retail guy

annual christmas shopper accident

I've been in retail long enough to know that around this busy time of year for shopping, with the crowds and the traffic and long lines, you see at least one person have an accident. Usually children. I've noticed its usually children, both boys and girls ranging from 5-12 or so... other than children i noticed its young moms too. Almost always a kid or a young mom. Once or twice there was a teenager- in fact i think it was the same girl two years in a row, she had a bm in her jeans waiting in our lines. Today it was a young mom. She waited through a pretty long line and had two very young kids with her and a cart load of stuff and generally had her hands full. She obviously seemed pretty anxious. As we went through the transaction she kept tapping her credit card furiously against the counter and grimacing in apparent discomfort. Btw, she was Caucasian, early to mid 30s, she had straight brown hair past her shoulders and a slim figure, id say C cup breasts and a nicely toned butt as if she works out. Definitely a milf. She had a beige turtleneck sweater that was thin and medium blue jeans. We neared the end of the sale when it was time for her to slide her card. She gasped and groaned before sliding the card then shut her eyes tightly. She stood still for a second then opened her eyes and looked scared, and her cheeks started to blush. She kept mumbling something and fidgeting around and acting like she was about to laugh, then her lips just turned into a frown and she started to cry. Before i could say anything she just said "I'm so sorry, its just i haven't been able to get to a bathroom all day and i couldn't hold on anymore" i didn't know what she was talking about, then at just about the same time that i noticed the scent of fresh poop in the air, one of her kids said "mommy went poopies!" And started giggling. The womag abruptly covered her face in humiliation then turned to the girl and shooshed her, then quietly explained to her kids in a shaky voice that "mommy is really upset that she had an accident, because its bad to do this ok? Its bad to poopy our pants, ok? This doesn't mean its ok." I was in awe, of this woman trying to use her accident as a lesson for her kids. When she turned around i could see a small bulge about the size of a billiard ball protruding from between her butt cheeks in the back of her jeans, right at the bottom. It was a little wet around it too but didn't look like a brown stain. Then as i kept looking at her butt every couple seconds (how could i not?) I noticed the stain kept getting darker and growing. I stared as her jeans just turned dark blue all over her butt and the backs of her thighs, and in wide streaks all down the backs of her legs. After crapping in her jeans in front of me and her kids she lost control of her bladder to add insult to injury, and wet her pants. She couldn't even look at me or say another word and just waited for the receipt and for everything to be bagged. As i handed her her last bag she choked back a sob and again said "I'm so sorry i just had to go so badly and i thought i could make it through the transaction. I'm sorry" and she hurried from the store with her cart and children, visibly soaked jeans and a bulge on her butt...poor girl. I had to clean up her puddle of urine from my register lane...
Later she called and complained that our lines being too long caused her to not make it to the bathroom and have a humiliating experience in our store, she said...yeah, it was so our fault.

Mr. Clogs

Delightful dump on a Saturday morning, comments

Hello everyone, Mr Clogs here. Have a post to share, it's Saturday and I've been up since 4:30 and well awake. I felt the urge to take that delightful dump about 6:40. I was on the computer looking up some stuff, and made my way to the toilet. I could pee and poop in peace and quiet. I removed my pajama bottoms and plopped down on the toilet set. Gave a little push and the poop immediately started to come out. As it was coming out I could feel the poop chute open really wide and it felt really good. Must of been the Chinese food I ate last night. That brings to this question, all are welcome to post an answer, what foods or cuisines make you poop the largest? Of course I peed a little into the toilet too.

Another story I forgot to post was me taking a dump in a cup. I took a day off from work to use up my vacation time. My folks left the house and I woke up with the urge to take a dump. I haven't pooped into a container in a while and decided to have some fun. I got one of those large plastic fast food cups and filled one with water half way which makes it easier to dump out later. I took my pajama pants off and got into a squatting position over the cup. I pushed a little to get the turd moving, it slid out my poop chute and into the cup. Turds weren't that big thought but curled up nice at the bottom of the cup. I had to pee a bit, so I slid the cup so I can pee into it and peed in it. I dumped the cup in to the bathroom and rinsed it out for next use.

