Sister went #2 in a trash can

Hello. I am a 15 year old girl, and I live with my dad and my sister who is 18. Today I came home from school and there was no one else home. I watched some TV and then I had to go number two. I got a magazine from my bedroom and went to the toilet. I started to read and felt my number two start to come out.

After a while, I had done a lot of number two, but I still had to go more. I heard a knock on the bathroom door, it was my sister. She asked if I would be done soon. I said no I was doing a number two but she could use the sink. She then told me that she also needed to go number two, very bad.

I had an idea then. She could do her number two into the trash can in the bathroom. She didn't like that idea, but she said she had to go so bad and could not hold it. She came in and took off her skirt and panties and squatted over the trash can. At that moment I had a large number two hanging out of me. I saw a small number two come from my sister and it was very long and smelly. I did not feel any more number twos left, so I wiped and stood up so my sister could use the toilet. She said she was almost done and didn't need it.

I looked in the toilet, and I saw I had made four big number twos. In the trash can was a messy pile of number two from my sister. It smelled very bad. I flushed the toilet and took the bag out of the trash and threw it away in the dumpster.


Babysitting Blues

I got called to watch a friends son while they went to a office party. Before I got there I had a quick bite at burgerking. Well we watched tv and played board games for a while before I tucked him in to bed. I
went down and started to watch tv after tucking him in. Wasn't long before I started getting major stomach cramps and headed to the bathroom to do a major poo. I left the door cracked open and began my poo. As I sat there struggling with a monster poo Mikey came running into the bathroom with his pants and underwear down saying he has to pee now! I didn't know what to do as I was still pooping. The house only had one bathroom. Before I coud think Mikey began peeing between my legs into the toilet. I was quite surprised at how well his aim was. I was embarassed to have had this happen. Anybody else have a similar experience?


In a port-a-john

I had a horrible experience in a port-a-john this week. It was the gross plastic kind with the blue stuff at the bottom. My biology class took a field trip to a state park for some stupid project. My stomach had been killing me since the bus ride, and I knew I had to try to take a dump to hopefully ease the pain.

There were three of the port-a-johns in a row, and of course the whole 25-person class had to go also, so I waited for like four other people to pee. When it was my turn, there was pee all over the seat, and it smelled like ass. I hovered over the seat instead of wiping it down. It wasn't coming out, and I was in there a while, making the kids mad. The teacher even asked if I was ok, which couldn't have been more embarrassing.

Finally I felt like it was coming, and felt a tiny turd shoot out like a bullet, along with a loud fart. Then I squirted runny diarrhea into the blue stuff. It literally sounded like I was peeing, you know how that is. It squirted for about thirty seconds non-stop and the smell was not describeable. There was so much you could see it on top of the blue stuff!

When I wiped and walked out the next person went in, who with my luck was a girl. She screamed and ran out from the smell and said she would wait for the next one. The whole class made fun of me :( and I had to go again before the bus ride!

Ok so something that happened about a week ago. I was in my apartment and as I walked out of the bathroom in the morning, my girlfriend pushed me out of the way, already pantsless, and started loudly farting the moment she reached the toilet. I could hear diarrhea spraying out and she looked liked she was in pain. After a few long diarrhea farts, she looked up at me, and seeming surprised at the fact, said, "I feel so much better!" She wiped, flushed and resumed her day.

Has anyone else had a rough bathroom experience that left you feeling refreshed?


First post

Ok, hello everyone, I'm Bowengirl. I'm kind of nervous about giving out my real name, so I won't. Maybe in due time.

Anyway; a little about me: I'm 16, I'm 5'5, I live in Canada (In the Vancouver area, not in the city but close enough), I have brown hair and eyes, I'm slimmish but not really thin, I have a little bit of meat, haha.
I also have overactive bladder syndrome or whatever it's called. Basically, my bladder only has an 'empty' and a 'full' setting, nothing in between. When I have to pee it's sudden and urgent, I don't have a problem holding it, but I'm always a little nervous about being more than about 20 minutes from a washroom at any time. I've actually only had one accident in the past year which I will write about at a later date because it deserves it's own post.

Sorry if that was a sucky first post but I'll make my other ones better, I promise.

See you then.


