Upstate Dave

When The Lights Went Out! Part 9 Conclusion

Since it wa still early now being around 7:30 which I went and reset all the clocks to the proper timeSusan and I went into the livigroom turned on the tv and watched tv for a ittle while. As we sat there on the couch together Susan was letting out little poping style farts every now and then. So I asked Susanif she was going to have to shit soon. Susan laughed just a little and said back to me; I think so Dave. I can feel it building up inside of me! But not yet. I do know one thing I will haveto piss very soon but I'll try holding back till I feel the need to shit!

Now I always have to shit shortly after when I eat breakfast. I don't fart befor I have toshit unless I have a loose one on the way. Then I'll rip endless farts till I do go. I could feel right now that I had to shit so I told Susan that you might want to come with me. Susanasked me why lightly laughing. I have to shit now Susan! I said to her. She slapped my thigh and she got up. Ok lets go but not to the bathroom up here.

Now as far as outside now the sun had broken through so it was bright and sunny outside. Susan said to e put your jeans back on and your tshirt. I'll slip a pair of shorts and my sneakers while you get dressed. Susan started to run towards her bedroom and as she did she yelled back at me; GRAB THE NAPKINS TOO!!!! I laughed and said ok I will. I got my jeans and tshirt and slipped them on and grabbed my socks and sneakers too and put them on.

I had barely done all that Susan told me to do and she had managed to put on a pair of green shorts,her socks, and her sneakers and we went out the backdoor and down the back stairs. There sure was a lot of branhes scattered al over the place some small some larger as we started walking through the first backyard. In the second backyard there was hardly any branches laying in this yard.

Plus with the sun being out and there was a good breeze everything was drying right off. I wondred where we were headed to take my shit and Susan now told me she was ready to shit also! She even told me besides that she could really take a good piss too! I was in the same way as doing both also now. More so then her! I hoped that we weren't going to far to take our pisses and shits.

Just to let you know Susan liked to shit outside. I had know this for she told me and she and I had shit together many times befor outside and I too like her didn't mind going outside. Where we wound up going was into one ofthe fields that was close by with high grass and some scattered bushes in the field. The sun and the breeze had dried it all out so we didn't get wet as we walked through the high grass together.

We walked till we were well into the fieldwhere there was a spot where there was no high grass only some scattered bushes and short mounds of dirt. Susan stopped here. Susan did check looking around in ebvery direction first which made me laugha litle. Hearing me laugh Susan laughed and told me to shut up! I couldn't help it. We were after all out of sight from anything and anyone!

Susan then feeling that she was secure pulled her green shorts right off completely! She stood there with her green shorts in her two hands. Susan niw said to e; Are you going to do the same Dave? I smiled and then I took off my jeans and boxres so I was just like her half naked! Susan smiled and told me if I could hang on for a few moments she would piss and shit first then I could go. I told her to hurry and I would do that. Susan againlet out a little laygh and she squated down in a very high squat with her bare cute ass very high off the ground with her feet spread far apart which made her vagina very easy for me to see!

I was rewarded almost instantly for it only took a few short seconds for Susan to start pissing. The tea really had doneits work now filling her bladder right up! Her piss stream had come out from her vagina in that it made a short looping forward arc and had come down two feet past her her feet! It quickly wetted a big patch of the dirt and stones on the ground. Susan let out s a lsight giggle for she was looking downward and saw herr piss stream and the way it was going.

As I watched in a quick several more seocnds Susan started shiting! Ths time when she had started to shit there was no effet at all on her piss stream its flow didn't change! ( you know if you aren't pushing to shit your stream will ease off or stop! If you push your stream becomes harder!) I saw a blunt fat rounded ended smooth loking brown shit stick down under Susan. It was comming out like one of my shits! It was comming out fast!

It grew long very fast reaching better then eight inches long and then it fell to the ground with a pretty good sounding flump! Then a second smooth fat brown shit came slideing out into sight right after her first one! It was going the same speed as the first one had! This one too like her first shit had done reached about the same length and it then fell landing n her first shit which deadened the flump sound some.

Then a third shit started comming out still being fat and smooth! Now I said to Susan as her thirdshit was slideing out; Gee Susan when was the last time you shit?!!! Susan told me three days ago. No! four days ago! Now as I watched her tird shit getting longer it slowed and as far as Susans piss stream it too slowed now going straight down and hitting her two shits on the ground under her and wetted them both.

Her third shit was longer then her other two had been and it now narrowed down in size. So this one looked like it would be the last one at least that was it looked like to me. This shit was longer then her others but it broke off leaving a narrow stub at her asshole. I saw Susan try to push it off which when she did do her pushing her piss stream went harder almost like it was doing spurts. Susan didn't get her little hanger to break off and she also had stopped pissing but did a lot of dripping after she had stopped.

Now since I had been holding back as far as pising and shiting I now could no longer wait. Seeing Susan piss and shit just made it that more worse too. I said very loudly to Susan; Get out of my way Susan! I;m going to start pissing right now! I had already had my hand down on my penis and I was squeezing it my jhand very hard to keep form pissing. Susan seeing that I was already holding my penis and with such a tight grip Susan stepped away not bothering to take a napkin to wipe herself!