Feral Girl

Finally having a sleepover

CD: lol yeah I didn't even know I was gonna grow hair in my armpits before I did cuz I've never seen women with it there before, or that it was like gonna grow down the inside of my thighs.

new guy: I guess it makes sense? Lol I don't think Ziploc bags would work any better than that paper bag I tried. No way to hold it open while I go.

Mr. Clogs: thanks!

Squatspotter: lol, dunno where she got it exactly, she says her mom got it at a sporting goods store. Red and has like, this white cup that snaps on for girls. As for how we use it...

Upstate Dave: yah, I need to try again, but it's too cold now to. Have to wait til it warms up :(

Timee: lol, cat I love it I'm gonna use that now!

so anyway finals were this week and J and i finished our last one today, so she's sleeping over tonight. started writing this after we got to my house at 3, and J wont stop reminding me i'm gonna go in front of her.

She also wants me to say she's 17 and a little shorter than me with long brown hair and bigger boobs than me like i have boobs >:(

it's 3:30 and J just announced really loudly she has to pee. she got that urinal thing out of her bag and stood in the middle of my room to pull her pants and undies down to her knees. she's holding it between her legs and just sighed, i can hear her tinkling into it, lol. she made me go get her a little toilet paper with to wipe with, then she took the adaptor thing off and put the cap back on the bottle.

4:30 now, i need to poo *and* pee but J wants me to hold it as long as i can before i go. i keep pooting and she laughs when i do.

almost 5 now, i can't hold it much longer. dark outside so i'm not gonna use the compost heap cuz there's no light behind the shed where it is. J keeps telling me i have to hold it as long as i can but i'm getting the bucket out and getting it read. making her get out of the chair i have to crouch in to go so she's in my desk chair now. i'm standing up while i type this and J just rolled away from me cuz she was behind me when i pooted again lol.

5:10 really close to not being able to hold it, took my pants and undies off. J is laughing cuz she thinks i have hair everywhere. :( standing to type this still J is spinning around in my chair now.

5:15 can't hold it anymore about to start peeing all over the place, just felt a little drip out and try to run down my leg. stupid hair caught it though >_< getting my vase, told J i *have* to pee and she wants me to try not to poo while i do it, but i always do.

so, got into the chair and crouched over the bucket. J was still giggling at how i looked. held the vase up to me cuz she wanted to see me use it. let go and started peeing *really* hard into the vase, pooted a little and tried to hold back my poo but every time i tried my pee would slow down so i just let go. it felt *really* good to pee. poo started to come out, but i kept pulling it back in, and J said "you're really prairie dogging!" when i was doing it. finally gave up and just pushed and pooed. couple of long pieces fell into the bucket and J actually stopped laughing to watch. finished after a while and got down from the chair, J looked into the vase to see how much i peed and said it was more than she had earlier. i wiped with the TP i got before and tossed it in the bucket then tied the sack up and put it in another sack then back in the bucket. i'm making J wait until she's about to explode. >:(

9pm and J finally said she has to poo pretty bad. making her wait. asked her if she wants to use the bucket or go outside. she said she wants to use the bucket but is afraid she won't be able to aim so we're gonna take it in the bathroom when she has to use it.

9:30 now and J's been sitting on her foot on my bed. just said she can't hold it anylonger and has to go *now*. taking the bucket to go set it up in the bathroom for her.

snuck into the bathroom with J cuz my parents are home now. soon as we got in the bathroom J immediately took off her pants and undies, and was dancing from one foot to the other. i was trying to figure out how to set up the bucket and decided she could squat on the shut toilet, so i started setting it up there. J said she waited too long, she set the urinal thingy on the counter and was standing with one hand on the counter and the other between her legs holding her cat really hard. i could see her butt cheeks were clenching hard and she was concentrating really hard. i thought it was funny and kept snickering and she was starting to look mad, but i really was having trouble getting the bag to fit on the bucket's rim. finally i told her it was okay to use.