Girl's Caught Me

I had to poo outdoors today. I do it every once in a while just for the fun of it, and from what I've read here, I'm not the only one. In the park I felt the urge to go and the frozen lake was nice and private. The ice was pretty thick so I walked out on it a few steps and squatted. There was a little bit of pushing and a log of about five or six inches slid out with lots of farts. I still felt full so I stayed squatted. I looked up and saw two girls from school laughing in disgust. I was so embarrassed! I pulled up my jeans and ran to the porta-potty where I hid and even cried a little of embarrassment. I ended up finishing my poop in there, which wasn't much more. When I came out I looked around and saw the girls out on the lake looking at my turd. I'm sure the whole school will know about it tomorrow, and I'm not looking forward to it.


porta-potty public service announcement/commercial

I heard the last half of a porta-potty public service announcement/commercial while I was listening to the radio. The guy said that porta-potties paid for his mortgage; put his kids through college and paid for two vacations in Hawaii.

If I hear the entire public service announcement/commercial, I'll post what it was about.

Hey there, I've been a long time lurker and now I'm finally saying something. I love to shit. I love the feeling of it coming out of me and the relief afterwards. I got into it because I had a boyfriend who once asked me if I wanted to watch him while he was on the toilet. He said he found it kind of sexy and I got into it with him and ever since then I enjoy it. I'll write more another time

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Good poo this morning

I had a good poo this morning. I woke up with a big urge to go & went straight to the toilet to relieve myself. The moment I sat down it came out without me having to push at all. It was soft & passed easily but it was huge. I had to pee quite badly too & the combined relief was wonderfull. When I looked in the toilet I was amazed at the size of my poo. It must have been a foot long & all the water was yellow with all my pee. I wiped, flushed the toilet & washed my hands feeling empty & got dressed & ready for work.

Kirsty (Wends girlfriend)

Bike side accident

I once got diarrhoea while out on a bike ride with my friends. I was about 11 at the time & I was too shy to admit that I needed to poo. I was beyond being desperate & like a fool I tried to hold it. My bowels felt like they were about to burst & all of a sudden without any warning it happened. I had no control whatsoever & my bowels pumped their smelly brown contents into my knickers. I was so embarrassed but the relief was good I didn't even try to stop it. My knickers filled up like a balloon before it leaked out past the leg elastic & ran down my legs. I had to ride home with poo all over my bum & down my legs. I got to about 2 miles from home when I needed to go again & as I was already in a mess I just let go in my knickers. When I got home my mum saw my condition & told me off for trying to hold it instead of finding a toilet but then she admited that she once had a big accident when she was my age. She let me go to the bathroom to clean myself up & brought me some clean clothes to change into. I felt tired & drained so I went to bed to rest.


mall poop

I went to the mall today to finish on some Christmas shopping. I Walked around for a bit not finding anything that I wanted to buy. I then sat down and got a sandwich from the food court. While I was sitting I felt the need to pee..and it got stronger as I sat there. So, once I was finished I made my way to the restrooms in the food court. As I was walking towards the restrooms, I kinda felt the need to poo coming on. I made my way into the restrooms. There was a strong poop smell in there. 3 of the 6 stalls were taken, and I was surprised to see one stall wide open with a 6 or 7 year old girl with her shoes off, pants and panties off, and she was straddling the toilet. She was leaned over hands on the front of the toilet holding on, and she was looking in between her legs and grunting and as I passed, I saw a thick turd sticking way out. I wondered where her mom was but I walked on into the end stall next to another lady. I plopped down on the toilet, and started my pee which lasted for a few seconds then died off, and I could feel a poo wanting to make its way out so I decided to try for a poo as well. The lady next to me had her feet flat on the floor, but every few seconds she would raise her heel up a little, which I would imagine she was doing so when she would push..I began to push and after a few seconds my hole opened up and with a loud crackling noise a large turd began slowly sliding out.. It just kept coming and coming and getting wider and made my eyes water as most of my poos do...I couldn't help but let out some soft grunts and moans..The lady next to me had her toes pressed hard against the floor and her heel was raised and she held it like that which I would imagine she was giving a hard push and holding it..and finally I hear a loud kafloomp..and she wipes 4 times and flushes and fixes her clothes and walks out...I could tell my large turd was nearing the end as it sped up and was getting thinner, and finally with a small plip it fell into the water. I looked in between my legs and there it was..I guessed to be about 14 inches in length and 2.5 in width. I felt so much better and wiped once for each end. Then I fixed my clothes and exited my stall. That little girl was still there all red in the face, and there were still two other stalls occupied, with heavy breathing coming from one stall. I washed my hands and left the bathroom feeling very good. I finished my Christmas shopping a happy person.

To CeeJay:

You asked if anyone would be interested in hearing more of your stories. I remember the story you posted last year about your friend "E" stinking up your bathroom; I think it's one of my favorite stories that has ever been posted. If you have any other experiences of a similar nature I would very much like to hear them!

