So the other day I woke up and immediatley let out a fart, and i knew there was about to be a bathroom episode. My brother was on his way there too to take his morning piss, but as he dropped his pants (yeah he pees with his pants around his ankles and the door wide open, which is standard procedure in our house, privacy and "decency" are both not really a concern, we're all human after all) i told him to piss in the tub, I had to shit. He shruged his shoulders and turned is wiener towards the bath, which DID mean that, once I sat down, his ass was directly in my face, but I didn't really mind, there was a more urgent matter at hand. after a few seconds of farting and diarrhea, my brother was concerned. he looked back and asked, "you feeling okay, sis?" The spattering of diarrhea was my answer to him. As he was pissing, he let out a nasty fart right at face level. "Ah, nasty! You couldn't have faced away from me a little?" He turned to me and said "I think I need to shit too" So I scooted over to let him sit down, and we both had bad shits for the next hour, but we were both okay.

Hi guys, I never formally introduced myself. I'm Bria, I've been a lurker on this site for quite some time. I'm 19 5'2, dark skinned, in college. I guess I'll tell you a story that happened to me early in the semester. I was with my friend and suite mate Tia, she ordered some pizza. I told her i couldn't eat pizza because I'm lactose. (i get the worst gas and shits if I consume dairy.) She said she she was lactose too and had the same symptoms but didn't let that stop her. I figured what the heck. When the pizza arrived it was half cheese half pepperoni. She at the cheese Me the pepperoni. It was movie time after that. About 3/4this in my stomach startled to churn, but suddenly Tia let out a rumbling fart. "sorry" she said, phew it stunk. I then let out an SBD which smelled awful, after that it was on. She and I went back to back farting for a half hour, it really stunk in there. Suddenly I realized I ad a sudden urge to poop. I got up and went in to the bathroom. No sooner had I sat down, my butt exploded with poop, I let off wave after of poop. I wasn't done when Tia came in she let off a little fart and told me to move because she had to go. She told me i stunk and then moaned, farted, and cascaded into the bowl. She did this for about 5 minuets until I told her i needed to go. She was about to get up but then more came out of her. By now i knew if she didn't move id have an accident. I held on but my stomach cramped up. I told Tia sorry for what she was about to see, half squatted and unloaded on the floor. She was shocked as I made a large pile very quickly. After that i was done, and she was finishing up. Clean up wasn't too hard and afterward we finished the movie and I went back to my room.

New guy.
I've only had one experiance worth telling about. It was a few years ago right after I'd turn 7. I was at Walmart with both my sisters, 16 and 5. and my parents had ordered her not to take her eyes off us. She evidently took these words to heart cause when she needed to use the toilet she dragged us with her. It felt kinda strange being in the womens room, though she told me it was okay. We went into the first stall and she asked me if I needed to go. When I said no she asked my sister, who also said no. So now it was her turn, she pulled down her jeans and blue panties and sat down. My other sister kept giggling because we could hear her peeing, then she just bursted out laughing when we heard a loud splash. I was embarrased and just kept staring at the wall. After another three splashes I heard her tear off some toiletpaper and turned around as she was pulling her jeans up. Evidently this made my other sister need to go. So she pulled her diaper( it was just a precaution) down from under her dress and my older sister lifted her up onto the toilet. After a minute she finished and we went on with our shopping. The whole thing made me feel wierd for a couple of days.


Bathrooms Full

I live with my sister and little brother in a small house with one bathroom. I just got back from a night out with friends bowling and fast food. for some reason the fast food I ate was ready to make a fast exit. I raced to the bathroom to find my little sister in the shower. I told her I'm sorry but I gotta go now! So as I am sitting there with mushy poo exploding out of me my litle brother is yelling from outside the door I gotta pee. There was no way I could get off the toilet. He said he was about to wet himself so I told him to come in. My little sister was still in the shower and me on the toilet the only option was the sink. As he turned on the water in the sink my little sister let out a shriek. I tried to hurry but I could not stop pooping. My little brother was on the verge of a accident when my little sister said sit back on the toilet and let him pee between your legs into the toilet. I scooted back and my little brother began to pee between my legs. Just then I let out a trumpet fart and my little brother started to laugh. Thats when things went wrong as he was laughing his aim was off and completely soaked my downstairs parts. Thank god my little sister was almost done in the shower!!!

