I love my toilet of solitude!

Hi, I found this website about a month ago by mistake, and I have no problem admitting that I've been reading a bit pretty well every day - I love the stories. We all poop and pee, and yet no two occurances are the same. I thought I'd share a story that happened with me from this past summer (now that it's December).
I was at a campground in late July, and the heat was at its highest, so you can imagine how that intensifies the smell of a litrine with no plumbing! I walked up to the litrine; there were three doors, I took the one on the far right, for no particular reason other than I didn't want the middle one! There was a bench with a toilet seat, lid closed. I lifted the lid, and from beneath a smell came up and litterally felt like it hit me square in the face! Even with no lighting, the late-afternoon sun which was pouring through the gap between the walls and the roof was enough that I could see inside the void below that there had been at least two separate dumps within the last few minutes; the warm seat was also a dead giveaway as I sat my butt down. I peed for a few seconds and got ready to start pushing. I could feel a crap on deck, but not any urgency to it. Just then I heard the center door (I think) open and close amd someone sat down. I heard an A-melodic fart (no echo) followed by the grunt of either a woman or maybe a kid. I froze; I realized that there was absolutely no sound barrier in place, what with the thin plywood walls between us, and I am a bit of a shy pooper. I knew any sound I made would be just as easy for anyone to hear, so I waited for them to finish up and leave. As soon as I heard the door open and shut again, I started to push....slowly....I felt my asshole spread and the head poked out, stretching my poor little sphincter, slowly but surely. I heard kind of a light snapping sound as the wide end forced its way out of my crack. It broke off and dropped, making a dull, thudding noise against the pile of human waste that dwelled beneath me. I felt more poo coming, but there was a bit of gas building up and, before I could slow production, I involuntarily farted, making again an A-melodic, non-echoing but loud nonetheless sound.....followed by an instinctive but unintentional grunt.....just as someone else walked into the to me...again! I thought "Damnit, isn't it bathroom etiquette to take the end stalls unless they are occupied?!" Again, I froze, putting my load on hold. Anyway, I heard nothing....then got the feeling that I wasn't in total privacy...looked over to my right and could see not only a small hole in the wall...but a couple of teenage boys...taking turns looking in at me! "Come on!" I yelled. Their door swung open and I could hear rapid footsteps and pre-pubessant male laughter getting further away. I laughed a bit to myself; it seems that males are very interested in watching a woman in mid-relief. Whatever; we all have our thing.

I decided to get back to my load. I pushed again, farted again, grunted again, but dropped nothing. I felt a sharp pain shoot through my lower abdomen, and I swear I heard the poo shifting in my lower intestine, into my colon, and then it started shooting out of my butt like like there was a firedrill! I farted a bunch of times as this was happening, and sighed with relief several times as I wiped. The stench in the litrine had only grown, so I was ready to leave right away!

As I walked, I saw two teenage boys walking towards me, then they suddenly stopped in their tracks, and they turned and ran the other way! They must have thought I was going to give them an earful, but really I think that they were more embarrassed that I saw them through the little hole in the wall and busted them than I was that they saw me!

Anyway, I got home the next day, went to the bathroom with a newspaper and enjoyed having a nice, leasurely poo without worrying about anyone listening or watching. I sat with the newspaper with my knees well apart, every now and then giving them and my buttcheeks a slight flex to help squeeze the poo out. I even let out a couple of shameless farts and a couple of unnecessary grunts, just because I was in my absolute comfort zone. I sat there longer than I needed to before I wiped, and there was a nice pile of logs and pebbles in the bowl. It's funny how a camping trip, as relaxing as it is, can make a person really appreciate the simple ammenities of home! I think I'm actually going to need to have a poo in the next few minutes, so I'm going to close for now. Time to go pick out a magazine or a sudoku!


Having to poop in front of my girlfriend

Me, my family and my girlfriend are going away for the holidays, so I won't be able to write here for about a week, but I'm just quickly getting this in before we leave for the airport, enjoy.

I woke up this morning feeling a heavy load sitting in my bowels, ordinarily I'd just take myself to the washroom and unload, but I was in bed with my girlfriend and I didn't want to gross her out. I figured I'd hold it until she'd done her washroom stuff for the morning then I'd take care of business while she had gone downstairs for breakfast. The problem was, I hadn't pooped in a few days so I was already pretty uncomfortable, but I figured I could hold it for the twenty minutes that it would take.

Me and my girlfriend got up and went into the washroom and began to brush our teeth. The need to pass gas snuck up on me and I let a little "pfff" out before I had time to stop it. My girlfriend looked at me, I blushed and said "Sorry, it was an accident". She giggled a little and said "It's okay", then "Do you mind if I quickly pee?". Me and my girlfriend had peed in front of each other plenty of times before, we're not shy about it, but we still ask each other's permission just to be polite. I said "Sure, go ahead", she said "Thanks" and smiled brightly at me. She want over to the toilet, lowered her panties, sat and peed. My poop was really pressing down on my anus, so I was hoping she'd go downstairs once she had finished her pee so I could unload.