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Natasa great story I bet said loud enough that would have noticed you and also please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Heyitspoop great story about your giant crap I bet you felt alot better after that and great story about walking in on that other woman pooping I bet that was really embarrassing and please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Carolyn I believe kids should not be spanked for having an accident espicaly if it couldnt be helped and please post some more stories thanks.

To: Wendy & Kristy Wendy great story at least made it to the toilet to poop even you did pee yourself a little and Kristy great story about not being to poop with a group of people near by I bet that was uncofortable knowing that they can hear you and please contiue to post more great stories you guys I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: English Teacher great set of stories about your high school bathroom situations I also didnt like to poop at school but that changed when I got to high school almost everyday I would poop there I dont know what changed please contiue to share more great stories thanks.

To: Katie man that must have been beyond embarrassing pooping your pants they shouldve had someone take your place so you could go to the bathroom and please contiue to post more stories thanks.

To: Upstate Dave another great story about a you and your friends and a question or two who was the girl to let you watch her go to the and when was that please share the story if you havent already thanks and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hermes another great set of stories about seeing or hearing all those different women pooping please contiue to post more stories like that thanks.

To: Timee another great story please contiue to post more of them thanks.

To: Anna great story you going to the bathroom and seeing another woman go as well please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site.


Station Poo


My name is Phil, I'm 29 and like a lot of people here enjoy going to the toilet. Yesterday I had to go to London on the train for work purposes and when I arrived at the station I felt the urge to go. I rarely go first thing in the morning and I'm quite irregular, most often going in the evening. Anyway, I hadn't had a dump for about 4 days, so I knew I had a lot to unload before I got on the train!

I went into the toilets and there was a lot of shitting going on, as farting and plops and splashes could frequently be heard. There were 10 toilets, 2 rows of 5, so I took the middle one of one of the rows, between two that were occupied. Both my neighbours were unloading and by now I was getting quite desperate. I pulled my trousers down and sat on the toilet and immediately a long rope of poop started to come out. This was followed by another long poop, and then a couple of smaller logs. Both my neighbours were still going strong, there was serious shitting going on! I felt another log coming and this was soon curling out into the bowl beneath me, this broke off and I pushed out one more log and I was done. I wiped and flushed (it all went somehow!) and left feeling very relieved. As I was washing my hands, the dumping in the other toilets continued, non-stop plops could be heard all around!


Caught in the act

I had to avoid a accident happening a few weeks back I was out running alone around near where I live and had a sudden urge to poo hit I was in a built up area I started to panic as I was desperate. I saw a alley where nobody was around with lots of trash bin so I headed up there pulled down my short and squatted behind a bin. i suddenly released a load of soft serve then started to pee as I was finishing a guy walked past he looked my way in shock at seeing me but kept walking past.I quickly got up and left the alley as I was leaving I looked back to see the guy had turned around and was looking behind the trash bin I had been. I left with a smile on my face.


Doorless stalls survey answers

Gender: Female; Age 18

1. Have you ever used a doorless stall? Why or why not?
Yes. I used them more frequently during my last year of high school and now during my first year of college. I'm a three-season scholarship athlete and the ladies locker room at the fieldhouse is all open stall. It hasn't been as much of an adjustment for me because I frequently had used the doorless toilets before.
2. If yes, do you crap or pee? Both.
3. Why do you think the stall doors have been taken off?
They haven't been taken off. There's no holes in the steel structure of the stalls. It's a locker room in addition to a restroom in a fieldhouse. There are about 25 doorless stalls all in one line and lockers on the other side of them. Benches are in the middle of the room that we use for dressing. Behind a wall behind the toilets are the showers. Many of the locker rooms at the schools we play at are pretty much the same. Open stalls are pretty normal. I'm 6',3" and several of us on our basketball team are. The open stalls give us more space and comfort. I've always felt strange at places like malls when I'm seated on the toilet and my knees are pressed up against the door.
4. What do you do differently when using an open-stall toilet?
Nothing really.
5. Do others waiting, washing their hands, combing their hair look at you? Yes. We have great conversations and our team is like one big family. Yesterday our youngest team member, whom we call Angel, because she's so nice was sitting on the bench, had showered and was sitting on the wooden bench in front of me drying herself with a towel. We were talking about music and there was a muffled fart which I know she let off. I was peeing and told her it couldn't have been me and we enjoyed joking around about it. She actually tried to convince me that it was the buzzer going on in the reserve game that was being played in the gym above us. About a minute later Angel took the stall next to mine and did one huge crap. Although I was done with my pee, I stayed on the stool and we talked for like ten minutes until it was our time to get up to the training table.
6. Do you talk to those waiting if they try to start a conversation? Yes.
7. Have you complained to management about such situations?
Of course not, ours is a team and we're part of one big family. Three of our four coaches are regularly in the locker room and frequently relieve themselves with us.

