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To: Alyssa great story about your sister pooping in the trash can while you where on the toilet pooping you know you couldve tried a buddy dump maybe next time you can try that just to see if you like it and please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Amy great story please post some more thanks.

To: Marten great story about seeing your girlfriend poop maybe she will do it more often now if she does please share the story or any other stories you might have about girls and/or women going to the bathroom thanks.

To: Bowen Girl first welcome to the site and great first please contiue to post more thanks.

To: Wendy & Kristy wendy great story about you pooping the big poop I bet you alot better and relieved after that and Kristy thats a reason they need to put more bathrooms around town even if there the portable ones because thoes are better then no bathroom at all and great story about hearing that nurse having diarrhea I bet she went home after that second attack because it would be to concentrate on work when your constantly worrying about having an accident shes also lcky she made it to the toilet and didnt mess herself and please contiue to post more more great stories you guys I look forward to your next strory and you guys are now number 1 favorite stories taking the place the place of Carmalita and her friends who use to post here years ago and not that the other stories arent good they are thanks.

To: heyitspoop another great story about youu pooping and hearing other girls and women pooping please contiue to post more stories thanks.

To: Anna great story I bet that guy was amazed to see something like that come out of a woman please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Upstate Dave another great story please keep them coming I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Sportsfan great story about hearing that woman pooping in the ladies while you where in the I like bathrooms like that the at my local library is kind of like that where you can hear almost everything going on in them from the outside and please post more stories like that thanks.

To: Steve great story about seeing a girl have an accident please share more stories like that thanks.

To: Leanne great story please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

well thats all for now I would say this site has become one of my favorites I read it everyday sometimes ill read one to three pages while other times ill read more it all depends on how much time I have or how bored I am.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site


For shy poopers

Hello everyone.

This is for anyone out there who's ever had to poop but was too worried that somebody would hear the splashing. When that happens to me, I tear off a few folded sheets of toilet paper and place it in the toilet so it covers the water, so when I poop, it only makes a soft 'fwump' noise. This has been a life saver in a few situations.

One such situation was when I was about eight, I was in my room and I felt like I had to poop, nothing unusual, I got up and went to use the washroom. My older brother's room was right near the washroom and he had a couple of friends over. I was nervous about the noise that my pooping would make, so I went back to my room and figured that I would hold it until they left, I was far from desperate.

I went back to my room and read my book. After about an hour, I was getting seriously uncomfortable, I let a little gas out but it didn't help much. I couldn't concentrate on my book anymore, all I could think about was this huge load that was trying to force my anus open.

I put my book down and went back to the washroom, but my brother still had his friends over. I began to panic, I knew I couldn't control this urge much longer, I was passing gas uncontrollably which is never a good sign.

I went into the washroom and began doing a major toilet-dance, desperately wracking my brain for ideas. Suddenly it came to me, I got some toilet paper, folded it and place it in the bowl over the water.

My poop was forcing it's way out before my butt hit the seat so I quickly sat down and relaxed. It was a great relief, but I was still a little nervous about the noise. Thankfully, my poop hit the paper with minimal noise. I pushed the rest of my poop out, peed, wiped, flushed and went back to my room, hoping that my brother and his friends couldn't smell anything

I hope this idea helps someone.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 11

The rest of Saturday after eating supper we didn't as far as I ,Janet, and Jill didn't do anything as far as being with each other when we needed to piss. (untill bedtime) So it was a quiet evening. Before we all went to bed my mom told us all that we had to go to church. My mom had promised Jantes and Jills mom that the girls would.

Jills bed time was before Janets and mine. So she went upstairs got ready for bed while Janet and I satid downstairs watching tv in the living room. Since we had to go to church in the morning I told Janet that we didn't have to wait for Monday to go shopping at the variety store. If we go to the eleven oclock mass which gets out at noon it will be open. I said to Janet. So we would stop after church was planned.

So it now was not quite our bed time but Janet said to me come onlets go upstairs. Janet told me as we headed for the stairs Jill would be asleep. My dad had already gone to bed over a hour ago and he would be like Jill sound asleep too. My mom was in the the little room offf the kitchen bathroom doing some work in there at her desk. She would be busy with that forat least a couple of hours more she had told us earlier.

