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When The Lights Went Out! Part 4

Susan and I went on playing rummy at the kitchern table. The game was rather going slow so we both had finished off our large glasses of soda. The hand we were playing had ended and I wrote down the score and added them t the total. Susan got up and she went and put more ice and coke in our glasses and sat back down with them. Susan said to me; Dave we can play to games at once! I asked her; What other game you want to play Susan?

Susan giggled a hard short giggle. Then she said to me; Who can hold it the longest Dave! We do have still plenty of soda and ice! So we can play this game too while we play cards! I smiled and thought about it for a quick moment. Susan and I had played a holding contest before and as far as Susan she really could hold from pissing so she was a good challange to outlast! I told her I would play.

So to start this game we both picked up our soda glasses and we both chugged the all the soda right down that was in them. Susan got up again and refilled them with just soda and set the refilled glasses back down on the table and we started the next round of rummy. We agreed to wait to drink from our glasses until this hand was played.

The hand took awhile agin lasting close to twenty minutes according to the times we heard on her transistor radio. I quickly wrote the scores down and added them up again. Susan waited for me to do this. Then we piced up our soda glasses again and chugged them down again. Susan refilled them once more as I delt out the cards for the next hand of rummy.

We started playing the new hand and after several plays didn't the power come back on! It was no longer storming outside too. I said to Susan; Hey I hope the power stays on. Me too! Susan said right back to me. We went back to playing cards. This hand took ten more minutes to play and then we were finished with it. Again we chugged down our glasses of soda. This time Susan did not get up to refill them.

Instead Susan shot right up out of her chair. I HAVE TO PISS NOW DAVE!!! Susan said to me very loudly. Susan shoved her chair back hard almost knocking it over backwards as she now ran towards the kitchens doorway to the hall and the bathroom! Good thing she started first. If she hadn't I would have! I reall now had to piss too!

I got up slower then she had and I turned towards the hall and the bathroom. Susan was already in the bathroom had the lid and toilet seat raised! She was yanking down her blue shorts and she was also in a high squat over the toilet as she yanked her shorst down! I took the needed several steps to get in the bathroom also and Susan had her blue shorts down around her bare feet and ankles.

Then out from her vagina came a extreamly wide gushing piss stream! No hissing and her stream hit the water so hard it made a loud splash makeing the water and our piss that was laready in the bowl splash violently! Seeing her pissing so hard and I had to piss so badly myslef I couldn't holdit n to wait for her!

I stepped right over to the bathtub in one quick long step. I opened the slit in my boxers in a flash had my penis out and I like Susan sent right into the bathtub a gushing stream of piss! Susan seeing me piss in the tub giggled real hard and loud for a long moment. Then she said to me; Only if I hung on for several seconds more! I told Susan that if she had she would have won. Susan said right back to me; That is sure right Dave!

As Susan went on with her hard piss in the toilet and I pissing hard into the bathtub my penis had not been erect. But just takeing a glimpse at Susan seeing her gushing piss and now all the hoise her piss was makeing my penis became erect as I stood there and pissed into the tub. Susan seeing my penis go from being limp to being fully erect giggled the entire time.

Both of us took a very long piss too. Both of our bladders had been filled to their limit. I knew mine was for I could feel that my lower belly was hard and I could feel a slight pain too which died out as I went on pissing. Susan said after several more seconds had passed; Make sure you get empty Dave and then we'll do it again! Another round! I said yes back to her.

I heard less splashing with Susan pissing for he piss was slackening off now. My stream had not. I then heard her stop or I should say take a puase. Then I heard some light off and on splashing several times in a row. Then slence as far as Susan pissing so she had finished. I heard her take a napkin and she wiped this time. Then I heard the toilet flush since we had the power back on.

Then I heard her pull up her shorts and she stepped over beside me and watched me piss into the bathtub. Which I did for a long time. Then my stream eased off and stopped. I didn't do any spurts to finsih off with this time. I had emptied my bladder right out. I didn't shake my penis this time either. No need to. But I did let Susan slip it back inside my boxers after she had asked me if she could.