Ocean Pooping

Just a question...
Has anyone ever pooped in the ocean before?

I was at the beach this summer laying on a double tube with my sister in the water. I had to poop but didn't want to get out, and it was embarrassing to tell my sister. I was laying with my butt in the opening, facing up, and she was too. I decided that since eveeryone pees in the ocean, why not poop? My sister was suntanning with her eyes closed, so I slipped down my swim shorts, but only in the back. I let out two logs, maybe 5 inches each, without any pushing. My butt was in the water so there was no splashing. I leaned over to look at it, they were floating in the waves. It felt weird but exciting doing it in front of hundreds of people, and next to my twin sister! I did it once more that summer, but that's another story, maybe for later.

So has anyone pooped in the ocean? Please share!

Firecracker Girl

My earliest memories of public pooing and peeing

I read with interest what my husband of four years (Firecracker Guy) posted on pages 1947 and 1952. That was about 10 years ago when he and I had just started dating and I have to admit, he was pretty accurate and had a good memory. One detail, however, I differ with. Although my crap was harder and well formed, as I remember it he didn't wipe me as effectively as he should have, because that night before I bathed, I had two skidmarks in my white panties. I hadn't crapped before or after he had watched me at the swimming pool that day, so the guilt definitely falls on him. I remember telling him about it the next day and even took him downstairs to the hamper, pulled out my undies which were at the top of the pile and although he made a million excuses, I know he knows that he hadn't effectively done his job. Even now, after four years of marriage, he has quite a few skidmarks in his underwear, but I have to admit he's gotten better. And, he's become much more clean about his hygiene when using a public bathroom. My dad says I've "domesticated" him, and I agree that Firecracker Guy is a lot more cleaner about himself now.

He and I were at a country concert across the river in an adjacent state this weekend. This was a huge arena with about 20,000 seats soldout and while I was in the bathroom working hard to take an overdue (by two days) crap, I got to thinking about how tough it was for me about 20 years ago when I was 4, 5 and 6 and needed to use a public bathroom in such a huge place. First, my mom always made me sit and try to go before we left home. Like me, she's kind of a germ freak and I'm not going to say there's anything wrong with that. Lots of public toilets are gross and lots of people do gross things when using the large public bathrooms. Second, she would look in up to 9 or 10 stalls to find the best one for me to use. Then she would close the door, make me wait (and often be near crying due to the pee or poo I was desperately trying to hold in for another few seconds) while she first wiped the seat off, and then carefully put a liner on all four sides (that includes over the front where the cutout is). Then she would watch me ever so carefully sit so gingerly on the papers and I was almost petrified to move even a tiny bit. Since my feet didn't touch the floor, at first I would put my hands over the front of the seat and put my weight on them. She would quickly slap them off and tell me to keep them on my thighs because my skin was a lot cleaner to touch. I always wanted to move around and sometimes even in swinging my legs, I would slide sideways or forward and mom would point out how I was likely going to be touching the bare seat. She would stand in front of me, but had the good sense not to constantly badger me as to was I closer to being done. Occasionally, she would grab my knees and hold them still as I moved them to get out a large piece of crap. Again, her fear was that I was going to be getting off the paper.

When I was done, she would let me hop down and she would flick the seat tissues into the toilet, if they hadn't already fallen in or fallen onto the floor. She had me tear off toilet paper and insisted that I do a minimum of three wipes and show her the final clean paper before I could flush. A couple of times I forgot and placed my hand over the toilet seat to reach back and flush. That was a big no-no. I had to balance myself on one foot and with the other foot push the flusher down. When the flusher was a button on the wall, I had to put toilet paper in my hand before touching it and pushing it in. Then we would go out to the sinks and she would watch me wash my hands. She always insisted that I use hot water, lots of soap, and something she attributed to grandma, I had to use "elbow grease" to make sure I got my hands clean. Then I was allowed to pull down a paper towel or by using the side of my hand, activate the lever on the automatic dryer. And she always showed me to wait for someone to come in or to use my little finger (and this was the second hardest thing other than keeping my balance while I foot flushed) to open the door to leave the bathroom.