So Janetand I quietly went upstairs and when we made the turn at the top of the stairs Janet whispered in my ear; Not the bathroom! Your bedroom! Let's piss in your can! I smiled and since we were standing right by my bedroom door I opened it. Janet quickly and quietly slipped through the partaily opened space of the opened door and I did too and quietly closed the door behind us.

My bedroom was dully lit by the light from the street light outside shining through my bedroom window. I headed for the closet to get the large metal peanut butter can. Janet went over to my desk to turn on the lamp that was on it. I came right out from my closet with the large metal can and Janet was unbuttoning the buttons on that light green summer dress with the kulak shorts bottom.

I popped the cans lid off and I set it down on te bed. Janet was still unbuttoning the buttons on her dress. Janet said to me;I should have changed out of this dress Dave! It's a pain in the ass to button all of these buttons whenyou reall have to go! I laghed softly and I asked Janet if I could help her. Janetsaid in a very loud whisper; YES!

So I stepped over to her knelt down and I started with the buttns on the kulak shorts and worked my wayy upward unbuttoning the buttons as Janet worked her way down. Now it only took us both a much shorter time to get the buttons unbuttoned if only Janet had done it alone. Janet slipped thedress off from her shoulders and then slid it down to her feet and quickly pulled the dress off the rest of the way.

She left it laying on the floor and we both then stepped over to my bed which Janet plopped down it very fast with her ass on its very edge with her vagina over its edge. Again like the first time when she pissed in the can Janet made room for me by sreading her feet way apart on the floor makeing her thighs wide aprt and I knelt down between them.

I was moving the metal can to get it in position under Janets vagina but out from Janets vagina came her piss stream! Janet couldn't hold back for me to get the can in its proper position! Her stream hit hard luckily into the inside of the can but not on its bottom but high up on its inner side. It made a loud metalic sound with her piss stream hiting the can! Plus her stream was hissing very loudly too so that added more noise with this piss.

Accutaily neither one of us cared at this point. Janet was pissing and thats what all she cared about. I was right there so close to her watching her piss! So I didn't bother trying to move the can,plaece my hand on the cans bottom to quiet the noise of the can. After having pissed for several seconds and with the noise that her piss was makeing which both of us were hearing Janet and I both laughed softly.

Janet took a good long piss too into the can. It seemed to me being one of those never ending pisses that Janet could do ever so often. (:-)). Of coarse that made me happy that she did! The can got fairly heavy Janet had pissed so much into it. Her stream eased up this time kind of fast. It's hissing did fade out quickly and stopped before her stream stopped its flow.

Janet then did three short finishing off spurts and had a few drips after that. She was done. Now with Jill being naked and siting on my bed with the open window behind her it was cooler outside tonight then it had been. Jill whispered loudly to me; Dve I've got to get into something rght now! I'm cold! I told her that was alright. Tell you whatJanet; You go get changed I'll dump the can out in the bathroom. Meet me in the bathroom and I'll take my piss in there! Janet smiled got right off from the bed stepped over andpicked up her summer dress of the floor.

As she headedfor my bedroom door Janet saidto me; See you in a few minutes! Janet quickly opened my bedroom door slipped out through it and I heard her hurrythrough the hall, opned the door of hers and Jills bedroom and then heard it close. I grabbed the cans lid walked right out of my bedroom and went straight to the bathroom with the can.

When I got in the batroom turned on the light and went straight over to the toilet and dumped the can right out into it. Then stepped over to the sink poured cold water into the can filled it up halfway and then back to the toilet and dumped the can out again. I took a sniff and the can didn't smell like piss so I put the lid back on it. I left the bathroom walked back to my bedroom and put the can back in my closet on the shelf.

Then I walked back to the bathroom closed the door most of the way leaving it slightly open. I stood and waited for Janet to join me. I only had a short wait and the door opened wider and Janet slipped inside the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Janet had put on a pair of light solid green pjs. I feel warmer with these on she said to me. I smiled at her and we both then stepped over to the toilet together.

Since I had dumped Janets piss out of the can also dumped the water from it too after rinsing the can the lid and seat were already in the up position. So no need to take care of either one. So Janet pulled down my zipper on my jeans and as she started to slip her fingers through my open zipper Janet asked me; Do you want these off instead? Janet the giggled and went on saying; I do know that you don't wear anything to bed!

