women with very huge bladders

i am curious if any-one of you know women with very large bladders. i thinks my new girlfriend is a women with a really huge bladder. she only pees twice a day or maybe 3 times at the max.

i was wondering if there are other women out there with such a bladder since i was to shy to ask her about her peeing habits.

Hi guys and girls! Home for Christmas now, so I can start posting again! I have lots of stories for you.

I see Leanne has already posted about her embarrassing poop story, so here's one of mine now. A few weeks ago I went to Newcastle to visit some friends who are at uni there. I went by train so I had to leave quite early to catch it. I packed my stuff and felt a slight urge to poo before I left so I went to the toilet and pushed out a couple of little bits and emptied my bladder. I got the train which took about two hours to get to Newcastle. By the time we were about halfway there I had to poo again quite badly. I had a sandwich and crisps and a drink for lunch and I knew I wasn't going to get to my destination without going. I hate using train toilets because they're almost always dirty and disgusting. I decided I'd have to go, so I waited until it became free and then did the walk of shame down the carriage which I hate as well, especially when I'd be in there for a while. It was one of those sliding door toilets, so I went in and it shut behind me. I pulled down my jeans and knickers and sat. The seat was clean enough for a change and I really didn't fancy hovering over it when the train was rocking about at high speed. I did my wee and then started pushing. Two big logs came out and fell into the bowl. I was checking my phone while pushing out a third log when it became clear that I hadn't actually locked the door behind me. It was sliding slowly open! At least four or five people could clearly see me sitting on the loo with my trousers and knickers round my ankles and a turd hanging out of my bum! The woman who had opened the door started apologising profusely and she closed it again. I let go of my turd and quickly stood up and examined the buttons, making sure I locked it this time. I finished with two more bits of poo, wiped and stood up. I washed my hands and opened the door. Needless to say everyone was looking at me as I walked back to my seat. I was soooo embarrassed!

Hope you enjoyed my story- I will post again soon. Bye!


Under the Cosh of Nasty Nikki

Hello Everyone
Thanks New Guy for your kind and supportive comments.
Hope everyone is OK and in good health.
I would like to get something off my chest which has been bugging me for a while.
I once spent a rather interesting if very unpleasant six months working at a Chartered Accountant Practice.
My Manager was a bespectacled young woman in her early twenties.Nikki had purple hair, wore pencil skirts and was a precociously brilliant overachiever.She was however a throughly nasty piece of work and a bully.
I worked in her team with another young guy and an older woman who wanted to retrain.
Nikki was so unpleasant that she would frequently refuse to allow us to go on lunch breaks at our agreed times, and would even get nasty if we asked to use the toilet! In those days temporary staff did not have the employment rights that they do now, so we had to put up with this.Besides, she was the best Accounts Senior in the Practice and the Senior Partner had faith in her despite the many complaints of bullying made by staff about her.
Nikki also had bad flatulence - she would frequently lean foward on her chair and a quiet FRUMPPP! would procede some rather eggy aromas around the office. The three of us workers used to laugh about this behind her back as Nikki got even nastier if she saw us treating her with disrepect.
The toilets were two self-contained rooms with integral basins.The dividing walls were pretty thin, so you could hear a pin drop in the adjacent room.
Every lunchtime at exactly 1230, Nikki would flounce off to the toilet with a copy of "Accountancy Age" (or whatever the journal was called). I always made a point of being in one of the two toilets at 1230.
I would hear Nikki lock the door, the rustle of her skirt and the snicker of her pants coming down and hear her sit down on the toilet. She would do a massive wee lasting fifteen or more seconds, followed a loud bassy fart.
She would sit there doing loud bassy fart after loud bassy fart - I could not believe how much gas was inside her.Eventually she would do four loud plops very rapidly, before the rattle of the toilet paper holder meant I had to scarper back to the office.
An afternoon's work would follow, punctuated by several eggy farts from Nikki.She was studying in the evening so just before she left, she would use the toilet.Again I tended to hang out within earshot.
In the evening, she would pee for ages, fart,then poo very rapidly - there would be a"POOOWOOOOOOOO-SPLASH-SPLASH-SPLASH-SPLASH-SPLASH_SPPLUUUUUTTTT-PLOP_PLOP_PLOP_PLOOOOPP!!" followed by a very brief rattle of the toilet roll holder.As she walked past our desks on the way out, she would always rudely ignore us as we said Good Evening to her. As she walked past we would all get a faily lethal whiff off her as she flounced out.
Nikki had absolutely no redeeming features as a fellow member of the human race whatsover.She frequently had her team in tears because of the bullying, which included her habit of making snide remarks about us behind our backs whenever one of us left the room.
Having an earwig into Nikki's poops was the only way of getting my own back on her.
Thankfully Nikki left abruptly after 3 months, after telling the the Senior Partner to go and do something anatomically impossible to himself!
This was not the end of the tale, because Nikki's sister became famous.A short while ago, I actually saw Nikki being interviewed on local TV about her sister.The bad memories came flooding back, and may well return in 2012...
Bye for now!
Love Hermes