I then turned on some cold water and rinsed my piss out of the tub. I shut the water off when there was no more pis in the tub and we walked right back to the kitchen with Susan refilling our glasses with ice and coke. We chgged them right down she refilled them again and we sat down and went back to the card rummy game. The hand was longer then any other hand we had played. As a result with our one single chugged glass of soda we had drank both of us had our bladders filled mostly up again.

Now also outside there was approaching thunder and there was lightning again. There was another approaching storm. I got up quickly and I lit a few of the candles if the power was to go out again. It was getting dark outside now too. Ten minutes later the lights flickered off and on several times and they went out and stayed out. So it was a good thing I did light the candles. We went on playing cards now by candle light and if we needed to piss that would be by candle light too. To be continuied.


Employment Agency Tales

Employment Agency Tales 2


Hope everyone is OK.

As I got around a lot when I was doing a lot of short-term jobs, I had several experiences involving pooping colleaugues - which I can relate another time - but something rather odd happened to me a few years back when I was registering with employment agencies.

I had misgivings about submitting this particular post as I would not normally submit comments involving pooping women, unless they were either kindred "pooping" spirits and/or who would be happy to see a post about them in this forum. However, this happened some years ago, the people involved have moved on, and more importantly none of us could have avoided hearing what was going on....

When registering with an employment agency for the first time, I had to attend a registration interview to discuss my CV (resume) and my career goals etc.The strange thing was, that on at least 45-50% of such visits, a young attractive woman employed by the agency (as opposed to an interview candidate which I would have though to be more likely) used the office toilet either just after I arrived, whilst I was there, or as I was leaving.

The very first time I visited the one agency, I was told to wait for someone and the two women on the main desk giggled as they said this.I wondered what was going on as I sat down in a seat down a small corridor. One office door was open, but there was no-one there, the other door was shut.I heard a noisy fart and a loud KERSHPLUUUUNK! come from behind it, and a hurried rattle of a toilet paper holder.The occupant rustled their clothes and I heard the toilet flush a spray of deodourant and the sound of hands being washed.

A very attractive blonde with short hair and a green jacket and rather short green skirt emerged.She did not seem too bothered that I was probably in earshot of what had happened.More importantly she managed to get me a job within a few hours of registering.

At another agency in Cambridge -since demolished (!) - I used to deal regularly with a twenty-something brunette. On the three times I visited, she "went" on each occasion.Ms X had curly shoulder length hair, wore a blue blouse and black trousers. She always asked me to wait in her office as she used the toilet immediately opposite.

I heard the snicker as she pulled her trousers and pants down what I assumed to be one quick movement, before a quick movement of rather another kind made itself all too obvious. As soon as she sat down rapidly on the toilet seat with a clang, things kicked off.

There was a very noisy and explosive FART-PLOP-SPLUUUUT-PLIP-PLOP-PLOPPERTY-PLOP_PLOP_PLOP, followed by a lengthy and drawn out wet fart.This was followed by the rattle of the toilet paper holder, clothes being adjusted and the flush of the toilet and hands being washed. I subsequently found Ms X helpful - and managed to obtain quite a lot of work through her.Interestingly/Curiously this was repeated before each of the following two interviews I had with her, both not coincidentally scheduled at 1030am...

The final instance that sticks in the mind - there were many others- involved a friend of a friend, who worked at an agency.Ms Y was another blonde - she looked a little like Tara Reid in the early American Pie films. I had occasionally shared a drink with her and her lesbian girlfriend, but always managed to find an excuse not to join them when they went off in search of a kebab or a strong spicy curry.

I was interviewed by Ms Y on one occasion, and suddenly halfway through the interview, an unhealthy gurgling came from her.She sheepishly said "Do you mind if I excuse mself for a few minutes?"I gave the OK, as she run out of the office into the toilet immediately opposite,and slammed the door.(A lot of these agency offices were set out in this format)

I heard her rustle her short red skirt and pull her pants down.As soon as I heard her sit down, she did an violently explosive fart, followed by a crackling splattering noise which went one for two or three seconds.About thirty seconds later she did a wet sounding fart and another wet sounding fart, before another much shorter crackling splattering.I heard the usual noises as she finished and saw her walking out the toilet adjusting her skirt as she came back in her office.