No such luck, she wiped, got off the toilet, flushed then stepped into the shower and invited me to join her. I wasn't happy with this, but I figured I was sixteen, I could hold my poop for the time it took me to shower. So I got into the shower with her and began to wash, no funny stuff, just washing. I was fidgeting a bit in desperation but I managed to hide it fairly well. I let a little gas slip a few times but I think my girlfriend didn't hear it.

When we finally got out of the shower, I was on the verge of losing control, I was just thinking of the immense relief when my girlfriend went over to the mirror and began working on her hair. I felt like I was about to explode and it must have been showing because my girlfriend asked me if everything was okay. I blushed and admitted that I was desperate to use the washroom. She laughed and said "Go pee, I don't mind". I blushed even deeper and said "I don't have to pee", just as I said that, some more gas escaped, as if to prove my point. At first she looked at me funny, then smiled, playfully patting my butt and said "Fine, go".

I was still worried about grossing her out, so I said "Do you want to leave?", she looked at my funny and said "Why? Do you want some privacy?". I didn't really know what to say, I prefer pooping alone but I didn't want to shoo my girlfriend away. "You can stay or not, I don't mind, I just didn't want to gross you out" I said. She smiled at me and said "I'll stay, it's cool"

I felt a littler nervous, but I figured it was my girlfriend, I didn't mind pooping in the same room as her. I sat down on the toilet and right away passed gas loudly, I blushed but my girlfriend just giggled. I straightened my back and fully relaxed to release my long pent-up poop. Almost at once, a hard turd poked it's head out and began slowly making it's exit. It was firm and thick and it got stuck after it was about two inches out. I hoped it would continue out after a bit but it didn't so I reluctantly began pushing, grunting a little, hoping I wasn't being too loud. After a minute or two of no movement, I pushed a little harder, making more noise then I would really like. My girlfriend looked at me and asked if I was alright, I said I was, I was just having a little trouble. She asked if I wanted her to rub my ????, I thanked her for the offer, but I told her that it was already part-way out. She made an 'eww' face then giggled and told me she'd be downstairs, and with that she left. It took me about another ten minutes to work out this monster dump but I eventually did. it felt SO good to let it out.

When I went downstairs, I saw my girlfriend, sat next to her, and we acted like it never happened.

Okay, just my little story, see you all in a week's time.



To Car Mom

Car Mom Hey haven't seen you post in a while and really miss reading your stories of moms peeing in your car(even if they are kinda short). :-)
In your last story you said that the 38 year old mom peed in your car in your garage instead of going inside and using your toilet, just curious if you think she finds it erotic?
Hope to hear from you soon

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Rachels huge car "accident"

The other day I gave my workmate Rachel a lift home because she was desperate for a poo & didn't think she'd make it home in time if she took the bus. As soon as she got in the car she gasped as she almost lost control of her bowels. I asked Rachel why she was so desperate & she said she'd been holding it for a long time. I asked her how long was a long time & she told me it had been a few days. "Well actually a week she said." As soon as I drove off Rachel let out a long loud fart & it stank of stale poo. She told me she almost did it in her knickers then. I asked her why she been holding it so long & Rachel said she loved the feeling especially when she finaly got to relieve herself. I got quite a turn on at thought about Rachel being so desperate to poo especially as she was enjoying it too. She tensed up & said she was about to poo herself & without thinking I told her, "Well if you need to go that badly you might as well go." Rachels eyes lit up when I said that but she said, "I can't just do it in my knickers." I argued, "Well why not? It's better than feeling uncomfortable & I don't think you can hold it much longer any way." Rachel said, "You're right." She lifted her bum off the car seat taking her weight on her hands & started to push a large turd into the seat knickers. Her trousers bulged outward & downwards as the turd filled her underwear. The look of relief on Rachels face was a picture but she complained her hands ached & she would have to sit down to rest. She gingerly lowered her bum down onto the car seat squishing her poo all over her bum. She sat in her own excrement for a few minutes before telling me she still needed to go. I was amazed at how much a small girl like Rachel could poo & watched as she pulled her legs up onto the seat so she was sitting on the balls of her feet & began to poo again. She really went for it & soon her trousers swelled out at the back with another big load. Rachel looked so relieved after her second wave & by the time she was finished her trousers had swelled to the size of a softball. She had to sit on her feet for the rest of the journey home & when we got to her house Rachel got out of the car very carefully. She thanked me for the lift & waddled to her front door.


First post

Hey everyone! I've been lurking this site for a month now and I love it!! I'm always checking for updates because I love all of your stories so much! I'm fifteen years old. I'm going to share a quick story with to guys today about one of my experiences in my high school's ladies room.