There wasn't time for her to step over to me and have her hold my penis! I released my tight grip onmy penis and out form it I shot a hard strong wide stream of piss with a long twist in its stream. Where my stream went was down and hit right on her pile of three shits on the ground! Boy did my piss splatter hard off her shit too! Enough so on the intail impact of my piss stream hiting her shit it roked one a little.

Susan after standing where she had moved to to get out of my way after my warning now stepped over to my left side. Susan asked me now if she could take over. I told her to let me piss a little more then you can Susan. Susan did wait the few needed seconds then I let her take over and hold my penis. For the next several seconds Susan kept my penis aimed where I still pissed all over her shit. Then I felt that now I was going to start shiting!

I said to Susan; I'm going to start shiting Susan! I can feel my ashole being pushed open! With me saying that I bent my knees slightly so I was jst barely into a squat. Susan moved a short backwards step to look at me from behind. ith her doing that she still was holding my penis but it had raised way up and I was now pissing now sending a long arcing piss stream which had gone all the way across the little clearing and I was pissing into the high grass now.

I now felt that my asshole had stretched out as almost as far as it would go. I could feel my shit slideingout though it and it wasn't a smooth one. It was slightly chunky for I could fel the slight motion of my asshole opening just a little bit and then going back as my shit slid. Susan I heard a little gasp from her a she was now watching me shit. With hearing her slight gasp I asked Susan; That big Susan? It sure does feel it to me right now that it is!

Uh huh Dave Susan said to me. IT's half again more then my shit was! That told me it was a fat one. Susan went n saying that it was a little chunky and told me also that it was brown almost the same brown color as her shit. I shook my head yes and I felt that it was moving along too. More seconds passed and then I felt my asshole close right up shut. There was a real loud thump when my shit hit the ground under me.

I was still pissingand now that I had stopped shiting Susan now turned and she also pushed my penis back down and I was agin pissing on the ground but not on her shit this time. I said to Susan I want to take a step back so I can see my shit. Susan giggled hard. I took a step back and I did look down. Therelay my shit. It was a after then hers and it was a close foot and half long!

I laughed. Susan looked at me with a funny look on her face. So I said to her; My one shit is long as your three shits Susan! Susan now laughed. Now she knew why I had laughed. We both stopped our laughing and by this time my piss stream had slacked off which it had fallen and come back closer in front of me. Since i had taken the one large step back to look at my shit Susanpushed my penis way dwn and I now pissed on my shit till I did stop pissing but did a few short spurts on my shit to finish off with.

Now Susan let go ofmy penis. She haned me her green shorts and she had pulled a napkin out form her shorts pocket before she had handed them to me. She partly unfolded the napkin and then she bent her knees slightly and reached behind her and shoved the napkin into her asscrack and gave a slow upward wipe. She pulled the napkin out and there on the napkin was the small narrow piece of shit that had stuck to her asshole.

Susan folded the napking over the small piece of shit and reached back again behind her and gave her ass a second wipegoing onone side of her inner asscheek.She pulled the naplin back out and there was a small brown narrow skidmark on the napkin. Susan carefully refolded the napkin one more time and reached back and did the other side of her inner asscheek.She checked the napkin after this wipe and like the wipe before there was a little brown skidmark left on the napkin.

She now dropped it on her shit. Then she turned around bent over and placed her hands on herasscheeks and spreaded them apart. Am Iclean Dave? Susan asked me. Susa n was and I told her she was saying to her; Your'e clean Susan. Susan starightened up takeing her hands off her asscheeks. I hande her back her green shrts to her. I asked her now; Got a napking for me? She laughed and pulled one out from her shorts pocket and handed it to me.

Now I reached bac behind me and buried my nakin deep into my asscrack. There was a good chance that with my wipe I would be clean even though my shit had been so fat in its size. But it had been very hard so there ay not ne any skidmarks on my asscheeks! I made a short hard upward wipe and pulled the napkin back out. I looked at and it was clean like it never had been used. I smiled showed the napkin to Susan and I dropped it on the ground.

Susan the slipped back on her green shorts only not her socks and sneakers. I like her I only put back on my boxres and I didn't put on my jeans,socks and, sneakers too. WE then walked back out of the field holding hands and headed back to her house. Once back in the house the phone rang it was Susans mom. We both taked to her telling her the power was back on, we wre alright and everythingwas ok here. She told us that was good told Susan shehad talked to Brenda and she was fine too and she would pick Brenda up after she had got out from work.

After that I did stay for awhile with Susan makeing sure everything was in order. It was and then I had to go which by this time her mom and Brenda would be home in a bout two hours. Susan walked me to the backdoor. She gave me a hard hug akiss and said to me; I thank you Dave. I had a great time! I'm glad you styed. You're quite the guy! I smiled and Ithanked Susan for a great time too and as far as me staying it wasn't a problem at all. Then she opened the door I stepped out and I left. The End

Upstate Dave

When The Lights Went Out! Part 8

Now Susan and I being wide awake I was thirsty and since we were in the kitchen I wanted something hot to drink since it was early morning. I heated up some water on the stove which both of us were going to have a cup of tea. I turned Susans transistor radio again and cuaght the time. It was now 5am. The news came on and the storms were the top news item. The worst was now over but many were without power but it wa slowly comming back on as the power company crews were out in full force.

