Memory of what got me interested in accidents

This is the story of the earliest memory I have of seeing a girl have an accident that got me interested in all of this. I apologize in advance if this is a little long.

My name is not really Steve to protect the innocent and guilty. I had seen a handful of accidents and had a few myself when really young, of course, who hasn't. But by the time I was 13 years old everyone my age was past all that. Usually.

Then one Saturday afternoon my family all went over to my great-aunt's house for some kind of family gathering. As it turned out there was only one other cousin my age. Bobbie was her name, I think, and she was also 13. She was cute, but very much a tom-boy, wearing light blue jeans and a camouflage t-shirt, her brown hair up in a pony tail. I remember noticing that she was already wearing a small bra. I didn't remember ever really meeting her before for some reason. (We didn't see that side of the family much.)

Anyway, there were no younger kids, and the older kids were all college age so they hung out with the adults, leaving just me and Bobbie to play by ourselves. The place we were at was a big farm, with tons of open space, woods, some ponds/lakes with fish, a creek, etc. Lots of space to play in. So Bobbie and I took off out into the farm while the adults hung out at the house.

We played and ran around and stuff, threw a ball around, fished for a little while in one of the ponds with cane poles and no bait (no luck, haha), and talked. We had been out in the farm for at least an hour or more. Then we were climbing through some trees with lots of low branches and roots sticking out of the ground and talking when she out of nowhere just said, "I just peed my pants a little."

I didn't know what to say. She was still acting normal and we kept moving. I looked at her crotch but didn't see anything. "You did?" I asked.

"A little, yeah," she replied. "Not a whole lot, but I do need to go to the bathroom pretty bad."

I was again a little speechless. I hadn't encountered any girls who would talk like that or admit something like that at our age. We kept talking about our previous topic of conversation and playing in the trees.

A few minutes later she stopped moving, grabbed her crotch and bent over a little, breathed in for a second or two, then stood up again. "I just peed some more." she said matter of factly. Then she spread her knees and stuck her crotch forward to look down. "Can you see anything?"

We both looked. Sure enough there was a dark spot the size of an egg in the center of the crotch of her jeans. I said, "Yeah, there's a wet spot." She said, "Yeah, I see it. Oh, well."

I asked, "It doesn't bother you?"

She said, "Not really. I don't care. Does it bother you?"

I said, "No, I don't care."

"Alright then." she replied. We kept walking and talking.

A minute late she was holding herself again then said, "Ugh, I have to go so bad. I can't hold it much longer. Let's head back to the house."

"Ok," I said. Then I asked her, "Why don't you just pull your pants down and pee?"

She just said, "I would, but I have to do more than pee."

"Oh," I said. I thought she had been walking funny because of trying to hold her pee, but now I learned she needed to poop as well.

"I really have to go bad," she started talking again while we walked back toward the house, which was a long walk away - we couldn't even see it. "I haven't had to go this bad in a while. I don't know if I can make it."

She kept walking with one hand on her crotch for a while, then surprised me by asking, "When is the last time you went to the bathroom in your pants?"

I was a little shocked. I stammered for a second and said, "I don't know. Not since I was really little."

She said, "Not even a little bit?"

I said, "Not that I can remember. Why? What about you?"

She said, "Besides right now?" and laughed a little. "I pee a little sometimes but it usually doesn't show. Sometimes more and it shows, but not often."

I said, "Oh."

She asked, "Do you think that makes me weird? Does it bother you?"

I said, "No, I don't guess so. Stuff happens, I guess."

We walked a little further, back near the little lake where we had been fishing earlier, when she inhaled quickly, stopped again, crossed her legs, and bent down slightly, leaning forward a little. This time I could see her butt with both hand grabbing and covering her crotch, but then I saw the fabric of the jeans on the side of her hand turn dark and the dark patch spread quickly down her left thigh a few inches, and also up her butt crack past her fingertips.

Then she said, "Forget it," and stood up normal, put her hands on her hips, legs spread slightly apart and made no effort to stop anything from happened.

I stood, transfixed, and watched in awe as the dark wet stain spread rapidly down both of her legs, lower and lower, wider and wider, and spread broadly across her butt. I had never seen a girl pee her pants before that I could remember. Something about it was just mesmerizing.

Then she bowed her legs out slightly and squatted down just a few inches and made sounds like she was pushing and I realized what was happening when I saw a lump begin to grow at the apex of her legs. She was pooping herself! It was unbelievable! The lump grew quickly into a bulge and her jeans pushed out and then a second or two later she exhaled loudly, stood up almost normal again, and the bulge settled under her wet butt.

She turned around to face me and said, "I'm sorry, I just really couldn't hold it any more. I feel so much better now. I didn't really want to shit myself, but..."

I just stood there staring at the wetness on the front of her jeans and legs. I could smell the faint odor of her poop. I started to say something but only got out, "I... I..."

She laughed at me. "It's no big deal, Steve. Accidents happen. Heck, my best friend Stacy pissed her pants in class a few months ago in front of the whole class. At least this is just you and me."

She turned and started to walk again, her legs bowed out slightly almost like she was riding a horse, walking carefully. I couldn't take my eyes off of the large bulge of poop or the dark wetness of her jeans. I followed her, tripping over a tree root.

