." I could tell she was relaxed. Then after a while she was done. I noticed the older daughter was looking at her every once in a while and giving her dirty looks. I could tell she was mad that she did that and also at us because we gave her permission to do it. So the next few minutes were silence. Then after a while the mom said "I have to go too" and when she said that I saw the older daughter's jaw drop. Then she said "mom, you're not gonna pee in here too are ya?" And then the mom looked at me and laughed and I said "I think she is!" Then I laughed and she said to me "are you sure its ok" and I said "yeah its ok." Then I pulled over so she could move into the backseat so she could have her pee. The mom is 37 by the way, if anyone was wondering, so now I have 38yo mom and 37yo mom! After I stopped the car the older daughter said to her mom "since the car's stopped now why don't you just squat down and pee on the ground?" Then the mom gave her a good answer, "because I'm gonna pee in the car!" Then she laughed and she got in the backseat after the older daughter got out and moved to the frontseat. Then she pulled down her pants and got ready to have her pee. I could tell that the older daughter was mad! She just sat in the passenger seat and didn't say a word. Then I could hear a hissing sound as the mom began to pee into the seat. She let out a sigh and she also had a huge smile on her face. I noticed that both of the girls in the backseat were watching her and smiling. The mom giggled. "Whew I'm really going!" she said. Then she giggled again. She was making it into a fun thing, and I was glad of that. Then she also started letting some little farts while she peed and that really made everybody laugh. Then even the older daughter couldn't help but laugh too. I was glad of that. Finally she looked back at her mom and said "feel better?" The mom said "I do actually" and then she said "I think I'm done now." I said "ok" and then she said "thank you so much for letting me do that." I said "its ok." Then the older daughter surprised us all. She said "I think I better go too." Then she looked at me and she said "is it ok?" I said "sure, of course." Then she got out and she switched places with her mom again. Her mom said "I'm so glad you're gonna do it." She smiled and then she pulled down her pants and she sat down in the same place where her mom was. The mom got in the passenger seat. Then after a few seconds of silence the daughter began to have her pee. I could hear it hiss into the seat. She also let a fart into the seat as she peed. She actually went a lot. Her hiss lasted a long time. I could also see how big the pee puddle was in the seat. It was huge because the pee was from two people and both of the people peed a lot. Finally after a while she was done. She farted a few more times and then she said "I'm done." I asked her if she felt better and she said "yep I do." Then she just sat there in silence until we got back to my house. I could tell she no longer minded the idea of peeing in a car. She also didn't mind sitting in it. And not only that but Kaylee also peed a little while later and she didn't even ask to switch seats with anyone.

Another Girl (page 1955): you are not weird! I don't think there is anything at all wrong with you and your girlfriends relieving yourselves in your car! Thank you for sharing!

Josh: I don't know if 38 yo mom finds peeing in my car erotic in a sexual way but I know she definitely finds it exciting. But I don't know if its a sexual thing for her or not. I just can't bring myself to ask her something like that just yet! I don't know, I just feel weird asking her something like that. All I know is she tells me she really likes doing it and that it feels really good to do it. She also says its a stress release for her to sit in my car and relax and have a pee. Anyway I'm glad that it feels good to her and I'm glad that I am able to do something for her that makes her happy!

I noticed that there were also some other questions from other people. I think that most of the answers might be in my older posts. I started posting sometime in the summer I think. If the answers aren't there please let me know though! I don't want to ignore anyone!

Well I guess that's it! Bye for now!

Feral Girl-

Nice....did u ever try using it? I have the same kind of urinal with the female adapter also. It seems like it would be useful for girls on car trips for when u stop at a gas station so you can just take it in the restroom and pee into it instead of sitting on nasty toilets. That's the reason I got the female adapter with it so when I get a girlfriend she can do that.

-SquatSpotter from H-Town


Being Watched-Marla

Marla-I don't mind being watched when I'm on the toilet. I often use doorless stalls for that reason. So many friends of mine are terrified of being seen using the toilet, though. I used to live near a fraternity that also had a large window next to the toilet and I observed many college guys taking a dump there. It had frosted glass, but they were still quite visible from the street. I could make out they color of the guy's hair, how far he lowered his pants, even if he wore boxers or briefs.