Both Susan and I right afterthey had said that th power company crews were working hard we both said together; Come on get our power back on! We both then laughed together too at ourselves for saying the same thing together. A short time later the water was hot and I poured it out into our two cups and we sat there at the kitchen table sipping our tea.

Now it was beiginning outside to get brighter even though it was completly overcast with dark grey clouds. So it was nearing sunup. One good thing with the approaching daylight we wouldn't need the flashlight or candles anymore. There was now enough dull light to see inside the house. Susan and soon finished off our cups of tea. I aked Susan if she was getting hungry for breakfast. Susan told me no not yet. A little to early for me yet. I said back to her ok just let me know when you are.

Susan then said to me I would like another tea so there still was plenty of hot water left and I made her one and myslef another one. We started sipping the second cups of tea when the overhead kitchen light that we had left on flickered several times in a row and then came on brightly and stayed on! We got our power back! Susan was more excited as I was for she jumped up from her chair and danced around happily! I sat tere watching her dance and I laughed.

So with the power on Susan turned and she took all the dirty laundry that was piled up by the washer (my boxers,Brendas blanket,her nght shirt, which were all the items she had wetted when she had pissed in the livingrom when she was so badly scared by the thunder and other dirty laundry loaded up the washer and started it up. Then still being excited by having power again Susan giggled very hard and told me she was so excited that I have to piss!

That too made me laugh and I could use to take one too so we marched right into the bathroom together. Susan first reached over and flushed the toilet first. She giggled as the toilet flushed and told me she was glad that the toilet could be flushed. It was starting to smell like piss in here! Susan was right it had. Susan lifted up the seat next flipped up the front of her white nightshirt and stepped backwars all at the same time till she was straddled standing over the toilet.

Still holding up her gathered nightshirt in the front Susan smiled and wiggled her finger at me and said; Come here! So I stepped forward and stopped in front of her. Susan then with her free hand reached down and pulled down the zipper of my jeans. Susan giggked and then said to me; I would do your button Dave but I can't with one hand only. Your button is hard. So I reached down and did it with useing two fingers. I smiled and then now having my jeans loose she pulled them down to my mid thighs and giggled a littel seeing that my penis was swinging into action as it was gettin erect now.

Then Susan let go starting her piss. Fom out of her vagina came a hard stream of very light yeloow colored piss. Her stream had a very short wide head with a short twist. Her iss made a loud splashhiting the water in the bowl. There was no hissing for the first few seconds of her piss. But after that it did start hissing with a nice steady hiss.

Susan was not paying any attention to herself as far as her piss stream. Susan was watching my penis! She smiled and giggled as it was getting erect with its bouncing and swinging as it did get more erect. Susan didn't wait till it was fully erect this time for she reached down before it had and now was holding it in her free hand. I smiled and I like her was paying attention watching her piss like she had been watching my penis get erect!

Since Susans piss was cuased by being excited it wasn't that long of a one. The two cups of tea she had drank hadn't really efffected her bladder being all that filled yet. So her stream traile right off with its hissing fadeing right out and Susan came to a dripping stop. Then still staying straddled over the toilet holding my penis now which was fully erect Susan had it pointed down and waited for me now to start pisssing.

Now since I hadn't pissed since just before we had gone to sleep when I started to piss my stream was quite yellow in color. I sent a good steady stream of piss out from my penis which had a log wide twist in its stream and splashed very loudly in the toilet. Susan seeing my stream let out a giggle and asked me; That can't be the tea your pissing out already Dave? I chuckled and told Susan it wasn't. But it won't be to long and it will be! Sysan now laughed and said back to me;
That will be the same with me too!

I did piss longer then Susan had. Enough so that the water in the toilet had turned yellow. Not as dark as my stream. My stream eased up and I stopped. Then I did several short spurts n a row and I dripped a little which when I dripped i dripped on the bathroom floor! Susan laughed and she said to me while she laughed; Just like my brother Mike! He drips on the floor too! You can wipe up your little mess!

Susan handed me one of te remaining napkins that was there on thetoilet tank. I did wipe up where my few drops of piss had landed on the floor. Then I stepped back Susanstepped forward from te toilet. She turned and flushed it. I pulled up my jeans took care of them and we then walked back out to the kitchen. The washer had stopped so Susan took everything out and threw it all in the dryer and turned it on.

Susan said to me; You'll have a nice clean warm pair of boxers to put back on Dave! I chuckled and told Susan that would feel nice. Now how bout breakfast? I'm hungry. Susan said she was now too so we started looking to see what we could have for breakfast. What we wound up doing was we had pancakes with a side of scrambled eggs. Plus more hot cups of tea to go with the pancakes and scrambled eggs.