I shook my head yes so Janet slipped her fingers back out of my open zipper and undid the snap on them. I only had my socks on for I had my sneakers off. So Janet yanked my jeans down. I lifted up one foot she slipped my jeans over it and then did the other leg over my other foot and kicked the jeans aside out of her way. Then she reached down with her hand placing her two fingers in positon on my penis (which was erect) pushed it down to itsneeded angle so I would piss in the toilet not anywhere else! Then she waited for me to start.

I started a very short couple of seconds later with a very good string stream. Its head was fairly wide and long then going into a short wide twist. My stream hit the water in the toilet very hard makeing a good splash adn a loud splash. Janet didn't bother movin my penis to move my stream to quiet it. Again here in the bathroom like in my bedroom we both didn't care about the noise.

I like Jill had to piss but not as urgently as she had. But my bladder felt real full to me and I knew Janet would get from me a long piss to watch and have a nice long time to hold me too!(:-)). Hat's exactly how this piss turned out! After sometime I was still pissing strongly Janet said to me and she giggled too; Dave your warm penis feels real good to me. Do you ever hold yourself whens it's cool or cold? If you want to know (Jaenet paused did a little harder louder giggle then went on withher loud whispering; I do warm my hands there too when they feel cold!

I let out a loud short laugh and I told her that I did also. Janet laughed and after that my piss stream eased off and several seconds later I had stopped did a few shorts psurts to finsih off with and also had a few drips come out too. Janet gave me a shake no drips happened and he n that was that I was done.WE stepped over to the sink brushed our teeth together. at the sink. Then after that I stepped over picked my jeans up off the floor.

Janet as I turned back around said to me; Dave I wished there was a drinking glass up here in the bathroom. (there wasn't) I could use to rinse my mouth out after brushing my teeth. Plus there is times I'm just thirsty. So I tod Janet to wait and I slipped on my jeans and I slipped out of the bathroom and went down to the kitchen and quietly got a older large metal glass we had in the glasses in the cuboard.

I went right back u to the bathroom slipped back inside and handed Janet the metal glas. She filled it up with cld water took a drink from it. SWished the water around in her mouth for several seconds and then spit it right out into the sink. The se drank the remaining water right down from the glass. She set the glass down by the sink. Lets go I'm done. Janet walked out first and I shut the light off as I left the bathroom. Janet said a whispering good night to me and I her when we were in the hall.

She walked to her and Jills bedroom opened its door slipped inside and quietly closed it. I stepped into my bedroom closed the door. I turned off my light first stepped over to my bed, took off my jeans slipped into bed and before I did fall alseep I smiled slipped both my hands where they would be kept warm where Janet had asked me if I had done this. I fell asleep very soon but the last thought on my mind was Janet doin the same thing! To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 13

I went and got dressed into my clothes that I was wearing for church. A pair of brown jeans with a brown shortsleeve dress shirt. When I finished dressing I heard my mother come out from the bathroom and go downstairs. So I went to the bathroom and took my morning piss while I could. I knew that the Jill and Janet would be takeing showers after breakfast so the batroom would be tied up then.

I went downatairs which my dad was makeing pancakes and bacon for breakfast when I walked into the kitchen andsaw that he was at the stove and on a plate was a stck of pancakes along on another plate a pile of strips of cooked bacon. My mother was sitting down at the table and so were both Janet and Jill still in their pjs. My mother said to me that I looked nice for church and Jill and Janet said that I looked nice too. I smiled and said a quick soft thank you and sat down in my seta and waited for my dad to get done which he did a few minutes later.

So we all sat there had our breakfast talked a little while we ate. Both Janet and Jill took repeated glasses from the oj pitcher as they ate. I only had two glasses total with my breakfast. When we all had finished my mother did the dishes. My dad went outside to do some work of some kind. Janet and Jill went upstairs and did what I said they would and they took a shower together. So I just went into my bedroom to wait for them to get ready and then we leave to ride our bikes over to the village go to church and then after church go to the variety store to go shopping.

I and the girls needed to be out of here by ten thirty so we would be at church before the eleven oclock mass. I had my radio on to pass the time as the girls showered and got dressed. I listened to tunes and that made the time pas quicker. Then about twenty after ten the girls were done and I got up and joined them out in the hall. Jill had put on one of her new outfits which was the light yellow shorts and tp. Janet also had put on one of her new outfits too. She had put on the new aqau top and shorts.