What was nice in the largest of places, as I improved and didn't have to be reminded, I got special treats like ice cream, Slurpies or candy. It was effective and to this day I probably am a lot more germ conscious than many of my friends and colleages.

Being in the bathroom at the concert this past weekend brought back the memories of so many years ago. The few children in there caught my attention, and especially the one girl in the stall next to me that was being "coached" by her mother.

Do any of the rest of you guys have "bathroom memories" from way back when? Please submit them. Thanks.

Marten, in my senior year of HS which I hated, I had to pee so bad. I was sweating for the period bell. My thighs were quivering so that you could see my underwear under my skirt, so said a girl sitting next to me. I grabbed for my pulsating cat under my skirt and panty. I could not wait any longer. I grabbed the pass and bolted out of the classroom for the girls toilet. I hit the stall, pulled up my short khaki skirt, pulled down my white FOL bikini briefs to my knees-not a moment too quick. My bladder and my mind were in two different places. As I sat on the bowl, my pee squirted on the seat and under my legs and I just let my urinary faucet run forcefully for one long minute. I breathed a sigh of relief and I wiped under my legs and my cat. I stood up with my skirt bunched around my waist and my undies at my knees as I wiped the seat. I pulled up my undewear and let down my skirt and flushed the toilet. After washing my hands, I returned to class. The teacher just looked at me and I took my seat. See my story about the Castoria.

This is an open-ended questionnaire: How many of you girls wear skirts and either pull them down or raise them up? When you pull them down: how far? Thighs, knees, shins or ankles? This for you girls who wear short skirts, especially. How far do you pull your underwear along with a skirt up or down?
Me: If it is short, either up it goes or down, whatever occurs to me. A medium skirt always goes up. Underwear: either ankles, shins, knees or thighs.
One Sunday afternoon, I was peeing in womens the toilet at church. I was comfortable with my skirt up and my navy panty hose and pink Hanes for Her full-cut brief at my knees when an older woman about 43 entered and said to her friend, "I'm going to be awhile. My bowels have to move." She took the adjoining stall, standing in her heels, she pulled up her skirt and slip, let down her pantyhose and beige panty to her ankles. With a loud breath, I heard this loud, wet fart and then a series of plops and splashes, then another loud fart and a gurgling wave. She stinked the place good. I sat as long as I could. Then, I took some paper, wiped my cat, fixed my clothes and flushed. I recognized her voice. It was one of the deaconesses.
Feral Girl: I am glad you like the term for female sex organ, "cat." I had tiny kitten and it reminded my of my developing body. Plus, I heard another girl use the term.