She giggled as she apologised and said "Sorry Hermes, I should not have had that curry last night!"Ms Y was also one of the good guys and I got some good temp assignments with her help, before she moved to Australia with her girlfriend.Sadly her replacement was not as helpful and I have never been back to that agency since.

I'll sign off for now - characters since as The Beast of Barking, Little Kim, Nasty Nikki and "Mad Ally" (a worthy rival to the pooping-obsessed Mustang-driving redhead KC, I referred to in page 1938 " Fun & Games in the Warehouse") can wait for another time.

Take care, and I hope you all have a pleasant and Happy Christmas

Hermes xxx

Monday, December 13, 2010


Peeing on the bus

I am so embarrassed about this I don't ever want to go to school again. The other day I woke up early to finish homework and drank literally like 4 cups of coffee. I realized I was going to be late and rushed to the bus stop and made it, and went off to school. I am a 15 year old guy, by the way.

At lunch I drank a whole bottle of water and went to the bathroom to pee about halfway through lunch. The line was huge but I waited anyway, and the bell rang before I was able to go. I only had two classes after lunch, math and gym. I wasn't dying to pee, so I didn't ask to go in math. But I had to go soo bad in gym, but I wasn't allowed.

The school locks the bathrooms after last period, so I had to wait till I got home. My girlfriend sat right next to me and wouldn't shut up, which made it worse. She kept trying to make out with me but I wouldn't because I thought I might wet myself. I couldn't take it anymore: Traffic was all backed up because of a down power line or something, and I had to pee now. I thought I could try to stick a bottle in my shorts, but as soon as I found one on the floor, I started wetting my pants.

When I felt it coming out I jumped out of the seat and ran to the front, while peeing. Since the bus was stopped from traffic I pushed the door open and ran to the trees and pulled down my pants. Of course with my luck, there wasn't much pee left to go. I turned around to see the whole bus laughing and the bus driver screaming. I sat down next to my girlfriend who wouldn't talk to me and covered her nose from the smell of pee. She dumped me that night.

The next day I got a speech from the bus driver that if I needed to go that badly I should tell him. He the garbage can would have been a better choice than running out of the bus (which I think is weird). Thanks for letting me share!

I had to pee at school yesterday. It was around 1PM. I left library with my bookbag and went to the women's room. I found a clean stall, closed the door, put paper on the seat, dropped my jacket, then undid my black sweat pants and white FOL panty to my ankles. I drank a lot of tea and water in the morning. With my legs opened, I started out with three tingling squirts, then a continuous flow. It lasted for almost 60 seconds. I wiped my cat of any residue and under my legs, dropped the paper in the bowl, pulled up clothes and flushed. That was all. I was all alone in there.

toWendy (Kirstys girlfriend) My mom once gave me Castoria, a vegetable-based laxative. It was nasty. I was constipated for almost a week. I was 14. She noticed that I did not move my bowels for a week. I kept going to school. On the way home, the effects of the stuff attacked me. I went into a KFC, took the closet toilet, slammed the door, dropped my books, lifted my skirt, let down my white tights and white jockey panty and it was on. my bowels released with a blat-sound, thick smelly brown mud. It was undescribable. Heated by my body temp, it smelled up the room. My stomach was cramping. I sat on that bowl just letting my body recover from the shock from head to toe. I reached for toilet paper and wiped myself. There was so much mess under me that the paper was slipping from me. Not only from the opening but on my butt cheeks. I finished, pulled up my clothes and walked a short distance home. It was short when it attacked me in the bldg. where we live. I got out of the elevator on the 7th floor and got into our apt. quick, dropped my books on the floor and raced to the bathroom, undoing my garments. I sat on that bowl, careful not to get my skirt soiled, on my tip-toes, I just relaxed and let my bowels do their best or worse. I was dropping logs with brown water. I was clutching my ???? with one hand and holding my tights and undies with the other. I pulled off my skirt and threw it in the bathtub and sat with my undies and tights at my knees .This went on and off all afternoon until my mother came home and found me in position. I begged her for a binder, but she told me that I needed this and to just sit it out. This went until about 9PM. I was shitting water. The next morning, I woke up with the same thing before school. I sat on the toilet with my panty at my ankles, my legs bunched together and my head at my knees, just squirting brown water. I went to school but I was able to hold it in until I got the chance to use the school toilet at my regular daily time. I hated to make #2 at school. In the girls toilet, I lifted my beige skirt, pulled down my white panty hose and white panty to my ankles. I let out air and brown water that sounded like bad plumbing. When I looked bet. my legs, the water was yellow not only from my bowels but from my piss. I quickly reeled off paper, wiped myself, let down my clothes and got out of there.


