Sisters consipation

Hi me again just a little bit about me I live at home with my parents and my sister but she is away at university. My parents have an on suite bathroom so their toilet habits have been private to me. We have a main bathroom and a toilet downstairs so growing up we all had our private spaces hen we needed it so that why I grew up being shy to go while others were around but from me joining the jogging group and this site has shown what I have been blind to for so long.
I now try and listen to hear my parents if they use the toilets when I am near by me and my sister Kara have seen each other pee when we were younger but not for along time she like me has been shy about her toilet function. But this all changed recently she came home for a visit and we were talking I said that I was now jogging and she replied me too. Fancy a jog tomorrow she said that would be great but will have to be early I need to go out later.
The next day we were both up early had a drink and a bite to eat before going out I only had a pee but I did not know what she had done as she had spent quite a while getting ready in the bathroom. We had planned about a 45 minutes run through a local forestry area there were quite a few other people jogging on the main trail so we decided to go off on one of the minor trails which was quite.
After about 20 minutes I was feeling a need to go when Kara suddenly said I am needing a toilet stop soon I said me too, Kara said we can go off over there behind though bushes as there is nobody around we both quickly lowered our shorts and panties then squatted, Kara then said the jogging had got her system moving as she had been constipated for a couple of days.
We both started peeing I gave a small push and my first turd slid out without any effort this was followed by another, Kara was straining hard but took a break to say to me I did not know that you need a poo, I wiped and pulled my clothes up and stood and looked at Kara, She was bent over with her bottom upwards and making a lot of straining noises, A thick dark brown turd was emerging from her ass, which was domed out and open wide, a short stubby nobly turd pushed out and broke off and fell to the ground it was enormous in diameter this was followed by a couple of longer but smoother turd that came out easier. She pee for a bit then wiped put her clothes up and we both just looked what she had just produce.
She did say that is the biggest I have done in a long time her 3 turd must have totalled around 40 cm and as big as my wrist in diameter.
We left it and returned to our run I am really proud that my sister is so open.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Ally first welcome to the site and also great story about you pooping and also hearing that girl having a nasty dump I look forward to your next post.

To: Wendy & Kristy Wendy great story about you pooping in the snow and great story about all those different accidents happening at your work and Kristy great story about you being very desperate I bet you felt alot better after that and please contiue to post more great stories you guys I look forward to your next one thanks and please share any buddy dumping stories that went wrong like one of you pooping or peeing on the other.

To: Bria I bet you felt alot better after that dump and I bet that other woman probaly tried to hurry up and finish fast unless she couldnt then she would stuck in there with the smell from your dump which im guesing wasnt very pleasent oh well and please contiue to post more stories thanks.

To: Sportsfan great story about hearing that woman pooping in the portapoty thats what I like and also dislike about them you can hear everything going on in the next one but the same for yours and please contiue to post more stories about women pooping I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hermes another great it does sound like that woman loves to put a show in the bathroom I bet she loves the attention she gets and also please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Retail Guy great story about seeing that desperate woman have an accident it wasnt the stores fault she have went to bathroom before getting in line I bet next time she will get to the bathroom faster or sooner that way it dosent happen and please keep the stories coming thanks.

To: Feral Girl I agree with you about the ziploc bags it seemed like a good idea at the time but I see your point but how instead layer the bowl with plastic bag or some plastic wrap that way all you have to do is take the plastic out and dispose of it thus keeping the bowl clean if you havent thought of that already and also great story about your friend sleeping over and also please contiue post more great stories I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Harry Pooper another great story about your friend Alison your lucky to have her as a friend please contiue to post more stories about her and any other women you know I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jeff B please keeps us updated about you girlfriends bathroom habits i look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bowen Girl great story please post more of them thanks.

To: Emma great story about pooping on the train please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: upstate Dave another reat set of stories please contiue to post more about you and your friends Barbie, Bridget, Janet and the rest of them I look forward to your next post thanks and like ive said before your one lucky guy.