We quickly went downstairs waved good bye to my mom for she was on the phone. She gave us a quick wve back and we went outsde walked to the barn which my dad was there working on my moms car as we walked in. He heard us and he loked over told Janet and Jill tey looked nice and they gave him a quick thank you as we got on our bikes. we all said see you later to my dad as we rode out of the barn.

WE made better then average time getting over to the village onn our bikes. WE went to the church parked our bikes in the bike rack and went inside. The clock read 10:48. Then went inside from the lobby and into where the services were held. Now being summer tere wasn't all that may people in the pews. So The three of us stayed in the back and sat in the last pew on the right hand side.

The minister came out at elen on the dot and started the service. A typical service with prayers, a sermon,singing some hymes or not singing while the churches organ was played. Some times time dragged on but today it didn't. Soon there was only ten minutes or a little more was left to the service. The organist was playing a sound on the organ and was as always very loud. This is when Jill siting there on the wooden pew let out one long fart which just the tree of us heard with the loud organ music palying.

Janet and Jill both cracked right up with loud giggleing. I even laughed just a little too. Then a few seconds after letting out that fart Jill said just loud enough so that Jill and I could hear her; I'm going to do another! Jill let out another loud but short fart! Janet giggled and I smiled. Then Jill did one more which was loud and short and that was it. A minuteor two later the song was over and the minister told everyone to stand and shake each others hands and go in peace. Jill,Janet, and I shook hands for we had no ther poeple close enough by to hsake hands with. Then we quickly followed the other people out thatwere leaving and went straight to our bikes.

We slid them out of the rack hopped on them. Just before we started moving Jil blurted out one long loud fart! She broke into laughter. Janet said to Jill; Did you just shit Jill? It sure sounded like it. Laughing even harder Jill shook her head no. Janet then said as we just started moving; Lets get out of here before Jills stink catches up with us! Jill laughed harder and both Janet and I joined in and we laughed hard all the way across the parkinglot andas we made the turn to pedal down to the variety store.

We stopped and parked our bikes by the variety stores backdoors this time. The backdoors were closer to the clothes section then the front doors. We all went inisde. I told the girls I would join them for I wanted to go get some batteries for my transistor radio and my flashlight. My flashlight batterys were dead. So we split up then. I headde to the front of the store while the two girls went the short distance to the girls clothes.

It only took me a short couple of moments to get to where the batteries were. I picked out two batterys for my radio and got four batterys for my flashlight. Then I went to the check out and waited in the line. It was busy and it took me a good ten minutes of waiting and paying. Then I wlked back to the girls in the back of the store.

Both Janet and Jill had packages of more panties in thier hands. More underware? I said to them. Jill giggled as so did Janet. Then Janet said to me; A girl can never have enough! The girls also had a package of colored socks along iwth the packages of panties too. What they both wre looking at now was tshirts. Bot hurried through the packages of them and pulled out three each being different colors. Then they told me hey were done. So up to the frontof the store we all went. Janet and Jill got in line and had a lot less time waiting then I had.

Then after paying we walked out the front doors of the store walked back to our bikes at the backdoor. We got on them and got ready to ride off. But before we did Jill first spoke. Dave is there a place we can stop before the school? Janet then asked me the same question. Jill said she said she had to shit and Janet said she had too also. But she said she might be alble to make it to the woods by the school playground. Jill said I can't!

I then said come on there is a place that is less then a few minutes from here wher we all can shit! I had to go now too. So we took off with me leading with Janet and Jill behind me. We rode along the highway which we did for the next couple of hundred yards. When we reached the firehouse I turned the girls followed me and we rode down the short hill and swung around behind it and I stopped and so did the girls.

I headed for the row of trash cans lined up in a row by the back wall of the fire house. Janet and Jill were right on my heels. I ducked behind the row of trachcans and moved over makeing room for Janet and Jill to get behind the trash cans too. Now all of us behind them Janet and Jill slid theier shorts down as I got my brown jeans down too. WE all then sqauted down to go.

Jill ripped a loud fart off. Janet has started to piss hard which her stream hissed and hit the trashcans side and splashed off from it. I too started to piss which I had my penis held way down so I pissed on the pavement ot the trashcan in front of me. I looked back over twrds the girls way and Jill was pissing a staright down stream joining in with me pissing on the pavement.