J stood up and lifted one foot up onto the toilet and she just pooted loud and i saw a piece of poo just *fly* out of her butt and land on the floor. she squeaked really loud and lifted herself up on the toilet really quick but it was too late and her poo was still coming out fast like a rope and a couple of more pieces fell on the floor before she got over the bucket, and then one piece hit the edge of the toilet and flipped into the bucket. it scared the hell out of me cuz she yelled "help me!" as she got on the toilet and i thought my parents might have heard her then i saw her pee leaking a little from between her fingers and she couldn't reach the urinal thing so i grabbed it for her and handed the pieces. as soon as she let go of her cat a hard stream of pee hit the closed lid of the toilet and splattered all over and kept going in bursts as she tried to get the urinal together and finally got it under her and just sighed and relaxed. i thought she was never going to stop pooing *or* peeing but she finally did.

it was bad, i'm lucky my mom didn't come up and ask what was going on. :( we had to clean up after J finished. she pooed a *lot*, the sack was really full not counting what was on the floor. lucky it was like, really solid and sticky so it we could get it into the toilet easily off the tile. doubly lucky she didn't get any on the bathmat or something. still think i can smell pee after we wiped it up off the toilet lid and cleaned everything with lysol.

but it's sort of funny now! she turned white as a sheet when she realized she'd pooped on the floor, lol. now she wants revenge, i don't know what she thinks she's going to do to me tho.

Harry Pooper

Dinner at Alison's house

On page 1954, I wrote about Alison who was my mother's friend. Alison sometimes looked after me when I was a child and a teenager. My mother died when I was 22 then two years later, Alison and I met up again and Alison took driving lessons with the driving school where I work.

Alison and I became close friends again and when she passed her driving test, she invited me round to her house for a celebration dinner. I was 24 and Alison was almost 40. We had a candle-lit meal and we drank a bottle of wine between us. We weren't exactly drunk but it certainly helped us to lose our inhibitions. After dinner, we sat on the sofa and Alison was quite talkative. She told me the about the most intimate things that she would only tell a close friend.

Alison told me about her honeymoon in Turkey. Her husband Peter had to keep running to the toilet but Alison was okay for most of the time. Then, just before they were due to fly home, Alison caught a nasty stomach bug. On their last morning, Alison didn't feel well and she didn't eat any breakfast. They had packed their bags and were ready to leave the hotel when Alison had to rush to the toilet where she was violently sick. Then in the taxi on the way to the airport, she started having stomach cramps and an urgent diarrhea feeling inside. She knew she couldn't wait until they got to the airport so she asked the taxi driver to stop at the side of the busy road. There was no cover so Alison went behind the taxi out of sight of the driver then she lifted her skirt, took her panties down and squatted by the side of the road, in full view of all the passing traffic. "I was shitting water", she said.

On the plane on the way home, Alison was sick in the sick bag but it wasn't air sickness. Alison and Peter got back to London airport and took a taxi home but Alison was sick in the taxi and they had to pay the taxi driver extra for cleaning. After they got home, Alison was in bed for a week and she said that whenever she ate or drank anything, she either brought it up again or it went straight through her system and came out the other end.

After she recovered, she still had bouts of diarrhea from time to time. Alison said that her digestive system had always been a bit unpredictable since she was a child but her illness had made it a lot worse and eventually the doctor diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS-D, the diarrhea predominant type.

Alison said that with her IBS, she has to be very careful about what she eats and drinks as some foods and drinks can trigger and IBS attack. That's why she prefers to cook a meal at home rather than going out to a restaurant. She said that enjoyed drinking the wine but she would probably regret it later and she might be sitting on the toilet half the night.