She laughed at me for tripping and asked, "What's the matter? Never seen a girl have an accident before?"

I said, "No. I don't think so."

She said, "You seem to like it well enough," and laughed again.

It was true. I realized I had enjoyed it. I tried to reply but just felt my face turn red hot with embarrassment instead. I put both hands over the front of my jeans but she obviously had already seen that I had an erection.

She said, "Don't worry. It will be our little secret. If you won't tell anyone I pissed and shit myself I won't tell anyone you enjoyed watching it happen. Deal?" She stuck her hand out at me to shake on it. I took it and shook. "Deal," I said.

Then she said, "It feels really weird having shit in my panties. And its hard to walk. I need to clean up before we get back to the house. Come with me," and she turned to the pond a few dozen yards away.

She got to the edge of the pond and began unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans and before I could say anything or think to turn away she whipped her jeans down to her ankles, leaving herself standing in her wet, soiled panties, which held a surprisingly large ball of brown poop which had stained through the wet, white panties.

Then she grabbed the waistband of the panties and pushed them down. The poop ball settled and wobbled back and forth. I had never seen a naked girl before. There was poop stuck or smeared slightly on her butt cheeks near her crotch, almost in a heart shape but upside down. She looked down and said, "Wow, I didn't realize I had to shit that much!" With that she dumped the panties over and tipped the poop ball into the grass. She didn't care at all that she was showing me her naked butt. Every nerve in my body was tingling. It certainly was not the way I ever expected to see my first naked girl in person! Then she reached down and began pulling her shoes off. "Wait here a second," she said. With her shoes now off she held her jeans and panties up to her thighs and stepped forward into the pond then dropped her whole body under the water briefly before popping back up. She faced me, her crotch just barely hidden by the water, but a small patch of brown hair visible. She reached behind and splashed and scrubbed water against her butt to clean off, smiling at me and laughing, obviously enjoying the effect all of this was having on me. I just openly stared.

She said, "I'll just tell everyone I fell into the pond while we were fishing. Nobody will know any different!" She reached down and pulled up her panties and jeans and then stepped forward out of the water. She was soaking wet all over. It was almost more than my 13 year old self could stand.

She said, "At least nobody can tell I had an accident any more. Remember you promised not to say anything to anyone."

I said, "I promise."

We went back to the house, nobody questioned her story about falling into the pond, and I never told anyone else about what happened - until now. It wasn't the last time I saw Bobbie, but it was the first and as such most memorable for the impact it made on my budding sexuality.

Hi everyone! I'm back home for Xmas now and so I can post again! Plenty of stories to tell you all, so I shall get started now.

First of all, one from yesterday when I came home. My grandad picked me up and we went for dinner first before we drove back. After we ate I went to the loo for a wee and because I felt full I thought I might be able to poo, but nothing happened. As we drove I felt the need coming on more and more. By the time we left the motorway with about 45 minutes driving left I had to go badly. When we got home I was bursting, so I said goodbye as quickly as I could and then went to the toilet. I sat down and quickly pushed out three bits of poo that made loud splashes. Luckily I was alone in the house so it wasn't embarassing! Another piece finished my load.

Going back a couple of weeks I have to tell a very embarassing story- I pooed myself for the first time since I was at school!
I had just eaten dinner and was watching some videos online before I went to bed. I felt like I would need a poo soon, and so it proved. In a while I felt the need, so I decided I would go when I finished the video I was watching. It was a strong urge but I wasn't desperate and it just felt like a normal poo. When the video finished I got up and started walking towards the loo. Suddenly I felt a huge cramp so I started walking faster, but it was too late. I didn't realise it at first but I had started going and liquid poo was running down my bum and legs! Suddenly my bum felt warm and I realised what was happening. I rushed into the loo, which was thankfully empty, and locked it. I was only wearing my pajamas, and I dropped my trousers and quickly sat. Another load of mushy poo sprayed out of me into the bowl, followed by four or five solid pieces. I suddenly found myself shaking and sweating. I looked down and my pajama bottoms were coated in crap and utterly ruined! In between pushing out pieces of poo I stood up and saw that the toilet seat was covered in poo as well. I looked in the mirror and saw that my bum and the backs of my thighs were all brown! I felt disgusted with myself that I would poo myself so badly at the age of 20, even though I know it happens to people all the time! I sat back down and carried on pooing. Another load of liquid diarrhoea and then some more pieces followed. Luckily most of the girls were out at a club, but there were still four of us in the house, and someone came down the stairs outside the loo. I was terrified for a moment they would be coming down to try and talk to me or that I had managed to drip shit onto the stairs, but whoever it was they were only going downstairs for a drink. I'm sure they must have smelled my poo, though, since it stank badly and there was plenty of it, in the toilet and on me!
So I sat there, naked from the waist down and covered in poo. I was still getting rid of the final pieces. When I was done I wiped my bum and tried to clean the toilet seat and my legs. I flushed twice to get rid of all the poo, and then twice more to get rid of all the paper. Now I had a dilemma. I had to have a shower, but I was stuck in the loo. My towel and spare pajamas were in my room, so I had to run there with nothing on below my waist and poo still smeared on me. Whoever had gone downstairs had gone back up, so I quickly ran to my room. I left the dirty pyjamas on the floor, grabbed the replacements and my towel, and quickly ran naked to the shower. After I had throroughly cleaned myself from head to toe, I went back to my room, took my ruined pajamas, put them in a carrier bag, and buried them deeply in the dustbin outside! As far as I know, nobody except Emma (who swore not to tell on pain of similarly embarassing stories being revealed about her!), me, and now you, know that this happened!
Speaking of Emma, she says she will post as soon as she can after she goes home tomorrow. I will keep posting as well, so expect more stories soon!
Bye for now everyone!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


any new movies

is there any new movies with girls toilet scenes and peeing and pooping and farting scenes thanks