As you can imagine, things are extremely interesting in the school bathroom. We've got some lovely ladies at my school and I love to listen in on them when they're in need of relief. One morning I was feeling extremely constipated. I decided to stop by the restroom and try to push out some of my poop. I sat there for a long time. I was very nervous about someone hearing me because I did not want to be made fun of for the big poops I needed to release. Due to my paranoia, I couldnt get the poo out. Finally, I got things moving. A long, rough turd began to inch it's way out my anus. Suddenly, I headed high heeled clicking against the tile. I looked down below my stall and identified the girl by her shoes and stockings--it was Lauren, one of the prettiest and daintiest girls in my grade. I freaked out because I didnt want her to hear the turd I was about to drop so I froze. Sure enough, the massive log stayed wedged in my hole. The petite girl scampered down to the last stall. I heard her quickly unfasten her pants and plunk her butt down. Immediately there was a huge explosion that sounded like someone dumping pudding into the bowl. Lauren moaned in relief. She obviously didn't realize I was here. I decided it would be safe to continue with my bowel movement since she was doing the same. I pushed harder and released a huge, thick log. I sighed. Lauren began to release another wave of pudding, adding in some huge farts, but she suddenly stopped when she heard my plop. She clearly wasn't okay with the fact that I was also in the room. I knew she needed privacy, so I tried to finish quickly. I grunted as I tried to push out another poo. It came out so much easier this time. It snaked halfway around the toilet bowl. I wiped and flushed. I left the bathroom to give her the privacy she needed.

I have several other pooping stories to share with you! I'll post more soon!

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Snow poo

I had to walk home from work tonight because of the snow & ice everywhere. I was busting for a poo as I'd held it all day. The streets were deserted exept for a few 4x4's & I realised that I could easily relieve myself in the street without anyone seeing me. I had some tissues in my bag & got behind a pile of snow & took off my coat ready to lower my trousers & pants when the cold hit me. It was freezing, just like the film "The day after tomorrow " I had to put my coat back on quickly because I was so cold. The whole area was one big ice sheet & I had to try to make it home without messing myself on the way. Then an idea hit me. I had a thick quilted, knee length coat on so I took my trousers & panties of & put them in my bag. Now naked below the waist apart from my coat I was free to do my poo any time I liked. I felt naughty & exited by the thought of what I was about to do & looked around to make sure no one could see me. I then moved my legs apart &bent my knees before releasing a massive pile of poo in the snow. It was such a relief & it melted the snow around it. There was steam coming of the pile but it soon cooled & froze up as it was so cold. By the time I got home my bum felt all sticky & cold so I went straight to the toilet to clean up.


Nearly peeing myself at the Office

Today, work was very busy. I had been typing reports and emailing people and taking calls all day. I had to eat lunch at my desk and had my assistant, Angel, bring me drinks. I let him do as much of the work as I could give him, but a lot of it was stuff that had to be done by me. I started to need to urinate around 1pm, but tried to ignore it for as long as I could. I was wearing grey dress pants, black shirt and tie. Luckily, I was at my desk and only Angel was in the office, so no one really noticed how bad I had to go. At 1:30, I had to be on a conference call that I was under the impression would only last maybe 20 minutes. Adter 30 minutes on the call with no end in sight, I began to get desperate. I crossed my legs tightly, bouncing a foot, trying to hold back. When that technique felt useless, I placed my free hand between my legs and pinched the tip of my penis, fighting harder to hold back. At this point, I noticed Angel looking at me strangely. I mouthed silently to him, "I have to go to the bathroom NOW."

Angel looked slightly embarrassed and gave me a helpless look, like, 'what do you want me to do?' As a I felt a short spurt of pee shoot into my black boxer briefs, I realized I couldm't wait any longer. I handed him the phone and notebook I had been taking notes in and got up, running out of our office towards the nearest restroom. Angel was very professional and took the call without question.

I ran into the restroom and it was empty. I unzipped my pants and another shot of pee leaked out before I could get my penis out and pee freely into the nearest urinal. I peed for what seemed like forever. When I finally finished, I flushed the urinal, then stepped into a stall to survey the damage.

My boxerbriefs were definitely wet and uncomfortable. A tiny bit got onto my pants, but it didn't show through. I very carefully pulled down my pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. I took off my shoes and undressed from the waist down. I hated to toss out the underwear, but there was no way to wash them and dry them and put them back on discreetly, so I tossed them into the trash. The pants were pretty much clean, so I put them back on, followed by my shoes and just free-balled for the rest of the day.

I went back to my office after washing my hands. The call had ended and Angel handed me the notebook, complete with notes on everything I missed. He gave me a curious look, but didn't ask what happened and I certainly didn't tell him.


Couldn't Hold On

So early this morning I woke up feeling a strong need to poop. I got out of bed and into my wheelchair. I started heading to the bathroom when I realized that my sister was taking a shower. I asked how long she would be and she said she just got in. I sat outside the bathroom desperately trying to hold my poop. I let out a couple of loud stinky farts and peed in my Depends in order to relieve some of the pressure. After about ten minutes I was getting reall desperate and asked my sister again if she would be getting out soon . She said about five more minutes. I realized that I was not going to make it so I went back into my room and pushed a big soft poop into my Depends. It was a real pain to clean up but boy did I feel better.

Kate M.

Shopping burst

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house was neither soups, no bread nor frozen foods. I knew that I had to stock up on groceries since the store would be closed next Saturday (Dec 25). I peed before leaving the home and took my grocery cart to the community chain grocery store. It is a 20-25 minute walk each way. Luckily I had put on a Depends and not just a Poise pad. I did my grocery shopping, paid for it with VISA, and left the store. There is no public bathroom here and it was about 7 pm. It was dark and I could not pee in the parking lot since there were too many people milling about with their groceries. I just stood still and let it rip. I looked into the deep full moon with the cloudcover around it. I still had to pee some more and after the first block let out some more. I did this still again before getting home. The Depends was full but the gel absorbed it well. I put on my nightgown and threw away the used Depends. I knew that I could not get home in time and did not want the bladder to automatically burst while walking so I just stood still. Some days I am fine and some days I just have to use my protection. If I had only worn a Poise pad my pants socks and boots would have been soaked.