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part1

I have posted other stories about te two sistors that I had that lived next door to me when I was younger. Well Janet and Jill had come down with their parents to visit about a year after my family had moved away. That wa only for a single day. The two girls would be back a couple years later visiting which would be a longer stay. That is what this post is about.

It was summer vacation again so no more school till fall. This was back in 1963 and this summer had turned into being a hot dry summer with hardly any rain. So I didn't have grass to mow for it had all turned brown fro being so dry. Being so warm I spent my days either fishing or swimming. Well I was still home on this one Friday morning siting at the kitchen table eating breakfast.

The phone rang and my mother answered it. She spent about 15 minutes talking which durrng that time I had finished my breakfast and was waiting for her to get off the phone so I could tell her where I was going. I was planning to go down to the lake to do some fishing and swimming. So I sat back down at the table and waited for my mother to finish talking on the phone.

My mother said goodbye and hung up the phone. She then asked me; David what are your plans for today? I told her I was going down to the lake do some fishing and swimming. Well you'll have to delay those plans my mom said back to me. I asked her why. She then told me that our old neighbors were comming down. I then asked her; All of them? No just Janet and Jill not Mike. Their mom and dad are going on a vacation and they couldn't get anyone up there to watch them so their mom called me.

So you're going to have to stay here when they come. I do have to work from noon till eight today. I said ok back to my mother. I didn't let on I was quite excited about having Janet and Jill come and now I was looking forward to seeing them. I hadn't asked for how long of a stay while talking to my mom so I did now. My mom said for ten days! My heart jumped in my chest! TEN DAYS! YIPEE!!! raced through my mind. I hoped right then that they would be down here very soon!

Well I had to do something to spend the time I had to wait. So out to the family room and played darts. That was fo a half hour. That made it now 10:30. They had not come yet. Ok I'll do something else I thought to myslef. But what? You can tell I was very anxious can't you! :-) Then I remmebered my bike had a flat tire so I'll go fix it! Soright out to the barn I went and I fixed the flat ture on my bicycle.

I checked my watch another half hour had gone by. Still hadn't shown up yet. I walked out of the barn to head back inside the house. My mom had just came out and she was headed to work. She said see you later and I said later back to her. She got in her Plymoth and took off. I went inside only to get a drink which I did. Then went backoutside and sat down at the picnic table in the yard and waited.

I sat there and the time now seemed to crawl! I was facing towards the road and as I sat there a few cars did pas by but they were other neighbors or people going to the small market at the one end of my road. This was now killing me waiting for them to come! Then up the road came a tan new Chevy Impala convertible. It slowed right down turned into the driveway and it wass them!!!

Both Janet and Jill scrambled out of the car when ther mom had stopped. I had gotten right up and met them halfway and both Janet and Jill said excitedly HI DAVE!!! Both of them gave me a big hard hug too. Their mom had gotten out also she siad hi to e and I said hio back to her. Then we all walked back over to the car to unload it. Both Janet and Jill had a couple of big suitcases. I was sort of surprised that also in the trunk was Janets and Jills bicycles! That was a good thing too! We could go bike rideing!

I escorted the girls and their mom inside. Janets and Jills mom had to us the bathroom and I was helping the girls carrying their heavy suitcases and I took them upstairs to the bedroom that they were going to sleep in. It was the big front bedroom which was next to mine. Then the three of us went back downsatirs which their mom was now out from the bathroom and since the last time they had visited the house had been made a lot of changes to.

So I took the girls and their mom around the house and showed themall the changes that had been made. Their mom and both Janet and Jill were really impressed. Then it was time for Janets and Jills mom to leave so outside to the car we went. The two girls gave their mom a big hug. Their mom told the girls to have a good time and don't give Dave any trouble or Dave's parents! I had to smile for both Janet and Jill told ther mom that they wouldn't.

We stood there and waved goodbye after her mom had backed out of the driveway and had started down the road. Ther mom gave us a quick short honk on the horn as she left and then she was gone. Now I asked both Janet and Jill what would they like to do. I told the I was going down to the lake to fish and swim. That's a great Idea! Jill said to me. Janet said it is sure the day to be at the lake! So it was agreed on.