Now here are a couple of stories one time when I was in elementary school I was at recess one day when I saw a big poop laying in the grass I dont know if it was from a girl or a boy I imagined it came from a girl but ill never know for sure and another time I saw a girl getting her but wiped by her mom the girl was outside the stall leaning against the sink while her mom was in the stall with the door open it must have been a messy one because the mom used alot of toilet paper this happened at a park in the womens bathroom it was the same park I mentioned in an earlier post the one were that bathroom doors are left open so I was sitting near the bathooms under a coverd area waiting for a friend when I heard a something that got my atention in that direction thats when I saw them they were in the first stall I think they should have closed the bathroom door and I know shoudnt stare but I couldnt stop of course this happrened when I was alot younger maybe 13 or 14 I cant remember but that memory has stuck with me ever since and another time at the same park I heard two women having diarrhea or least I think it was diarrhea all I could hear was the sound of liquid pouring into the and maybe some farting im not sure and the women were kind of moaning in discomfort.

Well thats all for now sorry about the long post but I had alot to say

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Mr. Clogs

The Metamucil experience, and comments

The Metamucil experience, the reason for today's post. I have a week of from the daily grind. Now I usually don't poop in large quantities, but today was a remember able one. My insides were growling at me, so I had to go to take a dump. I had my 2 cups of coffee with a little Metamucil in it. Which helps me go to the bathroom, I pretty much don't need to take a laxatives to clean me out. A little Metamucil goes a long way. Anyways, I went to the bathroom to take a dump. I removed my pajama bottoms and plopped down on the toilet seat. Without any help, turds just started popping out the poop chute, plop, plop, plop, plop,plop! I must of done that non-stop for about a minute. A few minutes it had slowed down a bit. The bathroom stunk up bad. Of course peed afterwords. I got up to inspect my creation in the toilet bowl, the logs piled up deep in the toilet bowl forming a mountain island surrounded by the water in the bowl, I was literally full of shit. I sat back down on the bowl to wipe up. I got up off the bowl and washed my hands and went off on with my day. I hope I can poop like that again sometime in the future. I felt great after taking that monstrous dump. Indeed a delightful dump today.

Athea: Great response to door less stall response. As for me, I would pee in a door less stalls. As far as taking a dump, I need my concentration and focus when I'm taking a dump, I need my privacy.

Feral Girl: You're welcome!

Wendy: Great post about you taking a dump in the snow, I bet it was really cold were you're at! It's cold here in the North East.

Retail guy: Poor lady that had an accident in her pants, can you post some more stories about you witnessing people pooping in their pants.

Happy Holidays everyone and take care.

Mr. Clogs

Natalie X

A Great Relief!

Today i went to town to get some presents for my family and friends. At about mid day i really needed something to eat, hadn't eaten since yesterday aftenoon. I decided to go and get the one thing that i wass craving... a super chimichanga! I ate it with ease drinking some coke with it, was lovely. I continued shopping for another 2 hours then a grumble occured inn my ????. I ignored it and carried on looking around the mall for the next 3 hours i kept feeling horrible big movements inside me. It was then 6 o clock, i had an uneasy feeling at the pit of my ????. While on the bus home my butt rumbled and some air escaped, i could feel heavy shifting in my guts. Undoubtably i really needed a poo. 50 minute journey and i was about to erupt south. A really cute guy sat next to me, i was not happy with my luck. I tried keeping my cool, but my stomach kept gurgling and i always needed to fart. I knew that if i did even let a silent one go it would smell awful. It was very awkwardly quiet on the bus, then my stomach gurgled and growled badley. I went red because the boy heard, he said are you ok, your sweating and shaking slightly. I replied im fine just travel sickness, nothing to worry about. He smiled and i turned my head horrified. What could i do i really needed a shit and there was a cute guy sitting next to me. I managed to hold out til it was my stop, unfortunatley it was his too. He said he'd walk me home, i didnt want to turn him down so i said yes. We walked and talked, while my insides were exploding. I started sweating and shaking again. I told hiim that i felt ill and gave him my number. I rushed home, pulled my tights down and had an awesome poo. It was very loose and came with loads of wet farts and poo spurts. Hearing all of it splating the bowl was an amazing sound of relief! I moaned as more and more mush exploded out my butt. I was very relaxed as i sat there for five minutes farting, then i wipped. It was ridiculously messy, I was so happy i made it, bonus - i got that boys number!