Upstae Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 6

Well what happened after the movie had ended and with everything that we had done today cuaght up with all three of us. All of us now were so tired out. Jill said to both Janet and I. I'm so sleepy now I'm not going to stay up any longer. I can't stay up till when I do have to piss I'm that tired. She asked me if she could go through my room instead of going downstairs and then come back up the other stairs.

Janet also said she wwas so tired now too. Take us both Dave we'll be quiet. So Janet and Jill both left the little bedroom and walked across the back attc.Iturned off the tv and the light and I left the room walked over to the girls opened the door to the little room off my bedroom which the two lights were still on in it and they stepped inside and I did too closed the door and the girls then stepped up te stpes and very quietly opened the door to my bedroom. I sht off the two lights and joined them in my bedroom.

Before we went over to my other bedroom door Jill gave me a quick hard hug. then she went over to the bedroon door waited for Janet. Janet gave me ahg also and a quick kiss. Then she went over to Jill opened up my bedroom door to the hall. Both girls turned gave me a little wave and both whispered; See you in the morning Dave. Then they stepped into the hall and closed my bedroom door very quietly.

I went straight over tomy desk turned off the light on it and then went right over to my bed. I stripped down fully naked got in bed and pulled up just the top sheet over me and in minutes I fell asleep and dreamed too all about the activites with Jill and Janet that we had done. (:-) what a great dream I had too!!!)

I slept till I heard my dad get up which he wouldn't have normaly done today. It was Saturday! AS it had turned out later her had to work today which was overtime for him. He always would if he had to. Extra work ment extra good money! I fell back to sleep again very quickly after hearing my dad. I never heard my mother get up a hour or so later. I din't hear her uuntill the phone ringing down in thekitchen had run which was right below my bedroom. I heard my mothers voice that was woke me up.

Then from Janets and Jills bedroom next door came sounds that either one of them was up or both of them. Then I heard footsteps race out in the hall go by my bedroom door and a few short seconds later the bathroom door close hard. I smiled to myslef. Well one of the girls was up now and from last nights drinking the glass of lemonade and not takeing a piss before bed someone sounded that they sure had to piss now!

In fact I hadn't either pissed last night after drinking my glass of lemonade. I had the need now to piss too. So I wited for the souns of whoever had gone into the bathroom to come out and then I would get up throw on my bxers and go. But what Iheard shortly later was the glass doors of the tub and shower slide open and then the shower turned on and the glass doors shut! Some one was in the shower!

Si laid there in bed thinking that I would have to get fullydressed and go downstairs and use the bathroom down stairs off the kitchen. I really didn't want to. Well I made up my mind and I sat up and swung the top sheet off from me. I was just about to reach down to pick up my boxers that were on the floor whn my bedroom door opened! In walked Janet!

Janet saw me ooking at her siting naked on my bed! I wasn't bothered by that at all. But i was bothered a little by her comming into my room. Why did you come in? I asked her. Janet closed my door quietly and said she wanted t say good morning to her. I said good morning back to her. Jill's the one in the shower Janet told me. She also giggled saying you should have seen Jill when she first got up. Boy did she ever had to piss! I laughed a little. I thyen said to Janet; She sure sounded like she had to. The wy she ran to the bathroom she sure was in a hurry to piss!

We both laughed softly a little. Then Janet I had noticed had been tired enough she never changed ut of the summer dress she had worn last night. She still had it on. I mentioned to Janet about it. Yeah I was to tired to take it off. Then Janet asked how I was right now. Do you have to piss? I sure do! I told her that was what I was going to do. I was about to dress and go downstairs and use the bathroom down there.

Janet then gave me a slight smile. Then she sai why not go to the itlle back bedroom and use the window again? I tod her we better not take that chance at all! My mom is in the kitchen right now right below us. If we do leave here the floor creaks a lot which can be heard in the kitchen. With the two od=fus in here and we do that she can tell that there is two people her in my room!