Really difficult poo

Hi everyone, Abbie here again. Sorry its been ages since my last post, I've been really busy at school and at home getting ready for Christmas!
Anonymus poster- thanks for your kind comments about my posts, glad you've been enjoying them. How long ago did you post and do you have any recent stories to share, if so I'd love to hear them.
Emma and Leanne- glad you're able to post again. Leanne, sorry to hear you pooed yourself, it was lucky you managed to get cleaned up before anyone found out. Emma, great story about how you had a poo on the train, I know how embarasing it is if someone walks in on you, its happened to me a few times at school as the locks are so rubbish. The worst time was when I was screwing up my face trying to push out a hard piece, I knew I must have been really red as I had been straining for ages, and to make it worse I was wearing really embarasing flowery knickers which everyone saw when the door swung open.
This is a story from two weekends ago, recently when I've had a poo its been even harder to push my turds out and I now seem to be going four or five days between emptying my bowels which is not good. I've been eating loads of fast food and putting off going to the loo as I've been busy and I don't think that's helping. I woke up late on Sunday and as I was getting up I had a heavy feeling in my belly. As I went downstairs to get some breakfast I tried to think when I last had a poo but I couldn't remember, it must have been getting on for a week so I knew I had a pretty full load in my bowels. As I ate my breakfast (cereal with apple and banana, I'm trying to eat more fruit to help things along) I thought I'd use the toilet before getting dressed, I still didn't need to go that badly but everyone was out so at least I wouldn't be disturbed if I was there for a while. After I'd finished my cereal I walked into the bathroom, closed the door and went over to the toilet. I hiked up my nightie, dropped my pink knickers and sat on the loo. I had a wee which went on for ages and then took a few deep breaths, trying to relax before I started to push out my poo. I rubbed my belly and then started to push, I pushed as long and hard as I could before grunting loudly. When I'm out in public or at school I do my best not to make any noise, although I don't always manage it, but its really great when I'm at home and no-one else is in as I can just let it happen naturally. After a few minutes I felt the tip of a turd starting to poke out of my bum, of course as soon as I stopped pushing it got sucked back up. After about 10 minutes of getting nowhere I reluctantly gave up, wiping quickly and pulling up my knickers. I didn't exactly want to spend all day on the loo and I still didn't feel that desperate or surprisingly that uncomfortable so I thought I'd try again later. Anyway, I ended up getting busy doing stuff and didn't get another chance to go for a poo that day. When I got up the next morning I still felt fine, but part way through the day at school I got really bad bellyache together with an urgent need to empty my bowels. I knew this would probably be one of the hardest poos I'd ever had and I really couldn't face having it at school, so I went to the medical room and said I was feeling really ill and asked if I could go home. After ringing my mum which I wasn't exactly thrilled about as I'd get loads of questions asked later, but apparently its school policy or something, they eventually let me go, I spent the short walk home feeling a massive turd starting to poke out of my bum and I had to clench my cheeks together to stop it from coming out too far and making my knickers dirty. When I got home I rushed straight to my room and quickly undressed to my underwear, I knew I was going to have to spend ages on the loo and I'd end up getting too hot in my clothes. I went into the bathroom, lowered my purple knickers to my knees and sat on the toilet. I started to strain at once, the tip of my first turd came out easily enough but then it got really wide and I could feel it getting stuck in spite of me pushing really hard. I pulled my knickers down to my ankles and then kicked them off, spread my legs really wide and pulled my bum cheeks apart with my hands before pushing again. After about 10 minutes of pushing really hard and making really loud grunts (luckily I was on my own in the house again) I could feel that the largest part of my turd was through and I could relax a bit. I brushed my hair out of my eyes as the first log dropped with a massive plop and then I started to push again, there was a lot more still up inside me. 15 minutes later I'd managed to push out another 3 turds and I finally felt empty, I took some paper and wiped my bum before flushing the loo, luckily everything flushed away! I went back to my room and put some clean knickers on (the others had a big skidmark in them). Then I decided to put my nightie on and get into bed, I was really tired after all that effort, my bellyache was a lot better but now my bum was hurting quite a bit. When mum got home I just said I had a bad stomach ache, fortunately she didn't ask any other questions so I didn't have to tell her what had really happened. I've been wondering whether to talk to her about this but I know I would find it really embarasing and she would probably overeact, I suppose if it gets much worse I will but I'm hoping now the Christmas holidays have started and I get a break from the school toilets I might be able to get in a better routine. I read somewhere recently that its possible to retrain your body so you want a poo at a different time, my main problem has been needing to go around ten or elevenish, but obviusly by then I'm at school. Apparantly if I get in the habit of eating a reasonable amount for breakfast and then trying to have a poo straight after I might eventually be able to go then, which would really help me loads. The only problem with this is I really hate eating at breakfast time, I tend to have a snack at morning break which is why I usually need a poo sometime before lunch, as apparantly eating food helps to get the bowels moving. Well, I guess I can try it out and see if it makes a difference. Thanks for reading this, will post again soon.


Being watched

I am 27, brunette and attractive and have always loved being watched while I do my business whatever it may be. There is a large window in my bathroom directly in front of the toilet where anyone passing by in the street can clearly see me... even in public bathrooms and at friends house i leave the door wide open and will even invite people in with me.
does anybody else like being watched?

Kate M.

Winter Peeing Attire

Since many people spend time in the great frozen outdoors I will let you know about my outdoor peeing attire. A coat that covers the bum so that popping a squat is easier and more modest - not too long of course or else it will get in the puddle. A hood is also good in case you want privacy and are seen at least they will just see the back of a person and no personal features. Elastic waisted pants are great since they facilitate a quick pee. Wear dark coloured bottoms in case you can't hold it and some escapes into the clothes. Wear a neutral coloured parka/coat so that if they spot you walking in the neighbourhood it could be anybody if you are wearing typical black, grey, brown, navy blue, ivory, etc. Pink or orange would stand out. If you can do a high squat a longer coat may be OK. For some situations a 'go girl' type of FUD may also be useful. It is great for snowshoeing.