Male Teacher in China

First Story

Ni Hao people :) I'm a new guy here, migrated from Malaysia, now living in China. Since I teach in a all boys school, there's lots of toilet stories to tell. I'll talk about the school stories later since I don't have much time left. I have one other story now, about my 13 year old son Marcus.

Among my 4 boys, Marcus is the youngest and was born handicapped. He looks like a 13 year old teen, but inside he is slightly younger. His learning skills are slower, and he speaks slightly differently. It isn't down-syndrome though. This is disability also affects his guts, so he isn't like us where you can hold your poop in as long as you want. He actually has to go straight and stuff.

Yesterday after school, Marcus and I were waiting outside my 3rd son's college. We were early so we just sat in the van and ate junk food. I was reading my book when I noticed Marcus was pushing his stomach and holding his crotch. There were no gas stations around, and we weren't allowed in the college. Then I remembered I had a bucket in my boot. So I got out one, by that time Marcus was fidgeting madly. I helped him take off his pants and undies, close all the curtains first, then help him sit on the bucket. BTW, Marcus always sits on the toilet to pee. The bucket was in between my legs, so I Marcus as he was peeing. The bucket was transparent, so I could see the pee stream run down. Then suddenly Marcus farted, which was really loud and smelly. then this really big chunk of poop suddenly came out. Then Marcus had really loose poop and it all came out like a waterfall. Marcus sighed and said, I feel better. The bucket was now half full with poop and the smell was really heavy. I didn't really have tissue so I used old newspaper and help wipe Marcus' bum. I threw the bucket away, picked up my other son and went home

In 5th grade I had the strictist teacher in the world when it came to bathroom breaks. She would very rarely let anyone go to the bathroom. One day I had woaken up super late and although I had to pee and had no time to do anything but grab my bags and race to school. If wasn't until about 30 minutes into my first class when I suddenly realized I still had to go pee, and not just a little either! I raised my hand and asked but my teachr just yelled at me for interrupting her talk and said I had to wait until our break at 11:30AM (3 hours away!). I managed to forget about the need to pee for the next hour since we started working on projects and such. When my teacher started the next hour and a half of lecture I suddenly realized I still had to pee SOOOOO bad. I tried squeezing inward to make the pressure less and it worked for a while but my muscles were begining to get tired. My bladder felt like a heavy brick, I never had to go so bad! With an hour left of class I decided to let a little bit out just enough to relieve the pressure but not enough so people would see. I shifted my body a bit and relaxed my muscles just for a second. A bit of pee shot out. As soon as I felt it I clamped my muscles together with all my might. I quickly looked down at my pants and was relieved to see it didn't show a thing! The pressure in my bladder seemed to have doubled now. I didn't understand why, I decided that I sould let out a little more (since the first bit didn't show) I relaxed and once again the pee came out and I managed to stop it but this time it was very hard. My bladder was throbbing! I looked down and saw that a small wet patch showed on my jeans. I knew I wasn't gonna be able to let anymore pee out until I reached the bathroom. I knew I just wasn't going to make it the last 30 minutes. I tried my best and got though another 10 minutes when all of a sudden the pressure just got SO bad. It hurt so bad. I bent over in my chair a bit, but the presure wasn't going away at all. I clamped my muscles and squeezed inward. It was no use. The pressure was just too much, and I suddenly felt my muscles collapse and my bladder just started gushing pee. No matter what I did I couldn't stop the flow so I just let it come. It was so embarassing!

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 19

Jill had come back from her trip up to the house. Jill woke me up for I was still asleep. Jill gave me my boxer shorts and radio. She had found them both but did have to hunt around some to find the radio. Janet was still napping which I told Jill don't wake her up. I told Jill that I was going yo change over by the little pond into my boxers and I also told her that I had to piss too. She told met that she did also.

So we left Janet laying on her towel sleeping and Jill and I took the short walk over to the other little pond. I took off my tan dress shorts. Jill meanwhile she untied her bikini bottom and slipped it off and sqauted her small cute ass over the ponds water and I turned and faced at a sidways angle in front of her towards the little pond holding my penis getting ready to piss now too.