Shortly before our breakfast was completely done the dryer stopped and Susan opened it and tossed me my warm boxres. I took my jeans off and put my boxres back on. Boy did that ever feel so good! Then we sat down and we ate. Then right after eating we cleaned up everything that was dirty as far as dishes and such. Then Susan took care of the rest of the items that were in the dryer. So everything now was taken care of. We both wre glad for that. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

When The Lights Went Out! Part 7

I was awoken by Susan in the early morning hours. Anothere severe storm was going on outside. The storm had woken her up with one overhead thunder clap which shook the house hard!It had scared Susan so badly that she had let out a loud scream (that and the thunder had woken me) came running ut of her bedroom with the flashlight on which its beam was shining all over with wild motion as Susan ran from her bedroom to the livingroom where I was on the couch.

Now I was still laying on the couch when she came running into the livingroom. Susan aimed the flashlight at me which its bright beam hit me in the face and its bright light blinded me makeing me place my arm across my face to block the bright light. Susan in her panic plopped right down on me very hard which when she did plop down on me she landed hard right on my crotch area and my balls!

I sat right up with a deep pain with her siting down so hard on me. Susan mistook my siting up not realizing what she had done and she clenched tightly to me. I in turn was trying to push her away so she wouldn't be siting where she was siting on me but I couldn't move her at all. So I had to suffer till the pain did ease off which did take several minutes to do.

It wasn't till after the pain had died down that I spoke to Susan. I told her that it was ok. We are safe inside the house and sure that was a loud clap of thunder. But please Susan can you move down a little? Susan said back to me; Let me stay where I am. Then I had to tell her what she had done. Susan look you have to move. When you sat down you crushed my balls!

Susan stared at me wit her face frozen. Then she did slid edown and she said I'm really sorry Dave. Do they still hurt? I told her that they did slightly. Just give me a few minutes to lay here and I'll be alright. So Susan carefully moved and she managed to lay down with me on the couch. After a few minutes which we both were silent and only having the claps of thunder and the sound of hard rain durring our silence Susan asked me if I was now ok. I told her I was.

Then Susan said to me; Let me check! Susan pulled the blanket off from me. Then she quickly slid my boxers down to my knees. Then she picked up the flashlight off from the floor and shone it right on my penis and testicles! Susan smiled a little and then she said that they looked ok. Then she slid my bxers back up and laid back down along side of me pulling the blanket over the two of us.

Susan and I laid there with her cuddled right up tightly to me. I could feel her warm body heat. I thought to myslef that I was feeling to much heat from her body on me. Then I realized that Susans nightshirt was not all the way down. It had slid up or she had pulled it up! So I asked Susan; Dou you know your nightshirt has slid up? Susan gave me a quick glance and I felt her hand move and I felt her slideit back down. Oh it was Dave! she said with a hard giggle.

Then we both aid still for a short while until anothe two in a row thunder claps right close to the hous boomed and this again scared Susan not as bad as the one that woke her up but enough she clenched me extreamly hard and she was ridgedly stiff. Then I felt a warm wetness on the side of my boxers! I yelled out; Susan your pissing on me! STOP! Susan said Huh and then she felt that she was pissing and shot right up off from the couch!

I in turn got right up also now that I could get up with Susan being up. I grabbed the flashlight and turned it on. The one side of my boxers were soaked,Part of Brendas blanket showed a darkened wet spot that was fairly large, and last of all there was even on the couch cushion a samm dark spot where Susans piss had wetted it.

I turned the flashlight on Susan now. She was on the verge of crying. Dave I'm so sorry! Susan said repeatedly over and over. It just happened Susan said to me with a sob. Susan had also wetted her nightshirt some too. Then I shined the flashlight down on the floor. There were a few small scattered wet spots on the hardwood floor where most likely hwre Susans piss had dripped.

I was slightly mad at her. The reason was sleepng in my boxers was the next best way to sleep that was comfortible for me. Being nude was the best. Now I had to sleep in my jeans which I didn't like doing unless I absolutely had to. Now I had to. Susan was crying but not all that hard. I said to her; Stop your crying Susan. It's over it happened and there's nothingthat can be done now. Go get a towel, my tshirt, and jeans.

Susan slowly walked away headed for th bathroom to get what I asked for and came back with the towel,my tshirt and jeans. I took the towel and wiped up her piss where it had dripped on the floor in the few places it had dripped. I then took Brendas blanket off form the couch and tossed it too Susan and told her to throw that in the dirty clothes. Susan took the flashlight and went to the kitchen and came back.

The last thing I did was flip the couch cushion over and I hoped that it would be dry by the time either Brenda or Susans mo would be home. As far as my boxers I now hoped that the power would come back on so I could wash them. But most likely that ws not going to happen soon. Now all thistime Susan had been doing what I was telling her to do but she never flet that she had wetted her nightshirt when she had pissed. So she still was wearing it.

I had put on my tshirt and jeans and now I told Susan that she better go change. Susan then only now took a look at her nightshirt and saw hwere she had wetted it when she had pissed. I picked up the flashlight and I walked with her into the bedroom. Susan went over by her dresser. She yanked her nighshirt right off nd tossed it on the floor. She pulled open a drawer of her dresser and she pulled out another nightshirt which to me loked like a long oversized white tshirt. She put it on.