I told Janet that she could use the bathroom up here. It was only her sistor Jill in it. Come on Janet your both girls! Janet now said back to me kind of protesting; Yeah Dave I want to do it with you! Come on please! There is something that you can come up with so we can! I sat there for a long momnet before I did talk back to Janet. Then I told her there was a way. We could both go right here in my bedroom. But you Janet do have to keepthis one a secret from Jill!

Janet said ok that she would on this. I got up from my bed. I said to Janet I have a emergency toilet that I used when both Nancy and Judy were home.(my two older sistors) They would tie up both bathrooms so I had to wait for them both many times to get out of the bathrooms. So I made up my own emergency toilet to use right her in my room when they had the bathrooms tied up and I couldn't use them.

I didn't exxplain any further t Janet what I had used fot I had gotten up and walked into my closet. I reached up on the first shelf over the dresser and moved a couple of small boxes out of the way. I pulled off the shelf my emergency toilet turned around and walked out of the closet holding it. Janet now saw what I was holding and she said to me; Is that what you use!!!! I said yes to her.

What I was holding was a five pound metal peanut butter can! It was large in its size. I popped its meatl lid right off and showed Janet how deep the can really was inside. Now she giggled just a little and said to me in a loud whisper; Now I can see that will work real well! I smiled and sai back to Janet; That it does!

Janet now said to me; Let me use it first Dave! I really have to go! Janet did too. For she too was sitting with me on my bd and she was makeing heslf bounce up and dwn and openeing and closing her legs tightly to keep from pissing. So I told her she could. I got off the bed and knelt down in front of Janet. She stood up and yanked her summer dress up both front and back and sat down on my bed after I told her she could. I also told her she only had to slide forward enough so she was mostly off the ebed and I would put the metal pail under her vagina.

Janet did exactly this doing it all in a big hurry. She hadspreaded her feet on the floor so wide apart I managed to move foward and knel between her wide open thighs placing themetal can right under her vagina! I ws holding from under its bottom with one hand and its metal handle with my other hand.

Janet started her piss as soon as I had placed the meatl can under her vagina. She set right into the large can a strong yellow stream of piss from her vagina! With my hand on te cans bottom that softened her streams inimapct of the cans metal bottom makeing at first the muted sound like water running in a metal sink. In a short few seconds her piss had covered the entire botom and now wno longer was the metalic sound but only just the splashing of her piss inside of the can.

I could feel that the cans bottom had warmed up with her piss warming the metal. That I felt on my hand that was holding te cans bottom. Her piss inside the can slowly as Janet pissed into it. I gave a quik glance up at Janet which she saw me do and she gave me a quick smile and I looked back down watching her piss comming out of her vagina and go into the can. Now there wa well over a good two inches high of her piss in the can. Janet just kept on going hard.

Then her streams strength peaked for it moved slightly to the cand edge but not hiting it. Her piss now swirled slowly in the can for several secnds. Then her stream moved back as it now started to weaken.Now I mentioned to Janet that her piss smelled like piss. I was closer to te can and could smell it strongly. I told her after I pissed I would have to clean the can out really well. Janet let out a short giggle and a few seconds later she had stopped pissing ensing only with a few drips into the can.

Now I could piss. So I carefully stood up since I had been kneeling. I ten reached down to my erect penis and placed my fingers into position and pushed it dow at the top opening of the can. With my other hand on the cans bottom I tilted the can overa at a angle. Before I did start my piss into the can Janet said wait Dave. Let me hold you!

Janet told me to step back. She did have to get off from the bed. So I did step back. Janet got rght off the bed. She stepped right beside my left side. She reached down and over as I let go my penis and she then took it wit her fingers placing them like I had mine. Now with her standng beside me holding me she had now what she wanted. Holding my penis and see me piss into the can too!

I like her I was ready to piss and really needed to go too. So my stream shot out very hard into the can. With it being tilted over my stream did hit into its side just above where Janets piss had crept up t on the side of the can being tilted it had done this. MY piss made a good splashbut with the can tilted none of my splashingpiss cam out of the can. I quickly told Janet that ws the reason why I had the can titlted over pretty far to keep from having a mess on the floor. Janet said right back to me; I see that!

My piss stream was yellow also but not as Janets piss was. But i did make piss foam where she had not. With the cans tilt my piss crept up higher on the lower side of the can whichbeing tilted it rose kindof quickly as I kept on pissing in the can. So I slowly from the bottom changed the tilt of te can which dropped the level of the piss in the can on te lower side of it.