I started pissing just before Jill did. My stream first didn't go all that far. I wetted the dirt first which I made a darkened dirt trail in the dirt till my stream went far enough reached the pond and then splashed in the pond moving out across the water till with my streams pressure it reached its maximuim point and stopped. Jill when she started her piss started a hard loud hissing straight down stream right into the water under her ass. It made a good splash with lots of ripples in the ponds still water. My stream did the same where it was hiting the water of the pond.

While we both pissed Jill had asked me what Janet and I had done while she was gone getting my boxers and radio. Oh we sat for a shrt while and then we took a little walk Jill. Up to where there is another large pond that's being built by my neighbor. Then Jill asked me if I would take her up there to show her. I guess I could was my answere to her.

My piss stream now was trailing ff for it had come back almost to the dirt by the side of the pond. I still was pissing in the water. Jill to also had her stream easing now also. It had stopped hissing and thinned way down without hardlyy makeing a splash. My stream stopped now. I felt like I still had some piss left in my bladder so I gave a good push. I sent a good short hard spurt of piss which made a long arc going well pastwhere my stream had reached before.

Jill seeing the distance that my spurt had gone giggled hard and then said to me; Do it again! So I did which I did three times in a row which all three spurts of piss shot just about the same distance. Jill giggled hard all the time that it took me to do the other three dpurts after that first long one. What was funny to me for after I had done my hard spurts Jill tried to finish off her piss by doingthe same thing! But she only managed to do two short wek spurts of piss and that was it.

So I puton my boxers while she put back on her bikini bottom. We walked back over to the large pond. Jill was thirsty and I was too. So we both got bottles of lemonade, took my radio with us and we started our walk up to the other pond that was being built. It took Jill and I a little longer to walk to this pond then Janet and I had. She took smaller steps that was the reason why.

Jill did something else that Janet and I had not done when we were here. Jill waded nto the pond and waded right across it. The wter level never went past her waist. So this pond was shallow. More for looks then to swim in or fish in I thought. Then Jill came back across to where I stood and we both like Janet and I had done got up on the bull dozer and sat in is seat. Here we both finished off uour bottles of lemonade while Jill and I pretended to paly operate the bull dozer.

Then after that we left takeing the same way back that Janet and I had done except where the road crossed over the creek Jill stopped for the creek was shallow and it was a good size pool of water and she and I waded here in the pool and waded up the creek which the bottom was small stones which wasn't bad on the bottoms of our bare feet to walk on. She and I waded up the creek far enough we had gone in where the crek was in the woods and we wre not all that far from the dirt road that went over to the lake.

Jill and I reaching this point in the creek turned around and started walking back down the creek. Now I will say thiis. The creek source being the lake along with not being still water was cooler water. It felt good on oour bare feet and the skin of our legs were it was deeper. But being cooler and having drank the bottles of lemonade the cooler water made Jill and I need to piss gain. Plus it had been long enough for the lemonade to go through us too.

So I pulled down my boxers to my knees which I had my feet placed far enough apart my boxers stayed there at my knees. Jill where she was she was about three feet in front of me had turned aroundand she faced me. She slipped downher bikini bottom to her knees and got down in a high hvering sqaut to piss.We both started pissing almost at the same time this time.

This time my penis was semi erect not limp when Jill and I had pissed in the little pond. I did have my penis angled down so my stream did cover most of the distance between Jill and I stopping hiting the water a foot in front of her. Jill's piss stream was just a lsightly forward angled stream out of her vagina hissing slighty and it pslashed with a small splash in the creeks water.

Jill as she pissed first checked her stream to see where it was hiting in the creek and then she looked up and over watching me holding my penis which was lengthing and getting bigger around as iit was getting more erect as I held it pissing into the water of the creek. Jill smiled a little and we went on with our pissing. Both of our pisses were sort of on the short side. I did do two short spurts to finish off with. Jill had her piss thin right down to adribbl which she wound up with two wet asscheeks with a lot of dripping piss off of them and off the center of her lower crotch too.

So what I did after I was done with my two spurts I just let go of my penis which it came up so fast it slapped hard against my lower belly and with the hard smack a few drops of piss splattred from it. Jill giggled hard for a moment. Then I said to her; See no need to shake this time! That made Jill giggle again. Then I pulled up my boxers. I was ready to leave but Jill stll remained in her high hovering squat.