My responses for Rag Muffin Reanna

Age--19 (just last week, Yeh!)

1--Have you ever used a doorless stall? Why or why not?
Yes, several times. Usually when there is no alternative.

2--If Yes, to crap or pee. Not always, but usually to pee. Most of the time I'm willing to wait in line for a crap.

3--Why do you think the stall doors have been taken off? My boyfriend, Diver, is taking a sociology class studying suicides and the text says public bathrooms are an often used site. Also, because of drugs and gang busting things up.

4--What do you do differently when you use an open stall toilet? I'm going to move a lot faster and leave right after finishing my pee. (Sometimes I just sit and think or take a break but I'd never do that in a doorless stall).

5--Do others waiting, washing their hands, combing their hair look at you? There was more "looking" back in high school. Now in college the other users are more respectful of other's need for privacy. At the events center on our campus, I was peeing and I had this girl who looked like she'd been drinking and was hung over walk up to me and ask if she could borrow two aspirins. I reached in my bag, gave her the bottle and because of her state, she almost dropped the almost full bottle of 360 tablets. In fumbling with it two or three rolled out and rested on a drain lid in front of the toilet between my feet. She cursed, reached down and plucked them off and then went to the sink to take them. I had to call her back to get her to return my bottle. She was really wasted and even farted a couple of times.

6--Do you talk to those waiting in line if they try to start a conversation? No, because since I'm usually peeing, it's not going to take that long. But I probably would if I were having a tough crap and going to be seated for a long time.

7--Have you ever complained to management about such situations? I wouldn't even know where to begin. Me and Diver went to a party Sunday night and I know I drank too much. On our way back to campus, I was afraid I was going to untank on the front seat of his truck. We stopped in a park where I ran about a half block through the cold to get into the bathroom. Three doorless stalls. I threw myself onto the first seat and thing I peed a pretty heavy stream for like four minutes and practically froze my butt off since it was 30 degrees out there. At 2 a.m. who am I going to call to complain to? Then when I got back to my dorm, I had to pee all over again. It was a lot warmer and lighter in there though.

Doorless stalls

Just wondering what everyone's opinion is of doorless stalls in public restrooms. While I would prefer to have the semi-privacy of a door, I will not hesitate to use a toilet in a stall with no door. You gotta go, you gotta go. I don't expect four star accommodations in a public restroom (the operative word is "public" not "private"). If I have to take a crap and I walk into a public restroom only to find that the stalls have no doors, I'm more than likely still going to use the toilet. I don't really get embarrassed if someone sees me on the toilet, and I'm also not too concerned people's bashfulness at seeing me on the toilet in a public place. Let's all keep out eyes to ourselves, huh? Anyway, just curious of the general consensus. Doorless stalls - yay or nay?

Hello, all.

I don't know why, but for some reason, today I remembered a story of something that happened a few years ago when i was in Washington DC. My family and I went to tour the city. I forgot where we were, but I think we were in a small mall. Anyways, after holding back for a while, I got a strong urge to both pee and poo. It took a bit of wandering, but I eventually found a bathroom. It was rather large, and had about 20 stalls. They were all empty except the first one. I went into the second stall, pulled down my pants, sat down, and started peeing. Only a few second after I started, a light brown hand holding a can of disinfectant spray appeared under the wall of the stall, and started spraying me with it. I was, to say the least, shocked. However, there was nothing I could do as I had nearly a full bladder and the beginning of a turd hanging out of me. I had no choice but to sit there and take it. They didn't stop spraying me with it until I left the stall. It was everywhere, on my skin, on my clothes, in my panties.
When I left the stall, I noticed a yellow wheelie bucket in the corner of the room. It must have been a cleaning lady.
After I left the bathroom, I checked to see if there was an 'out-of-service' sign. There was none.

Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else?


Doorless Stall Survey Responses

I didn't see the survey, but I saw the responses so here are mine:

Gender: Male

1. Have you ever used a doorless stall bathroom? Yes, I've used them often. Why or why not? After humiliating experiences in school, I forced myself to not be afraid of crapping in a public restroom, and what better way than open stalls?. I actually got to prefer them.
2. If "yes", is it to crap or pee? Crap. I pee in a urinal. I hate it when guys piss on the toilet seat
3. Why do you think the stall doors have been taken off? Today it's mostly to prevent drug use. It used to be for other things. In some older constructions they figured we're all guys and no one minds
4. What do you do differently when using an open stall toilet? Taking a crap is taking a crap. I don't know a lot of ways to do that
5. Do others waiting, washing their hands, combing their hair look at you? Sometimes. I think it's funny when some guys try desperately to NOT look - Like they'd turn to stone if they saw you on the crapper
6. Do you talk to those waiting if they try to start a conversation? I've never been in a restroom with open stalls that was that busy. I have talked to guys in the next stall, but we couldn't see each other
7. Have you complained to management about such situations? No. But other people have and most of the open stalls where I live have been demolished



I luv ur posts keep em coming ! i enjoy reading them ...
question'; have u ever peed in ur back seat?
&& .. at home wen the toilet isnt available where do u have daughter pee? the couch?