I went on and took a much longer piss then Janet had. The can I could feel on my hands had been filled with a lot of piss now for on my right hand on the cans handle and my left on the bottom I could feel the cans heavyness. Then now my stream started easing and I soon ended my piss and did a couple of long spurts to finish off with. Janet gave my penis two short gentle shakes and then let go. I asked her to giveme the cans lid.

Janet did and I made the can straight for her and as she looked down seing how high our piss was inside the can now it being level; That's a lot of piss! I laughed a little and said to Janet; Put thekid back on Janet. She did and I walked over to the closet and set the can down onthe floor. I walked out and I said to Janet; You bettre get out of here now. Jill I heard stopped the water of the shower and right now the glas doors were slideing open which we both heard.

Janet said to me as she headed for my bedroom door; See you in a few minutes Dave I laughed waved at her and Janet slipped out my bedroom door and closed it. I then got dressed and I walked out of my room and waited for Janet in the hall. As I waited for her I heard the bathroom door open which that was Jill. I got a surprise as when she turned through the doorway of the bathrooms hall and the main hall Jill was naked!

Jill seeing me stopped. I asked her why she wasn't dressed comming out ofthe shower.Jill quickly giggled and told me real quick that she was getting clothes out to wear but I had to piss so bad I just ran to the bathroom without them. Then Jill ran up to the girls bedroom door opened it and closed it. I stood there on the vege of laughing loudly but I covered up my mouth with my hand and I manged to keep from laughing.Soon both Jill and Janet cameout and we wnet downstairs to thekitchen to have breakfast and see what was in store if my mothe had any plans for us to do or something else. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 9

After awhile watching tv I dozed off. No for long though. Less then 45 minutes. Feeling that my bladder needed emptying and Jill had also stirred and she woke up is woke me up. So I told her that I needed to take a piss now. Jill hurried right off the bed! She went right from being to sleep to being ffully awake in a instant with me telling her I had to piss! (lol)

I got up off the bed and went over to the window. I pulled my zipper down. Jill was standing right beside me. This time she didn't ask me to pull my jeans down and my boxers too. To me she seemed to much of a hurry t have do that. What she did get was to hold a erect penis which mine was. Mine did it a lot when I slept which didn't matter how long or how short I slept too.

So I got it out and Jill reached right for it placing her thumb on its head and a sinle figer up on its side and angled it so it was pointed down some. In a few short secons I started to piss. My stream came out thin. Even the head of my stream was thin this time. It did have a long twist in the stream. My piss was a light yellow color also. Where it came down was halfway on the workshops roof made a straight trail right over to the woorkshops rppf edge and off of it.

After I had pissed for close to ten second Jll asked me; Think you'll go for a long one Dave? I think so Jill. It feels like I can. Jill replied; I hope you do! I went on pissing which I could safly say another ten seconds passed and I was still pissing like I had when I started. Then my stream did start to ease after five seconds or so more had passed. Then a few short seconds later it had stopped. I did two short finishing off spurts and I was done.

Jill shook me twice and then shelet go. I slipped my penis back inside my boxers and jeans and started to zip up and I heard the screen door on the side of the house slam shut. My mom and Janet were home! I yanked my ziper right up! I told Jill get your shortsback on! (Jill was in her peach top and the dark purple panties she had bought) She hurried over where her shorts were on the floor and put them righ on.

We both put on our socks and sneakers and we quickly went out of the kittle bedroom and down the back attic stairs to the family room. Then out to the summer kitchen and outside. Jill and I waited a few minutes and then we walked up to the side doorand went inside to the kitchen. My mom and Janet were at the kitchen table which had a bunch of bags siting on it. So it looked like they had done quite a bit of shopping.

Janet asked; Where were you two? I saw that the bikes were in the barn when we pulled the car into the barn. So I knew you two hadn't gone out bike rideing. My mom laughed a little. I would have guessed why she did for Janet was sounding just like a mother at least tome anyway. So I told Janet that Jill and I had gone for a walk and we had just come back. Yeah we had just gone down to the creek.

My mom now told me that there was bags of groceries to put away there on the kitchen table. So I, Jill, and Janet picked up all the bags of groceries walked over tothe counters where the cuboards were set them down and started putting the groceries away. My mom picked up 3 bags from the kitchen table and sheleft the kitchen and went upstairs. I thought to myslef that those bags were her things or hers and for my dad.