English Teacher

More About My Niece

Back a ways, I wrote about my experience in taking my 12 year old niece to a football game at the old high school stadium where I was a cheerleader. I wrote about how my niece had to go to the bathroom (#2) and didn't want to do it in the stadium ladies' room. I took her home early so she could go at home like she wanted to. Because of my own experience with the less than stellar bathroom conditions at the stadium, more sympathetic to her needs I could not be. My first game as a cheerleader during my sophomore year, I similarly avoided doing #2 in the stadium ladies' room and ended up messing in my panties. Fortunately I did not happen until my friends had already dropped me off at home (but before I could get to the toilet), so none of my friends ever found out about it nor did even my family. I have always been thankful for that.

In my last post, I wrote about how, after that awful experience of messing myself, I vowed never to mess in my panties again and I never have. In that post, I wrote about some of the awful bathrooms I had to use in my cheerleader days to avoid having another messing accident.

In this post I'd like to get back to my niece. It seems that the stadium bathrooms were just the tip of the iceberg with her. I didn't mind so much coming home from the game early so she could use the bathroom at home, but her mom (my older sister) was really upset about it. It seems that my niece has some issues with having her bowel movements in public bathrooms and has been holding it in a lot and rushing home to use the toilet. My sister has been growing increasingly frustrated with her daughter about this (she simply calls it "immature" and "stupid") and it has been causing problems with the two of them. Growing up, my sister was never shy about her bathroom functions and using public bathrooms and isn't sympathetic at all. She has no clue why this is an issue with her daughter and doesn't seem to be able to help her at all. I, on the other hand, having had these kinds of issues growing up (although, it seems to a lesser extent than my niece has) and am very sympathetic.

This has apparently even become an issue for her when she started a new school in September. She simply refuses to do a bowel movement at school - choosing instead to fight the urge to go as she runs home to use the bathroom after school. The issue between my sister and my niece came to a head about 2 weeks ago. My sister got a call at work that her daughter was sick at school and needed to go home. My sister then had to leave work to go pick her up. When they got home, though, it became apparent that the only problem my niece had was that she was desperate for a bowel movement and didn't want to go at school. She apparently realized that she wasn't going to be able to hold it in until she got home. So rather than going at school (or perhaps having an accident!), she pretended to be sick, went to the nurse, and got sent home early. She got to the toilet at home in time to avoid an accident, but she couldn't avoid her mother's wrath at having to miss a day of work, just because her daughter did not want to use the girls' room at school. Amongst other things, my niece got grounded for two weeks. That was unfortunate but my biggest worry for my niece was the realization that the next time (or one of these times), she was going to push it too far and actually have a messing accident in school. She is very shy and sensitive and the embarrassment of that would be absolutely devastating to her.
At that point, I decided that I needed to get involved. Even though, she still had a few more days left on her grounding, I convinced my sister to let me take my niece out for a day of shopping last Saturday. Spending the day with her, I wanted to make her understand that there was nothing wrong with not wanting to do her bowel movements at school or in public bathrooms - unlike my sister's constant harping on her that it was "immature" and "stupid" and that there was something wrong with her for feeling that way. But I also wanted my niece to understand that this was becoming a serious problem for her and that sometimes you need to have a bowel movement in a public bathroom (especially at school) whether you want to or not. My goal was to get her to understand that using a public bathroom for a bowel movement was no big deal and I wanted her to get comfortable with doing that when she needed to. With my own accident back then, I had learned my own lesson the hard way. I figured that I'd have no trouble helping my niece learn that same lesson the easy way.

Suffice to say, the plan backfired. That morning, I avoided doing my own bowel movement at home before picking up my niece. I wanted to wait until we got to the mall so my niece could see me doing it in the public bathroom there. I don't mean that I brought her into the stall with me, but I told her specifically what I had to do and I did have her come into the ladies' room with me and wait right outside the stall door while I was doing it. All the while, I was trying to be very casual about the whole thing and demonstrating that having a bowel movement in a public bathroom was not big deal at all. She didn't really seem impressed by my demonstration, but then again, she didn't seem disgusted, either, so I was still hopeful that my message was sinking in.