Doorless Stall Survey Responses

I didn't see the survey, but I saw the responses so here are mine:

Gender: Male

1. Have you ever used a doorless stall bathroom? Yes, I've used them often. Why or why not? After humiliating experiences in school, I forced myself to not be afraid of crapping in a public restroom, and what better way than open stalls?. I actually got to prefer them.
2. If "yes", is it to crap or pee? Crap. I pee in a urinal. I hate it when guys piss on the toilet seat
3. Why do you think the stall doors have been taken off? Today it's mostly to prevent drug use. It used to be for other things. In some older constructions they figured we're all guys and no one minds
4. What do you do differently when using an open stall toilet? Taking a crap is taking a crap. I don't know a lot of ways to do that
5. Do others waiting, washing their hands, combing their hair look at you? Sometimes. I think it's funny when some guys try desperately to NOT look - Like they'd turn to stone if they saw you on the crapper
6. Do you talk to those waiting if they try to start a conversation? I've never been in a restroom with open stalls that was that busy. I have talked to guys in the next stall, but we couldn't see each other
7. Have you complained to management about such situations? No. But other people have and most of the open stalls where I live have been demolished

Ben In Iowa

Another customer accident

To Retail Guy: Would love to hear more of your stories!

Well I was on my lunch break tonight when a customer came flying into the backroom. She tried to the women's rest room door but it was locked because someone was in there. She immediately tried to the men's room which was empty and went in. I continued eating and after 20 minutes she was still in there. By now I knew something was up and she needed more than a desperate pee. Right at the end of my break the blonde haired woman came out of the mens room but wouldn't make eye contact with me and quickly left the store. Well I needed a pee so I went in the men's room and was met with an enourmous poop smell. Now I knew she had pooped but being in there over 25 minutes I thought something was up. I looked in the trash and sure enough, a pooped pair of white panties. The load was huge, the size of a baseball. Needless to say I was shocked and also turned on. I've seen this women before, wonder what she will do next time she sees me, I'm sure she probably thinks that I know. Well till next time. Love reading all the posts here!

Half Dump Denise

Answers for doorless stall survey

Gender: female

1. Have you used a doorless stall? Why or why not? I hate to admit it, but yes and quite a lot recently. That's because I'm from a very big family and with four generations in our home, I may have to wait longer for the bathroom there than I do at school, the arena or the mall. About once a month I'm in a place where the doorless toilet is the only one not being used. My friend Amanda calls the decision "pants or privacy". I'm learning to better deal with losing my privacy.
2. If yes, to crap or pee? Both and often at the same time. However, I'm rarely able to complete a full crap in an open stall. Come to think of it, I don't think I ever have. Too many interruptions. At home, however, I can fill the bowl.
3. Why do you think the stall doors have been taken off? I don't know. I just know that at our middle school, about half the doors were missing in some of the bathrooms by the end of the year.
4. What do you do when using an open stall toilet? Because I'm desperate in choosing to use one, I'm crapping or peeing within a micro-second of my underwear coming down and my butt resting on the seat. I don't stay on the stool for even a minute sometimes. And I keep my head down because I don't want to draw any attention to myself.
5. Do others waiting, washing their hands, and combing their hair look at you? Often. That's why I look down because I don't want eye contact. I learned my lesson on that last month at a concert at the muny auditorium. My friend Amanda came down from our seats after I left and had just taken my seat on the toilet, and she started like crying out in pain that she was going to pee her pants. I had dropped one log, but I got up stood aside, and let her put herself on the seat. I couldn't go outside the stall for obvious reasons, but I did notice that Amanda made a tremendous push forward a pretty loud blast of what my grandpa calls a "soft-serv shit." When she had been on the toilet for more than a minute and I was standing there with my jeans and underwear down exposed, I partially pulled my pants up and then a minute or so later I pulled them up all the way. And Amanda just sat there and over 3 or 4 minutes I could hear more crap splatter into the bowl. She didn't even wipe herself or thank me, but stood up, pulled up her underwear and jeans and said the toilet was all mine again. I was like, I couldn't believe she said that. While she was washing her hands, there I was finishing my crap by dumping onto what she had already contributed into the bowl. As I sat there and saw Amanda's back and butt at the sinks, I couldn't help but wonder how much of a mess she had in her pants. But after the concert, she went down to the toilets again, and used a doorless stall. I assumed she cleaned herself then, although I was peeing several stalls down.
6. Do you talk to those waiting if they try and start a conversation? No. That's why I keep my head down.
7. Have you ever complained to management about such situations? No.