Jill why are you not getting ready to leave now? I asked her. Wait a momnet and you'll find out DaveJill said back to me. So I stood there waiting to find out.I found out exacty in one moment too. I heard a soft crackle! Then I saw a shit pokeing out under the center of Jills crotch. Jill was shiting! Her shit waslight brown and fat. It only reached about a four inch length and then it fell into the creek makeing a splash and it was a floater which the creeks current made it start flaoting away down the creek.

Then a shortt couple of seconds later a second light shit had poked out under her which it to crackled as it moved. This second shit got a little longer then the first one and it too fell with a harder splash popped back up to the surface and startedfloating away like her first one. Then Jill did three four to five inchers in a row. One right after the other. Crackle flump, splash, and popped up to the surface. They all too floated away heading down the creek. That was it Jill was done. This was the first time I had watched two girls shit outsde in water and wouyld be awhile before I would see two girls shit outside n water too.

She stood up and did a half turn and saw very one of her pieces of shit floating away. Then she turned back around sqauted her ass right down into the creek washed her ass of with the creeks water and then as she stood back up slid her bikini bottom back up into place. Now i"m ready to leave Dave! So we started to wade down the creek but went slow. Wedidn't want to catch up to Jills shit which we were behind and could see every one!

As we waded down the creek I told Jill that she had shit just like Janet had done by the little pond. But Janets weren't floaters. They all sunk. Jill said right back to me; When did Janet do this? Oh when you took the first ride up to the house for the lemonade Jill. Then I told Jill that I had also taken a shit then too. Why didn't you wait for me! Jill next said to me. Jill you know whe I have to shit I HAVE TO SHIT! There's no waiting. Jill giggled hard and said that;s true. You do have to go!

We had reached the large pool in the creek by the bridge now. We both wadde out of the creek and walked back out to the dirt road. From here the large pond could be seen and we both saw that Janet was awake. She was siting up on her towel. We both waved our hands and said loudly together; Janet! Janet had heard us and our waving. She waved back at us and we both then picked up our pace and soon we were over there with Janet. Janet asked where we had gone and we just told her for a walk. Then we all waded into the pond and took a swim. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 17

After takein the long single lap swimming around the entire length of the pond I and the girls got out and we laid in the sun for awhile on our towels in the grass by the pond. The sun felt good to lay in. Almost a perfect day too. No humidity and the temperature was in the high seventies with just the slightest of a breeze.

After sunning urselves for better then a hour we all were hungry and it was close to noon time. So we decided to have lunch. Janet had our lunch in her shoulder bag so she dug out the sandwiches out from it. The girls had made up tuna fish sandwiches with lettuce and tomato. I was thirsty so I asked what was there to drink. Janet said Jill had drinks in her bag. Jill looked in her bag and as she did she muttered out; Oh no! It looks like I forgot them. I left our drinks on the counter in the kitchen.

Both Janet and I said; Jill you didn't! Yeah I did Jill replied back to us both. Look if you two hold off from eating I'll ride up to the house and get them. Well with Jill offering to make up for her mistake of leaving the drinks by go getting them that was fine with Janet and I. Janet and I told Jill we could wait to eat. So Jill got up hopped on her bike pedaled off heading back to go up to the house.

Jill headed not the same way back as we had come. Instead she took the safer way by heading to the end of my road and went up to the house that way. It would take longer but like I said it was safer since Jill was going by herself. Janet and I knew Jill would be gone a good 15 minutes at least. Only reason I say this wa Jill would walk her bike up the hill which was there on my road. Plus she was just plain slow a lot of times when she did things.

So Janet and I sat there for a short while and just talked to pass time which was for about five miutes or so. Then Janet said to me; Dave I feel as though I need to shit! How bout it come with me and see if I do? I said sure Janet I have to piss so we both got up after Janet pulled a couple of napkins out of her shoulder bag. We walked over to where thatlittle unfinsihed pond was so that we would have cover.

Janet once we got there she stepped right over to the waters edge. I did too. Janet slipped her bikini bottom down and then she stepped out of it. She held it and squated down with her ass over te water. Then Janet said to me; Do you think its alright to shit in the water here in this little pond? I told Janet that noone swam or waded in it much. So I said; Why not. Janet giggled a little and the she started to piss first.