Now as we three continuied putting groceries away Janet and Jill started talking to each other. Jill asked Janet what she got for herself. Lets see Janet said. I got some new sneakers to start with. Socks, two pairs of shorts, two new tops, two new summer dresses, cute ones too! Dave you'll like them! Lets see what else? Janet puased to think.

Oh yeah I bought six new pair of panties! I can throw out all the ones I have now. Jill laughed. Hey I bought some new panties today too! Dave bought a new little radio also! Janet looked at Jill first then me. Then Janet said; Oh you wo wentshopping too? Jill laughed and said to Janet we sure did! We went after you left. Janet asked hwere we had gone. I spoke up now and I told her took a bike ride up to the village. There a few small but good stores to shop in over there.

Janetthen said; That's nice to know. I still have some spending money left. Maybe we can go tomorrow. I had to speak up again. Janet we could but only one store is open on Sunday in the village. Monday would be better. Janet said I was right Monday would be better. Lets do it then. Ok? I said it was alright. Jill said; Oh boy another trip to the variety store! I laughed but Janet didn't for she didn't know anything about that store but she would on Monday.

We finished with the groceries by this time and my mom had come back down form upstairs. I and the two girls folded up all the paper grocery bags and I put them away. It was three in the afternoon now and we had three hours till supper. So we had some time to kill before then. So Janet went over to the kitchen table picked up her bags off from the table. As she did the phone rang and my mother answered it.

My mother laughed real hard and the started talking. So Janet headed for the doorway that went to the hall. Jill followed her. I stood there by the kitchen table but Janet waved her hand wanting me to come with them both.. So I did walk over to the girls. Then Janet whispered telling me she wanted to show both me and Jill what she had bought. I said allright and Jill giggled just alittle and said she wante see what Janet got too.

Jill said next; Lets sneak up to Daves little bak bedroom againlike we did last night. So that's what we did. Once we got back in the littl bedroom Janetset allhe bags down on the floor. Jill picked up the package that her three pairs of panties had been in and she took out the two pairs that she had put back in it. See Janet arn't these nice?! Janet looked at the yellow and peach colored pair of panties that Jill was holding up in her hands. Janet said the were nice. The way she said it she ment it too.

Then Jill tossed the two pairs of panties on the bed and yanked her peach colored shorts right down! Here's the last pair Janet! Janet saw the dark purple pair of panties that Jill had on. Hey those are super nice Jill! I WANT THEM! Jill said to Janet; OH NO YOU DON'T!!! You can't have them. They you won't fit you anyway! Jill then giggled hard. Well then I'll have to buy them on Monday! Janet said back to Jill.

Then Jill pulled her new sneakers out first from one of the bags. Jill liked them and I told Janet that they were nice too. Then sherumaged around in the same bag. Then she pulled out the pairs of shorts next. There was a terquise colored pair which Jill and I liked. Then there was a light green pair which I too liked but Jill only said thatthey were ok. The last pair was a peach color which Jill seeing them said to Janet; Hey we have a matching pair! Janet laughed amd I smiled.

That was it from that bag. Janet now went to one of the two remaining bags next. From this bag she had her new tops. A peach colored one to go with er pech shorts. A second top that was the same light gren as the green shorts. The last she had a matching terquise top that matched the shorts she had bought. She put all the tops back in the bag and then she started with the last bag.

This bag had her summerdresses which she pulled one out from the bag. It was a nice soft colored tan beige. She held it to the front of her showed both Jill and I. Jill really thought it looked good. I likeed it also. Janet laid it out on the bed. Then she pulled the second one from the bag. This one was a light solid green one. It was a different style then the first one in that this one could be unbuttoned where the other forst one had no buttons at all on it. It was nice which both Jill and I told Janet it was.

Janetlaid that one on top of the first one that was on the bed. Then she took out the last one. This one was a summer dress with kulak styled shorts. Now this one I really like Janet said for it has the shorts too. It was a very pale shade of lavendar and I liked it the best of the tree after Janet had held it up pacing itin front of her. Jill said it was ok but she told Janet she did really care that it had the kulak shorts.

Then Jill asked Janet if that was all. Janet said it was. Janet set the last dress down on the other two that were there on the bed. Jill then said she was going to leave now that she had seen verything. So she gotup and left. Janet after several minutes said good she's gone. Dave there is more to show you. My new panties! Janet reached into the bag that the three dresses had been in and pulled out all sixpairs of panties that she had bought.