Then I felt my asshole being forced open so I was starting my shit now with my piss stream slowing but not stopping. I also now raised my ass up to get into a higher squat. Jante had her piss stream stop for she was shiting now along with me too. I saw that her shit was already out about three inches and moving along gaining in length. Her shit was brown and smooth but not fat. Just medium in size. Looking further over at Jill she was pissing a lot less and she had joined in with Janet and I and I saw that there was already laying on the pavement under her a short fat tan shit laying there and a second was comming.

By this time I felt that I was still shiting and then several seconds later my asshole closed right up. There was a dull thump and I was done with my shit. I had stopped pissing and I restarted to piss agian wetting the pavement more with piss as I went again. Janet as I looked had a long shit laying on the pavemet under her. It was about eight inches long and there was a good four incher hanging under her know and then it fell dropping on over her her first shit. That seemed to be it for her shiting. Janet too had stopped pissing but restarted by pissing weakly which she wtted her shit and more of the pavment too.

Then next looking over at Jill she had two more tan shits laying with her first shit. There was another very thin long one hangng under her ass along with a strong stream of piss wetting her shit and the pavement also. So I stayed looking at Jill and her shit that was hangingfell and I saw no stubs so she was done shiting now too.

Janet was the only one of the two girls that had brought a pocketbook. Sh head since she was shopping. Sh erached for it. Opmed it and pulled out a big bunch of tissues from it. I said to Janet; Good girl! Janet giggled and handed mea good bunch of tissues to use. She also gave Jill some too to wipe her ass. Janet kept the rest to wipe her ass.

WE all wre there squating wipeing our asses together. I needed to wpe myslef times that I used up three tissues in all. Janet when she had finished wipeing her ass had used up five. Jill used all the ones she had and had to ask for more! I passed to Jill the three I had wwhich Janet passed to jill. She wound up using those three too which did get her ass finally clean.

Then we all staying sqauted managed to pull up our clothes. The girls their pnaties and shorts. I my boxres and jeans. We all then did a quick check look at our own and each others shit. We all laughed some made comments about how much we had done. Then I stepped around the trashcans at my end. Jill did at her end. Janet pushed the ne in front of her forward then stepped from around it.

Now being out in the open now we allsaw that with our pissing there were many piss trails that had gone across the black pavement past the trashcans. I had a long single one but Jill and Janet had several that had gone down over the pavment for they had pissed onger then I had. In fact Jill and Jnest piss trails had gone past our bikes gone all way across the entire paved strip! Both girls laughed hard and so did I. We hopped on our bikes ride back up the other side of the firehouse and went straight home. That was all did as far as being on the naughty side for the day. To be continuied Upstate Dave

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 12

I was awke which the sun had woke me up shinning through my bedroom window. I glanced at the clock by my bed on the stand that was next to it. It was almsot seven tirty. I lay in my bed for several more minutes and I was just now to get out of bed when on my bedroom door came three quick lght knocks in a row followed by Jantes vice; Dave I and Jill need to come in! PLEASE!

I said loud enough so that the girls would here me; Ok. The door opened quickly and both Janet and Jill stepped inside my bedroom and closed the door very quickly behind them. Both girls ran over to me a I still was laying on my bed under the sheet. (well they diddn't run but almost!) I asked both of them; What's up with you two this morning?

Jill spoke first as Janet headed for my closet; Dave your mom is in the bathroom showering and your dad is in the downstairs bathroom right now. I HAVE TO PEE SO BAD! Janet ow came out of the closet with the large peanut butter can toilet in her hands. She said to me; I know Dave this ws to be kept a secret between us. But there is no othe choise right now. I told Jill that there was a place to go in your room so Jill can use the can.

Janet said this real fast so I couldn't reply back. Jnet popped the cans lid right off which she did so fast and hard she couldn't grab it for it came ff so hard and it flew out of reach for her to grab. It hit the floor makeing a loud metalic twaaaang and it rooled over across the floor sun around and then fell makeing more noise. You know that yang yang yang sound that a meadle jar lid as it is still spinning just before it does lay flat on the floor.

Jill who was stamping her feet back and forth hard on the floor added to the noise in the room that the cans lid had made. Jill had on a full pair of pjs which were light flannel ones like Jills but jilss flannel pj bottoms were shorts not full lengh. Jill now had untied the the thin rope that held up her pj bottoms and shoved them down and let them go. Janet instead of holding the can set it down on the bedroom floor instead.