Hello all! I almost pooed myself today...I poop on my lunch break every day, because I have no time to do it at work. I normally get the need around 11 or so, and I go on lunch break at 12. So, I normally let out a few silent farts to give some relief until I can get home and take my poo. Well, today the need came around 9:30, and it was strong..I let out several silent farts for over an hour, and then around 11:30, I could feel my hole trying to open up...and I had to suck it back up several times. It was quite painful to do, because it was a big one. Finally 12:00 came and I rushed home...and once I walked in the door, I threw my stuff down on the floor, took my shoes off, threw my jacket on the floor as i ran down the hallway to the bathroom. I didn't even bother to close the door, and yanked my clothes down as quickly as possible, and plopped myself down..immediately my pee began and after that I had to give a push and I could feel my hole opening up wide..oh it hurt the huge turd was slowly sliding roommate walked by the bathroom and looked in on me..I was hunched over, eyes watering,face red, pushing hard...she said, "U ok?" I answered with a strained voice, "Just working on a big one..Almost came out in my panties" By now, it started coming out on its own, and there was no stopping just kept getting bigger and bigger..I gripped the toilet and grunted as the turd was forcing my hole open wider and wider. This thing just kept coming, and finally it dropped into the water without making too much of a sound since it was already touching the water before it dropped. I let out a groan of relief...and looked in the bowl...the turd was huge. I wiped and flushed, but it didn't do down...I decided I would work on getting it down later..I looked at the clock once I came out of the bathroom and it was 12:30..I had been in there 10 minutes...pretty long for just one turd..but I felt so much better now..There is my story for today..... Oh I almost forgot...I went to the gas station the other day, and had to take a poo very badly. I went back to their restrooms, and they were one stall bathrooms, so I pushed open the bathroom door, and there was a lady in there, she looked to be about 18 or 19, and she was hunched over, with her arms folded at her stomach and her face was beat red, and she was pushing really hard, and her eyes were all watery...and as soon as I pushed open the door I heard a loud floomp...and I said, "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" Then I closed the door...I couldn't believe she hadn't locked the door...I decided to use the men's restroom the middle of my poo, I heard the ladies bathroom door open and shut as the lady must have finished and left.

Sister pooped & spanked

I'm a 48 year old wife & mother who has never pooped her panties I have peed my panties twice in my life once when pregnant years ago but luckily I haven't ever pooped in them I've come close a couple times.
I do remember an incident when I was 12,when my older(14)sister and I were riding in the back of our car on an expressway and we were 30 to 40 minutes away from home according to my father after my sister had asked him.The reason she asked was because she had to pee & poop and she knew she wasn't going to be able to hold it in much longer. My father told her that there were no exits until we would be getting off in a half hour and she would just have to try an hold it, then he asked my sister why hadn't she gone to the bathroom 20 minutes back when dad, mom and myself all went at the gas station we had stopped at, my sister had no answer and again dad told her that she would have to hold it and if she messed herself he would paddle her at home.
Well sadly for my sister she couldn't and didn't hold it and she filled her shorts and panties in the car. Mom lectured her the remainder of the trip home while she sat there in her messed underwear and shorts and then once we were home dad escorted her sobbing to the garage where he paddled( we always got our age in paddle swats)her over her pooped shorts and panties, I still can recall my sister walking by me after her paddling with brown stained yellow shorts as she made her way to the bathroom to clean up.


Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Late for work

I got up late this morning because the alarm block didn't in off. I was desperate for both a pee & a poo but I decided to wait untill I got to work as I was so late. I got dressed quickly & rushed out the door to catch the bus for work. Of course I missed the bus & 15 minutes later the next one arrived. I got on & took my seat with a full to bursting point bladder & a huge load in my bowely than was trying it's hardest to force it's way out. The journey was agony & by the time I got to work I was dribbling pee into my panties. They were damp in the crotch but not wet enough to show through my trousers luckily. My bowels pushed hard against my will & I clenched hard to keep my poo inside me. I made it to the toilet & found a vacant cubicle. As soon as I shut the door I quickly pulled my trousers & panties down together & sat down. I relaxed & peed for ages while my poo slid out easily. It was a massive relief & when I looked in the toilet I was amazed at the size of the poo I'd done. It was huge & stuck out of the water. My panties were quite wet in the crotch but & managed to soak most of the pee up with some toilet tissue. I wiped my bum & flushed the toilet feeling very relieved & washed my hands & went downstairs to start work half an hour late. I lost an hours wages for being late but it was better than pooing & wetting myself!