THree pairs matched the clolors of her summer dresses. Two pairs matched theshorts she had bought. The last pair was plain white. Then she picked up two of the summer dresses and put them back in the bag. Janet left the light laveder one wth the kulack shorts bottom out on the bed. She also too now put the nmatching pair of panties with te dress too. Then she put the other pairs of panties back n the bag.

Can you stay here and I'll be right back. I told Janet yes so she picked up the 3 bags and left the little bedroom. Acouple of minutes she wa back. Now let me really model this for you! Janet said to me. Janet had on the one old summer dress and she took it right off! She then had on a pair of white panties and she took them right off. She put onthe lavendat panties and modled them for me almost the same way Jill had modeled her new panties for me. Except Janet did even a better job the Jill had.

Then Janet sat down on the old over stuffed chair. She unbuttened all the buttons on the front of the dress this included the butttons on the kulak shorts. Then she slipped the shorts on and the dress and buttoned the buttons up and modeled the dress. How sweet it looked on her too! Real real nice! I said to her. Janet smiled witha big smile. It is nice and cool to wear too Janet said to me.

Then Janet asked me for the time. I told her it was a little past three thirty. Come on lets take a walk. I said ok and we went down the back way and went outside the back way too. Once outside I asked Janet wher she wanted to go. Janet said how bout to your neighbors pond. I said sure so that's where we headed for.

As we walked and had gotten acros the highway and takeing the realold dirt roaddown to the other dirt road which would go oer by the pond we were heading to Janet said to me; Oh I forgot what we had for lunch! Ok tell me Janet I said back to her. We went to a place called Puals downtown in the city! I told herthat I knew that place. Good things to eat there! Janet laughed slightly for me saying that to her. You are so right she said back to me.

I had their great LTB club sandwich, great dill pickle,(those I knew were good too so Janet ws right in saying that it was great>) I had two of their great milkshakes also! Chocolate! And Last a big slice of apple pie alamode! Stop your'e makeing me hungry and want to go ther right now Janet! Janet lauhghed hard. I could do that too Dave! I then laughed.

We had reached the pond now and had already walked halfway around it. So we wre on the back side of it. Nowwhen Janet and Jill had come down for the first visit I had brough them down her and we had explored almost all of the property nearby the pond. Janet was familair with the area. As we walked over the dirt road behind the pond. Janet now said to me. There is a good second reason why I bought this dress Dave. Ok waht's that Jill? I asked her. Let's walk a little farther up the road and you'll find out why.

In a couple of minutes we had walked up the road now past the pond and where to our left was the small patch of woods where another road went into. So Janet turned on this road and I waked with her till we wre in the small wooded area. Now Janet stopped. Here's thereason why! Janet said to me. Janet started unbuttoning the buttond down the front of the dress. Stopped an paused with only having to do the buttons on the kulak shorts.

You have to take the dress off in order to piss! Janet paused and then if you have to shit too! I have to piss! Janet said to me and she was laughing slightly now. I smiled and I let out a little laugh myslef. Then I said; You are SO RIGHT Janet! Jnet then did the kulak shorts buttons and she slipped the new dress right off from her. She handed it to me. She now stood there with the matching lavendar panties on.

She slid them down and slid them off over her sneakers one sneaker at a time. She handed me the panties and Janet sqauted down in a nice gh hovering squat in front of me. Then Janetsaid quickly; This piss isnit gong to come out ike a milkshake! It's going to belike lemonade! As soon as Janet had finsihed saying that to me Janet started pissing!

Pis shot right out from Janets vagina. Out came a split stream too! One was a thick stream of piss going angled slightly foward. The other was a thin straight down stream of piss. The thick one was real wide headed with a good twist in it. The thin stream had a thin short twist in it. But pissing this way her streams sure did hiss nice and loudly!

Where Janet was pissing there was no dirt.Hre the roadway was all short brown colored grass since it was so dry this summer. So her piss barely made sound as it wetted the dry brown grass. With it getting wetted withherpiss the brown just barely turned a little darker. Janet after pissing for about eight nine seconds said to me; I didn't show that I have been holding it have I? I told her that she hadn't.

Many more seconds passed. Now the second thinner stream had stopped and Janet had just the one wide stream flowing and hissing. Then a few seconds later her stream straightened no longer having its slight angle that it had. Then it began to ease very slowly. Its hissing sofening, the wide head thinning down and its tist shortened. Then its hising stopped as her stream dwindled down further turning right into just above a trickle. Then she went into dripping whichshe dd a lot off. Then the dripping stopped.