As the day wore on, the inevitable happened. She wasn't saying anything but I could tell that she was starting to feel the need to have a bowel movement and she was growing increasingly uncomfortable holding it in. Eventually, the need to go got strong enough that she told me what she needed to do. The assumption in her telling me was that she needed to go home to do it. At first, I suggested that she use the ladies' room like I had done, but she wanted no part of that. She actually became a little agitated at that suggestion and I had to calm her down. I assured her that I wasn't going to force her to use the ladies' room and that I would indeed take her home if that's what she really needed to do. But I suggested that first she go into the ladies' room, go into a stall and just sit on the toilet for a while. She was reluctant at first, but eventually I convinced her to give it a try. I told her again, that I wasn't going to force her to actually use the toilet, but I wanted her to just sit there for a while and give it a try.

My thinking, of course, was that once she was sitting there, she would relax a little bit, get comfortable on the toilet and realize that going there was no big deal. I wanted her to get the message that it was simply easier for her to just go while she was sitting there, rather than to have to go all the way home to do it. I did get her to sit for a while - in fact, she sat for like 15 minutes - but she just refused to actually do her bowel movement there. Finally, she just came out of the stall and I realized by the look in her eyes that she really had to go now and that she needed to go home immediately. True to my word, I didn't make her use the toilet there and I told her that we could go home now. She look relieved (well, sort of!) but she was definitely uncomfortable.
As we made our way to the car, I could tell that she was getting very desperate. And once we got to the car, she just stood there frozen in place, not getting into the car and not even moving a muscle. When I looked over to ask her if she was alright, I could see that she was starting to cry. And when I started to ask her what was wrong, I suddenly realized that it was too late - my poor niece was having an accident and messing in her panties. She just stood there crying, frozen in place with this awful look of shame and humiliation on her face. Then when she realized that I could tell what she'd done, she just starting blurting out how sorry she was. I just felt so bad for her as she was totally devastated with shame at what she'd done. At that point, I would have done anything to change places with her and have the accident happen to me instead of her.

Once I got her into the car, I kept trying to calm her down but she was just inconsolable. I tried to give her the usual speech about how accidents happen to everybody and that she shouldn't feel so bad about it, but she wasn't buying it. I blamed myself for this. I mean, it was certainly hard to deny that it was her fault for not actually going in the ladies' room when she had the chance, but I kept thinking that if I had only taken her home when she first asked rather than making her sit on the toilet all that time, we'd have probably made it home before she had the accident. But she was only blaming herself for what happened. I tried to explain how this was my fault and not hers, but it didn't do any good. She just kept mumbling how sorry she was and how stupid and immature she was. I kept trying to tell her that it was okay, everything was going to be alright and that she wasn't stupid and immature at all.

At this point, she suddenly started to panic and beg me not to tell her mother. I assured her that I wouldn't. I told her that we'd go back to my apartment, we'd clean her up and that no one would know what happened except us. She seemed to accept that but she was still inconsolable and had this awful look in her eyes like she considered herself the most worthless person on the face of the earth. Nothing that I was saying to her seemed to make any difference in how badly she felt about herself.

I felt so bad for her that I wanted to cry. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I was desperate to make her feel better about herself and all I could think of was to explain that she wasn't the only person her age to have a messy accident in her panties. Once back at my apartment with her now sitting on the toilet and trying in vain to stop crying, I explained my own story to her. I told her the whole embarrassing story of my own accident and that the fact that I was even older than her at the time. Actually, she didn't even believe me at first, but I eventually convinced her that I did indeed have an accident just like she did. Finally, it started to make her feel better as she realized that she wasn't the only one her age (or older!) that it's ever happened to. I think it also made her feel good that she was the only person that I ever shared my story with. And then we made a pact to keep each other's secret and not ever tell anyone else about it.

I helped her clean herself up. We just threw her soiled panties away and we rinsed out her jeans and put them in the wash. But the time we got her jeans out of the dryer, my niece was feeling a lot better. I dropped her off at home like nothing happened and as you read this; my niece is on the last day of her grounding. On one hand, I feel uneasy about keeping this a secret from my sister, but there is no way that she'd be able to understand and sympathize and my niece doesn't need any more grief about this. But my larger worry, of course, is about my niece. Despite my best intentions, I'm not sure I've helped me niece deal with her problem at all. I certainly don't think I've made it worse, but I don't think I've made it better, either. I certainly think that I've let her know that she isn't alone with this problem and that she can always come to her aunt for help, but I think she still has the same basic problem. I'm not sure what she's going to do the next time she has to go (especially at school) and can't hold it in until she gets back home.