Assorted replies

Okay, sorry, no story today, maybe next time.

I'd just like to say a very big 'thank you' to New Guy for being so welcoming. I thought my first post was a little sundry, so talk you for reassuring me.


My girlfriend (I'm bisexual) has the largest bladder in the world, I'm sure of it. She describes herself as a "H20 addict", basically, she drinks A LOT of water, yet, she pees very little.
She also seems to have no bowels, I mean it. I've known her since I was four, been her best friend since I was seven and her girlfriend since I was fourteen. Despite knowing her for this long, she's never once passed gas in my presence, for has she ever excused herself to the washroom for long enough to have pooped. Does anybody know anyone like that who seems not to have bowels?



Mile high dump

So I was on my flight home from college and got real sick. I dont know what it was but it had my stomach in knots, about half way through the flight i was on fire, I tried to turn on the little air vent but that did NOTHING couldnt wait much longer i got up and walked towards the lavatory. As i was alking my vision started to get dark. I quickly made it to the lavatory where i sat on the lid. It was cooler in there and I began to feel better, until my stomach rolled and i felt a huge cramp. I quickly undid my pants and lifted the lid and no sooner had I sat down a wave of chunky thick mudd like poop splurted out of me. I groaned as a another wave came spluttering out. I sat there rubbing my stomach until i felt better, wiped both front and back than got up to observe my creation. It looked like dark chocolate pudding with the foulest smell. I farted a few times as i pulled up my pants and flushed, but some of it got stuck to the toilet wall (damn airplane suction) that was a bit embarrassing, i opened the door to see another woman waiting, i felt sorry for her. I got to back to my seat and fell asleep until we landed


Camping trip

Here is a story my Father told me once.It happened before I was born.It happened in 1977 My Father and his Friend was out in the woods camping And His friend(in which I forgot his name)was going to go and do number 2.He walked into the deep dark woods,and a few minutes later he came running back to camp screaming,pulling up his pants while running.there was Bees all around him.
My Father said he squated over a bees'nest and must've scared them when he farted.


Ladies in Porta Potties

I went to a golf tournament this past September. The restroom facilities are porta potties located around the course, all unisex and in numbers of 10 to 15 butted against one another. If you are in one, you can hear from the ones next to you as plainly as if you were in a public restroom stall.
I arrived early to the tournament and felt the urge to poop coming on, so I made my way toward a group of porta potties. I walked by a concession stand that was being prepared to open later. There was a big truck parked between the concession stand and the porta potties. The porta potties in this area had 12 units, in two rows of 6, side to side and back to back. So if someone was beside you or behind you, it was very noticeable. I kept going toward the toilets and when I got past the truck, a lady marshal was walking toward the toilets on the other side of the truck. I'd say she was around 40 years old, blonde hair, and quite attractive, well built, with rather tight-fitting khaki type slacks. The tournament employees and marshals are very customer friendly and she saw me and said, "Good morning, how are you?" I said I was fine and she commented on the weather being nicer than the day before. Since we were both walking toward the porta potties, I was wondering if she was going to them or to her assigned area on the course, which extended for acres beyond the toilet area. When we arrived at the porta potties, I started toward the end one on one side. She told me to have a nice day and went past this row of potties, either heading to the course or the other side of the toilet row. I took the first unit, and there was no one else in the others on that side. As soon as I went in I determined I was the first to use this one today since it was wet from the servicing of the unit. Water was on the seat, so I pulled some toilet paper to wipe it off. At that point, I heard someone go in the potty directly behind me. I was wondering if it was the marshal lady. I heard a woman's voice say, "Wet seat" and pull off some toilet paper like I did to wipe it. I immediately recognized the voice as the marshal lady. I sat on the toilet and waited. I heard her wiping the seat, then pulling down her pants. Immediately I heard the sound of plop, plop, plop, about 5 times, very loud and heavy sounding turds coming from her. I then began my dump, plopping pretty loudly myself. There was a quiet pause, and then a very loud BARRRAPP fart came from her. She said, "Oh!" in a startled sounding voice, kind of like she was pushing to pass another turd and was surprised by a loud fart instead. Then she began to drop another series of heavy sounding logs into the potty. I was getting finished myself about this time. The lady peed profusely, and then I could hear her wiping about 3 or 4 times, and pulling up her pants. Just at that point, someone entered the potty right next to me. I didn't know if it was male or female, but I heard pants being pulled down and a loud fart and some serious logs being plopped into that potty. I wiped and pulled up my pants and went out to the hand washing station. As I was drying my hands, the person who came in next to me came out. It was a young woman who was also an employee of the tournament. Later that day, I went to the concession stand and this same young woman took my order.
If you go to a golf tournament, you'll hear people pooping and peeing in these porta potties.