Weekend Run

My first weekend run, Jill invited me to join her and 2 other women Chrissie and Ali to go for a Sunday run in the countryside from her house.
Due to meeting up at 9-00 am I had a wee when I got up then breakfast but did not feel like a poo. We all met up and set off along footpaths though some woods down to a river after about 20 mins I started feel the need to go. Jill had said we would be out for about 1 hour. Ali sudden said I am going to need to relieve myself soon we could see further along the riverbank a small wooded so we headed for it.
As we reached he woods both Jill and Chrissie said they would go too and I informed them I was needing to go but not knowing what they needed to do. So we found a small clearing in the wood within a minute we all had our shorts down around our knees and were squatting down, Jill and Chrissie both facing me were in a low squat and began to pee.
Ali's back was visible to the side of me and as she started to strain she peed a bit but I could see her arse hole start to push outwards by now I could not hold any longer my first log came out came out followed by 3 others about 10cm. As I was finishing Ali was still straining hard Jill and Chrissie had finish pull up their short and now stood giving Ali encouragement to get her turd out as I looked over at her I could see her arse hole now stretch wide open and a huge thick turd was moving slowly out. Jill said to Ali you are struggling to go today its not like you and she replied I have not had poo in over 4 days as I have been away on business she must have got her arse hole to stretch enough because her turd now slide out in 1 giant piece. I stood up and pulled my shorts up while looking at Ali's turd in ore it was bigger than what Jill had done the other day. When Ali got ready to continue the run Jill put her foot alongside the turd and said it has to be nearly 2 of my shoe lengths and over half a shoe width at the nobly end. We set of running again with me wishing that I could have done one that big but I rarely go more than 2 days before I need to go.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Hannah B great story usualy peeing stories dont interest me much unless there interesting and your was interesting please share more and if you have any poop stories please share those as well thanks.

To: Blueboy another great story about you and your aunt please keep them coming thanks.

To: Kyle maybe that woman will let you watch her go some time if she does please post about it and please contiue to post great stories about your female friends if you have any thanks.

To: Alexandra great story please post more thanks.

To: Wendy & Kristy, Kristy I hope your feeling better after diarrhea attack at least Wendy was there to help you and please contiue to post more great stories you guys I look forward to your next one thanks.

Well thats all for now because there that many posts this time.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Too shy to poo in company

I came home from work tonight busting for a crap. On the journey home I'd been really looking forward to sitting on my own toilet & relieving a very big load. The only problem was Wendys friends were at home & I felt too embarrassed to go with all of them there. I held it for an hour before I just had to go so I went into the bathroom & closed the door. I sat on the toilet & peed & was about to start pushing when I heard them all talking in the next room. I knew they would hear my turds plopping into the water & I couldn't go. I just flushed the toilet & came out of the bathroom still busting for a crap. After 3 hours of agony they finaly left. I was about to crap myself & I was so pleased to get to go to the toilet in private. I went straight in & ripped my underwear down & before releasing a massive load into the toilet. It was a huge relief & I couldn't believe how much I pood.