Chacos man
Oh dude, bummer of an accident today at work. It was a boring afternoon so I asked the boss if I could go on break. The request was granted so I made my way to the gents room the other side of the mall. Taking a stall I sat down with relief as I wee'd and poo'd. However, something didn't feel right and when I looked down my undies and pants were wet and the floor around the toilet was soaked. I suddenly realised one of my worst fears, somehow my pee had missed the toilet and gone on me instead. I panicked but then realised it didn't look to bad.

I set on the task of cleaning up, using much much paper. So much in fact, that when I flushed the toilet it clogged up and hardly flushed at all. I decided to bail quickly. I rolled up my soaked daks in some paper and shoved it in my pocket as there was no bin nearby. The rest of the afternoon was uncomfortable and I just wanted to leave. Fortunately I didn't have to work late and left, the moisture of wee in my pants almost faded.

Just Jerika

Comments for several others

to Firecracker Girl:

I understand what you are saying about putting your hands over the front of your seat and balancing yourself by putting your weight on them. I understand that was like 20 years ago for you. I'm in junior high now and my feet don't touch the floor because I'm only like 3'5" and I have a hard time sitting on the toilets at my school and going to the bathroom because of this. It's just not comfortable for me.

to Jaded Jarrod:

I would take that to mean that Aunt Mickie was really being mean when she ordered you back into the building and onto the stool to take your crap. I don't agree that by 5th grade, a person should be able to crap in a school bathroom. I have two teachers this year (history and science) who are really sarcastic. They need to try and see things from the students' perspective rather than their throne in the faculty bathroom.

to Braidy:

That was a great story about your team's toilets and locker room and how close you guys are to one another. I would be freaked out having to sit on a bench and dry myself off after a shower with someone sitting on the toilet just a few feet away and watching me. I was wondering, Braidy, if being on a team helps you have more confidence in your body. You seem like such a caring person. Good luck to you this season.

Just Jerika

new guy

some stories and some questions

One time at a festival I went into a portapoty that a lady just left so I went in and when I lifted the lid I saw a moutain of diarrhea in it so aparrently that lady must have been the one who did it because it look pretty fresh another time at the same festival but the year before I think I went in one after a lady came and a small amount of diarrhea both times I wish I was in the one next to them so I could hear them having diarrhea.

To all the women and girls on this site have you ever to poop in a strange or different place just for fun or to see the looks on your friends faces? and have any of you had a without warning poop? its one thats comes so sudden you cant stop or control it I think I already ask this question already but oh well I just wanted to ask it again
and one las question have you ever had that feeling like you have to take a major dump but all that comes out is one small peice and alot of farts but then later on you get the same feeling but that time it acctualy was a very nasty and bad dump? please share the stories.

Well thats for now I just want to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE what ever holiday you celebrate so again HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL AND HAPPY POOPING AND PEEING TO EVRYONE AS WELL I know thats been said on other peoples posts but I thought I would add to mine this time just for a changeand im really glad I found this site I only wish I found it earlier because its such a good site and one more thing I probaly wont be posting again until tuesday because the library is going to be closed tomorow and saturday because of christmas and it also closed sunday and monday but if I do post something it will be a small post becasue I will be using my psp so one more time HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE.

sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site.

Alan in Amsterdam

Re: Ocean Pooping

In response to your enquiry, I did once do it in the sea. A long time ago though, I was about twelve or so. When I was at that difficult age I drove my mum mad by refusing to use public toilets, I don't know why, haven't had psychoanalysis or anything about it. Anyway we were on holiday by the seaside in Kent, England, and I wanted a poo. I thought the sea would be a good place - in those days they piped sewage into the sea anyway! So I went into the water, there was my mum and sister there swimming and also Roger, a guy we'd made friends with. I swam with him a bit and then went off a little way from everyone. Treading water, I pulled my swimming trunks down and pushed out a few small turds. Unfortunately, I hadn't reckoned on them floating! Also, I hadn't reckoned on Roger swimming over for a chat. As he came towards me he encountered a couple of my brown floaters. He didn't mention that to me but as we were talking another one drifted along to make our acquaintance. I swiftly swam back to shore and never spoke to Roger again.