My name is Derek, 13. I go to this real conservative Christian school. If they knew I was on this forum, it would be curtains for me. It is a great and safe place to learn unlike the public schools. I will not say where I am so that it will be given away. I have been interested in all my bodily functions. So, I shit what I eat. That is interesting. I am learning about the digestive system. No wonder I see lots of green leaves in my bowel movements. I never knew that there were guys and girls interested in this sort of thing. I ate ham and collard greens and salad today. I will let you know what happens in the next 24 hours. I havenot had diarreah or constipatiion. I am literally on time daily. I am black, 5" tall, 80lbs. I am skinny as a rail. Sometimes, my bowels explode, but mostly I am silent. I make logs-hard ones or long hot dog sized.. They are brown-black. I have a little silent or loud gas when before I go, when I go and after. Sometimes, I pull my pants down to my thighs, but mostly to my ankles. I can go at anytime. I usually go after lunch, but sometimes I empty out in the morning. I keep my legs together so that some of the other boys at school do not see my pipe.
Timee: A trans in the bathroom, I'd die but I have seen too much in my young life.

Yo Marten, when I drink a lot of water and I do not answer the urge, it becomes an emergency. I have been on church picnics where I ate too much and the same happened. I always look for where there is a toilet.

re: women with very huge bladders

I by no means think I have a very huge bladder, slightly larger than normal perhaps, because I know women who could beat me in a holding contest, but I usually pee when I wake up at 6AM, sometimes go the whole work day without peeing at all until I get home at 5PM (although I sometimes pee at work) and then one last time before bed around midnight even if I don't have to go much because I find it easier to fall asleep with a completely empty bladder. But that's nothing compared to some women, I've heard some go for several minutes strong and steady and mine are usually 40-60 seconds strong, then taper off for 10-15 more seconds. I what other women think affects holding capacity, perhaps body type, diet, etc? I am petite, 5'1" and 100 lbs and I don't eat many ???? or fiber. I drink caffeine sometimes (soda, but never coffee) and not much water, mostly juice. Oh, and I don't poop often either, I like to hold it so it is big and firm. I usually only poop once or twice a week. I could go more often if I made myself, but it would be softer and messier and not as enjoyable. I love the feeling of holding a large load until I'm about to burst then sitting on the toilet and enjoying the feeling of letting it come out slowly without pushing and the amazing feeling of relief when the huge turd finally drops. I often clog the toilet, of course, but I keep the plunger handy ;-)

Also, I really enjoy hearing women who, like me, sometimes hold it a bit too long and end up getting constipated. I like hearing especially when they are in public and clearly trying to be as quiet as possible. If I hear someone pooping in a public toilet, I get real quiet and still so I can hear the quiet grunts and sighs and plops, it really turns me on! I love that I can share that here because I can't tell anyone I know about my secret turn on. Also having those big poops sometimes feels so good I get a little horny. I like to try and poop real big ones at the same time as other women doing their big ones in the stalls next door to mine, it's so hot! Anyone else agree?

Jaded Jarrod

With Aunt Mickie last week

My mom was in the hospital for some routine medical tests for women who are about 50, and the tests were pushed back because the doctor was late. So my Aunt Mickie had to pick me up at school. She lives on the other side of our city and we get together with her and her family pretty often. She texts me at about 2:30 p.m. and said she's picking me up at 3 p.m. I'm in my last class (study hall) and I've been holding my crap for like two hours since lunch. I don't much like crapping at my school for the reasons I wrote about last year and what happened to my friend Ethan, so a couple of days a week I'm successful in holding it in until I get home. It's more comfortable sitting in my own bathroom at home and dropping my crap than sitting in someone else's urine at school or, harder yet, trying to find a toilet and sometimes even a bathroom with a toilet stall that has enough paper for me to put over the seat so I can sit my butt on it.

I was hoping Aunt Mickie would be taking me right home because I really wanted to take my crap. However, she was already pissed because the police officer patrolling our parking lot forced her to keep the car moving and she had to do four laps of the lot before she saw me and honked. I threw my packback into her back seat and knew we would be sitting there for a while since the traffic was bad with cars backing up into the lane. She asked why I was late and I told her I wasn't and in fact had held my crap, and she looked at me really surprised like I was really stupid or something. She said she was going to be taking me shopping at our super mall about three miles from the school and that I should go back in and take my crap. I tried to tell her I would go at the mall, but she wouldn't hear it and quickly pulled into an open parking slot in front of us, and ordered me out to go in to the bathroom. I couldn't believe it. She said a 7th grader has to learn how to use school bathrooms!

So I went back head first into a crowd of 6th, 7th & 8th graders waiting to be picked up. I doors to the building locked behind us each day and you either had to wait for someone coming out or get the security cop in the lot to let you in. The police officer is a nice younger lady who actually works for our city's police department on days when we're out of school. But I heard honking in the lot and could see that she was busy. Finally, a man teacher who I didn't know came through the door I guess going home. As he passed through the door he asked what I needed, and I was honest with him. I guess that was my mistake because he got sarcastic with me and asked me how many periods we had in the school day, how many bathrooms we had in the school (I guessed 12 and he said there were 13)and why I hadn't "Seized the opportunity", but he finally let me back in. I went into the closest bathroom to the main entrance, even though I knew it would be bad. About half the urinals had water splashing out of them because they were stopped up, and each of the 8 or 9 toilets had pee on the seat and three of them had the shit of many students in them. So much that it would probably have to be shoveled out.