Teresa Concerning Moist Wipes vs. Dry Paper Alone
I use toilet paper. If wipes are on hand, I use them. At home, after I wipe thoroughly, I use a face rag dipped in hot water and soap.

freddy: I remember those days in HS and in the self-defense dojo when I was little. In HS, we had a few doorless stalls. At the dojo, we had stalless toilets. See my earlier posts. We girls had some brutal bowel movements and diarreah in those places. Why should your friend be annoyed? Well, it is over and you are friends.

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I haven't posted on here for literally years but I had to post to say to Abbie that I love your posts! I'm guessing from the vernacular that you're from the UK and it reminds me more of my own experiences, which is great. Keep it up!


Pee Potatoes

Do anyone want to hear about Pee Potatoes?What they are?And How they got their name?Well when me my Grandpa and my uncle had a huge Garden they would go and Harvest it and throw the dud ???? over a bank.Me and my cousin was walking and we got near the bank and saw little potatoes that are duds.they where on top of a pile of sawdust.Me and my cousin started to Pee on them.So that's how they got there Name.



I just posted a story like 5 minutes ago but I forgot to ask a question. Has anyone ever tried to squat over the toilet because the seat is dirty but "miss"? Last year at school there was pee all over the seat so i hovered over it and pushed. When I turned around I saw one little log on the seat and a really long one on the floor. The kid in the next stall saw it there and made fun of me :( Has this ever happened to anyone?

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 2

Now as we headed over the lake Janet and Jill had only seen the lake on their first short visit. So now this was the irsttime oding osmething at the lake. So as they looked around as we went I got questions from both girls abou the lake. Is it deep?, the water nice?, good fishing?, and lastly where are we going?

I laughed and I answered both Janets and Jills questions. Yes the lake is deep about 800 feet dep in the natural lake. I then had to tell them that half the lake wqas natural and half was manmade. The water is nice evn so far this summer it has been hot and dry. Yes tere is many good spots to fish. Then I told them I was takeing them over to the back corner where there is a small cove with good fishing and you can swim there too.

Answereing the girls questions made them happy. Jill said; Welllets get there then! Jante said that she was going to get the first fish when we got there. I laughed and I said back to Janet; That we'll have to see! There were a a couple of other boats on thellake which there were some people fishing. Also there were two small sailbioats out also. The each was very busy alng with one of the other swimming spots behind the hotel.

As we headed along the west shore heading for the cove as I looked ahead tere were no boiats in that area and all along the back shre of the lake. I smiled and thought to myslef this was good that there wasn't. We would have it to oursleves. In less then fifteen minutes I made the turn and slowed the boat engine down just as we enetered the small cove. I shut the engine off and we glided in deeper into the cove.

When Wewere about twenty fet off from the shore I told Janet grab the anchor and toss it in. Janet reahed down picked up the small anchor and tossed it overboiard. In a few shorts seconds the anchor hit botom dug into the bottom and the boat stopped. Janet grabbed a pole and handed me mine. I had picked up the cup of worms and I had one out for me and her. We baited our hooks and casted out our lines.

Jill was the last to take care of her pole bait the hook and cast out. In my hurry to get my line in the water I had forgotten two things. One to fill the plastic pail with water and put out the back anchor to keep the boat from spinning around. So I did both of those things now. Then i went back and waited for a strike on my line.

We had been siting there for amost a half hour without any of us gettig a srike. Not even a nibble! We had been doing some soft talking while we waited. Now Jill had turned and faced Janet and I for she was up i n the front seat of the boat. Janet was in the middle seat. Jill asked me; Dave I have to piss! Can I use the plastic bucket? Janet ten spke up before I could answer Jill. Jill that;s for puting our fish in if we get any.

I laughed for Janet said as far if we cuaght any had a slight dissapointed tone in her voice since she hadn't cuaght any fish yet. Jill its ok if you do. We haven;t cuaght any fish yet. Janet then said to me; I mys well piss too. Jill stepped up to the middle seat and sat dow next to Janet. I picked up the palstic pail set it down on the boiats floor in font of Jill since she asked to use it first.

Jill had to loosen the side straps of her bikini which the two ties were tied on knots with bows. She loodened the knots then took a quick look out at the lake. There was like I said none over here and Jill then slid down her yellow bikini botom to her knees. She reached down grabbed the plastic buckets metal handle and slid it so that it was just barely under the seat with it sticking well out in front of it too.