Sothe girls said to me that they had to get changed since we were going swimming as part of our plans. I had to also. So we all raced inside and up stairs.The girls to the front bedroom and I to mine. I quickly took off the shirt,jeans,boxers,and sneakers and socks. I slipped on my jeans cutoff shorts and put on a clean white tshirt along with my socks and sneakers.

I waited in the hall the girls to come out from their bedroom. I had a fairly short wait and then the door opened and Janet and Jill stepped into the hall. Seeing them which both of them had on bikini styled swimsuites I smiled with a big smile and I said to them both; Boy do you two look nice! Both Janet and jill smiled and then giggled saying thank you back to me.

Janet had on a nice blue white flowers styled bikini and Jill she was wearing a solid bright yellow bikini. Both girls when I had last seen them when they had stayed the few days wit me at my grandmothers house had one peice bathsuits. Oh these bikinis were so much better looking then those one peice suits the girls had! I now told the girls we would need some towels and if they didn't mind I would get them but I told them it would be a monet for me to get them for I had to pee too.

NOW Janet and Jill both giggled very hard! Then Jill said back to me as she and Janet were still giggleing; Why arn't you going to invite us in with you Dave? Janet then still giggling harder at what Jill had said to e; Arn't you Dave? I now let out aluagh myslef and I said back to both girls; Oh you two rembered didn't you? They both laughed shakeing their heads yes as they laughed.

So I said to them both; Come on with me! The girls followed me down the hall through the end doorway made the right turn and then the left turn in the new bathroom that my father had built. On the house tour earlier with their mom I had only shown the changes done downstairs not upstairs so the bathroom was new to Janet and Jill. They really liked it for it was long with plenty of room. Big nicecounere with te sink,the pink toilet,and best of all to both girls was the enclosed (slideing frosted glass doors) full bathtub and shower.

So the quick look over of the bathroom was done and I went over to the toilet raised up the lid and seat. Both Janet and Jill were standing leaning up against the sink. Now over the sinks counter my father installed a full length mirrior which you could see all of the bathroom from. Jill and Janet had noticed this and they had told me that they liked that mirrior also. Not tiny like ours at home they had both told me.

Well any way I now stood at the toilet and I pulled the zipper down on my cutoffs. I took a look oer at Janet and Jill. Jill had turned around to watch me in the mirrior. Janet was faced towards me. Jill now spoke up and said to me; Dave are you going to pull your cutoffs down when you piss? Janet giggled a little niow. I let out a short laugh and I went and popped the snap on them adn they slid right down to my sneakers. Now both Janet and Jill laughed.

I was erect by this time too which Jill said to me; Nice to see you that way! Janet who was still laughing shook her head in agreement with Jills statement. I the pushed my penis downward and started to piss. Out from my penis I sent a strong good stream of piss which was very yellow in color. My stream was wide headed with a long twist and made a good loud splash hiting the water in the toilet. Janet seeing how hard I was pissing said to me; Nice piss Dave. Jill watching my reflection in the mirrior let out a giggle and said; Yeah you are really going!

I then told them boith that I hadn't gomein a while and having you guys here while I was waiting I got all excited. That made Jill giggle more. Janet right then said to me; Yeah taht's whey your hard! I laughed; Jill really laughed hard and Janet she had a big smile on her face. From thispointon Jill and Janet watched me piss without saying anything more. I took a pretty long piss too. My stream eased off makeing less of a splash and then I stopped did a couple of short spurts to finsih my piss.

Then now Janet spoke up and said to Jill; I'm going to shake Dave thuis time Jill. You can do it next time. I had forgotten about this. ( both Janet and Jill I had let them shakemy penis when they had stayed at my grandmothers when we had pissed together. BOTH GIRLS REALLY LIKED TO DO IT TOO!!! :-)) Jill giggled and said ok Janet but don't forget you said that and when Dave does go again DON'T YOU try to shake him! Janet told Jill she would. Janet stepped right ovber by my side reached down took my penis and shook it a few times. As she did she whispered to me; I had not forgotten how good this does feel! When after she had finsihed whispering that in my ear Janet gave my penis one more shake and then let go.

I then bent down and grabbed my cutoffs and pulled them up and zippered them up and did the snap. Ok girls that's it. Lets get the towels and get out of here and down to the lake for a boat ride,some fishing and swimming! I reached over and flushed the toilet and as I did Jill said loudly and excitedly; A boat ride?! Yes Jill a boat ride. That's the best way to fish and we can go to other spots to swim to on the lake with the boat. Both girs were all for it even more.