Alison said that after getting divorced, she was so lonely living alone. She was nearly 40, a bit overweight and she felt that she was unattractive and no-one would want her. She said that her IBS can be a handicap socially as she sometimes gets a sudden and very urgent need to go to the toilet.

Alison said that she had dated a few guys that she met on-line but they lost interest when she told them that intimacy was out of the question. I asked her why and she said it was because of something that happened one night when she and Peter were still married. She had never told anyone else about this but intimacy sometimes stimulates her bowel activity so that she has to stop and make a quick dash to the toilet. One evening, Peter took her out for a meal at a restaurant and it had rather a laxative effect on her. That night in bed, the unthinkable happened. I could guess what it was but I asked her and she whispered, "I lost control of my bowels in bed while we were...." Alison said that was a complete turn-off for Peter and after that, he lost interest in that sort of thing and they slept in separate rooms. The following year, Peter had an affair and eventually they split up. Alison started to cry. I could see that she needed some affection so I hugged her and she hugged me.

Then Alison said that something happened with a guy that she dated and she had never told anyone else about it. They had been out for a meal at a restaurant and it was having the usual laxative effect on her. While driving Alison home, he stopped the car in a "lovers' lane" in some woods near Alison's house. Then he deadlocked the car doors so that she couldn't get out. Alison pleaded with him to unlock the car and let her out as she needed to go to the toilet urgently but he thought she was just making an excuse to get out of the car. He reclined the seats and he wouldn't take "no" for an answer. He had his hand inside her panties and she couldn't hold her poo so she just let go and filled her panties with runny poo. It was the first time that she realised that pooing her panties could be a form of self-defence for a woman and fortunately it worked. He called her a filthy b***h, unlocked the car doors and told her to get out and walk home. Alison said that she walked home, cleaned up and cried all night. She never dated anyone after that.

Then we started to talk about things that happened when I was a child and a teenager. I told Alison that I still remembered the day when I was four and she was looking after me while Mum was out. I had eaten too may prunes and it had a predictable effect that I wrote about on page 1893. Alison said that she felt maternal about me in those days as she dearly wanted a child of her own.

Then we chatted about the time that I wrote about on pages 1913 and 1917 when I was 13 and I was staying with Alison and Peter while Mum was in hospital. I fell while climbing a tree and broke both arms. Alison used to take me to the toilet, wipe my bum for me and she even cleaned me up and bathed me when I had pooed my pants. She said that she remembered me having several poo 'accidents' in my pants at that time and I admitted that they weren't completely accidental as I had been holding my poo instead of doing it in the toilet.

Then I told Alison what happened the day I wrote about on page 1917 when I had diarrhea at school and she came to take me home. I said that my school friend Mark had brought a pack of prunes to school for me to eat so that I would have to do a poo at school. With both arms in plaster, I had to do it in the toilet in the school medical room and Tracey the School Nurse wiped my bum. I admitted that was why I ate the prunes and Alison cleaning me up and bathing me at home afterwards was an unexpected bonus but most enjoyable.

Then I told her about the camping holidays that I wrote about on pages 1919, 1924 and 1950 when Alison shared a tent with Mum and me. I confessed that I has spied on Alison through a small rip in the tent one night when she got up to use our camping porta-potty. Then one day when we were out hiking, I borrowed her binoculars to watch her when she went into the forest for a poo.

Then I said that I really liked going to France because there were some interesting toilets. I confessed that I had peeped under the door when she was using a 'squat' unisex public toilet in Provence and as for the following year camping in the Vanoise.... Alison asked me what happened there and I said that the unisex camp site toilets had the most amazing views under the partitions and that I loved to watch women doing their poo early in the morning. She asked me if I saw her and I said that I didn't but I did see Mum squatting and doing a poo one day although I looked away when I realised who it was. I also admitted that I bought a large pack of prunes in the village supermarket and ate them so that I would have diarrhea and I could stay at the camp site in the toilet all day.