English Teacher

Some High School Experiences

A few weeks ago, I wrote about taking my 12-year old niece to a football game back at my old high school field. It was my first trip back to the field since my days as a cheerleader there. I'm now an English Teacher at my old high school. I ended up taking my niece home early because she needed to go #2 and didn't want to do that in the ladies' room at the football stadium.

That experience reminded me of my own experiences with the stadium ladies' room. I told the story of my first game as a cheerleader (I was a sophomore in high school) when I messed in my panties because I didn't want to go #2 in the stadium ladies' room, either. Even though I didn't have the courage to tell my niece the story of what happened to me, I could surely sympathize with her situation and was more than willing to take her home early so she could do her business in the comfort, cleanliness, and privacy of her bathroom at home. As to my accident back then, I was very fortunate that I was able to hold it in long enough so it didn't happen until I was home in my own driveway and none of my friends ever found out about it. In fact, no one ever found out about it.

I also wrote about how I learned from that experience that no matter how bad the bathroom may be, you should always use it rather than risk going in your panties. As lucky as I was to keep my accident hidden from everyone else, it was still an awful experience. Walking up to my bathroom at home with the load in my panties (trying to avoid being caught by my mom) was the worst feeling in the world and then having to clean it up was the most disgusting thing that I've ever had to do. From that moment on, I resolved that no matter what, I'd never let myself have an accident again. I haven't had a messing accident since.

Of course, over the 3 years that I was a cheerleader, I had to use that home stadium girls' room on many occasions. Actually, that ladies' room wasn't so bad and getting used to using it was pretty easy. The key thing was that you didn't want to be doing a #2 in there at halftime of the game when it was the most crowded. Privacy was the big issue in that particular bathroom so the fewer people in there while you were going, the better it was. Of course, the earlier you went (before everyone else used it) the cleaner it was.

It was kind of ironic in that when you first feel the need to go #2, your instinct is to hold it in and try to make it home to do it in your own bathroom. But then as the game goes on, you realize that you're not going to be able to hold it in that long and you realize that you're going to have no choice but to do it in the stadium ladies' room. But the longer you wait, the more people use the ladies' room before you, and the worse it gets. One time late in my sophomore year, I went in there after halftime (after holding it in for most of the game) and there wasn't a bit of toilet paper in any of the stalls. There weren't even any paper towels left. I had to get some napkins from the concession stand to wipe myself with and they don't nearly as good a job as regular toilet paper. After that, I started to carry my own supply of toilet paper in my purse.

I learned that if you do have to go at a football game, the best thing to do is go and use the ladies room as soon as you can. As cheerleaders, we had to be there early and the best time to go and do your #2 in there was before anyone else was in there. That way you had your privacy (well, at least as much privacy as you could have in a public bathroom), you had toilet paper and the bathroom was actually pretty clean. If you didn't have to go then but suddenly felt the need to go during the game, it was always best to go before halftime because once halftime happened, the ladies' room wasn't a very nice place at all. It wasn't so bad to go in there to pee at halftime (I never minded doing that so much in a crowded public bathroom), but not for #2. Our coach would sometimes give us dirty looks if we left the cheer line during the game, but it was well worth it (when you had to go #2) to avoid the halftime crowds. Usually, if you didn't first feel the need to go until after halftime, you didn't have to worry as you could easily hold it in until you got home. The only time that this was a problem was if we were playing an away game and had a long bus ride home after the game. One time on the bus ride home after a game, one of my cheerleader teammates got in trouble because we had to make a bathroom pit stop for her because she didn't want to do her #2 in the port-o-potty bathrooms at the game and she became desperate on the way home.

I could certainly sympathize with her because I really hated port-o-potties, too, and at a lot of the football stadiums we played at, they only had those instead of regular bathrooms. But after having my messing accident back at my first game, I knew better than to hold it in too long and risk that happening again. So I used the port-o-potties when I had to go and that was all that they had. The idea of using it as early as you can is even more true with those than with regular bathrooms. All it takes is one or two people doing a #2 in there and they're going to stink to high heaven. And even if people are just peeing in those things, you've got guys who spray their piss all over everything and women who squat rather than sit down and spray all over the toilet seat.

The worst stadium bathroom that I ever encountered in my cheerleader days was in my senior year at this really old, rundown stadium that (thankfully!) we only played at once. Not only was the bathroom dirty and rundown, but there were no doors on the front of the toilet stalls for privacy sake. And as to the toilet paper, they didn't have regular rolls of toilet paper, but just these cheap single-ply individual sheets. Naturally, with my luck, I had to do a bowel movement immediately when we got there. For a while, I really was tempted to just hold it in all night (as the other cheerleaders who needed a bowel movement did), but once again thinking about how awful it was to go in my panties that other time and thinking about how much worse it would be if it happened this time either while actually cheering at the game or on the bus ride home, I got up the courage to go and do it in that awful bathroom.

I had my best friend stand in the doorway of the stall with her back to me, to at least provide a little privacy. It was fortunate that I had that toilet paper that I carried in my purse to wipe myself with. But this was a really messy bowel movement and it wasn't enough to completely do the job. I had to use some of that awful "toilet paper" (I don't even want to call it that) to finish the job. When I flushed the toilet, my load in the toilet didn't even go down. The water just bubbled in the bowl and then circled and rose to the top of the bowl and nearly overflowed. It was just awful.