Janet then stood up and stayed stanidng letting herself dry as far as her wet vagina. Then feeling that she had dried enough she asked me for her lavendar panties which I gave her. She slipped them back on. Then she needed her dress so I gave that back to her.Carefully after she had reached over with a hand on my chest she managed to slip her oone sneaker down through one of te kulack shorts leg openings. Then she did the other.

Then shetook the dress part stuck her arms through the wto sleeve openigs and slipped the dress part on. Then she buttoned all the buttons on the kulack shorts part of the dress and then the dress. As she did the top buttonon the dress I said to Janet; You know what Janet? What she siad back to me. I wouldn't want to go all through that myslef if I had to piss!

Janet said right back to me; You liked it that I did have to do it so I could piss! I let out a short laugh and I told Janet she was right. Janet grabbed my hand and we started walking again. This road cut back over to the dirt roadthat led to the pond. We soon reached it turned right for we were heading back up to the house to go home. We would be home in about ten minutes or so fom where we were. To be continuied.

When we got back to the house Janet and I went directly upstairs. She went into her bedroom and I went in mine. I waited for a short while and Janet didn't come out from the bedroom so I went downstairs to the livingroom turned on the tv sat down on the couch and started watching the tv. After several minutes ofwatchiing the tv both Janet and ill came in the livingroom and joined me on the couch.

Janet told me it took her longer to get out of the lavendar dress. That's why I was not back out so soon. Janet had changed for she had on the peach colored top and shorts now. Jil had her peach top shorts too. We stayed in the livingroom till when we all heard my mom in the kitchen makeing supper. Then we all went to the kitchen to see if she needed any help. She told us no so back to the livinroom we went.

Twenty minutes later we heard my dad come inside. He was home from work. WE again walked out to the kitchen. My dad wasnot in the kitchen but in the bathroom off the kitchen. My momsaid to us three go upstairs and washup for supper. So we three turned right around and did go upstairs to the upstairs bathroom together.

I let Janet and Jill both go ahead of me. I would washup last. The two girls stood at the sink washing their hands which I waited for a monet but then I thought to myslef good time to take a piss which I had too. I stepped right over to the toilet which the seat was raised. I quickly unzipped my jeans got my penis out and started pssing into the toilet.

Now what was funny both Janet and Jill at the sink were busy washing and fooling around a little had not heard me or seen me in the mirroir which wasright in front of them. They only reacted when they heard the loud splashing of my piss in the toilet Then hey both looked right at the mirrior and saw me pissing! Both girls let out loud giggles and then they both turned around to watch me that way. Jill said; Dave why didn't you tell us that you were going to piss? Oh you two were busy washing up. I needed to go so here now I'm going!

The girls stood there and kept watching leaning back against the sinks front counter edge. I pissed pretty hard and it turned out to be fairly long one too. Both girls stayed watching me piss right up to the end where I did one single spurt after I had stopped and gave myself a short to shakes. Then they turned around giggling and went back to washing up.

Then from downstairs we all heard my mother yell up to us. Come on its ready. I quickly in a low voice said to both Janet and Jill tellher your comming. Janet and Jill said it and my mother we hear said ok. Janet and Jill hurried real fast to finish up which they did and they left the bathroom quickly. I then now washed up but took a little time to do it so it would apear that I had waited for the girls first. Then I was done went downstairs and joined everyone at the kitchen table and started eating. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 7

All three of us after pouring juice,cereal in bowls,adding milk to our cereal sat down at the kitchen table. My mom was still talking on the phone but she waved hello to us three and we all said good morning to her. Befor we finished eating our breakfast my mom finished talking on the phone and hung it up.

Then she started talkingto Janet and Jill. She told them both that she had been talking to ther mom and she told them that there parents were enjoying thervacation. Then she went on and said to Janet; How would you like to go shopping with me? Your mom said that you can get anything you like or need. Also too a free lunch too.

Janet immeaditly said yes back to my mom. Jill smiled a little looking at me. Then my mom said to me; Dave you don't mind having Jill with you today? I told her I didn't mind at all. So there was todays plans now. Not exactly what we had planned but it was ok with veryone of us. So Us three finished breakfast and we then cleaned up after ourselves. Janet and my mom left to go do the shopping. I told Jill that I myslef had a little shopping to do myslef and asked her if she wanted to take a bike ride over to the village where there were several stores there. Jill was all for it.