I was wide awke now and there would be no use in trying to go back to sleep. Susan turned to me which now she had stopped her sobbing andsaid she was sorry to me again. I got up and I told her it was ok. I'm not pissed anymore at you. You were the one that was pissed so much so you did piss! I tried makeing a joke by saying this to her. Susan stood there for a short moment. Then thinking about what I had said her frown slowly turned into a smile nd then she let out a litle giggle. Susan wa now over it too. To be contnuied.

Upstate Dave

Old Friends Visit Part 3

Well as it did turn out Janet did catch the first and only fish. It wasn't big enough to keep so it got tossed back in. I asked the girls if they wanted to go swimming now or gofor a ride around the lake and take a walk up to the store. (I was thirsty) Both Janet and Jill said to me; The ride and store! So I hoisted up the back anchor and both Janet and Jill hoisted up the front anchor. I started the engine and we took off for the ride around the remaining part of the lake.

As far as the back side of the lake it is all woods. I didn't go into the far back corner for that part of the lake there are a lot of llypads which would foul the prop on the engine. I wet down the east side shore the girls waved as we went past the beach which some kids waved back as we passed by. AS i made the turn in the northeast corner I pointed to the dock there in the corner that was a friends family dock and I swam there a lot.

WE now soon were comming up on the swimming spot behind the hotel. I slowed right down and I was going to stop at another friends dock. I cut the engine off and we coasted in to the dock Janet jumped out and I jumped out and we tied the boat off. Jill then gott out and we walked backup the path over the little bridge and turned to go over to the little market at the end of my road and the main highway.

We were in the store after the five minute walk to get to it. The owners wife was at the register when we came inside. She said; Hi Dave whos are your two cute friends? Janet and Jill let out a little giggle cause her saying that. Mrs Gifford this is Janet and her sistor Jill. They are old neighbors of mine. Janet and Jill said heelo back to Mrs Gifford and then she had a customer come up to the register so we left to get our sodas.

We stopped where the cold soda was kept. The girls were quie surprised by how cheap the market brand soda was. The IGA brand soda was only 10 cents a can and so we picked out first three cans. Then I told the girls go ahead I can afford to buy a lot more. So at the 10 cents a can price we bought a dozen cans and a bag of ice. Also bought some snacks to. To the register we went and Mrs. Gifford rung up our items and I paid for it. I had the girls carry the bags with the sodas and I carried the bag of ice.

Back to the dock we went where the boat was. We got in and I dumped the water out of the plastic bucket opened up the bag of ice and started to dump it in the plastic bucket. As I did this the girls dropped in the cans of soda. Now we had soda on ice and I and Jill untied the boat ushing it away from the dock. U I started up the engine and we headed out on the lake again.

Both Janet and Jill grabbed cans of soda out from the bucket and asked me what kind I wanted. (We had boght different flavors) I told Janet to grab me out a lemon lime. She did and opened it for me and handed it to me. This time heading over to the backsode cove I had to go much slower for there were many more boats out on the lake. It didn;t matter all that much to any of us. Even going slower and having the slight breeze along with the warm sun felt nice. Plus drinking ice cold soda took care of my thirst and the girls too.

Once we had passed by the middle of the lake I asked both girls where the wanted to go swimming. I gave them a choice. The little cove where we had been fishing or there was another good spot on the backsde of the lake. Janet and Jill talked back and forth for a short moment or two and then tey both said the other spot not the cove. So I turned the boat so that we were now headed for the spot on the backside of the lake to swim.

That ment a longer time to take but none of us mined that at all. In fact we three had finished our cans of soda and we all opened a second one and started drinking those now. Slowly the far shor came closer. I pointed out where we were going and Janet and Jill both shook their heads yes and looked where I had pointed. There was not another boat back there so we would be the only ones there.

In a little more then about 10 12 minutes I shut the engine off and we coasted into shore to the left of the swimming spot. Jill got right up on the front prow ready with the rope to tie the boat off. The front of the boat skidde to halt in the sand strip on the shore. Jill jumped right off and tied the boat rope to a small tree. I dropped the back anchor whic Janet got out of the boat as I did this. I grabbed the bucket and towels and I then got out of the boat.

We did have to walk a short ways through the woods to get to where it was open and the swimming spot. We after about three four minutes came out of the woods and into the clearing. I set down the bucket with the soda in it and the towels. There were spots where the sun shone and spots where there was shade. Both Jill and Janet looked around checking this spot out.

After they had taken a quick look around it was Janet that spoke first. I guess this spot is ok Dave but what does it make so special? I laughed for Janet or Jill had not noiticed the one big old pinetree closest to the shor up on one of its barnches a thick rope was tied off on it and the rope had been swung down around the tree too. Some times it was lefthanging down which it would have been out over the water if it had been left wrapped around the tree.

Now Janet and Jill saw the thick rope tied off on the branch of the big pine and the rope wrapped around the tree. Jill giggled hardd and Janet smiled and said to me; THAT'S WHY!!! I walked over to the tree grabbed the rope and walked around the tre and unwrapped the rope. I stood there holding it and told both Janet and Jill all that they had to do was run with the rope hang on tight on a big knot swing out over the water and let go. The further back you start, the harder you run, the further out you will go over the water. Simple as that!