I was out in town last weekend and had been round the bars / clubs with my friends. It was getting late, and we all decided to head home and walked up the main street to the queue for taxi's. I had left the last bar more quickly than I'd have liked to and as I was waiting out in the cold, the urge to pee hit me. And it hit me so bad! I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold it, so I went into a concealed shop doorway, squatted down and urinated through my underwear onto the floor. It was really satisfying.



i was at my doctors office in a small town in south Carolina and thought i would have to give a urine sample, I did not so after the appointment I had to pee. Also my doctor is female and hot.

i went to the restroom and turned on water and tryed to start to pee but I got a slight erection and it took about 45 seconds to start peeing. i peed for a little while and could not finish.

when I got home as soon as i went to the restroom i finished peeing. did not pee much either time.

Desperate to poop

Checkout assistant desperation

Interesting sight today

I was waiting at the checkout with my shopping and the lady serving that till in her mid twenties looked very desperate for the toilet, she was grimacing a bit and jiggling a bit in her seat and also occasionally holding her ???? in between scanning goods.

There were 2 people in front of me and earlier she had rung the bell and seemed to mention her discomfort to the manager. Just before it got to me someone took over and she hurriedly ran to the ladies public toilets in the store with her hand clamped to her bum.

I paid for my goods and decided to head over to see what was going on. There was only two toilets and you could hear the cutie having bad diarreoh in the one cubicle. The other cubicle was also taken so I stood outside listening to this girl moaning and unloading. She was a pretty blonde girl in her mid 20's I guessed. After about 3 minutes the other cubicle became free and I went in. I needed a little tinkle anyway and also managed a small poop. I sat there listening to this little cutie going on and off with diarreoh. Just then someone else came in to the ladies so I wiped and flushed and came out. It was another worker so I whispered I think one of your colleagues is having a bad ???? in other cubicle.