I selected the end stall. It didn't have a door, but that didn't matter to me. There was pee on one side of the seat, which I wiped off, and when I reached for more toilet paper, to put over the seat, I found only about half the amount I needed. So I knew I had to get it over with. I pulled down my boxers to just below where my crap would drop, and by sitting on them over the front of toilet, only the back end of my butt touched the seat. My friend Maddie had taught me to use this method in an emergency. I saw for about five minutes, hopeing that Aunt Mickie wasn't getting too upset with having to wait. I pushed as hard as I could and let off a log about 4-inches long. That was the best I could do. I used the last piece of toilet paper (actually it was the last half piece that included the glue) and my thumb and finger got a little crap on them as I did my only wipe. I took extra care to wash them off, and then looked at my contribution one more time in the toilet before I walked back to the parking lot. Of course, I didn't actually flush, although I don't know why.

Aunt Mickey was mad, not at me but at the cop who had asked to see her ID and why she was parked in violation of some law, but we went right to the mall. Aunt Mickey bought me dinner at the food court and that caused me to need to crap one more time. This time there was ample toilet paper for me to place over the seat and I laid out three peices, each about five or six inches in length. I also peed from the soda I had a school as well as there with our dinner.

When I can cover the seat before sitting on it, I'm okey and usually can produce a lot more. I didn't tell Aunt Mickie about this because she's one of those almost perfect people who everything works for. I don't think she fully understands what it's like to be one of the others for whom some basic things don't always come as easy.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Accidents at work

I had to get some stuff from the local shops this afternoon & while I was waiting to be served I noticed the teenage girl who was serving us was looking very uncomfortable & kept on fidgeting a lot. I knew she was desperate for the toilet & by the time I got to the front of the que I smelled poo. She was bright red & there was a wet spot in the front of her jeans that quickly spread down her legs. She carried on serving as though nothing had happened but the smell of poo was getting stronger & she continued to mess her pants. I paid for my stuff & was about to leave when the shops owner came back from his trip to the cash & carry. When he saw the girls condition he immediately took over from her & she rushed off to the toilet in the back of the shop. I could clearly see where the source of the smell was coming from as she turned away from me. Her jeans had a big brown bulge in the back of them & it was growing fast. As I was leaving the store I became curious about how long she'd been holding her pee & poo. To end up messing herself so badly I think it must have been a very long time. The poor girl must have been beyond desperate & just couldn't wait any longer.
I know how she felt as I once had 2 small accidents while working alone. My boss left me to run a small village shop when I was on work experience. I was only 15 at the time & I had an upset stomach. I had to hold it in for 3 agonising hours untill she came back & by that time I was about to poo myself. I told her I had to use the toilet & ran down to the cellar where the bathroom was. When I got there I found lots of boxes stacked up in front of the door & I had to move them to get into the toilet. While I was moving them out of the way I momentarily lost control & squirted a little diarrhoea into my panties. I opened the toilet door & found there was no toilet. The room had been converted into storage space & was full of stock. I was realy realy desperate by now & started to panic. I went back into the shop & told the owner I was going to poo myself as there didn't seem to be a toilet in the cellar. She called me a silly girl & said I wouldn't find one down there as it was taken out years ago. If I wanted the toilet it was upstairs in her flat. I leaked some more runny poo into my panties as she told me where it was. I ran up the stairs to the toilet, locked myself in & ripped my jeans & panties down as quickly as I could & sat on the toilet with a thump. The moment my bum touched the seat I exploded the foulest smelling diarrhoea into the toilet. The relief was shear extacy. It was like a biblical experience for me. I sat for a while to recover from the shock of emptying a full bowel in one go & looked at my panties to inspect the damage. They were ruined & I had to take them off & threw them in the waste bin next to the toilet. After wiping myself I pulled my jeans up without my panties & returned to the shop. The owner had to pee & went to the toilet after me. When she returned she told me she found my soiled underwear in her bin. She apologised for making me wait so long I had an accident & let me go home early. I even got paid for the rest of the day & was given a £10 note to pay for my ruined panties.