Jill sqauted right down placing her ass lightly on the top of the can! In a instant Jill was pissing into the can! I could just see her vaginas slit with just the very start of her piss stream comming out. Just that short second of her stream showning it was very yellow. Jll sa she was there squated on the can had her eyes closed tightly and was very still. One thing with her lightly sitting on the metal can it dd asorb some of the sound that her piss was makeing hitting inside the can.

Janet came over and sat down on my bed. She was looking towards jills direction not seming to e watching Jill but waiting instead. Janet then said to me in a soft voice; Dave ou can't be angry. After all this is the only way. I looked at Janet and I told her Iwasn't angry. I was watching Jill piss anyway. She had to go so its fine with me that she is useing the can to piss in. I got a quick hug and a smile from Janet.

Then having pissed for a short time in the can Jills piss stream must have changed for it was hissing nowbut what I could see of her stream I saw n change. Janet now leaned over and whispered in my ear; Dave I kept my hands warm last night! I let out a short little laughand I said rightback to Janet; I did too. I fell asleep that way Janet. That made Janet let out a short giggle and she said back to me; Me too! Then she added I woke up the same way with my hands still therethis morning! Jante grabbed my two hands and they felt warm real warm!

Now as far as Jill the hissing that her piss stream had stopped. The sound of her splashing piss was a lot less loud too. I saw that what I could see of her stream it was very thin looking now. Then I saw it go right into a trickle and then dribbled which made dribble type splashing in the can. Then the dribbleing turned into steady dripping which now her dripping piss made the dripping piss sound in the can which went on for many long seconds. Then it stopped.

Jill now stood up getting out ofher sqaut on the can. She took a step forward turned around and looked right down inside the can to check to see how much she had pissed into it. I saw her smile slightly and then with her pj bottoms crumpled up around her ankles Jill shuffled stpped over to my bed turned around and sat down on it. Dave thank you very much! You saved me from really makeing a big mess. I owuld have really wetted mysloef big time if you hadn't let me use your can! I smiled and told Jill it was ok. No need for thanks Jill.

Now Janet got up from the bed. She went over to the can. She turned and faced back at Jill and I and she said to us both; I'm going to sqaut on the can too! Jill yanked right down the short styled pj bottoms letting them fall around her ankles and bare feet. Then she sqauted right down and she stopped when she felt the cans rim on her bare skin off her ass.

Then Janet satrted her piss which again I could justsee the start of her stream like I had seen Jills. Janets wasn't yellow it was cloudy only. But Janet was pissing harder then Jill had so the splashing of her piss into Jills piss was louder. There was no hissing from Janets stream. As I had my eyes on Janet the bed shook slightly so that made me turn which Jill was slideing over away from me on the bed.

Then she stopped took and grabbed the corner of my top bedsheet and she wiped her vagina off with it! Jill! I said to her. Jill dropped the bedsheet and she said back to me; Dave I had to wipe! I was still wet there!. I let out a little laugh and told Jill it was ok. I made her giggle for I went on and told herif you need to wipe more she could. So she picked up the corner of the sheet and went on and dabbed her vagina untill it was dry. I went back looking at Janet watching her piss.

Jante took a fairly long piss but not as long as Jill had. Janet did a ease off style ending with this piss and then did four short piss spurts with no dripping after the spurts. Janet eased up but didn't stand up completley. Janet grabbed her flannel shorts pj bottoms and then as she went to stand up she pulled them up then. Jill seeing Janet pulling up her pj shorts quickly said to Janet holding the corner of my sheet in her hand again said tJanet; Want to wipe before you get your shorts all the way up? Janet shook her head no and went and pulled her pj shorts all the way up.

Janet went over and picked up the cans lid from the floor. She put the lid back on and even put it back in the closet for me. I said a quick thanks to Janet and I then told them both they better get out of here. So Jill got off my bed went with Janet over to my bedroom door Janet opened it just far enough and the wto of them slipped out and closed the door. I got up out of bed now. I had a throbbing erection which if Janet had seen that I had she would have smiled. But Jill it would ave been a different matter. Jill would have giggled loudly or laughed loudly. I let out a little laugh and I walked into my closet to get out what I was going to wear to church. To be continuied.

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