Story Teller


I am quite literally the only boy in the family. And becuase of that up to the point I was 11 I was always taken into the ladies bathroom when we went out. I've got a lot of stories and I've seen a lot of girls doing there business, from my mom, my aunts, my sisters, and random strangers. I'll begin posting alot of these stories, but for now I'll only post one. So I was in a stall with my mom, sitting on her lap while she sat on the toilet. We heard the bathroom door fly open and another women rushed into the stall next to us and slammed the door shut. Her but hit the seat and immediately we could hear her relieving a load of liquid poop into the toilet. For the next minute she could be heard grunting and unloading. Then my mom finished her business and we exited the stall. While my mom went to wash her hands my curiousity got the best of me and I peeked into the ladies stall through the door. She was a blond, about 20 I'd say, she had a nice rack too. Her pants were down to her ankles and her face was red. She whimpered and let another gush go before reaching for some toilet paper. I thought I'd get to see her wipe but my mom slapped my behind and dragged me out of the bathroom. When we got home I had to stand in the corner for two hours.

Friday, December 24, 2010


walking in

to marla: sometimes i like being watched, if its a person i know i wont mind, but very few times ive had a stranger watch me. i dont mind watching others myself ;)

i have a story of me walking in on my friends mom that just happened yesterday. i was at my friend nathans house again for a couple days just to get away from my family. his moms a real festive lady, she had the house decorated and prepared for christmas, and she also got into the christmas spirit by buying tons of egg nog, and other christmas foods. on the second night of me being there, i had to take a quick piss in the middle of the night. i went over to the bathroom and the door was slightly opened, so i listened in. it was nathans mom, and it sounded like she was having a bad spot of diarrhea. i opened the door a little more and poked my head in and asked if she was alright. she glanced up and said she was, she said she thought she had some spoiled egg nog. then she asked if i could give her some company. music to my ears. i walked in, shut the door, and sat down on the edge of the tub. i almost forgot how attractive catherine was. she was just sitting there, back straight up, wearing a black tank top, no pants, just her black panties at knee height. i could see her muscles in her thighs and bum tense up as she released a few squirts of diarrhea into the bowl. she then slightly lifted one of her legs and let loose a wet diarrhea fart, while she squirted more liquidy crap out. she then put her hands on her knees and forcively pushed out an audible torrent of diarrhea for about eight seconds. she reached for some toilet paper, but i cut her off by asking if i could help her wipe. she playfully looked at me and said "i thought you would never ask." she got up and put her hands on the sink while i gently wiped her. after i was done i pulled her panties up, nice and slow, so i could feel her soft legs, and slightly caress her bum. i thought she wouldnt notice me feeling her up but she did, im not as sneaky as i thought. she just giggled. then i went over to the toilet and unzipped my jeans to take a leak. i thought she left after i wiped her but i could feel her hand grab my bum. it gave me a bit of a jolt and i almost missed the toilet. i was taking a piss while she was behind me, feeling up my sides, and whispering lustfull things into my ear. i was turned on by this and almost couldnt control myself. i finally finnished peeing, then i flushed and had a little "fun" with catherine.

will post soon!

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Louise's revelation

I was working with Louise at work today when she asked me if I'd ever pood myself before. I wasn't too sure about answering a question like that but when I remembered the time she did it at work I grew more confident. I told has I had once when I was really desperate but didn't tell her any more in case she thought I was weird. After that Louise admitted she'd had lots of accidents & she enjoyed having them. I got very exited by this & told her she was not the only one. She even mentioned she'd been surfing the internet & had found this site. She said she loved reading the posts about girls pooing their knickers & was thinking of posting herself. I'll keep reading to see what happens.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfried)