Some of the other girls on the cheerleading squad did pee in there, but as far as I know, I was the only one to do a bowel movement. And this one girl didn't even pee in there when she needed to because she actually wet her pants pretty badly on the bus ride home. The cheerleading coach refused to stop the bus for her after announcing before we left that we'd better use the bathroom if we had to because we weren't stopping on the way home.

There was a rumor around school that one girl in the band actually messed in her panties that night from not wanting to use that bathroom, but I've always doubted that the rumor was true. My boyfriend at the time, who was in the school band, assured me that it was true, but he would never tell me who it was. He always maintained that it was "band business" and "band people don't talk about each other like that", but he insisted that it really did happen. Again, I never really believed the story was true, but I guess it could have been. After all, I had messed in my panties at a game so it isn't too far-fetched that another girl around my age could do the same thing. And these bathroom conditions were a lot worse than the ones back at our home stadium when I did my accident.

My boyfriend also told me that in the boys' room at the stadium, they didn't even have stalls at all. They had a long row of those trough style urinals along one wall and the other wall had sinks and five completely bare toilets just sticking out from the wall. He said that for boys, privacy wasn't that big a deal, but I couldn't imagine ever having to use a toilet like that - especially for a #2. I'm not even sure I could do a #1 in there, but I definitely could not have done #2. Fortunately, though, I at least had stall walls in the ladies' room and a very good friend to serve as a makeshift stall door. Hence, I survived without an accident and like I've written, I've never had a messing accident since that one time as a cheerleader my sophomore year in high school.

In my next post, I think I'll write about some of my experiences in college - some close calls and some more instances of using really bad bathrooms (like in bars) and a few alcohol-induced accidents of the other variety.

Frantic Francine

The doorless stalls survey

Gender: Female; Age: 11

1. Have you ever used a doorless stall? Why or why not? Not at the first part of the year, but I do now. If I try to hold it, I know I'm going to have a worse accident.
2. Of yes, to crap or pee? At first, I did both. Now mostly I just crap.
3. Why do you think the stall doors have been taken off? Too many students mess with them. There's been really gross drawings on the inside of some of the doors and some fires have been set. One door was bent so much it almost came off in this one chick's hand.
4. What do you do differently when you use an open stall toilet. I wear a dress or loose skirt a lot more. My mom bought me like 6 new outfits.
5. Do others waiting, washing their hands, combing their hair, etc., look at you? Yes.
6. Do you talk to those waiting if they try and start a conversation? No.
7. Have you complained to management about such situations? Yes. I told my homeroom teacher.

Super Soaker 2000


So, I've actually known about this site for 10 years now. I remember finding it while at a friends house, and I can't begin to explain how much I love this site! I remember it was part of a broader website, now it's just the toilet site as far as I can tell. I hope this site never goes down, I would feel like part of me died if it did. This site is one of the oldest on the web! The first posts are from 1996 right? Doesn't get much older than that. I don't know if this will get posted or not, but I just wanted to share my love for this website and for all the people that post. I have no clue how it's funded, I'd contribute if I could. I haven't had any bathroom related experiences lately, but I'll post when I do. Good day to all of you!


major accident

I've been reading here for a few months, and i decided to post because i had my first accident in a pretty long time today... I'm 31 years old, and today i pooped my pants pretty bad at work. There was no stopping was very busy, and i had an uneasy feeling in my stomach. I knew i would need a toilet very soon but i just couldn't get a free moment. Eventually i got this unbearable pressure in my butt before i lost control of myself. I began pooping in my pants, and it was warm and solid. It caked into a sizable bulge in the seat of my white hanes her way panties and black dress slacks. There was nothing i could do but just let it happen...i had to try and keep my cool dealing with a large volume of customers while i deposited a large volume of poop into my underwear. I finally finished messing myself after 3 or 4 minutes and by then there was a noticeable odor hovering around. I could just feel this warm sticky heavy mass pressed firmly against my butt and i was almost in a daze because i was so freaked about pooping myself. I was paranoid and self conscious about people knowing what i did. I just tried to hide the bulge on my butt and not let anyone be too close to me for too long. I FINALLY got a breather and i briskly headed to the ladies room trying not to let my "oops i pooped my pants" walk look too obvious. I got into the ladies room and my worst fear was realized when i looked in the mirror. I was hoping there wasn't as noticeable of a bulge as it felt like, but it was was as big as a pear and it was droopy, so there was an actual sag in the seat of my pants with a big lump in it. Anyone who took one glance at my butt knew i had pooped my pants. I still can't decide which was worse...trying to clean poop out of my underwear in the bathroom at work or having to tell my boss that i pooped my pants. Once i got all the load out of my underwear into the toilet, i wiped out the seat as best i could, and carefully slid them back up. They were heavily skidmarked but at least i got all the solid poop out. I had to pull my slacks up and get back to work so i headed out. I felt like i had a sticky wedgy or something walking around, but i finished the remainder of my shift in dirty panties and smelling a little like poop. Some of my coworkers definitely knew i pooped myself.