Jill said that she wanted to see me go first or Janet. Janet smiled a litlebut she said to me; Will you do it first Dave? I smiled and I said I would. But before I do Jill your turn is now. Jill looked at me and said right back to me; Oh no Dave you said you were going first! I laughed and I said back to her; NO not the rope Jill. I have to piss and your turn to hold me is what I ment! Jill giggled real hard. I went back over the to the pine tree and did a singlwe walk around it which wrapped the rope around the tree once.

Then I with both Jill and Janet walked back across the small clearing to a spot where there was a scattered arae of bushes. Here we were not in sight of the lake. Jill and Janet had informed me that they had to piss too. So Ilet the girls go first. Both of them knowing that they now could not be seen took off their bkini bottoms completely!

Then they bot sqauted down side by side with Jill starting to pisxs first and Janet startinf rght after Jill. Both girls were pissing extreamly hard. Being sqauted low with their hard pissing both girls had their piss making a good splash when there streams hit the ground. Jill said to Janet I'm geting wet from my own piss. Jill had looked over at Janet checking her sistor piss stream and she let out a short giggle and said to Janet; Your splashing piss on yourself too!

Janet smiled at me but didn't say a word back to Jill. Jill must have been pushing for she took a very short piss. As soon as her stream stopped she popped right up not puting her bikini bottom back on. Instead she took te fwe needed running stpes right over to me. Jill reached right down and popped the snap on my cutoff shorts. When she did this I said to Jill; You sure are in a hurry to do this!! I SURE AM!! Jill said right back to me. A seocnd later my cutoff shorts were down and Jill stood beside me with her fingers in postion on my pensi and waiting for me to piss!

Janet was still squatted and pissing but she was laughing lightly for she had watched Jill do everything so fast to get to hold me. I did start my piss right after Jil was holding me. I shot a very long low arcing strean which shot well past te low bushes and reached into the front edge of the woods splashing off some leaves of a small maple tree that was there. Jill giigled a little seeing where my stream had gone and so far it had gone too.

I was watching Janet piss not myslef. Janetpissed for just a short time more after I had started my piss. This time Janet ended this piss with doing a lot of messy dribbleing and dripping. She stood up and she walked over to Jill and I. Janet didn't bother with her bikini bottom either. Janet stood om my other side so I had the wto girsl beside me now.

Jill was paying all of her attention watching me piss and having a hold on my erect penis. So Janet now took a chance she whisperde very softly and quickly in my ear. Dave would you like it if when I swing on the rope without my bottom on? I'll do it if you don't wear your shorts! I smiled a little and I shook my head slightly yes not to give it away by saying something back to Janet. Janet went on whispering one more thing to me. Jill will have to be the guard to make sure it is clearout on the lake. Again I shook my head yes.

I now had my stream drop which I was getting close to ending my piss. Jill waited eagerly as I had my stream stop but I stopped without doing any spurts. So Jill eagerly shook my penis giggling a she did it and then let go. Then Janet spoke up to Jill. Look jill put your bottom back on. Then Janet paused and she looked at me smileing and she was smileing and then she laughed a little too. Then she told Jill that I and her were going to swing from the rope me buck maked and her with out her bottom on.

Jill laughed hard as she headed right over where her bottom was laying on the ground. Also as she did she said; THIS I"VE GOT TO SEE! So jill was all for it. Janet and I stood and waited for Jill to slip her bottrom back on which she did. Then Jill walked over to the clearing and she unwrapped the rope off from the tree and walked over where I could stand and run with the rope.Janet and I stood still off to where we were out of sight.

Jill looked now out at the lake and yelled loudly; OK! I ran right over to Jill took the rope from her. I quickly stepped back as far as I could go then I ran as hard as I could towards the lake. Jill was laughing hard as I went by her and even Janet had come out from where she had stood and shewas right there watching me.

Now I reached the point where the bank waas and I pulled my slef up placing my feet on the lowest knot in the rope and swung way out over the water. I let go as the rope reached it end of the swing and I turned myslef makeing a real nice looking div straight into the water. I popped right back up looking towards shore to see Janet go next.

Janet had cuaght the rope on its backswing. As I looked Janet had just started makeing her run towards the lake. Jill was laughing but managed to shout to her sitor too; GO JANET GO!!! Janet reached where the bank went down steeply and she hoiseted herself up grabbing the second knot tight and managed to do wahtI had. Got her feet on the botom knot and came swinging out over the water.

She let go a litle before te rope reached its far end of its swing and she let go angleing forward as she headed down towards the water. She went in fet first nice and clean nad she too a momenet later popped to the surface. She laughed hard and said to me; That was great Dave! Now there was jill remaining to give it a try.

The rope swung back but Jill missed grabing it. So she waited for it to come back a second time. I yelled to her telling her that she would have to step forward its not going to come back as far the second time Jill! So she did and this time she cuaght the rope. She stepped back as far as she could take the rope. Then stood there not moving just holding the rope in her hands. I thought she was chickening out now. She wasn't going to do it.

Janet started teasing Jill but Jill now started her run to do it! She jumped from the exact spot she had too but she didn't get her fet on the bottom knot as she swung out over the water. That was ok for the rope and her feet were above the water. Jill let go well ahaed of where she could have and she went feet first into te water sending up a big splash when she hit it. Jill too in a short moment popped out of the water.