Big accident in class

I had my first accident in class. I was 12 years old & I'd been holding it for 5 days days before I got a powerfull urge to empty my bowels. I tried to put it off untill break time but I just got too desperate to wait any longer. I put my hand up to ask to leave the room but was told to wait untill break time. Well I tried to hold it but I was beyond being desperate & just had to go. I felt my anus open without me telling it to & I there was nothing I could do about it. My knickers quickly filled up with a huge amount of semi solid poo before I could stop it. The relief was indescribable & so was the embarrassment. I Was nowhere near finished but the pressure had reduced enough to feel more comfortable. I didn't say anything but the teacher soon smelt what I'd done & sent me off to the toilets to get cleaned up. It was so embarrassing everyone knowing I'd pood myself & as soon as I got to the toilets I took off my skirt & peeled my panties away from my bum. They were caked in soft poo & were beyond saving so I threw then in the bin. Then I sat on the toilet to finish my poo. It felt so good to finaly get my bowels completely empty. I pood & pood for ages & filled the toilet half way. I wiped & flushed but the water just came up to the rim of the toilet & wouldn't go down. All that poo had blocked the toilet & they had to close the girls toilets for the rest of the day. I got into a lot of trouble for that as the whole school had to use the staff toilets instead. Because of the long ques at break times a couple of girls had wetting accidents & one girl who had diarrhoea had to go home as she couldn't hold it. She had poo running down her legs as she walked out of the room & was crying in shame.


To English Teacher

Just a few thoughts for you here. While it's possible that your sister is being a little too harsh with her daughter, she probably has the right idea. It's wonderful what you are trying to do, and your heart is in the right place, but did it ever occur to you that your enabling this behavior from your niece is just encouraging it? I know that 12 is a tough time, perhaps especially for girls, but only using the bathroom at home? Come on. We're talking about a 12 year old, not a grade school (early) child who might understandably have some fears about going somewhere other than at home. It's like with a smaller child when they take a little tumble where it's clear that they're not really hurt but just startled or a little bit scared. If you pick them up and start "oohing and aahing", or "oh my god you poor baby" and getting really melodramatic about it, you're fostering that fear element to a point of a major reaction. It's not that you're being insensitive, but the difference is just something like saying "woops, are you okay?" and sort of laughing it off like it's no big deal. Perhaps you could have helped your niece with a bit of a reality check by having her acknowledge that yes, in part it was her fault, and that yes, sometimes people do make poor choices and bad things can happen, but help her also see it in perspective. help her also see that sometimes people do bad things, but that doesn't always mean that they are bad people.

A bit of caution, and that is being careful about getting in the middle of your sister's choices about how to raise her child. It's one thing to do "special things" with your niece, and how you deal with things when she is out with you is pretty much up to your discretion, but when you start circumventing what your sister is trying to do in terms of raising her, that becomes meddling, and can be a easy source for a big rift in the family. It's great that you made, and are keeping the "pact", but the bottom line is that unless there is some indication of either physical or psychological abuse, you have to let your sister do as she feels is best for her daughter. Perhaps you can sit down with your sister and open up, and tell her of your accident and explain that you felt much the same way that your niece felt and that was what led to the accident.

Just to be the "devil's advocate" for a moment, how many more times is your sister going to lose a half day of work, and the money just because her daughter won't go to the bathroom anywhere but at home?

Your heart is in the right place, but this is getting to a point of bordering on being irrational (your niece that is) and it raises concerns about her health as well. I mean, she just has to be able to realize which is the lesser of two evils, dealing with using the bathroom at school, or other public place, or the possible humiliation of having an accident in her clothes.

There is a fine line to draw here, and there may be no right or wrong answer.

Maybe what's needed here are two things: The first that your niece get a little lesson from the "school of hard knocks", the second that there be some middle ground here, a little more sensitivity from her mom, and a little more tough love from you. A little bit of "get over it" with a good dose of "I still love you".

Perhaps something you can do with your niece is to help her work through this. Voice her thoughts and concerns, and give her your thoughts on that from a more adult perspective, something that your niece is not able to do right now. Help her understand what are legitimate concerns, like hygiene, etc., and what are things that just don't have to be a big issue.