We walked out of the bathroom. Went downstairs to the bathroom of the kitchen and got the towels off from the shelves and then out to the barn got the needed three fishingples,the cup of worms, the boats oars, and a small plastic pail. Then we headed for the lake wich was a short ten minute walk andour boat. It took all of ten minutes to get there too.

The girls aited while I pulled the boat into shore they both hopped in. I handed them the poles,bait, and oars. I untied the boat shved it back and hopped in as the boat glided bacwards in the water. I first got in the center seat got the oars in place and turned the boat around. Then I asked Jill to move to the center seat which she did. Janet joined her. I now sat in the backseat. We did have a small outboard engine on the boat. I started it right up and we took off aross the lake to do our fishing and swimming. To be continuied.


A little something for Car Mom

I don't think this will be really funny,but here it goes.Back in 87 when I was 7 it was on a rainy Sunday around 4pm,My Mom wants to got town everytime it comes a thunderstorm.Me,My Brother,My Dad,And My Mom was going down the street.The radio was playing some song a note was like a Electric Guitar with one string playing.Well My Brother(which was 4 at the time} might had Farted Adn my parents where going on about it.So they asked me,and I said no.And I didn't even smell nothing.Well when that song was doing that Guitar note and they thought it was my brother farting everytime.We thought he was messing his pants.So we got home and it was a false alarm.He didn't crap his pants.

A year later I told my Mom about that song mimicing a fart.And she said It might had been him grunting,trying to fart.

has anyone had their gallbladder removed?? i have and suffered greatly as a result from ???? pain and diarrhoea for the last few years .. yesterday i was having diarrohea all day (nasty liquid stuff) about 8 times while my bf was at work ... he got home and spent most of the night massageing my poorly ???? (he is sweet) and i had a couple of episodes but eventualy everything settles down and he keeps on massaging me in the ???? area (he is good and understands what works for me). but now he has had to go back to work and after a few hours i am back to square one!!

please if you have experience tell me - it has been bad before but not like this!!


Border's Ladies Room Sounds

I went Christmas shopping the other day and stopped in Border's. It was fairly early and there were several people having coffee and a few shoppers. I noticed it seemed very quiet in the store and then realized the usual background music I hear in that store wasn't on. I'd just had coffee myself and felt a huge pee coming on. I made my way to the restrooms, located on one side in the middle of the store. As I was approaching the mens' room, a college aged girl was also heading the same direction. She had dark shoulder length hair, tight jeans that looked excellent on her butt, a sweatshirt and was very attractive. She was walking in a determined way, looking down at the floor. I went into the short hallway to the restrooms and as I was entering, I noticed her going into the women's room. There was no one else in the men's room, and I went to the urinal to begin my much needed piss. Without the background music, I could clearly hear sound from the women's room through the wall. I heard the girl close and latch the stall door. I could literally hear her pulling her jeans down. I was pissing silently against the urinal so I could hear very plainly. I was surprised how well sound traveled through the thin walls when there was no background music. I heard her begin to piss very hard into the toilet for a good 20 seconds or so. Then there was a pause, and I heard her fart loudly. This was followed by plop, plop, plop, plop, about 10 times total. I finished peeing and decided to listen a bit longer. After her numerous plops, it was quiet. After about 30 seconds I figured she wasn't going to do anything else, when I heard a second "BARRRAAAP" fart. This was followed by another 3 or 4 plops, then a splattering sound with gas mixed in. It sounded like she had some hard stools first, then all broke loose and she was having diarrhea. About a minute later, I heard someone else going into the ladies' room. Apparently it was a mom and her young daughter. I could plainly hear the little girl say, "Mom, it stinks in here! That lady's pooping." The mom shushed her and said, "Honey, that's not nice." I heard a third voice, apparently the girl having the diarrhea, say, "I'm sorry, but my stomach is hurting." The mom said, "It's OK. I'm sorry my daughter said that." The mom told her daughter to use the bathroom and apparently the little girl went in an adjacent stall to the girl. The young girl said, "Mom, it REALLY stinks!" Her mom again told her to be quiet and finish using the restroom. I heard a flush and apparently the little girl was done and her mom told her to wash her hands. I heard them rip paper towels off the roll. At that point, the girl in the stall ripped another very loud splattering fart. The little girl laughed and said, "See mom, she's pooping big!" The mom said, "Sorry" and they left the restroom. I then heard the girl unrolling toilet paper, wiping. She wiped about 5 times, then I heard her pulling up her jeans and she flushed the toilet. I washed my hands, went out of the restroom, and two teenaged girls were just going into the women's room. As soon as they opened the door, one of them said, "Oh, it smells like shit in here!" I went into the store and glanced back toward the restroom. The girl who was shitting came out and started into the store and turned toward the coffee area. She took a long breath, looking relieved. I walked toward the coffee area and she joined up with a guy about her age. He asked her something and she rubbed her stomach and made a face and said something back. He laughed. She pointed to the door as if to say, "Let's get out of here." They left. I'd have to say that was an unexpected pleasure in my Christmas shopping that day.