Janets piss stream wasn't all that strong of a one. It was thin, slightly twisted, and didn't make all that much of a splash in the water. Janet pissed for less then ten seconds with her stream stopping and did some dripping after it had stopped. Then Janet let out a short pop of a fart. Then I saw her start to shit with a tan colored fat rope styled shit sliding out from down under her.

Her tan colored fat rope styled shit slid pretty fast. When it reached close to a half foot long it fell away fast hiting the water makeing a good splash when it hit it. It didn't float it sank. As soon as it sank another tan rope shit came sliding out of Jantes asshole. This was moved faster and when it got around four five inches long it shot down into the water harder then her fisrt rope shit making a bigger splash.

Immeadiatly another tan rope shit apeared. It moved even faster then the other two had. This one moved so fast that in a blink of a eye it had fallen into the water with a good splash. Then Janet did a series of four the same size four five inch tan rope shits in a row very fast that as one hit the water the other was right behind it! Plop splash!Plop splash! Plop splash! Plop splash Plop splash!

That was it Janetwas done shiting. But she did have a short stub betweenher cheeks left. Janet reached down picked up a napkin after she set down her bikini bottom. She stayed squated and she reached back through under and wiped upwards. She pulled the napking out and it was heavily smeared with tan shit from the stub that was left. So Janet carefully refolded the napkin and the same way a second time wiped her ass again.

This time when she checked the napkin there was a lot less tan smeared shit on the napkin. But sheneeded another one so she dropped it into the water which it soaked the ponds water right up and slowly floated away. Janet took the second napkin now and she wiped again. This time after wipeing her asshole no tan smear of shit was on it. So janet was done. She dropped that napkin in the water anyway it too soaked up water and slowly floated away also.

Janet stood up took a look to see her own shit. There was none there. They all had sank. Janet giggled a little and said to me; I guess there is nothing to see. Ok Dave let me take care of you now! Janet stepped over to me which she did look right down at the front of my swimsuite first. I was erect with the bulging out line of my erect penis plainly showing! Janet let out a loud giggle seing that I was erect.

Janet had a easy time pulling down this swimsuite. It was dry. If it was wet she would have had a much harder time. Janet only pulled it down to my upper thighs. It stayed right inplace since it had that tight eleastic material. So it would take and hold tightly. She then placed her two needed fingers on my penis pushed it down at the ponds water.

I started to piss only a short couple seconds of waiting. I sent a nice thin long twisted piss stream into the pond which made a small splash and ripples in the still water. Right after I started pissing I sighed a little and I said; Now that feels better. Janet said back to me; It does Dave? You'r not pissing all that hard to say that. I laughed and then told Janet that I felt better having that tight swimsuit pulled down! It was squeezing my balls pretty hard! Janet let out a hard short laugh.

As we stood together I pissing with Janet holding my penis I said to Janet; Aftre I get done will you get my shorts? I want to putthem on for awhile. I don't want to keep wearing this swimsuite. Janet said she would. But she dded saying back to me; Dave you should have asked Jill to bring down one of your pair of boxer shorts. Yeah your right Jill I should have. Janet then said to me; Ask her when she comes back! She'll do it for you. Janet giggled and then said; Jill will do anything for you Dave! I lauged as I said back to Jll Your'e right Janet!

I pissed all through our talking. I took a longer piss then I thought I was going to do. When I did stop I did do thre short spurts in a row. Janet shook my penis and let go of it. She put her bkini bottom back on and walked overand got my tan shorts and came back. I ha taen off my swimsuite when she went for my tan shorts. I took them form her ad I put them on. Then we walked back over to our spot bythe other pond and st down and waited for Jill to come back. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 18

Janet and sat for awhile which Jill did come back with our drinks. I did ask Jill if she would go up to the house and get me a pair of boxers to wear. I explained why which made Jill say to me; Oh you poor boy! She did this laughing. Jill said she would but I told her not right now. Lets eat and you can go after lunch.

We all had our tuna fish sndwiches along with the bottles of lemonade which was our drinks that Jill had gone back for. Janet had made two sandwiches each for all of us to eat. Plus she made a couple of extras just in case. All three of us ate ourtwo sandwiches and Jill and I ate the other two also.We all had drank two bottles each of the lemonade while we ate also.