I washed up and left her still going and her colleague taking my place

Happy pooping all and a merry xmas

Its been a while since a last post, pg 1522 I believe, but here was an experience from today, and recent memory~
I was out at the mall doing some shopping,figure I would go find the bathroom at the JCPenny I was in, Had to pee, but if time and circumstance allowed, would have sat down for a bit too! Nothing going there but just a pee, full house and I wasn't waiting. Went back and grabbed a bit of bourbon chicken, took a few minutes to eat, than noticed the restrooms in the food court. Wasn't sure what to expect, but the men's room wasn't great nor terrible. None the less, this time I was looking to take a shit and all the stalls were full, (only 3 stalls), and 5 urinals?? Whats up with that? And there was a dude waiting, so as I washed my sun glasses off, the second stall opened up and this fellow washed his hands, and we walked out him first, me right behind, as soon as we got out of the entrance, this petite girl came out of the women's room and joined hands, and I over heard her say, "guess you had to go too! We both got done at the same time!" and they fled off with a kiss! That brought back to mind another story I remember at a flea market one day, I went in for a pee, and a athletic dude came out of a stall, washed his hands, and walked out, when we got outside, his girl rolled her eyes like "how could you do that"? or "what took you so long"? I thought what a bitch, couldn't even take a dump without an attitude? good luck through life with that one!, anyway I digress, back to the main story~~ I went to a last store got a couple of DVDs, and headed back to the food court restrooms hoping for a stall, or I would hit another bathroom in sears, or something, but as it was, this time, although the bathroom was busy, mostly the urinals. Two stalls of 3 were open! The end stall was occupied, (my fav,with the sink and everything), so I looked in the middle one, (that was previously taken a few minutes earlier) and there was this huge mound of toilet paper in the bowl, so I moved on to the last stall that was next to the urinal, (my least fav)and that stall was a mess with piss on the seat, (no thanks), so back to the second stall that the bowl was full of paper, and no doubt shit, although it was recent, the water was clear and no smell, so I flushed it, and this monster long lurking underneath, amazing that bowl sucked it all down, a second flush to make sure, and it was all good! Put some paper on the seat, and took off my leather coat and tried to find a place to hang it! no going there, had to stuff in in the side rail. I slide my kakee pants down to my calfs, and took a seat. I though this was going to be a wet and loud shit, as I had some fried chicken the night before, with a big sub. To my surprise, when I sat down, it was smooth and silky, and long, one piece broken into two on impact, but no sound, the fellow in the end stall was quite but I heard some toilet paper doing something, as for me, while I was letting this load out, settled a dude in the other stall by the urinals, he was cleaning the seat of that piss, and after a bit, he took a seat, and let some squirts out, not to loud or anything, but I was letting out some anal aroma! As the scent started to envelope my stall, I am thinking the others are catching that whiff, I felt pretty empty, (I thought, as I took a good dump in the morning when I wake up(as I always do), but my schedule was off, as I got home late that night, and woke up around 11am the next day, none the less, this was the second of a rather good shit for me today. God, another thought, I hate those damned toilet paper holders! They are never in the right place on the wall, and if the toilet paper is cheap, its hard to even get some! Any way, this one was low on the wall, so you have to been down to even see where to grab the end of the roll, so I am on my toes trying to keep my ass on the bowl looking for this damned thing, and finally I found the end, and another thing I hate, is when you try and pull it off the roll, it gets all crumpled like a toilet paper "T" back, whats up with that!? anyway, I get a few feet off, and spend a minute trying to stretch it back out and get a nice "flat pad" you might say so I could wipe! I went though that process 4 or so times, and finally was good to go. I slipped on my coat and flushed the toilet and was I my way home. As I was walking to the other end of the mall, my stomach started to growl, Shit, the greasy chicken was speaking, so I went into Dillard's, found the restroom on the second floor near the administration offices. In front of the mens and women's room was a lady that had two large flats of flowers that she was watering with a coffee cup, there must have been 50 plants at least, so I walked by and went into the bathroom, there were two stalls, just inside the second door to the bathroom.Nobody was in there, I took the first stall(it was next to the sinks) and sat down, and started to shit again, but this time it was loose and loud. I could hear the lady outside moving the plants around and taking to some one that passed by. Then I heard the clicking of heals head into the women's room, she must have take the stall behind me, as I could hear the door shut, but that was about it, as it was seemingly quite over there, but I was clearing out at a good pace and pretty sure the lady outside was too. After about 3 or 4 minutes all of a sudden I heard the toilet paper being pulled 4 or 5 times in the women's room, and then a flush, and then a second flush. At that time I was about done, so I pulled about 5 times too, and wiped up and left. When I left, the lady was still working with the flowers, and looked right up at me, and smiled, and said, "Have a good Holiday's!" I returned the gesture, and left, went home and had to go again! Damn Chicken! It was good though going in! Time for a relaxing bath and shower now. I will post again soon, keep up the great thread! Steve


First post/ 2 stories

Hey everyone, I'm new but have read many posts. This site is definately perfect for me, I have sooo many stories. Just wanted to share one now.

My school's swim team goes to an indoor pool for practice, and the other day my friend had an accident there. He told me he had to go, but for some reason he didn't want to, and continued to swim. And it made him swim funny, too. Well just as practice was ending he screamed and jumped out of the pool running to the locker room. We were just about to go there anyway, and when we got there minutes after him, everyone could see what he had done. The stalls had no doors, and he was sitting on the toilet, speedo on at his ankles, with a long, jet black log sitting in it! Everyone laughed as they saw, and to make it worse, he was farting loudly.

Also, to "Kyle" about your haunted bathroom story. That's so weird, something like that happened to me. At the park near here there are brand new restrooms built last summer, because people were complaining about the other ones. Before they were built, there was only a little double outhouse. You know, the kind with two holes right next to each other. Well now that the new bathrooms are there the outhouse has a wooden board nailed across the door. But when I was on a walk late one night, the new bathrooms weren't open either. I was desperate for a #2, and it was so bad that I actually pulled the board off of the outhouse. It smelled like dead animals but I literally felt it poking out. I sat and must have let out a foot and a half worth of logs! When I was finished suddenly cold air filled the outhouse. I thought I felt something touch my butt and I ran home to wipe. I think it was haunted lol.

I'll tell my other stories later, bye!

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