The Beast of Barking

Hope everyone is OK.
Hi Kirsty, thanks for your interesting story, sorry I missed you off my last post.
Emma - Sorry to hear of your problem with the train toilet. A trainspotter I shared a pint with the other day, told me that most new trains built since the late 1980s have these toilets - for disabled access regulations apparently.The trains on on my local line - and most operating south of the River Thames have this rather dubious feature. The first time I travelled on one I ended up opening the door on a young woman friend, I had not met in years, sitting on the toilet.We both managed to laugh it off as the train was virtually empty, but I do sympathize with your comments.
Wolf- I am not aware of any forthcoming films featuring pooping/bathroom scenes in it.After Sandra Bullock and the escapades of those girls in Harold and Kumar, I think it may be unlikely we will see any more of this on mainstream films.One of the more memorable toilet scenes I can immediately recall, was probably a rather graphic scene which left nothing to the imagination, in the British Soap Opera "Hollyoaks".Gemma Atkinson (a blonde) ended up on the toilet
with her jeans and knickers round her ankles reading the paper, waiting for someone to bring her some toilet roll from an emergency shopping trip.This was broadcast on a weekday evening on the UK Channel 4, some time before the 9PM watershed, although this was a few years back...
Several years ago I worked in North London, and in the offices I worked, two ensuite toilets were sited next to each other -like a lot of places I ended up.
My colleague hereafter known as The Beast of Barking was a rather unpredictable olive-skinned little Silician woman in her late twenties. Most of the time she was OK, but could occasionally spectacularly throw her dummy out and have temper tantrums without any warning - hence her nickname. On most days, she wore a short beige skirt, white skirt and beige jacket.Her brown hair was usually tied up in a pony tail which bobbed around in an endearing way as she stomped
about the office like a little whirlwind.
She always used the toilet at 1030. On several occasions I found myself in the one adjacent. The first time this happened I heard her characteristic stomping into the toilet and lock the door.I heard her hitch up her skirt and pull her pants down.There was a slight clang from the seat as she sat down.
The instant her bottom was on the toilet she did a deafening and violently explosive fart, followed by a soft, mushy SPLAT-SPLAT-SPLATTER-SPLAT-SPLUUUTT-SPLATTER-SPLAT.If you can imagine a cow pooping in a field, - you get the picture.
She did a pee, then another explosive fart and an even more lengthy and mushy "cow pat" splattered out. Two noisy wet farts followed, then the rattle of the toilet paper holder.
When she went to the toilet after lunch she farted nosily and five or six loud plops shot out rapidly, followed by a loud fart and a lengthy pee.
In the first evening I worked there I was within earshot of her on the toilet, just before she left for home.As she sat on the toilet she did a lengthy fart and a shower of a dozen smallish hard pellet like poops shot out very rapidly with a machine-gun PLOP_PLOP_PLOP_PLOP, finishing with a noisy fart.
Our team went out a lot to the local pub and before we left we would always be waiting outside the toilet for TBOB - all of us could not avoid her noisy bathroom sound effects. Interestingly, TBOB found it as amusing as we did!
I lost count of the number of times I heard her shout out from behind the locked door "hang on guys I just need to do one more plop and I'm ready" or "I just finished but I need to wipe my bottom" as our lunchhour ticked away..I suspect she was "playing to the gallery" as the expression goes.
I missed TBOB a lot once I left, and on the last day I got a very nice leaving present and a big hug from her.I have not been able to return to that suburb of North London since without thinking about my one-time little Silician colleague.
Bye for now and take care.Seasons Greetings
Hermes xxx

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 14

Monday morning for some reason I woke up later then I normally do. I looked at the clock and it was past eight. So I got out of bed walked into my closetand got out a clean pair of boxers and put them on. I needed to piss so I walked into the upstairs bathroom leaving the door wide open stepped over to the toilet put the seat up got my penis out and pissed in the toilet.

After I pissed I put the seat down but didn't flush it. I figured thta either Jill or Janet after they had got up would use the bathroom and one of them would flush it. I was hungry so I went downstairs to the kitchen to have breakfast. When I walked into the kitchen there was a bowl of half eaten cereal siting on the table. So one of the girls was up after all.

I went to walk over where the cereal was kept in its cuboard and as I came around the corner to the back part of the kitchen there was Jill in the bathroom off the kitchen with no pj bottoms on just the top on. (they were on the bathroom floor)Jill had the lid and seat raised! She had stepped forward which she was faced towrds the tank instead of having her ass towards the tank! She had her ass raised way up high and her two hands placed on top of the tank. She was bent over looking back and down too.

So I stood there and watched which Jill didn't know I was there. She never heard me. As I watched Jill a spurt of piss shot straight down from her vagina which made a loud splash hiting the water in the toilet. It was a three four second spurt. With the spurt of piss Jill grunted. So Jill was trying to shit so she had pushed makeing the spurt of piss come out from her vagina.

Jill must have pushed agin which a veryt short weak spurt of piss went into the toilet and with this push Jill did start to shit. For with the push her asshold had opened and she had a brown chunky shit push out into sight. It looked like it was three inches and length and it stopped when it got that long. Jill again grunted and gave a push. Her shit moved getting longer. Maybe a little more then a inch and it stopped.

Jill took a break and rested. She was having a tough time takeing this shit at least that's what it looked like to me. I then saw Jill reposition her feet and she pushed with a grunt again. Her shit moved and she had also dribbled some piss from her vagina which ran down under her vagina to her shit went down it and dripped off from its front tip. This lasted for a would guess for four five seconds which ment Jill pushed longer this time then before.

With the longer push made her shit move more. Now it hung down under her ass being seven eight inches in length. Jill again had to take a break to rest. Her piss that had dribbled out and dripped off from her shit made light splashing in the toilet which slowed as her piss dripped less and then it stopped dripping off of her shit. Jill this time took a longer rest then the other two she had done.

Then Jill grunted as she pushed again. Tis time no piss came out from her vagina with this push. Her shit moved getting longer. I saw that her cheeks on her face were redening so Jill was reall pushing. Her shit slowly kept comming. When I would say that it had reachhed ten inches long (?) Jill still pushing hard hershit suddenly shot down hard into the toilet sending up a big splash which water went forward, sideways, and backwards which water wetted the floor in many spots.