We all rested a bit after eating. Then I thought of something else that we had left up at the house. My transistor radio. So I asked Jill to get that too. I told it was in the little back bedroom off the back attic. If it wasn't there look in my bedroom or in the little room off my bedroom Jill. Jill said ok and she walked over to her bike hopped on it and headed again up to the house to get my boxer shorts and the radio.

Janet giggled a litle and said to me; I think this time it will take Jill longer for she has two things to do. I smiled and told Janet she may be right about that. Plus when Jill rode off on her bike she wasn't going all that fast either. So that ment more time it would take her to get to the house and back again here.

Janet and I st relaxing together just soaking up the sun.Since we had ate swimming was out for awhile. Neither of us wanted to fish either. So waht we did do was get up and took a walk. One to pass the tme and two get a little excersize. Three to keep from falling asleep too! Both Janet and I were slightly tired. The walk worked for after walking for five minutes or so I felt more wide awake and so did Janet.

Where we walked up to is where my neighbor had dug another pond out. This pond was not quite as big as the lower pond where we were swimming and fished in. There still were all the mounds of dirt around it from digging the pond out. There was his bulldozer parrked there which he would use to move and flatten down on the dirt piles around this new pond and plant grass once that was done.

So to pass a little more time Janet ad I both climbed up on the bulldozer sat in its seat and we pretended that were doing the needed work by sreading the dirt piles ut around the sides of the pond.Then we climbed down off the bulldozer and resumed walking. We headed back to the other pond. For we both thought we better for Jill we thought would be back soon.

On our walk back Janet and I both had to piss from enough timehad passed which our bladders had been filled with our drinking of the bottles of lemonade. We were right where theside road that cut betwen the back dirt road and here the front dirt road was. So Janet and I made the turn oon this other road walked back till we reached where we couldn't be seen from either road. This is where we would piss.

Janet slipped of her bikin bottom and I took off my tan shorts. Janet stood in front of me for she wanted to hold me while she pissed which is why she was going to stand and piss. I was only semi erect which made Janet let out a giggle as she saw that I was befor she reached down to hold my penis.

Janet now held me and she and I both started to piss with her starting just before I did. From out of Janets vagina slit a thin stream of pisswent straight down wettingthe grass. There wasa soft hiss made with this stream. There wasn't hardly a splash in the grass where her piss had hit the grass.

Now my stream of pss was a little harder then hers. My stream had a short head goinginto a twist that almost reached the grass. My stream hit the grass only a inch or two infrnt of Jantes stream. But since my stream was harder it did splash which part of its splashing I saw hit into Janets stream.

The way we were staning and pissing is that I had both my hnds on Janets hips while she hadd ony one hand on my hip since she was holding my penis while I pissed. We both stood pissing with each other looking down too watching our streams. We both wound up pissing longer then we both thought we would. When we had both finished pissing my penis had become fully erect too.

After we had finished Janetdid shake my penis but then right after that she took her one hand that was on my hip moed it down and gave my testicles a very quick tickle! Of coarse I reacted by letting out a hard laugh and stepped back. too. Janet giggled hard pulled me back and tickled me again. I laughed even harder. But I took my hands off her and tickled her back tickling her on her ribs with my hands.

We laughed and twent on tickling each other for a short minute or two and then we stopped. Janet then said to me; Dave you can tickle me lower if you want. She smiled and she placed my hand down above her vagina and said to me; You know where too! So in turn Janets hand was also still near my balls so I placed it back on my penis. She gripped it within her hand. We stepped closer started kissing and I started takeing care of her spot and she took care of me with her hand. ( the same way we had done up at the lake when she had I hid from Jill.

Well this time we went longer then we had at the lake. We went with kissing and playing with each other till we made each other piss! ( whichh was just a little being just a spurt as far as us both but Janet did some dripping too) Then we kissed some more after that and then stopped. She put back on her bikini botom and I my tan shorts. Then with waht we had done made us feel very good inside but sure made us both tired fro some unknow reason to both of us. WE walked back over to the pond which Jill was not there and we both laid down on our towels and we both fell right asleep. To be continuied.

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