Male 25 year old Wetter

I have in the past twelve months discovered that a friend of mine who I know for about three years is a bed wetter. He is small, about 5f6inches, and as long as I have known him has always been a frequent toilet goer, sometimes every hour and a half. I have seen his desperate loads of times, and he also leaves large dribbles in his boxers when he goes. I have seen him wearing slightly wet boxers when we have been on trips away loads of times.

Anyway, when he drinks alcohol things seem to get the better of him. I have seen six wettings so far, four bed wettings and two trouser wettings. He has wet his trousers on a bus when only semi drunk. He was bursting leaving the pub, squiriming all the way home and bolted off the bus holding himself. When he got off he immediately whipped it out and finished in a bush. His arse was visibly wet, I would say he did 20% of it in his pants. When he got home he put his blue boxer briefs in his laundry, they were damp all across the front and also at the back

The second wetting was when he was very drunk, and we were staying in a hotel. Taxi back from club, I had to help him up to the room, on the sixth floor with no lift. It took about ten minutes to get there, and from half way he had his hand down his pants holding his dick and mumbling that he needed a piss. We made it to our room, and I lay him against a wall to get out the key. Just then he put his hand down his jeans again, and tried frantically to get his dick out. Failing, he started to wet himself. I quickly opened the door, dragged him to the bathroom and pulled down his now soaking jeans. Piss was flowing from his white boxer briefs. I sat him on the toilet, and he finished through his boxers into the loo.

He has also wet the bed four times, once which I have physically seen him do

I know it worries him that this happens, but he is shy and wont talk about it. I think he just has a small bladder, but it is known in his family he does this, and is afraid to go away with anyone else and drink as a result. It kinda obstructs his life a little, even when he is not drinking he is planning when the next toilet will be. I have seen his pants at the end of the day once or twice when he is not drinking alcohol, and when they are white you can clearly see large areas of pee stain, which makes me think he dribbles a little when he cannot access a loo quickly.


Caught a break

Monday was a beautiful day, so I took the day off and went with a friend to a park in the middle of the city where I live. We walked around for a while. Left the park to have lunch and drove back in looking for other things to do.

My intestines had something else in mind.

It began with a low rumble but quickly became a full fledged explosion waiting to happen. I told my friend this was an emergency. We drove around looking for facilities when I spotted a building that looked like a men's room. Not only was I right, but this was one of the few that hadn't been converted to those dark, closed-in unisex closets.

I walked in and saw urinals and sinks against one wall and a doorway leading to a second room. There were 5 stalls, separated by metal partitions with no doors. I had given up finding open stalls in my city, but there they were and right when I needed them.

I entered the first stall, spread the paper gasket on the seat, and as I turned to sit a load of soft shit gushed out of me. I barely made it. I knew there was more so I sat there waiting for the rest. I heard footsteps and another guy walked in. When he saw me he quickly looked away and walked to what sounded like the far stall. It didn't matter much to me, because the rest of the load was ready to come out.

After the second round, I wiped, but because it was messy I stood up to wipe again. As I did I could seethe other guy's head over his partition as he appeared to be buckling his pants. He walked by me as I was wiping without saying a word.


haunted toilets?

hey everyone, i just recently had a weird experience and i would like to share it.

i was walking home late at night when i really felt the urge to go to the bathroom for a poo. i hadn't used the toilet since i last took a crap at the unisex restroom in my last post, so the urge was quite strong. i kept walking when i saw an old run down high school. it looked abandoned since the doors were chained and the windows were boarded. i really had to go, so i scoped the place out, to see if there was a way in, and to my luck there was. one of the boarded windows had a small opening, just big enough for me to squeeze through.

i finally squeezed my way through the opening and i was super desperate to go. and since it was pitch black i had to use my cell phones light to see where i was going. the place was a real mess, all the desks were piled around corners, the panels on the ceilings were knocked out, and cables were dangling from these openings. i finally found the bathroom, it was the girls, but i didn't have the luxury of choice as i was about to crap myself if i didn't use the toilet soon.