House locked

Hi all. I am a long time reader, but this is my first post. I really like peeing stories, can we have more of them on this forum please? Anyway, I will share an experience with you all which happened when I was in the final year at school.
I was returning home with this girl called Varsha who lives in the same apartment as me. Well, we were on the school bus and I noticed her squirming around in her seat. It was a pretty long bus journey (about 45 minutes) and after about 20 minutes, she actually started whimpering and rapidly shifting in her seat. "What's wrong", I asked her and she replied "I am absolutely dying to pee. Oh God, I hope I don't wet myself before I reach home." Well, this caught my interest. Here was a reasonably attractive girl sitting beside me and squirming uncontrollably in her seat, bursting for a pee. "Come on, I am sure you can hold it for another 20 minutes", I told her. Anyway, she kept on squirming and whimpering and actually grabbed her crotch several times making noises like "Oh no, come on, oooh" and so on. Anyway, she managed to hold it till the end of the journey and we both got down. She was visibly sweating and almost ran all the way to where we live. She lives one floor below me and her mum is usually home when she returns home. But, just imagine her luck, on that particular day her mother was not home, the door of the house was locked and there was a note on the door "Sorry Varsha dear, I had to leave for a very urgent meeting, will return in 2 hours, stay at your aunt's place till then. Love, mum". Now Varsha's aunt's place is a good 10-minute walk away from where we stay. On reading the note, she was in absolute agony. "Oh God, I can't hold it, I HAVE to pee NOW!!" Varsha wailed, jumping up and down grabbing her crotch. "Never mind, come to my place and pee" I told her. For a minute, she looked at me. "Er, no, I will walk over to aunt's" she said, obviously shy of using my bathroom. "Never mind, using my bathroom is better than flooding your panties", I told her, "also, no one is at home, you need not be embarrassed in any way." She looked at me again, then grabbed her crotch saying "OH" and made for the stairs. She ran up to my flat and I ran behind her and opened the door. She dashed in. "Where's the bathroom?" Varsha asked me, breathless. "Just a minute", I said, coming into the house and closing the door behind me. "I am helping you by ending your bladder agony. What about you letting me watch you, in return?" I asked her, knowing fully that there would be a denial. To my pleasant surprise, she said "Yes, whatever, just show me where the toilet is before my bladder bursts!" Still not believing my luck, I led the way to the bathroom. I noticed that drops of pee were dribbling down her legs. She burst into the bathroom and I followed her. I still remember the scene vividly. She hiked up her skirt and, as she pulled down her rose red panties, I noticed the crotch portion was soaked. Then it was as if a dam had been opened. Pee exploded from Varsha's crotch and fell into the WC with a great big splash. "Dammit" she cried, "I forgot to pull the toilet seat down." She stood up again, offering me a full view of her pubis and the river of pee emanating from her urethra. "OOOH AAAH, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!" she kept on crying as I watched her empty herself for what must have been 2 minutes in total. Her stream thinned down midway and then started afresh. Near the end, she jerked her pussy and released the last few drops with a contented sigh of relief "Oh my, that felt like heaven. Oh God, phew." Then she looked up at me with a wicked grin and said "OK now, my turn to watch you." I didn't protest. I was still mesmerized by her fountain. I moved over to the toilet, pulled down my zipper and took out my dick. My pee didn't start immediately. "Here, let me hold it for you", she offered, and closed her hands round my dick. I wouldn't have been able to pee under such circumstances had I not needed the toilet very badly as well. So I peed while she held my member and directed it around the toilet bowl for some time. Then she said "Wait stop, I want to try something." Curious, I restrained myself with difficulty and stopped peeing midway. She said "I am sure you haven't finished. Neither have I. Lets pee together." Saying so, she sat on the toilet, held my dick so that it was aimed at the exposed portion of the toilet and asked me to piss. And we pissed for 30 seconds in this way, her stream tinkling down into the toilet, while my weaker stream doing the same thing, but once it became strong and hit her pubis. She didn't mind. When it was over and we had washed and wiped ourselves, she winked at me and said "Some experience eh? Thanks for saving me. I have never had to pee so bad in my life. I bet you enjoyed it." And she left.
Well, that's what happened to me. Hope you all enjoyed the story. Can we please have more pee stories on this forum? Till my next post, bye.


To: Ocean pooping

Hi I had to do it last summer but it was not fun. I am Russian and take part in professional swimming since I was little girl. Iīm now 24. We had a swimming competition at Black sea and in the middle of nowhere I got sick. Maybe I ate something wrong before. I felt enormous pressure to poop and after one moment I just couldnt hold. I removed the rear of my swimsuit and had just diarreah into the water while I was swimming on. I thought it was over but unfortunately after a couple of minutes it started again. I was concentrating on swimming and this time it went into my swimsuit because I just couldnīt hold it. Then I felt to have to vomit. With my last strength I got out of the water at the end of the race the final was on land but just had to bend over and throw up. It was so embarassing because everybody could see me throwing up. Instead of running to the final I had to run behind the next bush squat to have again diarreah for at least 10 minutes and throw up 3 more times. My swimsuit was completely ruined because also a lot of pee went into it when I was struggeling in the water against the diarreah. Of course I lost the competition. So this is my story. Liubasha

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Sara great story please post more of them thanks

To: Bria great story about you pooping on the floor while your friend was on the toilet you could have tried a buddy dump with both of you sitting on the toilet at the same time that way you woldnt have had to poop on the floor and please contiue to post more stories thanks.