Alison said that she was shocked by what I had told her but she was also flattered that I was so interested in her big bum and what comes out of it. Alison and I had been hugging each other all evening and I was completely unprepared for the emotional effect of this. I fell deeply in love with her but I didn't dare to tell her how I felt because I wasn't sure how she would react.

Alison said that for her 40th birthday next month she would like to go to France by car and get some experience of driving on the right instead of on the left in Britain. She asked me if I would like to go with her. She said that she would pay for the hotel for both of us, in separate rooms of course. I said that I would like to go with her. I didn't tell her but there was nothing I wanted more than to spend time with Alison and I thought about nothing else for the next month. Then Alison's birthday finally arrived but that's another story.

Mr. Clogs


Alyssa-Great story about your sister having to do #2 in the bathroom trash can.

Althea-Great to see you back on Toiletstool.

Sorry for not including the comments in my last post.

Mr. Clogs


Reply to:Doorless stalls

SportsFan:That little girl in the Border's bathroom needed a good ringing slap.
Reply to:Doorless stalls
"Just wondering what everyone's opinion is of doorless stalls in public restrooms. While I would prefer to have the semi-privacy of a door, I will not hesitate to use a toilet in a stall with no door. You gotta go, you gotta go. I don't expect four star accommodations in a public restroom (the operative word is "public" not "private"). If I have to take a crap and I walk into a public restroom only to find that the stalls have no doors, I'm more than likely still going to use the toilet. I don't really get embarrassed if someone sees me on the toilet, and I'm also not too concerned people's bashfulness at seeing me on the toilet in a public place. Let's all keep out eyes to ourselves, huh? Anyway, just curious of the general consensus. Doorless stalls - yay or nay?"
There should be some modicum of privacy and decency. I agree with you on the second sentence of your paragraph. In many parts of the world, there are doorless and even STALLESS toilets. I have used them here and abroad. Here in NYC, I have used both types in the city parks to urinate or move my bowels. I am a runner. So, I've had to drop my shorts and panties with all my girlhood bared. As long as it's clean-FINE!
Marten: I've had many of them. See my posts from years ago.
Kirsten: Even doctors and nurses have diarroe. They make the most noise and the most stink.
English teacher: I was a cheerleader in HS and college. See my earliest posts. A cheeleader like you should not be wasting your bowel movements in your panties. I always rested my bowels prior to an event either at home school or where we visited. I like those old bathrooms. They had character. I started out in a new elementary school and progressed to older school buildings. By time I got to HS, I was in buildings 50 years old.
Natasa: It happened to me in HS when I was in a little used girls room. She just came in to mop. I was seated on the throne doing my secondary business, if you know what I mean. I was in the park after I finished a run. I went to the main ladies room where there were scores of toilets and female urinals. That place has been since renovated. I like the old place. I was in a stall peeing with my black Adidas running shorts and my white Jockey bikini briefs at my ankles when the cleaning lady came through with a mop. She saw just passed the mop under the stall. Another time, I was in another park with two stalls, same situation, running shorts and underwear down, when a cleaning MAN did not see me because I was in the last stall against the wall. When he discovered me, he apologized and waited until I was finished peeing. One time, I was in a park toilet with about 10 stalls. I was finished runnning over the bridge and I had to empty my bowels. While in one of the stalls, my yellow Brooks running shorts and my red Jockey bikini panty were at my ankles when the custodian came into mop. I had loose soft movement with little yellow pieces and chunks. I was sitting on my tiptoes as the loose pieces came out with gassy farts. When the porter found my(the stalls had no doors), he excused himself. I told him it was nothing to be excused for. After I wiped and did not flush, I walked out and told him, "All yours." I heard him tell another park worker later how he walked in on a girl having diarreah and she left a huge bowel movement.