To Catherine, others

To begin, I appreciate the acknowledgment recently. Though I don't post often, I still read this board consistently. I don't know why I don't post more often, it seems like the female posts are received for more positively, so I refrain. However I have a number good stories involving peeing and pooping by myself or by others.

That being said, I echo many of your sentiments about your interest in #2. I definitely feel guilty if I indulge my impulses though they are harmless. Maybe I too suffer from a Christian standard? I also wish I could share in them like many on this board, although it seems nearly impossible to broach such a subject in daily life. Only by seldom occasion, other than this board, am I able to discuss and share in such experiences.

Anyway Catherine, love the stories, keep them coming, Ill provide more feedback :)

Also if anyone would like to hear some more of my stories, I believe I posted one many pages ago, let me know.

Best to all.


Answers to Rag Muffin's questions

Me and Stac are studying together for our finals. So we're both going to do this post answering Rag Muffin's questions on using open stall/doorless toilets. We've both had experiences with them, some of which we've written about in posts before.

Connor: male, 18
Stac: female, 18

1. Have you ever used a doorless stall? Why or why not? Connor: Yes. Stac: Yes.

2. If yes, to crap or pee? Connor: most of the time to crap only. Sometimes there's a little pee, too. Stac: More to pee than crap.

3. Why do you think the stall doors have been taken off: Connor: illegal activities of all types. Stac: Probably, lots of reason and none of them good.

4. What do you do differently when using an open stall toilet? Connor: move fast, use my underwear higher to cover more of myself. Stac: don't try to sneak a smoke unless it's a single staller like in a gas station.

5. Do others waiting, washing their hands, combing their hair, look at you? Connor: the worse situation I had was at the homeless shelter. I wrote about it on page 1782. Stac: at our school, yes, but not so much in other public places.

6. Do you talk to those waiting if they try to start a conversation? Connor: not really. I guess I'm scared to at other public places outside of school. Stac: at school, I've helped some of my friends with their homework.

7. Have you complained to management about such situations? Connor: I complained to my dad, but he's not management. Stac: several students of both genders at school have complained. Our principals say they are smpathetic but they have told the Student Council that Connor and I are members of about all the vandalism done and how taking the doors off the stools lessens it quit a bit.

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 4

All of us changed once inside the house. Then we all went downstairs to the kitchen to get supper made before my dad got home from work which would bee soon. A salad was made up by the girls. I had spaggeti and sauce going along with meatballs. Also there was a loaf of italian bread so that was placed on the table.

MY father drove in the driveway just as the sauce with meatballs and the hot speggeti noodles in a bowl were placed on the table. In a few short moments my dad came into the kitchen. Both Janet and Jill said hello to my dad. He quickly stopped being quite surprised that Janet and Jill where here! (my mom had not told him that the girls were comming here)

He smiled and he sat down at the table asked where had the girls come from. Both Janet and Jill explained why. Also my dad asked about ther dad and mom which the girls filled him on that too. That was all the conversation topic while we ate. Then when we finished my dad went to the livingroom to watch the news on tv while I and the girls did the cleaning up. While doing this we made plans what to do after we were finished.

That was going to be to take a bike ride down to where I was going to school. That was the lod highschool which was now the middle school fith and sixth grade. I was going into sixth grade in the fall. Once we had finished cleaning u I went into the livingroom and told my dad that I and te girls were going for a bike ride. He told me to have fun and as I left I said back to him. We will! I walked out to the barn for Janet and Jill had already walked out to the barn and were on their bikes waiting for me.

I got on mine and we took off. Down our road the three of us went. Heading the way we were going there was the short hill down to the highway which we wnet down coasting and right on to the side of the highway we went. We had a long flat section to go along on an when we went by he wherethe doll museum was both Janet and Jill spotted the small sighn which said doll museum on it Jill asked me if I had ever been in it. Janet laughed and said back to Jill Why would Dave want to go in a doll museum? He;s a boy! I laughed and Jill also giggled pretty hard.

We reached soon after the museum the long genlt slopein hill which would take us into the four corners were which was Sand Lake. Made the left turn following the main highway which were now about a hundred yards from turning into the school. As we pedal by now we were passing one of theball fields where the bar leauges played and the field was in use so there was a game being played.

We reached the turn to go into the school and its grounds on the right side and started heading to the back of the school. When we got to the back we stopped. There was a second ball field here and that is the one used by the school for recess and gym. Up past that up on a hill was the recently done full oudoor basketball court which there was people up there playing.

While we were also there siting on our bikes Janet noticed the road that was there beside the row of pine trees beside the backstop of the baseball fiel in front of us. She asked me where it went. I told her that it went backpast the basketball court and up over to the other schoool which is the grade school Miller Hill. Jill said that's neat. You can go from school to school that way!

Also Jill looking over at the Miller Hill school grounds saw all its playground equipment. She asked me if we could go up there and swing on the swings. I said to her then; Jill there is s set of swings over on the other sideof the school building here. So we pedaledover to them and there was no one there using them so we parked our bikes and went right over to the swings got on them and started swinging on them.

I was in the middle withJill on my left and Janet on my right. Janet said to me; Dave just like up at the old school back home! Jill heard Janet and she laughed kind of sort of but really not the same though. But it will do! I laughed and I said to them both. Yeah it is different in its apearence but Janet has the right idea too in that we three are swinging together! Janet laughed and said; That's Right!