Then she slid forward quickly on te set so her vagia was clear of the woodenboard seat. Janet also had slid her bikini botom down. She only had t slide it down without doing any untieing. Shehad hers down at her knees too but she sat there like that waiting for Jill to piss then she would. Now with both girls having their bikini bottoms pulled down I saw no tan lines on either of them!

My pensi was getting to a erect stae as for the girls now having their bikini bottoms down and I could see both of the girls vagnas! It took a big jump when I realized that neither gilr hadran lines too! Janet I knewsunbathed in the nude but not Jill! So I asked Jill Hey no tan lines Jill! When did you start tanning that way? Jill had no started pising yet and she let out a little giggle looked at Janet which she was smileing and said to me; Oh I started last year with Janet!

I looked at Janet and I smiled andthen looked back at Jill. Janet noiw said to Jill; Will you start pissing Jill I have to go too. Yeah yeah yeah Janet! Jill said to Janet. Its comming right now! Sure enough out from Jills vagina she started dribbling piss from it. It wetted her vagina and dribbled down into the water in the palstic pail.

Jilldribbled for a few shorts seconds and then she did start to piss with a stream forming. Her stream did a little very short upward loopin arc and came right down into the cenetr of the water in the bucket make in a small splash. Her piss was a golden yellow color which started turning te clear lake water in the plastic pail a very very light yellow as she pissed into the bucket.

With Jills piss tream flowing the way it was it didn't hiss. But it was still a nice piss to me to watch! There had been many times that when Jill had pised and I had been with her she could really make a loud hissing stream! Janet could too! I thought to myslef watching Jill piss that I hoped that Janets stream would hiss! I LOVE THAT SOUND! :-) Jill went on pissing with her shortlooping upward arcing piss stream turning the water in theplastic bucket a darker and darker yellow.

Jill woundup takeing a good long piss too. Then her arced stream fell right down going back into a dribble for a few seconds and then just some dripping after she had stopped pissing. Jill waited makeing sure she had stopped dripping and then she lsid her yellow bikini botom back up into place. I'm done Janet Jills aid to Janet. Janet then grabbed the plastic buckets handle and slid it over in front of her. Jill went on and retienin the two knots in her bikini bottom.

As soon as Janet had slid the palastic bucket over in front of her she was ready to piss into it for she had already postioned herself with her vagina past te front edge of the seat. Out from her vagin acame a dark yellow colored piss stream too! Her strea didn't do te short upward loop arc that Jills stream had done. Instead her piss stream came out slightly angled forward with a wide head, a short twist, and what I wanted to hear! A very loud hiss! My fully erect penis inside ofmycutoffs twitched hard as I heard the loud hiss of Janets piss stream in my ears! :-)!!

I said to Janet; You too Janet? You hadn't pissed since this morning like Jill? Janet smiled and Jill giggled and Janet told me she hadn't. So I sat there smiled and watched Janet piss. I was smiling as I watched her. Like Jills piss Janet took a long piss too. Longer then Jills. Janet was almost two years older then Jill so her bladder was most likely a litle larger so it could hold more. But tere had been times Jill had taken longer pisses then Janet. Jill cvould hoild and not piss for a long time which when she did pisss she did piss longer then Janet.

Janets piss strean didn't die right off either. It just got less harder by getting narrower as its got closer to ending. It loud hissing stayed loud though almost right to the end.That ws theonly thing that did stop suddenly. Her stream got thinner and thinner along with straightening out no longer being at a slight angle. For several long seconds Janet pissed with thethin straight stream. Then it went right down to a very short trickle and turned right into doing a lot of dripping into the plastic bucket.

Janet like Jill sat there waiting for her piss to stop dripping. It finaily did. Then she reached over and slid the plastic bucket forward.then she stood right up and pulled her bikini botom up then. Then sat back down. I then grabbed the plastic bucket dumped it out and the dipped it in thelake to refill it with clean water and oput it back inside the boat on thefloor by me. We all picked up our poles and went back to fishing. To be continuied.

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