To: New Guy first it might a good to add something to your name like a number or letter or the abrivation of your state that way people dont you confused with me when commenting and asking questions and also great story.

To: Amy great story please post more of them thanks.

To: Firecracker girl great story about your public peeing and pooping please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Timee great pee story please contiue to post more.

To: Abbie I bet a lot better after that dump and a question have you ever been forced to poop or pee somewhere other then a toilet while also infront of or with a bunch of people if so please share the story if you havent already thanks and I look forward to your next post.

To: Marla it sounds like you might have some great stories please share them with us thanks and it the opposite with me I dont like pooping in front of alot of people unless under certain circumstances but peeing on the other hand I can do that in front of anybody.

To: English Teacher great story about your neice please share more about her and you and any other female youve seen and/or heard going to the bathroom thanks.

To: Desperate great story about hearing those checkout assitant pooping and please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Anna great story about your sister please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Natalie X it sounds like you felt alot better after that nasty dump I bet that bathroom didnt smell very nice for awhile after that and anyone going in there would want to hurry and finish to get away from the smell and please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Kate great story about your toilet of solitude it must be nice to have a place that you wont get bottherd by other people and I bet those boys might think next time other they might get a suprise like pepper spray or something else sprayed or they may get in trouble with the police and please post more great stories thanks.

To: Bowen Girl great story about you pooping in front of your girlfiend maybe sometime you could try buddy dumping it might bring you guys closer together just ask Wendy & Kristy and please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Wendy & Kristy, Kristy great story about your friend Rachel having an accident and like always please contiue to post more great stories you guys I look forward to your next post thanks.
Well thats all for now and I want to wish everyone here happy holidays what ever holiday you may celebrate whether it be chrismas, hanukah how ever you spell it, kwanza and any other hoilday at this time so again HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE and I hope there be some great after holiday bathroom stories after all our holiday meals have made trip to the toilet.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site.

Jeff B

She's got the runs


Jeff here again to spill out some more adventures of his girlfriends recent bathroom visits. ;D

About me
Name: Jeff
Age: 20

My Girlfriend
Name: Ash
Age: 19
Black Hair
122 lbs

Now, lets get straight into it.

Last time I was talking about how the 2 of us where getting more open with our bathroom habits. Well, she keeps saying that she sees my liking of such acts of her in the bathroom are fine, doesn't bother her, not gross, no worries and all of that. She has also stated that she would set aside flushing for my own liking 80% of the time. Huff huff, well she hasn't yet and it makes me sad. Here's the story why.

This past week she has come down with a cold and when she gets ill her belly acts up and she gets the runs. She told me that she normally doesn't shit much unless she's sick then everything comes out at once. Well this past Monday I believe it was (The night after we had our talk about what I said above about how she would treat me to seeing her bathroom habits once in a while,) she came down with a stunning case of what she made out to be urgent cases of the runs. So the first time she went into the bathroom she said "I gotta pee", little did she know I left my phone in the bathroom with the recorder on so it was picking up everything. Turns out she did have to pee after all, however; playing back the audio file i heard her take a breath and then she let loose a small wave of soft poo. It lasted for maybe a couple seconds, then she wiped, sadly flushed (Disappointment No. 1), and trotted back into my room.
The second batch she had was a lot more intense and a lot more sexy sounding. I've been watching her when shes ill and I know that when she has 1 bout of the runs there is always at least 1 or 2 more to follow, so I took my phone with my trusty little recorder on and set it on the counter as if I left it in there by accident. Not but a minute later she says "My stomach hurts, I need to get to the bathroom" Then she walked past me and I waited for her to finish so I could play back the audio file and listen to the most sexy sounds this lovely girl of mine could make. She came out about 3 minutes later (Shes a quick shitter), and then said "Bleh, I feel like poo". She laid down and then I hurried in and retrieved my phone to see what went down in there. As I listened to it I was just numb in amazement that I got audio of something like this. She walked in the bathroom, closed the door, sat down, and the second she did I heard her take a breath and then it sounded like thick mud pour out of her for about 4 seconds followed by a sigh. She then took another breath and same thing happened. After that she took another breath, farted throughout another lovely 3-4 second wave of mud. I was in ecstasy listening to this, but at the same time feeling bad about getting some personal enjoyment out of hearing her on the pan. She had another wave of mud, then followed by what sounded like ice cream flowing out of her for like 4 seconds. After that she wiped herself up and then I heard the dreaded flush. =[