Jill swam over to Janet and I and she was laughing. I asked her if she liked it and she first shook her head yes for she was laughing so hard. Once she had stopped laughing she said to Janet and I; Guess what I did? Both Janet and I didn't have a guess so we oth shook our heads no. I pissed when I was swinging! I and Janet broke into laughter which made Jill laugh again too very hard.

So we all did some swimming for a short while. Then we asked Jill to go up and get my cutoffs and Janet bikini bottom and get us a soda too. Jill laughed what would you two do if I only got the sodas? Being a smart allic I sad back to Jill; Drink the soda! Janet laughed and said to Jill; I would drown you! Jill did laugh and started wadeing into shore.

Jill and I watched Jll standing together with the water at our chests. So it didn't matter to us for nothing impotent was showing sionce I was all nude and Janet was without her bikini bottom. Jill did grab two sidas out of the bucket and she came back to where the embankment went steeply down to the water. Jill yelled out Catch! The heaved the two ccans of soda out towards us. Janet and I seeing that the cans were going to fall short dove in and we both caught the cans of soda before they hit the water. Jill shouted out to us both; Good catch!

Janet and I opened our sodas while up on shore Jill went back to the bucket and got one for herself. Then without going over to pickup my shorts and Janets bikini botom Jill walked over and sat down on the ground in a sunny spot opened her soda and sipped it. Janet seeing her do this was just about to yell to her. I said to Janet; never mind Janet. We are ok! Janet turned and said to me; Yeah Dave your'e right we are. I shouldn't be mad at her. Then Janet smiled and I felt her hand on my penis! Besides it just you and I out here and she's up there!

I smiled and Janet laughed a little now. We sipped our sodas and Janet played with my penis with her hand under the water as we stood there together and sipped our sodas. After only a few minutes pasted Janet slipped her hand ff from my penis and she said to me in a whisper; Come n finish your soda and lets go take a swim. So we chugged our sodas down real fast and tossed the empty cans back up on shore trying to hit Jill with them. Being empty the cans fell way short of their mark. But Jill laughed for our atempt to hit her with the empty soda cans.

Then Jill and I dove together under the water and we wam to the right and stayed underwater going quite a distance and when we surfaced we were well out of Jills sight. Janet waded closer to shore and I followed her. In fact we waded till the water was only to my upper thighs so my penis was out of the water and so was Janets ass and vagina. But where were standig there were tress with barnches out over the water and we were between them which had hidden us from sight.

Then Janet lookedme right in my eyes and I her. Janet whispered to me; Dave I've been waiting to be back with you like you wouldn't believe! Before I could say anything back Janet placed her two hands on my asscheeks pulled me foward tightly into her and she started kissing me hard and repeatedly! All I could do was try to kiss her back which I did just barely!

Janet and I went on with our hard kissing which to me was quite sometime. Then Janet did break it off smiled at me and I now said to her; Janet that goes for me too! She giggled rubbed her hands on my asscheeks pushed me again hard into her and she and I went through another round of hard kissing!Going again what seemed to me severak long minutes!

Then again Janet stopped. Then whispering she told me she had to piss now. She also asked me if I had to go. The soda we had drank only had partly filled my bladder but I told Janet that I could go. So she reached down withh her left hand placed her fingers in position on my penis and pushed it down. Then Janet with the hand still on my asscheek pushed me hard into me and started again to smother me with hard kisses.

Then Janet started pissing while we kissed. I knew she had for I could feel her warm piss wetting me on my lower belly and running down which it hit the base of my penises shaft split there rand down boths sides onto my testicles wetting them and I even heard her piss dripping into the water of the lake! With her pisses warmness I liked the feeling! I made no attempt to pull away! I let her piss like this the entire time she pissed. I went on when she wasn't smothering me with a kiss I kissed her just as hard maybe more so!

Well Janets piss was fairly short and she stopped. When she did she only pulled her lips away long enough to give me a big smile and whisper to me; Did you like that? I smiled a big smile and then I went and started kissing her hard as I had been. Which Janet returned hard kisses as mine. Durring this kissing period I had started to piss. I didn't feel that I was but Janet broke off our kissing and whispered to me and told me I was pissing. Now I knew I was for I could hear the splashing of my piss into the water. Janet gihhled and we went right back to kissing again.

We did stop kissing well after I had stopped pissing. When we did stop Janet squated down and she splashed water on my lower belley as she held my penis in her hand. Then she splashed it with water and under it too. Now at this time Jill had started calling out saying; Hey where are you two! Are you guys still here are you hideing on me! Janet laughed a little and said to me. We better go over befor Jill starts to panic. So we both slipped into the water and we swam back over to wher the tree rope and the clearing where Jill was.

Jill saw us swimming towards her once we had come back into sight. Where were you two? I told her Janet and I just took a swim. Now will you get us our stuff so we van get out Jill? Jill gave us a short dirty look but did go over and got Janets bikini bottom amd my cutoff shorts. She tossed them out to us and Janet and I put our swimwear back on and waded in to shore and got out.