i went in and a bunch of the toilets were smashed, some were extremely dirty, and there were a few that weren't so bad. there were to rows of stalls. i managed to find a pretty good shape toilet in the middle to the left of the room. i went in and closed the door, then i undid my belt and pulled my pants and boxers down and sat on the toilet. i kept the light on my phone so i could see my surroundings. i then released a load of soft serve poo into the toilet. the relief felt great, considering how long i was holding it in for. thats when i heard a noise, it sounded like footsteps, and i really didn't want to get caught in private property, especially while i was on the toilet. so i turned off my light and stopped pooping so i could listen in, and possibly avoid getting caught.

i sat there quietly, then it sounded like the footsteps were going off. i kept my light off just in case the person came back, then i started to poo again. i released a couple decent sized turds into the bowl, each with its own plop when they hit the water. thats when i heard a noise from below, coming from inside the toilet i was sitting on. it sounded like a growl, but not like a dog or anything. so i turned on my light and look into the toilet. there was nothing just brown murky water and my crap floating around in it.

i was pretty spooked, so i decided i would finish the rest at home. so i wiped then got out of there. and when i finally arrived at home i finished what i started, which felt pretty good.

has anyone else had an experience like this? if so could you share? thanks.

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Nurse with diarrhoea

To Hermes.
I had a similar experience to yours while waiting in a hospital waiting room. At the desk was a nurse with short ginger hair. She was quite short & looked about 18 or so. She looked worried & kept transfering her weight from one foot to the other so I knew she needed the loo very badly. Another nurse came up to her & said, "Look Lucy. Just in to the toilet. I'll cover here." Lucy was bright red & didn't need telling twice. She ran to the toilet which was next to where I was sitting & seconds later I heard her pulling down her trousers & knickers. She sat with a thump & let her bowels explode into the toilet. It went on for ages & I'm sure she must have been holding it for a long time. When she came out she looked very relieved. She went back to the desk & looked at some paperwork & then she called my name out for my consultation. I came out after 20 minutes & she wasn't at her desk. She was in the toilet again. I could hear all the sound effects of her diarrhoea spattering into the toilet. She flushed the toillet & washed her hands & came out with her coat & bag, so I assume she was going home sick.

Tom Tit

Two events

I have not posted for a while and when I did it was under the name Solent Wildpoo. I thought I would tell you about 2 amusing incidents that both occurred about 12-15 years ago when I used to attend a large number of outdoor events.
The first one relates to an incident at a one day event. During the evening I thought that I would go for a crap whilst there was still plenty of light so I walked to the far end of the very large field away from the crowds and where there was some bushes. I never use the portaloos having in the past seen them piled high with shit well above
the level of the seat (you would have had to stood on a chair to plant one on the top). These were sometimes pushed over and on one occasion I saw some poor chap who had been inside emerge from one completely covered in shit and he had to be hosed down.
Sorry I digress but you can see why I don't risk these contraptions.
Anyway as I approached the bushed I realised that I did not have any tissues with me but as luck would have it there were two girls, late teens, early twenties emerging from the bushes, Presumably they had been in there for a similar reason so I asked if they had any paper. They did not understand - obviously foreign, so I asked again more
clearly and they appeared to understand. One girl rummaged in her bag and proceeded to hand me a couple of Rizla's (cigarette rolling papers). I refused them explaining that I needed the paper for the toilet to which one girl replied in a strong Spanish accent "Ah sheeet" and they both walked away laughing there heads off leaving me to use what scraps I could find in my pockets, or leaves.

The second incident occurred at a 3 or 4 day event. I was just there for the weekend and on the morning of my second day I felt the need for a dump so I headed for a small wooded ravine at the edge of the camping field. I went down the fairly steep side of the ravine, across the small stream at the bottom and about 12-15 foot up the other
side were I hid myself behind a rather large tree. As soon as I had my pants down squatting, I heard voices not to far away so I peered around the tree trunk and I saw a mixed sex group of about 7/8 people carrying branches walking in single file in my direction along the path besides the stream. They were obviously collecting firewood
and I figured that they would continue along the path and so the would pass by me 12-15 foot away and not see me. So I just ducked back behind the tree to continue with my shit.
The next thing I realise is that they have diverted and are coming right in front of my tree so I jump up a bit to try to cover my dignity whilst they pass. As the leader of the procession, a chap in his late twenties, passed the tree and saw me trying to cover up,
he casually said "don't worry mate, we are looking for logs - but not that sort" and they all filed passed me taking it in turns to have a quick glance at me as they went on their way some of them even saying hello.
As I said both of these incidents happened some years ago but I still have a good chuckle to myself when I think of them.

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