I'm slightly dishearted that she flushed every time. The same thing happened this evening with her and she still flushed. I wonder why she wont follow through with what she said she would do. Maybe I need to be more upfront about the subject with her. When it's talked about I'm always very vague. =/ Its an embarrassing subject to talk about to a stunning girl even though every time we do she's so open about it. I guess the next time it gets brought up I need to be as free about it with her as I am with it on here. I have nothing too loose. Haha

Hopefully more stories coming soon. Shes waking up from a slight nap, so I gotta go.


Jasmin k.

Retraining your Bowels

I have been reading the posts here for some time and thought I would contribute when I read Abbies post, especially where she says about re training your bowels to open at a certain time. I see there are other Jasmins writing here so putting my surname letter hopefully will avoid confusion.
I am 14 years old (still an occasional bed wetter) long blonde hair, curvy and already dating alot...and I enjoy having a good poo - hence how I found this site. Most of my pooings are toilet events but I do have some knickers/shorts/jeans experiences too.

Anyway when i was in junior school I didnt really mind using the school toilets to poo if I had to, they wernt too bad and I only went to poo at school when I couldnt make it come out at home in the morning before leaving for school. I would go to the toilets at break find an empty cubical sit on the toilet straining to try and get it out and if I couldnt would do the same at lunch break and on a couple of occasions substituted the toilets for my knickers. (including at home knicker incidents it was quite often but that for another day)
When I went onto senior school at 11yrs it was a bit different, the toilets were crowded at break times and often very unpleasant. In my first few days at this school I was on the toilet one break trying to get a very hard piece out whilst trying to strain quietly, there were other stalls occupied and I could hear some other girl in a cubical a couple of doors down straining and grunting.Very soon after there were more noises but there were also lots of others just sort of hanging out in there and they were talking to this other girl and she had the cubical door open.
I started to hate going at school and would hold and get stomach aches and then next morning I didnt get the time I needed to strain it out and the fact I had to leave earlier in the morning it didnt give me much chance to go at home.

Abbie this is the bit that you may want to try. I started to go in the evening after my meal.I got very constipated through holding it all day and it took me ages to strain it out.On days where I didnt feel I needed to poo in the evening I knew next morning I would or at school I would have a belly ache so I sat on the toilet every evening and strained untill I did a poo. If I felt I needed to poo on a morning or at school I held it untill I got home and although holding it all day made it harder to do I strained untill I did it every evening.
It took me like a couple of months of doing this before my bowels accepted the fact they were going to be emptied in the evening.

For me it was worth doing and now I never need to poo at school.

A few poo facts about me.

I go and sit on the toilet for a poo once per day even if I dont actually have the full bum poo feeling.
When I have the poo feeling it is usually firm to hard and normally I do 1 or 2 logs and a couple of pebbles. I have to strain quite hard to get them out but once started they come out quite quick unless I am very constipated then it takes a lot of straining,grunting and squeezing my belly to get it out. When I am constipated it can takes a few sessions on the toilet over a few days to get it out.
If I dont have the need to poo/not have full feeling/ not constipated etc eg did a huge load the previous day, I still go and sit on the toilet straining untill I make myself do something. In this case its consistency is usually softer small logs or pebbles and occasionally loose or runny.

May post some of my pooing stories soon.

Enjoy your pooing -

A guy
So i guess im a lurker too, ive posted a few times on here but just been really busy latley. Ever since ive started coming to this site and reading posts its made me realize....Ive always enjoyed pooping and had a fascination with girls pooping and farting, but since reading post here ive started to pay more attention to my poop when im done. Does anyone else look at there poop real good when they get done using the toilet?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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