Janet and I dried off sat down together after getting another soda to drink. Jill told us both she was going to take a swim so she waded down to the lake and waded in and then started swimming. I had my watch in my shorts pocket took it out to see waht time it was. It was getting near the time for us to go back and get home. So I said loudly to Jill you have a little time left Jill for we have to leave soon. She said back to me ok.

Janet and sat there and we chugged down our cans of soda. Then we got up and we picked up the three empties off the ground and our towels. We went over to the boat and put that stuff in the boat and walked back. The plastic bucket was still there and Jill was now wadeing back to shore too. We waited for her and after she had come back up to us she grabbed her towel and as we all walked over to the boat Jill did a quick dry off.

We all got in with me last this time I untied the front rope off the tree. Janet had gomne to the back and pulled up te back anchor. I gave the boat a hard shove hopped onto the prow as the bioat slid out into the lake. I went right back to the backseat started the engine made a hard turn and we were now on our way back across the lake.

No more then five minutes had passed by Jill said she had to piss! She went to grab the plastic bucket to use it but both Janet and I yelled out above the boats motor; NO JILL YOU CAN'T! I went on saying to her; There are still cans of sosa in there yet! You are going to have to wait till we either get to the house or you can piss after we get out of the boat.

Jill said back to me loudly; How long? I said back to her; If I speed it up maybe about less then 15 minutes. DO IT! Jill said right back to me so I opened the throtle full and we sped right up to as fast as we could go. It was a fun ride back for we hit other boats wakes making our boat bounce wuite hard. Janet and Jill laughed pretty hard when it happened.

We did get back to wher the boat was kept in less then the time I told Jill. In fact it wasn't much more then ten minutes. I shut the engine off caisted in and the front of the boat bumped into the bottom and stopped. Jill hopped out tied off the front of the boat. I tied the back off. Then Janet and I passed to Jill the towels,oars,fishing poles and last the plastic bucket. I tossed the cup of worms into the water. Then Janet and I got out.

All of us thengrabbed up our items wich I had the oars and the plastic bucket. Janet had two of the fishpoles and two towels. Jill had the other two towels and fishing poles. WE hurridly walked just the short distance to the dirt road shortcut and made the turn and hurried down the dirt road all of us in a row. Now since Janet and I had chugged downour ast sodas back atthe rope tree We both had to piss now too. (I more so since I didn't iss that much when Janet and I were pissing in the lake when we were togther there in the trees doing our kissing and little fooling around.

Now at this time of day there was passing traffic over on the highway which we could be seen from. So there was not a chance to piss right in the road. Also too since we all were walking so quickly we were almost to the highway also. That was another reason we couldn't piss. When we came out to the end ofthe dirt road standing right at the dge of the highway waiting for there were cars going by each way thethree of us were doing a need to piss dance which all of us were dong a jig and bouncing up and down!

It became clear and we all ran full tilt across the highway and started now running up the hill that the dirt road went up. I then said as we were almost the three of us were now running before that shed up ahead take a left and follow me! When we all reached the shed we ran by it and we headed for part of my property where there was the old chicken shed. This ws the closest place we could slipinside beout of sight and PISS!

Janet and Jill were right behind me as wqe slipped by lilac bushes came and went by the back of thelod chicken coop. Made the turn which where the door was. I dropped the oars and the plax=stic bucket and grabbed the door handle of the door and yanked it hard opening it right up. Janet and jill dropped the fishingpoles and towels and came inside rght behind me.

I only went into the chicken coopp about three feet and I alraedy had the buton [opped on my cutoffs and I yanked them down hard making the zipper go loudly ziting as I yanked them down. I didnt even have time to let them go for I started to piss with my hands on my cutoffs but my penis was erect so my piss stream made a high long arc shooting out through one of the completely busted out windows!Raceing into my mind first; That was just to close! But now the relief that I was pissing took over my mind.

As for Janet and jill both of them had yanked down their bikini bottoms had sqauted and they were pissing. I knew they were for both of them had loud hisses going and makeing lous=d splasing sound as their piss stream hit the old concrete floor! That made me turn my haed to watch both of them piss! Both girls were in very high hovering sqauts. Both had pulled their bikino bottms well outward for their piss stream were angled forward quite far. Plus oth girls were looking right down watching themselves piss too. Boy already with both of them pissinghard there were two large piss puddles on the old concrete floor and they were spreading out rapidly!

Withall three of takeing hard pisses time wise they were short. I stopped first then Jill and last Janet. Now both Jill and Janet stood up they both pulled up the bikini bottoms together quickly. Having made such large piss puddles too bith girls steped back away so that their piss wouldn't wet their sneakers. Then Jill looked first over at me which I too had my cutoffs already pulled up and the zipper up on them. I was doing the button on them now.

Jll said to me; Dave where did you piss? THere is no wet area at all over by you. I laughed and said back to Jill; Out te window! I poineted to it too. Jane giggled and said to me; Gee we missed that one Jill! Jillbegan to laugh too. Not either one of us got to hold Dave this time too! Janet giggled agin and then said; Well all of us had to go so bad there was no time to Jill! We all laughed and we then walked over to the open door stepped outsiode picked everything back up which we had so rapidly dropped and then we walked the short walk to the barn put the oars and poles away and then walked over to the hosue and went inside. To be continuied.

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