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Shopping trip desperation

I was out shopping with Wendy today & I'd been busting for a poo since we left home. I thought I'd be able to go in the supermarket toilets but they were all out of order. I was getting desperate by now & I decided to leave & go home before I had an accident in my knickers. Wendy had a better idea though. We ended up going to another supermarket that was not too far away & using the toilets there. By the time we found a parking space I was nearly pooing myself & it wasn't easy getting out of the car. I carefully made my way across the car park & into the store only to find that they were doing a lot of rebuilding work & the only available toilet was temporarily closed while some workmen were working in there. I was beyond desperate by now & could feel the poo pushing on my anus. The urge to release this monster poo was overwhelming & I nearly gave in to it. I was in a panic but Wendy calmed me down & convinced me I could hold it untill we got home. I clenched as hard as I could & we got back in the car & drove home. I parked the car & as I was getting out I felt the tip of a turd poking out of my bum. Somehow I managed to suck it back in but & we made our way into the house. I don't know how I managed it but I kept this monster poo inside me just long enough to get into the bathroom. Wendy came in with me to help but it was too late. I must have held it a little too long & I totaly pood myself. It was big & messy & I couldn't stop it. I had no control over my bowels & about a third of it came out into my knickers before I could stop it. I still had to go really badly & my bum was covered in poo & my knickers & jeans were full of poo. I took my jeans & peeled my knickers away from my bum & threw then in the toilet. Then I wiped as much off my legs as I could & sat on the toilet to complete my enormous poo. I pood for ages & it felt such a relief. When I looked in the toilet I found it was a reall mess. I could pee my knickers caked in poo & a big pile on top, that half filled the bowl. I can't believe I could have that much poo inside me let alone block the toilet with such a huge amount of poo. I wiped & flushed the toilet but it wouldn't all go down. The water rose about half way up the bowl & then quickly got sucked away leaving a few turds floating around. I had to wait for the toilet to refill & flush again & then it was all gone exept for a lot of brown streaks above & below the water. I took a shower While Wendy got me some clean clothes & as soon as I was dressed we went out shopping again.

Accidental Tourist

To Steve

Steve, that was a great post about your cousin Bobbie. Do you have any other stories about her? Are you still in touch with her? My guess is she was interested in accidents too; I bet it wasn't her only major accident. If you have any more stories, please tell them.

-- AT

new guy

Daily Dump

I just took a dump about 2 minutes ago it was about 2 to 3 inches long and about 2 inches thick at one end and about 1 inch thick at the other and then was chunk after that they were both dark brown and when I wiped I saw a small streak of blood which usualy happens when I take a big dump like that.

To everybody on this site I consider you all to be friends even though we have never met before or not known it anyway thats what I like about this site there are people from all around the world but this site alows us to talk to eachother.

Jeff B

New GF Is open about bathroom habits

Been a lurker for ages and now it's time to post. My name if Jeff 20 yrs old and I Love this site and everyone on it. I've recently let my new 19 yr old GF of 4 months in on my little secrete of how I love girls bathroom habits. Well, shocked, she took it 100% ok. So every now and then she wont flush and leave the door open when going. She's such a little sweetheart. She's got black hair, 120lbs, and stands 5'3. She's a jaw dropper. ;D
So before I let her in on my personal interest of her bathroom time I'd sneak by the door and take a listen. I must say she can be a noisy dumper sometimes, and it's quite sexy. I'm really excited that she is so open about this kind of thing now so I don't hafta be all sneaky and listen at the door. I've never actually seen a legit dump from her. I've only seen what she's left lets say like she'll take a small poo when she goes for a wee or before a shower. I'm looking forward to her leaving me a full dump one of these days. I can't wait.