We went on talking as we swung on the swings. We spent about 45 minutes time up till now. Then Jill blurted out; Dave I have to piss! Is there anywhere I can go that is around here? Janet then said she had to piss also and she ommeneted about everywhere being so wide open as far as the school grounds. (we all had drank the last cans of soda while makeing supper and we all had ice tea with supper too) I said to them both; Oh there is a spot very close by where you can go! Jill and Janet both together said SHOW US!

We all then hopped off the swings together and with both girls on each side of me I walked them across the school yard and to the line of bushes, chain link fence, and the strip of oods past the row of bushes and the chain link fence. AS we walked that way Jill said; Do we have to climb over that fence? I told her know there is a spot where its broken which we can walk right through it and we'll be in the woods to a spot that you can piss Jill. Can we hurry Dave? I really need to go!

Keep up with me I said to the girls and I walked faster. Janet and Jill managed to keep up and soon we wreat the the bushes and the spot where the chain link fence was broken. We all slipped through and slipped through the bushes on the other side that followed the fence also. Now we came out under the tall pine trees that grew there and the creek that was therealso. This was the spot where the girls could piss and myslef also.

Jill was in a real hurry to piss. She had put on a pair of dark blue shorts with a white top when she had changed out from her bikini when we had come back from the lake. Janet had put on a summer dress which was a yellow white striped one. Jill had yanked her shorts right down squated low and she now pissed very hard into the pine needles on the ground. In a short couple of seconds not looking up or at over Janet and I Oh this feels soooo good!

Janet now had taken care of her summer dress after pulling down my zipper on my jeans for me. Janet quickly said to me that I would have to do the erst. Ihave to piss! Janet had her dress pulled up both in the front and back and she squated down but not as low as Jill had. Janet too sent out a strong stream of piss which hers hissed Jills wasn't. Janet's piss wetted the pine needles under her.

I pulled my penis out from my open zipper. I was standing a little off to the left of Janet but out in front of her and Jill who was a few feet from Janet. I was faced towards the creeks direction and Istarted my piss now. I sent a long somewaht high arced stream of piss which did come down in the creeks water. With the splash of my piss hitting into the creek That made Jill look up and she saw my stream splashing into the creek. She giggled and stayed now watching my stream splashing in the creek.

Janet had only watched till my stream had reached the creek. But she had now noticed something else she now saw. Janet spotted in other spots out ahead of her past me scattered napkins and tissuies in the pine needles. Hey it looks like thsi spot is used by others or has been used by others. I now laughed just a little. Then I told both girls all about this spot was used by the kids here in school when outside durring recess! Both Janet and Jill listened intently as I told them about the girls being spyed upon by the boys and vice versa.

Then it had been discovered that the students were pissing and sometimes shiting her by a teacher. Boy did the shit hit the fan after that! The fence was put up every class home room had the teacher tell every student that if they were cuaght relieving themslef over here that it would be dentetion or even a three day dismissle could be in order!Jill sai with a giggle; All that for just for needing to take a piss and you couldn't make it back inside to go! Janet agreed but she added saying; Yeah but look the fence is knocked down and persons are still going here! I laughed and I said to them both; Right you are!

Jill had now finished her piss and stood up yanking her blue shorts up. I was still pissing still having my stream reaching te creek. Janet was still pissing too but she looked like she was getting near the end of hers for she wasn't pissing all that hard now.Jill went behind Jill and came right over by me and stood beside me now. Let me take over Dave she said to me. After all Janet held you when you two took off for that swm together at the lake!

I turned and looked at Janet. You told her about what we did then? Janet smiled and said back to me; Well Jill did aske me when we gad come back when we were changing so I told her. We are sistors and we do share everything! I shook my head for I should have remembered that those two had in the past. Wich I would find out when one or the other would tell me.

Jill had now had her fingers positioned to hold my penis and I removed mine. I was getting now near the end of my piss for my streams arc was dropping and comming back no longer in the creek but comming up ist bank to the flat area under the tall pines where we were. Now Jill giggled just a little and said in a low voice which was just above a whisper; Maybe if you and I get alone I'll piss on this! She jiggled my penis just a little to let me know what she ment! Jill added saying in te same level tomne of her voice; Janet told me you did seem to like it a lot!

I had at this point had jsut stopped my piss. Jill hurridly shook me and let go and stepped back away. So now I couldn't say anything back to her about her last statement to me. Jill stood there with a smile and Janet had not head any of what Jill had said to me. For she had walked a lttle furhther away and she was at where there was the old tissues and scatterd napkins laying on and in the pine needles.

Jill said to Janet; Com on Janet Dave and I are done! Janet came back over to Jill and I and we then walked back through the trees bushes and went back through the break in the chain link fence. Then across the school yard over to the swings and our bikes. Janet asked as we had just got back to the bikes and swings; Dave is there anywhere we vcan get a drink. I'm thirsty. Jill then piped up and said she could use a drink too. I told them we could ride up to the other school. There is outside drinking fountains there. So we hopped right on our bikes and took the back road right up to the Miller Hill school and at its one end there was one of the drinking fountains. We all got a very long drink of water from it. To be continuied.

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