Janet let out a deep sigh right after this. Piss again began to dribble frm her vagina which splashed lightly in the toilet. Slowly her dribbling turned into a weak stream of piss makeing a louder splash and that only lasted for several seconds and then went right back into a dribble then just dripping and then stopped.

Then Jill was done for she stood up reached for the roll of toilet paper to her left spun some off and shewiped her vagina downward to her lower crotch and back into her asscrack. Then she pulled the paper away dropped it in the toilet. She rolled off some more and did a second wipe doing the same thing. Then she dropped the paper in the toilet flushed it and stepped back and stood in frontof the toilet watching it flush.

Now Jills pj bottoms were laying on the floor to her right so she turned bent down and picked them up. She slipped them back on and pulled them up. Then she took a towel and wiped up the water that had splashed on the floor when her shit had made the big splash it had made. Jill turned around and that's wwhen she saw me standig where I was. She let out a short scream for I had scared her not seeing me till now.

Dave! Jill said to me. You just scared the shit out of me! I laughed a nd said back to Jill. No I didn't you had already shit before I scared you. That made Jill let out a giggle. How long were you there. Long enough to see it all from the start Jill. By the way Jill whey did you go backwards over the toilet? Oh I was just fooling around Dave. I wanted to go a different way and I thought of going that way!

I laughed a litte and Jill giggled a little too. I then got the cereal from the cuboard as Jill walked past me and tossed the twoel in the laundry hamper. Jill walked back over to the kitchen table sat back down and went back eating her cereal as I got out my bowl, milk, glass for juice. I made up my cereal and milk in the bowl. I oured out my oj in the glass. Then I walked over to the kitchen table and sat and ate with Jill. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 15

As Jill and I sat at the kitchen table eating we didtalk back and forth.Jill talked abouthow hard it was for her to take that shit in the bathroom that I watched her do. We aslo talked about me a little also. Jill asked me if I had pissed this morning. I told her I had upstairs with the door wide open and I had made a lot of loud splashing whenI pissed. I was surprised you didn't hear me piss Jill. Jill laughed and shook her head no.

I was sitting in my dads seat which allowed me to see over to the hallway doorway into the kitchen and the lower part of the stairs in the hall. I heard first footsteps on the stairs in the hall and then I saw Janet comming down the stairs. She then came into the kitchen saw Jill and I sitting at the kitchen table. Jill and I said good morning to her. Janet only briefly stopped walking said hi to us both and she headed through the kitchen and went into the bathroom off the kitchen.

Janet was wearing her long white nighshirt only. Janet reached for the toilet seat to put it down. Jill had left it up. Janet only moved it a little bit and then let it go which the toiletseat hit the bowl with a loud bang. Janet turned around and as she did she hiked right up her white night shirt and plopped down heavily on the toilet seat.

Janet sprang right back up from the toilet seat. Janet yelled loudly; The seats all wet!She looked over in Jills and my direction and asked; WHO LEFT THE SEAT WET?!!! Jill giggled hard. That gave Jill away. You did Jill! Janet said back angerly. Jill said to Janet; At least I wiped up the floor so you didn't step in any water! Jill giggled as she said this to Janet. Janet gave Jill a dirty look.

Then Janet turned reached down and slamed the toilet seat back in the raised position. Jill kept on with her giggles. Now Janet again raised her night shirt and she was now forced to back up over the toilet straddle the bowl in order to piss. I sitting in my fathers seat could see all this happening. Jill could not. She was siting at my mothers place at the kitchen table. She could only hear Janet.

As I looked into the bathroom from my seat Janet had her nightshirt well above her waist in the front and back as she was straddled standing over the toilet. There was total silence now for Jill had stopped giggleing. Janet now began to piss. I saw Jantes piss stream which had come out at a slight foward angle past her legs. It was yellow in color and like my piss it really splashed loud in the toilets water loudly.

Jill hearing the splashing of her sistors piss giggled just a little. Then she asked me if I could see Janet going. I had only heard Jill ask me slightly. So I answered by saying Er I paused and then did tell Jill thatI could. She giggled again. Janets piss stream which several seconds now had passed started hissing with a soft hiss but got louder as she went on pissing.

Jill said something to me. I didn't make out what she said to me at all this time. Dave you didn't hear me! Pay attention will you! I still was faced towars Janet in the bathroom watching her piss and I just sid; What? Jill giggled but she didn't say anything just te giggle. Janet now had her stream easing up with its hissing fadeing out, her stream straightened out, and it thinned down. In a few more seconds her stream had stopped and Janet was standing there justdripping piss into the toilet. She turned quickly rolled off some toilet paper and gave herself one quick wipe and dropped the paper into the toilet. Then she stepped foward turned and flushed it and came out of the bathroom.

Janet then got what she needd to have her breakfast and came and sat down with Jill and I at the table. Jill after Janet ignored her and only talked to me for a short time did tell Janet she was sorry and then Janet did start to talk to Jill. What we did was talk now to amke plans for today. What we wound up planning was to go fishing and swimming down at the pond instead of the lake. We even planned to have lunch while were going to be there fishing and swimming. All we had to do was clean up after bereakfast and get ready to do the fishing and swimming down at the pond. To be continuied.

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