Anyways, we recently took a trip to CO for an event and to visit my sister and we where staying with her aunt. We decided to take a nap after the 12 hour drive then go for some food later. Now when she doesn't eat for a long time her belly starts acting up and then she starts feeling sick. Well she started to push in on her sides and I knew something was boiling in her little belly. About 30 minutes later we decide on showering first before we get all dolled up to go eat. Just before we got into the shower she asked to have the bathroom for a couple minutes and that was when I just shivered in excitement. So I hung close to the bathroom door and listened to the bombs about to be dropped. I heard her sit down then I heard her take a breath. A couple seconds later she let out a moan and I just knew she was filling the bowl. After that she let out a semi dry fart, a moan, and I heard a log drop out of her little bum. She inhaled again and then it sounded like someone pouring mud into the toilet. She let out another fart and then she wiped, flushed and was ready for the shower. I stepped back into the bedroom which was directly next to the bathroom so when she opened the door I wouldn't be there like WTF? Haha! Now the weird part is this. When we went into the bathroom for our shower there was no smell at all. It's odd, because even now after she drops a load there is never any smell. =/
We went on and took our shower and got all fixed up and before we where about to walk out of the bedroom to leave she paused in place and said "Ooo be right back" and my heart almost stopped again as she walked back into the bathroom and closed the door. I immediately took place and listened to her through the door. I heard her sit down and then the most sexy sound on earth came from her. She had two waves of 3 seconds each of the most amazing sounding liquid shit ever. Each wave sounded like someone pouring pancake batter in the front of the bowl just hitting the water. She then pushed and strained for 3 more times with each strain ending in a fart. She then sadly flushed and came out about 4 minutes later.

That was an amazing trip and that little event kept our nighttime fun up at 100%. ;D

I'll have more stories soon now that she leaves her beauty behind in the bathroom for me to see. I love all the stories on here and read them everyday. I hope to become a regular poster soon.



she couldn't hold it very long.

Recently i had a bet with my girlfriend(shes 24 im 25) and i won the bet, and as my reward i said i wanted her to do a pee holding challenge. After some convincing, she agreed and we chose a day. I said all she had to do was not go to the toilet when she woke up in the morning and just go about her day normally just holding in her pee. So we woke up around 9:30 on a Saturday morning and she immediately made a miserable face and said "this isn't gonna take long i already have to pee badly". I watched her get out of bed and step into the bathroom and clean up, wiggling around and crossing her legs frequently. She said it felt so weird to not pee first thing after getting up and that thinking about it was making it worse. She got dressed- i had to watch her to make sure she didn't sneak a pee. She put on cotton gray panties with lacy waistband and faded tight blue jeans with no back pockets. She came out of the bathroom with a pouty look on her face and said "so as soon as i can't hold on any longer i can go to the bathroom?" And i said "well, you can only decide to go to the bathroom if you make it until 3pm. She whimpered and argued but that was the deal.
About 12:30 rolls around when she's walking from the living room to the kitchen with her body all stiff and a pained look on her face. She says "i can't hold it anymore" and started to make her way toward the bathroom whe she let out a high pitched gasping sound and stopped. That's when i looked at her butt to see a dark line forming on the seat of her jeans along the bottom of her left buttcheek, and it quickly began to grow wider and spread down the backs of her legs and up her butt, first in a line along her crack before spreading over her cheeks too. She kept sighing loudly and saying "oh god" as her jeans began to glisten from the wetness and a large puddle formed near her feet.
She stayed frozen that way for about 2 minutes until she was done peeing. She slowly turned and looked at me with relief and embarrassment, her hands trying to conceal the wetness on the front of her jeans but there was too much to cover. She blushed and sheepishly said "would you clean up the puddle while i change my pants?" And i said "i think I'll help you change first". I followed her to the bathroom and watched her literally peel her soaking wet jeans down, turning them completely inside out she handed them to me and they were actually heavy because she peed in them so much. She stood there with her soaked gray panties on and the seat and crotch and a little patch on the front coming up from between her legs looked almost black from being so wet. This is where the story takes i turn which i cannot share...
It was fabulous.

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