So Jill and I walked right out to the barn where our bikes were. As we walked over to where the bikes were Jill said to me; Dave can I go to the bathroom befor we leave? I said sure I'll wait for you thinking that Jill ment going back in the house to go. Dave no can I go here in the barn? Over there? Jill pointed to where the floor ended and was open down to the lower level of the barn where at one time hay was kept which there was still a covering of loose hay all over the floor.

I looked over and it seemed that it would be ok for Jill to go there. I only then thought that she was going to have to piss. I saidd ok to Jill and we got off from our bikes and stepped over to the floors edge. Then Jill told me that she had to do both! Shit and piss! That made a change that Ihad to do as far as Jill takeing a shit!

I told Jll that I would have to go down to where the hay was. I'll have to cover over your shit with loose hay so it won't be seen. My dad does come out and work out here a lot. So let me go down the ladder and I can cover your shit after you go. Jill giggled hard. Then she said to me; You better get down that ladder Dave for I can feel that its almost pokeing out of me!

So I scurried over to where the ladder was leaning up against the ffloors edge and I srambled down it and jumped off from it befor Ireached the last rung. I thean stepped over close to where Jill was standing at the floors edge above me now. (ten feet) Jill saw me giggled hard and then turned around so that now her backside was to me.

As I looked up at her Jill first pulled out a small wad of toilet paper from her peach colored shorts she was wearing. She set that down on the floor. Then she slid her peach shorts down next takeing them all the way down to her ankles. Jill then had a pair of matching peach panties and she pulled them down to her shorts. Then as she sqauted down she made sure that she had herself where her ass was far enough back over past the edge of the floor.

It was as I looked up. Then Jill widened her stance and she reached back around with her two hands placed them on her asscheeks and pulled them right apart! That opened her asscrack wide wher as I looked up now I could see her asshole real good! As Jill said she could feel that she had some shit pokeing out from herasshole she was right for there was a tan fat turtle head poked out from it!

Jill started pissing a little thin stream which went straight down into the layer of hay almost where I stood. Jill pissed like this for a short time and then she had her stream stop with some dripping. As her piss dripped her tan turtle head began moving getting longer. It was moving slow but on the steady side. It was not chunky it was smooth but looked soft to me. Nut like soft ice cream firmer then that.

As Jill's shit got longer there was a occasional crackle. It took about a half minute for her shitto reach a good eight inches long. It must have been heavy for as I looked up I saw a crack forming and her shit was starting to lean forward below the forming crack. Then the weight of her shit it broke at the widening crack and fell the ten feet down to the hay on the floor makeing a dull thuud. Her shit had landed ony less then two feet in front me of where I stood.

There was still the broken stub of shit left in her asshole and Jill began dribbling piss from her vagina. Then the dribbling turned into a this stream and the stub of shit in her asshole started moving. Jill I thought to myslef must be pushing now. Her this stream of piss kept going as her shit got longer. Her shit reached a half foot and then it broke also. The six incher fell and landed beside her first shit in the hay in front of me. Her thin piss stream stopped also but it did drip.

Now Jill tried pushing on the remaining short stub of shit. I saw her asshole dome and as she dida spurt of piss came out from her vagina. Then when Jill stopped her push herasshole would flatten out and er spurt of piss would stop. Then Jill repeated her pushing with her asshole domeing out and a spurt of piss would come rom her vagina too. Jill did this four orfive times and didn't get her stubby shit to come out or break off.

I saw Jills ass move for Jill hadreached for the toilet paper. I saw her hand come back under her with the toilet paper in her hand and she did a digging type wipe on her asshole. She pulled the toilet paper away and the stub of shit was gone but there were short skidmarks right by her asshole on both sides of it. Then the pieceof toiet paper came down falling straight down landing in front of her two pieces of shit laying in the hay.

I saw again Jill's hand with toilet paper come into my sight and she wiped herslef again takeing a longer slideing wipe this time up through her asscrack. The paper dissapeard for a short momnet and she dropped it. It fluttered down to the hay. Then Jill said to me; Dave I'm done. I saw her stand up bend over and pull up her peach panties. I went over now and kicked loose hay over her shit and the pieces of toilet paper. I made sure too that I covered it up well. Then I walked back over to the ladder went up it and Jill was back over by her bike waiting for me.

She gave me a big smile. Did I take a pretty decent shit? Jill asjed me. I laughed and told Jill it was. Then I hopped on my bike. Jill asked me if I had to go befor we would leave. I told her that I didn't but there will be a good chance by the time we get back I will have to. Jill giggled and then said to me; I hope so Dave. We pedaled out of the barn and we were on our way for our own little shopping trip. To be continuied.

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